#but also i wish more people would
kabutoraiger · 3 months ago
i can’t say i begrudge fansubbers their disdain for aggregate streaming sites that upload their hard work against their wishes but there will always be something ironically hilarious about being told i shouldn’t watch something on those suspicious ad-riddled sites, instead i should download the raws myself by visiting jpnraws.ru and following the provided link to uploadafile.co.gp whereupon i just have to evade through 5 pages of fake links and find the real one before i can get the file i need (which takes 2 hours to download as the only raw that syncs to the subs is 4 gigs for a single episode)
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danaharlowe · a year ago
i want to talk more seriously about the fact bruce wayne has been canonically diagnosed with ocd, and i want to make a huge masterpost pointing to actual comic panels and junk, but the stuff i actually end up thinking about with regards to the subject is something like this:
bruce probably has intrusive thoughts about the sudden death of his children, which is, uh, fucking scary to deal with to say the least, and one of his compulsions is simply to check in on them. y'know. to make sure they're alright. if he can see they're literally alive right in front of him, the thoughts lose their teeth and it just becomes a matter of countering it whenever it comes up.
so the kids get used to these seemingly random check-ins. maybe they understand it's because of the ocd or maybe they don't, i would hope that bruce would be open about that but we're talking about bruce after all. but anyway. when dick was old enough to start going out a lot on his own, the check-ins would take the form of texts.
it started with something like... "where are you?" which to bruce seemed like a perfectly innocent question, but being on the other side of a random "where are you?" message is uh. concerning! so dick had to explain to bruce that that was a surefire way to give somebody a panic attack about if they were supposed to be somewhere and forgot somehow... so, it became more like "you okay?" and it would go on like that for a while. it comes off as very... needy from the outside, probably, but that's okay.
bruce does these check-ins with all of his kids as they come into his life - it got particularly overbearing and frankly frustrating after jason died (you know, the exact thing he was afraid would happen...) but by the time of, like, cass joining the family, and then especially once jason turns out to be alive again, he's able to ease up on it. and technology evolves pretty rapidly, y'know? so...
bruce's check-in texts morphed into sending his kids absolute barrages of heart emojis, and the first time he decided to do this, it made everyone concerned that he was replaced by a martian somehow. but no. it's perfectly logical to bruce, he loves his kids, heart emojis express love... what is there to be confused about!
anyway, this has been my vision, thank you for listening to my ted talk.
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irresistible-revolution · 3 months ago
there’s something...well, interesting but also depressingly predictable about how much benjamin sisko is de-fanged, sexually, in fandom creative spaces by venerating him as “space dad” or “station dad” without acknowledging how much those dad/dy qualities are also erotic and alluring and how those qualities inform his power and leadership in really rich ways. and the show gives us so many examples of this, namely through avery brooks’ acting choices, but also through little things like the absolutely luxurious silk pajamas sisko wears, the pleasure he takes in cooking, the way he smoothly navigates conversations, the way he’s fiercely protective of his crew, his tenderness and physical affection with those he’s close to. yet most of the fandom content about sisko rests on dad jokes or celebrating him as a de-sexual authority figure (or, setting him as the Stern Unflexible Father against whose authority the other characters chafe). it parallels the “mammification” that happens with black female characters whereby they’re lauded for caregiving and emotional labor but stripped of their sexual and erotic power. i understand that because we live in a society where black sexuality is simultaneously feared and fetishized people might be afraid of broaching the subject with characters like sisko, but imho it’s just as problematic to de-sexualize his character and fix him as “space dad” for the nonblack/light skinned/white characters on the show.
