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my one piece au is SO self indulgent i am cringe but i am free
#thinking of writing a what-if series as well #like short stories of mini aus i have #im taking about my O rei de macao au #which is just five million literary references stacked in a trenchcoat #the trenchcoat being me going 'ohhhh what if THIS happened' tied up with a belt made of 'fuck canon this is how it should have gone' #like Vivi stays with the strawhats because she wants to travel the world & learn as much as possible so she can be the best ruler for her #people possible. also bc she's dating sanji and nami and they cant get pirate married if shes not a crewmember according to drunk luffy #Crocodile and Baroque Works go differently #basically the WG discover that a warlord was working with Nico fucking Robin and a god damn Newkama who are KNOWN allies to the RA #and gets locked up bc of that #and he mainly fights luffy bc its his job as a warlord but also to see if he's strong enough to survive the grand line #and when news breaks out that Sir Crocodile was running Baroque Works in secret - is bffs with Nico Robin - and technically working with #the Revolutionary Army its absolute chaos #(btw i never see anyone talk about how messed up it is that Rob Lucci and the rest of cp9 were child soldiers like wtf) #(that gets addressed in the au) #Speaking of Enies Lobby you know that bit where Usopp murks all those marines from like 500m away w/o even knowing about haki in canon?? #king of the snipers indeed #and after it Usopp fully unlocks observation while watching luffy & kucci fight #& shoots Lucci to give luffy a better chance of winning #but his observation is like slowly unlocking throughout enies lobby but its super vague and distant until the lucci thing #and after hes super stoked until he realises he doesn't know how to turn it on again and freaks out #Yasopp reads about his kid Doing That on the bridge without haki and passes out from pride #everyones bounties like TRIPLE after the enies lobby thing mostly due to declaring war on the WG #and chopper hets a proper bounty bc hes a ZOAN with SEVEN FORMS one being a giant fuck off eldritch reindeer #his bounty is like 50 mil after 馃憤
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Tumblr media
i am almost done with my homework for today oh my god
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饾惏饾悺饾悮饾惌 饾悿饾悽饾惂饾悵 饾惃饾悷 饾惉饾悽饾惁饾惄饾惉 饾惌饾悺饾悶饾惒 饾悮饾惈饾悶
200 followers special
includes: multiple characters (would add more tags but.. i reached 30 ;;)
your name is shortened to y/n, they/them pronouns
notes: thank you for 200 followers! this isn鈥檛 really going to be that long, but im just doing the characters i really like so ;; ALSO I MIGHT鈥橵E GOTTEN KIRI鈥橲 ENTRY A LITTLE WRONG so ugh sorry ;;
shouto todoroki
from the start, he鈥檚 quite oblivious to certain things, (social ques, signs of romantic interest, etc.)
but when he鈥檚 observant with someone, then that totally means you鈥檙e special to him. does he realize how much he pays attention to you? hmm.. maybe?
he鈥檚 going to be the first one that notices you鈥檙e hungry, even if you don鈥檛 realize it yourself. he鈥檚 quick to grab a snack and break it open to you
same thing with being thirsty鈥 if he notices that your water bottle is empty, he鈥檒l quickly find the nearest vending machine and buy a bottle.
temperature is also no problem. he can immediately tell whenever someone鈥檚 cold; but he usually helps you first
too hot? he鈥檚 slowly putting down the room鈥檚 temperature
too cold? his left palm starts emitting some sort of heat in your direction, hoping it creates some sort of aid
if your shoelaces are undone, and/or he notices that there鈥檚 a button undone on your shirt鈥 he鈥檒l fix it for you
will ask to take your pictures on dates, and he鈥檒l also help you pick out the best photo (not that any photo of you is short of any beauty)
in short鈥 people will notice that he鈥檚 actually a big simp for you; because of how observant he is with you specifically.
katsuki bakugou
just because he鈥檚 simping for you doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檒l treat you any differently. bakugou will be bakugou, and you eventually learn how to adapt to that.
but even so, his simp habits slip out sometimes.
when he鈥檚 cooking, he鈥檒l accidentally make too much to eat, and he鈥檒l coincidentally put the extras in another box and hand it to you
he鈥檚 a good student, even with studies. but would he say he鈥檚 a good teacher? hm. probably not
but if he notices you need help, he鈥檒l sigh, feining annoyance as he decides to tutor y鈥檃ll, because those 鈥榠diots鈥 are hopeless
rolls his eyes when he sees food on your cheek, but he鈥檒l grab a tissue and wipe it off for you鈥 claiming how you鈥檙e so messy.
he鈥檒l act like he hates hearing your 鈥榓nnoying ass singing鈥 but he鈥檒l lean against the doorway and listen to you rock out to whatever song you鈥檙e singing to.
denki will call him a simp for looking after you, and bakugou will just yell at him to 鈥淪HUT UP鈥 >:T
he secretly likes taking care of you. his words aren鈥檛 the softest thing in the world, but his actions make up to it.
izuku midoriya
as katsuki bakugou would call him; he is a nerd
he definitely meant that as an insult, but his input on detail makes it very useful in things like relationships
he remembers every detail of your quirk, your limits, potential secret moves.
it would鈥檝e been stalker-ish, if it weren鈥檛 for the fact that deku does this out of admiration for his s/o
so if you so happen to collapse due to overusing your quirk鈥 deku has a detailed plan on what to do. it鈥檚 almost scary.
he puts detail in a lot of things, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, and so on.
deku鈥檚 also the type to plan things weeks before it actually happens. like.. planning out the perfect birthday gift
and with this, his memory is really good. so it鈥檚 very unlikely that he鈥檒l just suddenly forget anniversaries and birthdays.
i hc deku as a bad cook, so he eats takeout food more than his homemade food
but he鈥檚 takes note of your allergies, your dislikes with food鈥 and he finds himself mumbling small details to recall what you like
when you walk out in pretty/good outfits for dates
his face will break out into shades of red鈥 suddenly rambling all the good details of your outfit, complimenting you while he鈥檚 at it
鈥測/n鈥檚 looks fantastic as always. i might die from their beauty鈥
if anyone calls him a simp, he鈥檒l be really embarrassed about it. 鈥渕e? a s-simp? is that a bad thing?鈥
just tell him it鈥檚 fine.
denki kaminari
a big simp
like.. really big
he worships the ground you step on, and hypes up everything you do
y鈥檃ll know when irene from red velvet literally breathed in north korea, and the crowd just
yeah, that鈥檚 denki to you
it鈥檚 so blantly obvious that he鈥檚 simping over someone, and everyone鈥檚 just kinda used to it at this point
he鈥檚 just a big fanboy sometimes
whenever you鈥檙e sparring with someone, he鈥檚 always in the background like
鈥済o s/o!!鈥 馃ぉ
and he has tendencies to go a little easy on you like.. what鈥檚 he gonna do when you get electricuted??
but that doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 never serious鈥 nah.
there are times where he鈥檚 just a little bashful just being in your presence
sneaking glances your way, as he silently fanboys about you in general.
鈥渟/o looks really good today. they always look good but !!鈥
when y鈥檃ll weren鈥檛 together, the bakusquad was just tired of the constant romantic pining
it was really obvious that he was simping back then, and they鈥檙e not so sure as to how you didn鈥檛 say anything about it
mina always called him a simp
so yeah!! it was a big relief when you got together with him. he never makes you feel terrible, because he鈥檚 always your #1 hypeman.
eijirou kirishima
鈥 THE HELPING SIMP (rip idk what to call this)
i didn鈥檛 really know what kinda name i went for this one but let me carry on
kiri upfront is very confident, and friendly. he never shows a mean side to anyone,
and there are rare cases of him being bashful
he鈥檚 kinda almost like a golden retriever? since he鈥檚 always nice and friendly to everyone
but then when you enter the room; he suddenly goes quiet, and he鈥檚 left alone with his rather loud thoughts about you
he didn鈥檛 really know how to properly approach you at first
but him being kiri, he鈥檚 still rather friendly to you (for now)
when he鈥檚 messing around, practically sharing one braincell with kami and sero
and then you suddenly walk in鈥 he snaps out of his foolishness, and greet you with his very warm smile
鈥渉ey y/n!鈥 he waves at you, and he hopes you don鈥檛 mention the teasing look on both kami and sero鈥檚 face
sometimes when he鈥檚 doing his close combat training, and he notices that he鈥檚 getting too close to you
he鈥檒l be like 鈥渨oah man, maybe we should move locations.鈥 bc he doesn鈥檛 wanna hit you by accident ;;
kirishima prefers to not stand near you when his hair is all spiky. like he鈥檚 never conscious about it, until he鈥檚 around you
man poked sero with his hair before, and he doesn鈥檛 want to do that to you
kiri always looks at your hand, just to see if it鈥檚 occupied with something. his thoughts linger to what your hand might feel like
鈥渢heir hand looks really.. soft. argh! i shouldn鈥檛 be thinking about these kind of things in public! im sorry y/n鈥
bakugou really only notices kirishima鈥檚 simping ways
bakugou always mentions the fact that kirishima goes really silent whenever you鈥檙e around鈥
and he鈥檚 secretly contemplating on having you around more so he can just shut up 銆傘兓掳掳銉(锛瀇锛)銉宦奥般兓銆
moving aside all of that, kiri always carries your things.
you鈥檒l beg him to give you at least one thing, and he鈥檒l say no because it鈥檚 鈥渘ot manly to let someone carry all of this.鈥
if you鈥檙e sad, he鈥檚 the first one to cheer you up鈥 reassuring you that everything will be okay.
kiri鈥檚 just wants to be at your service at all times! it鈥檚 manly to help people, right?
hitoshi shinsou
no one would be able to tell that he鈥檚 simping for someone
because unlike kaminari; he鈥檚 not like IM HITOSHI SHINSO AND IM ACTUALLY A SIMP
he鈥檚 a lot more discreet, and no one has really caught on, besides you and kaminari of course
he鈥檚 a lot less sarcastic with you, asking you about anything that鈥檚 happened instead of just being there
he prefers it to hear you talk. the way each word and syllable rolls off your tongue smoothly, and the way you use your hands to emphasize things
he鈥檚 amused.
oh and the way he looks at you? almost any normal person can sense the simp in him pop out (he鈥檚 so contained though)
he鈥檚 definitely the person that鈥檒l get rid of any bug that鈥檚 terrifying you鈥 even though he鈥檇 normally just leave it to them
he鈥檒l do it, regardless if it鈥檚 the biggest fucking spider he鈥檚 ever seen, or the smallest spider
he鈥檒l do it to make you feel safe.
he has these random spurs of compliments during the day
the source mainly comes from his staring habit
and they鈥檙e just so unexpected and out of the blue. hitoshi鈥檚 amused whenever he sees your reaction to his compliments
like.. you could be really frustrated about something, and he鈥檒l just go 鈥測our eyes are pretty.鈥 that鈥檚 his discreet method tO MAKE YOU TEMPORARILY DISTRACTED FROM THE ISSUE鈥
call him a simp, whatever. it鈥檚 true anyway so he doesn鈥檛 why should he be ashamed of it?
he鈥檚 discreet about it, since it鈥檚 your business and his business. but you can definitely feel his feelings loud and clear
neito monoma
鈥 THE 180 SIMP
鈥渋鈥檓 not a simp!鈥
[you enter the room]
*nervous laughter*
he had his last laugh, and he never thought he鈥檇 be this soft around someone.
especially if you鈥檙e from class 1-A like.. i became the thing i hated, ugh.
relentless teasing is amped but this is his way of making sure you remember him loud and clear
but he鈥檒l never tease you in a condescending way鈥 like how he torments the rest of class 1-A
that鈥檚 reserved for them 馃拝
always compliments you, that鈥檚 the first thing he does when he sees you鈥
and they鈥檙e never generic compliments either
鈥渋t鈥檚 nice to see you here, y/n! you make the world better day by day!鈥
鈥渋鈥檓 still wondering what you鈥檙e doing in class 1-A, you鈥檙e much better than them!鈥
everyone secretly wonders how you got monoma to like you
monoma canonically likes pastels. spread the word
so sometimes, you鈥檒l walk over to your desk鈥 and you鈥檒l just see this random pastel ornament sitting on your desk
you know who it鈥檚 from
whenever monoma starts becoming annoying, kendo will definitely use you as a weapon to make him shut up
he鈥檒l be laughing at the expression on his face, thinking he鈥檚 absolutely winning at this
but the smile is wiped off his face when he hears 鈥渙k go on, i鈥檒l tell y/n about your antics.鈥
鈥渘o, no! i鈥檒l behave now, please don鈥檛 tell y/n.鈥
class 1-b literally use you as blackmail whenever monoma acts up, and it鈥檚 because of how different he is around you
like.. his personality takes a 180, (besides the obvious teasing) it鈥檚 alarming
漏锔弞ukuist 2021, bnha|mha belongs to horikoshi kohei. do not repost my work鉂
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Soft sex pt.1聽 聽pt.2
Tumblr media
Tags: cuddle fucking,cockwarming, morning sex, big dick!meian, bath sex, makeup sex, praise kink, hurt/comfort, pussy job
a/n: vanilla is not something to be ashamed of, its way more common than you think, you don't need to be doing kamasutra every night to keep the spark. none of that daddy shit in this. Srry : /
i also don't proofread, i h8 reading works right after i finish them, so let me know if anything's wrong.
18+ Minors DNI
Tumblr media
鈥.Morning... sex. mmhmm
He could usually control his morning wood
But after being gone for so many days, finally coming home to see you, it was impossible
You woke up after you heard a few groans, feeling him rut into your back, turning over to see his face flushed and cheeks red, whether it be from getting caught or his activities聽
So you decide to help him as a good s/o should
But you're also tired鈥β
So you just pull your pants off and tell him to go at it, not too rough because you had to work in the afternoon.
鈥淏aby, you okay?鈥 you faintly asked, turning around, eyes trying to open after hearing him make some noises. You hated when people disturbed your sleep, which you oh so loved, but your boyfriend was an exception, sometimes.
But what you didn't expect when you opened your eyes was catching him, red faced, with his hand in his boxers trying to make it stop. Looking like he was in a lot of pain, so your quick mind got on it, not wanting to see his face in any more discomfort.
鈥淗ere鈥 you said, shuffling your back into him while pulling down your panties, setting your ass on his bulge, grinding a little to get him to hurry up. Knowing this was the only way you could take care of him.
鈥淵ou sure?鈥 he asked already putting his cock into you being needy as ever, which indeed you thought was cute in way but him stretching you out made you respond by pushing yourself even more against him, bottoming out which both of you let out some moans and curses, softly saying them as he wrapped his arms around your torso, giving you a minute before he started moving.
鈥淪-shoyo鈥 聽you quietly gasped, holding onto the pillow as he pushed himself into you trying to close your eyes and relax, slowly but restlessly, getting deeper in you with every thrust. Leaning back into him his arm now moving around your chest, angling himself to where it felt good.聽
His thrusts felt agonizingly slow, teasing almost, as he shoved his face into your shoulder, groaning how good you felt. 鈥渇uck, baby m鈥檊onna cum.鈥 he whined out. The pressure in his hips getting stronger with you clenching around him.
鈥榮鈥檕kay, hurry up and cum baby鈥 you cooed, feeling him grow in you, wanting him to feel good, moving your hips back to catch his. 鈥渇uck-k鈥 he finished, the warmness spreading into you, some dripping out onto your legs, slipping on the bed.
鈥淵ou good now?鈥 you giggled after some time, him finally sporting a smile instead of a frown. 鈥渢hank you...鈥 he shyly muttered out, turning you around to face him, wanting to see your pretty face.
鈥淐an u wake me up at 3?鈥 you asked, giving yourself another hour to get clean. Already being put back because you had to come in earlier today.
鈥淵eah cutie.鈥 he said, putting it on his phone, you too worn out to do anything but stay still, now facing him while he snuggled into your chest, his head right under yours, finally getting the rest you deserved.
You were a sensitive little thing, loving how rough and needy he got with you.
But sometimes you needed a break, it hurting too much leaving you sore.
But you're also a fiend for him okay?
who wouldn't be?
Jumping on him every hour of the day.
So you go and straight up, atleast try to, tell him that you want him to be easier with you.
But you were also embarrassed of it, being so needy for him, also not wanting his ego to get any higher than it was,聽 due to you basically you telling him you needed him everyday.
And he's like ok!! on it (卢鈥柯)
鈥淲hat wrong pretty girl, hmmm?鈥 he asked, pulling your waist closer to him, dragging his hand on your upper thigh, fingers finding the outline of you panties under that skirt you were wearing. Him wondering why you looked so distraught just walking up to him.
