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#but I don't wanna pressure you 😅😅
meenah-chan · 20 days ago
I'm updating today 😃
Depending on the circumstances it might be done tomorrow and after that all is left is to edit/have it beta read 😀
I hope it turns out good 😔
I'm scared 😬😬😬
Tumblr media
Ohh~~! That's good to hear!! And I bet it'll be really good based on what I have read so far, so don't fret over it 😉😉
Just go with the flow and you shall find your way (〜‾▿‾)〜 (Okay, that doesn't make sense but I just wanna say it sksksk 😆😆)
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obeyme-ever · a day ago
Hey, Ever, are you gonna rp tonight? I don't mean to pressure you or anything, I just wanna know, alright? 💞 - 👻
Yes I am! I’m gonna roleplay a lot this evening actually 😅🥳💞
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Behind The Fence
- 13 - Dilligaf
Summary: You show up to your next shift at Deran's bar and things don't really go as they should.
Pairing: Female!OFC × Craig Cody, we do have a lot of Deran in here and a very special guest! 😎
Content Warnings: a bit angsty, explicit language, AU as hell, supernatural stuff
A/N: So... we got to the point where this little fic gets very AU 😅 I warned you that characters from other fandoms will be introduced and here we are 😌 But I'm certain that you, @ysmmsy, will like this new addition 😏 And oh my....are we actually getting some kind of plot here???
You can read Part 12.2 here! 💕🌸
Feel free to check out my Masterlist!
Tumblr media
Working with Deran as the next afternoon eventually came around wasn't as awkward as I imagined it to be. Uncomfortable an awful lot, but nonetheless bearable. Still, the distinct tension, that lingered every time our eyes met for a split second, left me with a shameful aftertaste. Every now and then I had observed Deran's eyes dwelling on the necklace that joyfully swung around my neckline. He looked at it as if it was a tainted artifact from times long forgotten, leaving no doubt about what had happened between Craig and me while he wasn't around to prevent any of that.
"Hey there!", he had greeted me as I was about to start my shift "You look like you slept like a baby. Finally got some rest, huh?"
He had smiled at me while I tried not to give myself away with a shit-eatin grin that pulled at the corner of my lips violently already. It was then Deran discovered the pendant. His blue eyed glare darted at the metal as he had uttered: "Got some things sorted out as well, I see."
A snappy kind of passive aggression dripping out of his mouth.
"Yeah.", I answered dryly, my smile dying on the spot "Had some necessary talking done. I might even get him to finally apologise to you."
"Oh, c'mon.."
"No." Deran scoffed, handing me a cloth to dry off the tables "Seriously, I don't wanna see him around no more. I'm done with his ass."
I locked my eyes with his and I thought I could see a 'And I'm close to being done with your ass, too.' that he was holding back, because it would be somewhat far from the truth. Unlike his brothers, Deran thought about what he said at times before actually opening his mouth and I appreciated that. He despised talking to someone else in anger, because his family was a top tier example for the damage it causes doing that all the time and without second guessing. For a swift moment I remembered the scene where Janine had lost it over J and just smacked his face in front of everyone. That little shit had it coming, no doubt about that, but fighting hate with hate was neither Deran's nor my jam.
"I can vividly remember times you two were inseparable. It can hardly be him doing coke in the bathroom that caused all this fuzz, seriously."
"Oh, hun, it's not only that." Deran huffed and shrug his shoulders. His features were already softening a little, revealing that the grudge he was trying to hold against me was mostly targeted at his older brother.
"Jesus Christ...", I sighed deeply "What is it then? For the love of god, what happened to make you hate each other like that?"
Deran rubbed over his temples, seemingly thinking hard about how to respond and an almost relieved humm slipped his lips as a knock on the door freed him from dealing with an answer for now.
"We're closed!" He called upon the early visitor, but the knock was repeated, with more demanding pressure than before.
"You didn't tell Craig to come 'round, did you?!"
"No!" I returned, in a tone a little more snappish than intended.
"Gosh..can't I just have one day in peace?" Deran muttered under his breath as he turned towards to door.
"Come on in, it's unlocked."
