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i finished atla. disappointed that katara is treated like aang’s prize, and that zutara didn’t become an actual thing. anyways they’re canon, despite all that just cause i said so. and katara deserves better than to be treated like an object.

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it’s that time of the night where i get just a lil emo about ella as a mother. how much she truly dotes on her children. in most verses, she is not able to have many children. her modern verse is really the only verse where she is able to bear more than two children, mostly due to modern medicine. but in more period relevant verses, she really struggles with her health.

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it definitely feels like wishful thinking in a way, but my god if thats how Roman gets back into then I’ll take what I can get u know?

i also think it would be angsty and emotional as hell for Neo. i can just imagine one day The Hound starts slowly drifting along beside her, following her around, keeping an eye on her. makes her uneasy until idk Cinder pulls some shit and it gets tense and she tries to lash out but The Hound jumps in front of Neo n just snarls.

its just a slow realization that makes Neo confused until whatever happened to Roman is revealed in full and she just looks at The Hound who stares back at her and she just cries.

so like tldr: i really don’t think its gonna happen, but it makes for an interesting AU idea!

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Jesse and Cesar invite Dean and Cas over to their homestead to hang out, and Dean falls off one of their horses while Cas has no problem riding bc of the whole ancient warrior adept at all forms of combat thing. Dean is so pissed.

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my tip for if you ever have to frog back an entire row including two 54 sts sections where you’d done ssk: don’t.

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nah y’all gettin the 13k gekokujo teaser tomorrow im impatient

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when i say i miss chuck, i mean i miss Chuck! mr carver edlund of supernatural novel series fame. he was so sexy!!!

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My mom’s making a vision board and was like “yeah you guys [me and my sister] are going to be on it” and I was like? “What d’you want for us?” And she said “I want you guys to have good lives and good partners in the future” and im like :OOOOOOO


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You know what i just realised that today it has been exactly one year since i started at my current job

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I’m definitely getting my bad therapy karma back in spades w my new therapist… she’s great. absolutely merciless with the zero tolerance to anorexia bullshit but v sensitive and understanding as well

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NEW! Chapter 6: The First Snow

The Ripple Effect - A Captain Swan Tale

Cannon Divergent - Season 3 finale. So many feels. Emma & Killian are trapped in the past, unable to get back to the future; will they be able to find a home with each other?

A tale of a broken wand, a far away land, and two lost souls destined to find a home with each other ❤️

Read now on A03

* * * 

For centuries, Killian’s life had been defined by the wind.

Where it could bring him. What it could bring him.

He had been able to sense the change in it; standing at the helm, calloused palm tight on the smooth wood of the Jolly’s wheel. The barest hint of change against his face. The slight ruffling of his hair. The tug on the sails. The way the bell tolled as the waves became more frantic. The pull of his coat across his shoulders as he held the ship steady through the swells.

He had lived several lifetimes in service to the wind.

So when the nip of winter had tugged on his coat one morning as he walked to the warehouse to meet Alec, Emma bundled up by his side, her hands resting on his sleeve, he knew they had a matter of days, two weeks at most, before the fury of winter beset them.

They had needed a source of income; even with the many gold and silver coins he still had remaining on his person, time seemed to be less and less on their side. The simple set of rooms they rented was not a long term solution, and the small dark alleyways surrounding them now set his teeth on edge more than they had before. They couldn’t stay here, but he was hesitant to suggest another arrangement, loath to propose they find somewhere to stay for the winter, even as the finality of the season crept up on them.

He could feel the change in the bracing bite in the air and see the telltale signs of early frost on the panes of glass in the morning.  

He had spent so long avoiding the winter. His Jolly had hated the cold. Her rigging weighted down with ice, decks slicked with chill and snow. They had sailed once through a blizzard in Arendelle, a time he would never forget. He had stood at the helm, body thrown into the angry swells that rolled and pitched the Jolly like a toy on a roughened millpond. He had shouted orders to his crew, voice half lost in the commotion of snapping sails and howling winds; the crew was shivering and frantic with hammers in hand as they knocked the ice loose from their ship.  

They had made it through the icy tempest and he had sworn to never go back into a place of cold and snow. To never feel again like that young boy, huddled against the wall of a bunk, scared and cold and oh so alone. Winter reminded him of his father. Of being powerless, scared and hungry as Liam did his best to be brave for them both.  

* * * 

Read now on A03

Thank you (again and again) to @elizabeethan for beta’ing this monster and @donteattheappleshook for the flails ❤ and @xhookswenchx for letting me word vomit all over

Happy Birthday to @hollyethecurious !!!!! xoxo 

@kmomof4 @jrob64 @snowbellewells @teamhook @sailtoafarawayland @darkcolinodonorgasm @ultraluckycatnd @wefoundloveunderthelight @veryverynotgood @veryverynotgoodwrites @xarandomdreamx @ouatdaily @winterbaby89 @stahlop @artistic-writer

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this cb fed me so well. i didnt buy any albums bc i got burned last time i did and im highkey an akgae ♡ but i did buy his pc that i wanted from ebay hehe

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