鈥淭sumie鈥 you said ignoring his question, bringing up your own, trying your best to get it out only for it to get caught in your throat.
鈥淗mm?鈥 he responded turning all his attention on you, his gaze making you even more nervous.
鈥淚- um... was just wondering if you could- ya know....bealittlemoregentlenexttime?鈥 you said, muttering the last part out, hoping he understood and wouldn't inquire any further.聽
He paused for a minute, taking in what you just said, glad that you were comfortable enough to express your thoughts around him, pulling you closer until his face was to your chest, looking up at you with his eyes glistening due to the reflection of the lamp in them. 鈥淩ight now princess?鈥 he smirked much softer than he usually did.
鈥淗ere baby. You're gonna come with me, and i'm gonna take good care of you...real good care of you.鈥 he said, playful traces underlying his words, getting up from his chair while picking you up with him, hands under your thighs already causing a problem. Yes you loved dom, rough atsumu but when he was sweet and gentle, that was a whole nother story, as you could prove right now.
He gently laid you on the bed, taking all your clothes off, kissing all over you until you were wet enough, before attempting to 鈥渢est鈥 you with his fingers. To which you whined in protest, wanting him in you right now, wanting to feel his warmth inside and out of you.
He positioned himself on top of you, listening to whatever you wanted, fully settling himself inside after sometime, giving you time to adjust to him. He started moving his hips back and forth, his view of you beneath him being picture perfect, as you could say them the same before leaning down into you, muttering words of praise and affection in your ears. The only sound you responded with was moans and cries, but the look in your eyes, the look of want and need, the baseline for love, told him what he wanted to hear, but it wasn't enough.
鈥淭hank you for putting up with me, you know i love you, huh? tell me baby.鈥 he said not rushing you wanting you to feel at ease with him 鈥淭ell me you know i love you鈥 he finished, desperate undertones in his words, looking at you with those big sweet eyes.
鈥淚-i know you... love- me.鈥 you choked out, his soft thrusts still hitting you deep, knocking on your cervix, but it felt so good; being in eachothers arms,聽 hitting all the right spots, his breath in your face entangling with yours, feeling more connected than ever. Before you knew it the two of you had finished more than once, now resting in eachothers arms, a聽
鈥淵ou feel good baby? He asked, an airy smile plastered on his face, you trying to do the same moving closer to him so he could hear you, arms still wrapped around each other.
You loved him so much, even when he was a meanie
And he did the same, internally grateful that he was lucky enough to get someone as sweet as you.
Which is why he was making up for the argument he started earlier today.
Not meaning anything he said, just stressed and taking it out on you : ( not knowing how to apologize with words.
So he does what he knows you love, but you never ask him bc you don't want to bother him.聽
You loved him touching you and vice versa, but you respected his wishes and only did it when you two were alone, even holding back in private too, not wanting to bother him.
So he gives you want you want, a physical form of an apology, another way to express his feelings.聽
鈥渟hh..鈥 he tenderly mumbled into your ear, the one he鈥檇 been kissing on for the past few minutes, the sloppiness of it that you loved. Your chest to his back, being completely nude with your legs spread open, one of his hands pinching your nipple while grabbing the rest of the flesh around it.
The sweat and tears adoring your face, masked in pleasure, trying your best to look up at him only to receive a kiss on the head.聽聽
鈥淵oomi~鈥澛 you sofly cried, clinging on your hands back onto the fabric of his shirt, the one that he got back from his press conference in, the one that he came back in a bad mood, immediately taking it out on you.
His thumb played with your clit, two of his long fingers sliding in as well, leaving you more of a mess then you were already in, his voice accompanied, encouraging you to. He curled his fingers into you, not roughly but hard enough to make you feel it. Your other hand shakily grabbing onto the arm he was blessing you with.
You were such a sweetheart for him, an angel he thought. As soon as you walked in the room he could swear he saw a halo around your head, looking at you long enough to where he could bask in your beauty, but short enough to where you couldn't tell.
Sometimes he felt like he didn't deserve you, being such a bad boyfriend that can't attend to your 鈥渘eeds鈥, feeling like a dead weight on you. But the way you followed him around like a lost puppy, expressing your love for him in ways you knew he would like reassured him that you were the one.
鈥-omi鈥 you moaned, legs now shaking, holding them in place with his arm, his fingers working faster while his hand was still cupping your breast squeezing it every once in a while.
鈥淐ome for me love.鈥 he warmly mumbled into your ear, taking a break from kissing down your neck, his marks accompanying the glistening of your skin, being the prettiest sight in his eyes. You freezed up in his arms, finally letting go of his shirt, your head rolling back as far as it could. You ultimately getting the both of you dirty, your cum being now a puddle beneath you two, not having the energy to fret about it.
He lets you rest in his arms after your high, lightly resting his head on top of yours, giving it another kiss, gently holding you leaning into you before whispering a faint 鈥淚m sorry.鈥
This is regular occurrence for you two
Yes, he fucks the shit out of you, but lovingly < 3
You two always express your love for each other through touch, being intimate leaves to you in a daze.
But after he wins a game and sees you in the crowd so excited, a big smile appears on his face, feeling grateful to have you in his life.
He shows you how much he appreciates you
鈥渋 love you....so much鈥 he said, dragging your clothes off, eyes following you like a needy puppy, his shirt hanging on by one of his arms still in it, the rest of him naked.聽
You could only giggle in response, taking off the bra yourself, seeing that he was trying his hardest too, not wanting to take any longer. 鈥淜o, baby what about you?鈥 you said referring to his state letting out another laugh. His hair even more messed up from taking off his hoodie faster than聽 you've ever seen, looking like a little kid trying to dress themselves.
鈥渂aby.鈥 you murmur, your hands landing on the sides of his face, into your space, trying to bring him back to reality for a second. 鈥淚'm always gonna be here, always... so you can take your time鈥 you finished, seeing he finally took your suggestion as he stood up.
He took off his shirt, now being fully naked for your eyes to admire. But before you could let your hands touch his chest he grabbed them, softly pulling you into his lap, wrapping his big arms around you while letting his head rest on your shoulder.
You got the hint and relaxed as he lined himself up with you, moving his head so that he could see before pushing himself inside trying to hold back his eagerness. 鈥渇eel good?鈥 he asked thrusting in you a little, the blush covering his cheeks as he held your body closer.聽
鈥測eah...feels so good.鈥 you faintly whined out. 鈥...only you could make me feel this way鈥澛
His big frame melted into yours as he started moving, your words being music to his ears, his slow strokes making you feel his need. You leaned your head on his shoulder too, slightly moving your hips with his, wanting to feel him even deeper.
His hands moved to your ass and the top of your back, gripping them firmly against his soft movements, letting out moans as he felt you clench around him, the soft flesh being the only thing聽 keeping him grounded.聽
鈥淔-fuck baby鈥 he started before you cut him off with a 鈥渟hh, you can cum.鈥 trying your best to seem stable with the way he was fucking you, bouncing on him, hitting those seep spots over and over.
You felt him release, the wetness dripping down your thighs falling onto his, hearing a few curses and moans along with it, giving you puppy dogs eyes asking if you'd let him fuck you again, and of course you couldn't say no.
He kept you in this position for the rest of the night so he could hear all the words of affection, the praise you said he deserved, moaned into his ear. The scratch marks and bruises being the only physical trace left, reminding him of the love you two shared.
鈥淵ou did great bo.鈥 you said with a smile, sitting in his lap, eyes fluttering as you feel asleep along with him. His grip on you was still tight, kissing you on the forehead, his way of letting you know how much he loved you.
Date night yayyyy
Anyways, he鈥檚 admiring how beautiful you are, thanking the gods for giving you to him
And he wants to show you how much he worships the ground you walk on, taking it nice and slow, as usual, but this time it would stay like that.
Even if he tries to be gentle with you its still gonna hurt for a min.
Poor baby :鈥 (
But its okay cause he鈥檒l dote on you and coo in your ear of how good of a girl you are for taking him. :聽 )
鈥淧lease, meian.'' you whined, grabbing onto his chest, sweaty skin linking you two together, thighs connected to his hips. Rubbing your bare self on his length, the lace panties you had on being long gone, tossed somewhere on the floor.
He couldn't keep his eyes off of you the whole night, the outfit you had on hugging you just right, the skin peeking out every so often, his hands wondering all over you to your obvious enjoyment; and on the ride home he couldn't keep his eyes off your lips. The gloss shining bright in the streetlights, your natural pout shaping your pretty little face, so innocent, reminding him of all the times you weren't.
鈥渟hhh... its okay, I got you angel. We can take it slow, okay?鈥 he said already reading your mind, knowing how his pretty girl thinks, holding your weight making sure you didn't slide down him too fast.
He let you do whatever you wanted to your heart's content, it was always about you, he'd always go along with what you wanted, never doing anything you didn't. You wanting to ride him out of the blue, wanting to take it at your pace. He was more than happy to provide, you usually letting him do whatever he wanted to you, its only right that he returned the favor.
鈥淵ou good doll?鈥 he groaned, only the tip being in you right now, trying to accommodate his size, even though you were wet from him jumping on you the minute you walked through the door. His hungry eyes not leaving you once, picking you up while shoving his lips on your soft ones, hands raking through your clothes, his hands pulling them off till you only had your panties on.
鈥淓ase up baby, look... 鈥 he stated, his grip on your hips with his big warm hands making you melt into his touch, distracting you from your end goal. 鈥渕鈥檚orry... im trying to go faster鈥 you let out, a few tears following while you froze in place. Your mind racing with the thoughts of this not feeling good for him, only you, instant regret flooding your train of thought.
鈥淣o, no, no angel,鈥 he started worriedly, wanting to take care of you as he should, leaning up against the bed frame now being face to face with you. 鈥渋ts all about you okay? don't worry doll it feels good for me too, I'm not as impatient as i seem鈥 he said, a slight laugh accompanying him trying to lighten the mood.
鈥渉ere, lemme move all the way inside you, then you can do whatever you want alright.鈥 he somewhat asked. You nodded, holding onto his shoulders as his hands and hips moved, slowly filling you up, now trembling in his grasp. The stretch making you whine, feeling his balls against your ass, already rutting into him letting out a few moans while he leaned back, thinking you were the most precious thing he's ever seen, a slight smirk now on his face.
鈥淎lright angel, im all yours now.鈥
Tumblr media
漏 all content belongs to spikesbimbo. do not alter or repost .
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kageyahoe 7 months ago
soft baji headcanons 鈾
pairing: baji keisuke x gn!reader
genre: pure fluff
request: Hii can u do soft baji headcanons????
warnings: swearing!!
a/n: heyy, thanks for requesting more baji hehe i love the guy. if you guys want, you can read my dating baji headcanons before this! i suppose its sort of a continuation <3.
Tumblr media
baji is nothing short of a loyal person, friend, boyfriend, you name it
once he's committed to a relationship of any sort, he's committed and it's gonna take a lot to make him back off
he'll do anything for you, because you're the person who he was able to confide in, to let down that tough barrier with, to love
now, its definite baji likes it when you play with his hair
he'll let you tie it, braid it, or just twirl it around your finger, hell even give him a massage while you're at it!
if you decide to stylize it some way or another, baji won't take it out unless he really needs to- he'll wear it to toman meetings and get some stares and giggles
he growls at them till they stop
when the two of you are chilling on a couch or whatever, he'll return the favour and rake his fingers through your hair gingerly, smiling gently when you melt into his touch
baji likes to hold onto your waist a lot, it kind of comes naturally to him you know?
you'll just be standing there talking to someone, and he'll pop up to wrap an arm or two around you
he won't even interrupt your conversation, just absentmindedly holds you while paying attention to other things around him
your friends are use to his antics, and don't mind him because they know he means no harm
when you're alone however, whether you'd be cooking or cleaning the room, baji'll give you a big bear hug from behind
he'll peck your head, cheeks then lips and give you a smug grin when you react in any way
so, baji's favourite way to "hold hands" is an arm slung around your waist or shoulders :D
you like to link pinkies with him in public but he retorts with a "that's too cutesy y/n!- hey, why'd you let go?!" and proceeds to link pinkies with you again
ugh he's so annoying
random, but when you go shopping you'll every now and then buy a pack of hair ties for him because he keeps whining about breaking them
so when you give them to him, he feels so loved and appreciated that you remembered, and thought about him on your trip out
when you two are away from one another, baji often sends you ugly memes and videos that are attached with a messages ranging from "this is u <3" to "YOU LMFAAOASAJS STUPID ASS"
his most used emojis are the skull, and the sideways laughing one because this is baji we're talking about
dates occur pretty often, because simply hanging out is a date to you two
sometimes you'll get ice cream, go to the park or head over to his place to finish a project he slept on
chifuyu likes to join too! baji's like "im glad you're here bro, but since you are you and y/n need to help me finish this assignment."
"alright, when is it due?"
"last week."
"LAST WEEK?" - you and chifuyu, simultaneously
this mf is like.. "yeah? what? stop staring at me like that, fuck!"
speaking of staring, baji likes to stare at you too
he finds you so attractive, he can't help himself
chifuyu and draken make fun of him but he brushes them off with a "FUCK YOU!" before blushing and turning away
he pouts a lot too, but you pinch his cheek before giving him attention anyways
when he's out with the gang, he always boasts about you, like always
mikey just smiles and nods, happy for his friend
draken laughs at pah who's groaning in jealousy
takemitchi also tells his fair share of stories about hina before baij shuts him up saying he's not done talking
he's just like :o
anyways, baji is an amazing significant other, literally ken wakui said so himself ("top 3 lovers" in the official tokyo revengers character book)
he loves and cares for you so so much, theres not a big enough number that could amount to it <3
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sadeyeballeater a month ago
hello good afternoon / evening. How are you? I hope well 鈾. Uh ... I've never actually asked for anything before, I haven't even asked, but ... how about the idea of 鈥嬧媋 short reader (around 5'1 'which I think comes to chest height? Shoulders based on a research I read a few days ago about the height of viktor .... I don't know jahsjs) in a love reltionship with him? How would he act? Feel free to reply when you can 鈾.
Size XS
Viktor x Short!Reader
Warnings:none! Just fluff :D (Not checked for spelling errors)
Hiyo! Good afternoon/evening to you too! Im good! Of course, this idea is so adorable! I hope this is written well enough! Constructive criticism is always welcome! <3
I did this in headcanon format because i really wasn鈥檛 sure if you wanted a fic or like headcanons鈥ut either way i hope you enjoy!
Also funfact- im 5,0 so like- im such a small bean OwO馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ鉂わ笍鉂わ笍/j
He supposedly doesn鈥檛 really care much about looks so heights aren鈥檛 a big deal to him either!
He does enjoy looking down on you, using your head as chin rest while his arms sloppily hang over your shoulders.
He really wishes he could just pick you up and spin you around but sadly he cant because his ass is this 馃馃徑 close to turning into ash馃樆 But thats alright!
You tell him you dont need a strong, big guy to pick you up. But he still feels kinda bad about it.
You like his blouse? Take it.
He adores seeing you wearing his clothes since they鈥檙e quite obviously a few sizes too big for you.
Plz keep him company while he鈥檚 working on his hextech science shit- plz-馃檹馃徑 He likes it when you keep him company馃槏鈦夛笍
He likes it when you lean on his shoulder because you just feel so small against him, which he secretly finds quite adorable
Cuddles are always the same. Him wrapping his delicate arms around your smaller frame and you wrapping your legs around his torso. Just be careful though- he doesn鈥檛 wanna break a rib馃槼
Bonus because this is short! Ig i鈥檒l just be doing a bonus on every hc post???
Viktor with a short s/o that likes to wear platform shoes bcuz i want to馃槨
They kinda scare him- like not the shoes itself but like- what if you fall? Or hurt yourself with them :(
But he thinks they look pretty cool either way!
Kinda fascinated by them-
He鈥檚 lowkey curious on how you walk on those things without breaking something- like he could never馃槖
Sometimes when you鈥檙e like not there he just stares at them. Like- just stares at the shoes. 鈥滒煈鈥
If you let him on that you really like platform shoes he鈥檚 obv gonna get you another pair馃樆
You bet your ass he鈥檚 gonna instal a tracker on your fav ones when you鈥檙e like asleep or gone for the night-
Boyfie just wants to be able to reach you at all costs馃槇
Tumblr media
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yeonkiminfan 5 months ago
bonten with a supermodel s/o ?!?
