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#but also let’s talk about how amazing the make up artist crew is
princessfbi · 9 days ago
Have you seen some of the discourse about Chim punching Buck? I remember you talking about the shove between TK and Carlos so I was wondering your thoughts on the situation.
I have Nonnie and my stance remains the same. You do not put your hands on someone you love in anger. Period. Just like with TK, it doesn’t make Chim evil. It makes what happened a mistake and I hope it is a mistake that gets addressed.
I know some people are saying Buck fucked up and all that but to be honest, he didn’t. He did what his sister asked him to do and did what he always does when it comes to Maddie which is put himself in the middle to stand between her and whatever she’s struggling with. I just don’t think Maddie and Buck have ever considered the possibility of what it would be like if Buck did that and faced someone who actually gave a shit about them.
Chim was also incredibly hurt and making that mistake doesn’t negate that hurt.
Chim being deeply hurt and upset and Chim not being entitled to punching someone are two statements that can coexist.
I would implore the people trying to justify the punch to swap the characters in that position. You all would be rightfully upset if Buck had punched Chimney and even more so if people dismissed those feelings by saying everyone is “coddling Chimney”.
Also the whole “he’s a big boy who can handle a black eye” are teetering dangerously close to toxic masculinity and victim blaming territory so let’s just all take a beat and breathe.
The feelings between Buck and Chimney were running hot. The punch was not okay. The punch does not make Chimney an evil monster. The whole thing should and hopefully will be addressed.
But Nonnie you can’t control what other people think and feel (especially through a computer screen). You can only control yourself and how you conduct yourself in these discussions.
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perfectlywrongformend3s · 4 months ago
Starstruck- Louis Partridge x Reader
Tumblr media
Hey! I had a request. that's actually an idea that you can use if you like it :) ok so it can be a louispxreader and the reader is a singer. they meet in a Ceremony and they become friends and maybe after a while they fall for each other and confess? you can change it however you want it. thanks <3
Requested: Yes
Word Count: 2943
Warning: Just lots of fluff
Taglist: @girlincrimson
A/n: Sorry for not getting to you sooner. I am going to try to get out imagines and request as best I can this week. I am booked with work all week this week. Also requests are open.
I changed a little bit of it, but most of it is still the same as you requested.
P.s The songs that I will be using are not mine, they belong with the talented writers and their respectful owners.
Your POV
I was in my dressing room waiting to be called to go on stage when I got a notification from instagram. I saw that the actor Louis Partridge followed me. I decided to do some stalking and found some really interesting photos and pictures of him. While I was looking at this one photo of him getting his makeup done I accidentally liked the photo. I then immediately started panicking, because I didn't mean to like it. Before I could do anything about it, I was called to go on stage.
I grabbed my guitar and slowly made my way up to the front of the stage. I could feel the excited energy rising off the fans that came to the show tonight. I felt a smirk form on my face when the lights came on. I heard all the fans start screaming, which made me let out a little giggle into the microphone.
“ How is everyone doing tonight!” I shouted into the mic
I laughed at how everyone was screaming again. I decided to start off with my most popular song right now. I started playing the chords to my song ‘ Good 4 you’
“ Ah. Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easily. You found a new girl and it only took a couple weeks. Remember when you said that you wanted to give me the world? (Ah-ah-ah-ah)”
I then made the crowd sing along with me.
“ Well, good for you. You look happy and healthy. Not me. If you ever cared to ask.”
I let the crowd scream the lyrics while I continued to play the guitar. I then grabbed the microphone and screamed..
“ Well, good for you, I guess you’re gettin’ everything you want. (Ah) You brought a new car and your career’s really takin’ off (Ah) It’s like we never even happened.”
While singing, I walked up the front and held the microphone close to them and let them scream the lyrics.
I then jumped in with them.
“ Person who ever got you? Well, screw that and screw you. You will never have to hurt the way you know that I do.”
Louis POV
I was on the set of Enola Holmes when my phone buzzed indicating that I got a notification. I pulled it out to find the most famous singer I was in love with and liked one of my photos. I was just staring at my screen when my phone got snached out of my hand.
“ Ooh, what’s got you blushing like that? It looks like you turned into a very red tomato.” I heard Millie speak
I watched her face change from teasing to super shocked. I still felt shocked.
“ What! How?” She spits out
I shrugged my shoulders in response. Millie then gave me a playful glare. “ What do you mean you don’t know?”
I gave Millie a look of confusion. “ Millie, I just don’t know how she found my account. I mean I follow her but I don’t think she would ever follow me.”
She just nodded her head and handed my phone back. I then slid it into my pocket before we had to go back to our scene together.
Your POV
I was getting closer to the end of my new song so I went back to my microphone stand and put the mic back in its place before lowering my voice.
“ Maybe I’m too emotional, But your apathy’s like a wound in salt. Maybe I’m too emotional, or maybe you never cared at all. Maybe I’m too emotional, Your apathy is like a wound in salt.” I started leaning into my microphone and started getting my voice ready to shout soon. “ Maybe I’m too emotional, or maybe you never cared at all.” I then let the crowd sing the chorus until I shouted into the mic “ LIKE A DAMN SOCIOPATH!” I heard the crowd scream loud when I did that so I let out a giggle before continuing my song.
I was now sitting down on my stool that one of my band mates brought over for me. I was strumming my acoustic guitar on my lap to my next song while talking to my fans.
“ How is everyone doing tonight?”
I got back a bunch of screams and I even heard some responses back which made me smile. “ Alright guys the show is wrapping up soon-” Before I could continue I heard the crowd “ Aww” in response. “ You guys are funny, but I have had such an amazing time hanging out and singing for you guys. I just want to let you know I have about two more songs for you guys. So the first song I want to play for you guys is ‘ Happier’ and then the last and final song of the night is going to be' ‘Good Boy’’.”
I gave the crowd a smile before going back to playing the chords to my song ‘ Happier’
I got closer to the mic and sang the first words…
“ We broke up a month ago.Your friends are mine, you know I know. You’ve moved on, found someone new. One more girl who brings out the better in you. And I thought my heart was detached. From all the sunlight of our past. But she’s so sweet, she’s so pretty, Does she mean you forgot about me?”
I then stop singing for a little while with a small frown on my face before looking up to find the crowd with their phone lights out. I gave a small smile before going back to a frown. I then sang..
“ Oh, I hope you’re happy, But not like how you were with me. I’m selfish, I know, I can’t let you go. So find someone great, but don’t be happier.”
I then pointed for the crowd to take over the singing for a little bit while I played the chords.
Louis POV Millie and I just finished our last scene of the movie so we had to change out of our outfits and head to the place where we were meeting the rest of the cast and crew members for a one last dinner event.
I was the last to arrive as per usual, so we all laughed it off before having a great time with each other before heading off in different directions.
Once I was back to my house I fell into my bed and layed there for quite some time. I got interrupted with a text message, so I grabbed my phone and said Millie sent me a link to something. Without thinking I clicked on it and saw that it was a video of Y/n singing one of her popular songs. I smiled while watching it due to my huge crush on her, if I ever met her in real life I probably would pass out in front of her.
Your POV
After I sang my last line of my last song I yelled into the mic…
I then ran off stage and headed to my dressing room to pack my things to then get on my toru bus that will take me to my hotel that I was staying at. While I was sitting on the bus I decided to post a couple of my pictures I took and put them on my instagram page. After I did that I then decided to stalk that actor I saw on my feed.
‘Time Jump’
It was one of the most important days of my life because I was nominated for an award at the Grammys. So I was with my make up team and someone was helping me with my outfit also. It was a simple but fashionable dress with some simple black high heel shoes.
Third Person POV
Louis was heading to the Grammy’s because of his new movie getting picked for one of the categories, but Y/n also got a nomination for Top artist, and album of the year. The both of them were so close to seeing each other in real life and they didn’t expect each other to be so starstruck.
Louis’s POV
I was walking around the red carpet with Millie when she got asked to do an interview so I stood back and waited for her to be done. While I was waiting I heard a familiar laugh being heard only a couple of feet ahead of me. I then snapped my head into the direction to find the one and only Y/n Y/l/n laughing with the person interviewing her. It took me a little while to process everything that was going around me because I could only see her in the room. I felt my heart start beating faster and felt my hands start shaking a little bit.
Millie’s POV
I was finally done with my interview when I saw Louis staring at something so I followed his eyes and saw him staring at Y/n. I felt a smirk form on my lips and pulled him over to her with all the strength I had in me.  I heard him telling me to stop but I didn’t listen since I waited to meet her too.
Your POV
I was talking to someone when I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder which made me turn my head. I saw a teenage girl and a teenage boy behind me, so I smiled before giving them my attention.
“ Hi, I’m Millie Bobby Brown and this is my friend Louis Partridge.”  she said
“ Hi, Are you guys fans? Also, are you guys by any chance actors in this movie called Enola Holmes?” I questioned
Millie looked at me shocked and nodded her head. I gave her a smile before holding my arms out to give her a hug. I felt her wrap her arms around me. “ I am such a big fan of your music and I could say the same for him back there too.”
I let out a giggle before releasing her and looked behind her to find Louis just staring. I walked over to him and gently put my hand on his shoulder which made him jump. I raised an eyebrow “ Are you good?” He then just gave me a nod. I turned my head due to hearing Millie speak.
“ He was just in shock. He's in love with you.”
Louis’s POV
I felt my face getting hotter by the minute and glared at Millie. She gave me an innocent look and smirked before walking off and leaving me with Y/n. I saw her turn around and smile at me.
“ So in love with me.” She teased
I gave out a chuckle before scratching the back of my neck and looking back at her. I was about to answer her but someone told us to head to the seats to hear the winners. I watched her walk away and smiled before heading to my seat next to Millie.
Once the awards were over I decided to search for Y/n before leaving to head back to my hotel room. I saw her getting hugs from people so I stood back.
Your POV
I smiled at everyone and turned due to feeling eyes on me. I saw Louis and smiled at him. I walked over to him and gave him a hug and whispered. “ Congrats on your award.” I felt his breath on the side of my neck and heard him doing the same to me. I then pulled back due to hearing my name and slipped a piece of paper to him before kissing the side of his cheek.
Third Person POV
Louis stood there with a shocked expression again. He then looked down at the piece of paper to find her number and a message that said ‘ call me’. He then felt himself smile before heading back to his hotel to rest up.
‘Time Jump’
Y/n was chilling in her apartment writing a song when she heard her phone ring. She picked it up to find an unknown number, but just answered it hoping it would be Louis.
“ Hello?” she said with caution
“ Hi” she heard him say
Which made her let out a little giggle. “ I thought you would never call me.” she responded with. Louis chuckled on the other end. “ Yea, sorry about that. I was a little scared to call you.” Before he could say anything else he heard giggles coming from the other end of the line.
“ Why Louis?” Louis thought hard about what his next response was going to be because he didn’t want to straight up say because we were meant to be together or I was just scared of rejection. Louis finally decided to just ask..
“ Y/n.” he took a pause “ I was wondering if you would like to go out to dinner with me?”
Your POV
I let out a gasp when I heard those words and started nodding but forgetting he couldn't see me so I said..
“ Ofcourse, I will go out with you, Louis.”
Then we just chatted about our days for the rest of the day.
The day my date with Louis came so quickly then I could have blinked and I was not prepared. I ran all over my house looking for things to finish off my outfit before it was time to go.
I heard a knock on my door indicating that he was here so I slipped on my heels and carefully made my way to the door. Once I opened it I was met with those hazel eyes that I fell in love with.
“ Wow, you look stunning.” he said
I felt myself start blushing. I then took in his look and stated that… “ Well you look really handsome.”
He then held his hand out for me to take. “ My lady,” he said in his accent, which made me let out a small giggle.
We were coming up to the end of the date already. He took me to this beautiful restaurant where we are now sharing a piece of cake. I saw him staring at me so I questioned him.
“ What?”
He let out a soft chuckle. “ Nothing, you're just really beautiful looking under this light.”
I felt myself start to blush which made me look down. Before I knew it I felt two fingers lift it back up. “ Don’t look down, you're gorgeous when you get all flustered.” That only made me blush harder. “ Stop.” I said giggling which made him chuckle.
Before I knew it we were back in his car driving back to my place. I was looking out the window when I felt him put his hand on my leg, which sent chills all over my body. I then put my hand on top of his and intertwined our fingers together. I smiled at the thought of us going on more dates.
Louis’s POV
I pulled into her driveway and parked my car. I turned to face her when I saw her already looking at me. I then released her hand and got out of the car to go to her side and open it for her. I walked her to her door where we both stood there for a little while. I then took a risk and leaned forward. I could feel her breath on me, I then closed the gap between us. I could feel her smile into the kiss before I felt her wrap her arms around the back of my neck. I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her in to me more. She pulled away but kept her forehead against mine.
“ I really like you Louis.” She whispered against my lips
I smiled and said, “ I really like you too Y/n.”
I then leaned in again to give her another goodnight kiss before heading off. I walked over to my car and got in, I then waved at her with a smile on my face and pulled out of the driveway.
Third Person POV
Y/n watched Louis drive off into the distance. She felt a smile creep on her face before heading inside to dream about her date with him. Louis felt the same as her. He felt all giddy inside and he could help but smile at the thought of her. He was already planning the next date for them to go on together.
Man this is long, but it was worth it because I got major butterflies from writing this for you. I hope you enjoy and if you would like more Louis then comment and I definitely write more of him.
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sunflowertomholland · 6 months ago
can you do tom holland x actress!reader, they are ready to get dressed for the Oscar. They are nominated all the categories. The journalist tell them about how everything doing. After that, hopefully they will win Oscar. Luckily Tom had a surprise for y/n in front of stage
This took forever, sorry! I’ve been in a rut lately, and have not been writing at all, I hope forcing myself to write these blurbs will help me get the juices flowing once more, but I can’t promise anything :( I changed it a bit because I don’t feel like Tom would ‘surprise’ Y/N like that on stage, being such a private person and all. Enjoy!
Warnings: Swearing I think? Nothing else I believe. Mentions of sex ig lol
“Oh dear god.” Tom holds his hand over his heart as you step into the room. Your make-up artists had just finished doing your face to perfection, getting you ready for all the photographers that were no doubt going to hound both you and your boyfriend on the red carpet. 
“What, is something wrong?” You ask shyly, patting down your dress.
“Oh darling no, you look absolutely stunning. The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” You smiled at his praise, taking his hand in yours and letting him tenderly kiss it. 
“Well you look absolutely dashing yourself Mr. Holland.” He’s leaning in to kiss you, but you have to stop him right before his soft lips can land on yours, at this, he lets out a whine. “Sorry darling, I need this lipstick to not be ruined before I step onto the red carpet.” 
“Not even a quick peck for good luck.” His face is still dangerously close to yours, inching closer by the second. You put your hand on his chest and push him away from you, putting enough distance between the two of you so he won’t tempt you. 
“Tommy, we both know a ‘quick peck’ always turns into something more.” 
“Mhm, you’re just too damn irresistible.” He stepped back towards you, putting his hands on your waist. 
“C’mon, we have to go, the car is probably waiting.” Tom rolls his eyes, but lets you lead him to the car, hand in hand. It’s difficult to get seated comfortably in the town car, due to the size of your dress, but you make it work somehow. Tom is a little squished between you and the car door, but he isn’t complaining, still holding your hand tightly in his. He knows you get somewhat nervous on a red carpet, especially for an event like the Oscars, so he tries to keep you calm by rubbing the back of your hand soothingly.
Once you arrive, you see masses of people instantly hoarding your car, security guards to keep you safe from the photographers dying to get the first look at you and your beau. Tom exits the car first, courteously helping you step down. He fixes your dress for you, making sure you look flawless. You kiss his cheek, letting him take your hand once more and push through the crowds. 
“Y/N! Tom! You expect to win tonight?!” 
“Tom! Over here!”
“Y/N sweetheart, give me a smile!” 
You pose for the camera’s, some with Tom and some by yourself, doing your best to pose as gracefully as the dress deserves. Tom’s suit complements yours, a soft, subtle floral pattern adorns his blue suit, matching your blue dress. Yours has a more obvious pattern though, bright flowers adorning the dress all over. 
You move forward, to the interviewers. The first interviewer is nice and asks you questions only about tonight and whether or not you thought you might win. Then you get to the last interview, honestly you’re already drained from talking to all these people, but it’s part of the job and you have to be persistent. Tom joins you for this last interview, his hand wrapped securely around your waist. 
“You two look absolutely dashing, who are you wearing?”  He asks, pushing the microphone towards you. 
“We’re both rocking Dolce & Gabbana tonight, thought we’d match for the big night eh?” Tom nudges you after his answer, pulling a giggle and a nod from you. 
“Well, Dolce fits you very well. Are you looking forward to the ceremony?” 
“Oh for sure, I’m so excited to see everyone and the musical performances, it’s all I’ve been thinking about for about a month now.” You say. The interview goes fine, and the last question arrives fairly quickly. 
“So, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the two of you and your nominations tonight, are you expecting to win anything?” 
“Oh gosh, I mean it’s the honour of a lifetime just being nominated, and I don’t expect anything tonight. Obviously it’d be nice to win, but I won’t be sad if nothing comes of it.” Tom nods alongside you, agreeing with your sentiment. 
You continue down the carpet, occasionally stopping to chat with your friends or co-stars whilst you make your way into the theatre. The ceremony begins, and you take your seat next to Tom. It’s an enjoyable evening, occasionally a bit boring, but you make it fun with Tom by your side. Tom’s category comes up, and you grab his hand a little tighter as they announce the nominees. The camera is pointed to him, a nervous smile on his face as he avoids looking in the camera to the best of his abilities. 
“And the Oscar goes to....” Amy Poehler is on stage, reading from the card. “Tom Holland!” Everything she says after that falls on deaf ears as you nearly burst into tears from pride. You stand up with him, giving him the biggest kiss you dare give him on television. 
He walks onto the stage, accepting the golden statue with shaky hands. He starts his speech, thanking everyone who worked on the film with him, and then he gets to the end of his speech.
“And finally, I want to thank my incredible girlfriend, Y/N, who has always been there for me no matter what, she helped me through the turmoil I endured during the making of this film, and besides that. Y/N, you are my rock, you are my world, and I love you more than anything in the universe.” 
By now you are crying, thankful that your make-up artists waterproofed your make-up in case this would happen. He walks off stage, sadly not being able to get back to you in time to see your category. 
The announcer of your category gives a little speech, before announcing all the nominees. You’re positively shaking in your seat. You would never admit it, but you wanted to win so bad. You worked insanely hard on this film, even almost losing yourself to the character at a certain point. You wanted to win, you deserved to win. At least, that was what you told yourself every day in the mirror ever since your nomination got announced. 
“And the Oscar goes to…” You take a deep breath, wishing you had Tom by your side for whatever the outcome was. “Y/N Y/L/N!” You gasp audibly, stumbling over yourself as you scramble to stand up. Chris Evans helps you up the steps like the gentleman he is. 
“Wow, oh my God. Uhm okay- well first of all I want to thank everyone who worked on this film with me, my co-stars but also the entire crew, the heroes behind the screen. I want to thank my agent, Eva, everyone at Warner and of course, the love of my life Tom Holland. Now I don’t want to go repeating his speech, but he really is everything to me, and I don’t think I would’ve survived the production of this film without him by my side. So, Tom I love you. And thank you to the academy.” 
You walk off stage, immediately being met by Tom engulfing you in a giant hug. 
“I am so proud of you darling, I knew you would win.” He whispers in your ear. “We are going to celebrate so hard tonight, gonna treat you like the winner you are.” You let out a breathy laugh, swatting his chest lightly. 
“Let’s get through the rest of the night first, yeah?” He nods, giving you a kiss before walking around the theatre back to your seats. 
When you get home that night, you’re both tipsy, stumbling through your garden, giggling and kissing on your way up to your shared house. You clumsily jam your key into the door, but to your surprise, it’s already unlocked. 
“Uhm, Tommy? Why is our door unlocked?” You ask, pulling away from Tom.
“We probably forgot to lock it darling, let’s get inside.” He murmurs, kissing your neck gently. 
“No, Tom, what if someone broke in? We should call the cops.” Your mind automatically goes haywire, imagining all the bad things that could happen were you to where you to step inside your house. 
“Y/N. I promise you. It’s fine, please, let’s go inside.” Tom pulls away from your neck, looking into your eyes and reassuring you. You’re still hesitant, but decide to allow him to go inside, with you in tow. 
When you enter the living room, you almost trip over your feet. You stare in awe at the decorated living room. Candles light up the room in the most romantic way you’ve ever seen, flowers littered all over and romantic music playing softly in the background. 
“Tommy… what’s all this?” 
“It’s what you deserve my love.” You turn to look at him, hands clasping over your mouth when you see him down on one knee. 
“Y/N, I love you so much. You are the most beautiful, talented and just overall amazing girl I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. You are strong, independant and funny, you bring out the best in me and everyone around you. When you enter a room, it automatically lights up. God, I am so lucky to have met you, you are it for me darling. I want to spend the rest of my life with you more than anything. So, will you do me the greatest honour of my life, and marry me?” 
You’re sobbing, struggling to catch your breath. 
“Oh my god yes! Of course yes you idiot!” You exclaim finally, pulling Tom up and pulling him in for a kiss more passionate than you’ve ever shared with anyone in your life. You pull away for a second so Tom can slide the ring on your finger, but soon enough you’re latched onto each other again.
“The boys set this up didn’t they, that’s why the door was unlocked.” 
“You’re too smart darling.” He chuckles. 
“Mhm, yes I am.” You unknowingly started slow-dancing to the soft music, swaying quietly with each other. 
“I love you Y/N.”
“I love you Tommy. And you don’t have to keep trying, you are getting some tonight anyway.”
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ninja-knox-ur-sox-off · 5 months ago
Hey I love your thoughts gimme your thoughts about the JTTW crew and the MK crew
Journey to the West Crew! 
Loves unconditionally. Like, genuinely just loves people and what they have the potential to be
He/Him They/Them
Doesn’t know what he’s doing half the time
Started out absolutely terrified of his disciples but as the journey continued he came to realize they were just like a bunch of chaotic kids that he has to babysit and immediately became the tired parent
Actually a really good singer
Is always up early to mediate, but also to watch the sunrise 
Probably feels safest around Wukong after all the times he’s rescued him 
Also probably had separation anxiety at some point during the journey, but that’s a whole other thing I’ve been thinking about writing
Has really pretty handwriting 
He’s a good artist, but doesn’t draw much 
He’s deceptively clever, but his willingness to see the good in people make him a bit easy to take advantage of, which he’s aware of, but that doesn’t stop him from giving people the oppertunity to be good 
Scared of heights 
Sun Wukong:
Familial relationships mean everything to him, he would do just about anything for the people he views as family
Touch starved as heck (after his five hundred years under a mountain)
Gender? I’m an immortal stone monkey, you think I care about that? He/Him Nonbinary, any pronouns he really doesn’t care but most use he/him and he’s fine with that (that one meme thing WHAT ARE THE SMALL ONE’S PRONOUNS oh we just use he/him for him but he doesn’t really care)
Great with kids (taken from the 1996 jttw show) 
Always moving and bouncing around because 
Hyperactive ADHD Monkey 
I was trapped unmoving under a mountain for five hundred years, I’m never staying still again-- (also during the 1996 jttw that monkey is tumbling around as much as humanly possible, which, considering he’s a monkey, is a lot) 
Running hugs. Wujing catches him, Pigsy does not and gets freaking knocked off his feet. He can’t do it with Tripitaka or he’d straight up die, so he settles for randomly scooping him off his feet and carrying him
Absolutely cannot sing for the life of him, but it doesn’t stop him from trying shamelessly and he’s scared off more than a few demons just from his demonic screeching 
Claustrophobic due to his time under the mountain 
It’s Sun Wukong, what else do you want me to say? 
Zhu Bajie:
Touch starved, but he assumes he’s just sexually active. He he is but like, the only time he gets positive physical touch is during sex, since... y’know, so he assumes he just craves sex, when in reality the guy just needs lots of hugs 
Can cook real good and make a meal from nearly nothing but doesn’t broadcast that skill cause he’s kinda embarrassed by it (also he knew if he did he’d be making meals all day and no thank you) 
He bares the brunt of Sun Wukong’s physical affection/sneak attack hugs because he’s hardy enough to take it, while Tripitaka would be straight up killed and Wujing isn’t really as much fun for Wukong to jump at cause he just kinda catches him or it’s like running into a brick wall
Actually extremely smart and good at battle strategy (I mean, come on, he was a general for a reason) it’s just 90% of the time Sun Wukong’s already charging in and they have no need of a plan, so he’s happy to sit back and do nothing
Amazing actor 
Probably plays several different instruments 
Can sing a little but mostly hums
Sha Wujing:
Touch averse (except from close family AKA the JTTW crew) 
Probably a little touch starved (I guess everybody is *wheezes*)
Isn’t great at cooking but he does his best
Monkey likes to sit on his shoulders 
He’s pretty calm most of the time and in his quiet observations he sees a lot of things that most people miss 
Reads people really easily and can tell what they’re thinking a lot just by the look on their face or the way they move
Has a nice gravelly singing voice and will sing with Tripitaka sometimes, Sun Wukong will even shut up to listen to them instead of joining in and shaking the mountains with his voice when he does
Really good endurance, if they didn't have the horse he’d probably be chill with carrying Tripitaka the whole way there on foot 
Looks up to Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie, for better or for worse lol 
Likes to meditate with Tripitaka 
Likes kids but doesn’t really know how to react to them, especially since they usually find him scary :’D 
Ao Lie | the dragon horse:
I know nothing about this dude
Genderfluid He/Him She/Her They/Them
Gives the most crushing dead eye looks
Has gotten all of them to stop being idiots at least once with the power of that look alone, no words needed
Silently judges you 
Knows how to play lots of instruments very skillfully 
Uses having no hands as an excuse when Wukong asks how he let the Monk get taken again
Spends half the time catching up to the group while they rescue Tripitaka 
Only ever shifts into his dragon form to show off 
Sometimes shifts to a human form so he can chill and talk 
Forgets to respond to things sometimes, cause he’s so used to not being able to talk 
Selectively mute 
hecka good singer but only ever done it once in front of the group
Basically the little brother of the crew 
Monkie Kid Crew!
Familial relationships mean everything to him
Queerplatonic relationships
Extremely touchy once comfortable around someone
Stims like mad 
He’s clumsy because in getting monkey king’s power his subconscious mind also expects him to have a tail, and it throws him off balance when it’s not there (I will die on this hc hill) 
Is always ready to help but is always surprised when someone helps him in return 
Attention span of a hyperactive squirrel 
Made Pigsy’s sign as a commission, and takes commissions online 
Writes Monkey King found family fanfic (had a fic in the works for this for a while lol)
He’d be good with plants if he didn’t forget they existed every five seconds
Either he or Mei made the music he listens to, or they did a collab together. The specific song helps him focus 
Dances randomly 
Abandonment issue’s go brrrrrr 
She/Her They/Them
Extremely tactile, shows her love through physical touch
Driving helps her think
Dragon instincts say hoard friends 
Mk means the world to her (they’re siblings your honour)
Can play lots of instruments
Skateboarded a lot before she got her licence 
Likes having her own space but isn’t a fan of being alone so she fills it with lots of stuff to make it feel less empty
Writes music sometimes 
Her singing is more metal style than anything, lots of roaring and screaming, she has a surprisingly guttural voice
She has a special space for baby animal videos because they made her feel less alone, so she shares them a lot with people she cares about so they don’t feel so alone 
Probably goes for a run super early every morning before jumping on her bike. Asked Mk to join her once but there was no way he was getting up at four in the morning so that didn’t work out 
She built her bike from scratch 
Super resilient to cold 
Loves rain and racing in rain 
Red Son (honorary mk crew):
Angry homosexual (dramatic gay)
He/Him (occasionally fluid he’ll have days where she/her but most of the time it’s he/him)
Touch Starved
But also touch averse unless you form an emotional bond with him first (i.e. him getting defensive whenever Mei touched him and then later literally leaning on her for support)
Stims by stomping his feet aggressively and banging his hands on tables
Just wants a father son day with his dad 
Took several college/university classes online behind his mom’s back while trying to figure out how to get DBK out from the mountain
Probably has several degrees in engineering and enjoys integrating that knowledge with any magical powers he has 
Had to design/enchant a hairband that could hold his hair and not burn up every time he got mildly annoyed at something 
Wears steel-toed boots all the time because he’s dropped stuff on his feet way too many times, and broke a toe once
Probably reads fanfiction 
listens to Mei’s heavy metal songs without realizing it 
Enjoys drawing out schematics for ideas in his free time 
Has a workshop somewhere 
Pretends to be anti-social but the guy just wants friends 
Touch averse (unless you get emotionally close to him or work up to it)
Falls in genuine love in a heartbeat but isn’t great on acting on or showing it
Absolute disaster when attempting to flirt
Doesn’t care but He/Him
Hasn’t taken a day off in ten years someone tell him to take a break 
Shows love through acts of service and occasional words of affirmation, though he has trouble outright saying he cares 
Probably gave Mk a fake ID when he first started working at the shop 
Pretends not to care but cares a whole heck of a lot 
Used to overwork himself a lot in college but got better at self-care overtime 
He feels most at home at his shop 
Making noodles with people is how he bonds 
Has adopted Mk in every way except legally 
Queerplatonic relationships
Isn’t really big on labels, they feel restricting but He/Him They/Them Nonbinary
Doesn’t drink or smoke (made a commitment and intends to keep it)
Probably wrote his thesis on Journey to the West 
Lives in Pigsy’s apartment in the spare bedroom 
Self care king 
Researches things for fun 
Steals bowls of noodles so Pigsy will get out from behind the counter and take a break 
Actually does see Mk as a surrogate son but also as a friend so it results in a really funny dynamic between the two of him, because he’s all for chaos
Can’t drive 
The man literally cannot drive 
What is a personal bubble? Unconsciously gets in peoples personal space all the time. Pigsy’s used to it 
Pigsy’s noodles, my one true love <3 
Alternates between listening to classical music and hard rock and there’s no in-between 
He’s just kinda vibin
Friends mean everything to him
He/Him They/Them
Wants to start a little teashop on his boat where people can come to relax 
100% okay with being left alone, but also loves to spend time with friends
Smarter than he pretends to be 
Somehow has enough money to feed like, a hundred cats, so... 
Probably got some savings squirrelled away somewhere
Being on a boat helps him sleep 
Wakes up with the sunrise and does yoga 
Can cook simple, tasty meals 
Can play guitar 
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manikas-whims · 5 months ago
Time for Show Kaz Appreciation
This is not in any particular order, I'm just gonna ramble all my thoughts.
Now we all know the show is kinda fast paced so everything doesn't settle in your head within a single watch. But after re-watching a few clips, I grew more fond of show Kaz.
1: Starting with Episode 5
Kaz decides Arken will grab Alina whilst the rest of them set up the lynx flush (was lynx intentional? remember Inej's title at the menagerie?)
Anyways, Inej immediately makes a remark because even though they all believe in Kaz's planning, she is shocked he's ready to let the new guy take the most important part. This shows that like usually in the books Inej (and Jesper) don't know the complete details or the actual plan laid out by Kaz.
Tumblr media
Look at Arken's joyous look on knowing he's being handed the most important task. He had wanted to be alone with Alina all along so he could get rid of the sun summoner. He probably even lied about the lodestone and its prolonged use making one..impotent?
And its only later after the Winter Fete event, when she sees Alina hanging out with her grisha pals that Inej realises Kaz had lied about the lynx flush. That they weren't acting as distraction but were actually flushing out the traitor. Arken dumbly took the bait cause Kaz let him believe that he as the leader of crows was putting his trust in Arken when handing him the main job. And it all went exactly as Kaz planned 😌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at all the fucks Kaz gives about Arken getting caught 😂 whilst Inej is there somewhat worried for this stranger. Soft Kaz who? He only cares about himself and "his crows". 😗
Tumblr media
And he's smart as usual. If there's one person whom you can count on to know about profit makers, its Kaz. Where Inej is concerned about the "what ifs" if he's wrong, Kaz is completely sure because he thinks things over. Everything.
Tumblr media
2: Kaz being fine with Arken's inclusion
Since from the SS above we can see Kaz knows that Arken is one of the two people profiting from this whole "Grisha smuggling trade", the other person has to be someone powerful enough to allow such trade to run smoothly. Arken has been doing this for quite a while without any governmental issues whicj means someone powerful enough is backing him up. And Kaz knows which is very useful to Kaz and his crows because:
~ their travel won't be gain much attention of higher ups cause people know its that guy Arken's train
~ if they do get caught by Ravkan government, they can put it all on Arken since the guy actively smuggles out Grisha. And the crows can just say they were working for Arken, not the other way around. (i know the Darkling may not let them go so easily but i know Kaz will have a plan to get out his crew if it ever came to that)
3: Suspicious of Arken
Kaz is always somewhat suspicious of Arken if you re-watch. Why would a smuggler just decide to join a bunch of criminals if he's already profiting off a lot from the fold. There must be something in it for him. And Kaz knows, which is why when its time to fetch things for Arken, Kaz doesn't let Jesper or Inej have any thoughts. He immediately takes up the quick task of bringing the goat and assigns Jesper with alabaster coal. He specifies no detours but he knows Jesper will take his time, which in turn will give Kaz more time to go around and spy on what is Arken actually upto. And he does, he discovers Arken conversing with Zlatan who must've also handed Arken the lodestone and the mission to kill Alina.
Thus, Kaz's suspicions about Arken are confirmed and now he's fully ready to expend Arken whenever the need be. And he finds that opportunity when he discovers there's a decoy to be dressed up as Alina. He immediately uses that to appoint Arken, what everyone believes, is the most important part of their mission but instead tricks him.
4: Other things to take note of
• Inej's lose trust in Kaz
Even when Alina escapes from the Crows, Inej doesn't believe for a second that Kaz has dropped the job. When they have a small argument in that tavern, she even asks if he's threatening to send her back to the Menagerie. We know he'll never but Inej doesn't. And same goes for the show onlys. They don't really know Kaz and trust him just as much as Inej.
Even when Kaz decides for them to board the ship as delegates, both Inej and Jesper are unsure. They ask him if truly just wants to get back to Ketterdam. That its merely coincidence that the sun summoner happens to be traveling via the same ship.
This small sliver of doubts about Kaz is something that the others always have about him even in the books. Nobody knows whats going on in Dirtyhand's mind.
• His outfit changes
We have no idea how he acquired the artist outfit or the guard outfit where Inej is about to stab him xD.
We also have no idea how he snuck amongst the Darkling's personal guard. How he acquired the outfit and what went down between him and whomever he snatched it from, we have no idea. A complete magician if you ask me.
• His Quick Wit
Now we were all having fun watching that "JES" moment. But thats where Kaz also informs them he had been focusing on Arken's timings and that he's learnt them. A quick thinker and a fast learner!
• His moments with Inej
Like I've said in my other post, his moments with Inej are canon compliant. Whenever they are alone, he's always more open..more like a boy talking to his crush ☺
All their book moments are like that— meaningful conversations or heated arguments or a mix of both.
• His friendship with Jesper
Its also canon compliant. If you remember "pay someone to pay someone else to burn my kruge" and "i'll hire Matthias's ghost to beat up yours" all happened in canon. Jesper is his bestie, he's always gonna be like that with Jesper.
5: His scenes in Ketterdam
All his scenes in Ketterdam were amazing. (okay him being bested by two of Pekka's men was kinda unbelievable but needed).
Him warning Jesper about loud noises at the table, him stoically standing when Alexei is shot, him casually looking around and discovering that a woman's way of counting money is different. He's really a keen observer and smart.
