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#but I cannot guarantee as there is a Thing I Forgot To Do That May Cause Problems
scorzaleviathan · 3 months ago
Written for the #100daysofwriting challenge by @the-wip-project
@just-a-well-wisher and @lolli-ace I wanna give you guys a really special thank you for somehow liking yesterday’s post overnight, because after everything that happened to it I was just really unhappy with it by the time I hit post, and waking up to see your notifications was just wonderful because suddenly I could associate ✨positive emotions✨ with it when before there’d just been frustration and upset. So really, thank you so much. And a big thank you to the other couple people who liked it as well 🥰.
Iruma-kun/Among Us AU (Iruma-kun characters, Among Us setting.) The Imposters are a widespread race of carnivorous shapeshifters who live across four entire planets not to mention the many, many ships and star bases that have been infiltrated. Delkira is the King. Most (if not all) human spacefarers work for MIRA, a corrupt capitalist company with little care for lifeforms of any kind and a focus only on its’ profits. Delkira somehow winds up on a small trash bucket of of a ship called the Skeld headed for the Imposters’ birth planet of Polaris and staffed by (presumably) a bunch of humans, a species Delkira is currently attempting to figure out how to call off his race’s rather one-sided war of attrition with. That would be complicated enough. Things do not stay that simple. By two days in everyone has completely lost the plot. The crew contains at least Delikra, Sullivan, Iruma, Iruma’s parents, Sabro, Asmodeus (I keep getting the urge to use his first name and at this point I’m just gonna go ahead and do that)Alice, and Clara.
Day 14 Q: Do you have figures/creatures of folklore in your WIP? If not, can you think of something that would fit?
A: Um, I don’t tend to? I’ll use them occasionally, but they’re never drawn from any specific folktale, just the general idea, and they’re always altered and tailored super specifically for whatever story I’m telling. I think I did Fae/Fairies most recently, and I’ve had a couple cool ideas with changelings.  
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mandalores · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've been rewatching the I'll see you again scene another thousand times and I'm so overwhelmed. Please beware, I am very passionate and emotional about Din Djarin.
"He doesn't want to go with you". Din says that like, "okay the kid has decided, please leave now whoever you are" and it is fucking heartbreaking because when he says that, he is obviously not expressing the thoughts of Grogu, but his own. Listen closely to the way he says it, there's something a bit aggressive in his voice, he is the one who doesn't want Grogu to leave. And yet, his head is not held high, and his voice is also hesitant, he is not completely defying Luke because he knows what he has just said is not true. "He doesn't want to go with you": he doesn't believe that himself. Otherwise he wouldn't have opened the door, and he only did so because he saw Grogu being responsive to Luke and pointing at the door with his little green hand. This sentence is just wishful thinking, what he actually says is "I don't want him to go with you", this is all I hear and it hURTS SO MUCH. For a short moment, he is in denial and just wants Luke to believe that and go back where he came from (oh, sweetheart).
And then Luke tells him what he also knows deep down: "He wants your permission". This brings me back to the last scene in Chapter 13 when Ahsoka tells Din that he is like a father to Grogu and that she cannot train him. She communicates with Grogu who seems to thank her at the very end because 1) she told Din everything Grogu couldn't, including his name, she was the bridge between him and his dad and made their bond even stronger, and 2) and most importantly to my opinion, she refused to train him because she felt he wasn't ready to accept his duty and leave his father. She bought the little guy some time because she understood that he was still confused about what he should do, and that all he needed at that time was to forget a bit about his abilities and the pain he went through because of them. He needed stability. "Then Grogu may choose his path": Grogu and Ahsoka looked at each other knowing he will have to make a decision. Not to mention the addition, looking straight in Grogu's eyes while crossing her arms: "There aren't many Jedi left". He has a responsibility he won't be able to escape forever.
It is all different when Luke appears, because of what has happened since Ahsoka. Grogu hasn't been safe and his dad hasn't been either, because villains will always want to take advantage of him if he doesn't "master his abilities". He can no longer ignore his duty and he knows that this time, he has to go.
But he won't unless his daddy tells him that's it's okay, that it's how things should be. He looks at him from the black chair and his eyes seem to say: "Should I go daddy? What will happen to me if I go? What will happen to us if I go?" The little thing is looking for affection and the guarantee that this affection will not go away, which Din chooses to interpret as "He doesn't want to go with you", because he needs this affection as well. THIS BREAKS ME. Grogu has made his decision but he is terrified; terrified to be going back into the unknown, back to being an orphan again, because Luke may be one of its kind, he is no father to him. He needs his dad to tell him that it's gonna be okay, and to assure him that he won’t give up on him and that he will still care for him, even if they are apart. So Din has to do his duty as a dad but he doesn't know how to do that, he's all awkward about it because it fucking hURTS and he surely didn't see that pain coming. He has to rip his broken heart out of his own chest by saying to Grogu that it's okay, that he can go, but none of this is okay for Din and Grogu can probably feel it. He's getting mixed feelings and mixed signals, his dad encourages him to go but you can hear there's no joy in the way he does so, his voice is so weak: "Hey, go on. That's who you belong with, he's one of your kind." He says all that because he's forced to; all of a sudden, this doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to let his little one go. The emotions overwhelming Din are so intense he doesn't know how to handle them, and Grogu senses them too and then probably thinks he should not be going if his daddy is sad or suddenly not so sure about it. This is heartbreaking because this scene is basically only about Din having to let go of Grogu; for the little guy to go, Din actually has to say goodbye and while we would have expected it to be harder for the kid, it’s actually even harder for Din, although both father and son are torn. Like, the way Din looks at Grogu when he puts him down and the little guy hangs on at his feet, his eyes are like: "God this is not what I signed up for tougher than what I had imagined, help me out here buddy, will ya?"
This kid has been his priority ever since he's met him but for the first time here when he tells Luke "He doesn't want to go with you", he is being selfish and lies, he is not able to continue with this priority —which is bringing this child to his people, because that means he has to let him go. He is struck by the purest form of love at that moment, the most unconditional form of love, and his very first instinct is to hold on to this kid because he loves him, and because he's become his family.
Essentially, letting him go means Din's gonna be left behind. He has formed a family, a clan of two with Grogu, they looked after one another, and now he's back to being alone again, he's back to being aN ORPHAN again. And don't get me started on the destruction of the Razor Crest, the closest thing he had to home, now also gone forever. Who's gonna look after him now? His attempt to mislead Luke into thinking that Grogu doesn't want to go is actually a gut reaction to protect himself from being hurt. All along we are presented Din as protecting and guiding Grogu because he is a Mandalorian, but you guys know that all this time, it was also the other way around. It worked both ways. Grogu gave Din a family and a purpose, and letting that go equals being abandoned again, and the pain he had burried under his armor has surfaced again and he is broken and this is too much for me. Look again at Din's face when Luke takes Grogu away, this is the face of a little boy. The powerful contrast between the imposing, cold, unbreakable armor & the vulnerable, broken man wearing it hits me so hard. He is a child again, his biggest scar wide open, and he's gonna need help and guidance again, but no one sees that because he is a grown-up Mando who surely knows how to take care of himself. But DOES HE REALLY?
"I'll see you again. I promise." Is he making this promise to Grogu only or also to himself, so that he can hold on to something after he's gone?
Then the helmet part?? It’s just so pure and so significant. Grogu wanting to see Din's face, wanting to READ his face so as to find the proof he's looking for: the fact that they do have a special connection, that his dad loves him and will continue to love him no matter what. He reaches out to him, touching his face like a newborn recognizing its parents. Of course, it is essential for the kid to feel the skin of his father because he never could before, and of course he needs to be reassured, but again, it also looks like Grogu is helping his dad to let go. And let's not forget that in all likelihood, no one has touched Din's face in a very very very long time. It is kind of a rebirth for Din as well, as a parent. They are in perfect harmony with one another at that moment. It allows both of them to find some kind of peace. "Don't be afraid": he knows what the kid is going through and how violent it can be to lose his bearings. And who knows, maybe Din was told the same thing, when he was himself saved by a Mandalorian as a child and taken away from his home. This is the climax of their bonding, they acknowledge each other as father and son and actually belonging to the same kind: their own. Two orphans who found their way to each other. Din is no longer a Mandalorian protecting a foundling, he has become a father, deeply caring for his child, because he knows what it's like to be a lost soul looking for a place where he'd belong.
Also, the metaphor of Din taking off his helmet is extremely powerful, Little Grogu cracked the armor and found Little Din hiding beneath. Din got what Kuiil wished for him in Chapter 2, "a handsome reward", it just didn't take the form he had expected; it took the form of something he forgot he needed: L O V E ♥. And above all, a place where he belongs. The kid obviously connected with his protector because they are alike, and now he doesn't want to abandon him because both know how that feels.
There's another moment that I find harrowing, it's when Grogu finally opens his little green arms to Luke and Luke grabs him. Mixed feelings again and it is so violent. My heart gets filled with serenity because Grogu is reunited with its kind (and Luke freakin’ Skywalker) but then deep down my heart is getting shattered because there's someone else witnessing this new bonding in the background, just like us, and it's Din. Is this how he felt? Happy for Grogu because that's where he belongs but at the same time completely heartbroken because he is realizing at that very moment that he is not one of its kind strictly speaking, that the kid belongs with someone else because of that, and that he was never his to lose? When Grogu opens up his arms and finally chooses his path, all I can hear is Din's heart being destroyed. And that moment right before when R2D2 appears, it's like Grogu is a child at his first day of school. He doesn't want to leave his parent because all of this is new to him, but soon he makes a friend and is ready to go with his new trainer teacher, and the parent has to let him go asjhfkslks.
Grogu obviously reminds Din of himself and those watery eyes are evidence of both P A I N and a strong wish for Grogu to have the life he couldn't have. And can we talk about body language as well, I mentioned the lowered head when facing Luke earlier, which ultimately reveals the little boy hiding behind the beskar and trying to protect what is dearest to him; but the rest of his body tells us so much as well. He bARELY MOVES AND BARELY BREATHES. He is frozen with pain, his entire body scREAMS PLEASE DON'T TAKE HIM AWAY FROM ME, he weakly nods as a sign to reassure Grogu when he leaves but that's it and my heart aches so very much looking at this. His body tells us that what is happening is NOT natural for Din, it is physically painful for him. Like all of you people in the same room as him, can't you all hear the sound of his heart breaking into thousands of pieces because my ears are bleeding???
Letting Grogu go is something he can't bring himself to do because he's protected and cared for this child all along and how could he just stop doing that and rely on some Jedi he doesn't know? Because yes, we all know Luke and the writers probably knew we wouldn't accept the departure of Grogu unless it was with someone we knew and trusted completely (at least that’s how I felt), so it just had to be Luke. That way we all know that the little guy will be okay, but Din? HE DOESN'T. He doesn't know the guy, and as you may have noticed, Din doesn't do trust much. He's built a beskar fortress around him and doesn't give his trust because that would be mean being vulnerable and risking to get hurt and he doesn't do hurt either. He did open up a bit thanks to Grogu of course, and made some friends along the way, but he still has a long way to go and he'll probably soon retreat into his beskar shell again after all this I can't. He cannot trust Luke, but he does trust Grogu, more than anyone in the world, because he is an innocent soul who has shown in many ways that he cares for him too. So Din can only rely on the feelings of his little one; and the kid finally feels safe and is ready to leave, just like his father wants him to. Because beyond the feeling that Grogu has that he can trust Luke and his funny droid, beyond that, he trusts his dad too, more than anyone in the world, who's been telling him he should be with its kind because that's where he belongs and where he'll find the guidance he needs as the "special kid" he is. Grogu is smart and knows he has responsibilites, but he only believes that's the right thing to do because his daddy told him so. That's basically why he leaves and I am crying. And again, body language, Din tries and smile a bit to Grogu at the very end, nodding again, so as to assure him that it is how things are supposed to be and that they will see each other again, but he can't even keep smiling until the door closes on Grogu. The smile vanishes so quickly it hurts. IS THAT EVEN A SMILE OR IS YOUR FACE DISTORTED BY PAIN BECAUSE I CAN'T TELL??? And that's the moment I just say a few words about Pedro Pascal because mY LORD the acting is mindblowing. What he is able to do with his voice alone fascinates me let's make it a case study, his acting can be read on so many levels, I find that absolutely incredible. And I don't think I would have been so profoundly attached to Din Djarin, if he hadn't been portrayed by Pedro Pascal. Okay, end of the Chilean parenthesis.
Finally, Luke tells him: "May the Force be with you". We all know how this saying is supposed to bring strength and peace, but what does that even mean for Din? Nothing. His son is being taken away and whatever the force is, it cannot help him. And this saying actually takes a whole new dimension in this specific moment. That's what a Jedi will say, their creed in a way. And it obviously echoes the one from the Mandalorians: "This is the way". So it's probably what Din actually hears while letting his son go: repeating himself that this is the way things should be and is that a dAGGER IN MY HEART?
Seeing the child go, Din probably thought that things would never be the same again, that even if he'll see him again, Grogu will never be in his care again now that he has found his people. In that sense, he is losing him forever. Yet the kid left his mark on him, like literally, as he has the Mudhorn signet welded on his armor. They have adopted each other, and there's no going back from that. Grogu will still go wherever Din goes. The bond can never be broken and Din is forever changed. Once you are a father, you can never stop being a father.
Although he should be proud to have selflessly delivered the child to its kind, and to have found his way back to love, that's probably not what he sees. There's a chance he's seized by a feeling of failure because he ends up alone, again. And I can't helped but thinking about the moment when he is gonna find in one of his pockets that silver ball from the Razor Crest the kid used to play with. How will he cope with that loss? Yes I am legit worried about a fictional character. And how can he find himself a place where he belongs? If it is by Grogu's sides, how to be part of his life when this kid is so special? Also, presumably, Grogu also left with something that belongs to his dad, and that is the mythosaur necklace; the kid is for sure gonna hang on to that while being away. #FEELS
I could go further in the torture of Din's character; he is left with no home and no family (again), which is depriving him of an identity really (again). And you're gonna tell me, he can still hold on to his Mandalorian identity, but can he??? Like, meeting Grogu challenged his beliefs and he took his helmet off for the very first time, in order to save Grogu. He might end up confused about this identity, too. He has always followed one way, the way of the Mandalore, but for Grogu, he took another path. Can he still be a Mandalorian after breaking the creed? A creed that was so dear to him, precisely because it offered him a new identity and saved him. Will he still identify himself as a Mandalorian? What does it mean to be a Mandalorian at the end of the day? And is there such thing as a Mandalorian identity? And where does that leave him, Din Djarin? A name that was erased when he became an orphan but which he found his way back to thanks to the little one. Din may have lost his bearings too, and has probably been taken to an inevitable inner quest to find out who he really is. JUST LIKE GROGU ashdkfsjjlk.
See, this is what happened when I think about Din Djarin too much. If you've read it all, come to my ask box, I'll give you a hug. And do come to me if you can't handle your feels about this scene/man/show either, because I don't think I'll ever get tired of debating passionately about the depth and complexity of the character that is Din Djarin. Not to mention his relationship with Grogu. Like I know the Star Wars Universe has mastered painful father & son relationships for decades now and that I should be used to it, but this one is just too much for me.
You can also come and tell me that I take all this way too seriously, I won't be offended.
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appleflavoredkitkats · 3 months ago
Dude. I just saw your tweet of your Tumblr post. I saw it earlier, didn’t finish reading and forgot to like. Spent an actual like 10 min looking through my feed to find it again. I agree so much man. And Like, the idea that if you can’t find “proof” of someone caring about social issues means they are guilty of being assholes is so upsetting. It’s one of the reasons coming back to Tumblr feels so nice. Tumblr feels so much more quiet. And this is Tumblr. A hell scape. But. Nothing in comparison to Twitter. Twitter feels like a massive stadium of ppl SCREAMING at everyone around them while being screamed at as well. On Twitter it feels like there’s zero separation. You CANNOT be talking about something you like or something else going on because it’ll overshadow more important things. Here, it feels like you can have that separation. Sorry this is so long by the way, I don’t usually do this. I remember this one Tumblr post I saw a while back that had basically the message of “fandom is a hobby. We have lives and knowledge outside of the fandom” because you’ve got like, accounts dedicated to fandom. That is not the place for an overload of activism and guilt. Idk. It runs me the wrong way. Because it’s good to use your platform. But fandom is a hobby and it’s an escape.
yeah, exactly! i think tumblr spaces found a way to perfectly balance raising awareness for issues and using online spaces as a place for escapism. the reason i unfollowed all fan accounts on twitter was because my tl has been filled to the brim with anger and and guilt tripping which only can make most people feel awful.
“activism” on twitter has been nothing but numbers to most people lately. it's statistics. if x does not reach y amount of likes and rt's, it's suddenly “ignorance”. if a big account doesn't make x amount of posts about issue y, it's suddenly “ignorance”.
as much as we made parasocial and touching grass into a meme, i think we need to actually take them into account. in terms of being parasocial, we need to realize that we cannot really define how “good” a person is by their presence online. the most uncaring person can retweet ten million things and be awful, while the greatest of people can choose to not say anything at all. we cannot guarantee that everyone is participating in activism wholeheartedly, and at this point, twt has blurred the lines so much that any space for “activism” might just… be fake. and it sucks that we got to this point.
and when i say touch grass, i mean that i think twitter should stop believing that online activism is the pinnacle of activism. at most, it can spread awareness for charities and petitions, but everlasting changes on any corrupt system a country may have? that's unrealistic. yes, we can make threads educating people about these things, but it shouldn't be presented as if they were holding a gun at any user's face. at this point, we've associated guilt and other negative feelings to activism that to most people, activism might gradually become a chore for them, which is exactly what we didn't want.
if we want to make actual impacts on society, irl donations, organizations, community projects, protests, etc. help so much more. when people tell you to touch grass, it means that we need stop viewing everything from an online lens. we've been so attached to our own digital world that we forget that there are so many other things outside of digital spaces that can impact society more than threads and retweets. of course, nobody is obligated to do any of this, but this is a message more for those who've been so “passionate” about activism but only on twitter: practice your passion for change outside of online spaces. twitter is barely activism, it is only a site mostly to spread awareness. true activism is only shown if you pass on these practices and beliefs outside of what you say under a 260 character limit.
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mleemwyvern · 7 months ago
Totempulse AU, a creation of my own hermitcraft hyperfixation and that one @hermitcraftheadcanons post
As the title says, i saw one idea for this and then i went off and made an entire au based on it. This is the contents of my entire notes app note that i made and filled with every single idea I had for this concept. Please interact because i love this idea and i want m o r e.
Basic AU Summary
a hermitcraft au where impulse uses too many totems of undying and now he wont die
Alternate timeline of season 7, occurs before the secret base shenanigans. Impulse discovers that his constant use of totems is having more permanent effects. Shenanigans and science soon follow.
Important Characters: Impulse, Tango, Zedaph
How Totems Work
Every time someone uses a totem, they absorb a tiny bit of the energy released. This energy gives them a bit of death resistance, but its such a small amount that its not even noticeable unless you use huge amounts of totems. Impulse uses huge amounts of totems. Every bit of energy absorbed makes it easier to absorb more, so repeated use of totems has accelerating effects. This effect is known as Totem Corruption (totem syndrome? just totem effects? totemification? name in progress but ill use corruption for now). The death resistance manifests as:
- taking less damage from all sources
- faster regeneration
- a bit more resistant to fire/lava than to other damage sources
- does NOT affect void damage in any way
- At high levels, natural regeneration is possible even when hungry
- At high levels, the affected has temporary fire/lava immunity for the first few seconds spent touching fire/lava. This timer resets once the fire/lava is no longer being touched.
- At higher levels, regeneration is extremely fast and works even when starving
- At higher levels, the affected takes no damage from almost all sources. Only void and incredibly high damage things can hurt them
- At higher levels, the affected is completely immune to fire and lava
- At highest levels, the affected may stop aging
- At highest levels, the affected may become completely immune to all non-void damage.
Phases of Totem Corruption (the Science Notes):
These are notes from experiments performed on the only known person to develop totem corruption, ImpulseSV. He has a notable habit of farming and using large amounts of totems, and constantly tries to get other people to use them as well. {Optional physical changes bc this fandom just loves their inhuman stuff}
Stage 1: the subject takes slightly less damage and regenerates slightly faster. Effects can barely be noticed unless compared to someone who is not corrupted. Can fall from a few blocks higher, and lasts longer when drowning or burning. Takes one more hit with a sword to kill, although just barely. Totem corruption was first detected in this stage, and it is unknown how many totems it takes to get here. {No physical changes}
Stage 2: the subject takes significantly less damage from all sources. They are capable of surviving a full-speed elytra crash without armour. It takes around 10 hits with a sword to kill them. They can also sit in lava for approximately 5 seconds before starting to burn. It is unknown exactly how stage 1 progresses to stage 2, as Impulse entered this stage due to repeated intentional activation of many totems in a small amount of time. (Non-scientific translation: he flew into a wall a few hundred times). It is also unknown why Impulse had so many totems. {If physical changes are on: the subject develops striking emerald-coloured eyes. Their skin may appear slightly gold-like.}
Stage 3: this stage is only speculation, as Impulse has not progressed past stage 2 at the time of writing. In stage 3, the subject may become completely invulnerable to all forms of damage other than the void. They may also cease aging. They will likely also have extreme regeneration, however it will not see much use if they cannot be injured in the first place. Sometime between stage 2 and invulnerability, they will likely become completely immune to fire. It is unknown how many totems are required to reach this stage. {If physical changes are on: the subject may develop golden wings on their back. Their skin may become even more gold-like, and their eyes may become solid pools of emerald green.}
{basically, totem-like features, more severe as more totems are used}
The Plot So Far:
- The boomers are doing their thing (blowing stuff up). For this reason, none of them are wearing armour
- Impulse and Tango both fall off the tnt machine. Tango dies, but Impulse does not.
