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#but I'm also thick assed
argiopi · a month ago
Tumblr media
on the backs of your mothers
#I met a mother wolf spider! With all her little children on her back!#Wolf spiders are so gorgeous their smooth tapered legs made me think of them as octopus spiders when I was a kid#picked her up & set her outside bc we're not supposed to have pests in the lab. buddy was trying to break into the chemicals cabinet.#she was so docile.. just let me scoop her up and didn't even run I wonder if carrying babies made her sluggish.#wow the love I felt for that little family. highlight of that week.#anyway it made me think of if hornet liked to ride on her moms#also I drew this during a 5 hour bus trip. enjoy the lines that look seismograph-esque#adapting and overcoming i'm laughing my ass off#no pen pressure -> okay i'll draw in MS paint.#no tablet drivers -> okay i'll draw on paper.#what's next; dear world? I've bested your challenges!#yeah i've not had the means to properly fix my computer but who says you can't run with a shoddy solution for a while#colored with old highlighters I found in my backpack but they were all dried so I used the colors as different values according to wetness#and converted to grayscale then hue-corrected in post. limited touchup by mouse because fuck that#ADAPT. OVERCOME. you all would love to see the raw photo it's mostly green and orange it looks strange#could barely see what I was doing either; the air went dark with a curtain of thick rain and then the sun set#vespa is so HUGE... she'd be bigger than the white lady if it weren't for WL's far-reaching roots. but her main body is much larger.#I imagine she's saying 'aren't you a bit old for that?'#posting traditional art feels weirdly exposed. like my hand made that!#hollow knight#hornet#herrah#white lady#vespa#sketchbook#my art#comic#<- in the vaguest sense of sequential art
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buttercupsanddandelions · 11 months ago
You've heard of dadbod!Geralt but what about dadbod!Jaskier?
Jaskier bunkers down in some noble's court for the winter because Oxenfurt was just a little too far away to travel to
He enjoys the life: of playing to his hearts content, partaking in someone's bed every night, eating what the greatest masters of the culinary arts have crafted
He's thriving 🤷‍♂️
Without a surly witcher and his mare to walk behind, he starts to gain some weight
It's fine, most people gain weight in the winter, no big deal at all
And then his bedpartners start to notice
At the first mention of his not-so-lithe visage, he shows off, yes there is more of him to love, thank you for noticing
And then it becomes a thing, where people want to touch him because he's nice to cuddle up to
To be fair who wouldn't want to cuddle upto a nice squishy man with a furred chest
So Jaskier takes advantage of his newfound status as the best cuddle buddy in court and has the time of his life
The first time Geralt sees his dadbod he gets a "Hmm." and probing of his belly which leads to some friendly brawling because men are like that
I just want the bard to have some meat on his bones okay
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losingmymindtonight · 2 years ago
In which Tony learns what it’s like to be the one left behind.
Tony was, for once, entirely off-duty.
Or, he was as entire off-duty as a father could be. Which, admittedly, wasn’t really off-duty at all. Either way, it felt like being off-duty, which he decided was pretty much the same thing.
The summer sun was warm on his face. He could hear the lake’s lazy waves lapping up on the shore behind him, the creak of the dock bobbing in the breeze. Clint and Natasha were at the grill, bickering over the proper way to cook a hot dog, and the rest of the team, old and new, were scattered all around the cabin’s grounds.
“No kids, huh?” Steve said, sitting down gingerly in the lawn chair set directly beside his own. It still caught him off guard, every once in a while, seeing Captain America himself so old and fragile. He was getting used to it, though, was getting used to seeing Steve as Steve rather than the idol that Howard had spent a lifetime worshiping.
He spread his arms out, leaning back and taking a deep breath of the grass-tinged air. “I’m a free man, Rogers.”
Steve’s eyes darted off to the right, where Happy, Pepper, May, and Peter were all busy playing with Morgan and Clint’s kids in a makeshift slip-n-slide. “But for how long?”
He grinned. “For as long as some soap and water can keep them occupied, and that’s quite long enough for me. I’ll be missing them desperately in about,” he glanced down at his watch, “twelve minutes.”
“I’m sure Peter will come fuss over you long before then.”
“Oh, I hope not.” He watched the kid’s face, bright and smiling, completely removed from the horrors that plagued their in-between moments, and let the sight cradle joy in his chest. “He deserves to forget about all that for a while.”
“Mm,” Steve hummed. “How’s the arm?”
“Serviceable,” he said, holding up the prosthetic, admiring the way the sun glinted off the gray metal. “Pete’s already got some schematics drawn up for a replacement. Morgan wants to help him decorate it, so I’m sure that’ll be a disaster.”
Steve snorted. “Kids.”
“Yeah.” He smiled, love running through him as he listened to Peter and Morgan’s twin laughter drift over on the breeze. “Kids.”