Also, him stealing the crow club shares, him quickly catching the note sent by Heleen and him telling Jesper he would've done exactly what Heleen did to manipulate Inej. Thats the cold and calculated Dirtyhands for you!
So there it is! Some of what I noticed whilst re-watching. The finer details about him are sprinkled throughout the show but we find it hard to see them because we are used to see such things fully unveil in books when reading his pov. Unless the show gave us a Kaz pov, we wouldn't have immediately taken note of everything I said above..:)
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deangirl93 · 7 months ago
A Man of Action
Square/s Filled: Intercrural Sex (Kink Bingo), Director!Jensen (AU Bingo)
AO3 Link: Read Here
Pairing: Director!Jensen x Female!Actor!Reader
Word count: 6,516
Rating: Explicit - 18+!
Summary: While directing his episode of Supernatural, Jensen and Y/N, the female guest star of the week, can’t hide their attraction for each other any longer. A little fun in his trailer is nearly over before it starts, but they find ways to keep each other satisfied.
Created for @spnkinkbingo​, @spnaubingo​
Warnings: Swearing, Dirty talk, Smut: Oral Sex (Male and Female receiving), Intercrural sex, ‘Sir’ kink, Implied protected sex in the future.
A/N: My first Jensen one-shot! *cue nervous laughter*... A HUGE thank you to my sister from another mister, my twin @downanddirtydean​ for being beta on this one! I love her to bits and she really helped me get over my lack of confidence in this one-shot. I hope you guys like it! Happy reading and enjoy! :)
Dividers by @talesmaniac89​
Tumblr media
Y/N lightly bopped her head along to the slow melody playing from her earphones, as she flicked the page of the book she was reading. Crossing one leg over the other, she steadied the folding tall chair she was sitting on. Glancing up from her book, she smiled as she looked around at the set, waiting for the signal that they were ready to resume.
Y/N watched the crew, hard at work as they fixed lighting, checked the sound and redressed parts of the bunker. Her eyes scanned over the many people who worked tirelessly to make this show, feeling grateful to be even a small part of it herself.
This was her second time on the Supernatural set. She had guest starred in an episode last season, with Kim Rhodes who played Sheriff Jody Mills. Kim had quickly become a great friend, showing the ropes of the set, as did everyone else. She laughed as she remembered messing up her first scene with the stars of the show, Jared and Jensen, and how they quickly reassured her that she didn’t do anything for them to be mad at. They loved to have a laugh as much as the next person and were more often than not the ones who did most of the messing up of takes on purpose.
The first time was quite civil, but considering this was her second episode, Y/N was no longer off limits from the guys’ antics. Jared in particular was a giant goofball, doing everything perfectly on his coverage, and then purposely being bad on hers. Jensen was a little subdued this time around, as he was the director for this episode, but that didn’t mean they hadn’t had any fun.
There was an attraction between them. She felt it from the moment she laid eyes on him when she walked onto the set the year before. He was incredibly kind and absolutely hilarious, and not to mention insanely good-looking. They had talked and laughed about so many things in those 8 days, and she felt herself beginning to feel things for him she probably shouldn’t have. This time around, he may have been directing, but they still talked a lot. He showed her different parts of the stages during lunch breaks, walked her to lunch every day for the last 7 days, and made her feel so welcomed.
Y/N sensed that maybe the attraction wasn’t one sided as she often caught him looking at her, but she couldn’t be too sure and didn’t want to make a fool of herself in case she was wrong in her assumptions.
Y/N smiled as Frida, one of Supernatural’s assistant make-up artists, approached her. Her make-up bag, as well Jensen and Jared’s, were all hanging off of her as she returned a genuine smile to Y/N. She took out her earphones and closed her book, shifting in her chair to face Frida properly.
“Touch up time, already?” she asked, pushing her hair back slightly.
“Yep, we’ll be good to go in about 5,” Frida replied, taking out a brush and running it lightly through some powder. She applied it to Y/N’s face and then worked a little on the touching up the eye make-up. “Looking forward to it?” she added with a laugh.
Y/N cringed, lightly shaking her head. “Dear god, give me strength to get through it.”
“Get through what?” she heard a familiar voice ask.
Y/N’s eyes flicked up to look at Jared as she sat down in his chair, next to her. “To get through your unrelenting need to ruin my coverage.”
Jared laughed, clapping his hands. “It’s just too easy.”
“I know how Misha feels now,” Y/N laughed, closing her eyes as Frida worked on her eyelids.
Frida laughed along with her, nodding. “And Alex too.”
Trish, the head make-up artist, came up behind Frida and took Jared’s bag, getting him ready for the next scene.
“Pretty sure he’s still scarred from that time everyone was out to get him to crack, even Misha,” Trish added, chuckling.
“We’re up and running in 2!” they heard one of the assistant directors call out.
Frida finished up with Y/N as Trish finished touching up Jared’s make-up, allowing Y/N to get up and walk over to the war room set. She walked past crew members and smiled at them, a quick ‘hey’ to each of them as she did. She loved this set more than any other she had worked on. It was only her second time here, but it felt like home, with everyone always welcoming her back with open arms. She didn’t think she would be back a second time, but she was incredibly glad that she was. She loved her character, Lyla, so much and she was over the moon to explore her again.
Y/N felt the butterflies in her stomach erupt as she spied Jensen, in a deep conversation with Bob Singer as they looked over some of the dailies on the screens in front of them. He looked amazing, dressed as Dean in his black t-shirt and blue jeans, the white and black flannel draped over a chair close by. He was frowning but nodding along as Bob explained something to him, his scowl making him look even hotter if that was possible.
Suddenly, Jensen turned and walked towards her, his frown immediately morphing into a genuine smile as he approached her. She felt her heartbeat pick up, but she tried to calm herself down as she turned to face him.
“Okay, so we’re getting your coverage first, then Jared’s. I know he’s meant to go first, but making him wait tends to make him cooperate,” Jensen informed her, laughing lightly.
“Going easy on me, huh?” she joked, smiling up at him.
“A little, but you’ve handled it pretty well so far,” Jensen said, folding his arms across his chest. That gesture had killed her every time he did in the last several days, and this time was no different.
“Meh,” she shrugged, laughing. “I can throw it back at him if and when I need to.”
Jensen gave her nod, smiling with an approving look. “I won’t even try to stop you.”
She laughed as she shook her head, Jensen’s relaxed laughter joining hers.
She cleared her throat as she calmed herself, looking up at him. “Do I look okay, Mr. Director, sir?”
Jensen looked into her eyes, finding himself getting lost in Y/N’s beautiful features. He certainly wasn’t good at hiding his feelings for her, not the first time he met her and definitely not now. She was stunning, but she was also open and generous, kind and a total badass. He really wanted to ask her out and see where things went between them, but considering they were in their last day of filming, and she was more than likely leaving the next day, he knew he had missed his chance.
“You look great,” he told her, honestly and hoping she’d see how he meant it as more than just a director approving of her look for the episode.
Things moved pretty quickly from there, as Jensen left to sit behind the screens at video village, the cameras turned on and framed Y/N in the shot with the rest of the war room behind her, Jared stood to the side making sure to hit the mark and be in her right eye line. Everyone buzzed around them before José came in with the tail slate and called the take.
“Action!” they heard Jensen call out.
Y/N instantly fell into character, looking at Jared as ‘Sam’ and smiling. “How does Dean feel about this?”
Jared didn’t move considering the camera wasn’t on him, but he delivered the next line. “It took him a while to get used to the idea of Jack, but he got there eventually.”
Y/N nodded, staying in character. “You know what you’re doing, teaching Jack the ropes of this life… that’s amazing.”
Jared scoffed. “It didn’t exactly work though.”
“He’ll come back, Sam. He will. He just has to figure out what’s going on with his powers and he’ll come back to the bunker.” She finished the line but frowned, thinking it over. “Wait, sorry. Is it “come back to the bunker” or something else?”
One of the crew members quickly looked over the sides, and then shook their head. “It’s ‘come back home.’”
“Fuck, okay,” she groaned, annoyed with herself. “Sorry.”
“You’re fine, Y/N. Just take it from the same line,” Jensen reassured her, and she took in the patience in his voice. He was so damn good at this and she felt incredibly safe with him as a director and as an actor. She recalled how many times someone was awful to her just for messing up slightly, and how crappy she felt afterwards. She had never felt that on the Supernatural set, and she was so thankful for that.
“Let’s keep rolling,” Jensen informed everyone. “Y/N, when you’re ready.”
She nodded. Waiting a few seconds, she then continued. “He’ll come back, Sam. He will. He just has to figure out what’s going on with his powers and he’ll come back home.”
“It’s ‘to the bunker’,” Jared said, trying to be serious as he tried to mess her up.
“You’re an ass,” she laughed, shaking her head.
Jared laughed that mad laugh she had actually come to love very quickly, and she joined in. They descended into a fit of giggles, knowing full well it wasn’t that funny, but it somehow got to them anyway.
Jensen watched the screen in front of him, his eyes never leaving Y/N. Her laugh was infectious, and she looked even more beautiful when she did, making his heartbeat wildly in his chest. Knowing he had to break up the laugh fest, regretfully, he stood up from his chair.
“Alright, we’re good on Y/N’s coverage. Let’s move on and then we can break for lunch,” he announced.
The bell sounded as every present crew member hurried around the set, getting set up to shoot Jared’s coverage.
Y/N looked up and saw Jensen glance over at her. He smiled that smile she found herself wanting to see every second of every day, making her feel lightheaded and the butterflies flutter in her stomach again. He truly was a sight to behold and she only hoped that something more came of her time on Supernatural.
Tumblr media
They managed to get through Jared’s coverage pretty quickly, Y/N doing off-camera dialogue for him as he had done for her. The bell sounded again, and Jensen called lunch. Everyone walked towards craft services, chatting about different parts of their lives. Jensen was talking with Bob, but after quickly making some decisions, he moved away and walked up to Y/N.
She looked up at Jensen as she felt him next to her, smiling brightly. They walked side by side through the lot, past all the pick-up trucks, SUVs and large trailers that housed the different departments of production. For the last 7 days, this had been a regular occurrence, him walking her to the lunch tent. On the 8th and final day of filming, it was no exception. She could feel the attraction between them, and a part of her hoped that he might ask her out, but she would even settle for a casual hook-up at that point.
“Ah, fuck,” he muttered, as he suddenly stopped short while looking down at his phone. “My phone’s about to die. Mind if we make a quick detour to my trailer so I can charge it up?”
“Lead the way,” she said, smiling as she gestured for him to go ahead. She followed him to his trailer, stepping in behind him.
As he looked around for a charger, she turned to every angle of the trailer, taking it in. It was big and spacious, with a large flat screen and comfortable couch, a bed at the other end and a nice kitchenette, but that was it. There was nothing outlandish and unnecessary in there.
“Nice to know there’s no aquarium in here,” she laughed, folding her arms.
Jensen scoffed a laugh as he shook his head. “Yeah, they really went overboard with that one.”
Finding a charger, he plugged it in and put his phone on charge. He turned to her, arms out as he brought attention to the trailer.
“So, this is it,” he said, his hands coming down and straight into his pockets. “As glamorous as you pictured, right?”
“Oh, much more than I was expecting,” she said, pretending to be serious. They looked at each other and laughed, as she shook her head. “I like it. It certainly doesn’t scream lead of a TV show slash on and off director.”
“What does it scream then?” he asked, looking down at her as she moved closer to him.
“Just a regular guy underneath all that star power,” she replied, her hand coming up and softly grazing his covered bicep.
She looked at him, her eyes never leaving his. It was clear to both of them that there was something between them. The minute she stepped onto set earlier than week, Jensen knew he was done for.
“Can I ask you something?” he wondered, his tongue darting out and licking at his lips, nervously. That little gesture had nearly sent her to her knees so many times that week, and in that moment, she felt like she would if he did it again.
“Shoot,” she told him.
His hand came up and took hers, his fingers intertwining with her delicate ones. “When can I see you again?”
“I don’t know. I’m leaving at noon tomorrow,” she said, moving closer to him and taking in the smell of his cologne.
“I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered, his head dropping forward to rest his forehead against hers. “Tell me I’m not fucking insane, and you feel something for me too.”
“You’re not,” she whispered in return, shaking her head against his. “The only thing fucking insane is that we didn’t do anything the minute we met.”
That was the only in Jensen needed. His hands cupped Y/N’s cheeks and pulled her face up, his lips pressing into hers in a rough but sensual kiss. Her hands roamed his chest, fisting his black t-shirt in her hands, trying to bring him in closer. They pulled away for a brief moment, breathing into each other heavily as they tried to catch their breath. They quickly stripped out of the clothes they were wearing, careful not to tug harshly as they were the costumes they’d have to put back on. Cupping her face again, he smirked as he moved them over to the couch.
“On your knees,” he instructed.
She huffed a laugh as she grinned. “Yes, sir.”
He quickly unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down, sitting back on the couch as she moved down to her knees in front of him. She tugged at his boxers and pulled them down, his hard cock springing free. She gasped as she smiled, her hand slowly wrapping around the shaft.
“Put my cock in your mouth, baby,” he demanded, his hand coming up to her hair and wrapping into it, tugging her closer.
She hummed as she moved closer, her tongue licking a stripe up his shaft. “You gonna direct me, sir?”
He groaned as he bit his lip, smirking. “Yeah, and if it’s anything like it is on set, I know you’ll hit your mark.”
She sucked at the tip of his cock, her tongue circling the head before she moved down, taking his length into her mouth. She bobbed her head, her spit coating his cock as she built up a rhythm.
“Fuck,” he growled. “Your mouth’s so fucking perfect, Y/N.”
She looked up at him, taking him deeper into her mouth.
“Hold still, darlin’,” he muttered in his sudden Texas drawl, his hand gathering her hair into his palm, the other cupping her face.
She stilled her movement, as he began thrusting up into her mouth at a fast pace. His cock hit the back of her throat, causing her to moan each time it did.
“Fuck, baby,” he groaned, looking down at her. “Look so good with my cock between your lips.”
Her saliva covered his cock, the glugging sound loud as he slipped in and out of her mouth. She looked up at him, her eyes glistening from the pressure of his hard cock against the back of her throat. His hand pressed down on her head, making her take his length into her mouth all the way to the base, holding her in place. She moaned to avoid gagging, thankful she didn’t have a gag reflex. He pulled her up, his cock leaving her mouth with a wet pop, a harsh breath leaving her lips as air came back into her lungs.
“Can’t wait to fuck you,” he said, cupping her face in his hands and bringing her lips to hers.
He lifted her up and carried her to the bed, throwing her down on it. She squealed as she bounced on the mattress, a naughty smile on her face as she looked up at him.
“God, you’re so fucking hot,” she muttered, as her eyes raked over his body.
“I should be saying that about you,” he smirked, getting onto the bed and holding himself up above her.
He leaned down, kissing her passionately, before trailing down her jaw, neck and down to her breasts. His flicked his tongue over her nipple, his hand coming up to roll the other between his fingers.
“Fuck,” she moaned, as his felt his other hand move down her body.
He smirked as he sucked her nipple, feeling the slick between her legs. He released the nub and looked down at her, his fingers running through her folds and finding her clit. She moaned loudly, forgetting where she was for a moment, as she felt his fingers circle the bundle of nerves.
“Shh, baby,” he whispered, as he looked down into her eyes. “Can’t let the crew hear us.”
“Jensen… fuck me,” she whimpered, as she cupped his face.
Taking one of her hands off her face, he pinned it to the bed above her head. A chill ran down her spine as she looked into his eyes, now dark with arousal.
“Say it properly and I will,” he ordered, his voice gravelly and demanding.
She gulped but smiled tentatively. “Please fuck me, sir.”
“Good,” he said, before he leaned down and kissed her lips, once then twice.
They continued their passionate embrace, Y/N’s arms wrapping around Jensen’s neck as one of her hands combed into his short hair at the nape of his neck. Their lips moved against each other’s roughly and sensually, as they became desperate to feel more of each other. He held his cock and ran it along her folds, her wetness slicking his shaft and a clear sign that she was more than ready for him. However, his movements suddenly stopped as an unfair realization came to him.
“Shit,” he muttered, pulling his lips away from hers. He looked down at her as an annoyed expression graced his face.
“What’s wrong?” she asked, suddenly worried she had done something wrong.
“I just remembered… I don’t have any condoms,” he replied, grimacing as he held himself up above her. “I don’t do this… well, ever. So, I don’t have anything.”
Her frown matched his. “I’m not on the pill right now, either.”
He nodded, trying to smile reassuringly and hide his disappointment. She knew that he was though, because she was too. She was desperate to feel him against her and inside her.
“I guess we better get to lunch, then,” she muttered softly, pushing herself up on her elbows. Her face was close to his, causing her to lean over and kiss his plump lips, softly.
“I just want to feel you,” he whispered against her lips, leaning in.
“Me too,” she said, in an equally hushed tone before his lips claimed hers again.
An idea suddenly came to him and he just hoped that she would be okay with it.
“Trust me?” he asked, softly as he looked into her eyes.
She smiled up at him, nodding slowly. “Yes, sir.”
He smirked as he helped her lie down on the bed again, bringing her legs up to rest her ankles on his shoulders. He shifted back until he was standing, her behind now on the edge of the bed.
Jensen smirked as his eyes darkened, taking hold of his cock and slapping it over her mound a few times. He moved Y/N’s thighs closer together, until they met around his cock. Slowly, he began to thrust, sliding his cock between her thighs in a gentle and sensual pace. She moaned softly, the new sensation of feeling his shaft against the skin of her inner thighs awakening something within her. He groaned, biting his lip at this new found arousal as he continued to move between her legs.
“How do I feel, sweetheart?” he asked, looking down at her.
“So good,” she moaned, looking at him. His ‘sweetheart’ gave her Dean vibes, which was definitely something she was adding to her list of kinks.
He picked up speed, his thrusts between her legs now a moderate pace. He gripped her thighs tight in his hands, which would no doubt leave bruises that she would get to admire later.
“Fuck,” he growled, his jaw clenching as he felt the pressure around his cock. “You feel so fucking good, baby.”
“Shit,” she hissed. A small laugh left her mouth as she shook her head. “If this is anything to go by, I can’t wait for you to fuck me.”
He chuckled as he nodded. “Can’t wait to fuck you either, Y/N. Can’t wait to feel you around my cock, taking me so well.”
“Jensen,” she moaned softly. She remembered to keep quiet in case of wandering ears of crew members.
His hand came up and back down on her thigh, smacking her hard enough to make her yelp and get her attention. He looked at her with his darkened eyes, stern and somewhat frightening, which only aroused her more.
“Last time I checked, I’m still your director,” he groaned, grasping her thighs tight. “Touch yourself.”
She moaned as her hands came up to her breasts, her fingers tweaking her nipples as she looked up at him. He grunted as he watched her, one of hands slipping down between her legs. His fingers found her clit, rubbing them in tight circles around the swollen nub.
“Fuck! Jensen,” she moaned, breathlessly. “Make me cum.”
He chuckled as he shook his head, his fingers slowing down to a torturous pace. “Not yet, baby.”
“Please,” she begged, her chest heaving with her shallow breaths.
“You have to ask better than that, Y/N,” he informed her, the smirk still on his face.
“Please,” she whimpered. She moved one of her hands down, trying to touch her clit but he smacked it away, not giving up the control he had in that moment. “Please, sir… please make me cum.”
“Let’s make a deal, baby,” he suggested, an eyebrow raised as he continued to thrust between her thighs. He groaned, knowing he was close to his own release. “Make me cum first between these perfect thighs, and I’ll let you cum… all over my face.”
She moaned loudly, nodding frantically. The idea of his mouth on her where she wanted him most was too much to bear.
Pressing her thighs together firmly, Jensen’s thrusts became quicker and erratic, getting closer to falling over the edge. He growled as the pressure around his hard cock built, feeling it pulse with his impending release.
“Fuck,” he groaned. His hips faltered as he gripped tightly at the flesh of her thighs. He threw his head back, as he let go of her legs, and grasped his cock in his hand. He pumped his hand along his shaft, biting his lip as he looked down at her spread out on his bed. She sat up on her elbows, smiling up at him as she moved his hand away, taking over for him as her hand moved up and down along his cock.
“Oh fuck, Y/N,” he let out a guttural moan as her hand picked up speed. Ropes of his cum spurted out of his cock, landing on her stomach. She continued to pump him, making sure he gave her everything he had, relishing in the warmth of his release against her skin.
He breathed heavily, his hand cupping her face as he smiled at her. “Your turn.”
Moving his hand to her shoulder, he pushed her back lightly, smiling as she laughed. He got down on his knees, grasping her hips and pulling her to the edge of the bed. Y/N laughed as she slipped down, moving her hands up to her breasts and pinching her nipples. He smirked as he looked up at her, his tongue licking a stripe up her folds. He moaned at the taste of her, feeling how wet she was already from just fucking her thighs.
“Oh fuck,” she moaned loudly, as she felt his stubble against the inside of thighs. She bit down on her lip, trying to keep herself quiet as he continued to run his tongue along her folds, the vibrations of his moans running through her.
“Taste so fucking good, Y/N,” he muttered against her mound, looking up at her. “So perfect.”
He moved his mouth to her clit, moving his tongue in tight circles around the nub. Her hands came down and grabbed his short hair, clenching tightly as she pressed her lips together. His hand came up, slowly inserting a finger into her wet entrance, moving it in and out of her. He added another finger and began to thrust them back and forth, the pads of his fingers hitting her g-spot every time. She whimpered as he picked up speed, his perfect mouth sucking at her clit as he continued to move his fingers.
He released her clit from his mouth, kissing her inner thigh as he moved up her leg.
“So fucking beautiful,” he muttered against her skin, placing small nips along the inside of her thigh.
He looked at her, the smile never leaving his face. She pushed herself up on her elbow, her other hand still in his hair. Leaning up, he kissed her roughly as he continued to thrust his fingers into her. She moaned into his mouth, tasting herself on his tongue. She felt the familiar feeling of her release approaching, the coil winding tighter and tighter.
“You ready to cum for me, sweetheart?” he asked, his breath fanning against her lips.
“Yeah,” she gasped, nodding as she looked into his eyes. “Make me cum.”
“Make me cum… what?” he asked, his voice gravelly. A deep rumble erupted from his chest as he laughed with a mischievous grin.
She whimpered, gripping his hair harshly. “Make me cum, sir.”
“Good girl,” he praised, moving his head back down again.
Jensen moved his mouth back to her clit, his fingers picking speed as he hit that sweet spot inside of her with precision. Y/N looked down at him, still leaning on her elbow to give her a better view. She held his head in place, fearing he’d move if she removed her hand. He licked at her clit, the sounds of her wetness and his ministrations reaching her ears and causing a string of soft moans and whimpers to leave her lips. His mouth sucked at her, his tongue moving around the nub tightly and his fingers thrusting, faster and faster. She bit down on her lip, nearly drawing blood as the coil in her belly snapped. A harsh, strangled whimper of his name left her lips, as she came hard on his tongue and fingers. He lapped at her folds, taking in her juices before he moved his head away, smiling at her.
With a quick kiss to Y/N’s thigh, Jensen got up and fell back on the bed next to her. She breathed heavily as she looked at him, trying to catch her breath. Turning his head, he looked into her eyes. He turned onto his side, moving closer to her. His lips hovered close to hers, his eyes flicking between all the features of her face. She moved in the rest of the way, kissing him softly. Their lips moved passionately against each other’s, not wanting to let go. As much as he didn’t want to let go, he knew they had a schedule to keep today before they wrapped later that night.
“We only have 20 minutes left,” he mumbled, regretfully against her lips.
She nodded, sadly. “We should go.”
They both got up from the bed, cleaning themselves up and getting dressed again in relative silence. The only sounds were the rustling of fabrics and shoes on the floor of the trailer. Y/N fixed her hair as much as she could in the mirror, her eyes continuously flicking over to Jensen as he did the same, fixing the mess she had made of his short locks. With one last look at each other, Jensen opened the door of the trailer and looked around, letting her out first when he saw that no one was around. They walked to the lunch tent, receiving a few questions on their whereabouts. Jensen was quick to tell everyone he took Y/N to see some of the fan favourite props of the show, and Y/N was glad that people believed him, for the most part.
They ate quickly, both of them silent as they sat across from each other. Y/N didn’t know if they weren’t talking because they are was awkwardness after what happened, or whether it was because he didn’t want to accidentally say something about it in front of the crew. Quite frankly, she was fine with not talking about it just yet. She wasn’t sure where they go from here. Did Jensen want to see her again? If so, would it be just to sleep together finally, or did he want more?
She didn’t think she wanted to know the answers to those questions. Not yet anyway.
Little did she know, the same questions were running through Jensen’s head. He enjoyed what happened back in his trailer, but sue him if he didn’t want more with her. He wanted to go the full home run with her, but if he was being completely honest, he wanted to see her again and again. He wanted to ask her out and see where they go from there.
He knew he had to take a leap of faith and ask her before she left town, because who knew when she would return.
Tumblr media
They were back on the bunker set, this time in the war room to shoot the last scene Y/N would be in. It was interesting that Y/N’s character leaving at the end of the episode was the second last scene they were filming, but that was where it happened to land. It was like it happened organically, which was rare for their set during filming.
Jensen was standing at the head of the map table, Jared next to him as Y/N stood across from them. Video village was set up at the other end of the library, giving them more room in the war room for lighting and boom mics. Things were quiet as they fell into their characters, Y/N slinging the duffle bag over her shoulder, as the assistant director called ‘action’.
“Thanks for your help. We really owe you one,” Jared said as ‘Sam’.
She smiled at him, shaking her head. “You really don’t.”
Jensen gave her that signature ‘Dean Winchester’ look, the one that said he was thinking about how to approach a subject. “You know where to find us if we do.”
“You’re buying the six-pack next time,” she said, chuckling slightly.
“Done,” ‘Dean’ said, smirking at her. She smiled at Jensen, finding that her genuine smile to him seeped into the scene.
“See you boys around,” she said, nodding at them. She turned on her heeled ankle boots, walking towards the staircase. With one glance over her shoulder, she gave them a small wave which they returned. She took the stairs all the way up, hearing the AD call ‘cut’.
“Alright, let’s see,” Jensen muttered as he walked over to video village.
Y/N walked down the stairs and over to the map table and placed the duffle bag on it. She waited to hear whether they would have to do another take or not.
“Alright, check the gate! Moving on!” Jensen called out. “That’s a wrap on Y/N Y/L/N!”
He quickly came out from behind the screens, walking over to her and Jared. All the crew around her clapped, as she gave them a small curtsy, laughing as Jared came over and hugged her.
It wasn’t the usual treatment of guest stars, as they usually came in and did the work and then left but considering there was buzz that her character might make a return, they wanted her to feel at home with all of them. They were kind to people with even the smallest of roles, so Y/N always knew she’d be in safe hands with the Supernatural crew.
Y/N hung around to say goodbye as they shot the last scene between the boys. In that time, she sat with her laptop, hoping she could change her flight to leave in a few days. With luck, she managed to find one leaving Vancouver in 5 days’ time, giving her plenty of time to stick around and explore these feelings she had for the handsome green-eyed actor. She couldn’t wait to tell him.
Given that Jared and Jensen had such a great shorthand with each other, they worked quickly to get the work done. Jensen called a wrap on the episode, and they all congratulated him on the amazing work he did. Everyone began to pack things up, the make-up ladies heading to their trailer as Y/N walked with them. She removed all her make-up, freshened up and then got changed into her clothes she wore to set that morning.
Y/N said her goodbyes to Trish and Frida, followed by the rest of the crew and Bob Singer. Jared swooped in for another big hug, nearly breaking her in half with the pressure of his arms around her.
“Jesus, you don’t know your own strength, you know that?” she said, cringing in slight pain as she turned and twisted, trying to get feeling back in her body.
“Hey, not my fault you can’t handle it,” he laughed, patting her back. “Alright, I’m out of here. I hope I’ll see you soon.”
“Me too,” she smiled, as he enveloped her in a softer but still warm hug. She decided to leave out the fact that she wasn’t going anywhere just yet, wanting to tell Jensen first.
Jared walked towards the parking lot, heading for the SUV that Cliff was waiting by. They were no doubt waiting on Jensen, who had been finishing up some paperwork after wrapping the episode. Y/N slung her bag over her shoulder, walking towards his trailer in search of him. Reaching the door, she knocked a few times and waited. The door opened, a tired but smiling Jensen greeting her.
“Hey,” he smiled, leaning against the door frame.
“So… I have some news,” she told him, a smile playing at her lips.
“Oh yeah?” he asked, his eyebrows raised as he folded his arms across his chest. His arms were exposed thanks to his black t-shirt, and she suddenly felt like her skin was on fire. She tried not to show her disappointment when he put on his jacket and grabbed his backpack, shutting off the light in the trailer as he closed the door.
She nodded, stepping down from the stairs to the trailer and turning to him. “I changed my flight. I’m leaving in 5 days.”
Jensen felt his heart skip a beat with that news. He nodded, the smile growing bigger on his face. “Well… you want to come over tonight? We can pick up where we left off.”
She bit her lip, nodding slowly. “I’d love to.”
Keeping up the pretence that there wasn’t anything going on, Jensen went back home with Cliff driving him to his apartment. Y/N called an Uber, knowing that if she had joined them Jared and Cliff would question what was happening. She and Jensen hadn’t spoken about it, but they both knew that there wasn’t anything to say to anyone until they figured it out themselves. For now, she wanted him in ways she’s never wanted anyone else and she was more than ready to see what he was capable of.
Reaching Jensen’s apartment, Y/N went up to his floor and down the hall, knocking on his door, noting that it was the right one from the text he had sent while she was in the Uber. The door swung open, and she grinned as Jensen smirked at her, letting her in. She took in the apartment, with its beautiful view of the city lights twinkling at night, a large screen TV and comfortable couch, and his guitar on the wall closest to her. However, as nice as it was that wasn’t where her mind was in that moment.
Turning around, Y/N looked at him, his eyes reflecting the same things she was feeling. They moved towards each other, their lips meeting in a rough, but sensual kiss as they wrapped their arms around each other. Pushing and pulling at each other’s clothes, their lips continued to move against each other, not wanting to stop.
“Thank god you changed your flight,” he mumbled against her swollen lips. “I can’t wait to fuck you.”
“Then what are you waiting for?” she asked, grabbing his shoulders and jumping up, wrapping her legs around his waist.
His hands immediately supported her as he carried her off to his bedroom.
By the time they came up for air, the sun was rising, and Jensen had to leave to go to work for the first day of the next episode. With a promise of returning later that day, he told Y/N to stay at his apartment, telling her she could use whatever she wanted before he had to leave.
As she stood on the balcony and looked out at the view with her morning coffee, she had never been more thankful to a job she had taken. She made some great friends already, there was a buzz that she may come back for more episodes, and she had met the most incredible man who she couldn’t wait to explore more with.
She found herself repeating Jensen’s words from the night before as she smiled into her morning cup of caffeine.
Thank god she changed her flight.
If you’re crossed out, I couldn’t tag you :(
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shutupanddance · 3 months ago
Idea for writing: the reader is an artist make something very special for Spocks birthday, but you've never really spoken to him, cause you're Autistic and socially, simply maintaining eye contact is scary, normally you just run away when hes around. But you want him to feel special, cause birthdays mean a lot to you, and Spock is pretty special too. So you sneak into his room, leave a brightly wrapped present on his table and sneak out, but he catches you sneaking out of his room.*vulcans and they're excellent hearing. Theres some crying, cause you didn't want to have to interact socially and you're anxious.
But he asks you to stay, opens the gift, loves it, and Spock offers to give you a very special gift in return: a hug.
*hope that wasn't too long, but you did say you liked detail*
We love your writing, so much! Someday I hope to buy an actual book from Barnes and Noble with your name on the cover! 💜💜💜💙💙
This is absolutely the sweetest request I’ve ever gotten!! Thank you so much!! (I actually am writing a novel, and I’m totally floored by the idea that people would already want to read it 😳).
I hope this lives up to your expectation!! Enjoy <333
Tumblr media
The mission was simple: get in and get out. But missions rarely go the way they’re meant to.
You were quite possibly the least talkative of the Enterprise crew, and though they didn’t pay much attention to you, you loved them all very dearly. More than anyone else, though, you loved Spock. There was something so comforting about his presence, and relaxing about the way he spoke. Not that you ever stuck around long enough to have any heart-to-hearts. But, unlike the rest of the crew, he allowed for personal space. He wasn’t loud or boisterous, and rarely yelled. Not only was he a genius in your eyes, but he was also the only crew member who didn’t overwhelm you.
Which brings us to your mission: deliver a birthday gift for Spock.
Though the crew didn’t know it yet, you were an amazing artist. Your work always came from the heart, and it was one of the most precious things to you, so logically, a gift of artwork would be the best gift you could give. You had spent hours on it, and lots of time on the wrapping. A special gift for a special person, was your thought.
The door to Spock’s quarters opened easily enough. You could feel the anxiety resting in your stomach, but was it also excitement?
You placed the gift on his dining room table, which was perfectly clean, just like the rest of his quarters. You sighed. You had done it!
But, unfortunately for you, the mission wasn’t over. As you were exiting through the sliding door, you came face-to-face with Spock.
Oh no.
You stared at the floor, trying to find something to say. What could you say? You’d rather say nothing. Melt into the floor. The florescent lights seemed to burn into your scalp, and suddenly all the noises in the ship were loud. So very loud… You began to cry. It was too much.
A voice had said your name — Spock? You tilted your head upwards, staring at the insignia on his blue shirt. He knew your name?
”Is there a reason you’re sneaking out of my quarters?”
Again, you panic, and just nod vigorously. You point into his living space.
Spock seemed to understand, stepping inside. He noticed the gift. His eyebrows raised, and his face was painted in surprised. He motioned for you to come back in, and you’d rather run, but what else would you do, really?
But Spock is unwrapping it now, and your nervousness is blending with excitement again. He pulled the gift out slowly, making sure it was intact.
He lets out a soft sigh.
”How beautiful.”
You certainly hadn’t been expecting that.
”Happy birthday,” you croak, your voice breaking in every which way. But from where you’re staring at the gift, you can see him smile.
”It is a happy birthday indeed,” Spock says, and you smile, yourself. Tension leaves your shoulders.
There’s a quiet pause, full of thoughts, before Spock speaks again.
”I believe it is a human custom, as a thank you, to give a hug?”
A hug? From Spock? You hadn’t planned for this. You hadn’t planned for any of it, really, and you’re in uncharted territory. He was being serious, right? Spock was always serious, but what if he was pulling your leg this time?
”If that’s alright?” He proded, head tilted to look at your face. He didn’t get any closer. It was just an offer.
You nodded.
Spock stepped gingerly into your personal space, then began to wrap his long arms around your shoulders. You wrapped yours around his torso, and let yourself relax into his embrace. You rested your head on his chest.
The hug was surprisinlgy warm, and nice. As he placed his chin on the crown of your head for a moment, you sighed. A small, happy sigh.
”Happy birthday,” you repeated.
”Thank you,” he said quietly, and rubbed his thumb across your shoulder.
The hug didn’t last long, and both of you were simultaneously a little glad and a little sad for that.
”Would you like to leave now?” Spock offered.
You nodded, and booked it out of the room.
Tumblr media
You wouldn’t say that much changed after the gift-giving “incident”. You still hid from everyone most of the time, but sometimes, when you were sitting silent on the observation deck, Spock would find you. And he’d sit, and he’d talk about the planets, and nebulas, and asteroids, and you’d smile.
You found yourself smiling a lot more these days.
