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#bursting with excitement over here
miwamai · 8 hours ago
Teaching them how to kiss
Characters: Yuji, Megumi, Nobara.
A/n: no more exams. I’m back hehe. I had this in the drafts for a while now
Tumblr media
Yuji itadori
Surprisingly, he gets so blushy and flustered when you lean into him. Similar to how he felt when he and Megumi took that photo at a maid cafe while trying to go after Gojo Except it’s 100x even more so.
There’s was so much excitement and eagerness before but when you two were about to start, he’s getting all nervous
He’s either going to be stiff or slobber your face. There’s no in between. It’s not his fault at all but he’s still apologizing about how he did right after :(
When you decide to take the lead, he’s going to be gripping onto the hem of your shirt for support. He’s utterly breathless and flushed. Not even a second later and he’s willing to ask for another kiss.
Buries his face into your chest when you look at him a little too long for his liking. Plsss you two are already so close but the gaze of his pretty s/o on top of that too ? He’s shying away definitely.
Megumi Fushiguro
He gave himself the pep talk in his room before hand, muttering about staying calm and he can do this. But he didn’t realize that you had walked in. You looked as if you were going to burst out laughing.
Staring contest... And just blinking at the other. Megumi looked as stiff and still as a rock that you thought he was unwell
It’s a little awkward at first with you two going “huh?” at each other for a good minute. It started when Megumi mumbled something you couldn’t hear.
Somehow he’s a natural at kissing and it was mostly going well... until he accidentally hit your lip too hard. Now he’s comforting you and peppering kisses all over your face.
His kisses are mostly slow and intimate with his hands cupping your face and soft touches here and there. You two moved in coordination with his lips locking perfectly against yours.
Nobara Kugisaki
Out of the three, she’s the most relaxed. She treats it like any other time you two hang out. which is a lot
When she leaned in for a small kiss, she notes the flavor of your lipgloss/chapstick, commenting how it tastes nice, touching her own lip.
Likes staring into your eyes when two break away from the kiss. And has the prettiest smile on her face, showing that she’s genuinely happy
Between kisses, she whispering to you about how pretty you are and how much she loves you. And most notable is how cute you look being breathless from the kiss
What was suppose to be a mere 30 minutes turned into quality time of giggles and light kisses. The sunset shined through the window, illuminating your faces.
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miwvampire · 9 hours ago
Graffiti of Santa Carla
Prompt: “It is not morning yet”
Marko x reader
Warnings: cursing and silly Marko
Tumblr media
The sound of spray paint cans squirting could be heard behind the Santa Carla build board. “Murder capital of the world” still plastered to the back of it
Marko and I decided tonight for a date night we could go draw on some build boards and over passes.
Billy idol was blaring loudly from the rock box Marko had brought along with us, his jacket sitting beside it, he wanted to make sure no paint got on it.
I hummed the tune to “white wedding” as I sprayed a red line across the back of the build board, marking over a stupid looking surf-Nazi shark I painted.
Marko beside me wouldn’t let me look over to what he was painting, apparently it “wasn’t finished yet”, but I did have to stop him from spray painting a pentagram, he enjoyed messing with the old folks of California and catching onto conversations at the board walk about the kid who’s been leaving pentagrams on build boards
So I just sighed and sang under my breath to the songs that played on Marko’s tapes he’d stolen from the video store.
“Nice shark baby” Marko chuckled and he made another spotchy line on his side.
“Thanks” I smiled as I stood back to look at my work, picking up the white, I added some white dots to make it look cartoonish
“Hey, when ya gonna be done?”
“Just wait babe, you have no patience”
I scoffed “well I don’t have eternity”
“Well I do, so quit ya bitchin’” Marko said shaking a can of teal paint
I sighed and placed a hand on my hip, titling my head to the side as I looked down over to the road “I ain’t bitchin’, I’m just excited. Why do you gotta act like I’m being a child? You won’t even let me look over there!” I dropped a can to the ground and went over to the rock box to turn it to a certain song
“Well it’s a surprise” he said planting a hand on his hip also, and wiped his lip with his gloved hand, teal paint smearing across his lower lip
The box finally turned to “hotel California” and I stood up straight, stretching my arms out a little bit as I swayed to the melody
“Surprise smurprise, I wanna dance”
Marko turned around to me and called my name “Y/N?”
I shot my gaze towards him “yuh?” I smiled
“You honestly want me to get distracted dontcha?”
“Maybe” I said swaying a little bit more
“You whine like a baby and then you play our song, the song we fucking first kissed too? You’re being the child here now aren’t’ cha?” He said as he walked over to me and pressed his chest against mine
He lifted his hand to my face and smeared some blue paint across my cheek and smiled, nudging his nose to mine and pressing a tender kiss on my lips
He quietly sang along with the song as he grabbed my hips and swayed with m, a devilish smirk on his lips
“Are you gonna lead me down to your broken hotel and make a prisoner there?” I chuckled referencing to the song as I pressed my forehead to the side of his face, pressing my lips to his cheek
“Planning too” he squeezed my hips harder
Laughing, I sighed and looked up at the build board behind him
“So you were painting a pigeon? Really?” I cocked a brow
“Aye!” Marko spun me around to where my back was facing the painting “you looked! I told you not too!”
“Meany” he scoffed and pressed a kiss to the tip of my nose “you never let me surprise you”
“Cause your surprises are dumb and cute”
“Well thats rude” Marko looked over to the board again
“Sorry” I squeaked “but thank you” I said swiping my finger over his lip, trying to get the paint off, even his crop top was stained with so many paint colors, he looked like a tie dyed vampire basically
“Which pigeon where you drawing” I said as I ran my fingers over his curls coming down his shoulder “Bobby? Marko jr? Stevie?”
“I was drawing you as a pigeon” he bursted out laughing
“Gasp!” I dramatically threw my head back and laughed “why?! You’re the mean one now!”
“Hey! No I’m not, I’m just showing you how much I love you!” He laughed harder and shook his head
“What? Do I have a equality of one of your birds to you?” I playfully swatted at his shoulder
“Maybe you come close to Marko jr.”
I swatted harder at his arm now
“Aye! I’m just kidding!” He said peppering kissing all over my face “jus kidding”
“Well, we’re gonna need to get back soon” I said as I listened to the song that was nearing the end
“It’s not morning yet, we can hang just for a little bit longer. I like being away from them all and just with you” Marko said as he looked me in my eyes, occasionally looking down at my lips and back up to my eyes
“Well, let’s go get some ice cream then? Or we could go to the under pass near Sally’s bakery?”
“Sure babes!” Marko said walking over to the rock box and picking up his jacket to sling over his shoulders
“What about the paint?” I said coming to a stop
“Ah, leave em’ who cares, I’ll just get us some new ones”
“Oki doki artichoki”
“Haha, nice one” he said picking up the box and jumping down the side of the build board, stepping to the side to let me land beside him
“Hey, before we get goin’ I wanna pick one more song” I said tugging at the box in his hand
“Fine, but I get to choose all the songs tomorrow”
I sighed “fine”
I found the last song I wanted to listen too and turned the volume up to max
“Dancing with myself” started playing loudly as Marko and I hopped onto his bike, he pinched my leg as I sling the other one over
He playfully revved his bike and was speeding down the highway before I could even get a good grip. I yelped as he laughed loudly reviving louder and flying down quicker
Down the highway you could hear
“Dancing with myself, oh-oh
Dancing with myself
When there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove
Well I'm dancing with myself
Ah, oh, oh-oh
If I looked all over the world
And there's every type of girl
But your empty eyes seem to pass me by
Leave me dancing with myself
So let's sink another drink
'Cause it'll give me time to think
If I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance
And I'd be dancing with myself, oh-oh”
On the back of the build board, you still can see a half painted pigeon with the exact jacket that Marko gave me when he turned me. It barely even looked like me though, but you got the point. Every time we went blazing down the highway, I’d chuckle each time passing it, Marko also bursting out laughing saying “there’s my chick”
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jikyuz · 13 hours ago
26 from the fluff prompt list with hyunsuk **** forgot to clarify !! ^^
Tumblr media
✦ (fluff) 26. “my lipgloss is all over your lips.” ✦ some rlly soft fluff, lowercase intended
Tumblr media
“are you sure about this, babe?” nervousness filled your body as you grew closer to the yg building. 
just minutes before you were at your apartment, sitting in hyunsuk’s lap and admiring his smile when he had sprung the idea of walking him to practice on you. as of recent you had both been busy with everything that you had less and less time to spend together so of course you agreed, not realizing that walking him to practice most likely meant meeting the other members; something which you hadn’t done yet.
it’s not like you were opposed to the idea of meeting them, after all you had been dating hyunsuk for a few months, it only made sense that soon you would, but the idea of them all staring at you made you just a bit nervous.
“if you want you can come in the practice room and meet the boys. what do you think, baby?” hyunsuk’s hand was snug in yours, his thumb rubbing circles into the back of your hand. sweat collected between your intertwined fingers and hyunsuk just squeezed your hand. “if you don’t want to you can just drop me off in front of the building.”
“no, no.” you shook your head. looking over at your boyfriend you leaned into him, bumping your shoulder into his and giggling when he feigned hurt. as the yg building came into view you grew more serious, shaking your head once more. “i want to meet the members. it was gonna happen eventually so why not today? i’m just nervous, that’s all.”
hyunsuk chuckled, swinging your connected hands back and forth between you as you walked. “if anything they’re gonna be more preoccupied with teasing me. besides, they’ve seen your pictures on my phone, they’re really looking forward to meeting you.”
taking a deep breath, you nodded. the doors to the building were right in front of you now and you shyly smiled when hyunsuk opened the door for you, disconnecting your hands and motioning for you to go in first. sure you had seen the inside of the building before but only in pictures and videos, it was much more spacious as you looked up into three floors of various rooms and hallways.
hyunsuk’s hand immediately found yours again, leading you forward and through the small gates. with each turn you felt like you were going deeper into a labyrinth and you were surprised that with each step your nervousness faded into one of excitement and anticipation. you had heard so many stories and watched so many videos of the members but finally meeting them in person was another thing.
as you got closer to the practice rooms you heard yelling along with loud laughter. looking over at hyunsuk you chuckled when he just shook his head, a loving smile appearing on his face as he took you to that very same door.
“ready?” hyunsuk whispered to you, the hand that wasn’t clasped in yours now hovering over the door knob.
when you nodded your head yes, squeezing your boyfriend’s hand in anticipation, you took a breath as hyunsuk opened the door. behind it there were eleven boys, all of different heights and different levels of energy but they all drew their attention towards you and hyunsuk.
“finally you’re here! and you must be y/n! welcome to the family, hyunsuk talks about you so much. we were waiting for - oh. you look like you had fun.” jihoon came walking up, his arms crossed over his chest and eyebrows raised suggestively. 
confused by jihoon’s statement, you looked over at hyunsuk, bursting out into laughter along with a few other members in the background. a loud junkyu yelling, “wow!”
“what? what is it?” hyunsuk looked around before settling his eyes on you. his cheeks were a light shade of pink and as the light hit his face you were reminded of the moment you shared before leaving for practice.
“my lip gloss is all over your lips.” as you said that, junkyu burst into laughter, nearly falling down while doyoung slapped his knee, his laugh echoing through the room.
judging from the way all the members were teasing hyunsuk and either shaking your hand, giving you a hug or a high-five, you were sure you would fit in very well.
