#but also stan Sylvie
the-mcu-is-amazing · 10 months ago
Sylvie and Loki are the same person but also different people at the same time. Does that make any sense?
Like their personalities and powers are different because their experiences were different. Those experiences shaped who they are ( for example Sylvie isn’t as trusting as our Loki because of her experience ). Also they have made it clear throughout the show that they are very different, which is true. Loki and Sylvie are different people.
But fundamentally, down to their very existence, they are just variations of the same person. Yes they are very different and are different personalities and people, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t the same beings.
So yes I agree that Loki and Sylvie are two different people, but they are still variations of themselves.
Does this make any sense? Idk just a message from your local genderfluid person.
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godswallowing · 10 months ago
sylki actually FUCKS SO HARD as a concept and it is so surprisingly well executed i am genuinely fucking annoyed it’s in a marvel show. the journey to humility and self acceptance through seeing yourself through the eyes of THE OTHER(tm). the importance and symbolism of it being FRAMED AS A ROMANCE so thoroughly.
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musclesandhammering · 10 months ago
“Sylki isn’t even a m/f pairing cause they’re both genderfluid!”
↘️ I really really wanted Loki to be canon genderfluid, but the problem with that is that in Ep 5, they do everything in their power to make both Loki and Sylvie seem Very Very cis. All the Loki’s straight up say they’ve never seen a female version of themselves, and Sylvie says that she was born a woman (and never shows any sign of presenting as anything else). Even if Ep 5 hadn’t happened, though, the only mention of anything gender-related is a little Easter egg in Loki’s file that says “Sex: Fluid”. Easily missed by a casual viewer, so not much confirmation at all.
“You’re biphobic if you have a problem with Sylki!”
↘️ Putting aside the fact that I’m actually bi myself… In real life, it’s totally valid for a bisexual person to only date the opposite sex, but on screen “Show, don’t tell.” is the golden rule. There are plenty of problems with Sylki other than the fact that it’s a m/f ship. However, it’s extremely frustrating for queer people to see the writers patting themselves on the back for giving us one (1) throwaway line that can be easily edited out for homophobic audiences, and then to see absolutely no further acknowledgment of Loki’s supposed attraction to men, along with him being shown openly flirting with 2 different women. It just seems awfully convenient to be able to tell and not show where m/m is concerned and then to show m/f where it isn’t even necessary.
“You just hate that a woman got in the way of your two white dudes kissing!”
↘️ If Sylvie was the main character and she had pretty good chemistry with a woman, and then all of a sudden a male variant of her was introduced and a romance was forced between them, I’d be pretty pissed about that too. I don’t want Sylvie out of the picture! My ideal scenario would be her and Loki being Chaos Twins. And I don’t even want Lokius to be canon! Again, my ideal scenario would be Chaos Twins with their best friend/handler Mobi. This isn’t about her getting in the way of another pairing, it’s about how this pairing in particular is just Not It.
“You just want Loki for yourself, you’d be mad at anyone he was paired with!”
↘️ No I… really don’t? I’m gonna get mauled for saying this, but I don’t even find Loki particularly attractive. Tom? Sure. But Loki? Mmmm… not exactly. Aesthetically pleasing maybe. Intellectually I know that he’s pretty hot, but he doesn’t do anything for me :/ I also really really hate reader inserts sooo yeah lol. And if you’ve seen my blog you’d know I ship him with a lot of people, both male and female.
“Sylvie is her own person so it’s not really selfcest!”
↘️ Except the writers have gone out of their way to make it clear that they are the same person. Not exactly the same, but they’re similar enough that it’s clear that they’re versions of each other. Plus they canonically have the same parents, very very similar DNA, and essentially the same basic origin (adopted, Asgard, etc). They’re not exact clones of one another but they very much are slightly different models of the same person.
“Selfcest isn’t the same as incest!”
↘️ No, it’s even worse lmao. Imagine two people that share parents, DNA, and some life experiences, but they’re even closer than twins…. Lol yeah.
