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This is far from the first time that something ‘everyday’ or ‘low class’ has taken a shot at the top tier - particularly in terms of awards. Some have snuck into awards under different names to prove their perceived limited quality is purely subjective; others have attempted to create an air of ‘mass-tige’; but here we have Burger King going right for it (it being a Michelin Star). But really?

This is meant to speak to the fans, the ones who already give zero shits about the perceptions of quality. This is to remind them that what they love has its own qualities (told to you mostly through marketing than through experience). Sure, it might lull a few fence sitters and lapsed customers into having a go again, but it’ll be short lived. Prestige will never be a solid angle for this category.

Note this - those rare instances of non high end establishments earning stars are themselves worlds apart from Burger King. Those amazing stalls/hawkers have honed their craft over decades, which is a far cry from a 16 year old sans proper training slapping something together in a hurry. 

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Hello, ADHD meltdowns are kinda embarrassing and can be over seemingly random things so if you see someone have one, please reassure them gently that what they’re doing is good and valid.

Anyways if my coworker Ray is seeing this thanks for knowing what you’re doing

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“We were supposed to have a fancy dinner date, but someone forgot to make reservations. So here we are: 9 PM at Burger King”

“I said I was sorry.”

“I know.”

Third part to Percabeth with a camera. You can find the other parts here and here.

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