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#but I have a few ideas to try out tomorrow
stormtrprinstilettos · 2 years ago
“It’s not like I’m asking you to dinner.” - Roger x fem reader (smut)
Summary: It’s 1983 and Queen is recording their next album at the studio where you work, and things get a little heated between you and the drummer.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
In this “episode”: Roger finally gets Reader to go on a date – an actual, real date. And a question is popped. (No, not that one, calm down.)
Word Count: ~5k
Warnings: age gap (21 vs. 35), language (WTF no smut?)
Tagging: @fixedonroger @a19103 @ginabaker1666 @thickthighsandbasicbrowneyes @culturefiendtrashqueen @imaginesandideas @rogertaylorscar @painkiller80 (let me know if you want to be added)
[A/N: An anon sent me the fluffiest idea and I just had to use (most of) it. And, dammit, I’m sorry, no smut this time, but it needs to happen this way. Keep sending me those ideas because I need them in order to keep this going!]
Tumblr media
Sunday. Finally. A day off. And you have tomorrow off, too, since your boss was kind enough to hire another girl to sit in and answer the phones a few days a week to help out. When Roger brought you home this morning he was headed off with the rest of the guys to go do some interviews so you weren’t expecting to hear from him anytime soon. You’re trying your best not to replay the conversation you had with him last night, but it was stuck on endless repeat in your brain. What did he mean – “I’m not giving you up any time soon,” you keep thinking. This is ridiculous. He’s leaving, he’ll be in Munich, then touring… Stop it, Y/N. But you can’t stop. He’s right. You overanalyze everything. This is just fun and he’ll move on when he leaves.
You desperately need a distraction, so you decide to start rearranging your albums again, this time by sleeve cover instead of alphabetically. It was stupid, especially because you knew it was going to get on your nerves the first time you’d go to look for one, but it got your mind off of him. You’re concentrating hard on the task you’ve given yourself when the phone rings.
“I’m in the mood for Italian food. What’s the best place in this god awful city for Italian food?” It’s Roger, and you can’t help the massive smile that’s formed on your face.
“Dan Tana’s,” you tell him. “But they don’t open until dinner time.” You hear cars rushing by and horns blowing in the background. “Where are you? It’s so loud.”
He starts to chuckle. “I’m on some payphone outside. Dan Tana’s, you said?”
“Yeah, but they don’t open until dinner time and…”
He cuts you off. “Can you be ready for 5?”
“You’re talking to me?” you ask.
He’s laughing at your awkwardness. “Yes, you. I’ll pick you up at 5:00.” He doesn’t wait for an answer and he hangs up the phone.
You start to laugh at his sheer audacity. Part of you wants to be difficult and tell him you’re not going when he shows up, but you know you won’t do that. It’s only noon, but you rush to your closet to find what you’re going to wear.
The hours eventually passed, and you did your makeup three times, changed your clothes four times before finally deciding on your blue dress. You find yourself in the same situation as yesterday evening before he picked you up for that dinner with everyone else – nervous as hell, sitting in your living room, waiting for Roger to knock on the door. And when he did, you had to compose yourself again and not run to the door like you wanted to. And when you open the door, there he is again, wearing a tie – no blazer this time – and those sunglasses. God, do we really need to go to dinner? you groan to yourself, wanting to make him ravish you right there in the doorway.
“Hey, beautiful,” he greets you, with a toothy smile and a kiss on your cheek. He holds his arm out for you to hook yours into. “Ready to go?” You smile and grab your purse and head out the door. “Thought I’d take you this Italian place I heard about,” he jokes as he walks you to the car.
Tumblr media
You hear the people whisper and feel them staring as the two of you are walking inside the restaurant, trying your hardest to ignore them, but it’s hard to do. Roger, on the other hand, isn’t paying them any attention, instead focusing his attention on you and making sure you’re guided through the crowd waiting to get in as effortless as possible. The restaurant host immediately recognizes him and hurries the two of you to a table, far in the back away from as many people as possible, but you still feel people looking at you. “Ignore them,” he whispers, leaning over the table and taking your hand in his. “It’s just the two of us, no one else,” he says as he’s giving you a comforting grin. He glances down at the menu. “What’s good here?”
“I always get the veal parmesan,” you tell him with a chuckle. “Not that I come here a lot. That’s what I always get at Italian restaurants.”
He starts to laugh. “Not the adventurous type?”
“It’s my favorite,” you shrug. He’s still holding your hand as he looks over the menu, and you sit like that, in silence, watching him, and you can’t stop smiling. He glances up and you and smiles back before going back to the menu. You start to giggle at his deep concentration before realizing he probably doesn’t know what he’s reading and pull the menu away from him. “Pasta, seafood, meat or veggies?” you ask with a giggle.
“Meat,” he playfully growls. “Like a real man.” You roll your eyes and point to the menu section with the meat selections as you push it back to him and he smirks. “I have no idea what any of this is.” He points down. “What’s this?”
“Liver,” you tell him, laughing at his disgusted reaction. When he points to the next one, you giggle. “That’s veal parmesean.” He nods and closes the menu and gives you an impressed look. “I spent a semester in Italy when I was in college so I learned the cuisine. Studied that more than what I was actually there to study.”
He listened to you intently as you talked over dinner. For some reason you were chattier than usual, probably doing it because people kept staring and you were trying to distract yourself. It didn’t matter to him – he loved hearing you talk. After the waiter took your plates, he inched his hand to yours so he could hold it again, and as soon as he grabbed it, you were rendered speechless for some reason. Apparently he was too, because neither one of you spoke, sitting there and smiling at each other instead, until the waiter brought your coffee. “Did I ever tell you how beautiful you are?” he says, softly, looking deep into your eyes. “Because if I didn’t, I just want you to know that you are absolutely beautiful.” You smile and he brings your hand up to his lips and kisses your knuckles. “And not just tonight. Always.”
You’re smiling as you melt inside, a different feeling than you usually get when you see him. It’s not that sexual desire that almost burns. It’s a flutter, a calmness, a… What is he doing to me? you ask yourself. Everyone else disappeared. It’s just the two of you, no one else, just like he said earlier. You lean over the table to get closer to him. “Come here,” you whisper, and he leans over to meet you and gives you a soft, slow peck, your eyes closing as you feel the warmth of his lips on yours. The moment is interrupted when the waiter brings the bill, snapping you both back to reality.
“Let’s get out of here,” he says as he hands the waiter the payment, standing up and holding out his hand for you. You walk out holding hands, this time not caring that people see you with him, ignoring the whispers and quiet gawking everyone is doing. It’s just the two of you, no one else, and you’re floating.
Tumblr media
He’s driving around, not sure where he wants to go next, but he does know he doesn’t want to take you home – not yet. The conversation is flowing so smoothly, and you’re both enjoying the evening and the company so much you don’t want it to end. “Turn here,” you tell him at one point, so he listens to you, knowing you can navigate this place much better than he can. A few minutes later, you tell him to pull over, and excitedly jump out of the car, waving for him to join you. Shaking his head and chuckling, he gets out and walks over to you. “Come on,” you smile and grab his hand, pulling him along as you walk out to a view of the city below. “Just in time,” you murmur as he starts to take in the view. “Haven’t been up here in a while. My favorite place to watch the sunset.” He draws you in from behind, wrapping his arms around you and resting his chin on your shoulder. He’s done this so many times before, and your insides flitter every single time. As you stand there, wrapped in him, you have no cares in the world. You’re not overthinking things for a change. You’re not questioning his motives or even worrying about what the future will bring. You’re in this moment, and you finally understand why he was always telling you to stop worrying about tomorrow, or the next month, or the next year. Now – that’s what it was all about. Now, the only time you can control, and this is exactly where you want to be.
“Y/N?” he says as he turns you to face him. The sun has just about disappeared from the sky, but there’s still a slight glow that’s making his eyes look even more enchanting than normal. You look at him and smile, his face telling you he has something he wants to say. “I… uhh…Thanks… for sharing this with me…” His words are stumbling a little, and for the first time since you’ve known him, he seems a bit nervous. He runs the back of his hand on your cheek, smiling and piercing your eyes with his. Your heart is beating so fast you can hardly catch your breath, and you sense he’s having a harder than usual time breathing as his smile fades and his expression turns serious. He opens his mouth and takes a breath like he’s about to say something else, but nothing comes out. He slowly leans down, and you can feel his breath on your cheek as your eyes flutter, then close as his lips meet yours. His hands slide down your arms before resting on your hips, drawing you in closer as your arms wrap around his neck, and the entire world starts to melt away. You slowly pull back, your hands resting on the nape of his neck, and you slowly open your eyes. He tries to say something again, but the words don’t come out.
All you can do is smile, finding this nervousness of his endearing. He pulls you close, wrapping his arms around you and kisses the top of your head. “Why are you so tense?” you ask him. “Your whole body is tight.” You look up at him, your chin on his chest and and you start to rub his back.
He kisses your forehead and smiles. “Maybe being around you is stressful,” he chuckles, and you push yourself away, pretending to be upset and offended.
“I don’t know why I still like you, knowing you’re an asshole,” you laugh as he pulls you back close, leaning down so his nose touches yours.
“Oh, you like me?” he grunts sarcastically. “I happen to L…” He quickly stops himself and smiles. “I happen to like you, too.” He kisses your forehead again and pushes your head to rest on his chest. You can hear his heart beating, and you start to giggle again. “Stop being cute,” he laughs. “I’m trying to relax and enjoy the view.”
You look up at him again, giving him an adoring look and smirk. “My view is quite nice to look at.” He rolls his eyes and laughs, pulling you in even tighter. Just as you were about to speak, a car pulls up and four teenagers crawl out. “Ugh,” you groan. “It was nice while it lasted.” You slowly pull apart from each other and watch as these jackasses who interrupted your moment start to walk into view.
“Brownies,” he blurts out, out of nowhere. “You brought those brownie things to the studio the other day. Those were good.” You look at him, humored with confusion “I want some.”
“I don’t know where to buy brownies at 8:00 on a Sunday night,” you laugh. “I made those anyway.”
He grabs your hand and starts walking to the car. “Then let’s go so you can make me some.” He’s serious and you’re still laughing.