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yn-x-animeboy · 6 months ago
Jungkook x y/n (as a famous artist) Pt. 1
Tumblr media
request: mine, my brain made me write this
pairing: reader x Jungkook
genre: fluff, romance, for entertainment purposes
BTS x Fem Reader
sinopsis: You are a popular artist in America, pretty famous, loved and well-known by the general public (actually you were one of the top 10 artists in the world but you are pretty humble and naïve to realize your popularity), one day during one of your fan meets you talk about how much you love BTS, and not only how you wish to meet them and work with them but how Jungkook is one of your celebrity crushes. During the meet you fangirled with other ARMYs in the crowd; video clips of you fangirling and talking about BTS at your meet where posted and reposted all over social media. This obviously broke the internet because you were not only a famous singer but you also were always accepted and loved by ARMY and this made a lot of people happy. Suddenly it felt like everyone wanted you to meet the seven handsome and talented idols and collaborate, but you could only wish, you believed they didn't even know who you were...or so you thought.
Pt. 1- Introduction. Your fan meet
Basically every couple of months you like to organize small get-togethers with your supporters as a way to have a closer contact with them, to get to know them, as a fanservice and to just thank them in a way. Lately you have been noticing one specific group of fan pages dedicated to you who have been really interactive and supportive on twitter; 
promoting your latest music video and the recent EPISODE of: y/n’s camera roll uploaded to your oficial platforms (your team uploaded a weekly video=episode to your channel; almost like Run BTS. Each episode had a different theme and your fans loved it)  this group of fan pages is constantly on your main page, so you decided to contact them and fly them out for a day in L.A. for one of your infamous meets so you could meet them.
You don't normally film your fan meetings, they are normally just a one on one gatherings between you and your fans,  but your team thought it could be a good idea to record today’s meet and upload parts of it for your weekly EPISODE, these were greatly appreciated by your international fans and other fans who wanted to see a little more into your personal life.
You were currently hanging out with the small group of fans you invited over. A group of around 10 boys and girls were currently sitting on the fluffy carpeted floor and some were sitting on plush chairs randomly spread in front of you. (a/n i imagine this setting like the Zach Sang Show, for the Ariana Grande interview episodes) 
You were sitting in front of them on a small white couch for two. Once everyone was comfortably settled in, you introduced yourself and invited the others to do so as well, one by one telling you their name, username, pronouns, age, and fun facts about them. You smiled wide, happy to be able to meet such amazing people and also making mental notes to remember their names and facts. 
After the personal introductions your camera crew was set up and ready to start, you told your fans sitting in front of you about how today's meet was going to be recorded and asked for their consent to upload said video; and then proceed to open for the camera; 
“Hello everyone welcome to another episode of…. f** I don't even know what we call these videos, jajajaja” 
Your fans sitting in front of you stated the name of the youtube series in a heartbeat;
“Wait what?... jajajajaja omg guys thank you, I'm so sorry, yeah you heard them, welcome back to y/n’s camera roll, I can’t believe I forgot that, anyway today’s episode is a little different……” you proceed to explain what the episode was about and thanking the future viewers for tuning in and watching the video. “Waw what a long introduction, so, before we actually go on and have the meet while you guys at home enjoy, I want to introduce you to the lovely group of people who I have invited here today….” Again proceed to introduce your fans to the camera by name, trying to not miss anyone and not butcher any name in the process.
After the introduction is done you porcede to carry out the fan meet like you normally do, you normally have scheduled sections of activities during your meets to make them fun; For today’s meet you all played games and did a couple challenges with your fans; then you recorded a couple of tik toks and instagram stories your fans asked you to be in, and casually all hung out. After a while of comfortable chatting and laughter, you wanted to hype up the mood. You turned down the lights, turned on some color  LED lights and had a dance party with everyone invited, dancing and going all out to popular music.
After being all drained from the heavy physical activities, you ordered a variety of food for your fans, like pizza and pasta, sushi, tacos, snacks, etc. and had a muckbang/eating section for the episode as well.
You were having so much fun, you looked around while eating and just by looking at their excited and happy faces you couldn help but feel complete and thankful for all of your fans.
After filling up on food, you carried out the Q&A section of the meet, allowing fans to ask you personal questions and conversing on various topics. The camera director gave you instructions to proceed with the questions, you nodded and thanked him and the staff for their hard work, turning on your heel and sitting back in your spot you tuned to the main camera: “Hi, quick update, sorry I haven't been so interactive with the camera in this episode for everyone watching at home, but I have been having so much fun and I am not used to having a camera crew for my normal fan meets, I’m sorry. Anyway now we will move on, I am going to answer some questions and hopefully this is entertaining enough  for the EPISODE hahaha” the crew and fans present chucked as you finished the small interruption.
And the questions began. A girl sitting in the back, raised her hand and spoke; “yeah um, I’m sorry I wanted to  see if I could start the questions, idk if the others are okay with that”. The rest of the group nodded sweetly at her, others replied with short “yeah’s”. She then proceeded nervously “thankyou g-guys, um I’m sorry before my question, is there anything we cannot ask you or..?
You sweetly smiled at her shyness and consideration, you tried your best to make her comfortable, “You are so cute, hahaha, thankyou for being considerate, but I really can’t think of anything that I am not allowed to answer or talk about, let me ask my I Sam?” you shifted your upper body to the side where the crew was standing, your manager Sam shook his head, you don't really have any tea to be spilled anyway so he is pretty confident and comfortable allowing you to be 100% in control. 
“Okay if Sam says it’s cool, it's okay  jajaja. You can ask me anything”
The girl then proceeded to ask her question, and waited for you to answer.
Time went by, and it was pretty cool to see what your fans were interested in learning about you, after some time the group continued asking you questions like “who is your biggest inspiration? favorite song?, favorite thing about being on tour? what would you do if you weren't a singer? etc.
One of the boys in the group spoke; “Hi, y/n, can I ask you another question?” you nodded and signaled him to proceed; 
“I saw that you liked an instagram post about BTS a while back uploaded by a fan account and I also saw that you actually follow their personal twitter account. ALSO in your behind the scenes video for your music video shoot you can be seen in the background dancing the Boy with luv choreo. So I wanted to ask if you were an ARMY and if you know them personally? and like should we be expecting a collaboration soon?”
You chucked at his talking speed, curious questions and great detective skills.
 Before you answered you mentally told yourself to hold back and not go all cRAzY fAnGirL on them, you inhaled and answered:
“OMG hahaha I love you so much, what an amazing question, Okay so first off no I don’t know them personally and sadly no plans of collaboration are on sight. Oh wow I have never been asked if I liked BTS before, I’m excited hahaha. Yeah I am an ARMY, I love them so much I am one of their biggest fans, and they are also one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to work ethic and professionalism, listening to them or watching them gives me motivation to keep doing what I love, which is this. 
anyway I am rambling I should stop; you guys can say y/n stop whenever I start rambling okay? hahaha''
The group in front of you laughed and added some extra comments on your response.
After a couple comments back and forth you realized something… and asked out loud, 
“Wait so, how many of you guys here are actually ARMYs?”, 
all of the sudden the 10 fans sitting in front of you raised their hands. 
“So you guys are telling me literally everyone of you is a fellow ARMY and didn't tell me until now?” everyone chuckled and looked around surprises at the coincidence 
You were already feeling shy after talking so much about yourself before so you redirected the activity, “Guys should we actually talk about BTS for a bit? hahaha” you asked your fans
This made a girl raise her hand and ask: “Can I ask you a BTS question then? Okay so, who is your favorite member?
You loved the new conversation topic. You answered truthfully: “Well first off, I don't have a favorite member. I really mean it when I say this. I love them all equally and I love them all as a group. I don’t prefer one over the other or like one better.  I really do support them equally. I mean there is nothing wrong with having a bias, as long as you also respect the other members, hope that all made sense lol” Everyone seemed moved by your support towards them and nodded.
“Y/n so you don’t have a favorite, but do you have a crush on any of them?, like if you could date one of them right now, which one do you pick?” A fan asked.
You looked at her and really thought about how to answer said question in the best way possible; “okay...well...Like I said just to be clear I don't have favorites amongst the group members, but I do have a type…. I consider one of them to be my celebrity crush” you answered, starting out slow and finishing by blurting out the last part.
Your fans in front of you went crazy, they leaned over their seats wanting to feel closer to you and not miss anything you were saying as you took a breath to continue speaking.
“So in that case, if I had to pick someone that I would date in real life...i would say…. Jungkook'' The room was filled with surprised remarks, small comments and squeals.
“Omg guys chill hahaha, breathe, it's just a crush I don’t know him and it's not going to happen. It's just that I find him really attractive and he is my type.”
The fans kept raising their hands to ask you various questions about BTS,
the camera director and manager signaled you to get your attention after you finished answering other questions and told you you only had time for one more question before the fan meet was over.
“Okay guys so apparently we have time for one more question, so make it a good one, it can be about anything, shoot” you said as you leaned over to reach for your water bottle, swung the bottle and pointed to someone on the corner of your eye who seemed to have one last question, as you drank some water they asked: “I have a last BTS question if you don’t mind y/n” 
Still gulping water you moved your hand indicating them that is was okay and to go on,
“okay, um I just thought about this, do you have like a specific fantasy or make up scenario about BTS that you could only dream could come true; like I wish i could walk into a café shop and suddenly meet V, realizing we were reading the same book and covering for hours”
That was such a deep and personal question, you had never once thought anyone would be interested in what your fantasies where; you thought it might be boring for your fans if you went on and on about  stupid make believe scenarios that live in your head rent free. But seeing everyones approving faces over the question and the intrigued eyes they were shooting at you, you spoke: “I love that question, and your scenario is so cute, you should write a tumblr post about it, (a/n wink wink) well yeah I obviously have created fake scenarios in my head about BTS, past crushes, fake arguments even hahaha, there are so many BTS fake scenarios in my head…. hmm oh I know which one, okay so this fantasy of mine is about how I would meet them irl and work with them, I will make it quick”
You kinda chuckled at yourself, playing with the cap on your water bottle, you felt as if you were about to say something really cringy and embarrassing. You took a deep breath and started the narration of the sinopsis of your personal fanfic created by you. 
“Okay so, my literal fantasy is to one day meet them at a talk show, you know how hosts like will surprise their guests with something/someone they like?, I believe Ellen has done it multiple times where she surprised a guest with their idol or celebrity crush, you know?” The group nodded, invested in your fake scenario “Well i would be invited to like the Jimmy Fallon Show, where he would just randomly surprise me with BTS. Then I would be given the opportunity to introduce myself and tell them how much I love and support them. I would also be able to show them my Korean speaking skills, I learned Korean and Spanish back in school and I have never been able to actually use either them, lol, anyway...well after that we would all become really good friends, and we would collaborate and put out one or multiple songs for you guys. I mean that's basically it, I wish I could meet them, and become their friend and write songs with them, even produce songs with Suga or RM if I could'' you sighed as you ended your mini narration.
You continued; “But well, that's just a fake scenario I repeat, it's not real and it's not gonna happen, EVER. For now I will keep supporting and loving them with you and the rest of ARMY. I really doubt they even know who I am, anyway” you closed the conversation at that. Your fans seemed like they wanted to say something but your camera director called you over before anyone could say something else. You excuse yourself and walk over to the cameras and lights set up where the staff is.
*your fans were really confused, and this you didn't know, but your fans knew for a fact that BTS knew very well who you were. The fans even knew which member has continuously admitted to having a platonic crush on you for years now, ever since you first blew up, back when you were 16 and he was 17. Your fans knew how you are one of BTS’s favorite artists, and this was no secret, you could literally look all this information up... 
They didn’t understand how you could have no idea how famous you actually are* They talked amongst themselves about this while you talked to your team.
Your manager and camera director indicated you to do an outro for the video’s footage and other instructions. You nodded your head and smiled, you took a step back and bowed your head towards the staff behind the cameras and thanked them for their work.
You then walked towards the group of fans and told them you had to do an outro for the camera if that was okay with them; you then sat with them on the floor while side hugging the two fans next to you, you directed yourself to the camera:  “Okay guys so sadly today’s meet is now over, I am really sad I wish we could hang out for longer, thank you so much for coming and making today so fun and special” you then turned to the camera “And for my other amazing supporters who are going to watch this on youtube, today was just a little scoop into my life like the other y/n’s camera roll EPISODES, in case you are interested in other videos like this one you can visit head to the channel where this video was uploaded and watch more! hopefully you guys had fun with us! I adore you all, thank you! Please Spread love always, y/n out” you waved as the camera director said “CUT” and the crew cut the cameras.
Your manager then stood up and directed everyone to get ready to leave, also thanking them for always supporting you and taking care of you, you smiled at your amazing manager and looked back at your fans while they picked up their stuff, smiling sadly.
You said your goodbye to everyone one-by-one as they headed out.
After lots of farewell hugs, kisses, selfies, and gifts, you went home with a smile on your face for the amazing time you had.
You went to bed, turned your phone on silent mode and looked at your ceiling,  reliving that fake scenario you talked about a few hours ago, oh how you wished it could become real (a/n hehe wink wink). Finally dozing off and resting for the work-packed day you had tomorrow unaware that your social media was currently going crazy and how they yearned for your new weekly EPISODE to come out.
Part 2- Jungkook’s POV --------> here
thank you so much, please interact with me to let me know if you like this :) Xx
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delaber · 6 months ago
Three-Point Perspective (Part 2)
Rafael Casal x Reader x Daveed Diggs
Tumblr media
Note: Guys! When I wrote Three-Point Perspective, I wasn’t planning on adding a second part to it but the amount of support was so overwhelming that I just had to do a sequel ...And let me tell you; I am so glad you guys wanted it because this was so much fun! I have never been more challenged with a story-line, portraying emotions, changing perspectives, and just the plot in general. I have never never never changed a story-line as much as I did for this one, haha! Crazy amounts of shout-outs and thanks to my amazing mate @einfachniemand​ for listening to countless of ideas, for feedback on several snippets, for being supportive af, and for telling me “yeah, no, that doesn’t work. Back to the drawing board.” Thank you boo! You are amazing! A huge thanks to @theatrenerd86​ for starting off this sequel by providing the settings - and for just being the most supportive human being ever! Mwah! Also a huge thanks to the rest of you for your endless support! I love this community! (Oh, and anon; thanks for the (quite old, sorry) prompt but I didn’t do it for Rafa (sorry once again)). Let me know what you guys think!
Words: 13.8K
Warnings: Oh my goodness, I don’t even wanna get started... Blood, heartbreak, angst (my three tropes)
Tumblr media
Rafa almost tripped over his own two feet as he stumbled over to the bar and desperately ordered a large whiskey shooter. He was having a hard time keeping calm; his heart was beating fast in his chest, his throat closing in on itself, his hairline soaked in panic-sweat. He needed to put what had just happened in the very seat he was standing in front of at a distance. His hands were still itching to punch something! He needed the fucking drink!
The bartender had barely stopped pouring Maker's Mark into a small glass before Rafa quickly grabbed it and chugged its contents down his throat, desperately trying to block out what he had just witnessed.
Your tongue in his best friend's ear.
Diggs' hand sliding up your thigh.
The sensual smile you'd worn as Diggs had whispered promising words in your ear.
"Oh god," Rafa groaned as he recalled your excited smile as his best friend had escorted you out of the bar, his hand dipping uncomfortably low on your hips.
Desperately clutching the now empty whiskey glass, Rafa tried relentlessly to push away the image of what you and Diggs probably were in the midst of doing right now. Oh shit, oh no... His chest was stinging, his stomach aching horribly at the thought of you and Diggs fucking. Oh god. He tried to shift his focus to the burning sensation down his esophagus instead and quickly ordered another shooter.
It didn't take long before the bartender had placed another glass of golden-brown liquid in front of him that he quickly downed in one go, thinking about how stupid he was for not having acted on his feelings for you earlier. He had had eight fucking years to do so after all?! Why the fuck hadn't he just pulled himself together and called you up?! He wanted to punch something! He wanted to get fucked up! He wanted to call someone and get them to deliver a big fucking bag of blow - but he settled on a third shooter.
He gulped down the whiskey as the aggression subsided and was replaced by the same type of jealousy-induced heartburn that he had felt earlier that night. Fucking Daveed Diggs and the way he always seemed to be able to wrap women around his little finger! In eight minutes, he had managed to do to you what Rafa hadn't managed to do for eight years. Fuck him!
A fourth whiskey went down Rafa's throat as the jealousy was replaced by hurtful pangs in his chest; shit it hurt to think about you and Diggs together. Rafa knew that you had had a few men in your life since the summer in the taco truck, and even though it had stung to see pictures of your romances on Instagram, it didn't hurt half as much as seeing his best friend escort you out of the bar.
He ordered another whiskey. And another one after that. And then an entire bottle of Jameson just to recall the taste of your lips that night on top of the skate ramps all those years ago. Quickly, Rafa gulped down most of the bottle, his eyes watering from the sharp taste of alcohol on his tongue, but no matter how much he drank, he still wasn't able to get image of you and Diggs out of his head. It had etched itself on the back of his eyelids, somehow becoming clearer and clearer with every gulp of fiery liquid.
It didn't take long before he had reached the half-way mark on the bottle of Jameson, completely lost in constantly checking his phone to see if you had tried to contact him to tell him that Diggs by some miracle had blown his shot. You hadn't. And even though Rafa doubted that you would, he still couldn't put the phone away.
He was fumbling about on the screen as he accidentally found Diggs' name on the list of contacts. Completely lost in contemplating whether or not he should call him up and tell him to stay the fuck away from you, he jumped a little when he suddenly felt a soft hand on his shoulder. For about a mili-second, Rafa believed that the soft touch belonged to you, but as soon as he had whipped around in his seat, he felt the disappointment cloud his mind as he was met by his make-up artist Janelle instead. "Oh, hey," he spoke in an uninterested tone of voice, his words a little slurred from the amount of whiskey he'd been drinking.
"Rafa, honey, are you okay?" She looked at him with kind eyes, "you seem a little out of it."
"I'm great," he slurred into his whiskey glass before emptying it for what felt like the 100th time that night, "I'm fucking perfect! This night's just absolutely fucking perfect."
Janelle furrowed her brows and pushed the bottle of Jameson out of Rafa's reach, "is it because of Daveed and -"
"- DON'T say her name," Rafa warned, his voice turning to a low drunk growl afterwards, "I don't want to think about it."
Janelle sat down on the empty barstool next to him and sent him a slow nod, "yeah, I was afraid this might happen..." she sighed and sent him a pitiful look.
"That what might happen?" Rafa drunkenly mumbled, trying to avoid her gaze.
"Honey... I've seen the way you look at her," Janelle whispered and reassuringly put her hand on Rafa's arm as she searched his face for any kind of affirmation. Rafa groaned and met her eyes shortly before she softly added, "- and I've seen the way Daveed looks at her too."
Rafa gulped to keep the slowly forming lump in this throat at bay, " you don't think it's just a one-night thing?" He croaked in a small whisper, the pain in his chest suddenly twice as hurtful as before.
Janelle shook her head slowly, shooting Rafa a careful look.
"And - uhm," Rafa cleared his throat "- do you think that - uh - she's into him as well?" He added in a whisper, his face involuntarily screwed up as he was afraid to hear the answer.
"I don't know, honey," Janelle said diplomatically and pulled him in for a tight hug, inaudibly giving away that she definitely thought so. Rafa appreciated Janelle's attempt to salvage the situation and let her comfort him for a couple of seconds before she slowly let go of him again, sending him a heartfelt look in the process. "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked.
"No..." Rafa mumbled and reached for the bottle that Janelle had pushed away moments before.
She grabbed his arm and forced it down in his lap instead, "why don't you leave the bottle and instead call it a night, boo? You've been drinking quite a lot already."
Rafa gulped a little and realised that she was right. Nothing good would come from sitting at the bar, drowning his sorrows in cheap whiskey. "Yeah," he groaned as he ran a hand through his damp hair, "yeah... You're right. Might be a good idea..."
"Go grab your jacket. I'll call you a cab, okay?"
"Thanks," Rafa mumbled before scrambling to his feet, swaying a little from side to side. He managed to balance himself and stagger over to the coat check where he retrieved his leather jacket and slowly pulled it on with great difficulty.
"I got you," Janelle was suddenly behind him, helping him pull the jacket up his arms.
"Thanks," Rafa mumbled as he pulled on the collar to rearrange the leather over his shoulders.
"You wanna say bye to the rest of the crew?" Janelle piped from behind him.
He shot a quick glance across the room and towards the table that his friends were occupying. "I better set an example," he mumbled even though he'd rather be sitting in a cab on his way home right now.
With his arm around Janelle, and her hand on his chest to steady him, Rafa walked over to his co-stars, putting up his best attempt at a cheerful smile, "I'm off guys. Have a lovely evening," he slurred drunkenly.
He thought to himself that he was doing a tremendous job of hiding away his hurt feelings until he noticed their stiff smiles. Suddenly, he realised by the sympathetic looks they were all shooting him from their seats, that they were well-aware of what was going on. Rafa quickly scanned their silent, pained faces one by one until Alessandro - one of the leads - finally spoke up, "see you Monday boss!"
Annoyed with their pitiful eyes, Rafa mumbled a, "see you Monday, bruh," and turned around, facing Janelle again as the others awkwardly looked away. It made him feel stupid.
"Cab's outside," Janelle tried to smile and pulled him in for a hug, "are you going to be okay, boo?"
"I don't know," Rafa croaked truthfully against her neck and let her pull him just a little closer.
"Call me tomorrow, okay?" She let go of him, "We'll do something fun."
"Okay," Rafa slurred, his eyes stinging as he turned away from her and towards the exit.
Slowly, he stumbled out of the bar and hopped into the yellow cab outside, closing his eyes desperately in the backseat, trying to block out any thought of you and Diggs but failing horribly. The ride home was the longest drive of Rafa's life, his thoughts sporadic and unorganised but all centred around the same thing: what would he come home to? Had you and Diggs gone to your place? Or to Diggs' place that he just happened to share with Rafa? Fuck, he almost couldn't bear the thought of coming home to meet Diggs balls deep in you on the couch. Rafa would never purposely punch Diggs, but if he came home to face that, he wasn't sure he'd be able to hold back his itching fist.
"He's your best friend," Rafa mumbled to himself as a reminder, hoping to calm himself down, "he's your best friend. He didn't know. He's innocent... - well apart from fucking your girl..."
Everything inside him was on fire.
"You alright back there, mate?" The cab driver shot Rafa a look in the rear-view mirror, apparently concerned about the whispered words, he'd heard coming from the backseat.
"Yeah," Rafa replied unenthusiastically, a little annoyed that everybody seemed to be so concerned with him - but he eventually stopped thinking out loud.
For the remainder of the trip, the driver kept his mouth shut too but annoyingly enough constantly checked in on Rafa in the rear-view mirror.
Rafa was relieved when the driver finally pulled over outside his home and paid him quickly, slamming the car door shut with much force, hoping to alleviate some of the all-consuming itch that he felt deep in his bones. Little did it help. He still wanted to punch something.
Rafa turned his attention towards the house and gave out a short sigh before he started swaying up the paved pathway in the small yard, briefly stopping before he reached the front door. He prayed that you had taken Diggs to your place and not the other way around. He couldn't handle being faced with his worst nightmare - and especially not after having had so much to drink. Right now, he couldn't account for how he'd react.
He stood with his key in hand for a while, scared of what might come, but eventually realised that he would have to go inside at some point. With a deep sigh, he slowly slid his key in the lock and turned it around, his palms sweating terribly. He felt his heart sinking down to the bottom of his stomach when the key didn't meet any kind of resistance, and he realised that the door was already unlocked.
Fuck... Diggs had taken you here.
With a burning sensation in his chest, Rafa quietly pushed open the front door and stepped inside the small hallway, closing the door behind him with a small thump. He closed his eyes and threw his head up against the wooden door, forcing himself to relax by taking three deep breaths - a technique he had learned from his mother when he had been nervous about doing spoken words for the first time at fifteen.
He focused on his breathing for a few seconds and after having exhaled a third time - already more relaxed than before - he opened his eyes and took in the room. He immediately saw that the floor of the narrow hallway was decorated with several pieces of discarded garments strewn randomly about on the stone floor.
Diggs' pants. Your dress. Your bra.
"No..." Rafa groaned quietly as he took in the pieces of clothes with a hard gulp, the tears stinging in his eyes when he realised what he was being confronted with. "No, no, no!" he buried his face in his hands and took a deep breath to get himself under control again. His entire chest was on fire, the taste of stomach acid thick on his tongue. Everything around him went quiet as he heaved in a big gulp of air, wishing that he had stayed sober tonight. This was all getting too much; he couldn't control it. He was too drunk.
He took another big gulp of air, and was just about to slowly exhale when a soft sound hit his ear canal... It was coming from the other room.
A moan.
A sweet, heartfelt, sensual moan.
From a woman - from you...
It was the result of a sincere reaction to something that had brought you immense pleasure. A moan that someone else had brought to your lips. A moan that Rafa's best friend had brought to your lips.
Fuck! The itch in his hands that he had felt for quite some time now suddenly became too much and he punched the wall hard, causing an old, framed picture of him and Diggs to fall down, the frame shattering in several pieces on the cold stone floor. He stared at the broken shards of glass for a few seconds, torturing himself by carefully listening for more of your sweet moans echoing throughout the house.
They didn't come, however. The entire house was suddenly completely silent. Thank god.
Slowly, Rafa squatted down to brush the glass-dust off your dress, the silky fabric soft between his fingertips as he pulled the dress to his chest, thinking about what it would feel like to be the one to pull it off you.
Without warning, however, the silence in the hallway was broken by another loud moan coming from Diggs' personal space and Rafa was quickly brought out of his trance. He had to get out of there! He would go to a hotel or something! Anything to get away from the sounds you were making for another man!
Slightly panicked, Rafa shuffled to get to his feet, but overbalanced and fell forwards, his left hand immediately softening the blow as a reflex. From the moment his palm hit the floor, Rafa felt a sharp pain in his hand, but didn't realise that he had cut himself before he rotated his elbow and saw the huge piece of broken glass that was prodding out of his palm. "You're kidding me," he groaned as he tried to focus on the glass shard before he grabbed it tightly and forcefully pulled it out of his skin, the warm blood immediately running down his hand as a terribly sharp pain started pulling at his fingers. "OH FUCK!" he exclaimed a little louder than he had intended to, unable to hold back in his inebriated state.
Pressing in on the wound to try and get it to stop bleeding, he hurried to the bathroom and quickly located an old towel that he wrapped tightly around his bloody hand. "Shit! Oh fuck that hurts!" He groaned loudly and slid down the wall, his ass hitting the cold floor with a small thump. He could hear hushed voices coming from Diggs' personal space next door, and he realised that he had no idea what hurt the most; the thought of you lying in there wearing nothing but your panties, or his throbbing hand that had already bled through the old towel.
"Shit," he mumbled to himself as he replaced the old piece of cloth with a clean one, "ah fuck it hurts!" He hissed and tried to push the wound shut to get it to stop bleeding. It helped for a few seconds before the gash opened back up, fresh blood spilling out again. Just looking at it made him dizzy, and he realised that he couldn't handle this on his own. He was too drunk. He needed help. Embarrassed by himself and the situation he had put himself in, he took a deep breath before calling out the name of the last person on earth he wanted to see right now, "DIGGS!"
The hushed voices from the other side of the wall died down completely. They'd heard him. Still, there was no response to his cry for help. Meanwhile, the second towel around his hand was soaked through as well. What if he was about to bleed out? What if he was spending his last moments, pathetically heartbroken on his own bathroom floor?
"DIGGS!" he tried again, this time a little more panic to his voice.
The entire house was quiet still, and Rafa listened intently for few seconds before he finally heard an angry voice calling from the other side of the wall. "WHAT?"
"Diggs, I need your help!" Rafa called back, embarrassment flooding his voice.
"I'm kind of busy in here, Rafa!" Diggs bellowed back. Rafa had never heard him sound so annoyed before.
"Come on, man... I'm serious," Rafa let out a loud groan as he took in the bloody rag that was wrapped around his hand.
He heard cursing and shuffling on the other side of the wall and a few seconds later, the door to the bathroom finally swung open, revealing a very annoyed Daveed Diggs who was trying to hide away his boxer-clad erection with the palm of his hand.
Upon seeing how Diggs was already hard and ready to fuck Rafa's girl, there was no doubt: The pain in Rafa's chest definitely exceeded the pain in his hand.
Daveed could not believe how lucky he was! He had barely closed the front door behind him before you had pulled him in for a string of sensual kisses in the dark. His lips were moving fiercely against your warm skin, your head lolling backwards as you panted and let him press you up against the wall in the hallway. He loved the sensation of your fingers tangled in his long hair as he attacked your neck and jawline with rough, affectionate kisses. You let out a small impatient pant as he untied the bow at the side of your dress, giving himself easier access to your beautiful build underneath as the dress opened up completely.
"Fuck, you look absolutely amazing," he cupped your ass and pressed his pelvis closer to you with a groan.
Your small fingers desperately undid the buttons of his shirt and Daveed quickly shrugged it off, finally standing in front of you in nothing but his dark blue slacks. His lips quickly resumed their positions on your neck where he immediately started sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin while running his hands all over your torso.
Your fingers desperately found the button of his slacks and Daveed felt the tight sensation of his pants against his crotch disappearing slightly as you brought down the zipper and slid the slacks over his hips. Your small hand was palming him through the cotton of his boxers, and he couldn't stop the groan that fought its way all the way from his stomach and up his throat. He heard you chuckling incredulously above him as you let your dress fall to the ground before you dropped down to your knees in front of him, determinedly pulling his boxers down over his thighs.
Daveed's mind went completely blank when he felt your hand cup his balls while your wet mouth found the tip of his straining erection. Your warm breath against him had him let out an involuntary groan, and when your plump lips kissed his engorged head, the sensation sent a shiver all the way up his spine. He pulled your hair away from your face and held it in a loose ponytail on the back of your head, your eyes interlocking with his in the process. Even though you had him between your teeth, the submissive look you sent him had him feeling incredibly in control! Without giving up eye contact, you kissed his head twice before placing a long, wet lick at the tip of his erection, immediately sending hard vibrations throughout his entire body. "Fuck," he groaned and caressed the side of your face when you wrapped your lips tightly around his head, sucking a bit at the tip.
"Mmmh, pull my hair!" you panted around him and he immediately tugged on the ponytail, buckling his hips closer to your face, desperate to feel the ecstasy of warm, wet, tightness around him again. To Daveed's relief you immediately obliged and slid your lips almost all the way down to his base and back up again, releasing him with a small pop.
"Oh fuck!" He let out a groan as he looked down into your huge, submissive eyes, slowly stroking your cheek. You repeated your motions, your tongue wet and soft against him as you bopped your mouth along his length, his hips meeting you half-way, "yeah, that's it, baby, just like that," he panted softly as you kept gazing up at him, upping the tempo and bringing him all the way down your throat with a slight gag, reminding him of how big he was.
Daveed had received many blowjobs over the years but never in his life had he felt more worshipped and desired! You were massaging his balls lovingly as you brought his length down your throat, hollowing your cheeks and making him feel completely taken care of as you focused solely on his pleasure and enjoyment.
He was just about to let go and cum down your tight throat before he reminded himself that he'd have to take it easy if he wanted to last long enough to fuck you. And holy shit, how he wanted to fuck you! He knew he was very good with his hips and hands and he wanted to bring you pleasures that you'd never even dared dreaming of before.
It was hard to do, but eventually he managed to pull himself out of your wet mouth and you to your feet with a gruff, "come here!". He unclasped your bra and tossed it aside before he pushed you up against the wall, took your nipple in his mouth, and ran his fingers along your lace-covered folds. You let out a soft gasp and he repeated the motions of his fingers while attacking your neck and throat with toothy kisses. You were panting and moaning underneath him, your hand still stroking his erection lovingly.
"Okay, okay, okay, you gotta stop," he licked the shell of your ear with a low chuckle, "I still have so many things I want to do to you," he smacked your ass and you let out a small whimper when his palm came in to contact with your skin.
Slowly, you let go of him and carefully caressed his abs instead as he re-claimed your lips. The kiss was deep and soft, and it made the straining sensation in Daveed's erection even more unbearable, but he was patient enough to not touch himself.
After a few minutes of intense, passionate kissing, you pulled your face away from his and looked up at him with a dark look in your eyes, "well, are you going to do something about it? Or are you going to just leave it at talking?" You chuckled against his skin.
"Don't get cocky with me," Daveed smiled and hoisted you up in his arms. You let out a small yelp, but still threw your legs around his waist and let him carry you to his bedroom while licking his ear. He carefully positioned you with your back against the mattress of his bed and hovered above you as he put his lips to your collarbone, slowly kissing his way down between your breasts, over your stomach, and stopping when he reached the top of your panties. He sat himself down on his knees in front of you, sending you a hungry look as he ran his fingers over your body. You looked him square in the eye and raked a hand through his curls, pulling his head back slightly. The anticipating look you were sending him made his erection twitch between his legs, but he still didn't touch it. Instead, he licked his lips and kissed the laces between your legs. "I love this colour on you," he growled against the thin fabric. He could feel you shiver underneath him as he pulled the red laces down your well-shaped legs, caressing your inner thighs lovingly. "Mmh," he hummed as you spread your legs for him, your fingers still tangled in his hair. Your chest was heaving up and down in a slow, steady rhythm as he placed small kisses on your skin, his tongue just barely grazing you. He enjoyed the way you closed your eyes and dipped your head low as he repeated this motion a few times.
Slowly, he slipped his tongue inside your folds, your lips gently spreading for him as he tasted you. You gasped slightly when he reached your clit and gave it a small flick before he slowly ran his tongue over you again. You were panting above him, your fingers caressing his scalp as your face was screwed up in pleasure. Daveed couldn't look away even if he wanted to!
He caressed the back of your legs with his hands before he had his fingers join his tongue at your core. Slowly, he inserted a finger into your wet heat and was rewarded with a deep moan escaping your lips. Desperate to hear you again, he inserted yet another finger, letting his digits and tongue work in unison until you finally let out another deep moan.
He could tell you were close to letting go completely, and it was all working out so nicely, your chest heaving up and down faster and faster as you moaned loudly for him, your nails finding their way to his scalp, pulling his face closer to you - when clash!
Out of nowhere, a loud shatter was heard from somewhere in the house. It sounded like glass breaking, but Daveed was used to Rafa's clumsy ass, so he ignored what he assumed was his best friend returning home after his night out.
Daveed did, however, feel you freeze slightly underneath him, and you pulled back the moan that had been just about to escape your lips and replaced it with a, "what was that?!" a slight panic to your voice.
"Relax, it's probably just Rafa," Daveed whispered and resumed his movements.
"What's he doing here?" You panted slightly but not as sensually as before.
"He lives here," Daveed growled against your skin, annoyed by the fact that your attention was suddenly directed at his best friend instead of the very pleasurable things he knew he was doing. To make sure that you forgot about Rafa, Daveed brought out the big guns and put his lips around your clit, vibrating them while his fingers worked their way in and out of you. It worked expertly, and it didn't take him long before he'd earned himself another loud moan coming from you. You looked as if you were completely lost in the sensations, he was causing you - but not for long, because suddenly a loud "OH FUCK!" from Rafa rang throughout the house. It was followed by hurried footsteps as Rafa ran to the bathroom that was located next to Daveed's personal space.
Daveed felt you shuffle underneath him as you put your weight on your elbows and closed your legs slightly, craning your neck as you looked towards the wall that Daveed's personal space shared with the bathroom. You had a concerned look in your eyes that Daveed chose to ignore. Instead, he kept going with his fingers and tongue, but you weren't moaning anymore.