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toomanyrobins2 · a day ago
drunk on indigo skies pt. 1
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Indigo” Phillips had dealt in secrets her whole life. Hired by Tony Stark at 16, falling in love with his son was never the plan. She also never expected that five years later, she’d be leaving Peter in the middle of the night with just a note on the dining room table. Now a year later, she has to return to the Three Families as their whole world continues to be threatened by a rival mob.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Word count: 700ish
Content warning: Mentions of alcohol abuse, sex, violence, murder
Notes: Welcome to Book 2 of The Three Families series! I’m so excited about this story and hope everyone loves it as much as “a little birdie told me” 💛
series masterlist // next part
17 months ago
Y/N was fast asleep on the couch, when the front door burst open, making her jump. Her fiancé stumbled through the door and slammed it. She watched Peter trip over to the couch. “Where have you been?”
He collapsed into one of the armchairs and shrugged, “Went for drinks with some of the guys.”
Life, since Birdie had come back, had been crazy and Peter was not coping well. He had already been a heavy drinker and the reality of their situation had weighed heavily on him. They were supposed to go to
She picked her phone up and stared at the clock. Her emotions were all over the place and tried to keep her voice level, “It’s 4 o’clock in the morning. You didn’t call.”
Peter immediately became defensive, raising his voice, “Forgive me for wanting to enjoy a couple drinks with the guys!”
“I just thought maybe you’d want to be with your fiancee!” Y/N tried to keep calm and not think about the plates still on the table, or the melted candles, or the cake in the fridge, “I was waiting here for you.”
Peter stared across the room at her. The silence was suffocating both of them and the alcohol he had consumed had his mind whirling with his darkest, most insecure thoughts. Finally, he sighed, “I’m not happy, Y/N.”
She looked at him and took a deep breath, trying to will the tears away, “So if I gave you an out, right here at the five-year mark, would you take it?” She waited with bated breath, hoping that he would say something. Kiss her like he used to and reassure her that he wanted her. That he still loved her. Instead, all she got was silence. At that moment, she knew that their relationship was over. There was no fixing them. No way to bring their happiness back. Y/N nodded sadly, “Let’s get you to bed. We can talk in the morning when you’re sober.”
She helped him up the stairs and marveled at how suffocating their room was. What used to be their safe place now made her sick to her stomach. Their bed had been the bubble that all of the shit the world had to give didn’t exist in. By the time she had unlaced his shoes, Peter was fast asleep. Y/N smiled sadly as she pushed the hair away from where it had fallen over his face.
Walking back into the kitchen, she packed away the dinner that was still resting cold on the table. The candles had long snuffed out and she picked the wax off of the table as her mind wandered. It was hard to imagine a future where Peter wasn’t the center of her world, but this had all become too much.
They would never have that conversation the next morning. When Peter woke up, the sun was high in the sky and Y/N’s side of the bed was empty and cold. He went down into the kitchen and found an envelope on the table with his name on it. He tore it open and pulled the letter out, her engagement ring falling onto the floor,
I’m so sorry that I’m doing this this way. I wish I was brave enough to look you in the eyes, but I’m not. I’m just a coward who would do anything to see you smile again. To have you look at me and not see anger. This doesn’t work anymore and it’s hurting both of us.
I know you’d never end it. Instead, I’m gonna give it to you so that you don’t have to hurt me. There are so many things I wish I would’ve said to you, but it wouldn’t change anything now. Your aunt once said to me that a successful relationship didn’t have a time frame, instead, it was what you make of that time. I wish we could have had forever but I’ll take the time we had and remember the happy moments. Don’t hide away from the world because of this. Thank you for loving me and for the past five years.
I love you,
Peter groaned and ran a hand over his face. What the hell had he done last night? He tried to remember but the haze after leaving the bar gave him no answers. He rushed upstairs and found her side of the closet empty. The only thing left was the sweaters and shirts she’d claimed over the years. They smelt more like her than him at that point. Peter left them hanging, a reminder of what he had lost.
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bokutosbestie2 · a day ago
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
I kinda want to make a playlist for this story ☻
Y/N pov :
" HEY! I recognized you! ARENT you the Origiris guy!"
" Yea I am, the name is Osamu. "
" Ok OSAMU why I'm I here? "
" HEY don't ask me! Ask Atsumu he the one who brought you here. I JUST GOT HERE! "
" YOU! OREO-LOOKING HAIR! WHY YOU BRING ME HERE HUH! " pointed at him as he jumped up from the couch.
" Yea the look of panic on my brother's face shows he telling the truth," Osamu said as he tries to compose his laughter.
I only remember me showering and putting on a random shirt now thinking about it..
" WAIT never mind your right I did shower on my own...I kinda remember. " I say sorta embarrassed.
" WELL THEN! I guess I should be going! "
" No stay here it's LATE! It's 3:15 IN THE MORNING!" Osamu said
" Are you sure I already cause enough trouble for your brother.. "
" Nah ATSUMU PROBABLY deserved all that trouble!"
Atsumu turned around to flip off his brother.
" Atsumu that sounds familiar?! "
" OH SOO YOU KNOW WHO I AM! " Atsumu smirked
" No.. Your name sounds familiar tho "
Osamu burst out laughing..
" I'm confused.. " I say honestly
" Well OSAMU ISNT GOING TO TELL YOU THAN I WILL! " Atsumu said offended
" Ok then wHo aRe yOu? " I mimic Atsumu's tone.
" I Play on ONE OF BEST TEAMS IN JAPAN.. IM ON MSBY! " he said in a cocky tone.
" WHERE YA HEAR MY NAME?! " Atsumu got excited.
" Clam Down Atsumu! " Osamu hit him on the head.
" OW! "
" WELL, I do photoshoots! I do the photography, not the modeling! "
" Yea we can tell! " Astumu said
" ATSUMU! WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS?! " Osamu looked ashamed.
Did he just called me unattractive.. THIS GUY OH HELL NAH!
I grabbed my shoe and aim it at Atsumu's head... and I miss ..
" YOU DESERVE IT!! I'm STILL PRETTY CUTE FOR NOT BEING A MODEL " I stick my middle finger at him.
" HMM, I LIKE THIS GIRL! " Osamu elbowed Astumu.
" I'm sorry JUST FINISH THE Story miss I THINK IM PRETTY CUTE! " he rolls his eyes.
" ANYWAYS! Some of my friends work with athletes all time. She did a photoshoot with the MSBY team! So that's why your name sounds FAMILIAR! "
" Oh so you didn't know that I'm an amazing volleyball player...." Atsumu looked disappointed about the story.
" No.. "
" WOW first time a girl didn't fangirl over Atsumu and He seems Heart Broken! " Osamu said laughing.
" She not my type anyways! " Atsumu said in a petty tone.
" Oreo looking hair "
Osamu was watching us bicker until he started to yawn out of tiredness mix with boredom.
" SHEEZ you guys fight like a cat and dog! I'M GOING TO BED NOW! DONT be too loud! " Osamu said as he walked off towards his room.
I and Atsumu gave each other dirty looks.
" UH, NO ILL BE SLEEPING THERE! " I say annoyed
" NO ME! "
Oh, I forgot..about my breakup.
My mood was now ruined with the comment he said.
" You can have the room.. " I looked at Atsumu
" Oh umm, you sure? " Atsumu looked concerned
" Yea I'll just go on the couch. " I walked to the couch, I hear the door close behind me.
I sit on the couch as I remember when Kageyama broke up with me.
Damn, why couldn't I be a better person...
Atsumu pov:
As I close the door behind me I felt guilty for bringing up her breakup. It's not even my business, I shouldn't have mentioned it.
I lay in bed as guilt was all over me.
Maybe I Should Apologize?
No, I can't do that it's 3:50 am, she must have fallen asleep already.
I'll just apologize in the morning.
Around 7:30 am:
Y/n pov:
I wake up to the smell of bacon. I sit up from the couch to see Osamu cooking breakfast.
" I expected you to wake later! " Osamu said as he placed eggs and bacon on a plate.
" Ah well, I have a habit of waking up early because of work! " I say as I walked over to the counter.
" Here this is then. " Osamu place the plate in front of me.
" OH NO, IT'S FINE! I'm planning on leaving now I already been too much of a burden. "
" No, it's fine! Your the surprise guest after all. "
" Gosh even tho your brother can be full of himself... you and he are such nice people. "
" Well, that's how we were raised to respect everyone."Osamu smiled at me.
After conversing with Osamu for 30 minutes a sleepy blonde comes out of the room.
" Stop being so grumpy. " I tell Atsumu
" Because your brother gave me breakfast, but I'll be leaving now! "
" WAIT- "
" Yes? " I look him annoyed.
" I- uh I'll take you home. "
" No it's fine I can just call my friends to pick me up. "
" No, let me take you! "
WHY does he want to take me so bad.
" Ugh fine. "
" Ok then let me go get changed! "
As Atsumu went back to go get changed I look at Osamu confused.
" He probably wants to see if you will fall for him or something. "
" As if! " I laughed at Osamu's comment.
" Oh before you go can I get your number? "
Me and Osamu exchange numbers then Atsumu comes into the scene.
" OSAMU YOU SLY DOG! " Atsumu shouts
Osamu gave Atsumu a death stare.
" Uh we best get going y/n ! " he said as he pushes me to the front door.
Osamu waves bye, and now I'm stuck with this dude.
Atsumu joyfully gets in the driver's seat as I sit in the passenger.
" Why were too eager to take me home? "
" Uh-well... I wanted to apologize. "
" For the comment, I said last night.. "
" Oh, don't worry about it's not that serious, " I say giving him a thumbs up.
" Yea if it's not that serious why you get so drunk. "
" WELL don't worry it was just over a stupid boy.. "
Atsumu looked concerned.
" Ya a stupid boy! " he said in sarcasm.
I looked at him annoyed.
" OK don't give me that look! "
"Let's get going! " I say.
Atsumu started the car and ask for directions.
" Oh wow you only live 15 minutes away from Osamu."
" Ah, that's nice to know! " I smiled.
" Sheez DONT tell me you like my brother! "
" Oh CALM DOWN! He just cute that's all! "
" Oh, so you think I'm cute then huh! " Atsumu smirked at me.
" No! You look like an Oreo because of your hair...." I say trying to keep my laugh in.
" Thank you... For umm everything even tho I was a stranger you decide to be nice and help me out... " I say as I can feel my face getting hot of embarrassment.
" Aww, you're being nice to me for once! "
" It was no problem I would've felt guilty if something bad happens to you. " he said quietly.
There was an awkward silence..
" Uh well, I have to get going! "
" Um, yea you go ahead! "
" Bye... Atsumu! "
" Bye! " he said as he drove away.
Atsumu pov:
Did she just finally called me by my first name?
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stylishrat · a day ago
Dreamcatcher reaction
Girlfriend 8th member reader being cute whilst sleepy.
You were finally back in the dorms after a late night performance and a busy day of interviews. It was tiring being an idol and whilst you loved your fans, all you wanted right now was to fall asleep in the arms of your girlfriend. Dressed in sleeping shorts and an oversized t-shirt you wandered through the dorms in search of your girlfriend. Finally finding her you walked up to her whilst yawning and rubbing your tired eyes and grabbed her hand asking if you could both go to sleep now. 
How could she say no? 
You were just so cute, her heart was melting even more with every little action you made. And when you yawned she swore she could feel her heart burst inside her chest. She felt so lucky to be able to call you hers and smiled brightly at you whilst you walked up to her. She was about to hug you and smother you in kisses when you gently tugged on her hand asking if she will go to sleep with you. She quickly agreed excited about the idea of getting more hugs once you were laid down.
Aww babe you're so cute. Of course I will but only if I get to cuddle with you.
This girl had zero restraint. 
As soon as she saw you rubbing your eyes whilst making your way over to her she let out the biggest, most high pitched "awww" you had ever heard. She couldn't help it though! You were just too cute. As soon as you got to her and grabbed her hand she pulled you into the biggest hug. Whilst she was gently swaying you both side to side you mumbled the question into her shoulder and she immediately agreed. Dragging you to your shared room for more cuddles.
