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#but I cannot guarantee as there is a Thing I Forgot To Do That May Cause Problems
yanderesleuth · 3 years ago
How Long Does it Take to Make a Video Game? A Sleuth Review
Warning: This is probably going to be one of the most rage-filled Yandere Sim related posts I will ever make on this blog. This will also be the only post where I involve myself in the chaos of the fanbase. I'll try to be as nice as I can, but it will be hard.
Just by looking at the video's title, I'm furious. I'm fuming over the fact that Yandere Dev is pushed to the point of making videos like this.
This is bullshit. Pure bullshit.
No, I'm not one of Yandere Dev's butt buddies, nor do I worship him and the ground he walks on. However, I am a huge fan of Yandere Simulator; I have been following the game for probably 3 years now, and I will continue to do so until it's finished. Therefore, I think my voice counts, just like all of yours.
I am damn near 30, yes, 30, years old and not a lot of things get my attention anymore like Yandere Simulator does. I have watched the game transform from bare-bones to BEAUTIFUL graphics, gameplay, and lore... so much lore. Which means plenty of room for theories. Work like this is definitely not made overnight. 
I appreciate that there are people who are voicing their opinions, and we can all agree to disagree. There IS such a thing called CONSTRUCTIVE criticism... There's a huge difference between this and just being an asshole.
When you are literally harassing the developer, who is clearly doing his best in a mostly one-man show [for the time being], you are seriously a shit person. I'm sorry. This may piss off some of my followers, but if you are guilty of harassing him, you are seriously shit. Have all of you forgot that he is a human too?
I've noticed that over time, people are digging up Yandere Dev's past and is trying to sling his name through the mud. I have a task for you: Try to find ONE person who hasn't done something stupid within their lifetime. I guarantee you that you will spend the rest of your life searching because no such person exists. And trust me, I'm sure half of you would have a hay day with my past. I'm not dismissing anything that anyone has done... but seriously. It's in the past. It's not your place to point fingers unless it literally involves you. Just give it a rest.
Another thing I have a problem with is the younger children who are playing the game. I have a son myself, he will be 9 in July. And I cannot imagine for 5 seconds letting him play Yandere Simulator. Seriously, if you're a parent, watch your kids and monitor what they do! "This game is not for children" has been stated REPEATEDLY. There's no excuse to an 8 year old dismembering a fucking school girl.
And seriously, patience is a virtue. Nobody likes to wait on the game, but come on. There’s PLENTY of other things to occupy our time. Talking shit and harassing the developer is only going to piss him off, and perhaps cancel the game altogether if these asshats keep it up. And trust me... if the game gets cancelled, brace yourself for world war fucking 3, with me as the leader to incite the riots. Let’s not forget all the people willing to donate monthly to his patreon, and people like me who are planning on donating to the kickstarter... paying for a product that was never even finished? 
Seriously. Stop. Grow up. 
I'm going to close with some advice...
You don't like panty shots? Don't do it.
You don't like the Yakuza? Then don't fucking use him.
You don't like Muja or Mida? Then kill the bitches and get it over with. You don't want to kill any of the characters? Then use pacifistic methods. Expel them. Befriend the fuck out of them. Matchmake them until you puke. Bully them to where they won't come to school.
And finally... if you don't like the game, THEN DON'T FUCKING PLAY IT.
Seriously, Jesus Christ, I can't believe I even have to explain this.
Yandere Dev, if you're reading this... I'm so sorry. :(
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