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kinschi · 5 months ago
Okay about alma and everything, what gets me is that soooo many ppl refuse to even attempt to understand her. Ppl talk about how she was upset over the candle flickering but no one seems to take into account what follows directly after (or even what the candle means for her). They act like as soon as the candle flickered, a switch was flipped and she was instantly othering mirabel. But all we see of Abuela’s reaction is shock (maybe a little fear because she doesn’t understand what that means for her family since the candle keeps them safe), and that’s all we get! And that’s honestly probably the same reaction most, if not all, of them had. Because it was shocking! In the many decades that this had been going on, something like that had never happened! The only other scene we have of her from back then, is after the ceremony, after everyone had left, after the family had retired, and she’s alone with Bruno that she asks for him to look what this could mean. Because the candle sprung into being to protect them, because it’s her connection to Pedro, and she’s scared of losing that connection, but even more so of losing that protection, that safety. And then her son disappears without a word! Like all her fears come alive! So of course she started to hold her family tighter! Who knows how she would’ve reacted if Bruno had stayed and she didn’t have her worst fears confirmed. I keep seeing ppl act like she only cares about the miracle because of how it makes ppl in the village view them, like their family image is all that’s important to her, and it just like ??? How do you misunderstand a character that bad?? If anything, the way the village views them is probably a double-edged sword for her. She was 25/26 (?) when Pedro was killed and the encanto was created, and she was left all alone to take care of 3 (3!!) newborns all by herself. Ironically, there are actually quite a few parallels between her and mirabel, because I have no doubt she was othered in the village as the one who made the miracle (or who’s husband did) that saved them all. It might not have been as bad in the first few years as everyone worked together to pick up what pieces of their lives they had left, but then when the triplets turned 5 and suddenly had magical powers too?? She wasn’t prepared to raise three kids all by herself with an entire village of ppl suddenly looking to her as the one with answers, and she definitely wasn’t prepared for those kids to then be magic! The only saving grace is she wasn’t homeless! That pressure and stress had to be insane! And that doesn’t make it okay that she then passed that same pressure onto her kids and then grandkids, but ppl act like it was done out of malice and it wasn’t. And it only got as bad as it was in the movie after her trauma was reignited by loss of one of her children. Also, why does no one ever talk about the effect Bruno’s leaving had to have had on everyone in the family, it’s literally only ever about how Bruno was effected?? Which is an interesting concept, tbf, but not when that seems to be the only one. Like Bruno literally made the choice to leave instead of talking to Julieta whose child the vision is about and who seems incapable of looking at her kids without an abundance of love just like emanating from her. And he made that choice because of his own trauma with his visions and with how ppl (namely the ones in town) reacted to them. But why are the consequences of his trauma response okay and almas aren’t? Neither of them are okay. But they’re understandable except no one chooses to understand almas and everyone acts like this 40 year old man choosing not to go to his sister whose child is in the middle of all of this and telling her about what he saw and instead running away without saying anything and hiding in the walls is totally good/heroic actually. Like that’s a harsh assessment of Bruno, and is still very mild compared to how ppl talI about alma. Just wish ppl would dedicate even a quarter of the understanding they give Bruno (and lowkey Camilo) to the women of the family 😩
Y'know I actually have nothing to add to that 👏🏼
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ryllen · 26 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the urge to commission leah to paint alex’s mother, smiling somewhere
seeing her like this makes you think, 'oh i absolutely know now where he got his smile from’
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serendipitoustheodosia · 7 months ago
seeing that some people legitimately hate revali makes me so upset
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quixoticanarchy · 2 months ago
Also on the matter of Aman being removed from the rest of the world - it’s done in reaction to mortals breaching its shores and threatening Eru’s preferred order of the world, but its removal only really benefits the Valar and Ilúvatar’s wishes. I have to imagine quite a lot of elves are not thrilled at being cut off from the rest of the world and trapped in a little snowglobe somewhere. 
Like, Aman's pocket dimension is presumably still “in” the world somewhere, on a technicality, but nonetheless it must be a strange/uncomfortable state for beings fated to endure as long as Arda to now be confined to their hidden realm and sundered from the rest of the world they love. And there is that detail about even the Amanyar still needing to breathe the air of the lands of their awakening... this whole separation has to have some notable costs for them. It almost seems cruel too, to have men usurp the sun/inherit the earth, while it’s elves - all of them dispossessed in a way now by this sundering - who are permanently tied to the world while excluded from most of it. No wonder they’d grow weary and envy mortal death, not just in Middle-earth but also in later-ages Aman, irrevocably tied to a world that they’ve largely lost access to 
(Valinor as true[r] prison, in the end?)