- They are confused, and decide to push Bdubs off the ledge to see if Impulse is strong or if Tango is weak. Bdubs dies (and is angry).
- Extra confused Impulse and Tango, Bdubs does not care and is mad that they pushed him off the ledge.
- After the job is finished, Impulse and Tango meet up with Zedaph and tell him theres weird stuff going on and they need to science it. Zedaph is all for sciencing weird stuff!
- Cue experiments- Impulse is proven to Not Die As Easily.
- The squad discusses possible theories for why this is happening. They settle on totems being the cause, as they are magical in nature and also an Impulse Thing.
- More experiments to prove the theory- seeing how much damage Impulse takes from the same source, before and after he activates another totem. The theory is proved correct.
- The squad decides they need to see how much they can accelerate the changes. Impulse gathers an ungodly amount of totems and proceeds to repeatedly fly into a wall as Tango and Zedaph watch.
- Xisuma comes across this experiment and slowly backs away
- Impulse finally stops once a flight into the wall fails to kill him and activate a totem.
- Cue even more experiments, to see how death resistant Impulse is now.
- The secret base arc progresses, specifically to the keralis turtle part.
- Grian suggests they kill each other for heads. Impulse has to explain how difficult it will be because he used too many totems and now hes hard to kill. This does not stop Grian from trying.
- Bdubs is angry because this is unfair. Him and Grian gang up on Impulse to try and kill him at least once.
- Impulse dies exactly one time. That head is given a place of pride in the turtly display.
- Later, Impulse encounters Xisuma in the shopping district, who proceeds to question him on why exactly he was flying into a wall repeatedly. Impulse has to explain the totems effects yet again.
- Impulse STILL wears full netherite armour despite being incredibly death resistant. He just fears death that much.
People who are aware of impulses new abilities, in order of discovery:
- Tango (knew something was weird when impulse Did Not Die)
- Impulse (knew something was wrong when he Did Not Die)
- Bdubs (saw impulse Not Die, but then forgot)
- Zedaph (tango/impulse explained it, experiments occur)
- Bdubs, again (explained to at secret base, he caught on quicker bc he was there for the original Not Dying)
- Grian (explained to at secret base)
- Xisuma (questioned impulse bc he was concerned about the repeated wall flights)
Random Ideas:
- does this affect the code in any way? Can xisuma do something with this?
- tango has admin permissions too- will he do something with this? Will they work together?
- one subject isnt much of a study pool. Do more hermits get these effects? Will zedaph totem himself for science?
- does impulse still carry totems after this? Does he still fear death that much after becoming so resistant to it?
- if impulse cant die, do impulse heads become rare and valuable?
- do the totem effects carry between servers or are they limited to this one?
- what about drowning? Does he run out of air slower or does he just not die from being unable to breathe?
Fun ideas and scenarios:
- a competition for who can actually kill impulse
- totem demand rises as more hermits want to become death resistant
- "thats NOT FAIR! thats CHEATING!" "well i cant exactly control it!" "YOU ADVANCED THE EFFECTS ON PURPOSE!" - someone who just found out what impulse did
- impulse is banned from decked out
- once he becomes fireproof, impulse just vibing in lava
- impulse starts a service where he will do dangerous things other hermits need done, because hes probably not going to die from it
- grian unleashes absolute chaos upon an unsuspecting impulse because it wont kill him anyways, why not have fun?
- at least one person finds out about the totems effects by trying to kill impulse and failing miserably
- if anyone sees an impulse death message in chat, the immediate response is "HOW?"
Oh, you want ANGST? Optional angsty stuff here (i prefer not to, but go off if you must):
- you COULD get angst by flipping the totem effects (overuse makes you more fragile as you become dependent on totems), but thats boring and doesnt fit the rest of the lore
- instead, get some "not himself anymore" angst! extra effective with physical changes on
- does impulse even want to advance the effects more? maybe hes paranoid of what might happen
- what if he gets to the invincibility stage? what happens to a man who cannot die?
- hes pretty much guaranteed to outlive all his friends if minecraft ppl can die ppermanently! especially if totems stop aging too.
- get deep into the lore of why the totems are like this! they come from illagers, so theres some connection to vex magic, which the fandom has used for ungodly amounts of angst (could also bring convex in somehow)
- perhaps theres a price to pay later on or something
- maybe impulse develops a fear of the void, since its the only thing that can kill him. Does he avoid zedaphs cave now because of the void hole?
- trying to hide the totem effects perhaps?
reblogs are vastly appreciated and i will read the tags because i am starved for validation
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ahappydnp · 6 days ago
how do i stop carring about what ppl think about me? or talking about me
I have an answer, but it may not be the one you want.
Humans by nature are incredibly self-absorbed. You are the center of your own universe and literally no one thinks about you more than you think about you. I guarantee that whatever anyone thinks about you is 1) probably fleeting and 2) a fraction of a percent of their day.
How often do you spend time really ruminating on your opinion of someone? Like genuinely...say someone on tumblr posted something annoying or just made you go 'yikes'. How much time are you going to spend thinking about that until your brain has completely moved on to the next topic? Probably 3 seconds tops! There is a 100% chance that at some point in your life you did a thing/said a thing and someone somewhere went "ugh". Because we are all highly flawed human beings and it is physically impossible to be found charming by everyone all the time! (even Phil! there are several people out there who thought about him and went 'ugh' but like..he is still Phil?? and they're entitled to go ugh even if we don't agree) And honestly that's kind of freeing!
I think it's something that comes with age and maturity, but it's just one of those things you have to come to terms with. You literally cannot stop people from perceiving you and receiving stimuli from that perception. But I pinky promise they are not thinking about that perception like you are. Because they're too busy thinking about themself and what person B thought about them!
Also if you want to get very real with yourself, how often do you talk about other people in the way you're imaging others gossip about you? Probably not often right? But you probably have shit talked someone at some point...but then what happened? You moved on! You didn't give it a second thought! (But if you are surrounding yourself with people who do shit talk others on a regular basis then I'd highly recommend you find new friends because they are way more interesting things to talk about).
I'm saying this as someone who was literally trained to overanalyze people and's so so fleeting. So yeah, people might have talked about you for 60 seconds. what? You can linger on it or you can decide it doesn't really matter because it's already stopped mattering to them.
I can say with absolute certainty that I have posted something here on tumblr dot com that made someone think "god she's so annoying sometimes' (cause like..I am sometimes! asdadfsf) and then they progressed to a gif of Dan and they already forgot about me being annoying. And guess what? The world didn't end! I still have friends and people who like me and that person probably will continue to follow me and enjoy the next 5 things I post after that!
I'm sorry if you wanted an answer that was more..soft I guess? But I'm a firm believer at fixing ourselves and our minds so we can live a happier life ya know? Like I said, no one thinks about you more than you think about you (unless anon, you're dnp then yeah okay it's probably a tight race lmao).
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dystopian-trainer · 10 months ago
Pachinko girls
humiliation - whoring - anonymous sex - slave training ---
As a trainer I do get paid by commission. That is my main income. A buyer contacts me with at target. I give him (or sometimes her) a quote depending on how difficult it is to acquire the target. Obviously if the buyer brings the girl to me himself, then it is much cheaper. I usually can have one of my apprentices process a girl within an hour of arrival. After that, she is usually ready in 6-12 weeks. My guys do quality work, my reputation is on the line. If someone wants to commission a custom job, or there are special challenges involved, they can request me to do the training myself, but there is a waitlist and it is much more expensive.  
So... technically I don't need the extra revenue. I have everything I want and more. But, then there is the issue of dumb little sluts who contact me begging to be trained. I used to laugh and tell them to get lost, but most of them would not leave. It got ridiculous. "Fight club" style, I literally had a few camp out at the gate of the warehouse at one point. It was cute I guess, but finally I got an idea.  
Since training takes time and time is money. If a girl begs to be trained we now take her in. She usually ends up in the "discount bin" for buyers who want something cheap and generic, but since there is no guarantee she will be sold right away we’ve now built a pachinko arcade. Locals come in to play reguarly. They buy the pachinko balls (except we call them "tokens" because american guys get all stupid talking about "balls" and that annoys me), and play at the slots. If they win, they can use the tokens to play more. Or use the tokens to redeem prizes such as time with the panchinko girls. I forgot the exact amount, but let's say 500 tokens gets you five minutes with a panchinko girl, which looks like a pinball machine in size, except a girl is trapped inside, bent over, and a panel opens exposing her rear when you "redeem your prize".
You can also use the tokens to buy various toys, butt plugs, or turn on a monitor that shows the girl's face so you can see her dumb expression while you play. We noticed the most popular pachinko girls were the ones with girls wearing a ring gag so now all of them have that feature.
Additionally panchinko girls have buttons, just like pinball. You can press the buttons and inflict various sensations on the girl. You can insert a special butt plug connected with the machine via a cable so that you can shock her ass a certain amount of times per play session. You can even press a button that slides a long dildo down her throat (the ring gag made that possible). We also installed a choke collar that tightens little by little as you press another button. Makes the girl come closer to climax much faster, but the catch is, if she passes out it is game over and you have to insert more tokens to continue, of course by the time the machine let's you play again the girl should be awake again. But...  
We do have a special type of pachinko girls we have been experimenting with. They are the Sleepy Doll pachinko girls. We tried different approaches, sleep deprivation and then a long shift in the machine, or deep hypnosis, or even drugs. The result is, if you feel in the mood to play with a sleeping girl, you can with the special machine. You don't have the regular buttons to shock her etcs. But you do get to see her face on the screen as she drools mindlessly and you see her brain activity as well, I do hope in the future we'll have the technology to display (and eventually influence) her dreams. Anyway, that's an unusual (and much more expensive) experience, but I am not judging.
Our engineer had a lot of fun designing the pachinko girls. We can display readings from a heart rate monitor, body temperature (the butt plug has a thermometer), there is even a meter that tells you how close she is to climaxing based on the sounds she makes, brain activity, and some strategically placed pads to measure electrodermal activity, and so on. All of the "stats" are displayed in flashing colors on the screen. It's a lot of fun.
The player has also a chance to win more tokens if she climaxes, funny thing is though, after training is complete girls are unable to orgasm without a trigger, so no matter how hard he tries, a player could not actually make a girl cum. Still, we do trigger the pachinko girls from time to time (if the player gets her climax-o-meter high enough the machine has a random chance of triggering the girl to cum). This is both to reinforce the girl's conditioning, but also it is good for business to give customers a big win from time to time. We have 15-30 girls in the arcade at the moment and we let one climax every day. It keeps customers happy, and the girls... well, they get to cum once or twice every couple of months on average so that's not so bad.
Once a year there is also a special event we call pachinko madness. On that day, a powerful vibrator is pressed against every girl's clit and after a couple of hours of edging they all are trigger to cum at the same time (and players win a lot of tokens as well). The screaming is rather entertaining. At first the whole arcade is filled with blissful moans of pleasure. After a few minutes it turns into cries of desperation as the girls are forced to orgasm over and over. It is a fun night. We pick the day on a random Saturday night. We advertise the time to our loyal customers, but of course we don't let the girls know before hand.  
And the girls are treated well. They have earpods playing brainwashing messages to keep them aroused and subdued. They are only forced to stay in the machine for 2 hours, then they are rotated so they can get some exercise and be fed. Maybe even take a short nap. Then two hours later they are forced back inside the machine. This all happens behind the wall so customers can't see. We have two sets of "pachinko horses". We strap the girl on the horse and slide her into the machine. After two hours the second group of girls is restrained on the horses and ready to be switched with the previous shift. It is a bit "unsexy" but... we actually hired a company that makes sliding drawers for morgues to install the sliding horses. They did a great job. Takes less 10 seconds to swap girls. Easy job for new apprentice trainers. Swap the girls every two hours. Clean them up. Maybe a quick fuck. Then release them into their cages.  
Anyway, long story short. The pachinko arcade is getting more and more popular and is making quite a bit of money. Of course since we only deal in tokens it is all legal. We pay taxes, have permits, health inspections, and so on. I am surprised to say the arcade may eventually double our revenue in the near future. I did not expect that.
lol I forgot to mention, if you didn’t guess, that if you apply to be trained and we cannot find you a buyer, you’ll spend your life inside a pachinko girl machine.
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gaitwae · 8 months ago
Forget the Woman •||• Loki x Reader
Tumblr media
"Bartender," the scraggly stranger asked. "An ale, and your finest maiden."
"I don't work for free, swain," the bartender (father, and innkeeper) spat, cocking his head. "Either ya has the money now, or you don't get nothin's more, ya understand?"
"Oh, I understand perfectly," the man said, straightening in his seat. He set his dagger down into the table. The seal of the royal family glittered in the candlelight of the tavern. It caught your eye, the green and silver weaves of the Asgardian knot on full display. Your eyes widened in surprise, as did the innkeeper's. "Shall I ask again, or will you fulfill my wishes?"
"Who are ya?" the innkeeper questioned. "What does ya want?"
"I want many things, but at the moment, I want ale and a woman, now get me what I asked for, or you'll not have a very happy week." He thought for a moment, a dangerous expression on his face. His sharp jawline displayed itself from his hair and his hood; it could cut diamonds. "Or perhaps I'll gut you here, and save you the... ah... embarrassment of this establishment being burned down."
"Who are ya?" your father repeated.
"I am Prince Loki, Odin's son," the stranger said lowly. "I have the seal to prove it, and I have my brother outside waiting, what more proof do you need? I am wearing the finest Midgardian silks, gold from Vanaheim, and a sword from Niflheim." Prince Loki leaned forward. "Need I repeat myself, again?"
You saw your father's face turn into a stony, surprised expression: one of fear. You felt oddly stimulated, seeing a man who intimidated your father. Especially one who was roughly your age. "I'll get ya tha' drink, Prince," he said, rushing off.
"Don't forget the woman!" he called after him with a laugh. You swallowed. That was when the prince caught your eye.
You never forgot the look he gave you. Hunger? Surprise? Delight? Anger? You had no way of knowing. There was no smirk or smile on his face, just the expression his eyes told. You felt your face heat like there was a flame beneath your skin, and your ears suddenly felt too warmed by your hair. Your father always made you wear it down, and you knew that it may be all over the place if the prince had his way.
His one word was compelling. You obeyed, whether you knew if you wanted to or not. The prince removed his hood from his head, letting his raven-colored locks spill out onto his shoulders. He took the black gloves off of his hands. He set them in his lap; your eyes followed his long fingers until you saw his legs. Long. This man was naturally tall.
You gulped.
"What a pretty bird this tavern has," he whispered with a silver-coated tongue. You looked down at your feet, nervous. You didn't want to see what color his eyes were, or you would never look away. Your father wouldn't want you flirting with royalty—even by accident. "What is your name, little sparrow?"
"My name is (Y/N)," you answered in an almost-inaudible tone. He laughed—a beautiful laugh, too—and tilted your chin up.
"Is this little bird for sale?" he asked. "Or does she come free with the drink?"
"Your Highness, I don't know for sure," you said. "I don't know if I even have a prince—price." Your palms became sweaty. You were already stumbling on your words. "Can I get you anything, sire?" Your hand flew to toy with your necklace. It was a nice purple pendant, and it glowed in the dark when you needed it to.
"Well, that innkeeper is getting me a drink... but you can get me a kiss, or perhaps a night." He smirked broadly. "I'll take you as my woman."
"No buts. Your prince commands it." Prince Loki stood up, grinning wider than he had. He loomed over you, in your dirty, scullery dress, and he took your hand. His was so much wider than yours.
"Sire, my father is the innkeeper," you managed to tell him. "I'm not sure how he would feel by letting me be—..." You had to cut yourself off, and your sentence trailed trying to find a less vulgar word. "Letting me spend the night with someone of your stature... a kitchen maid wouldn't be proper for a prince—"
"A harlot isn't proper for a prince, either," he said, cutting you off with a small capture of your lips by his. You touched your fingers to your mouth, shocked. Wait. More than shocked. Flabbergasted. "I'd rather have the kitchen maid with more honor."
"Your Highness, I need my father's permission," you said. "And my fiancé's."
The prince's face twisted into horror. The thing was, you couldn't tell if it was because of what you said or because of his actions. You didn't know whether or not it was good or bad. You didn't have the slightest clue why the prince would even care if he was suggesting unmarried relations to you.
Prince Loki stood as tall as he could, wiping his eyes. "Fiancé? Oh, I'm so sorry. I should have asked; of course, a little thing like you would have a betrothed."
"Excuse me?" you whispered softly. You felt a little offended, and you didn't know why. It wasn't like you asked to be engaged to some man you hardly knew. No one could afford to marry for love in the middle class or lower—you just hoped you could grow to love that person you were paired with.
"I mean no disrespect," he said, sitting down. "I just find you so beautiful. Of course your father would have already found a suitor for you. A man driven by desire is often a fool, you see."
You just nodded. You didn't dare sit in the presence of royalty. You didn't even know what to say. You could say one wrong thing and you'd die, you knew that for certain. You'd seen it happen. Everyone did. Everyone knew.
"You must tell me," Prince Loki said, resting his head on his fist, "who this betrothed of yours is. If he's wrong to you, I want to kill him."
"You heard me, sparrow, I want to kill him." His chest rose in a soft but large inhale. "Now answer me."
You were trying to work the lump out of your throat out. You couldn't exactly answer. You hadn't met him before, exactly, only seen him talk to your parents.
"What's wrong?" he laughed gently. "Cat got your tongue?"
You nodded.
Loki chuckled. "Have you met him?" His eyes skirted around your person: your eyes, your lips, your chest, your hips. You pressed your skirt down, trying to forget he was looking.
You shook your head. In response to his question. You never met your betrothed.
"Then there's no way he could love you," the prince announced. "You can spend a night with me, surely."
"Your Highness," you mumbled, "love isn't a luxury I can afford. As for the night with you... I am flattered... But I cannot."
"One night. It's all I want."
"Ask my father." You curtsied and sat down behind the bar.
The prince exhaled deeply, looking at you. He seemed fixated. You stared into those... oh, those eyes... They were blue. Sapphires. Gorgeous. You melted. He leaned in a little. You felt drawn to him. Loki moved your hair out of your face.
"One kiss...," Loki whispered.
You felt yourself nod... against better judgement... you pressed your lips to his. Loki held your face close, kissing you deeply; kissing you hard. You kissed back, leaning over the counter to reach. He stood up and cupped your face with both hands.
He pulled away, and kissed you four times sweetly, quickly, like he could forget how a soft peck felt. You blushed and pulled away. "My prince..."
"You enjoyed that," he laughed quietly, seeming drunk off that kiss as well. You nodded. He kissed you, again. "I'll get a room. Come to my bed if you want something better than those kisses..."
You couldn't speak. You just kept nodding, nodding, nodding... He smiled and went to get his ale from your father. Your blood ran cold. Your father would kick you out.
You stood up. You couldn't resort to being some sort of... of whore... Especially for the prince. You scurried up to your room in terror. Regret.
"Prince Loki, I says it again, ya not to have my bairn," you heard from downstairs. "I already promised her hand."
"I can make her a princess, she would be well off and happy." Your heart began to hammer. Princess? What?
"Happy? Ya can't guarantee tha'."
"That other man hasn't met her. I have. I have the means, the right, to marry your daughter."
"Forget the woman," your father said firmly. "She is already promised."
A large sigh. "A deal, then."
You held you breath.
"I shall return in a week. If she hasn't been married off by then, I wish to take her if she will have me."
You sped downstairs. You were your father's only daughter. Who else could they be talking about? You peeked from the stairs.
"(Y/N) is me child, I want what's best for her..."
"Father," you said, piping up. "I want to marry the prince."
They both turned. The prince had a grin, your father was surprised. You came down to face the men.
Loki took your hands. "You do?"
You nodded. He grinned brightly. You smiled back. "I do."
"I do," you said, holding Loki's hands at the altar. He smiled down at you.
"You may kiss your bride."
You leaned up. He kissed you back.
You lived happily ever after.
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0nlythrowharrybeaux · a year ago
Eros (Cupid) Harry
Harry is Eros and he is absolutely smitten with a human.
It is not often that the gods mingle around humans. As people have stopped believing, the gods have stopped showing up. The occasional tryst may occur between one of the big twelve olympians and a human, but again, it’s rare. Because of this disbelief, the rules surrounding the interference in human lives have become mere guidelines instead of something to get killed over. So, for a deity like Harry, also known as Eros, his job gets to be a bit more… hands on. It’s not that he doesn’t love being in Olympus, the perfection and beauty of it really please him, but something about watching people fall in love in such a horrid and cursed place like Earth, brings him the most pleasure.
He doesn’t want to say that he has the most important job, but in his mind he has the most important job, without love the world would be in even more shambles than it is. So he doesn’t mind it one bit that he’s leant against a tree, watching a young couple leaning in to kiss through his camera. He’d been following the two for a few months and he believed it was time for Marc to say the ‘L’-word to Greg. Greg tended to be a bit more of a skeptic. Harry really liked Marc, he was a nice guy who deserved to be happy, so shooting Greg with his arrow would be the least he could do for the guy, guaranteeing a positive response to his impending confession.
Here’s the trick though, the magic arrows he shoots need to penetrate the person when they are looking at whatever it is Eros wants them to fall in love with. So his hearing and eyesight are sharp and he is ready to release as the words leave Marc’s mouth. Currently, to the human eyes it appears as if he’s taking a picture (as the times changed so did his tactics) his finger is right on the button, about to press down, smiling as he hears Marc utter the magic words and Greg’s eyes widen with surprise and suddenly Harry’s knocked to the ground. His finger has pressed down on the button, but he’s taken a shot into the sky. Suddenly, he hears Marc calling desperately after Greg to come back. But Harry can’t sit up, there’s a weight over him and suddenly his cheek is wet and he squints up to see a huge dog panting in his face.