Of course, that was a very peaceful moment, and peace wasn’t really the kind of thing that lasted around the Stark household. Usually, it was the shattering of a vase or the wailing of a skinned knee that broke it.
This time, however, it was the simultaneous screech of multiple emergency signals. Half of the gathered party scrabbled to silence them, reading through the alert with furrowed brows. Tony reached for his own, then realized, in a delayed reintroduction with reality, that he didn’t have one.
Iron Man was retired. Tony Stark wasn’t a superhero anymore. He was just a man. Which, really, was exactly what he wanted to be, most of the time.
Then his eyes fell on Peter, webshooters folding down over his hands, and he wasn’t so sure.
“C’mon, Spider-geek,” Sam shouted, fastening his shield over his arm, wings already engaged and unfurling in preparation for takeoff. “Your Octopus friend is trying to take over the world again. It’s all hands on deck.”
The Iron Spider suit was already crawling over the kid’s skin. It was quite a sight. Eerily beautiful, if he could forget that the technology had been born of paranoia and war. Tony had never really had the chance to appreciate the dance of the nanites before, had always been inside the suit or watching Peter plummet thousands of feet, limp and unconscious.
“Yeah, yeah,” Peter called, flexing his fingers as the nanotech settled over them. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”
Morgan grabbed his leg, and the mask retracted as he looked down at her.
“Are you gonna go fight the bad guys?” She asked, eyes full of stars.
“Sure am.”
“Ooh,” she whispered, bouncing up and down in excitement, still clinging to the kid’s thigh. “Don’t let them catch you!”
“Don’t worry, M. Bad guys never catch Spider-Man.”
Tony pushed up from his chair, conscious of Steve’s gaze burning into his back. He didn’t know what he was trying to do. Stop Peter from going? No, not that, although that didn’t mean that he didn’t want to. He understood the call to war. Once you stepped into a suit, it was hard to step back out.
Tony had only done so because he’d been dragged, kicking and screaming. Because he was missing an arm, and a good portion of his lung function, and his entire right side was weakened and scarred. He hadn’t had a choice, and maybe that was a good thing. If he’d been given one, he probably would’ve died in the armor.
He was terrified by the very real possibility that that was how Peter would meet his end, too. That there would be nothing powerful enough to overcome the kid’s morals, his call to duty. He would die a hero, and people would call that a triumph, but Tony would still call it dead.
He saw May brush forward, cup Peter’s face, smile at him. There was fear in her silhouette: the same fear he’d seen in Pepper over and over and over again. For the first time, he felt it too. The fear of being the one left behind. The fear of waiting.
The fear of waiting forever.
Peter trotted over to him after he’d said goodbye to May, which left him a little warm and fuzzy inside. Before the kid could open his mouth, Tony leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his forehead, then pulled back and grabbed his shoulder, shaking him a little as he fought back another wave of helplessness.
“Swing fast,” he whispered, because it was the only thing he could think of, the only words that weren’t too raw to say in front of so many eyes.
Peter smiled, and it occurred to Tony that he looked older, now. Less child, more man. His posture was confident, eyes sparkling. He looked like a hero, like the kind of person that always won in the movies.
He looked like the future Tony had been waiting for.
He’d finally passed the torch. He could see the bearer standing in front of him, and he was proud. 
“Save me some hot dogs,” Peter quipped, winking, “and don’t let Morgan eat all the cake. I need, like, at least two slices all for myself.”
“You come back safe,” he murmured, “and I’ll give you all the hot dogs and cake you could ever want.”
“Square deal.”
“Parker!” Sam barked, waving him over with a smirk on his face. “The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your old man’s gonna kick it before we get back. As it is, we’re placing team bets on Steve.”
“Very funny, Sam,” Steve drawled.
“I heard you the first time, Cap!” Peter called over his shoulder, then turned back to Tony to grin. “Love you.”
He patted the side of the kid’s face, swallowing to cover up how terrified he was by the prospect of Peter going to fight a battle without him. That had never happened before. They hadn’t faced a world-threatening force since Thanos. Despite logic, Tony had been hoping that the finale really would be the finale. That they could rest now.
“Love you too, kid. Now go on,” he made a shooing motion with his hands, metal prosthetic catching in the light, a permanent reminder of his final act as Iron Man, as a hero, “the world’s waiting for Spider-Man to save the day.”
Soft nostalgia sparked in Peter’s eyes: the remnants of the first day they’d met, when he’d tripped over his words, too starstruck to think straight. “I’ll never be as good at it as you.”
“No,” he agreed, physically spinning the kid and shoving him in Sam’s direction, because he knew that if he didn’t, they’d both linger there forever. “You’ll be better.”
Peter jogged away laughing, shooting a web to the base of the Falcon’s wings to hitch a ride, in the same way that he would’ve done with Tony’s suit, if the world had spun them into a different route that day. Right before they took off, the kid swung to face Morgan and offered her a dramatic solute, letting the mask fold over his face, only a few shades darker than hotrod red. She clapped for him, little voice raised up in a cheer.
