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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Me: [researches stuff] Is this headcanon respectful of buddhism and shintoism?  [researches even more stuff] Am I being disrespectful by choosing this color for the redesign of this specific touhou? [researches even more stuff, now trying to translate from Japanese] Am I allowed to portray a yama OC this way? Am I even allowed to even have a yama OC? Should I scrap the entire thing? Am I-



Me: Actually, I’m doing a decent job.

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Every few months I get really anxious about my breasts and end up googling things like “top surgery cis woman” and “can you get a cosmetic mastectomy” and “JUST FLAT NOTHING THERE SURGERY PLEASE.” I talked about it the last time I was in therapy, but didn’t make much headway. I should probably get back on that.

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Hello darling Cherry baby! Thanks so much for your kind words, I honestly had way too much caffeine today but I am guzzling water as we speak!

Gosh those WIPs, I’m so keen to write them. Pat will always be a mainstay of this blog, the whole reason I’m even here to begin with, and Daddy!Clyde is such a special treat.

But both of those boys with those kinks, hoo boy howdy I’ve got my cold compress READY TO GO.

Hope you enjoy them my dear xx

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Did a man break YOUR heart? Make you feel terrible about YOURSELF? Treat YOU like trash?

Well look no farther! Hi I’m an aromantic here to offer you my services. I’ll break that weak man’s heart into pieces and let you roast them over all that trash he left at your place.

Don’t think I can?? Here’s a list of my references:

  • Man-whore I lost my virginity to: “I love you” (never responded)
  • Man who lost his virginity to me: “You up?” (no)
  • Man meant to be one night stand: “Wanna meet my mom?” (nope)

I CAN and I WILL break him, honey, with absolutely no qualms about it, don’t you worry!

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Ok GVF friends, have any of you ordered merch from their site, specifically this shirt? If so, how is it sized? I wanna order one for myself as a going back to work present and I’m stuck. Like, i don’t want it to be too small, but I also like this style of shirt very fitted and I’m not trying to deal with online exchanges right now lmao. 

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I’ve been nauseous all day today and I was telling my boys and mom over dinner and the middle one waited til everyone left the table to turn to me with a glare and say “did a girl find a way to do what men couldn’t? They knocked you up?” 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Y’all. I ain’t raise him like this, I swear.

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Leave a “Get Me” in my ask, and I will write a drabble about my character saving yours. @visionofnoxus

The word she was looking for was “insulted”. Noxian extremists had decided that the best place to assassinate the leader of their nation and supposed dictator was while he was in the middle of a political trip in Piltover. While Swain was being occupied with his admiration of hextech and discussing with the politicians and merchants, they’d simply blow up the whole building he was staying out, and just like that, they could assume control.

Except Caitlyn had caught wind of their plans two weeks earlier and had successfully infiltrated their operation. By the time they supposedly were blowing up the building, they were already locked and behind bars. Their weapons dismantled, the bombs defused and their plans in shambles.

… and yet they all died mysteriously while on captivity. No dental records, no familial ties, not even their names, 10 lives just gone in an instant. And why did the Trifarix of Vision come without guard? Was this all perhaps just some sort of smoke screen? What was she missing? Regardless, she limited herself as to walk forward and tip her hat. “Evening Grand General. Have a good night. I’ll get back to work” without waiting for an answer, she walked past him, she had a lot of dirt to dig and she felt that someone had tried to take advantage of the situation to take control of Piltover

Yes insulted. That was the word.

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