#but carina kind of teasing maya and their smiles and how they look at each other still give me life
lacallemojada · 2 months ago
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You cramming for a pop quiz? Uh, brushing up on protocols just in case. Just in case Chief Ross suddenly asks you about... "universal precautions which shall be observed to prevent contact with blood and other bodily fluids"?
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Do you remember grey's softball episode?
How about a prompt where station 19 and grey sloan have a match? And everyone gets amazed by mayas speed and calls it cheating meanwhile carina is on proud wife mode (even tho they play against each other) and maybe she distracts maya to win.
Or maybe SFD sofball games. With Emmet involved. (If you do both I might die from happiness)
Kryptonite - Marina
Okay so I don't want you to die of happiness because I can't have that on my conscious but I think I managed to do something that you'll be pleased with. I genuinely loved this prompt so much and had the best time writing it, I hope you love it as much as I do. Also thank you to @jacquiebethelina44 for answering my baseball question, this sport is so confusing. Thank you so much for the prompt...enjoy...
"I don't get why you're not coming today" Vic glared at Emmett who said on the couch in her and Travis's living room, lazily sipping his morning coffee as she and Travis got ready to leave. They were due to meet Maya and the other's at the pitch in less than an hour for warm-ups and Vic couldn't help but feel envious of her friend's complete lack of obligation or plans for his Saturday afternoon "Don't you want to come to cheer on your boyfriend and your friends?"
"I would like to yes" Emmett nodded, sending an amused glance towards his boyfriend who could only blush under his gaze, they may have been dating for months now but Travis still got butterflies every time Emmett so much as looked at him "but Bailey said if I go and cheer for the station that she'll fire me and Trav said if I go and cheer for the hospital then he'll dump me and because I like being employed and having a boyfriend, I thought it was safer to stay here"
"That is such a cop-out" Vic objected, waiting for him to place his mug of coffee down on the table before picking up a pillow and throwing at him "Can't you just come and sit on the sidelines, I need someone to keep me company when Maya keeps me on the bench"
"She's not going to keep you on the bench for the whole game" Travis sighed and Vic fixed him with a glare, all three of them knew he was simply trying to make her feel better "Okay, she probably is. You are really bad at softball"
"I know!" Vic exclaimed, having never been one to excel at sporting activities "I'm going to be bored out of my mind, Theo's at work and I was really hoping I could chill with your boyfriend while mine was busy"
"I mean you can always hang out with me at Joe's tonight" Emmett shrugged, tossing the pillow she'd thrown at him back to Vic and laughing when she failed miserably at catching it despite having readied herself to do so "I'll buy a round of drinks or you guys, soften the blow of losing"
"Why are you certain we're going to lose?" Travis asked, folding his arms across his chest. Emmett was usually such a supportive person but ever since he'd heard that the station was going to play against Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in a game of softball, he'd been very vocal in the fact he thought the station would lose "We've been training for weeks, Andy and Sullivan play softball for fun like every week and we have an Olympic gold medalist on our team. We can't lose"
"You can and you will" Emmett replied simply, enjoying teasing Travis and Vic far more than he was willing to admit.
"This is probably a part of Bailey's plan" Vic gasped, pointing her finger accusingly at Emmett "He's probably been telling her our game plan and this is just him psyching you and me out. He's a double agent"
"I'm not but thank you for thinking that I could actually pull that off" Emmett laughed "You guys have a good team. a great team even but the hospital has its advantages too"
"Like what?" Travis demanded with raised eyebrows, he'd not felt this competitive since his wrestling matches in high school and knew that if he let it drive him for the rest of the day then he'd definitely be making Maya proud.
- - -
"Well for starters, they have these two ortho doctors who are taking it more seriously than anyone because they are massive baseball nerds" Emmett began, a playful smile playing on his lips "And they have Carina"
"So? Is she like a champion softball player of something?"
"More like a secret weapon, you know she's Maya's kryptonite"
"It is very sexy to see you bossing everyone around" Carina commented, wrapping her arms around Maya from behind while the members of her wife's team did laps around the pitch. Maya practically melted into the hug, having not even noticed the other woman arrive at the pitch "I feel like maybe I should let you tell me how to warm up as well, make sure I'm ready for the game"
"I think what we did this morning could definitely be considered enough exercise to warm you up" Maya smirked devilishly before turning around to kiss Carina passionately. Something about the anticipation of today's game had Maya feeling giddy and although she knew her competitive side was going to kick in soon enough, she couldn't help but enjoy the fact that she was getting to spend the day with her wife and people that they both considered friends. It was going to be a great day "Are you ready to lose today?"
"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Carina asked, a playful smile on her face as she leaned in to kiss Maya again. The other woman's giddiness was positively infectious.
"No, because there is absolutely no way my team is going to lose" Maya replied confidently, having spent the past few weeks enjoying the way that her team was as amped up about the game as she was. Originally, Maya had been worried about letting the beast out, but all of them had surprised her by doing the exact same, making her even prouder to captain them.
"You're very hot when you're being cocky" Carina commented, kissing Maya yet again. The softball game had been the cause of a lot of teasing between the couple, just like it had been for Ben and Bailey both of whom were taking it extremely seriously, and Carina had enjoyed each and every second of it. She was almost going to be sad when the whole thing was over in a matter of hours.
"DeLuca!" Bailey's voice caused them both to jump slightly once they'd broken apart, too caught up in one another to even have noticed her approaching "Can I ask that you please stop fraternizing with the enemy? Webber wants to give out team a speech"
"I'm the enemy now?" Maya asked, with her eyebrows raised at Bailey and a playful smile dancing on her lips. She'd been nervous when she'd heard that Bailey was going to captain the other team considering how intimidating the other woman was but luckily for her, it was Ben who'd faced the brunt of his wife's competitive trash talking.
"Bishop, you and my husband and the rest of your team have been the enemy ever since we set a date for this game" Bailey replied, her eyes darting between Maya's team who were still warming up, and her own teammates who were waiting rather impatiently for her and Carina so Webber could begin his speech "Come on DeLuca, let's get this show on the road"
"Good luck" Maya called as she watched her wife practically being dragged away by her boss, unable to help herself from teasing them further "You're going to need it"
- - -
"Carina, I hope you don't take it the wrong way when I say this" Nico began as he watched Maya slide her way onto the home base yet again from where he and Carina stood on the outer section of the field "But I kind of hate your wife right now"
"I thought you would" Carina couldn't help but laugh as she took off her glove knowing that with Vic being the one stepping up to pitch that there would be no need for her and Nico to be ready to catch it. Vic probably wouldn't even hit the ball in the first place, let alone hit it far enough that Nico or Carina would be needed. "Link told me that you get competitive"
"She has to be cheating, there is no way she's this good at softball" Nico mumbled and Carina couldn't help but swat him for his words. She wouldn't have anyone ever accuse Maya of cheating and Nico quickly relented "Okay maybe she is this good at softball but she definitely put a lot more hours in than the rest of us, they didn't have surgeries to do or board exams to cram for like half of our team"
"No they just had fires to put out and people to save" Carina shrugged, her eyes shining with pride despite her rather bothered tone. She knew that she was probably driving Nico mad but she couldn't help but take the opportunity to brag about her wife's awesomeness.
"Okay, okay, you're wife is a badass I get it" Nico held his hands up in surrender knowing that there was no way that he was going to get Carina to trash talk the other team with her if he kept going after her wife. Carina would be stepping up to pitch soon enough and Nico had been ordered by Bailey to make sure the other woman had her fighting spirit about her.
"I know she is" Carina agreed, amused that Nico even though it was something that was up for debate or discussion "Maybe she could teach Levi a few things? Under Maya's training, he might actually be able to hit the ball next time"
"I mean, he probably wouldn't" Nico laughed, knowing that Levi would always be a little bitter about the fact that Bailey had forced him to partake in the game. Sports was simply not his thing. "You should be saving this trashing talking for the other team though, we do want to win don't we?"
"Well, I win either way Caro Mio" Carina smiled sweetly thinking of the bet that she had made with Maya just that morning as they lay naked in bed with their chests rising and falling in the same breathless rhythm "If we win it will be great but if we lose, I still get to be the proud wife of a winner and personally I think being a trophy wife could be fun"
"You're crazy" Nico laughed, shaking his head slightly "You really are proud of her aren't you?"
"Every single day"
- - -
"Batter up" Link called loudly, smiling mischievously to himself as Maya took her position. The game was just one run off being finished and with the scores surprisingly level, it all came down to this and Link wasn't planning on making It easy for Maya.
"You got this Maya!" Andy called loudly before Link threw the ball in Maya's direction, guilt immediately filling her when her friend missed it because she'd been too distracted by her friend cheering for her "Sorry!"
"Maybe you should refrain from yelling right now" Dean suggested, shaking his head as Maya glared at Andy and Link sent her an enthusiastic thumbs up "We'll be running drills forever if we lose"
"I wouldn't be too mad about it" Jack shrugged from his place beside Dean, he was sweaty, dirty and his hair was a mess but he couldn't care less. Today had been some of the most fun he'd had in ages and he was looking forward to letting the fun continue.
"You're only saying that because after getting Jo's number, nothing is ever gonna bring you down" Dean rolled his eyes before focusing back on the game only to see Maya strikeout for the second time as the piecing shriek of someone's child distracted her. It was not looking good.
"Sorry" Link apologized as he and Maya got ready for him to pitch again, his eyes watching as Amelia removed herself and Scout from the bleachers where they'd spent the day cheering him and their friends on so that she could sort him out "That cry means my son's diaper needs to be changed"
"Your son has pretty good timing" Maya laughed, having enjoyed enough double dates with Amelia and Link to be friendly enough with him "C'mon Atticus let's make this one count okay? I'd like to be drinking ice cold beers already"
"You got it Maya" Link replied, mustering all the strength he could as he threw the ball, and gasping in shock as Maya hit it almost effortlessly. His shoulders slumped in defeat as Maya began to round the bases, after the way she'd played all day Link knew she'd be back to home base before anyone could oust her.
"Ow, fuck" Maya paused just before reaching the third base as her wife's cry of pain rang through her ears louder than the encouraging yells of her team and the supporters in the bleacher. Maya quickly darted off the track and to the outer section of the field where Carina stood letting Nico inspect her hand, not even thinking about the game that was still in motion.
"What happened? Are you okay? Do you need the first aid kit?" Maya began firing questions at Carina who only stared at her in clear shock as if her wife was crazy for forgetting about the game to check on her.
"I got stung by a bee, it's fine, I'll be fine" Carina reassured her quickly, watching as Levi gently passed the ball to Bailey who readied herself to launch it towards Nico so he could tap Maya out. "What are you doing? You're going to lose the game"
"The game doesn't matter as much as you do" Maya shook her head, already having accepted the defeat as the sight of Nico catching the ball caused the shouts of her team to intensity as they told her to get her back into the game. Nico at least had the decency to wait for her to finish her sentence and she smiled at him sweetly "Think you could let my wife have the honor of putting me out?"
"Of course" Nico nodded, handing the ball to Carina who only smiled apologetically as she tapped the ball against Maya's arm and sealing the win for the hospital's team.
"Congratulations babe, you just won the game" Maya smiled before leaning in and kissing Carina passionately as cheers of surprise and triumph erupted from the hospital's team and their supporters. "Now let's go treat that bee sting, okay?"
- - -
"What are you doing here?" Travis smiled seeing Emmett approach him and Vic as they stacked away the rest of the gear while the other's mingled with their friends "I thought you couldn't come"
"I couldn't come and cheer for anyone" Emmett corrected with a smile after kissing Travis "So I just sat in the back of the bleachers and didn't cheer once, remained completely neutral even when Vic surprised everyone by actually hitting the ball"
"Maya said she was proud of me" Vic grinned "She promised to buy me a drink when we get to Joe's to congratulate me"
"We're all very proud of you Vic" Travis shook his head in amusement before turning his attention back to Emmett "Are you glad you came?"
"Absolutely and not just because you in this uniform is an insanely attractive sight" Emmett admitted, gesturing to the custom Station 19 team shirts that they'd had made specifically for the game "But also because I got to see myself be proved right..."
"About what?" Vic asked, cocking her head to the sight in confusion. Her exhaustion, and the fact she and Ben had been sharing a flask of vodka for most of the day, contributing to her having forgotten their conversation from that morning. Travis only groaned as the realization hit him, he always hated when Emmett was right.
"I don't want to say I told you so" Emmett began faking humility as he glanced over towards where Maya and Carina stood, both of them grinning so widely that one would have thought they'd both been on the winning team "But I did call it that the hospital would win and that Caria would be Maya's kryptonite, she always is and always will be"
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Tremmett & “You come here often?” “Well considering I work here, yes.”
“You come here often?” “Well considering I work here, yes.”
a/n: i was a bit unsure of this prompt at first but i actually really like how this turned out! :)
"I want to do all the things we didn't do the first time around."
"What do you mean?" Emmett looked up at Travis curiously. It was a few days after Maya and Carina's wedding, and they were having a well needed conversation to clarify the feelings they had for each other.
"I feel like we got thrown straight in the deep end with all our problems at the time and ended up skipping all the fun steps when you first start dating. I mean, I never got to take you out on a romantic first date, or have deep late night conversations together."
Emmett smiled as he thought about going out on a date with Travis. As much as he had tried to convince himself he was over Travis, he realised that a day never went by that he didn't think of Travis. Whenever he saw him at the station, he couldn't help but admire his smile, his toned body, and how amazing he looked in his uniform. It was too difficult to be "just friends" with someone as kind, funny, and caring as Travis.
"That's true, I didn't even realise that. It all felt so fast the first time, I guess it was the wrong timing for both of us."
Travis smiled and looked at Emmett with a sincerity in his eyes, "I want to make it right this time. I want to prove to you that I'm all in."
"Let's have a fresh start to this then. First dates, everything," Emmett replied, still in a bit of shock that Travis truly wanted to be with him.
"I'd love that," Travis admitted.
Emmett thought for a second and asked him, "What time do you finish your shift tomorrow?"
"Around 5pm, why?"
"Ok, when you finish work wait outside the station, near the benches."
Travis looked at him curiously. "Why?"
"You'll have to wait and see," Emmett said with a wink.
Travis changed out of his uniform and walked out of the station, looking around to see if Emmett was there. He had spent the whole day wondering what Emmett had in mind but was adamant about not telling him, barely able to focus on anything else - which Vic spent the whole day teasing him about.
He sat on one of the benches for a few minutes, until he heard a voice from behind him, "You come here often?" He turned around to see Emmett with a playful smile on his face.
"Well considering I work here, yes," he answered, playing along.
A huge grin formed on Emmett's lips as he sat down beside Travis. "Can I take you out on a date tonight? I know this cute Italian restaurant nearby and I'd love to take you there,"
"Oh yeah? I'd like that, actually," Travis said, feeling butterflies in his stomach with the excitement of finally going on a date with Emmett. Since Michael, he had found it difficult to fully share himself with another person, but when he looked into Emmett's gorgeous blue eyes, it felt right. He finally felt ready to move forward, and that made him feel really happy.