Tony sank back down into his chair, sparing Steve a halfhearted glance. They were pieces of history, now. The generation moving aside, content to be left behind.
They’d left the world in better hands, there was no doubt about that. Sometimes, though, Tony really wished that it didn’t have to be the hands of one of his kids.
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panathema · a year ago
Hi! My sis is jotakak shipper and a kakyoin fan who loves extra feminized versions of kakyoin and keeps pushing the agenda :/ It's making me annoyed at the character for some reason and I feel horrible bc I love Kakyoin
ah damn, i’ve definitely felt similar.  the best advice i can offer is to isolate yourself as much as possible from people who post that kind of content, which will suck and narrow options for finding content but has saved me personally from coming to hate kakyoin. that’s obviously gonna be a bit difficult since it’s your sibling, but if you’re on good terms it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask them to not push it on you so much?
it does get annoying when it starts to influence how you see a character, especially in kakyoin’s case where the difference between his fanon and depiction is so extreme but not entirely unfounded. all jojo characters have a level of feminity (or flamboyancy) to them which is fucking fantastic, but the way the fanbase interprets kakyoin will never not bother me on a (maybe unnecessarily) deep and personal level. i’d be fine with it if it wasn’t to the degree it is, which is to say… character ruining, and usually for the sake of shipping jotakak as the most tired ‘s*eme/u*ke’ tropes tbqh.
honestly though? (re)watch the stardust ova. it has my favourite kak tbqh, although not quite as weird as he is in the manga. other than that, keep going back to the source content! remember why you love his character so much!! he’s definitely an interesting one, so you have great taste, baby. distance your perception of the character you love from the weird uwu smol bean or femme fatale interpretations that might bother you.
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mian8o · a year ago
Tumblr media
Bread why do you like Chinese singing competition shows so much?
This kid auditioned by playing guitar with a cucumber, that’s why.
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politicalautist · 3 years ago
hey yo it’s time for GENDER REFLECTIONS AND WHY I HATE WOMANHOOD by me, a fucking internalised-misogyny-ridden weirdo
So, background: this is not a new thing for me. I now identify as genderqueer and have done for years, and it’s helped me a whole bunch with getting over my internalised misogyny, but for several years I’ve been aware that there are two distinct threads to my genderqueerness:
1. wtf is a gender can i eat it (the side I am open about and constantly scream about)
2. being a woman terrifies me. I still think if I was born with a dick, I would just have been like “yeah whatever I’m a guy” regardless of point 1, because hey, it doesn’t matter. But being a girl sucks and is horrible and girl things terrify me and I don’t want to deal with them.
And it’s definitely point 2 I’m wanting to ramble about now, because it’s only in the last few years that I’ve let myself recognise that as a factor, and I’m still untangling it and trying to face up to why that’s the case and how it affects me.
Disclaimer: I don’t hate women, and I don’t hate feminine things. I used to, but actually, being able to separate myself from womanhood has let me not hate other people for being associated with it. At this point in my life, I love women, and as long as I don’t have to conform to them, I can recognise and appreciate the value of Woman Things (like makeup or pretty clothes or gentleness or emotions).
But they still kind of fill me with creeping dread, and I still can’t manage them as applied to me.
And it’s occurred to me today, while ranting about fanfic to @darael, part of why that is.
Like, I already knew that it was tied to fiction and narrative conditioning. I knew I grew up with books (and films, TV, etc., but this is me, so mostly books) from genres like sci-fi and fantasy and crime fiction which, especially in the older books I grew up on, are known for constantly devaluing femininity and feminine traits. I also know that’s a trend throughout society, that feminine things are lesser and weak and whatnot. I knew I bought into it wholeheartedly as a kid, because I desperately needed to be better than you and also to be validated in my tomboyishness. I sought out female characters as a kid, but I always sought out warrior women. I hated the end of Éowyn’s story because she got all soppy and hung up her sword. (fun fact: that is now the most powerful part of the story to me as an adult, because fuck, it’s not about gender, is it, it’s about the experience of war and trauma of violence... OFF TOPIC WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT PACIFIST THEMES IN TOLKIEN)
But just now I’ve been thinking that it goes deeper. I modelled myself specifically after those shieldmaiden and warrior-woman characters, because it was the way I most often saw “girl who doesn’t align with social gender norms” in fiction, certainly the most often way where that’s represented as a positive.
And, Jesus, so many of those characters hate women. “Not Like Other Girls” is a fucking plague in fiction. So, yeah, that’s a spinoff of the first thing, where womanhood and femininity is Bad and Weak and Poor, but...
...but that’s where I learnt to be a person. That, specifically.