Awwww is my baby tired? You're so cute Come on, let's go to bed.
This softie met you halfway.
Grabbing you by the waist and resting her head on yours. She kept you in a tight hug as she was blushing right now with how absolutely adorable you looked and didn't want you to see it. Her blush only got darker once she realised that the shirt you were wearing was hers. When you asked if you both could sleep now she hummed before kissing you on the head and walking to your room with one of her arms still around your waist. You saw that she was blushing but chose not to say anything settling for teasing her in the morning.
Hmmm? Okay sweetie let's get you to bed, I can see that you're tired.
Of course she had to tease you first!
Your relationship consisted of teasing each other! 
Whilst you were undoubtedly adorable, especially in this moment. She didn't plan on letting you know that… yet. Although unfortunately plans don't always work out.
She lightly laughed and was about to make a teasing but loving comment but that plan faded away as soon as you cutely shuffled over to her grabbing her hand. She just about choked on the words she was going to say.
She rubbed her thumb on the back of your hand as you asked if she could go to sleep with you. This time she managed to say her teasing remark whilst raising one of her eyebrows before laughing and guiding you towards your shared room.
Did you really miss me that much? No don't worry jagiya I'm only joking. Come on before you fall asleep right here.
This oversized puppy was a blushing embarrassed mess.
Did she think you were absolutely adorable? Yes. Did she want to pull you into her arms and never let you go? Also a yes, but she was embarrassed about the fact that your other members could walk in at any time… and she didn't want to deal with their teasing. So when you slowly approached her taking her hand in yours she blushed before looking around to see if anyone else was there. When she saw no one else was around that area she pulled you closer to her putting one hand under your shirt and on your stomach and the other one on your cheek as she quickly kissed you on the forehead. When you asked her to go to bed with you she shyly nodded agreeing before whispering to you how cute you looked as she walked with you to your room.
Okay. You look so cute by the way sweetheart. Even more than normal if that's even possible.
She may look calm on the outside but on the inside she's not.
Of course she thinks you look adorable but she's more concerned about your well being. You looked so tired and she was worried that you would trip over and hurt yourself. She immediately starts walking up to you whilst thinking about what she should do. She doesn't know whether you would appreciate being picked up so settles for putting her hand under your arm to steady you. Once you grab her hand asking her to accompany you to bed she immediately agrees gently walking you to your room.
Darling are you okay! Of course I will! Now be careful you could hurt yourself! 
Second case of zero restraint. 
This baby immediately skipped over to you complimenting you on how cute and amazing you were before wrapping her arms around your waist and resting her head on your shoulder. She was fighting an inner battle on whether or not to squeal in happiness but decided that she didn't want to risk startling you in your tired state. She just wanted to hug you and keep you close to her forever. As soon as you grabbed her hand and the first few words left your mouth she was already pulling you towards your room ready to cling to you for the rest of the night.
Oh my gosh you're too cute honey. Why wouldn't I? Come on hurry up I want my cuddles.
Okay. First post, feel free to leave any Constructive  criticism in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this post I had this idea a little while ago and decided to write it to see how it went. I have more (and more ;) ) ideas on the way. Please do request something. Also I'm thinking of posting a few fill in the blanks requests where I write a prompt with blank spaces and you guys can fill it in with whatever you want and I'll write some of them into actual short stories.
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djdangerlove · a day ago
You asked for fluffy headcanons? Okay...
TK is actually a really decent cook. Despite what most people believe, he did not only survive on take-out while living on his own.
But right from the start, he realized that while he's decent at it, Carlos is actually passionate about cooking. So he never corrected anyone's assumption about not being able to cook, so his man has a reason to always cook for him 😊
But... what if Carlos finds out one day? 😉
Yay! More kitchen scenarios where I can write TK sitting on the counter 😅. Here’s your drabble Nox:
Carlos steps through their front door a bit quicker than normal, excitement of being off the clock an hour early making the door swing wider than it should. He doesn’t mean to startle TK, but the grin on his face grows exponentially at the sound of a yelp coming from the kitchen followed by the clatter of a spoon hitting the ground.
“What are you doing here?” TK grumbles as he disappears behind the island to pick up the fallen silverware. Carlos crosses the living room and circles the counter to meet TK when he straightens back up.
“Besides saving you from food poisoning?” Carlos teases while inspecting the tomato red liquid bubbling in a pot on the stove. “I got off early.”
“My hero,” TK says with a roll of his eyes, moving over to the sink to wash the spoon off before plunking it back down in the pot. He gives it a stir and a taste, pointedly ignoring the way Carlos is watching him. 
“What did you make? It smells good.”
“Don’t sound surprised. I’m not totally helpless,” TK says around a spoonful of made from scratch tomato soup. He tells Carlos as much and shields his spoon from his boyfriend’s reaching hand when he says, “Let me try it.”
“No?” Carlos chuckles, eyebrow raising fondly at TK’s antics. “Why not? I was only joking about the food poisoning thing.”
“Why not, he asks,” TK mumbles while spooning his soup into a bowl. ”Excuse me for not wanting Mr. Iron Chef critiquing my food. I’m hungry and your opinion won’t stop me from eating it.”
“You think I’m good enough to be on Iron Chef?” Carlos asks, the question sounding amused enough to make TK glare at him again while he hops up on the counter to eat his soup. Carlos steps between his knees and grabs his wrist just before he gets the spoon to his mouth. He lifts his brow in silent question, laughing as TK immediately gives in and let’s him have a taste. 
The soup is warm against his tongue, but the heat of it is lost amongst the burst of flavor capturing his tastebuds. He’s so lost in the taste that he follows the spoon when TK tries to take it back and stays close when he opens his eyes to TK’s amused grin. Forgotten is the culinary experience he just had, replaced by the most beautiful sight he’ll ever see. “I love you.”
TK throws his head back with a startled laugh, the expanse of his neck to enticing to resist. Carlos leans the rest of the way forward to press kisses down the length of it, sloppy enough to make it tickle. 
“You’re a dork,” TK giggles while pushing him away before he spills his soup.
“And you’re a good cook,” Carlos replies. “But only one of those things is new information. Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I don’t know,” TK shrugs while taking another sip off his spoon, but Carlos isn’t satisfied so TK cradles the warm bowl between his hands and sighs. “Yeah, I can cook, but I like watching you cook more. You’re...relaxed when you cook, calmer than normal and I don’t’s stupid but I...”
“Hey,” Carlos bumps a finger under TK’s chin to look him in the eye. “Whatever it is, I know it isn’t stupid. Tell me.”
TK smiles at him, turning his face into Carlos’ hand and kissing his palm before relenting. “When we’re here together...when I’m just watching you cook or you’re trying to teach me how to do something or explain why your family makes a dish a certain way, I just...I feel calm, too.”
Carlos leans forward and lays a gentle kiss against TK’s forehead before winding his arms around him in a hug and resting his chin against the crown of his boyfriend’s head. “Did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason I seem more calm to you when I cook is for the exact same reason?”
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bruhjustreadmyname · 2 days ago
Hello!! Can I request for a oneshot for Mitsuri with a Femreader? Please please pleaseeeeeee, in which the reader just came back from a dreadful and dangerous mission and Mitsuri is there to help make their day better
◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤◢◤
➸ Note: wksixh I’m so sorry that this was so late oml- but ofc you can dear anon! Mitsu bby’s always welcomed in this house <3
Word count:865
Synopsis: you had just come back from a dangerous mission with a ton of injuries but Mitsu bby’s there to make your day <3
◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤ ◢◤◢◤
Tumblr media
“So you have a broken arm, a twisted ankle, a slight neck fracture and a non-fatal cut on the side of your leg.”
Is what you were about to say before looking over to see Mitsuri practically bursting the door that lead to your room open
You didn’t wanna ruin your poor girlfriend’s innocence and so you kept your mouth shut despite wanting to curse every curse word there ever was for being so careless
Like- what were you thinking when you had accepted the mission, it would have been fine if there was a group with you but nOo yOu wAnTed tO dO iT AlOnE cAuSe uh- idk you just wanted to
The person who had informed you of the injuries that you had sustained, and the person who would be taking care of you for the meantime, both is non other than Aoi Kanzaki
But ever since Mitsuri had come in with tears in her eyes, dirt on her clothes, unruly tangled hair and one of her stockings stretched higher than the other, Aoi knew, that she would definitely be the third wheel here.
“Seriously-?! So you’re just going to ignore my instructions ?” Aoi angrily fumed
“I- wait you were saying something? Sorry, I was too busy ignoring you to listen”
“Ugh what am I going to do with you.... well whatever but for the most part, I only forbid you to do any training of any sort until you’re fully healed, and I better not see you doing anything stupid any time soon.” Aoi said with a sigh
And with that, she scurried out of the room as she had many more patients to attend to in the butterfly estate
As soon as she had closed the door, you looked over—no down, to see Mitsuri sitting crossed-legged on the hopefully clean wooden floor with her hands and arms resting on the small empty space on the side of the bed you were resting on with her head laying on top of one of them
Apparently she had been so worried about you that when she saw that you were relatively fine, she was hit with such a huge wave of relief that she fell asleep?? Don’t ask me how it’s anime logic
Anyway, it was already pretty late at night so you figured that you might as well let her sleep with you
Shinobu was quite generous with the beds in the butterfly estate both lengthwise and widthwise so other than it being a teeny tiny bit cramped, there really was no problem with having 2 people sharing a bed together
After such a dreadful mission, it was nice to finally get some shut eye, but before you knew it, your eyes were hit with rays of blinding light which put a frown on your face
You tried getting up to close the non existent blinds on the windows like the dumbass that you were, but before you realized it, your sudden movement had awoken the sleeping beauty next to you :(
Mitsuri slowly started to pull her thoughts together and blinked a few times before getting up
“Ah y/n you’re finally awake-! Good morning :)” Mitsuri exclaimed
“Oh good morning Mitsuri! And sorry, did I wake you up? You can always go back to sleep you know” You said with an apologetic expression
“No no it’s fine, you just came back from such a long and dangerous mission! I’m glad that you’re safe but since you have nothing to do now as Kanzaki-san forbade you from training, I want to make your time recovering as fun as possible!” weren’t sure whether to be excited or worried since as a hashira, Mitsuri should have a bunch of things to do herself no?
You asked her about it and she simply answered that Shinobu was willing to do them in her place as she knew how much she wanted to spend time with you
You swore you could see Shinobu giving you a close eyed smile saying ‘you better thank me for this.’
Nonetheless, you gave her a virtual thanks and decided to focus on the wonderful mochi loving female you call a girlfriend
You often wonder how you got such a catch but decided to just live in the moment and set your thoughts aside, it’s Mitsuri time not thinking time god dammit
From morning to night, you guys talked about many things like guys, former pets, favorite flavor of mochi, and even about fights too
However that usually went something like
“— and then it went boom boom!”
“And how did it go boom boom-?”
“Well I went woosh wishh and swoosh! And then after that it went grrr and then boom boom!”
“...I see”
Regardless, it was nice finally having some alone time to catch up and just have fun in general
During that short period of time you spent together, you completely forgot about the many horrible things in the world, honestly you both just really needed a break and here it is!
Perhaps getting injured wasn’t that bad after all...
