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worstloki · 2 days ago
loki: you brought the monster
natasha: oh no, loki's after bruce!
loki: bru-- what? no! it's ME! I'M the one trying to take over the planet! the one THREATENING you with gory punishment! I BRAINWASHED your favourite coworker! literally threw a gendered insult at you TWO SECONDS AGO! the one YOU (foolishly) BROUGHT HERE not so long ago!
natasha: ...oh no, loki's after loki!
loki: better. thank you.
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somestuffbysomebird · 2 days ago
Just wanted a little attention (Demon Bros and MC that works in a Maid/Butler cafe)
So the recent release of the bunny cafe collab with Ikebukuro made me a little feral...
Tags: I made this on a whim, MC just wants attention (and honestly same), let MC to be fawned over their costumes as much as the bros do
[Lucifer, Mammon and Leviathan] (other 4 are here!)
You stared at the seven demons you made pacts with from afar, watching their every movement as they served customers. Lower demons were swarming them wherever they went, heck, you think you saw someone try to cling Levi's arm, and another lean a little too forward to the bar where Beel worked at...
You tried to ignore the growing pit in your gut as you continued spectating from the sidelines as the demons worked around heaping crowds of demons. Nope, you aren't gonna be that person, they were just helping Mammon out as usual, no need to overreact.
So what if you were just sitting in the corner while everyone fawns over the others? It's not like you need the attention at all, no sir-
As you deny your feelings of attention starvation, you look across the street and see an ad: 'Now Hiring, Servers willing to work in a Maid/Butler cafe, no experience needed!'
Huh. Now that seems interesting.
You don your uniform, a stereotypical servant's attire, fixed your hair, and stride out of the room towards the battlefield. It was your first time on the field surrounded by demons like this, but you didn't expect to grab the attention of so many so soon.
For every table you finished serving, another would try to grab your attention. Before long, many started to call your name, and soon, even more started to greet you, complimenting you as you provide their drinks. When you have time to breathe, some patrons would try to strike up polite conservations with you.
It'd be a lie to say you didn't enjoy it.
One morning, the bell of the door chimes its familiar ring, and you turn towards the sound with a smile to greet the newcomer.
"Good Morning, Master-"
Only to be greeted by the face of a certain demon.
Uh oh
He wasn't impressed
He suspected that you had a part-time job, with how often you had to go out, but you did you need money that badly MC?
He misses seeing you alot in the morning, but it's not like he'll admit it in public.
He not used to you in a servant's attire, but he's not against it at all.
Watching you as you work dressed like that increases his amusement.
I mean, he does work in a bunny cafe, so he can't judge where you're working.
He does like being called Master though-
Stays as long as possible in the cafe, relishing in you addressing him as 'Master' for as long as possible, also stealing you away whenever it seems like you can take a break.
Also visits frequently after that, he tips you whenever he has the chance, and definitely sneaks a peck on your cheek when no one's looking.
"So this is where you run off to? I have to say you do seem qualified for the job. When you have finished your services here might I employ you to work for me instead? Always having you around to serve me is an ever-growing appeal to me."
Conflicted as hell
On one hand, please keep calling him that, his heart is soaring at the thought of so much power given to him (it's already going to his head)
Also, you look really good, is it possible for you to keep the uniform-
On the other, he doesn't like all the demons leeching themselves on you, that's his job!
He'll enjoy being served, watching you serve him drinks with a smug smile on his face.
Also stays as long as possible, on the watch for any customers who think they can touch you or so much as look at you in the wrong way.
Also the most likely to be kicked out for causing a nuisance
Now everytime you want to go to work he'll tag along, talking about getting rich schemes you while you walk, set up the shop, and serve customers.
"Oi, MC! Whaddya think ya doing, letting these chumps get all buddy-buddy with ya, they could be dangerous ya know! Also, quit calling them Master, call 'em something else! *muttering* Just save that one for me..."
jhgdksdhkgxcd aaaaAAAAAAAA
Congrats, you broke him
On the bright side, you got a new portable heater!
Levi's blushing so hard he'd probably rival the Sun with how much heat he's generating honestly
...You might want to gently usher him to a seat and give him a cup of water
Call him master one more time and he'd think he ascended to the celestial realm
Never in his life has he been so thankful for walking among the normies today. He'll continue going to this cafe everyday if it means seeing you work.
Understands the feelings of his fellow customers in the cafe as they are served by you. Servants and you combined? Truly is a blessing.・゚・(。>ω<。)・゚・
He'll still have pangs of jealousy if you spend too much time away from him while he's there, and he'll mope about in his corner until you return to him.
Hey, if you like to dress up, he has some cosplay ideas he'd love to try with you-
"Uwah! MC! What are you doing here? Ahhh nevermind that! What did you call me? C-could you do it again?!" "Woahhhhhhh, so moe...!"
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marlena-immortale · 2 days ago
SO Ive been MIA all day bc I was on set since 3:30 am 🙃 But anyway, I wanna talk about the whole NYC tickets fiasco that took place today.