“Oh my god, I am so, so sorry!” He hears and looks up to see the most beautiful girl looming over him. She’s shooing the dog and then extending her hands to help him up. She’s perfect, dare he say that she’s more beautiful than Aphrodite (he’ll keep that bit to himself because his mom is a very jealous goddess). He just cannot pull his eyes from her, his heart is thumping and he feels warmth and peace and giddiness, and her hands are so soft. He’s so entranced that he’s not even upset about Marc and Greg, he can get them another time. “Are you alright?” she asks, releasing his hands, letting him dust off his pants.
“Yeah, I’m alright.” He smiles softly as he looks into her eyes once more. She stands shorter than him, but she still looks fully concerned and then looks down to the dog, it’s a great dane, he’s massive, nearly to her waist and she bends down to grab his leash.
“That’s good to hear, I am terribly sorry. You see, It’s Ares’ first walk in a while and he just got very excited.” Harry burst into laughter, wait ’til Louis heard people were naming big, clumsy dogs after him! His boisterous laugh caused the girl to giggle along with him, she was a bit confused as to why he was laughing, but his laugh was so contagious and he was beautiful. More beautiful than any other person she’d ever seen in her life.  He extends his hand out towards the dog, letting him sniff him before he pets between his ears, and his nails dig into his short fur a bit to scratch at his head.
“He’s a very cute dog.” Harry says sweetly and she smiles.
“Thanks, I’m his walker. I usually bring him here a few times a week, but it’s been a few months. He just got his cast taken off. The big klutz tumbled down the stairs, hit a table and knocked the prized bowling ball trophy onto it. He really is very unlucky, but he’s my favorite customer.” She informed and Harry chuckled. He needed to know more, he’d seen one beautiful human before and he could honestly say that this beautiful, bubbly human had her beat by a long shot.
“Well, I got his name, but I don’t have yours.” Harry said smoothly and her eyes widened like saucers.
“I’m terribly rude, sorry! I’m Y/N, it’s very nice to meet you…” she extends her hand again.
“Harry.” He finishes for her and he grins at her, shaking it gently, “it appears I’m just as rude.” He mumbles and she smiles again. He swears that her smile is so bright, it puts Helios and Celine to shame.
“I don’t think I’ve seen you around, do you go here?” She asked, they were in a university’s botanical garden.
“Yeah, I do.” He lied quickly, “I’m new, just transferred. Do you go here?” She nodded. “Nice, well maybe we’ll see each other around?” He asked and she smiled and nodded.
“Yeah, maybe!” She said, unable to tear away from his eyes. They were such a pretty green, almost like an entire forest lived in them, she’d never seen that before. “Well, again I am really sorry for Ares’ behavior, I hope we didn’t ruin your camera.” She said looking down and he almost forgot, his eyes widening as he bent down to pick it up, inspecting it.
“No damage.” He assured her and she looked relieved.
“I should be going, it was very nice to meet you, Harry.” She smiled and he smiled back.
“You as well, Y/N. Bye Ares.” He chuckled, patting the dog’s head one last time before they walked off.
Harry wanted to follow her, invisibly of course, but he had to settle things with Marc and Greg, so he walked further into the garden and became invisible. His wings extended broadly and with a little kick off he was in the air, soaring to Greg’s house. Sure enough, Greg was pacing around, he could see him through the balcony, Harry knows why he has commitment issues… humans are so fragile when it comes to love, but that’s what happens when it’s not true love.
One prick from his arrow and people are helplessly and foolishly in love, but some of the other gods mess with his work. If the human he has struck commits a sin against the person he is in love with, the magic dies. Again, humans are fragile, they can’t resist temptations, it is awful, but seeing them in love, even for just a little makes it all worth it.
Harry is waiting for the perfect moment, he needs to pick up a picture of Marc or something… so he waits for nearly an hour. Greg picks up the photo of him and Marc in Spain, that’s where they fell in lust. The first step, attraction, desire, whatever you want to call it has to come naturally, he can help a smidge, but he works most at step two. Step two is love, if he thinks they’re a good fit, Harry will strike one person, usually the most hurt or insecure one, so that they don’t back away from the opportunity. After he strikes, it is up to the pair to take their love further or keep it stagnant. Greg smiles at the picture of Marc, perfect! Harry, who has an actual bow this time, takes his arrow and sets it in place, pulling back and releasing it, smiling in satisfaction as it pierces Greg’s chest and then fades to nothing. The effects are instantaneous, he grabs his wallet, slips on his shoes and bursts out of his apartment. Harry will help him, he flutters down to ground level and influences a cab driver to pull over right in front of his building. Just then, Greg runs out the door, looking both ways and sees the cab, he gets in and they take off. Harry follows along, hovering above the vehicle, protecting it, clearing a path until they get to Marc’s house. Greg is pounding at his door and Marc is all teary-eyed when he opens up, but Harry watches as Greg leans in and kisses him hard, stunning Marc, but then he pulls away and whispers that he loves him too, that he loves him so, so much and he’s done his job.
Y/N gets home and for some reason, she cannot shake Harry from her mind. He was really something; he was beautiful and so nice. She’s a fine arts major, specializing in sketching and painting and her mind is just image after image of him. She barely says hello to her housemates, Barbie and Oliver, and hurries into her bedroom, scrambling to find a blank piece of paper and begins sketching quickly. Her brows furrow as she tries to recall the little details of his face, but those eyes, those are the first things she can put down. She’d been in her room for about twenty minutes when her door creaks open.
“Are you gonna eat?” Oliver asks, walking over to where she’s hunched over her desk, she hasn’t even bothered to sit down, she was finishing up the details of his lips.
“Not now. I’m busy, Oli.” Y/N grumbles, her hand moving to work on the last bit, defining his jawline. Oli looks down at her work and asks,
“Who’s that?” watching her finish up, inspecting the wispy sketch.
“Some guy Ares knocked over at the park.” She said taking it from the surface of the desk and pinning it at her board, her hands on her hips. “Looks familiar, no?” She asks and Oliver hummed, they both look it over for a while and then Oliver gasped, “What?” Y/N said, jumping slightly.
“I know who he looks like!” Oli said, hurrying out of the room leaving Y/N confused, ready to follow him, but then she heard his steps coming back down the hall and then into her room with a textbook in his hands, paging through it.
“Remember last semester we took that British Art class and there was a shit ton of portrait painters… Ah! Here he is, Hamilton… look. He painted this painting of cupid and psyche.” He said handing her the book and she squinted at the smaller painting and her eyes widened.
“It does resemble him…” she said glancing up to the sketch she had pinned up.
“Your guy looks like the painting of Cupid. There’s another that comes to mind…” Oli said pulling out his phone, typing away at it before showing her another painting, this time by Bouguereau, she put down the book and took his phone, zooming in, “the neck, the jawline, the curls… classic cupid.” Oli chuckled and she smiled.
“Yeah, he’s a full on god. He looked ethereal in person. Do you think the greek gods were real?” She asked, studying the painting’s features and he shook his head.
“It’s called Greek mythology, as in myth, Y/N. Just stories.” He argued.
“Of course they were real!” Barbie input as she joined in inspecting the sketch and then painting. “Twinsies. You’ve found cupid re-incarnated.” She smiled excitedly.
“Classic impressionism, both paintings still inspired by realism, though Bouguereau is more progressive, look at the bright colored veil around psyche.” Y/N mumbles, “It’s a sign I should pursue a realism approach to my senior project.” She hummed happily and Barbie chuckled.
“Please, do it! But only as long as that guy is going to be your model.” She said pointing to the sketch. “You should re-create the cupid-psyche myth!” Barbie cheered and Y/N nodded excitedly.
“Yes, perfect! Now leave me alone, I have to write up a proposal!”
Harry finally was home, the sun was setting over the beautiful Olympian structures, his feet landing on solid gold streets as he made his way to Zeus’ palace. There was a feast tonight for something and he could hear music and chatter from the entrance. Once inside he caught sight of his usual friends, Niall and Louis, who are Dionysus and Ares.
“Hey guys, how’s it going.” Harry said smiling and Niall groaned.
“What’s the point of coming to a party if you can’t fucking drink.” He mumbled in irritation and Harry chuckled.
“Where’s Liam?” Harry asked looking around.
“Had to pay Hades a visit, he should be back soon.” Louis said before taking a drink, smirking in Niall’s face.
“Today I met another Ares.” Harry said to Louis and his eyes widened in surprise.
“Did you now? How rare!”
“Yeah, apparently people are naming their giant, clumsy dogs after you!” He informed and he and Niall burst into laughter. Louis was so easily angered, it was quite amusing, “On the bright side he was a cute dog, with the most beautiful companion, some girl, prettiest thing I’d ever seen!”
“Don’t let your mother hear that, she’ll be dead before she even knows what’s coming.” Harry rolled his eyes.
“that is wise advice…” he grumbled.
“Yeah, it’s best to keep that bit to yourself.” Niall advised.
His mind was a mess just thinking of her, he needed to find her and he would go to the gardens every single day until he ran into her; he just needed to see her again.  
Y/N and Ares were walking through the botanical gardens again, her eyes were peeled for Harry, the cupid doppelgänger. Ares was a bit more relaxed now, seeing as he was back on schedule and not deprived of the outside world; Wednesdays were his favorite because he had dog friends who played in the field on those days and Y/N just sat at a bench, watching, making sure he was playing nice. But then she saw him, walking down the path, camera slung over his neck, looking left to right, probably seeking inspiration. She hurried towards him, not bothering to grab her purse or her sandals that she had slipped off while she waited.
“Harry!” She called out and he looked up, smiling wide as he saw her coming up to him.
“Hi, Y/N.” He beamed, he was more than excited to see her. She was the reason he came.
“Can we talk? I know that you don’t know me at all, but I wanted to ask you something?” She asked and he nodded, following her back to her bench, he took a seat beside her and looked into her eyes, waiting for her to speak. “So, I’m a fine arts major and this is my last semester and we all do senior projects, right? Well, I kind of want to do something crazy for mine.” She said, then paused for a moment, “If you’re willing, could you help me with it?” She asked and he grinned.
“Depends what I need to do.” He countered and she giggled.
“Right well…you’ve heard of Eros right? Or Cupid? Whatever you want to call him!” She said and his heart started pounding, had he been found out? But how? After one run in? He nodded none the less, to see where she was going with this. “Well, my friend fed me this crazy idea that you look like the depictions of him. I paint realism, which many people don’t do anymore and I wanted to sort of bring back the style with a modern twist and I was thinking of doing panels based off of the Eros & Psyche myth, are you familiar with it?” She asked and he nodded dumbly almost.
Was he familiar with it? He lived it, the myth had been altered, given a happy ending because again, humans are fragile and need hope. Unfortunately, Psyche never woke from her slumber, no matter how much he had tried to wake her. It was the one thing that turned him from a reckless force into the sagacious and responsible being he is now. He had been in love once and it broke him completely, he did his best to prick those who seemed stronger or who deserved love. It had been decades since he had thought of Psyche, but seeing Y/N now, the softness of her eyes and the easy beauty of her face, he saw slight traces of his first ever love.
“Harry…” Y/N hummed, smiling a bit as he seemed to come out of his thoughts.
“Sorry, was just daydreaming.” He said and she smiled.
“No worries, well either way I uh- since you look so much like the depictions would you be interested in being my model?” She asked hopefully, brows furrowed as she waited for a response. “I know you don’t know me well and you won’t even get paid, so you can say no! But you’re just so perfect for it.” She explained and he smiled.
“I’ll do it.” He stated and her eyes went as wide as saucers.
“You will?!” She asked, shocked and he nodded, he loved seeing her smile.
“I will. When do we start?”
Naturally, after that day in the park with Harry, Y/N went home and told Barb and Oli that Harry was her model. She was more than excited about Harry agreeing to be her model, she just used one of her previous models as Psyche. Just as planned, the following Wednesday evening Harry and Chloe, her two models were stripping down to their undies and posing for the first panel. Y/N had sketched out what she wanted it to look like, so she was just making some adjustments to their positions.
“Your tattoos are cool.” She said to Harry quietly, adjusting his arm a bit and he grinned like a lovestruck schoolgirl.
“They’re not a problem are they?” He inquired and she shook her head.
“S’perfect actually, I’m doing it with a modern twist.” She said and then arranged the veil Chloe was wrapped in, she just went for a white one, Psyche represents the soul, untainted and perfect. Eros is the passion, reckless and spontaneous. After 3 hours and a few ten minute breaks Y/N had the color palette and general shape down. She snapped a quick picture of her two models in pose and then came off of the step ladder and took a few steps back to see the whole picture, it was almost to scale, it was big. “Thank you so much for your time, guys. I really appreciate it! Next session we’ll work on detailing the painting.” She said and the two stretched a bit. Harry was helping Chloe down, whose leg had gone numb and as he was helping Chloe slip on her clothes he started sensing massive amounts of attraction, so he glanced around the room until he saw a young man, standing alongside Y/N, talking to her a bit about her painting, so he tuned in his hearing.
“This is going to be incredible.” The man said and Y/N smiled.
“Thanks, I’m so excited! Choe and Harry work well together, they look really nice together, they both have godlike beauty.” She said and that made Harry smile, but the man interjected.
“Um, so do you…”
“Oh my god, Oli… let’s not, okay?” She said flustered and he grinned.
“Sorry, sorry… anyway, your project is going to put the rest of our class’ to shame. You’re definitely going to get the commission call.” He said and she sighed.
“I hope so, lord knows I need it.”
Harry had finished helping Chloe and tuned out of the conversation that wasn’t his. He now knew that Oli really, really likes Y/N.  He also knows that Y/N really doesn’t like him in the same way, and that there is an endgame to this project. Being commissioned to make art is basically getting paid to paint or draw, or whatever… he wanted Y/N to win, so he was going to call a few favors in with his friends Athena and Apollo when he got home, they owed him. Chloe had said goodbye and he lingered in the studio area, the room was big, but there were three different styles at three different desks and he knew which one belonged to Y/N without even asking.
“I’m guessing this is your station?” He said and she turned quickly, seeing him looking at the sketches and tiny paintings sprawled out. She walked over to him, she was so close he could feel her warmth and smell her perfume, it was sending his heart into a frenzy.
“Yep.” She hummed.
“Raphael fan, eh?” He smiled, picking up a little mock-up of the famous angels and waving it with two fingers.
“Yeah actually, I really like his work. He’s one of the reasons I’m so into realism.” She explained and he hummed.
“He was gay, you know?” Harry muttered as he inspected more of her art.
“It is a speculation.” She argued, “I mean, I believe it, but some cannot come to terms with it.” he chuckled.
“Trust me, he was.” Harry said glancing to her and she giggled.
“How can you be so sure? It’s not like you knew him.” She said and his eyes widened for a bit, he definitely knew him and he was saying too much.
“Uhhh, I’m cupid… I know everything about everyone’s love life.” He said honestly, but smugly because she didn’t necessarily know that and she rolled her eyes playfully.
“Alright then, so what can you tell me about mine?” She challenged, her arms folding over each other and raising a smug eyebrow at him and he grinned.
“I can tell you that your boyfriend doesn’t appreciate me flirting with you.” He said softly and she looked over to the entrance of the room and Oliver walked off quickly.
“Oli is not my boyfriend.” She stated firmly and Harry chuckled.
“Does he know that?”
“He does, but uh… he’s persistent. Wait, did you say you were flirting with me?” She asked smiling, her cheeks heating with a blush.
“I did find out if you were single, no?” He said smugly and she bit her lip, nodding.
“Alright…” she hummed, suppressing a smirk.
“Do you want to go get a coffee sometime?” She looked pensive, “I am posing as cupid for at least three more months…” he sang quietly and she giggled.
“I would love to. Also, don’t really like the sound of cupid… Eros is nicer.” She said quietly and he smiled, he liked that name better too.
After Harry left, Y/N and Barbie were just squealing about how beautiful Harry was and how he had asked her for coffee. Oliver was rolling his eyes the whole time at the “Cupid-wannabe” as he liked to call Harry.
“Have you been here?” He asked Y/N as they walked up to a little shop.
“I have not… didn’t even know it was here.”
“Well, they have the best coffee you will ever taste, come on.” He said, opening the door for her and letting her in.
He recommended something for her to try and paid for both of them and then led her to a booth, sliding in across from her.
“How’s the background of the first panel going?” He asked.
“I finished early this morning,” she disclosed, “Just need you and Chloe to come back in and do the finishing touches and panel one will be complete!” She said excitedly.
“You are extremely talented, you know? Probably one of the best artists I’ve ever known.” He said sweetly, reaching for her hand and she smiled as he held it in his larger one.
“Because you know so many of them?” She asked and he chuckled.
“More than you can imagine.” He teased and she rolled her eyes playfully. They were interrupted by a waiter who placed their drinks before them and mumbled a quick and polite ‘enjoy’ before slipping away just as quickly as he’d come. His hand moved off of hers and she instantly missed the contact, he was a magnet. After their first session they exchanged numbers and they have not stopped texting each other. Harry got a cell phone just for that, he didn’t get close to many humans and he really didn’t need a cellphone, but he wanted to keep talking to her.
“I love coffee, I can’t believe I had gone ages without it existing. At the first try it became my favorite flavor.” Harry shared enthusiastically after taking a sip from his steaming mug. Y/N caught that whole ‘ages without it existing’ thing, it seemed odd to her, but Harry was just a curious person and expressed himself oddly at times.
“I love it, too.” She smiled, tucking the words away to mull over at another time.
“So, what made you want to become an artist?” He asked and while she explained about her dad drawing all the time he listened to how her heart rate picked up when she’d look into his eyes and how the sense of attraction he could pick up so easily seemed to be growing the longer they were together. Her lips looked inviting and smooth, he wanted to kiss her and tell her that she was more beautiful than the stars in the sky and that he also, felt an overwhelming need to be near her. “So why did you agree to be my model?” She asked curiously, “I could’ve been a serial killer or something crazy.” She said and he chuckled, shaking his head at her wild mind.
“Because I wanted to get to know you better.” He admitted.
“Well, I hope you’re getting what you hoped for.” She replied, looking down at her cup and he smiled.
“I definitely am.” He said smiling timidly.
“I  also want to get to know you better.” She said, making his tummy flutter.
“What do you want to know?” He asked and she pursed her lips pensively.
“What’s your biggest fear?” She asked and he bit his lip.
“Falling in love.” He said honestly and she looked shocked.
“Why?” She asked immediately and then shook her head, “Sorry, you don’t need to answer that question.” She interjected and he shook his head.
“It’s because the first time it happened it ended badly and it feels like I hardly healed from it and it has been ages, but if I think about it for a second too long it feels really real.” He whispered and she frowned.
“I’m sorry, Har. Can I call you that?” She asked and he nodded.
“Y’can call me whatever you want, love.” She smiled sweetly at the pet name.
“Well, love is scary but I’d say it’s worth the risk, don’t you think? All the best things in life are.” She pointed out and he smiled at her optimism. Somehow, her fragile human heart had accepted its condition, life hurts, it’s tough, but there is beauty in everything. She had a true artist’s soul and he loved it.
“You’re right.” He responded quietly, “It’s worth the risk.”
Quite honestly, Harry had not felt this way about anyone in a hundreds of years. Psyche was also human, maybe he had a soft spot for humans? Who knows, but he knew that he could spend eternity with her and never get tired of her face. After coffee they went to a bookstore and then decided to catch a film. And as they sat there quietly, basically alone in the theater he reached over his arm rest and rested his hand over hers. She looked up at him so quickly, he just smiled tenderly, his skin prickling with chills as her fingers parted a bit, allowing him to slot his own fingers in the gaps. They stayed that way until the movie ended and made the walk to her house in the same manner and when he was saying goodbye the sun was setting and the rays were hitting her perfectly, thanks Helios.
“I really want to kiss you.” She confessed, her eyes seeking his for something and he grinned.
“You can.” He said and she shook her head, looking down to her feet. “Why not?” He asked, tilting her head up, so that their eyes could meet once more.
“I don’t kiss on first dates. Ever. Never have.” She explained and he nodded.
“Alright, well I always do, so…” he said quietly and leaned in, her breathing halted for a moment, but he pressed his lips to her cheek. Her skin was warm and soft, he could only imagine what her lips were like. It seemed like his kiss was searing her skin even when he pulled back, her hand flying up to the little patch of skin, holding her hand over it as her face broke into a blush. “A compromise, yeah?” He offered and she grinned.
“A compromise.” She repeated.
“I’ll text you, yeah?” He asked and she nodded, she felt like she was walking on clouds. “Have a goodnight.”
“You too.” She called after him and soon he was gone and she was pressed against the door, reeling by how much she already liked him.
“We need to talk.” Oli said seriously and she snapped out of her daze.
“Ugh, what is it, Oli?” She asked, toeing her sneakers off.
“It’s about Harry. If that’s even his name!” He said following after her as she headed further into the home, rolling her eyes as she dropped onto her bed waiting for him to say what he needed to say. “Harry Styles doesn’t even exist! He’s not listed, he isn’t a student here… I checked everything!”
“Maybe your hacker friends misspelled his name.” She said and he shook his head.
“No, we tried multiple variations and pseudonyms. He isn’t real.”
“Then who the fuck is he?” She asked sitting up and his eyebrows rose.
“Exactly! Who the hell are you spending time with and letting into our home? What if he’s a criminal?”
“What if he’s in WITSEC and your paranoia tips the real bad people off?” She asked and he rolled his eyes.
“I doubt that’s what this is… he has a British accent, maybe he’s in the mafia or a crime ring!” He speculated and she didn’t want to admit that he was putting doubts in her mind, but he totally was. She trusted him though, something about the way he was made her feel at ease, she didn’t feel afraid or suspicious.
“You need to drop this, Oli. I know that you like me, but this is crazy!” She said and he groaned.
“Fine, but if something bad happens I told you! I warned you.” He seethed and stormed out of the room, slamming the door hard. Y/N was ready for tomorrow, she had two early classes and then got to spend the afternoon with Ares, he seemed to like Harry as much as her at least.