“I can’t just make them, Roger,” you laugh. “I need the mix and…”
“Well let’s go find the mix,” he says, hurrying and opening the car door and shoving you in. “What?” he asks, starting to laugh at himself when he gets in the car and puts the keys in the ignition.
“The stores are closed,” you tell him.
“Damn,” he chuckles. “Well… Where to next?”
“I don’t know,” you giggle. “You’re the one who invited me out tonight.” He nods and starts the car. “So where are we going now?” He shrugs and pulls out, not knowing which way to turn on the road and looks at you for guidance. “I don’t know where we’re going so I can’t tell you where to go.”
“My place?” he asks, not sure of anywhere else to go. You point in the direction he needs to turn and he starts to drive. He grabs your hand again, bringing it to his mouth so he can kiss it, and you look over at him and smile. You’ve been smiling since the second you opened the door when he picked you up, and you don’t feel like you’ll ever stop smiling again. “Tell me, what does a girl from [your hometown] want out of life? I mean, really want out of life?”
You sigh and lean your head back on the seat and gaze out of the window. “All I’ve ever wanted was to be happy,” you say quietly. “Not that I’m not a happy person or that I’m not happy where I am.” You turn your head and look at him. “I just want to be able to take my final breath, whenever it may be, and know that I’ve lived a happy life.”
“Wow,” he says, impressed by the maturity of your answer. “Usually people will say they want the big house, fancy cars, loads of money…”
“None of that matters to me,” you say, cutting him off. “So many of these people in these obnoxious houses have all of that, but they’re miserable.” You turn your body in the seat so you’re facing him, his hand still holding yours. “It’s not always about material things, you know? I mean, yeah, they’re nice, but it’s about the people you surround yourself with.”
He starts to laugh, loud and heartedly. “I think you’re the only person out here who feels that way.” He stops laughing and starts to grin. “You’re too good for these people.” He raises your hand so he can kiss it again, only this time he holds it there for the rest of the ride to his place so he can keep giving it random kisses.
Tumblr media
He starts to loosen his tie as you walk inside and head to the living room. “Do you want to change?” he asks. “Get more comfortable?” You follow him back to his bedroom and he pulls out some sweatpants and a t-shirt. His eyes suddenly light up, having an idea pop into his head. “Change,” he says as he heads out the room. “I’ll be right back!” He rushes out, not saying a word about where he’s running off too.
After changing your clothes you sneak back into the living room, thinking you’re going to catch him doing whatever he rushed off to do, but you don’t see him. You don’t hear him anywhere, so you start to wander around the house trying to find him. You should know better by now than to put yourself in a position where he can scare you, but you forget about every other day before this one. When he sneaks up behind you and grabs you, you scream and slap him. “Dammit, Roger!” you yell and he’s in complete hysterics. It only takes a second for you join him in the laughter. “Stop doing that!”
“Never,” he laughs. You roll your eyes and slap him again. He grabs your hand and walks you to the kitchen where he points at a box of brownie mix on the counter with a proud look on his face. “Got it from my neighbor,” he chuckles. “Nice old lady.”
“Really?” you ask with a laugh. “You want me to make brownies?” He looks at you and pokes his bottom lip out in an over exaggerated pout that makes you giggle. You roll your eyes, smiling again, and walk to the refrigerator. “Well? Get me a pan. You have one of those?”
He gives you a big smile and reaches into a bag. “She gave me one,” he laughs. “Everything’s in here but the eggs.” After you grab the eggs from the refrigerator you start to look through his cabinets, searching for a bowl to mix everything in. He walks up to you holding one and smiles. “Told you. Everything’s in the bag.”
He leans on the counter watching you mix the batter and pour it into the pan. “Do you know how to use the oven?” you joke, but he gives you a blank look. “You’re useless,” you giggle as you set the temperature yourself. “You’re quite sneaky, too,” you tell him with your back turned. “Bringing me to dinner just so you can get me back here to make you brownies. I could have done this…” You turn around to finish your statement, but you can’t, because as soon as you turn around, he plants a kiss on you and smiles. Faking an unamused expression, you stick your tongue out at him and he takes his arm from behind his back and wipes a finger full of brownie batter on your face. “You’re such a child,” you laugh as he stands there with his eyebrows raised and licks the rest of it off of his finger.
When the brownies were finished, you took them to the living room, where you cuddled on the sofa and watched a movie. You’re not sure when you fell asleep, but you wake up on the sofa, curled next to him, your head on his chest. He coughed, and that’s the only reason your eyes opened. “Sorry,” he whispered. “Go back to sleep.”
“No,” you groaned. “I have to clean the mess in the kitchen.” When you stand up, he stands with you and turns your body in the direction of the bedroom. “That’s not where the kitchen is,” you giggle.
“Go to bed,” he tells you, standing behind you and bending down to give you a kiss on your neck. “I’ll take care of it.” You turned yourself around, ignoring what he said. “I know how to wash, Y/N,” he chuckles. “Go to bed. I’ll be there when I’m done.”
You shuffle into the bedroom and collapse on the bed, and immediately your brain started running its mental marathon. The entire night was perfect. Dinner was sweet and romantic, even with the crowded atmosphere with the gawking and whispering. The sunset seemed like it was almost special ordered just for that moment. And the rest of the night, here, at his house, had an oddly comforting domestic aura. If one of your friends had told you they were the one who experienced all of this, you’d have been nauseated by the sweetness. You were nauseated, but because, despite all of it, all you could do was think about him leaving. You hadn’t thought about it for a second the entire night, but now, being left alone with your thoughts, that’s all you can think about. When he comes to bed, he snuggles up as close as he can to you and holds you tight, entwining his hands with yours. He meant it when he said he wasn’t going to be letting you go any time soon, and this was the first time you believed him. You had convinced yourself that this whole thing was only about sex, but now you weren’t so sure anymore. Not now that the two of you spent the entire night together without it, and especially not now that you’re both laying in this bed and neither one of you are trying to rile the other up. But still, there’s a nagging feeling in your gut kept telling you that you had to let him go, and if you didn’t do it soon, it was going to hurt that much more when you did.
Tumblr media
He dropped you off at home on his way to the studio the next morning. You stayed chipper enough on the ride, cracking jokes and laughing with him, doing a great job not exposing the thoughts that are swirling around in your head, when all you really wanted to do was cry. Which is what you did the second you closed your apartment door. You didn’t even make it further than the door before the tears started to flow. It pissed you off that you let yourself feel things for him.
You sat alone all day, wallowing in the tidal surge of emotions that overcame you, feeling like you were drowning with no life preserver in sight. When your phone rang around 5:00 you didn’t want to answer it, but you did, clearing your throat, hoping that would mask the raspiness you knew your voice would hold. “Hey, beautiful,” you hear Roger say when you answer. You can hear his smile on the other end.
“Hey, you,” you say, almost in a whisper, cringing because your voice sounds terrible. “How’s it going over there?”
“Fine,” he replies but quickly changes the subject before it can be discussed further. “Are you feeling alright? You sound hoarse.”
You feel tears starting to well up again when you hear his voice, but you fight them off. “No, I’m feeling a bit icky,” you lie, although not completely. “It just came over me all of a sudden.” You hate lying to him, but you can’t exactly sit here and tell him the truth.
“Do you need anything? I can come…”
“No!” you stop him. “No,” you lower your tone. “I’ll be fine. I just need some rest.” You’re trying so hard to fight back those tears but they’re not holding back and start to slide down your cheeks. “You don’t need to come. I don’t know if it’s contagious.”
He knows nothing is physically wrong with you. There was nothing wrong with you this morning. But he’s not going to argue. He’s going to give you the space you apparently need, and he’s not going to ask any questions, even though he has no idea why you’re blowing him off. “Alright,” he whispers. “I’ll be here until 7 or so, so call if you need anything. The new girl is here so she’ll be around to answer the phone.” After assuring him that you would, you can hear him sigh. “Last night was one of my best, Y/N. I want you to know that.”
You close your eyes, wishing he would stop being so fucking perfect, because all it’s doing is killing you slowly. “Mine too, Roger,” you whisper. “Go on, they’ll get tired of waiting for you,” you giggle. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“Yeah,” he whispers back, and you can hear his smile again. “I L… I’ll see you,” he says and hangs up the phone.
Tumblr media
For the first time since the guys have been recording you’re dreading going into work, only because you don’t know how you’re going to react when you see him. What you do know is that if you don’t stop overthinking and worrying about this then you’re going to make yourself sick, for real this time.
When you walk in, Anna, the new girl, greets you, overly cheerful and eager to be your friend it seems. You’ve met her once before, the day your boss brought her in for the interview. She seems nice enough, but a bit too much to handle right now. You’re listening to her dribble on about her boyfriend and how much she misses him since he’s out in New York at college when Roger walks in, much earlier than expected.
“Hello, Anna,” he greets her, smirking and being the flirt that he can’t help but being. “Looking lovely today.”
She starts to giggle giddily. “Hey, Roger,” she says, her cheeks turning a bright pink. You roll your eyes and smirk, finding the whole scene amusing.
He looks over and sees you sitting at your desk and smiles. “And you, Y/N, even more beautiful than the last time I saw you.”
Oh, fuck, you groan to yourself. Just seeing him ruins everything, because you had your mind set on ending it with him. You were going to tell him today, maybe tonight. Or next week. Or next month. Or the day he left. You didn’t know anymore. That damn smile… “Not looking so bad yourself, Mr. Taylor,” you tell him, still smirking and unable to break free from his eyes.
“Can you come help me with something?” he asks, walking closer to you, not smiling anymore. You hesitate, but follow him into the recording room anyway, closing the door behind you. He takes your hand and guides you to the sofa in the back of the room and sits down. “Let me in, Y/N,” he says softly. “Tell me what’s going on in that pretty head of yours.”
This is not the conversation you want to have right now. You weren’t ready, but you knew it had to be done. “You make me feel things I’m not supposed to be feeling and it’s infuriating.” You look down at him as he’s sitting there, looking at you, and he has that damn smile on his face. “Don’t smile at me like that. You know it drives me crazy.” He’s tickled by your frustration, but you don’t find it funny. You can’t deny it anymore because that night, in the studio – that was fucking perfect. Sunday night – that was fucking perfect. Every minute spent with him, even if it’s just talking about some minor thing – fucking perfect. But you didn’t want to feel. You didn’t want him to feel. You just wanted to have your fun and move on when he did because you didn’t want to get heartbroken. You were the heartbreaker, not the recipient of it. “I don’t want to feel anything, Roger.”