Tumblr media
Bonten with a model S/o? Fem!Reader
Bonten characters
Warnings: Bonten spoilers like the characs in it, Mentions of them killing
Note: Kanji and Akashi arent here again, Im waiting till they get more in detail how they act :D sorry if it isn't gender neutral, I read it through my drafts and realized it leaned into female reader. Sorry if some parts are short, I was speeding it up 馃様馃憥
鈾 RAN ||
The cockiest shit ever when he's seen with you, he has his hands around your waist and Ran is quite handsome and tall aswell so all eyes are on you both when you guys go somewhere.
Bonten has come to your fashion shows at times because Ran had managed to convince his members. It scares the attendees honestly since those tattoo's on their neck were obvious they were the executives of Bonten and leader.
Ran's picture with you in Instagram gone viral in ton's of social media because he was in Bonten and you were both were literally the hottest couple ever.
Honestly, A lot of people were horrified at the fact that Ran has actually killed people and you were taken by him. A lot of dm's like are you held hostage? And a lot of hateful comments towards your relationship with him.
Kokonoi had your back since Ran paid him money and assured the companies that you aren't in Bonten at all and it's just your boyfriend.
A lot of people still supported you since you did make a statement that you were not involved in the Bonten. Ran thought it was unnecassary and thought it was bullshit.
Ran doesn't care and still goes to events with you. Both of you loved each other since you were teenagers why break up because of the media 馃檮
Cockiest shit number 2 and he's also really pretty hot so attention were on you whenever you both were in public. Honestly even if you're tall or not, Rindou doesn't care he'll still like you.
He's also has his arms around your waist at all times, It shows people that you're taken. No one will ever approach Rindou because of the obvious tattoo on his neck that he's a part of Bonten.
He may be smaller than you or look weak, But he emits touch you or I'll kill you look.
Rindou also post's pictures of you and him in instagram and he doesn't let anyone comment nor dm because its annoying. He got quite a lot of followers though 馃槯 like around 10k to 20k
Also goes to your fashion shows religiously, He has every single magazine you're in and always thinks you look good in them.
Rindou always threatens papparazi to not show any of the pics they took when he's with you. Ofc some of them got out but the one who released such photos got missing after.
( dont tell him that I told you this but, He has a secret account thats named [name]'snumberonefan and likes every post about you when he's bored on insta )
鈾 MIKEY ||
Again, Your number one fan. Sanzu and him go to your fashion shows whenever they're free and always never fail to get seats beside them to be free and empty.
If you're taller than him, He also doesn't mind you're still you and nothing will change that.
Mikey literally has bought every magazine or photo books you had been on since your debut in the model work. He kinda sulks when you're gonna go away for an abroad photoshoot though.
Mikey doesn't want you posting of him that much so all you can ever post in public is you laying on his shoulder while smiling as his ears, earrings and neck get shown in the pic.
He is annoyed by every single papparazi that takes pictures and authors who publish bad/fake news of you. Mikey handles it quickly by the power of Koko and a lot of them had gone missing because of it.
Mikey also doesn't mind when you go to both of your houses late from a photoshoot, He does go away for a week without news sometimes.
Like Mikey and Rindou, He has your magazines ranging to your debut and your latest picture he had found in a magazine.
Kakucho will also go to your fashion shows by himself at the back and no one dares to actually approach him and say that he can sit over the vacant seats.
He prefers not getting a lot of public attention since he's a Bonten executive afterall, He could ruin your career if the word gets out you're dating him.
Kakucho loves going to your photoshoots when he's free aswell, He has a mini photoshoot on his phone aswell.
He's also quite annoyed by the papparazi and wouldn't hesitate to hit them if someone got out of line. Kakucho hires bodyguards for your own safety when you're going to your shoots.
Kakucho likes privacy so he creates a plan to lure creepy stalkers to the Bonten hideout where they often do their 'work'
He's like your sugar daddy/j, Kokonoi has enough money to huy you all you want. You fit everything afterall! He also likes you wearing his gifted jewerlies in events you're asked to come.
Kokonoi hates the paparazzi, So he often pays people to kill or threaten the authors/photographers not to even publish a single thing about them.
Like the others he has a full set of your merchandise, Magazines and posters because you look good in every single one of them. He's so proud about your career and flexes it to the Bonten members so much.
Like the others, He also goes to your fashion show once in a while but since he's busy doing work he mostly can't.
He's proud and cocky when he's walking with your arms linked together, He finds jealousy so pleasing.
You sometimes post a pic with him but its modtly just his parts or a little bit of clothes.
Kokonoi might even suggest to post a pic of you in his clothes which he admits liked it a lot.
鈾 SANZU ||
Again, One of the cockiest person to have you as their S/o He doesnt comr to your fashion shows often because of work but when he does, the seats beside him are free suddenly.
He doesn't mind pictures but he does ask you to tell him what picture you're gonna post. Sanzu doesn't care if people starts bashing on him but when people start calling you such degrading names he calls them all out.
Sanzu will create a video about how you arent in Bonten and if someone creates more hate articles about you, he won't hesistate to kill them.
He's busy afterall so whenever he sees a magazine that you're in he'll buy it when he can. Sanzu calls you about it honestly and boasts to others that you're his partner and no one elses.
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chaeryybomb 10 months ago
nct dream reaction to their idol!reader girlfriend being shipped with another idol
Tumblr media
anon: nct dream reaction to their idol!reader girlfriend being shipped with some other idol :) love your works btw. and thank you for this in advance
pairing: nct dream x idol!reader
genre: headcanons, fluff, crack
warnings: mentions of insecurities
a/n: dhsjdj technically my requests are closed rn but I decided I would write this out so I hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
mark lee
confused boi鈩
tbh he wouldn't even notice you were being shipped with another idol until another member points it out
you were a special guest mc for the show and fans saw the cute interactions you had with the boyz juyeon
and soon enough fans started shipping the both of you together
in reality, you and juyeon were just high school friends and you were glad to see him again
fans on the other hand,,
mark didn't realise you were being shipped with juyeon until doyoung pointed it one day
and mark was all like
( 銉烩棁銉)锛"nani? y/n and juyeon???"
he would then search up ynjuyeon on twitter because cough yeah
and found a shit ton of edits of the both of y'all
and now he's sad :((
he's sad that because no one shipped y'all together
"isn't your relationship a secret???"
"yeah but still :((("
mark sweetie y'all have neve interacted on stage before fjdjdndnd
he knows you love him and would never cheat on him
but boy is he going to be a pouty baby when y'all hang out next time
literally all he's going to say is:
"why do they ship you and him together?? why not me :(("
"mark they've never seen us in the same room before"
Tumblr media
huang renjun
unbothered king鈩
at least that's what he tells you fhdjdj
he found out through a vlive fhdhdjj
it was one of the usernames and the username was like ynxyanan_shipper
and renjun mf squinted his eyes like
did I read that clearly 嗖燺嗖
he's like yn and wHO
chenle was beside him when it happened and chenle was like what's wrong
and renjun points out the username
renjun smacks him on the head to tell him to shut up DHHSHDD
obviously he would take a screenshot of the username and sends it to you
and he's like
short king <3: do you hv something to confess to me
you: ,,, my love for you??
short king <3: blocked
tbh you find the situation honestly really funny
cause you and yanan aren't exactly friends? you're more of acquaintances than friends
and you made eye contact one (1) time with him by accident at an award show and suddenly you're being shipped with him
when you call him the next time to hang out, definitely expect him to be salty about it fjdjfjd
"hey are you free to come over today?"
"I don't know, why don't you ask your BOYFRIEND yanan"
"renjun istg i will break up with you-"
Tumblr media
lee jeno
oh baby boy is gonna be so so confused
he's going to be even more confused because you're being shipped with itzy's chaeryeong fhfhfjf
see you and chaeryeong were featured in an episode of a reality tv show once
and the both of y'all immediately hit it off and your friendship was just adorable
so y'all kept interacting every time y'all see each other
and y'all are now nicknamed as the 4th gen gfs because y'all are so adorable???
like the chaeryn ship ur most popular ship ever
so jeno is so confused?? like why is his gf being shipped with her??
he's like a whole ass puppy okay
you, on the other hand, find the chaeryn ship really cute so you don't mind it and you jokingly call chaeryeong your gf once or twice on live before fjdjfn
whenever you tell him that you're hanging out with chaeryeong, he will pout at you and give you his best puppy eyes
like he will cling onto you and try to convince you to now to go
it works like 13% of the time and you would cancel plans with chaer but most of time it doesn't and you would end up being late jhdjsh
but it will slowly become into an inside joke between y'all
like yk that one meme
"this is yn my girlfriend and her girlfriend chaeryeong"
kjdhkjshfs yeah that
but in all seriousness, jeno is really unbothered about you being shipped with chaeryeong because it basically has the same energy as him being shipped with jaemin
whenever y'all are having play fights, you jokingly threaten to leave him for chaeryeong jdsfjds and he immediately stops and says that's unfair
pls shower him in hugs and kisses later
Tumblr media
lee haechan
definitely makes a fuss about it
i mean he knows that you aren't going to leave him and all but is he going to be dramatic about it? yes, yes he is
he finds out by himself because he was probably on twitter stalking your hashtag
when he suddenly stumbles upon and edit of you and ateez's san
he's like O.O wot is tHis?
screenshots the edit and sends it to you
hyuckie: yNNNN
hyuckie: BABY
hyuckie: SUGAR BUM
hyuckie: DAISY PIE
you: what in, the ever loving fuck, is daisy pie
hyuckie: *sends screenshot* ARE U CHEATING ON ME
you: hyuck that pic is clearly edited
hyuckie: I KNOW BUT ARE YOU????
you: i-
he makes so much jokes about it that you literally have to shut him up with a kiss
jokes on u reader he's doing this on purpose to get those free kisses
the jokes stop when you actually finally meet san during a game show and shippers are like omg they finally interacted
and the amount of ynxsan edits just,, grow
haechan acts even salty about it and whines about why fan don't ship y'all together when y'all have made eye contact during the golden disk awards bc he was being a lil shit hdsjhfjds
"hey what if i keep staring at you during the melon so we can get into a scandal?"
"hyuck this is supposed to be a secret relationship-"
"yeah but-"
jokes on u he actually does stare at you at the next award show and thankfully did not get into any scandals, but fans started to ship the both of you!
Tumblr media
na jaemin
the true unbothered king
literally does not care that you are shipped with someone else
because he knows that he is yours and vice versa
and plus you love him a lot so
he finds out from chenle, who did it out of spite because one day chenle was bored and wanted to cause some chaos
boi basically ran up to jaemin to shove an edit of you and treasurer's junkyu together and went like
"look hyung! ur gf is being shipped with someone eLsE"
"oh that's weird"
"I thought people shipped her with treasurer's hyunsuk"
chenle is like
"aren't you like,, jeaolous??"
jaemin just shrugs and says "hmm, not really"
jaemin knows that you are good friends wth a lot of idols because you're a social butterfly
so he truly doesn't mind when you get shipped with other idols bc in the end , he's the one holding you in his arms
plus he knows the edits and shippers are mostly harmless
and he trusts you
so he just fucks around with chenle jkldsfj
chenle is still confused bc he wants to rile jaemin up for fun but failed hjdshf
Tumblr media
zhong chenle
if you thought haechan was dramatic, then you better buckle up for chenle's
so you see
fans already shipped u and chenle
y'all already have a dating scandal
and both companies tried so hard to defuse it
see you are an mc for a music show and you were interviewing nct dream
chenle, being the lil shit he is, kept giving you the heart eyes the entire time
and 6 months later, y'all got caught by dispatch on a daTe
ofc both sides were panicking but chenle was enjoying bc he's like "yeah this is my s/o and what abt it"
but y'all still had a dating ban so sm was this close in kicking him hfdsjfh
fortunately, they were able to cover it up as someone else so there's that
so chenle is aware that fans shipped the both of you together
so when he sees you being shipped with stray kid's jeongin
he was like "HOW DARE THEY-"
calls you to complain about the ship for 3 hours
and that is how you found out as well-
literally you don't even know jeongin so you just let chenle complain about it
he goes on and on about why fans should continue to ship y'all together so when he reveals the relationship the fans will be surprised but also not really at the same time-
"should i get into another scandal with you?"
"chenle no-"
Tumblr media
park jisung
oh baby boy is going to be very, very confused
i mean he knows that shipping is a thing between fans
he's just confused why ppl would ship you and p1harmony's keeho
like you have never interacted with him so why would fans ship the both of y'all??
the dreamies mostly tell him to not take it serious but the chenle and haechan would egg him on
"get into a dating scandal with them"
"guys no-"
he wouldn't tell you that it bothers him because he doesn't want you laughing at him, worrying over a small issue
so honestly, it lowkey eats him up on the inside
until one day, you basically force it out of him because he's been acting weird for the past week
he finally confesses about the what's bothering him
and you tell him that you wouldn't have laughed at him
you know shipping idols is a common thing in the industry and sometimes it's uncomfortable knowing it when you're already in a relationship
but you also tell him that it's basically harmless because fans can't really force the both of y'all together
jisung would be insecure about the relationship because it's kinda of his first? so he just doesn't want to mess it up
just reassure him a lot and tell him that you won't leave him
and as time goes by, he just gets used to the shipping
Tumblr media
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sapphicwhxre 11 months ago
i read fics just as much as i write them so here are some of my favourites. tysmsm for this milestone, i love you all <3 quick note: i didn't re-tag anyone if i recommended more than one of your works because of the tag limit.
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 girls 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹
hermione granger
tuesdays - @stupxfy
probably one of my all time favs for hermione. it's just so well written and adorable and fluffy and yes.
if i could tell her - @hellounicorn
pining, pining, PINING. the way these emotions and hermione's described is just... art. perfection. there's a happy ending and it is so worth the build up.
darling dearest - @dracolvr
fluffy goodness. read to be hopelessly in love with hermione 鈹 which, let's be real, we all are.
november rain - @pansydaisy
uhm i love this one sm. it's so simple but amazing 鈹 everyone has their days like this and having hermione to cure them? it's what everyone needs.
i need more - @15-dogs
i sobbed the first time i read this. it'll break your heart but it's so amazingly written that it's worth the sadness. actual gut wrenching / mindblowing writing.
how the potter girls react to you in lingerie - @pottersanime
the title. need i say more?
honeyed eyes - @minty-malfoy
HEAVEN. being hermione's first kiss as friend? but both of you idiots liking each other? oh my god, sign me up.
hugging her from behind - @pastanest
again, the title. read to feel 馃ズ馃挋
grey days - @pepperimps01
PANSMIONE 馃槍馃槍 it's angsty with a happy ending and i love it sm. this does such a perfect job of capturing pansy and hermione's relationship growing and having its ups and downs with just a few paragraphs. honestly so good
grenade - @hellounicorn
another one that'll make your heart shatter. but in the best way. these are the fics i live for where the you can't help but feel like it's really happening to you and hermione and god it's so fucking powerful. underrated writing right here in general. and also pansmione is the loml so it hurts in that way.
honeybees - @pansydaisy
fluffy aesthetic heaven.
lead the way - @teacup-tai
more pansmione but this is pure filthy thinking and satisfies all the sexual tension dreams pansmione shippers have.
two queens in a king sized bed - @shysneeze
domestic christmas morning with hermione and it's angelic.
would you still love me if i turned into a worm? - @minty-malfoy
one of those blurbs i never imagined i'd read or love so much. not to mention it's spot on and adorable.
pansy parkinson
right and wrong - @starrkidmalfoy
a first kiss and the overdone trope that i will never get sick of, the bitch who's soft only for you. the descriptions in this are perfection and the writing is beautiful <3
messed up - @writseo
toxic, messed up love fics will be the death of me. insane how well you captured it all and i just yes damn fucking props.
pansy parkinson imagine - @moonlight-imagines
dating pansy would include - @lotsoffandomimagines
ABSOLUTE POWER COUPLE SHIT and to this day, pansy saying "jealous much?" when being scolded for pda remains iconic.
grey days - @pepperimps01
as i said before: PANSMIONE 馃槍馃槍 it's angsty with a happy ending and i love it sm. this does such a perfect job of capturing pansy and hermione's relationship growing and having its ups and downs with just a few paragraphs. honestly so good
new rules - @silversslytherin
excuse me this is immaculate 鈹 pansy is the best friend and the second you see that she's also the best s/o, you're done for. perfection.
study "dates" - @turning-dreams-into-chaos
the title is self explanatory and this whole thing is fluffy heaven <3
how the potter girls react to you in lingerie - @pottersanime
read the title, thank me later.
