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monsta xstagram 🐶 go5rae
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face your art 2021
row 1 - left / middle / right
row 2 - left / right
row 3 - left / middle / right
#bts fanart #face your art 2021 #art vs artist 2021 #my.art #not gonna tag all of these dudes sorry #also warning: rambling in the tags ahead #ok so. exactly a year ago my best friend of about 20 years (and i'm terrified by that amount of time ka wtf is this) #sat my ass down and made me watch bts videos for 5 hours straight #and now here i am. drawing for FUN. something i haven't done in longer than i care to admit! #i genuinely thought i'd just. have to live with an art block for the rest of my life and kinda deal with it oops #so maybe this is a bit silly but i'm so excited i actually have enough material to do this lil challenge omg #i'm insanely busy rn so i didn't get to make anything new for this occasion #(like an ot7 pic which is way overdue but also - a terrifying prospect rip) #ALSO THIS IS A COP-OUT because i wasn't sure about putting my actual face in there so have this (really old) self-portrait instead #anyways. i wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you! #thank you to anyone who likes my drawings even if i post about once in a blue moon #it truly means a lot more to me than you could imagine #another thank you to the sweet and amazing ppl i started talking to on here because this is honestly half the fun of doing this again #danke an die besten drei leute die ich kenne: ka anna lotti <3 #thank you to my lil brother whose bday it is today but who will now forever share this date w my bts anniversary lmao SORRY MY GUY #aaaaand uh thank you to bts for idk. breaking my brain and shaking its contents around until i just had to grab a pen again. magic. #i'm keeping this energy close and won't let go again <3 #ok bye now gotta go work some more 🔪
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just-like-playing-tag · 3 months ago
Stan Emma
That's it that's the post
#OKAY UHM Good news and bad news #Bad news is that I might go hiatus forever #Good news is that I saw a cool dog today!!!!! #Okay seriously #I've been just so busy with university recently- I'm kinda studying every hour of the day #But the thing is... I'm actually having fun with it- for the most of part #I'm happy like I haven't been for a long time and I'm so grateful for that. I've never felt so in peace with myself #And there's still so much I want to share here (I still have a lot™ of original drafted posts lmao) #But right now and for at least the next four months I don't think I'll have the physical time to do that #And you know I simply can't stand posting something if it wasn't perfectly curated in every detail ahah #Right now I feel like... I'll want to come back to this eventually because I really love tpn and even though there's no new content #I keep feeling so inspired to make content for it just because. I love it!!!!! I really love it tons #But this blog function has ultimately always been to give me a way to escape my life in a moment where I needed it A LOT #But... I don't think I need it anymore? #University is stressful and life is rough but for the first time I really believe I may be able to make it. And that's good!!!! #I'll be forever grateful for having made more friends than 16 y/o me should have ever dreamed of #And I'd love to keep using it in the future if I can! But for now I feel like I have to focus on other things #I'll try to check it out once in a while!!! I mean I probably won't uninstall the app because I need to keep talking with my friends lmao #But yeah that's it #This got me pretty emotional ahah now I'm feeling cringe #I'm sorry for the people who started following me in the last month y'all really missed the golden age of this blog 🥺🥺🥺 #And now to all the people who spam-liked my posts and read my rables and put up with my incoherent analysis #Trust me. Trust me that words cannot express how grateful I am for your existence #I genuinely from the bottom of my heart wish that life will bring you only the best #Thank you. Thank you so much and please never lose sight of how important you are for the world. #So UHM I better stop here because I'm crying ahah #So I lied that wasn't really the post but Stan Emma is how I want to go. Please keep spreading Emma love for me too #Besides I needed to say goodbye on Conny's goodbye day eheh #Tag out!
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mothric · 7 months ago
since it's pride month and I'm an introvert with anxiety issues and this has been on my mind, here's a reminder that it's 100% okay to never come out if you don't want to. even if you're in a safe community! if you don't want to be perceived, you don't have to be! if it wouldn't be liberating for you to make a public proclamation of your identity because you're a private person who doesn't like people knowing personal things about you, least of all your romantic or sexual preferences or how you feel about gender, then don't! you don't owe anybody anything!! go forth and be an enigma my pal
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ourstarscollided · 9 months ago
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if i didn’t know better (i’d think you were singing to me now)
Julie Molina didn’t think that she’d have to go through one of life’s biggest milestones without her mom, but here she is, standing in front of the window wondering what it would be like to have her mom by her side. Little does Julie know, Rose has always had a plan for her daughter’s wedding day. It just might take a little bit of searching and time. 