“But you do,” he says. “I didn’t want to feel anything either.”
“Well, stop feeling it,” you staunchly tell him. “You’re only going to be here another month or so and…” You look at him and sigh. “We’ve already talked about this.”
“Well things have changed,” he said with a bit of force, startling you a little. Your want to walk away, but you can’t. He’s holding on to your arm and pulling you closer to him. “I’m going to Montreux for a few weeks when I leave here to work on some solo stuff before going to Munich. Come with me.”
“W-what?” Shocked. That’s all you felt. Shock and, oddly, sick to your stomach. All you can do is sit down.
He turns his body to face you and grabs your hands. “I need you to come with me.” His face was serious. This wasn’t some game anymore. This wasn’t what any of this was supposed to be. “I fucking need you…” He cleared his throat. “I don’t want to leave you here.” You can’t even speak. This has caught you so off guard you can’t even think straight. “I never wanted this to happen either, Y/N, but it did. And now, well, now I can’t stop it. And neither can you.” He leans over and gives you a soft kiss on your completely flabbergasted lips and smiles. “I don’t need an answer now, or even tomorrow. Will you just think about it?” You shake your head. “That’s all I ask.” He runs the back of his hand on your cheek, smiling that damn smile you can never say no to. “You said all you want out of life is to be happy. I know I can make you happy if you let me.”
You know he can. He already does make you happy. And you don’t know why you aren’t yelling at him that yes, you will go with him, that you’ll go anywhere with him. You can’t say anything. You’re not even sure if you’re breathing right now. All you do know is that you’re engulfed in his stare, in his smile, and in the feeling he’s giving you with his hand on your face. He’s rendered you completely speechless again, but suddenly you start laughing, confusing the hell out of him. “This is stupid,” you giggle, confusing him even more. “I shouldn’t have to think about this.”
He starts to giggle too, albeit nervously. “No, you should. It’s not like I’m asking you to dinner.”
“Roger, I…” You can finish what you want to tell him because everyone walks in, ready to get to work, but you can’t take your eyes off of each other. He knows exactly what you were about to say, because he replied without even hearing it.
“Me too,” he whispers with a smile.
[part 7>>]
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spooky-scary-lesbian · 2 years ago
Request: “hi, could I request a Leon x reader high school!AU, please? thank you so much! I really appreciate your work❤”
Pairings: Leon S. Kennedy x Reader.
Warnings: None
A/N: Hey guys!!! I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything but I'm back and ready to write again!!! I felt a little burned out with all the Leon stuff and decided to take a break to clear my head before I started the second half of the Leon requests. I thought this one would be a good way to kick things off, so enjoy and remember I always appreciate the feedback, comments, reblogs, and likes!!
Tumblr media
     You were always genuinely nice to everyone, now that could be a good or bad thing. In this case, it was bad. You see you were being kind enough to help out a classmate in math since you both sat next to each other. It started off with a few afterschool studying sessions in the library, then you gave him your number so if he ever needed help on something when he was on his own he could just call or text and you'd be able to help him out with the problem.
It was fine the first couple of times, till he started flirting. At first, you thought he was being sweet but one night while you were hanging out with Leon in your room. 
Leon saw the look on your face when you put down your phone. “What’s wrong? Is it what’s his name again?”
You nodded and sighed a bit in frustration. “Yeah, it was him again. And his name is Trevor, Leon I just don’t know why he’s this interested in me?!”
Leon chuckled as he picked up your phone to read the message. “You know cause you’re too nice to everyone, you always wanna help. Guys like this gravitate towards that kinda energy. Also, he probably thought you were flirting with how nice you’ve been and the fact you gave him your number” 
You groaned and you saw Leon trying not to laugh at the dumb text. “I told him I have a boyfriend and he didn’t even acknowledge that Leon! He’s still doing this!”
“But you don’t have a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, I know. I lied, but he’s asked me out two times already-“ you heard your text notification go off and picked up the phone again. “Three times…. He just asked me to the movies.”
Leon wrapped an arm around you and gently rubbed your arm trying his best to comfort you. “What are you gonna do?”
You stayed silent for a few moments before you sat up looking up at Leon. “I have an idea! What if my boyfriend picks me up from school tomorrow?”
“(Y/n) you don’t have-“
“That’s where you come in!”
Leon’s eyes widened in surprise. “Wait, you want me to pretend to be your boyfriend?!”
“Yes! It’ll be easy. C’mon Leon we’ve been friends since third grade!  We’re close so it's not gonna be that weird. Pleeeeaassse?”
The puppy-dog look, God why did you have to use the look. Leon sighed as he gave in feeling defeated by your cute face. “Alright, alright! The good thing is I go to a different school so no one knows me there so it'll be believable.”
“Some people know about you. I talk about you to some people, though it's funny because they think we're actually dating from the stuff I've told them. They say we’re meant to be.” 
A light blush crept it's way to Leon's cheeks but you too busy laughing to notice. “That’s ridiculous, what a cliche that would be. Falling your best friend?” Leon laughed nervously, clearing his throat a bit he stood up from your bed. “Hey, I'm gonna get something to drink, what anything?”
You glanced up at him smiling. “Yeah, can you bring me some water please?”
“Got ya, I’ll be back in a sec!” Leon rushed downstairs to the kitchen to get the drinks. Taking his time he tried to calm down. “C’mon Kennedy this doesn't mean anything, she just needs help with this creep. Nothing is going to come out of it….” His mood changed a bit as he realized he was probably right. After all these years you just saw him as your best friend and nothing more. “Yeah, nothings going to happen….fuck.”
Leon picked up cups of water and headed back to your room after calming down a bit. “Hey, I thought you got lost or something with how long you took.” You grabbed one of the cups from him and took a sip. “So back to this science homework?”
He nodded as he sat back down on his spot on your bed.
You were at your locker putting away your books, getting ready to leave for the school day. You let out a sigh feeling tired from gym class. As you closed your locker you weren't expecting to see Trevor standing right behind the door. “Jesus fucking Christ Trevor! You fucking scared me!”
“Sorry, (Y/n) didn't really mean to scare you.” Trevor gave you an apologetic smile. “So about tonight I was thinking we could go see-”
Immediately you stopped him there, just as you two stepped outside to the front of the school “Trevor look, I already told you I have a boyfriend.”
“You say that but I’ve never seen him before.”
“Seen who before?” Leon walked up to the both of you, smiling as he wrapped an arm around you.
You leaned up and to kiss his cheek. “Hey, babe! This is Trevor, Trevor this is my boyfriend Leon.”
Leon's heart skipped a beat hearing those words come out of you. He smiles and reached out his hand for Trevor to shake. “Hey, (Y/n) has told me a bit you. Said you two were studying together for a while because you had to pick up your grades. Don't get me wrong that's very nice of them but I was disappointed when we had to cancel some of our dates.”
Trevor nervously shook Leon's hand and swallowed the lump in his throat as he took his hand back. “Oh, y-yeah it uh was nice of them.”
Leon looked down at you smiling. “So you ready to go, babe?”
“Yeah I’m ready, I'm gonna go get in the car okay?” 
Leon nodded and kissed the top of your head watching as you walked towards his car. “Piece of advice buddy, just because someone is nice to you doesn't always mean they’re flirting or into you unless they say they are. And next time someone tells you they have a boyfriend, respect that and don't keep trying to ask them out. Cause if they tell me you did it again I’ll come and find you and beat the crap out you, you got it? Doesn't matter that I go to a different school, they’re mine and I’ll always protect them.”
Trevors' face went pale when Leon’s expression changed the instant you left. “Y-yeah of course, I wouldn’t want to get between you two at all.”
Leon patted Trevors back as he started to walk away. “Good, keep it that way.”
You smiled as Leon got into the driver's side. “Did it work?”
He smiled back at you noticing Trevor was still looking. He leaned in his hand caressing your cheek, his lips were inches away from yours. “He's still looking so don’t get mad at me for this.”
“Why would I-” You were interrupted by Leon’s lips on yours. It caught you off gaurd for a second but something in you was telling you to kiss him back. When you did you felt him smile into the kiss and pull you closer to him. 
When he pulled away after a few seconds you both were a blushing mess. “Would, um would you wanna maybe go out on an actual date tonight?”
You smiled and kissed his cheek. “Yeah, I’d love that, Leon”
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leslovesfatties · 4 months ago
FFA/BHM experimentation fic part 1
“Dude, we’re going to be late! We have to checkout NOW!”
“Okay, okay!” I fumble for my wallet and run to the nearest checkout line.
“Jesus, it’s our first meeting and we’re going to be late. I told you if...”
Holy shit. At this point I’m not listening to a thing my sister’s saying. Adorable fatty is the cashier. Holy shit be cool, be cool. Every other line seems to move faster than mine and I’m praying my sister doesn’t suggest we move to another line. Her voice reaches my lovestruck brain again.
“Anyways, at least we got dinner.”
“Right, yeah.” I’m clearly distracted. Finally its my time to shine and all I can manage to spit out is “so I’ll never forget the code for bananas...4011.”
“Oh yeah, it’s forever ingrained in my memory. This beer any good?” He asks, inspecting the can.
“No idea, first time trying it. You’ll be the first to know.” I smile.
“I could always go for new beers.”
It’s now or never. Just say it.
“Have you ever been to the salty dog? They have the best beer!” Breathe. You got this.
“No, I’ve driven past a few times but I’ve never been.”
“You should definitely check it out. Great happy hour, too.”
“Thanks, I think I will.” He smiles. Oh god he’s so cute.
“I was actually thinking of stopping by after work tomorrow. if you’re not busy we could grab a quick drink?”
He paused and nodded, “cool, yeah. I’d like that. I’m Andrew, by the way.”
“Leslie.” I swear my cheeks were beet red.
“Great to meet you, Leslie.” He ripped off some receipt tape and wrote down his number. His belly pressed into the counter as he leaned over to hand it to me and I had to look away.