You better not jump off a cliff or smt for this to happen again
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momota-kaiharem · 2 days ago
thinking about kaito video calling people from space
maki answers the call and kaito excitedly remarks that he was finally able to take her to space. she wants to call him an idiot but she just can’t bring herself to do it seeing him so esctatic. instead she says “well? are you going to show me around?” and kaito brings the computer around the space station, pointing out constellations and shimmering purple clumps just outside his window, and even though maki’s feet are firmly planted on the ground she feels almost breathless-- not because of the stars, though, but because of kaito’s face, the radiant grin that lights up his eyes, the way he looks out at the window to point things out to her but always looks back at the laptop screen afterwards, his eyes softening slightly every time they make eye contact through the webcam, like she’s still the most brilliant thing he’s ever seen.
shuichi is actually waiting by his laptop when kaito’s call comes in, and he answers it so quickly he almost knocks the computer off the desk, grinning so wide his face hurts. they spend a couple moments just staring at each other, kaito with this big, dopey grin on his face, and shuichi with his heart pounding so hard it feels like it’s going to beat right out of his chest. kaito is illuminated by the stars, which are big and bold and bright behind him, and his eyes are glistening, his tongue poking out from in between his teeth the way it does when he’s feeling a bit shy, a bit sheepish, like he doesn’t know quite what to say, like he wants reassurance, but he doesn’t want to ask for it. eventually kaito says “hey,” and shuichi returns, “i’m so proud of you,” and he feels his chest warm as kaito’s eyes go a little wide, a flush spreading across his cheeks, before he stammers out a thanks and goes to talk about his adventures thus far. (it’s enough to make shuichi fall in love with him all over again.)
when kaito’s call comes in kokichi practically lunges for it, but once he’s actually on the phone it’s hard because he doesn’t want to admit how terribly he’s been missing kaito all this time, but also he’s right here now and it would be idiotic to cry over video call when kaito isn’t even on the same planet as him but their home just hasn’t felt the same since he left and kokichi can feel himself sort of tearing up for a moment before kaito excitedly bursts out that he made it, and kokichi kind of lets out a watery bubble of a laugh and nods and says “you sure did, space man” and with kaito’s excitement it’s easier for him to pull himself together. i imagine at the end of the call kaito softens for a moment and says “hey, i love you, you know? i’ll be home before you know it. chin up” and he ends the call and kokichi realises just how well kaito knows him now, that he was able to pick up on how he was feeling and respond to it adequately.
rantaro is out of town when kaito calls, staying in a hotel, and kaito picks up on it immediately, but he doesn’t ask, and rantaro doesn’t answer. they both know. the days are long and lonely and tiring without kaito there, and yet rantaro can barely remember a second of them. he’s been traveling himself down to the bone, looking for his sisters, trying to compensate for kaito’s absence, but nothing can replace the warm, steadying consistency of the luminary of the stars himself, and... rantaro’s been having trouble sleeping. kaito can tell, and rantaro knows he can see it from the way his eyes crinkle at the edges, his hand lifting to brush against the screen of the computer. rantaro smiles, though, genuinely, for the first time in weeks, and feels his heart fill despite everything. kaito looks so excited, so at home up in the stars, and it’s enough that he’s happy, that he’s doing what he’s always wanted to do. rantaro will keep. he asks kaito what he’s been up to, after a moment of eye contact, and kaito becomes more and more excited as he explains, gesturing wildly with his hands as he talks. rantaro knows the call can’t last forever, because kaito has things to do, other people to call, but... for right now, just for right now, everything is alright, and kaito is here. that’s enough.
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debiteful · 2 days ago
Some pred (you decide who or what) wanting to try all the flavors of Alcremie.
Trainer Dippity is determined to have a gmax alcremie on her team. Unfortunately, they keep refusing to listen or trying to flee during battle! Good thing her dearest partner and starter pokemon, Ace the cinderace, keeps encouraging her to evolve new flavours.
Content: soft vore, video game logic (take damage from stomach until knocked out, then returns to pokeball), fear, unwilling female pokemon prey, male pokemon pred, size difference (1:4)
Serendipity, known as just Dippity to her friends, raced down the street on her rotom-bike. Without missing a beat she veered into the Battle Cafe and dismounted. The man behind the counter smiled, "Back again? I've seen you every day for months now."
She nodded and pranced up to the counter, "Of course! I gotta get more sweets to get the perfect alcreamie of my own!"
He chuckled. The battle commenced. Ace, her starter, and Kludd, her corviknight, made quick work of his fairies, as per usual, and he handed over the reward, a star sweet. She snatched it from his hand with a grin and ran back out of the cafe, waving behind her and calling, "Thanks again!"
Back on the bike, she hurried down to the wild area. With the sun setting over the hills, she dismounted and stood in the grass, a pokeball in hand.
"Come on out, Milcery!" She cheered as she threw the ball. Out came the little dollop of cream with an adorable cry. It wobbled over to her, big white eyes shining up at its trainer. 
"Here you go," Dippity said, holding out the star sweet. Milcery took it in both of its little hands, staring in wonder. Then it looked back at her and cooed.
"I'm glad you like it! Now come back and let's evolve you!" The excited trainer hardly waited for an answer, recalling the little pokemon immediately. She glanced up at the sky to double check the timing, then crossed her arms and began to spin. Round and around she went, grinning and clinging to the pokeball as she twirled for what felt like forever.
The ball burst open, the escaping figure nothing but glittering light. Dippity gasped with as much delight as she had the first time she did this. Before her eyes the form of the pokemon shifted, and the light faded to reveal a gorgeous rainbow swirl alcreamie. The trainer clapped her hands together and the elegant little pokemon flounced over to give her legs a hug. She knelt and scooped her up for a proper hug. 
Holding her at arm's length now, she gave the pokemon a look over, "Mm you're beautiful! I know I'll call you- Well, maybe I'll just wait actually. I'll have to see how you are at battling first!" Alcreamie cried happily and waved her arms in the air.
Together they ran off into the tall grass to battle. Their combat took them all over the wild area as they took on opponent after opponent. Before long they were both plenty tired out. Alcreamie had performed admirably, but they usually did the first day; Dippity reserved judgement for tomorrow. For tonight, the trainer pitched her camping tent and settled down to sleep.
While she slept, Ace popped out of his ball. He stretched his arms above his head and arched his back, then shook out his paws. On soft-furred feet he padded over to where his best friend slept and grabbed one of her pokeballs. With the press of a button and a mischievous gleam in his eyes, the alcreamie was free. Groggy and confused, she looked at Ace. He put a finger to his mouth then waved for her to follow him out of the tent. She waddled after him, waiting in the brisk night air as he closed the tent flap behind them.
He crouched down, hands on his knees and whispered, "You wanna be the best?"
Alcreamie nodded enthusiastically, "Of course! Miss Dippity is very nice; I wanna fight with her all the time."
"Then let me train you."
"Okay!" The little pokemon bounced in place with excitement.
Ace backed up a good distance then flicked up a rock, juggling it from foot to foot as a flame grew around it. "Alright, try to dodge this," he called gently.
Alcreamie nodded and dove out of the way as the fireball came flying at her. She narrowly avoided it. "Good! You got moves. Now let's see how you handle this!" 
He kicked two rocks at her in quick succession, each one moving with incredible speed. She leapt up, but one caught her poofy skirt of cream. "Gotta do better than that. Let's try close range now," he growled, leaping at her without warning. She squeaked and dodged his initial jump, but he tripped her with his long leg as she landed. In an instant he had one long foot planted on her body. She wriggled beneath it and pushed at his leg to no avail. He grinned down smugly, "Come on, is that all you got?" 
She put on another flurry of effort, then went limp. "Yup- hah- that's all," she parted.
"Alrighty then, mate," he moved his foot off and offered a hand to her. She grasped it in both of hers and he pulled her up. As he lifted her, his grip shifted, catching both of her hands in his big paw. When she tried to pull away, his grip tightened. 
"Wh-" she looked up at him, shock rendering her speechless as he licked his lips and stared down at her hungrily. He grabbed her side with the free hand then moved his other hand to do the same so he could hoist her to eye level. She struggled as he opened his mouth wide and shower her head in. Her creamy hair melted in his mouth, a little excess running from the corners and down his chin as he locked her face.
Her little wiggles were no use as he easily shoved her down his throat. His whiskers twitched as he licked cream from around his mouth before he wiped it off with the back of his hand. He plopped down in the grass and leaned back supported by one hand. The other patted his rounded belly in satisfaction. The fairy within fluttered around as she took progressive damage from his stomach.
He could feel her hp sapping away as he focused on her lingering flavour. It was sweet and mellow as always, but this was an intricate symphony of flavours intertwined to bring him a delightful experience. Each hint complimented all the rest without being lost in the cascade. That star sweet added a little kick of spice, much like a little spark or fireball. By far the most delicious yet.
He rubbed his belly, massaging it as it gurgled. Fairy types took so long to take down, leaving him to enjoy this all the longer. All too soon he heard the distinct noise and felt a streak of energy shoot up his throat and burst from his mouth as she flew back to her pokeball unconscious. He belched with a smirk then ambled back into the tent to return to his own pokeball.
In the morning Dippity took down her little camp and took off into the wild area to do some more training with alcreamie. At this point she was barely surprised when her newest pokemon was distracted and jumpy. She hardly listened at all, and even when she did, her moves missed more often than not.
Frustrated, Dippity set up camp again, letting all her pokemon out to play. While she tried to set up an internet connection, Ace bounded over to the alcreamie. Upon seeing him she shrieked and scurried away. He laughed and gave chase, the both of them kicking up dust. Dippity glanced over and smiled; at least Ace was making her feel like she belonged! It was a shame the poor cinderace didn't even know his new friend was about to be traded away for a new milcery.
As Dippity completed the trade through a wireless connection, Ace was lost in thought as he juggled one of his fireballs. He smiled as he thought about that alcreamie going far away from him and his trainer. He was the gmax star of the team, his trainer didn't need any others to do that! He licked his lips remembering how tasty all of them had been; though it had started as a fear tactic, now he just had to taste 'em all!
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konietzko-lumenstone · 2 days ago
Starfall Rave Performance *3*
InfraSound - Dreaming Awake 
Tumblr media
*Part 3*
As Aethril prepared to tell his tale, at the back of the stage shrouded in a dim shadow the faint sight of the Cyr wheel from the last act was seen lowering down to where Starflower was standing directly beneath it in wait. The wheel stopped just behind his back, still suspended as Starflower would reach back with one arm then the other to wrap his arms around the bottom of the wheel as he stood in a T pose, waiting.
Tumblr media
The magi takes in slow breaths as if trying to calm himself with them after such a performance. However of course it was not done yet! He wears the brightest of smiles when he comes back to the spotlight on stage. "Dream and wondering would always flow through me, trying to come up with how I would feel when this happened to me. How it would feel when someone does see through a mask you didn't even know you were wearing. When you make a true connection with someone." He moves to press up his own and gives out a soft, longing smile.
"There are no words written or spoken that can prepare you for it. It starts out with a thrum...." Magic sparkles over his fingers to emphasize the music too as he speaks. "And your world stands still for a moment. Only to....." he holds in a breath to let the people feel the quickening of the music with his weaved tale. "....begin moving again to a different flow."
Tumblr media
His eyes look around in wonder and grins to himself. "Something awakens in yourself and it resonates with a song you can only hear. Letting you know that you're not alone in this life. Making you realize you never were alone to begin with. And how some connections...? They are cosmic. Captivating. Unforgettable." The drums ripple out and the magi has a burst of blue fire from his fingers that echoes in the air.
Tumblr media
"What if you were granted time to experience your own where you stand this night. If you allowed yourself the freedom to reach out to the universe around you. It's always there! "The magi looks as if he invites everyone that wants to take part in this to do so! There is the crescendo of sound rolls over everyone to have them feel that moment!
Tumblr media
He holds up a finger. "Can you hear it?" He softly singles the notes of the piano, maybe causing some to listen for more. Aethril's eyes would light up with excitement as the ticking of a quickened heartbeat accentuated the emotion in the man's face! His hands flare out to get it so the ground would begin to grow with life. "Here. Your heart is making its own connection! Right now in this music and magic before your senses."