“Ok but you gotta admit selfcest is pretty in character for Loki lololol”
↘️ No it’s not… One of my favourite things about Loki in all 6 movies is that he never had a love interest. Never even a hint of a love interest. And even in this show he makes it clear that he’s never really been in love before- never had anything “real”. And, this considered, people saying that it makes sense that his first and only canon love interest would be a version of himself implies that he’s incredibly narcissistic. Which, despite what some shitty writers try to tell us, he’s not. His narcissism is performative. It’s posturing. He’s incredibly insecure and self-loathing and that ends up manifesting as violence in some instances, and that’s his whole problem. The exact opposite of narcissism. Quite honestly, Loki would never trust or even like himself enough to be romantically interested.
“You just want Loki whump, you hate to see him happy!”
↘️ I do enjoy Loki whump on occasion, but at this point we maxed out on the whump meter about 3 movies back… I absolutely want this poor man to be happy, for once in his damn life. And the show gives us everything but that. Just like people said Ragnarok gave us a happy Loki, when in reality all we got was a humiliated Loki that was beaten down even further to build other characters up and give the audience a laughs… which is pretty much exactly what’s happening here. Not all the time! There’s some super progressive moments for his character development and mental health, but overall? The show isn’t giving us a happy Loki at all, and Sylki definitely hasn’t resulted in a happier Loki so far.
“They have great chemistry though!”
↘️ I’m sure any two characters could have good chemistry if the writing team put 85% percent of their effort for the whole show into squishing a man and woman together and making them kiss, even going so far as to build the plot around it, when they could’ve spent their time and energy improving other aspects of the series.
“Ok you have to admit the blanket scene was pretty cute!”
↘️ Yes, I will admit that! It was adorable actually! But given the myriad of issues I listed above, one cute scene isn’t enough to make me hate the ship any less.
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lotus-eyedindiangoddess · 5 months ago
Sylki stans love to make posts targeting antis, trying to psychoanalyse and decide for us what we think when we've made HUNDREDS of posts saying why we don't like the ship... Then get pressed when we politely correct them on it. Like at least screen shot our actual points and discuss them if you want, we have no problem with that. BECAUSE THOSE ARE OUR ACTUAL WORDS AND REASONS
Not the propaganda you racist transphobes keep spreading about how Sylki antis are "misogynists" or how we "need therapy" or whatever and then trying to say that we ABSOLUTELY SHOULD SHIP THEM.
And then gods forbid one of the reasons for disliking Sylki is because it triggers ptsd, they get ableist.
The more I see Sylki stans, the more they just keep on proving that they're just a bunch of racist, white terfs/transphobes and usually their blogs have a LOT of indication that they are.
They also lack reading comprehension and the ability to um... Have unbiased views. Also to avoid confirmation bias, but hey... These are terfs we're talking about.
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thetimelordbatgirl · 4 months ago
Multiverse of Madness is already going to suffer what Loki did, just calling it now- aka focusing on ANOTHER character instead of the character you came to see cause their name is in the title. 
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jsimonew · 10 months ago
Okay episode 4 was A LOT 😭😭✋🏾
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this-is-a-witty-url · 7 months ago
When celebrities are like, “yeah I read the comics”, its like sus af.
But when Tom says, “yeah, i read the comics”, its like legit cause then he’ll follow up with some random ass factoid from the comics about loki and its like, “wow this grown ass man sat in his apartment and read like every fucking comic pertinent to his character that’s some fucking king shit.”
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janetsnakehole02 · 5 months ago
Ship Sylky not Sylki send tweet
edit is NOT MINE - creds @chrslvs on instagram
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acelesbiancroft · 10 months ago
hm u kno actually i will not be visiting the 9.1 spoilers tag because YIKES
tyrande stans are so valid in their dislike of sylvie, but I just cannot see anymore comments violently begging for sylvie's death. like at this point I am just. sick of that actually.
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supherior · 9 months ago
not for nothing but one of my favorites parts of the show was how sylvie really did have more guards on top of her than loki and out of everything that happened , the entire situation loki really had the nerve to point it out . what a maroon LOL .