lead the way - @teacup-tai
more pansmione but this is pure filthy thinking and satisfies all the sexual tension dreams pansmione shippers have.
traitor - @hufflepuff-writings
a masterpiece where pansy chooses the wrong side in the battle of hogwarts. this ties up so well and the writing is so powerful.
back alley love potions - @a-simple-imagine
this actually hurts but in a beautiful way. watching pansy give draco a love potion is such a fucking concept and this is executed incredibly.
my little bunny - @emmamarie7708
pansy making you do this is so dirty yet she's slightly sweet and i am a sucker for it. god is a woman and her name is pansy fucking parkinson.
pansy parkinson imagine - @moonlight-imagines
i'll let pansy beat people up for me all day. they put me in madame pomfrey's, feel my girlfriend's wrath.
ginny weasley
blissful - @enyastasia
fluffy ginny goodness. the friends to lovers? the amazing kiss? 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ馃挒馃挒 this fic lives in my heart <3
bubble pop electric - @hunnypot-imagines
this is hotter than a lot of actual smut and the chemistry is so... wow. ginny weasley owns me.
dear ginny - @alyssamalfoy
how does this short ass letter manage to make me feel so much. it's sorcery but i don't even care, it's beautiful.
wildflower - @pansydaisy
will i ever get tired of cheeky i love yous? not when loves like ginny weasley and ayli's so so pretty writing exist.
all i want - @hellounicorn
ouch. fuck you harry :) quite possibly the best ginny fic i have ever read. insanely talented writing, i genuinely feel every touch of emotion you put down and you need to know how amazing that is. keep breaking my heart.
linny hcs - @bluebirdlinginthenest
who doesn't need good linny content in their life?
how the potter girls react to you in lingerie - @pottersanime
sexy bitch, fuck me up.
willow - @padmeamiala
ginny is the loml. her brothers can cry about it.
bellatrix lestrange
attempting to bake with bellatrix - @carters-coffee
MY FAVOURITE BELLA FIC 鈹 there's not enough bellatrix fluff out there but this makes up for the lack of. heaven.
bellatrix prompt - @carters-coffee
this gives me chills. she knows she's a bad bitch and that's what we love about her.
change of plans - @dumb-sbian
why THE FUCK have i not had a rainy morning with bellatrix? she can sleep and mumble something just like this and i'm still head over heels for her.
being tortured as bellatrix's girlfriend - @writings-of-a-british-fangirl
definitely a concept BUT this makes me feel some type of way and i recommend giving it a minute of your time 馃槍
bellatrix finding out you're a muggleborn - @carters-coffee
the beauty, the nuance omg. this is art.
bellatrix prompt - @carters-coffee
yep jealous bella. trust me, im all yours mommy <3
sex with bellatrix would include - @onegayastronaut
so short but... sign. me. up.
luna lovegood
never leave - @/deactivated
luna smut is hard asf to come by and this is my favourite. it's so luna and the pain over her not knowing, not getting that closure about how you feel until this is an amazing rollercoaster.
she - @hunnypot-imagines
the beauty of falling in love with luna, through this majorly talented writing. ten out of fucking ten. i will not elaborate but there's also majorly good association in this imo.
silver berries and flickering fireflies - @duskgrangers
i love this fic so much. she's so herself and that is why we 鉁 simp 鉁 and the scene set just sounds so prettyy
how the potter girls react to you in lingerie - @pottersanime
luna + this title? yes please, ma'am i am simping.
would you still love me if i turned into a worm? - @minty-malfoy
put me in your pocket luna. im begging you.
dancing in the rain with luna - @/deactivated
only luna would get you a dress to go dancing in the rain and this is the stuff of blissful, fluffy dreams.
hugging her from behind - @pastanest
short and cute, do me a favour and read it :)
dating luna lovegood would go like - @glossymalfoy
life is NOT worth it if you don't read these cute little headcanons and imagine dating ravenclaw's baddest bitch.
linny hc - @bluebirdlinginthenest
like i said, who doesn't need good linny content?
cho chang
strawberry kisses - @pansydaisy
the only cho fic i've been able to find and it's SO WORTH IT. the cutest, it flows so well, and i absolutely love it. i need this with cho tbh.
fleur delacour
toutes les etoiles - @coffee--writes
im in love with fleur and this amazing writing. and for the first time since i started high school, my three years of taking french feel good for something.
being best friends with fleur would include - @harrypotter-imaginess
not romantic but actually so sweet pls. i want this friendship in my life so bad.
nymphadora tonks
dating nymphadora tonks would include - @imaginesforgirls
dating her + that warm little feeling of bliss that only HCs can give you
taking care of her after the war - @random-imagines-blog
this kind of hurts in that good ass way and i lovee it. they're simple hcs but i feel for tonks so much and then there's that warm lil feeling when you're the one to put her back together aand now my primary life goal is to help this woman heal.
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 boys 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹
harry potter
phosphenes - @minty-malfoy
ok shakespeare, the fuck?? this fic will never not get me right in the heart. the angst, holy fuck. and for once, the reader doesn't hurt harry and let draco walk all over them and it's just done so well. the transition from a toxic relationship to a sweet, loving one PLEASE. it's beautiful.
happy memories - @15-dogs
how does this manage to be so. smutty and fluffy at the same time? this is one of those short ones that has lived in my head, rent-free since i read it. and tbh any fic that includes expecto patronum is guaranteed to be good.
come back to me - @wondernimbus
right from the beginning, it's a mess of emotions both good and bad. that kind of good ass writing that hits you in the heart <3
making out with harry potter would include - @badfvith
read this title. done? now thank me later.
harry prompt - @thoseofgreatambition
harry x a sarcastic swooning bitch is an elite trope idc. short and sweet, i'm marrying this fic.
keep your eyes on the prize - @rowema-ravenclaw
first of all, showing harry up and second, pure fluff (and a little steam) right after. i also love how she writes harry in general because he's totally safe/in love with the relationship but still has that awkward lovable shyness and i just... *sighs*
always - @pansydaisy
uhm i will always love him and always reread this a thousand times so its a fit title + a good read.
late night studying - @lumosandnoxwriting
fuck studying, let his hand stay in my shirt. once again recommending fluffy bliss in the form of a short read that makes me feel things <3
would you still love me if i turned into a worm? - @minty-malfoy
he's so stupid. but he still loves you + this is from our resident perfectly talented writer so its a win.
cuddling after a rough quidditch practice - @badfvith
harry james potter is : b a b y
gryffindor's victory - @rowema-ravenclaw
make me gryffindors fucking cheerleader because HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. AND THE WRITING IS IMMACULATE PLEASE. just read it, you won't regret it.
draco malfoy
silent treatment - @slytherinwh0re
andy's mad talented and this is just... insert a cheesy chefs kiss. unbelievably adorable but so fucking hot and an actually good smut plot (which is rare lmfao). remind me to give draco the silent treatment every time im upset.
rewards - @malfoysstilinski
so hot PLS. hype him up for the match and get your reward, bye. so good.
reading between the lines - @minty-malfoy
i've said this a thousand times but that's what happens when you've got a mad talented mutual BLESSING everyone with beauty like this. butterflies and warm feelings all around when i read this 馃挀
point of view - @draconisxcaput
its angst for hermione and fluff for you but overall ethereal writing. i am never going to recover from the pure talent that this is.
im not kidding im dying - @malfoysmatrioshka
i hate being sick with a passion but this... this would make it worth it.
hogwarts express - @/deactivated
draco fucking you because he knows harry's watching. the shit of legends and god is it hot.
draco laughing at you because you can't walk after sex - @glossymalfoy
*motions to the title* fluff with this loser 馃槍
the cheeseburger - @slytherinwh0re
really short read but this is one of those things i just. didn't know i needed. you're missing out and haven't even realised it if you haven't read about introducing him to cheeseburgers. and that ending is so funny/in character to me i fucking love it.
four am - @malfoysstilinski
domestic draco 馃ズ but also sad draco 馃ズ and then fluffy draco 馃ズ
hugging him from behind - @pastanest
real short and it'll brighten your day <3
would you still love me if i turned into a worm? - @minty-malfoy
how is it that this is so stupidly adorable. i love it 馃挊
ron weasley
heather - @hellounicorn
always making me cry with your fics i swearrr. this is a must-read. having someone but them not really being yours is a beautiful trope and this fic absolutely does it wonderful, poetic justice. your angst is addicting.
apple pie - @pregnant-piggy
ABSOLUTE DOMESTIC BLISS I AM IN LOVE. i don't even like kids or baking that much but this made me so soft. the whole cozy, heavenly vibes from this fic yes yes yes.
jealousy - @writeroutoftime
clich茅 jealousy turns friends to lovers and i am a sucker for it all over again <3
shaking and trembling - @ronsbadidea
if ron doesn't finger fuck me and then make a cheeky comment about it in class later then WHAT IS THE POINT :(
mixed signals - @iamthecabbage
i've always figured ron is this awkward idiot cutie with a crush and yea, this is it.
fred and george weasley
i love you, but you don't - @george-fabian-weasley
fred's a character i really don't read for often but goddamn. it's the saddest, most beautiful mix of rejection and pain and fred desperately caring but not in the way you want him to 鈹 an angsty masterpiece.
cockwarming george - @roonilwazlibimagines
because of this filthy gem, i one hundred thousand percent believe that he could make me cum without even fucking me and this is just... it's a good fucking read.
would you still love me if i turned into a worm? - @minty-malfoy
their responses are so wonderfully chaotic and adorable and GOD you're missing out if you haven't read these lil blurbs.
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shotorozu 9 months ago
i feel like im annoying lol but here i am again 馃ゴ
馃ゴ how do da boys react to a super bimbo mc like shes busty, sweet, innocent, helpful as much as she can be and doesnt really realize when people are hitting on her, she just thinks theyre being extra friendly. (Tamaki, izuku, shoto, denki, bakougo) or any of ur choice
Sorry if I鈥檓 being annoying ( 鈥⑨穭峤も⑨穮)锛 and tysm
bimbo s/o
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, amajiki tamaki (bnha)
probably (?) part one // ?
legend : [Y/N = your name] female! s/o, quirk not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack (x reader)
note(s) : sooo 馃ぉ it鈥檚 my birthday tomorrow, not excited about that?? not sure! but im definitely gonna post more tomorrow, just because
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
you didn鈥檛 seem like his type tbh. you鈥檙e kinda an airhead, and you鈥檙e sweet and helpful to everyone
and awfully innocent,,
so, you seemed like the person that bakugou would try and stay away from, but nope!
not in this case. i鈥檓 not sure what conspired in this explosive blond鈥檚 head, but he had a oddly specific attraction to you
he used to hate being around you, but it鈥檚 also quite entertaining being around you but why, you may ask?
not only are you super nice, and helpful, but you鈥檙e very likable too! which caused you to get secret admirers, and fanboys
but you also so happen to be clueless as fuck, so katsuki would always stick around鈥 obviously very amused, only to tell you what their true intentions are
鈥渨hat do they mean, go out? like,, outside?鈥
鈥渘o, dumbo. they wanna date you.鈥
鈥..like the calendar?鈥
鈥渉ah?? are you dumb?鈥 he actually hated how oblivious you were at first, but he just got used to it
but this clueless airhead trait of yours is what he also hates, because when he developed feelings for you鈥 he鈥檇 have to tell you
and,, he鈥檚 not the best with being direct with romantic stuff. so鈥 you can see how that went.
he ended up confessing you in the most direct way he could鈥檝e said it, but you still. didn鈥檛. understand.
鈥渇uck sake, i want to be your significant other. your fucking lover, the bitch that鈥檒l be with you until this dumbass brain of yours stops working.鈥
okay, he was a little too direct, but at least you know his feelings!
when you both finally get together, everyone is shocked. like,, you, the sweetheart that likes helping people鈥 dating thee bakugou katsuki??
everyone thought you were threatened to date him, because you didn鈥檛 understand other people鈥檚 advances鈥 but in reality, katsuki just told you what he felt
straight from the heart.
also, since you鈥檙e also quite busty, katsuki loves sleeping on them鈥 he literally won鈥檛 sleep, until he has his head resting on those milkers of yours
鈥渕aybe this is all you鈥檙e good for, huh? a fuckin鈥 head rest. there might not be anything up there, but at least it gives me some good fuckin鈥 sleep.鈥
he,, doesn鈥檛 mean that. you鈥檙e useful in so many other ways, but he loves pretending that he thinks that way, because of your replies
鈥渁h, yes! i鈥檓 fine with being your head rest, katsuki. rest well, love!鈥
you鈥檙e not hurt, because he makes it a point to tell you multiple times a day that you mean lots to him.
but he gets super mad when people tell you that you鈥檙e stupid. because he can only tell you that!!
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
you also didn鈥檛 seem like you鈥檇 be his type,, everyone thought he would鈥檝e wanted someone that鈥檚 smart as momo, or something similar
but he鈥檚 very content with being with you, for reasons he can鈥檛 seem to figure out.
he has his habit of watching you help people from afar, and he couldn鈥檛 help but smile whenever he engages in conversations with you
yeah sure, you might be more of an airhead than most people鈥 but you have a heart of gold! and that鈥檚 what gathered his attention
sometimes, he鈥檚 quite clueless to some social cues鈥 but even he can connect the dots
which you can鈥檛 seem to do. but you鈥檙e in luck! shouto鈥檚 usually the one that tells you what they mean
it鈥檚 something he loves and hates, only because of how popular you are with people in general.
sometimes, shouto debates if he should even tell you what they mean鈥 because well,, he likes you.
usually, shouto would interpret things to you like this
鈥,, they like you,, romantically.鈥
鈥渟hou, are you sure? they look like they wanna be my friend!鈥 he lets you call him by his first name, just because of how content you look by calling him 鈥榮houto鈥
he ends up whispering something into your ear, and your eyes light up in realization. 鈥渙h! so how princess bubblegum likes marceline?鈥
鈥,, yeah.鈥
but being shouto todoroki has it鈥檚 advantages. he isn鈥檛 afraid of being as direct as he could possibly be.
鈥渕ay i have the honor of being your lifelong partner?鈥
鈥渙h, romantically. i鈥檇 love to be your lover, Y/N.鈥
鈥..oh! that鈥檚 what you meant.鈥
the way he sees you stumble with your words, as you pace back in forth鈥 completely flustered by his words
makes him smile
and it all ends well when his friends see that his wallpaper is literally him laying down on your chest
which is something he always wanted to do
鈥渟houto,, did you finally confess?!鈥
鈥測es. they said yes.鈥
they鈥檙e not really surprised that you understood, courtesy to shouto鈥檚 bluntness.
he is your protector against all of the people that make you seem useless. man literally lashed out when his father asked him to date someone with 鈥榤ore intelligence鈥
鈥淵/N may not be the definition of being book smart, but Y/N鈥檚 not useless!鈥
in short鈥 he鈥檚 the bimbo protector! he鈥檒l always be patient around you, and he would never dare to dumb you down.
Tumblr media
amajiki tamaki
oh lOrd, please help him
you鈥檙e so kind, sweet, and helpful. you鈥檇 help anyone鈥 regardless of their personality. and that鈥檚 what made tamaki interested in you
but you鈥檙e also very popular. which he could see why鈥 since you鈥檙e attractive in a unique and special way.
tamaki absolutely disliked the idea of your kindness being taken advantaged of. i mean,, the guts of some people!
but he also hated being the one to break the news to you good or bad
he鈥檚 not good with the blunt stuff either, and he might鈥檝e been worried about being around you鈥 because well,, you look like you wouldn鈥檛 even hurt a fly.