Tumblr media
Blue lights lit up backstage as a softer blue light from above shone down on Starflower and his cyr wheel. Spinning his body slowly with arms still out in a T pose at the bottom of the still suspended wheel, he began to raise his left foot up and out behind him till he was now only spinning on the toes of his right foot. "Can you feel how it can lift you...?" Aethril speaks with a heartfelt energy, his hand folding over the place in his heart. 
Tumblr media
The wheel started to raise up nice and slow, Starflower and the wheel both still spinning as he kept the one toe pointed down and the other leg out behind him showing off an eloquent grace while his body and musculature were highlighted by the soft blue light beaming down on him from above. "Even as you stand right here on the ground! Even if you still show others that fragment of yourself for others to see? Your internal self in the core. That part of spirit or essence or SOUL! Feels it can fly!"
Tumblr media
Using his upper body strength he suddenly pulls himself up and quickly climbs into the wheel. Swiftly he stands within it still while rotating high above as arms and legs are out to either side making his body stand in a perfect X within the wheel.
Tumblr media
Aethril gestures up and looks above to Starflower as he spins for everyone to take in the celestial body as a symbol of soul. "Don't be afraid of it! Let it bring you higher still!" The magi himself would begin to glimmer and glow as if reaching a form of ascension!
Tumblr media
His head rolls back as he stares up and in timing with the powerful beats of the music the LEDs within the wheel flash to life in a mix of blues, violets and whites like a burst of stars all around him. Forcing the wheel to spin faster and faster as the LEDs track their patterns of one last intense starburst synched with the music before the lights go out and Starflower is seen no more.
Tumblr media
Looking over the audience he closes his tale with as much warmth as when it began, those wings of gold fading away. "That is the true marvel in all of this. Those emotions within you. Those feelings that ignited, lingered, or soared? They're yours. And no one can ever take that away...."  Stars Song Part 3 of 4 - performed the night of the Starfall Rave with @thecastcompany - Written and performed by @talthorn-sylvoran​ and @konietzko-lumenstone​ - Screenshots captured by Tyinarcon @fyrrefly​
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peachbear88 · 2 days ago
So This is Love (Pt 3)
Inspiration: One day - Lovejoy
The moment you stepped out of Wanda's room, you were engulfed by the towering figure of Steve. "What on Earth was that? One moment she's trying to break your nose with a door, next minute she's staring at you like you're an angel sent from heaven."
"Gee, well maybe I am Rogers." You retort, pushing past him before slipping through your own bedroom door. "Good night Steve." You say, leaving him dumbfounded in the hallway.
You awake to find Tony, Nat and Peter, staring down at your drowsy face. "What the fu-!" You scream, throwing a random assortment of punches and kicks at the three faces hovering above you, catching Peter in the jaw while Nat and Tony deftly jump out of range of your attacks. "See, this is why we never do anything nice to surprise you." Nat quips, helping Peter to his feet. You rub your eyes groggily, trying to make sense of why the three of them were watching you sleep. "What the fuck are you doing in my room anyways?" You ask, still slightly drowsy. Tony's eyes widen, a small gasp escaping from his lips. "Kid... It's your mother-fuckin' birthday!" He screams proceeding to fire the confetti he had hidden behind his back. You look at him, unamused as confetti rained down, coating your room in the bright colored plastic strips. "It's too early for this shit." You mutter, flopping back down on your bed, only to be yanked out of your bedroom door by an overly enthused Tony and Peter with Nat trailing behind you.
"Come on! I've got so much planned for today!" Tony squealed, thrusting a notebook filled with activities for today. "He's more excited for my birthday then I am." You whispered to Peter, making him stifle a laugh as he scanned over your agenda. "Damn, he really outdid himself." Peter remarks as you turn the book towards yourself to see what he meant. "Small party at 8pm." You look at Peter. "That doesn't seem like too much. What do you mean he outdid himself?" Nat chuckled at your obliviousness as she pushed past you, grabbing a cup from the kitchen. "Clearly you've never been to a Stark party." You tilt your head, trying to connect the dots but clearly, morning isn't when you're at your best. "Well, if that's at 8pm, I'm going back to bed." You yawn, shuffling down the hallway towards your room but before you can even open your door, you feel a hand clamp around your wrist, dragging you towards the front door. "No way you're spending your birthday sleeping in. We're going on a run." You groan inwardly, giving a futile attempt at escaping. "But I'm not dressed for a run!" You protest. She aggressively pulls a sweater over your head and continues on her mission to get you out the door. "Now you are. No more excuses or I'll knock you out." You gulped, immediately shutting up. The moment Nat has effectively dragged you out the door, Steve, Clint and Tony burst back into the room. "Alright everyone, we've only got a few hours before Y/N internally dies and Nat is forced to bring her back so let's get to work everyone!" Tony screams as the rest of the group hustles around the compound, save for Wanda who watches as they prepare before returning to her room.
"My god... The moment I get inside, I'm showering because god knows what you'll do if I stick around." You groan as Nat pulls up in the compound's driveway, chuckling at your antics. As you push the door open, you notice how lively it is, with people left, right and centre. "Wha- I thought the party was at 8?" You sputter and Nat shakes her head. "Now you know what I mean. Nothing is what it seems." Tony runs up to you, beer bottle in hand. "Hey! Welcome to your party!!" He yells, clearly half-drunk already. You pull away slightly before yelling back at him. "I'm grateful for all the effort you guys put into this but I really want to shower first." His smile falls a bit but you cut him off before he can reply. "But after I'm done, rest assured I will be coming down here and getting drunk as hell!" You scream and he cheers, patting you on the back before you quickly dart towards your room.
When you emerge from your shower you opt for a plain dress shirt and black pants. You make your way downstairs to find the party still going strong as you slip past a drunk couple and make your way to the bar where Wanda and Nat stand, conversing away from the crowds of people. "Hello there. I see you two have gotten up close and intimate with the alcohol." You gesture to the shot glasses on the table. "That was actually all Nat. I don't drink." Wanda said, giving you a once over. "You look nice." She adds, opting for a small smile. You feel Nat's eyes on you as you give her a response. "Yeah well, you look pretty good too." You feel Wanda's eyes flick away from you and you notice her staring at a couple getting a little too close to the balcony. "Gosh, I better take care of that before they fall off and we have two dead bodies on our hands." She jokes before slipping away into the crowd. You turn back to Nat to find her giving you the most judgemental look you've possibly ever received in your entire life. "What?" You ask. She stares at you. "You and Wanda huh? You guys are cute together." You flush, the tips of your ears turning a bit red along with your cheeks. "Shut up and give me a drink Romanoff."
Wanda was now, once again wandering through the masses of people, her emerald eyes scanning the crowds attempting to find you. She sidles up to Nat who's immersed in a conversation with Thor. "Have you seen Y/N?" Nat glances up. "You mean that Y/N?" She asked, pointing upwards with a shot glass. Wanda looks to where Nat was indicating to see you, most likely drunk, singing on a table.
"And stop!"
"Cause why'd you have to kill my cat?"
"Why'd I have to take you back?"
"Time and time I play the empath."
"I don't know why"
"There's some lights on in an empty pub,"
"A toilet with the seat left up,"
"It's closure like a deer in headlights."
"One day, I know that you will be there,"
"One day, I'll focus on the future, maybe,"
"One day- Oh baby, isn't life so FU-CKING IN-CON-SISTENT!"
Cheers go up around the room as you keep singing, your eyes locked on Wanda's. Eventually the song ends with you face planting on the floor as Wanda rushes forward and catches you in the nick of time. "I think she's done for the night." Wanda excuses you and herself before helping you to your room. She plops you down on the bed and makes her way to the kitchen before returning with a hot wet towel which she presses to your forehead. She stares at your face, your cheeks tinged with pink. "Why do you treat me differently? Why do you care so much?" She mutters, not expecting a response from you. You force an eyelid open. "Because I know what it feels like." She jumps, before cautiously sitting back down on your bed. "I know what it feels like to love only to lose and go through a vicious cycle time and time again." She presses her hand on your forehead, presumably checking your temperature. "That still doesn't explain why." You turn to face her, your face still maintaining a drowsy look but your eyes appear to have some clarity. "Because I want to save you from having to go through that cycle again. I want you to have the choice to escape from that sinkhole. I want you to be different from me." You whisper before leaning in and capturing her lips in a soft kiss. She sputters, pushing you off her and rushing to the doorway. "You don't know me. I'm not like you and I don't need your help." She glares at you before slamming the door shut. You groan before flopping back down onto the bed, knowing that you fucked up.
That's it for this part! Of course, feedback is always welcome. In fact, I'd really, really love for some feedback. Hope you enjoyed this part!
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winchesterfanatic1967 · 2 days ago
Picking Up The Pieces Part 18
Tumblr media
Read Part 17 here!
Warnings- A little bit of SMUT
You and Dean were getting ready for the Halloween party at his parents house. You decided on Danny and Sandy from Grease. You had already dressed in your black pants, black shirt and red heels. All you had left to do was your hair and makeup. 
Dean dressed in his outfit as well, and he gelled up his hair a little bit. He put on his leather jacket and looked over himself in the mirror, thinking he looked bad. 
“Do I look ridiculous?” Dean asked you. 
“No, you look hot!” You reassured him.
“You’re the one who looks hot, I could take you right here and right now.” He growled into your ear. 
“Dean.” You giggle as he begins to nibble on your earlobe. “Later, I promise.” You say in between giggles as he continues his actions. 
“Can’t wait.” He winked at you and playfully smacked your butt before leaving the bathroom. You just shook your head and let out a small laugh, continuing with your look for the night. 
Dean was pacing back and forth in the bedroom. He was super nervous to tell his family about his plan. He was worried that they were going to think it was too soon. He already talked to Cas and Benny about it, and they were more than excited and happy for him. 
He knew they loved you, but there was always that voice in the back of his head. Making sure you were still in the bathroom, he took the ring out of his pocket and observed over it. He smiled widely, he definitely made the right choice. 
He wasn’t planning on doing it tonight. He planned on doing it on your anniversary. He wanted to show it to his parents and Sam beforehand to see their opinion. “Babe?”
He quickly put the ring back into his pocket and straightened up just in time for you to enter the room. “Do I look ok?”
His eyes roamed your body, and they were full of lust. “You look beautiful Sandy. Are you ready to go?”
“Absolutely Danny.” 
Tumblr media
You both let out a laugh before making your way to baby. When you arrived at John and Mary’s house there were already many cars outside. You were really excited to see what everyone decided on for their costumes. 
“Are you going to drink tonight?” Dean asked you as you made your way into the house. 
“I’m not sure, do you want to? I’ll drive if you want to.”
“Up to you sweetheart.”
“I’m going to skip it tonight, you can have fun.”
“I’m not sure if I want to tonight either. We’ll see how it goes. I’m sure Cas and Benny will want me to take a shot with them at some point.” He chuckled.
“Hey guys!” Jess says as she made her way over to you two with Sam hot on her tail. She was dressed as a sexy nurse but Sam had regular clothes on.
“Who are you supposed to be Sammy?” Dean chuckled.
“Me.” He chuckles. “You know how I feel about Halloween.”
“I had to practically drag him out of the house.” Jess rolls her eyes. “He refused to do a theme with me.”
“Hey, I’m here. That should be more than enough.” He let out a laugh. 
“You’re so boring Sam!” You giggle and he gives you a playful glare, but nonetheless shakes his head fondly.
“Hey guys! I’m so excited to see you.” Mary says with John behind her. 
Dean and Sam burst into laughter at their outfits. They were dressed as Fred and Wilma Flinstone. You thought they looked absolutely adorable. “You guys look so cute!” You say and Jess nods her head in agreement.
