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lolalala96 · 2 days ago
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having thick thighs is all fun and games, until you get pieces that fit everywhere. but you thighs ☹️
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hoelysteph999 · 2 days ago
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Horny asf right now 💦💦 I need your tongue in my clit🍑💦👅
Reblog if you’d clean up my clit
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kseandra-sims · 13 hours ago
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Если не дают скачать симс, а перса создать хочется приходится учиться рисовать с нуля 🤣
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legitsugardaddy2233 · 2 days ago
Actually i am looking for someone to have fun with and spoil. I just want to keep my company, checking on me and texting, I will be giving you #allowance of $3000. Through PayPal cash app and Venmo,
You can DM me on my watsapp +1 (760) 820-9582
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greenxgloss · 2 days ago
Rory Monahan A-Z
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NSFW Alphabet!!
A = Aftercare (what they're like after sex)
he'll clean up. if you had makeup on but you're too tired to take it off, he'll do it for you. or if he makes a mess with his cum he'll clean it up and make the bed up again for it to be as comfortable as possible for the two of you to sleep.
B = body part (their favourite body part of theirs and their partners)
his favourite body part is his shoulders although, he wouldn't agree, it's very clear that they are. when he's out of the shower and standing in front of the mirror, he stares at his shoulders and flexes them. one of his weaknesses is when you touch them or kiss them or even when he lets you sit on them at a concert or when you go to the park.
his favourite body part on you has to be your boobs. though they're small he likes watching them bounce. he likes the feeling of them against his chest and almost encourages you to avoid wearing a bra sometimes.
C = cum (anything to do with cum)
Rory isn't really the biggest fan of cum-play. however, he is a big fan of spontaneity so if you're giving him oral and he cums in your mouth and you decide to play with it and tease him with it, he would totally be up for it.
D = dirty secret (pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
he's often described as an open book even when it comes to all things sex but one thing he deliberately hides is his daddy kink. he thinks you'd cringe and make fun of him for it especially since those types of kinks are associated with dominance and submissiveness and that he's not entirely into. he has a fun time dom-ing but sometimes he prefers when you take over.
E = experience (how experienced are they? do they know what they're doing?)
sure. he's... somewhat experienced. he doesn't always know if he's doing something that isn't.... pleasurable to you. so he relies on you telling him.
F = favourite position (*wink wonk*)
Looking at your back and the dimples on your hips is a big turn-on for him so his favorite position is the snake. but he's very open to trying something different if you ask for it.
G = goofy (are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous?)
he's very goofy. making jokes, jokingly cheering you on or tickling you. anything to hear your laugh or see you smile he will do. but of course, when the heat starts, the only thing coming out of either of your mouths, are pornographic moans.
h = hair (how well-groomed are they? does the carpet match the drapes?)
this isn't really something he thinks too much about but he's pretty clean. he trims his hair weekly. its second nature to him. you talked him into trimming his armpit hair too. it gets prickly when he puts his bare arm over your bare shoulders so he was quick to follow your request.
i = intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect?)
Rory is very romantic. only after you both let out a laugh. he tries to put your needs first and always makes sure the space is clean and comfortable.
j = jack off (masturbation headcanon)
he doesn't masturbate often unless you both decided to have phone sex or try mutual masturbation. he likes watching you masturbate though. he thinks of it as a form of torturous teasing.
k = kink (one or more of theirs kinks)
as mentioned before, he likes being called daddy. but is way too afraid to ask you to do that because of how much he sees girls make fun of guys who liked to be called daddy. but luckily he doesn't absolutely need to hear you call him daddy for him to finish. so he's gotten away with keeping it to himself
l = location (favourite places to do the dirty)
he prefers at home or if you're both feeling it, in his dressing room or even on an empty set. sometimes you both get a rush from being close to getting caught so he will go out of his way to wait for work to be over to invite you on set and do the dirty.
m = motivation (what turns them on, gets them going)
It's little things. when you wear certain clothes, when you sigh out loud, when you wear choker necklaces when you hold his hand, when you tell him you want to drive and take the keys from him, when you cook for him. honestly.. you.