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sweetbitterpdf · 2 years ago
omg can u do basorexia and make them YEARN
( writing challenge prompt list !! )
basorexia - the overwhelming desire to kiss
—or, what if eliott and lucas had to spend quarantine/social distancing apart?
it’s hard— so, so hard— but they make it work, as they always do. 
when lucas had told eliott, he was expecting him to get upset. not at him, of course, but at the situation. it’s not every day that you have to tell your boyfriend— who moved in with barely a couple months ago— that you’re leaving home to be with your mother during a global pandemic. but eliott had only nodded with a smile, kissing him on the forehead and pulling back only to say you’re a good person, lucas.
and now, a fair few weeks into it, they’ve adapted.
“Morning!” Eliott’s voice is as cheery as always, even over facetime.
“Hey.” Lucas says, grinning from ear to ear.
“Good morning, Eliott,” his mother sing-songs, coming up behind him to look at the screen.
“Hello, Sylvie!” Lucas had known that Eliott would effortlessly charm his mother from the moment that he introduced the two of them. Every time they interact only proves it. “Sleep well?” 
“Oh yes. As well as I could have.” She answers. “You?”
“Well enough, yeah. Though the bed feels a bit empty. There’s about five and a half feet too much space.” Sylvie rolls her eyes, a smile on her face. Lucas scoffs, indignant.
“Hey, I’m 5′8! and a half!”
His mother, taking that as her cue to vacate the room and let his son have his alone time, says, “I’m going to try and finish my book in my room.”
“Okay, Mama.” And then they’re alone. Eliott’s smile makes his cheeks warm, even with the shitty quality of his laptop webcam. “Hi.”
“How are you doing?” He watches as Eliott thinks for a moment. That’s something he’s picked up, about him. When Eliott is genuinely in the mood to talk about his feelings, he’ll think about the question. When he isn’t, or when something is wrong, he doesn’t hesitate in the slightest before replying with a strained fine.
“Oh, you know… Same old, same old. It’s hard, being alone, but stuff like this helps.” Eliott gestures at his screen, at Lucas, and they both smile a little bigger. “Talked with Mum and Dad yesterday. They’re gonna bring some food over.”
“Oh, that’s good.”
“You remember her muffins?” How could Lucas forget? He isn’t sure where Eliott gets his culinary recklessness from, because his mother is the most divine baker he has ever met.
“Jealous.” Lucas says with a laugh.
Eliott shrugs. “Maybe if you ask her nicely, she’ll send you the recipe.”
“Good idea! I’ll have to text her” Then they’re both quiet for a moment. The silence stretches on, before— “I miss you.”
It’s as if Eliott deflates, then. “I miss you too. So much.” On the other end of the video call, Eliott shakes his head, chuckling to himself. “I thought that I thought about you a lot before, but now…”
Lucas raises an eyebrow. “You think about me?”
“Every waking moment of every single day.” There’s no hesitation, when Eliott says it. Lucas can’t help but think of the several careful months they spent building up this kind of openness, this kind of easy intimacy. “And also when I’m asleep sometimes.” If this kind of conversation had happened, say, this time last year, Lucas would have ended the call immediately, would have had to go and curl up in a ball in his bed to stop his pounding heart, to slow his rushing breaths. Now though, all he does is cast a blushing smile down toward his lap for a moment, before meeting Eliott’s gaze again. “I never realized how much I took little things for granted. I want you so badly.”
“Oh, yeah?” The little huff that Eliott lets out, coupled with the tone of his voice, makes heat bloom across Lucas’ chest. He smirks at the screen, and Eliott shakes his head, a bit frantic.
“Well, yeah, of course.” He waves his hands around, as he does when he can’t quite find the right words. It’s very high up on the endless list of endearing things about Eliott Demaury that Lucas keeps in his head. “But also just… kissing you. Just being there beside you.”
It’s as if the words have been taken right out of Lucas’ thoughts. The need for Eliott has grown to an all-consuming degree, a want for Eliott, in every single way. He hasn’t ached for a touch, a kiss this much since before they had started dating, since the night they were interrupted by Manon back in, what, February? He would give anything— has contemplated telling his mother that he has to go and returning to Eliott once more just to quell the ache that’s settled deep in his bones, the one that feels as if it’s always been there.
“I know, I want that too.” So much, so much. The sad smile on Eliott’s face only intensifies that ache, as they sit there for another quiet moment.