“You guys are so embarrassing.” Dean mumbled and you smack his shoulder. 
“Shut up!” Thank you sweetie.” Mary says to you. 
“Where is your costume Sam?” John chuckled and he rolled his eyes.
“More people against me? You guys know how I feel about Halloween.”
“Whatever happened to make you hate Halloween so much.” Dean chuckled.
“Alright, new conversation please.” He pleads and everyone let it go moving onto the next conversation. 
You look around the house, and smile as you see a lot of different costumes. Mostly couples, but a few individuals were dressed quite impressive as well. Cas walked in the house with a mystery girl by his side, and the same thing happened with Benny. “Since when did they have girlfriends?” You whispered to Dean and his gaze followed yours. 
“I don’t know, but I know it’s interrogation time. Excuse us.” Dean chuckled as his hand made its way to the small of your back and led you to them. 
“Hey guys!” You say to Cas and Benny, giving them each a hug and they greet you back. 
“Who are the lovely ladies?” Dean asked. 
“This is my girlfriend Andrea.” Benny says and all of you shake her hand. 
“And this is my girlfriend Meg.” Cas says, you shake her hand, and you could feel her judgemental gaze on you, and it made you feel uncomfortable. 
As you all were chatting some more, she still kept stealing glances at you. You were trying to focus on something else, but it was hard when she was giving you ice glares when everyone else wasn’t looking. 
“I’m going to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.” You whisper to Dean and make your way over to Jess. “Want to come to the bathroom with me?” You whisper to her and she nods. 
“Be back Sammy.” She says and follows you. 
“Cas’s new girlfriend keeps staring at me, I had to get out of there.”
“Do you think you’ve met her somewhere before?”
“I have no idea. She doesn’t look familiar.” 
You left the bathroom after a few more minutes, and made your way back to Dean. He and Sam are gone, and you look at Jess in confusion. “Did Sam say anything about where they might’ve gone?”
“You got me.”
Meanwhile with Dean, he was currently in his parents bedroom with Sam, and his parents. “Thank you guys for being here. I wanted to talk to you guys about something important.” The three of them were staring at Dean, waiting for him to go on. 
“I want to ask Y/n to marry me.” He says nervously and all of their faces lit up. 
“It’s about damn time!” John says as he slaps his son on the back. 
“You don’t think it’s too soon?” He asked and they all shook their heads. 
“Not at all honey. I’m surprised you haven’t done it sooner.” Mary says. 
He took the ring out of his pocket, and Mary gasped. “Dean, it’s absolutely beautiful! When did you get this?”
“Around her birthday.” He admits shyly. “I’ve known that I wanted to marry her since she first moved in with me. But I knew for sure around her birthday. So I went to the jewelry store and picked it out. I’ve had this a while, deciding when the right time was. I think I’m going to do it on our anniversary, the day we met.”
“Oh Dean, that’s so sweet.” Mary cooed. 
“Are you going to do it publicly..or?” Sam asked.
“I’m going to do it privately, unless you guys mind…”
“Oh not at all! I proposed to your mother in private, and Sam proposed to Jess in private. Sometimes I think it’s the better way to go. She might not like all eyes on her.” John says.
“I think I’m going to take off that day dad, if you don’t mind...and I think I’m going to fill Donna in what’s going on and ask her to let Y/n have off. I want to spend the whole day with her. I want to come up with a plan.” 
“Of course Dean!” 
“Do you know her Meg? You keep staring at her.” Andrea says to her new friend.
“I do know her, I can’t think of where I know her though.”
“Well, her name is Y/n L/n, and she’s Dean’s girlfriend. She posted an article almost a year ago..her parents were killed in a car accident…”
“OH MY GOD!” She yelled and caught the attention of some people, but they turned around minding their own business. 
“I do know her, when she was homeless I gave her some money.”
“Does she recognize you?”
“I don’t think so. I do need to apologize though, I was staring at her and she probably feels creeped out.”
You were chatting with Jess, when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see Meg, and you feel a little intimidated. “Hey, can I talk to you in private?”
“Um...okay. I’ll be back Jess.” You followed Meg into the kitchen, and you were a little nervous. You felt like this girl didn’t like you.
“I just want to apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable. I was staring at you because I knew that I recognized you from somewhere but I couldn’t figure it out.”
“We’ve met before?” You ask and she nods her head. 
“Yeah, uh...when you were going through something..”
“You can say it. I was homeless.” You say quietly. 
“Sorry, I didn’t want to beat around the bush but I didn’t want to make you feel belittled or hurt your feelings. Anyways, I saw you one day and I gave you some cash.”
You rack your brain, and then it clicks. “Yeah, I remember you. You gave me 200$. You really helped me out that night. I was able to stay in a motel room for the night and take a shower. I even had a little left over for some food with what I had left. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. So.. awkward talk over. Let’s be friends?”
“Absolutely.” You say and she reaches out for a hug, which you return. “So how long have you and Cas been together?”
“For about two months. We met in the coffee shop where I work. Before he left he asked me for my number, and we texted back and forth before we went on a date. The rest is history. I really like him.” She beamed and you smiled at her. 
“How about you and Dean?”
“Almost a year. We met almost a year ago and he helped me out when he didn’t even know me. He’s the most amazing man that I’ve ever met.”
Just then Cas, Benny and Andrea joined you in the kitchen and joined in on the conversation. “Talking good things about me I hope?” Cas teased before wrapping an arm around Meg’s waist. 
“Just how awful you are.” She teased back. 
“Everything okay?” Andrea asked and you and Meg nodded your heads. 
“How did you meet each other?” You say pointing between Benny and Andrea. 
“We went to highschool together. We dated for a little while throughout our senior year but then we went our separate ways. One day she brought her car into the shop and I fixed it up for her. We exchanged numbers and reconnected. That was about a month ago.”
Sam, Jess and Dean entered the kitchen and Dean wrapped his arms around you. “Hey sweetheart. Are you enjoying your night?”
“Yeah, I think I am.” You smile. 
“Why don’t you say we get out of here soon.” Dean whispers in your ear and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. “Talking dirty?” Sam teases. 
“No.” You say playfully. 
After a few more minutes of talking, you excuse yourselves due to “cramps”. You say goodbye to everyone and promise to go on friend group dates. After saying your goodbyes to John and Mary you and Dean are driving home. 
He placed his hand on your thigh, moving it upwards and you could feel yourself becoming slick already. “Dean.” You gasp out as he enters a finger into you. 
“You’re so wet sweetheart.” He says quietly and when you arrived home you started stripping him in the living room. Both of your laughter filled the bedroom soon after, and what was supposed to be serious sex turned into giggly sex. 
As you laid in Dean’s arms, he thought about how to make the day he proposes the most perfect day you’ve ever had. He couldn’t wait to ask you to marry him, he just hoped your answer would be yes.
Taglist- @agirlwithdemonblood​ @akshi8278​ @stoneyggirl​ @vicmc624​ @mimaria420​ @siospins​ @aspiringsloth20​ @440mxs-wife​ @supernatural79impala​ @brokenheartscrybrokentears​ @mrspeacem1nusone​ @deannwinchester67​ @mycraazyworldd​​
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agentwashingcat · 2 days ago
Day 3: First Date
Happy @nuts-and-dolts-week day 3 y’all!
Set during v7! Cross posted on AO3
Ruby was practically flying around her dorm room, trying to make everything perfect. Yang, Weiss, and Blake had already been kicked out for the night, and now Ruby just had to add the finishing touches to everything. 
She’d been stressing about this date for days now. It was barely even a date, really. They were just having a movie night in the room. Yang had managed to find some cozy bean bags for them to sit on, and Weiss had acquired food. Though Ruby didn’t actually know if Penny ate she… probably should have checked before this but it was too late now.
There was a knock on the door and Ruby nearly crashed into a wall. Penny was here! Oh gods, was she ready? Well it was fine. Probably.
Ruby opened the door smiling brightly. “Penny!” 
Penny returned the smile just as brightly. “Ruby! I am very excited for my first date.”
“Me too.” She moved aside so Penny could come in. “I uh, have some snacks, but I wasn’t sure if you, ya know, ate them or what the situation was with that.”
“I do not eat, but I appreciate the gesture.” Penny was bouncing slightly as she looked around, eyeing the setup. “Oh, are we watching movies? I haven’t seen many movies!”
“Yeah, I thought we could watch one of my favs, if that’s okay.”
“Sounds perfect!”
They settled down onto their bean bags, and Ruby put the movie on. About halfway through, she reached over to hold Penny’s hand. Penny gave it a slightly too tight squeeze in return, but didn’t pull away, and Ruby smiled to herself.
Only once the movie was over did Ruby let go of Penny’s hand. “Well, did you like it?”
“It was amazing!” Penny’s eyes glowed brightly, and Ruby felt her stomach do flip flops. “Can we watch another?”
“Er, well,” Ruby checked the time. “I promised the others we’d be done by midnight so they could come back.”
“Oh! Of course!” Penny rose from her seat. “Then… do we kiss? My research indicates kissing is often done at the end of dates.”
Ruby blinked, her face turning bright red. “Oh, um, well, I mean, I guess we should? I mean, um, I just, I’ve never kissed anyone before!” 
Penny smiled. “Well, neither have I. But if you are not comfortable-”
In a burst of courage Ruby surged forward, kissing Penny. After a moment she pulled back. “Um, was that, okay?”
Penny looked a little dazed. “That was nice. Can we do it again?”
Ruby laughed. “Whatever you want, Penny.”
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prettybirdy979 · 2 days ago
Azi hurries over to Mayfair after getting a Concerning Phonecall that sounds like Crowley is 1)In Trouble and 2)Can't really talk clearly over the phone due to the nature of 1. Turns out that Crowley just needs company on his walk. It's spy-themed so of course the demon's way too over-excited to realise that it being a game is, in fact, rather vital context. Good luck with that one, Aziraphale.
I know you were talking about this with specifics in server but I didn’t look at the links and I’ve lost them since so ah, have this. Please feel free to send me any prompts. More of my fics here.
‘Crowley!’ Aziraphale cries, bursting into the flat. His heart is pounding, both from the race over and the fear that’s been lingering in his veins since Crowley’s cryptic call. All he can think of is the many things that could be wrong - there’s so much that could be happening when his only clue is ‘Need you, place where the eagle lies.’
There’s only one eagle they have with shared significance and it lives in Crowley’s flat.
‘Aziraphale!’ Crowley turns delighted, bouncing - bouncing - over to him. ‘You came!’
Hurt flashes through Aziraphale. ‘Course I came, you said you needed me!’
‘I do, come on!’ Before Aziraphale can protest, Crowley has grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the flat. They’re halfway down the street before Aziraphale manages to get his feet under him. And his voice back.
‘You’re not in danger,’ he says, voice faint. Aziraphale is many things but he’s not stupid. Crowley is too excited to be in danger.
Blinking, Crowley slows up. ‘Course not. Just managed to get those tickets I mentioned earlier, for the Bond walk! And you came!’
‘I came,’ Aziraphale says icily, stopping in the middle of the footpath, ‘because you implied you were in danger.’
Crowley opens his mouth, pauses, closes his mouth and looks down. ‘Was trying to be cool,’ he tells the ground.
‘And I thought you were in trouble!’
Deflating some more, Crowley turns around. ‘Come on then angel, I’ll take you to a restaurant. My treat, to make up for it.’
Aziraphale grabs his arm and starts marching the way they were going. ‘Oh no. You’ve already made me panic over this, we are doing it now and you are going to enjoy it or I will make you regret it.’
Crowley’s glee comes back, though more subdued. ‘Really?’
‘Oh yes. And tomorrow we are doing a tour of every sushi restaurant in London. Twice. And seeing Hamlet.’