Ares had been really hyper today, he was extremely alert and she was having a hard time controlling him as they walked through the gardens. She was only distracted for a moment, she was about to step on her shoe lace when he took off like a bullet. She groaned as she finished tying the knot and running after him, calling out his name as he tore into a section of thick trees.
“Ares!” Y/N called from outside, “fuck me…” she grumbled, they weren’t allowed to go behind the barriers. “Ares!” She tried once more and when he didn’t come out she glanced left to right, no security was in sight so she slipped past the display plaque and the barrier and into the thick trees. It was cold in the shade and as she walked deeper into the wooded area she could hear him barking.
“Ares!” She called, walking further in the direction of his barks. Finally she could see his rear and she sighed in relief. He seemed to be barking up at something, he was on the edge of a clearing. From above the garden made some sort of intricate sun, there were helicopter tours from the city just to see it. But when she arrived beside Ares she glanced up to see some sort of glowing spot in the middle of the air and her eyes widened in fear and curiosity, it started getting larger and larger so she picked up Ares’ leash and tugged on it to get him out, but he was planted firmly and she was too curious to leave. If she died, she died. Suddenly a foot was seen and that turned into a leg and she was about to faint when she saw the body draped in a white toga, a bow in hand and a quiver full of arrows in the other, a large pair of white wings were flapping moderately to ease the being’s landing. When it landed, it turned around at the sound of Ares’ barks and she really fainted when she saw a very familiar, handsome, curly-haired Harry.
“Y/N…” she heard at a distance. “Hey, come on, open those pretty eyes, love.” It was Harry… Harry who she saw coming out of a glowing hole with wings! She sat up all of a sudden making him jump in fear. “Y/N! Thought I lost you there for a moment!” He said excitedly and she was too weak to stand so she rubbed her eyes.
“You’re- you- what the fuck is going on?!” She said loudly and he frowned a bit.
“I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you.” He said quickly and she shook her head.
“I’m going fucking crazy.” She said slapping her own face a bit and he pulled her hand away.
“Stop that, you’re not crazy I’m just-”
“A fucking angel?” She interrupted and his lips twitched up in a half-smile.
“No, actually I’m Eros. Cupid…” he said and her eyes widened in disbelief.
“Do you have a pet dolphin too?” She asked and he chuckled.
“I don’t actually.”
“Jesus…” she mumbled in disbelief, finally standing with his help and pacing around, glancing from him to the ground and to the sky back and forth.
“I think you should sit.”
“I think not.” She quipped back. “Is this real? Am I on drugs? I think I need to call Oliver. Have you kidnapped me?” She asked worried and he hurried to her side.
“No, no please do not call anyone. I shouldn’t reveal myself to people!” He said anxiously and she pulled her hand away from his hold.
“How the hell…”
“If you will calm down I will explain everything.”
“Is that why you were always saying odd things like about coffee not existing?” She asked as he took her shoulders and guided her to sit on a nearby stump. Ares was following her around and planted himself beside her.
“Deities are very real, we’ve been around forever and uh… I happen to be one of them. I uh… Ares ran in to me while I was trying to get these two blokes to commit to each other and I thought you were very pretty and was determined to find you again and here we are.”
“Gods have cell phones?” She asked and he chuckled.
“I ummm, I got one because I wanted to keep talking to you.” he said timidly and her eyes widened.
“You, Eros, the god of desire or love, wanted to talk to me?” She asked and he chuckled, shrugging his shoulders.
“I thought you were cute.” He said genuinely and that was very… Harry of him to say and it broke her spell of shock for a moment.
“This is crazy.” She whispered more to herself than him. “Where does all this go when you’re not looking like that?” She asked, making a circle with her hands and smiled.
“The wings retract and I fit clothes into my quiver, I can also be invisible to the human eye.” He said, “Wanna see? Or not see.” He joked and she shook her head quickly.
“No, no, this is… quite extraordinary already.” She said and he smiled.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you, but I’m not really supposed to advertise it either.” He said and she nodded in understanding.
“What’s with the accent?” She asked.
“I learned English in Europe, it kind of stuck.” He explained and she nodded. A silence fell between them and he was worried that this might change the feelings she had started accumulating towards him.
“Was Raphael really gay?” She asked and he nodded. “You’re positive?” She asked.
“He made a move on me.” He answered honestly.
“Did you fuck my idol?!” Y/N asked shocked and he just shrugged, not really being able to suppress the little grin that made its way onto his face. “So you actually knew him?”
“Yeah, he was a very kind person.” Harry said, “We were friends, it really sucked when he died.” He said, his tone becoming a bit more soft at the memory.
“This is so fucking weird.” She whispered, planting her face in her hands.
“You’ve done a lot of cursing today.” He pointed out and she scoffed, looking to her feet again. She had ruined her sneakers coming in here looking for Ares.
“I am not sure how to process this…?” She said.
“Do you need space?” He asked and she shrugged. “We can go somewhere and-”
“Wait, if you’re Eros then you’re married? Or have a wife technically.” She said and his eyes widened.
“No, no I’m not.” He said quickly and her eyes narrowed.
“I’m painting your fucking love story!” She said loudly and he sighed.
“That is a myth, it didn’t end so happy.” He said and her eyes grew wide in realization, he had told her he was afraid of love. “Let’s go somewhere and talk, please?” He asked and she sighed.
“Will your mother kill me or turn me into a cow? Or make my hair into reptiles?” She asked quickly and he half-chuckled.
“You’re mixing up a few people.” He said amused.
“No, I know that wasn’t all her, but these are all viable possibilities of a punishment.” She said and he rolled his eyes.
She walked off with Ares to allow him to get changed  into normal clothes and soon he was by her side, and Ares followed after him as he walked past her.
After they dropped Ares off at his home she walked over to her car.
“Where should we go talk?” She asked as they slipped inside.
“Your place?”
“No, Oliver had his hacker friends look into you. I got in an argument with him defending you. Said that he couldn’t find record of you anywhere and all this nonsense, told him that maybe you were WITSEC so he should drop it.” Y/N explained quickly.
“WITSEC?” Harry asked and she nodded.
“In a witness protection program. Actually, I know where we can go.” She said and they took off. She was going to take him to the school studio she had rented for the semester and she was going to draw him in all his glory, it would help her wrap her mind around things.
“What’s this place?” He asked as they walked into the dark building. It was nearing midterms so the building was desolate, people were home studying. Y/N pulled out a key and let them into a small room nearly the size of her bedroom and she locked the door behind them , switching on the light and pulling the blind down over the window that was on the top half of the door.
“This is the university’s art studio, I rented a room for the semester but the panels I’m painting are so big, they don’t fit in here so I had to move home.” She said and he nodded in understanding. He sat on a stool, waiting for her to say something, but she started looking for something in the drawers of a desk in there and she paused and randomly laughed out loud.
“What is it?”
“You laughed when I told you Ares name. You know Ares… I get why you laughed now.” She giggled, wedging a thin, plastic box between her armpit, then bending to pull out a large paper pad from a crevice between the desk and the wall. “Watercolor it will be.” She said and he went to stand, “Stop, don’t move!” She said and he froze.
“Show me.”
“Show you what?” He asked nervously.
“The real you, wings and all.” She said and he looked around as if someone might see. “Give me your things.” She said walking over to him and taking the quiver full of arrows and his bow and setting it on the desk. “Alright, now go on. Flame on or whatever the magic words are.” He chuckled and removed his shirt and jeans, he stayed in his boxer-briefs and cracked his neck and rolled his shoulders back and suddenly his wings expanded. “Ummm, can you angle to your left a little. Just need t’see your face, do what’s comfortable with your legs and hands.” She said and he nodded, getting comfy as she pulled a water bottle from her purse, tossing the cap in the trash and just dipping a brush through the top of it and setting it down while she opened the paint palette and within a few moments she was making strokes on the paper. “Does it hurt when your wings expand?” She asked and he shook his head.
“When they grew in that was the most painful. Like your limbs, they grow as you grow, but when they started coming in I was only a week old, we grow faster… a week would be like… 4 years your time?” He said and she hummed, glancing from her paper to him and back and forth.
“So tell me what happened between you and…”
“Psyche.” He said and she nodded.
“Well, the story is pretty much how it goes, except that my mom basically said she was a cheater for getting help with the tasks and uh, the whole Persephone set up happened, it was a poison that put her into some deep slumber. I tried to convince my mother to just lift the curse, said only real love could do that. I did love her, with my whole heart, but when I tried bringing her back she just wouldn’t wake up.” He was getting quieter and quieter. “I revealed it to someone eventually, but they made it into a happy ending instead. Which is where you humans got the true love’s kiss shit… My mother said I didn’t really love her because it didn’t work, which killed me for a long time. She just hates the idea of deities with humans, which is rather hypocritical. Either way, I later found out that Psyche had been killed instantly by the poison; she was only human, she couldn’t handle the things my mother had done to her. A god or even a demigod would have been able to withstand, but uh, she was too fragile.” He finished and when he looked up Y/N wasn’t even painting anymore.
“I’m so sorry.” She said quietly, a frown over her angelic features. He could sense that her heart was heavy and aching for him. Real, honest empathy was rare in humans, but Y/N felt it.
“I am too, she was a good person. I uh- ever since then I had never felt anything close to what I felt for Psyche until I saw you, looming over me in the garden,” he smiled, “You were just so gorgeous and there was this aura of warmth and light around you that makes me feel not so shitty when you’re close by.” He said and she was nearly in front of him now.
“I feel that way too.” She said softly and he smiled, bringing her closer.
“That’s called attraction.” He said quietly as she stood between his legs. Her hand came up to his face, feeling his perfect and warm skin at her fingertips.
“Is this allowed?” She asked and he shrugged.
“Lots of them do it.”
“Do what?”
“See humans. Human relationships might be a little messy, but humans were built to care and love. No god or goddess or being in the universe can give love the way a human being can.” He said and she bit her lip.
“So I can kiss you?” She asked and he smiled.
“Of course you can.” He said, hands sliding down to her hips, her breath tickling his lips.
“I won’t melt into a puddle of cells or slime?” She asked, seriously, but exaggerating the outcome.
“No, but I might when I finally get to taste you.” He whispered and she moaned and melded their lips together. She might as well have been a mushy slime of cells on the ground because he was so beautiful and perfect. His lips were addictive, and his taste was so sweet, she moaned as his tongue rolled onto hers. Y/N pushed him off the stool and pressed him towards the desk, they kissed feverishly. As they moved carelessly his body rammed against the desk.
“Ow!” He yelped, his hand flying back to touch at his side and he felt it there, she glanced around him and saw as one of his arrows was pierced into his hip and it suddenly faded into nothing. She looked up at him, giggling. Oh, how the tables had turned. He looked into her beautiful eyes with so much adoration.
“I think I’m in love.” He whispered.
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For Light:
Wow, that's some arrogance. But anyway, if we were to divorce justice from punishment, what do you think that would look like? I wonder if healing, safety, fairness and compassion are more useful goals than justice. You're smart, I think you'd have noticed by now that specific crimes are underreported due to social stigmas and if they are reported, most of the time the criminal is not prosecuted because of lack of evidence. What do you plan to do about this? You are not omniscient and killing all suspect would not be fair. What are your plans on supporting the recovery and healing of the victim?
Also, about your plans for the future, how do you guarantee that they won't become corrupt?
For Light: I forgot to add this to the other ask but wouldn't it be way easier for a justice system reform if you are the President? Why stop at police?
"Hello again, aliurh. A person of many questions I see.
Alright then, let's separate the ideas of 'justice' and 'punishment' from each other. Healing, safety, fairness, and compassion are certainly all very important concepts, if not as important as the concept of justice. I strive to achieve all of these. I may not be able to do it all at once, but I most definitely want the new world I am creating to have all of these things.
As for your second question, I obviously intend to pass judgement on those that the police are not able to, or refuse to get a hold of. Through my own research and means, I will think carefully about the crimes these people have committed and will consider whether or not they deserve to be punished by the hand of Kira. Also, I am fully aware of the fact that I am not omniscient and I never said I would kill all suspects.
In terms of supporting the victims who have suffered, I intend to make things such as therapy and other medical needs more accessible and cheaper. That is, if I am able to get my way and win this battle against L.
In response to your question about corruption, I obviously cannot fully guarantee it will not happen. But that is why I will take the utmost care in selecting the person and/or people who will be in charge of leading the world as 'Kira'.
Finally, to answer your last question, I do agree that it could possibly be easier to reform the justice system by becoming a world leader, but I honestly have no intention to do so. I am simply fine with staying in the police force while acting as a god behind the shadows. My goal is not to reform the justice system as the president, but rather to change people's hearts and mindsets by getting rid of people the world does not need.
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celestiaphia · 8 months ago
My Ritual for Offerings and Prayers
Simple Version - Full Version
I got a lot of positive feedback when I mentioned writing a post about my own practices so here it is! Please keep in mind this is all about my own practice, this is not reconstructed, historically accurate, or required for anyone to do it like I do it. Hopefully this will inspire others to share their practices. If you have questions about anything, feel free to message me. 
How I Created my Ritual
Before I go over the specific ritual I follow I want to talk about how I created them. Some of it is influenced by reconstructed hellenic polytheism but the majority of it I created over time as I added things, took things away, and found what worked for me.
When I first tried creating a ritual to fit myself, I asked myself what giving an offering means to me. At the most basic level I decided an offering means inviting the Gods into my home as guests. With that in mind, I could use the idea of Xenia, hospitality, to shape my ritual. I don’t know if this is commonly how other people treat it, but it’ll be obvious how important it is in my ritual and it’s important enough to me that I wanted to specifically call it out.
Formality in ritual is incredibly important to me. I believe that formality and ritual is valuable for strictly defining a difference between the sacred and the profane. It allows for a deeper experience with the Gods. I typically do free form prayer along with my offerings, but with some Gods I do give more informal prayers without ritual or offering - it depends on my connection with the God. 
I also want to note - this process is pretty long and involved and I am hoping to make a quick and more minimalist version that both meets my requirements for ritual and doesn’t require so many steps. Even if this altogether takes only 10 minutes, it feels like a lot and I am hoping to find a ritual process that I can do quicker so I can do it more often. 
My Steps for Offering
1. Preparation - I get everything I need for the ritual. I don’t want to have to leave my altar in the middle because I forgot my lighter! I also make sure my altar is clean and I’ve set up any art I may be using. I currently use tarot cards or other art cards as a stand in for statues and a way to help me focus on a specific deity.
2. Ritual Cleansing - Ritual cleansing is important to me not necessarily because of a strong believe in lyma/miasma but because it’s a special process to tell myself this is a special time. It’s a way for me to focus  my attention on this moment, and mentally transition myself into the space for worship. Ritual cleansing for me could be a shower, washing my hands, or using khernips. I’ve done all of the above and sometimes one feels more necessary than the other. Lately I’ve been using khernips more since it’s ritual heavy and, I love ritual!
3. Put on a Veil - This is the newest step in my ritual and it’s in “beta” phase. After cleansing, I put on a full head veil. Thus far that means - putting up a hood on a jacket/hoodie. I haven’t invested in a unique veil yet but I do plan to. I’ll be making a detailed post about what veiling means to me in the future and if I remember I’ll link the post here. 
4. Light My Altar Candle - I can’t use incense, so instead I light a candle. This is a candle I only use when I am giving an offering or praying at my alter, never for any other purpose. This allows it to be another way of making this time/space sacred; lighting the candle signals this is a ritual, sacred space. This step originally came from the practice in Hellenic Polytheism of the hearth, and the first offering being given to Hestia, but I don’t always pray to/give first offering to Hestia. Nonetheless, in her own way she gets rep at my alter with the candle!
4.5. Grounding in the Moment - This is not a step I always do, it depends on how I feel but at this point I will sometimes pause to close my eyes and take a few breaths to ground me in the moment, to mentally focus before I speak. 
5. Invite the God(s) to My Altar - “(God’s name), I ask you to join me at my altar as I offer and pray to you,” or if I’m offering to more than one god, “Dear Gods, I ask you to join me...” - I may word this differently since though I have formal steps, my wording is all done on the fly. In the spirit of Xenia, viewing the Gods as my guests, my first real step in the offering is to invite them in. I believe this is a good way to get the God’s attention before I give my offering. 
6. Give the Offering - My most common offering by far is a libation of water. (Why Water is not a Lazy Offering) I will pour the water from whatever holding vessel I’ve used into my special libation glass. While giving the libation I say: “I offer to you this libation. May it please you and bring you joy.” If I’m offering something else, of course I won’t say “this libation” I’ll specify whatever I’m offering. If I’m giving multiple offerings like libation and food, then I’ll call out each one separately.  
7. Prayer - Give Thanks - I thank the God for anything they have recently done for me, or generally for their existence and what they’ve done in my life. It’s incredibly important to me to offer my thanks every time and especially before I have any requests to make in prayer. The prayer sections of my ritual are the most freeform, it will depend on the god I’m praying to. Some I will give a short prayer of thanks, and others I will go on for a while, listing the many things they have done for me, thanking them for what they have brought to me in my life. I am speaking from my heart when I do this - I do not give thanks because I have to but because it’s something I am truly thankful for. 
8. Prayer - Supplication/Request - This is an optional part of the prayer. If this is my first time praying to a specific deity I will almost never make a request of them, since I believe it’s rude to ask them for something when we have not built any kharis (built a relationship) between each other. An initial prayer to a God is to invite them in as my guest, give them an offering, thank them for coming - and that’s it. This may also be optional if I don’t have anything to ask the specific God for or if for some reason it doesn’t feel appropriate to me to ask for anything.
Just like giving thanks, this section will be mostly freeform, but there is one part of praying for things that I do very specifically. Before I ask for anything I say, “If it would pleases you” or “if the fates will it” or something to that effect - signaling that though I ask for this, I know that I am not guaranteed it and it ultimately is up to the god if they choose to do it for me. It’s important to me to signify that I know the Gods do not owe me anything, that I cannot expect anything from them - not that they are cruel and wouldn’t do that, but that they are not vending machines who I can give offerings to and get something from.
A request could be as simple as “If it would please you, I pray that you guide me to be more like you” (in prayer to Athena for wisdom) or it could be more complex, talking about a problem I’m going through, and praying for specific help and guidance through it. Since this is a freeform prayer, sometimes it does not always follow either the pattern of thanks then request - but I do generally try to give thanks first , then request, then I can speak as freely as I wish to the God. 
9. Repeat Steps 6 - 8 as Needed - If I am praying to multiple gods, then my offering/prayers are done uniquely for each God. Each step could be as long as short as I want it to be, but the most simple example of giving to multiple Gods would look like this:
“I pour this libation to Hermes” (Pour small amount of water) “Thank you Hermes for all that you do in my life.  If it pleases you I pray that you continue to help me with my job. Thank you. Now I pour this libation to Athena” (pour water again) “Thank you Athena for all you do in my life...” and so forth
Because of the amount of detail I put into my ritual, if I’m praying to more than 3 Gods I generally make the prayer sections very short. If there are Gods for whom I want to give longer prayers - then those are typically the ones I will offer and worship to exclusively, to give them special offerings and time all their own. Otherwise it gets to be too much. 
9.5 Meditation - Another optional step, I have some prayer beads I will use to meditate with at my alter and focus on the God/Gods and generally let myself experience whatever I am feeling  as I am in this sacred space. This may lead to me making more prayers as feelings come up or may be as simple as me taking a few breaths as I think on the Gods. I don’t always do this but just like grounding helps me enter the ritual, I think doing the same as the ritual is ending is helpful. 
10. Closing the Ritual - To close the ritual, I first thank the God(s) for joining me. I’ll say something like: “Thank you (God’s name)/Gods for joining me at my alter. I pray that the offerings pleased you and that you will join me again in my home.” After this I will snuff out my candle and remove my veil if I was wearing one. I don’t have any opinion on blowing out vs snuffing out a candle,  but I have a candle snuffer so I do use that. 
Minor Details
Where do I put my hands? As someone who was raised Christian, it’s almost instinct  for me to put my hands together in prayer. Sometimes I do pray this way. Sometimes I pray with my hands open and facing up for Olympic Gods, or facing down for Cthonic Gods. I try to use the second one more than the first - but I don’t judge myself if habit of putting my hands together kicks in. I try to remember that intention is what matters most of all. 
What does my altar look like?  Here is a recent post with pictures and details of my altar. Here is a picture of my altar after a ritual. (I chose to leave the candle lit for the picture.) This is a picture of my altar from 3 years ago, and an even earlier picture of my altar. This will hopefully help people see that altars don’t always start so full and pretty! Seriously, my first altar was a cardboard box I had covered in fabric. We do the best with what we have available to us. 
How long do I leave out my offerings? I used to remove my offerings immediately after giving them because otherwise I was afraid I would forget them. I’ve started leaving them for longer, but it does end up being an issue still if I do forget them. Ideally I would remove them 24 - 48 hours later, and no longer than that. I feel leaving them for some time afterwards helps to symbolize that I am continuing to honor the Gods even when I am away from my altar.
How often do I give offerings/prayers? Due to my current living situation, my adhd and other mental health issues, and because of how complicated my ritual process is, I don't give offerings and prayers formally with this ritual as often as I'd like. I aim for once a week, but a more realistic answer is every two week to once a month. I do set goals for myself, but loosely. If I miss a goal, I remind myself I can do it again the next day or week, and that it's not a failure. There's a lot going on in our lives (especially this past year 2020). I don't give up if I miss a week, and know I can always do it whenever I have time next.
This is why I hope to make a quicker and simpler version of my ritual in the future, and when I do I will make a post for it as well.
Where do you get items for your altar? When I am able, I do buy unique items from Etsy, and a few items on my altar were gifts, but for the most part a LOT of the items on my altar were gotten from Good Will and other thrift shops! i recommend thrifting because it’s affordable, environmentally friendly, and allows for creativity. For example, I made devotional jars to some Gods using tiny spice jars from the thrift store, glitter, and little items representative of the Gods. 
