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#bungou stray dogs

honestly, i cant decide whether or not to read stormbringer due to the new spoilers that have come to light. can anybody who read it tell me how bad the torture scene is? soukoku is my comfort ship, and ik neither of them are good people, but i think it would be upsetting for me and so many of the other ppl who love them. so if anyone knows, let me know.

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athina / "alchemy of love" zine! 📌 on Twitter
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March is coming! And with it Dazatsu Angst Week!

From March 14 to 20 let’s fill the tag with tears!

Day 1: Beast AU
Day 2: “Is there anything better than being alive?”
Day 3: Father Figures
Day 4: Impurity
Day 5: Lip Service
Day 6: “I don’t even know why I want to save him…”
Day 7: [Free Day!]

Tag your post as #dztsangstweek2021 if you’re participating!

For more information, check out this post!

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the ada as things my friends/classmates have said/done.

ranpo: don’t blow up the microwave! it’s only fun sometimes.

kunikida: it is my god given right to try and defuse highly lethal explosives.

kenji: wanna see something cool? ( pulls baby bunny out from his pocket )

yosano: who needs teeth these days? teeth are for losers.

yosano: dazai, sex on the beach was a solid 8/10. i don’t recommend.

dazai: i feel like you’d get sand everywhere..

yosano: not - not actual sex..

dazai: oh.

kyouka: your bunny’s hungry. ( hands a baby bottle to Kenji )

naomi: would you still be my best friend if i was a frog?

kirako, instantly: yes.

naomi, tearing up: thank you.

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1 March : Happy birthday Akutagawa

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You’re telling me that PM!Dazai lived in shipping container, can someone set Mori on fire please and get Dazai shit ton of therapy

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um i may sound stupid saying this but i may have forgot how to say chuuya because i called him chewy for a long time as a joke

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🍋🐛Lemon Boy and me started to get along together

I helped him plant his seeds and we’d mow the lawn in bad weather

It’s actually pretty easy being nice to a bitter boy like him

So I got myself a citrus friend🐛🍋

Akutagawa and Kenji are besties and no one can change my mind ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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a/n: hello! i love yosano so much like she’s one of my biggest anime crushes ever i hope you’ll like it <33

yosano akiko x fem! reader hcs

warnings: none, [nsfw under cut]

- first of all you guys met at a florist while she was buying a bouquet of flowers for her best friend ranpo’s bday

- lmao jk anyways

- yosano is totally comfortable with pda stuff

- she always holds your hand when you go on dates, shopping etc

- gets instantly aggressive if a guy tries to hit on you bc she’s always acting with the impulse to protect you/keep you safe

- “you have 1 second to get your hands off my girlfriend, fucker.”

- picks your outfits <3

- you guys would probably get a matching tattoo

- pet names she uses are most likely “baby, honey, princess, lovebug..”

- yosano loves chilling at home with you like reading books while you sit on her lap, watching movies while cuddling, cooking together and stuff

- she’s always soft and caring towards you

- you guys rarely have fights

- kisses you at any chance she gets

- loves being touchy with you and thinks you’re adorable when you’re being clingy

- you guys share your clothes

- always asks about how your day went while eating dinner and tells you about hers

- nuzzles into the crook of your neck if she’s having hard time falling asleep

- loves sleeping while hugging you

- gives you a bath and brushes your hair if you’re tired or you just want her to <3

- you guys take baths together too

- drinking wine in the bathtub while sitting on each others lap and talk about random stuff until your skin gets wrinkly

- you probably have a cat or two

- buys you small gifts like a hairpin she thought would look good on you, a book she thought you would enjoy, matching bracelets etc

-you guys sometimes invite ranpo for parties

- no ahem

- takes you on surprise picnic dates

- comes home with groceries from work and cooks your fav meal

- wants you to stay out of ada shit to keep you safe

nsfw under cut

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just wishing this lil hotshot a happy birthday



i bet higuchi did something special for today UWU

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so you know how the ship klance (keith and lance from voltron) had the acronym ‘kick’, for ‘klance is canon king’? i feel like we should have something like that for soukoku. maybe ‘sicc’ for soukoku is canon confirmed. idk!