“You too, Andrew.” I blushed, trying to act cool and confident, but I’m pretty sure it came off as awkward more than anything.
I can’t believe I really did it. Holy shit. I have a date with a fat guy!! Wait, is it a date?
The next day I text him to confirm if we’re still on and we set a time. My heart is practically in my throat and I’m so nervous and excited I can’t focus on a damn thing.
6:00 finally rolls around and I pull on my go-to ripped jeans and my usual crop top. I drop my car keys I’m so nervous and pray some liquid courage will calm my nerves. When I pull up, he’s already seated outside waiting for me. My stomach flops uneasily and I shake off the nerves.
He’s wearing a black shirt with a green flannel and I’m already swooning.
“Hey, Andrew!” I smile and wave.
“Hey, long time no see.” He opens the door for me and I choose a booth. Andrew slides in opposite me, making it look like it’s a pretty tight fit. With just enough room, we settle in.
“That’s basically water!” He laughs when I tell him my selection that’s practically a bud light.
“Hey, I said they had great beer, not that I drank it!”
“Well I’m getting this one. Ten percent.”
“If I had one of those you’d be carrying me out of here!”
“Good thing you’re light.” He laughs.
When the beers come he drinks a good portion, “damn, this stuff is good.”
“Told ya!”
“So...if I may ask, what made you ask me to go out?”
Damn. “Okay well, I thought you were really cute.” Wow, great answer. Riveting.
“It just kind of surprised me, I guess.”
I didn’t say anything in response and waited for him to explain.
“Well, you know. Because, well...I mean I know I’m a bigger guy...” he trailed off.
I froze. What was I supposed to say? “Yeah, and bigger guys can be cute.”
He pondered it and nodded. “Well I’m certainly not complaining. Anyways, are you gonna babysit all night?” Andrew pointed to my 3/4 full glass.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Is that a challenge? I didn’t realize we were back in college chugging our drinks.”
He held up a finger as if to say “hold that thought” and downed the rest of his beer. “Ah, refreshing.”
I smirked and tilted my glass back, almost finishing, but not quite.
“Damn, so close!” His laughter made his belly jiggle and I had to look away. I’m sure I was blushing.
“Two more, please.” Andrew ordered and once the waiter left added, “I’m starving. Mind if we hit the taco truck?” Is he...flirting with me? Does he know what I’m into because I said I liked bigger guys?
“Let’s go!”
I ordered the taco salad and Andrew ordered 4 tacos, beans and rice, and chips and guac “to share.”
“I hope you don’t mind. I didn’t get to eat after work,” he explained.
“No worries, me either.” I think he’s onto me...
We grabbed our beers and sat at the bar since we could see the taco truck from there, and I could see much more of him without the table in the way. We talked and talked, and before I knew it the food was ready.
“I’m gonna grab another beer to go with this, you want anything?”
“No, thanks.”
I stole a few chips and tried my best to avoid watching him eat. He chugged more of his beer and looked absolutely huge sitting next to me on that tiny barstool.
“Think these have a weight limit?” He asked as if reading my mind.
“Oh, um...I don’t...”
His laughter cut me off, “I’m just teasing you.” You have no idea, I thought.
We continued chatting and with each drink, his confidence grew.
“So do you mind that I’m bigger or did I just happen to hit the lottery? I’m sorry. You don’t have to answer that. It’s the beer talking.”
I paused, feeling my cheeks flush. “...Well tell the beer that I think you’re cute.”
“Even this?” He looked down at his belly and I about died.
I nodded. “Especially that.” I actually said that. Out loud. Much bolder than anything I intended to say and I could feel the color drain from my face.
Head cocked then eyebrows raised, he went from confused to shocked in a matter of a second. Then he smirked.
“I think I’ve had one too many beers. I don’t think I heard you correctly.”
At this point I’m blushing and more flustered than I’ve ever been. What is he doing?!
“I, um...I like it. I like...that.”
Looking around first, he asked, “that? That as in, this?” He motioned toward his body and I nodded.
“Really? Oh, okay. Cool.” He said almost to himself.
“Yeah, really.” I didn’t know what else to say. I thought it would be awkward but he seemed so cool about it after the initial shock.
“I figured it had to be something like that but I wasn’t sure. You know, since you’re so petite.”
I looked away and tried to think of something normal to say “yeah, I guess I just thought you were cute.” I’ve only said that thirty times.
“You’re just so small. Here, let’s move to the table so we have more room for our stuff.”
Gathering our containers and beer we shuffled back to our booth. Once sitting, we locked eyes and he asked to try my beer. Holding my gaze, he leaned over the table and reached for my glass, pressing his belly into the edge. Flustered, I looked away.
When I looked back he was smirking again, picked up his beer, and quickly gulped down the rest. I was in a trance watching him.
“So you do like that?” It was less of a question and more of a statement
Embarrassed, I looked down again, unsure of what to say.
“No, no. That’s awesome. I mean, I think that’s cool.”
Cracking a smile, I nodded. I’ve never done this before. Clearly.
With the ounce of courage I had, I asked “...will you help me finish my beer? I don’t want to drink too much and i wouldn’t want it to go to waste.”
Andrew perked up and leaned over the table again.
“Happy to oblige.” His eyes met mine as he finished. I couldn’t stop watching him.
“Are you going to ask me to finish your leftovers, too?” He pointed to my half-eaten salad. I nodded.
“Ask me.” My mouth dropped open just a fraction.
“Go ahead, ask me,” he pressed.
“Will you finish my leftovers?”
“Nah, not hungry.”
“You jerk!” We both laughed and I could feel my shyness start melting away.
“Maybe if you came over we could hang out and I wouldn’t be so full after?” Oh my god. All I’m picturing is feeding him. Reel it in, jesus.
“Hm, I’m not sure. I’ll have to see if I can pencil you in.”
“Ah, what a shame. I just found some ice cream bars that are gonna expire soon.”
“Sounds like a personal problem.”
We continued our banter for another few minutes when he abruptly said “so are you gonna come over and feed me or what?” Oh. My. God. Stunned, I was lost for words
He hesitated. “You like that too, right? I’ve never done that before but I just figured with the way you were watching me eat...” he whispered.
“Was it that obvious?” I blushed.
“No, I’m used to people staring...just not looking at me like that, I guess.”
“Like, into it?”
He cracked a subtle smile. “Yes, into it. So it’s settled then.”
My heart raced as we walked out together, not another soul aware of what we were doing or about to do.
Sitting in his car, we listen to music and sing along, but it’s not long before I notice how driving over even the smallest bump makes him jiggle irresistibly. He notices my eyes linger a little too long and smirks.
“Damn you really notice everything.”
“It’s not my fault!”
“It’s not my fault these roads suck!” We’re laughing and I’m still stealing unabashed glances.
He looks at me and lifts his shirt up just enough to show about an inch of his belly.
“At least buy me dinner first,” he jokes, watching me stare in anticipation.
“I hate you.”
“Maybe, but you don’t hate this.” He lifts his shirt higher, exposing a touch more of his soft fat.
“Damn you,” I mutter under my breath.
When we get to his place, while he’s unlocking the door I place my hand where his hipbone would probably be if it weren’t covered in fat and squeeze gently. He’s fumbling with his keys now, “I’m trying, I’m trying!” And we’re both giggling with anticipation.
He finally gets the fricken door open and takes my hand from his love handle and leads me inside, wrapping his arms around my waist. “God, you are really tiny.”
“I get that a lot,” I wrap my arms as far as they’ll go around him and grab onto his back fat, just above his belt.
Seconds later he’s picked me up and I’ve wrapped my legs around his body. “Fuck I’m too fat for this,” he breathes and I let out the softest sigh.
“Oh you like that?”
“Mhm,” I murmur, barely audible.
He lowers me gently to the couch and faces me. I scooch up and grab the collar of his flannel, forcing him down. Once he’s sitting with his back smooshed into the couch I just sit there, admiring him. He looks so massive with his thighs spread to accommodate his hanging belly.
“Wow,” I mutter.
He just lets me look at him in awe until grabbing my wrists and holding me over him. Without saying a word, I climb up to his lap, facing him.
“I’ve never done this before. Like, been with a bigger guy.”
“It’s okay. I’ve never been with someone who’s into this.” He pauses and takes my hand.
“You can touch it, if you want.” he guides my hand to his belly.
Timidly, I press it into his soft fat. It feels better than I imagined. How is that even possible? I inch my hands down to his sides and squeeze a handful. Then down to his massive overhang...I pause. Will he think it’s weird if I lift it?
As if reading my mind, he whispers “you can play with it if you want.”
My heart is pounding as I lift it, feeling it’s softness and weight in my hands. I’m surprised by how heavy it is and just how much of his belly hangs over his belt. I release his belly and watch it jiggle, completely mesmerized.
Without thinking, I lean down and kiss it. He lets out a small gasp and I look up to ask if that was okay. His eyes are closed and lips pursed. “That is...really nice.” He lets out a sigh. I go back down and continue kissing over his tight shirt, sinking my lips further and further into his softness each time.
With my hands on either side of him, I carefully slide them under his shirt. He lets out another small gasp and instinctively sucks in his belly. Looking up, I see his eyes are still closed.
“You don’t have to do that.” I whisper, hoping he knows what I mean.
He looks at me and relaxes, then closes his eyes again, as if to say “continue...”
I already wrote part two but we’ll see if you’re good enough to read the rest😈😇
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infinimay · a year ago
79. How did you get that scar? Somebody asking Giant Deceit
Not sure what to call this AU, considering that we already have the Sewer Rat AU… Also, thank you for the prompt!! It’s kinda rushed, today has been an odd day, to say the least.
Summary: Giant Deceit works as a bartender in the giant side of town. Human Remus wanders in.
Prompt(s): 79- How did you get that scar?
Warnings: Crude humor, mentions of treating a person as a pet, classist commentary to a degree, alcohol mentions
The bar was quiet that night- nobody drank much on a Tuesday night, what with it being a week night.
Slow nights were usually good, at least Damian thought so- it was quiet, there were no especially rude patrons, and he was free to relax.
Well, almost.
A few regulars started grumbling and glaring at the door as the greeting bell sounded- signalling someone had walked in.
