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oh my god i lost the draft to this 3 times now, THREE TIMES. but dont worry its completely fine ill just rewrite it. tysm anon for your kind words! ill do all of them <3

cuddle hcs for dazai, ranpo, sugawara and hinata

dazai osamu

  • so warm :(((
  • like Seriously, do you see those limbs?? they can wrap arounf you and youd be warm as hell
  • cradles you like a baby
  • you two would be facing each other, him holding the back of your head while the other is rubbing your back.
  • he’s resting his cheek on ur forehead as he wraps his legs arounf yours
  • hes def mumbling sweet little nothings
  • “i love you, belladona”
  • “you’re so soft i could hug you all day”
  • “are you okay, you’re feeling a bit warm… or is it because im holding you close?”
  • when you’re not in bed and probably at work or on the sofa, he holds you like bridal style???
  • he’ll have you on his lap, arms around your torso as he rests his head on your shoulder
  • totally does it to piss off kunikida sometimes
  • puts his head on ur head when you’re both standing up, wrapping his trenchcoat over u
  • ilysm osamu

ranpo edogawa

  • he will sit on ur lap
  • wiggle wiggle he will dO to annoy the fuck out of you
  • but he does it out of love
  • swings his legs back and forth, hitting the bottom of your chair everytime
  • pls ranpo stay STILL
  • “y/n-chan/kun, do you wanna know how the murder at tokyo went?”
  • “ranpo, im doing a report rn-”
  • “well the murder was set-”
  • he loves to talk to you because you’ll have to listen to him either way
  • its his way of asking for your attention
  • because while hes talking he has his arms around your neck, getting really close to you
  • he sometimes rests his head on your shoulder when hes sleepy
  • sometimes reaches out to feed you candy or smthn
  • in bed, you have to hold HIM
  • sorry babe but you do all the work
  • other times, when hes feeling very affectionate, he’ll sit on ur lap facing towards you and puts his forehead on yours.
  • then you make out-

sugawara koushi

  • hes the type to squeeze you rlly hard before letting go and laughs rlly hard
  • pls u just want to cuddle
  • yall spoon each other :((
  • he can be the big or the little spoon he doesnt rlly care
  • if hes the big spoon, he’ll blow raspberries at the back of ur neck
  • if hes the small spoon, he’ll hold your hands and play with ur fingers
  • other than in bed, you dont cuddle much with him
  • but yall lean on each other when you’re next to him
  • likes holding hands way better
  • back hugs :(((
  • twirls you around after you hug
  • kisses while cuddling uwu
  • suga will do everything for u tho so if you wanna cuddle when hes having a break from training then go cuddle ur sweaty ass man

hinata shoyou

  • loves cuddles but hates staying in one place for too long
  • he will be cuddling with you for two minutes then be like
  • “y/n i wanna play vb”
  • so cuddles don’t happen often :((
  • only when he’s like vv tired
  • also he smells like sweat and salonpas all the time ew
  • you always cuddle him from behind
  • and he always gets flustered when you bring up the idea of cuddling
  • hes just a shy bby
  • piggyback rides!! but you’re the one carrying him-
  • bury your nose in his hair it smells like tangeries and salonpas
  • he doesn’t like cuddling in front of his team :((
  • they tease him a lot JENDNNSJDJEJF
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That moment when you get so invested into a relationship of two people who don’t even exist and then you have to think about how none of this is real and you will probably never have a relationship like they do ever. And that moment when you fall for a fictional character and then also have to think about the fact that you can never be with them and even if they were in our world they would never like you. So you have to eventually come to terms with the fact that you will never be able to have them or what they have.

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