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ender-r0se · 4 months ago
A medusa-ish!George au
Cross-posting a little fic snippet I was conceptualizing on discord
"I forgot that a major part of her story is that people try to kill her and did not in fact take that into account when I imagined a dnf scene but the extra layer of underlying angst if Dream was sent to kill him is interesting to contemplate (o wo)
All I'm thinking of is a scene where they're just talking and Dream wants to get a better look at George (because his mask obscures his vision so it's pretty safe for him to stay in George's vicinity since he can't really look into his eyes) and, well something like: "
Tumblr media
George shoots forward from where he's sitting, hands grasping Dreams, halting the way his fingers were fumbling around with the straps of his mask.
"What are you thinking?"
Anger, incredulity, and unwavering panic evident in his voice. Usually he would flinch from the snap and hiss of his own voice when he wasn't mindful, but in this he did not care. The one thing that guaranteed the other's safety in his presence and he was just going to take it off, as if the gesture meant nothing. As if Dream didn't know in explicit detail what could happen if-
He squeezes the wrists held in his grip a fraction tighter, hoping that it would stop the tremors shooting through him. Dream, for his part, doesn't appear to mind, and it baffles and infuriates him in equal measures.
"You know exactly what could happen if I- if you aren't careful. After all of this time under the care of my hospitality, why do this?"
They are silent for a moment, Dream slowly lowering their joined hands from around his head, and George doesn't fight it when he removes his grip to instead clasp his hands between his own, thumbs moving in a soothing tandem while he searches for his words.
"I was thinking that..." his head tilts, glancing first at the fire they had built in preparation for the coming darkness, and then to the afternoon sunshine filtering in through the canopy, " would look beautiful in this lighting. That I would like to see you in it, and that we could be careful, just this once."
George huffs a laugh, shaking his head in disbelief as he bows over there hands. It further serves to hide his blushing face, more than the others mask already does he's sure. He can tell that Dream knows the effect he has on him anyways.
Dreams own head comes to lower against his own, and his voice gentles in this closer proximity, forehead to forehead.
"Just keep doing what you're doing now George- avert your gaze to the smoke and sparks rising from the fire. Let me look at you? Let me see you, like this? Warm and glowing in the light."
Hesitantly, George removes himself from Dreams hold, sitting up and turning his head to face the fire.
"...please be careful."
That same shuffling movement from before happens in the corner of his eye.
"Of course," he responds, voice unmuffled and almost too loud in the encroaching silence, sending a shiver down his spine.
Crackling fire. Rising smoke. Dancing sparks. George dutifully examines it as Dreams eyes must surely be doing as well. He flinches at the lightest touch the settles against his shoulder, a brush of fingertips that bring an unexpected shock of warmth.
"May I?"
He cannot deny this man, does not want to in this moment, for all the trust he has placed in him. By the gods-
This gentle touch trails from his shoulder, down the length of his arm, and pauses at the palm of his hand. He inhales sharply at the featherlight kiss that settles in the center of his hand, a blush crawling across his features and spreading as surely as the others curious touch.
His hands continue, two where there was only one, up both arms, hands never grasping, one stopping at the junction of his neck, and the other slipping over the curve of his jaw.
George shudders, eyes finally slipping shut, tilting his head into the guiding hands.
"I was right," Dream whispers, his voice suddenly so close, "You are etherall."
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oldearthaccretionist · 4 months ago
Hi there! Can I ask you for field trip advice? I’m leaving soon on a two-week field tour of the mines and interesting geological sites of my country, nothing too intensive field work wise, but we’ll be camping every day, and I’m a bit anxious about being prepared. Do you have any indispensable gear/packing methods etc? 🏔💚
(Happy 25th of May!)
Sorry for delay in response I've been very hectically busy, so hopefully it's not too late for your trip but yes I can offer some help!
First rule of bringing stuff to the field: Do NOT bring anything you are not willing to see destroyed. Field conditions are unpredictable and very rough on things. Anything that can get damaged is likely to get damaged. Anything you want to protect should have a protective +/- waterproof carrying case and EVEN THEN you cannot guarantee its safety.
I'm not sure of the context so I don't know what you have to provide for yourself vs what is being provided for you and some of these tips are going to be climate dependent (my work is generally in the high altitudes of the mountains of northern Canada where the weather can regularly fluctuate from high 20s to near or below 0 with sun, rain, snow and all the things in between, sometimes in the same day).
This is the list I give to students first coming out to one of my remote helicopter-accessed field camps, keep in mind a lot of these are for conditions that may be more remote and rugged with more intense conditions than you may be facing but it's not a bad place to start regardless:
Fly Camp Gear Packing Advice and List:
Packing tips:
To fit more in a smaller space fold clothes neatly and then roll them small.
Pack large unflexible items first and then fill space in around them
Waterproof duffle bags with straps long enough to "backpack carry them" are amazing if you can shell out the money... because if you are setting up camp in the rain the ability to not be worried that all your stuff is getting soaked is just... I cannot go back to using cheap duffles (or if it's an option for your transportation methods a rubbermaid bin to pack things in is fantastic and provides a tent bedside table XD, but way harder if you have to carry them physically over any distance)
Having smaller bags IN your bags can really help make things easier for you to find.
I personally tend to overpack AND have a tendency to forget things or have anxiety about forgetting things, to combat this I make myself a checklist and designate myself a packing station. I start gathering things about a week before I have to leave and everything I'm going to pack goes into that designated area/ into the bag I'm using as I check stuff of the list. Then over the week before I leave I think about it and add anything I forgot and remove things that I'm like "Okay no, I don't actually need that, I'm not likely to use that, etc."
To combat overpacking it's also good to remind yourself that you will always have LESS free time than you think you will, you don't need a million bulky things to do with free time, pick a couple that pack easy and stick with those... fieldwork and tours tend to be very busy and tiring.
Extra tips:
Making yourself a little waterproof emergency bag that always lives at the bottom of your bag that contains a personal first aid kit, emergency signalling supplies, sewing kit/patches, extra bootlaces, some duct tape - I take some off a big roll and create a mini roll, and a set of extra socks, gloves, hat, long underwear, and a helicopter flag is just a really good habit to get into)
If you are doing anything with helicopter work a small foldable handsaw is indispensable and can literally be the difference between being able to find a pickup spot and being in a situation where you have to walk a long way hoping to find one.
Bring some sort of high density low weight food, like nuts, that is extra to your lunch, just in case you get stuck outside longer than you planned.
If you are using a platypus bag for water add extra padding between it and anything else in your bag to avoid accidental punctures... personally I find that putting them in a polypropylene sample bag works really well, and also if it does start leaking it just goes into the plastic bag rather than into your main backpack
When dressing for outdoor work always think in layers, dress in layers so that you can easily layer up and down for changing weather conditions (i.e. for me: base layer - thermal/long underwear and/or tank top, mid layer - t-shirt or other mid layer normal shirt, outer layer - long sleeve/button-up, sweater/warm vest, jacket (rain or warmth or both). Some days you need all the layers some days you will be like dear god it is so hot please no layers but being able to mix and match for conditions and change how you're dressed throughout the day is key to packing the least required while also covering all your bases for what you might encounter + you can maintain a bit better cleanliness if you clean the layers you wear close to your skin more often or have more changes of them without having to wash all the things at once)
Tent choice: If, and only if, you are going to be carrying the tent on your back should you look into the ultralight models. Otherwise, it's far more cost effective and comfortable to prioritize good durable fabrics with high water-tight ratings. And, unless space is at a premium, choose a tent that is sized for 1 person more than will be staying in it for maximum comfort and gear storage and for similar reasons look for good spacious vestibules! Vestibules are amazing for your boots, for wet gear, for storing things... just the extra comfort and convenience they bring is fantastic.
Field Gear Convenience Carry Variations:
Some people swear by cruiser vests and, if they fit you well, they're fantastic, so many pockets, so much carry capacity (note: if the high vis of the vest isn't a concern for you fishing vests also work for this).
Tumblr media
Personally I do not find them comfortable and my extra padding in the boob and hip areas tends to mean they're too tight in some areas and too loose in others and a damn nuisance with the backpack stabilization belts and bending over results in stuff falling out of pockets.
So, my personal favourite way to carry my gear is toolbelt pouches ala:
Tumblr media
Other people I know swear by front-carry pouches like this (Also I figured I should include at least one photo more “layered down” because the weather is nice, for warm weather I am usually more like the person on the left with a breathable button up left open over a tank top for the balance of breath ability without sacrificing arm armor XD ):
Tumblr media
I also like backpacks that have a lot of external loops and straps to attach gear to (such as rock hammers/geotools) or to hang wet gear on to dry after brief rain storms.
Also, if your backpack doesn't come with one, get a rain cover for it. Because on days like this you are going to be wet enough already and backpacks take a longer time to dry than you might think:
Tumblr media
Edit to add: Oh also, I tend to get as much of my field gear on as steep a discounted sale as possible because shit gets destroyed by fieldwork so I’m often stuck with whatever colours there are. But if given the option ALWAYS take the brightest most obnoxious colour option you can rather than the playing it cool duller colours. Visibility for safety is great, I also always carry a high vis mesh vest or t-shirt and a helicopter flag just in case.
It’s also a really good idea, if you plan on doing fieldwork longer term, to get into the habit of having a packing list and at the end of field stints making notes on that list about what you did and didn’t use and making a note every time there’s something you wished you had. Over time this will become your own personal packing list based on your own preferences that you can reuse and modify as you go so that you don’t have to recreate it every time.
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The Same Side of the Same Coin
Author: @lettersofwrittencollective​​​​
Pairing:  Francesco Pazzi x Medici!Reader (female) 
Word Count: 1801
Prompt: None 
Summary:  As the oldest Medici daughter, there are things that are expected of you. As the heir of Pazzi, there are things expected of him. 
Tumblr media
The sound of footsteps echoed outside but it was when the telltale sign of the doors opening and closing as feet entered the villa. You and mother made your way towards the entrances, only to see Bianca being returned by the guards. 
Your mother moved to go towards her but Lorenzo’s voice stopped her, “I will speak to her.”
A part of you was jealous of your younger sister. Youngest of your parents children, she was doted upon by everyone and your father had spoiled her beyond measure. 
Bianca said she loved Guglielmo and had been seeing the boy “secretly” for years. Both you and Giuliano knew all about the affair. It seemed, however, that your father and brother were too busy to notice and your mother well you did not  know what she actually knew. 
It was when you heard Bianca screaming at Lorenzo that you decided that you would not sit here and listen to her.  
Making your way to your brothers rooms, you knock on the door before entering. 
“She is home and I guarantee you that it cannot be more than ten minutes before Lorenzo leaves and is on his way to to Jacopo Pazzi to convince the man to somehow turn this in her favor!” you sigh as you throw yourself down on the bed. 
“Would you prefer he allow them to become pariahs?” Giuliano asks and you can hear the chuckle in his voice. 
Sighing, you shake your head, “Of course not Giuliano- do not be absurd. It just frustrates me that Bianca is forever getting everything she wants.”
“Oh I very much think she would care to disagree with you,” Giuliano tells you and you cannot help but scoff. 
“Perhaps…” you answer as you sit up. Taking a moment, you adjust your dress before speaking up again, “But even if she does, mother and father have allowed her to get away with everything since she was a baby. When we had our lessons, tutors would have to chase her through the villa in order to get her to sit down and learn something. If I was even late, father made sure I was reprimanded. I am the one that is expected to sacrifice for the family.  I am the one that will end up in a marriage that Lorenzo will arrange in order to gain some sort of advantage with someone or other.” 
“You could say something,” Giuliano tells you, he has moved so that he is leaning against one of the posts on his bed. “I am sure that Lorenzo would allow you to love someone on your own terms.
Sighing, you merely shake your head, “It makes no difference. It does not matter anymore- no matter what I want. I will be married off, as are all women and it will be to further some mans fortunes by such an advantageous match to Y/N Medici… ”
A silence falls between the two of you. Giuliano has always understood you the most and he was allowing you a moment of - what exactly you were not sure… though you hoped that it was perhaps a moment of mourning. 
“For what it is worth, you are much more discreet than Bianca is,” Giuliano tells you and your eyes immediately cut to his, your heart seizing in your throat at his knowing look. 
“You cannot…” you beg of him as you stand, taking his hand in yours, your voice barely above a whisper.
Giuliano promises he will not say a word.
All too soon,  the wedding arrived. Before the sun set, Bianca and Guglielmo would be wedded. 
You had allowed yourself a moment of pure and utter sorrow for a world you knew you have never had for just a few minutes before you had gotten dressed for the day. 
A beautiful emerald colored dress, enough to show yourself off to the world but no so much that you would upstage your sister. 
You had watched the wedding, your eyes having a hard time staying on the bride and groom, instead warring with themselves and landing on Francesco repeatedly. 
As a child, you had grown up with Francesco and his family and even before you knew what love was- you knew that you cared for Francesco Pazzi. After his mother and father died, after Jacopo had torn his nephews from your life, you had not had a chance to really interact with Francesco but each time you did, the old feelings would rear their heads again. 
Before he left for Rome, you had caught him looking your way many times and you could have sworn there was an affection there. 
The day of your fathers death, you’d been tempted to run to him when he fell from the horse.. But the fear of his rejection had rooted you to your spot. 
Apparently being in his presence too long, however, meant you could not stop looking at him.
You were enjoying a glass of wine when you noticed Francesco had gone towards one of the smaller studies. Making your way towards the study, you tried to think of the ways in which you would be able to strike up a conversation that would allow you just a moment with him. 
As you approached, however, you hear a woman's voice, “But what kind of bride will I be?” 
You can hear him telling someone to be careful with that, whatever that is answered just a few moments later. Just as the females voice asks if she will be a danger to herself or to some as yet unknown man, an arrow embeds itself in the door frame. 
Gasping softly at the site of the arrow you look up to see Francesco’s green eyes on you. However, this time they are simply filled with surprise. 
You can hear someone calling for the woman, Novella, and Francesco is moving so that he’s covering the arrow from whoever is looking for her. 
“Francesco,” you greet kindly as you enter the room, pulling the arrow from the door frame, “I hope you are enjoying yourself.”
“Ma Donna Medici,” he greets you, causing the blood in you to freeze, before he answers you with a motion of his wine glass towards the main room you’d just been in, “As much as one can at these sorts of events.”
Holding onto what you’re sure is a brittle smile, you chide him softly, “Oh come now, we have known each other since we were children and now we are family… Surely you can use my name?”
You see the small uptick of his lips, enough to let you know that you’ve at the very least amused him but before he can answer, Lorenzo is there and he apparently has things to discuss with the man in front of you. 
Knowing a dismissal when you heard one, you nodded your head at the two of them before making your excuses. 
Francesco watches as Y/N walks out the door and rejoins the others in the celebration. In that moment, he wishes he had been a better man. That he had been strong enough to do exactly what Guglielmo had done and had  ran away with you years ago. 
But Bianca and Guglielmo were afforded a little more in their youth. 
While all the world knew that the Medici legacy was dependent on Lorenzo. They often forgot that a large part of the coming legacy would also come from Y/N. 
Lorenzo had married nobility but if they could make an advantageous match for Y/N as well, the power of the Medici family would be uncontested throughout all of Italy. 
Francesco had loved Y/N since he was a child. Even as his uncle had demanded and bred a contempt for the Medici’s, Francesco had always stood up for her. It had led to quite a few beatings in his childhood. Some of which his back still bore the evidence of. 
He had thought about approaching her a thousand times in his youth. Of begging her to take him. 
But there was no way that he could. 
Francesco Pazzi was to carry on the legacy of the Pazzi family just as Lorenzo was his. 
There was a time in his life when Francesco would have damned the whole thought to hell and fallen on bended knee, begging the woman to abscond away with him but then he’d discovered Guglielmo and Bianca. 
He would not tear away his brother from someone he loved. At least one of them should be allowed to be happy.
Lorenzo’s voice breaks through his thoughts, calling his name again and Francesco is pulled back to the moment in front of him, “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”
He watches Lorenzo’s eyes flick from him towards the girl through the doors and God help him Lorenzo tries not to look, tries not to be so obvious in his affections but he can’t help himself. It’s as if the world begins and ends with Y/N Medici. 
He could stare at her until the end of time and still he would not have his fill of her. 
A cleared throat brings his attention back to Lorenzo. 
“You know, the two of you are the same side of the same coin,” Lorenzo tells him and Francesco can’t help but narrow his eyes at the man in front of him. Lorenzo puts his hands up in a placating manner. 
“You really don’t see it do you?” Lorenzo questions him and Francesco can feel his patience wearing thin. 
“What are you talking about, Medici?” he snaps at the arrogant man in front of him. 
“Just as you love my sister, she loves you,” Lorenzo tells him and Francesco prepares himself for a fight. He has never done anything inappropriate with Y/N and brother or not, he will skewer Lorenzo if he even implies it. 
Lorenzo, for his part, either does not notice or decides not to mention it. Instead, Lorenzo tells him, “While my sister was never obvious, her worry of you and the way she would scold Giuliano and I after an incident… well that and the way that you look at her- I suspected the two of you of a romance. 
“Imagine my surprise when, after paying closer attention, I realized that the two of you did not speak unless in public. But my, my how the two of you gravitate towards each other.  I had hoped, if we could get past the bickering with your Uncle, that we may have made a betrothal between the two of you. But, it would seem that Bianca and Guglielmo have put an end to that.” 
He can feel Lorenzo’s hand on his shoulder and the man squeezes his shoulder before changing the topic, “About the alum then….”
taglist: @stiles-o-dylan24​​ @nicole-lynne​​  @mummybear​​  @emichelle​​ @genius2050​​  @suhoey​​ @fullangelimagines​​ @xceafh​​ @stilessarcasmqueen​​ @mvrylee​ @teen--marvel​
A/N: I apologize for any and all misspellings, OOC, tense changes, etc. this is not only a new fandom for me but it is also the first time I write this character at all and i was low key just way to excited to share
Do not copy and paste my writing anywhere without my consent. This work is the property of lettersofwrittencollective . Associated characters belong to Lux Vide,  Big Light Productions ,Rai Fiction and  Netflix (i think) and are being borrowed for this work, all OC’s are the property of lettersofwrittencollective. These works contain material protected under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint or use of this material is prohibited. No part of these works may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission from the author/publisher.
Posted 1 October 2019
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polandspringz · 4 months ago
Fanfic/Writing Updates!
I know I just put this in a mess of tags on my last post, but just an update for my readers:
Sorry for the delay in updating fics/writing stories! I was dying towards the second half of my semester so I didn’t have time to much other than some one-shots. Right now though, I’ve kicked it into high gear, lol. So here is what I can currently promise you to look forward to.
Obey Me
You Don’t Really Wanna Stay (Sequel to “Cause You Don’t Really Wanna Go”, now known as the Hot n’ Cold series): Chapter 2 has been finished since mid-April. I haven’t published it because I sort of screwed myself going off script and publishing chapter 1 before I wrote the entire fic (unlike how with CYDRWG, I wrote the entire thing in one week and then published it over a few days/like a week). I’ve had the entire story outlined in this case, but it was just a matter of writing it. Chapter 3 is also finished now, so I will be working over the next few days to finish Chapters 4 and 5 before I start publishing the rest of the work on a schedule. This was a story that was originally only meant to be 2 chapters, but as you can see, things have expanded. An epilogue may or may not be written later on (similar to the Mammon fic as well). I may or may not have plans for a third fic in this series.
Siberia: This story has had the entire plot and every detail outlined since I started writing it last fall. Again, it’s just a matter of writing it all together into a long chapter with scenes instead of plot points and summaries of events on a notebook page. Once the above fic is finished being written, I will immediately resume work on Chapter 8 of Siberia, and similarly, will try and get through 2-3 chapters before I start publishing again. At the earliest, I can guarantee an update by the end of May or June. I’m hoping to get ahead in my writing to help me out later on.
Designing in the Devildom (Series): There are SO many one-shots planned for this series still. I originally planned on having a loose chronological order for them, but as some of you may have seen, we’ve kind of deviated a bit. I have several documents with drafts for various stories that have been in the works for months, but am putting this series as less of a priority compared to the above works. I received an ask suggesting I continue the “M’Lady” fic with a follow-up of the actual fashion show the demons would participate in, and have drafted sketches of each outfit the characters would model, which I would like to publish alongside the work, so that is one of the projects that is taking some time.
I have so many stories still planned for gen:LOCK, and as I work on my other fandoms, I find myself itching to get back to this fandom that I love so much. I don’t want to give a lot away, but I have at least 3 ideas revolving around Yaz and 1 idea focused on the gen:LOCK team as a whole. They aren’t short one-shots or drabbles, so I ask you to be patient and promise by the end of the summer you will see something from me soon.
Cars gL AU: Believe it or not, I did plan a sequel to that joke fic. The idea came about after I wrote the ending to the story, and the response from the actual Cars fandom was so nice, it really made me want to write a follow up. It will be significantly shorter, but I hope everyone will enjoy it as well.
Omori: I have plans for a multi-chapter AU that if I nail it the way I want to, well it might not do anything but be self-indulgent for me, but I think it might obliterare the fandom (as I joke to my friend often). I won’t be working on this story until I finish Siberia, as there is a similarity between them and I wish to give each their proper attention.
SK8: I hate Adam but I love writing for Adam and Tadashi. I had another story idea floating around in my head but no concrete notes on it, so I can’t guarantee when this will be written, but know there are plans for it.
FF9: I’ve been promising my sister an FF9 fic for about 2 years now. I had an idea after beating the game but forgot half the location names in the game, and that’s what’s been holding me back. I planned for it to be more long winded and descriptive, but might go a more straight to the point approach. I’m hoping to try and finally sit down and write it before May 31st.