Damian, confused by their reaction, looked up- and then down. “Oh,” he said quietly, understanding snapping into place.
It was rare to see a human in his bar- even on busy nights. The fact that one had walked in on a slow night was surprising, and the regulars were well aware of this fact.
At his acknowledgement, the human seemed to perk up, quickly making his way to the counter and into the little human-sized elevator built into the side of it.
Within a minute, the guy was atop the bar, sitting at his designated, pardon the pun, minibar. “Hey there, Hoss!”
Damian frowned, idly wondering if the human was an idiot or just illiterate. He was wearing a name tag.
He put on a customer service smile, giving the human an apologetic look, “Hello, you’ll have to pardon our lack of human staff- we don’t normally accommodate individuals of your… stature.”
The human’s eyes widened when there was a snort from one of the giants at a table nearby- he was well aware of the fact that they were laughing at him. Damian was tempted to chuckle right along with them, but he wasn’t looking for a bad Yelp review with his name on it. 
“Uh, that’s fine, can I just get a drink? I don’t care what kind, just whatever you think is good.” The human ignored them, giving him a tired smile. There was a strain to it as he ignored the rude commentary from the other patrons.
The giant was inwardly surprised at the polite request, but he just nodded and, very carefully, went through the small amount of human-sized inventory for a beer.
As he worked, he could pick up on some snide comments from the other patrons about the human- and he didn’t like what he heard.
“…little rat, I’ll bet it’s filthy….”
“-thought they weren’t allowed in here….”
“…really is too bad that the plans had to change with them, isn’t it?”
Damian’s blood boiled at the last one, but he held his tongue. Now the fun was over.
They were, of course, referencing a recent scandal- some politician had referred to the smaller specie as being ‘lesser,’ which had opened the floodgates for radical idiots to spout their own agendas: The worst of which was the idea of making humans pets.
It had been proposed legislation almost a hundred years ago, though most in modern times referred to it as the ‘plans’- as if it was a given that the bill would eventually pass and the smaller race would be...
He ignored it with a dark look, carefully passing the human- who now looked very ashamed- his drink.
The bartender leaned away, pretending to check the clock. “You know, he said loudly, startling the human, “it’s getting late, don’t you guys have work tomorrow?”
“Ha, you’re just trying to clear us out, Dam!” One of them laughed, polishing off his drink.
“Indeed I am, now pay your tab and get out- I want to go home at some point.” He laughed falsely with them, motioning to the register.
A few minutes later, the three had left, leaving behind a messy table and a small tip.
He began cleaning the table quickly, only to be distracted by a quiet voice by the bar. “...why’d you do that?”
“Do what?”
“Chase them out like that, you know them.” The human’s face went pink.
The giant shrugged, picking up a few drink cups and walking around the bar. “Doesn’t mean that I like them, it’s just a part of the job. I know everyone.”
The human seemed to accept it, staying quiet as Damian finished his duties.
When the man finally came back around the bar, the human spoke up again. “Remus.”
There was silence for a beat.
“Sooo, how’d you get that scar?”
His eyes widened as if he hadn’t meant to say that, looking up at the giant almost fearfully. Damian was left with the impression that he didn’t have quite enough of a filter.
The bartender let him squirm for a moment before softly snorting, rolling his eyes. “Chemical burn. I used to work in a warehouse when I was younger, trying to pay off college- a procedure wasn’t done properly, a tub of acid ended up spilling. Got a hell of a settlement in court, but my dreams of being a model were suddenly over.”
“Oh. Wow.”
“That was a joke, you can laugh.”
“So, you didn’t work in a warehouse?”
“No, I didn’t want to be a model.”
The human was startled by that. “Wait, really? You’ve got the face for it and everything! You’re smokin’!”
Damian raised a brow, though his amused tone gave him away. “Oh, really?”
“Are you really gonna make me say it again? Fine- I’d call you Daddy Long-Legs, but those pants of yours make it hard to tell. Wanna take ‘em off for me?” Remus winked, leaning back in his little chair and crossing his arms.
“And what, you would expect me to fall for that one?”
“There’s enough shock value in it that you’d probably at least listen to the better ones!”
“Oh, so you admit that there are better ones?” Damian asked, his grin pulling at the scarred tissue on his face.
“Alright, I know the air is pretty thin up there, why don’t you lay in my bed and catch your breath?”
“Try again.”
“I’m 5’9” standing up, 10” laying down?”
“Not terrible.”
The human grinned widely and said, much more confidently, “I think you might be worth the climb!”
Damian chuckled, sending vibrations through the bar table. “Alright, that was the first one that I really liked.”
Remus gave him a wink, leaning on the bar and craning his head back to look up at him. “I’ve got more if you wouldn’t mind a rat such as myself hanging around. I’ll show you just how filthy I can be!”
The bartender smiled despite himself. “You know what? That doesn’t sound too bad.”
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to-star-lake · a year ago
ether [ pt. 2 ]
pairing | pjm/jjk x reader genre | angst, love triangle word count | 5.4k rating | M
Tumblr media
You stared at the multiple missed calls from Jungkook on your screen, your thumb hovering over the notification, wondering if you should call him back. 
“Ugh,” you mumbled, feeling a headache come on, your head starting to pound and you tossed your phone aside. You pushed yourself up, struggling to pull your dress from your body before flipping the duvet over and crawling into bed, snuggling your face into your pillow. 
You took a deep breath in, ready to drift to sleep when you heard a faint buzzing from somewhere under the covers. You popped one eye open, annoyed, and felt around in the sheets until your hand landed on your phone. You grabbed ahold of it, and held it up to your face. 
Incoming call: Jungkook
You sat up, holding your phone in your lap, staring at the lit up screen in your hands, wondering what to do. 
Fuck, just pick up the phone. 
You slid the bar across the screen and held your phone up to your ear, “Hello?” 
“....JK?” you asked quietly. 
To this you heard a sigh, his breath huffing into the speaker. 
You felt your brows knit together. “Ok, if you’re not gonna say anything, I’m gonna hang up now-”
“Where are you,” he asked, though his tone made it sound more like a demand. 
“Home,” you scoffed at his question. 
“Why didn’t you pick up?”
“I was-” You fell backward onto your pillows, a blurry and rose-tinted image of Jimin pushing you against the wall, his hand between your legs flashed through your mind and you shook your head, “I was busy.” 
You heard nothing on the other end except for his breathing. A few moments passed before he said, “Who was that guy you left with?”
“Just someone I met at the bar,” you answered curtly. 
“You left with a guy you just met?”
The way he asked that question made a knot form in your stomach. “Why do you even care, JK?”
A few more moments of silence. 
“Are you with him now?”
“No, obviously not, I’m at home,” you rolled your eyes. 
“Where’d you go with him?”
“What’s with the interrogation, JK?” you heard yourself raising your voice. “You don’t hear me asking what you and Yuri were doing all night.” 
You heard a sharp exhale on the other end. “You shouldn’t just go places with some random guy you just met, he’s bad news-” 
“How can you say that, you have no idea who he is!” 
“Neither do you, that’s my point! You said yourself you just met him!” he was beginning to raise his voice too. 
“Yeah, so what, I just met him, and I happened to have had a great time with him. He’s nice, he’s funny, he’s incredibly attractive, and I’m going on a date with him tomorrow. So leave out of it, JK.” you huffed, hanging up the phone, angrily tossing it aside. 
You stared up at the ceiling, taking a few deep breaths trying to calm yourself down. Why the hell does he care? Besides, it’s not like you even owe him any explanation. 
You slid down further into bed, pulling the covers over you when you heard your phone buzzing again beside you. 
Glancing over, you saw Jungkook’s name come up on the screen and you picked up your phone, getting out of bed, and walked it out to your kitchen counter and set it down and watched as it continued to vibrate on the marble surface. 
You left it there, turning and heading back into your bedroom, slamming the door shut. You pulled the covers over your shoulder and thought for a moment back to when you saw Yuri clinging onto Jungkook’s arm at the bar earlier. You wondered if she asked him to take her home. You wondered if she invited him up to his apartment. You wondered if he said yes. 
In the morning, you woke to a horrible high-pitched buzzing coming from your front door. 
“Ugh,” you moaned, sitting up and rubbing your eyes, a dull pounding in your head from a lingering hangover making you dizzy. You blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the bright morning sunlight, and looked over at the clock on your nightstand. 
It read 10:00AM. 
Oh, shit. 
You flew out of the covers, bursting through your bedroom door and running towards the buzzing intercom in your living room, almost sliding and falling on the rug. 
“Yes?” you hit the speaker quickly. 
“Miss Y/N?” it was Johnny, the security guard downstairs. “Um, there’s a guy here, says he’s here to see you?” 
You stood by the intercom for a moment, stunned. 
Did he really come back, at 10AM, like he said he would? It took you a few moments to hit the intercom again. 
“What’s he look like?” 
“Uh, about 5’8, gray hair though he’s not, like, old, umm” he lowered his voice, “He showed up in a McLaren.” 
You heard a soft laugh escape your lips at the description. 
“Johnny, please tell him I’m sorry to be late, I’ll be downstairs in 15, please be nice!” and with that you ran back through your bedroom, pulling your underwear down from your hips, almost tripping over them as they fell to your ankles. You stumbled into your bathroom, turning the water on and jumping in immediately, flinching as the cold water hit your skin. 
You doused your body in soap, rinsing shampoo through your hair as quickly as possible, and flew out of the shower, tousling your hair with a towel. You slid on a bralette and a matching pair of underwear, pausing for a moment in your closet and realizing you had no idea what he has planned for today and therefore did not know what would be appropriate dress. 
You reached for a pretty shimmery blouse and then held yourself back, thinking you didn’t want to look like you’re trying too hard. But he must be dressed nicely, like he was last night, you thought to yourself. 
“Ahh, fuck it,” you muttered, pulling down a plain white t-shirt and a pair of Levi’s from the shelf and threw it on. Grabbing a cardigan and your purse from your desk, you skipped back out through the kitchen, and kicking on your shoes, flew out your front door, tapping your foot nervously as you waited for the elevator. 
You stepped out on the ground floor and turned to walk through the courtyard, and at the security desk you saw Jimin, one side of his silver hair slicked back, the other hanging loosely over his eyes, his long legs in a pair of black jeans, and a black and white striped t-shirt under an expertly distressed plaid shirt. 