“Maybe I’ll just have to come anyway,” Eliott says with a shrug. “Quarantine myself for a bit— what’s the period, two weeks?”
“Something like that, yeah.”
“I’ll come, quarantine myself for two weeks, and then we won’t have to wait indefinitely. Just for fourteen days.”
“But what about the cats?”
“I’ll bring them too.”
“Eliott, you know my mother’s allergic.”
“Fuck. I completely forgot.”
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star-buttons · 2 years ago
Ok so I started watching Epithet Erased (which I HIGHLY recommend) and I just have one question about Sylvie’s epithet.
If he can turn into a bigger beefier bull version of himself at age 15, was he always able to do that or did that grow with him over the years.
Cause all I’m imagining now is a little two year old Sylvie TRAUMATIZING his parents by turning into this Scottish bull whenever he takes a nap.
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myotomespace · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reviving these glorious, wonderful moments of blushy Ed to say that With these as proof somehow i HC him having sensitive ears. Enjoy teasing him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thank you for coming to my ted talk!
Ps: as of 01/31 at this ungodly hour, when i'm tired and should be sleeping, this happened
Tumblr media
I proclaimed myself as Ed's slave pray for me to be saved
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musclesandhammering · 10 months ago
The fact that Sasha Lane, Erika Coleman, and Eugene Cordero were originally listed on IMDB as being in 5-6 episodes, and yet we haven’t seen C-20 since Ep 4, Casey since Ep 2, and Florence since Ep 1 is honestly such a personal attack on me. What gives.
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hshines · 5 months ago
Loki: *murders people, gouges someone's eye out, tries to kill his own brother, tries to become a dictator and tries to commit literal genocide*
Stans: "uwu my poor sweet sad baby, he's just misunderstood, his actions are excusable, I love him so much, he can do no wrong"
Also Loki: *falls in love and kisses Sylvie*
Stans: "I hate him, I cannot even look at him anymore"
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thetimelordbatgirl · 2 months ago
It’s very telling where the MCU is in terms of quality when MoM is literally months away from coming out and yet people care more about the cameos rather than the actual plot (not to mention completely ignoring the light-washing/de-aging of America Chavez, an Afro-Latina lesbian woman and the whitewashing of Wanda’s Romani/Jewish heritage that has been going on since AoU)
Not to mention how everything that fans have praised about NWH is things from the old Spider-Man films. Hell, even with Thor 4, there’s more talk about Valkyrie’s sexuality and her “finding her queen�� rather than anything about the main antagonist or plot.
And don’t even get me started on the disaster that was the Loki series and how supposed loyal fans can watch Loki be tortured and humiliated and call it “therapy” while they go and worship a female variant of him that’s about as interesting as watching paint dry.
The MCU only cares about putting out as much content as possible just to make a fast buck. It’s honestly sad considering how in Phases 1 and 2 they seemed to care about the characters and making each movie have a unique feel to it. Now everything feels the same, everyone acts the same and there’s no sense of individuality or creativity anymore.
I fully believe that Age of Ultron was the beginning of the end for the MCU, cause that’s honestly where things started to go really wrong in my eyes.
People focus more on Wanda in MoM then they do Strange.....and its his film. Like, I still ain't a huge fan of Doctor Strange's first film, cause whitewashing seems to LOVE this particular set of stand alone MCU films, but like.....no discussion of Strange or Wong or ANY Doctor Strange characters and elements, just Wanda and the cameos and its just....dam, kinda feel bad for Strange Stans right now. MCU be like with ANY character of color at this rate.....mainly oddly the woman of color from comics: "Can we get a whiter version please?" Like, shout out still to the Funko of Miss America for....actually making it worser. Dunno how, BUT THEY DID. And we all know why they suddenly mixing up the Young Avengers ages....given Young Avengers had members who are gay and in Loki's case, genderfluid, but well, MCU won't allow rep to full be seen so already betting we won't even see lesbian Miss America....