No wonder I took the “feminine bad” message on board quite so strongly. It’s not just that femininity was a narrative I didn’t fit into, or even that I desperately wanted vindication that I was doing the right thing breaking out of that narrative (although in hindsight, I really did) - the narrative I took on board for myself to replace it is fundamentally built on rejection of the feminine in like... 90% of cases.
(it’s also fundamentally built on being sporty and physically violent, which also does not fit me, an actual couch potato, but again, that’s a digression)
I want to bring it back to Éowyn, aka “Jormy’s First Love And Also Role Model”, because one thing I’ve reflected on is that she doesn’t fit that pattern, at least not in the books. She cares about women, protects women, values women’s work, while also feeling that it isn’t her calling. She’s not perfect in that regard, but it’s very clear to me on an adult reading that Éowyn is not misogynistic in her rejection of traditional femininity.
And that was completely fucking stripped out in the films. Like, suddenly Éowyn can’t cook (at least in the extended editions), shows no signs of feminine manners or behaviour or political understanding, and never aligns herself with the women of Rohan the way she does in the books. They “Not Like Other Girls”-ed the original fantasy Not Like Other Girls. 
So I guess, insofar as there’s a point to this beyond rambling out my Gender Thoughts, the point of this post is: are we getting worse at this? Is it just a few shitty adaptational choices (I note that Game of Thrones did the same to the nth degree with both Arya and Brienne, quite aside from shitting all over Sansa and Cat, but GoT is just all-around misogynistic trash so maybe not a valid data point?), is it a reactionary response to the rise of more feminist fantasy/specfic, or do I just think it’s getting worse because I’m more conscious of it?
Also, how the fuck do I fix this? I don’t want to hate Woman Things. I want to be able to mess about with makeup or dresses or responding to things with emotional vulnerability once in a while, without on some level feeling like I’m betraying myself - the narrative of myself I’ve taken on. I really don’t want to hold onto any hatred of women and girls and their embracing of their gender - or to be uncomfortable with femininity from anyone, especially when so much of the feminine narrative in this context is stuff we need more of in our society.
I wonder if it’s possible, or ever will be possible, for me to be identified as a girl without feeling that misogyny crawling back in. It’s not even that I want to be a girl (again, what is a gender, can you eat it) - but is there a version of me that could be a girl without hating Girl Things? Is there any dominant narrative of gender-nonconforming womanhood that doesn’t require either misogyny or lesbianism? (no shade to lesbians, I just am very aware that I’m... not solely into women, and nor are a lot of gnc women, so being told your options are “hate women or have sex with only women” only exacerbates matters when you KNOW you’re equally or more attracted to dudes)
i want there to be a punchy point to this post but like
there isn’t one
gender’s weird and society’s a mess and the stories we tell each other shape the way we treat each other and also i’m fucked up in my relationships with womanhood the end
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
I also feel like biker bucky will demand for it anytime he wants- like in the middle of the night he’s fucking you side ways 😫
Tumblr media
My NSFW thots below. No minors. 18+only.
Beefy biker Bucky x reader.
Bucky doesn't know what woke up him at 3am, maybe it was way your ass rubbed over his groin or your soft sleep addled mumbling.
But he's awake now.
And you always said he can take you whenever he wanted.
He drapes your leg over his hair covered thigh and pulls you even closer, your back flush against his chest, his dog tags sliding across your skin as he glides his cock through your folds, back and forth until your slick slowly coats him as you stir restlessly.
Sparks of pleasure making your eyelids flutter. He circles your bundle of nerves with his leaking swollen head, the pressure making you gasp. "Bu-bucky," you moan as he taps your clit.
Bucky sucks a bruise on your throat, mumbling, "Didn't mean to wake you gorgeous," he says with a straight face as he lines up with your now drenched slit.
"But I'll make it up to you by fucking you back to sleep." He swears, his hips snapping into you, the force of his thick cock stretching your tight warm cunt has you sobbing into your pillow.
He rolls you both over, pinning you to the mattress, the soft slapping of skin echoing in the room. "Dont gotta move, just lay there and take it." He grunts, holding your hands by your head.
He smirks when you cry out, his hips grinding into your ass. He lowers his head, panting in your ear as he pushes your leg up to go even deeper. "Aw gorgeous, you know I'm only halfway in right?"
And I-
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thirsty-otaku · 11 days ago
mind games until you lose control.
what you do during sex that makes him go CRAZY.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FEATURING: Gojo, Nanami, Geto, Toji, & Sukuna
BONUS: Naoya & Choso
WARNING: will contain SEXUAL THEMES including rimming, dacryphilia, mommy kink, blood kink, etc.
please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of this or if you are underaged or an ageless blog. i repeat, please do not read if you are underaged or uncomfortable with anything that is written underneath. 18+ READERS ONLY PLEASE.