He was leaning onto his elbows on the security desk, laughing at Johnny, who was waving his arms around, describing something. You took a deep breath, puffing out your cheeks, finding yourself having to shake some messy thoughts away looking at the lines of muscles on his legs as he shifted his weight. 
“Yo, Y/N!” Johnny called out, and you watched as Jimin turned to face you, and you suddenly became hyper aware of how your legs moved under you, like you had to consciously remember how to walk. 
“I was just talking with your man here about his cars,” Johnny boasted as you walked up. “I was telling him, the Wraith and the SV Roadster are some fine vehicles, but the engine in that P1,” he held his hand up to his lips in a chef’s kiss. “Mmm, when it comes to engines you can’t beat McLaren.” 
You turned to see Jimin smiling, his body leaned lazily against the table. “And I was just telling Johnny he should stop by the house on the island sometime. I’ve got the MP4/6 from the Formula 1 series in Monaco from a few years ago,” he said, grinning and totally serious. 
“Ha, cool cool, let’s see so that was a Rolls, a Lam, and an original F1 race car?” You tugged at your shirt. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.” 
He laughed, reaching his hand out to your waist, standing upright and leaned in to give you a kiss, but you flinched at the sudden contact. 
“Woah, ok, I’m gonna just head back to my office and leave you guys to do, uh, whatever you were gonna do,” Johnny threw his hands up, backing away slowly. “It was nice meeting you man, don’t be a stranger, bring over one of the other toys next time. I’m totally gonna take you up on the offer to see the F1 car too!” he called out to Jimin before turning and walking into the back office. 
You turned and looked up at him, slightly embarrassed, “I’m sorry, I uh, I can’t believe you actually came.” 
“What, you didn’t think I’d show up?” he reached both arms around your waist, pulling you in for a kiss, and you felt your legs press together the moment his lips touched yours. “I’m a man that keeps his promises,” he pulled away, grinning. “Did you sleep well?”  
“Uh..” you felt your cheeks grow hot at his implication. “It was fine,” you answered sheepishly. “Um, so where are we going?” 
He led you out to his car and holding the door open for you, beaming, saying “This is going to be the cheesiest date of your life.” 
The day began at the aquarium, where he led you from exhibit to exhibit, mimicking the tiny fluorescent ocean fish, outrightly gawking at the sharks swimming above a glass tunnel, squeezing your arm and squealing about how cute the penguins were. 
He’d suck his cheeks in, making a fish face, asking ‘Is that how they breathe? Do their lips have to be like that?” 
You’d laugh and he’d pout, “Stop laughing at me!” 
“I’m not laughing at you Jimin, I’m laughing with you!” 
“You are! You’re laughing at me, and I don’t like it,” he’d cross his arms in front of his chest, walking a few steps in front of you. 
“Fish breathe through their gills, Jimin, they don’t breathe through their mouths,” you giggled, chasing after him. 
“Yeah, obviously I knew that,” he’d huff, still feigning like he was upset, but reached down and took your hand in his. 
He had you clutching your stomach in laughter as he gushed about the dolphin show, insisting that the two of you stop in every gift shop along the way, buying stuffed clownfish, stuffed blue tangs, stuffed otters, anything he found so adorable he couldn’t help but get it. And he shoved them all into your arms, “They’re for you!” he’d insist, smiling brightly. 
“I don’t need this many stuffed animals, Jimin, I’m not 5,” you laughed, soon unable to see over the stack of stuffed toys in your arms as you waited for your coffees at the cafe by one of the gift shops in the lobby. 
“Yes you do, I want you to have something to remember this day by,” Jimin pouted, reaching his arms around your waist in a back hug. 
“So just one souvenir wouldn’t have been enough? What’s wrong with a nice refrigerator magnet?” you laughed, feeling the muscles on your stomach tense when he flattened his hands against you, leaning his head down over your shoulder, his cologne wafting down. 
“Refrigerator magnets are lame,” he rolled his eyes, walking over to the counter to pick up your coffees and leading you out to the car to drop off all the stuffed toys. 
You spent the rest of the afternoon walking hand in hand along the river, and he asked you endless questions about yourself - about your favorite everything; books, movies, music, places you’ve been, about your work, about your family. And you asked in turn, discovering that in addition to being incredibly cheeky, kind, and an absolute jokester, he was also extremely smart and well-read. 
The two of you bonded over a mutual love of Hayao Miyazaki’s early works, Hunter S. Thompson and Kerouac, that both of you loved to listen to gloomy acoustic songs because somehow they cheered you up.  
He paused for a moment, leaning forward onto his elbows on the metal barrier by the river and you stopped next to him, resting your hands on the cold metal, taking a deep breath in. He reached his arms around your shoulders, moving to stand behind you, leaning his face down against yours. 
“Y/N,” he whispered against your skin, his lips tickling your cheek. 
“Yes?” you smiled, and he squeezed his arms tighter around you. 
“I had a lot of fun today,” he leaned his face down to the base of your neck, breathing onto your bare skin. You leaned into the cold metal of the barrier, feeling him press his body closer to you. 
“I did too,” you sighed, breathing in his cologne and closing your eyes as he laced his fingers with yours, turning you around to face him. 
You looked up to see his smiling eyes, glowing in the late afternoon light. 
“So did you think more on what we talked about last night?” he leaned down and whispered in your ear. You felt goosebumps rise on your arm at his words. 
“I uh, I haven’t..” you looked up at him nervously. 
He smiled, “That’s okay, because after I left, I did a lot of thinking about it,” he leaned down, kissing the corner of your mouth. 
“Really?” you asked shakily, his hands sliding down your waist to your hips. 
“Mhmm,” his lips traveled across your cheek. “I thought about it on my drive home,” he kissed at your jaw, “In the shower,” he leaned over you, lowering his lips to yours. “In bed, all by myself,” you felt a dull throbbing sensation as he pushed his mouth open with his. 
“Um, mm, what- what did you think about?” you murmured into his lips as his tongue rolled past your teeth, his taste making you weak at the knees, remembering last night. 
“You want me to tell you?”
“Could you show me?” 
He drove quickly through the city streets, pulling the car to a stop in front of your apartment complex. The two of you made your way past the security desk, across the courtyard, rolling against the wall, him pushing you into the bricks, his lips pressed against yours greedily, and you barely registered Johnny waving his hands out as the two of you stumbled past his desk, trying to tell you something. 
Jimin pushed you back into the elevator and you reached your hand out, pressing the button to your floor clumsily, his body pressed hard against yours in the corner, his lips latched onto your neck, pulling your leg up around his waist. 
“You’ll have to take it from here, I have no idea where I’m going,” he slid his fingers through the loop on your jeans, pulling you from the elevator when the doors opened to your floor, making you fall against his chest, giggling. 
When you turned, you saw a dark figure stand up a couple of doors down, in front of your apartment at the end of the hall, stopping you dead in your tracks. 
He stood upright, sliding his hands into the pockets of his gray sweatpants, his backpack by his feet, standing in front of your door, his jaw protruding from clenching his teeth down together upon seeing you and Jimin exit the elevator. 
“Y/N, who’s this?” Jimin asked, grabbing your wrist and pulling you behind him. 
You saw Jungkook take a step toward you guys and you immediately tugged at Jimin’s arms, turning him around to face you. 
“He’s um, he’s a friend. Jimin, I- can we take a rain check?”
He looked at you for a few moments. “What’s going on Y/N?”
“It’s, it’s nothing, he’s just a friend, he’s been having a hard time recently,” you lied, trying to reassure him. “I just need to talk to him.”
“You’ll be alright?” 
You nodded.
He sighed, leaning past you, reaching to hit the button to call the elevator. “Call me later,” he said, taking your hand in his and giving it a squeeze before stepping into the opened elevator. You saw him smiling at you softly as the doors closed. 
“What are you doing here?” you asked in a biting tone as you spun around and stomped down the hall to your apartment door, blowing right past Jungkook. 
“You wouldn’t answer my calls.” You saw him pick up his backpack, swinging it over his shoulder and following you to your door. 
You unlocked it, holding the door only a little ajar and turning to face him. 
“I left my phone at home, and I was busy.” you emphasized, turning to face him, jumping a little in surprise finding him stepping close to you, his body towering over yours. 
He pushed past you into your apartment, dropping his backpack beside the coffee table. 
“JK, what are you doing,” you walked in, slamming the door behind you, crossing your arms in front of your chest as he pulled the long sleeves of his black t-shirt up and began clearing the mugs and plates from your counters. 
“Your kitchen’s a mess,” he answered through clenched teeth. 
“Yeah, well I got home late from work last night and ate quickly so I could meet Tae at the bar,” you tossed your purse onto the sofa, staring at Jungkook in frustration as he angrily tossed everything into the sink, the glasses clanging against each other. “JK, what the hell-”
“Are you fucking him?” he swung around. 
“What?” you held your arms in closer across your chest, defensive. “What are you talking about-”
“That guy you were just with, are you fucking him?” he repeated. 
You scoffed, walking past the kitchen island toward the bathroom, “No, I’m not fucking him.”
“Hey,” he caught your arm and you swung around. 
“What, JK , what?” you twisted your arm loose. 
Looking up at him, you were slightly taken aback by the way his eyes suddenly softened. “I came by to apologize, I just-” he slid his hands back into his pockets, looking down at his feet. “I just wanted to check on you, make sure you were ok.” 
You crossed your arms back over your chest. “Well I’m perfectly fine, satisfied?” 
“Y/N,” he reached a hand out to your elbow.
“No, JK,” you rolled your shoulder back, dodging him. “I don’t-” you looked around you, exasperated and trying to find the words. “His name is Jimin, ok? And I like him. I like him a lot. We just spent the day together, and he’s so sweet and- so I need you to stop doing this, ok? I need you to stop coming around, I need you to stop showing up at my house randomly and calling me at all hours of the night. I need you to leave me alone, ok?”
“Y/N..” he took a step toward you and you stepped back. 