And with Wanda, its like......thanks, you failed in casting 101 as she is white as fuck in MCU, has the power to lose her accent and isn't Jewish cause no Magneto means no Jewish twins I guess.....no wonder she's appearing in MoM, she fits right in with whitewashed Ancient One and lightwashed!Miss America. No Way Home's entire hype was literally the old villains coming back. Like, people screamed more at the pumpkin bomb being thrown in trailer followed by Doctor Octopus' appearing with, "Hello, Peter", then the rest of the trailer, and if that ain't obvious that No Way Home was hyped soley on the cameos, then the aftermath of people soley focusing on Andrew's Peter and Tobey's Peter is obvious enough. Given MCU cut Valkyrie's Bi scene....I am VERRY skeptical off chances we'll see Valkyrie romance Jane, but....I'll wait until trailer I guess, but yeah....looking at any hype on Love And Thunder, its just kinda Jane's return and Valkyrie finding a queen....but in all honestly, given the Guardians are also taking over a plot in this film, I dunno what I'd prefer to be hyped at this point.
I hate Loki Show....so much. Like, keep in mind, up until that point, I'd been hopeful for it and TFATWS, cause even from trailer I knew I wouldn't like W/V, and first trailer for Loki? Yes, but watching the actual show? It was suffering. It wasn't about Loki like promised to fans, it was about him being basically secondary to Sylvie's journey and suddenly he's in love with her and while she can just, do whatever she wants without much happening, Loki get's literally tortured as a form of therapy.....and people ship Loki with the guy who did it.....thanks, I hate it. And don't get me started on Sylvie. She's literally an OC, a mashup of the two Enchantresses and....Lady Loki, cause genderfluid Loki was toooooo hard I guess, and she's just impossible to watch cause MCU makes her into a girlboss.....while also sprinkling in some incest/selfcest, but better not go too far....or stans will call me biphobic again for hating their ship.
Yeah, nowadays mcu is kinda just interested in cramming whatever movie or show they can really. Phase One-Two at least seemed to think over the films and such, but nowadays its like, "WANT A HAWKEYE SHOW?! WANT A SHE HULK SHOW?! WANT A CHRISTMAS AND HALLOWEEN SPECIAL?!" like.....its just there until MCU is basically beyond dead....well, more beyond dead then it is already.
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bebx · 10 months ago
Lmao ep5 was Loki tryna say he likes Sylvie and Sylvie tryna say Mobius is gay for him 😂 Also Classic Loki is superior Loki WE STAN rip T.T
Tumblr media Tumblr media
1. I got a feeling that Mobius and Sylvie talked, or at least she teased Mobius about him and Loki, and how they (Loki/Mobius) might be more than just friends in that car ride, because look at the look Mobius gives her here when Loki’s hugging him, and the knowing look Sylvie gives Mobius back.
Honestly I can see it that the only person who doesn’t know Loki and Mobius are in love with each other is Loki, because he’s never experienced any of these feelings (or at least it sure isn’t something that happens to him very often) which explains why he might be confused about the difference between romantic and platonic feelings.
2. Classic Loki is love!!! You know I’ve also got the feeling that he (classic Loki) isn’t dead, because it’s kind of been hinted at — not actually hint, since they outright said it — throughout the series about how Lokis don’t die, they survived. Classic Loki also talked about how he faked his own death before, even tricked Thanos and everybody else into believing that he was dead.
I could be wrong, but I hope he’s survived this episode, too, and that we’ll see him make his dramatic, powerful entrance in the season finale next week. Keep my fingers crossed!
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loviiee · 3 months ago
love to see Sylki has made it onto some of these “top couples of 2021″ lists 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(this one was even seen and liked by Eric himself who continues to show he’s one of the biggest captains of this ship)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
more under the cut
Not to mention how many people actually like them together on different social media platforms. For example, youtube is extremely supportive and positive
Tumblr media
reddit is also very pro sylki
Tumblr media
Loki and Sylvie’s moment in episode 6 being voted as the fav disney+ moment and beating Wanda becoming the Scarlet Witch is *chefs kiss*
Tumblr media
random facebook pages with large following who ran a little “which duo do you prefer?” poll thingy and welp...guess who won
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(this was a poll ran by a sylki shipper)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(and these two were polls ran by lokius/anti sylki shippers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
even google trends shows which character or dynamic was searched up the most
Tumblr media
or the seemingly infinite number of reactions of completely random people of every age, ethnicity, gender, being beyond excited and delighted for them to finally kiss
(these videos are instant serotonin boost for me tbh)
sometimes it’s great to step out of an echo chamber ;) I know certain stans or antis in general might want you to think opposite, but the truth is, the casual fans or general audience are very into this romance and antis, as loud as they are, are ultimately a minority.