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vinceaddams · 2 months ago
I sure do love to go to the thrift store and acquire things!! Today I got a broken (?) little wooden music box, a couple pieces of fabric (one dark pink cotton jacquard and one dark brown and gold sari silk) and also a plate with a picture of the Hartland covered bridge on it. That's the longest covered bridge in the world, and I've walked across it, and now I can eat sandwiches off it's monochromatic blue image.
#hi yeah yes i AM slightly tipsy at the moment sorry!#OH i also got 4 little packs of gold plated sewing needles!! and another plate that has Green Gables on it#but that;s in a different province from me so marginally less exciting even though I do love the 1980's anne of green gables series#just had another hecking busy week at work (because it is prom & wedding season and I am Suit Alterations Tailor#but now it is weekend and I have 2 days of no things#yay!! Maybe I will work a bit more on my shirt and some drawing!#I wish I had more space to put things. if I did I would go to the thrift store even more often and obtain even more delightful candlesticks#and also more silver plated goblets. I'd have a whole corridor of shelves with all my fancy little metal thrift store goblets#thrifting#hey did you nkow that all aclohol tastes bad and yucky and you can only hide it in lots of fruit juice and stuff???#this is a fact I know but learn all over again every frew several months#blergh!#speking of which! fun fact: I am a balding old man of 27 and when I got to the beverage store with a hat I get asked for ID usually#but never when I have no hat!#today I had a leafkerchief on my head which I have been wearing a lot lately for balding head reasons and also cause#of those dang sebaceous cysts upion my scalp that are so lumpy and numerous (4) and unsighlty#unSIGHTLy I mean#UGH the surgery people said I'd hear back about an appointment in a month and it's been almost 3! I should phone them!!#It is unfair to have lumps almost as big as marbles just chilling there on a balding scalp!!#SPeaking of leafkerchiefs I Realy need to finish that damn sewing tutorial video! I filmed most of it last autumn!#and now it's late spring!#is there a limit to how many tags you can put on a post??#ok well I hope these have ebeen entertaining to you I will go eat a food and maybe do soem sketching now goodnight
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because-its-eurovision · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sam Ryder @samhairwolfryder on Instagram
“Hey friends. Just a couple thoughts.
It’s Ukraine’s party. We’re just inviting them to throw it at our house.
I know how much it meant to Kalush and the Ukrainian delegation that Eurovision would be held at home in Ukraine next year. And I’m not the only one whose heart is heavy knowing that that can’t be the case at this moment in time.
But what I would love to say to anyone watching this from Ukraine is that we know how to throw a party here in the UK and our excitement is outshone only by our focus on that one sole objective to hold space and be on hand to help wherever needed to host an event that celebrates Ukrainian culture, history and music, and to stand in solidarity with the rest of the globe shining a unified light.
Now, us… The rest of us are just loving facilitators and there is no doubt in my mind that we will all come together in the spirit of unity that Eurovision has always been about to celebrate the wonderful people of Ukraine.
I love you and I’ll see you soon. Peace!”
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amphibianaday · 9 months ago
Can you draw an axolotl dressed as a clown
Tumblr media
day 717
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shiny-self-shipping · 4 months ago
Nobody tells you the dangers of dating irl while being in the self-ship community, specifically how real people will never live up to the expectations we set for ourselves by creating our perfect relationship(s) in our minds with fictional characters that we can mold into whatever we want or need.
I want everyone who reads this to learn from my experience: you will be disappointed by your partner if you let yourself get swept up in the perfection and fantasy of self shipping.