鈥渢amaki, what do they mean by 鈥榗oming home with them for a nice time鈥 do they.. want to play mario cart with me?鈥
he looks like he needs to pass out, but he ends up telling you anyway. he鈥檚 just lucky that you could hear him.
but he sighs in relief when you end up kindly declining
nejire and mirio are SO amused by this pairing. i mean, it鈥檚 an interesting dynamic! how could they not be invested?
yet, they refuse to even explain things to you, especially when tamaki鈥檚 around to do said explaining
because apparently, 鈥榠t鈥檒l help you socialize more, especially with Y/N!鈥
but remember when i said that tamaki wasn鈥檛 great with the blunt approach? yeah鈥 he鈥檇 have a heart attack, just trying to explain his feelings
鈥渋鈥 uhm how do i say this,, would you like t-to go out for some dinner with m-me?鈥
鈥渙h sure! i should go tell mirio and nejire鈥 you鈥檇 say that with a smile, and it felt like he was going to pass away on the spot.
nejire and mirio were the ones the tell you that 鈥榥o, tamaki doesn鈥檛 want to be friendly with you, because he wants to romantically date you.鈥
and it felt like forever when they were explaining how and why, while tamaki was sitting in the corner.
but thank GOD! because you like him too!
super hesitant on resting on your chest, i mean,, to him, it looked like the nicest pillow for the deepest sleep! but he wasn鈥檛 sure if that鈥檇 be okay
because no!! to!! taking!! advantage!! of!! Y/N鈥檚!! kindness!!
speaking of that, despite the fact that he鈥檚 socially awkward鈥 he will not hesitate on defending you from any haters!
like, when people say that 鈥渢amaki and Y/N are such an awkward couple. tamaki鈥檚 super awkward, it looks like there鈥檚 nothing in Y/N鈥檚 brain. maybe she鈥檚 brainless鈥
because how dare they. not everyone is book smart鈥 but that doesn鈥檛 give people the right to call you stupid!
鈥淵/N鈥檚 not brainless! she鈥檚 kind, helpful, and the sweetest p-person i have ever met. i suggest you take that back!鈥
in short鈥 it gives him heart palpitations just having to explain things to you, but at the end of the day, it鈥檚 all worth it, if he can be with you
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it鈥檚 characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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sipsteainanxiety 8 months ago
from the prompt list, bakugou w a short s/o and an 鈥渁gainst the wall kiss鈥 馃憖馃憖
sorry this is so late uhhh college fucked me over 馃榾 but im on summer break now so hopefully i can start answering asks again 馃ゴ this one shot kinda sorta got away from me hsjsks
Tumblr media
word count: 2.7k+
mentions: idt i used pronouns?, prolly slightly female coded tho, maybe ooc baku, suggestive content at end u have been warned, older au
Tumblr media
You were (maybe) pissed at Bakugou.
You understood the urge he had to continuously train. To build himself up to the high standards he set as he grinded to become a full-fledged pro hero. You got it, you really did. He worked so hard for his goals, and you endlessly supported him from the sidelines as you worked towards your own. You knew how difficult it was for him, how full his schedule could get. And it didn鈥檛 matter to you at the end of the day; as long as you were together, you could handle the occasional bouts of loneliness. You were not that dependent on him, after all.
Between both of your busy schedules - with you in grad school and him working as a sidekick - there was hardly any time to really hang out together. Sure you both lived in the same apartment, but your different working hours made it hard to see each other at times. It didn鈥檛 bother you too much; not particularly. Sometimes, you would wake up in the middle of the night to see him slip into bed beside you, exhaustion apparent in the way he would immediately pass out. It was those instances you treasured, just holding him as he dozed away, completely unaware.
But sometimes, there were moments when there was a patch of free time that matched up in both your schedules. You would seize the chance to finally get some awake time together, doing whatever you both wanted. Sometimes you would laze around in the living room. Other times you would have a nice little date at a restaurant. It didn鈥檛 matter to either of you. The moments were so rare that you took what you could get.
Recently, however, you found that Bakugou鈥 was starting to flake out on your free time together. You didn鈥檛 mind the first time. Or the second. You knew that there were often instances where he had to go into the agency he worked in to take care of unexpected business that randomly popped up. It made all the difference, seeing that he was in his pivotal years of being a sidekick; what he did now would make or break his transition into becoming a pro hero. It wasn鈥檛 until he flaked out on your fifth evening together that you started to figure that something鈥 just wasn鈥檛 right.
You knew his schedule. Knew that he usually spent a couple hours training before coming home. So he was either overtraining himself - again - or coincidentally kept getting on site calls on the same days you both had a date planned. You weren鈥檛 angry by it, but rather, confused. And a bit worried. So you confronted him about it - just to make sure he wasn鈥檛 unintentionally harming himself with work overload, as he tended to do every once in a while.
And, well, his response didn鈥檛 do much to ease up your stormy thoughts.
鈥溾檝e just got a lot to do, babe,鈥 Bakugou had grunted one night after he鈥檇 slipped into bed again in the wee hours of very early morning. 鈥淲ork keeps pilin鈥 on. I鈥檒l make it up to ya later, promise.鈥
Later never came, it seemed.
Again, and again, and again, he flaked out on your little dates. You learned not to expect much from him in those regards. You reassured him that you didn鈥檛 mind, no really, you didn鈥檛, you understood. But you were growing tired, and this just piled onto the worry you had for him and his tendency to just keep going until he burned out. You were a patient person, yes, but even you had your limits.
It wasn鈥檛 until you realized you hadn鈥檛 seen him in over a month that you started to get a bit pissed.
Maybe it was the stress of finals season. Maybe it was the fact that you鈥檇 lately been waking up to cold, empty sheets - the kind that told you he鈥檇 ended up spending the night at the agency again. Maybe you were simply PMS-ing. Maybe you were just that fucking touch-starved. But your emotions were everywhere, and you decided that you would let yourself be a bit angry. Just this once. Not at Bakugou, in particular, but at life. At his job. At his tendency to overwork himself so much for his dreams.
...which maybe did essentially extend to being pissed at him. But you knew he couldn鈥檛 help it! He was trying to be a pro hero, and you鈥檇 be damned if you鈥檇 stand in the way because of your petulant emotions! So you tried to hold it all in, gathering all your emotions up and squeezing them into a teeny tiny ball. You tried not to pester him too much, but he eventually started being less and less receptive even through texts, and you鈥 didn鈥檛 know what to do anymore.
And鈥 well鈥 you ended up stewing in your thoughts for well over a week, rotating between being worried, mad, lonely, desperate - the whole nine yards. And that teeny ball just ended up growing鈥 and growing鈥 and growing鈥 Until it eventually got to the point where you were a messy ball of emotions ready to burst. But you liked to think you handled them pretty well.
At least, until Bakugou came home early one day.
You were just folding some clothes, ruminating in your emotions and thoughts as you often tended to do when you weren鈥檛 busy studying. You were at an odd impasse where you were angry, understanding, and sad. They didn鈥檛 make up a good combination. You hadn鈥檛 heard the front door click open and shut. Nor the sounds of Bakugou shoving off his boots and tossing his bag to the side. Or the bedroom door creaking open. But you did feel the arms snake around your waist, a heated kiss pressed to the back of your neck.
To say you jumped would be an understatement.
鈥淛eez, Katsuki!鈥 you nearly shrieked out as you flinched out of his hold, turning around abruptly to shoot him an annoyed glare. He raised an eyebrow at you, glancing down at your balled up fists that had one of your jeans held in them. 鈥淒on鈥檛 just sneak up on me like that, holy shit! I nearly had a heart attack!鈥
鈥淔eelin鈥 a bit on edge, huh?鈥 he hummed out as he watched you step away from him, folding up the jeans in your grasp before setting them down on the bed next to the other pairs of pants you鈥檇 folded.
鈥淵ou could say that,鈥 you murmured as you nimbly stepped around him as he tried to wrap an arm around you again. Ignoring the way he stared at you, you focused on putting away the folded clothes into their designated drawers. You were still trying to process the fact that he was here. He was home early for once, a rarity in itself. You were chewing on the emotions currently on your plate, though, unsure of what to digest. Eventually, you decided that being just a bit irritated was good enough.
鈥淚s it school? Ya got finals, right?鈥 Bakugou asked as he tried to step up closer to you again, only to have you dodge around him and make your way out of the bedroom. You could hear him following behind you like a lost, spiky puppy, but you made a point not to look at him for too long. You could still distinctly see the furrowed brows on his face as he stared at you so hard it was almost akin to a glare.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you answered in a sort-of clipped voice. Part of you knew you were being a bit petty. He didn鈥檛 deserve this kind of relationship stress on top of whatever he was dealing with at work. But you couldn鈥檛 help it. You wanted him to know you weren鈥檛 pleased with what had been happening. Eventually, you鈥檒l talk to him, but for now you鈥檙e content with letting him follow you around as you tended to the chores you鈥檇 accidentally let pile up. And if that was an excuse for you to figure out what to say to him, then, well, he didn鈥檛 need to know that.
He didn鈥檛 say much after that, instead just watching you carefully as you walked to and from the laundry machines to pick up and dump some loads in. You occasionally had to dodge by him, avoiding his touches like they were the plague. But he mostly just stood in the bedroom doorway, watching you fold the clothes with his arms crossed against his chest. He almost looked intimidating like that, with his solid build and sharp, crimson eyes. You knew Bakugou was not one to wait for long. Frankly, it surprised you that he went almost ten minutes without doing anything.
It wasn鈥檛 until you鈥檇 accidentally cornered yourself by the closet that he made his move.
You heard him before you felt him. The heavy steps he took behind you before something grasped your upper arm and turned you around. You barely had time to drop the hoodie in your hands, your back coming into contact gently with the wall next to the closet door. You glanced up at Bakugou, the way he practically trapped you against the wall. His eyes pierced through your own, and you knew you wouldn鈥檛 be able to dance your way out of this.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e mad,鈥 he stated gruffly, leaning down further so that you could just barely feel his hot breath on your forehead.
鈥淚鈥檓 not mad,鈥 you said in return, turning your head to the side so that you wouldn鈥檛 have to look up at him. It hurt your neck to do so, the difference in your heights stark with the way he had you pressed against the wall.
鈥淵eah you are,鈥 he muttered as he leaned and pressed a kiss against your neck. You tried to ignore him, still staring out to the side as you tapped your foot against the ground to release some of the adrenaline that was suddenly rushing through your veins. You wanted nothing more than to just embrace him, sink into the hold you鈥檇 been craving ever since he started working more. But, well, you were also a tad bit stubborn. 鈥淭ell me.鈥 He wasn鈥檛 asking, he was demanding.
鈥淚鈥檓 not,鈥 you instead insisted, breath hitching slightly as he turned his head to start pressing kisses along your jawline. You hunched your shoulders slightly, feeling the strands of his ash blond hair start to tickle your neck. You would not succumb..!
鈥淏ullshit,鈥 he breathed into your ear before you suddenly felt him grasp your cheeks with his hand, turning your head so that you could look up at him. You watched the way his hair framed his sharp face, admired his smooth skin and brilliant, brilliant eyes. He tilted his head down until his forehead pressed against yours and forced you to keep eye contact with him, your breaths mingling together in the small space that separated your mouths. 鈥淭alk to me.鈥
You simply stared at him for a bit longer, closing your eyes momentarily before opening them. 鈥淚鈥檓 not mad,鈥 you whispered softly, feeling his hand move to rest on the dip of your hip. 鈥淣ot really. I鈥檓 mostly worried,鈥 you felt his eyebrows raise slightly, 鈥渁bout you. You work too hard, and I worry you鈥檙e not letting yourself rest.鈥
鈥淚 can handle myself,鈥 he frowned, and you immediately knew he was starting to get a bit irked himself.
鈥淚 know, I know,鈥 you rushed out before he could assume anything else. 鈥淏ut you need breaks, y鈥檏now? And I鈥︹ you trailed off for a moment, eyes averting from his own. 鈥淚 miss you. A lot. I haven鈥檛 seen you in a month, Katsuki, and I missed鈥. us.鈥
鈥淲hy didn鈥檛 you just tell me?鈥 Bakugou asked quietly, his hand opposite hand moving so that it could cup the curve of your cheek, thumb brushing against it gently. You lifted your own hand to grasp at his wrist. As though if your hold were any looser, he would disappear again, out of your grip.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 wanna bother you,鈥 you admitted, leaning into his touch when he pressed your foreheads closer. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e been working so hard, and you鈥檝e been so busy鈥 I鈥檓 not gonna stand in the way if it means you鈥檙e getting closer to becoming a pro.鈥
鈥淵ou wouldn鈥檛 bother me,鈥 he scoffed, making you scrunch up your nose when his breath puffed against your face. 鈥淲hat kinda fuckin鈥 hero would I be if I couldn鈥檛 balance my shitty schedule? I鈥︹ He swallowed slightly, his Adam's apple bobbing a bit. 鈥淚鈥檝e been busy lately, yeah. I needed the money and the recognition. I didn鈥檛 mean for it to cut into our date time, or whatever. It kinda escaped me.鈥 The hand on your hip slipped behind you to wrap around your back. 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 here now,鈥 he said firmly, his nose rubbing against yours.
鈥淵eah,鈥 you whispered, tilting your head up until you could just barely feel your lips brush against his own. You closed your eyes. 鈥淵ou are.鈥
With that, you pressed your lips together, feeling the way he sank down heavily into your embrace. He smelled like smoke and caramelized apples, along with a touch of lavender that you knew came from your own shampoo. He always liked using the brand you had, even if he would vehemently deny it every time you brought it up. He tasted like chocolate and cinnamon, likely from the protein bars he had stashed in his bag. He felt like a warm fire, encompassing you in your entirety, filling you with warmth until you felt woozy from the heat.
One, two, three, four, both your mouths parted and rejoined together as you desperately, desperately held each other. It had been too long since you鈥檇 been in each other鈥檚 presence. Being this close to him, you could easily feel yourself letting go of all the emotions that鈥檇 built up over the past month. Seeping away into nothingness. Five, six, seven, you eventually lost count of how many times you both went back for more. More, more, more, you couldn鈥檛 get enough of his intoxicating aroma. His hands wandered along your body, pressing you closer to him as though he could meld the both of you together.
鈥淔uck,鈥 Bakugou growled after he fully parted from you, bending down slightly as his hands grasped at your thighs. You had but a moment鈥檚 notice before he hoisted you up, your back firmly pressed against the wall as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Then he dove right back in, your hands coming up to hold his face as he bit at your bottom lip.
From this position, you had to bend your head down slightly to be able to meet his lips. Your hair fell in curtains around the sides of your face, occasionally brushing against Bakugou鈥檚 cheeks and neck. His grip increased on your legs as you nipped back at his lips, a deep sort of rumble escaping his chest that seemed to seep into your own.
鈥淔uck,鈥 he repeated as he broke away from you to start leaving hot kisses along your neck again that seemed to tingle in just the right way. You hummed as you moved a hand to grip at his hair, tugging it slightly. 鈥淚 missed you so fucking much.鈥
鈥淚 know,鈥 you replied as you felt him bite down slightly at the junction where your neck met your shoulder. You sighed out. 鈥淚 know.鈥
You gasped slightly as you felt him take a step away from the wall, arms suddenly moving to wrap around his neck as he walked backwards until his legs hit the side of your shared bed. He promptly fell down onto it, an 鈥榦of鈥 escaping your lips as you found yourself laying on top of his waist, torsos still pressed together.
He murmured something as he rolled over until you were trapped underneath him again. The softness of the mattress underneath you contrasted heavily with the hardness of his chest. You gazed up at him with flushed cheeks, your lips throbbing slightly with how much he鈥檇 kissed you. You barely had time to let out an eloquent 鈥榟uh?鈥 before he was diving back down to kiss the sensitive part of your neck. You could feel him smirk against your skin, his teeth nipping it gently as his hands roamed along your waist.
鈥淚 said I would make it up to you later, didn鈥檛 I?鈥
Tumblr media
u didnt hear it from me but baku was workin extra hours to buy u a 馃拲
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leafeonb a year ago
it will be alright :)
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1-800-yandere-cats 7 months ago
hi! this is my first ask lol. what about yandere dream, wilbur, and anyone else you wanna do with a d/o who is fine with them being a yandere but is like "why would you kill someone for me im not good enough for that?" sorry if its a weird request
Thank you so much for requesting! And welcome to my blog, feel free to request anytime the requests are open ^_^
Also this is such a cute request, this is mainly going to be fluff. Also sorry that this is short, I didn't have much of an idea for this.
C! Dream
Tumblr media
"Why would you kill someone for me I'm not good enough for that?"
You two had been laying under a blanket and pillow fort you two had made in the living room of your home that was deep in a forest. You and been reading a book to him that he just gifted you, your head laying on his chest while you rested the book on his stomach and he had a hand resting behind his head while the other played with your hair as you read the book, smiling to himself. The book was about this young man who would do anything for his lover, even kill which it had just mentioned him killing someone.
It was at this point you placed a bookmark you two had made together in the book to save your place before closing it and set it beside you. "Tired of reading babe?" He questioned as you turned to face his side and snuggled up to him with your arms coming to wrap around him. "No not necessarily." You answered as he moved his hand from behind his hand and moved your chin with his index finger up to look at him. "My darling, what's wrong?" He asked, brushing hair out of your face. You sigh and take a moment before responding. "Its just...why would you kill someone for me?"