So I’m really good at getting tickets that sell out fast, like really good, so I wasn’t super worried about not getting them. I was so prepared, I had my Ticketmaster account all set up with my card info and everything, I took a little “bathroom break” so I could be away from the chaos of set and be able to focus on getting tickets for like 5 mins. Everything was perfect.
Until I click the purchase button at the exact second it pops up. And I get an error message. I had a backup plan of my friend trying to get them also but she said the same thing happened to her. So I refresh the page (literally within A SECOND) and it says sold out.
And I’m like nah that’s suspicious. So I go to Twitter and I see that NOT ONE PERSON managed to get tickets. So how were they sold out? Fucking scalpers that how. These assholes with bots got every single ticket being sold.
So after a couple hours of me not believing what just went down and constantly refreshing the page when I’m not working, I see that still no one got tickets…..except the resale websites which are selling them at $200-$600 when the original tickets were $40.
I’m fucking livid that this happened and Ticketmaster or someone needs to take accountability for this. Every single person I saw on any social media that got a ticket purchased it for over 5x the price it was. That’s fucking sad. And I don’t think Måneskin would be happy to know that none of their fans got the actual tickets.
Long story short my friend and I ended up buying $260 tickets and don’t get me wrong I’m fucking excited to go and I can’t wait to see them but I’m sad as fuck that I had to pay that much when they only intended to charge $40 and I’m sad that I had to support scalpers to do it.
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lyno-nevadies · 2 days ago
ah, I missed this.
The spark of interest, the anticipation, the fanbase bending together into a crisis, the panic at the end of a stream, the constant fear of missing out, the messed up sleeping schedule…. .. . . . . l ore…. . . .
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Idea: DARE but for catholic guys in their 20s. Mostly focusing on the evils of pipes and 3 piece suits
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friiday-thirteenth · 19 hours ago
tfw when that ONE MUTUAL reblogs trick or sweet bear 70 TIMES
Tumblr media
I am feeling Violence
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poemjunkie · 2 months ago
Throwback to that time in college when me and a group of friends were having an all-day Lord of the Rings marathon, and during the scene where the Fellowship is fighting the giant squid and Aragorn does something awesome, I turned to my friend and was like,
“Strider is so hot.”
Strider being one of Aragorn’s in-universe nicknames, for the uninitiated.
And one of the guys in the group, who I had never met before, was like “WHAT? Really???” with enormous eyes.
“Uh, yeah?”
I look to my friend, who makes confirmation noises. I look at some of the other girls, more confirmation noises.
Guy, now looking very uncomfortable, but realizing he made some kind of misstep: “Oh. I mean. Whatever you’re into, I guess. That’s fine.”
Me: “Okay??”
Then a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF TIME LATER, either I make another comment or someone in the film calls Aragorn Strider, I can’t remember the context, and the guy goes: “OH! Strider is Aragorn. Okay. Okay.”
Me: “Who tf did you think I was talking about??”
Guy: “The squid.”
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alwerakoo · a month ago
Tumblr media
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demonboyhalo · 3 months ago
Tubbo renting out an apartment because the hotel turned him and Ranboo away is just. peak chaos. why are UK laws like this. what land lord looked at that tiny boy accompanied with a 6'7 masked man and agreed to let him lease an apartment.
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misplacedgamer · 4 months ago
You mean to tell me that there’s actual consequences for giving a 14 year old who’s entire identity is tied around whether or not he can be a hero the most powerful quirk ever? And that children really aren’t emotionally equipped to handle the pressures of being a hero, especially a child who was only able to form his own self esteem BECAUSE he was magically able to get super powers?
Wow, it’s almost like the villains have a point and hero society sucks. ALMOST
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kimseokdotjpg · 2 months ago
Can I get a sun and sky? They're too cute
Tumblr media
not everything's changed
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jyou-no-sonoko19 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Michelle Gomez was interviewed by The Bare Magazine about her role in The Flight Attendant and went natural with her curls.
“[The Bare shoot is] the first time I have EVER worn my hair naturally. I have five heads of hair on my head. God gave me no ass and lips, just hair. If it gets humid or warm, it gets even bigger. Usually for work, they tend to cornrow it down and put a wig on it. But for Bare, I figured I’d be bare.”
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stickandthorn · 5 months ago
My favorite dichotomy of the game has got to be:
Caleb: I will admit no feelings for Essek out loud. It’s complicated. He is my Kryn colleague. I will speak to him only in extremely veiled metaphors and deep conversations about magic and guilt, and I will express my longing through stares and minimal physical contact only.
Liam: Essek is fucking sexy and smart and Caleb is all over him, he is so attracted to that hot drow wizard it’s insane. Fucking atone for those sins with us baby. Bisexuality rocks! 
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bintafriqiya · 14 days ago
On World Mental Heath Day, stop for a second to take a breath, be kinder to yourself, forgive yourself for how you reacted when you didn't know any better, be proud of yourself for surviving this far, try to love yourself. Sending love and support to all my warriors and survivors out there. Soon enough, the nightmares will come to an end, and you will be okay again. Just hold on a little tighter. You are not alone. Things will be okay. Stay strong 🤍
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