"Shit! Oh fuck that hurts!" Rafa exclaimed loudly from the other side of the wall.
"Don't you think you should go check on him?" You asked quietly, your eyes still glued to the wall.
"No," Daveed said curtly, and tried to get you to lie back down again so he could continue. You didn't budge, however. You were more interested in the loud groan that was escaping Rafa. You let out a nervous laugh as you once again heard him cuss and groan from the next room.
"Ignore him," Daveed panted as he spread your legs apart again, his tongue immediately finding your core, and he was rewarded with a gasp from you. He had just started moving his fingers inside you again when he heard Rafa call his name loudly from the other side of the wall.
Daveed froze for about a mili-second before deciding to ignore Rafa and continue moving his fingers inside you instead.
"Go talk to him," you chuckled and raked a hand through his hair, suddenly totally unaffected by his movements,
"He can wait. I'm far too busy," Daveed let his tongue run over you again, once more losing himself in your wonderful wetness.
Rafa however, pulled him back to reality by yelling out his name a second time, "DIGGS!!" causing you to slightly close your legs one more time.
"You're kidding me..." Daveed muttered under his breath as his face was forced away from your wet centre. "WHAT?" he ended up bellowing back to his best friend on the other side of the wall.
"Diggs, I need your help!" Rafa kept calling.
"I'm kind of busy in here, Rafa!" Daveed bellowed while looking into your amused eyes.
You were chuckling slightly, "he needs you. Don't you think you better...?" You sent Daveed a charming grin while nodding towards the door, "he sounds quite drunk..."
Daveed shot you a pained look.
"Go," you chuckled, "I'll still be ready for you in here when you come back. Don't worry."
"Come on man... I'm serious," Rafa bellowed through the wall.
"I'm going to murder him for this!" Daveed groaned in an annoyed tone of voice and got up on his feet with a loud groan. He quickly located a pair of boxers and packed away his erection before storming out of the room, closing the door to his personal space shut behind him.
He found Rafa sitting up against the wall in the bathroom, his eyes swimming with alcohol. "What, bruh?!" Daveed demanded as he locked eyes with him, "what's so important that it couldn't wait until morning?"
"...Were you sleeping?" Rafa slurred while looking like a total fucking idiot as his drunk eyes scanned Daveed from head to toe.
"Of course I wasn't sleeping! I was in the middle of eating pussy when you ruined it!"
Rafa looked as if he was about to throw up, "'re about to fuck her?" He slurred.
"Yes?! So make whatever you want to say quick, 'cause I got a soaking wet woman waiting for me on my bed!"
Rafa looked up at Daveed with a pained expression but kept his silence.
"I swear to god, if you don't speak up now and tell me what the hell made you call me out here, I'll kick your ass!"
Rafa sighed heavily, looking as if he was about to tell Daveed someone else's secret but eventually croaked, "I hurt myself," while holding up his left hand that was wrapped sloppily in a blood-soaked towel.
First then, did Daveed notice that there were several splodges of blood on the bathroom floor. It made him drop the attitude slightly, "Jesus fuck Rafa, what the hell did you do?" He groaned and crouched down next to him on the floor.
"I knocked down the frame in the hallway," Rafa slurred and let Daveed examine the deep cut in the palm of his hand, "cut myself on the glass."
"You did a thorough job," Daveed mumbled with a sigh as he lifted the towel to check out the gash that was still bleeding heavily, "come here, run some water on it. I'll find some bandages." Daveed turned on the faucet and helped Rafa find his balance as he quickly pulled him to his feet. He could tell that Rafa was struggling to stand still as he swayed back and forth while leaning in over the sink, playing a bit with the jet of water. Daveed sent him an annoyed glance; he did not have time for this! "How much did you have to drink after I left?" he asked, the irritation practically oozing out of him as he looked for the first-aid kit in one of the cabinets.
"I dunno," Rafa mumbled sleepily as he watched the water clean the blood away from his hand, "a lot?"
"Yeah, so I'd guessed," Daveed mumbled to himself as he located the first aid kit and quickly pulled out a couple of rolls of gauze. "Come over here," he urged Rafa to sit down on the edge of the tub next to him.
Rafa gave out a small grunt and turned off the water, before turning towards Daveed with lazy movements. Daveed had to bite his tongue to avoid telling Rafa to hurry the fuck up!
Rafa's ass had barely touched the white ceramic of the tub's edge before he lost his balance and vigorously swayed back and forth a few times, finally catching himself by throwing his hand up against the sink, leaving bloody handprints all over the bathroom in the process.
"Jesus Christ, Rafa!" Daveed groaned, he did not want to deal with Rafa's drunk ass right now, "look, I'll help you with your hand but I'm not cleaning up out here!" He said harshly.
"Then don't!" Rafa muttered as he slowly slid down to the floor with a loud groan, sending Daveed and irritated look in the process.
"Come on; give me your hand," Daveed demanded, determined to be done as fast as possible so he could get back to you.
Rafa held out his arm and Daveed rotated it to look for more injuries and noticed that Rafa had bruised his knuckles quite badly too, "...have you been in a fight?" He furrowed his brows.
"Just fix my hand, okay?!" Rafa shot Daveed an annoyed look, "Make it stop bleeding!" He slurred and gestured to the blood that was already dripping from his fingertips again.
Daveed gave out an irritated grunt as he started wrapping Rafa's bloody hand in gauze, "sit still!!"
"Oh fuck," Rafa groaned as Daveed slowly draped the gauze over the sensitive wound, "fuck it hurts."
"Quit your whining!"
There was a knock on the bathroom door and Daveed slowly looked up from Rafa's bloody hand and towards the door instead. You were poking in your head, looking curiously at what the two men were doing, your hair a big mess. "Is everything alright in here?" You asked carefully as you stepped inside, tugging on the oversized shirt you'd put on to cover up your naked body.
"Rafa cut himself - and apparently he's too drunk to handle it alone," Daveed rolled his eyes so Rafa couldn't see. He registered your amused smile just before he turned back to the hand in his lap, immediately noticing the small change in Rafa's flexibility as opposed to before you had stepped in. His fingers had somehow gone weirdly stiff, and by further inspection, Daveed realised that Rafa's entire body was suddenly tense, the muscles in his jaw continuously flexing and relaxing, flexing and relaxing. Still, Rafa didn't bat an eyelid, he didn't even emit a single sound. He was just silently staring at you, his eyes going up and down your front, his breathing hard and heavy. Daveed shot him a weird look out the corner of his eye. What the fuck was going on with him? He had definitely had too much to drink...
"'s that my shirt?" Rafa slurred to you as he took in your attire.
Daveed briefly looked up at you and realised that the oversized t-shirt you were wearing were indeed Rafa's favourite Raiders shirt that Daveed had borrowed the other day. Rafa had a weird look on his face, and it looked as if he was about the say something crude to you, so to diffuse the situation, Daveed spoke: "let it go, bruh," he said in an uninterested tone of voice before he quietly turned back to wrapping the bleeding hand. Why the fuck would Rafa care if you were wearing his t-shirt or not?? He didn't mind Daveed wearing it.
"Oh..." he heard you say softly from the doorframe, "Raiders... I'm sorry. I didn't realise."
"Yeah, no. Don't be," Rafa said softly and Daveed was just about to give his best friend a mental pad on the back for having enough sense to bring his attitude around so quickly, but then he added an "- it looks good on you!" in a flirty voice that vexed Daveed so much that he felt a slow anger bubble in his chest. He let go of the bleeding hand and straightened his back as he looked over at Rafa with a hard look. He could not believe that Rafa had the nerve - the audacity! - to act so disrespectfully! What the fuck had gotten into him?! He had been a huge cock-block to you and Daveed and now he found it suitable to be flirting with you???
Daveed had to take a deep breath to calm himself down, in the meantime reminding himself that Rafa was drunk as fuck and probably not even aware that his words could be misinterpreted as more than just friendly... Therefore, he purposely ignored his best friend's impudent behaviour and instead made sure to keep his eyes down low so he could concentrate fully on wrapping up the bleeding hand, determined get the fuck out of there as fast as possible so he could get back to slipping you his famous techniques.
The wound in the palm of Rafa's hand was still bleeding quite heavily, and it didn't take Daveed long to realise that he needed more gauze to make the blood stop dripping onto the floor. "Shit," he muttered under his breath and looked over at you, "baby, can you get me more gauze out of the cabinet?"
You whipped your gaze away from Rafa's face, your eyes immediately finding Daveed's. The look in your eyes instantly shifted from something that Daveed couldn't quite place to soft and cute, a small goofy smile slowly erupting on your lips as you scanned his face. You didn't say anything, just sent him a curt nod before you quietly turned to the cabinet, looking for the first-aid kit on the bottom shelf. As you bent over in front of him, your t-shirt rode up high and Daveed got a beautiful glimpse of the red laces under the hem of the t-shirt you were wearing. Your panties were hugging your ass nicely, and for a moment, he forgot about the bleeding limb in his hand - all he could think about was touching you again! He wanted to snap the useless piece of fabric between your legs in two and delve his tongue into your wet heat, bringing you untold pleasu- ...he suddenly felt Rafa's fingers do a small involuntary twitch in his lap and he realised that his best friend was checking you out too, his mouth hanging slightly open, his eyes glued to your ass.
What the fuck was the matter with him? Had the roles been reversed, Daveed would never have checked out Rafa's girl!
Angry with his best friend, Daveed gave Rafa's arm a small smack while sending him a threatening look, daring him to keep staring at your ass. When his and Rafa's eyes interlocked, Rafa's face curled up in a sour expression but he quickly fixated his gaze on the floor in front of him instead, probably realising that Daveed could knock him out easily.
Meanwhile, completely innocent and oblivious to what had just happened behind your back, you stood up straight and handed Daveed two extra rolls of gauze before resuming your position in the doorway.
Apparently, Rafa had learnt absolutely nothing from Daveed's silent threats and immediately went back to staring at you again. Daveed contemplated shooting Rafa a verbal threat as well but decided against it when he realised how absolutely pathetic his best friend looked. He was drunk as fuck, his eyes all foggy and glossy. Daveed would confront him about his disrespectful behaviour tomorrow.
Still, the fact that Rafa was staring intensely at you while you were only wearing the slightly oversized t-shirt and your beautiful, beautiful panties underneath, made Daveed uncomfortable as fuck, so he worked double speed on Rafa's hand to get you away from the bathroom faster.  Luckily, with the fresh supply of gauze from you, it only took him a few more minutes before he was done with the wrapping, a sigh of relief travelling through his body as he finally let go of Rafa's injured hand.
The tension in the bathroom could be cut with a knife and Daveed took a deep breath to calm himself down before breaking the silence by saying, "Look, I can bandage this to keep it from bleeding all over, but you need to go to the hospital for stitches or something."
"Mmh," Rafa grunted beside him, clearly not pleased with the situation. His eyes were glued to you, and he was wearing a certain hungry look on his face as he drank you in - and Daveed realised that Rafa definitely was aware of what signals he was sending.
What the hell was going on inside his pea-sized, idiot brain? Did he want Daveed to punch him? Daveed was just about to grab him by the collar when he heard you piping from the doorframe, "...I can take you."
...what? Daveed immediately turned his attention to you and saw the soft look you were sending Rafa as you continued, "I can drive. I almost didn't drink tonight."
What?! You liked Rafas stares?!
"You'd - you'd do that?" he heard Rafa whisper from beside him, a soft smile erupting on his best friend's lips.
Daveed didn't like it. He thought to himself that it looked as if the two of you had developed a secret language in the time it had taken him to wrap Rafa's hand. What the hell had he missed out on?
"Of course," you nodded slowly, your eyes still interlocking with Rafa's, "Let me just grab some pants, okay?"
"Yeah, okay," Rafa whispered, a hopeful look on his face, "thanks."
What the fuck was going on between you two?
Daveed watched you send Rafa a small smile, your face flushed. The sexual tension was thick between the two of you, and Daveed felt the jealousy burn in his chest as neither of you were looking away from the other. How the fuck dare Rafa flirt with the girl that he had brought home?! How dare he send you those hungry looks?! It was itching in Daveed's hands to do something about the long, continuous gaze between you and in his frustration, he curled his fingers and accidentally pressed on Rafa's wound, making him hiss in pain as he shot back an angry look. Daveed was far too busy looking over at you, however. You finally had your attention directed at him - and not Rafa - your eyes huge and doe-like, looking as if you'd just woken up from a trance. He shot you a look as if to say 'what the fuck is going on?' and you gulped guiltily.
Suddenly realising that he finally had the full attention of both you and Rafa, Daveed spoke up in a voice that was much more strained than he had intended, "Nope! Not gonna happen! Uh-uh, absolutely no fucking way," he shot his best friend a hard look, "Rafa you can take a cab!" he turned his attention back to you, "Baby go back to bed, I'll be there in a second!"
He noticed your eyes skating between his own face and Rafa's and he sternly let out a "he'll take the cab, okay!" He didn't like the way you were looking at each other, and he still very much intended on fucking you tonight no matter how big of a cock-block Rafa was being!
He was trying to catch your eye, but you had your gaze firmly placed on Rafa again, seemingly unable to look away. Daveed noticed how you let out a small gulp as Rafa shot you a careful nod as if giving you permission to leave.
What the hell was going on????
He also noticed the long glance the two of you shared before you gently closed the door behind you as you exited the bathroom.
What! The! Fuck!
Daveed felt his chest bubbling over. He had never felt this way towards Rafa before, but his best friend had never looked more punchable! Automatically, his fingers once more pressed in hard on Rafa's wound.
"Ah! Dude what the fuck!" Rafa yelped loudly.
"What the fuck was that all about?" Daveed spat, "you're flirting with my girl!"
"She's not your girl just because you brought her home for one night, Diggs!" Rafa hissed angrily through gritted teeth.
"What the hell are you talking about?!" Daveed felt as if his eyes were bulging out of his skull, "She's crazy about me! You should've seen the way she was begging for it at the bar!"
"Yeah, I saw everything," Rafa said slowly with anger in his eyes, a low growl to his voice as he drunkenly staggered to his feet, "I saw exactly how you swooped in and thought you could erase eight years of history between me and her!"
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Daveed hissed before his voice turned to frustrated yelling, "Rafa, you have no history with her!" he too stood up, so they were eye to eye, "you made out with her once eight years ago and now no one else is allowed to touch her?! If you wanted a shot with her, you should have done something ages ago!"
"I did do something ages ago! I kissed her!"
"Yeah! And then you had eight years of nothing! You didn't even talk to her! How the fuck was I supposed to know that you wanted to kiss her again???"
"You could have asked me!" Rafa yelled frustratedly.
"I could have asked you?! Come on, man!! You're thirty-three years old for fucks sake! If you wanted something to happen with her, you should've engaged yourself!"
"I was planning on doing so tonight!" Rafa hissed angrily, "and she would've said yes if it hadn't been for you!"
"No she wouldn't!" Daveed was minutes away from pulling out his own hair. How could Rafa be so thick?! "Don't you think that something would've happened by now if you both wanted it so badly?"
"Did you not see how she was eye-fucking me just now?" Rafa yelled angrily, sending Daveed a hard look.
Daveed let out a low growl, "yeah, meanwhile I was minutes away from actually fucking her! If she really wanted you, don't you think she would've given you more signals than a few pitiful looks because you're drunk and hurt? She doesn't want you, man!!"
"Fuck you!!!" Rafa spat angrily and shoved Daveed in the chest causing him to stagger backwards as he was pushed out of balance.
"What the fuck's the matter with you!" Daveed spat as he took a step closer to Rafa, balling up his fists and sending him a threatening look, "you really want me to beat you up?"
"Do whatever the fuck you want with me as long as you stay away from her!" Rafa yelled and gave Daveed another hard shove in the chest. His eyes were bloodshot and Daveed had never seen him this angry before.
"What the fuck's gone into you?" He yelled louder than before, "she clearly doesn't want you! Why can't you just let her go?!"
"Because I'm in love with her!" Rafa yelled loudly, spit flying everywhere. His eyes were huge and aggressive.
Daveed took a step backwards and stared at his panting best friend as his angry words sank in. Rafa's nostrils were flared, and it looked as if he was about to punch Daveed in the face.
...Rafa was in love with you? Daveed could punch himself! Why hadn't he seen it before? Of course Rafa was in love with you... He took a deep breath to calm himself down before he quietly spoke: "Yes - well I'm crazy about her too..."
Rafa was still panting heavily, his nostrils still flared as he shot Daveed a hard look - but he didn't say anything.
They had feelings for the same girl... Daveed frustratedly pinched the bridge of his nose as the realisation sank in; a girl had come between them. How high school... "Shit," he said quietly, "what do we do now?"
Rafa shot him a dark look and answered immediately: "you back down!" he said harshly but not as aggressively as before.
"I'm not going to back down, Rafa," Daveed answered him quietly. He full-on intended on making you his no matter what Rafa's feelings were.
"I've been in love with her for eight years!" Rafa spat angrily but he had stopped yelling, "You have for eight minutes! Don't you think it's more fair that you let me have a shot?!"
Daveed was getting more and more frustrated by the second but was happy that Rafa had chosen to use those exact words: "Exactly Rafa! You had eight years! You sat on your hands for eight years and you expect her to come running to you now? You expect me to let you have a shot? You've had millions of opportunities to do something!"
Rafa's face was still wild but his tone of voice was quiet and determined: "you saw the look she just sent me!" he said darkly.
Daveed had to give it to him; the way you'd been staring at Rafa had confused him too: "Listen, I don't know what the fuck that was, but if she had any feelings for you at all, why would she go home with me?" He said quietly, "why would she take off her clothes for me and not you?"
Rafa shook his head back and forth as if refusing to believe the argument, "No..." he croaked, "please don't say it like that, man..."
"Bruh..." Daveed sighed, "I'm sorry it is this way, but I don't know what else to tell you." He felt bad for Rafa but he wasn't going to back down. No chance.
"Please don't fuck her," Rafa pleaded quietly. His heart obviously broken.
"You know I'm not going to guarantee you that..."
"Just... Let me talk to her first."
"What do you expect to gain from that?"
"She wants to talk to me too..."
"Maybe - but it won't go your way. She's lying naked in my bed right now! She made her decision, bruh."
Rafa looked pained. He was clutching his chest with his eyes screwed shut, a small tear rolling down his cheek, "fuck!" he quietly worded before he fell to his knees in front of the toilet and threw up.
"I'm going to murder him for this!" Daveed pulled himself away from you and on to his feet, desperately looking around the room for something to wear. He finally pulled out a pair of clean boxers from his closet, pulled them on, and hurried out of the bedroom to see what was going on with Rafa. He had sounded very drunk and even though you had been slightly amused by his constant swearing throughout the house, the sound of glass smashing combined with his drunk cries for help, had also left you a bit nervous that something serious might've happened to him. What if he had cut himself badly and Daveed couldn't handle it alone? Rafa was your friend too after all. You had to make sure everything was all right with him.
Quickly, you jumped from Daveed's bed, pulled on your panties, and looked around the room for something to wear that could cover your body as your own dress had been discarded during the make-out session in the hallway. You quickly located a black t-shirt that was casually thrown over a chair in the corner of the room and pulled it over your head, grateful that it covered you all the way down to the top of your thighs. Ready to leave Daveed's bedroom, and with your hand already on the doorknob, you took a brief look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you were decent. You tried padding down your messy sex-hair but the sound of Rafa hissing in pain from the other room had you abandon any thought of trying to fix your looks - Rafa's injuries seemed much more urgent. Forcing your eyes away from your own reflection, you opened the door to the hallway instead and listened for their voices.
"Just fix my hand, okay?! Make it stop bleeding!" you heard Rafa slur from the room next door. He was clearly very drunk.
"Sit still!!" Daveed growled.
It sounded as if they had the situation under control and you were just about to go back to Daveed's bed and wait for him there when you heard Rafa exclaim, "Oh fuck! Fuck it hurts!"
It made you do a U-turn on your heel and you decided to check in on the two men to see if they were in need of any extra help. Softly, you knocked on the door but didn't listen for an answer as you immediately poked in your head and took in the scene in the small bathroom: the two men were sitting next to each other; Daveed on the edge of the bathtub with Rafa's bloody hand in his lap while Rafa was splayed on the floor looking very drunk. Both of them were looking directly up at you with equally soft expressions on their faces. Daveed's eyes were loving as he silently apologised for having to help his best friend clean up. Rafa, on the other hand, was staring up at you with a sorrowful look on his pale face, his eyes huge and red-rimmed, his Adam's apple bouncing up and down in his throat as he gulped hard.
The tension between them was thick, the air cold. Both of them clearly equally annoyed with the other.
"Is everything alright in here?" You asked quietly as you pushed open the door and stepped inside, tugging on your t-shirt to prevent it from riding up.
"Rafa cut himself..." Daveed rolled his eyes so only you could see before he continued, "- and apparently he's too drunk to handle it alone," he shot Rafa an annoyed sideway-glance before he turned his attention to the gauze and Rafa's blood-covered hand in his lap.
You watched Rafa send Daveed an equally irritated glance, looking as if he was biting his tongue to keep himself from retorting something nasty. He had probably already realised that he needed Daveed's help to get the wound to stop bleeding and that he wouldn't get it by being crass. So instead, Rafa silently let Daveed wrap his hand as his eyes slowly found yours, his expression immediately changing from annoyed to soft.
You sent him a small reassuring smile and a goofy expression emerged on his drunk face when he happily reciprocated it. You let out a small laugh at his expression and he blinked a few times, looking as if he was saving the sound on his mental hard drive. His foggy eyes were softly gazing up at you with a soulful look, and he looked drunk but cute as he took you in, a weird undertone in his gaze that you couldn't quite place. It was a look that you recognised from somewhere, but not from him - from someone else. You scanned his face one more time, raking your brain to find out from where you knew the gaze, he was sending you, but it wasn't immediately clear. Suddenly however, you realised that it was the same look that Daveed had sent you several times over the last couple of weeks. It was a look of longing.
Softly, you cocked your head at him, and he sent you a small, sad smile in return, his green eyes kindly taking in your face before they travelled down your body, ultimately landing on your chest. You immediately folded your arms, and he looked back up into your eyes, your eyebrows now arched in an unimpressed manner, silently tell him that he'd been caught staring red-handed. His face screwed up in a painful expression and he paled a bit before he quietly slurred, "'s that my shirt?".
Unaware of what he was talking about, you looked towards the mirror above the sink on the opposite side of the bathroom wall, and when you caught your own reflection, you realised that he hadn't been staring at your chest. He'd been staring at the logo on the t-shirt. The Raiders logo - his football team. You weren't wearing Daveed's shirt. You were wearing Rafa's.
You'd seen him in it multiple times - hell, he'd even worn it the night you'd kissed on top of the skate ramps. You remembered because every so often your mind wandered back to that night. Played it on repeat. Rafa's hand on your thigh as Stevie Nicks' voice rang in the background. Your tongues intertwining. The stubble on his chin soft between your fingertips. The scent of his warm cologne. The thought of your passionate kiss that summer night eight years ago was enough to make a warm feeling appear in your stomach.
Still looking at yourself in the mirror, you let your arms drop to the side and took in your own reflection. The t-shirt was a few sizes too big for you and it covered you like a short dress, just barely reaching below the red panties you were wearing underneath. The Raiders logo took up most of the front of the shirt and the logo curved nicely along your breasts and waistline, making the oversized men's shirt actually look as if it'd been tailored to you. You liked this look. You actually looked good in Rafa's t-shirt.
From far away you heard Daveed's voice, "let it go, bruh," and it pulled you back to reality.
"Oh... Raiders..." you said quietly, unable to pry your eyes away from the way the t-shirt was hugging your curves. No wonder Rafa was staring at you. You had gone home with his roomie, yet you'd put on his shirt - and you even looked good in it. "I'm sorry. I didn't realise," you croaked.
Rafa was looking as if he was thinking about the same thing as you, and for a second you were afraid that he might get angry about the fact that Daveed's flirt was wearing his beloved Raiders t-shirt, but he just softly said, "yeah, no. Don't be. It looks good on you..."
You didn't react to his words but merely stared at yourself in the mirror as the memories of your Tacos Locos summer once more flooded your mind - and you slowly felt a dull ache in your chest when you looked back at Rafa's pained expression and realised that maybe there was a reason for his look of longing, his quiet, pained reaction to seeing you half-naked in his shirt when you'd gone home with his best friend. He probably wasn't as cool with you and Daveed as Daveed had let on. Maybe your suspicion about why Rafa had invited you to join his production was right after all...
Oh no.
The thought of kissing Rafa again had grazed your mind several times in the period of time between his phone call offering you the job, and your first day on set where you'd been introduced to his best friend for the first time. Daveed, however, had immediately pushed every sensual thought of Rafa out of your head and had instead replaced them with unholy thoughts about himself. The sexual attraction that you had felt towards Daveed for the past month was insane and you were definitely crazy about him! ...Still, you wondered if he was the type of man, you'd still fantasise about eight years after having shared a passionate kiss in the dark. The same way you so often had found yourself fantasising about Rafa.
...had you just made a huge mistake?
Rafa's cheeks paled considerably as his gaze constantly shifted between your face and the Raiders logo. He was clearly affected by the fact that you were wearing his shirt and nothing else, and it looked as if he was having a hard time sitting still. The tender yet hurtful look he sent you made you feel horrible about yourself and all the decisions that had led to this exact moment. What if things had been different back in the taco truck eight years ago? What if he had actually taken you home after one of your late nights out? And what if Daveed hadn't been so persistent in hooking up with you over the last couple of weeks? If he hadn't been so smooth and charming, would he still have been able to swoop in right before Rafa? Or would you eventually have gone home with Rafa instead?
Would it feel more right to be sleeping in Rafa's bed tonight?
Oh no...
"Shit!" Daveed's voice brought you back from your panicky train of thought. You looked over at him, his face sweet and innocent as he was helping his best friend recover, and you realised: no, it wouldn't feel more right to be sleeping in Rafa's bed tonight. But it would feel just as right as sleeping in Daveed's.
"Baby, can you get me more gauze out of the cabinet?" he continued.
Baby. It had slipped out of him. He hadn't even realised it... The caring, handsome man in front of you had called you baby and you couldn't help but send him a small smile as it had made you soft. You were baby to him.
Rafa had a reaction to the pet name too: he looked as if he was about to murder Daveed.
Desperately trying to untangle yourself from the situation you had put yourself in, you turned over to the cabinets and pulled out more gauze, promptly handing it over to Daveed before resuming your position in the doorframe.
Immediately, you and Rafa went back to staring at each other again, both unable to look away. The looks he was sending you were deep and longing, his eyes pained as he grew more and more tense with each passing second. He looked as if he wanted to touch you, to kiss you, to hold you tight. Shit.
Your eyes were flickering fast between the two men: both of them sweet and handsome. Both of them crazy about you. You couldn't decide whether or not you had made a mistake by choosing to go home with Daveed tonight.
Daveed broke the tension in the small bathroom when he in an irritated tone of voice said, "Look, I can bandage this to keep it from bleeding all over, but you need to go to the hospital for stitches or something."
Rafa let out a small grunt without looking away from you. It looked as if he wanted to tell you something but was unable to with Daveed being present. It was heart-breaking.
You liked Daveed very much but realised that you had to talk to Rafa as well. You had to hear what he had to say, "...I can take you," you piped up in a voice that was weirdly nervous, "I can drive. I almost didn't drink tonight."
"You'd - you'd do that?" Rafa said in a whisper and sent you a warm look.
"Of course," you nodded slowly, suddenly desperate to talk to him, to hear his thoughts, "Let me just grab some pants, okay?"
"Yeah, okay. Thanks," Rafa said quietly, his pained expression now completely replaced by a hopeful one.
Daveed had definitely noticed that something was going on with you because the annoyance was practically seeping out of him though he was trying his best to keep calm. He did something to Rafa's hand that had Rafa hissing in pain and shooting Daveed an angry look with his lips pressed together in a thin, white line.
Your eyes whipped over to Daveed as well. He was sending you a hurt look that said 'what the fuck are you doing?' and you gulped guiltily. Had he realised that you were unsure about what to do with the two men in front of you?
"Nope!" Daveed said loudly, shaking his head vigorously, "Not gonna happen. Uh-uh, absolutely no fucking way. Rafa you can take a cab!" he shot Rafa a hard look before he turned back to you, his eyes soft, but his voice full of irritation, "Baby, go back to bed, I'll be there in a second!"
There it was again. Baby. You looked into Daveed's soft brown eyes that were looking pleadingly back at you, your knees immediately weak. Slowly, you let your gaze wander a bit to the left and met Rafa's huge green eyes too. They also made you feel incredibly soft.
Daveed noticed your gaze drifting over to Rafa and harshly interjected, "he'll take a cab, okay!"
Rafa sent you a slight nod as if to say that it was alright for you to leave, and that he could handle Daveed and his bleeding hand on his own. Meanwhile Daveed was staring at his best friend with a murderous look in his eyes. You realised that they had to resolve some stuff too, so even though it hurt in your chest, you slowly turned away from the two men, and walked back to Daveed's bedroom. Just before the door to the bathroom closed behind you, you heard the beginning of an argument between the two friends: "Ah! Dude what the fuck!" Rafa yelped loudly.
To which Daveed angrily responded with a "What the fuck was that all about? You're flirting with my girl!" It was more a statement than a question.
You sat awkwardly on Daveed's bed, unsure of what to do now. Daveed had noticed the long looks between you and Rafa. Shit. Even though you hadn't intended it, you had still managed to turn them against each other.
You could hear their angry voices from the other side of the wall, but you didn't want to listen in on their private conversation, so you put your fingers in your ears. Their shouted words were not meant for you. It was a desperate conversation between two best friends, and even though you could've easily followed their screaming match, it didn't seem right to do so. Desperately, you pressed in on your ear canal and started humming softly to tune out most of their angry words. Still, snippets of their loud conversation penetrated your ears.
"Rafa, you have no history with her!" Daveed was yelling before Rafa's voice was heard a few seconds later: "Did you not see how she was eye-fucking me just now?" followed a little while later by a loud "Fuck you!" from Rafa and an angry "you really want me to beat you up?" from Daveed. They kept yelling loudly at each other, but you tried not to decipher their angry words as you found them private. There was a reason why they had sent you out of the bathroom after all.
After a few minutes, their angry yells finally died down completely and were instead replaced by muffled words in normal voices that you couldn't make out even if you tried. You slowly removed your fingers from your ears, instead burying your face in your hands, angry with yourself for having let it come to this.
Their muffled voices could be heard for a few seconds before the sound was disrupted by someone retching.
One of them was throwing up, the other completely silent. You listened intently for a few seconds to see if you could make out who was throwing up, hoping that the other would say some words of comfort, but neither of them spoke, and after about a minute of silence, you heard footsteps approaching the room you were lying in. The doorknob twisted and Daveed entered the room slowly, his eyes full of pain as he took you in. He sat down on the bed next to you, panting hard, obviously very upset about the entire situation. It hurt seeing him like this. And it hurt thinking about Rafa lying alone in the bathroom. You dried an annoying tear away from your cheek and just barely managed to reset your face before Daveed looked up at you with a sad smile. You did your best to look casual as if you hadn't got the faintest idea of what their screaming match had been about. You acted as if wearing Rafa's shirt meant nothing. Seeing his pained expression had done nothing. Hearing him sob in the bathroom made you feel no ways.
"Everything okay?" You asked Daveed carefully.
"Yeah," he grunted.
"How about Rafa?" you said quietly. Even the sound of his name hurt in your chest.
"He's..." Daveed's words died in his throat as he frustratedly buried his face in his hands with a deep sigh.
You gulped, "is he okay alone out there?"
"Can we please not talk about Rafa right now?" he said slowly.
"Yeah..." you nodded quietly, "come here," you folded your arms around his chest, hugging him tight. He pulled you on top of him and hugged you back, his strong arms squeezing you, bringing you comfort as if he knew what you were going through as well. You sat like this for a few seconds, your arms wrapped tightly around each other comforting the broken feeling you both felt in your chests until his lips slowly found their way to your neck, leaving sweet, sensual kisses to the side of your throat.
"Look," you said quietly, pulling yourself away from him and looking into his chocolate brown eyes, "it's not that I don't enjoy this, but I just think it's for the best if I go home."
"What? No?" Daveed looked up at you with a pained expression, "come on, we can't let Rafa ruin our night," he groaned and moved closer to you but suddenly paused, "unless you don't want to of course. I don't want to force you into anything," he looked carefully at you and you understood why. He wanted to make sure that you were comfortable with the decision you were making. Comfortable with him.
It made you realise that the fact that you were lying in Daveed's bedroom half-naked, meant that you had made your choice long ago. You needed to stick with it.
"Yeah, okay," you said and moved your lips close to his, kissing him softly.
"You have no idea how happy that makes me," he groaned against your lips and you felt him breathe a sigh of relief as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He quickly pulled Rafa's t-shirt over your head, and harshly threw it onto the ground next to the bed. You couldn't help but think of the symbolics in his heated gesture.
His warm hands immediately found your breasts and he started running his fingers over your nipples with a low growl. You enjoyed the confident, hungry look he sent you as you were once again bare-chested in front of him. He moved his face closer to yours, "I still fully intent on making you feel good and make you let loose a little," he repeated his words from earlier that evening with a smile and carefully pushed you down on the bed, a warm shiver travelling up your spine with his words and movements. He hovered above you before his lips started pressing small, peppered kisses to the side of your throat, his one hand running down your stomach and dipping down between your legs, making you gasp softly. His lips moved over your collarbone and down between the valley of your breasts, taking one of your nipples in his mouth, and making you arch your back against him, as you felt his erection pressed up between your legs. He groaned as he pushed his boxer-clad erection closer to you, looking down at you with an erotic spark in his eye. Your fingers found his soft hair and you raked a hand through his curls and reciprocated the look he was sending you; dark and sensual.
You were both getting lost in the sensations you were causing each other when you were interrupted by the sound of Rafa retching and his heart-breaking sobs from the next room. It made your stomach ache horribly and you interrupted the kiss with Daveed, looking towards the wall to the bathroom instead. "I'm sorry, I can't just leave him alone with that..."
"What? You're not serious?" He looked at you with a disappointed look on his face.
"Listen to him," you said softly, as Rafa let out another heartbroken sob.
"He'll be fine," Daveed responded harshly before he resumed kissing your throat.
You pulled your face away from him, raking a hand through his hair one more time, "he's your best friend. Do you really want him to be alone right now? He sounds so heartbroken."
"Trust me - you do not want to deal with him right now."
Rafa retched loudly.
"I'm sorry," you kissed Daveed briefly, "but I have to make sure he's okay. I'll be back in a second."
Daveed let out an irritated grunt but eventually let go of you so you could crawl down from his lap. You quickly found the Raiders t-shirt on the floor and pulled it over your head, exiting the bedroom in a swift motion.
You knocked quietly on the door to the bathroom and found Rafa lying on the floor next to the toilet sobbing quietly. "Rafa, honey, are you okay?" you said softly as you sat down next to him and carefully put your hand on his chest.
He took a deep breath and looked up at you with wet eyes. The gaze he sent you was bloodshot, but he wasn't as pale as before. Throwing up some of the alcohol had definitely done him some good. "Hey," he whispered in a raspy voice as he put his good hand on top of yours, closing his eyes again taking three deep breaths. You noticed that he didn't answer your question.
As you pulled your hand away from his chest to fix him a glass of water, he groaned at the lack of touch and sat up straight, sleepily resting his head on the edge of the tub, looking at you with tired, sad eyes.
"Are you done throwing up?" you asked him as you handed him the glass.
He took a big gulp and nodded "I think so... Listen, can we talk?"