Dream couldn't even comprehend the question you just asked him for a few moments. Doesn't he make it obvious? "Because I love you, why do you ask?" He answered, propping himself up onto his elbows. "Well love just doesn't seem like enough to kill someone, you know? It feels like you need more than just love to kill someone." You almost seem unsure with what you're talking about which makes Dream sigh. "Well I guess you're right, it takes more than love. It takes anger, jealousy, lust, the need to protect, think about all the people I've killed for you. They either had the intention to be with you, hurt you, break you and so much more." He moves so he sat up while you were sat on his lap facing him. His hands place themselves on your hips, rubbing up and down your sides. "Only I'm allowed to do all that." His grip on your hips get tighter as he pulls you closer against him.
*badada what comes next? You decide!
Tumblr media
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letstalkaboutfandomsbaby 3 months ago
girl i had an idea for my first fic (thinking of doing shigaraki bc he鈥檚 my current hyperfixation)- him casually stalking his chubby (soon-to-be) s/o. he eventually attempts to kidnap her only for a villain to try to take the place she works at hostage so he ends up dusting the criminal and grabbing her. s/o feels conflicted but mainly 馃挀 for her knight in an oversized hoodie
long story short, he lives w her and is totally stray-cat and demands retribution thru physical affection for saving her life. he makes her hold and snuggle him and wear red lipstick and kiss his face and neck.
he also can鈥檛 hold back his undying love and lust for her plush body so he huffs and snarls at her cause he wants her to want him like that naturally. so what are you waiting for?
YES yesyesyesyesyes. This pleases me >:3 i am going to throw out a billion ideas BUT if you do write something? Please please PLEASE tag me, i wanna read it so bad 馃ズ
Woowee, this got out of hand tho sksksk like it started out cute and then got super duper dark so uhhhh ig this is closer to yandere Shigaraki than cute and sweet fanon Shigaraki sksksk my bad, i got carried away 鉁岎煒 hope you still enjoy it tho :3
CW: chubby fem reader, yandere tendencies, stalking, manipulation, Shiggy dusting ppl, SO many red flags jesus christ pls dont date someone like this irl, not beta read bc im a gremlin
Tumblr media
UGH i just want Shiggy to be obsessed with me 馃様
Chubby chaser Shigaraki who saw you ONCE when he was walking around the city and immediately knew that he had to have you
So, like any lovesick man would, he stalked you and found out where you lived and he set up cameras when you were gone and he watches you in his free time bc he's so normal you guys he's just so normal and sweet seriously鈥
ANYWAYS he's content for a while just watching you from a distance, jerking off to footage of you changing or sleeping or showering
But there's this little voice in the back of his mind telling him that this isn't enough, that he should have his hands on your body instead of his cock, how your cunt should be milking him instead
He's able to ignore it for the most part, justifying that it was better this way bc there was no chance of him being rejected
But then he sees you masturbating on camera for the first time and good god your tits look so soft and squishy in your hands and your chubby pussy is so tempting and he keeps wondering how you would taste鈥
Ok so his resolve breaks sooner than he expected it to sksksk
So guess who's gonna kidnap you the next time you go to work?? 鉁岎煠
He's got it all worked out: you'll live with him and the league, he'll get you your own room and bathroom and he'll be able to lock it from the outside and come visit you whenever he likes
It isn't what he really wants (i.e. a real relationship), but it's better than jerking off to footage of you like a loser
He's fully prepared to dust your coworkers if he has to
Nothing is getting in the way of him and his precious soon to be but not really girlfriend
So he walks into your place of work, his hood over his head, prepared to sneak close to you and drag you away
But when he looks up, he sees someone holding you to their chest, holding a knife at your neck
And Shiggy sees RED
Wastes no time bolting over to the two of you, grabbing your captor and dusting him without a second thought
You're standing there shocked as Shigaraki is seething, appalled that anyone would touch his girlfriend
He turns to you, grabbing your wrist, prepared to pull you out of the building and back to his hideout where no one can find you
But when he looks at your face, he freezes in his tracks
Your eyes are sparkling, your mouth slightly ajar as you gaze up at him, amazed
"Th-thank you for saving me..."
Tomura is sure that he's died and gone to heaven when he sees that look on your face
He's so nervous when you start thanking him over and over and asking if he's a hero and saying that he was incredible yea let's just ignore that someone died, apparently it's ok bc he's a villain or whatever
He mumbles and stutters over his words, unsure what to say bc omg you're right in front of him and you're so much prettier up close and you smell so good and shit he can feel himself getting hard鈥
"C-Can I have your nu-number?" he blurts out, not even thinking before he spoke
You're clearly flustered and Tomura worries that he'll have to resort back to his original plan which he really doesn't wanna do bc he feels so blessed seeing how happy you're looking at him rn and he doesn't want to make you scared by kidnapping you now鈥
"S-Sure! Yeah, of course!"
Holy fuck, he could die happy right now
Nothing else matters: he got your phone number and his life is complete
The two of you start texting constantly
This is mainly on Shigaraki's end bc he has literally nothing else going on and you are the only thing that matters to him so of course he's gonna spend all his free time talking to you 馃毄
His yandere tendencies really come through during this time
Like he's super obsessed with you and always asks where you are, where you're going, who you're with, etc
But you're so dokidoki bc he saved you that you don't think much of it sksksk
Like maybe he's just so attached to you bc he saved you and almost saw you die so it makes sense that he worries about you so much
Your relationship moves quickly and now he's spending time at your place more than he is at his own home
He's there when you come home and when you leave, following you around like a little puppy dog
He's not subtle about wanting affection, latching himself onto you the minute you walk through the door
He's always touching you (CAREFULLY!!!), his hands always pressed against you and his arms always wrapped around you
He acts all mean and tough, but he's really just a big baby
Cuddle him! Pet his hair! Let him lay on you or sit in his lap! Right! Now!!!!!! 馃槨
Now obviously he doesn't yell and stomp his foot until you give him attention, like he's not a five year old
No he just pouts until he gets his way sksksk
The. Biggest. Baby. 馃檮
But it's kind of endearing, like he's so in love with you that he wants to be close to you all the time 馃ズ馃挄 馃毄馃毄
So you cuddle him whenever he pleases which tbh is all the time
He is sooooooo obsessed with your body
He thought his type was the thin, busty anime girls he grew up with, but you changed EVERYTHING
You are the softest, warmest, plushest person he could've ever met
He's always imagined how soft boobs were, but you're that soft everywhere and he鈥
He almost creams himself the first time you sit on his lap
You were nervous to do it but he hissed and snarled about how it's the least you could do for him since he saved your life and all 馃毄馃毄馃毄
You still protest but he gets impatient and just pulls you onto his lap, holding you close, refusing to let you go
Once you calm down and relax, he's finally able to enjoy the softness of your body
You're so warm and plush and omg he can feel your chubby pussy through your clothes and it leaves him breathless
If you can feel how hard he is, you don't show it and he's grateful that you don't point it out; the last thing he needs is to feel humiliated in front of the girl he likes
He's so touchy feely from then on out
Think Tagami Yukiya from Pochamani
Like he's squeezing your upper arms and breathing heavy and gets a glint in his eye whenever he sees your chubby bits on display
He's super vocal with the LOV about his new girlfriend
"Hey guys I'm gonna head out to see my girlfriend, you know the girl who I get to kiss whenever I want, don't wait up"
But it isn't enough bc Shiggy is a gremlin and he wants everyone to know that he's got a girlfriend and he's cool and desirable
So he makes you put on lipstick/lipgloss and leave kisses all over him
He likes bright colors that contrast his pale skin and are more noticeable from a distance
"Hey, Shig, ya got somethin on your鈥"
He's trying so hard to be a big tough alpha male like he's compensating so hard for all of his insecurities
Dabi ends up calling him out on it too and making him feel worse
"If your girl likes ya so much, why hasn't she let ya smash yet?"
Shiggy's face burns bright red and he huffs and leaves the room, grumbling about how stupid Dabi is
But his words are stuck in Tomura's head
Like of course he's thought about fucking you, obviously he would, but he wasn't sure how to initiate things without scaring you away
He already pushes your limits by being so brash and handsy, he doesn't want to ruin everything by trying to fuck you and going too far
But he's starting to get insecure that you don't actually like him bc yall haven't fucked yet
He's grumpier than usual, pouting even though he's cuddled up against your tummy like he always wants to be
"What's wrong, Tomie??"
He stays quiet for a bit but eventually asks if you actually like him
You ask where this is coming from and he admits that one of his "friends" said that if you really loved him then you would have sex with him, and Shiggy agrees with him 馃毄馃毄馃毄馃毄
You get all flustered and insist that you do love him
"Okay so if you love me then let's have sex" 馃毄馃毄馃毄馃毄馃毄 this man is just full of red flags huh??
Ok so now you're having sex sksksksk
He's awkward and clumsy but that doesn't stop him from fondling you like his life depends on it
You have to guide him a bit, showing him how to make you feel good
But once he gets the hang of it he gets very aggressive, doing everything he can to make you cum
Isn't too keen on eating you out at first but once he's between your legs he's a menace, like he's licking and sucking and slurping every inch of you as he pumps two fingers up into your g-spot
He's a little off but he's got the spirit and that's all that matters
He sounds like a fucking animal when he fucks you
He's growling as he eats your pussy and once he slips his cock into you he's panting and snarling and practically drooling as he ruts into you like a dog
He's determined to make you cum as many times as possible: it's physical confirmation that he's a good boyfriend and makes you happy
You'll probably only cum once before he cums inside you, but that doesnt mean he stops
No he keeps fucking you, overstimming you both as his hips snap into yours
He'll cum 3 times total and you'll cum 5/6 times
He almost passes out once he's done, falling on top of your body and burying himself in your chest
He falls asleep in your arms, mindlessly sucking your heavy tits as he sleeps
From then on out, everytime he visits you, he has to unload into you at least once
He's one possessive motherfucker and he's paranoid that anyone could try to steal you away from him
He has no concept of people not being attracted to chubby folk bc in his mind you're the most gorgeous woman on the planet and anyone would be blessed to even stand in your presence
So be prepared to be covered in dozens of bites and hickeys
He's not gentle about it either, fucking you hard from behind and biting your neck to the point of bleeding
He's so pussy drunk that he doesn't know how rough he's being; all he knows is that your body feels heavenly and he never wants to stop
He needs you to tell him that you love him several times a day
If you don't, he gets cranky and angry
It's cute at first bc awwww he likes you so much but let's be honest he's just manipulating you into doing what he wants
"If you really loved me, you would tell me all the time"
"If you love me so much, then show me"
Just really shitty behavior on his part bc his only experience with relationships is through media and toxic behavior is seen as normal in a lot of the shows/movies/games/etc that he consumes
Is he awful? Yes. BUT!!!! Butbutbut I do think that he could change if you taught him how healthy relationships should go
If he makes you feel like shit, you'll just have to call him out! Let him know that he can't say things like that to you or else you'll dump his ass
Threaten to break up with him enough times and he'll eventually learn, becoming nicer and softer with you
He's not a big angry gremling anymore, he's a small soft uwu baby who just wants to cuddle his chubby girlfriend every night
He'd be all needy and snuggle up to you on the couch, nosing your tummy and giving you big doe eyes
"Can we cuddle?"
Yes baby, of course we can cuddle 馃ズ馃挄
He's a real piece of work, but with enough love and patience he could become a wonderful boyfriend
Tumblr media
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blownbybakugou a year ago
Alright, I鈥檓 gonna break the cycle for this. Hcs of Bakugo, Shinsou, Sero, and Dabi with a short s/o BUT she鈥檚 chaotic asf. I鈥檓 tired of seeing short s/o hc鈥檚 that just take the teasing, need one that fights back. Like she would dead ass kick them in the back of their knees to make em fall while saying 鈥淭imber, bitch鈥, If they stand at full height to make her reach to kiss em; she just won鈥檛 kiss em for the whole day, or if there鈥檚 something on a high shelf and they make jokes about her not being able to reach it, she鈥檒l just scare the hell out of them by climbing on the shelves or counter for it (Bonus moment for if she falls and just goes 鈥淲orth it鈥)
Anon, you read my goddamn mind. I鈥檓 short asf, like- way too short for my age., but I spread havoc literally everywhere, including near my bf lmao. AND IM SO SORRY, BUT I DO NOT WRITE FOR SERO as a curtasey, I will add in Shiggy baby. List of people I write for is here.
Bakugou, Shinsou, Shigaraki and Dabi w/ a Short Badass s/o
Part 2 || Part 3
One comment.
He said o n e comment on you looked like a midget compared to him.
And you kicked him to the floor.
He astonished tbh.
Most girls would鈥檝e puffed their cheeks and bitched and whined about how they weren鈥檛.
But you-
Y o u-
You just made him love you 20x more with your badassery.
He probably sets Deku up.
Telling you that he called you a short stack of pancakes and watches poor Midoriya fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.
That鈥檚 what he loves.
What he hates,
Is when you don鈥檛 kiss him for not leaning down to let you kiss him.
He is not gonna lower himself for you,
But he gets all pouty when you decide not to give him a kiss at all.
He still doesn鈥檛 lower himself for you,
But tries to convince you to give him kisses throughout the day.
Imagine this:
Bakugou is searching for you, and he sees you wobbly standing on a table trying to reach a book.
He rushes over to help scold you,
But the next thing he knows you鈥檙e shoving him away and losing your balance on the table.
The bookshelf had tilted slightly, (luckily not falling) and dropped all the books on top of you and Bakugou.
鈥淚t was worth it.鈥 You say
鈥淚 fucking love you鈥
Oh man-
The levels of horniness this brings him-
But it still pisses him off when you kick him down
鈥淭imber bitch.鈥
鈥淔uck you too鈥
He actually goes through the effort to bend down and allow you to kiss him.
Because let鈥檚 be honest-
He can鈥檛 live an hour without your kisses,
Let alone a day
The first time you did that, he was so sad.
Like, he didn鈥檛 mean to upset you.
Please forgive him.
He likes watching you take people down that call you short,
Because it鈥檚 not him,
And I鈥檓 99% sure he hates everyone that isn鈥檛 you or Denki in U.A.
But srsly, seeing you knock some poor bastard down-
Makes his tired eyes light up,
And his hot scruffy voice erupt in laughter,
(Man I simp so hard for Hitoshi 馃ズ)
He also gets v scared when you try to get something high up,
It鈥檚 like he knows you鈥檙e gonna fall.
When you actually do,
He treats you like fragile porcelain.
鈥淚t was worth it.鈥
鈥淣o it wasn鈥檛.鈥
Bitch you thought-
He reverse knocks your ass.
Then you get a punishment spank.
Because he鈥檚 kinky asf
Shiggy is decently tall.
(5鈥9鈥 to be exact)
But he has an image to withhold,
So there鈥檚 no way in hell he鈥檚 gonna bend down,
Just so you can give him a fuckin kiss.
But he does get really angry when you refuse to kiss him when you guys are alone in his room,
Because Shiggy needs his daily dose of affection.
He might actually force you to kiss him if you won鈥檛 do it,
That鈥檚 how bad he needs love.
Please just do it 馃ズ鉁
He literally had quirk canceling gloves made just so he could touch you.
He won鈥檛 let them go to waste.
He doesn鈥檛 really give a fuck or not if you decide to climb a shelf
Gives him a nice view of your ass, so why the hell not?
Horny bastard
When you fall hes like,
鈥淲hat the fuck was that pathetic excuse of climbing?鈥
鈥淪tfu it was worth it鈥
He doesn鈥檛 even help you up,
He just watches you clean up while he plots his next evil plan.
Dabi is shook
Your tiny ass just kicked him to the floor,
And you had the audacity to say;
鈥淭imber bitch鈥
He鈥檚 into it
He鈥檚 knee deep into it.
And here鈥檚 why:
As I have mentioned before,
Dabi is VERY into Brats
So when you fight back against him,
He thinks it鈥檚 the hottest thing ever.
And Ngl,
He would probably pop a boner every time you kicked him down,
But not when you kick anyone else down.
He likes that to be exclusive to him.
He goes out of his way to tease you now.
Kick him down?
He stands up and full height and pats your head to show the height difference.
Refuse to kiss him for a day?
He鈥檒l refuse to kiss you for a week.
You can鈥檛 outplay this stubborn mf
Trust me.
Like fr,
He one time didn鈥檛 kiss you for a month,
And Shiggy went up to you thinking you were single.
That was the end of the cycle.
And you can no longer talk to Shiggy.