The both of us stared at the entrance door in anticipation. It swung open and with that a man I never had seen around before entered the premises. His appearance struck not only me, but Deran apparently just as much: A buff colossus of a man approached us, almost as wide as he was tall and surrounding him an aura that seemed to drop the overall temperature to almost sub zero. That specimen made his way to the counter in a stern pace, each step appeared to have the floor underneath us shaking a little.
"Holy moly...." I pressed between clenched teeth and looked over to Deran. His jaw had dropped open slightly.
Tumblr media
"Excuse my intrusion at that time, would ya?", this bull of a man snarled in a deep voice that made my skin crawl and tingle in not at all pleasant ways "Captain Syverson, my name. Straight from the S.D.C.C. I'm here to ask about someone we're looking for. Ya might've seen him 'round."
Deran and I exchanged confused looks. Neither of us knew what the hell the S.D.C.C. was, but we just went with it, still taken aback at the sight of this short haired, bearded and sand coloured camouflage shorts wearing brute.
"S-sure." Deran mumbled as soon as he caught his breath. I leaned onto the counter next to him, observing this Captain guy take off his sunglasses to reveal a pair of crisp blue eyes that were freckled with deep brown specks around slightly dilated pupils. They added something terrifyingly feral to his figure.
Upon roaming through one of the many pockets of his cargo shorts I drew my eyes from his face to inspect his shirt a little further. It was red...or at least had been supposed to be at some point in time. Printed across a now faded darkish grey skull, that stretched over his massive chest, was the word "Dilligaf".
Do I look like I give a fuck
What a fucking macho, I concluded and squinted my eyes at this piece of cloth. It surely had seen better days and deducting from that man's face he did, too.
"Would ya take a look at that picture for me, cherry pie?"
I swallowed hard, not only at this pet name that was certainly directed towars me, but also upon feeling his attention focusing on me. I nodded in silent agreement and felt every hair at the nape of my neck quiver in terror as Captain Syverson slipped me the picture.
"His name's Adrian-"
The Captain got blatantly overrun by Deran, who snapped his head around to look at the picture too: "Adrian who?!"
Definitely not Adrian Dolan, I wanted to hiss at him, but bit the inside of my cheek to hold it back.
"Adrian Graham." Captain Syverson added, visibly angered over Deran interrupting him.
"Nah, never seen that guy." Deran blurted and shrug his shoulders as the wave of sudden agitation let go if him.
I, on the other hand, felt my stomach dropping at the sight of a wrinkled photograph of a man I certainly knew.
Oh Adrian, what have you done?
That question broke itself loose inside my head while I tried to appear as indifferent as possible.
"What about you, sugar?" The Captain darted at me.
I shook my head, handing him the photo upon meeting is edgy stare with adamancy.
"No, sir, never seen him around either. He looks like an upright fella, though."
Captain Syverson klicked his tongue and threw me a vain shadow of a smile.
"Don't we all?"
Nah, dude, you looked like a sleazy savage the moment you walked past that door frame
I reciprocated his faint smile and hoped on him to get his ass back out here as soon as he came. With a shrug of his muscle packed shoulders the Captain smashed the photo back into his pocket and drew some kind of shabby looking business card instead.
"Thanks.", he huffed, obviously not meaning it at all "Don't hesitate to give me a ring if that man's to show up, kay?"
"Sure thing." Deran replied and we both held back a sigh of relief as Captain Syverson turned to leave the bar.
The door finally fell back shut and I exhaled deeply.
"What the fuck was that?!" I groaned and felt my heart race in my chest.
To my surprise Deran chuckled a little.
"That Captain guy rubbed you the wrong way, huh?"
"Of course he did!", I wheezed "Cherry pie? Really?! What's next? Cinnamon roll, cupcake?"
Upon that Deran broke into straight laughter, seemingly oblivious to the adrenaline waving through my body.
"Oh, do we have a little soaked panties alert over here? No, sir, never seen him.." Deran jokingly pushed me with his elbow as he imitated me with a high pitched voice.
"Are you kiddin'? That man's terrifying!"
Even though I didn't feel like it at all, Deran's laughter swapped over to illicit some snickering.
"Terrifyingly hot?" He went on poking.