A groan from Crowley. ‘Hamlet’s not even playing.’
‘Yes it is. Somewhere. I will find a show.’
More groaning, but no Aziraphale notes, actual refusal.
Good. Least the foul fiend can do for making him worry so.
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Prompt: Just some good old fluff with Finny boy
Word Count: Long, bitch! So fucking long
Pairings: Finn Bálor x Reader
Warnings: Angst, fluff, smut (implied)
Editor: @thenightmareismyreality
Tag: @theworldofotps , @new-zealand-chic , @sassymox , @waywardwrestlewritingwaif , @yungbludjazz360 , @starwithaheart
Notes: Found this in an old file (wrote this about two years ago, maybe?) But I kinda like this little story ❤️ If you’d like to check out my previous works, you can find them on my Masterlist 😉
A deep sigh of relief left my lips as I brushed my damp hair. I heard a commotion in the living room, and began to dread the potential fight I would have to break up between a four and six year-old over a remote control.
“Mommy, mommy, mommy!” Caleb screamed in excitement, while bursting through my bedroom door like a maniac
“You’ll never believe who’s downstairs with us” He jumped with a cheeky smile
“Cal, who’s downstairs?” I ask worryingly, instinctively reaching for the gun that I kept in my nightstand
Caleb laughed and ran downstairs again.
As a homicide detective, my cop instincts combined with my motherly instincts took over me and I ran to the living room in only a tank top and panties, with my gun already aimed to shoot.
Although, the last person I thought I would see standing there, braiding my daughter Maeve’s hair in a style reminiscent of queen Elsa, and watching Caleb showing off his somersault technique was HIM…
That caught me off guard and he must have sensed it, because the first thing he did was look up.
“Hi” He said shyly
“What are you doing here, Finn?” I asked, putting my gun down on the dinner table
“I swear I didn’t break in” He laughed, attempting a joke
“What do you want?” I decided to ignore the small talk...there was no need for that, not after everything he did
“I have an injury. So I have some time off for a while and I wanted to stop by to see the kids and you” He whispered the last part
“Injury, huh? Is it bad?”
Even after everything he did, I couldn’t help but worry about his well being, you know, for the kids sake!...
Ok fine, I still love him, but he doesn’t need to know that.
“No, nothing serious. But I got two months off and I was excited to see my family” He looked at me when he said that
“Are you going to see your parents?”
“Yeah and I was thinking if it would be ok with you if I take the kids with me?”
“Of course! Why would I mind?”
His family was always very loving and kind to me, and we became very close once the kids were born. Sometimes I would take them to Ireland on my vacation so they could see their grandparents or they would travel to New York so they could see the kids.
“Because know” He trailed off
“Neither your family or the kids have anything to do with that. I’m a grown woman, Finn. I know how to separate the sheep from the goat, ok?!”
I could feel the air becoming thicker with the tension, until Maeve said
“Mommy, why aren’t you wearing any pants? Are you feeling hot? I can get you the Japanese hand fan daddy gave it to me, if you’d like” She smiled
“Thank you buttercup, but that won’t be necessary. I’ll be right back”
Now, properly dressed, I made my way towards the kitchen to get dinner ready.
“Do you need any help?” Finn asked from behind me
“No, thank you. You can go stay with the kids” I didn’t even bother to turn around to face him
“Y/N, can we talk?”
I sighed “There’s nothing worth talking about, Finn”
“What can you possibly say that will change what happened? Nothing! It will be a bunch of empty sorry’s and excuses, so let’s just save it, ok?!”
“It’s not empty, I truly am sorry”
“You should’ve thought that before you believed the bunch of lies she told you”
He opened his mouth to say something but Caleb began calling for him to go watch the cartoons with them.
“Mommy, can daddy have dinner with us?” Maeve asked
“Of course, pumpkin. If he would like to”
“Yay” She screams “Daddy, come!” She beckoned him
The subjects of conversation at dinner were mostly controlled by the kids. They, as per usual, asked me how many bad people I had taken down that day, but also asked Finn about his traveling, which state or city he liked the most, the best foods he’d eaten, which LEGO set was he building, if the hotel beds were soft and ‘what about the blankets?’
“Alright, I know you two are very excited to see daddy, but we need to brush those teeth! So, let’s go kiddos” I got up from my chair
“I’ll do it” He grabbed both kids, resting one on each side of his hip and went up to brush their teeth
When he came back down alone, I give him a questioning look
“They’re asleep” He smiled softly
“Oh, you already put them down for bed?! Thank you” I said, cleaning the kitchen island.
He nodded “I just didn’t bathe them because they said you already did”
“Yeah, that’s the first thing I do when I get home. Or my mom does it for me if I get caught up in a case, but most of the time I do it”
“How’s work?” He asked, sitting down on one of the high benches.
“Good, Richard is my superior again, so he helps me a lot with my shifts, because of the kids” I smiled
“The old man is still working?” He laughed, amused
“Yeah, he already said he will only leave his badge when he’s dead” I cackled “How’s road life? Amazing, I presume”
“Nah, don’t let the bright lights fool ya” He laughed, bitterly “I love wrestling, being in the ring, performing for the audience, but once I pass through the curtains backstage it gets lonely” A little bit of sadness could be heard in his voice “It’s very lonely... it’s different from when I came back home to you and the kids. Now I just get back to an empty apartment, wishing I could get back home” He looks at me
“Finn, please”
“I love you! Why can’t we just try again?”
“Because no!”
“Why?” He pleaded
“Because you don’t know what it was like ok?! You don’t know how much it hurt me, the things you said, the fact that you believed some envious woman’s gossip about me having an affair with Lucas! He’s married for fuck’s sake! To a man!”
“I- I didn’t knew Lucas was gay, Y/N”
“Yeah, you didn’t! And why is that? Oh yeah, because you did not trust your own wife, all you saw was the fact that he is a man and my work partner so you just bought the assumption that woman sold you, choosing to believe her instead of me!”
“It wasn’t like that, ok?” He tried to explain
“It wasn’t like that, you say? When you were the one who came in here filled with accusations! Saying that I had an affair with him, that I cheated on you, that you wished you would’ve slept with half of the women who throw themselves at you everyday, doubting that those kids upstairs are yours, when they’re the fucking spitting image of you! You said all those horrible things, Finn. Not me!”
He stared at his knuckles as I continued, now crying
“How do you think that made me feel? To listen from my own husband how much he wished he had cheated on me. Bragging about all of the hot young women who are waiting to be fucked by a wrestler...You know it was always hard for me to accept that you wanted me and not some hot girl in the locker room, that you had chosen me, that I got lucky enough to not only marry a man who’s physically breathtaking but also such a beautiful person on the inside. And still, it was that same Prince Charming who became the frog! I never thought that” I had to stop myself from saying the next horrible words roaming through my mind
“You never thought that, what, Y/N?”
I shook my head
“Say it”
I shook my head again and he got up from the bench, coming to where I was standing
“Say it, love. I can take it”
“I don’t want to say it” I whispered as more tears rolled down my cheeks
“Shhh, it’s ok, love” Finn pulled my head to his chest “Please don’t cry, I hate when you cry” His arms are tightly locked around me, providing me the sense of comfort that only he could give. And I hated that!
“Let me go” I tried to push him away
“What’s wrong, Y/N?”
“Just don’t touch me” I said, shoving him away
He knew that I was closing him off, I could see it in his eyes
“Say it! You never thought that what?” He insisted, more forcefully this time
“I never thought that someday I would regret meeting you! Marrying you, starting a family with you. If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t!” I spat
“You wouldn’t?” He scooted closer
“No” I answered with venom in my voice, trying to turn my undying love for him into hatred
“But I would!” Finn said firmly
I shook my head in denial, as he cupped my cheeks in his calloused hands, making me look up to meet his blue eyes
“I would do it, all over again. Meeting you, dating you, marrying you, having kids with you, in the future seeing the kids graduate high school, college, be at their wedding, take our future grandkids to the park, and spend the rest of my life with you! I would choose you over and over and over again! I choose you everyday, Y/N”
I squeezed my eyes shut
“You’re lying! Stop lying, Finn” I whispered
“Am I though? Open your eyes and look at me. I was never able to hide ANYTHING from you, I can lie to anyone but you. You can always see through me, so just look at me and tell me if I’m lying. If I am, then I promise you, I’ll leave this house right now and you’ll never have to see me again! Just open your eyes” He kissed each closed eyelid
After a few minutes, I gathered the courage to finally look at him and I could only see love, regret, pain and truth.
“I love you Y/N and always will. Yes, I was dumb to listen to some random gossip and I’m paying the price for it, but the only thing I ask you is: please, don’t give up on us! I’ll give you whatever time you need, just promise me that we’ll fix it. That we’ll be together again...You, Caleb and Maeve are my life! I would die to save you in a blink, love. If I had to choose between your life or mine I would choose yours, becau-“
I placed two fingers on his lips
“Stop talking like that! You know I don’t like it. It attracts those bad vibes, you know?”
Finn lightly chuckled “But I mean it”
“Stop! I don’t like when you talk like that... I hate to think that something bad could ever happen to you. You know, because of the kids” I tried to hide my feelings
“And you wouldn’t miss me, not even a little bit?” He teased
“I miss you everyday” I quickly slapped a hand over my mouth when I realized what I just said
He smiled sweetly, leaning down to place sweet and innocent pecks all over my face.
Finn started on my forehead, then he went to my temples, followed by the cheekbones, apple’s of the cheek, jaw, chin, side of my lips. Finn pulled back to search for any resistance signs and when he found none, he kissed my lips. A lazy kiss, that grew more urgent by the minute.
“Fuck, I missed you so much” He moaned, now kissing my neck
“Finn, wait. Wait a minute” I tried to pull his head back by his hair but that only made him moan.
“Finn!” I said harshly, finally having his attention
“What’s wrong, love? Don’t you want it? I thought that-“
“Have you seen anyone since we broke up?” I asked, not even letting him finish his sentence
“We didn’t break up! You asked me for some time and-“
“Finn, just answer the fucking question please” I pleaded
“No, I haven’t been with anyone in those 8 months. Except for my hand when I look at your pictures” He smirked
“You’re so ridiculous” I whispered in relief as my arms circled his waist
“ you still want to make love?” He eagerly asked
“We never made love, Finny. We’ve always fucked senseless” I laughed
“No! We’ve always made love it’s just that we’re more frantic about it” He chuckled
“Ok, we sleep together and then what?” I asked
“Then you stay here and I go back to my apartment” He simply said
My heart sunk in my chest as a faint “Oh, ok” left my lips
“So I can pack my clothes and bring them back home” He said, as a devilish smile grew on his face “That’s of course, if you want me here”
“Asshole” I lightly punched his chest “I thought you just wanted a one night stand and that’s it. You scared me!”
Finn chuckled, beckoning me closer to him
“You could never be just a one night stand, love. You fuck too good to be just a one time thing” He winked
“So you just want me for my bedroom skills, huh?” I teased
“Yes and no” He giggled “Yes, because no other woman fucks like you do” He bit my neck, growling “And no, because there’s so much more about you than the bedroom” He hugged my waist “You’re my best friend, my nurturer, my supporter, the air that keeps me alive, my everything!” He kissed me passionately
“Can we try again? Start over and leave all that shit behind us?” He whispered
“If you promise me that if we get back together, you won’t listen to other people’s gossip and will come to me whenever you hear somethi-“
“Yes!” He pecked my lips excitedly, as a wide smile took over his face “I promise you, love! That’ll never happen again, you have my word!” He gave me a bear hug and spun me around the kitchen
“Finn!” I squealed, when we almost fell to the ground “We’re going to wake up the kids” I giggled
“Oh no, shhhh” He shut me up with a kiss “We can’t let that happen! Because as much as I love our children, I haven’t gotten any in eight months and I can’t wait to change that with you right now” He pushed us towards the couch and laid on top of me
“But I thought you were going to go and get your clothes”
“I don’t need clothes, woman! You know I like to sleep naked” He winked
And roamed his head down to...