NOTE: this is my first time writing sexual drabbles for these characters and first time writing sexual drabbles in a while. hopefully i did well enough because i kept deleting everything and starting over because i wasn't satisfied with the outcome.
i also didn't include other characters such as itadori or megumi in this piece bc i just wasn't comfortable in writing them in this kind of theme so i hope you all understand. however, i compensated it with adding naoya and choso into the mix. this is also my first time writing these two characters so i hope i did well enough in that department. anyways, enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
Gojo is known to be adventurous during sex whenever he entangles himself in relationships, whether it be serious ones or one night stands. And even though he doesn't indulge himself in such carnal acts all that much, Gojo hates the idea of having to immerse himself in boring sex. If he's going to get laid, he's going to make sure he leaves satisfied.
But now that he's with you, he doesn't have to worry about boring sex anymore! Especially when you do the exact thing that makes him go weak.
“Baby, baby, baby, fuuuuck~!” Gojo moaned at the feeling of your warm tongue just lapping up at his tight hole and you couldn't help but slap his ass cheek from all the lewd noises he's been producing.
“Jesus, you just love getting your ass eaten, huh?”
“C-Can't help it, you do it so good, babe...” He whimpers before his eyes widened at the feeling of you spreading his cheeks more only to have your tongue dart out and start to fuck the muscly ring.
“Shit! My god, if you keep doing that— baby, no, if you keep tongue fucking my ass I'm going to—”
But you don't stop. Instead, you did it faster, plunging your tongue right in his tight ass, slapping his cheek and leaving a delicious handprint on his ivory skin. The four walls of your room was engulfed by none other than Gojo's whiny moans and desperate grunts. You wanted so badly to touch and milk his cock but you thought he looked more adorable whenever he came untouched and just shot his load because of your tongue.
And that's exactly what you did. You kept lapping at his asshole, spitting and eating his sloppily as Gojo himself began to drool at the sensation of your tongue attacking his puckered hole. He could feel his cock twitching as a familiar knot began to form at the pit of his stomach.
“B-Baby... I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum from getting tongue fucked so please don't stop, don't stop just stay right there and keep eating my fucking ass!”
The white-haired sorcerer reached back and kept your head in place, suffocating you with your face in between his plump ass but you didn't care. Instead, you made sure your tongue kept stimulating the ring of muscle and it wasn't long after 'till Gojo began to quiver underneath you.
“I-I'm gonna— Oh, here it is, baby, I'm cumming. Cumming, cumming, I'm cumming! My god, fuck!” Gojo moaned loudly, not caring if the neighbors could hear him as he shot his thick white load on the sheets, shaking as he did so.
Chuckling, you pulled away as strings of your saliva connected from your lips to his puckered little hose and you watched as Gojo flopped on the bed before he had enough strength to sit up from his position, grab you by your chin and whispered.
“Your turn.”
Contrary to popular belief, Nanami may often get described as someone who's well-composed and probably only has vanilla sex, but he isn't. Sure, on the outside, Nanami is calm, collected, and seems to always know what he does. His personality would give anybody that things such as sex wouldn't interest him.
But they were wrong. If anything, Nanami is very intense and aggressive when he can when it comes to sex and it even surprised you. You once thought he'd be the gentle type and of course, he is. He can be. But the thing is with Nanami, he's actually a man full of surprises.
For instance, he loves to see you cry. And no, not the type of crying where you're in pain, sad, hurt, or angry. He loves to see you cry in terms of... pleasure. Just the look on your face whenever you're in tears while drooling because he kept pounding into you so fast. It makes him feral.
You're quite a sensitive one and Nanami adores it. The more sensitive you are, the easier it is to overstimulate you and once you're overstimulated, the waterworks occur. You just happen to have a happen of crying when you cum or when you feel like it's too much but even then, watching you beg for more as you weep in front of the blonde sorcerer never fails to make him go insane.
“What is this, sweetheart? Crying already, hm? But you just came once.” He coos at you as he gently wipes your tears with his thumb, all while gently thrusting his cock in and out of your tight hole.
“N-Nanamin, it feels too good, i-it's so good!” You whimpered, tears cascading from your eyes and Nanami just smirks at the sight as he throws your leg over his shoulder. You look so good underneath him like this. All sensitive and crying.
“Is that so? Well then maybe I should stop right here, wouldn't want to hurt you after all.” He'd say teasingly and already pulling out of you but that only made you cry harder for him as you tried to pull him back in, your head shaking vigorously in the process.
“No, no, no! Nanamin, please, please keep going. I-I wanna cum again, please make me cum again, I want it. I'll take it, I'll take everything!” You begged, desperately reaching out to touch him as you whined at the feeling of his cock poking you but just sliding right against you instead of him pushing it right back in.
He feels so touched seeing you beg so desperately just so he could fuck you the way you wanted him to. But the way you look at him, with your eyes all glistened with tears as the lust swam in your hues, he just couldn't possibly deny.
With a single thrust, Nanami found himself back inside you, your gummy walls surrounding his throbbing cock as he leans down and looks at you in the eye.