"I'll see you tonight at 8 then," Emmett smiled.
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Karaoke night
“Will they make it?” Maya asked concerned.
“They have very severe burns and all the smoke inhalation isn't helping, but you guys arrived just in time, so it hasn't compromised anything irreversibly.” Bailey said “We can't make promises but I'm positive about it”.
“I really hope you're right” Maya added, letting out a slow breath she didn't know she was holding.
“Luckily for you, I usually am!” Bailey exclaimed, raising her eyebrows in satisfaction, trying to lighten the mood  “Go home Bishop, if there's any significant update, I'll let you know”.
“Thank you Bailey”. She said, checking the time and seeing her shift was due to be over like an hour ago, so she opted for heading home.
She had tough calls almost every week, but some of them hit her harder than the others, and this one was one of them: they had arrived at the scene when it was already a three-alarm fire, because they couldn't put out the fire as it seemed to be originated by something that kept on igniting it every time they tried to use water or normal extinguishers. The problem was that when 23 arrived there first, their captain thought the fire started because of a short-circuit, which wasn't completely wrong, but what they hadn't noticed was that there was something more. They kept on using CO2 extinguishers, but that didn't seem to work. When 19 arrived, the situation was insanely bad: they still hadn't been able to rescue the couple inside of the house and nothing had improved. When Maya checked the structure, she noticed a slightly detached garage, which was linked to the building through a dangerous roofing containing asbestos but hadn't  been checked: the fire kept on reigniting because it was a metal involving fire, and that's why both water and CO2 were useless. Luckily, they had the right equipment to contain the situation, due to a training course they had done previously that week: while she contacted the specialized team for these kind of fires, they were able to put it out after a while, and she had to go in to help find the couple. When they found them, they were unconscious, but they still had a pulse: it was weak, but it was there. What moved Maya so much was how they had found them: they were two women, full of sooth and dust, one of them trying to cover with her body the other, trying to prevent her from inhaling too much smoke. They had rings on their hands, the same one, so they were probably a couple: obviously, it wasn't the first time she had to save a family, but that view made her think of Carina, her family. At the only thought of losing her, she felt sick, she couldn't breathe, but she had to focus back on the present, to be able to actively help. As soon as she was out, she jumped on the aid car and, while heading towards the hospital, using the update of her probably being late at home as an excuse, she called Carina, who had a day-off, just to hear her voice and let it soothes her.
While she was driving home, she replayed that image in her head, over and over again, and she felt her chest tighten, as if the car was closing in on her. Before stepping inside, she shook her thoughts away and took the keys. As soon as she opened the door, she was welcomed by the warmest smile she had ever seen.
“Ciao Bella! I missed you” Carina said, coming over towards the blonde, who didn't even bother to say anything, just going straight for a lingering kiss.
“I missed you too. A lot.” Maya finally added, looking the Italian in the eyes, before pulling her in a  tight hug.
“How was your day?” Carina asked, noticing that something was probably off, but willing to give Maya the time she needed to talk about it.
“It was tough, actually pretty tough” she replied, exhausted “but I'm finally here with you and that's all that matters right now”, she added, caressing Carina's face, kissing her softly.
“Yeah, I'm always here with you bella!” Carina stated, trying to reassure Maya, who still seemed a little off “if you want, we can call Andy and Vic and put off the party, so that you can relax”.
At those words, Maya's eyes went wide: how was it possible that she had forgotten about it?
“Mmm, it looks like someone forgot about the party here” Carina chuckled against Maya's lips.
“Yep, I know, I know. I'm hopeless.” the blonde said, smiling a little “Anyway, no, I don't want to postpone it. I think it will be fun. I only need to take a shower and I'm ready”
“Take your time, bella. Vic and Andy will be here in an hour.” the Italian explained
“Sooooo... that means you could join me?” Maya asked, not as flirty as usual, just needing to have her girlfriend close.
“Mmm, let me think...” Carina faked doubting her answer “As the snacks and everything are already set up, I think I can make the effort to join you” she added jokingly.
“Glad to know spending time with me is an effort, Dr. De Luca, how kind of you to let me know it!” she exclaimed, trying to sound offended.
“Well, that's the only effort I'm never gonna complain about, Captain Bishop.” she reiterated, in order to keep the mood light and easy, wishing to cheer Maya up a little.
“Mmm, that's a pretty good point, I have to admit” the blonde grinned softly, wrapping her arm around the Italian's waist, heading to the bathroom.
While they were showering, they were standing under the hot water, next to each other, Carina gently stroking Maya's hair, “Promise me” the blonde said, out of the blue “that you won't leave me”.
It caught the Italian off guard, but she immediately replied “Of course, I promise bella. Why would you think so?” she whispered, turning Maya's face towards her so that they were facing each other.
“The call, today... I couldn't help but think about you: that couple, their lives turned upside down in the blink of an eye... I can't lose you” her voice cracked.
“And you won't bambina, ever “ Carina knew she couldn't make promises, because life is unpredictable, but she felt the urge to reassure Maya and she truly believed her own words “Come here”.
They stood there, hugging each other until Maya's breath started slowing down. When they got out of the shower, hands still intertwined, they quickly got ready and within 15 minutes, the doorbell rang. “Hi Andy! Hi Vic! Hi...ehm...Michelle? Did I get it right?” Carina greeted warmly.
“Yeah, you're right!” Michelle smiled back “thanks for having me over without warning.” she added, looking around, trying to spot where Maya was.
Andy noticed her and gave her a look, before walking towards Carina and asking if her friend was okay, receiving a slight nod from the Italian.
A few seconds later, Maya walked into the living room, going straight to where Carina was standing, near the sofa, pressing a kiss on her cheek, looking at her with heart eyes.
“Oh C'mon guys, you're too cheesy. I can't with you two” Vic shouted, making everyone laugh.
“Shut up Hughes, or I'll kick your ass at the karaoke contest later, and also you don't want to be on toilet duty for next week, do you?” the blonde reiterated, raising her eyebrows.
“See?” Vic said raising her hands, looking at Carina “she is like that with EVERYONE.  She's an aggressive pitbull with us, then with you... it turns out she's a little puppy. What kind of black magic is this???” the younger firefighter added teasingly “And anyway, that's abuse of power, Cap.”
Carina couldn't help but laugh and so did Maya, even though she didn't wait to tease back “Good call Hughes. Two weeks on toilet duty, you're welcome.” she stated, getting a groan as a response.
“Ok, something is telling me that it's going to be a loooong night” Andy said, walking towards the table “Can we eat something, I'm starving!” she continued, picking up some bags she had brought with drinks and homemade tacos.
“These tacos smell soo good” Carina stated, helping Andy to serve the food, while Vic and Maya were setting up the TV, the audio and the sofa for the contest.
“Michelle prepared them, it's my tía's special recipe” she explained, inviting Michelle to join them.
“Oh thank you” You didn't have to!” Carina said “I'm sure they taste amazing.”
“I really hope so” Michelle shyly smiled “So...you are an OB/GYN at Grey Sloan?” she asked, out of curiosity.
“Yep, I've been working there for three years now.” Carina replied “It's an amazing job: every life is worth every problem you may run into, all the cryings and the misunderstandings” she continued, thinking about Teddy's child, Amelia's and all the other babies she was able to bring into this world. “What about you?” she asked back.
“Well, I'm a bit of a mess right now” she chuckled “at first, when Andy joined the academy, I wanted to do the same, especially when I heard about some friends of hers who were really hot, but I gave up before even sending my application, I wasn't cut out for the job.” she admitted “So I started dancing again and now I'm giving salsa classes for little kids, but it doesn't pay off for the effort. Kids are exhausting!”.
“I see your point, they are often hyperactive!” the Italian added “but I love dancing! A friend of mine has a school and I know she's looking for staff, if you want, I can talk to her about you!” she offered kindly, not catching the hint about the “hot friends” which actually was only about Maya.
“Are you serious??” she almost shouted “That would be amazing!!”
“Yes, I am!” she laughed “I'll talk to her tomorrow and let you know!”.
“Thank you Carina, you made my day.” Michelle stated, a wide grin on her face.
“What's all this euphoria about?” Andy asked, pretty confused.
“Carina just told me that her friend is looking for qualified staff for her dance school, and it may mean no more crying kids” she answered, still a bit shocked.
“Oh and no more me hearing about your complains! That would be revolutionary” she joked “This needs a cheer”.
“What needs a cheer?” Maya and Vic asked together, walking towards the kitchen.
“Your girlfriend is an angel” Andy declared “and I'm starting to think she has magic powers for real.”
“I told you!! She's from an outer world” Vic added vehemently, getting looks from Maya and Andy “Ok, that sounded a little bit too aggressive but you got the point! Anyway, I'm up for the cheer!”.
“So am I, even though I'm slightly confused” Maya admitted, walking to Carina and wrapping her arm around her “but I know your special powers so, I've no doubts it's well deserved” she whispered, making Carina blush and turn towards her.
“I love you” she whispered back, leaving a kiss on Maya's lips, as if they were alone in their bubble, but that didn't last for too long.
“Nope, not again under my salad.” Vic stated, pulling Maya away towards the couch “We have to play, but if you're in this mode we won't even start”.
“Just... out of curiosity: which mode are you talking about?” Maya furrowed her eyebrow.
“Are you seriously asking me that? You only have two: the “Bad bitch” mode or “the simp” one. I guess you'll figure it out on you're own which one I was talking about”.
“You're risking a lot tonight Hughes” Andy chuckled, knowing her friend.
“I'm speaking facts and you know that Herrera” Vic said, matter of fact.
After having some food and a few drinks so that everyone was a little tipsy, but still almost sober, they got settled in the couch and Vic explained the rules.
“So, the game works like this: Andy will be the judge and she will pick the songs. As soon as one of us knows the title, we have to get up and the first one who does it must say the title, the singers and sing a little part of it. One point only if we get everything right. Is everything clear?” She demanded.
“Yep, but... what are the teams?” Maya asked, looking at the younger firefighter but stroking Carina's hand who was sitting next to her.
“Oh yes, I had forgotten. Carina and I will be together, so Maya and Michelle, you two make the other team.”  Vic added.
“Wait, what? Why?” Maya groaned disappointed, causing Carina to laugh.
“Because we need you active and present, and if you're in the same team as Carina, you won't definitely be that.” Andy teased.
“Fine” Maya mumbled “Michelle: we have to win!”
“You bet!” Michelle immediately replied, squeezing the blonde's arm with no reason, causing Carina to crinkle her nose.
“You ready? 3...2...1...”
Music playing (Blank Space)
As soon as the first words were sang, Maya stood up and shouted “Me, me, I know it.”
“Ok, title and singer. Then you have to sing a part which is not the refrain”. Andy stated.
“Blank Space, by Taylor Swift.” she answered fiercely and then started to sing as a teenager driving in her car in the middle of the night “And I know you heard about me, So hey, let's be friends I'm dying to see how this one ends, Grab your passport and my hand...”
“Ok, ok, I got it, you know the song!” Andy laughed at her friend's enthusiasm, glad she was feeling better.
“Sorry, I got carried away” Maya admitted, turning to look at Carina, who was there, looking back at her with a loving smile.
“Ok, 1-0 for Maya and Michelle.” Andy remarked, making Vic groan. “Let's go with another one...”
Music playing (I like it)
Within a second, Michelle got up and started moving around “No me esperaba un golpe tan bajo prima” she said, starting to sing along with the song which she was weirdly used to listening to every time she broke up “I like it by Cardi B”
“That's not fair, what's all this camaraderie?” Vic mumbled “ you're the judge!!”
“I just wanted to piss you off a little” Andy chuckled “Anyway, 2-0 for Maya and Michelle”.
“Carina, we can't let them win!! I want you to be the most competitive you've ever been in your life!” Vic said, almost commanding it.
“Yes, I promise we'll win! I'm ready to kick asses” Carina stated, causing Maya to laugh a little.
“Here we go with the third one...” Andy said.
Music playing (she looks so perfect)
On the first note, Carina jumped off the couch “ It's She looks so perfect by 5SOS”, and she continued, screaming to the top of her lungs from the very first second until the refrain came “She looks so perfect standing there, In my American Apparel underwear, And I know now, that I’m so down, Your lipstick stain is a work of art, I’ve got your name tattooed in an arrow heart, And I know now, that I’m so doooooown”.
While singing, she got closer to Maya, feeling every word she was saying, causing the blonde to blush before she pulled her in for a soft kiss and a gentle stroking on her chin.
“Ok, ok, I'm not gonna complain because you got us the point but please come back to this world, cause we're still 2-1 for them, the judge is impartial and we need to win” Vic said, pulling Carina back towards her seat.
“Sorry, I got carried away too.” Carina admitted sheepishly, probably alcohol inhibiting all of her composure.
“Yep, you two should walk around with stones on your feet, you get carried away a little too often” the younger firefighter mumbled.
“Competitive Vic is quite a pain in the neck” Andy teased “not the normal one is something so different though”. Vic faked to get offended before Andy picked the fourth song.
Music playing (Chicago, All that jazz)
All of them were looking at each other confused, but Vic immediately got up and started dancing “Start the car, I know a whoopee spot, Where the gin is cold, But the piano's hot. It's just a noisy hall,Where there's a nightly brawl, And all that jaaaaaazz!”
“It's All that jazz from the musical Chicago by Catherine Zeta Jones” Vic shouted, out of breath “C'mon guys, you don't know it?????”
“I heard it but I didn't remember the title” Maya admitted “Anyway, how about the camaraderie now?? You're the only one which is into musical sooo...” she groaned.
“I guess now we're even.” Vic nonchalantly claimed.. “We can do it Carina!”
“You're unbelievable” Maya mumbled, before the fifth song started playing.
Music playing (Mirrors)
Before Michelle could get up, Carina was already singing, Vic already celebrating for the point while the Italian was once again getting closer to Maya, who this time was whispering the lyrics together with her girlfriend, not caring about the lost point.
“I don't wanna lose you now, I'm looking right at the other half of me, the vacancy that sat in my heart is a space that now you hold.” they both sang together, lightly swinging from side to side, with Maya's head buried in Carina's neck getting an “AWW” from Andy and the usual groan from Vic, who was secretly enjoying the scene which actually looked like a film.
“It's Mirrors by Justin Timberlake anyway”. Carina said, wanting to be correct.
After a few minutes, everyone got back in their seat, after deciding Andy should just opt for the shuffle play.
“3-2 for Carina and Vic now” Andy remarked. “Ready?”
Music playing (Numb)
Vic and Michelle gave each other a look, the song playing not really their genre and also Andy seemed pretty confused. Carina knew the song but was too worried checking in on Maya's reaction that she didn't even think about getting up to get the point.