I rose my brows at him and eventually fired back: "You got a lil' stiffy yourself, huh?"
Deran shrug his shoulders in defence.
"Can you blame me? Honestly, that ass was chiselled out of stone."
I only shrug my head at that, my worries over who that guy actually was and what Adrian had done to be tracked down by someone like him snapping back at me in an instant.
The last time I had seen my friend was about three months ago. Everything seemed fine, we had a few beers together and some of the usual chit chat. Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary in any way.
"Strange..." I uttered out while lost in thoughts.
"What's strange?"
"Huh?" I turned towards Deran, not really aware that the word had actually left my lips.
"Are you okay?" He appeared concerned upon my confusion.
"Yeah, I'm fine. That Captain's just utterly strange, isn't he?" I tried to cover up.
"Somewhat odd, yeah.", Deran answered and picked up the worn out business card "San Diego County Coyotes...the fuck's that?"
"What?!" I panted and ripped the piece of paper out of his hand. Piercing it with my eyes I observed the nondescript font, taking every letter in until it dawned on me. I gagged, my stomach twisting in every possible direction.
"Hell, what's wrong?!"
I gasped for air, the paper sifting through my numb fingers.
"It's.. oh.. fuck...I'm in trouble."
"Why!?" Deran seemed to be close to snapping on me.
"That's...", I tried to gather my breath "That's most probably been the Alpha of the local werewolf tribe."
"Yeah, and what's that gotta do with you?!" He halfway yelled at me in worry.
I mustered myself back to form a coherent train of thoughts before I asked: "Are you remotely familiar with the way these groups work?"
Deran shook his head, not withholding obvious disgust.
"No, of course not. I don't hang with those freaks.", he gasped, throwing me a stern look "Do you?"
"Listen...", I stated as calm as possible "That guy, from the photo, Adrian, he's a friend of mine. A werewolf, yeah, but he's alright."
"I still don't see how this has anything to do with you."
"Then would you just hear me out, goddamit?!"
Deran backed off at me raising my voice.
"Thanks..", I huffed, pinching the bridge of my nose "Look, most of the times they get together in groups to protect themselves, but sometimes you literally have your classic, out of the book lone wolf. That's my Adrian here. To ensure that those without a pack still play by the rules they choose a trustee, imagine it as a kind of godparent, vouching for that individual. And that's me. I signed up to be Adrian's trustee years ago, after he split with his former pack. Shit never hit the fan, because he got himself under control... or so I thought at least."
With his jaw wide agape Deran struggled to comprehend all what was thrown at him.
"You're the godmother of a werewolf? A friend of yours? That's fucked up..."
I sighed, feeling the sudden need to smash my head onto the counter to make this whole shitshow stop.
"That's not the point, Deran, not at all! Apparently something happened, something I have no knowledge of, our Captain here swings by, probably full well knowing who I am and now he thinks I'm protecting Adrian from whatever it is he's messed up."
Taking my phone out of my back pocket I turned around, jogging towards the bureau.
"Sorry, but I gotta make some calls now."
That fucking Captain Syverson had been playing me from the get go.
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banashee · 11 days ago
I was tagged by @lilolilyr to share how my additional tags and pairings look on my AO3.
So this is on my own works:
Tumblr media
And this is in my bookmarks
Tumblr media
Honestly, I'm not surprised at all at any of this 😅😁 I'm predictable...
And I'm tagging anyone who wants to do this, and you folks if you wanna (please don't feel pressured to tho)
@bananaink @asamandra @cruciatusforeplay @kangofu-cb @beckala904 @hopelessly-me
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stay-midnight · 14 days ago
“Minnie, he looks so cute like a kitten, he’s been so tired. He looks cute all bundled up in a blanket!” I would pout, “I love youuuu~” I would say as Seungmin is leaving, “tell Changbin I said hiii” I would wave back and then cuddle closer to Minho and probably fall asleep watching him. I swear I’m not creepy with the staring I just like cherishing peoples calm and happy faces
Noooo ;^; I won’t let him wake up 😃jkjk jkjk if he wakes up and leaves that’s okay.
“I-bdlsbwldhodbeod” I was jump out his arms and push him away. “I-I-“ I would stim my hands rapidly then hide myself in his chest with my arms around his waist and just whine.