“Who am I to say no?”
You were in for a long night.
Geto had his fair share of sex here and there. Even now that he's one of the biggest known criminals and traitors in the jujutsu world, people still offer themselves to him just to get a fraction of his attention or even the pleasure that he can give. It's all fun and games but really, once he's done, he'll just throw them out as if they're garbage.
All except for you.
Even though you're a low-life monkey, Geto still managed to fall for you all the same and gave you a special treatment. Not only did you devote yourself to him but you also made yourself useful such as giving him the information he needs, making his agenda much more efficient by working behind doors and of course, relieving his stress.
Geto would be lying if he said that sex with you wasn't the best one he's gotten in all his life. Maybe it's because he's biased towards you but there was just something about you that intoxicates him every time he plunges his cock right inside you. And he realized that the moment you did this one specific thing that nearly made him lose his sanity.
“Geto...” You whispered as you took his hand in yours and placed in on your stomach.
“You're this deep. This is how far you are. Feel it. Look at it. You're so deep inside me...”
His eyes widened at your move and Geto couldn't help but witness just what you're trying to point out. As he thrusted in and out, he kept his hand on your stomach only for him to feel himself just plunging in and out of you, seeing your tummy have a little bulge whenever he kept thrusting.
The sight flipped a switch in Geto, this was how deep he was reaching you, how far he is whenever he claimed your body and painted it with his warm cum. The sight was more than enough for him to fasten his pace, his gaze never leaving your stomach as he watched the bulge appearing and disappearing whenever pounded into you.
It was driving him mad.
Not even thinking twice, Geto pulled you into a mating press, wanting to reach even deeper in you and making you remember just who exactly you belonged to.
“Nnnghhh! Geto! You're so deep in me—!”
“Good. That's good. Remember how deep I am inside of you and don't you fucking forget it.” He grunts as he began to plow his throbbing cock in and out of your tight hole, the mere sight of your cock drunk expression and the bulge in your tummy just sending him over the edge.
“I'm going to mold your hole into the shape of my cock.”
Upon meeting you, Toji couldn't even believe someone as perfect would even accept a man like him. It was like the gods above this world had made him go through so much shit just so they could finally gift you to him. You, in all of your perfection. You were so innocent and delicate and Toji feared he might scare you off the first time you two got together. The thought of you being in danger because of him made him feel so uneasy.
But you proved to him that you would never leave him alone. And God did you prove it to him. Even up to this day you would wake up, choosing to show Toji that no matter what happens, you would stick to his side, offering your undying love for him.
And tonight was just one of those nights where you showed it to him.
“If you keep going like that I might cum already, doll.” Toji smirked, lifting you off from the ground as he leaned down and pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your lips — not even caring that were just on the ground, suckling on his cock seconds ago, “You know how much I love it whenever I cum inside of you.”
You bit your bottom lip. Of course. Of course you knew. Toji had a knack for breeding you. Every time you two did it, he would never cum anywhere but inside you. Well, there were times he'd go overboard and drizzle you in his cum as well but he mostly fills you up whenever you two did it.
Reaching down, you wrapped your hand around his throbbing member, stroking him slowly and just feeling how warm he was in your hold. Your thumb circling around his cockhead that was oozing with precum and you took that as an opportunity to smear his fluid all over his veiny shaft.
“I wanna try something new, Toji-san. Could you lie down for me?”
Toji raised a brow at you but seeing as how you looked up at him pleadingly, he chuckled and pressed a kiss onto your forehead and proceeded to lie down on the bed, propping himself up against the headboard.
“Whatever you do...” You trailed off as you began to climb on the bed, slowly crawling over to him until your lips was pressed against his ear as you whispered, “Don't take your eyes off of me.”
And that's what Toji did as he watched you wrap your fingers around his cock once more, lazily stroking him as your lips peppered kisses from his jaw, neck — even licking a stripe on him until you finally reached his chiseled pecs.
You don't admit it but you just love Toji's pecs. You liked how big they were and how prominent they are whenever he wears his usual fitted black shirts. And you also love laying your head on them. But now you were going to show just how much you appreciate them.
“W-Woah, doll, what're you—”
“Shhh, just relax and watch me, Toji-san.” You'd say with a smirk as you began to dart your tongue out, swirling it around his nipples and feeling them slowly going hard due to how sensitive they were.
Toji watched you with wide eyes as you licked, sucked, and even gently bit on his nipples. The act not failing to make his cock twitch and drool with more pre-cum.
“D-Doll, if you keep doing that, I— holy fuck, baby...” Throwing his head back, Toji let out a grunt as he felt your other hand let go only for it to come up to his other pec, your fingers flicking and pinching on his other nipple as well.
The sight of Toji all sweaty and breathing hard all because you were playing and with both his nipples made you moan against him. You had no idea just how sensitive they were and how much he responded to you playing them until now.