Maya downplayed it very well, trying to keep the mood light so after saying that it was Numb, by Linking Park, she started singing as if she was at a concert. Nobody but Carina noticed the change in her eyes and with the excuse of having a little pause before continuing, she took Maya's hand and brought her to their bedroom.
“Hey bambina, are you okay? I know how much that song means for you...” Carina asked gently, caressing Maya's face.
“Yeah, I'm okay, it was just a moment, it hit me a little, but I'm okay, I promise” Maya admitted, looking down, searching for Carina's left hand.
Carina knew it was the song Maya used to listen to every day when she became aware of her father abusive behavior, she knew how much all the words showed how bad Maya was hurting and that even though she had come a long way, scars could easily start bleeding again.
“Come here” the Italian said, hugging the blonde as tight as she could, knowing that it would give her the comfort she needed.
“I love you so much” Maya said, pulling Carina in for another lingering kiss.
“I love you too”, she whispered back against her lips, before kissing her again.
Within few seconds, they were back in the living room, Vic giving Maya an annoyed look.
“What??” Maya asked.
“You're trying to bribe my teammate!!” Vic shouted, causing Maya to mumble.
“Maya, we need to win!! If we do, I promise I'll bring more tacos the next time!” Michelle said, taking Maya by the hand and pulling her towards her seat. Maya didn't even notice the little flirt, but Carina surely did and she didn't like it at all, but she didn't want to make a scene so she just started cursing the woman internally.
“Ok, 3-3...here we go” Andy reestablished the order.
Music playing (Born this way)
As it was hard to find a straight person in that house, they all got up but the very first one was paradoxically Vic, who even started dancing with the exact steps. “Born this way by the Queen of Queens, Lady Gaga” She shouted, in a very Travis' way, as she kept on singing it.
“What kind of joke is this?” Maya teased “You're the only straight person in here and you just stole our hymn!! That's not fair!!”.
“Take it up with Travis. This is the soundtrack to his workout sessions everyday, so I know every single note of this song” she admitted proudly “I think people could actually believe I'm Lady Gaga if it wasn't for the height difference” she joked.
“Oh yeah, because height is the only difference” Maya teased “Hughes, I love your naivete, it's so cute!” she added.
“Bishop, fuck you” Vic reiterated, throwing a cushion at her friend.
“Ok, it's getting serious now. 4-3 for Carina and Vic: these are the last two songs. Maya and Michelle, if you win this, there's the final battle”. Andy declared.
“We're ready” Maya replied, on the edge of the couch.
Music playing (Dura)
As soon as the music started playing, Vic understood it was some raeggeton music which she didn't know at all but Michelle undoubtedly would. In fact, within two seconds, the Latina got up, shouting “It's Dura, by Daddy Yankee” and started singing, probably a little too tipsy. “Cuando yo la vi, Dije, si esa mujer fuera para mí, Perdóname, te lo tenía que decir, 'Tás dura, dura”
While singing she got closer and closer to Maya, looking at her like she was addressing those words to her, but Maya didn't even seem to care or understand what was going on. In the meantime, Carina was watching the scene, trying hard to contain herself, before she heard Michelle whispering something in Spanish to Andy.
“Si no fuera que ella está con Carina, ya le habría pedido que tengamos una cita...esta tía esta demasiado buena. Deberías habérmela presentado antes prima: os conocéis desde la academia, no me lo puedo creer”.
Carina was pretty fluent in Spanish, so she understood everything: all she wanted to do was telling Michelle to stay the hell away from her girlfriend, but what she did instead was showing that Maya wasn't going anywhere.
While the music was still playing, she got up and sat on Maya's lap, starting to dance in a very flirty way: the blonde was now more than alert and she couldn't help but smile at the Italian, gently caressing her back and kissing her neck. If it wasn't for Vic again, they had (at least Maya) completely forgotten they weren't alone.
“What was that for?” Maya asked grinning to Carina.
“Nothing, just a little reminder” Carina smirked before kissing the blonde and then going back to her seat.
“This is the last song, I want you to be extremely concentrated” Andy stated in a serious tone.
“We got this” Vic said “We have to win” she added, talking to Carina.
“Yes, yes, yes!” Carina replied, sitting on the edge.
For this last song, Andy decided to take a little revenge on Maya: as she had won their last Taboo game, she wanted to give Carina and Vic a little help to get their last point and win the competition. She opted for an Italian song, but little did she know Maya had improved a lot...
Music playing (Anche fragile)
It was a fraction of second: Maya was already up, the lyrics hadn't even started but she had already said the title “It's an Italian song, it's Anche Fragile by Elisa”.
Andy and Vic were shocked, but not Carina, as it was her favorite song and she used to play it on repeat on their nights together, so she knew that Maya would have recognized it.
“Well, you have to sing it or you won't get the point” Andy declared, sure that her friend couldn't bring her self to speak a word of that “weird” language.
Carina chuckled knowing that Maya would have probably messed up all the words, but instead, she was caught off guard, as the blonde started singing it.
“Tienimi su quando sto per cadere, tu siediti qui parlami ancora se non ho parole, Io non te lo chiedo mai, ma portami al mare, a ballare...”  
Everyone's eyes were wide open at the unexpected event that had just happened and the Italian couldn't believe it either.
“Bella, you learned it!” she said, still a little moved from the gesture.
“Yes, I learned the whole song actually” she confessed, blushing a little.
“Thank you” Carina said grinning, pulling Maya in for a soft kiss.
“Ok Bishop, I must admit: you deserved it” Vic admitted, raising her hands “you practically sang a song in Italian, that was awesome! And it also shows how much of a simp you are!” Vic couldn't help but teasing.
“Shut up, Hughes” Maya shouted, throwing back at her the cushion from before.
“Oh crap, it's almost Midnight and I had said to Robert I would have been home by 23. I think we should go!” Andy said, picking up her stuff “Thank you girls, for everything, it was good fun and I really enjoyed it!” she added, heading towards the door.
“Yep, so did I, despite knowing that my Cap will put me on toilet duty only because I speak facts about how in love she is with her super hot Italian girlfriend” Vic teased again, getting a little smack from Maya “No, apart from joking, it was awesome! We have to do this again”.
“I'll think about it, very carefully” Maya teased back.
“Thank you for everything, really. Especially you Carina, about the work” Michelle said, making Carina to force a little smile “And thank you Maya, it was very nice getting to see you again” she added, caressing Maya's hand.
Before waving them goodbye, that's when Carina thought she should make things a little bit clearer: “Lo siento mucho, pero quería decirte que Maya ya tiene novia, así que deja tu alma en paz y empieza a buscar a otra chica. Sé que es muy guapa, pero también sé que es mi novia y quisiera que tu también no te olvidaras de eso. Entendido?” [I'm really sorry, but I wanted you to know that Maya has already a girlfriend. So, just give it up and start looking for someone else. I know she's hot, but I also know she's my girlfriend and I'd like that you didn't forget about it either. Got it?]
As those words let her mouth, Michelle's jaw dropped and completely embarrassed, she reached Andy who was waiting for her with Vic in the car.
When Carina closed the door, she turned around and she saw a very confused Maya staring at her: “So you know Spanish??” she asked.
“A little, I studied it at high-school and kept on practicing it with TV series” she explained.
“And why were you talking to Andy's cousin in Spanish” Maya asked again, still not figuring out what was going on.
“I just wanted to make things clearer and I thought it was the best way” she said, walking towards the blonde and wrapping her arms around her waist.
“And what did you need to get across that well that couldn't be said in English?” Maya chuckled, putting her arm around Carina's neck.
“Maya, you didn't notice, did you?” Carina wondered, laughing a little.
“Notice what?” Maya asked, now more confused than ever.
“She was flirting with you!! And I also heard her talking to Andy about you in Spanish, but unluckily to her, I understood everything”. She explained.
“Wait, really???” Maya couldn't believe it. She didn't acknowledged it at all, too busy admiring Carina.
“Yes, so I just wanted to let her know that she better stays away from you, if her intentions are flirting all the time!” Carina groaned jealously, making Maya laugh.
“Oh so, someone is jealous... it could be a good thing...” Maya smirked “anyway, you only preserved hr from putting effort in something she couldn't achieve. I'm madly in love with you and you only.” she continued, more softly.
“That's a good thing too.” Carina smiled brightly, resting her head on Maya's neck and pulling her closer to steal her one more kiss.
As soon as they pulled away from the kiss to catch some air, Maya whispered something that made Carina's heart skip a beat.
“E non nasconderti con le battute, non mi sconcentrare, Stiamo a vedere dove possiamo arrivare E ridiamo insieme che ridiamo sempre, sempre, sempre”
“I thought you only learned it by heart” Carina said, eyes getting watery but the will to smile much stronger than the one to cry.
“I learned it so that I could understand all the words and why it meant so much to you” Maya admitted, Carina's smile growing wider and wider.
“And I also wanted you to know another thing...” Maya added.
“Tell me” Carina replied, moved and curious at the same time.
“You know that line that goes “Senza tutta questa fretta mi ameresti davvero?” she asked, and after getting a light nod in approval, she went on “Well, the answer is yes, I'd love you even if the world would never come to an end, 'cause I'll never get tired of loving you.”
“Bella I-” Carina tried to speak, but her voice cracked a little “You're amazing. You're probably the best thing that has ever happened to me.” she added.
“Probably?” Maya asked, furrowing her eyebrows, trying to sound offended.
“Yes, because I know that what we can make together, our story, our love, will always get better, day by day. Us is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me” Carina explained, caressing the blonde's jaw.
“Mmm... you get away with it for tonight Dr. De Luca” Maya teased.
“Did I?” Carina teased back.
“Yeah, even though I think that, as it is midnight, we should start making the best of our next day from its very beginning” Maya smirked.
“Well, if you put it that way...” Carina grinned, pulling Maya towards their bedroom, knowing that she would always find the solution to every doubt and fear of hers in those deep blue eyes, that spoke nothing but unconditional love, which she was wholeheartedly willing to reciprocate.
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englishstrawbie · a year ago
Serendipity (12/?)
Fandom: Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy
Characters: Maya Bishop & Carina DeLuca
Summary: A chance meeting at a bar leads to these two idiots falling in love. Follows canon and fills in the gaps of their relationship that we didn’t get to see on screen.
Also @ AO3.
* * * * * * * * * *
Heartbeat Song
You, where the hell did you come from?
You're a different, different kind of fun
And I'm so used to feeling numb
Now, I got pins and needles on my tongue
Anticipating what's to come
Like a finger on a loaded gun
- Kelly Clarkson
Maya wakes a little after seven o’clock, just as the sun is rising and illuminating the room through the pale curtains. She opens her eyes slowly and waits for the fuzz in her mind to dissipate. She rolls her neck and stretches her back a little, but stops herself from moving too much so as not to wake her sleeping companion. She can feel Carina curled up behind her, her long, supple body spooned against her own, her arm slung across her waist and her breath warm on her neck as she breathes. It is a comfort that Maya has become accustomed to and she indulges in it for a while, closing her eyes and sinking deeper into the mattress.
She feels calm and rested, a far cry from her panic attack yesterday. Carina’s grounding technique had got her through the worst of it, helped by several messages from Andy during the rest of the day with updates from the scene – each one assuring her that, despite the treacherous conditions, the team were safe. They had finally got the fire under control late in the evening, at which point Maya had finally been able to relax, her panic replaced by guilt at being distracted from her vacation. If Carina was pissed about it, she didn’t show it. She had been as patient and gentle and kind as has been since the day they met.
Maya resolves that today will be different. Today, there will be no stress and no distractions, just the two of them and all that Palm Springs can offer.
Carina is in a deep slumber and Maya eventually becomes restless, her body used to daily exercise that her long swim in the pool yesterday didn’t quite achieve. She slips out of bed, careful not to wake Carina, and pulls on her running gear that, of course, made the trip with them. She scribbles a note on the complimentary hotel notepad, so that Carina doesn’t worry if she wakes up while she is gone, and heads out of the complex and onto the street outside.
She runs up and down the streets, past hotels and restaurants and museums. She keeps her head up, weaving in and out of the early morning strollers and commuters on their way to work. The air is cool at this time of the morning and she regrets only wearing a t-shirt, her arms tingling and her lungs burning. She is used to it though, thrives on it even, and it pushes her to run faster, her feet pounding the pavement.
She doesn’t run far, slowing her pace when she hits five miles. There is a small bakery two blocks from their hotel that Carina had noticed last night and Maya ducks inside, picking up pastries and coffee for breakfast, as well as sandwiches for lunch, before heading back to the hotel.
The bed is empty when she arrives, the doors to their balcony wide open and the curtains blowing in the breeze. Maya slides out of her running shoes and pulls her socks off with her toes, then pads softly across the room. She lingers at the curtains for a moment, letting the rising sun warm her face. Carina leans against the railings, wrapped up in a hotel robe, her long hair sweeping over one shoulder. Maya drops the coffees and food on the table, and sidles up quietly behind her, taking Carina by surprise when she slips her hands around her waist and presses her lips against her temple.
Carina smiles, a small, satisfied moan escaping from her lips.
“Good morning,” Maya says, resting her elbow on the railings and keeping her other arm wrapped around Carina’s waist.
“I missed waking up next to you this morning,” Carina purrs, leaning in and nudging her nose against Maya’s cheek.
“I was a little restless and I didn’t want to disturb you,” Maya says.
“Thinking about the fire?” Carina asks, with a worried frown.
“No,” Maya says with a small shake of her head. “I just… I wanted to clear my head so that all I have to think about today is you and our vacation.”
Carina smiles. “Well, next time you should wake me. I have some other ways of clearing your mind.”
Maya laughs at that. “I bought breakfast while I was out,” she says, nodding towards the table.
Carina looks over her shoulder, her face lighting up at seeing the coffee and pastries waiting for them. She places a soft kiss on Maya’s lips before skipping over the table and taking one of the coffees, settling herself on one of the sun loungers. Maya takes the other coffee cup and pastries. She sits at the end of the same sun lounger by Carina’s legs, tearing open the paper bag carrying the pastries and placing it between them.
The croissants are buttery and flaky, and fall apart easily.
“Hmm, bellissimo,” Carina says as she tucks in. “I’m going to need to do some lengths in the pool to make up for this.”
“Actually, I thought we might spend some time away from the pool today,” Maya says.
Carina raises her eyebrows curiously. “What did you have in mind?”
“There’s a short hiking trail about five miles from here, I thought we could check it out?”
It is posed as a question, but Carina can tell that she is keen to get out of the hotel. She knows that Maya can get stir crazy and doesn’t want to do anything that might bring on another panic attack.
“Of course. But only if I get to pick the afternoon activity.”
Maya wiggles her eyebrows suggestively, causing Carina to laugh. “I had something different in mind,” she says, “but I’m sure we can do some of that too.”
Maya grins and leans forward, one hand either side of Carina’s hips, kissing her briefly before Carina pushes her away playfully.