You sent him a small smile, "tomorrow, okay?" you didn't want to cause him anymore heartbreak tonight, "let's get you to bed," you held out your hand.
"Yeah, okay..." he took your hand and let you pull him to his feet. He was still very drunk, so you had to help him with his balance, your arm tightly wrapped around his waist, "come here," you chuckled and walked him to his room with his arm draped over your shoulder. As soon as you entered his personal space, he threw himself down on the bed with a loud groan.
"You're not going to disrobe?" you chuckled at him.
"Yeah, no... I don't care right now," he said and closed his eyes, "I just want to sleep... Let this absolute shit night be over."
You guiltily shook your head and forcefully pulled off his Chelsea boots and socks.
"Are you trying to get me naked?" He joked sleepily from the bed; his eyes closed.
"I'm trying to get you comfortable," you chuckled, "you have to take off your shirt and pants yourself."
Rafa groaned but sat up straight before he pulled his shirt over his head. His eyes were still closed, and his long hair was falling in unruly strands around his face. He looked exhausted as he undid the button on his pants and slid them off himself, plumping down on the bed afterwards.
"You don't think I'll bleed to death, do you?" he groaned and lifted his bandaged hand a little.
"I'm absolutely positive you won't," you chuckled at him, "if it's still bleeding tomorrow, I'll take you to the hospital, okay?"
"Okay, can't wait," he smiled sleepily and gave out a quiet snore as if he'd briefly fallen asleep. He was lying flat on his back which gave you time to study the tattoos he had on his chest and forearms. Some of them you didn't like, others were beautiful. He had one on his pec that you'd never seen before.
"If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don't see," you read out loud, looking at his chest.
Even though Rafa had his eyes closed and looked as if he was just about to fall asleep again, he knew what you were talking about and softly tapped the tattoo he had on his pec, "that's right," he slurred with a small smile. For the first time since he'd cut himself, he looked as if he was peaceful, and you tugged one of his long strands of blonde hair away from his eyes and behind his ear instead. Your fingers lingered on his cheek for a second and he kissed your palm with a small hum, "that means that I have to make you conscious of the things you don't see," he whispered before he drifted off completely.
"Alright Rafa," you chuckled quietly as you ran your fingers through his soft hair. He had started breathing heavily, already fast asleep, "thanks for explaining the words of your tattoo with the exact same words!" You got up from the bed and quietly closed the door behind you as you walked out into the hallway.
You'd only walked a few steps towards Daveed's room when the meaning behind Rafa's sentence hit you and you froze in place. Inside your head, the written words of the tattoo and Rafa's whispered words played on repeat. He hadn't explained the tattoo to you. He had told you that he loved you.
He loved you. Rafa was in love with you.
And you were walking towards the bedroom of his best friend. You turned your head slightly, looking towards Rafa's room. Should you go back to him? Or continue to Daveed? You were completely frozen in time, desperately looking between the two bedroom doors on either side of the bathroom in the hallway, realising that even though you might have been lying naked in Daveed's arms only minutes before, Rafa's words hurt so much in your chest that your decision-making was far from over.
Rafa's room was to the left. He had just confessed his feelings for you. Or, he didn't just have feelings for you; he was in love with you. Probably had been since your summer together in the taco truck. You wouldn't say that you were in love with him, but there was definitely raw, heated attraction towards him on your part as well, or you wouldn't still be thinking about your drunk kiss in the dark eight years ago, the way he was always able to make you laugh, his soft, green eyes. It hurt in your chest to think about how you'd potentially wasted eight years without him by your side. If you went to him, you'd either finally be able to stop thinking of him as 'the one who got away' and actually engage in something romantic with him - or you'd see that eight years of absence might have grown the heart so fond that you had put him on a pedestal that he couldn't live up to.
Daveed's room was to the right. He was waiting for you in there, probably ready to fuck you so good that you wouldn't be able to remember your own name. The preview he'd given you earlier tonight had definitely shown you that he was able to bring all your sexual fantasies to life! And you had craved his touch for so long, to feel his strong hands on your body as he slid into you while whispering sweet words in your ear. You and him definitely had some insane potential - not to mention the fact that he was already calling you baby! He was so crazy about you that you were baby to him! - but did you feel the same emotional attraction to him? Or was the warm feeling in your stomach whenever you looked at him all due to sexual attraction? Could you and he ever become more than raw passion?
No matter what, you'd have to choose between them. You couldn't have both. With whomever you chose, you'd never be able to have the other.
Carefully, you weighed both your options; left or right? Rafa or Daveed?
You started at both of their doors, unsure about where to go, but eventually made a decision. With a deep breath, you stepped closer to the wooden door, grabbed door handle and stepped inside, softly closing the door behind you as you took in the handsome man on the bed.
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1ddotdhq · 11 months ago
❌Wed 25 Nov ‘20🎫
Harry and Louis are having another competition, clearly! This time, they’re competing for which one keeps us updaters busier - Louis won today, by the way. The tickets for his livestream went up today as promised, and, like clockwork, the Veeps website went down. Sighhhh come on, guys! We WARNED you about this - PLEASE don’t have this happen on the day of! But fear not, Louis was around and tweeting the whole time, assuring fans that it would work, and everyone could get a ticket. (It took the Intern about six hours, but I finally got mine! Discourse got it in two hours, so that’s the time discrepancy on ticket purchase time). Louis expressed his surprise that site was having issues (literally howwww??? It’s been TEN YEARS!), and said, “you’re all legends! Here we goooooo” , and told fans that we “deserve it!” - it being a chance to watch him perform lmao I stan a confident king! He also promised “one or two” surprises during the concert, said of a piece of fan art “boom! That’s fucking amazing” (it really was, congrats to the artist for a phenomenal piece), confirmed that he loved all his fans, saying yes that one and also that one to various countries for a while before presumably realizing that could continue all day if he didn't draw a line, and promised a bucket hat in his next merch drop. AND! Speaking of merch! You can get a shirt with the cool backlit stage pic they used for his new socials and the veeps background that says CREW on the back and comes with a 'crew' lanyard, or a black mask (!!!) with xx smiley face! All proceeds go to his chosen charities, so go get the merch while it LASTS!
 And now for Harry’s valiant entry to today’s competition: He won best international artist at the ARIAS!!! It’s a fan voted award, and, in a rare move, he made a thank you video to the fans for voting: “...thank you to the fans who voted for me, and for the support that you’ve given me offset the last couple of years and also the years before that. So thank you so much. I hope you’re staying safe.” You too, man! Especially with how BUSY he is going to be in the next month! And now for the “people around Harry talk about him” portion of the update: Anne reminded us that Harry used to be a (Star) baker in her Grammy congrats tweet,  Molly Hawkins posted some pictures yesterday celebrating the Grammy nomination, including one behind the scenes picture in which she had fully blacked a person out. Fans were quick to wonder why she had done that and who it could have been (Louis. People were wondering if it was Louis. There were paps and fans with cameras all over that filming but I mean sure anything is possible!) And Stevie Nicks came back to, uh, suggest a Sunflower Vol 6 music video that depicts a love story between *double checks* a flower and a bee. I wish I was making that up, but there you go - hey, at least H already has the tattoos for both parts of that story! She also goes on to say that she’s happy he decided to become a rock star and eschew the pop roots that were forced upon him in One Direction (and that he's apparently being forced to continue to celebrate and honor and enjoy in his free time mhmm), and that she has the perfect role for him in a miniseries based on Rhiannon (“a magician who doesn’t want to be king”). And in that same vein,Greg Berlanti's hot footie player husband, has signed with CAA,who is producing the upcoming My Policeman. The article says that it is “starring Harry Styles and Lily James”. The last we had heard about this, they were in negotiations... is this an update or simply careless phrasing? Seems a done deal either way, so let's have that exciting announcement! Or not, we do have a lot of other excitement to keep us busy right now.
Niall is being funny on twitter again, making fun of Trump with an “I WON THE GRAMMYS” tweet which landed really well with me and so I'm excited to report it! He also says that he wasn’t snubbed by the Grammys, “I’ll make the music and it’s ok if they decide it’s not Grammy worthy this year, I’ll try my best and hopefully it happens next time or another year.” It was a show of grace, sense, and maturity, love to see it. Also, his merch is 25% off today, and it’s all super high quality, so now’s your chance to get some at, well, cheapER prices anyway. And Liam’s thirst traps are BACK: Liam posted a shirtless selfie with necklaces around his neck and a few tattoos on display, and uh, a really YOUNG looking Maya making a silly face in the background. I don’t say this a lot, but sometimes I am reminded of how she is not even twenty years old, and it is...disconcerting. The picture is captioned “Work starts in 8 hours” and I HOPE that means work on his Christmas concert, which will go really well, if Naughty List is any indication: the song has been number 1 on the Top Triller US Charts for two weeks!
(update from Discourse: there was an error in early versions of yesterday's post, apologies to anyone who saw that one-- Harry is not the first member of 1D to receive a Grammy nod, that was technically Zayn, who hit so many of those milestones first, but Harry got the first solo noms and is well positioned to become the first winner amongst them, get in Harry! )
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backstage pass [vampire Dabi]
req: I will turn into the hugest freaking slut bucket in the world if you write me an AU where Dabi is a guitarist in a band and also a vampire. Like good god. 🥵 I will die. -💙🐦🎶 tag list: @smol-floatyy @wholesomey-artist @moonlightinsanity @dabis-azure-songbird characters are 20+. contents: some roughness, oral, slight orgasm denial, teasing, femdom, vampire Dabi, talks of blood and death/killing, unprotected sex
between your fingers was the single most amazing thing you had ever touched. a black guitar pick with a blue flame, on the opposite side covered with a circular neon green sticker that read in long bold letters, “V.I.P.” when you saw the lead guitarist throw them out into the crowd, you’d thought that they were only regular picks, but at the end of the show when they announced that one of the picks was a special backstage pass, you felt your heart start thumping away in your chest. turning it over for the first time, you thought you were gonna stop breathing. you couldn’t believe it. you had managed to catch the backstage pass. you swore to cherish this item for the rest of your life. 
when you wandered to the stage area and were escorted back, you felt so nervous but excited. your smile was as wide as could be, your cheeks beginning to hurt. though you would have preferred to come with some friends and enjoy the show with them, they either couldn’t get tickets or couldn’t make it. you didn’t let that get you down. sure, you’d driven out to a whole other city just to see the performance, but why wouldn’t you? it was your favorite band of the last few years, though they were fairly new they had made a big impact already. they’d grown a fanbase of a few million people from around the world in just two years and you were proud to say you were one of those fans. LOV only had two albums, but every song resonated with you on some level. they produced a new kind of rock that you couldn’t put into words, something about the sound was just so entrancing. or maybe that was just because their guitarist was one of the hottest men alive. Dabi, which was just a stage name but he was very secretive about his real name, was a god on stage. when you got to look up at him from the moshpit, you felt blessed to just be that close. 
you looked around for someone, but mostly saw the cleaning crew and tech people running around shutting equipment down and picking up props. you stood there, pick in hand and clutched in your deadly grip. even if things didn’t turn out how they said they would, you were going to appreciate that pick. though that was a worst case scenario, you had faith in the words of Shigaraki when he said that a lucky audience member got to come meet the band. he wouldn’t lie to an entire stadium of his fans like that, you knew it. 
a door opened and you saw them walking out, the whole group shuffling out of a room. all but one of them turned the opposite way, only two of them - Toga and Twice - turning to glance at you. Dabi stood at the door, staring you down as they left. when he motioned you forward, you smiled at him despite your confusion. “so you must be the lucky doll who caught my pick.” 
you nodded enthusiastically, shaking his hand as you told him your name. “I am. I absolutely adore it. thank you.” 
“no need for thanks,” he said coolly, looking you over. you looked past him, seeing an empty hall behind him and missing the way he licked his lips. “where is everyone else going?” 
“they’re real tired after a show like that. it was the biggest one we’ve done so far. I mean, we typically don’t do oncore songs, but sometimes you just can’t tell Shigaraki no,” he said. you looked up. “you’re not disappointed, are you?” 
“no, I understand completely,” you said, which made him give you a pointed look. you were quick to give an explanation. “you’re actually my favorite member of the band.” 
he grinned down at you, putting a hand to his chest. “I’m flattered. here, follow me.” 
he began leading you down the hall, which bent left after a short while. he opened a door and let you enter first. it was a dressing room, lit with bright lights and which held quite a few things inside. a couch just big enough for three people to sit on, a luggage case, a guitar case, a clothing rack with different shirts and jackets handing from it, a mini fridge and coffee table. the room looked so small but felt so big once you were inside. Dabi entered after you and closed the door. you were too astonished to hear a click afterwards. 
“have a seat, I’ll pour you a drink,” he said as he made his way over to the mini fridge. opening it, he pulled a square bottle from inside and took two glasses from atop it. “you don’t mind burning scotch, do you?” 
you shook your head as you watched him from the couch. though you weren’t a heavy drinker, a beer or a margarita now and again, you weren’t backing down. you wanted to come off as cool and likeable to him, even though you were sure that this wasn’t the first time he’d ever done this nor did you think he would remember you because you agreed to drink some scotch. he sat beside you and poured the drinks, then handed you yours. “so, are you a big music fan?” 
you laughed and nodded. “could you tell?” you asked, gesturing to your band tee and necklace. you’d decided only to wear those two themed items to the event even though you also had a jacket you’d made. you regretted not wearing that now as it would have been such a cool thing to walk backstage in. “I’m a music major in college actually.” 
he was sipped as you spoke, his eyes never leaving your body. “I went to college for a few years. wasn’t really my scene.” 
you felt yourself laughing again and you sipped your drink to calm down. though it burned your throat, you hoped the liquid would help calm your nerves. you felt like you could jumped from your seat, you were still bustling with adrenaline from the show. “well, it isn’t for everyone. I’m hoping to just be done with it soon, but I don’t have much of a plan after I get my degree.” 
“not everyone does,” Dabi said and set down his glass. he poured himself another drink and you blinked down at your still half full glass. “I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who knew what they wanted to do with their lives.” 
he didn’t sound so convincing, but the way he said it sent a chill down your spine. something told you that he didn’t like something about that statement. you looked at him and he was lent back lounging against the couch. it was leather and a little uncomfortable to you, but you felt like you could relax more with the scotch dissolving your worries. you drank more and poured another glass before you were even done with the first one. 
he seemed to bounce back again, relaxed into the couch though he didn’t seem to be affected by the alcohol. you figured he must have a strong tolerance to the stuff. he was chatting away with you about many things; you told him how some of your friends bailed on you or how some of them couldn’t come; he told you about how his old man didn’t agree with his lifestyle and looked down on him for being a musician; you both made comments about how the government was stupid. by the time he was done with his third drink, you were on the edge of drunkenness and couldn’t pay close attention to him. 
it was getting hot in the little room and the jacket you had decided to wear was red leather. you pulled it off, tossing it over the arm of the couch and smiling. “that’s better,” you muttered and rested back. you looked at Dabi, noticed how he was sat up. he had one leg on the couch, one to the floor, and he was facing you. something about the way he was looking at you seemed off and you scrunched up your eyebrows, staring him down. at first you thought it was the glint of his piercings, but then realized it was his eyes. 
you followed the band for years down, and that meant you followed Dabi for just as long, and you know what color his eyes were. you proclaimed at one point that turquoise was your favorite color, but not because they were the color of the guitar’s eyes. you were a liar. but the eyes that stared back at you weren’t the pretty turquoise you’d come to fall for. no, they were red, and that scared you. 
in the blink of an eye, you saw him move. he was rushing at you, mouth opening to reveal two sharp fangs on either side of his mouth. you couldn’t find a voice in your throat, you couldn’t scream. so you did the only thing you could do in a second… you kicked him in the jaw. 
Dabi fell back, stumbling for a moment before he fell into the table. it flipped over, the glasses and bottle falling to the carpet. he pushed himself up, whipping his head around to look at you, holding his chin and glaring. 
“what the fuck!” you yelled, staring at him. you stood up, a little wobbly, but mind clear now. the moment was enough to sober you up and break the effect he had on you. you told yourself to run. to just forget your jacket and get the fuck out of there, but your body wasn’t moving. your heart was racing, but your feet wouldn’t move you. there was a morbid curiosity growing in your chest, nailing you to your spot. lowly, you asked, “what are you?” 
he stood up, rubbing his chin and gritting his teeth. “I’m a vampire, you idiot.” despite the venom in his words, he was staring at you with a renewed interest. his eyes, red because of his shift, scanned over your body. his hand dropped from his face to the crotch of his pants, readjusting them. “your the first one to fight back like that. girls usually can’t hold their alcohol enough to fight me off, and not in one hit. you’re spunky.” 
“first of all, I’m not a girl. I’m a woman,” you said and grabbed your jacket. you planned to leave, but you still felt stuck in place. “second of all, I’m not a pussy.” 
“hn, I was gonna just drain your blood and leave you here for the cleaning crew, but now I’m not so sure what to do with you.”
you stared at him, jaw locked and eyes hard. despite being mad at him, you stood there with your thighs clenching together. you cursed yourself for finding him so hot. you finally found your resolve when it registered what he just said to you. beginning to move to the door, you were leaving, but he was faster. 
with inhuman speed, he rushed to the door and slammed his hand against it. you turned and pointed a finger in his face. “where do you think you’re going, doll?” he brought his other hand up to your cheek and caressed it. “I can’t let you leave now.” 
“and why not?” 
“you know my secret,” he said, hot breath fanning your face. the smell of scotch and peppermints filled your senses briefly and you wanted to melt, but you kept your eyes stern. you wouldn’t take them off of him now. “letting you go back to the mortal word would put my kind in danger.” 
“your kind? you mean your band?” you felt a scoff curl from your throat. “so what am I supposed to do? stand here and let you drink my blood? yeah, I don’t think so.” 
you took his hand off your face and threw it down, but it found your hip instead. he pushed you into the door and kicked your feet out. stepping into the place between your legs, he stared down at you. his eyes never left yours either. you had your hands braced on his chest, but felt frozen in place. this time the nail was between his legs, pinning you where you stood as it pressed into you through his jeans. 
“does getting a kick to the face make you horny?” you asked, balling up his shirt in your hands. you smirked up at him, feeling that anger simmer down some. you pushed him away from you and watched him stumble. “you let getting pushed around, huh?” 
Dabi avoided stumbling too much and evaded the table, pushing it across the floor with his foot. “and so what if I do? I like a woman who can hold her own.” he faced you, looking ready to stand his ground. he ran his tongue over his fangs very obviously, which made you glare at him. 
you walked up, pushing him back again and against until he fell onto the couch. he stared up at you, stunned. he couldn’t figure out what this power was you had over him, but he liked it. He couldn’t fight off the feeling, so he would let you throw him around all you wanted, but he was straining. He had to get free. 
his hands started on the buckle of his belt, then his jeans as you crouched onto the floor between his legs. you tugged on the tight pants, not at all being gentle about it. when you thought that they were down enough, you brought his boxers down easily, teasing. and when he tried to rush you, you smacked his hand away. 
“my, you’ve got a big one,” you told him once he sprang free. you wrapped your hand around him and ran your thumb up and down the shiny piercing making up the jacob’s ladder he had. you smirked as he finally groaned, a guttural one that he’d been withholding. you poked out your tongue and teased one of the bars with it, humming. “so, is this the ladder to heaven or hell?” 
he growled, eyes hungry. “don’t fucking… don’t tease me.” 
you chuckled and rolled your tongue around in your mouth, then spit on his cock. “spread that.” 
you took your hand away and he replaced it, glowering at you as you stood again. with swift, quick movements, you pulled off your shirt and bra. your breasts fell, swinging like soft pendulums in front of him. he felt entranced, hand moved slower as he lost his focus, but he’d done it well enough for you. 
getting back down, you settled between his legs and situated his cock between soft flesh. he sat back, watching you with his mouth slightly open to let out low moans. he watched the way you moved your breasts over you cock, felt the way it stimulated him. your tongue made another appearance, but it annoyed him as you only touched his prince albert, the nudge barely doing anything for him. you feel a hand thread into your hair, his strong hand pressing down a little. 
you chuckle and bow your head a little more, taking the tip into your mouth while continuing to give his shaft a nice tit job. the bars along his tall shaft bump press into your breasts, making you smile at their cool feeling. humming around his tip and swirling your tongue around him, you stare up at him, eyes locked at him. 
“fuck, how many times have you done this? you-you’re gonna make me blow in your mouth,” he let out, gritting his teeth in an attempt to not groan while talking. he moans thereafter and shifts a little, bucking his hips. you pull off of him and smirk as he glared. “what the fuck?” 
“I gotta make sure I get my dues,” you tell him and stand. your legs feel a little weak, but you power through. you push him down to lay on the couch, his feet coming off the floor. you crawled on top him and with no way to move to a more comfortable position, he threw his legs over the arm of the couch. something got knocked over and something else broke, but he could care less. the sight of you over him made his wet cock throb and he could hardly take it. you slid your panties down from under your skirt and brought one leg out of them, but they hung off one ankle while you continued your journey. you came to sit over him, your wet pussy in his face. 
he could smell your arousal and he wanted to dive in immediately, but he held back and grabbed a hold of your thighs, bringing his lips to them. he made quick to bring the flesh between his teeth and suck on them harshly, finally getting to hear your moan of pleasure. he wanted more of that, so he continued up your gentle skin, leaving a trail of red marks in his wake. and when he finally met the end of the road, his tongue darted in fast and began eating you out. a chorus of your moans drove him to go faster, one hand coming up to your clit and pinching it. your hands clutched his thighs, your nails digging into his skin. he couldn’t care, you couldn’t mark his skin, but he could certainly leave his mark on yours. 
when he felt your walls clamp down on his wet muscle, he pulls back and lifted you away from him. your skirt covered your exposed entrance, but it did nothing to hide your smell. he licked his lips at you stared at him, intense lust in your eyes. you pushed your hands onto his shoulders and held him down, sliding down until your ass found his cock. it was weeping and begging for attention and a warm home. you lifted your hips and he guided the red, glinting tip to your core. 
without words, you sank down on him. he bit his lip while you moaned and panted. though you were prepped and wet, he still stretched you out. once he bottomed out, you realized he reached farther than anyone had ever gone inside you. you couldn’t wait to adjust, you had to start bouncing on him. though he had his hands on your hips, he couldn’t control you. something about your air made him unable to,  so he moved them north and grabbed your breasts. He massaged them and pinched them and tweaked your nipples. he thought about their color and how he wanted to make them blush, so he pulled you down and brought one to his mouth. 
the animalistic sounds between the both of you bounded off the walls, the intense squelching and slapping echoed shortly, your moans accompanied them with hot pants. he refused to let out another sound, the only one you could really hear was the way he sucked away at your breath, it was harsh and rude sounding. you didn’t like that. 
you squeezed your legs around him, feeling his cock throb within you as you slowed your movements. he wasn’t well grounded, squished between you and the couch cushions, and he couldn’t move on his own. he attempted to move his legs, but it only nudged you forward and rubbed you against him. your breast came from his mouth and he was suddenly ushered into darkness as they overtook his face. he moaned into them and bite one, he couldn’t tell which or where. 
you liked hearing him, and thus started your erratic pace again. the way he filled you and touched all the best parts of you made you want to roll your eyes back, but you couldn’t let him get the better of you like that. you refused. 
you continued to smother him in your chest, moaning out his name and panting loudly. you were getting closer to the end again, but you could feel that he was too. he was throbbing a lot, your walls hugging him tighter whenever he would, those piercings rubbing against all the right places.. his cock was suffocated in your cunt, hardly leaving to breath. you smirked when you heard him let out an extended groan, one from the deepest part of his throat. his cock seemed to explode inside you, his cum gushing out in thick, long spurts. you continued to move against him until you came as well, laying against him and resting your head in your hands, closing your eyes and savoring the feeling of bliss. 
you felt full, warm, and satisfied. when your orgasm subsided, you lifted your upper body off of Dabi, getting to see his face again. his hair was unruly, more so than usual, and some of his piercings were turned upside down or sideways. he’s panting and staring up at you. he’s amazed and dazed, watching your lips curl up into a smirk. “fuuck” 
you stood up, hearing his cock thump against his stomach and feeling a small stream of his cum slip out. it slid down your thigh, making your shudder. you bent over to collect your clothes, pulling your panties up and catching anymore of his load that wanted to drip. you pulled your shirt back on, leaving your bra to worry with later. 
in the meantime, Dabi had sat back up but hadn’t managed to pull himself back together again. you looked him over and licked your lips. “need a cleaning up?” before he could answer, you were on your knees once more and taking his soft cock onto your hands, licking up the wetness of your mixed essences, his creamy cum blended with your juices tasting devine. 
“stop that shit, you’re asking for me to fuck you again,” he grunted, pushing you away by your shoulder. 
“I fucked you, mister,” you said and chuckled. you stood up, leaving him semi-hard and grunting. he fixed himself up, standing up and holding his shirt in his mouth. you rested on the couch and watched him, biting your lip. “so now what?” 
he grunted again, turning to you. “I still can’t let you go. you might run your mouth.” 
“and tell everyone I fucked the lead guitarist of LOV? yeah, that’s something I would do,” you told him, leaning forward and resting your arms on your knees. you smirked as he gave you a look. “oh, you were talking about the vampire part, right?” 
he sat down beside you, turning to you. “I really can’t risk you getting that out there,” he said, glaring at you. “even if you are a good fuck. so you’re coming with me.” 
you whipped around and looked at him. “I can’t just go with you. I have class on Monday.” 
“it wasn’t a question,” he said, reaching out and running a finger over a hickey on the top of your breast. “it’s either you come with me or they find your body outback tomorrow morning.” 
though he said it with some weighty seriousness, you heard an undertone of want. you smirked and crawled closer to him, pushing a finger into his chest. you could feel his muscles flex. “and what makes you think I wanna go with you? where are we even going?” 
he smirked and tilted his chin up. “I thought a fan like you would know the tour schedule.” 
you grinned and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him in. “well if you’re planning on taking me on tour with you, I don’t see much of a downside to this ordeal.” 
he chuckled, a hand coming up to your spotless neck. as his eyes shifted to look there, you noticed they were no longer red. they were their normal turquoise, sated and watching your breathing with interest. you could see the cogs turning in his head. 
he grabbed your wrist and pulled you up with him, dragging you behind him to the door. he bent over and took your jacket, throwing it at you, then unlocking the door. “where are we going?” 
“my hotel room, I have plans for you,” he told you, sending a chill through your body. you could hear your heart thumping in your ears, but you had a twisted feeling that wouldn’t be a problem after tonight…
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link4eva · 7 months ago
Kiro’s Work Visit Date (探班之约) Translation [CN]
Tumblr media
Hi! Just a couple of notes before you begin reading...
This fluffy and wholesome date was just released (March 11, 2021) in the CN server and will eventually be released in the ENG server sometime next year.
I also don’t know any Chinese myself so all of this translation was done through the power of Google Translate and with help from the lovely @keliosyfan​ .
You can read his Couch Potato call that comes with this date here!
Hope you enjoy!~
*Spoilers ahead for future content!*
[First Part]
MC: So now the question is….
Kiro: Wait a minute! I didn’t seem to understand too much of what was said. Let me take a look!
During the video call, Kiro suddenly moved his face close to the screen with excitement.
Tumblr media
Kiro: Miss Chips, do you mean that….you’re going to go in person and be a host on the show?
MC: Pretty much….
Some time ago, I did a variety show about a certain European town called “Cloud Tourism”.
The reason it’s called “Cloud Tourism” is because I’ve never been to this small town before. I only got a preliminary understanding of the traditional customs there through a novel.
Out of an abundance of interest, I consulted a lot of relevant sources and finally released a program with the concept of “seeing words as faces”.
Originally it was just an experiment inspired by an idea that didn’t really make any big splashes in China.
Unexpectedly, an internet celebrity from the small town recommended this program on his personal blog which led to it becoming popular very quickly.
Kiro: Oh….slowly but surely, I figured it out.  Not only has this show received great praise, the local TV station also sincerely invited you to come and do some interviews. Even in the form of a reality show, I must say that Miss Chips is amazing!
MC: ......
MC: I think you understand it pretty clearly but some parts are exaggerated….
Kiro: Congratulations, MC!~
Kiro: If I wasn’t shooting abroad, I would definitely take you there to celebrate! But we can celebrate like we did before….
MC: Wait! Wait a minute! I haven’t decided whether to go or not yet….
Kiro: This is a great opportunity to promote the company. Why are you so hesitant?
MC: Although I have previous experience, this would be my first time shooting as the host….
MC: What if I’m too nervous in front of the camera? It’ll affect the shoot.
Kiro: Miss Chips.
On the screen, Kiro sat upright and pushed his glasses up that were nonexistent.
Kiro: It seems that you’ve forgotten that there’s an experienced acting teacher right in front of you.
Tumblr media
MC: Pff….I would like to ask Mr. Kiro how I can act natural in front of the camera. 
Kiro: It is very simple. Step one is to do the warm-up exercises in advance. Your shoulders should also be really relaxed. Then imagine the camera as a friend who can’t speak and has big eyes….
A few minutes later, Kiro was still “teaching” very professional acting techniques on the phone screen.
Kiro: Hello, MC, are you still listening?
MC: Um….I don’t think I can do this.
His bright eyes suddenly crinkled upwards, hiding a triumphant smile.
Kiro: I’m just teasing you. In fact, you only need to remember the first few steps.
MC: But I’m worried that if I get nervous, I’ll forget those first few steps. I hope that I can become Kiro that day!
Kiro curled his lips up again when he heard those words.
Kiro: Then close your eyes and hypnotize yourself….
Tumblr media
Kiro: “I am the superstar Kiro!” 
[Second Part]
At five o’clock in the morning in the dressing room at the local TV station.
I tilted my head to face the makeup artist and held back yet another yawn.
The makeup artist whispered a few words to the accompanying translator and then left the dressing room.
Translator: Miss MC, the makeup artist has finished your makeup. The director will be here shortly. You can rest for a while.
I nodded gratefully. This country’s language is one that I’m not familiar with so the TV station specifically hired an interpreter.
As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt my phone vibrate.
Kiro: MC, are you still in makeup?
MC: Just finished. Are you ready to start work too?
Kiro: I’ve already been working for an hour.
MC: Why so early? It’s only five o’clock where you are!
Kiro: Don’t worry, I’m used to this kind of shooting routine.
Although I’ve known before that Kiro started almost every filming session in the morning, this was the first time experiencing it for myself. It’s hard work getting up early and putting on makeup.
What’s more, he often works overtime to catch up on his other stuff and rarely has enough time to rest.
MC: Then you must take time to rest!
Tumblr media
Kiro: It’s okay. If I’m tired, I just close my eyes and think of Miss Chips’ smile. 
Kiro seemed to take a deep breath on the other end.
Kiro: Hmm~ Charging is complete!
I seemed to see him being content and I couldn’t help being amused by him. 
Kiro: By the way, what is your shooting schedule today?
MC: It’s sightseeing shooting. The director arranged to take me to several local attractions and I can also choose places of interest. 
MC: The first stop on the agenda is to explore the shop on the pedestrian street.
Kiro: Great! I heard from the crew that there is a famous cake shop on the pedestrian street of that small town. I will send you the address.
Kiro: Only by filling up your stomach and replenishing your energy can you be in the best state!
(Cut to the street)
MC: Well….
I watched my stiff expression and rigid body in the video replay. I couldn’t help but curl my toes and pick at the ground.
Director: Take it easy, alright?
I nodded slowly.
The director looked at me with sympathy and discussed some things with the translator for a while.
Translator: The director wants to know if you have anything you want to do. He suggested that if we start with one of your interests first, you’ll get into the right state of mind faster.
MC: Well, there is one place….
I almost immediately thought of the cake shop that Kiro had mentioned.
(Cut to cake shop)
Because of how early it was in the morning when we arrived at this cake shop called “Flipped”, the first batch of pastries had just come out of the oven. 
I was standing in front of the shop window outside the store while the director was preparing for shooting and I made adjustments for myself. 
Shoulders down, jaw relaxed, a smile appeared on my face. I recalled the formula Kiro taught me.
Close your eyes. Look into your heart.
“I’m the “not afraid of anything” Kiro!”
A burst of mellow sweetness lingered wantonly in the air. I opened my eyes and focused on the window again.
A pair of bright and familiar smiling eyes appeared in the window. The owner of these smiling eyes waved to me.
I felt my heart jump out of my chest.
Tumblr media
Kiro: Hello, Miss Chips~ 
Looking at the two intersecting faces on the window glass, I finally couldn’t help but smile.
Oops, I really did become Kiro.
[Third Part]
I didn’t expect Kiro to have secretly been planning to see me on set. I was pleasantly surprised and realized that I was deceived by him during the morning call.
I made a “follow me” gesture to him through the glass.
(Cut to alleyway)
In the alleyway next to the cake shop, I wiped away the shock in my heart and checked, again and again, to make sure that no one else had followed us.
Kiro: Don’t worry, MC. Almost all the folks in this small town will have no idea who I am. And….
He pointed proudly to the sunglasses on his nose.
Kiro: I also came prepared.
I looked around and around and deliberately put on a face of worry.
MC: Why are you here? Weren’t you filming in another country?
Kiro: Actually, I don’t have any shooting arrangements today. It only takes an hour and a half to fly to this country from the shooting location. And it only takes two hours to take the train from the town’s airport.
MC: No matter how easy you make it sound, that was no easy journey….
MC: And with this time off, you should be resting in the hotel.
He pulled down his sunglasses aggrievedly. 
Kiro: But I really wanted to visit you at work for once, and give you encouragement at your side, just like what you did for me last time.
Kiro: And more importantly, I really missed you…. 
(Here’s a cute little clip of this dialogue uploaded by @cheri-translates​  !)
MC: Kiro….
All of my pretentious arrogance dissipated in an instant and I was about to reach out and hug him. But, he crossed his arms in front of him.
Kiro: But speaking of shooting, I just observed it secretly and your performance does have some small flaws.
Kiro: Your expressions are small and stiff, your movements are rigid and tiny, and your eye contact flutters from time to time….
Kiro: Also, you can walk without looking at the camera…. If I look at the camera while walking, [robot noises] don’t I look like a robot?
The more he talked about it, the more he assumed the coach position. He made a great show of it too.
I was so embarrassed that I nodded my head to accept the criticism with shame.
Tumblr media
Kiro: Hahahaha--I’ll stop teasing you. 
He leaned over and squished my cheek and curled his lips again.
Kiro: Although, I can see that you are a bit nervous. I’m used to seeing your confident working style as a producer on set….
Kiro: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you this nervous. You can do it, love! *Did my own interpretation of what he said here cause I had no clue what Google was trying to say lol.*
He opened his arms and the morning sun fell on his shoulders.
Kiro: Come on, Miss Chips.
Kiro: Thank you for your hard work. For that, you get a rechargeable hug from Kiro.
I nodded my head hard and as soon as I took a step of joy, the director poked his head out of the alley. 
Director: Stand by, sweety!
I slammed the brakes and took out my phone, pretending to take a call. I shook my head slightly at Kiro.
He immediately showed me an aggrieved expression and I gave him a wink.
MC: It’s okay, I’ve already learned a recharging trick from Teacher Kiro.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, sketching a picture of bright, smiling eyes on the pitch-black canvas.
When I opened my eyes, those smiling eyes gradually merged with Kiro’s in front of me.
MC: Charging is complete~
(Cut to inside cake shop)
Under the guidance of Kiro, “the super professional”, I calmed down and tried to get into the shooting state.
However, in order to not affect my shooting state, Kiro pretended to be a stranger and waited silently near the shooting location.
When I don’t know which dessert to choose, he would raise his voice and give me a hint.