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feeling bored, so i decided to compile some of my favorite fics. Hopefully this will help other people who are looking for this sort of content.
An exploration of Atsushi’s relationship with touch, and how the people around him help with that. The style feels almost liminal, somehow, and could easily be confused with a character study. Contains background shin soukoku.
This fic is, in my opinion, severely underrated. The writing is understated and almost nostalgic, and by the end, it leaves you with some sort of yearning for a half remembered time that you want to try again. The notes describe it as a whimsical road trip AU, but in my opinion, the real gem is three people falling in love wholly and platonically. Contains the rare trio of Atsushi, Lucy, and Akutagawa. Don’t forget to leave a comment on this one!
If you’re into found family, this is the quintessential series for bungou stray dogs. Somewhere between a kid fic and a character study, this rewrites canon in a world where there are no abilities and most of the cast are children, adopted by Fukuzawa from various abusive homes. It plays fast and loose with canon sometimes, unafraid  to change things up for the sake of the world, but retains the same themes. It’s very refreshing to see the story imagined as a bunch of traumatized children doing their best to heal, and the interactions between the siblings emphasize that while things aren’t perfect, they’re learning to live together. Mind the tags; a lot of events hit harder when you see them as children, but overall, an incredibly cathartic series.
This is a bit difficult to describe without spoiling– the premise begins with Chuuya taking a break from work, and somehow this spirals into chaos, unspirals into something that makes far too much sense, and leaves a feeling of satisfaction by the end.
Atsushi gets stuck in a time loop and realizes just how far the ADA will go to protect him. Fair warning; this one gets dark, and contains themes of hopelessness and suicide.
Atsushi goes to the ADA’s holiday party. Most of the cast is casually LGBT+, and the premise shows how far everyone has come to find a place where they can truly be happy. There’s some AtsuLucy, but with the rare treat of Kyouka and Lucy getting along, and familial relationships being just as important as romantic ones. All in all, fun fluff, which could use some more attention, so don’t forget to leave a comment on this one!
The intersection between catboy atsushi and ADA as family, with some memes thrown in for good measure. A light read, with focus on platonic affection and love languages.
Another series about the ADA as found family; this one is largely canon compliant, and focuses mostly on Dazai’s trauma and how the ADA learns to support him. Mind the tags.
A realistic portrayal of Dazai’s depression, which acknowledges that while mental illness doesn’t just go away, having people who care about you makes a difference.
A oneshot about the similarities between Kyouka and Fukuzawa, and the unconventional ways that people find each other. It’s an underrated dynamic, but one with a lot of potential, and the writer clearly knows Kyouka well.

That’s all for now, but if you’re looking for good fics in this fandom, send me an ask and tell me what you like and I’ll try to put together a list for you! I can’t make any promises, as my tastes are a bit limited, but I’ll do my best!

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mentally, emotionally and physically i can’t do this. If you are thinking of reading stormbringer, you are digging your own grave. i have been bawling my eyes out for the past 4- 5 hours over this shit. I was numb, now all i feel is fucking pain. I WANNA GO BACK. 

god where do i even fucking start. the fact that chuuya is a CLONE? dazai living in a fucking SHIPPING CONTAINER? dazai selling off all of chuuya’s friends then chuuya TORTURING HIM? uhhhh WHAT THE FUCK. how am i supposed to react to all of this? Like first Akutagawa, now this shit. Asagiri really be out here cutting the thread im hanging on :/ WHY CAN’T WE PLEASE JUST GET SOME FUCKING HAPPY BACKSTORIES? HUH? WILL THAT REALLY HURT THAT BAD? also when i read “Nakahara Chuuya does not dream.” my heart fucking sunk. im not even kidding at this point. i just wanna give him a hug. he’s been through so much omg im- words can not explain how much i love this man. he deserves the world. i would fucking kill someone for him to be happy. same goes for dazai. like there’s no fucking way that he would be that fucked over at 18 without the help of m*ri. it doesnt take a genius to put 2 + 2 together, like m*ri is canonically a p*do and dazai was only 15. like what type of shit did mori do to him, in order for him to remain UNPHASED when someone was murder in front of him. thats a different level of fucked up. I could go on and on about his trauma and how m*ri’s abuse affected him. Im so sorry for all of this but i feel like tumblr is gonna become my new safe space. 

thank you for coming to my virtual mental breakdown :)

read the translated stormbringer here:

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[Traduccion al español] Resumen del capitulo 2 de Stormbringer.

Parte anterior.

Texto original.

Por favor no compartir en ningun lado sin permiso!


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