“You’re sweaty!”
“We could go and get sweaty together,” Maya suggests, tipping her head towards their room. She slips her hand under Carina’s robe and runs her hand up and down her calf.
“Hmm, tempting, but so are these pastries,” Carina teases.
Maya pretends to look offended. “You’re turning me down for coffee and croissants?”
“Si, but they’re really good croissants,” Carina says, laughing as she picks up a second pastry.
They finish breakfast, shower and get ready for their morning hike. Maya packs them each a backpack with water, lunch and sun screen, as well as all the essentials they’ll need.
Murray Canyon is a short taxi cab journey south. There are not many people around and they are grateful for the peace as they make their way along the trail path. The sun beats down on them as they walk and they don’t get much respite from the heat as they make their way through the open desert.
“It’s beautiful here,” Carina says, lifting her sun hat momentarily to look out across the barren land. Not much grows here because of the heat, but the rocky canyon provides a stunning backdrop. She turns and smiles at Maya. “I’m glad we did this.”
“Me too,” Maya says.
It is not long before they find some shade as they reach the mouth of the canyon. They have to watch their step as they descend down a rocky slope, reaching an oasis of palm trees that provides some welcome relief from the sun. They make their way through the canyon, navigating rocks and the creek beneath their feet, pausing every now and again to take photos on their cell phones. There is a little more life here in the shade, the canyon creek encouraging Californian fuchsias to grow, brightening the landscape with reds and oranges, contrasted by the bright yellow of desert sunflowers.  
They follow the path through the canyon, barely noticing the gradual incline. After a short scramble over a particularly rocky part of the trail which elevates their heart rates a little, they reach their destination – the Seven Sisters, a gentle waterfall over the canyon rocks. Carina perches on a rock by the edge of the pool, dropping her backpack beside her. She pulls off her boots and socks, and sinks her feet into the cool water.
“Hmm, heaven,” she murmurs. She leans back and watches the water cascade down the rocks, letting the water in the air cool her down.
Maya sits next to her. She can feel the heat on the back of her neck and pulls out her ponytail, letting her hair hang loose for a moment to cover her skin. Carina leans across and kisses her bare shoulder.
“Be careful, you’ll burn,” Carina warns, noticing her skin turning pink.
Maya rolls her eyes. “I know.” Carina has been teasing her about her inability to tan ever since they made plans to go away. “I can’t believe how quiet it is, I thought there would be more people here.”
“Sshh,” Carina hushes her. “You should never say the ‘q’ word, it’s tempting fate.”
Maya chuckles. “I’m so hot,” she says, taking off her baseball cap to waft air in her face, hoping to cool herself down.
“Yes, you are,” Carina teases.
Maya swats her gently. With a quick glance around them, Carina stands up and pulls off her t-shirt, then starts to unbutton her shorts.
“What are you doing? We’re on a public trail!” Maya says.
Stripping down to her underwear and tossing her watch on top of her bag, Carina steps into the pool and plunges into the shallow water, curling her legs underneath her until her shoulders are covered. The water is cold and immediately cools her body.
“Come in, it’s lovely!” she calls out to Maya, who is watching her incredulously from the rock.
“Come on!” Carina encourages her, splashing water towards her.
Maya stares at her, her heart beating a little faster in her chest, only it’s not because of the trail this time. It’s because of Carina and the way her eyes pierce straight through her to see her soul. No-one has ever looked at her like that – she has never let anyone even try before, but she realises now that she didn’t stand a chance the night she met Carina.
With a quick look around her to make sure they really are alone, Maya strips and walks into the pool, dipping her body into the cool water. It soothes her pink skin and she sighs contentedly.
“I told you,” Carina says with a smug grin.
She bobs over to Maya and hooks her feet around Maya’s ankles, pulling her body close and capturing her in a kiss. Maya reciprocates, slipping her hands around Carina’s waist and tugging her hips towards her own. Their kiss deepens, the flimsy underwear between them doing nothing to mask the heat that radiates from them both. It is only the sound of footsteps that breaks them apart.
They put some distance between themselves while they are in the company of strangers. Maya floats around, dropping her feet every now and again to explore the smooth stones on the bottom of the pool. Carina dunks her head under the water, emerging gracefully as she smooths her hair away from her face and Maya’s heartbeat quickens again. If it wasn’t for the fact that a few more hikers had joined them, she is pretty sure she would have launched herself at her girlfriend without another thought.
It is only when they are alone again that they climb out of the pool. At least Maya had the foresight to pack small towels in their backpacks and they dry themselves down, helped by the late-morning heat, and dress quickly before any more people come by.
As they walk back towards the trail, Carina holds out her hand. Maya accepts it, feeling a little corny but also revelling in the happiness that such a simple gesture brings her. They retrace their steps and follow the same path out of the canyon, stopping at the shaded picnic area near the entrance for lunch. They chat amicably with the other hikers they meet there and Maya’s interest is piqued when they talk about other hiking trails around Palm Springs, until she catches Carina’s eye and sees her shake her head solemnly.
They head back to the hotel and shower together, washing the sweat and sun cream from their bodies. Carina lets her hair dry in the heat, letting it curl naturally. As Maya dries her hair inside the hotel room, Carina disappears onto the balcony with her cell phone. Maya has no idea what she is plotting for the afternoon, but she is intrigued. When Maya steps out to greet her, she is on the phone and Maya quickly picks up that it is a work call.
“Si, thank you Doctor Malloy,” she says.
When she hangs up, she turns her head and greets her with a smile, her eyes sweeping over Maya’s face. “You look beautiful.”
The sun has caught her cheeks, tinting them pink, bringing colour to her otherwise pale skin.
“Thank you.” Maya nods towards Carina’s phone. “I thought you said no work calls while we’re on vacation.”
“Amelia has been having contractions today,” Carina explains. “They turned out to be Braxton Hicks.” She slides her phone into the back pocket of her jeans. “So all is well.”
“And Andrew?”
Carina hasn’t mentioned her younger brother since they arrived in California but Maya knows that he will not be far from her mind.
“I had a message from Meredith to say that he’s at the hospital trying to help find out what is wrong with Doctor Webber,” Carina says. “It sounds like he is okay.”
“That’s good. Are they making any progress with a diagnosis?”
Carina shakes her head. “No. They’ve ruled out a lot of things though.”
Maya can see the worry etched across Carina’s face and reaches out to squeeze her hand comfortingly. “I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon.”
“I hope so,” Carina says with a small, tense smile. “He’s always been very kind to me.” She shakes off her uneasiness with a shimmy of her shoulders. “Are you ready to go?”
“That depends. Are you ready to tell me where we’re going?”
“No,” Carina says with a glint in her eyes. She kisses her lips lightly. “Come on, let’s go!”
They walk a couple of blocks to a small wine bar on one of the side streets. The old-fashioned sign that hangs from the door reads ‘Lily’s Wines’. It is small, room for only eight tables, with people seated at half of them. The bar sits on the left at the back of the room. The wall on the right is home to row upon row of wine bottles, each one neatly lodged in a wooden rack, with a label hanging from its neck.
They are greeted by a gentleman that Maya places in his fifties.
“Good evening, ladies, my name is Tom,” he introduces himself and then points to a woman who is lining up wine glasses on the bar. “And that is my wife, Lily. She’ll be running the session this afternoon.”
They each introduce themselves, accepting Tom’s outstretched hand politely.
“Please, take a seat where you’d like. The tasting will start in about ten minutes, once the last of our guests are here.”
They take a seat towards the front of the bar, overlooking the street outside.
“Tasting?” Maya enquires, as she slides onto one of the tall stools.  
“Si. Wine tasting!” Carina says. “Apparently the best wines that California has to offer.”
Maya’s brow crinkles curiously. “But you always turn your nose up at Californian wines!”
Carina shrugs. “No-one makes wine like the Italians,” she gloats. “But perhaps Lily will surprise me.”
She picks up the tasting menu and studies it, while Maya studies her – the way her hair frames her face, how her brow crinkles in concentration and lips twist thoughtfully as she reads. There it is again, that quickened heartbeat in her chest as she realises how happy and content she feels in this moment – a feeling that has been reserved for moments of glory in the past: every time she crossed the finish line first in a race, her Olympic gold medal, graduating from the fire academy, making Captain. Except none of those moments come close to the way she feels when she is in Carina’s company.
Carina looks up at her. “What?” she asks, her eyebrows arching in amusement.
Maya’s cheeks flush at being caught staring at her. “Nothing.”
She is grateful when Tom appears at their table and places two rows of wine glasses between them. Lily follows suit and pours two wines into four glasses, both white, both Chardonnay – California’s most popular grape. Carina knows what she is doing, swirling the wine around her glass to release the aromas and inhaling deeply, recognising apple and pear and hints of vanilla.
Lily is a knowledgeable sommelier and talks to them about the vinification process. Carina asks questions and Maya starts to get an idea of what she was like in school – the studious type, always keen to learn, focussing on the details. It is what makes her a successful doctor, she realises.
They also try a Pinot Gris from the San Joaquin Valley, more acidic in taste and a darker, copper colour. A rosé follows, a sweet Zinfandel that Carina calls an “abomination to the tastebuds” under her breath which causes Maya to muffle a laugh.
The red wines come next, a dark smoky Pinot Noir and a rich fruity Cabernet Sauvignon. By their sixth tasting, Maya can feel her head start to spin and the heat in her body start to rise. The samples have been generous and lunch was several hours ago, and she has never been good at drinking on an empty stomach. Carina, on the other hand, seems unfazed and Maya finds herself leaning a little heavier on the table to compensate.
Their seventh and final tasting is a blended wine from a vineyard in Napa Valley. It is a 2016 vintage, an overwhelming aroma of black fruits with a hint of spice. It is smooth and easy to drink, and Carina immediately orders a bottle to take home.
“Carina!” Maya hisses when the check comes. “This is a $600 bottle of wine!”
“I guess Lily did impress me after all,” Carina says. She notices Maya’s red cheeks and rests a hand on her thigh. “Are you okay, bella?”
“I think…” Maya clears her throat. “I think I need food.”
Carina laughs. “I never knew my girlfriend was such a lightweight!”
Maya feels herself grow flustered and she’s not sure if it is because of the wine or because Carina called her ‘girlfriend’. Not that it’s new, she has thought of Carina as her girlfriend for a while now, but it is the first time that one of them has said it out loud.
Carina wears an amused grin as she leans forward and kisses her lightly. “Come, I saw a French restaurant on our way here.”
Maya is a little wobbly on her feet and hooks her arm through Carina’s for support as they bid a fond farewell to Tom and Lily, and make their way outside. It is early evening by now and the air is starting to cool, which Maya finds a welcome relief against her warm skin. She pauses a few steps from the bar, leaning back against a lamppost and letting out a deep sigh.
She tips her head and looks at Carina. “I’ve really enjoyed today.” She smiles sweetly. “With you,” she adds.
Carina steps towards her, closing the gap between them. “Well, the day isn’t over yet.”
Maya takes a sharp intake of breath as Carina presses her body up against her own and dips her head to embrace her in a deep, slow kiss. It is not just Maya’s heart that beats faster this time, it is like their chests are at war with each other. Carina’s hands slip around her waist and sneak underneath her top to find her soft skin. She digs her nails in and Maya’s back arches in response, her hips jutting forwards into Carina’s. Maya’s hands are in her hair, tangled in her thick dark curls and she moans happily.
“You know, this reminds me of our first kiss,” Maya says breathlessly when they break apart. “Remember?”
“Outside Little Roma, si,” Carina says. “You turned me down!”
“Well…” Maya says as she wraps her arms around Carina’s neck and lifts herself onto the balls of her feet, her lips craving another kiss, “…I won’t make that mistake again.”
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sashaysemison · 2 years ago
Hey hey! I couldn’t sleep so I decided to rewrite the scene where Carina and Maya first interacted at the bar from Carina’s POV. I made some slight changes but I absolutely adore the two of them together and would like to write more original content. Let me know what you think!
(PS, I’m truly yearning for this ship 🥺👉🏽👈🏽)
I was in love with Maya.
There was no question about it. I could feel her presence every time she walked into a room, and her smile was captivating. She took my breath away even with the slightest glance in my direction.
I wanted to know every part of her, but she always seemed so far out of reach. Maya was the kind that had this tough-girl aura about her, yet I could tell she was so much more than that. She was incredibly ambitious, that much was clear, and her leadership made her near oblivious to the world around her when she was saving lives. God how I wish I could express how desperately I wanted her to be mine with the same ease she has doing what she loves.
Maya and I have been acquaintances of sorts since I started working at Grey Sloan. We’d always been friendly in passing when she came in with calls, and have casual conversations while she waited around the hospital for her team. Yet our relationship was simple; I was a doctor, she was a firefighter. There was nothing complex about it. I would always just be a shadow lost in reality.
This changed on Saturday night.
I was sitting in a dive bar in the middle of the main strip of downtown Seattle, sipping my glass of wine slowly as I played back the stressful events of the day with tired eyes.
I looked up as the bells chimed when the door swung open, Maya gracefully striding into the tavern, a breeze of cool, spring air following closely behind.
“Whisky neat, please,” she spoke softly to the bartender. Her voice was sweeter than honey.
Bouncing on her toes while she waited for her drink, she spotted me sitting nearby.
“Bad day?” I asked.
“Something like that,” she said, taking a sip of liquor moments after.
“You’re a firefighter right? Aren’t you at Grey Sloan sometimes?” I pried. I knew exactly who she was, but I needed a conversation starter.
She nodded, taking another sip.
She looked effortlessly beautiful as always, but especially so out of uniform. Her long blonde hair was neatly pulled back into a low ponytail, perfectly accentuating the washed-out jeans and tee she was wearing.
Trying not to get too caught up in her, I asked if she wanted company.
Seemingly satisfied with this, she sat down next to me and we drank in silence for a while.
It was after she began to feel a slight buzz from the alcohol that Maya began to speak again.
“I wish more people understood that the work we do is exhausting,” was all she said, looking at me with the most deadpan expression.
I had to laugh. After all, she was right, and I felt more connected to her in a way I hadn’t been before. We were talking to each other as people, not colleagues, for the first time.
“Well, in my defence, I’m not the one fighting fires all day,” I replied.
“God, I can’t remember the last time there was a weekend when I wasn’t shouting orders a hundred miles a minute.” She sounded more defeated than I’d bet she’d like to admit. Her unwavering confidence was incredibly attractive.
“And I suppose you have better ways to spend the weekend, Bella?” I teased back. I was reaching far out to catch her interest.
“I’m sure I could show you a thing or two about getting hot and bothered that doesn’t involve running into a burning building.” Maya said. The sultry tone in her voice caught me off guard. This was the start of everything I’d wanted.
Mamma Mia, I thought, silently cursing. I bit my lip as I carefully looked her up and down, my head spinning out of control with the mere thought of her.
