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boombox-fuckboy2 months ago
Hello! Love your blog! I find so many great podcasts from it. Hope it鈥檚 not rude of me to ask (don鈥檛 feel like you have to answer if you don鈥檛 want to) but would you have an comedy podcast recommendations? Preferably longer ones? I listen to podcasts at work most of the day and go through so many so quickly. Thank you in advance! And again, great blog, you鈥檙e one of my favorites!
This is such a sweet message, thank you ever so much! It's not rude at all, I'm always open to giving recs, as it is both as a way to shout out underappreciated productions and to ramble about my interests. Comedy is not my strong point but I do have a few!
Fictional "true crime" podcast hosted by an investigative journalist and a detective, but each case/season is based on Shakespere plays. Very funny, two seasons of 12 and 8 episodes of roughly an hour each, with some bonus episodes. Well written and professionally made, also queer which is always a bonus.
Dispatches from the Multiverse
I've actually not finished this one but it is a long-running improv comedy about a guy who accidentally makes an interdimentional portal device and always meets some version of his room-mate Wilson on the other side. Creative and wacky, also some episodes include their kids and it's super cute to listen to these dads let their kids take the lead and just play pretend with them. 166 episodes of about 30 mins each.
Less is Morgue
A Ghost and a Ghoul host a podcast about literally whatever they feel like out of the ghoul's mother's basement. This one gets a little gorey at times but it is fun. 31 episodes of ~30 mins each
Life with Althaar
Sci-fi comedy with 28 LONG (like, 1-3 hours, usually about 1陆-2 hours long) episodes and airing it's final season, so, loads of content. A human handyman rents out a cheap room on a station with an alien room-mate. Said room-mate is polite, considerate, all round charming and kind, but a species which causes humans deep panic at the mere sight of them. Really well made, full cast, original music features, great worldbuilding, a hidden gem for sure.
The Amelia Project
Interviews from an organisation which helps people fake their own deaths. Absolutely wacky, it starts out wild and only gets more so. Great voicework, clean and professional sound, never a dull moment. The episodes aren't too long but there are a fair number of them. 41 episodes of about 30 mins each plus a bunch of minisodes.
We Fix Space Junk
Sci-fi comedy about an intergalactic repairwoman, tired AI, and her fugitive assistant as they travel at the behest of the company they are in debt to, completing various strange tasks and odd jobs. Surprised in hindsight how long it took me to listen to this one, I'm a big fan. 3 seasons of 8 20-30 min episodes each, plus loads of minisodes.
Wooden Overcoats
Two siblings run the only funeral home on a small island in the English channel. Not very well, but that's okay if you're the only one. So, what happens when competition moves in? Energetic, classic british comedy vibe, really well made. 3 seasons of 8 episodes each, ~30 mins each plus hour-long finales, and loads of minisodes.
Alba Salix, Royal Physician/The Axe and Crown
High Fantasy Comedy! I'm admittedly not the biggest Alba Salix fan but I do love Axe and Crown, which is in the Alba Salix feed. Alba Salix is about the royal physician, and her assistants, a fairy trying her best, and an unruly young human monk. Axe and Crown is about a troll who runs a tavern and his overenthusiastic new landlord. Alba Salix has 12 episodes of 30-40 mins each, Axe and Crown has 18 episodes of 10-20 mins. There are a bunch of bonus minisodes.
Tales of the staff running a bubble tea shop on a space station. The audio is a little rough but it's fun, light-hearted, and feel-good. 20 episodes of ~10 mins each
Elaine's Cooking for the Soul
Post-apocalyptic dystopian cooking show hosted by a dentist from her office. Really fun, and the recipes are all stuff that's easy to make at home with long-lasting, cheap ingredients. Wacky concept but I do adore this podcast. 13 episodes of 15-20 mins each.
Forgive Me!
A young priest takes over confessional in a small town (or village maybe) after the village priest has a heart attack. The villagers have some very strange things to confess to. Didn't think catholic comedy would be my thing but it's very fun and silly and despite the format and setting doesn't feel too religious. The audio is clean and uncomplicated, the writing and acting are very charming. 6 episodes of ~20 mins each.
Haunted House Flippers
A couple inherits an apparently haunted house and decides to fix it up. This one's interesting because it feels a bit het-couple Adam Sandler movie at first but becomes an increasingly more charming story about a bi buff metalhead forensic scientist and her tiny well-meaning idiot ghosthunter husband who are both weird and very supportive of eachother. 17 episodes between 5 and 40 mins in length but normally about 25.
Slow burn lesbian romance and a sci-fi comedy. Lots of people describe it as The Devil Wears Prada but gay and in space, about an AI specialist who also becomes the assistant to an intergalactic fashion magazine. The audio is not the best (they're highschool students so I am unbothered) but some of the funniest writing I've encountered. Not that short tbh. 27 episodes of ~15-20 mins each.
Murray Mysteries
Modern, very queer and remarkably faithful comedy retelling of Dracula. Very well made and written and it does such a fun job of all the characters and translating them to a modern setting. 22 episodes of 5-10 mins each.