Please, if you’re comfortable with it, let me know your thoughts on this? Feedbacks are always appreciated 🥰😘
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lurkingleighbee · 3 days ago
Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine
Chapter Eight
the “invaders” immediately open fire on the drone sent out by Thrawn
I also realized it has been awhile since we were - the readers - with Thrawn and we are an intense battle situation
and I love it!
whoever the invaders are, they seem to know about Chiss tactics/rules of combat and their weapons system 
dat’s scary
there are 15 gunboats AND THEN there is the arrival of an even bigger ship: 
Thalias frowned, focusing on its design. Hasn’t she seen that configuration before somewhere? Abrubtly, she caught her breath in disbelief. She’d seen it before all right. It was - “Oh, great.” Kharill bit out from behind her. “What is it?” Che’ri asked, her voice cracking. “Is that a Nikardun?” “Not a Nikardun,” Kharill said grimly. “Just a problem. A big problem.
Lakinda and the Grayshrike arrive a bit out of range but see the beginning of the battle. And this section made me laugh literally out loud:
“Ship ID?” she called. “Full ID impossible at this range,” Ghaloksu said. “But profile and emissions are compatible with a Chiss heavy cruiser.” “The Springhawk?” Apros suggested. “Who else would be here?” Lakinda said, feeling her eyes narrowing. What was Thrawn up to now? Abruptly, a small explosion burst over the dark side of the planet, and the attackers’ lasers went dark. “Something went boom,” Lakinda said. 
So this line is interesting: “Thrawn’s exaggerated concern for aliens and alien worlds that the Ascendancy had no business caring about was both a joke and a curse.” 
okay, but wasn’t there an exchange between Ar’alani and Thrawn about he sees aliens as assets? 
or maybe it is more about his interest in other cultures and those cultures potentially being interested in the Chiss - who are very isolationist in nature - makes people nervous 
Lakinda - the one who said “something went boom - has the brilliant idea of jumping in behind the enemy to get them in a pincer movement.... but “in a single frozen instant everything went straight to hell.”
A ship with an “unknown configuration” that was considerably “larger than the Grayshrike and Springhawk combined.”
this ship attacks the Grayshrike, thereby allowing the Chiss to begin battling
small reminder: the Chiss cannot technically start battles, but are allowed to “finish” them
Chapter Nine
I do appreciate that Thrawn has to respond to a new challenge and cannot shimmy his way out of this battle as easy as he wants to 
Jocko Willink voice:
Tumblr media
Samakro on Lakinda (how did they meet?!): “she would never back down from a fight, even one where she was hopelessly outmatched. Xodlak family honor above alone would dictate that.”
Lakinda and Thrawn have a quick tactics chat.
The space battle is very exciting and well-written. Really enjoyed these chapters. 
This little exchange:
“And those gunboats who were trying to ruin your day are now joining to ruin mine,” she added. “I don’t suppose you can pick up a little speed, maybe get in range of them before they’re in range of me?” “In a moment,” Thrawn promised. “I’m sending an attack plan. Can you play your part?” Lakinda felt her eyes narrow. Play your part? The Grayshrike was in the hot seat here, not the Springhawk. Since when was Thrawn in charge of their joint battle plan, and Lakinda merely playing a part?The plan came up on the tactical, and she felt her eyes narrow even futher. Of all the insane- “Whoa” Apros muttered. “Does he ever come up with a battle plan that’s not borderline insane?” “Not that I’ve noticed,” Lakinda growled. 
Tumblr media
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hedatomaz · 3 days ago
my ghosts (they won’t stop haunting me)
in which clarke can’t stop dreaming about lexa.
She’s made of air, and light, and dust. A shadow. Broken pieces of a ghost, here to torment Clarke, remind her of everything she’s lost, and all the things she’ll never have.
The woman that she loves, the woman who both is and isn’t, looks so real. Majestic, with her gown that glows silver and white and spreads around her like the wings of an angel, billowing gently in the wind. Brown hair pinned into a bun, a few curls escaping to frame her face so gently.
Lexa is a vision.
Lexa is ethereal, and she is smiling, smiling at her, so genuinely Clarke almost believes. Believes that she’s tangible, that all Clarke needs to do is reach one trembling hand out to cup Lexa’s face within her hands, hold the woman she loves. It would be so easy, too. Closer, and closer, breath ghosting along her neck, face buried in her shoulder, until Lexa would hug her back, and the world would be alright, perfect, whole again.
The dream shatters, into a million pieces, fragmented and glassy. Clarke’s heart is in the same state when she awakens, exhaling with a gasp, skin damp in sweat.
The next day, she dreams of holding Lexa’s hand in bed, the aftermath of their most recent engagement leaving them both gasping for breath, hearts pumping in excitement. Leaving them both exhilarated and breathless and happy, so full of this miraculous and rare feeling their chests burst.
She dreams about Lexa’s tattoos - one for each child killed in a brutal, ruthless fight. A way to remember, to mourn, grieving over lost lives, over what once was. Clarke still remembers the way it felt, to run her fingers along Lexa’s back, tracing a path down the neat and orderly line of tattoos with the pad of her thumb. And even now, lying in a spare bed in Arkadia, she cannot help but whisper one word, over and over, and think of Lexa when doing so.
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.
The dreams don’t stop, filtering through her consciousness every day, between that blissful moment when her bones ache deep inside her and she longs to press her eyelids together and succumb to sleep. Always Lexa, in many forms, in different ways, and Clarke loves each and every single one.
Every time, she thinks it’s real. Builds up the courage within her to reach out, to touch, to take what she wants. What she needs.
Every time, Lexa disappears.
Love makes her foolish. Love allows her to succumb to these fantasies, these delusions. It torments her at night, keeps her tossing and turning, only to awaken with a broken heart.
Maybe she was selfish, and weak, for wanting all these things. Maybe Clarke doesn’t deserve happiness.
Maybe Lexa was right, and love was the epitome of weakness, and vulnerability.
You know that isn’t true, Clarke, Lexa says one night.
Lexa is a liar - this version, at least.
I tell nothing but truth, Clarke, Lexa says, voice so impossibly soft and her. In it, Clarke finds comfort. She finds the sweetness of candy, the softness of silk, both pleasant feelings, both a product of her mind. Her weak, feeble mind, trying to deceive her.
Lexa steps closer, surrounded by a dull grey fog. Clarke backs away. Guarding her heart. Protecting herself.
She bears it so they don’t have to. But this pain - it is one she absolutely cannot take. It is the definition of unbearable.
Love, and the pain that comes with it, Clarke, makes us strong. Love is what makes us human - what gives us compassion, and empathy.
Clarke shakes her head, denying this. Denying herself.
Love is not our ruin, Clarke. Love is salvation. And sometimes, that salvation comes at a price. Sometimes, it is hard, but we continue to love in spite of it.
Clarke’s lids part slowly, fluttering against the bright morning sun.
She awakes once again without Lexa. But her heart slowly begins to heal, to mend itself. To become once more whole.
“I loved her, Mom,” she says.
Abby nods, a comforting, motherly smile present on her face, eyes warm and bright. Fond, and comforting, in a way only a mother can be. “I know, sweetheart.”
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Seventh Year
OH MY! I finished my first multi chapter fic.
Pairing: Poe Dameron x fem!reader
Warnings: fluff, NEWT's exam, a little sad at the end but not really
"You are thinking too loud. What's on your mind Poe?" The person in question looked down at you. Poe was leaning against a tree near the quidditch field with you resting on his chest. The warm summer sun created a glow around your body and let it appear as if you had a halo around your head. "You remember sixth year where we were asked what we wanted to do after Hogwarts? I said that I had no bloody idea. And I asked what you wanted to do. Professor Solo chuckled and asked me what I like. In the end he advised me to work as an Auror and maybe later as professor at Hogwarts. Maybe I will do it or I just travel the world for a while, with you if you want to come with me of course." You shook your head giggling to yourself, "One or two years traveling the world and then I wanna work in the ministry." Poe leaned over to caress the soft features of your face.
Looking into the windows of your soul he could see a future. Who needs Luke Skywalker's tea reading lessons when you could gaze into the eyes of your lover and see a glimpse of your shared life in them. "Two years and then off to Auror training. Deal!" You gazed up into the curly haired boy's eyes and let out a dreamy sight. Who would have thought that the cocky Hufflepuff, who thought he had to impress you by going near and taking on the Whopping Willow only to have bruises all over his body, the lanky boy who would annoy you by flirting with you in Transfiguration but would get immensely flustered when you flirted back would become the most important person in your life. You smiled at him, scooting closer to him so you could rest your head in the hollow of his throat. You closed your eyes and traced patterns on his stomach. In a few weeks this peace would be over and the stress of learning for NEWTS would consume you both.
Sitting in a row with your fellow seventh years in a big classroom you searched for Poe. The test hasn’t started yet and there are still free seats available around you. To your relief Poe came into the classroom just in time to sit in front of you. More like he came in crashing into the classroom and sitting down in front of you a loud thud. “Hey there, stardust. Didn’t believe me when I told you I would be here on time?” You rolled your eyes. “Yes! I was believing you bailed.” “My dad would curse me if I did that. And you would have hunted me down and hexed me too.” You nodded sarcastically at him.
Professor Andor came into the hall followed by Professor Organa. She stepped into the middle of the rows of desks. “Dear students, it is time to test your knowledge. Please turn around and stop talking to other students. Professor Andor will hand out the test sheets. When everyone has a sheet you can start. Please read carefully over the questions, you have time. If there is a question please raise your hand and someone will come. Best of luck!”
Everyone was running to the train station. Jumping and cheering in excitement. The end of the school year. The loudest cheers came from every seventh year. Their time in Hogwarts was over and the beginning of their adult lives were in front of them. “WE ARE FINISHED!” Screamed Rey as she threw her arms in the air and made a little dance. Finn was pulled into her dance. Both stumbling over their own feet as Finn twirled his girlfriend. Poe had his arms around your shoulder with which he pulled you into his side. Your hand was grasping the one dangling from your shoulder and leaning your head on his shoulder. Both of you watched as your best friends danced till they crashed onto the dirt road. Your group bursting into giggles.
The train waited in the station for everyone to board it and drive home to their waiting families and loved ones. Some will return next year but you and your friends will explore a whole new and exciting adventure. Poe sat next to you on the train. Lost in thoughts you didn’t realise he was talking to you. You turned to him with a confused look in your face. “I was asking you if you want to come with me and my dad to our cottage before we start our journey?” You nodded slowly, “Yeah, I would like that. But I will have to go home and back my things before-” “I owled your mom if she could pack your things and take them with her to the plattform so we could take it with us.” You gave Poe a passionate kiss as a thank you.
You stayed a week in the Dameron cottage With Kes. Packing and planning for the trip. Kes gave you tips where you could work when money would be low and gave you addresses for logging. Your parents came on the day you would leave for your first destination.
“And you will send us postcards and letters from everywhere you have been, you understood!” “Yeeess mooom. I will send you letters, postcards and pictures.” “Good, good. You have everything? Send us a letter when you need something, yes?” “Yes mom we will. We have to go or we will travel through the night.” She only nodded at that. Tears were gathering in her eyes. You went to her and hugged her tight. “I will miss you too, mom.”
She nodded, “You have to go. Poe is waiting.” You smiled. You took your broom and went to the side of Poe. “Redy?” You asked. “Let’s start a new chapter in our lives, stardust,”
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