“Would you like to get out of here?”
I was trusting my heart on this one.
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herrera-n-hayes · 11 months ago
Based on this post by the lovely @artreider who was kind enough to let me write something about it. Thank you so much!...enjoy...
"This is so stupid" Mason muttered under his breath, raising his hand and knocking on the door of the apartment that he hoped still belonged to his sister. He'd never been to her apartment and had sworn to himself after the last time he saw her that he never would but things changed and now he wanted, needed, to see her.
Before Mason could even think about running away, the door was opened to reveal a slim brunette who despite her obvious confusion, smiled politely at him "Hey there, may I help you?"
"Uh, yeah" Mason nodded, feeling stupid for getting the wrong address. He'd not written it down anywhere when Ryan had told him all those months ago and regretted it more than ever as he shuffled awkwardly under the attention of the stranger "I think I have the wrong place, a Maya Bishop wouldn't happen to live around here would she?"
"Yes, she does" the woman nodded quickly, clearly growing more confused by Mason's presence and why he was tightly clutched his backpack as though he was terrified of someone stealing it from him "I'm her wife Carina DeLuca, she's not here at the moment but if there's something I can help with I will or you're free to wait inside with me? She'll be back soon"
"Wife? You're her wife?" Mason smiled, happiness bubbling in his stomach for his sister. He wasn't sure if Maya had ever gotten around to telling their parents that she was bisexual, hell he wasn't even sure if she was aware that he knew but he was so happy to hear that she was living proudly with a gorgeous wife. If Maya could make a life for herself like that, a life of commitment and love, surely he could too.
"Yes, and you are?"
"Oh sorry, I'm being rude. Mason Bishop" he stuck his hand out to Carina, hoping that he'd not just made a terrible first impression on her. Carina took his hand and shook it firmly as a million things ran through her mind "I'm her younger brother"
"I know, I've heard so much about you" Carina admitted, moving from the doorway "You should come in and wait, I just made a pot of coffee but we have tea or I can hot cocoa, We have water, obviously, and uh sodas-"
"Coffee would be nice" Mason smiled, cutting off her rambles as she led him into the apartment and towards the kitchen. She smiled graciously at him, realizing he too probably felt as awkward as she did at that moment, and got to work sourcing biscuits to offer him with his coffee as he sat at the table letting his eyes glance around the apartment before letting them settle on a framed picture of his sister and her wife standing with Katherine the day of their wedding "So, Maya's married? How long has it been since the wedding?"
"Nearly six months" Carina answered before growing sheepish as she placed his coffee and a plate of cakes in front of him "We wanted to invite you but..."
"You didn't know where to find me" Mason supplied when Carina trailed off awkwardly. He wasn't sure what it was about her but he felt as though she was somebody he could let himself trust instantly, she was the first person in a long time he'd felt that way about. She nodded, clearly feeling bad for not inviting him and Mason smiled at her as spoke, hoping his tone was reassuring "It's okay, I wasn't ready to be found back then, I probably wouldn't have wanted to come especially if our parents were there. No offense intended, of course"
"None taken" Carina assured him "It was just Katherine who attended, your father was not invited but I'll let Maya explain that, you two probably have a lot of catching up to do"
"Yeah, I think we do" Mason agreed, hearing the front door open. His sister calling out loudly to her wife as she moved through the apartment, the domestic moment causing Mason to smile as he went unnoticed.
"I had the craziest shift today babe, when we have kids we are never leaving them home alone even if they are 17-year-old geniuses" Maya declared, as she kicked her shoes off before shrugging off her jacket "I wish you didn't have to go to work soon, all I want is a shower and to tell you about it"
"Maybe you could tell me instead?" Mason replied, catching his sister's attention before Carina had the chance to inform Maya of his presence. Maya froze in her tracks as she stared at him, he looked healthier and happier since the last time she'd seen him, and although they had never been the kind of siblings to display affection Maya quickly moved to wrap his arms around her. It was an awkward hug seeing as he was sitting down and she was hugging him from behind but once he'd gotten over his surprise, Mason let his arms wrap around her someway too and enjoy the fact that she was clearly happy to see him.
In truth, he'd been almost scared of how Maya would react but this was better than anything he could have hoped for.
"What are you doing here?" she asked, moving into the seat across from him once Carina had gotten up to pour her wife some coffee. Mason could help but take in how different his sister looked since the last time he'd seen her. She looked so much happier and it filled him with as much relief as it did joy.
"Well, I was getting to know your wife before you interrupted us" Mason answered "but I came looking for you, I wanted to see you"
"Is everything okay? You're okay? You look okay but then again you never really-"
"I'm better than okay Maya" Mason cut her off, wondering if rambling was one of the things that his sister and her wife had bonded over. It was clearly something that both did when they felt awkward "I was okay the last time you saw me you know? I get that you probably thought I was a disappointment or bringing shame to the family or something with the way I was living but I wasn't. I was happy then too, just not as happy as I am now I guess"
"I didn't think you bringing shame to the family, that was something you never did," Maya told him firmly, her response took him by surprise and he didn't even bother trying to hide it "I'm sorry if I ever made you feel that way, I know dad did and I hate him for it. I would hate it if I ever made you feel like that, the last time I saw you I was worried about you. I've been worried ever since"
"Yeah, Ryan used to say tell me as much every time he came to see me" Mason rubbed the back of his neck, although he'd not been ready to accept his sister's help back then or even form some relationship with her at the time, Mason did feel slightly guilty for worrying her. Maya looked at him confused but before she could ask or he could explain, Carina's phone chimed loudly.
"Oh, it's the hospital," she told them, her eyes firmly focused on the message she was reading before she smiled sheepishly at them "I'm going to have to go, one of my patients just came in, it was nice meeting you Mason. Maya, I'll call you soon. I love you"
"Love you too" Maya smiled once Carina had kissed her goodbye before practically running out the door, leaving the siblings to themselves. Maya turned back to Mason and squinted at him in confusion at his teasing smirk "What?"
"So not only is your wife a stunning and kind Italian woman but she's also a doctor?" Mason asked and Maya nodded in confirmation "You are punching way above your weight with her"
"I know" Maya nodded in agreement before a moment of awkward silence in the room. She sipped her coffee as Mason picked apart the cake and sighed loudly before finally asking "So Ryan told you I was worried, I didn't know he had ever seen you"
"I swore him to secrecy, it was the only way I'd accept the help" Mason admitted, feeling an ache pierce his heart at the mention of the man who despite being a nuisance cop at the start of their relationship had become a wonderful friend towards the end "He changed my life you know? I got my first place because of him, my first job, and in a weird sort of twisted way, met my girlfriend Zara because of him. She was the beat cop he used to join on patrols when he wanted to see me, she's the one who told me that he had died and the one who encouraged me to come to see you today. If Ryan had died, I don't think I would have reconnected with her and fallen in love and without her, I wouldn't be here talking to you. He's helping me from beyond the grave, I guess"
"Ryan never was one who could rest for long, he always had to be helping someone" Maya shook her head fondly before sharing a sad smile with her brother. She wished Ryan was alive so she could thank him for everything he had done for her, she couldn't believe all the lives he had changed each day and couldn't believe she'd never get show her gratitude that one of those lives happened to be her brother's. Something she was certain wasn't by chance.
"I know, I actually wanted to take a page out of his book" Mason explained, opening his backpack and reaching for one of the many fliers he had stashed in there before showing it to Maya "Zara and I are involved with local youth work projects and this is the first year that I'm leading an art competition for the teens. The Tanner Competition. Ryan and art are two things that helped me the most in life and I thought what better way to combine the two"
"Oh Mason, that is is-" Maya looked up from the flyer dumbfounded "That's great, would it be okay for me to attend the exhibition? I'd really like to come and I think my best friend, Ryan's best friend, Andy would too"
"Absolutely, I came here to invite you to it. I want you to see me do something I'm proud of. I spent so long watching you succeed that I thought we could switch the dynamic for one night" Mason shrugged and Maya resisted the urge to sigh, remembering that she still had to update her little brother on a lot of changes within the family dynamic they'd grown up with "I would like Carina to come too if she can, I think the two of you would really like Zara"
"I'm excited to meet her," Maya told him, truthfully "Do I get to see a picture?"
"Sure, don't ever tell her I showed you this one though" Mason warned, handing his phone over to Maya to show her what he thought was the best picture of his girlfriend to ever be taken "She isn't the biggest fan of how she looks in her uniform"
"Wow" Maya let out a low whistle as she looked at the picture before smirking teasingly at her younger brother "Guess I'm not the only one of us punching above my weight here..."
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herrera-n-hayes · 11 months ago
Hi. Can you write something where Arizona comes back to Seattle and meeting Maya. I love Jealous Maya
Yours - Marina
I don't know if I necessarily nailed the "jealous Maya" stuff but I had a lot of fun with this and I hope you like the direction that I took it in. Based on this prompt, I'd like to recommend my other fic "She Likes..." which includes Maya and Andy talking about Arizona! Thank you for the prompt...enjoy...
“I think next time I surprise you with lunch, we should go to the cafeteria” Maya shuddered as she placed her empty container on Carina’s desk and reached for her drink. It was hard to keep her eyes off the various models and posters that were on display in Carina’s office but luckily for Maya, her eyes kept finding their way back to her gorgeous wife.
“We could but then my friends would want to join us and I wouldn’t get to have you all to myself” Carina pouted, making Maya smile. It was true that more often than not when Maya came to the hospital for lunch that Carina’s friends often joined them and while both Carina and Maya enjoyed the extra company, sometimes it was nice just to spend time with only each other.
“You’re sweet” Maya commented, hating how Carina’s comment had made heat rise in her cheeks, even after all this time together, Carina knew how to catch her off guard. Before Carina could reply, a loud knock sounded through the office and Carina sent her wife a confused look as she called out, sure that she had no appointments scheduled.
“Come in”
“Hey there” a gorgeous blonde smiled as she entered the office only to be caught in a tight hug by Carina within seconds. Maya frowned to herself, the only other time she could remember her wife moving so quickly was whenever she spotted a spider in the apartment and fled.
"What are you doing here?" Carina asked, once the pair broke apart, a large smile on her face as she spoke. Obviously whoever this woman was, she was important to Carina "You should have called!"
"Then I wouldn't have gotten to have fun surprising everyone" the woman shrugged simply, her large grin matching Carina's "I'm here for a week for some board stuff, I wanted to stop by and see how you were doing. I'm so sorry about your brother"
"Thank you" Carina's large grin faded into a sad smile like it did whenever Andrew was mentioned in conversation, grieving for him never got easier. Maya focused on the way the blonde kept her hand on Carina's arm as if her touch would bring Carina comfort and felt a wave of envy wash over her. She quickly cleared her throat to earn thr attention of both women, unable to watch them interact with such familiarity any further.
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't realise you had a patient" the woman apologised quickly, clearly embarrassed. Maya stood up, hating how her attention was still focused on Carina as she apologised.
"Oh no, this is just my wife" Carina shook her head slightly  unaware of how the words she had just said made Maya feel "Arizona this is Captain Maya Bishop. Maya this is Dr. Arizona Robbins"
Dr. Arizona Robbins. 
Maya had to bite the inside of her cheek as she shook the other woman's hand, knowing she couldn't display jealousy in front of another one of Carina's exes. Not after everything that had happened with Gabrielle. It was hard for her not to let her eyes trail up and down Arizona's body though, as if she was a teenager again seizing up her competitors at a track. Arizona only smiled as she spoke, her kindness making Maya hate her even more "It's so lovely to meet you Captain"
"You too" Maya smiled sweetly, hoping neither her wife or or her wife's ex could see through her fake bubblines "I should get going though, my shift starts in thirty"
"Okay, I'll see you at home" Carina called after Maya who had kissed her quickly and passionately before leaving. Maya was acting strange and Carina wasn't a fool, she knew the exact reason why. However with busy shifts ahead of them both, it was a conversation that was going to wait.
"I'm not gonna lie to you Maya" Andy began as she took Vic's from her once the other woman had found Arizona's Instagram page "This chick is hot"
"You're not helping" Maya snapped at Andy, her eyes still focused on the paperwork she was filling out. She'd been in a dire mood ever since leaving Carina in her office with Arizona and had thought that confiding in Andy and Vic would help, now she couldn't help but think literally anyone else would've been better to cheer her up.
"Andy's right though" Vic nodded, peering at the picture of Arizona at a bar that Andy was showing to her "I mean Carina definitely has a type"
"You're not funny"
"No, I'm hilarious" Vic corrected, exchanging an amused look with Andy. It was rare that they got to see Maya's jealous side and both of them couldn't help but find it rather funny "I think you're blowing this out of proportion"
"Really?" Maya asked, finally looking up from her paperwork and raising her eyebrows when the pair before her nodded "So you'd be cool if Travis referred to you as just his best friend? Or Sullivan called you just his wife? Just, isn't a nice word"
"Just is a just a word" Andy replied, realizing that maybe she and Vic should try to help Maya rather than tease her "Admittedly it's just a word that's starting to sound really weird but it means nothing"
"Andy's right!" Vic nodded "Arizona may be stunning and successful but so are you and you're married to Carina. That means something more than whatever fling she had with this doctor"
"Yeah" Maya nodded, feeling slightly better "You two might have a point"
"We do. Plus if either of you have a right to be jealous in your relationship, it's Carina" Andy shrugged simply, before explaining further upon seeing Maya's confused expression "I mean you're the one with more exes in Seattle right? Gabrielle lives in Italy and Arizona lives in New York by the looks of her Instagram. You and Gibson share a firehouse!"
"And now that Dearborn is captain of 23, you'll probably end up seeing her a lot" Vic added, having forgotten to mention the tidbit of gossip to her friends when she'd found out earlier in the week "Then there's the whole possibility of running into Niki around the city or that biker chicken or that guy who works at my parents restaurant or-"
"I get it" Maya cut her off, suddenly feeling a lot worse than she had originally. She'd been leaning on Carina for so long now, her two friends were clearly very out of practice. "I guess I'll just have to suck it up, I mean she's only here for a week. I can last a week without Carina noticing my jealousy right?"
"Sure" Andy and Vic answered together after sharing a doubtful look, both certain that Carina would immediately see through her wife's facade.
"Whatever you are cooking, it smells amazing" Maya stated in a way of greeting as she ventured further into the apartment to find Carina standing at the stove. She was dressed in sweats with her hair tied up in a simple bun and Maya couldn't help but appreciate the sight, her wife was stunning.
"I've only fried garlic," Carina laughed, turning around and gesturing to the unused ingredients that were laid out on the kitchen island. "I'm glad to know you're hungry, I was worried you'd just want to sleep when you got home. I want to spend some time with you"
"Really? You want to spend time with just your wife?" Maya asked, unable to help herself. She'd been unable to stop herself from focusing on what her wife had called her the previous day when she introduced her to Arizona and by the way Carina smiled, it was obvious she'd been expecting Maya to bring it up.