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tio-trile · 7 months ago
Ahzhsuwjsnsk so my Lyft driver just now
• Said that he’s leaving California to build a wellness center type of place in Northern Arizona from the money he got from a settlement, and it’s very ambitious and the cause is all good and for helping people, except
• He’s going to have a “maid cafe, like they do in Japan”, except it’s not maids, it’s going to be a vampire cafe (I was LOSING IT at this point thank someone for the mask mandate)
• if I ever wanted to leave California, I can go find him, and he’ll build me one of the three types of houses they’ll have on his wellness center of my choosing (I chose the bamboo house). He offered me a card with his contact info. I didn’t know what to expect but it still was not anything I could have anticipated
Tumblr media
#I really REALLY wish his dream and project come true. I would LOVE to visit that vampire cafe#I ALMOST asked about the demonologist/exorcist thing except when I finally mustered enough courage to ask#he was on the topic of throwing people to feed wolves??? and I was like ‘k nvm’#his wellness center is going to have a man made lake and petting zoo and a small airport#Halloween is going to be the biggest event because he loves Halloween#The other two types of houses is going to be hobbit homes (underground) and boat houses#I wholeheartedly wish that he succeeds man this sounds rad as hell XD#I’m going to be thinking about that vampire cafe for the rest of my life#shitpost#Edit: more details before I forget and my flight is late so I’m bored#He hates greedy billionaires. Good for him#he doesn’t want to kill animals hence he’s not building a farm just a petting zoo and maybe some chickens to lay eggs if people want#He doesn’t eat pork and beef...EXCEPT this one burger place in Pasadena that has great Mediterranean food lmao#His son is disabled and partly the reason why he’s doing this. To leave his son with this sustainable running haven#with all the food and shelter anyone could want#He wants to sponsor people from China and North Korea. I said if I go there I can be his chinese translator and he was very happy#No drugs and alcohol allowed on the property. Also everyone has to work together#I think this is where the wolf conversation came from lmao he says if people are lazy or bad he’ll drive them out to feed the wild animals?#Anyways it’s going to be a safe haven/wellness center/tourist attraction/rehab center??#I was complimenting him the entire way he was so happy#Drove a Toyota Corolla. started work at 3:30 AM and has been to the airport 3 times already today#legend
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ottiliere · a month ago
do you think dirks apartment would be bare or cluttered
This ask reminds me of the tags on this post specifically because... so true. not enough people are brave enough to make him as weird and gross as he is.
I mean, looking at his actual room is like...
Tumblr media
it's not "that bad". right. this is a teenager's room. but it's noticably a little messy? and of course a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that he wasn't raised by anybody and is therefore very pragmatic about his environment (e.g., why would I make the bed if I'm just going to mess it back up later?) (IMO a lot of this could be said for Roxy as well, like... her room is equally as cluttered...these kids have no PARENTS to come in and tell them to clean up after themselves).
Overall I think he would be a clean person & very meticulous in, like, only certain respects... he's the type to have a very high tolerance to very certain types of messes. his "organized chaos" except it's even weirder than the generally understood concept of that. certain types of actual garbage do not phase him while others he needs to get rid of immediately and it doesn't make sense to anybody but him. I'd imagine it's largely a sensory experience for him, or at least that would be his basis for what bothers him and what doesn't.. it isn't like he's lazy or idle or anything liek that, he's just got a specific vision of what his environment does and doesn't benefit from.
I imagine he categorizes taking care of himself like this too but with the added concern of like...if for some reason he might be seen or otherwise encountered by someone meaningful to him, that would be a concern. i think any iteration of him has this feeling of pretending to be human in one way or another, somehow in my mind that is very linked to the physical practices of personal grooming and presentation.