(Kinda hard since he鈥檚 you leader)
Part 2?
饾櫚饾殨饾殨 饾殱饾殤饾殠 饾殞饾殬饾殫饾殱饾殠饾殫饾殱 饾殸饾殯饾殥饾殱饾殱饾殠饾殫 饾殝饾殠饾殨饾殬饾殫饾殣饾殰 饾殱饾殬 饾櫛饾殨饾殬饾殸饾殫饾櫛饾殺饾櫛饾殜饾殧饾殲饾殣饾殬饾殲 漏
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ohajime 8 months ago
hii i saw ur taking requests and I wanted to ask if you could do a fic with the miya twins,suna and iwa comforting their s/o after they have a dream of them cheating on her? tysm!
Cheating Misunderstandings with the haikyu boys (Osamu,Atsumu)
Tumblr media
Word Count:1.8K
AN: This was kind of on the lines of what you wanted, but I hope you enjoy it. Also you guys will see an聽鈥楨mpress appearance鈥 in this work....so don鈥檛 kill me.
Tumblr media
You were walking to miya onigiri ready to pick up Samu to go home
But when you got to the front door you see Osamu in the shop winding touching another girl
You couldn鈥檛 see the girl or Osamu properly because of the angle you were at
But you wouldn鈥檛 say your eyes were decieving you, so you did what you should do turn on your heel and get out of there.
You were back at your apartment and you were fuming, you were at your desk and decided that distracting yourself with your mountainous amount of paperwork that you had for your job would be better than sitting down and stewing over watching your boyfriend cheat on you.
鈥楬ow long has this been going on,鈥 you thought to yourself 鈥榃ho even is she? She can鈥檛 be a worker鈥 since you knew everyone that worked there and the manager Empress would definitely not let a worker get with Osamu since you were besties after all.
Distracting yourself, obviously didn鈥檛 work and you sent yourself into a spiral of social stalking, trying to find this girl. Which didn鈥檛 work, as you only saw her hair and her height which was around a foot shorter than Osamu鈥檚. 鈥楽tupid Osamu鈥 you thought, how could he do this? Why would you do this?
You wanted to cry, you were going to cry. Outside you heard a car door shut, and looking out your window you saw Osamu walking out the car with his keys in his mouth and bags (presumably food) in his hand. 聽
You heard some knocking, well kicking at your front door and a light shout of 鈥淏abe, can you open the door my arms our pretty full here.鈥 You didn鈥檛 answer, you didn鈥檛 even move cause you knew if you saw his face it鈥檒l most likely be him saying 鈥榊/N im sorry, but theres someone else鈥 the thought alone made you cringe. You were knocked out of your thoughts with again the kicking of the door and Osamu saying with a laugh 鈥淐鈥檓on babe all you really gonna leave a guy stranded out here, ive got your favourite too and its going to get cold鈥
You reluctantly opened the door, not actually greeting Osamu and just going back to your room to pack away your paper work and close your laptop. To your surprise Osamu was behind you and gave you a quick kiss to your cheek, which you would usually smile and ease into but today you cringed and quickly moved. Making Osamu look at you with a side eye.
By time he was setteled in you were sitting down at the dinner table eating, with the sound of Gordon Ramsey鈥檚 Hell Kitchen filling your awkward silence. Osamu did try to speak to you but you always just responded with 鈥測eah,鈥 鈥渟ure,鈥 or 鈥渕aybe.鈥 Short simple answers that Osamu definitely didn鈥檛 like.
When dinner was over and it was the time when you two usually watched a shitty reality tv show together, you decided to go to bed early to avoid any more awkward conversation with Osamu. But before you could clamber into bed, Osamu grabs your arm saying 鈥淵/N, what鈥檚 wrong with you?鈥
鈥淲hat do you mean Samu?鈥 you say with a forced smile on your face even though he couldn鈥檛 see it, you just did so he didn鈥檛 see you start to tear up 鈥渘othing鈥檚 wrong with me.鈥
鈥淎re you Y/N?鈥
鈥渕hm鈥 you murmured trying to shrug off his hold, you sniffled a bit (attempting to do it quietly) but he heard it.
鈥淣o y/n, what鈥檚 wrong can鈥檛 you just turn around.鈥 The force of you pulling away and he pulling you close, left you falling onto your bed and the tears just started to fall. Osamu immediately crouched down to your eye line 鈥渨hats wrong love?鈥 he said with a tender voice.
You shook your head in response, 鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong?? Please tell me Y/N.鈥
鈥淲hy would you do that to me?鈥 you say your voice breaking as the tears streamed your face. Osamu started to panick seeing you cry.
鈥淒o what Y/N, what do you mean?鈥
鈥淵ou cheated on me? Was I not enough for you? Don鈥檛 you love me anymore.鈥
鈥淲ho Y/N!Who.?鈥
鈥淵ou touched her, I saw you. I can鈥檛 believe you would do that. In public as well鈥 you accused 鈥淗ow could you do that to me.鈥
鈥淵/N, baby listen I don鈥檛 know what you mean?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 call me that Miya, you鈥檙e such a fucking liar oh my god.鈥
鈥淐an you please explain to me what you鈥檙e talking about?鈥
鈥淵ou. In the shop. I saw you, touching her鈥 you say scowling saying the last line as if It was poisonous.
鈥淚n the shop? What do you-鈥 a spark flashed in Osamus eyes before he stood up and started pulling you out the room 鈥淵ou need to come with me.鈥
鈥淢iya, what are you doing? I鈥檓 not going anywhere with you.鈥 you groaned
鈥淵es you are, and stopped calling me that.鈥 聽
He dragged you outside to his car and opened the door for you, standing expectedly waiting for you to get in. 鈥淚m not getting in,鈥 you say folding your arms
鈥淥h yes you are. Just get in the car.鈥
鈥淏ut im in my roblox pyjamas鈥 you groaned again feeling like a child.
鈥淎nd you still hot babe don鈥檛 worry鈥 he said winking at you ushering you into the car 鈥淛ust get in it鈥檒l be a quick ride anyways.鈥
You pulled outside of onigiri miya and Osamu begin to drag you out again taken you to the office where the security cameras are. He did something on the community and pulled up a date and time which was the time you were at the store earlier.
Playing on the screen was the recording and the incident which you saw before, but this one was a differnet angle. You saw a girl walking one way and Osamu walking the over with a drink in his hand, him spilling the drink on her and cleaning her off with a paper towel. Which you thought was him groping and touching her.
Your cheeks heated up hard in embarrasment, as you realised how you acted and how you got it all wrong. You saw Osamu with a glint in his eye and smirk on his face and before he could say anything you said 鈥淒ont. Let鈥檚 get back to the car.鈥 聽
All was forgotten on your car ride home and you decided to discuss eachothers days (skipping out the 鈥榗heating鈥 part.) However after you watched you shows and finally gotten into bed, when Osamu was holding you right against his chest (so close where you could hear his heartbeat) he said, 鈥淵/N, although we agreed to not talk about this incident...even though I will definitely be telling Empress, I just want to let you know that I will never even think about cheating on you let alone actually doing it, I love you so much that the idea of cheating is so uncomprehendable I don鈥檛 even want to think about it.鈥
鈥淟ove you 鈥楽amu, and I'm sorry for making this into a big old thing when I could鈥檝e just asked you about it.鈥 you say in response
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay babe,鈥 he said kissing your forehead 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay.鈥
Tumblr media
You and Atsumu have been dating fairly recently meeting in your through your friend Empress who was the manager at Atsumu鈥檚 brother Osamu鈥檚 shop Onigiri Miya.
You鈥檝e only been together 6 months and you鈥檙e ready to tell him that you love him
However you being the perfectionist that you are, wanted it to be perfect so of course you had to practice on friend, Empress鈥 boyfriend Hajime.
鈥淥kay so go.鈥
鈥淎tsumu, I think you鈥檙e a stand-up guy and you鈥檙e pretty cute can I love ya.鈥 you said punching Iwa on the arm.
鈥淵/N, you can鈥檛 say that.鈥 Empress said face palming.
鈥淥kay, Atsumu I鈥檝e fallen for you and I can鈥檛 get up?鈥
鈥淣o dad jokes Y/N.鈥 Hajime said shaking his head
鈥淲hy theyre soo funny, what about Atsumu you鈥檙e a pain in my ass.鈥 you said winking at Empress.
鈥淕osh Y/N! Take this seriously for once.鈥 Hajime said blushing at your obvious innuendo.
鈥淲ell how did you two confess you undying love to eachother?鈥 you asked and smiled at both their reactions, knowing that they definitely haven鈥檛 done that.
鈥淛ust say your confession Y/N,鈥 Empress said rolling her eyes
鈥淥kay Atsumu,鈥 you said taking a deep breath 鈥淓ver since I met you after your brother spilt a drink on me at his shop and you tried to cheer me up with your terrible jokes I knew that you were the one for me. I love your passion, your drive your determination to make me feel better all the time even when I don鈥檛 need you too. I love being with you and I...鈥
Hajime looked at you expectedly, 鈥淚 love you,鈥 you said smiling 鈥淭here I said it I love you!鈥
鈥淥h my gosh Y/N! That was so cute you should definitely sa-鈥
鈥淲hat the fuck Y/N!鈥 exclaimed a voice next to you 鈥淵ou love this clown.鈥
鈥淲ho are you calling a clown,鈥 said Iwa squaring up to Atsumu making both you and Empress roll your eyes at the heeping testoterone filling the area. 聽
鈥淗aji let鈥檚 go,鈥 said Empress dragging her boyfriend away 鈥渁nd Y/N I'm pretty sure you two need to talk.鈥
When Hajime and Empress were an ear shot away, Atsumu looked at you with a glare. 鈥淪o Y/N, is this what you鈥檙e doing now slu-鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 even go there 鈥榯sumu, you鈥檙e such an ass sometimes.鈥 You say walking away 鈥淎nd by the way I was practicing with Iwa to say I fucking love you, you asshole.鈥
You already stormed off before Atsumu yelled, 鈥淲ait! You love me?鈥
鈥淥f course I do you ass.鈥 you say scowling.
Atsumu jogs over to you and says, 鈥淚 love you too Y/N鈥 he picks you up and tosses you about in the air, practically doing sommersaults, 鈥淚m so happy! Wait till I tell Osamu bout this he鈥檚 probably hasn鈥檛 told his girlfriend about this.鈥
鈥淏abe, they鈥檝e been dating for years鈥 You said with a laugh 鈥淏ut go ahead 鈥榯sumu tell the world.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry for misunderstanding things.鈥
鈥淎nd I'm sorry for calling Iwa a clown, knowing he would definitely beat my ass.鈥
鈥淎nd I'm sorry for being an ass.鈥 he said with his head down.
鈥淵ou are an ass Atsumu,鈥 you said with a smile 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e my favourite pain in the ass.鈥 You said winking at him making him burst out with laughter at your stupid innuedo.
Whenever Atsumu sees Osamu he tells him about how much you both love eachother, which always leads them into an argument about who has the better girlfriend and who loves their girlfriend more which always has you laughing.
AN: do you guys see the connection between the two?? Cause if you see the connection I鈥橪L LOVE YOU FOREVER :3 Hope you guys enjoyed it, what do you guys think?
Tumblr media
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bakuvantea 6 months ago
hello, can i have nsfw hcs about sung jinwoo with small s/o? thank you 馃挒
mon amour, mon petit
- synopsis: our fave boy sjw nsfw hc's with a small s/o
- warnings: so this will be nsfw so do be warned!! if you're not comfortable about it then please just scroll away yay
- audience: i didn't use any pronouns since it wasn't indicated what typa s/o they gonna be ehe,,,
- a/n: first of all, mans probably have a size kink (ya'll can't fight me on this) and second, 馃挒-anon i am so sorry for the long wait! this is short since i am not so good at writing nsfefwfsfsfsfsfs kekekeke i hope you'll like it! stay healthy n drink lotsa water! eat lots too! <333
> woo simply adores the fact that you're smaller than him, he may not be vocal about it but just seeing his eyes glint whenever your 'lil cunt swallows him up nice and good gets your whole body heating up from desire
> when the two of you are out on dates, he'd always get lost in his own thoughts due to just how little you are when beside him. his instincts screaming at him to protect you, his small baby
> gets aroused when you sit in between his legs when the two of you are lazing around in your living room, you just look so small, so precious
> he always tries to be gentle when you two are going at it, afraid to hurt you since we all know he can just break you in half
> gives praises a lot, also curses and often would degrade you but he'd always say sorry after
鈥測ou鈥檙e taking me so well, so good (name),鈥 jin-woo grunts into your ear, fingers tightening around your thighs as he pulls you in closer and bounces you up and down on him. 鈥測ou're so small love, think you can take more?" you moan a yes and that seems to have taken all of his inhibitions away as he starts thrusting up into you at a much faster pace.
he smirks as he presses his palm into your lower stomach. 鈥渟o perfect my little one,鈥 he chuckles and growls as he reaches his climax which also lead you to your own. he huffs, changes your position, and now you're on your knees. "suck it clean baby," he smirks down at your disheveled state. the moment you take him in your wet cavern he lets out a series of 'more' and 'yes baby'
鈥測ou're so good to me, little one,鈥 woo praises, hands gently clasping your cheeks as you moan and gag at his length. 鈥渃lean it up nice and good, hmm?鈥
immediately after he'd be on his knees apologizing for being kinda rough and he'd be trying to make sure you're okay -he'll run a bath for you and will be the one to make sure you're all clean. since you're tired he'll also brush your teeth and do your nightly routine for you <333
- a/n: HOPE YA LIKED IT JDCNJSDSD im gonna play genshin now-
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xixiro a year ago
no thoughts, only dry humping with mirio. that鈥檚 it, that鈥檚 the ask.
im going absolutely feral over mirio rn so excuse me if this is shit. also did I draw something based off this? Possibly
鈽 鈰*路锞:鈰*路锞:鉁*鈰.*:路锞熲湩.: 鈰*路锞: .鈰 鈽 鈰*路锞:鈰*路锞:鉁*鈰.*:路锞熲湩.: 鈰*路锞: .鈰 鈽
Tumblr media
鈽锔 Togata Mirio
his hands were tight on your hips, blue eyes hazy and fluttering shut every so often. mirio was controlling the pace, guiding your hips to roll against his as your nails dug into his shoulders through his shirt. you were sweetly moaning in his ear, desperate for more friction as you grinded against him, feeling how hard he was under his sweatpants through your shorts.
you pushed your hips down with more force, savoring the way his head tilted back as he let out a choked moan of your name, causing pleasure shot down your spine. 鈥渕iri...鈥 he lifted his head back, taking in your disheveled state as you tried to move faster in his lap, wanting more.
鈥渘eed more?鈥 he let out a sigh at your nod, letting out a quiet 鈥榦kay, baby鈥 before tightening his grip on your hips and pulling you against him harder. you pressed your face into his shoulder, muffling the moan you just let out as you sped up, aching for more of mirio, taking whatever you could get.聽
its was embarrassing how close you were getting just by grinding against the front of his sweatpants, but you pushed it aside, feeling how mirio began picking up speed. if he kept this up, that tightly wound knot was going to snap and you were going to make a mess of your short.
one of his hands came up and grabbed you by the back of your neck, pulling your face out of his shoulder and up to his face before hungrily pressing his lips to yours. it was dizzying, being so close to mirio like this after days without him due to hero work, having him all to yourself. it was just pushing you closer and closer to coming undone, forcing you to break the kiss.