"Yes, I would like to spend time with just my wife" Carina confirmed "Even if she's trying to hide the fact she's jealous of my ex"
"I hate how well you know me"
"No, you don't"
"No, I don't" Maya sighed "I just hate how pretty and successful all of your exes are, I mean I knew you were out of my league but-"
"Bella, I am not out of your league. That's such a silly thing to think" Carina shook her head as she interrupted Maya before turning off the heat under the food. There were more important things to deal with at that moment than the meal she was preparing. "You shouldn't feel jealous of my exes, especially not Arizona! You are my wife, I am yours and only yours"
"Really?" Maya asked softly as Carina approached her. Of course she knew it was the truth but she couldn't help but want to hear Carina say it again. Carina only nodded in response before leaning in and kissing Maya lovingly  smiling wickedly once they broke apart.
"Yes, I am yours and only yours and if you will let me. I will prove it to you right here, right now"
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herrera-n-hayes · 9 months ago
Hi, could you write a Marina anniversary fic? 😊
A Year In The Making - Marina
I’ve been struggling to write Marina for ages now but I think this fic might be the breaking of the slump. I’m genuinely obsessed with it and I hope you are too! Thank you so much for the prompt...enjoy...
"Good morning" Maya smiled, once Carina's eyes finally opened. She'd been awake for at least half an hour and although every part of her wanted to wake Carina up, Maya had managed to practice restraint and not jostle her wife awake despite the excitement bubbling in her stomach "How did you sleep?"
"Good, and you?" Carina asked, moving into a sitting position similar to Maya's as a dopey grin appeared on her face as she became more in tune with her reality and what the date was. They’d both been counting down to the day for weeks now and yet it still felt to Carina as though it had occurred far sooner than she had expected
"Honestly, I don't think I did sleep. I felt a bit like a kid on Christmas Eve" Maya admitted, making Carina laugh "Happy 1st-anniversary wifey"
"Happy anniversary Bambina" Carina leaned in a kissed Maya, neither woman caring about the stench of their morning breath "I can't believe it's been a year"
“I know, it feels like just yesterday that Andy and I were trying to find my perfect outfit” Maya laughed, letting her head rest against their cushioned headboard. or the past year both her wife and her best friend had been teasing her about the fact she’d left such an important choice to the last minute and Maya knew that neither of them was planning on stopping anytime soon. Carina just laughed lightly in response, as she looked at Maya appreciating how gorgeous her wife looked so early in the morning.
Carina always hated how quick Maya was to brush it off whenever she complimented her beauty but it was never enough to deter her from doing so “You look as stunning right now as you did that day”
“You’re just saying that” Maya replied, feeling the heat of a blush rise in her cheeks. Never before had she’d known someone as complimentary and kind as Carina, she had really found the whole package the night that they first met in Joe’s bar. Carina was as beautiful and intelligent as she was kind.
“Because it is the truth Bella” Carina smiled, leaning in once again and kissing Maya. They’d both booked time off work to spend their anniversary together and although they had been talking about spending the day exploring the city that they both called home, Carina had a sneaking suspicion that they likely wouldn’t leave their bed until it was time to get ready for their late evening dinner plans at their favorite Italian restaurant. The location of what they both considered to be their first real date.
“God, I got so lucky with you didn’t I?” Maya replied, letting her words out in the form of an almost disbelieving exclaim “I love you so much, you know that right?”
“Of course I know, you tell me every day” Carina replied, her tone gentle as she continued “I love you too”
“Time for gifts?” Maya asked, an excited glint shining in her eyes as she reached into the drawer of her bedside table while Carina did the same. Both of them smiling at one another after eyeing the envelopes in the other hand, knowing they contained their agreed-upon gifts. Neither of them was necessarily fond of traditions but after humming and hawing for weeks about what to get the other for their anniversary, Maya and Carina stumbled upon the list of traditional anniversary presents. It had seemed like a twist of fate when they both forwarded the same article to each other from where they sat on opposite ends of the couch. Upon learning that the traditional gift for a first anniversary was paper, Maya had the perfect suggestion.
They could finally gift one another their vows. The vows, that Carina had written for her wedding day and kept hidden away in an envelope after not saying them at the ceremony. The vows, that Maya had forgotten to write for the ceremony but contained the sentiments tha she’d tried to get across in her impromptu speech that day. Carina let her fingers gently graze the edge of the envelope, knowing exactly what the contents inside were even though she’d not seen the page for herself in a year “May I go first?”
“I think it’s only fair if you do” Maya replied, a guilty expression briefly flashing across her features “You have been waiting a year to say them”
“And you’ve been waiting a year to hear them” Carina reminded Maya, hoping that she knew she still didn’t mind the fact she’d not spoken these words on their wedding day. Their ceremony was perfect from start to finish,” Okay, here I go...Maya Bishop, I love you, I have known that I have loved you since way before either of us were ready to hear me say it out loud. I love the way your smile, the way you laugh, the way you cry, and the way you are always by my side. I could be a cliché and talk about all our ups and downs but I’m sitting in an apartment in Italy right now as I write these and would rather be passionate than cliché. You, Maya Bishop, are fearless and fiery, and fantastico. You are everything that I never thought I’d find. Andrea said you were his favorite of all the girlfriends I’ve ever had and you’re my favorite too, I know if he was here that he’d be cheering right now or preparing to give an embarrassing speech after the ceremony as he welcomed you to the family. You are my family now and I vow to honor you, to protect you, to fight for you, and fight alongside you. Most importantly though, I vow to love you with the same dedication, passion, and joy that you love me. I vow to be yours for the rest of our lives and even longer”
“Oh my god” Maya exclaimed, bringing her hand up to her eyes to wipe away her own tears as Carina showed more strength by being able to hold hers back “I love you so so much”
“I love you so so much too”  Carina answered, wiping her eyes “I’m sort of glad I didn’t say these vows a year ago, I would not have been able to say them without crying in front of everyone there”
“I’m pretty sure all of them would’ve been crying too” Maya replied and Carina just smiled, placing before placing a gentle kiss on her wife’s tear-stained cheek. As if she was attempting to kiss the tears away “So, it’s my turn?”
“Yes,” Carina nodded, carefully slotting the paper her vows had been written back into the envelope for safekeeping “It’s your turn”
“Okay,” Maya nodded, before dramatically clearing her throat like she always did whenever she had to give a speech making Carina laugh loudly “Carina, I know that you expected to hear vows like this a year ago and I apologize that I’m so late but I know you enjoy relishing the fact that you are the only person who has ever been able to excite and distract me to the point I’d forget something so important so I promise to stop saying sorry sometime soon. We’ve had a hell of a year, a hell of a relationship actually, and while many might delve into details I know that I don’t have to do that right now. Not when you lived through all the good, the bad, and the in-betweens by my side, you know as well as I do what we’ve been through and I thank you sincerely and wholeheartedly for being there for all of it. I love you and I’ll never get sick of saying it but there are some things I forget to say. I forget to tell you that I’m grateful for you, that I’m in awe of you, that I’m excited, intrigued, and amazed by you every single day. I want you to know that I vow to respect you, to be faithful to you, to be by your side, and anything else you need me to be. I vow to love you, honor you, and cherish you for the rest of our lives and even longer. Ti Amo”
“I love you too” Carina replied, finally letting her tears fall from her eyes as Maya finished speaking “We’ve already said that so many times this morning already but I mean it as much as I do today as I did that day at the coffee cart when we said it for the first time”
“So do I” Maya stated without hesitation “I never thought I could love someone like this or let someone love me like this until you, you’re one in million Carina DeLuca”
“And so are you Maya Bishop” Carina’s soft smile transformed into a flirtatious smirk right before Maya’s eyes, making even more excitement bubble in her stomach at the thought of what her wife was about to suggest “Now, would you like me to show you how much I love you or should I just keep telling you?”
“Show me, you should definitely show me”
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herrera-n-hayes · a year ago
Post covid firemen's ball. A bit for all ships but a little extra love for the captain and her wife
One Night - Station 19
“For the captain and her wife” oh my gosh I love the sound of that so much! Also big up to you for giving me a prompt to write for each ship! Typically these snapshot fics are my favorite kind when it comes to Station 19 but I always struggle with the what to write to include everyone. I hope you have more like this when I’m back taking prompts. Thank you so much for the prompt...enjoy...
“I know I said I’d be ready by six but I got held up at work” Emmett explained as Travis closed the apartment door behind him. Travis leaned against the doorway, too afraid of wrinkling his own clothes if he was to sit down, and smiled to himself. Emmett was only half ready, with most of his shirt buttons still open and it was a sight that Travis was more than happy to appreciate. Emmett kept speaking as he continued to get ready, knowing Travis would more likely than not have something rather flirty and distracting to say if he didn’t “It doesn’t start till 7 thought right? We’ll still make it on time, right?
“I wouldn’t mind if we were a little bit late” Travis smirked, moving closer to Emmett after watching him fumble with his tie. Emmett only bit his lip, to keep himself from taking the bait, he knew there was no way they could be late. Not only did they also have to pick up Jack and Inara because Travis had offered to be the designated driver for the night but there had also been numerous texts and reminders from Maya in the group chat for the night declaring that they all better be early or she’d make the team run drills for the next week. 
Emmett knew that they couldn’t be late but Travis didn’t seem to care as he pulled on the two ends of Emmett’s tie forcing him even closer so he could lean in and kiss him.
“Trav” Emmett groaned, once Travis had broken their kiss and instead opted to kiss his neck. The way Travis was kissing him paired with how fantastic he looked in his uniform rendered Emmett useless and he found himself like putty in his boyfriend’s hands “You’ll regret making us late”
“No I won’t, this is so worth a week of running drills” Travis smiled. He wasn’t even sure what had come over him since walking into Emmett’s apartment, maybe it was just the sight of him in a suit or the excitement about the firefighter’s ball but he couldn’t help but want to show his boyfriend just how much he loved him. He needed Emmett to know.
“We can do this and more later” Emmett reminded Travis with a small smirk. He may not work at the station anymore but he was about to face sharing a table with Maya and he most definitely didn’t want to be on the receiving end of one of her lectures about punctuality, they may be friends but she was still rather intimating sometimes.
“I hate it when you act responsibly” Travis mumbled, taking the two ends of Emmett’s tie in his hands and actually working to knot them “I do hope you know that we will be continuing this as soon as we get back here right?”
“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Trav”
- - - - -
“Okay, Emmett just texted” Jack declared holding out his phone to Marsha who was sitting beside him  “They’re going to pull up in about two minutes”
“I was worried they had forgotten about us” Inara laughed from the table where she was touching up her make-up once again. According to Marsha, she’d spent the day pampering herself and getting ready to attend the firefighter’s ball and it was a fact that made it hard for Jack not to grin. If anyone deserved a day of pampering and a night of fun, it was Inara. He was more than happy to be the one providing her with a reason to do both.
“They’d never do that, we’re unforgettable,” Jack told her, standing up once he’d watched her put her lipstick into her purse. He knew she’d probably give out to him for kissing her and messing up her make-up just like she had done when he’d kissed her as they took pictures with Marcus but he couldn’t help it. He grabbed her face and leaned in to kiss her chastely “You’re unforgettable”
“And the two of you will have those boys waiting if you don’t head downstairs” Marsha reminded them, shooing them out of the apartment before Inara could try and do her make up again or before Jack let himself get distracted by checking in on Marcus and somehow ending up playing video games like he had earlier. After everything they’d been through, Marsha was insistent that Jack and Inara enjoy themselves even if she had to practically force them out,
“Alright, alright, we take the hint” Jack laughed, offering his hand to Inara. To Jack, it was such a simple gesture so when he noticed tears in her eyes he immediately began to panic “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”
“No, nothing is wrong” Inara replied with a large smile as she willed herself not to cry. She was feeling the same sense of overwhelmedness as she had at Maya and Carina’s wedding just weeks before and knew that this time, she would have to tell Jack rather than just hiding out in the ladies’ room for a quick cry “It’s just before you, it had been a long time since a man was proud to have me on his arm. It’s just taking get some used to”
“I love you,” Jack said firmly as he gave her hand a tight squeeze. He knew that after the way her ex-husband had treated her and the way Marcus’s father had left her that Inara hadn’t had the best luck when it came to love and he needed her to know that this was different. That they were different “I’m both lucky and proud to have you on my arm and I don’t want you to ever doubt that”
- - - - -
“Looking good Dr. DeLuca” Andy called in greeting as she spotted Carina and Maya standing by the entrance of the hotel where the pair of them were huddled together closely taking a selfie on Carina’s phone. Carina only grinned over at her, in greeting while Maya frowned.
“Do I not get complimented too?”
“I mean, you look the same as any other fire captain so...” Andy shrugged, enjoying getting to tease Maya. It had been months since the entire team had gotten to go out all together and while the annual firefighter’s ball wasn’t necessarily somewhere they could cut loose, both Andy and Maya knew a fun night awaited them and their friends. It was hard not to feel giddy.
“I think you’re wrong Andy” Carina smiled once she’d posted the picture of her and Maya to her story, she was adamant that she was going to document the entire night. When she moved into their apartment during quarantine, Carian had been shocked by how few pictures she seemed to have to put in the frames that Maya had purchased. Now that the pandemic was over and things were returning to normal, Carina had vowed to document everything, she wanted to materialize all of her and Maya’s memories “I mean, nobody wears the uniform, as well as Maya, does”
“I mean, I’ve seen it on you” Maya whispered to Carina, hoping that Andy hadn’t heard her. She’d let Carina try on her uniform for fun just a few days prior and it had most certainly ended in fun, most of their time spent together as newlyweds typically did “You might wear it even better than I do”
Carina only smiled widely before kissing Maya until Andy awkwardly cleared her throat remembering that she was there “Oh sorry, it’s just, well you know what it’s like to be in the honeymoon phase”
“Yeah” Andy smiled dreamily thinking of her husband who’d be joining them in a few minutes once he’d parked their car. Their marriage may not have had the easiest start with her father’s death, her mother’s resurrection, her husband’s demotion, and a pandemic overshadowing it but now that things were returning to some resemblance of normal, Andy and Robert had found themselves settling into married life in a way they hadn’t quite expected and with the two of them sharing another little secret, they’d wanted to spend as much time close together as possible “Robert’s just parking the car, if you guys want to head in then we’ll follow”
“That sounds like a plan, should we order you a drink?” Maya asked, knowing that she’d have to go inside eventually. While she was looking forward to introducing Carina as her wife to a bunch of people for the first time since their wedding, she wasn’t necessarily in the mood to schmooze with other captains and battalion chiefs. She just wanted to have one night of fun with her wife and their friends. She knew the only way she’d be able to do both was with vodka coursing through her veins.
“No I’m good, I’m not drinking tonight” Andy declined, cursing herself for not coming up with an excuse that wouldn’t raise any questions. She and Maya were known for buying shots for the table, it would definitely cause her friends to become curious as to why she was sticking to just water and orange juice all night.