“When Julie had gone to pull the wedding dress off the closet door, she hadn't originally noticed it. But as she went to pull the garment off the hanger, her eyes zeroed-in on a cream coloured something. She felt her breath catch a little as she placed the dress back down onto the bed. Quickly reaching to flip it around, she had instantly recognized her mom’s writing scrawled across the little piece of paper and pulled off the key that was taped to the back. Grabbing the note, and ignoring the shouted questions from Flynn, she ran down the stairs to find someone,  anyone, who could give her answers.” 
trigger warnings: mentions of canonical death (julie’s mom) and overall a lot of thoughts/feelings about Rose’s passing
word count: ~ 10,200 words
Happy (early-ish because I can’t post during work tomorrow and also timezones) birthday, @tangledstarlight! 
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iridescentides · a year ago
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hi friends! what a fucking year am i right??? not to sound cheesy but tumblr was genuinely such a safe and warm space for me this past year. there is no way for me to adequately explain how important the friends ive made on this site have been for my emotional wellbeing in a time when ive been largely isolated from my irl friends/activities. throughout 2020 this has been a place i could turn to confidently for encouragement, support, and good conversations. thank you all so much.
i wanna first give a special shoutout to the two amazing discord groups im a part of: Creatorhub and the GCWCA. through Creatorhub ive met so many incredible gifmakers, learned so many cool new things, and received so much love and support. in the GCWCA i get to gush about disney channel with people who really Get It™ and we all make each other laugh and smile. two amazing groups who have filled my year with so much joy.
so here it is!!! a friend appreciation post!!! to clarify: this is NOT just a laundry list of every single one of my mutuals (even though i do appreciate all of my mutuals) because i feel like that would be lacking authenticity and missing a personal touch. this is an appreciation post for a select group of people who, through their presence on my dash, kind messages, or just general support and enthusiasm, have noticeably positively impacted me in 2020. the people who i log onto this site for. people who i love to check on to see how theyre doing even if we dont talk that much, people who make my day by sliding into my inbox or DMs or tagging me in posts, and people who inspire me heavily with their creativity and passion. TLDR; if youre on this list you should feel special because you are!!!
a few extra special bud shoutouts before we get to the main list:
miranda @lizzie-mcguires​ for being a super supportive, very fun friend to me this year. you are so funny and kind and i dont know if you know exactly how much our friendship means to me. thanks for being one of my biggest cheerleaders and validating my niche disney opinions and introducing me to big time rush 😂
sima @filthyjanuary for being literally the funniest and most relatable person alive and just generally being so easy to talk to. you deserve nothing but good things in life 💙
saint @dindjharin for spreading unconditional love, support, and kindness. i cherish every single message you send me and each gift you have made me. im so glad we met this year.
emma @candicepatton​ BESTIE for being the sweetest nicest bestest person on this whole site, and for making my entire day with your tags and messages!!!
hiria @hiriahb for being my longest standing friend on this site. for showing so much enthusiasm in our conversations and talking to me so in depth about music. youre seriously the best and i cant even imagine tumblr without you.
other friends i appreciate so so much:
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lackadae · 8 months ago
Sooooo are still requests? If so, could I request a teen hugh/simon? 👉👈((sorry this is a weird way of saying i would like to interact/be friends, no pressure if u don't want to :)💙💛))
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local dumb superhero teenagers in love💕
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itsfandomsgalore · 2 months ago
I've got no idea about languages but give me your answers to 6, 18 and 19.
Oh, I almost forgot about this! Feels worth mentioning here that, considering my studies/hopefully future job/job sector, I really don't know that much about languages either, or definitely less than I should but hey 🤷‍♀️
6. If your native language didn’t exist, which one of your languages would you pick in its place?
Well, other than my native language German, I speak English, and vaguely Russian, and very very VERY vaguely Swedish. So I guess out of those, English would be the best choice - you'll very likely find someone who speaks it in most places you go to nowadays, you can easily understand most content on the internet without problems, you'll always find a version of books, tv shows, etc. in your native language, ... Then again, you don't "automatically" have at least one foreign language you'll learn just by existing on the internet, and learning a foreign language DOES have many many advantages.
I'd say logical-wise, job-wise, whatever, I'd pick English, and if not that then Russian, because it's a widely spoken language and growing. Purely interest-wise, I-can-vibe-with-that-wise, fun-to-learn-and-learn-about-wise, I'd go for Swedish.