#dirk strider#opining#ask#sighs. i wish we could've seen the rest of his canon apartment#i think the answer to this question is very much variable upon which dirk we're talking about#the latter self-presentation point is mildly discordant with my view of hospital dirk who i genuinely think is so averse to Society that#this concept implodes. he wears really shitty oversized clothes with many holes because hes POOR#while also spending inordinate amounts of money on ugly ass chains#because he thinks it's funny. i've mentioned this before in the dirk schedule post. he is swagless#i think a canon dirk or more ''normal'' nosburb dirk would be a bit more neurotic about his appearance#and how he presents himself to the public/others. even though im firmly of the belief that his fashion sense is quite poor#because. again..no formal irl influences he's teaching himself how to dress and nobody is checking him and telling him he looks terrible#hospital dirk#because tags#*public slash others. my god never use slashes in your tags i guess#obligatory disclaimer that these are just thoights. like i don't view this as THIS IS THE ONLY DIRK#i also enjoy dirks who are very clean about their surroundings in a neurotic way. i think they are awesome#''cluttered'' is just usually what my brain defaults to for him#like. genuinely i adore seeing dirk meticulously upkeep everything that is an extension of him. it just depends on the dirk#that's what's fun about character hcs I guess. usually I am not set in my ways like some people are just objectively WRONG about certain#things but for the most part I'll see other interpretations and be like aw yeah I can see that
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minimoefoe · 5 months ago
what gets me about ppl having a problem with yaz’s feelings not being ‘made explicit’ until she is 3 eps away from leaving is that this is pretty much the same way it’s gone down for literally every doctor/companion relationship. when did rose say i love you to ten? in her final ep. when did clara and twelve have their talk? in clara’s final ep
with tenrose and twelveclara everyone knew they had feelings for each other before they said it out loud and no one had a problem with it not being good enough. so why is it different with thasmin? like, i get that the standard is slightly different for gay ships because rep is important but there is a difference between a gay ship that’s purposely being written this way to bait people/be subtle enough for the homophobes to not see and a gay ship that’s purposely being written this way bc that’s the story they’re tryna tell.
they’re not tryna tell the story of an openly sapphic 19 year old and her space girlfriend, they’re telling the story of someone figuring out who they are, growing up, realising and accepting their feelings. they’re not telling the story of a space whore (ten) who goes round kissing everyone or a space idiot (eleven) who touches and hugs and is open with people. they’re telling the story of someone (thirteen) who is closed off and keeps to herself but overtime has grown and found herself wanting to be open.
the way thasmin has been done so far is not bad rep or objectively ‘not good enough’. it’s just not the in your face love story that you’ve for some reason delusioned yourself into expecting even tho not a single doctor companion ship we’ve seen so far has been like that
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whaliiwatching · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
i think julian and odo shoulda been buds
bonus, for my o’brien-loving friend:
Tumblr media
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chocoenvy · 2 months ago
shatters your door im taking vampire reader n running w it. lil bastard vampire reader/darling/tsaritsa 📣
bc what's better then one toxic yandere partner??? TWO.
you go from a menace that does as they pleases, terrifying local villages and making a name for yourself, to a glorified pet of all things.
the tsaritsa and darling just picking you up while in the middle of no where like your a stray 😭
you try to cause problems and get them to think your too much work but they just think your escape attempts are cute. the other acolytes do not.
you are constantly causing problems for them n bullying them but they can't do anything bc your favored by Darling.
also reader constantly trying to bite darling + the tsaritsa when their being affectionate but they just think your play biting bc its like being stabbed by a wet noodle. keep doing it long enough and they'll start biting back though. gonna walk out looking like you just got mauled
also darling only letting you feed from them or the tsaritsa. they say it's bc you deserve only the best of the best, but your 99% sure it's because their blood, and the tsaritsa's to a lesser extent, makes you drowsy and docile. it's addicting too.
you managed to run away a total of once, and the moment you tried to drink any blood other then theirs, it made you sick.
so now you just angrily seethe in darlings palace while they coo about how cute it is when you pout. everything you do is cute to them. biting?? just play bites. your fangs aren't even strong enough to break their skin, and theirs are so much bigger then yours. they just find it adorable. most of all they find your blood drunken state directly after feeding adorable too. they get to pamper you and be as affectionate as they please without you biting and twisting about. if you drink darlings blood, doubly so, as you seek out affection. nuzzling into their palms and being so sweet for them..