“JK, stop. Alright? Just stop. I don’t know what you’re doing, you just-” you ran your hands through your hair, your frustration boiling over. “You don’t like me, you’re not my boyfriend, so why do you keep coming around? You come around and, fuck,” you felt a rush of adrenaline coming on. “You make me so angry, JK. You come around, you make me food, you watch movies with me in bed, you sleep here, and then, and then you just leave! You leave, and I don’t hear from you for days, I don’t know where you are or what you’re doing, except for the next time you decide to randomly show up at my door, and I can’t do this anymore, ok, I’m done with thi-”
You were cut off by JK’s hands grabbing onto your arms and pushing you back against the door to your bedroom, and his lips locking onto yours. 
You looked up at him in shock, eyes wide as he cupped your face in his hands, and you were brought back to that night during junior year in college when he took you home. He moved his lips against yours and you wondered why it felt different. He slid his arms around you, his muscles squeezing you in and you wondered when he’d gotten this strong. 
“I’m sorry,” he said softly, pulling away and leaning his forehead down against yours. “I’m not good at any of this, I don’t know what to do.” He took a deep breath in, brushing a strand of hair from your cheek. “Y/N, you’ve gotta know how I feel about you, you must.” 
“Then why do you keep leaving?” you asked quietly. 
“Because I don’t know how to be around you,” he whispered. “Remember when we first met at Taehyung’s house our first year of school? You were coming over to help him study for an Econ exam and we realized we had the same professor?” 
You nodded, remembering walking into Tae’s house that day thinking it was a day like any other. It was a gloomy Saturday, and you were wearing just a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie, your hair in a messy bun, an armful of books, chugging a large coffee as you walked up the steps to Taehyung’s apartment.
You remember knocking, and when the door opened, a guy you didn’t recognize opened the door. You remember seeing him for the first time, in a black t-shirt and his dark brown hair hanging over a pair of sleepy but glittering eyes. 
“Oh, um, hi, is Taehyung home?” you asked meekly, questioning for a second if you knocked on the right door since you remembered Taehyung didn’t have roommates. And from behind his shoulder you saw Taehyung emerge in his pajamas. 
“Yoo,” he gestured to you and you stepped inside. “Y/N, this is Jungkook, Jungkook, this is Y/N. JK’s in my fantasy league, he’s got Georges for Econ, too, but he’s in the Tuesday/Thursday class.” 
“Hey,” you said, handing Taehyung his latte, which is really a cup of milk and sugar with a tablespoon of espresso, chuckling softly to yourself that fantasy football is really a way boys make friends. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you’d be here otherwise I would’ve brought you something too.” 
He shrugged, “It’s all good.” 
You dropped your books down on the table in the living room where his and Taehyung’s books weren’t even open yet, but the TV was on and you saw a paused game of Fifa. 
“Really, guys?” you rolled your eyes at this, unzipping a bag of flashcards and opening your laptop on the table. 
Jungkook walked over and turned off the TV, much to Taehyung’s protest and took a seat beside you, opening his textbook as well and you saw the pages were all highlighted, with lots of notes scribbled in the margins. 
Meanwhile, Taehyung turned the TV back on, sliding a headset over his ears and scooting a chair right in front of the console and started a solo game. The spine on his textbook looked brand new, most likely because he’d never even cracked open his textbook. 
“So, did you understand last week’s lecture on game theory?” Jungkook asked shyly. 
“Oh yeah, I learned most of that in high school already, the predictive models are super easy-” you paused, looking up and seeing Jungkook staring back at you, wide-eyed and you realized he was asking because he didn’t understand any of it. “Heh, sorry, um, do you understand the basics and why it’s relevant to strategic decision making?”
He shook his head, dismayed. 
You laughed softly, seeing him bite onto his lip in frustration. “It’s ok, we’ll work through it,” you smiled. 
You spent the rest of that day explaining game theory to Jungkook, drawing out diagrams and coming up with metaphors to help him remember various formulas. You offered him a set of flashcards you still kept from your high school business class and he thanked you endlessly. The three of you soon lapsed into easy conversation and laughter once Taehyung was fed up with the teenagers he was gaming with online and ordered pizza and you guys just hung out through the evening. 
You felt yourself smiling, recalling the memory. “Yeah, you didn’t understand game theory,” you laughed. 
“When I opened the door and saw you that day, it knocked the air from my lungs,” he said, caressing your cheek with his thumb. He sighed and looked down at you with sad eyes. “I know I’ve been an asshole, it’s just- when we started spending more time together, I really started falling for you. But I held myself back because you were still dating that guy, but then when the two of you broke up-”
You remembered the exact night he was referring to. 
“You’re the first girl I’ve ever loved, Y/N,” he leaned down close. “I don’t know what to do because,” his voice dropped to a whisper. “Because I want you to be the last.” 
When Jungkook left, you flopped yourself down onto your couch, cheeks flushed, in a euphoric haze from what just happened. His words kept playing on repeat in your head like a lullaby - You’re the first girl I’ve ever loved, Y/N. And I want you to be the last.
“I just want to take things slow, I want to make sure I get this right,” you remembered he said, leaning down to kiss you again. 
“Okay,” You reached your arms up around his neck, holding him, giddy like an excited child at his confessions. 
You ran a hand through your hair and flopped about on your couch, picking up a throw pillow and squeezing it, still giddy, a smile plastered across your face like a fool. 
You heard your phone buzz on the beside table and you turned over, holding the screen up to see an incoming text.
Jimin: Hey, are you alright?
Shit. You remembered you were meant to call him to let him know you were doing alright. 
Yep, I’m good, thanks for checking in! you quickly wrote back. 
You watched three little dots flash up on the left hand side as he typed. 
Jimin: You wanna come meet me at Bemelmans? I have something I want to ask you.
You looked at the screen for a few moments, mood dropping suddenly. “Ugh, crap, what do I do,” you mumbled quietly to yourself, suddenly remembering the pile of stuffed animals Jimin bought you at the aquarium probably still sitting in the backseat of his car. 
You decided that you should tell him in person that it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to see him anymore. 
Yep, I can be there in 20. 
You stepped down the stone steps and through the bronze doors of Bemelmans and saw Jimin seated in the exact same spot he was last night at the bar.
“Hi Y/N,” he turned and saw you walk in, smiling. 
“Hey,” you smiled back, taking a seat beside him and the bartender slid a martini across for you. 
“I had it waiting for you,” Jimin grinned. 
“Oh, that’s really nice of you, thanks,” you laughed nervously. 
“Everything ok with your friend?” he asked, tilting his head to look at you. 
“, Jimin, look-” 
He swung back in his seat, pouting, “Uugghh, I knew it! So who is he? He’s your ex-boyfriend isn’t he? You’re getting back together?” He leaned forward onto the bar, dropping his head on his arm, whining. 
You sat frozen in your seat, completely taken aback by his cavalier and cute display. You studied his expression for a few moments, surprised that there was no anger or agitation in his voice as he spoke. You decided you’d just tell him the truth. And he listened quietly, his eyes watching yours intently, without judgement. 
“And then when he showed up today, and he told me he loves me, and, well it was kinda magical, like I’d been waiting for this for so long, you know?” you stopped, seeing how kindly he was smiling at you. 
“Well, I hope it’s not too forward for me to say that he is definitely not good enough for you,” he smiled, leaning onto his elbow on the bar. 
You laughed, “I’m...I’m cautiously optimistic to see where it goes...Oh, shit, Jimin!” you shot up in your seat. 
“Hmm?” He looked up at you with startled eyes. 
“What’s your Venmo? Let me pay you for all those stuffed animals, I feel so badly-”
He burst into laughter at this. “Y/N, love, don’t worry about it, it was my pleasure. It was a lovely date, after all, I haven’t had a fun day like this in a long time.” He reached his arms out to settle you back into the seat. 
“Are you sure? I feel really bad,” you mumbled. 
He sat looking at you quietly for a few moments. “You could make it up to me.” 
You flashed him a look as the devious grin grew on his face. “Jimin…” you said in a warning tone. 
He laughed, “No, no, nothing like that. I wanted you to come here to ask you something anyways, don’t worry, it’s a completely innocent request.” 
You sat up straight, “Ok, what is it?” 
“There’s this event I have to go to tomorrow night,” he took a sip of his drink, looking at you over the rim of the embossed glass. “It’s not really something I want to have to go to alone, and I was going to ask you to be my date. Now, I heard everything you just told me and I’m very happy for you. But given that I’ve really enjoyed your company, I’d still like to ask you to come with me. As a friend.” 
You thought about his question in perfect stillness as he drove you back to your apartment. When the car came to a stop, you lingered for a moment, looking out the passenger door window.
“What kind of event is it?” you asked. 
“Something for work,” he said simply, turning to look at you. 
“Like a work party?” 
“Yeah, something like that,” he smiled. 
“Is it casual?” 
He laughed, brushing his hand across his lip, “It’s actually quite formal.” 
You were glad for this response because this gave you an easy reason for why you couldn’t attend. “So everyone there will be like you, like in your network? I just, I don’t think I have anything to wear for an event like that..”
He looked at you for a moment and then turned, reaching back to the backseat and brought out a large, flat box sitting on the floor below all the stuffed animals. He handed it to you and you stared down at the large white box, with gold leaf along the edges, a band of black silk around it, tied in a large bow, an embossed mirrored double C logo on the top. 
“Jimin..” you shook your head, pushing the box back towards him. 
He pursed his lips, refusing to take it back. “Listen, I’ll be back here to pick you up at 8 tomorrow night. You think on if you want to come. If you do, you can wear this or something of your own, it really doesn’t matter to me, I know you’ll be lovely no matter what you wear. I went to the showroom to pick up my suit earlier and saw this dress in the window, and I thought of you so I got it,” he smiled softly. 
You looked down at the box in your lap and then back up at him, still making a gesture to give it back, but he held up his hand, shaking his head. 
“It’s up to you, love,” he looked at you with soft eyes.
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redrabbitspod · a year ago
Ahhhhhhh okay so we need to talk, y’all. We’ve gotten messages asking if we’re going to post an update today. And no, we’re not. We need to be completely honest with everyone and the fact of the matter is, writing during covid is just... so... so hard. Not like we aren’t sitting at home with time to write - we are. But that means that the boys and the team are sitting at home too. And it’s really, really hard to write an investigation and a story when you can’t change the scenery. Jeni has been working on this chapter for the past two weeks and its been a fucking struggle. This next chapter is extremely information-heavy, but we don't want to info dump on everyone. Honestly, we’re at the point in this quarantine and story that we know if we force this chapter, we’ll get burnt out. And we DONT want that to happen. 