“Sweetheart— Fuck, I'm going to cum, you're gonna make me fucking cum, baby, shit!” Toji moaned, putting his hand on the back of your head to keep you in place, not even wanting you to move from your spot with your mouth attached on his nipple.
“Fuck, I'm gonna— Y/N, baby, here it comes—” Toji couldn't even finish his sentence as he began to cum untouched. Ribbons of his warm, white cum shooting out of his throbbing cock and spurting all over his stomach, some of it even splotching on your face.
Panting heavily, the raven-haired man immediately got up and flipped the both of you on the bed so now he's on top. A thin sheen of his sweat forming on his forehead.
“I'm going to breed you until morning, my little doll.”
There was no denying that someone as strong and powerful as Sukuna could get anything and everything he wished for. Despite the fact that people feared him, there were others who were both brave and stupid to worship him. Contrary to popular belief, Sukuna had harems and concubines he indulged himself with. He didn't care whether they were men or women. As long as they served their purpose, he can tolerate them.
But of course, he had his favorites. And that favorite of his included you. There was no denying that the King of Curses favored you among his many admirers. He would sleep with you, eat with you, sometimes ask you to spend time with him whenever he felt bored. Asked one of his guards to keep an eye on you when he's away and all that. You were special and he was aware of that. There was just something about you that drew him in and he basked every ounce of your presence and attention every chance he got.
He was greedy, undoubtedly so. And he was proving that to you tonight.
“Didn't I tell you not to look at anybody but me?” Sukuna asked, his four arms exploring your body as you tried to come down from your orgasm. He only used his fingers yet he already had you cumming twice tonight.
You knew this night would be long considering you looked at someone for more than three seconds. You knew Sukuna was possessive but you had no idea he wouls go to this extent just because your gaze were elsewhere but on him.
“Not only did I have to gouge someone's eyes out but now I have to punish you. What do you have to say for yourself, brat?” He looked down at you with a piercing glare but you never missed the lust swimming in his eyes.
You feared Sukuna, that fact is true. You feared that one day he might get sick of you continuously displeasing him. You were lucky enough that he decides not to kill you with each passing day but there was no denying that the rules he set out for you are much harder to follow than it may seem.
After all, they were rules that made you feel that Sukuna owned every part of you. Even the very breath you let out. So if he has the power to own that part of you as well, he can have the strength to cut if out of you. And that made you scared.
“I-I'm sorry. I'm never going to look at anyone else but you, I promise! Today was just a mistake.” You pleaded, whimpering at the feeling of his member rubbing against your slick entrance.
“Hmm, you're lucky I favor you amongst everyone, brat. If not, I would've gouged your eyes as well.”
You gulped. Of course. Of course he would say something like that. After all, you disappointed him. But here's the thing, despite your fear of Sukuna, you were somehow strangely drawn to him. You had many chances to escape from his grasps and he even offered you the opportunity to do so himself but you didn't. You never escaped from his grasp.
Because even though you're scared of him, you somehow liked being by his side. How your fear of him served as a warm hug that refused to let you go.
Reaching down, you wrap your hand around his girthy shaft, stroking it up and down and guided him towards your entrance — urging the King of Curses to make you remember just who exactly you belonged to.
“My Lord, you have been nothing but kind to me for giving me such mercy for letting me live.” You spoke softly, gasping once you felt him starting to gently thrust himself inside of you, “Such mercy is not to be wasted. Such mercy should be cherished and that's what I plan to do.”
Sukuna chuckled darkly, your words and actions combined are stroking not only his carnal desires for you but also his ego. See, this is what his concubines lacked. They lacked sincerity. Sure, he has heard the same words, same meaning from other people but they weren't genuine about it. They only said it just to save themselves but you? Oh, darling. You said what you said and meant it from the bottom of your pure little heart.
“If you wish to punish me for looking away from you then I shall welcome it wholeheartedly, my Lord. In fact, I would be more than glad if I could receive such punishment.” You continued, letting out a whimper when he pushed deeper inside of you, “Let me make it up to you, my King. Allow me to prove my undying loyalty to you.”
And once he bottomed out, Sukuna let out a grunt as one of his arms gently pressed against your face, his thumb brushing against your lips and you took that as a chance to dart out your tongue and began licking his thumb before sucking on it gently, not even caring whether his sharp nail had gently cut your tongue and made it bleed.
“Allow me to prove that I'm all yours... Sukuna-sama.”
His eyes widened. The honorific alone made him feel things he never knew he could feel all at once and Sukuna looked down at you for a moment and made sure he had heard you correctly.
No one had referred to him with the honorific. In fact, you were the first. Almost everyone had referred to him by his name alone and no honorfics attached but you? You referred to him as Sukuna-sama. Sama. An honorific used for people of higher status. The same honorific that is used for diving gods.
Was that what he was to you? A God? Your God?