鈥渕-miri...鈥 he knew that tone of voice, opting to press kisses on your neck.聽鈥渋 know, baby, i got you,鈥 he hummed against your neck, feeling how you tense in his arms at his open mouthed kisses he litters across your skin.聽鈥渓et go for me, baby, don鈥檛 hold back.鈥
mirio鈥檚 arms wrapped around your waist as he grinded up into you, loving the way you cried out his name, fingers digging into his skin through his shirt as you finally came, shakily moaning out his name as he cooed into your ear how good you were, how pretty you looked coming undone like this, how much he loved you.聽
mirio slowed his movements, feeling you start to go lax in his arms as he pulled you tight against his chest so you didn鈥檛 fall out of his lap.聽鈥測ou okay, sunshine? was that alright?鈥 he felt your head move in what seemed like a nod, causing him to let out a gentle laugh.聽鈥渃ome on, sunshine, can you say it verbally? need to make sure my baby is okay.鈥
lifting yourself up, you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, muttering a quick聽鈥榠鈥檓 okay.鈥 your legs felt like jelly, and you could tell you were going to be struggling for the next few days if you both decided to continue.
that thought reminded you of something before you let out a gasp and pressed your hand against the front of his sweats, earning a deep groan from mirio as he ground against your hand.聽鈥渕irio! you didn鈥檛 cum!鈥澛
you really were cute, that pout on your face only fueling his urge to kiss you over and over. his cheeks flushed a deeper red as you began to move down the bed, fingers hooking into his sweatpants as he grabbed your wrist to stop you.聽鈥渟unshine, you don鈥檛 have to! i鈥檒l be okay, you鈥檙e probably tired, right?鈥
the look you shot him of pure annoyance and determination made him blush more, loving how quickly you took over as you pulled his pants down.聽鈥渕irio, i鈥檓 going to make you cum with my mouth, okay? then afterwards, i want you to fuck me until we both pass out. is that something lemillion can handle?鈥澛
you saw how his dick throbbed and how he bit his lip to hold in the moan that threatened to come out as he nodded frantically, eager to feel your mouth on him.聽
鈥減erfect. now be a good boy and let me make you feel good.鈥
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hajimescutie 4 months ago
Hey madi, could I please request some Bokuto and Iwaizumi comfort scenarios (separate of course) with an s/o who is always scared of showing their weak/sad side to them?
Like their s/o is afraid of crying in front of them because she fears of being judged by them? And when Iwaizumi and Bokuto found out about it they immediately comforted her and reassured her (please put some cause my love languages are; physical touch, and words of affirmation. This is also kinda based on me cause some people I know says that I鈥檓 not allowed to show my weak side to anyone cause they say that I鈥檒l just be a burden them and that I鈥檓 annoying when I vent too much so I mostly cry alone at night when no one鈥檚 around so yeah sorry for ranting though 馃檹馃徎). Thank you!! I think this is my second request to you. I鈥檓 sorry for requesting so much馃槶馃槶. I鈥檓 just really stress lately and I overthink a lot馃槗. You can add two more characters if you like though.
# 鈥 haikyuu boys with an s/o who鈥檚 afraid of being weak
Tumblr media
includes: k. bokuto x f!reader, h. iwaizumi x f!reader
genre: hurt/comfort
warnings: just a lot of sadness and self doubt :(
a/n: HI BABE IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG also pls don't ever feel like you're a burden with your feelings. whoever is invalidating your feelings are ignorant, your feelings are 100% valid bby and my inbox is always open if you need to rant!!! i hope you like this my love i love u <3333
main masterlist
fukurodani masterlist aoba johsai masterlist
Tumblr media
bokuto knew you were hiding something a few months into dating. he knew you weren鈥檛 cheating, you always proved how loyal your love is to him. he couldn鈥檛 put his finger on it. he felt like you were holding back something, a secret maybe? but you鈥檙e practically an open book by now, he knows anything and everything about you.
he feels like the only time you seem like you鈥檙e hiding something is whenever he asks if you鈥檙e okay, or if he鈥檚 checking up on you. you always answer with 鈥渋鈥檓 fine鈥 or 鈥渋鈥檓 okay鈥, or something short and sweet. and even though bokuto may come across as spacey, he picks up on these things. and honestly, he鈥檚 a little worried.
he wants to be there for you, he wants to be your shoulder to lean on when things get too hard, he wants to feel your tears stain his shirt as weird as that sounds. he wants you to be okay with feeling vulnerable, because even he feels vulnerable at times. ask akaashi, he鈥檚 there every time it happens.
so, he decided to put on his big boy pants and confront you about it.
he was sitting on the couch, waiting for you to come home. practice had ended early but he wanted to surprise you and take the opportunity to talk to you. his knee was bouncing unconsciously, nerves getting the best of him since he had no idea how to bring this up without making you feel forced to open up to him.
what if he pushes you away unintentionally? what if he makes you upset? god, the last thing he wants is to make up upset. but if he doesn't talk to you about this his nagging feeling will never go away. he runs a quivering hand through his frosted tips, leaning over rest his elbows against his knees with his fists up to his mouth.
question after question ran through his brain, overthinking every scenario that could go wrong. what if you break up with him over this? he feels like he's going to throw up.
the golden-eyed male let out a screech, flinching so hard against the couch before he looked up and saw your concerned figure. you had your hand reached out to him.
"hey, you okay? i've been here for like 10 minutes," you said.
"huh? oh- uh- yeah i'm okay. um- are you okay?" he stuttered.
there was that look again. he could see it in your eyes that you were holding something back.
"'m fine. was just worried about you," you started to walk away before bokuto desperately grasped your arm.
"w-wait! can we talk?"
you gave him a questioning look before nodding and sitting next to him on the couch. "sure babe, what's up?"
"um, well you see. how do i put this..." he mumbled. you were starting to become a little scared. you wracked your brain for something that might've lead to him wanting to talk to you about god knows what. and that something was troubling the professional volleyball player a lot.
"baby, what's going on? you're scaring me..."
"fuck i'm sorry it's just," he looked at you, "are you okay?"
you let out a sigh of relief.
"i told you i was fine babe, why are you-"
"no! i mean like are you really okay?"
you were taken aback by the question, blinking your eyes a couple times to process. when you didn't answer he continued.
"i don't know, i just feel like you're hiding something from me. not that i think you're cheating! i just feel like you're holding something back from me and i want to be there for you. if you'll let me. because i love you," he rambled.
you felt your hands tighten into fists, forcing yourself to keep your emotions at bay.
"i don't want to force you to open up to me, but i want to know if you're okay. honestly. and if you're not, i want to help you through it. if that makes sense. i'm sorry i'm probably overstepping my... boundaries..." he trailed off when he saw tears well up in your eyes. he immediately pulled you into him.
"fuck i'm so sorry. god i'm an idiot i didn't want to make you upset. please forgive me baby i'm so-" you cut him off with a watery kiss to his lips.
"it's okay, bo," you cupped his face in your hands, your heart melting when he leaned into your left one, "i grew up hiding my emotions. i don't like to feel vulnerable in front of others. i felt like no one would really care or no one would understand. that's why i hold back, and honestly props to you for noticing."
he scrunched his eyebrows together, "of course i would notice! you're my girlfriend, i'm supposed to know everything about you."
you let out a soft chuckle, nuzzling your face into his neck, "'m sorry i hid away from you. i was scared."
you felt his arms wrap around your waist tightly, "don't apologize baby. i'm always here to listen, whether you're okay or not. your feelings are valid, and it's okay to not be okay."
you pulled away to give him a soft smile, "since when did you become such a poet?"
"hey! i'm trying to help here," he pouted, hair deflating slightly.
"i know babe," you pecked his lips, "i know."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi isn鈥檛 prone to being vulnerable. everyone knows he puts on a strong, dominant front. he isn鈥檛 labeled as 鈥渢he pillar鈥 for nothing. that鈥檚 why it was so easy to get along with him, since you yourself weren鈥檛 prone to being vulnerable.
but, usually the more you get to know him, the more he tends to open up how he feels. he slowly starts to express things that make him happy or sad or angry. when he first opened up to you, you were shocked to say the least. you didn鈥檛 know what to say at first, just looking at him with big, doe eyes. when you finally processed what happened, you immediately welcomed him into open arms. you tried your best to comfort him, but you both were practically the same when it came to feelings, so you couldn鈥檛 really understand.
at first he was fine with it, he鈥檚 always been one to put himself in your shoes, which wasn鈥檛 hard. he did his best to try and encourage you to tell him how you felt about certain things or certain topics. he thought if he could do it, why couldn鈥檛 you?
he quickly discovered that even though it鈥檚 now been almost a year since you guys started dating, it seems like he鈥檚 made no progress in getting you to let down your blockade. he was growing increasingly frustrated and worried. he tries not to show it though. he鈥檚 always been good at being patient with you, the last thing he wants is to pressure you into something you鈥檙e uncomfortable with. but come on, there has to be some effort on your end, right?
he had to talk to you about this. but how? he definitely doesn鈥檛 want it to end up in an argument. that would just push you away even further. he texted oikawa, mattsun, and makki on advice to handling this.
oikawa, of course, was dramatic about the whole thing and suggested he start off slow and ease up because 鈥測ou were so fragile.鈥
both makki and mattsun said to be straight up with you, and that you were a big girl and could take his concern,
iwaizumi went with the ladders.
so here he was, sitting in front of you on the bed in your shared bedroom, looking at you with genuine concern and a good amount of fear of upsetting you. you couldn鈥檛 understand what had him so jumpy, for once in his life treating you as if you were glass. just because he鈥檚 going with the straight approach doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 scared out of his mind.
your soothing voice broke him out of this thoughts, 鈥渉aji, what鈥檚 going on? you鈥檙e acting weird.鈥
iwaizumi rubbed his sweaty hands along his sweatpants, letting out a deep breath before taking your soft hands in his. loving, olive-eyes bored into yours, letting out a deep sigh before opening his mouth.
fuck it i guess.
鈥渋wantyoutoopenuptomemore,鈥 he jumbled out.
鈥渨hat?鈥 you asked, eyebrows furrowing together.锟
鈥渦m- i want you to open up to me more,鈥 he said slowly, carefully eyeing your reaction to his words.
you were silent for a minute, teeth pulling your bottom lip between them as you were entranced into deep thought. the athletic trainer鈥檚 heart felt like it was going to combust. he didn鈥檛 like how quiet you were.
鈥渁ngel,鈥 he said, his heart now dropping since you wouldn鈥檛 meet your gaze with his. maybe mattsun and makki were wrong about the straight-up approach鈥
鈥溾榤 sorry,鈥 you whispered.
he raised an eyebrow, 鈥渨hy are you sorry?鈥
you fiddled with his fingers, 鈥渋 know you鈥檙e trying to help me open up more, and i appreciate you for that, but it鈥檚 hard.鈥
he stayed quiet in order for you to continue.
鈥渋鈥檝e grown up with people disregarding how i felt, everyone always telling me i was 鈥榯oo sensitive鈥. i was sick of it, so i put up my walls. i wasn鈥檛 totally emotionally unavailable, i just knew my boundaries now.鈥
you finally looked up at him, 鈥渂ut then you came along and actually started to get somewhere.鈥
iwaizumi pulled you into his chest, your head buried in the crook of his neck as you let out a shaky sigh. he rubbed his rough palms against your back, 鈥渢his might sound hypocritical from me considering i鈥檓 not the best with being open either, but it鈥檚 okay to be vulnerable.鈥
鈥渋 know it鈥檚 hard letting your guard down, i know it鈥檚 scary to be real with people you鈥檙e close to. but i can promise you that you don鈥檛 ever have to be scared with me,鈥 he pushed you away slightly to gaze into your teary eyes.
he swiped one of his thumbs across the apple of your cheek. the way he was looking at you with such fondness, such love and sincerity, it terrified you. you hated being weak, you hated putting your walls down, you hated all of it. but, if it was with iwaizumi, maybe you hated it a little bit less.
鈥渋 love you pretty girl,鈥 he pecked your lips, 鈥渁nd i鈥檓 always going to be here to listen. whenever you鈥檙e comfortable of course.鈥
you let out a sniffle, wiping away at your nose, 鈥渋 love you, hajime. thank you so much.鈥
Tumblr media
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leoiguro a month ago
Aot Veterans with a Trans FTM S/O
Tumblr media
Includes: erwin, levi, nanaba, mike, and hange聽
Warnings: brief mentions of dysphoria and transphobia, nothing serious.
a/n:聽this is part 2 of 3. the first one includes the warriors, the third will have all the other characters like mikasa and armin :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
respectful king聽
when you come out to him he is surprised, but nevertheless respectful聽
will make sure all your files are corrected (if you weren鈥檛 already showing yourself as a dude)聽
he is surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to trans stuff
this man likes to understand everything
will respectfully ask you questions about everything
never pushes boundaries聽
is worried for your safety a lot聽
has big 鈥榠f any scout is transphobic i will personally remove them from the scouting regiment鈥 energy
makes it absolutely clear that any transphobia is not tolerated in the survey corps
always makes sure you aren't over-binding
in expeditions he checks in with you to make sure that (if you are wearing your binder) you can breathe alright and are okay
he prefers if you don鈥檛 wear it on expeditions as it limits your breathing and causes damage
he will ultimately leave the decision up to you
just wants you to be comfortable and safe聽
he is a great listener聽
whenever you need to vent or talk about your feelings or anything he will always be there to listen聽
will always bring up a bunch of solutions to your problems聽
loves it when you lay against his chest聽
will play with your hair and call you聽things like 鈥渟weet boy鈥澛
as much as he likes to say he doesn鈥檛, he gives you special treatment compared to the rest of the scouts聽
on bad dysphoria days he will let you take more breaks聽
if it鈥檚 really bad he鈥檒l cancel both of your plans聽
gives you his clothes to wear so you can feel more comfortable聽
he definitely always has pads/tampons around in case you get your period聽
overall a great partner, a solid 8.5-9/10
Tumblr media
never pushes boundaries ever
is very respectful of your space
you know you can tell him anything; and in return feels like he can confide in you
you know the value of a secret so he trust you and finds you easy to confide in聽
he is surprisingly very understanding聽
always uses your preferred pronouns and is quick to correct anyone who messes up聽鈥渙i didn't you hear me? he uses he/him pronouns, dumbass鈥澛
if you are with him no one will dare intentionally say anything rude聽
if someone does, however, they are not making it out alive聽
you know he is a safe space and will never hurt or judge you聽
if you get your period and are having bad cramps he will make you tea that helps聽
when it comes to borrowing his clothes, he prefers if you ask first
they will probably fit you the same as your own (because he is a short king)聽
they will still smell like him though, so it鈥檚 a plus聽
he is not the best at handling emotions聽
will listen to you of course when you are upset聽
not the best when it comes to physical affection/comfort聽聽
i rate him an 8/10
Tumblr media
when you come out to her (if you aren鈥檛 passing already as a dude) nanaba is just like聽鈥渁lright cool. how should i refer to you?鈥澛
if you are already passing and tell her you鈥檙e trans she鈥檒l say something like 鈥渁lright, sick鈥澛犅燼nd then gives you a fist bump聽
she鈥檚 so cool
is definitely not one to make a huge deal out of things
if someone is being transphobic she will roast the living hell out of them
im serious she can and will make them cry for their mom
she鈥檚 really supportive
if you are on your period she lets you use her stuff (pads/tampons)
also let鈥檚 you store your period things in her room/area so you don鈥檛 have to deal with people seeing and questioning it
says things like 鈥渁h stop! who let you be this damn handsome?!鈥
a decent 8/10 she鈥檚 great
Tumblr media
when you come out to him he says some cryptid shit so casually like聽鈥測eah i know i could smell it鈥澛
and your like??? you can smell the trans??
he鈥檚 really chill with it
he鈥檚 the kind of guy who always introduces himself with his pronouns
he is not opposed to beating transphobes up聽
does not tolerate any shit from anyone聽
if he hears even a whisper from someone it鈥檚 on sight聽
always gives you free reign on all his clothes
he鈥檚 a pretty big guy so they will probably be big on you
likes to randomly show up behind you and wrap his arms around you and smell you
likes how you are small compared to him
on your period? not a problem
he can always tell when you are going to get it ahead of time聽
he will always just silently hand you a pad/tampon聽
and you鈥檙e like ????
and then bam he was right聽
this is especially handy on expedition days聽
the last thing you want is to suddenly get it while outside the walls聽
on days when dysphoria is especially bad he鈥檒l ask what he can do to help聽
will listen to you and do whatever you need聽
pretty big on physical affection聽
honestly? a decent 9/10 he is a great partner聽
Tumblr media
oh my god聽
they would be so exited?!
asks if they can give you top surgery and you鈥檙e like? are you even qualified?聽
they absolutely are not聽but will try to convince you
if anyone is transphobic trust me hange is not afraid to make a scene
will absolutely yell at them and insult them聽鈥測ou鈥檙e really going to talk about my boyfriend like that? i鈥檒l knock your teeth out! have fun talking now bitc-鈥
has threatened to bite someone before
hange always has a super high energy level聽
expect a lot of questions from them聽
if you are feeling dysphoric they always remind you that you are more than your body聽
will shower you with hugs and kisses and 鈥渋 love you i love you i love you i love you i love you-鈥
they will not stop until you are smiling again
hange is surprisingly very good at reminding you to take your medications (that is of course if you take any)
also makes sure you never overbind
鈥渆xcuse me sir?? i think not - you take that off right now!鈥
aggressive positivity
has so many nicknames for you
they are so chaotic but overall a solid 7.5/10
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