The Vanishing Act
Set around the 1930s following a German playwright's obsession with the final trick of a 200-year-dead french magician. Self-described "globetrotting farce", 10 episodes of about an hour each.
Wizard Seeking Wizard
Short show long episodes. Wizards send in their bios and what sort of relationship they are looking for, and the audience votes to see who goes on a wizard date the next episode. It's great fun, very original and creative. 8 episodes of ~40 mins each
Hope you find something here you enjoy!
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wiirocku10 days ago
Tumblr media
Psalm 28:7 (NLT) - The LORD is my strength and shield. 聽 聽I trust Him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. 聽 聽I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.
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xponentialdesigna month ago
Tumblr media
馃煢馃敁HAPPY SUNDAY 鈽锔忊瑴猬 7 ed each. base price 7.77 tez Color Sun Day II 鈫愨啇鈫 COLLECT NFT Color Sun Day I COLLECT NFT Magmalicious Sun DAY COLLECT NFT Monochrome Grayscale Sun Day II : OBJKT#182275 COLLECT NFT Grayscale Sun Day II : OBJKT#174651 COLLECT NFT Radioactive Sun Day. COLLECT NFT (secondary market )
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chekhxvsgun2 months ago
Tumblr media
uh, so, here鈥檚 some piglin ocs of mine!聽
Blitz and his pet fox Squeegee.聽
Blink and his pet endermite Scutter.聽
Burst and his pet parrot Chip.聽
Blaze and his pet sheep Puff.聽
I have a TON of info and lore and stuff on these guys, so please if you have any asks or questions, send them my way!
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coffeenutsa month ago
Tumblr media
goatsbeard seed by marianna armata
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pod-tran-project4 months ago
Current List of Podcasts
Google Doc with Notes
Notes include: specific episodes that are not transcribed and if transcripts are聽鈥渃oming soon鈥
Google Doc without Notes聽(just a list of names and links)
Below the Cut: Current list with no notes and hyperlinks to the transcripts
Question for the creators of the podcasts listed: would you like me to tag you in these posts, so people can find you and your show?
Complete Transcript (all the main episodes are transcribed and linked)
36 Questions
Brimstone valley mall
Fireside Folktales
Girl in space
Godshead incidental聽
Hello from the hallowoods
In strange woods
Janus descending
Join the Party:聽Campaign 1
Join the Party:聽Campaign 2
Kakos industries
Kaleidotrope: A Romantic Comedy
Kalila Stormfires鈥檚 Economical Magick Services
Khora @khorapodcast
Less is morgue
Light hearts
Minisode: Passing Through
Love and Luck
Me and AU
Next stop
Primordial deep
Scoring magic
Seen and not heard
Side questing
Someone dies in this elevator
Sounds fake but okay
Spirits podcast
Spooky sapphic story teller
The bright sessions
The once and future nerd
The pasithea powder
The strange case of starship iris
The wanderer
Transmission folklore
Welcome to night vale
Where the stars fell
Wizard seeking wizard
Wooden overcoats
Zero hours
Death by dying
Incomplete or Coming Soon
Blood Crow Stories
Gal Pals Present: Overkill
King Falls AM聽
Mission to zyxx
No Bad Ideas
The Magnus Archives
The Penumbra Podcast
Today鈥檚 Lucky Winner
Wolf 359
Attention Hellmart Shoppers
Customs Out Of The Closet
Focused Af
Gay Future
I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats
Overly Sarcastic Podcast
Some Place Under Neith
The Alexandria Archives
The Creeping Hour
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yosthi-scribbles3 months ago
Tumblr media
Daigo is Done
I was doing a small Beyblade Burst study, and I did this sketch of Daigo that I decided to finish because it made me chuckle.
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anamon-book6 months ago
Tumblr media
BURST 2004. October vol.2 銈炽偄銉炪偓銈搞兂 琛ㄧ礄鍐欑湡锛漇lawomir Rumiak銆佽〃绱欍儑銈躲偆銉筹紳鏉戣棨娌伙紙R銉籄銉籇 PACKING锛 鐗归泦銆岃鍌枫伄缇庛
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spacecamp1a year ago
Tumblr media
John Zoller,聽Rapidly Suddenly Yellow Blue,聽2020, Acrylic on canvas, 48 x 48 in.
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keru-the-green10 months ago
Tumblr media
redraw a page of First chapter from Burstale im gone for too long cuz this year is worst than last year in terms of financial with me getting fired from freelancing and labor contract. So i鈥檝e been searching for job but sadly im still cant find one with this pandemic going on. I鈥檒l be sure to settle some business with people here before the end of the year.聽 also yay ~ i forgot my password again lmao (had to reset)聽
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fieriframes2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Cornmeal stuffed with flank steak, corn and green chilies. It starts out very mild, and then there's a burst of flavor. I鈥檓 going to be the Beatles of kissing that is going to go in the pupusa? Yeah. Okay. So now a little bit]
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burstpodcasta month ago
useful links
apple podcasts:
transcripts season 1:
transcripts season 2:
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