Same I love it so much, I question all the time why those numbers lol that’s okay I just don’t want him cutting Hyunjin’s hair like I will fight! I love his long hair
I actually have a tic where if, ima regret this, see the word yoh or hear it, I’ll do like three quick yohs and it’s super annoying and it hurts my neck lol. I have a bunch more vocal tics than physical ones. Hahaha not like it doesn’t cause raise in heart pressure, anxiety to increase and insomnia haha 😅. I’m fine really, I’m actually really health besides my monster addiction. For the past three days I’ve been drinking monster first thing in the morning and then getting coffee in the afternoon
“Such a cutie!” I would leave one last kiss on the tip of his nose, and just stare a him. “Am I making you flustered sweetheart?” I would look at him like 😶🤨. “Felix-hun if you want to call me daddy you can call me that but never call me father earth again XD” I would be laughing so much after I see his reaction. -•^•
Seungmin would hum loudly enough in agreement and would tell Changbin you said hi. He would chuckle and shout, “I love you too !” Minho would be rolling around in his sleep and would wake you up randomly-
If he does wake up again, he would just cuddle the tired Chan in the other room, since Chan has been sleeping too late, he must have cuddles and Hyunjin would come there and leave you with Minsung-
Hyunjin would pat your head and just smile, “You lost, baby boy.” he would now have a pet name to call you a lot so be prepared. aka You are now Hyunjin’s baby boy- ,🤫🤭
Maybe Minho just know how to cook a human I- om 💀👁️. Jeongin would laugh and reassure you he won't cut hyunjin’s hair cuz he likes it too, he just wants him to let you get cuddle by himself. 💀🥺
HHshhsj, I don't know much about tics since I haven't seen one before but that seems interesting as long as they don't cause too much problems or issues. They’d find it cute sometimes but get worried alot if your hurting by it. Gasp, you must reduce monster addiction sjzjjd.
Yes, he agrees that you make him flustered like lot lot flustered- He would kiss back too giving you soft pecks and stuff. Felix wanna be held owo. He would be blushy and be staring at you for a bit after what you said, “I won’t call you daddy since you’re the baby of the others, hmp.” ddjf.
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kg1507 · 19 days ago
Tag game! Answer 30 questions about yourself and tag 20 people, or whoever you want to get to know better! 
Thanks for the tag @marvelousfandoms
1.      Name/ Nickname: Kim
2.      Gender: Female
3.      Star sign: Virgo
4.      Height: 5'5"
5.      Time: Right now? Noon
6.      Birthday: September 1
7.      Favorite bands/groups: Paramore, would love to be able to see them again someday 😭 Florence + the Machine, Imagine Dragons
8.      Favorite solo artist: Constantly changing but at the moment Halsey
9.      Song stuck in my head: Super Bass ever since I wrote that damn fic lol ready for that to leave my brain-space now
10.   Last movie: Honestly can't remember, maybe Into the Spiderversea few months ago???
11.   Last show: The Handmaid's Tale
12.   When did I create this blog: 2011
13.   What do I post: Mostly Supergirl at this point
14.   Last thing I googled: "Is there weather in open space"
15.   Other blogs: nope
16.   Do I get asks: Occasionally
17.   Why I chose my url: I'm boring and terrible at picking usernames so it's literally my initials and random numbers so I'm sure everyone I follow thought I was a Tumblr bot the first time they saw my username 😅
18.   Following: I think around 110
19.   Followers: I think last time I checked around 1600 but that is over the course of 10 YEARS and I'm pretty sure half of them are no longer active lolllll
