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#but also tired

Bitte denk nicht, dass ich hier sarkastisch bin. Ich wollte es heute teilen, als ich verzweifelt nach Aufmerksamkeit gelechzt habe und weil ich mir wünsche, dass es mehr Menschen sehen. Es würde die derzeitige Energie zwischen uns wahrscheinlich nicht verändern, aber objektiv/aus einer künstlerischen Sichtweise betrachtet ist es wirklich schön.<3

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Check on your multi friends. With all these comebacks this month you need to make sure they are well rested and hydrated. Make sure they leave their house a little bit each day to get some sunlight (put on sunscreen pls). Because just like that post a saw we are pretty much house plants with anxiety

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I had to count money and call people. And I sold an erasable pen! V. serious business. I love it. This job found me and I’ll have a brand new thing to put on my resume. I often hang out in the office anyway, so I might as well be paid for that.

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I appreciate that you guys want to show me the crow teeth post 

But I already reblogged it..

Maybe actually looking at my blog would pretend that but meh. I’m not mad I just don’t want people to think I don’t look or notice them aaaaa

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