Genshin Impact: I have notes in my fanfic writing journal for a Xiao fic and a Dainsleif fic. Writing for Genshin Impact feels very volatile though and as much as I appreciated the response on my Albedo fic months ago, I cannot guarantee I’ll ever get around to these, lol.
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notbigondoors · 6 months ago
{out of equations} I am a little afraid that I’m being misunderstood because of how it appears I am running my blogs. The truth is, I am a shy, derpy potato, and I suspect I’m just coming across in a much different way than I wish to. Below is my attempt to clear some of that up, so that hopefully anyone whom I’ve inadvertently made to feel like I am ignoring them or don’t want to write with them can feel better. Thank you for reading, if you do, and otherwise I hope everyone is having a lovely day. =)
I don’t know if this is actually a thing or not, but it occurs to me that I may be giving people the wrong idea about my blogs. It’s been so for a while that I keep getting compliments on my writing/portrayals, but then so many of my mutuals never interact with me and eventually unfollow, or start threads and drop them after a few replies. Now, people are entitled to lurk, change their minds, become disinterested, lose muse for a thread, and/or decide they don’t like writing with me or feel that my writing doesn’t measure up to theirs once they start. That’s perfectly okay! I’m not mad, I’m not calling anybody out, that’s absolutely okay! Right now, I’m talking to any of my mutuals who feel intimidated by me, feel I don’t want to write with them because I haven’t reached out to them first, or feel like I’m basically telling them they’re not good enough to write with me because I haven’t started something with them. I want to take the time to say how wrong all of that is and to give you an idea of how I really run my blogs.
First of all, real life has not been easy for me lately, as I’m sure it hasn’t been for everyone, given various things going on in the world. Between what’s in the news lately, the pandemic, and a chronic illness of mine coming out of remission after 20-ish years, I am definitely not at my best. I am on many medications for my chronic illness that come with a shopping list of side effects that make me feel physically horrible on a daily basis, but also they cause brain fog. I’m legitimately having trouble remembering things, which means that starter I told you I’d write you and then never did? Yeah, I don’t hate you, and it’s not that I don’t want to write with you, I just have honestly forgotten I even said I would do it. Combine that with my Tumblr notifications not working properly and a large influx of new writers and interactions lately due to WandaVision, and I am really honestly forgetting what I’ve said to whom on here. Side effects of my meds also include insomnia (which I already had, so it’s gotten worse... yay?) which means I’m not getting enough sleep and that’s compounding everything else that’s already making it hard for me to keep everything straight.
In addition to that, I have very bad anxiety, of the kind that interferes with my ability to do everyday things. Social anxiety is a huge facet of my generalized anxiety disorder. Simply put, I am introverted, shy, and terrified of talking to new people, even online. Even messaging with people I know can sometimes drain me mentally. It is not that I dislike you, or that I don’t want to talk to you, or that you are bothering me. None of those are true. I just am not good socially. I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do, and I feel so intimidated, especially with so much amazing talent on here. I would like to think that I am a nice and approachable person, but I rarely ever reach out to people. Liking a starter call almost gives me a panic attack. Sometimes I sit and stare at one for an hour, really wanting to do it, but then I think... well I’d have to put my url since all my active rp blogs right now are sides. Would they get mad that I’m not just hitting like? Is that already too complicated and they’d just ignore me? Yeah, they probably wouldn’t want to write with me anyway. Aaaaand I close Tumblr and never like the post, heh.
I see talented writers on here all the time, I read their really great, funny, interesting, harrowing, or exciting threads and think... I wish I could write threads like those. But I just lack the social skills to get involved. My anxiety tells me things that aren’t true all the time, like that I’m extraneous, people have their groups and I should leave them to have fun in peace because I’d only be bothering them. It is not my intention to always make others do all of the work by waiting for them to reach out, or hoping they write that first starter instead of me, or waiting for that indisputable starter call that finally makes me feel comfortable enough that yes, they want to rp with someone like me... it’s just unfortunately where I’m at mentally right now.
Time is also an issue. I work full-time online as a teacher for a university, I have about 160 students, and I have students all around the world in all different time zones, so my job is pretty much 24/7. I am constantly answering student emails, grading assignments, dealing with technical site issues, etc. Sometimes I really want to interact with new writers on here, but I don’t bother because I am afraid that my activity level won’t be what they want or expect. That’s a big reason why I haven’t been expanding my roleplaying to Discord or joining large rpg groups. I can’t guarantee activity. Sometimes I will be very active, sometimes I won’t be active at all... and I won’t always know ahead of time. 
Anyway, this is a lot of rambling and I’m sorry for that, but I wanted to clear up any notion that I am aloof, that I am super selective and that’s why I’m not rping with you, or that if I seem to be ignoring you, I am. SO. NOT. TRUE. It’s a combination of my being too afraid to reach out, having health issues that make me very forgetful at times, and feeling like I have to hold back because of scheduling issues or a lack of free time. So... yeah. That’s that. If you’ve gotten this far in reading this post, you are sweet and precious and a wonderful human being. Thank you for taking the time to do so. If I said I would write you a starter and never did, please remind me. I am 99.9% sure the reason is that I just plum forgot. If I appear to have dropped a thread you really loved, please remind me about it. I may not have even seen your reply with Tumblr’s crappy notifications not showing up for me. And if you want to rp with me, I don’t bite, I’m not intimidating, yes I want you to reply to that open starter, yes I want you to randomly tag me in a starter or drop something into my ask box, I am honestly just a scared potato who really cannot Social™ well.
Wanda, Vision, and Pietro are most active right now. Please bother them. I have a leafling OC who is very adorable and versatile, I promise you. Please bother him. I also rp Gizmo. Please bother him.
Bother whoever you like, ask me questions about them, answer open starters (literally any of my blogs you can just search for “open starter” and they’ll all come up), and send in memes.
~ Silence, a.k.a. Si, a.k.a. Shy Derpy Potato, out. (^-^)/
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slappys-kirby-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sure thing, I’ll do my best! I like the challenge of having to come up with headcanons without a specific prompt. I think for these, I’ll just focus on Kirby, Dedede, and Meta Knight, just because I have the most fun coming up with things for them! A couple of these might imply Metadede just because I simply cannot resist :) This is probably my longest ramble post yet, so thank you if you end up reading all the way down! <3
Kirby, Dedede, and Meta Knight have their own kinds of sleeping schedules:
Kirby’s always an early bird, falling asleep probably the earliest out of everyone and always waking up just before the sun rises. He always likes it when he gets to just sit in bed and watch the sun through his window. The temperature is usually perfect this time of day, so he can’t help but get up and run around outside if the weather’s clear. He just loves the morning dew on the grass and looking for blooming morning glories. And of course, it’s the time where restaurants first open and serve breakfast meals, which he can NEVER skip out on.
Dedede has a crazy schedule, sometimes he’ll sleep in, sometimes he’s up at 4 am, etc. He never tries to his sleep balanced, so some nights he gets 5 or 6 hours, and sometimes he’ll sleep for up to 12 (and he is SO glad whenever he gets those 12 hour nights). He hates having a set time for when to wake up the following morning, especially if it’s for important meetings and such. It’ll end up keeping him awake at night stuck between looking at the clock and counting how many hours he could be getting if he were to fall asleep right then and there. Naps aren’t required, but he does enjoy them when he has the extra time.
Meta Knight’s definitely a night owl. He just can’t seem to settle down at night. It’s the perfect time to get work done without interruptions, and loves to fly freely in the dark where no one can watch him. It’s also a good time for indulgent midnight snacks. He still wakes up early, and claims that old people don’t need as much rest as younger folks, but he has his days where it catches up to him and he wakes up around 2 p.m. He can tolerate a night or two of sleeping in, but he despises naps and will try to avoid them at all costs, claiming it’s nothing more than a waste of time.
Kirby loves to sing! He may not be the best but he’s just a little songbird that would happy go on until his throat is sore. He’ll even do a little dance with it when he’s in an extra good mood. He doesn’t know many songs by heart, so he’ll just make up his own “lyrics” as he goes along. When someone catches him mid-song, he’ll only sing louder. No one has the heart to tell him to quiet down. He may or may not develop a talent for it the older he gets.
Dedede enjoys joke-singing. He’d rather sing intentionally bad in front of a group of people than actually try and be judged for it. He’ll shout whatever song he’s got stuck in his head in hopes that others will join in too. No one has heard him legitimately sing, except close friends when they’re all around a campfire. He isn’t too bad! A few notes out of tune here and there, but just as, if not more, jovial and powerful as his fake attempts. A voice truly fit for a king.
Meta Knight would rather jump into a bed of nails than sing in front of someone else. When he sings, it’s reserved for when he’s alone listening to the radio, or sometimes while in the shower. Dedede’s tried coaxing him to sing with him, but it never really goes anywhere. He HAS gotten a line or two out of him once, albeit very softly, and the king swears he has the voice of an angel. There’s a few voice cracks from lack of practice, but he can hold notes surprisingly well, vibrato and all.
Kirby and Dedede’s favorite thing to do together, besides Gourmet Races, is playing hide and seek. And they’ve gotten really good at it. The longest time Dedede went searching for Kirby was a good four or five hours before he finally gave up. (Kirby was hidden in Patch Land through his magic sock that time.) They’ve had to limit their hiding places since then, sticking to rules like staying within the castle’s walls or not going past Whispy’s Forest. But that still doesn’t stop them from finding good hiding places. They’ve hosted tournaments with friends, but those two are always the champions.
(This next prompt involves alcohol, please feel free to skip to the next paragraph if you’re uncomfortable!) Dedede and Meta Knight rarely drink. It’s reserved for special occasions or occasional outings with adult friends. They’re both VERY silly drunks. Dedede’s much louder than usual, and he’ll go on to tell funny, exaggerated, and sometimes embarrassing, stories. Each story leads up to a terrible joke or pun at the end, guaranteed. You wouldn’t be able to tell Meta’s drunk until he starts speaking. He’s quiet and reserved until Dedede drags him into a conversation, then he’ll mumble in botched English and Spanish before bursting into random wheezing and laughter fits. The two of them never fail to make the other laugh, and they still manage to sober up enough to walk one or the other home.
Kirby, Dedede, and Meta Knight are disasters at shopping. Kirby can’t go alone because he’ll end up buying and/or eating half the store. Dedede’s not used to shopping for himself since he gets Waddle Dees to do it for him. And Meta Knight only shops in the middle of the night in fears of people catching him buying embarrassing treats. The three have agreed to try shopping together and keeping each other in check, but of course it only ends in disaster. The three end up browsing the candy aisle for half the trip, and end up filling most of their cart with junk food. Dedede and Kirby end up playing in the cheap toy aisle too, and continuously beg Meta for permission to buy something there. “Only one” isn’t good enough for them. Dedede always tries to make Meta laugh with stupid food puns, and the both are distracted long enough to lose sight of Kirby. They almost flip the place upside down looking for him, but they eventually find him in one of those big boxes of watermelons, or trapped in an ice cream freezer. Even when they get their shopping done, they have to return to the store ten minutes later because they forgot the ONE thing they came there for.
The three of them enjoy occasional beach days! Sometimes the weather’s too perfect to ignore, and Kirby is desperate to drag Dedede and Meta Knight along with him; he doesn’t wanna enjoy the day alone. Meta Knight usually sits under an umbrella to read, while Dedede and Kirby build sandcastles and splash each other in the water. It isn’t until Dedede has to walk over, pick up Meta Knight and toss him in the water before Meta finally joins in. The three also like to collect shells, looking for ones with holes in them to make bracelets out of, hopefully enough to make extras for friends that couldn’t join them that day.
Kirby does NOT like being bored. Usually, he can take a nap whenever he feels boredom coming on, but when he’s not tired, he’s miserable. (Not really, but he desperately wants entertainment and/or attention). He’ll never stay in one place for long. He’ll stay in bed for ten minutes, then pace the floor for a while, then he’ll try drawing for five minutes before eating his crayons, then he’ll eat out of boredom, then he’ll go back to pacing, then he’ll lie on the floor for a bit. In no particular order. Kirby will eventually find a friend to hang out with, or reach out and call someone if he really needs to. Being a hero with things to do all the time has spoiled him, and while he likes having a day off or two, he’s not quite used to extra slow days.
Dedede’s ideal day off is spending the entirety in bed. He’d love to just surround himself in pillows and blankets, nap whenever he feels like, have Waddle Dees bring him breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and just stay cozy all around. He knows it’s lazy, but he doesn’t care. He knows that one day off won’t kill him, and he works hard enough to earn it. He’ll even convince some Waddle Dees to drop by and bury themselves in blankets too, the more the merrier.
Meta Knight may or may not have a diary personal journal. Most are just logs on events that happened throughout the day, but there are also notes from interesting dreams he’s had, reminders and to-do lists, a few lines of poetry, and some collected scraps, photos, and stickers/stamps. 
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elsanna-secret-santa · 9 months ago
She, the Wolf
This gift is for: Mimic
WARNINGS: Super explicit NSFW incest werewolf smut
Word Count: 4795
Snowflakes drifted down gently from the heavens above, coating the world in a deceitfully cozy-looking cover. The days had been lengthening in light again as they were about a fortnight past the Winter Solstice, however living so far North the improvement was still only marginal. 
Elsa paced back and forth impatiently, and the feeling of quiet serenity she normally felt when it snowed was nowhere to be found. She glanced at the sky nervously, the first signs of the dying Sun letting her know that her hours, her minutes were now numbered.
Where was Anna?
She had told her in no uncertain terms, that they had to meet before sunset, and while she knew that it could be complicated to get away from queenly duties, Elsa had also never prefaced a request to see her with the word ‘urgent’. That alone should have been enough to practically guarantee her sister’s presence, in a timely manner. Her head was swirling with multiple scenarios, trying to fill in the blanks and come up with an explanation. She’d sent the message days ahead of time, giving detailed explanations as to when and where to meet, and in doing so giving Anna enough of a notice to prepare for her trip. Had Gail encountered any issue delivering her note? 
Then, she’d had the Nøkk await near the stone circle at the entrance of the enchanted forest so that he may guide the Queen of Arendelle back to her swiftly and safely. But he could be at times a fickle creature, not to mention the effect he could have on other animals. Had Anna’s mount gotten spooked? Had the Water Horse gone rogue? 
As these thoughts were shoving one another inside her head, a sound in the distance stopped her dead in her tracks. Her ears strained and her heart began to pound in her chest as she hoped against all hope that her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her and those were indeed hoofbeats. Soon, her eyes confirmed what her ears had detected and the water spirit in his seasonally appropriate, icier form cantered through the trees, trailed by another horse - one made of flesh and bone - astride of which, sat Queen Anna. 
For a moment, Elsa forgot about the why and the what of this meeting, and relief washed over her, melting away her anxieties and the wild images of worry that had filled her mind. Her heart warmed at the sight of her younger sister’s face lighting up the moment she saw her, and she could see the queen urging her horses the slightest bit, wanting to get there faster.
The Nøkk nickered as well, greeting Elsa as he slowed to a trot and pranced around her, shaking out his crystalline mane. She thanked him, reaching up to rub his brow, before watching him gallop away. Turning her focus and attention back to Anna, she stepped forward arms open almost as if catching her sister who slid out of the saddle. 
“Anna,” she murmured back in bliss as they embraced. She had missed her so! 
Eyes shuttered the slightest bit, just open enough to see auburn flashes in her peripheral vision, and she felt the slightly shorter woman shift to press her forehead against hers. The absence she felt in her life without her seemed somehow more present, more tangible now that they reunited. Even if it wasn’t their first meeting since their paths had drifted, it never stopped Elsa from yearning for Anna’s touch and presence. 
“I was so worried you wouldn’t make it on time.”
She smiled wryly as she noticed the concern in Anna’s eyes. Each time she saw her it seemed there was a new wisdom, a new perceptiveness in the young queen’s gaze, and she could clearly see that Anna paid attention to how odd that was. Elsa had after all, never been afraid of the dark, and been known to run out into the night on her own. So why this deadline for sunset?
“I cleared my schedule, but you know how it is. There is always something coming up. You also chose an awfully remote place, I took my swiftest horse, but he is not always the surest of foot and I preferred taking it easy climbing the ravine.”
Looking down with a pang of guilt in her chest, Elsa knew she was right. She’d wanted to avoid writing details in her note, but realized how frustrating it must have been to Anna not to know why she was being urgently summoned, and why in an area so relatively difficult to access. It would soon make sense.
She reached over, brushing a reddish strand out of the way, pushing it behind her younger sister’s ear. She might have been the Queen of Arendelle now, but she would always be her baby sister. A faint of a smile smoothed her lips as she studied her features.
“I know, I’m sorry it’s just… this is out of my control. I’m glad you’re here but we don’t have much time.” 
“Elsa, for the love of - out with it! What is going on? I’ve been concerned and worried ever since I got your note!” 
A knot formed in her stomach and she averted her gaze from Anna’s. 
“I want to tell you everything, but we don’t have enough time. So I will keep it short.” 
Elsa sighed keeping one hand on Anna’s waist, not wanting to relinquish the contact just yet, while the other raked through her own tow-coloured locks. 
“I need your help, Anna. Something terrible has happened - I’ve been cursed.”
She knew that Anna would have a million questions as to how and why that happened, but as she opened her mouth to ask, Elsa interrupted her, firmly continuing. That is exactly what she had meant when she’d said she wanted to tell her everything but didn’t have enough time. 
“For now, the details will have to wait. I still need to get to the bottom of this affair, so even if we had the time, I don’t yet have all the answers you seek. The curse is…” her voice trailed off and she swallowed thickly, realizing that it was even harder to say it than what she’d imagined.
“It’s.. I-. I’ve been doomed to t-turn against my will into something I have no control over.”
Her fingertips twitched nervously on Anna who furrowed her brows, clearly processing the information, looking for a sign on her older sister’s face that this was a joke, or at least some clue of what she meant. 
“Elsa, you can’t tell me this is urgent and you lack time to explain then turn around and use vague euphemisms.” 
“I am not being euphemistic. I literally shape-shifted into something else, last month. A beast I didn’t choose nor had control over. I don’t remember much - almost as if my body had been usurped by an outside force. And the… Let’s just say I don’t want to hurt anyone. That’s why I need your help! You have to make sure I will not unjustly harm any living being.”
The terror in her voice was palpable. Neither of them said it, but nearly 15 years of repressed anxieties threatened to bubble back up. The fear she had lived with and fought against, been crippled by… all because she was worried she were a monster, and did not want to hurt anyone. 
Anna was the only one she could trust with this. The only one she knew would not shrink away in fear or abandon her. She could tell from her expression that she was still trying to comprehend the situation at hand and what was being asked of her. 
“What did you turn into?”
“A wolf. I think.”
“You think?”
The sky was darkening, the sun dropping further below the horizon. They only had very little time before moon rise.
“I cannot be sure, but based on what I have seen and what I know, yes I think it is a wolf. The curse will turn me again tonight, against my will. I need you to tie me down and make sure I do not harm anyone.”
Anna’s face showed no trace of skepticism, which was oddly reassuring to Elsa, but she could tell from her features that she was nonetheless tempted to talk it through, offer alternative solutions or help her in a way she didn’t worry would harm her. 
“Some things have to be witnessed to be fully understood. This may not be a long term solution but it’s what we have to work with for now and maybe, just maybe… you will get a better idea of what we can do, after seeing for yourself. I brought everything,”
Her younger sister nodded silently. It was then, that she finally looked over Elsa’s shoulder noticing a small camp had been set up, a neatly prepared place for the fire and a large tent. Opposite that two trees growing a part about 2 meters from one another had metal rings secured with chains handing from them and… 
“Elsa no! I can’t chain you up like some rabid animal!” 
“You have to,” she responded sharply. “You have to.” Grimly, she wanted to add that it was better than the alternative of putting her down like a rabid animal. “It’s the only way for now. Promise me you will not let me hurt anyone or anything.” 
It pained Elsa to seen the worry tightening Anna’s features, and she offered a meek smile as she tested her metal bonds pulling her wrists forward. Her ankles had the least range of motion however, and she could only hope that was the sign she wasn’t going anywhere, wolf or not. The Sun had now complete set, and she didn’t need to be facing its direction to feel the glow of the full Moon beginning to rise. She offered a meek, yet grateful smile to Anna who stepped back looking at the overall picture, accomplished by her handiwork. 
She tried to lighten the mood.
“You know, I read a book like this once in the library back home.” 
Anna pursed her lips slightly at that, knowing exactly which books Elsa was referring to.
“Kai thought he was so clever in trying to keep them hidden. Joke’s on him, though, I would have never guess I would be using the knowledge in those books on my own sister.” 
Scarlet creeped along Elsa’s neck, though she was unable to linger at the though, pain suddenly shooting through her limbs as they jerked involuntarily, overtaken by moon magic.
“Things are about to get ugly,” she warned breathlessly. “I apologize for what you are about to witness.” 
“That’s about the least comforting thing you could say to me right now,” Anna remarked dryly. 
The next thing out of Elsa’s mouth was a scream of pain as her bones suddenly broke in unison trying to reshape themselves. Her head dropped hoping she would pass out sooner this time than the last, and frankly unable to look Anna in the eye, too afraid of finding the concern she knew she was causing right this instant. Warm hands cupped her cheek, but before she could react she felt fire blaze down her spine and her back bent at an unnatural angle right down the middle. 
She got her wish and darkness overtook her consciousness.
So much for those chains. The fair-coloured wolf had snapped them as though they were no more than strings of yarn. The beast had then turned its attention to the horse whom Anna had cleverly blindfolded, as well as lined his nostrils and muzzle with a pungent mint paste and ointment. She’d even thought of inserting balls of cotton in his ears.
Fearing for him, Anna had bravely called out Elsa’s name, trying to get the wolf’s attention. It had worked. Where she expected the animal to snarl, instead she was met with curiosity and interest, and she found herself transfixed as what was supposed to be her sister moved towards her, the remnants of the chains clinking with every step, leaving imposing tracks in the snow. The image reminded her of Fenrir’s story in the ancient Norse myths and she couldn’t help but think of the parallels there. 
