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29 september 2020

the reality behind these pics is i am struggling. this semester has been really challenging bc i’m taking the most difficult courses in my degree online with professors who think online learning means they don’t have to teach anything.

if anyone else is struggling and needs help please please please talk to someone. my dms and asks are always open <3

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for the succulent ask game~ little jewel, moonglow, cupid and blue elf^^ I was just gonna ask one but these are super pretty haha

little jewel: are you an art museum or a science museum kind of person?
art museum, though both are fun!

moonglow: how do you relieve stress?
sleep for several hours and hope to wake up destressed (this never really works)

cupid: what are five aspects you like about yourself?
1. classic, not so trendy sense of fashion
2. frizzy curly hair
3. art skills
4. sense of aesthetics
…alright i can’t think of 1 more

blue elf: do you have a favorite scent?
idk my favorite but i do like the smell of coffee, so much so that i want to work at a coffee shop while in my 20′s

ask me a succulent!

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Pass the happy! ❤ When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications! (*^▽^*)

ayy thanks so much! uhh

1. my friends? cheesy am i right but i love them all so much

2. bts! i love my boys so much

3. my family i’m a giant cheese ball let me live

4. that feeling when you go from a cold room into the sunlight i love it

5. light-hearted youtube videos! literally anything that isn’t heavy/dark is so fun to watch

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glow; do you have or want any tattoos? what of?
I don’t have any but want either a sprig of baby’s breath or diamond frost idk where yet

send me a word!

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Notebook, dream and post-it☺

Notebook: are you more creative or scientific?
i consider myself to be both? but if you mean subject wise…scientific definitely!

Dream: what do you want to be in the future?
i don’t really know, but probably something along the lines of biomed, biochem!

Post-it: 3 blogs i’m loving right now
THERE ARE SO MANY BLOGS I LOVE but: im literally obsessed with @intellecta
like honestly her posts??? r so frikin GOOD!! i could stare at it forever and not get bored!!! and then @studyquill!! i’m lOWKEY in love with her blog and Her youtube VIDEOS (her study with me videos r my favourite thing to watch ever, i’m not even joking) i’ve taken inspiration from her notes, which r erm how do i say this GREAT and @brbgottarevise ’s BLOG IS LOVELY, POSTS R LOVELY, EVERYTHING IS SO AESTHETIC i could literally stalk her blog for HOURS!!

and PLS LET ME MAKE AN HONOURABLE MENTION: @tbhstudying ’s videos make me cri???? best music??? incredible aesthetic?? and her voice is golden.

thank you for the ask!!! i hope you have a wonderful day!! :)))

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11, 17 & 43 :)

thank you!

11: Do you believe in karma?
Not really? I still try to be a nice person though haha

17: Are you happy with the person you’ve become?
Wow we’re going deep here but I guess so? I mean you can always improve as a person because no one is perfect, but i’m happy with who I am :) 

43: What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?
Probably mainly songs from several years ago that I haven’t heard in a long time. A few days ago I put my old iPod on shuffle and listened to all my old songs - i highly recommend it, it’s quite amazing how many lyrics your brain still remembers after all those years! I added some to my “happy” playlist, these are some of the songs in it:  

  • Auf Uns by Andreas Bourani 
  • What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction 
  • Hey Jude by The Beatles
  • Come On Eileen by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  • Westerland by Die Ärzte
  • Au Revoir by Mark Forster

ask me stuff from this list!

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{brs} have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? It's one of my favorite books😍 I really really recommend it

i actually haven’t but i did like the movie 😊


😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊  good | 😄 great | 😎  perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals


😕 ehhh| ☺ okay | 😊 good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊 good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊 good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊 good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊  good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

😕 ehhh | ☺ okay | 😊 good | 😄 great | 😎 perfect | 😍 asdfghjkl goals

no, sorry but ily | i def am now | duh | forever  

COMPLIMENT : your blog is perfection 🔥

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When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy☆ then send is to the last ten people on your recent activity :)

see this & this !! thanks for the message, ofelia !! c:

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