“I’ll order you a virgin daiquiri then” Carina shared a knowing smile with Andy as Sullivan approached. Andy did her best to hide her shock as Carina practically dragged Maya away before she could ask any questions, she truly couldn’t believe the other woman had figured it out so quickly.
“Okay the car is parked and I’m pretty sure Montgomery is driving the parking lot for space so we weren’t the last ones here like you thought we’d be” Robert smiled widely, remembering the pressure that Andy had put on him to get ready and out the door. She was as much of a stickler for punctuality as Maya apparently and Robert was surprised that the trait he found to be rather irritating in his captain was one he found so endearing in his wife.
“Carina knows”
“Knows what?”
“About the baby” Andy whispered, after some firefighters, she recognized from station 54 exchanged a quick greeting with them as they passed. Her hand itched to be placed upon her stomach where she’d taken to resting them ever since she’d seen the positive sign on the many pregnancy tests that she’d taken just a few weeks prior to the ball “She always jokes that she can tell when someone’s pregnant but I didn’t realize she actually could”
“Well, she was going to find out tomorrow any, wasn’t she? When we booked the scan?” Robert asked gently, they both wished that they could’ve shared their good news with Carina for themselves without her guessing but there was no way they could have avoided it. She was just as perceptive as her wife
“You’re right” Andy smiled gently taking his hand in hers “Plus, we know that she’s not going to tell anyone. Our baby is just a little secret that exists between you and me and my best friend’s wife”
“You’re late” Vic chastised Travis once he’d taken his seat beside her. She had gotten ready at Dean’s place so that she could help settle Prue as he got ready before the babysitter arrived and couldn’t believe that Travis who’d been ready when she’d left home and managed to be late.
- - - - - 
“It’s 7.05″ Travis replied dryly once he’d checked his watch “We’re like barely late”
“Late is late, my friend” Dean shrugged from where he sat at Vic’s other side making Travis shake his head at them both “Hughie and I were here since 6.30, got here before Bishop and DeLuca even”
“It was Emmett’s fault”
“No it wasn’t” Emmett objected, not wanting anyone at the table to get the wrong idea about their minor lateness. Travis only smirked at him before leaning in to whisper in his ear, knowing it would drive him crazy. Travis really hadn’t been able to resist flirtatiously teasing him on the journey from his apartment to the venue even when Jack and Inara were also in the car so it really did not surprise Emmett that he was continuing now that they were sitting at a round table of their friends.
“It is, If you didn’t look so amazing in that suit then I wouldn’t have tried to make us late”
“You two are the worst, you know that?” Dean asked, folding his arms once Emmett had kissed Travis in a way that boarded on inappropriate for where they were. The pair only laughed so Dean continued in his accusation “I’m serious, I mean I’d expect Bishop and her wife to act like that because they’re newlyweds but you have been together for months now. Shouldn’t you have snapped out of it?”
“You never really snap out of it if you’re with someone amazing” Ben chimed in, having caught the last bit of the conversation as he returned from the bar with his wife “Miranda and I have been together for years and we still have the magic”
“Gosh I hate being single” Vic groaned. wishing that like Inara, Carina and Bailey that she too could be donning a fancy evening gown. It was hard to pick up guys in your firefighter’s uniform even when you wore it well “Are we going to an afterparty once this is done? I need to meet men”
“Why don’t you just try to meet one here? Emmett asked, glancing at the nearby tables which were filled with men. It was disappointing that firefighting was still a male dominated field but tonight it was something that could work in Vic’s favour.
“Last time I went out with a firefighter, Travis didn’t talk to me for at least a week” Vic reminded Emmett who held his hand up in surrender. None of them wanted a repeat of  the Ruiz incident, Vic glanced around and smiled when her eyes met Dean’s. She threw her arm around his shoulder “Will you be my date tonight Miller? We can be and single together”
“Vic, you know I'm only ever happy when we’re together”
- - - - -
“Okay everyone raise your glass” Ben demanded once the empty dishes of their desserts had been cleared away. Each of them looked at him confused but did as they were told, Ben only made a toast if it was something important “I know tonight is about us firefighters but I’d like to raise a glass to my amazing wife Dr. Miranda Bailey. The woman sitting next to me is superhuman and I knew that way before the pandemic hit. We haven’t had many chances to go out and enjoy ourselves because the lives of firefighters and surgeons are scary and unpredictable but tonight, tonight we are going to enjoy ourselves.”
“You’re sweet” Bailey smiled at Ben before leaning in and kissing him once those at the table had drunk their toast to her. She rested her forehead on Ben’s so that she could look into his eyes, even in the dimly lit ballroom, they seemed to shine as bright as ever “I love you so much Ben Warren”
“I love you too Miranda Bailey” Ben replied with no hesitation “I’m so thankful to be here, not just in this room with you right now. I’m so thankful to be alive”
“I’m thankful you’re alive too” Bailey told him, thinking back to his surgery a few months ago. The two of them had made their way through hard times in the past but during many points in his cancer journey, they’d feared that it was something they wouldn’t reach the other side of together. It was terrifying but they’d done it, now Ben was better and both of them could breath easily once again “I don’t know what I’d do without you”
“I’m sure you won’t be finding out for a very long time” Ben told her, hoping that it was the truth. He knew what it was like when they were apart after their “sabbatical” a few years ago and he knew that they were far better together than apart”
“I’m a bit surprised that Maya didn’t raise a glass to Carina” Jack leaned over to whisper to Andy who frowned noticing the two empty chairs that the pair in question had been sitting at most of the night acting as though nobody but them was in the room. Jack’s eyes followed Andy’s and he found himself frowning too “I mean, I guess she would have if she was here”
“Yeah, she loves any chance to refer to Carina as her wife” Andy nodded “She wouldn’t have left so early if she’d known that she could have made us raise a glass to Carina”
- - - - -
“You’re insane” Maya laughed as Carina pulled her out of the elevator by the wrist. She’d been confused when her wife had told her that she had arranged a surprise for them once they’d finished their desserts and was growing more and more confused by the second. “You can’t just sneak into a hotel room”
“We’re not sneaking in” Carina laughed, shocked that Maya would assume they were going to break into a room. They may sometimes bend the rules in the name of fun but Carina drew a solid line at breaking and entering. Carina reached into her purse and pulled out a key once they’d stopped outside one of the rooms on the hotel’s top floor “I booked us a room for the night, last week  and grabbed the key when Vic and I went to the ladies’ room. She helped me sneak in our overnight bags, I’d hidden them in the car under all your sports stuff”
“That’s why you two took so long! I was worried you’d run off with her” Maya exclaimed, shocked at her wife’s ability to keep the surprise so well hidden “Why did you do all this?”
“Because I love you” Carina answered simply, gesturing for Maya to enter the room first once she’d unlocked the door. She followed Maya in with a knowing smile on her face, knowing the rose petals and champagne would surprise Maya even more than she was already “And because we never got our honeymoon, I know we’re planning for France soon but I wanted one night of newly wedded bliss with my wife and I couldn’t wait till Paris”
“You’re so impatient” Maya chastised teasingly before kissing Carina passionaley “I love that about you, I love everything about you”
“I love everything about you too, wifey”
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herrera-n-hayes · a year ago
For the ask Station 19 chilling as a family during quarantine
The Things They Miss
This turned into snapshots (really random moments) kinda fic and I genuinely love the way it turned out. The fact that they are a pod allowed for some cuter moments and I genuinely wrote this as a kind of therapeutic fic if I’m honest. Thank you for the prompt...enjoy...
“Do you know what I miss?” Jack asked pushing his food around his plate as he sat at the table of the beanery with the others. This had become a sort of game they’d began to play around the start of the pandemic, having the others guess what they were missing. Usually, it was something trivial like bars or sitting down in Starbucks because these things were easier to talk about than the fact they missed interacting with people in a more intimate fashion or just missed general normalcy.
“Getting your hair professionally cut” Andy suggested with a raised eyebrow, over the past few months Jack’s hair had gone on an interesting journey from being too long to being too short and they loved to tease him about it. They weren’t quite sure if he’d taken a razor to it himself or let Inara or Marsha do it but for Jack’s sake, Andy hoped the barbers would be open before he needed another haircut. Jack only shook his head at her and she grinned mischievously before guessing again “Spending too much time and money in Joe’s? Getting mistaken for an influencer when you make us take your pictures a billion times? Having women fawn over you at the gym?”
“No, and you don’t get to guess again” he laughed flicking a pea from his plate at her which she expertly dodged “I miss libraries”
“Libraries? As in public libraries where you borrow books?” Maya asked slowly, cocking her head to the side in disbelief while the others stared at Jack in a similar fashion. Usually, when he wanted to talk about something he missed, it was more along the lines of what Andy had actually suggested so this seemed a little out of the left-field for him.
“Yes, you guys know I like to read”
“Yeah, but I thought when you said you were reading a book it was something written by a millionaire trying to be relatable, not like an actual book” Ben commented, not looking up for his phone. It was seldom he was seen without it in his hand, he texted Miranda, his sister, and his kids any time he could and also check in with his dozens of friends who were also frontline workers. If the pandemic had thought him anything, it was how much people appreciated being checked in with no matter how much distance separated them.
“I hate all of you” Jack stated, glaring specifically at Ben “I feel like I’ve read every book in my apartment and in Marsha’s, audiobooks are fine and all but it’s not the same”
“Well, if you need physical books, you can always come to borrow some of mine?” Travis offered with a shrug “I have books from like every imaginable genre and a few stashed away in boxes that I can root out for you. My collection can be your personal library”
“Wait really? When can I come over?”
“Any time you want, if we’re not here Vic and I are always at home”
“You know how you love me?” Maya asked, wrapping her arms around Carina’s waist, and resting her head on her shoulder. Carina only hummed in response too focused on fixing her make-up in the mirror to focus on Maya’s attempts to butter her up. It was Friday night and that meaned one thing, movie night with Andy and Vic. Before Carina had moved in with Maya, the four of them would watch a movie together each Friday night over video call but now that she was part of the pod, they hosted the movie night at their apartment. The four of them used it as an excuse to get dressed up fancily and to actually wear make-up, it may seem a bit silly, but it was one of the few things keeping them grounded “Well I might have picked a musical for tonight’s movie”
“What? Why would you do that?” Carina whined, one of the first things they’d learned they had in common was their hatred of musicals and Carina couldn’t believe that Maya had selected one for their movie night. Each week, one of them picked the movie and the take-out they ordered, and nobody was really allowed to complain, although it was Maya’s week to choose, she felt as though she should let Carina complain as much as she wanted before Andy and Vic arrived “I thought you hated musicals”
“I do, they’re unnecessarily over the top” Maya nodded, she wasn’t looking forward to the movie much either but hoped her the choice would pay off in the way she wanted it to “But you know how Vic loves them? Well, she’s been pretty down the past couple of days, and I thought that watching something she can sing along to might cheer her up. Usually, she’d drag Travis or Dean to a play but that’s not an option anymore”
“You’re sweet” Carina smiled, before turning around to face her girlfriend. Carina may be new to the friendship group that existed between Maya and her friends, but she could tell that the bonds that existed between each of them were strong and important, they were a family and she loved how much they cared for each other “I promise not to complain about it especially if it cheers Vic up”
“To say thank you, I thought we could order Italian food? You know from the place that you love?” Maya asked with a hopeful smile. At the start of the week, she’d been planning on ordering burgers and watching some horror movie that would make Vic and Carina hide behind the couch cushions but now she just hoped she was going to make both of them happy by the end of the night.
“You really are something special” Carina smiled at how selfless Maya was being before pulling her in for a kiss “So special that I don’t mind messing up my lipstick”
“Hey man, I hope it’s okay that I brought Sullivan” Ben greeted as he led  Robert out onto the deck of Dean’s houseboat. Sullivan had let slip to Ben that due to his separation from Andy that he was feeling kind of lonely and although he knew Dean would most not be pleased with him for it, Ben had felt bad for the guy and invited him to hang out on Dean’s deck with them.
“It’s fine, Jack’s bringing Inara so it’s only right that you brought a date too” Dean teased taking a sip of his beer before glancing at Sullivan who’d taken a seat towards the edge of the deck “Wait, is it still cool if we drink around you man?”
“Yeah, just along as you have some soda or water that I can have?”
“Travis is gone out to get some snacks, he wasn’t impressed with my lack of variety, so I will text him and tell him to bring some” Dean told him, quickly grabbing his phone and typing a message out to Travis “We do have to be quiet though because I just got Prue down and if anyone wakes her, they will be banned from the deck”
“I can’t believe I'm going to say this but I envy that baby” Ben admitted, not backing down under Dean and Robert’s questioning gazes “I mean, she doesn’t understand the pandemic or the stupidity of others yet. This has done nothing to upset her routine and I can’t help but be jealous of that”
“I gotta agree with you on that” Dean nodded “I mean Prue is oblivious to it all, the only thing that’s changed in her life is that she sees less of her babysitters because when I’m not working I’m here. There’s no grocery shopping, or drinking after shift with Gibson at Joe’s or dating and I miss it”
“I mean it’s all still there, it’s just different” Ben commented, looking out at the few from the deck and wondering how life had changed so drastically in what felt like the blink of an eye.
“I miss normal”
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englishstrawbie · a year ago
Serendipity (7/?)
Fandom: Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy
Characters: Maya Bishop & Carina DeLuca
Summary: A chance meeting at a bar leads to these two idiots falling in love. Follows canon and fills in the gaps of their relationship that we didn’t get to see on screen.
Also @ AO3.
* * * * * * * * * * 
Something On The Horizon
The secret to love is in opening up your heart 
– James Taylor
Carina waits until Maya is still and calm before she moves. The firefighter becomes a dead weight against her chest and Carina is pretty sure she has fallen asleep. Her right arm has grown numb and she shakes it, encouraging it back to life, before she shifts her body to one side and slowly coaxes Maya’s body down onto the bed. Her cheeks are red and her face is contorted into a frown, despite her slumber, and Carina is reminded of the first time they met – when she had been so curious to know why such a pretty face looked so downcast.
She has known that something hasn’t been right in Maya’s life since they met, noticing Maya’s deflection when she asks too many questions about her work and sensing a strange atmosphere when – Travis, was it? – had entered the kitchen that day she had visited Maya at work. Carina has never dug any deeper. After all, it has only been a month and it’s been full of dinner dates and amazing sex, but she knows they have both been keeping things casual. It isn’t the kind of relationship for deep conversations – at least, not yet.
Comforting Maya, as she had what Carina is pretty sure was a mild anxiety attack, was not exactly casual and she surprises herself at how much she wants to stay and take care of her, when in the past her first instinct would have been to get the hell out of there. She has enough broken people in her life already – her brother, her father – that she doesn’t need any more; she had told Maya this that day in her office when Maya had pushed her away, giving Carina the excuse to walk away. Yet she had stayed anyway, drawn to this woman who was a constant contradiction – strong, yet broken; confident, yet vulnerable.
