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ygm1slt · 12 minutes ago
i have so many drafts atm LMAO—
expect two death note hc’s today, they’re anon requests i’m putting out
and then two dn one shots tmrw maybe 👍🏼
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sookyshima · 20 minutes ago
work outfit today is giving me nanami-kentos-coworker realness. p.s Happy Tuesday ✨
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sorry for the dirty mirror
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honeybunny-sawamura · 21 minutes ago
heyhey 🌌 here i have a 20 page lab report due in 12ish hours i haven’t started and i’m literally fucked but im so close to finishing my semester !!!!
how are u doing
i’m doing okay, kinda wonky? 😕 but i think i’ll be good haha and ah!! OAO you should get that finished, darling! come now, hup hup! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ finish that report *pats your head encouragingly* ^-^ you’re almost done so ganbatte!
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gender-trash · 30 minutes ago
am i, like, the only person on the planet who mentally categorizes music in terms of key, tempo, and instrumentation in addition to genre/style??  spotify, you could probably classify these features pretty easily and incorporate them in your recommendation model, instead of just going “this artist is similar to this other artist and this song by other artist is very popular, probably it belongs in this totally unrelated playlist”.  no i just want songs that are a similar tempo to the songs already in the playlist and have a saxophone.  thanks
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andy-deer · 35 minutes ago
Does he not know about the adult youtubers making bank off of minecraft for almost a decade?
he doesnt
he doesnt know there are still millions of people who live off minecraft streaming
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vanderspeigelhusbandz · 38 minutes ago
Ok I’m changing har.ry’z tag rn if u see me changing the tag on all hiz poztz no u don’t
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thehaikuturtle · 52 minutes ago
(Pulled from the journals)
Rain pounds
Like heavy drums
Dancing down windows
Outside here
Is the cold, wet world
Inside, now
Are warm glowing lights
In the large busy room
With one single person
Making use of the space
-busy turtle 🐢
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samanthadalton · 56 minutes ago
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angelsignal · an hour ago
so what’s your inbox like now! if you don’t mind me asking! ^^
i’m so sorry for not getting to this sooner, anon qwq last week was such a busy week, i hardly had time to breathe properly at the end of the day.
lavender chiaki tumblr layouts ♡ jyushi wallpapers ♡ joker twt layouts ♡ pastel yoosung wallpapers ♡ kokichi gifcons with a pink overlay ♡ aubrey omori guro soft icons
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lamen-trash · an hour ago
26 or 46 for lamen pls and thanks :)
26. Giggling while kissing (Prompt from this list)
Laurent never drank. It was a fact well known by everyone in the kingdom, and especially Damen. So when Laurent requested his cup to be filled with wine that night at dinner, Damen had been speechless. 
It took one haughty raised eyebrow in his direction to counteract any comment he might’ve thought to make. They continued to eat in the great hall, courtiers chatting around them, and Laurent sipped at his wine little by little until his smile became wider and easier to summon. Damen delighted in it, the way Laurent’s eyes would light up when Damen spoke, and how much quicker he was to laughter. 
It was rare to see Laurent like this. Of course, he was looser and… softer with Damen in private, but never in a public setting. Damen could spy certain members of their court stealing glances of their king, clearly enamored with the way alcohol made him radiant. 
Their gazes made a kernel of possessiveness flare in Damen’s chest, and he wrapped an arm around Laurent’s shoulders. Laurent, who had been entertaining Vannes with a story of last week’s hunt, turned to look at Damen. 
“Hello, lover,” he said, eyes twinkling. 
“Sweetheart,” Damen replied, bumping his nose against Laurent’s. The Veretian opened his mouth to say something, but Damen interrupted him by brushing a light kiss to his cheek. 
A fiery blush rose over his pale skin, and Damen suddenly wanted to kiss Laurent everywhere. His mind turned hazy with the alcohol he’d consumed, and he thought of flushed skin, halting breaths and Laurent’s soft noises of pleasure. He thought of long days spent in bed, exploring every inch of his lover’s body as if it were their first time again, and watching Laurent melt into the bedsheets, all his walls down.
“I can see where your mind is going,” Laurent said wryly, but Damen noted that his cheeks were a tinge darker. 
Damen said nothing at first, and reached out to push a lock of blonde hair out of Laurent’s face. He then leaned forward to put his lips right by Laurent’s ear. Laurent, despite his usual rigid control over himself, leaned into the contact. “Can you blame me?”
Laurent took a shaky breath in. “I think it’d be a good time to depart and be away from prying eyes.”