Uh Oh this got out of hand n i wrote too much already so im cutting this short 🤸‍♂️ - eros
"cutting this short"- YOU HAVE MORE? EROS GET BACK HERE-
i've read this at least five times already and im frothing at the mouth yandere tsaritsa and darling x reader is the best ship ever bc i said so AND THROWING VAMPIRE READER INTO THE MIX TOO?? IT'S LITERALLY PERFECT
this is rotting my brain so badly i can't even put into words omfg i love this im keeping this in a locket so i can stare at it all the time and people will be like "oh is taht a picture of someone important?" "No its vampire reader x yandere tsaritsa x yandere darling- why are you looking at me like that?"
#choco.asks#*~frequent customer#i really wish i had more to add but my brain is actually rotting this is <333#sorry i just love darling and the tsaritsa and both of them with vampire reader#im going insane :)#picking you up like you're a stray#they're such fucking menaces i love them#darling saw you and was like 'that thing is causing problems for the people of snezhnaya but they're kinda cute'#and they just fucking pick you up and you try biting at them and kicking and screaming but they just fucking laugh at your struggles#i feel tsaritsa would take some time to warm up to you and would come damn close to just knocking you out#but she grows to love you and adore messing with you#also shut up i adore the thought of the tsaritsa or darling biting at their wrist or smth so you can suck from it#bc your teeth can't break their skin#so you literally rely on them to keep you alive#because im convinced that your escape attempt was planned#and as you said darling and tsaritsa get jealous at the thought of someone else's blood on you#so i think it was planned to show you how yucky everyone else's blood is#you should just stay with them :) let them provide you with all the blood you need#and and when they start biting back i just-#tsaritsa is gentler me thinks she just nips back at you playfully (and also she'd kill you if she actually bit you)#while darling gives you NO WARNINGS you bite at them and they're biting you with the same ferocity you bit them#AND YOU SOUND LIKE A KICKED PUPPY WHEN THEY BITE YOU CAUSE GODDAMN THAT SHIT HURT#they're laughing with your blood running down their face but you're over there pouting in tears with your blood smeared everywhere#OKAY I'LL SHUT UP BYE
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hella1975 · 2 months ago
guys i have my trial shift tomorrow and ive never had it before when im actually bothered about the job in a specific way like in the past it's always been about GETTING a job and not really giving a toss where im working so long as im working but this is a place i actually really really want to work and will bummed if i dont get. like it's right by the river and it's a really upmarket bar kind of scene so hopefully i might even get proper training in that area and it'll be my first non-minimum wage job AND i'll get tips (every other job i've had i dont even SEE my tips bc the managers take it even if it's given directly to me) and the hours will be super good and it's fast-paced and yeah. im not actually stressed so much bc a trial shift is a trial shift and yeah it's hard getting used to a new place but i can waitress in my sleep but i just reallyyyyyyyy want the job
#do NOT get me started on the tip thing my god#because basically one thing about me is that my customer service is IMPECCABLE#idk what it is idk if it's just bc my mum comes from a waitressing background and basically trained me up behind the scenes#or if im just naturally good at it but i can really switch it on for customers#the only time i start slipping is when customers are rude but luckily the jobs ive had so far kind of let me get away with that#bc they hated rude customers as much as me and kinda used my temper as their own buffer to get the customers to fuck off lol#but when customers are behaving i absolute SHINE like im being so arrogant about this bc i know for a fact im good at it#like they used to purposely put me on till/front of house bc i had the best customer service out of all of them#including the middle-aged workers who'd been there longer#and my fave barista once told me that he did a little experiment and compared how many tips we got when i was working#vs when i was away at uni and it was actually RIDICULOUS how much more tips i got us#and you know what? my boss would split the tips every few months (whenever he remembered) and he'd weight them#depending on who did what jobs. despite tips being PURELY bc of customer service and nothing to do with jobs#so the chef who could barely grunt at people would get a bigger share of the tips i almost singlehandedly earnt us than i did#so yeah i know for a fact this place does it differently bc they're a lot more professional#and also ive been going there for years now it's just genuinely a really nice place#wish me luck besties#hella slaves to capitalism
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