The thought alone caused Sukuna to come to a decision. There was no need for concubines and harems anymore. As long as he had you by his side, he wouldn't ask for anyone else to tend to his needs.
Leaning down, he pressed his forehead against yours as he began to slowly thrust in and of your warm entrance, your gummy walls embracing his throbbing member tightly as he felt how slippery they were.
“You will worship me until your very last breath, brat.”
Truth is, you already do.
+BONUS: NAOYA ( fem!reader )
Naoya has a lot of issues. And having mommy issues is one of them. You were one of the clans that the Zenin clan despised but even then, Naoya somehow found himself being oddly interested in you. Why? It's because you're the head of your clan and you just so happened to be female. You were independent, you took no one's bullshit and even though your clan isn't as powerful as the other clans, they knew not to mess with you because you had a reputation for standing your ground.
Naoya was infuriated with that. All his life, he was taught and he believed that women should be of grace and that they stood behind men, supporting every decision they made no matter how good or bad. But no, not you. You weren't like that, you refused to be put in that stereotypical box that people try so hard to put you in. So even if it was kind of taboo, Naoya was undoubtedly drawn to you.
And you'd be lying if you said you didn't have any fun toying with him either.
It pleased you so much seeing him on top of you, his skin all flushed as he pounded inside you with a sloppy rhythm. Naoya had to embarrassingly admit that he isn't that experienced with sex simply because he had no time to engage himself in such pleasures. But with you, he found himself in such a greedy state. The feeling of your warm hole just wrapping around his throbbing cock made Naoya let out a whine.
You felt so good.
“Oh, come on. You know you can do better than that. I taught you how, didn't I?” You asked in a teasing manner. Of course Naoya knew. How could he forget the feeling of your newly bought strap-on slowly pushing inside his own hole days ago?
“S-Shut up, I'm trying here.” He grunted and continued to thrust in and out of you. You didn't want to admit but he's actually reaching the right spot inside of you that made you want lock your legs around his waist but seeing him blush out of embarrassment is so fun to watch.
“F-Fuck, you're so tight...” Naoya hissed under his breath and continued his sloppy rhythm but you tried your best not to give him much reaction. You wanted to see him get desperate and beg for you. You wanted to see his arrogance fade away.
Who knew the arrogant could-have-been head of the Zenin clan could be so needy?
“If you don't do a better job...” you trailed off and pulled him closer to you so you could whisper in his ear, “Mommy won't let you cum.”
Eyes widening, Naoya shook his head and through your leg over his shoulder as he fastened his pace and became more mindful of his thrusts, making sure that he was hitting that sweet spot inside of you repeatedly.
You knew exactly what and how to make this sorcerer tick. It didn't surprise you when you found out he had this kink and ever since then, you utilized as much as you could.
“I-I'll do better, I'll do better!” He whimpered and continued to pound himself inside of you as if his life depended on it.
“Just please make me cum, Mommy, please make me fucking cum!”
With his technique, Choso is never one to shy away from the sight and smell of blood. It didn't bother him if he was drenched in it at all. It's not that he loves it, it's just that he has grown accustomed to the very presence of blood. But somehow, ever since he met you, Choso would find himself going crazy whenever he saw just a splatter of blood on you.
You look so pretty in red. He didn't know when this discovery occured but he guessed it started when he saw you coming back from a mission with blood all over you. You were disheveled but the dried blood on your skin made you look so delectable that Choso had to stop himself from pouncing on you that very day.
But unbeknownst to him, you had seen the way he looked at you. You knew how Choso's eyes look whenever lust was trying to do its magic and when you noticed that hungry look on him when he saw splatters of blood on you, you knew exactly what it was that was on his mind.
Ever since then, you would always come back in such a messy state whenever you came home from mission. Sometimes you'd get blood plattered on your uniform, your legs and even your face. Whenever you got blood on your face, Choso would immediately rush to the bathroom to take care of his hard on. He couldn't possibly tell you straight to your face that he gets turned on whenever you had blood on you!
But you had fun teasing him. However, you could see just how much he was struggling to keep himself in control and now you decided to finally let him have his fun.
That's why now, you were too busy bouncing on his cock while being covered in Choso's own blood after you had willingly let him drench you in it, controlling his blood manipulation technique and made sure that his blood didn't harm you in any way.
“Fuck yes, just like that, baby.” He grunted as you put your bloodied hand on his chest, smearing some of the blood on his skin as you grinded your hips against his, letting out a whorish moan when his member kept hitting that spot inside of you.
“You feel so fucking good and you look so goddamn good like this, sweetheart.” His gaze never left you. He wanted to plant this view inside his mind forever. He wanted to remember how you look right now, drenched in his blood as you fuck yourself on his cock.
“C-Choso! More, more! Cover me more... in your blood...” You whimpered as your hands traveled up to your chest until you began to smear some of Choso's blood on your face, causing him to go even more feral.
“God, you look so fucking good in red.”
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