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#bungou stray dogs


I know I used to complain (who am I kidding, I still do) about angst not being done properly and that if you’re going to do angst do it properly but I didn’t expect angst… And I’m just suffering in pain at 5 am in the morning, unable to go to sleep without finishing this up.

I’m just suffering so damn much right now… the pain… everything hurts… and I can’t stop reading either…. I just want them to be happy, is that too much to ask? In here, apparently so

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Warning: swearing

Pairing: Chuuya//Reader

Request:Can I get a reverse comfort Chuuya? He’s had a bad day, and this time, the reader’s comforting him? Just hugs and fluffy- thank you so much! <3

Summary: Chuuya had a bad day and you cheer him up with a bath, wine, some late night cuddles and your praise


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so i know that nobody cares but i need to write this down somewhere

basically my brain decided to hyperfocus on tarot cards and bungou stray dogs and this is what happend

* means i’m not sure about it

the fool -miyazawa kenji*

the magician -

the high priestess - yosano akiko

the empress - ozaki kōyō

the emperor - kunikida doppo

the hierophant - fukuzawa yukichi

the lovers -

the chariot -

justice -

the hermit - tayama katai

wheel of fortune -

strength - chūya

the hanged man - dazai osamu

death - akutagawa ryunosuke

temperance - natsume sōseki*

the devil - mori ōgai

the tower -

the star - nakajima atsushi

the moon - izumi kyōka

the sun -

judgement -

the world - yokohama

i would love suggestions for this

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So, I found some new asks in my inbox this evening and I think I’m going to close the requests for a little while. I really have to do a lot of things and I’m afraid I can’t accept more. I you really need to send one, I’ll give you 12 hours from now, then I won’t accept any.

Have a nice day! ❤

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