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#but at the end of the day
c0mmon-curtesy · 21 days ago
The new Citizen album is sooooo good. Edge of the World is my favorite track and an amazing way to end it.
Nicely done Citizen y’all did it again ❤️
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ozzo-the-wozzo · 24 days ago
For perspective on how long miraculous has been on the air: I got into this show (and the fandom) in middle school... now, i’m about to start college and there’s still no love square canon or reveal. There isn’t even reverse love square. Season 4 better deliver on something or I just might go insane
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dreiiton · 27 days ago
the knowing that i need to do this itty bitty quiz that won't affect my grade That much if i dont do it, but WILL hang over my head as a zero/regret regardless
the wanting to go back to coloring fish and just fcukin vibe
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summertimestyles · a month ago
coming out is personal. if it’s not a big deal to you, that’s great! if it is, that’s great! the way you want/did come out does not determine how/if someone else will. also, just because you did, doesn’t mean anyone else has to! you’re doing to them what you would absolutely hate for someone to do to you.
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soupmarb · a month ago
i don't trust people who hate mario. like do you really believe a man who talks about italian cuisine in his sleep, dresses up for parties, sang a silly cover of "That's Amore" and laughed at his own joke, and literally looks like this
Tumblr media
is capable of genocide and hates all his family and loved ones. he's like 2 feet tall and all he wants to do is relax fuck off
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x-ero-x · a month ago
You know what, I’m gonna say something, and some people aren’t gonna agree with me:
As a child abuse victim myself, I’m so glad that the show didn’t have BoJack forgive his mother, and I’m glad he was shown to be antagonistic towards her in her final moments.  It’s incredibly selfish of him, and I acknowledge that his behaviour was shitty, but at the end of the day, the way she treated him shaped who he was for the rest of his life, and he hates what he’s become.
As much power as he had to change his own circumstances, he was still a product of his youth--  as everybody is, and he wasn’t equipped with the tools to combat what he became.  It was refreshing to have a show feature a character that didn’t forgive their abuser.  Yes, he pitied her towards the end when he painted her that picture to allow her to return to her delusions, but that illustrates the good that resides in BoJack, not in forgiving somebody who was awful to him.
I personally love that BoJack was vindictive until the bitter end--  and then some, considering he smeared her at her funeral too.  As much as you could argue that it was needlessly cruel, the same can be said for the way she raised him, and I feel as if BoJack deserved that sliver of power over somebody that made his life miserable and set him up for failure.
I really wish he’d gotten that “Fuck you, mom.”  in.  She didn’t deserve his kindness.
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hauntedkniqht · a month ago
honestly the reason i’ve loved Joker for so many years is honestly pretty simple: he’s a great narrative device for batman and he has a really fun design
there’s details, good stories he’s been in, good character deep dives on him - but there’s plenty of really bad stories, and bad takes that i don’t like
but i will always love what the character can be and visually he’s just so fun to look at and draw 👌
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dxdx · a month ago
I was reading your theory about bts birth dates and I remembered that something similar happened with a girl group called Sistar. The half of them was lying about their real birth dates. So, those girls was like one year older Lol. Idk if the agency of the guys could do that but If I can put them another age would be like jk 1996/1998. V and Jimin 94 because they look a little bit older, jhope and rm 93, suga 92, jin 91. If you can change bts birth dates. wich ones do you think they have?
Hello dear anon! If bighit did indeed lie about ages I can only think of a different one for Jungkook and maybe Jin? Jungkook might be younger, I can picture 1998 as you said or maybe be actually 1997 but a different date (because of some situations where he "forgot" it was his birthday i.e. that one concert or him being congratulated in a plane and saying "but today is not my birthday". Now this could be perfectly only because of stress and because he's way too busy to remember his own birthday lol) and Jin I could see him being actually older and the company wanting to make him look younger because you know that they have this perspective of things where they think certain age is too old to debut or to be in a group. For the rest, again, in the hypothetical case the agency is lying, I think they would be the same age they have officially for the public to see.
Now, one thing I have to add, I can find the logic behind lying about their ages but I can't really find the point in the agencies leaving the same year but changing the birthday like???? for what 🤣. Also koreans take age very seriously because of their hierarchical society so lying about their age wouldn't bring troubles in how they treat other people that are outside their group and who don't know about their real age? Or maybe if faking ages is a common practice in the industry when meeting other idols they probably ask each other "hey, what's your real age" to adress each other properly behind the scenes, but idk, too much of a headache, I think it's insignificant in most cases.
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tetsusaki · a month ago
besties lemme give you some good advice,, don’t care about what anyone online has to say,, you’re never gonna meet them so who cares, post that shit post, tell people about the things you wouldn’t wanna tell your irls,, opinions online don’t matter anyway <3
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tiredmoonslut · a month ago
Yknow what I just realized? The last person Wanda was seen on-screen with prior to WV was Clint, who'd just returned from his years' worth of murdering people in grief. He committed atrocities, and at the end of it all? He got to have his family back.
It suddenly makes more sense that Wanda wouldn't have major qualms about influencing an entire town's worth of people to play into her happy ending fantasy. I mean, her mentor figure did far worse--and got off clean. He got his happiness back without anyone blinking, so why shouldn't she?
Idk just some food for thought
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mimicteruyo · 2 months ago
The good: my efforts to re-establish a writing routine have begun to bear fruit.
The bad: more like berries because I can stay focused on one idea for maybe 300 words at a time
the ugly: they’re probably rowan berries because wow those ideas sure are esoteric and useless
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comradekatara · 2 months ago
there’s a lot of thematic significance when it comes to the reveal of roku’s backstory as sozin’s childhood friend, but i think a facet of this history that feels particularly apt is the knowledge that roku clearly came from extreme wealth and was a high-ranking member of nobility. knowing kyoshi’s backstory from the novels—a homeless orphan who grew up in extreme poverty and was ostracized by the locals, then spent her teens working as a maid, then as a fugitive on the run with a gang of criminals, and even once she could fully assume her title of avatar, still doubted, belittled, and disrespected by the wealthy and powerful—it really highlights the disparity between not only their respective upbringings, but their respective successes in assuming the role of avatar. 
both avatars tell aang they must be decisive and do whatever it takes—and while they both tell him this from experience, kyoshi’s learned experience is from making the right call, whereas roku’s wisdom in hindsight comes from having made the wrong call. from what we have glimpsed of roku’s life in the show, every moment of it (up until the disastrous, volcanic end) appeared facile and comfortable; other than his gradual estrangement with sozin, roku’s avatarhood was one of extreme privilege, especially when contrasted with the avatars adjacent to him in the cycle. 
even though it is clear that roku was concerned with fulfilling his inherited duty as avatar, his inherited socioeconomic position hindered him from making necessary calls, sparing the life of a power-hungry warlord who made his imperialist intentions pretty fucking evident, due to his own personal interest in their shared history. the implication here is that the rich and powerful will not protect you, and they ultimately make bad calls to serve their own interests. this thematic undercurrent to roku’s legacy further reinforces why it was so crucial that aang, whose people and culture was violently wiped out by the same imperialist system roku was born into, was the only one truly capable of fixing the mess roku left behind. 
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