20.   Average hours of sleep: 7-8 depending on the day
21.   Lucky number: don't have one
22.   Instruments: Clarinet in high school, currently amateur violinist
23.   What am I wearing: jeans and work sweatshirt
24.   Dream job: Wildlife photographer or Penguin Keeper I wanna work in a zoo....
25.   Dream trip: Literally anywhere at this point I hate my town lol
26.   Favorite food: mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, bbq chicken mmmmm
27.   Nationality: White as bread. Got some German/Polish too
28.   Favorite song: too much pressure I can't make decisions ahhhh
29.   Last book I read: The Secret Life of Bees
30.   Top 3 Fictional Universes i want to live in: ATLA world, Disney's Tangled universe, Alageasia from the Eragon books
Tagging: @theredcapeofk @searidings @behbuh @captaincartervalues @i-am-robie
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iwaizumini · 22 days ago
Okay so let’s say I’m not doing anything like—I have of a bunch of work to do and I’ve been avoiding it for the past two weeks, and I feel bad. Am I allowed to feel bad? Should I even feel bad? I shouldn’t feel bad because I know what I’m doing? Right?? and I’m purposely avoiding my work because I just don’t want to do it, but somehow I feel stressed out? Is it because all the missing assignments I have? Or am I just trying to get pity from others? Or even self pity?.. Or is it just I’m just a stupid loser who can’t get anything right? and someone who needs constant assurance because I literally can’t trust myself?
I’m sorry if this is too much hshshs my mind is just too clouded, and to many thoughts at once, I’m tired. Like just tired, tired of everything. Sorry
-🍓 anon
hey, pretty baby, don’t apologize ok?? and answering you, of course, u have the right to feel bad and don't wanna do it!! also, procrastinate on an activity is something I wouldn't ever judge you for ( i know there exists a lot of situations that influence us and our spiritual state,it's completely normal), Don't finish a task from our responsibility and feel bad about its more than NORMAL is basically our common sense, I mean it’s your work and you have to it so I guess it’s normal to get worried, upset or even mad for not doing, its self-conscience!! and look, it’s not like “oh I need pity from someone” or anything like this! Talking about something you don't wanna do isn’t a form to release stress? Well, I do this more than I should so don't worry !! Also, my advice for you is,if you really need to finish this work and you can't procrastinate, take a shower ( a good one so you will relax), sit, drink something that gives you energy, and do it, take all these overwhelmed feelings and use them as a “channel” to finish your task !! the famous force/power of hate and do it now, so you don't need to do it after.
also I'm sorry for answer just now i involuntary took a nap😅
Ohh take naps before do your assignment, it's something I highly recommend !! Anyway don't pressure yourself ok ? You're amazing and perfectly capable of do whatever u want/need to !! I believe in you !!! Oh and don't forget to take a time for yourself ,eat something you like or watch your favorite show !! Please take care 💕
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amberskywrites · 26 days ago
WIP line Chain Game
Rules: Write the latest line from your wip and tag as many people as there are are words in the line.
Made a new post bc the other one was getting a bit long 😅 I was tagged by @47crayons ^^ thanks for tagging me!
“Right. Liam... I need you to become a hero.”
Honestly very high chance of this line either being taken out or said later on but! It was the last one I wrote so- anyways! 9 words so 9 tags!
Tagging: @arcticfrostdoesthings @nikkywrites @dontcrywrite @candied-peach @umionmain @ambsthom @andiwriteunderthemoon @euphoniouspandemonium @kaytibreezette (no pressure to do this if you don't wanna! ^^)
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www-artforoddballs · a month ago
I'm very bored, HMU with requests (if you want, no pressure!!)
Doesn't just have to be for OM! , I just know that's why most of you are following me 😅 and also why those are the tags I used so people would see this.
No minor/adult ship requests. You will be blocked if you send me asking to ship an adult and a child...also, please either send headcannon asks, it's what I do best with 😅😅😅
You can request frooommm:
Obey Me! (Obviously)
Black Butler
Ouran High School Host Club
My Hero Academia
Mystic Messenger
Persona 5
The Devil Is a Part Timer!
The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
Aaannnnd that's it for now! I don't wanna make my list too big because I get easily overwhelmed...thanks guys! Sorry again for the lack of ideas!!
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lyranova · a month ago
Heyooooo Lyraaaa 😘!!! I was wondering if um hehe👉👈😅, if you could make a yamichar fic where they accidentally traveled in time and accidentally meet their future child (or children lmao) lol😂, it's okay if you don't wanna do it 🙂 no pressure 😘
Children of the Future:
Chapter 1: Hikari
Of course Lei! I’m sorry this took so long IRL has been busy 😅! But i hope you like this, also I just realized you wanted Yamichar to be the ones who time travel, and instead i made it the child who goes back in time oops. But i hope this is ok! Also, Hikari belongs to the lovely @eme-eleff (thank you for letting me borrow her for this Ilysm 🥰💕!)