18. Which language you’ve learned could be considered the hardest?
Oh, Russian for sure! Stupid goddamn grammar, who came up with the concept of two aspects for one and the same verb?? And all the different participles my beloathed, and the conjugation of numbers, pure hell. And not grammar-related and just a personal issue, I cannot for the life of me pronounce a rolled R, but that's not a make-or-break thing for understanding, luckily. But apparently the ь is, which is... idk, I hardly hear the difference mostly.
19. Have you got a favourite language? (you don’t have to be able to speak it)
I mean, English is very handy, you can communicate at least on a basic level with most people you meet, it's a pretty common shared language across the world by now.
But oh, Finnish sounds SO nice! The soft K's, the rolled R's, the double vowels?? I have a voicemail my friend sent me like three years ago still somewhere on my phone where she recites some Finnish poem or something about like, chickens?? I think? Either way, there are VERY many K's in there, she sounds like an angel, it makes me so happy to listen to it! Finnish just generally seems like a very pleasant language, it sounds so soft and nice and cute 🥺 (but learning it? unless I for some reason move to Finland, I will never ever ever even try to learn that, I saw something about the declension of nouns for like five seconds and goddamnit, do I not want to have to deal with that.) (but god, the soft K's and rolled R's.)
And Swedish!! Is such a pleasant language to read and listen to! Like Floragatan? Flower street!! 🌻🌷 Cat? Katt! 🐱 Hedgehog? Igelkott! 🦔 Carrot cake? Morotskaka! 🎂 Eule? UGGLA! 🦉 And it's also easier to learn than other languages when German is your native language because they derive from the same branch of the same language family, so there's just a lot of similarities or words you can guess the meaning of because they sound similar or have certain associations you can connect. Like Old Town? Gamla stan. "Gammelig" ist something old, rotten, in German, there you go. Raccoon? Tvättbjörn = washing bear = literally the same as the German Waschbär! 🦝🦝 Rainbow? Regnbåge = Regenbogen. 🌈🌈 I really, really want to get back into studying Swedish regularly again! Thank you for that question, it really reminded me how much I used to enjoy learning Swedish!
#i had to stop myself before i started rambling about the majority of european languages #i was about to go oh dutch sounds pretty and i have a friend there and albanian and ukrainian and ...... #and then i would have just rambled on forever #this ask makes it sound like i don't like russian #I do! it's just that the pressure of uni classes and 'you really need to learn this language very well if you ever want to get a job' has #kind of taken the fun out of learning it #also the fact that i just can't keep up with my classmates' level of russian and so can #*can't follow the class a lot of the time #it's just frustrating and when you're frustrated long and often enough you'll kind of stop enjoying actually learning it #but thank you so much for the ask! i put it off because i thought it'd just make me upset about university again but instead i #remembered i want to learn swedish again 🥰🥰 #also you can't just say you don't know anything about languages and then reblog a post with a finnish sentences saying you understood that #finnish is HARD to learn #i know you and half the discord server are learning it and you have my deeptest respects i would never #(watch me say that and decide in a few weeks i still want to start the duo course 'just to look at it') #(i will not do it i will not do it i will not do it i am busy enough with russian i will not do it) (she chants as she tries not to #remember how UTTERLY beautiful finnish sounds and how cool it would be to speak it) #asks #chaoslaura #mine #languages #ALSO THE MOOMINS HOW DID I FORGET THE MOOMINS #THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF SWEDISH AND FINNISH #i think and say without knowing anything about them except that they're CUTE and there's an angry red lady causing trouble #because i've never actually read or watched them #it's on my list though #also i have a cup with the ancestor on it i got in helsinki when i visited a friend and he's so CUTE #god i want moomin bedsheets my inner child and current adult seeking happiness would be so excited #but I'm picky about which ones I'd want and they're uuuuh expensive #god now i thought about finland again and about the absolutely best chocolate I ever did eat in my life
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vinyls-and-valentines · a year ago
It’s strange to think that one day WKIL will fall silent. That behind the counter of Tommy Chow Mein’s shop there will be nothing but an empty spot which the store owner used to fill. That Gravel Gertie won’t flick the worn out towel she always wore over her shoulder in your direction as you depart after leaving your kid with her for a run. That zone concerts won’t announce proudly the infamous Mad Gear and ever-elusive Missile Kid as headlining shows that spanned between the setting sun and the sky lighting up in technicolor from stage lights and firefights.
And still, there will come a time when the killjoys will have to figure how to live on their own. How to be safe without the doctor’s voice, how to create their own without buying everything ready-packed from Tommy’s shop, how to take care and be patient with each other without the advice of a mother to set them straight, or how to fill the silence without clashing guitars and an adrenaline rush. 