With pastry crumbs hanging on the corner of my mouth, he pointed at the corner of his mouth and winked at me until I understood what he meant.
During the filming, there were children running around noisily, so he used the tablecloth on the table to do some tricks to attract their attention.
Perhaps because of his “invisible” companionship, I really became more natural before I knew it.
Translator: The shooting in the store is OK! The director said that we are going to shoot some scenes on the pedestrian street next. Miss MC just needs to walk around the street casually.
After checking the route with the director in the cake shop, I realized that the table where Kiro was sitting was empty.
(Cut to the street)
I walked out of the cake shop and looked around but did not find him.
Without giving me too much time to think, the director shouted to start behind the camera.
I tried to walk the streets with peace of mind but my eyes subconsciously looked for Kiro.
Although the sun is shining in the early spring, there is still a bit of a chill in the air that has just warmed up.
Inexplicably, my heart is a little empty.
There was hustle and bustle on the other side of the street and my gaze followed the prestige in the center surrounded by a group of local children. The familiar blonde hair was dazzling and shining.
Kiro was holding a few yellow balloons in his hand with the children cheering around him as if he had helped them stop the balloons from flying away.
He squatted down and handed them the balloons one by one.
As if he could feel my gaze, he turned around and gave me an unreserved smile.
The empty part of my heart instantly filled up at this moment.
I retracted my gaze and found that the director was gesturing at me to continue walking. I quickly continued to walk.
When I pretended to spontaneously look to the other side of the road, I found Kiro with his hands in his pockets walking at the same pace as me.
Although separated by the road, he walked with me in such a special way.
The approaching noon sunshine finally had the temperature as spring.
[Fourth Part]
The shooting had finally come to an end before dusk came.
But Kiro disappeared when I was filming the last scenic spot.
As soon as I had finished work, I took out my phone to check it and found that Kiro had sent me two text messages half an hour ago.
Kiro: MC, I will have filming tomorrow so I have to rush to take the last train.
Kiro: Also, you performed well. I know my MC is the best.
I hurriedly called Kiro but the call informed me that his phone was turned off.
I took a look at the time and it was about 20 minutes away from the shooting location to the train station in town.
Maybe Kiro has boarded the return train and even arrived at the airport….
However, before I could think rationally, I didn’t hesitate to reach out and stop a taxi.
(Cut to the train station)
Due to the small population of the town, the train station at dusk is deserted.
I couldn’t understand the local language on the big screen at the station so I stood on tiptoe and looking into the waiting area in the hall.
Benches in the waiting area, a window for manual ticket purchases, on both sides of the platform, beside the vending machine.
Kiro wasn’t there.
My shoulders drooped in disappointment and I walked slowly towards the station gate.
The setting sun gives off the last bit of its light and the half-curved dome clouds shroud half the station hall in the shadows.
A slender figure stepped out of the shadow and looked at the phone in his hand, his face was as disappointed and lonely as mine.
The sunset gradually kept coming down for another minute but it just happened to pass through the windows around the station, covering the entire lobby with a layer of gold.
I looked at the young man illuminated by the golden light and couldn’t help but shout.
MC: Kiro!!!
He raised his head with a surprised expression.
Kiro: MC?
I waved at him frantically and ran in his direction.
Tumblr media
He regained his senses after a brief moment of disbelief and then opened his arms wide like everytime he hugs me.
The moment his breath came to my face, my heart was filled with contentment.
Kiro put a hand around my waist tightly, lowered his head, and rubbed my forehead.
Kiro: Why are you here?
MC: I remembered that I borrowed something from you today, so I ran to pay you back.
Kiro: What’s that?
I tightened my arms around his neck.
MC: Isn’t this for you?
His breathing seemed to be slightly stagnant. He slid his hand on my waist to my hair.
Kiro: Then I’ll gladly take it.
MC: I….
He bowed his head slightly, and put the words that I was eager to confide in between his lips.
Trains in foreign towns are always prone to delays. Thanks to this, Kiro has been at the station until now so we now have the opportunity to be alone outside of our schedules.
As soon as the setting sun fell, the stars scrambled to fill the sky.
We were dressed in starlight, sitting side-by-side on the benches outside of the station, waiting for the late train. 
Kiro: How was the last scenic shoot? Did it go well? 
MC: OK! But when I was eating a snack, I poured all the ingredients inside by accident.
MC: But in fact, you’re just supposed to pick a flavour and eat it as a dip. The director laughed and shouted “CUT”....
Kiro: Pff….hahahahaha! Fortunately, I wasn’t there or I would’ve been laughing even louder!
MC: And there was….
I counted all the interesting things about today’s shooting, and laughed happily with Kiro.
Kiro: I’m glad I was able to come to the shoot today. Otherwise, I would have missed so many interesting things about MC.
MC: Kiro, do you feel that our current conversations seem to have the roles reversed?
MC: I used to visit you at your shoots, and you talked with me about all the interesting things that happened during them.
MC: Today, we “swapped” identities, and I feel a little delicate.
Kiro: Can I interview the delicate mood of Miss Chips?
He held his hand out to me as if he were holding a microphone and placed it in front of my mouth.
MC: Well, when I was shooting before, I could always feel your gaze. I felt it a lot today.
MC: It turned out to be difficult to stop myself from gazing back.
MC: Obviously, I saw you all day, but I had to hold back from looking at you.
MC: Obviously, you are by my side, but I have to resist the urge to hug you….
My cheeks were slightly hot and I avoided Kiro’s gaze. I lifted my head to look at the stars in the sky when I heard a “click”.
I turned my head and found that Kiro was taking pictures of me with his phone, the power bank that I had given him was still hanging from it.
MC: !
I took a look at the phone in his hand and saw the picture.
MC: It’s ugly! Delete it quickly!
Kiro: How is it ugly? The most natural MC is obviously the most lovely MC!
MC: I’m not letting you keep the power bank to charge your phone as revenge. Delete it quickly!
I struggled to snatch the phone from him, only to find that all the pictures he had taken today were of me.
I randomly clicked on a picture Kiro had taken of me eating a grilled sausage with an exaggerated expression, with me nervously facing the table in the background.
MC: You little….!
I glared at him angrily then clicked on other photos.
I frowned and watched the replay. I was stubbornly asking for another shot and I looked at him in the distance.
Kiro: Miss Chips….
He prolonged the ending, slowly coming closer to me.
Kiro: Don’t delete them. They’re all my precious memories of you. I want to keep them.
MC: No wonder your phone is out of power. You took too many photos!
He heard the relaxation in my tone and happily took the phone from me.
Kiro: Is this really too much? Compared to all of the photos of me on your phone, this is nothing out of the ordinary.
I blushed and tried to retort.
MC: Well, that’s because you are Kiro!
Kiro: But to me, you are MC.
He said this in a sincere tone.
Kiro: Just like you said, I also felt MC’s unusual mood today.
Kiro: I was worried whether you would be thirsty after talking for so long. And worried that you’d be tired after shooting for so long.
Kiro: You did well. I'm proud of you.
Kiro: The most important is….
He slowly came closer to me. I was the only thing in the reflection of his eyes.
Kiro: Although the scenery of this small town is beautiful, your shooting content is also very rich.
Kiro: But just like this moment….
Kiro: Under the starry sky, I can only see you.
Tumblr media
Kiro: You are the unique star in my world. 
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mooshs-crack-headcanons · 7 months ago
Hello! May I please ask for Lupin and Jigen with the letters E, M, and Z? (Thank you so much in advance!)
Hello! Just a heads up I haven't watched lupin in a very hot minute (hopefully I can fix that) and basically did this by memory so forgive me if anything is a bit ooc! 
E   :   EMBRACE.   Does your s/o like hugs? what are their hugs like?
Of course Lupin likes hugs, he loves hugs! Every time he greets you expect to be tackled down by the master thief's embrace along with his long string of adoring phrases to go along with it. Hugs from him never fail to make you feel every ounce of love from every fiber of his being, you know because he's sweet like that. 
M   :  MILESTONE.  what was the exact moment your s/o realised they had feelings for you?
He remembers it vividly, it was after a heist that he of course went in over his head that he actually managed to get nicked a few times in the shoulder by stray shots from the cops. But this is Lupin of course, he's going to whine and bitch about how he "saw his life flashing before his eyes" to get some sympathy points out of you - which usually works on most people, however, this time it definitely doesn't work on you. He immediately cuts the bullshit once you start screaming and crying at how tired you are about all his crazy bullshit schemes and how much you worry with every job that one day…your worst fear will happen. 
It more than takes him off guard; it scares the shit out of him. He just wants to have fun and steal shit not...worrying you to the point of tears. He moves to adjust himself on the couch so that he can caress your cheek so that you look up at him, ready to rest your worries - but the moment he looks into your glossy tearfilled eyes he just...freezes. He isn't sure what it was at that moment, maybe it was just the fact you were showing actual genuine concern for him, but with his mouth agape and his dark eyes darting all over your features to him, none of the most expensive jewels could even compare to your beauty. With a sigh, he collects himself and quietly apologizes for acting so recklessly and that he promises that he'll keep your worry in mind, he cares about you and hates to see you cry after all. 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
Good luck actually keeping your IN the bed at night. Lupin tends to move around in his sleep quite often and quite frequently so it's quite easy to find yourself woken up at 2 am because your boyfriend kicked you mid slumber onto the floor. 
Tumblr media
E   :   EMBRACE.   Does your s/o like hugs? what are their hugs like?
Jigen really isn't a touchy touchy sort of guy so hugs from him are very rare (when he isn't drunk; then he's just the affectionate drunk) But when you do find yourself in one of the rare sober embraces expect the feel of every single possible trouble you could have in your thought just completely vanish. These are very tender moments, as he wraps his arms around your waist and buries his face either into your neck or the top of your head. His presence just...seems to calm you, which isn't just the case for you because Jigen finds himself feeling the same way. There's no annoyance for whatever Lupin has recently done; it's just the feeling of the two of you together which Jigen definitely enjoys the feeling of. 
M   :  MILESTONE.  what was the exact moment your s/o realised they had feelings for you?
It was at some bar one night, the place only had a few other customers who kept to themselves so the place was actually quite quiet. He sat at the bar with you watching the ice swirl around in his glass as his attention went in and out of listening to you talk next to him. 
He comes out of his trance when you gently shake his shoulder a bit and spills his drink out of his hand - the glass hitting the floor. A curse gritted through his teeth before saying his apologies to the person at the bar before he about went to bent over to clean it up until you already beat him to it which then as he mutters a thank before going to take out his wallet - you also beat him to it by slamming crash from your pocket onto the counter before going to continue your cleaning. 
After disposing of the glass you return to ask your previous question; was something on his mind? Jigen sighs as he looks back to his replacement drink. 
"Nope, just fine."
You watch how he downs the alcohol - you knew damn well that was a lie. You sip your own drink, taking a minute to down the burning sensation. You sigh, looking back over to him. 
"Jigen, we both know the truth. But I respect your choice - you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to. I'm just really glad I've gotten to know you over this time and - just like the rest of the crew, I'm here to listen if you ever need to vent or anything. I know how things...really can suck in our line of work." 
He takes a moment to meet your gentle gaze, your smallest of smiles and he can't help but to softly laugh to himself and how cliche your whole response was...although with a double take it does seem genuine so much in fact for the briefest of moments he actually considers opening up about his trust issues and everything surrounding that shitty situation. However he doesn't given that voice in the back of his head - you're different from most people he's met and he definitely cares about you and the rest of the crew and seeing your concern...does something to him and he feels if he acts on it it might ruin things. 
But give him a little bit more time to let him settle the inner debate with himself and then he'll open up to show you the wounds on his heart, wounds you can possibly help heal the tiniest of bits. 
Z   :   ZZZ.   how is sharing a bed with your s/o?
Jigen is a decent person to share a bed with, he doesn't tend to move around a lot in his sleep very much - tending to mostly likely wake up in the exact position he fell asleep in so there's no worries getting crushed or physically kicked out of bed in your sleep like there would be with somebody like Lupin. So with that Jigen makes an amazing pillow! You can easily nuzzle your face in his chest as he holds a gentle supportive grip around your waist and fall asleep in no time at all in cuddle hold. 
Tumblr media
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lawslessons · 8 months ago
hi hi! i js found your blog and omg its amazing??? especially what you wrote for Sabos soulmate vv mucho gusto😤👌🏽
could i request B from the soulmate alpha for Law? i feel like Law is the last person to believe in soulmates and love and all that bs, but when he sees tattoos he’s all too familiar with on someone else... yeah! he probably thinks they’re some intense groupie at first until one of his men brings up the whole soulmate business. anywho, hope all goes well! :D
Law x Reader - Rivers of Ink
I agree with that! He would be a stubborn man for sure. Honestly I was a little self indulgent with what I wrote for this, I do hope you forgive me if this isn’t what you were expecting. Today is February 17th and tomorrow, the 18th, is actually my birthday so I made this one extra long as a mini gift to you all! I hope you enjoy this, dear. I had a fantastic time writing this!
Warnings: Slight NSFW, Love at First Sight
Synopsis: Nightmares plagued the doctor every night, nothing seemed to be able to remedy his affliction. But could one artistic individual on an island hold the answer to his worries? A sudden and unexpected whirlwind of a romance, Law struggles to see and accept the fact that he was falling hard so quickly. 
Tumblr media
“Haven’t you heard that tattoos don’t age that well?” Someone whispered into Law’s ear as he walked down the dark alleyway. The lights flickered above him, moths swarmed around the light until it was barely visible, it served no purpose in being there. He rolled his eyes and turned his head to see who was there, but he was unable to see anyone. 
“Marking up your pretty body like that? What a shame,” Another sneered, the words grew louder and soon it turned into chanting, it was louder, louder and louder. His ears began to ring, laughter pierced his ears and soon Law felt like he was falling. 
Law gasped as he woke up with a start and clutched his chest. His eyes were wide as he felt around his bedside table for his glass of water. He chugged the remnants of what was inside while he used his free hand to wipe the sweat off of his brow and onto his palm instead. He felt clammy and gross from waking up so suddenly, his eyes felt dry and heavy, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep that easily after what he experienced. Leaving his bed, he grabbed his jacket and left his room to go to one of the main hallways of his submarine so he could look out at the ocean. The ocean was beautiful, they all said. But in the night, the normally blue ocean was a vast expanse of black ink. He stared out at the ink and saw that there was nothing notable to look at. The ocean was dark, the submarine was dark, nothing seemed able to emit much light here. He didn’t even know his purpose in coming out here, his nightmare seemed to have more light than the hallway he was currently in. Dismayed, he grabbed onto one of the walls and groped his way back to his room before he laid down on his bed and did his best to force himself to sleep. He was blessed to not have anymore dreams, or nightmares that night about his inked up skin. He woke up and overheard his crew talking about how they noticed an island on the radar and how they were going to go up to restock on some supplies and to also get some fresh air as well. Law made himself get ready for the day, he couldn’t let anyone else find out about his restless night.
Law went up to the deck for the first time in weeks when they finally reached land. The warm air on his tanned cheeks caught him off guard, he felt disoriented after coming out of his underwater hibernation. The captain glanced around the shore of the island with his steely eyes and saw how the island was rather boisterous and full of life. The islanders were walking around, laughing, flying kites that were covered in extravagant designs. 
“I’m going for a walk,” Law said as he left the submarine and stretched his arms up in the air, he watched as some people ate snacks while some were walking and were just enjoying the island’s temperate weather. One thing he noticed was how no one was alone, and how everyone - except for the children of course - had exquisite, matching tattoos that covered their arms and legs, backs and necks. Anywhere there was space, unique designs covered people’s bodies and it caught Law’s attention. He started to “people watch”, he noticed how this one woman had a long, intricate dragon tattooed on her arm, and how her girlfriend had a matching one on the same arm in the exact same place. He watched as a mother and father had matching ones on their wrists, it was the same with everyone he met. Law’s curiosity soon took the better of him and he approached one of the happy couples and awkwardly looked down at them. 
“Those tattoos… where are they from?” Law asked as he pointed to the intricate ink snaking down their bodies. The woman answered for the two of them and told him about a tattoo artist who lived on this island who specialized in “Soul Tattoos.” While he got no further elaboration on that, he decided to follow the directions he was given by the polite couple and soon found himself knocking on the door of a random shop. The door soon opened and Law was greeted by something… strange, familiar. He looked down at their hands and noticed how death ran across their fingers, and how from under the collar of their shirt, he could see the start of a large tribal heart. Law brushed it off as a major coincidence as he slowly walked inside of the shop and looked down at them. 
“I saw some of your work out on the streets, it’s really well done,” Law said as he looked down at the person in front of him. 
“You did? Oh, thank you,” They smiled as they walked back into their shop and showed off some of the work they had on the walls of the shop. “I’m proud of the work I do, and especially for people like that? This? I really do enjoy it,” Law studied how their lips curved into a smile and how they parted when they let out a small breath. 
“What work are you talking about?” Law asked, he knew that they were all tattoos and he appreciated the artistry behind it, but other than that he wasn’t sure about what they were referring to. 
“I do Soul Tattoo’s they’re all about -- “ Before they were able to say more, a clock chimed behind them and they looked over at it. 
“Oh, closing time -- “ They looked over at Law and suddenly sparks coursed through their entire being. His steely eyes pierced straight into their own like a sword, their heart begin to race as they maintained eye contact with one another for a prolonged period of time. Their breathing slowed as they took in the sight of the captain in front of them. The tattoos were the first thing that caught their attention. Finally... he was here. Before they could even speak, Law looked away from them and at the door in some discomfort. 
“It’s alright, goodnight,” Law said as he went to leave the shop before he heard any objections from the person who was there. As he walked in the dimmed streets, he looked at the inky sky and couldn’t help but think about their tattoos. The knuckle tattoos were similar to his own, he glanced down and was surprised to see that it could have been the exact same thing. Death on his knuckles, the ornate tribal style tattoo heart on his chest, the more he thought about it, the more perplexed and creeped out he became. He went back to his submarine, that confused look mixed in with his usual cold look caught the eyes of some of his subordinates. Bepo looked at his captain and quickly stood up to give him a hug. 
“Captain! Welcome back!” Bepo cheered as he hugged the tall man, Law didn’t resist the hug but he didn’t hug him back either. Bepo noticed how his captain was more stone cold tonight than other nights which confused the poor bear. “Captain? Are you alright?” Bepo asked him. 
“I’m fine,” Law assured as he pulled away from his warm companion and looked up at the sky for a moment. “I met someone strange,” Law said as he studied the stars with his eyes next, the mixing of the bright white against the blueish black was a wonderful contrast. Mindless thoughts, Law was trying to distract himself again. 
“What do you mean?” Bepo decided to ask him. 
“Someone with the same tattoos as mine,” Law shared as he glanced over at Bepo. Bepo was confused too, he looked over at Penguin who was taking in the cool, night air. 
“The same as yours? That’s a little weird,” Bepo agreed, and Law was glad that he wasn’t crazy for thinking otherwise. He didn’t understand why they had the same ones as him. 
“Maybe they’re some weird follower of mine or something,” Law grumbled, that thought upset him. Bepo noticed the upset look, but he had to agree with his captain, it was strange. 
“You did gain a lot of popularity after the Doflamingo incident,” Bepo reminded him. That seemed to almost settle it for Law, he had a stalker, a fan and that made a weird chill shoot down his spine. Was that the shock he felt from earlier? No, that was more powerful, the captain stared out at the ocean with a blank, thinking expression until he heard Penguin clearing his throat to speak. 
“I don’t think it’s a weird fan,” Penguin said as he continued to relax on the deck. Bepo and Law both fell silent and looked over at Penguin for more of an explanation, one he was happy to give. “Well, I was talking to some of the locals and they told me about how people who are supposedly soulmates would have the same tattoos on their body and how they would always get big pieces so they could find them easier,” Penguin explained. Law listened to what he said and couldn’t help but think that his words were ridiculous, that story didn’t even make any sense. Soulmates? Partners for life? As if. 
“I’m going to bed,” Law simply said as he went to go to his quarters. But the seed of doubt was already planted, and as he slept, he couldn’t help but think about that possibility. 
“Marked skin… we warned you, didn’t we?” A stranger mused. 
“Yes, yes we did, we did,” Another chirped, their voice was too cheery for the grim, nightmarish atmosphere. 
“Pirates can’t have soulmates, they can’t have -- “
Law gasped, he shot out of bed and didn’t even grab his water, he grabbed his jacket and left his room to go to the hallway. He noticed that they were on land, they were still on land, this wasn’t all just a dream, he really did meet someone with the same tattoos as himself. His mind for once wasn’t able to process what he saw and he soon found himself on the deck of his submarine looking out at the blue ocean and the black sky. He stared at the scene for a minute before he looked at his knuckles. How could something so alarming, something he had that was meant to push people away be the reason he got close to someone else? It hadn’t even been a day but all Law was able to think about was their infectious smile, their incredible art… There was more that had caught his eye too, but it was too inappropriate to even say, Law was embarrassed that he was caught up in such juvenile affections. Maybe Penguin was right. Law scoffed under his breath and continued to deny the truth that was in front of his face, he was falling for them after only one day. It was such an unreasonable thought that it disturbed him, it seriously caught him off guard. How was that even possible? Was it possible to fall this hard for someone after one day? Law was slowly beginning to lose his mind. Against his better judgement, he grabbed his sword and left his submarine to go back into the dark town. As he wandered around, he noticed how the dim lights mimicked stars, and all those stars led him down a straight path towards their place. Moths were around the lights like in his dream, in fact the alley looked eerily similar. Law forced himself not to think too hard on that, after all was he even thinking? He was walking over to some stranger’s studio in the middle of the night to ask questions, none of it made sense. It was late, they wouldn’t be awake. Before Law could even knock on the door, the door opened and Law was met by their piercing eyes. 
“You’re back,” They breathed out, their voice was smooth and rich, Law felt his breath hitch in his throat when he was able to see their hand that rested on the door. There was no mistaking that their tattoos were the same as his. 
“We need to talk,” Law quickly said, they offered no objections and opened their shop up for Law to walk inside. The warm atmosphere still was present, it contrasted the typically cold submarine he lived on. His eyes scanned them over in their casual night attire and felt his heart stop, he was hyper aware of every hair on his body, the electricity that was in the room. “We have the same tattoos,” Law said as he swallowed his shock away. Don’t stare, he ordered himself, but the tension between the two of them was thick. Their batting eyelashes, their soft smile, Law felt drunk off of them already. He watched as they shifted their weight onto one hip and how they pouted as they thought about what the captain spoke to them about.
“These? I’ve always had them,” They shared as they held up their hands to show off the tattoos that decorated their skin. Next, Law watched as they pulled the collar of their shirt down to show off the top part of their tattoo, it was the same as his and it was a little unnerving to see it so perfectly replicated on their skin. Not only was Law staring at the tattoo, he was staring at their skin, he let out a small breath and did his best to dim those thoughts in his sleep deprived brain. 
“How long,”  Law asked them. 
“Always. Like ever since you got them I suppose,” They shrugged. 
“So you know?” Law asked. 
“I’m not stupid, I know who you are, Trafalgar Law,” they said as they poked a finger at his built chest. The captain staggered back and frowned down at the person in front of him. “I’ve known it was you for a long time, I was just waiting for you to come and find me.”
“You sound like you’re just some fan,” Law stated with a small scowl on his face, he didn’t like the arrogance they were presenting. 
“Don’t test me, Law,” They snarled back as they grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pushed him against the wall. Their hips met his as they got closer to glare at him. They weren’t aware of how close they were and how this proximity was slowly getting to Law’s head. Law decided to toss all sense of reason out, why should he care? His mind was swarming and he needed release desperately. 
“Oh yeah?” Law smirked, he looked down at where their bodies were touching and then back into their eyes. And just like he predicted, they gasped and tried to step back from him, but Law wouldn’t allow that. Law grabbed them by their hips and tsked when he saw their face slowly going red. “What happened to all that confidence from earlier, hm?” He purred into their ear, his large, calloused hand groped their rear and he chuckled at the gasp that escaped from their lips. 
“You’re such an ass!” They gasped, while they wanted to sound menacing, it didn’t seem to be working, Law was proving to be in control of the situation as of now, but it was clear that they were enjoying Law’s teasing. 
“I think you like me like this,” Law teased as his hand slipped under the back of their shirt. His fingers dragged up their spine and he drank in their heated expression. “How long did you fantasize about this?” Law asked as he pulled them back to look them in the eyes with an arrogant smirk on his face.
“I-I don’t -- “
“Lying? Oh my, are you sure you want to be doing that now?” Law asked as his free hand wandered down to their pants. He watched as their face contorted with need and want, but Law knew he had to resist for now no matter how tempting they were to him. He let out a small sigh and reluctantly pulled away from them, he watched as their expression contorted to dismay but he knew he needed to stop, he had to remember the gravity of his situation, their situation. 
“Did you think about what you were going to do once you found me?” Law decided to ask.
“It’s obvious, don’t you think? Go on your ship, er - submarine. I want to travel the world and see all the art that exists, and I also want to get to know you more,” They said before their eyes scanned over Law’s built figure, there would for sure be a lot to explore later on for sure. 
“What about your shop?” Law asked them. He watched as their lips curled into a small smirk and Law nearly felt his heart stop again. 
“I’ll bring it with me, I’ll travel and help other’s find their soulmates with my tattoos. Those who already needed my services here had me, I’m not needed here anymore,” they shared to the captain. There was suddenly silence as the two of them stared into each other’s eyes. 
“Then come with me,” Being this impulsive wasn’t usually Law’s forte, but with an opportunity like this, he knew he had to live it to the best of his ability. He was surprised to see how they grabbed his hand without any hesitation and smiled. 
“Let me lock up my shop,” They said before their adventure with Law began. All Law could recall was holding their hand, running through the dark streets and stopping here and there to fiercely kiss them in dark alleys on their way to the submarine. He remembered taking them to the submarine, dragging them to his room and the sound of clothes hitting the ground. Lips, hands, warm skin touching one another and soft sounds throughout the rest of the night. When Law woke up in the morning, his head felt empty, he was relaxed for once, he didn’t have another nightmare. That surprised him, were they the answer to his nightmares? The room seemed lighter, he was amazed with himself by how he just followed his heart like that. When he looked over to his side, he saw them sleeping next to him and he found himself softly smiling. He leaned in and kissed their shoulder and watched them stir in their sleep. This wasn’t what he had planned at all for his trip here, but he was pleasantly surprised with himself, affection always sprung up from the most unexpected places, didn’t it? Even if his tattoos didn’t age well and wrinkled into his skin when he was older, he knew that they both would age well by growing with one another, and that was enough for Law.
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marvel-ousnesss · a year ago
Hand in Hand
Pairing: Harry Styles x reader
Summary: Y/N and Harry the night of the Brits.
word count: 2806
Tumblr media
A/N: I wrote most of this on my phone so sorry for any typos or mistakes. Lots of love 💜💜💜
“Y/N, Y/N!”
You approached the source of the storm of voices with a wide grin on your face. You still couldn't hide the thrill that your fans brought you, nor you could stop yourself from just hanging with them for a bit. You ambled through the red carpet exchanging smiles and posing for selfies until you reached the end of the path.
When you stepped inside, you greeted a few other people who had arrived at the event and went to freshen up a bit so you could pose for some photos.
You looked at yourself in the mirror and grinned widely. You felt like the girl singing covers in her room, yet here you were, attending your first-ever music awards as a nominee —with one of the best albums of the year under your arm.
As you made your way back from the restroom, you felt a presence behind you. Before you could turn around, they spoke.
"Well hey, fancy seeing you here.” Harry's voice was raspy, tinted with mischief.
You stopped, turned toward him with an amused half-smile.
"Right back at you,” you joked back. “Do you come here often?"
He exhaled a fruity laugh and smiled at you, finally allowing his gaze to drift down onto your figure and then back to up to meet your own. "You look… wow."
He made you blush with almost no effort but you were quick to cover it up, doing your best to get rid of the tension that seemed to constantly glide around the two of you.
"Well, don't you look 'wow' yourself", you smirked.
It had been going on for a few months now; flirting here and there, hanging out at parties, and even a few dates which you had tried to keep out of the spotlight. Nevertheless, headlines hadn't stopped gushing on about 'the newest, freshest face of the industry' and the 'beloved, eclectic Harry Styles.'
Looping your arm around his you subtly prompted him to continue walking toward the awaiting cameras, where you were headed before bumping into him. He obliged, smoothly guiding you through the crowd of crew members, press, and artists.
After a moment of hesitation, his hand traveled to the small of your back. When you felt his tender fingers against the silk of your gown, you lifted your head to look at him.
"So, what’s the game-plan for tonight?”
“Y’know how ‘t goes,” he explained. “Step one: performance, step two: get hold of all the tiny statues, step three: world domination.”
You laughed, but insisted, “really, how’re you doing; ready?”
Even if he seemed to be perfectly collected, you knew that tonight’s show had his head spinning. This was gonna be his first live performance of the year, and, to be honest, you thought it was admirable that he decided to go through with it after what had happened that weekend.
“‘m just a mess of nerves and excitement right now. Tonight needs to be brilliant.”
He didn’t wanna talk about Caroline’s death and you were ok with it, so you didn’t push on the topic.
“I’m sure it’ll be. The whole album’s just amazing; and, you know, the guy who sings it isn’t that bad either.”
He chuckled lightly, then sighed, “just hope I make it justice.”
You smiled, “you will.”
That’s when you found yourselves between the gray wall upholstered with logos and brand names and the army of photographers equipped with cameras of all sizes.
You both faced them and quickly displayed your best angles.
Offering a smirk as he fixed the collar of his blazer, Harry asked, “what ‘bout you, eyes on the prize, I assume?”
You turned around with grace, so that the back of your outfit was visible, then faced the cameras over your shoulder.
“Well, yeah,” you sighed dramatically. “But, to be frank, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep them there with you looking so dashingly handsome.”
His eyes widened for a second and he let out a ringing laugh, his cheeks reddening slightly. It was truly a beautiful sight. However, no longer than a moment later, he concealed the gentle blush with a snort and a devious grin, which he directed at the cameras.
“I know ’m irresistible, love,” he smirked. “And I hate to tell you this, but I‘m ‘a be professional tonight, no funny business.” His tone was dripping with feigned seriousness.
"Your loss," you flipped your hair.
You guided Y/F/N to the table where your team had been placed. Being honest, she was thrilled to be there with you, but also quite surprised that you had honored the promise you both made back in middle school. When you had first told her about your YouTube channel —after a fair amount of bugging on her part—, she had shown complete support and joked about being your date to the met gala. But, as the met was still clearly out of your league and you had missed the Grammys because of your mom’s birthday, here you were.
She already knew your manager so you introduced her to the rest of them before taking a seat, ready to enjoy the rest of the evening.
The first few minutes were full of laughter and conversation. When the event officially began, you watched the presentations with a gaping mouth and cheered hastily when every award was presented.
Before you knew, it was already time for Harry’s performance. You bit the inside of your lip when he climbed upstage, effortlessly rocking a lace jumpsuit that gave a deific, but simple air to him.
“Can’t believe you turned that down to bring me,” your friend whispered to you.
“Seriously?, my first ever-awards were something I needed to share with you, dork.”
“Awww, friend.”
“Aww”, you mocked, then hit her shoulder lightly. “Shush, let me listen.”
Everything happening on stage was truly breathtaking. You mouthed the lyrics as your gaze followed his every move. His eyes were full of stars and his voice was so flooded with emotion that it made chills run down your spine.
“I’ll rip his throat out with my teeth if he ever fucks up.”
Those words somewhat pulled you out of your daze-like state. Part of you wanted to ask her what she meant, but it was no use. For her, you were an open book, so you didn’t even try to hide how bad you had fallen.
Only with a glance your way, Y/F/N managed to catch the way in which your eyes twinkled when you looked at him and the way you blushed ever so slightly when she brought him up.
You tried to conceal the impact of her words with a sip of your drink, to which she responded with a smug wink.
The following half an hour or so went by uneventful. You nearly fainted when Lizzo performed, and it didn’t get better when you discovered she was but a few tables away from you, next to where Harry had been placed. A couple of categories where presented and the moment you dreaded the most arrived.
Celeste was flawless on stage, and you couldn’t be happier for her. Yet, as you listened to her song, your brows were glued in a frown and the corners of your mouth seemed to weigh a ton. It was time for the rising star award, and then came international female solo —to which you had been nominated.
You turned your head to the side when you heard the scratching of a chair against the floor, and offered a quivering smile to Harry, who had not so discreetly sneaked to your table.
“Hey,” he mumbled, taking hold of one of your hands under the table.
Celeste’s speech, which ended before you would’ve wanted, was followed by Sporty’s introduction to your category. You tried to stay positive as the nominees were announced.
Y/F/N managed to dodge Harry and get her hand on your shoulder. She gave him an awkward attempt of a smile, then looked at you. “You got this.”
You nodded at her words but, not so deep down, you knew this wasn’t gonna be your year.
“I’m so excited, they’re all so brilliant,” Sporty began.
Harry’s grip tightened on your hand while she opened the envelope, and you barely heard him mumble, “come on.”
That’s when the winner was announced. Billie’s name echoed through the speakers across the place and your face fell for a few seconds.
You were quick to recover and clapped just as eagerly as you had for the rest of the winners, but the smile plastered on your face quivered a bit as you swallowed a wave of disappointment.
That changed when she got to the stage, that’s when utter pride kicked in. While Billie said a few words in acceptance of the award, Jack Whitehall made his way to the table and squeezed a chair between you and Harry. You let out a snicker as he clumsily tried to sit comfortably, then you moved a bit back.
He was given his cue by the camera guy and began.
“Congratulations, to Billie Eilish! Now, I’m just so excited to be here with this power couple who, for some reason, are not officially a couple yet.”
"Glad to have you."
His eyes drifted between the two of you, then settled on Harry. “Harold, you’ve been coming to the brits for 10 years. Not to make you feel old.” Then he looked at you. “Y/N, on the other hand, this is your very first time here.”
"Yup," you chuckled. "Total newbie."
“Sorry for the stock question, but how’s it feeling so far? Kidding, we don’t wanna talk about that, do we? I bet you’ve already got at least five rehearsed versions of the answer to that question.”
You snorted.
“Let’s get to the point here.“ Jack leaned closer to the table, to which you responded by mimicking his posture. “Ever since the ‘Up All Night’ era, when Harold here was just a lad with his little bow tie and a mop on his hair, he’s been a ladies man.
Harry scoffed and waved his hand dismissively.
"And, as such, he can only be paired to someone like you,“ he pointed his finger at you in mock accusation, “my dear Y/N, who has been leaving a fair share of lads and ladies’ hearts broken —including my own— ever since your very flare-up on that strange platform which somehow houses both Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ and your phenomenal album ‘Tears of Blade’. However, putting my broken heart aside, I wanna Know… you didn’t come as each other’s date, why’s that?"
Harry took a sip of his drink, "I tried, but she turned me down."
Jack faked shock. "Should I get my hopes up then?"
"Oh no, none of that."You shook your head. "I just brought a friend tonight."
His mouth opened in realization, then he smirked, wiggling his brows. "Not to intrude, but… a special friend of yours or a friend friend."
You threw your head back, laughing, then said, "Jack, this is Y/F/N. Y/F/N, Jack."
"Hi." She stretched out her hand, which the host gladly took.
“I like the way your hand fits in mine,” he gushed.
You struggled to stay awake in the car to your place, your eyelids didn’t seem to be obeying you anymore and your head was feeling too heavy for you to lift. Harry chuckled when he looked at you, bringing you closer to him so you could use him as a pillow. For the rest of the ride, he quietly hummed to the music playing and did what he could to ignore the feeling of numbness that was beginning to invade his arm.