Edit: This is Chapter 1 of my new series ‘Children of the Future’, instead of reposting it I decided to edit it and reblog it haha!
Word Count: 1,701
Warnings: None
Yami couldn’t stop grumbling, he had been summoned by Julius to come to his office, he claimed there was something important he needed to see. Yami had been confused at first, but he wasn’t really allowed to disobey a summons from the Wizard King. So he walked through the halls that he knew like the back of his hand, deep in thought, when he saw a flash of blonde out of the corner of his eyes. He turned and noticed it was the Prickly Princess herself, Charlotte Roselei. He watched her look up in surprise at him and her face turned a shade of pink.
“ Y-Yami? What are you doing here?” She asked as she came to a stop, she hadn’t seen him for a while, since everyone had been training in order to battle the Spade Kingdom. She watched him tilt his head and do a half-shrug.
“ The Wizard King summoned me, said he had something important to show me. You?” He asked as he also came to a stop.
“ Same here, I wonder if he summoned the other Captains as well.” Charlotte said curiously as she folded her arms, it wasn’t unusual for Julius to call them suddenly, but when it did it usually meant trouble for the Kingdom.
“ I didn’t see any of them, and I don’t sense their Qi, so I think it’s just us here.” He told her with a thoughtful scowl, Charlotte hadn’t seen any of them either, which made this meeting even more curious.
“ C’mon, let’s not keep him waiting.” Yami said suddenly as he began to walk away, she blushed even more as her mind raced ‘H-He wants to walk there together?! Won’t that give people the wrong impression?!’ Her mind screamed, but she shook her head and followed behind him. They could always say they met outside the door or something.
Charlotte watched as Yami knocked on the door, they heard Julius say something on the other side to signal to them that they could enter. Yami pushed the door open, allowing Charlotte to walk inside first, and closed it behind them.
“ Ah good you’re both already here.” Julius said with a warm happy smile, Charlotte and Yami walked up to the desk. It was still hard to believe that the Wizard King was now back to his original self, they had gotten so used to seeing him younger that they would sometimes forget this was him.
“ Why are we here Julius?” Yami asked as he crossed his arms, he wasn’t really in the mood for chit chat, and he assumed Charlotte wasn’t either since she had a small scowl on her face as well. They were both trying to train their squads so they could face the Spade Kingdom, and this was distracting them from doing that.
“ Well,” he said with a sheepish laugh, that only made the two Captains scowl further. “ I went down stairs where we keep the forbidden magic items, and I stumbled across this portal. I don’t think it’s ever been used, anyway, I went down there looking to see if there may be an item to help me change back to my proper age. Well, instead I found her,” Julius moved out of the way and behind him sat a young girl around 19 years old.
She had long dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a small scowl on her face. Charlotte looked her up and down, she was wearing a deep blue top with a pair of dark brown pants, wrist length gloves, and dark knee length boots. But what caught her attention was the cloak she was wearing, Charlotte’s eyes widened as she looked at the insignia, it was a Black Bulls robe, she looked over at Yami and saw he recognized it too. But if he was surprised he didn’t let it show.
“ Why did you give some random kid my squads robe Julius?” Yami asked as he suddenly grabbed a cigarette and put it into his mouth.
“ I’m not just some random kid! Also, if you’re going to smoke it’s best to do it outside or, even better, stop smoking. It’s bad for you.” The young girl remarked as she stood up from the chair she had been sitting in and walked over to stand next to Julius’s desk.
Charlotte and Yami blinked, this kid had quite the mouth on her. But he did as she asked and pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and put it back in it’s case. The young girl smiled in triumph, that's when Yami frowned. That smile, it looked familiar, but where had he seen it before?
“ Anytime I ask you to smoke outside you always ignore me, but when a child asks you too you listen and do it without a second thought.” Charlotte commented with a small laugh and a shake of her head, Yami rolled his eyes a bit, of course he was going to listen to a kid. He wouldn’t admit this to anyone, but he could be a big softie when it came to kids. He looked over and noticed Charlotte had a small smile on her face, he paled slightly, that was the same smile the young girl wore just a moment ago.
