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#but actually takes away from the musical

I thoroughly believe that Atticus and Chazz are soulmates. Whether it be romantic soulmates or best friend soulmates, they’re just meant to be. And though I do ship them very much, I would be okay if they were only best friend soulmates because I just want them to be there for eachother all the time when the other needs them there.

And probably my favorite headcanon I have for them that goes alongside my headcanon that Chazz is depressed and struggles with mental health, is that Atticus knows more about Chazz’s struggles and hurt, and just how broken he is more than anyone else. Which is easy for me to believe with how open and vulnerable Chazz is with Atticus in the anime, confiding in him with things he would never ever discuss with anyone else. And whenever Chazz is having a particuarly hard time, Atticus will grab a guitar (because c'mon, he plays a ukulele, I don’t doubt he can play an acoustic), takes Chazz down to the beach when it gets dark, or just somewhere peaceful where they can be alone, and they sing together. I’m sure Atticus started using music as a way to cope and deal with his own trauma, and I think he would try and use that to help Chazz. They’ll sit there by a campfire or under the watchful lights of the lighthouse and talk for a little bit, or just sit in silence. But after a little while, Atticus will grab his guitar and start to play. Usually songs he knows Chazz likes, and just keeps playing until Chazz starts to sing. I imagine he didn’t really sing too much at first when Atticus first tried it. But eventually he felt comfortable enough to sing for him. Atticus always sings the harmony with him, but if Chazz is too down to sing or doesn’t want to, Atticus will play songs that he likes or he thinks will be comforting to him, and he’ll sing for Chazz instead.

I always imagine them singing All Time Low songs despite the fact that GX takes place before like, most if not all of their albums came out but shh! Ignore that!

Their favorite songs to sing together are Remembering Sunday and Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night).

Atticus’s favorite songs to sing for Chazz are Safe and Missing You.


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Oh, thank you, I’m gonna gush about this movie without even a DROP of that “i knoooow it’s bad” stuff, y’all know that I know. Okay maybe a few drops sneak in, in a back handed way, but MOSTLY this is me gushing and fawning

For context, since i’m putting this in the tag, the prompt was this was somebody gives me a topic and I respond with what i like about it. Like, the opposite of that “send me a thing and i’ll tell you what i hate about it” one

