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keep on, keep on, keep on/ telling me i’m what you need” and “i know i’m not supposed to/ color in the lines when it comes to you” and “if it happens, then it happens/ happy to have you at all” and “do you wanna know how the story ends?/ hazy and spun out, just more than friends/ weekend wonderful, a dizzy dream/ a colorful lie, we made a hell of a team”

like this really just sums up psych and their relationship doesn’t it?

that’s why they never get together. shawn clings on to the one source of happiness he can find outside of gus - juliet. and gus clings to the one source of happiness outside of shawn - selene.

because having each other in any way even if it comes with a feeling of longing and never being really content, it’s always better than the alternative. of losing each other forever.

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@jarkaikenobi sfgahshsh honesty ??? same. i first watched psych in 7th grade and really liked shawn/jules. then i rewatched it in 8th grade & i was like oh ???? best friends to lovers anyone ???? and then i rewatched this april/may and was shook. because i only vaguely remembered shipping shawngus and up until 3x02 i was like “yeah they’re so cute and they should’ve dated but it’s mostly just in my head.” and then shawn dropped his “gus won’t date me bc he’s too good for me” line and i- that was the turning point yall. i was like ok i was so not making this up 5 years ago they’re definitely in love and i know imma be queerbaited for the next 5 seasons. (then it got too hard to watch so i stopped at 5x03 and rewatched again lol). but um. yeah. they really did that to us.

and ???? 🥺🥺🥺 thank u ???? honestly shawngus nation has saved my soul we’re the only intellectuals on this site 😤😤

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“Besides, we know a thing or two ourselves about the supernatural,” Shawn said confidently. He eyed Gus.

Gus took the hint. “And we know that sulfur means demons might have been involved.”

Sam and Dean glanced at each other, impressed. “That’s… right, actually,” Sam said, though the surprise was evident. 

“Yes, we’ve picked up a few things. Vampires. Bigfoot. Labradoodles,” Shawn said. 

Gus nodded along, then stopped. “Labradoodles? Those aren’t supernatural, Shawn.”

Shawn chuckled and kept looking at the brothers. “Sure thing, buddy.”

“They’re not!” Gus said, agitated. 

“It’s true, actually,” Sam said. 

“What the hell’s a labradoodle?” Dean asked. 

“It’s a mix between a lab and a poodle,” Gus explained. 

“See? That can’t be normal,” Shawn said with a shake of his head. He chuckled again at the wild ideas his best friend could come up with. 

Sam started to explain. “They look kind of like-”

“Dude. I don’t wanna know,” Dean said. 

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dude. DUDE. you’re 10000% correct.

abigail and shawn have kind of the same banter that shawn and gus do.

i know there’s more in regards to gus and rachel but the one quote i remember (i haven’t watched past s4 in like 5 years) is when gus and rachel are talking and they do the “come on son” thing and shawn literally looks at gus and says (scandalised, jealous, upset) “you’re doing our ‘come on son’s with her!?”

like……………. bruh.

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stop you’re making me cry you’re mean

(and ?? gus doesn’t know it’s shawns last night. because shawn doesn’t tell him he’s leaving (which is actually canon).

it’s a normal summer night and they’re hanging out on the beach and gus is a little bit too in love and a little bit too sad but he’s also really really happy because it’s just him and shawn and the moon and stars - just how it should be.

and then they go home and they don’t even hug because shawn’s coming over for pancakes tomorrow and so gus goes to sleep thinking about the moonlight in shawn’s eyes and how shawn only likes his pancakes cut in triangles.

and when gus wakes up and the pancakes are made, he’s waiting and waiting and waiting for someone who will never show.

it doesn’t really occur to him what’s happening until he goes over to shawn’s house and henry doesn’t know where he is either. and it takes a while but gus puts it together.

the distant guilty look in shawn’s eyes as he stared out at the ocean, how he sat a little too close to gus and didn’t seem to want to say goodnight. how his motorcycle, back pack, and favourite sweatshirt of gus’s are missing.

and gus gets a sinking feeling in his stomach and goes back home, lays in bed in shawn’s t-shirt, listening to the rain thundering against the rooftop, and waits for a phone that will never ring.)

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