So where does that leave us? Where does that leave Red Rabbits? Right now, we honestly don’t really know. What we do know is that we don’t want to force it. We don’t want to put out chapters that we’re not proud of and won’t stand up when a year from now people are reading it and they’re stuck in this isolation via the fic, just as we are right now. 
But that makes it hard for the story itself. As all of you know, Red Rabbits takes place in real-time and our story honestly hinges on that. It’s kind of the whole point - that this feels like its actually taking place. That Andrew and Neil, Seth, Dion, Kevin, Brianna, Dan, Matt, Renee, Allison, Wymack, Abby, Bee, Aaron, Bella, Dylan, Katelyn, EVERYONE is real! And with all of that in mind, we can always take them out of the real world. That IS a possibility and something we may seriously have to consider if things don’t get better. 
We also know that Andrew and Neil can easily just go about their day and ignore their safety. It wouldn’t be too out of character, in the grand scheme of things. Especially when they're worried about a missing child. BUT this isn’t only about their safety. It’s about the people around them (etc) too. They just wouldn’t do that and thats completely out of character. So while South Carolina is attempting to reopen, we’ve made a point for them to say they do not agree with it. 
But then that means that they’re sitting at home, feeling guilty and anxious about the fact that there is only so much they can do to help Hailey. 
So then what do WE as creators do?
Well. Again, we don’t really know. We don’t know how to really navigate this whole landscape yet, but we are trying. In the meantime, we will not be disappearing and we WILL NOT be stopping season 2. We are going to finish it. That’s super duper important. We just need more time to square this shit away and hopefully, we can get out the next chapter soon. But really, right now, we need a brain break.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting out oneshots in BTP though! We have so many ideas including a (FINALLY!) RENISOOONNNN! that will be posted very very soon! (Hopefully tomorrow!)
This time can also be a pretty good time to start writing our plan for after this season. Jeni and I have this really fucking exciting idea. An idea that we are so... so... SO hype for. Like we really cannot fucking stress it to you. Its something that we’ve only been letting ourselves muse and talk about for the past few months but with the uncertainty of season 2 rn, we can at least have this going. we KNOW yall will love it and we want it to be completely finished before we post it anyway. so what better time than now?
Thank you again for sticking with us and this story. Honestly, we’ve had so many new readers in the past month and 114 new followers, that we’re still blown away by the fact that yall are still interested and excited for the story. It really means the world to us. And we will not let you down. 
We hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and if you can, at home. And to all the essential workers and those who cannot quarantine, then our thanks and absolute appreciation. Really. As a New Yorker (Bloodydamnit), it really fucking means a lot. Thank you. 
Stay tuned for Renison soon! 
OH AND ALSO BEFORE YOU GO AND IF YOU’VE MADE IT TO THE END OF THIS! Would y’all like to have some input on what oneshots we post? We’re thinking that at the beginning of every week we’ll ask y’all what pairings/moments/events you would like to see and post a poll of all the ideas. Then we’ll write whatever idea you guys pick so we can keep the interaction going! 
Let us know how you feel! And thank you again <3
- The Creators ( @jeni182 and @bloodydamnit )
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shanie-the-toyaddict · 10 months ago
I... may have COVID.
I’ve been confirmed exposed by a home health worker (peer specialist) who refused to wear a mask in my home (while I kept trying to wear a mask but she kept showing up at dinner time while I was eating so it was rare that I would have one on). Also, my chest has been throbbing for the past two days and I had no idea why, I thought it was anxiety. Guess not.
I’m gonna try to go get tested tomorrow but no guarantees as, due to my status as an unemployed poor person with few symptoms, I don’t remotely qualify for a test. I called the hospital and they flat out told me I didn’t qualify. I called my doctor and they have yet to get back to me. We shall see. In the meantime, I’m quarantined for 14 days with minimal food in the house and only about 100 dollars in my account. I have some frozen chicken, a few breakfast things, and some sandwich stuff and that’s it. We were supposed to go grocery shopping this weekend. Now I can’t go anywhere.
This is not the time for me to be quarantined. I barely survived this weekend and now I’m trapped inside this apartment for 2 weeks. I fear if the COVID doesn’t kill me the anxiety and cabin fever will.
And that’s not even taking into account that I may have exposed my 70+ year old parents in the process.
I hate everything right now. I wanted to be careful with this shit going on, I did. But my peer put a guilt trip on me about my refusal to see her, and then put another one on me for forcing her to wear a mask and each time I turned to mush like a piece of overripe fruit. My inability to self advocate may have just killed me. 
I will keep you all updated, but if any of my mutuals or follows have any sort of faith whatsoever, pray for me. Pray for me, cast a spell, light a candle, whatever works for you. I need good healing vibes because I am terrified and in pain.
The Rock, in his recent statement about his experience, talked about how it’s the hardest thing he’s ever gone through.
I am not the Rock. I am nearly 400 pounds with diabetes, immunosupressed and bad lungs to begin with.
There’s a good chance I won’t survive this.
So, that said...
Is anyone interested in a slightly banged up action figure collection?
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Cross It Off (Part 1) ~ Steve Rogers x Reader
Hi lovelies!! Thank you so much for all of your support! I’m so glad that you’re all so excited for the new projects I’ve started. Welll... I have another new one because I have zero self-control. and technically this one’s been sitting in my drafts for a while. So I hope you enjoy. 
Summary: Reader thinks Steve has spent too much time adding things to his catch up list. She’s determined to help him cross things off. 
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader 
Rating: K+ 
Warnings: Fluff? 
Word Count: 412 
Knock. Knock.
“It’s open.”
With a deep breath you pushed open the heavy door.
“You can leave the reports in my inbox,” he gestured to the wire tray on the corner of his desk without looking up.
“Fresh out of reports, Cap. You’ll have to settle for a mug of hot chocolate.”
He looked up from the report with a smile.
“Hi, sweetheart. This is a nice surprise.”
“You missed movie night. Thought you deserved a break.”
“Thank you.”
He reached a hand out to take his mug but you shook your head coyly.
“No, no. A real break. Close the report and come join me on the couch.”
“So bossy,” he teased but followed orders nonetheless.
Once he was settled in next to you on the couch you handed him the mug.
“What movie did you all watch?”
“Casablanca. One of my favorites.”
“I don’t think I’ve seen it.”
You were sure you looked scandalized.
“Unacceptable. We’re going to have to fix that as soon as possible.”
“I’ll put it on the list,” Steve chuckled, draping his arm along the back of the couch, fingertips idly brushing your shoulder.  
“Speaking of that list, don’t you think it’s time to start taking some time off and crossing some things off of it?”
“You’re probably right.”
You decided to take that as an opportunity. “What are you doing this weekend?”
It came out as a question, and you smirked.
“Wrong answer.”
He laughed and shook his head.
“I knew it would be. What did you have in mind, angel?”
“Welllll,” you dragged out, trying not to show that you were affected by the pet name, “Since you probably won’t agree to another day off any time soon, I’m going to make the most of it. Let me see your list.”
“I don’t have it on me.”
“Liar. Hand it over,” you ordered crooking two fingers at him.
Sighing, he lifted his hips off the couch so he could pull his small notebook out of his back pocket.
“Fine. Here.”
“Thank you.”
You took your time as you flipped through the nearly full book, smiling as you read some of the more outlandish suggestions you were sure came from Tony or Sam. Some of the items had a neat strike through them, but the majority were untouched. Finally, you decided on a few items that you could check off in one day. Grinning, you handed the notebook back to him.
“Steve, I know what we’re gonna do tomorrow.”
A/N: So there it is. I have some ideas for what I want Steve and the reader to try out, but if there’s anything specific you’d like to see send it my way! 
Thanks for reading! 
All Tag Lists are OPEN (strike-throughs didn’t work)
Update 3/15/2021: Hello, Lovelies. As some of you may have seen on the blog I have decided to suspend tag lists. If you would like to receive updates about new content please follow @naynay-writes​ and turn on notifications. Thank you! Xoxo, Naynay
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erikaember · 2 years ago
Anansi live-stream
staymiraculcus on Instagram will stream the episode and I will try my best to stream it on my Picarto. I can’t guarantee good quality since I have no idea how her stream will be, however, she will make a few test streams first so I’ll be able to adjust accordingly the best I can.
Since it will air 11pm in my timezone (CEST) and I have an early school day tomorrow, I will likely pass out after finishing the stream. So be patient if you want a link to the episode, people will usually share a link an hour after it airs.
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shysimblr · 5 days ago
I can’t build in the new world... its so beautiful and I want to but i spent the last 6 hours trying to match the look and i can’t... idk if its just coz the building style is so out of my comfort zone, but yeah... only ever had this with very few worlds, maybe its coz i’m tired af and only slept 3 hours. But i’ll try again tomorrow! Ideas and suggestions are very welcome :D 
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citrinesparkles · 29 days ago
psst if anyone is interested maybe send in blurb ideas for stephanie, donna, or kory? i'm gonna try to write a few super short ones to close out pride month with a bang, so if y'all have ideas... 👀
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the-arkham-librarian · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
@blackmasque | “Try to get some sleep. You’ll feel better.”
Tumblr media
"Can't. Gotta fill these out before I go in tomorrow." She's only a few months into her new role as warden of Arkham Asylum and she's up to her eyeballs in paperwork. "Do you have any idea how out of date that building is? It's a miracle it hasn't crumbled yet," she says not even looking up from her office desk.
But he's right, she has felt like crap the past few days and it's almost certainly due to a lack of sleep.
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agalaxyofshadows · 29 days ago
update on trying to get my life together:
i zoned out A LOT but i got my room mostly clean! the trash, dirty dishes, and clothes are all out, and i tried to put all my art stuff away, and i even washed my sheets! tomorrow all ill have to do is wipe down surfaces and vacuum, and finish putting away a few things
trying to remind myself “progress not perfection” and  doing something is better than nothing”
it feels nice to have a clean work space though :)
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