Perhaps the biggest degree of uncertainty here was in knowing how to act and how to deal with this wolf. Did it behave and act like an animal? Was it more unpredictable and erratic than a regular wolf? She erred on the side of caution, and though she could feel herself sweating nervously, she remained firmly planted where she had been, not wanting to risk stepping back and show weakness or trigger the wolf’s predatory instincts. 
A part of her, if only a tiny part, also wanted to believe against all hope that underneath it all this was Elsa… and Elsa would never want to hurt her. She had to believe that. If only because now that the wolf wasn’t thrashing about or planning to make a meal out of her horse, she could note how beautiful it actually was. The moonlight made its coat shimmer, catching glimpses of gold and black in the grey, on the primarily white base. Majestic and noble looking,  with eyes that appeared almost silver-like. 
The wolf stopped in front of her, reaching with its muzzle to sniff her face. Followed by her hands, her arm pits, her feet and…
Ears flicked in her direction and Anna’s cheeks flared as the wolf took a whiff of her groin. She knew this was normal canid behaviour but somehow it still felt a little odd knowing this was supposed to be her sister. After what seemed like an eternity, the wolf lifted its head and moved again, circling around Anna to sniff her hair, her back. As the inspection neared the line between thorough and invasive, Anna spotted a gentle wag to the tail and that seemed to put her at ease, if only somewhat.
When the wolf returned to face her she gently reached up with one hand, tentatively presenting it to the animal. The wolf sniffed and licked it drawing a smile from the young queen. 
“You won’t remember me saying this, which is why I’m even going to but you are so damn cute.” 
There was a wag of the tail again and she felt a warm breath against her cheek as she received a delicate kiss at the corner of her mouth. The affection in the animal’s gaze didn’t lie. This was definitely Elsa. And as surreal as the entire situation was, that fact alone was enough to reassure her, convince her. The wolf version of Elsa shoved its nose forward brushing its head against Anna’s torso before showing interest in her thighs again, pressing hard. The redhead gasped.
And then it happened. She could feel the warmth and wetness through her breeches as a long, weirdly powerful tongue lathed over her crotch. It sent a jolt through her nervous system and she tried stepping sideways to evade it, too hesitant to try and push the wolf’s entire head away. It was to no avail though, the wolf moved with her, as if its nose was magnetically linked to her inner thigh. 
“That’s not…” 
It happened again, and her knees buckled this time, shame heating up the nape of her neck at the embarrassing realization that it felt good. She could feel warm heat again, this time trickling from inside her clothing. 
“I don’t think you want-“ she panted, biting her lip mid-sentence as the wolf’s nose pressed against her so hard she nearly lost her balance and fell. As a matter of fact she did the following moment when it pawed at her with its imposing foot. The snow softened her fall and her skin was now scarlet from head to toe. Worried and embarrassed about what the wolf was doing, yet too afraid to try running from it. And a part of her, she wasn’t ready to admit to, also not entirely sure she wanted to run.
She tried to crawl away backwards, but this only caused Elsa to catch the fabric of her riding breeches with her teeth, tugging at the cloth and threatening to rip it. Anna’s eyes went wide at this and she placed a hand on the wolf’s head.
“Nuh-uh, no! You cannot rip these!” 
The wolf stopped and looked at her expectantly. She wasn’t sure what to do, her blood pulsing in her veins now with not just adrenaline, but something else she was wishing to ignore. How had a trip out in the woods to help her sister with an urgent matter, lead to her sitting with her ass in the snow, crotch wet with her talking to a wolf? 
After a moment of inaction, the wolf lowered its head trying to catch the fabric of her pants again and Anna admonished it again, but capitulated. Did she have any other choice if she still wanted to have usable clothes tomorrow morning?
“Okay okay just… give me a moment.” 
Clumsily she stood up and kicked her boots off so she could remove her pants, shuddering as she felt cold air against wet heat. The wolf licked its jowls and took a step forward again. Anna then removed her fur cape setting it on the ground and sitting back down so she would at least avoid the indignity of frostbite on her buttocks. Before she could even say anything, the wolf was forcing its head between her thighs, tongue hungrily lathing over her dampened skin. She stifled a moan, unconsciously gripping at the cape she now sat on. Her chest heaved, rising and falling more quickly her breath condensing so quickly it seemed vaporous. 
She tried to tell herself, she was only letting this happen because she had promised Elsa she’d do everything to stop harm from befalling anyone else, and more pressingly protect her horse and her clothes. And denial in its ingenuity was helping her compartmentalize the fact that her sister was in effect licking her pussy, with an impossibly long, wolf’s tongue. And in the midst of that denial, she covered up the fact with each passing moment she wanted it more and more. 
Her thighs trembled as she felt the tip of the wolf’s tongue spreading her lower lips, and she keened softly as it threatened to enter. Her head lolled back and her hips bucked as it finally did and she heard the wolf growl eagerly. 
“Fuck!” It was more of a hiss than anything else as it whizzed by her lips. The feeling lit her lower belly on fire as she felt the tongue stretch and twist deeper than any human being could ever hope to, the wolf lapping noisily at her rushing wetness, greedily wanting more. Anna closed her eyes trying to forget entirely the implications of what was going on here. Her knuckles had gone almost white from how hard they were gripping her makeshift blanket, her hips canting upwards and rolling as she felt her inner muscles twitch and clench around the delectable intrusion. 
Elsa’s paw found its way on Anna’s hips pressing them down to secure them. The sheer strength and power she felt holding her in place sent another pang of arousal into her lower belly, realizing she was at the mercy of the wolf and the maddening pleasure that was building up. The tongue inside of her went to work faster, and the cold snout began to brush against the bundle of nerves at the apex of her sex. Anna let out a loud moan, squirming as her toes curled and the air grew thin. A sweet spot inside of her was swelling with each stroke of the hot, hungry tongue, and every brush with the cold, wet snout outside. It was more than she could possibly bear and she knew she was on the brink. 
As creamy wetness increased, the wolf growled excitedly. Anna felt it more than she’d heard it and the vibration it created was too much for her. She felt her entire body shake and her mind go blank with white blinding light as she came with a whimper, her orgasm releasing the tension with a level of pressure that she could only have described as forceful. 
The clenching muscles, the wetness all of it only seemed to stimulate more licking, prolonging the moment for Anna beyond what she thought she could physically take. Then, just as suddenly as it had seemingly began, the licking stopped, leaving a soaked, quivering mess in its wake. Anna kept her eyes closed, basking fully in the moment, all pretence of shame gone. 
Her eyes remained shut until she yelped in a mixture of surprise and pain as she felt the paw that had been pressing down on her, scratch at her skin and coming close to tearing the fabric of the rest of her clothes. She glared at the wolf who sneered slightly. 
“You can’t rip these either!” 
The wolf growled and pawed at her again, a mixture of fear and arousal swelling inside of Anna in response. 
She squirmed out of the rest of her clothes tossing them a little further way, shivering as the cold hit her skin, now damp from sweat, and found herself grateful for the fire blazing beside them, going so far as to scoot a little closer. She wasn’t sure what more Elsa could possibly want from her. Until her eyes gazed downwards, finally noticing something rather significant hidden within the thick fur of the animal’s belly, between its legs. Her eyes went wide and she sputtered nonsensically, averting her gaze. As if to emphasize, the wolf turned its head and licked at the sheath Anna had just spotted. 
Her skin glowed in a mixture of scarlet desire and arousal, apprehension and once again, shame. Before she could react however, she felt the powerful paw trying to drag her back closer. Anna turned around on her stomach trying to crawl back a little closer to the fire, which proved to be, unwittingly what the wolf had wanted as she felt the paw wrap around her hips, pulling them upwards. The thrill and fear of feeling so small and at the mercy of the wolf, combined with her still, very present arousal drove her to subconsciously push her ass back towards the wolf.
And to Elsa no doubt, she looked exactly as a bitch in heat would present herself for breeding. Both strong paws gripped around her hips, scratching her upper thighs as the wolf mounted her and Anna let out a little squeak of fear and anticipation as she felt the tip of the wolf’s cock pressing against her puffy pussy lips. She nearly collapsed as the wolf found its mark and she felt the full length of it inside of her. She gasped for air, overwhelmed with the sensation, the difference in body heat between them giving her an immediate feeling of heat inside of her, as well as the length and firmness. 
She moaned loudly as the wolf began thrusting, while her nipples hardened, rubbing against the fur of the cape they were still on. Her upper body pressed down, her ass now pushing back upwards as high as it could go, legs trembling with the weight of the animal on top of her, and the speed and power of the thrusting, throbbing cock inside of her. It dripped with pre-cum adding to her own natural lubrication avoiding any discomfort in the friction, which she thought would have been impossible with how full she felt. She gripped the cape hoping to find a way to steady herself, whimpering and moaning in pure pleasure. 
The wolf started thrusting faster and harder, as if frustrated by the fact its knot was not yet inside of her. Anna’s cheek rubbed against the ground her eyes rolling to the back of her head as she felt every muscle, every nerve wracked over with a mixture of tension and pleasure she had never even dreamed could exist. She could feel the knot just outside of her, hitting her with a force that pressed up against her clit, sensing that she was careening to another climax. Her calves were so taut, toes so tightly curled she might have worried about cramping were it not for her mind being so unfocused so diffused but for one single, feverish thought. She keened again and moaned loudly as a particularly hard thrust sent another unforgiving wave of pleasure through her body, forcing her to come.
The wolf seemed to respond to her fluttering pussy around its length, and it reached over to grip the nape of Anna’s neck with its jaw, firmly enough that she couldn’t escape if she’d tried, but not so much as to break the skin. She felt as though she might pass out at this point, the sensation of being held down like this sending a new spark of arousal within her. 
The following instant she screamed as the wolf finally succeeded in its goal, forcing its knot inside of her, immediately pressing up against the sweet spot that had been massaged by the wolf’s tongue earlier on. She pushed her ass back against the wolf’s hip, having since long forgotten the sting of the angry red marks being left by the wolf’s nails as her thighs got scratched up. 
If she hadn’t already gone insane before, she was now experiencing something close to insanity and torture, something she would have never thought could be derived from such pleasure and her entire being quaked, right down to her core, twitching and fluttering with the aftershocks of her previous climax, almost painfully now. 
“Ah! Mhn- Fuck!” She cried out, tears of arousal watering the corners of her eyes and dampening her lashes. She could’ve sworn she felt the wolf’s cock swelling inside of her now with every thrust, knot firmly locking her into place and her body felt as though it would collapse were it not being supported by the sheer force of being fucked by this magnificently powerful beast. She felt impossibly full now, as though she were about to break in the best way possible and just as she thought she could take no more, a flood of heat blossomed inside of her, sending her nervous system into another meltdown. 
Her entire body spasmed uncontrollably as her orgasm tore through her like lightning, her belly swelling ever so slightly as the wolf’s cum filled her to the brink, each thrust flooding her beyond what the human body was ever meant to accommodate. She thought she had gone blind as she felt it overflowing, dripping down her thighs from around the knot which slowly began to swell down. 
The wolf went on thrusting at a punishing speed for for minutes longer until she all but collapsed beneath it, and it finally released her neck of its jaws, then dismounted, turning around and panting as it waited for the knot to swell down. But the tie wouldn’t break for a while longer, something Anna knew for having witnessed and read about the mating habits of the canine species. In a sense she was grateful for that as she knew she physically could not withstand anymore, and the shock of going from this to pull out would be painfully overwhelming. A flare of embarrassment tinted her already flushed skin further as she caught herself thinking this was an amazing way to come down from her high. 
She had practically fallen asleep by the time she felt the wolf finally pull out, but before she could turn around to react or even get a good look at the mess they had made, the wolf came over and laid down beside her, covering her neck with its heavy head, the warmth being all that more surprising when she considered the notion that this was Elsa. Anna giggled girlishly and cuddled close against the animal, a sleepy smile on her face. It was only once she was in that state between sleep and wakefulness, so much so she wasn’t sure if she was only dreaming of it, that Elsa shifted back to her human form, her arms around Anna.
To say the least, they would have a lot to talk about in the morning and on some level the young queen dreaded the thought. 
But that was a problem for future her. In the mean time, as the embrace and solace of sleep pulled her in, she could be proud of herself for keeping her promise to Elsa.
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Winner Takes All
Tumblr media
➳ CEO!AU || Drabble Series || Genre: Fluff || Possible Smut || Romance || Rated: M ➳ Pairing: Kim Jongin x Reader ➳ Summary: Getting stood up for a date is the worst thing in the world but it doesn’t seem so bad when the man who replaces said date is tall, dark and handsome with an ego as big as his... wallet. A bet is placed and the match is set so who will win? The CEO or the teacher. ➳ Author’s Note: A big happy birthday to my cute lil anon, I was thinking and thinking about what to do for this as I got super duper inspired and decided to do a little drabble series. Each update will be written from either the reader or Jongin’s perspective with a total of four parts which will be written throughout my hiatus and posted when I return. I hope you have a wonderful birthday my dear <3
Tumblr media
With a heavy sigh, I place my phone down on the table, feeling immense regret over having gone through so much effort just for it to all go to waste. This is the third time he’s done this and this is the third time I’ve allowed him to do so but with a silent nod of determination, I tell myself that this is the last time I’m going to allow him to reschedule. I shyly look around the restaurant, feeling self-conscious because I’m sure I heard whispering coming from the table over by the window about how I’ve been sitting by myself for the last thirty minutes, pity written all over their face as they look at me before returning to their conversation.
Ugh, what a disaster this has been.
The only reason I’ve been putting myself out there is because my friends keep pushing me to go on blind dates and even though this no show was great on the first date - he’s mistaken me for a fool who’ll bend to his will if he keeps messing me around. I huff, reaching for my bag as I intend to leave and head home to the comfort of my bed and Netflix.
“Excuse me,” a deep voice causes my hands to stop rummaging through my bag and I peek a glance up at the man who’s asking for my attention, “I can’t help but notice that you’ve been alone for a little while, checking your phone as you wait for someone.” Great, this man who is devilishly handsome, in a fitted jacket, flowing sheer black dress shirt and looking like a meal far out of my price range, has noticed my plight and come to bring attention to it. “The person who I was meeting with never showed, so I was wondering if I could join you so that neither of us has our night ruined by unreliable people.”
I blink slowly, taking in everything that he is: deep, alluring brown eyes, handsomely styled black hair with a dashing undercut, lips that look utterly delectable and a jaw that’s dangerously sharp. Despite the fact that I had been stood up, I didn’t feel quite so put out due to this gorgeous man deciding to come and join me in my woes instead. “Sure,” I grace him with a smile, earning a dazzling one in return and I will admit, I suddenly forgot how to breath.
“What’s your name?” He asks, cutting into his tender steak and managing to give me more attention than the delicious meal we’re eating. I tell him my name and blush slightly when he repeats it back to me - who knew my name sounded so beautiful when tested on his tongue. “I’m Kim Jongin,” he smiles brightly when I say it, the sound of it even matching his beauty.
We spoke about many things, picked each others’ brains and laughed as we watched and placed bets on couples who were in the restaurant. Time passed us by as we got caught up in our own little world that we didn’t notice that our champagne had lost its bubble and the ice cream had melted completely. “Shall we get out of here?” Jongin finally asks, lifting a hand to bring over a waiter and shaking his head as I reached for my purse, “what kind of gentleman would I be if I allowed such a beautiful woman to pay?”
“But,” I begin, chewing my lip slightly and watching his eyes flit to the movement, “how am I meant to repay you for saving me from looking like a sad fool?”
His lips quirk up, a cocky smirk if I ever did see one and Jongin rises to his feet, offering me his hand, “at the end of the night, when I’ve blown every date you’ve ever had out of the water and walked you to your door, you can repay me with a kiss - and your number.”
I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up in my chest, covering my mouth as to not seem like I was laughing in his face but Jongin seemed completely unfazed by my outburst, standing patiently with the same cocky smirk on his face until I calm down and realise how serious he is. “You seem pretty sure of yourself,” I challenge, poking his firm chest with my finger, “you’ve got some nerves to assume you could attempt such a feat.”
“Does that turn you off?” He tilts his head to the side, my surprise to his words seemingly feeding his ego, “I’m a determined man, in my line of work I have to be absolutely sure before making a move otherwise it could go horribly wrong. Dating is about trial and error but I bet that I have enough information about your previous choices in men, considering one lost out on his chance by standing you up, to know that the evening I have planned for you will guarantee a kiss by the end of the night.”
Was he extremely sure of himself that it seemed slightly narcissistic, yes, was it going to deter me away from the bet that he just made, definitely not.
“What’s the bet? You blow me away and I’ll give you a kiss?” Jongin shakes his head, offering me his arm before we walk towards the exit, “well for one thing, you may be full of yourself but you are a gentleman.” He chuckles at my comment, the sound causing my body to react in such strange ways.
I can see that he’s thinking, creating the perfect proposal that’ll have me eating out of the palm of his hand. “If I blow you away, be the best date you’ve ever had, then not only will you give me your number and a kiss but you’ll agree to see me again,” I nod, absolutely okay with the chance to spend more time with Jongin.
Even if he is a little full of himself, he’s smart, funny and a treat to look at.
“If I somehow don’t manage to top your list, which you cannot lie about,” I scoff, as if I would be so childish, “then I’ll admit defeat and you can have anything that your heart’s ever dreamed of.”
With a sure nod of his head, Jongin looks at me with a certain glint in his eyes and smiles, “anything.”
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The Battle Between Love and Fire-
Ivar the Boneless × Reader
Chapter Thirty-Five Part One
Chapter Thirty-Five Part Two: The Seige of Wessex England
Word Count 4.9k
Warnings: mentions of blood and death, angst
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Morning Of~
Ivar did not sleep well, he figures that he only got two hours of sleep. But still, his head is in the right place and he is more than prepared to give you the justice today that you so rightfully deserve. Is he concerned, yes. Is there a possibility that they could be going into a trap, yes. Is he worried for your safety, most definitely. Nonetheless, today must be done for the wellbeing of all of your futures. A future cannot be guaranteed until your father's head is on a spike. So there he is, in bed with you tangled up in his limbs. He is focusing on every perfections and imperfections of you. Oh how he loves you. 
You begin to toss and turn while he massages yours skin with his fingertips. His rough yet soft skin gives you the best chills of satisfaction. You begin to hum, making Ivar smirk proudly.
Ivar "Princess.." he whispered.
Ivar "We have to get out of bed." The way he was touching you, made you forget completely that today was the day of the siege. And your stomach began to turn into knots almost instantly at the thought of seeing your father. So you rise up from your place in Ivar's arms and plant your head in your palms. The warm fur blankets cover your bare chest but your back is fully exposed to your husband. So he takes it upon himself to rub your back for you. 
Ivar "I know babe.."
"I completely forgot. How could I forget, it's my battle?"
Ivar "Your mind blocked out the thought. It is not a bad thing, my love." You sigh, "But we have to get out of bed."
"Yeah..yes of course." You begin to move but Ivar grabs your arm closest to him and pulls you to him. He rises from his pillow and grabs your cheeks to kiss your lips for a good moment. His kiss is like heaven on earth. 
"I don't want that to be our last kis-"
Ivar "Hey, do not think such a thing. Do you understand me?" You nod with tears in your eyes, "We will live to see another day, my love. Alright? Do not worry."
You sniffle, "Do you wish to hear something crazy?"
Ivar "What type of crazy, hmm?"
"I am officially 4 months.."
Ivar smiles, "That is...wonderful my love."
"I should start to feel her move..even kick!"
Ivar "Oh my sweet, that is wonderful news."
"I can't wait to feel her little feet. She has grown so much over the last few days."
Ivar "She certainly has, our little warrior." You lean into Ivar's side as he holds you and your belly. This moment is special for multiple reasons: today marks not only your strong will to overthrow your father but it is also the day that starts the next chapter of your pregnancy, Ivar is getting to share this moment with you and you feel so lucky to be his wife. 
"I love you, Ivar Lothbrok."
Ivar "And I love you Y/L." Soon after, Ivar got out of bed and got his armor on and left yours and his chamber room.
The next one to come in while you are getting your armor on is Hvitserk. Ivar wanted the armor to be underneath your black dress, that way you are even more protected. When you see Hvitserk, he looks like he has been crying all night long.
Hvitserk "Hey." His voice is rough and coarse. You find yourself not being able to speak, due to your throat burning and the tears that fill up in your eyelids. He notices your sudden change in behavior and walks up to you and just holds you firmly in his arms. 
"I am so scared, Hvitserk."
Hvitserk "I know, I know."
"I can-can't lose you..I can't lose any of you!" You start hyperventilating.
Hvitserk "Hey, hey, Y/ have to breathe, c'mon..breathe in...and out. In...and out." You do as he tells you and your breathing begins to steady itself. "Good. Now you listen to me, I have a reason to fight. I have a reason to live. So what I need you to do, is fight with everything that you have and you hear me?" You nod, "Because you are what is keeping me and our daughter. So I need you to stay strong and turn your fear into power. I know how strong you are, and I know how powerful you are. So do not let him win, okay?"
"Yeah, yeah."
Hvitserk "I love you, do you hear me?"
"I love you Hvitserk." He leans down and kisses your lips quickly, before your maidens came back in to help you further with your armor.
"My queen, we must finish."
"Y-yes of course." You say as you wipe away your tears and pick your head back up. 
Hvitserk "I'll leave you be to get finished, and hey, you make her as safe as possible, y'here?"
"Of course. That is my duty." He nods and walks out the door. You try to pound into your head everything you can possibly think of that will power you, give you the strength you need to face your father. 
"I am going to place an extra layer of armor over your belly, my queen."
