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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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i am a little concerned about people who are posting hashtags of #humanityfirst today, on how they do not understand when the minorities of their countries were killed/humiliated and what not.

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in horton hears a who (2008) the who are about to be killed by the de facto leader of the jungle, Kangaroo, & a mob of her followers who are frightened by change//the unknown. they call horton, a representative of The Who, crazy and dismiss his ideas because it is easier than making serious change. it is not until the who come together & make as much noise as possible, even going as far as to damage their own property bc their material goods will not matter if they die, before anyone listens to them. in this essay i will—

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starer for @aegisheld​ ft edelgard and felix


Perhaps she comes off colder now than she ever had before. Pristine and untouchable, the former Emperor had been withdraw and quiet since the moment she had abandoned her plans to have Dimitri kill her after the final battle….even if she regrets such a decision most often. 

If she had died then the guilt of surviving after everyone else has died would have assuaged itself. Yet this is the second time in her life where she is the only survivor and it causes her chest to tighten each moment she is forced to keep breathing. Had Edelgard been a worse person, she might have done such a thing….let Those who Slither destroy Fodlan and leave behind the bitter taste of ashes in the mouths of those who had conquered her. 

Just because her dreams had died, however, did not mean she needed to do the same to innocent people. Her sacrifices would never be complete and she would likely die before she could see it finished off; so why not at least start? Give them groundwork to at least try and save themselves form the wrath of the Agarthan’s who refused to disappear entirely. 

that why she had been turned over to him? She knows his name, Felix of the House Fraldarius; a capable warrior she was sure but there was something about his eyes that made her realize this might not be as easy as she hoped it would be.  ❝ —–  so you’re my watchdog ??    ❞ Her tone is almost amused, though decidedly tired as she eyes him with disconcerting lavender hues, before settling on his face.  ❝ —–  let me guess. do not trust me and do not kill me, is that correct? then again, your king is rather soft.  ❞

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okay, so the suspicion was fine at first but T^T

ngl the lack of trust is kind of starting to kill me??

and what’s worse is that it’s completely valid because it’s the truth oh man

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