You woke up when the car stopped and raised your head, scanning your surroundings. When your gaze met Harry’s, you smiled. He grabbed your purse and helped you out of the car, then you both took the lift to your apartment.
"Make yourself at home," you said, taking off your coat and shoes.
"Thanks, love." He hanged his blazer on the rack by the door, together with his vest and the purple pashmina that adorned his neck.
After changing into some sweatpants and a t-shirt, you made your way to the living room and found Harry, neck deep into your fridge. That's when you recalled you hadn't done any grocery shopping.
"Tell me if you find something, my fridge's just sad to even look at," you jested, standing behind him.
"S'not that bad. I mean, carrots, beer, tortillas, we could do wonders out of this," he scoffed, still looking for something worth looting.
After no avail, he closed the door.
"Or… we could order pizza."
He chortled, "Y/N/N, we ate like an hour ago."
"Is that a yes or a no?"
He sighed, letting himself fall to the couch in fake exasperation. "Woman, you’re a bad influence." Now, that was a yes.
You giggled when he ended up sitting on the floor, then taunted, "worried your Gucci suits won’t fit you anymore?"
"Ha-ha very funny." Harry settled on the floor, grabbing one of the decorative pillows.
"C’ mere," he patted the spot beside him.
"The couch’s right there."
"So?" you mocked, "you come here." You clumsily sat on the couch, but he grabbed your ankle and pulled you to the floor. You let out a squeal but, taking advantage of the boost he had given you, managed to place yourself on top of him, caging his body between yours and the couch.
You were about to gloat, but he placed a hand on your waist and used the weight of his body to push you back, turning the cards.
"You got me where you want me, what are you gonna do?" When you spoke, your voice came out quieter than intended.
Harry's hand found the hem of your shirt and he began tugging it faintly, brushing your skin ever so slightly. He looked at your lips for a moment, then your eyes.
"'Ve got a few ideas-" his words were drowned by the doorbell ringing.
"Fuck," he groaned, head burying in the crook of your neck. Your fingers curled around his silky locks, then you mumbled, "I have to get up, you know."
He grumbled something else, but you pushed him off you.
You received the pizza and locked the door, proceeding to put the cardboard box on the marble counter. As you cut the tape with a small knife, Harry joined you in the kitchen. Stepping behind you, he placed his hands on your sides and a kiss on the line where your neck met your shoulder.
"Patience is a virtue, Harold," you teased.
"Don't care."He rested his head on your shoulder but his hands carried on with the feathery strokes.
Just then, you opened the box and swiftly turned around, giving him a quick peck before stepping out of his grasp.
"Help yourself," you instructed while grabbing two beers from the fridge.
After giving him one, you took hold of a slice and walked toward your previous spot on the living room floor. "Don’t know bout you, but I’m starving."
Harry followed with the box in hand, after settling once again, he placed the box between the two of you and grabbed the remote control.
You shook your head and scoffed, "all that wailing and you're just as hungry as I am."
"Not my fault that the bloody doorbell killed the mood." He took another bite.
Three beers per head later, as the credits of Dirty Dancing rolled up the screen, the pizza had been discarded long ago. You hummed to the credits song as your head rested on his lap, enjoying the feeling of his hands playing with your hair.
"Thanks for tonight," he mused.
"What d'you mean?" You adjusted yourself so that you were looking up at him.
"Just, you know, "he hesitated, finding the words. "You made sure it was a great night."
Your mouth opened in realization before you smiled, lifting one of your hands to his cheek. “That's what 'm here for." Then you sat up, and joked, "besides, 's only fair to admit that, for a business night, it was fun."
"You break my heart, love" he sighed, "all your business partners get after parties like tonight’s?"
"Nah," you avowed, "just the cute ones."
"I'm relieved, then." He pulled you to him by the waist.
You beamed, throwing your head back, "you're unbelievable."
When you straightened up, after your laugh died down, his gaze found your lips once more and he leaned in. "Can I kiss you?"
Your hands moved up to the back of his neck and, without a word, you pressed your lips to his.
Requests open!
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redheadgleek · 10 months ago
It’s the holiday season, so flight attendant Blaine returns a package that a little girl accidentally left on a flight. Naturally, this leads to her spending Christmas at the girl’s house and falling in love with her dad Kurt.
“Happy Holidays!” Blaine says, smiling at the passengers, filing out of the plane. “Bye now. Thank you for flying with us! Happy holidays!” 
He always enjoys flying on Christmas Eve, when everybody is so excited to be going on vacation or going home for the holidays and are usually in a good mood. The flights are filled with kids and they always ask him the most amazing questions about his job. “Do you get to go out on the wing?” One child asked him tonight and was very disappointed when he told him no. The kids had all been especially adorable and well behaved on the flight tonight. One girl, not older than five, had told him all about her first trip flying and how she wasn’t scared because her friend Drizzle the giraffe was with her. When he went through the demonstration about plane safety, he stopped to confirm that her father knew to get his own oxygen first and she made Blaine help her buckle up the giraffe in the middle seat. Her father, a stunning man near his age, wearing an artistic scarf that brought out the blue in his eyes even in the dim overhead lights, looked on with an amused smile and winked broadly at Blaine, causing him to blush madly. When he paused with the drink service at their aisle, Blaine handed him a whole can of coke, just to see that smile again. Flirting with handsome men is definitely a perk of the job. 
It’s the last flight for the night and his passengers are starting to look more weary as they wrangle packages and suitcases and children out of the narrow aisles. “Whoa! Let me help you out there!” He says to the handsome man, carrying the now sleeping little girl in one arm while trying to retrieve a suitcase from the overhead compartment. He reaches up and pulls down the stuffed suitcase and a smaller monkey-shaped backpack and carries them to the front of the plane. “You think you can get it from here?”
“Thanks!” The man smiles with gratitude as he shifts his child around to grasp the suitcase more securely. “Happy Holidays.”
“You too!” He watches them make their way down the plank and then grabs the wheelchair waiting outside of the plane. “Ms. Eliza? Your carriage is here! Let’s get you tucked in.” 
He waves the last of the passengers off the plane and then securely locks the bathroom door and tidies the service area. 
“I am looking forward to a long bath, a massage, and a haircut.” Sugar announces as she straightens the magazines in the seat back pocket, blatantly avoiding the left behind trash.  “Daddy tried to get a masseuse to come to my apartment tonight, but service in this city is just not what it used to be. So I have one booked for first thing in the morning, after my private yoga session with Cassandra.”
“You booked a yoga session and a massage on Christmas?” Blaine questions from across the aisle. 
“Of course. Everything is closed that day, so they have nothing else to do.” 
Blaine exchanges rolled eyes with the other flight attendant, Marley, as she follows behind Sugar and gathers the trash. No one has been able to figure out why the young socialite took a job as an attendant, as she subjects the rest of the crew to stories of her father’s wealth. But, she’ll loudly defend her coworkers where they’re subjected to any sexist behavior, reaming the men out until they meekly find their seat and add a “please” and “thank you” to any requests for the rest of the flight and Blaine knows that she gets great glee out of making them behave.  Except for her tendency to avoid getting her hands dirty, she is a funny and reliable crewmate and Blaine always enjoys their cross country trips together. 
“Jake is coming to my mom’s home tomorrow for breakfast.” Marley confesses. 
“You’re at the ‘meet the parents’ stage already?” Sugar whistles. “Do you think he’ll propose?”
“No! That is, I don’t think so. It’s only been four months, isn’t that too soon?” Marley eyes widen.
“Much too soon,” Blaine reassures Marley. Marley has always been more reserved with her feelings and hesitant to trust in relationships and so far, Jake has been willing to take things at Marley’s pace. The two of them often shared the same flights and Blaine had shared many a midnight layover hotel room with Marley, spilling their feelings into the late night. 
“What about you, Blaine? How are you spending your Christmas?” Sugar asks. 
“It’s a quiet one this year, just me at home.” He answers, picking up a discarded blanket.
“You’re not seeing your family?” Marley asks.
“No. My parents are on a two week cruise to Greece and I couldn’t get that much time off. And Cooper is on one of those “spiritual” rejuvenation retreats in Palm Springs.” 
“You could come with me and Jake. My mom always makes plenty.” Marley volunteers, worry in her eyes.
“Nah, really, I’m good. I ordered food from the little Italian restaurant down the block and I’m going to watch all of the Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. It’s going to be a lovely day.”
“If you’re sure.” Marley acquiesces hesitantly.
“I’m sure.” Blaine smiles. Sugar moves on to other topics and Marley drops the subject. As the much younger child of very busy parents, he was used to spending the holidays alone and while he was grateful for Marley’s offer, the awkwardness of sharing Christmas with strangers isn’t appealing either.  
They’re nearing the tail of the plane, scooping up the last of the cans and cups from the drink service, along with two cell phones and one credit card that had been left in the seat pocket. “Oh no!” Blaine says, spotting the large stuffed giraffe lovingly buckled and forgotten in one of the middle seats. “One of the kids left one of their toys.”
“Aww, that’s so cute. Somebody is going to be missing their friend tonight.” 
“Want me to run it up to the service department?” Sugar says. “I’m all done here.”
“Nah,” Blaine says, thinking about the little girl and her excitement about the giraffe. “I’ve got to submit the safety check report. I can turn in the stuffed animal and the phones with it.” 
“Suit yourself. Laters, hoes!” Sugar calls as she departs the plane. 
Blaine waits while Marley latches the last of the cabinets and follows her up to the front, where they retrieve their coats and scarves from the small closet in first class, listening while she talks about trying to do a non Christian focused celebration on Christmas. “He’s Jewish and while he says he doesn’t mind celebrating Christmas, I want him to feel part of the celebration, you know? It’s okay to serve latkes if it’s not Hanukkah, right? My mom is making homemade applesauce tonight. She’s as nervous as I am, I think.”
“It’s going to be fine. He’s going to love that you’re making the gesture to make him comfortable with your family.”
“I hope so. I think… I think I might tell him that I love him.” She confesses as she pushes through the security gates. 
“That’s great! Marley, I’m so happy for you.” 
“I’m happy for me too.” She blushes. “I wish, that is, are you happy, Blaine?” 
“Me?” He blinks, “what? I’m fine.” 
“Are you though? It’s not just Christmas, Blaine. It’s been a long time since you’ve even mentioned dating or anything.”
“I’ve been busy.” He brushes off her concerns with a reassuring smile. 
“You’ve been volunteering for extra shifts! I had to convince you not to take the Christmas shifts because you’ve worked the last 3 Christmases.”
“I… other people need that time off more.” 
“It’s okay to take time for you too.” She squeezes his arm. “Come home with me tomorrow. I’d love for you to meet Jake.” 
He stops them in front of the terminal doors, clutching the giraffe closer. “That’s kind of you, Mar, but-”
“Just think about it, okay? I’ll call you tomorrow.” She hugs him tightly and kisses his cheek, waving as she heads off to the parking garage. 
Blaine winds his way upstairs to the Alaska airline offices, where he munches on some Christmas cookies, before making his way to Sue’s office to drop off the paperwork. She’s harassing one of the desk agents and it looks like it’ll take away, so he loses himself in his thoughts, thinking about what Marley had said. Yes, he’s been working more recently, but he wouldn’t call himself lonely. He’s good friends with many of the pilots and flight attendants and will usually get a drink with the group on their layover nights. And while he’ll admit a little envy of those happily partnered, he’s also become quite comfortable and accepting of his single life. His relationship with his college boyfriend had fizzled into nothing and he was more lonely then those first few months after graduation when he realized that they had nothing in common than he is now surrounded by his chosen family. He’s gotten good at suppressing his fantasies of love at first sight, where you just know in an instant that you’re going to be together with that special person forever. That hasn’t happened yet and likely won’t ever happen, the realist in him acknowledges. 
“Did the amount of gel you use leech into your skull and eat your brain? Or do you just waste my time for fun?” Sue Sylvester, the intimidating desk agent barks and Blaine snaps back to attention. 
“Sorry, Sue. Here’s the flight status report.” Blaine hurries over to her desk. 
“You sure you filled this out correctly? I will relish calling you back at 3 this morning to fix it if it isn’t. I don’t care that it is Christmas.” She sneers, as she pulls the papers over to her. 
“Doubled checked, like always,” Blaine assures her with a charming smile. He’s determined to win her over and he swears he sees a small smile before she grimaces again.
“Hrrphm.” She tosses the papers on a pile.
“There were a couple of phones left on the flight as well. Oh and one of the kids left this little guy behind.” He waves the giraffe’s leg at her. 
“That would explain the panicked phone calls and the hysterical crying. Well throw it on the pile there. That gross … thing ... will need to be incinerated.”
He stares at her. “We aren’t going to try to return it?”
“Do I look like a delivery boy to you?”
“No, but-” 
“No buts, shaven, gay, Tom Selleck. I don’t have time nor interest to find somebody to return items to dumb children who leave their precious germ-ridden slobbery death traps on planes.”
“I can take it to them.” Blaine offers. 
“Now why would you want to do that?” She stares at him. 
“It’s Christmas.” He shrugs. “I bet they’re missing it, if they called about it. Did you get an address?”
“Becky may have written something down. I’m not paying you extra.”
“I wouldn’t expect you to. Thanks, Sue.” 
The address Becky had provided was on the opposite side of the city from where he lived and it had started to snow, making him question his generosity. He carefully maneuvered his little car over the slickened roads as the snow blustered across the  and down a long, dark driveway before pulling up in front of a cozy white house, lined with blue and white Christmas lights. He double checks the address before buttoning his coat and tucking the little giraffe under his arm to protect it from the flurrying snow. 
Lights are glowing from the front window, but nobody responds at first to his knock. He knocks again and is about to leave, contemplating leaving the stuffed animal on the porch, when the door flies open, the light silhouetting a tall man. Kurt was his name, Becky had told him. 
“Hi, I’m Blaine from Alaska Airlines.” He starts.
“Oh my god, did you find Drizzle? The woman on the phone made it sound like it was a lost cause.”
“This is Drizzle, yes?” He holds out the giraffe. 
“Yes! Oh, gosh, thank you so much. Audrey was so heartbroken. I don’t think she would have slept tonight without him.”
Blaine smiles widely. “It’s my pleasure.” The porch light more fully illuminates the man’s attractive features and confirms that the man indeed was the handsome man he had flirted with briefly. Working with a constant stream of passengers that he greets daily means that he’s always has a sense of déjà vu when passing people in public, but this man is .... memorable and familiar and comfortable - Blaine has a deep sense that this is not their first meeting, even though that’s impossible. 
Kurt straightens, his face haloed by the porch lights. “Wait, weren’t you our flight attendant? You were, right? You helped me with our luggage.”
“Yeah, that was me. I found Drizzle when I was cleaning up the plane.”
“And you brought him all the way out here? In this blizzard?”
Blane rubs his neck and blushes. “Yeah.”
“Well, thank you again. Audrey! Audrey!” He calls through the open door. “Come see what  Mr -” He pauses, looking at Blaine expectedly.
“-Mr. Blaine has brought.” 
He hears the clattering of feet. “What, Unca Kurt, what, is it Santa?”
Uncle. Interesting, Blaine thought. “No, not Santa. But remember that nice attendant? He found you something.”
She claps her hands and reaches out for the toy. “Drizzle! You found him!”
“You gotta be careful with your toys, honey.” The man ruffles her hair fondly. “What do you say to the nice man?”
“Thanks, Mr. Blaine.” She hugs Blaine quickly, surprising him, and runs off clutching the giraffe tightly. 
“Really, thank you.” The man says again. “I can’t tell you how much this means to me and to Audrey. It was already going to be a hard Christmas. Her mom is in the hospital because of a high risk pregnancy and I promised I’d care for her for a couple of weeks, but you know how it is when you’re young. It doesn’t matter the reasons why; she just thinks her mom is abandoning her. So losing the toy was just the cap to a really trying day.”
“It’s not a problem.” Blaine reassures him, yearning to reach out a hand in comfort.
“Kurt, I mean, my name is Kurt. Would you come in and I could get you a drink?” The man asks him, gesturing to the open door.
Blaine shakes his head a little ruefully, not really wanting to leave. “No, I, I gotta go, the snow and all. But, uh, Merry Christmas, and … yeah.”
Blaine doesn’t think he’s imagining the slight forlorn frown that crosses Kurt’s face. “Oh. Yeah, you’re probably right.” He bites his lip. “Merry Christmas to you too, Blaine.” 
The snow is coming down hard now, thick flakes sticking to his hair and eyelashes, and already there’s a couple of inches accumulated on the street. He opens the door, turns on his car, and his wheels spin and squeal in the snow.
He tries again, pushing firmer on the gas pedal. The car rocks forward a couple of inches and slides promptly into the ditch. 
He’s stuck.
Blaine knocks meekly on the door again and this time it’s only a few seconds before the door opens. “I. My car is stuck, I think.”
Kurt’s smile is breathtaking. “That’s a pity. Would you like to come in and wait out the storm?”
Something inside of Blaine feels like he’s come home. “I’d like that.” He answers and steps through the door.
(Click for part 2)
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mooifyourecows · 7 months ago
ooo could you tell us more about that au? (if you want of course!)
The idol!Daichi and Youtuber!Suga one?
Sure! PREPARE FOR LONG POST. Also, I watch a lot of Youtube and and listen to a lot of music so I am gonna link videos but they’re not required viewing or whatever. Just there just in case ya wanna check out my inspo for a lot of the characters 💪
Uhhhmmm so I started writing this story way back when I started writing Misery’s Company. Like, I would take turns writing them, back and forth. Until I reached a certain part in the idol/youtuber one that I kept putting off to the point that i just stopped writing it lmao (i had to write lyrics and i didn’t have the energy to do it woopsie) So it’s been stuck at 33k words for like, what, a couple years now? lmao but I do plan to go back to it someday! 🙏
Okay so let’s start with the characters:
Daichi is an idol from a seven member group over in Japan named “Imber”, and i dunno nothin about idol culture in japan so it’s based entirely off of what i know about k-pop idol culture lmao SUE ME. Daichi is the leader of the group, a vocalist (and occasional rapper) with them deep, sultry tones 😏 his whole persona is to be the charming, respectful, loving leader type who takes care of all the other members (with an iron fist when the situation calls for it). I had a hard time finding a specific singer that fit how I wanted him to sound, so I kinda have a few different conflicting ideas lmao. Basically I like to think of him as having a voice that’s a bit of a mashup of Oh Hyuk from the band Hyukoh (raspy and indie-ish), DNYDK (low and airy), and V from BTS (deep and smooth but able to hit high notes). As for his rapping, I’m thinkin Flowsik vibes 👌 Here’s some examples of their music in case you want to go listen to any of them 🥰:
Comes and Goes by Hyukoh
hawaii in seoul by DNYDK 
Singularity by V
Wet by Flowsik (feat Jessi)
I wanted the rest of the group to be an interesting combination of characters so they are: Atsumu, Kuroo, Hinata, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Oikawa.
Oikawa: the face of the group, vocalist, handsome/charming princely type. I think of his singing style to be like WooSung from The Rose:
Face by WooSung
Atsumu: rapper, lead dancer, the wild boy of the group. He puts on the persona of fuckboi. In my mind, he raps like Olltii or Gwangil Jo, real fast and what not:
to all the uneducated kid’s too by Olltii 
Feedback by Gwangil Jo
Hinata: rapper, the cute/energetic one of the group. I had trouble finding a perfect fit for how I imagine he would rap, but the closest i could think of is J-hope from BTS mixed with nafla:
Ego by J-hope 
115 by nafla
Kuroo: rapper, with a sexy bad boy persona. I grabbed onto the idea of Kuroo as Ravi and I haven’t let it go yet, ngl:
Tuxedo by Ravi
Kageyama: the allrounder who is good at everything. he gives big ol Jungkook from BTS vibes with the whole “genius” aspect:
Begin by Jungkook
Yamaguchi: vocalist whose persona is really shy and sweet and quiet (he doesn’t even have to act for this one tbh). He has a suuuuuper pure and beautiful singing voice but has low self esteem in performing. Inspo for his singing is Gaho:
Stay Here by Gaho
okay so those are the members of Imber. Oh, and Imber means “rain shower” in Latin and their fans are called “raindrops”. because cute
uhhh let’s see... some more characters connected to Imber are:
Iwaizumi: Imber’s main manager
Asahi: clothes
Makki: hair
Noya: choreographer
Tsukki: cameraman
Osamu: the group’s personal chef/dietician
Kita: producer
Ukai: CEO of the company to which Imber is signed
Alrighty let’s move on to the OTHER side of things
Suga is a famous American Youtuber (SugaVita). And when i say famous i mean famous famous. We’re talking Pewdiepie level fame here (but minus the racism and antisemitism). He’s been making videos since he was a teenager. when starting out, it was mainly skit videos but over the years he’s branched out and now does an assortment of skit videos, music videos, reaction videos, collabs with other youtubers, travel vids, commentary, vlogs, etc etc etc. One of the things he does is make comedy music, and i got inspiration for that from youtubers I love such as Danny Gonzales and Tiny Meat Gang. here’s some examples of what i’m talkin bout:
Cuddle Bug by Cody Ko 
My Dad is Rich by Danny Gonzalez 
No Flex by TMG 
Suga is very openly bisexual and he sometimes goes on tour and does stand-up comedy and such. he lives with Tanaka, who has been his best friend since they were in diapers. In fact, Suga even moved in with the Tanakas while still in high school because his parents were bastards who didn’t want him around. so they’re basically brothers tbh. 
The main youtuber that he collaborates with is Mattsun, but he has a long list of people that he constantly drags into his videos (or who drag him into their videos). So here’s the other characters on his side of the world:
Tanaka: music producer, has a youtube channel where he teaches people how to make music and sometimes does little challenges like creating a song in five minutes and such
Kiyoko: musician, does mainly covers with full bands, takes songs and writes them into a different genre/key/decade/etc. Usually brings in well known music artists, celebrities, and other youtubers to sing/dance/play instruments. Tanaka is sort of a partner of the channel because he helps her rewrite a bunch of the more complex songs. Inspired by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Postmodern Jukebox:
Feel Good Inc- PMJ 
Natural- KHS
Mattsun: invention/engineer youtuber, aka dude that makes weird shit, usually shit that he uses to torture his friends. most of which include tazers. Inspired by Michael Reeves and William Osman:
The Roomba that Screams When it Bumps Into Stuff by Michael Reeves 
Training my Roommate to Walk Quietly by William Osman
Kenma: videogame streamer/reviewer. he and Suga often collaborate in a series they call “Pro vs Kou” where Kenma picks a game that he’s amazing at that Suga has never played before and then they play against each other
Bokuto: professional stuntman/stunt driver. He makes videos explaining how stunts are carried out in movies/tv, does stuntman challenges. collabs with Suga by teaching him how to do stunts... makes obstacle courses and they race... Bokuto’s lit him on fire a couple times for funsies... etc
Akaashi: visual effects artist. he does mainly reactions and small, artsy VFX videos. Often collabs with Bokuto to make videos with Bo’s acting and Akaashi’s video effects. Inspired by Corridor Crew, both the visual effects stuff and the stuntman stuff:
Stuntmen React 
Using VFX to become Handsome Squidward
Hmm... i think that’s everyone on that side.
okay so what’s the story ABOUT, right? 
basically, Daichi, Mr. famous Idol, has been a fan of Suga’s since he was still in high school. he stumbled upon his videos back when Suga first started posting and Daichi thought he was hilarious and cute and charming and he kinda sorta helped him realize he was gay, gay, homosexual, gay, so yeeeeahh he has been stanning since day one. A few years down the line he FINALLY got up the courage to send him a message. he just wanted to let him know how much he loved and looked forward to his weekly videos, not expecting anything from it, but to HIS SURPRISE, Suga replied to his message and they just... kept talking. and talking. and talking.
They became fast friends but here’s the catch:
Suga doesn’t know Daichi’s true identity. Imber had already formed and was starting to gain popularity when Daichi first reached out to him but instead of telling him his real name, Daichi used an online moniker “Ren” and pretended to be just a normal dude who was definitely not an up and coming famous idol from a foreign land.
All Suga knows about his real life is that he lives in Japan, he’s around the same age, and his job keeps him pretty busy. Suga has suggested they voice or video chat multiple times but Daichi insists that he’s much too shy to do something like that. Suga doesn’t wanna push him so he lets it slide
Anyway, they’ve been friends for a few years now, messaging each other almost every single day, and Suga has gotten quite the big ass crush on him, despite not knowing what he looks like. He likes how thoughtful his comments about his videos are. They’re able to joke around and tease and its fun. The fact that Daichi shows concern for him every time one of his videos is a bit dangerous is a bonus. (what with the crappy parents who don’t care about him, Suga has a total nurture kink mkay)
So uhhh ya know. daichi goes to watch one of Suga’s newest videos and lo and behold, it’s a reaction video to this famous boy band from Japan that he’s never heard of before but Tanaka loves them or whatever so there, he’s finally looking into them. Daichi obviously shits himself because OH NO Suga is going to PERCEIVE HIM. OH NO OH NO OH NO WHAT IF HE DOESN’T LIKE HIM??? WHAT IF HE STANS... OIKAWA???????
Daichi would DIE.
Suga immediately singles out Daichi in the very first music video and is like “who is this one? I want to bear his children” and Daichi ascends a little.
So yeah, Suga starts stanning Daichi like no other. He really likes the group and their music so he decides to make a whole series of videos reacting to them, going member by member and through all their music and awards and background stuff. He totally plays up the whole “i’m gonna marry Sawamura Daichi” thing for dramatics whilst actually being head over heels for Ren. meanwhile, Daichi is like oh no, i can never tell him now, he’s gonna hate me for keeping this from him oh no his favorite song is a Daichi solo song that he literally wrote about how in love he was with Suga WHY IS GOD SUCH A COMEDIAN
yada yada lots of stuff goes down and then what’s that? that’s right, Imber goes on a World Tour. With multiple stops in America.
Not gonna reveal EVERYTHING, obviously, because I want to actually finish writing this someday but uhh yeah eventually a meeting shall happen, a big reveal, that sorta thing.
Oh and Suga, with his millions of Youtube and tour money, has a hobby called “adopting unwanted animals from the animal shelter”. He specifically tells the shelter workers to call him when they get an animal that they can’t adopt out, which is usually the animals with physical disabilities and such. he’s got like... a deaf husky who doesn’t realize how loud he is, a cocker spaniel missing its back two legs and uses a little wheelchair that Mattsun made for him, a blind Irish wolfhound, a pitbull rescued from a dog fighting ring who has major anxiety, a cat with that wobbly disorder, a hairless cat that’s just ugly af, etc etc etc.
Hmmm yeah so I guess that’s all I have to say about it? lmao the playlist is bad and is just a hodge podge of songs i wanted to remember for inspo and stuff like that. i need to go through it and add songs that actually fit with the story. because looking at it... there’s like... 2. lmaooooo
and those songs are:
Celebrate by The Unlikely Candidates
Fan Behavior by Isaac Dunbar
Okey dokey, I’ll stop now
Thanks for the ask Babe! It was fun thinking about this story again 🖤
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yn-x-animeboy · 6 months ago
Jungkook x y/n (as a famous artist) Pt.3
Tumblr media
sinopsis: You are a popular artist in America, pretty famous, loved and well-known by the general public (actually you were one of the top 10 artists in the world but you are pretty humble and naïve to realize your popularity), one day during one of your fan meets you talk about how much you love BTS, and not only how you wish to meet them and work with them but how Jungkook is one of your celebrity crushes. During the meet you fangirled with other ARMYs in the crowd; video clips of you fangirling and talking about BTS at your meet where posted and reposted all over social media. This obviously broke the internet because you were not only a famous singer but you also were always accepted and loved by ARMY and this made a lot of people happy. Suddenly it felt like everyone wanted you to meet the seven handsome and talented idols and collaborate, but you could only wish, you believed they didn't even know who you were...or so you thought
pairing: reader x Jungkook
genre: fluff, romance, for entertainment purposes
BTS x Fem Reader
Parts: 1 here & 2 here
Part: 3 - The Jimmy Fallon Show
A couple of months have passed since your fan meet episode went viral and since BTS saw the video too. A lot has happened since then tbh, you kept working hard, you just put out your 5th studio album which is doing amazing in the charts, it reached no.1 for album of the year and 3 of your songs stand in the first places amongst other artists on the top 100 songs as well. BTS have also been working on music and projects, not a lot of time for you all. 
Even though it has been a long time since your ‘fan meet’ episode was aired  the media still brings up your episode highlights where you talk about BTS, it is not another really, it doesn't seem to affect you. Neither you or BTS have openly spoken about this to the general public, to them, it seemed like a cute exchange between you and your fans where they got ‘close and personal’. The only difference now is that your fans and ARMYs now have a ship name for you and Jungkook, and they still wish their ship could sail someday….
Thanks to the success your album has had in the short time it was published, you have been invited to multiple talk-shows to promote your new music and to basically catch up with the media. As an artist the whole publicity thing is important for your team and company. Even though it can be hard to ‘do press’ as a celebrity, you enjoy it and always do your best for your supporters. Your fans and everyone who became a fan of your infamous episode would troll around twitter writing things like ‘will BTS be on this show appearing with y/n?’ ‘AYe y/n watch out, they are going to surprise you with BTS’; but you didn't really have time to see them, only your team was aware. Your days working + rehearsing + promoting don't really give you time to scoop around your social media.
Today on your schedule: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Tonight you will be performing and having an interview for the show. You love this show so much, you have been invited before,  and you really feel comfortable on set in the company of Jimmy and his team/staff, they are always super nice and welcoming. You haven’t been there for an interview in a while and you are excited. (Even though it went viral, and it was your fantasy, the whole “I WISH I COULD MEET BTS AT A TONIGHT SHOW” was not really on your mind today, probablly because of how hectic your day was. You woke up super early and took a flight on your jet to New York, then you went to rehearsal to rehearse the song you’ll be performing tonight, went to the hotel and took a shower, went to two important business meetings for your record company, barely had time to eat, then went and had hair and makeup done for an afternoon interview for a radio show and finally some rest before you went to the Jimmy Fallon studio)
The Tonight Show starts at 10:00pm but you have to get there earlier to greet Jimmy and the staff, to quickly rehearse your performance, to go over details about the show, get ready, etc. You arrive on set at around 6:00pm in sweatpants, a baggy Ariana Grande merch T-shirt, sneakers and fresh hair from your second shower today. You walk through the door next to your personal bodyguard Lee and Manager Sam, followed by your stylist Meg behind you, you look around to see if you could recognize any familiar faces, The camera crew were setting up their high budget equipment, staff members cleaning, running around and preparing for tonight's live interview. Jimmy comes out from behind a door with casual clothes and messy hair, nothing like his sleek professional look on TV. Smiling he greets you and your team; he takes a step forward and hugs you tightly “Hi y/n it’s so nice to see you, it has been a while we have missed you, ever since your interview was scheduled for this week the staff has been excited to see you again, including me, you are one of our favorite guests to have over i swear” you look at him sweetly with hands on your chest from his hind words (the reason why they loved you so much was because you were different from other celebrities on the show, you were always super polite and nice to the staff and took time out of your schedule to greet everyone and introduce yourself, even though you were one of the biggest stars in the world you humble personality attracted many). “Omg stop Jimmy you are so sweet, I love your show so much it’s always an honor, thanks again for inviting meI wanna say hi to the staff, can I?” You said; Jimmy has been like a mentor to you when it comes to interviews and press, he was one of the first people to believe in you and interview you when you debuted. “Yes of course you go ahead, I’ll talk with your manager while you do so to catch up.” (They were good friends too)
While Jimmy and Sam catch up, and your stylist and bodyguard follow an assistant to put your stuff in the dressing room; you walk around introducing yourself to the staff; you visit the camera crew, the audio booth, the lighting crew, the producers, the PD, the meeting room, even the cafeteria. This helped you also to loosen up and feel more comfortable and confident for the show. After the greeting you quickly rehearsed with your talented backup dancers for the performance to get used to the ‘stage’ and the spacing.
One of the sweet staff members you just met offered to show you to your dressing room where Lee, Sam and Meg were waiting for you. You entered the spacious dressing room and sat at a small couch next to Lee (he was your bodyguard but sometimes even acted like a father/guardian to you, you were thankful you had a close connection with your team) You treated them all, including your dancers, to a mini banquet of food from the cafeteria and chatted about nothing before you had to start getting ready. Sam started getting constant phone calls, as your manager he was constantly busy on the phone, he ignored a couple of them but the caller seemed insistant, Sam saw the caller ID and shot up and ran outside to answer. “Ey no phones on the table mister” you teased as he was halfway out the door, he flipped you off and you back at him and proceeded to finish your snack; “Who would be so insistent, the company handles the calls when Sam has something to to with y/n… this interview has been scheduled for a month now…” Meg, your stylist commented, but you just just shrugged her shoulders as you swallowed the last bite of your sandwich, not really thinking too much about it. You stood up to brush your teeth after finishing eating. (what you failed to notice was Lee making a face to Meg basically telling her to ‘shut up’.... they knew something you didn’t but you didn’t see said interaction at all)
After 20-30 mins Sam came back as if nothing happened, you were now sitting in front of the large vanity mirror and Meg staring at your hair behind you. “Is everything okay Sammy?” You asked, thinking the call could be from a family member or an emergency, judging on the time it took. “No, yes- um it was just a catch up call, apparently the company did not answer their call in my place so they called me directly ignoring the fact that I was here with you.” he spoke. “Ah yeah, well that's good, well we finished our food and cleaned up so the girls (referring to the 2 backup dancers) and I could start getting ready but I left you and Lee some cookies and coffee on the table” you said pointing to the small coffee table in front of the couch that was previously filled with food, Lee, a 6’5 tall man sitting in a tiny couch with a cookie on his right hand and coffee on his left making space for Sam to sit next to him. cute. 
You finish getting ready, hair done simple and comfortable for your interview and later performance, light natural makeup letting your natural beauty show off and fancy yet comfortable outfit that allows you to sit and dance comfortably. You felt really pretty and powerful. It was 9:30, only 30 mins before The Tonight Show started. before The live audience was allowed inside the studio you went over your dance quickly to make sure your outfit was safe to dance in, to make sure the music was the right one and to let the camera crew plan out their shots for the dance and interview segments. Once again you bought your head towards the staff and wished them good luck and a good show, you introduced yourself to the live band that accomplies Jimmy for the show as well and went backstage again for the final touch ups and waited for your turn to come out.
“.... and now here is your host...Jimmy Fallon'' he was introduced as the audience clapped for him and he walked across the set to his desk. “Hi, everyone, and welcome to THE TONIGHT SHOW!!!” The crowd cheered again for Jimmy. “Normally we have multiple guests on this show and from 10:00 pm to 12:00am we talk to multiple guests but today is a little different, today we have a very very special guest who will be with us. the. full. show!!!” The audience was comforted by a lot of your fans since it was announced you would be the guest tonight they prepared, and as soon as they heard this immediately stood up and cheered knowing it was you he was talking about. “She is one of my favorite artists, she is the sweetest, most talented artist today. Everyone welcome…. y/n'' The crowd went crazy as you came out from behind the curtain. Seeing everyone you bowed down to the audience and waved your hands, then you took Jimmy's hand to help you up the steps to the couch next to his talk show desk and sat down again bowing your head and mouthing ‘thank you’ to the still cheering audience.
“Wow the people love you y/n'' Jimmy said. “Hahaha no, stop, Thank you all, I love you so much I don't deserve you all.” you said blushing a little from the overwhelming support. The interview started normally, Jimmy introduced you properly to the camera and audience, you spoke about yourself and answered the general questions (‘What have you been doing these days?’ ‘Tell us about your album’.... blah blah)
After a couple of questions you did a fun activity with Jimmy where you created a funny sketch similar to the ones on SNL, you followed the lines on the promter and it came out to be a really funny and light activity to interlude the show. Then after a small break you went back to your seats and continued the Q&A.