“ Hey kid, what’s your name?” He asked, hoping beyond hope that his gut feeling was wrong, that her Qi wasn’t what he saw it to be. The young girl glanced over to Julius who nodded, she turned back to them, her head held high as she announced.
“ My name’s Hikari, Hikari Sukehiro.” Both Captains paled, Sukehiro? As in Yami Sukehiro?! Charlotte turned to look at him, he wasn’t able to hide the surprise on his face at this revelation.
She felt a small pang in her chest, as though someone had just plunged a dagger into it, he had a daughter? With another woman? She shook her head, they weren’t dating so what right did she have to be hurt and upset, at the most they were just colleagues. Nothing more, nothing less. But it still hurt to think of him being with another woman, of him having a child with another woman.
“ This isn’t funny Julius.” Yami growled, he knew this wasn’t a joke, just from the way she stood he could tell she was his daughter, also from the way she had no problem telling him off about smoking. The only thing that confused him though, was why she had the same smile as Charlotte.
“ It isn’t a joke Yami, she came here from the future, at least according to her. I had Marx use his memory magic on her, everything she has told me is the truth and her memories prove it.” Julius said as he leaned back against his desk, Charlotte couldn’t help but glare at him slightly.
“ Why did you call me here then you majesty? Just so you could have a witness in case Yami tried to murder you?” She asked, a little more ice to her tone then she had intended. It didn’t go unnoticed. Julius blinked a bit before looking over at Hikari.
“ Um, I think you need to explain your parentage a little more, Hikari.” He stated with a nervous laugh, the young girl nodded.
“ Yes sir. It’s true, my father is Yami Sukehiro. But my mother,” she turned to look at the blonde haired woman. “ is Charlotte Roselei.”
Charlotte blinked at Hikari. Her? She was her mother?! No, no, no, that made no sense! How could she be this girl's mother? She and Yami weren’t even dating! There was no way Hikari was their daughter!
“ That makes sense,” Yami said suddenly, she whipped around to face him, her face brighter than the sun, and she gaped like a fish out of water.
“ H-How does this make sense?!” She suddenly shouted, she watched a small smirk tug at the corner of his lips.
“ Her Qi first off; it’s a mixture of mine and yours which is why I didn’t recognize it at first. Second, the way she carries herself is the same as you, her eyes are a similar shade although they’re a little lighter than yours, and her smile, heh, that smile; it’s exactly the same as yours.” He said the last part so softly, so warmly, it made Charlotte not only turn redder, but it made her heart melt. He...noticed how she smiled? Of course he did, he was very observant. But what she didn’t expect to see was how his smirk had changed into a warm loving smile, how his eyes had softened.
Charlotte had to be dreaming, she just had too!
“ So, umm...until we can get Hikari back to her own time, she’s going to have to stay with one of you or, if you want my opinion, both of you. Since she is your child and it’s probably what she’s used to, I’d suggest you all find somewhere to stay that’s close enough to each of your respective headquarters. I think it’ll be easier for Hikari to adjust that way.” Julius said with an innocent smile, both Captains couldn’t help but frown, was he trying to subtly get them to move in together? Yami suddenly sighed.
“ Fine, I guess we really don’t have much of a choice huh. Especially since that was an order.” Yami stated, causing Charlotte to gap at him even more, he wasn’t even going to try and convince the Wizard King that them moving in together was a very bad idea?! But as much as Charlotte wanted to argue, she could tell by the tone of the Wizards king's voice that it was, in fact, an order. She also couldn’t disagree, it would probably be better for the young girl if they all did live together. She suddenly chuckled humorlessly at the situation.
Finding out she had a daughter and now being ordered to move in with the man she was in love with who, by the way, was completely oblivious to her feelings for him? This was not how she was expecting this meeting to go!
Ah i’m sorry if this isn’t very good 😅! I couldn’t really think of how to end this but I hope some of you enjoyed this and I apologize if you didn’t! Also I hope you like it Lei 🥺💕! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a good day~!
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