  • sometimes, like half the time, the CGI actually slaps. like, the close ups are amazing. proper look at some of these cats and it’s like, wow
  • mr. mistoffelees is precious. he’s my favourite and he’s adorable and his song makes me cry! specifically the bit where old deut is back and it cuts to his happy “oh my gosh i did it” face. triumphant! heck, i just like that whole song, as like the character thing that it is. and yeah anyways, misto is a cutie pie, he’s so shy and awkward and nervous, i wuv him uwuwu
  • misto is my fave but munkustrap is actually the best character in this movie. i cannot gush enough about robbie fairchild’s acting, singing and dancing in this. he is the backbone of this movie and i adore him! there’s a reason i’ve reblogged a bagillion gifsets of him being so expressionate, he’s so good! you can tell robbie loves being a part of this. and like, very often munku will absolutely be the best aspect of a scene
  • plus he’s beautiful too. munku, misto, victoria. beautiful kitties
  • now that i’ve adjusted to the art style, i find these kitties adorable. i love the ears and tails, they make me happy. i like how misto’s tail curls and the movement of everybody’s ears
  • i really like the music, shoulda mentioned that first. like, when its good, its really good. memory is of course a powerhouse. skimbleshanks is the movie’s highlight, so fucking good. i like mr. misto’s song, fight me. jellicle cats is a fucking bop. rumpleteazer & mungojerrie, I Just Like It. robbie’s performance in… well the whole movie… but also in old deuteronomy is beautiful and soothing. i’ve actually gotten every song in this stuck in my head…. SKIIIIIMBLEEEESHAAAANKS THE RAAAAILWAAAY CAT
  • legit, making that number include tap dancing was an actual stroke of genius and i cannot praise steven mcrae enough. whomst is also australian, im so proud. i also like skimble’s pants
  • OH ALSO regarding the music, another thing i love about this movie is that it introduced me to the concept of this musical. i never had any exposure to cats the musical before this movie happened. all i knew before was a couple of references i saw and i had heard memory. but i didn’t know that memory was from cats. and like, think of all the great songs i wouldn’t be aware of if this movie never happened. i’ve also, by extension, become enamoured with the 1998 version of cats too. because of this! i wouldn’t have had a reason to care before! i had no interest! so besides the fact that i actually do like this movie, there’s that
  • this is true of the stage musical thing, but a lot of cute and fun character moments are gleaned from like background stuff and facial expressions, that sorta thing and i find it really fun to notice stuff (or see somebody else point stuff out). like it’s all very simple but still with some depth, ya know?
  • the dancing in this is so good. so so good. especially munku because his actor is a magnificent dancer. it’s also funny and cute how misto clearly isn’t as good a dancer as everybody else, so they have him doing clumsy doofy stuff in the background. but im not insulting laurie davidson’s dancing, he’s actually good considering he had to learn for this movie. i just have to praise the dancing in this movie because i’ve seen people say that “the dancing isn’t impressive in this movie because it’s CGI” and i WILL EAT YOU WHOLE. no n no no people HAVE to know that the actors are actually doing that. robbie and francesca are professional ballet dancers, most of the people in this are. the movements are real, they just painstakingly overlayed CGI cat stuff over it. the stuff that isn’t real is like, stuff humans can’t do, like the big fuck off leaps, they used wires for that
  • Rumpleteazer’s Lesbian Energy Is Palpable
  • Munkustrap’s Chemistry With Everybody Is Stunning
  • victoria, misto and munku are OT3 and they’re bicons in my heart
  • oh i already mentioned the music but i just wanna say i think beautiful ghosts is a lovely song/motif/character thing. i haven’t mentioned victoria much, i think she’s rather sweet in a like endearingly dumb way. and her singing and dancing is, of course, lovely
  • the sets are practical, they built that! bruh
  • i have to give my respect to the poor overworked effects artists who worked on this movie. they were pushed so hard and for so long and i think they did a great job and they don’t deserve even a drop of the scorn they have received
  • i love misto’s jacket, it’s so good. and the pencil as a wand is clever!
  • the last scene is refered to as a living hell by a lot of people but i love it because just. watch munku’s face the whole time. so good. just watch munkustrap, he makes everything better
  • ooh on that note, i like how they made it so munk lives in a flat thats literally right by the junkyard. i find that a nice touch and fitting
  • i like the nuzzles <3 (furthermore i love how misto is so much taller than victoria so he has to bend down so far for a couple of those nuzzles)
  • i dunno, you can tell most of the people doing this were like really into it, like really loved doing this movie. like these performances are good, y’all! and like, these cats come across as so happy to hanging out and dancing and being together (for the most part, there is bickering and… cattiness too) that it’s like infectious. it makes me smile!

and there’s like a bagillion little things here and there that i like, like my list could go on even more. for example, shout out to that one cat that kept smiling when skimble was spinning upwards into the air (due to being kidnapped) probably under the assumption that skimble can just fucking do that djksakjdsa

so yeah i can’t exactly call this a Good Movie but i can genuinely call it a movie i enjoy, that i adore even, because i’ve never liked anything ironically in my life! also im autistic and this has become my special interest, so choo choo, this trains a chugging. i’m having a lot of fun, and i think that’s good enough

and i feel like it’s already on it’s way to becoming the world’s most expensive cult classic. like, friends getting together and watching it and having a good time, for one reason or another. and i like that. i hope in like 5 to 10 years time, people are gonna be endeared and nostalgic for cats 2019, cuz that’d be neat

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