Damen leaned back with raised eyebrows, and Laurent rolled his eyes. “I meant to go see the gardens, you brute. I need some fresh air with all this alcohol running through me.” 
Damen laughed, and grabbed Laurent’s hand. When they stood up together, a few people turned to look at them, but the sight of their two kings leaving together during a meal was not uncommon for the court to see. 
He led Laurent through a series of hallways they both knew well until they found an entrance to the royal gardens. When they stepped out into the night air, Laurent sighed, and a degree of tension released from his body.
Without saying anything, Laurent reached out to grab Damen’s hand. Damen, feeling stunned at the tender gesture, almost tripped over himself. “How much wine have you had?”
“Mm,” Laurent hummed, his eyes scanning over the greenery as they walked down a paved path before they landed on Damen. “Three glasses? Four?” 
“And you do remember the last time you drank was almost a year ago,” Damen reminded him.
“Ah, yes, when Makedon decided to visit,” Laurent said. “He should come again soon – write to him tomorrow. We can have a griva-drinking competition, and I shall win.”
Laurent was definitely drunk. 
As they walked together in the privacy of the gardens, Laurent spoke aimlessly in a way he usually only did when exhausted in bed next to Damen before drifting off to sleep. He babbled on about the plants, the moon, his day, Damen’s outfit – it was cute, really, and Damen found himself listening to everything raptly. 
When Laurent found a small alcove surrounded by flowers – one of their favorites – Laurent pushed Damen onto the ground. He managed to catch Damen off guard, and Damen’s surprised face upon landing on his ass must’ve thoroughly amused his husband, as Laurent erupted in laughter.
“What?” Damen asked defensively, though it was hard to be mad when Laurent looked so purely delighted.
“You just–” He broke out into another peal of laughter. “You looked so betrayed.”
A smile broke out on Damen’s face, and in retaliation he reached up to grab Laurent’s hand and pull him onto his lap. Laurent went easily, and didn’t resist when Damen pulled him in for a kiss.  
Their lips met sweetly for a few moments, and then Laurent started giggling against Damen’s lips. Damen ignored it at first and kissed him through it, but a few seconds later, Laurent was giggling again, light and lilting. 
“Hm?” Damen murmured, his lips moving from Laurent’s mouth to his cheek, and then lower, to the arch of his neck. 
Laurent gasped, and continued to laugh as Damen nuzzled the sensitive skin behind his ear. 
“What’s so funny, sweetheart?” Damen asked, and kissed Laurent soundly on the mouth before he could reply. Laurent opened for it, and kissed back with vigor, his hands wound tightly around Damen’s neck. 
Sure enough, a few seconds later, Damen could feel a peal of laughter bubbling up at Laurent’s throat as he tried and failed to hold it in. In between long, languid kisses, slips of giggles spilled out.
“You are ridiculous,” Damen murmured between the scant space between their mouths. With that, Laurent truly lost his hold in himself as laughter burst out of him, loud and musical and for Damen’s ears only. His head dropped back in his glee, and Damen took the opportunity to plant more kisses upon his neck. 
“I can’t stop thinking about how you looked when I knocked you over,” Laurent panted, and Damen bit down on his neck. He quickly soothed the dark mark he’d made with his tongue though, before winding his hand in Laurent’s hair and pulling their faces back together.
Laurent made a small noise against Damen’s lips when their lips met again, and finally his laughter subsided as Damen devoured his mouth the way he’d been wanting to all day. He let out all of his pent-up frustration and devotion into the kiss, silencing any noise Laurent could’ve made. 
Things escalated, as they always seemed to do between them. One moment, Laurent was perched in Damen’s lap, his hands mapping out the planes of Damen’s body clumsily, and the next, he was on his back, staring up at Damen with wide eyes. 
Damen leaned down to capture his lips, but the moment their mouths met, Laurent’s arousal melted to amusement once more, and he giggled against Damen’s lips. 
Breaking away, Damen groaned, simultaneously peeved and fond of the man below him, who clearly could not handle his alcohol.
“You are a menace,” Damen stated flatly.
“Kiss me,” Laurent demanded, though his voice was still laughing. 
Helpless to the demand, Damen leaned in again, knowing Laurent would soon be laughing again. He was too in love to care. 
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yellow-knives · an hour ago
bitches be like ‘ohh yah im such a workaholic 🤪 🤪 i luvvv being productive’ and then sleep for 7 hours during the day
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bae173 · an hour ago
thank u for the gifs<33 thank you for loving baeil<33
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