One day the killjoys will have to grow up- and perhaps that’s the most terrifying part of it all
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alice-jem · 2 months ago
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Source: Instagram
My favorite business duos 🤜🤛
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n4b3 · 3 months ago
Nope, same here. Situation very similar to dnf, we're dating now, I am so curious as to how they arent together rn
...well, um
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problematicprocrastinator · 3 months ago
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bigtittygothgfsam · 10 months ago
Lol it fascinates me how m*sha can’t seem to shut the fuck up about shipping since the show ended and everytime it backfires on him.
Its like he depended his whole character on the show around this ship. Which is just sad and pathetic, I haven’t seen any actor thats soo obsessed with a non canon shit ship this much...
Also whats chad pro shipper j2? lol
He dug his own grave, now he has to lie in it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He never cared about acting, was just in it for the clout (I believe he actually once said that he doesn't really care about the craft, just the fame that comes with it. OK, cult leader), and now it's coming back to bite him in the ass. That non canon shit ship, as you so eloquently put it, is all he has left, so you bet he's going to mention it at every opportunity like his life depends on it, bc it does (unemployed, remember?). Honestly, if Jensen's name wasn't attached to his bullshit then I'd find all this pretty entertaining (or tedious. Depends on the day). It's pathetic how this grown ass man bows down to these little kids bc he needs their money. I'm gonna have to start calling him an invertebrate bc the man has no backbone. And the way he's so eager to roll over and show his belly the MOMENT his cult turns on him? Makes you wonder if he has a humiliation kink lol.
Oh, that's a meme! Basically since j2 are sane and understand the difference between reality and fiction and casually joke about wincest and call it a "hot fantasy", they are ~cool~, making them chad pro-shippers. Meanwhile M*sha bowed down to the puritans and "denounced" wincest thus he has no balls and that makes him a virgin anti and a loser :) Hope that helps 😂
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totaldramaonline · a year ago
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Owens Twitter
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wherepoetsdie · 9 months ago
i know i’m awfully late and no one really cares bc it’s already old news and everybody knows, but fearless (taylor’s version) is so good wtf
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ughh-m · 25 days ago
how is it that i find myself alone on the new year's eve every single year.
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sarah-yyy · a year ago
just by way of an update: 
y’all i’m having a trash week at work so there will realistically not be any rp ficlet up for the next.....week while i sort of try to reorder myself.
while this is happening, it would be very nice if y’all could stop asking me when the next rp update is coming! while it is true that i drop a couple of ficlets a week, i think i’ve made it clear before that i don’t follow any form of update schedule, and that updates would be very random. i had been writing headcanons for the verse on days i couldn’t manage proper ficlets, but again, there are no guarantees for that. 
that being said, i do have to point out that the majority of the asks are very polite and very nice, and probably do come from new readers, but hahahaha please treat me as an extra sensitive baby for the next 5-ish working days, and i promise we’ll be up and running soon. thank you!!
#sarah talks about herself #writing with sarah #in case y'all missed it! i tagged along for a trial for funsies but it turned out to be a shit storm #and both me and co-counsel got ripped apart by the presiding judge and are now trying to salvage this case #so i've been yelled at by a judge for two whole days over a case that really had nothing to do with me #pulled two whole all-nighters trying to sort out discovery issues that..........really should've been sorted out pre-trial #and the two-day trial has been extended to four days now so i'm expected back in on friday and monday so this weekend is going to be hell #i expect to clock 90 hours this week #the case is................presented really poorly yo i'm ngl #and while i do understand that some of this has to do with the client who is a fucking mess like. yo. we could've done better #that's............literally our job isn't it? to fucking tidy up the client's mess so it's presentable at trial and this??? wasn't done?? #which i will admit is v surprising to me because first chair is my supervising partner and he is usually v onto it #idk idk too late to cast blame on anyone we just gotta fix it #the ONLY REASON i went on tuesday was to meet opposing counsel who is my IDOL T.T #how should i describe him he's like the sa beining of the legal profession here #and now he will forever remember me as an incompetent idiot T.T #AND THIS MY FRIENDS IS WHY YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND NEVER TAG ALONG TO TRIALS :(((((((( #ANYWAY so yeah i don't have the emotional capacity to deal with additional stress atm if anyone is mean to me on tumblr i'll just cry
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sneez · 8 months ago
the way you have so much chopin energy !!
WEEPS.........my friend..........that is the greatest compliment you could possibly give me..........i love him so much and i love you!!!!!!!! you have my eternal and overwhelming gratitude, i am so flattered, i am going to glue this ask to my ceiling so i can lie in bed and look at it
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