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@eg-lee has an Au called the “Psychimals” AU, where Psychonauts characters are animals and I drew Oleander as a Bunny, Rabbit from it! Of course I had to draw Oly as a bunny again because its cute and bunnies are my fave animal and he’s my fave character :) Funny and cute! I love this so much :) His whiskers are cute :)

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Been having a lot of fun doing adopt designs for the month of Halloween! So far these are some babs that have been bought and even one asked for the ref options I’m offering with my adopts. Can’t really say which one is my favorite, but I at least want to come up with one more design before the month ends, maybe base it around KDA All Out, Evelyn. Love her.

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Oof bad dragons scare me props to you

That would be cute!! If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to see them when you get them💖

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