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janetsnakehole02 · 5 months ago
It’s so funny to me when s*lki stans will use “it’s not a het relationship” as a rebuttal against any arguments that call it biphobic or fluidphobic like yeah you’re 100% correct it’s not het it’s a bi relationship but you see my problem is that it’s a fucking TERRIBLE bi relationship and NOT the rep that I, a bi woman, asked for.
There’s also a lot of “it’s also an f/f relationship” as a defense like AGAIN listen you are not wrong. It is also f/f. But that means you’re acknowledging Loki’s genderfluidity. Which means sometimes you’re shipping Loki Laufeydottir with Sylvie Laufeydottir. And Sylvie Laufeydottir was born as Loki Laufeydottir. So you’re shipping Loki Laufeydottir with Loki Laufeydottir. And although I am not genderfluid, I’ve seen a lot of genderfluid fans speak up on the kind of dangerous stereotypes that this perpetuates about their community.
And you know what if selfcest is your thing then fine but don’t be upset just because antis to this ship exist. Like we are well within our rights to feel uncomfortable lmao you can’t force a fetish on us by saying things like “selfcest isn’t real, also Loki fucked a horse” because a) just because it isn’t real doesn’t mean it has any less potential to make people uncomfortable, b) Loki was essentially assaulted by the horse - see the notes - c) it’s been well established that Norse Loki is not the same as MCU Loki, and d) stop using the horse story to deflect from the actual question. This is not AO3 where I can filter out the Lokicest tag and just go on with my day, this is an actual fucking show that many people paid for. A lot of people were uncomfortable with it and did not see it coming and I’m sure they don’t like the fact that they paid $7.99 a month just to get this in return.
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The show stans are saying that Loki deserved to be treated like garbage by Mobius/Sylvie because he did bad things in the past but when Loki was shitty the narrative portrayed him as one. He had the role of a villain and we were not supposed to side with him while Mobius and Sylvie are portrayed as heroes whose actions are always right also abuse is abuse even if a victim is not a 100% good person. Their treatment of him was not out of self-defense, they are just shitty.
They want to talk actions and consequences? Alright, let's play.
Loki tries to commit genocide on Jotunheim: framed as bad, he's stopped, the end result is him letting go of the Bifrost and dying.
Loki invades NYC: His time with Thanos was clearly terrible, there are scenes that imply some form of mental manipulation, Marvel later confirms he had been influenced by the Mind Stone, he's still defeated, treated as a villain, handcuffed and taken to Asgard for trial where he's imprisoned.
In IW his time with Thanos catches up with him, in order to save his brother's life he sacrifices his own and gets himself killed when he could have easily escaped with the Tesseract and saved himself.
Mobius spends an unknown period of time pruning people and entire realities as he works willingly for a fascist organization that prides itself in controlling the fate of every single being in existence. He only stands up against them when it gets personal for him and at no point during the series he shows any remorse for killing variants and destroying entire universes. He's never held responsible or accountable for anything, quite the opposite actually: the framing shows him as a good guy.
Sylvie spends an unknown period of time torching, kidnapping and murdering minutemen, enchanting them and innocent people as well to achieve her ends. Once she's captured by the TVA she's taken to a room where she's chilling (all the while Loki is being kicked, punched and humiliated repeatedly in a time loop). In the end she gets her revenge and is never held accountable or responsible for anything, quite the contrary: people blame Loki for the chaos in the multiverse and she's said to be a "feral cat" and a "badass female".
Abuse is abuse, you're definitely right. Why is it okay to physically assault someone if they're the bad guys? I thought the good guys don't do things like that, unless of course it's to a villain™ and the idea is to beat him into compliance so he becomes submissive. They're beating him and humiliating him to break him not to help him, and the fact that way too many people don't understand this quite simple fact is concerning.
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