“It's crazy, y/n’s latest album is the number one album in the country and she also holds the first, second and third spots for the billboard top 100 hits. You even broke a record for this, to being the youngest and first woman to ever achieve this.” Jimmy said as you smiled and looked at the cheering crowd. “Its crazy, I never thought one day I could even hold a place in the top 100, and now I actually hold 3 places plus another 1st place for album of the country, Thank you all so much for supporting me, this would've happened if it wasn't for all of the people who supported my music, Thank you for giving my music a chance.”
“So actually the next billboard award show is tomorrow, and y/n, we heard you are going to be performing.. is that so?” Jimmy smoothly transitioned form question to question, topic from topic. “Yeah I was blessed to not only be nominated for an award but to also be invited to perform for the ceremony, I am so excited, It is an honor, it not my first time performing at the billboard’s but I have so much fun every time, hopefully the audience will like my performance and the other guest performers of the night, I can’t wait.
“What are you performing tomorrow y/n?”, “Shhh it’s a surprise Jimmy, I can give you a little spoiler, I am performing one of my new album’s songs, it is one of my favorite songs on it” You smoothly avoided actually answering what song you would be performing tomorrow. “Mhm okay how about you tell me in secret during the commercial break I have to know…” Jimmy insisted “Sure Jimmy I’ll tell you”. “Okay so guys let's go to a short commercial break, but don’t leave cause when we are back y/n will be performing live, don't you miss it!” Jimmy said and waved with you as the producer called for the commercial break. 
After the commercial break you got to perform one of your hit songs next to your back up dancers, you let yourself go to the music and enjoyed the performance; you really got lost in the music and dancing every time you had an audience, you loved this so much. After your performance you received a standing ovation form the people present on set, Jimmy went over from his seat to you, he congratulated and complimented you. He then guided you to your seat and gave you some water; he made some ads/sponsorship bits while you grabbed some air and while Meg retouched your hair and makeup while the cameras weren’t on you.
Jimmy then came back after another small break to proceed with the interview: “So y/n I actually wanted to talk to you about something really big” you made a face at Jimmy’s word choices (you had somewhat of a dirty mind) “Hahahaha, Don't make that face y/n, it's not what you think… God.. what a dirty mind you have; I meant I wanted to talk to you about something that recently happened and I’m sure everyone wants to have an update on'' Jimmy made himself clear. “Hahahaha oh, okay sure, tell me” 
“A couple of months ago you went viral on social media after you talked about BTS on one of your episodes, and your fans and ARMYs went crazy, not gonna lie even I got excited” As soon as you heard Jimmy say “BTS'' your face dropped making the audience giggle at your reaction, you started to get anxious. “Hah-, um yeah that happened, I didn't expect for it to become such a big thing tbh Jimmy” you said.
“So in the episode you got asked by one of your fans something about how you would want to meet them or something and you mentioned how you would like to meet then on a talk show… like this one” Jimmy said with a smug expression taking over his face. You quickly spoke before he could say something else “Omg Jimmy stop, I swear if I look behind this couch and BTS is hiding behind it I will have a heart attack, please don't play with me, I’m not ready, stop that''
 The crowd and Jimmy laughed at your cute panic. “Don’t worry y/n, no, I swear they are not there” Jimmy treasured. “IDK MAN, I’m gonna look behind the couch….” you dared; “Go ahead y/n” Jimmy fired back; this made you more nervous, you made a ‘I’m tough’ face at Jimmy and moved your body sideways, “If there is someone behind here I will run Jimmy, I. WILL. RUN. I don’t know where or how far but I will run out..” Jimmy and the audience laughed again and stopped as you looked behind the couch….. and…… there behind the couch…… there was…….. nothing. You started laughing as you went back to your original sitting position, the audience looking curiously at you. “Hahahaha ahhhh there is nothing there” whipping some laughing tears off the inner corner of your eyes you looked at Jimmy who was too laughing at you. “I told you y/n! ahahahah”
Jimmy looked at the camera and directed to the audience “For the people who don’t know what we are talking about and/or haven't seen y/n’s latest episode we have some clips for you” You looked at Jimmy and at the crew wanting to refuse due to your embarrassment, you felt exposed. The video played on the screen, the screen was split so that while the episode clips showed on screen your reaction could also be seen at the same time. Only a small trailer was played, which made you confused, you thought they would play the clips where you deeply talk about BTS…
The video stopped and the audience clapped, “Well that's just a small trailer of the full episode if anyone would like to go over and watch it it was pretty fun… I really enjoy ‘y/n’s camera roll’ episodes, I highly recommend” you smiled and appreciated the free proportion but you went anxious again as Jimmy spoke, “But y/n I actually have a small surprise for you, actually BTS saw your episode and reacted to it on camera…” You went stiff…. he said what???? BTS saw your video? they learned who your where?.... wait. THEY SAW THE VIDEO????? THEY SAW YOU FANGIRLING OVER THEM AND THIRSTING OVER JK AND HERD YOUR STUPID FANTASY????
 “OMG Jimmy no…. AHHH no….” You said as realization dawned on you and you covered your face with your hands.
“oh y/n yes… and we have the video of their reaction here, for the first time ever, an exclusive for the Tonight Show…. watch the screen y/n'' The screen was again split to show your reaction + the video. You lifted your face from your hands and held on to Jimmy’s hand on the desk, bracing yourself for further embarrassment and probable rejection. The video played: 
(BTS reacting to your episode. {the bullet points are your ‘present day’ reactions to BTS reacting to you})
The video started . “Oi, it’s y/n'' Jin immediately said as soon as your face appeared on their screen, “Is this a new episode?” Jimin asked out loud, “Wait what day is it? they normally go up on Friday, did we miss it?” Taehyung spoke.
“OMG no way, they know who I am, omg I’m crying Jimmy” You actually started tearing up and Jimmy squished your hands tighter as he read the subtitles added (you understood Korean).
“Hello everyone welcome to another episode of…. f** I don't even know what we call these videos, jajajaja” “Wait what?... jajajajaja omg guys thank you, I'm so sorry, yeah you heard them, welcome back to y/n’s camera roll, I can’t believe I forgot that, anyway today’s episode is a little different……” the boys chuckle at your genuine personality “hahaha gwiyeoun” (haha cute) Suga added, J-Hope agreeing with him as he gave Suga a piece of the food he was having. Kookie was currently watching the screen not even blinking, he hadn’t taken a bite out of his noodles or a sip out of his banana milk, Jimin noticed and pointed at him looking back at the guys with a silent laugh.
You kept crying and making faces reacting to them every time they spoke
“Hi, y/n, can I ask you another question?” “I saw that you liked an instagram post about BTS a while back uploaded by a fan account and I also saw that you actually follow their personal twitter account. ALSO in your behind the scenes video for your music video shoot you can be seen in the background dancing the Boy with luv choreo. So I wanted to ask if you were an ARMY and if you know them personally? and like should we be expecting a collaboration soon?”
“No way….Omg what she says she hates us” Jimin said. “Imagine if she said she hates us, is this why you guys are making us watch this?” Suga looked  at the staff.
“OMG I could never, NO omg how could I hate them” you commented wiping away your tears and back to squeezing Jimmy’s stretched hand on the desk
 “Can we keep watching hyungs…” Jungkook said looking around at the others, a bit desperate to find out what you said next. “Oi, wouldn't you want to know guki…” Jin teased him, wiggling his eyebrows and slapping the back of his head playfully. Before Jungkook could fight back RM reached over them and pressed play, preventing a ‘playful’ fight between the youngest and oldest member to take place.
You froze at the interaction between Jungkook and Jin… but kept watching not wanting to overthink it.
“OMG hahaha I love you so much, what an amazing question, Okay so first off no I don’t know them personally and sadly no plans of collaboration are on sight. Oh wow I have never been asked if I liked BTS before, I’m excited hahaha. Yeah I am an ARMY, I love them so much I am one of their biggest fans, and they are also one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to work ethic and professionalism, listening to them or watching them gives me motivation to keep doing what I love, which is this. anyway I am rambling I should stop; you guys can say y/n stop whenever I start rambling okay? hahaha''
RM stood up with hands on his head; Jin and J-Hope held on to each other with their mouths wide open looking at the screen; V was still sitting in the same spot, frozen, as if he was paused in time along with the now paused screen; Suga stood up with his hands on his mouth bouncing his knees lightly; Jimin reached to RM behind him and stretched his arms out with a ‘Did you hear that?’ expression; Jungkook leaned over the table and pulled the screen closer, he was smiling from ear to ear letting out a small “wow” under his breath, then he replayed your answer to listen to it one more time, rereading the subtitles under the video making sure he did not miss any words.
You chuckled at their individual reactions and resumed your crying at their reactions because you couldn’t believe they knew you and could be so cute towards a video of you
 “y/n Okay so, who is your favorite member?” “Well first off, I don't have a favorite member. I really mean it when I say this. I love them all equally and I love them all as a group. I don’t prefer one over the other or like one better.  I really do support them equally. I mean there is nothing wrong with having a bias, as long as you also respect the other members, hope that all made sense lol” Everyone seemed moved by your support towards them and nodded.
Again the boys reacted, they were so surprised they paused again and walked back and forth making sounds of excitement
Jimmy smiled proudly at you and helped you wipe a tear with a tissue 
“Y/n so you don’t have a favorite, but do you have a crush on any of them?, like if you could date one of them right now, which one do you pick?” A fan asked. “okay...well...Like I said just to be clear I don't have favorites amongst the group members, but I do have a type…. I consider one of them to be my celebrity crush”......“So in that case, if I had to pick someone that I would date in real life...i would say…. Jungkook” 
You put your forehead on Jimmy’s desk, you felt embarrassed, you knew what was coming, the audience was also reacting along and they got super excited at this part. You were scared over what BTS would think/say about this.
The. Guys. Went. Nuts. Jungkook immediately stood up and lifted his hands up in the air as if he had won an award, he paused the video and started smiling like crazy; 
A staff member spoke to Jungkook on the video : “How do you feel Jungkook?” He lifted his face from his hands and ran his fingers through his hair, his eyes were glossy and his smile wide. “I-I don't know what to say, I can’t believe it,” he said as he sat down looking  at the pause screen, looking at your still image. His hyungs patted him on the back; Jimin turned his head to the staff as he was rubbing JK’s back with one hand, “You know Jungook has had the biggest crush on y/n for so long now” Jimin told the staff. 
you completely froze, you started shaking, Jimmy was looking at you happily, the audience was going crazy, even the crew was invested in the k-drama worthy content. You went numb, you kept looking at the screen frozen.
Jungkook looked up and spoke to the staff: “Yeah I remember listening to her debut song for the longest time without really thinking about who the artist was. When her first studio album broke records I decided to look her up, I watched a video of her talking about the album and her experience as a new artist and I think ever since then I have had a crush on her; she is my ideal type”
Everyone was going crazy in the Tonight Show studio. EVEN Jimmy let go of you and stood up pacing around his desk, no one was expecting this. You came out of your trance as Jimmy shook you and you wiped more tears clouding your vision.
“Why is she your ideal type?” a staff member in the back asked JK. “Ha. um. well  I think my ideal type of girl is someone who is funny and has a bright and cool personality; someone who as soon as they step into a room they immediately light it up; someone who is goofy and isn't afraid to become a joke or mess up; A confident person; someone who isn't too girly or too boyish; someone who likes to learn new  things and from who I can learn new things too; someone who is younger than me; Someone who loves dancing and singing a lot, etc. And y/n is kinda all that and more tbh; 
You felt like you were dreaming… Totally forgetting you were on live television. The butterflies in your stomach felt more like birds. your heart pounding out of your chest and body glued to your seat.
The video of you time skipped again to the ‘fantasy’ answer’: “Okay so, my literal fantasy is to one day meet them at a talk show, you know how hosts like to surprise their guests with something/someone they like?, I believe Ellen has done it multiple times where she surprised a guest with their idol or celebrity crush, you know?” The group nodded, invested in your fake scenario “Well i would be invited to like the Jimmy Fallon Show, where he would just randomly surprise me with BTS. Then I would be given the opportunity to introduce myself and tell them how much I love and support them. I would also be able to show them my korean speaking skills, I learned Korean and Spanish back in school and I have never been able to actually use either them, lol, anyway...well after that we would all become really good friends, and we would collaborate and put out one or multiple songs for you guys. I mean that's basically it, I wish I could meet them, and become their friend and write songs with them, even produce songs with Suga or RM if I could'' 
you cringed at the sound of your voice, you were so embarrassed. The audience, crew and Jimmy found this and your reaction to be so adorable.
“What???? does she speak korean?” / “OMG Jungkook is she speaks korean marry her” / “OMG I wanna meet her now”  / “That's so cute” / “She is so cool” 
oMg, even after the video stopped you kept crying and sobbing, it almost felt like you had made it in life, you curled into a ball, you didn't care if you were live or not.
(end of video, camera was back to you and Jimmy only)
“y/n this is amazing, this was my first time watching the video too, how do you feel, hahahaha stop crying this is good y/n” He rubbed your hand and passed you a new tissue from his desk. You cleaned yourself up and accepted a new water bottle from a crew assistant.
“I- I’m at a loss for words Jimmy, I cannot even process it; I love them so much hahaha” You sniffed and looked at Jimmy innocently. “By the way I am so sorry for crying like this, ew I’m a mess right now, I so sorry for anyone watching” 
“No no, you are good, your fans love you and love to see the real you; right guys?” Jimmy said looking at the crowd and once again they all cheered for you, this made you happy and you smiled again. “Thank You all so much, thank you to anyone involved in the making of this reaction video and this segment of the show AND FOR WHOEVER ADDED THE SUBTITLES FOR THE STUDIO hahaha, I am so happy, I want to keep crying but I will compose myself for now and once I go home cry some more hahaha” 
“Y/N so obviously you are an ARMY, would you mind playing a small game with me?...” You nodded at Jimmy. “Okay so after the break we will be back  with y/n, and she will prove how big of an ARMY she actually is…”
Another commercial break was called, Meg again came over and cleaned you up, she fixed your hair and makeup and then made you change into some sneakers (you performed in heels), fresh sweatpants and a shirt that compliment your figure. Your manager told you that for the next segment you needed comfy clothes. You had so much in your mind right now you didn’t even question it.
“Okayyy and we are back everybody, so right now as you can see y/n has changed into a more sporty outfit, right y/n?” you looked at him and at the camera and answered back. “Yeah, i’m in my natural form now” you said as you modeled your comfy wear
“So today I will put your BTS knowledge to the test, I will play a snippet of a BTS song, to your right you have two buttons ‘dance button’ or ‘sing’ button; you can either dance to the part being played when you hit the dance button or keep singing the song if your hit the ‘sing’ button.” Jimmy challenged you as he explained the next activity, to the left of you a small table with both buttons and a mic was set up, you accepted and started the challenge; the game went like this; Dynamite, dance; Mic Drop, dance; No more dream, dance; Daechwita, sing/rap; the crowd was super hyped and Jimmy was loving your energy and the way you executed the songs perfectly, suddenly you recognized Euphoria being played, you clicked the sing button and you started to complete the lyrics as the music was switched to ‘karaoke mode’… you started to sing and suddenly you heard a voice behind you singing with you, and you couldn’t even turn around to prove yourself you were not mistaken, you knew that voice too well, the live audience was losing it, the crew looked excited, you went numb, you looked back and it seemed like a joke, a complete dream…..
The seven guys were coming out from behind the curtain, being led by Jungkook, he was singing the bridge of the song, mic in hand and just looking at you. Your knees gave out and you curled on your knees as you cried on your knees, ‘there is no way’, you could even begin to process what was going on, The boys were a little shy and stayed behind you as Jimmy lifted you from the floor and made you look at them.....
AHhhh I love this part hahahhaha
Hope you liked it. PArt 4 is up; please give me a lil <3 if you liked this. :) Xx
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hunkyhair-my-beloved · 3 months ago
Kotlc crew headcanons 2
- Tam loves listening to Sophie talk about how her life was when she lived with the humans, he finds them very fascinating.
- He loves going out on walks at night and letting the darkness surround him, it makes him feel at peace.
- Linh is taller than him and everyone makes fun of him for it. 
- He and Marella become really good friends, they love to talk shit about people together. 
- Tam actually has a great sense of fashion but he prefers to dress in all black. Biana loves going shopping with him because of this. 
- He’s an anarchist.
- He and Dex play videogames together. 
- Tam used to be scared of the dark but then he manifested as a Shade and learnt how to control his fear. 
- Another reason for why he dyed his hair is because he saw a bit of his father in his reflection and he didn’t want to feel like he was a part of him.
- Linh collects seashells and makes shell necklaces for all her friends.
- She listens to Sophie when she sings. She thinks it's very beautiful and calming but doesn’t know what it is, because elves don’t have that type of music. 
- She also likes listening to Sophie talk about Poseidon and all the other Greek gods because it makes her feel powerful and in control. 
- One of her favorite things is giving Tam heapats or hugs from behind.
- Linh definitely writes poetry.
- Like, she’ll go down to the beach with a cup of tea and a notebook and just write about her surroundings. 
- Keefe and Linh paint together, she found out about Keefe’s talent and became really excited because now she has an art buddy.
- She used to sneak into her mother’s studio and paint back when she lived with her parents.
- He’s a plant mom. He owns so many plants and cares for them as if they were his children. 
- One of the things he hates the most is cold weather, he thrives in warm climates and has such low tolerance to cold.
- Fitz bakes when he’s angry. So when he found out Alvar joined the Neverseen he baked non stop for days and there were just so many leftover treats in their house for months. 
- He also likes trying new recipes and flavors combinations and poor Biana is always his taste tester (and she has tasted some horrible things).
- Once he did something really bad in school and blamed it on Keefe which made Keefe so mad because everyone obviously bought it.
- Fitz has the tidiest, most detailed notes and everyone always asks to borrow them for homework. 
- He’s really scared of spiders and bugs.
- He has a really girly scream. Like, if someone jumped out and scared him his scream would be really high pitched and feminin. 
- She has worn high heels from a young age so she can run super fast in them and has amazing balance. 
- One of her favorite things is scaring Fitz by vanishing when he thinks no one's home and then jumpscaring him.
- Biana also spies on people all the time and listens in on their conversations so she has a lot of blackmail materials on others. 
- She’s really flexible and amazing at gymnastics.
- Loves stealing Sophie’s hoodies and thinks they’re super comfortable to wear. 
- Biana loves makeup art (she practices on Fitz) and often asks Keefe or Linh to draw some designs for her. 
- When Sophie found out about it she showed her some human make up artists (like James Charles) and she loves watching their videos. 
- Is really good with a sword and loves practicing sword fighting with Woltzer. 
- She really likes playing with people's hair. Like she’ll start stroking or braiding or running her fingers through someone's hair when the crew are chilling together.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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From the booklet which comes with the Spider-Man Trilogy Limited Edition Collection blu-ray!
This talks about the making of Spider-Man 2, here’s the bit about the first Spider-Man movie.
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“It was truly gratifying and even a bit overwhelming to witness how strongly moviegoers around the world reacted to Spider-Man,” said director Sam Raimi. “As a filmmaker, I always want people to really enjoy my movies, and on that level, Spider-Man exceeded my expectations.”
After the triumph of the first Spider-Man, Raimi knew he had a responsibility to follow it up with a story that justified the fans’ enthusiasm and their built-in expectations for the next adventure. “There’s great interest in this movie, following the success of the first one,” he acknowledged. “For the kids who come to see it, Spider-Man is their hero. So while the job of making this movie is to provide entertainment, it is also to create a story that shows them a moral character, someone who has to make tough choices and the right decisions in order to continue to be worthy of their admiration.”
The wealth of detailed stories and characters in the Spider-Man comic book series provided a mother lode from which to cull the plot for Spider-Man 2. “The Marvel artists and writers have done a great job through the decades – I know, because I’m a big fan myself – so there’s a tremendous amount of good material to draw upon,” noted Raimi. “Finding a storyline wasn’t that difficult. It was finding the right story, the one that made for a proper follow-up installment, and provided a logical progression for the audience and a logical growth for the character. For the, I relied on the terrific storytelling instincts of my very fine producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad. Together with the contributions of our great writers, we found a plot line with ideas that reverberated.”
With the storyline of the new adventure locked, Arad looked forward to the reunion of the Spider-Man filmmaking family, not the least of which was Tobey Maguire. “Tobey was so happy to be Spider-Man again and to be Peter Parker,” said Arad. “As an actor Tobey relished deepening the audience’s understanding of who Peter Parker is and who is becoming,” added Ziskin. “Peter’s a man who is transition, someone who’s struggling with the choices he is making.”
Maguire added, “The theme ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ is never lost on Peter. It’s difficult to be a young man and have to sacrifice as much as he has – presumably for the greater good – and to neglect his personal desires. The struggle continues here and it’s quite complicated, because Peter’s searching desperately for a way to achieve some balance in his life.”
 As Peter becomes more immersed in his dilemma, it creates a rift between him and the important people in his life. Though his love for MJ is stronger than ever, she has moved on with her life, pursuing an acting career, living in Manhattan and moving in new social circles. “In this film, Peter is off in his own world and not a reliable presence in MJ’s life,” explained Kirsten Dunst. “She still loves him a great deal, so it has become painful for her to be around him. Though they’ve both done a lot of growing up in the past two years, at the same time, they’ve drifted apart.”
Then, as if Peter’s life were not complicated enough, the situation moves from bad to worse – much worse. Enter Doc Ock.
Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) is a brilliant scientist whose life work has been dedicated to experiments utilizing fusion as a new source of energy. Charming, vibrant and energetic, Dr. Octavius is introduced to Peter by Harry Osborn.
“This movie is the story of Peter’s life, which is out of balance, and Dr. Octavius who, for Peter, represents someone who has achieved that balance,” explained Raimi.
“Peter sees Octavius as somebody who has mastered both his gifts – in this case science, through which he can serve the good of mankind, while also maintaining a personal life, a loving relationship with his wife Rosie (Donna Murphy). This leads Peter to the conclusion that it’s possible to have both.” Dr. Octavius, with the support of his wife, has been working diligently in his home laboratory, trying to perfect his groundbreaking fusion theory. But when a demonstration of his creation goes horribly wrong, Dr. Octavius undergoes a terrible transformation – evolving into the powerful, multi-tentacled Doc Ock.
In Spider-Man 2, the talented and versatile Molina brings this powerful adversary to terrifying life. “He is a formidable enemy for Spider-Man,” said Arad. “He can climb walls faster and better than Spider-Man. In fact, there’s nothing Spider-Man can do that Ock cannot counteract.”
Doc Ock, one of the most popular villains of the Spider-Man comic book series, first appeared in “The Amazing Spider-Man #3,” which was published in 1963. He immediately became one of Spider-Man’s most formidable foes. According to comic lore, each of Ock’s limbs can move at speeds of up to 90 feet per second and strike with the force of a jackhammer. The extremely powerful tentacles enable him to lift a vehicle off the ground, pulverize bricks, claw through concrete walls and hover above his victims by rising into the air.
The filmmakers were eager to attract Molina for the central role. “We needed someone who brought a palpable reality to the part, and who was also sincere, had a great sense of humor and personal warmth,” said Raimi. “Alfred is a brilliant actor, and what he’s brought so effectively to the character of Doc Ock is the sense of him as a misunderstood man who has turned into a beast.”
Molina confessed, “I’ve always been a Marvel Comic fan because their characters are so interesting. They have problems. They’re very realistic.” From him, the mechanics behind the role of Doc Ock was a true education. “It was mind-boggling, the breadth and the imagination that went into how each of my character’s actions – flying across the room, crashing through a plate glass window, smashing a taxicab – was to be executed. It’s a unique way of filming that’s not like anything most of us get to do really. It’s a very particular way of working, and absolutely fascinating.”
J.K. Simmons also returns in Spider-Man 2 as Peter’s gruff boss at the Daily Bugle, J Jonah Jameson. “I fire Peter several times in this movie. Every time I see him, I fire him,” laughed Simmons. “And then I re-hire him because there’s always some pressing need for his services.”
Principal photography on Spider-Man 2 began on April 12, 2003, in New York City, where the production spent approximately three weeks shooting at various locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, as well as on a Yonkers stage. From ground-level street shots to rooftops high above the city, the filmmakers efficiently utilized the time they spent in New York, giving them the opportunity to expand on the city’s unique environment, which had lent such vibrancy to the first Spider-Man.
“In the first film we established New York as a character in the movie. With Spider-Man 2, we went even further,” said production designer Neil Spisak. “We used a lot more of the city, including [photographic] plates of real buildings and real streets. Improvements in technology over the past three years enabled [visual effects designer] John Dykstra and I to marry existing buildings to scenery buildings to CG buildings even better than the first time around. It’s a much more complete experience.”
“We got more of a feeling of New York in this movie,” added Ziskin. “The movie is being shot in widescreen, which is appropriate because this is a different story, so it required a different approach.”
Production began on the campus of Columbia University in uptown Manhattan, which served as the university Peter Parker attends while he struggles with the responsibilities of his academic workload and his superhero duties. The rooftop of the Hotel Intercontinental, across from the Waldorf Astoria, was the location where Spider-Man contemplates his next move, while downtown, in the Wall Street area, another rooftop served as the “launch-pad” for the Spydercam camera, as it dipped and swooped over several blocks to replicate one of Spider-Man’s high-stakes aerial journeys through the city.
“We executed one of the longest wire shots the Spydercam has ever done,” said executive producer Joseph M. Maracciolo. “The Wall Street shot was around 2,400 feet. I’m an ex New Yorker, so I didn’t find the location shoot particularly daunting. But there are always difficulties when you’re doing wire work in New York, including the placement of the cranes on the buildings, the movement of the cast, crew and equipment, and of course, the crowds.”
“It was a challenge for us to move our production to the tops of buildings, but we couldn’t have been happier, because rooftops are Spider-Man’s world and that is his view of the city as he swings through it,” noted co-producer Grant Curtis. “It was breathtaking to see the world from 70 stories up – a world unto itself. You can’t fully really appreciate the beautiful architecture of New York’s skyscrapers from ground level. We showed some of that in the first film, but we wanted to show more of Spider-Man’s vertiginous world, and I think we really captured that with this film.”
In Spider-Man 2, Doc Ock sweeps Aunt May off her feet – literally – and takes her up several stories of a tall building. Rosemary Harris performed her stunts in a variety of harnesses, but only after she had managed to talk the filmmakers into letting her give her stunt double a rest. “I was a bit miffed at first, because my wonderful stunt double was going to do a lot of these harness maneuvers,” recalled Harris. “So I asked Sam and Laura, ‘Why not let me have a go at it?’ At first they were reluctant. But I begged them to at least let me try and they finally relented.”
Returning to Los Angeles, Spider-Man 2 shot on several stages on the Sony Pictures Studios lot in Culver City. Stage 15 was home to the Daily Bugle offices, as well as Peter’s tiny apartment and Dr. Octavius’ elaborate home laboratory. On Stage 29, the Osborn mansion, where Harry Osborn now lives, was recreated. Stage 27 housed MJ’s apartment set, a giant spider web, the interior of the Planetarium, the massive clock tower set as well as various other set pieces. A series of elevated trains were built on Stage 14, where Spider-Man and Doc Ock match wits.
One of the most elaborate sets for Spider-Man 2 was the pier set, designed by Spisak and built over the course of 15 weeks on Soundstage 30. “In contrast to Dr. Octavius’ lab, which was part of his apartment – a streamlined, organized and clean space – the pier is a maniacal, decaying, decrepit space,” explained Spisak. “It follows his character development in terms of his becoming a wilder, more dangerous and more formidable adversary for Spider-Man.”
The set, approximately 60 feet wide by 120 feet long and 40 feet tall, was constructed over a water tank and enhanced by several different components, including CG/plate work and miniatures.
“Before we built the set, we created an exact ¾ scale model of it, about 7 feet long and 4 feet wide, from drawings and blueprints. The model was extremely useful to the carpenters, who could take measurements to help them construct the full-sized pier, as well as for the miniatures team, so they could ascertain the dimensions, textures and materials that were used,” explained art director Tom Wilkins. “We shot plates down in San Pedro, where we panned from a real pier to the water. In post-production a New York background was added. We also built a miniature pier – interiors and exteriors – to complete the composition on the East River.” The art department team designed a 136 foot by 40 foot-high vinyl backing to represent Ock’s view of Manhattan through a large window at the end of the pier set. Wave machines were rigged in the water to create movement under the pier.
The production then moved to the Universal backlot for two weeks of shooting. Several city streets were transformed into a variety of New York neighborhoods including the exterior of the Lyric Theatre where MJ performances in an off-Broadway production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. Ari’s Village Deli and Bakery became the site of an extremely complex scene involving a quiet conversation between Peter and MJ, which is interrupted by Peter’s “spider sense” – and a car careening through the plate glass window, followed by the arrival of Doc Ock.
“It was a great luxury to be able to build that set from every aspect, so that we could do everything we needed for the scene,” said Spisak. “The walls were made of french plate so that when the car smashed through it, the buildings around it were protected. We were able to design what we thought it should look like visually, then as tricks, gags and stunts became clearer, we were able to add them to the set before it was completely finished.”
“The deli was a full, 360 degree set, with a kitchen, deli counters, pastries, ceiling fans and chandeliers,” added art director Steve Saklad, who worked closely with Spisak. “We dressed the exterior streets so that you could look out of the window and see the intersection of Lafayette Street and Astor Place. It required an enormous amount of signage, billboards, street dressing, trees and traffic lights.”
For Raimi,  “The diner was a complex technical scene, because it brought together so many different departments, each relying on the other to fulfil their function  and communicate with each other so that each individual shot would work. We utilized mechanical effects and the stunt department had to take an automobile, spin it and flip it through the deli window, with the prop department providing the breakaway items. What made it even more complex was that we had to fly Doc Ock in, using something we dubbed the “walk rig.”
The “walk rig” was created for Doc Ock, because the character not only moves himself, but his tentacles move him around as well. When he walks on the tentacles, they support his weight, so a device was constructed to harness him and move him through space as if the tentacles were supporting him. The visual effects department also created “virtual” tentacles where practical ones weren’t feasible.
When he was in full costume, Molina’s tentacles weighed between 75 to 100 pounds, depending upon the action required for the scene. Each of the tentacles was fully articulated. In their expanded, 13-foot length, each upper tentacle consisted of approximately 76 individual pieces Each vertabra was handmade, hand molded, sanded, individually hand painted, chromed, then painted again and assembled by hand. The entire collection of Doc Ock tentacles, bases, heads and wrists, if laid end to end, would be taller than a 20-story building.
Academy Award winning costume designer James Acheson welcomed the opportunity to further explore and improve upon the already classic Spider-Man costume for Spider-Man 2. “Creating the Spider-Man suit for the first film was a real challenge since we were designing for a kind of Cirque du Soleil acrobat, someone who had a unbelievable kinetic spiraling ability,” he said. “So the suit had to be extremely flexible. For the new installment we made several improvements, though you’d have to be a real enthusiast to spot them. The colors are slightly different, and we have made subtle changes in terms of the movement inside the costume’s hood. We also adjusted the eyepieces of Spider-Man’s mask as well as certain aspects of the spider design on the front and the back of the suit.”
For Spider-Man 2’s Doc Ock, Acheson and Raimi spent close to a year collaborating with Spisak and visual effects designer John Dykstra and working with Edge FX in what began as a series of “group think” sessions, according to Raimi. “I needed John Dykstra’s input, because it was John who was going to have to handle Doc Ock’s movements in CG, so he had to be involved in designing the character, along with Jim, who was going to determine the look of the character,” recalled Raimi. “Part of the look determined the movement, and what the arms look like began to govern how it functioned. Neil was involved because Ock had to be a part of Neil’s world in the film. A great interdependence developed among the department heads in order to achieve the complex nature and physicality of the character,”
“The challenge with Doc Ock is to visually create a believable world, focusing on a man with four tentacles growing out of his back,” said Spisak. “Now, that can be a tough swallow. So, in creating Ock and his world, we needed to design and play it so that everything was credible. Ove the course of several months, it became clear what was physically possible for Ock and what would have to be achieved via CG. We conceptualized the look and only then did we deal with the physical limitations, rather than letting them stop us at the beginning.”
Added Dykstra: “It was a huge challenge to make Doc Ock come to life. His tentacles had to meet several criteria. They had to be appropriate with regard to the world Neil had created for Spider-Man and Ock. The components of the costume – the texture and the weight – had to bed something an actor could actually wear. Since using the tentacles wasn’t always practical, we had to create ‘virtual’ versions with Edge FX. In the end, integrating the tentacles into the story was a marriage of all those components and the collaboration of everyone involved.”
Spisak and his team designed and dressed more than 100 sets and locations for Spider-Man 2. “There are probably 10 enormous sets, while some are simply street corners. We covered eleven blocks in downtown Los Angeles and used many rooftops, streets and buildings in New Yorj City,” noted Spisak. “This is certainly the biggest film I’ve ever done.”
Spisak worked with director of photography Bill Pope on the color palette for the sets, and they pored over research and location pictures to inspire them for the story’s lighting requirements. “In the first film, Peter Parker was younger, less aware and just beginning to discover his new powers. That was reflected in the overall look of the movie,” said Spisak. “With this film, he has been Spider-Man for a while, so his frustration over how to deal with his life versus his duty is more complex. That’s reflected in the color palette and the tone of this film – it’s a little more sophisticated, more complicated and deeper, in terms of color and look.”
Among the tools Dykstra and his team utilized to achieve the shots presenting Spider-Man’s point-of-view, while he is soaring over the city, was Earl Wiggins’ Spydercam. During the New York portion of the shoot, the specialized camera was launched using a remote-controlled computer suspended on a cable from a Wall Street-area rooftop more than 30 stories in the air, which recorded what DSpider-Man saw as he swung over the city. The camera traveled along a line suspended over four blocks, dipping down into the street and over the tops of several blocks of vehicles and background art that had been placed for the sequence.
“We were dropping the camera and moving it up and down over the course of the shot to follow Spider-Man’s trajectory as he swings through the arch, releasing a web, and shooting a new web as he swings into the traffic below,” explained Dykstra.
“One of the successes of the first film was the empathy the audience had for the main character. He was very sympathetic,” Dykstra said, “This movie explores the character in greater depth, and in terms of the visual effects, we’re hoping to give audiences an event more intimate sense of what it’s like to be Spider-Man. In the first film, we get to fly with him. The idea here is to make the flying sequences poetic enough and evocative enough that you will get an even stronger sense of what it’s like to fly like Spider-Man.”
That approach is reinforced by Raimi, said Ziskin, “One of the really striking aspects about Sam is that he is the audience for this film. He makes the movie for the audience, identifies with the characters and is always aware of the rhythms and how each sequence will play – both to him and the other members of the audience. That makes him the perfect director for this kind of material. Also, he’s at a point in his directing career where he’s at the top of his game. He is brilliant technically, but also works extraordinarily well with the actors. Ultimately, his personal connection to Peter Parker and the other main characters is a great gift to the audience.”
“These are tough, scary times and during such periods we look to heroic stories to give us hope,” noted Raimi. “Maybe that has something to do with why the audience was so taken with Spider-Man when he first appeared two years ago. With Spider-Man 2, I truly hope that audiences will feel that they’re seeing a love story, that they’re participating in another episode of Peter Parker’s life and are seeing the challenges and conflicts he faces and how he overcomes them. I hope it will leave them feeling uplifted and exhilarated.”
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