n = no (something they wouldn't do, turn-offs)
he can't do degrading or praising. it makes him cringe and makes him anxious to think that maybe you'd take an insult to heart.
o = oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill)
he likes giving and receiving but prefers to give head. like when you're both at home and you're doing work, he'll crawl under your desk and spread your legs. but if he's at work, not in a studio but an outdoor set, you both will sneak to the bathrooms to get you on your knees. but he likes the effect he has on you when he gives you head so he prefers it so much more.
p = pace (are they fast enough? slow and sensual?)
some days you prefer for it to be a fast pace, this is when you're both high in energy. but on days that he has time to light candles and throw rose petals on the bed, he makes sure to take his time.
q = quickie (their opinions on quickies, how often?)
yes. if his life was a Netflix original, there would be a sex scene every 10 minutes, often in public bathrooms at work, the park, or his office.. or your office.
r = risk (are they game to experiment? do they take risks?)
of course. the entire reason he likes having sex on set or near a large population is for the reason that there is the risk of getting caught.
s = stamina (how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
Rory can usually last up to 15 minutes at most. usually, if he lasts any less than 5 minutes you take it as a compliment even if he gets a little embarrassed. no matter how long he lasts he can go for 3-5 rounds a night and will always make sure you finish, screaming and claws deep in his back or your pillow.
t = toys (do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves)
he LOVES using toys on you. they are your own toys though. he doesn't know that much about them and nearly threw yours away when you first got together because he didn't think you wanted nor needed them anymore. but you showed him how to use them on you and now he adores watching you whimper and beg for more when he teases you with them.
u = unfair (how much do they like to tease)
on a list of his favorite things to do during sex, teasing is the very first thing. he thinks that the orgasm isn't the best part of sex. he thinks it's the events leading up to it so he always makes the best of it. at least when you let him.
v = volume (how loud are they? what sounds do they make?)
he isn't that loud but that's because he reserved that spot for you. but he does let out the occasional huff and groan.
w = wild card (a random headcanon for the character)
he likes to be extra safe with you so he always buys finger condoms before he fingers you. let's just say he's always running out of those.
x = x-ray (let's see what's going on under those clothes)
He's pretty average. 6 -7 inches. one thing you were worried about was having to adjust to his size every time you had sex but after you realized how good he was, you couldn't care less.
y = yearning (how high is their sex drive?)
any time you want it, he's got it. he's always thinking about you naked, about you both together. so any time you are ready to have sex, he's been ready.
z = zzz (how quickly they fall asleep afterward)
he likes to make sure you're okay and happy before he does anything afterward. that was something that encouraged you to seek a real relationship with him.
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Creative fish logo design ☆☆☆
Mockup of process presentation
Need a unique and creative logo for your business? PM us for details! 💌
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eagleflyerx · a day ago
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Are you looking for the sales for your business? You know about the tools right? But do you know the Right ways to use them? Get it done with the experts on very reasonable amounts..🔥 Grab the opportunity before the offer is gone! #business #SteveJobs #motivation #millionaire #socialmedia #marketing #digitalmarketing #eagleflyerx Eagle Flyerx
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prokopetz · 3 days ago
The thing you’ve gotta understand about the drive to get people back in the office is that it isn’t just about cruelty, or bosses being control freaks (though that’s certainly part of it); it’s also about the fact that the greater part of the managerial class don’t actually do anything.
Now, don’t get me wrong, management in the sense of having someone whose specific job it is to keep track of what’s going on, facilitate communication, and generally insulate the people doing the actual work from administrative distractions is an essential part of any large undertaking, but most so-called managers don’t actually do any of that – they foist it on subordinates instead. In a best-case scenario, that means an administrative assistant is doing all the real work; more typically, some poor sucker on the production floor is effectively doing two jobs, their manager’s and their own.