"Hmm? Oh thank you sweetheart. That is kind of you." She nods as she places an extra layer. You have to admit, it feels good to be wearing armor again. It makes you feel a sense of dignity and honor to be a warrior and a queen. 
When you walk out of your chambers, there is no one in your home. Everyone is out, preparing to leave Kattegat and head to Wessex. You are almost proud to see your people come together and fight for you and for your justice. That is, until Rollo comes into the house.
Rollo "Ah, my queen!"
"Hello Rollo."
Rollo "I must say, you look incredible but where is your armor? Are you-"
"Yes, I am fighting. Ivar insisted on the armor being inside of my clothing for more protection."
Rollo "Huh..I have never heard of such a thing."
"I think it is brilliant. Now shouldn't you be with your men, Rollo?"
Rollo "My men are all in order, my queen."
"Good, that is good isn't it?"
Rollo "Oh yes."
"And my husband is.."
Rollo "With his brother's."
"...and where are his brothers?"
Rollo "By the the ships." You nod and walk away from him. He really gets under your skin, not as much as your father used too, but deep enough to enrage you fairly quickly. "Oh and my queen!" You stop just a few inches out of the door, "May the gods be with you." You smirked and left the house. You do not know if he meant that as an insult or if he was sincere. No matter, you know that the gods are with you and your people. You can feel their strong presence. 
You look around and find Ubbe with Torvi at first. She is holding little Ragnar in her arms as her daughter clings to Ubbe's hip. She must be so worried for her father's return to Kattegat. 
Torvi "When are you leaving?"
Ubbe "As soon as we can. I promise to make it back to you and the children."
Torvi nods, "I love you." 
Ubbe "So much." He kissed her and watched her walk away, finding you walking towards them. Torvi stops in her tracks when she spots you. You can tell that she is holding back tears as you get closer and closer to your dearest friend.
Torvi "Oh my queen."
"You don't have to call me that-"
Torvi "Oh but I do..uhh." she sighs.
Torvi sniffled and bursted into tears, "You should not have to fight as pregnant as you are..!" You walk closer to her and cup her cheeks.
"I am not fighting at nine months, Torvi. I have to fight my own battle.."
Torvi nods, "I know. I am so very proud of you Y/n. You are a strong and courageous women and shield maiden. I am so lucky to call you my friend." You cry then and pull her into your arms for a warm embrace. Little Ragnar starts to cry, from seeing his mother so sad you can imagine. 
Torvi "Oh shh shh-"
"Go on, go inside and get your kids warm. I will see you tonight."
Torvi "I better."
"You will, I love you."
Torvi "I love you back-"
"Are you fighting!?" Her daughter screamed as she grabbed my hand. You kneel down and get down to her level so that you can look at her fully as you speak to the little girl.
"Why yes I am."
"Why!? You are queen!" She stammered.
"And that is why I am fighting. A queen has many duties, little one. And one of those duties is to fight alongside the king."
"Will you be back?" Ubbe has joined his wife's side and listens to his daughter's cries and fears.
"Of course I will. I would not want to leave Kattegat without a queen."
"You are the best one.."
"I'm sorry?"
"Best'am." You look up at Ubbe who is fighting back tears of his own. 
"Thank you, beautiful. You make me so proud to be your queen. Now go on, go with your mother and get warm." Torvi takes her hand and leads her to the house as Ubbe pulls you in his arms. 
Ubbe grunts, "I have never felt less Viking before in my entire life.."
"Why do you say that?"
Ubbe snickers, "Because I have never cried as much as I have been since the death of my parents, princess." You listen, "I want you to know that I am so happy to be your brother...even though it is not by blood, I am still your brother and I will always protect you."
"Thank you Ubbe, that means so much to me." He nods and leads you towards Ivar and Hvitserk, who are sitting on a stump, sharpening their swords.
Ivar "There you are." 
"How is our army?"
Ivar "They are ready, my love. We were all just waiting for you."
Hvitserk "Should we a moment before we head out?"
Ivar "What are you talking about?"
Hvitserk "I mean a moment of us all being together..we are going to be separated on the field-"
Ubbe "Yes," he clears his throat, "that sounds like a good idea brother." Ivar pulls you into his side, Hvitserk next to you and Ubbe next to Ivar, then you all stand together and have a moment of silence before the chaos. The calm before the storm, some might say.
Ivar "I uhm, I know I've never said it to brother's. But I love you, believe it or not, I do. And I am sorry for not saying it enough or at all before now but just know that I do.."
Ubbe takes his shoulder and places his head upon his, "And we love you, little brother." Hvitserk kisses your hair before grabbing his sword and walking aboard one of the ships. Ubbe swiftly does the same and then Ivar looks at you for a second before connecting his lips to yours.
Ivar "I love you."
"I love you."
Ivar "Forever."
"And always. I will be flying above you.."
Ivar "Good, go on." You walk towards your three beasts and get upon Ryuu. Ivar does not command the ships to leave until he sees Ryuu begin to fly. As soon as him and his army, along with Rollo and his army, started sailing, his fury began and all he saw was red. That bastard king of England's reign will come to an end on this day, Ivar will make certain of that.
As you fly above your husband's ship, you see how large your army is in full perspective. You can't help but look at everyone and smile in absolute disbelief that this battle can be won. Then you look up at the sky and through the clouds and whisper to yourself, "I'm going to make you proud mother, I promise. Be with me. Be with me. Be with me." Neith looks over at you as she flies parallel to you. She talks to you with her eyes and says, 'she is mother, she is with us always.'
"Yes she is, baby. Now..let's go avenge her!" 
When your home comes into view, your expectations were that you would tremble with fear, that you would want to call off this attack. But no, your first thought is to burn it all to the ground. Leave no one alive. See the kingdom of Wessex be nothing but a pile of ash. Maybe that is what you will do, if you feel like it is necessary.
When Ivar see's the kingdom, he asks himself, 'where are you hiding?' He searches every corner that he can get his eyes on but he sees no one. Not even a civilian, why?
Hvitserk "Where is-"
Ivar "I don't know."
Ubbe "We could be going into a trap, brothers…"
Ivar clenches his jaw, "If so, we will push right through them. If anyone dies today, it is the bastard who calls himself king." Ivar ends up commanding Rollo to go ahead of them in case it is indeed a trap, he does not want his warriors to get the blunt of the attack. You make your dragons hover above your warriors ships to wait it out. And that is something caught your eye: two large slingshots being pulled close to the gates. 
"Ivar!" He looks up at you, "Now!" He looks at you for a second longer and then looks forward and sees an army coming out of every entrance. 
Ivar "Forward!" You didn't take a moment to think before you fly towards the enemy. You didn't have to command your dragons to fire at the weaponry that your father was attempting to fire, they did it themselves.
Tumblr media
You have taught them well. As your dragon's burn every inch of the ground, along with some warriors, you search the castle's borders in search of your best friend. That is until you hear the screams of two thousand warriors, drawing their swords for a war that they would not win. Ivar's mind is scattered. He sees his uncle's warriors getting slaughtered at the entrance, his wife in the air, and his brother's killing warriors who have reached the boat.
Tumblr media
He makes a quick decision to get him and his men off of the ships and onto land: that way, they are stable enough to kill the way that they have been trained. You see your husband and his brother's get off the ship and onto the land. All at the same time you see your father holding onto your best friend by her throat. You witness too many things all at once, first it makes you terrified,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
but then it enrages you and all you see is red and fire. You command Ryuu to fire your father's surroundings but leave him and your friend unscathed. 
"My daughter!! Welcome home!!" He hollered from the ground. 
"Let her go!"
"Why would I do such a thing? How could I be so clumsy? She betrayed me!"
"And you betrayed your daughter! All of those years of torment, when all you had to do was be a loving father..a loving king!"
"It is better to be feared than loved Y/n!"
Thyra "Long live the queen!" And before you could speak, he took out his sword and slit your best friend's throat right before your eyes. You scream out in pain as you watch her fall to the ground, choking on her own blood before she soon joins Valhalla. Eldr flies down to the ground, takes your father in his mouth and flings him over the castle. If he survives the fall and the puncture wounds from your son's teeth, then you will get the chance to make him suffer for everything he has put you through. Your friend's death sealed his fate. He will suffer an agonizing death. Ivar hears your screams, he hears your whimpers but he does not know why you are screaming. There is a hill blocking his view of what you are hovering over. His mind races and makes the decision to wall his way over to you. White Hair stays close to Ivar, killing everyone that comes in contact with Ivar. But you see, Ivar is a king and he knows how to fight. He knows how to kill in one strike, and he does just that. 
Ryuu lands and you get off of him, walking towards your friend's body. You hold her head in your lap and mourn her for what feels like hours. And repeat aloud, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I am so sorry, I'm sorry I couldn't save you!" You feel a hand over your shoulder and you quickly take out your dagger to strike the man who has a hold of you, but before you pierce his skin, you realize it is not the enemy, it is your husband. 
Ivar "My love, it's me's me!" You drop your dagger and fall into your husband's lap. He holds you for a moment before White Hair tells you that you have to move to somewhere safe. 
Ivar "In the castle, go!" Once you are inside, you fall to the floor in grief. "You couldn't save her, my love."
"I promised her, Ivar. When we were kids, I promised her that I would always protect her!" You said out of breath.
Ivar "And you did just that, Y/n. Up until now, you did protect her. It was her time to join the gods. There is nothing that could have stopped that."
"I want his head.on.a.spike." 
Ivar chuckles, "Oh his head will be displayed as a monument for the people of Wessex. I will make sure of that, now we must go out there and fight. Are you with me?"
Hvitserk is in his own zone. He is killing left and right. He feels like he is unstoppable. He has never killed so many men in all of his life. And that is being said when he has been in more battles than he can count with his fingers. But he has a mission, and that mission involves you. Therefore, he takes it very personally. 
Tumblr media
Ubbe "Where is Ivar?" He yelled when he realized that he had lost him in the midst of battle.
Hvitserk "More importantly, where is the queen?!" Ubbe looks up and finds your dragon's circling over the castle, so he puts two and two together and figures that you have to be close by. 
Ubbe "The castle, let's go!"
They kill as they walk, not stopping for anything. They have to get to you, you have to be protected. When he finds you, you are fighting multiple men at once and so is Ivar. White Hair is battling his own men and he is struggling. 
Hvitserk "Help White Hair, I'll help Y/n!" He screamed. Ubbe does just that, helping White Hair off the bloodied ground and back on his feet. While Hvitserk butchers your warriors who would just not give up. Once they are dead, Ivar looks over at his brother and thanks him with his eyes. 
"Thyra is dead." 
Hvitserk "She-"
"My father killed her." You move your head and gesture for Hvitserk to look behind you, where her body still lays. Once he saw her, he apologizes for your loss. 
"He will die today, I am not leaving Wessex until I have him in my grasp."
Ubbe "WHERE IS THE KING?!" He hollered in a grizzley voice. You try to answer but a warrior comes up and knocks you to the ground with his shield. Everyone is caught off guard and your boys immediately kill and decapitate the warrior that knocked you off your feet. You fall so hard that you bump your head, and your vision goes blurry. You look around and make out your boys killing that warrior, but what they are doing is very unclear. You look up and see your dragon's fire down at the warriors who are attempting to burn down your ships. Dirt is being flung onto your face and your eyes struggle to stay open. 
Tumblr media
When your eyes finally reopen, you see Hvitserk carrying you into the castle. When he places you down, you see Ivar dragging your father's body into the castle. Ubbe, Rollo, White Hair and Rollo's personal guard are at the door, blocking anyone from coming in. 
"How long was I out?"
Hvitserk "Long enough for Ivar to find the bastard and get him here."
Ivar "Honey, are you alright? Does anything hurt?"
"I'm going to have a little lump from the fall but I am alright. Is the battle over?"
Ivar smiles, "They have surrendered, my queen." Your emotions overflow in your head, making you cry out tears of joy and victory. That is until you see your father, clinging to life and bleeding on the marble floors of this kingdom. You get up and walk over to the man and kneel before him. 
"Look at me, old man." He does not, "LOOK AT ME!" He jolts and looks up at his daughter. "Just answer me one thing. Why?"
"Why what?"
"Why did you kill Thyra? Wh-why her?"
He coughs up blood as he laughs, "She made me do it."
"All she did was be my friend. And all you did was kill an innocent woman."
"I .. I am sorry, little one."
"Sorry, SORRY?" You take out your dagger and hold it to his chest. "You are not sorry. You are NEVER sorry. You are only saying what I want you to I spare your life. Isn't that right dad?"
"I have given you life. HAVE I NOT? I have given you the gift of magical creatures. HAVE I NOT?!" You take a step back from him and begin to tremble. 
"You have given me those things father, that is true. But you have taken more things than you have given." He scuffs, "Do you not remember what you did to me as a child?"
"What thing's-"
"I was just a child," you choked on your tears, "I was just a little girl and you treated me like a grown woman!" Hvitserk holds onto the small of your back in attempts to comfort you. "I almost died, Father!"
"I wouldn't have let you died, stupid girl." He coughed, "You were far more valuable to me alive then dead." Ivar takes a few steps forward and lowers his torso so that he can look the man in the eyes. 
Ivar "You watch your mouth," he growled, "before I remove your tongue." He spat. 
"How does it feel to lose your kingdom to your daughter, hmm?" You said with your head held high. 
He snickers, "Who said that I didn't let you win, little one?" 
Ivar "My love, if you do not kill him, I will. I have had enough of his mouth."
"You think I am weak? You think I cannot kill him myself?"
Ivar "No, no not at all. I admire your strength. But allowing him to talk, allows him to slither his way back into your head." You know that he is right. So you pull your three men aside while Rollo and his men watch over the king. 
"I think that we should prolong his death. He is already dying. Eldr's teeth pierced through his armor. You can hear his breathing starting to fade-"
Hvitserk "What are you saying?"
"I am saying...I want his death to be as horrific and agonizing as possible, for what he did to me and my family."
Ivar "So what would you say we do?"
"Bring him back with us, place him in the cave that your guards put me in when I first arrived. Ivar, if we starve him, remove his clothing so he feels the bitterness of winter on his skin...his death will be long and painful. He will beg for mercy." 
Ubbe "He would beg for mercy.."
Hvitserk "And the cold will prolong his death. He will freeze from the inside if we do this."
Ivar "Good. And I will spend some quality time with my father-in-law..make sure he is enjoying his stay." He smirked. You know that Ivar meant that he would torture the man, and you love the sound of that. Sickening as it sounds for a daughter to say that about her father, if anyone deserves torture, its your father. "I am proud of you, my beautiful wife." He kisses your forehead before turning to White Hair. 
Ivar "Prepare a ship! He is coming with us."
"No! No, no! Just kill me, PLEASE! Y/n, please!" He pleaded.
"Oh don't worry father, you will. Just not how you would like. Or should I say, how you would demand to die." You lean down to your father once more, "You are going to love Kattegat father, especially where you will be staying. It is just like the dungeon you and king Harald placed me in to wither away and die. Take him!" He begged and pleaded, he even apologized multiple times before White Hair placed him in the boat. 
When you walk out of the doors, your best friend's body is still on the ground by the front entrance. 
"I will bring her with me as well. I wish to give her the proper burial."
Hvitserk "Which ship do you wish for her to be on, princess?"
"Not a ship. Neith will bring her home. Just help me get her up there..please." He nods. Him and Ubbe swiftly got her on Neith's back and she flew off into the horizon. When you get out of the castle with Ivar by your side, you hear your name being chanted. You look up at Ivar with a confused look on your face, but all he has on his face is a pure, soft smile. 
"They are thanking you, my love. You saved them from their ruler." Before you know it, the people of Wessex are before you and kneeling in praise. Among them, you spot Thyra's mother. Shs is bowing to you herself with just gratitude that it takes you aback. You walk towards her, take her hand in yours and beg for her to rise. 
"Thank you for saving this kingdom, my sweet girl."
"I..I don't know what to say. I couldn't save your daught-" 
"You have saved her life in more ways than one, Y/n. She loved you more than you could have ever known. Do not blame yourself for this tragedy. Because she was ready to move on to the next life." You burst into tears and she pulled you into a warm embrace as she cried with you. When she pulls back, she cups your cheeks and kisses your forehead. 
"Thank you for saving this kingdom."
"I dragon is taking her back to Kattegat, that is my husband and I's kingdom..I wish to give her a proper burial. You are more than welcome to join us, I know that she would want for you to be there." She nods and smiles.
"I would like that very much. Thank you. Thank you so much." You nod and turn around and find your husband standing close by, talking to the people. You introduce her to Ivar and explain to him that she will be joining them for the ceremony. 
Ivar "You are more than welcome into our home miss-"
Ivar "Helga. Such a beautiful name."
Helga "Thank you kindly."
Ivar "This is my brother Ubbe, he will show you to our ships. We will join you shortly." 
Ubbe "This way." She nods and takes Ubbe's arm. When she walked off with him, Ivar took your hand and rubbed it softly. Your bodies are splattered with blood but neither of you care.
"I can't believe she thanked me even though she lost her daughter today.."
Ivar "She knows that even though she lost her daughter, she gained a safe kingdom today."
"But who is to rule? My mother did not bare a son and I rule with you.."
Ivar "We will figure it out, my sweet. But right now, let's go home." You agreed and got into the ship with Ivar and Hvitserk while you let your two dragon's fly above. Today was a success. The kingdom of Wessex is technically under your rule. But you still have unfinished business to take care of. And that is your father. But sure enough, he will pay for what he has done and then you will finally be able to rest. 
Ivar "Come here, my love. Rest now. You have done your duty as queen and shield maiden. Close your eyes," you rest your head on his shoulder, "I've got you. We will wake you when we are home. I love you."
"Love you." You mumbled. You did not realize how exhausted you were until your adrenaline died down and you were in Ivar's arms. Hvitserk sits down in front of you two and breathed out in relief that the battle was won and that they were all together and heading back to Kattegat. 
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otome-darling · a year ago
Moonlight Lovers: Aaron Guide (Chapter One)
Tumblr media
Other Chapters: [1] [2] [3]
Warning: Please keep in mind that depending on previous selections you may not get the illustration. If you start from where I did you should get the illustration, however I cannot guarantee that you will. Beemoov has been very open about guides not necessarily working due to how they set up the game. Remember to follow guides at your own risk.  
Answers I selected to get the illustration are in bold.
Dialogue Options (1):
(I Should probably keep quiet.)
(I have to be brave… maybe I should try to make a sound...)
(Sorry, buddy. I’ve never been one to take orders...)
Dialogue Options (2):
(I should listen to the guy and go back to sleep.)
(Ouch. Come on, girl, you can do it. There’s no use staying on the floor like this. Get off your butt!) 
(Here’s my chance. I have to get out of here. Now.) 
Dialogue Options (3):
First of all, would you mind explaining to me what I’m doing here?
Something’s obviously wrong here! I... I don’t remember what happened to me. 
I have no memory of what happened after I went through the door. 
Dialogue Options (4):
(No, it can’t be true. I’m not going to fall into his trap.)
(This is crazy. But as they say, the best defense is a good offense! Let’s ask him a few questions.)
(My brain feels like an old computer that keeps crashing... I think it’s best not to say anything.)
Dialogue Options (5):
I don’t understand... It’s not true... I’m still... me. You’re lying.
So if I understand correctly, there are a bunch of vampires living in the manor and one of them almost killed me...
How did you save my life? And who is Ivan? Who are the other vampires?
Dialogue Options (6):
(Get ahold of yourself. You won’t get anywhere if you start whining.)
(Aaron seems to be a kind person. Maybe I should trust him, at least until I know more.)
It’s not true! You’re lying! It’s all one big lie! Let me leave this place right now!
Dialogue Options (7):
(I don’t have any questions. All I know is that you’re lying to me.)
(How can he possibly know all of this?)
(Let’s just get to the point here. Come on, it’s time to hit him where it hurts.)
Dialogue Options (8):
So you’re saying that it also takes commitment from you...
Since it’s not your thing, you can always let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone. 
Dialogue Options (9):
I’m doing... okay, given the circumstances.
I’m going to need some time to digest all of this and to get used to my new life. But I’ll be okay. 
I’m not okay. I’m feeling... lost. It’s too much to take, all at once!
Dialogue Options (10):
I’d like to know more about vampires, mainly.
I’d like to know more about how you’re going to bite me. 
I’d like to know more about you... and being a chalice, I guess. About us. 
Dialogue Options (11):
No. No. No. I can’t do this. 
Yes. But I don’t feel ready just yet. 
Yes. We might as well get this over with, right?
**Note: I believe C for these options also works, as I did a previous playthrough and I still got the illustration with option C. But I can’t confirm because that playthrough I forgot to record some answers to other dialogue options which is why I did a replay.
Dialogue Options (12):
(I like to live dangerously. Ethan is the one I’ll see first.)
(Come to think of it, it’s been an emotional few days for me. I’d better see Raphael first.)
**Note: The option you pick here can change up the story a bit. Both times I did Raphael I didn’t get the illustration, but I believe its because for the last two dialogue options I picked the wrong ones. It may be possible to get the illustration by picking B. 
**From here I went downstairs where I went into the kitchen, chatted with Vladimir (no dialogue options to pick from) and then went into the dining room where I met with Ethan before going to the parlor to meet with Aaron.**
Dialogue Options (13): 
*Talking to Ethan*
(Don’t let him get away with that. Stand up for yourself. Tell him to go to hell.)
(I’d better not make him angry... You never know how a person like that might react.)
A subtle comeback should do the trick. Put him in his place, without being too aggressive. I’ll think of something clever.)
**After this interaction with Ethan go straight into the Parlor to talk to Aaron**
Dialogue Options (14): 
(I have to stay perfectly still.)
Be brave! Tilt your head so he can see your neck.)
(Yuck... No...)
Dialogue Options (15): 
Please. I’m begging you. Stop. That’s enough.
(Clench your teeth. Don’t say anything. You’ve got to be strong.)
After this interaction you should get the illustration and go back to your room ending the chapter. 
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