The upshot is that there’s a whole class of middle managers who are terrified that if people keep working from home for much longer, the company brass are going to realise that they can save a ton of money by optimising those middle mangers right out of the equation. It’s a fair question whether this would actually happen, mind you, as keeping those those do-nothing managerial positions around has other benefits (e.g., nepotism, money laundering, the ability to dangle said positions over people’s heads as rewards, etc.), but that’s the fear that’s in play.
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i learned that the US provided Laos with funds and concrete to expand an airport which could serve as a base for US fighter jets during the Vietnam War. But as the funds and concrete arrived before any contract was signed, Laos decided instead to build a memorial to soldiers who died in World War II (x)
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hoelysteph999 · 2 days ago
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Reblog if you’d fuck me so bad🍆🍆😋💦💦🍑
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thesnobbyartsyblog · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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mirror-review · 3 months ago
Importance of continuous innovation
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The competition in today’s business world is intense in every single industry and it just keeps on increasing at a rapid pace. It is not easy for businesses to keep up and have better of their competition. While there are ways that are being continuously brought up to make sure you have an edge on the competition and get the best of sales, innovation will always stay at the top.
Here are few reasons why any business should keep on innovating continuously:
Competitive edge:
The best way to compete and have an edge over your competitors is to keep on innovating with stopping anytime. Nothing can give you a huge customer base like the one you will get by making sure you are giving products and services which are unique and have features that no other competitor can offer. So, keep on making unique products and services to make sure you always exceed your customer’s expectations.
Everything can be recreated:
No matter how amazing and unique your innovation is, your competitors are eventually going to find a way to make products and services which have all the features you offer. So, if you are resting just by making an innovation that is doing wonders for your company and thinking no one can offer anything like this then you are wrong. Just keep on innovating, keep adding features, make it better, diversify your products, do whatever you can but just don’t rest.
More customer satisfaction:
Your customers will be more satisfied if you keep on innovating and bringing amazing unique products for them which no one else offers. This will help in generating a very loyal customer base which will never leave you behind as long as you keep making them happy with excellent products and services. This helps in retraining customers and stopping the competitors steal them from you.
Business growth:
The growth opportunities will grow eventually when you bring great innovative products to the market. Innovation will help you get more customers, you can also attract customers from your competitors as they won’t be providing something which only you have to offer, this will help in growing your market and growing the business. 
Increased productivity:
As you keep on looking for innovation opportunities, all your employees stay engaged and keep on coming up with good ideas and also keep on working well along with all this. This makes sure employees give their best for the brand and it eventually helps in increasing productivity. This makes employees think differently and come up with solutions through innovative thinking which helps the company.
 Keep on innovating if you want to see the above results. You will keep on achieving success as long as you keep on coming up with innovative ideas for products and services. 
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news-queue · 2 months ago
Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay around €95m (£80.4m/$111.6m) to communities in southern Nigeria over crude oil spills in 1970, lawyers involved in the case have said.
The decision is the latest involving Opec-member Nigeria’s oil-producing south where communities have long fought legal battles over oil spills and environmental damage.
“The order for the payment of [$111m] to the claimants is for full and final satisfaction of the judgement,” a local spokesman for Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria said on Wednesday.
Lucius Nwosa, a lawyer representing the Ejama-Ebubu community in Rivers state, confirmed the decision.
“They ran out of tricks and decided to come to terms,” the lawyer said. “The decision is a vindication of the resoluteness of the community for justice.”
The company said it maintained the spills were caused by third parties during Nigeria’s 1967-70 civil war when much damage was done to oil pipelines and infrastructure.
“It is a confirmation of the issues we have raised about Shell’s environmental devastation of Ogoni and the need for a proper remediation of the land,” the MOSOP organisation for the local Ogoni people said in response.
After a 13-year legal battle, a Dutch court in January this year ordered Shell to compensate Nigerian farmers for spills that polluted much of their land in the Niger Delta.
The court ordered Shell to compensate three out of four farmers who lodged the case in 2008. The case has dragged on so long that two of the Nigerian farmers have died since it was first filed.
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