She pulls the duvet up the bed, followed by the blanket, making sure that Maya is fully covered. She looks small, curled up in bed in a tight ball, and Carina places a soft kiss on her temple. She hears Maya exhale and Carina hopes that her rest will be peaceful. She can tell from the dark circles under her eyes that she has not slept enough lately.
Carina slides out of bed and retrieves her clothes from the floor, dressing as quietly as possible so as not to disturb Maya. She hunts around her room for a scrap of paper, but Maya keeps her apartment so neat and ordered that finding a notebook is impossible without rooting around her belongings. She resorts to using her prescription pad, stepping out of the room and digging it out of her bag that had been discarded on the sofa earlier. She scribbles a note, pours a glass of water, and creeps back into Maya’s bedroom, leaving the items on the bedside table and hoping that Maya notices them when she wakes.
It is a short drive back to the hospital and she arrives with minutes to spare just before her three o’clock appointment. Her mama-to-be is already waiting for her, settled in the chair opposite her desk and tapping her foot on the floor impatiently.
“You’re late.”
“It’s two fifty-seven,” Carina objects as she hangs her coat up on its usual hook and slips into her lab coat.
“You’re late for you,” Amelia counters back, her annoyance obvious. “I’ve been here for ten minutes.” Carina is the most punctual person she knows, except for Maggie perhaps, and what Amelia would call on time, Carina would call late.
Carina lets it slide. She knows why Amelia is wound up tightly like a spring and doesn’t push back. She sits down in her chair on the opposite side of the desk and shoots her a conciliatory look.
“I’m sorry, Amelia,” Carina apologises. “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”
She turns to her computer and types in her password, opening up Amelia’s records and pulling up the most recent update. She already knows what it says.
“The results of the paternity test confirm that Link is the father of your baby,” Carina says, getting straight to the point.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Amelia, I’m sure,” Carina says with a small smile, spinning the screen so that Amelia can read the results for herself.
Amelia looks at the screen, her expression staying the same, which confuses Carina.
“This is a good thing, no?”
She has been one of Amelia’s few confidants in the recent weeks and had encouraged Amelia to agree to Link’s request for a paternity test, knowing that everyone involved would rest easier when they knew the answer to the burning question – even if the answer was one they did not want to hear. Carina knows how crazy Amelia is about Link and how much she wants him to be the father, and she is glad to be able to finally deliver the good news that Amelia has been avoiding for the last couple of weeks. At least, she thought she was delivering good news – but Amelia’s expression makes her doubt it.
“Yeah… no… maybe,” Amelia says non-committedly.
“I thought this is what you both wanted?” Carina questions, leaning back in her chair and looking at Amelia curiously.
“It is,” Amelia says. “It’s just…”
Carina doesn’t say anything. She knows Amelia well enough by now to know that she needs a moment to process her thoughts before she can explain them out loud.
“Link’s going to be so happy. He’s going to tell me that he loves me and he wants us to be a family, but…”
“But… how do I know he loves me, and not me as a package with this baby?”
Carina smiles sympathetically. “Amelia, don’t try to guess what Link is thinking. Talk to him. Tell him what worries you. Let him inside your head, your life. If you’re going to raise this bambino together, if you’re going to be a family, you have to be honest with each other.”
“That sounds like something Maggie would say,” Amelia mutters.
Carina chuckles and lets the issue rest, knowing not to push Amelia any more while she is still processing everything. “Are you feeling well otherwise? Eating healthy, getting enough sleep?”
“Hmph,” Amelia grunts, rubbing her bump. “I’d sleep better if he didn’t insist on playing football with my womb every night at midnight. But yes, I’m doing fine.”
“Good,” Carina says. “I have you booked in for another scan in a couple of weeks.”
Despite all the signs of a normal, healthy pregnancy, Carina has taken every precaution with this pregnancy, not only to make sure that it didn’t end in tragedy like Amelia’s first one had, but also to give Amelia the comfort that she needs to know that history won’t repeat itself.
“Thank you,” Amelia says. “For everything.” She has had Carina’s support ever since that day in this same office when she had realised that she was pregnant and has been happy to get to know her better over the last few months. After all, she owes Carina, and her study, her life. “And sorry, you know, for being grumpy when you first got here.”
Carina waves her hand, batting away the apology.
It’s Amelia’s turn to be curious. “Where were you, anyway? The nurses couldn’t find you.”
“I was taking a late lunch,” Carina says, purposefully evasive.
Amelia grins knowingly. “Huh. What’s her name?” she grills. “Or his name.”
Carina rolls her eyes. “Amelia…”
“Come on, I’m starved of gossip right now,” Amelia begs.
“My love life is not gossip!” Carina laughs.
“Ha! You said love life,” Amelia catches, grinning triumphantly. “Come on, spill!”
She pouts until Carina relents.
“Her name is Maya. We’ve been seeing each other for about a month,”
Amelia’s mouth twists thoughtfully, not recognising the name. “She works here?”
Carina shakes her head. “She’s fire captain at Station 19.”
It takes a moment for Amelia to connect the dots. “With Warren? Great, so now I know who to hit up for more information, since you’re clearly keeping this one close to your chest!” she says.
Amelia laughs and Carina decides to let her tease, glad to see her relax a little.
“There’s nothing to tell,” Carina says.
“Really?” Amelia looks at her suspiciously.
Carina is tempted to say more, to tell Amelia what really happened this afternoon and unload her thoughts on someone else for a change, but she knows it would be unfair on Maya – and she isn’t really sure how she feels anyway. Thankfully, she doesn’t have the chance, as she is saved by her pager as it vibrates aggressively against her desk.
“I have to go,” Carina says, grateful for the interruption.
“Fine, but we’re not done with this conversation,” Amelia says as pushes herself to stand up.
“Fine,” Carina repeats, knowing that she will be under scrutiny the next time they meet for lunch.
A complicated birth distracts Carina for the rest of the afternoon. She checks her phone every now and again to see if Maya has been in touch, disappointed each time to find her message notifications empty. She thinks about sending her a message, but doesn’t want to wake her if she is getting some much needed sleep, so she resists the urge.
She leaves the hospital later than she wished, a little after seven o’clock. She figures she’ll stop by Enzo’s on the way to Maya’s apartment and pick up some of the risotto that she keeps telling Maya she should try.
Their time together is usually so easy. She has noticed that Maya carries tension in her body, which Carina has always thought comes from having such an intense job, and Carina loves to be the reason that tension melts away. In those moments, Maya relaxes completely and becomes softer and playful, and she has a dry wit that makes Carina laugh.
Carina wants to be able to take that tension away now, whatever it is that is causing her so much pain.
She is her own world as she walks and doesn’t notice the hunched figure loitering in the dark outside the hospital until she bumps into him, their shoulders knock together forcefully.
Andrew’s eyes light up when he sees her.
He steps into the light and Carina is immediately alarmed by his appearance. His skin is pale, his eyes are wild, and his hair is dishevelled. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
“Bailey’s still refusing to let me do surgery. I’m stuck on scut,” Andrew moans. “Can you talk to her? Please? Tell her I’m better, tell her that I’m ready to come back to work properly.”
“I don’t know…” Carina hesitates. His hands may have healed, but his head is still a mess. It is obvious to Carina and everyone around him – the only person who doesn’t see it is Andrew himself.
It is ironic, really. He has always berated their father for not being able to see his own illness, and now Andrew is following the same path. It breaks her heart to see him deny it and refuse her help.
“Carina, please. I’m better now. My hands are okay now, I’m going to counselling, I’ve moved home.”
Carina sighs heavily. “Andrea, you’re not well.”
She watches as Andrew reacts angrily, like he always does; his body becoming rigid as his face darkens. “Don’t start this again.”
“Please let me help you,” Carina pleads with him.
“You know, I thought I could count on you, but I was wrong,” Andrew spits.
Carina is used to him directing his anger and frustration at her these days, but it still hurts.
“You can count on me,” she argues.
“You’re just like Mer, you’re just like Bailey. Everyone pretends to care, but you don’t,” Andrew says. “Just forget it.”
He spins and Carina reaches out to stop him, placing her hand on his arm.
“Let me drive you home,” Carina offers.
Andrew shakes her off angrily, shoving her arm away roughly.
“I’m going to Joe’s,” Andrew says, stalking off before she can say anything else.
He ignores her and Carina sighs as she watches him disappear into the darkness. There had been a few weeks after he had come home from the hospital and was sleeping in her spare room that things had been better, probably because of the high dose painkillers that Avery had prescribed that made him drowsy and less argumentative. As soon as his hands were better, and he didn’t need his big sister coddling him, he had moved home, despite Carina’s reservations.
She has seen a steady decline in his mental health ever since he has been out of her care and she worries about him constantly. She is glad that Bailey is keeping him out of surgery for now. She doesn’t want him to repeat their father’s mistakes.
Maya’s home is a short drive from the hospital and, after quick stop at Enzo’s for takeout, Carina arrives just before eight o’clock. A neighbour lets her through the main entrance and she makes her way to Maya’s apartment, knocking softly. She hears Maya’s footsteps grow louder and hears the click of the lock, the door opening slowly.
“Hey,” Maya greets her.
Carina is relieved to see her looking brighter than earlier, with colour back in her cheeks – although it is perhaps a flush of embarrassment.
“Hi,” Carina says, smiling at her fondly.
Maya steps back and opens the door wider, inviting her in. Carina steps inside.
“The food smells amazing,” Maya gushes, ushering her towards the kitchen.
“I went for Italian,” Carina says. “Comfort food.”
She places the food on the counter, pulling the cartons out of the bag one by one. Maya avoids her gaze as she grabs two plates from the cupboard.
“How are you feeling?” Carina asks.
“Better,” is all Maya says.
She paints a smile on her face although she can tell that Carina doesn’t buy her façade. When Carina doesn’t speak, Maya feels compelled to fill the silence.
“A little humiliated, to be honest,” she confesses.
“Don’t be,” Carina says kindly. She leans back against the counter and watches as Maya clears the table for dinner. “Will you tell me why you were so upset?”
Maya shrugs her shoulders. “I think the accident got to me more than I realised.”
Carina knows that isn’t true. ‘I’m the truck,’ is what Maya had said, over and over again. She feels her skin prickle in frustration at having another person in her life who won’t let her in.
“Maya please – talk to me?” Carina urges her.
She can see Maya on edge, sees her body stiffen just as Andrew’s had earlier.
“Carina, really, I’m fine. I was tired and emotional, and everything got to me. I just needed some sleep, that’s all.”
Carina watches as Maya puts the plates on the table, fussing with the place settings to avoid talking. She thinks back to her conversation with Amelia earlier this afternoon, about how she had urged Amelia to talk to Link and share how she was feeling. Maya knows about Andrew’s hands, but Carina has never told her about his probable Bipolar or how she grew up with her father battling the same disorder. She is getting to know Maya slowly, but she knows enough to see the walls that Maya has built up. She recognises it in herself and she figures that if she is going to break down those walls, she should start with her own.
“My brother is sick.”
Maya’s head jerks up to look at her, a confused expression on her face.
“I thought he was better? You said Avery had cleared him for surgery.”
“He has,” Carina says. “It’s not his hands, it’s his head. He… he’s not well.”
She falters a little, not used to trusting anyone enough to talk about her family.
“I think he is Bipolar. In fact, I’m pretty sure he is. It… it’s something he gets from our father,” she explains. “He won’t get help and I don’t know what to do about it.”
Maya’s face is full of sympathy and she pulls out a chair.
“Come and sit,” she says, holding out her hand.
Carina walks towards her and accepts her hand, sitting on the outstretched chair. Maya sits in the chair next to her.
“Is this why you came to Seattle?” Maya asks.
“Bipolar can be inherited and Andrea is the same age our dad was when he started having manic episodes. I was worried about him. I wanted to be here, just in case.”
“And now he’s showing signs?”
Carina nods. “He’s always been emotional, but his moods are up and down so much at the moment. His lows are incredibly low, his highs are incredibly high. The day it snowed? He went out in the freezing cold and walked three miles to Seattle Pres and back without any gloves on his hands, and ended up with frostbite.”
Maya thinks back to that day and the way Carina had accosted her in her office. She had known that something wasn’t right, but had no idea that she was dealing with so much. She feels guilty for being so caught up with her own problems that she had not noticed that Carina was going through something so serious in her life.
“Doctor Bailey made him see a counsellor before he could return to work,” Carina continues, “but he won’t see a psychiatrist. No matter how many times I ask him.”
Carina feels tears in her eyes and looks away. She isn’t used to showing her emotions to anyone, and tries to brush it off.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get upset,” she says dismissively.
Maya looks at her reproachfully. “You’re allowed to be upset about this,” she says, reaching out and wrapping her hand around Carina’s, squeezing it gently. “You said your dad was Bipolar too?”
“He won’t see a doctor either, but yes I think so. He’s been manic for a long time,” Carina says. “It’s why my mom left him.”
“And it’s why you stayed?” Maya asks.
“Si. I thought I could help him. That by staying he would have a constant in his life. Except he wouldn’t listen to me either. And then…” She pauses for a moment. “When I was 17, he went to work in a manic state and spent the day operating when he was in no fit state to do so. Four people died.” She lowers her head, embarrassed by her confession, and only lifting her eyes when Maya squeezes her hand once again, encouraging her to keep talking.
“Now Andrea wants to go back to surgery and I… I’m scared for him, Maya.” She takes a deep, shaky breath. “I want to be able to help him, but I don’t know what to do. He won’t listen to me, he won’t listen to anyone. I saw him on my way out of the hospital this evening. He looked awful; he’s not sleeping, he’s angry. We got into another fight and he walked off.”
Carina lets out a heavy sigh, her hair falling forward. With her left hand still on Carina’s, Maya lifts her right hand and tucks the loose strands behind Carina’s ear, running her thumb over her skin gently. Carina presses her cheek into it, comforted by her touch.
“And you came here still? Why didn’t you go after him?”
“He won’t listen to me, not at the moment,” Carina says sadly.
She knows she has to be patient and give him the time he needs to recognise what is happening to him, but she’s not very good at it. She wants so badly for him to be okay and prays that he will get there soon.  
“I’m glad you told me,” Maya says.
Carina smiles. “I’m glad you know.” She takes Maya’s hands in hers, linking their fingers together and running her thumbs over the back of Maya’s hands to return the gesture. “Also, I wanted to see you. I wanted to make sure you were feeling better.”
Maya purses her lips. “My bad day at work is not what you should be worrying about right now,” she scolds lightly.  
Carina knows that she is downplaying it.
“Maya,” she says softly, leaning forwards in her chair. “I think it’s more than a bad day at work.”
Maya shakes her head, but Carina interjects before she can dismiss it as not important again.
“You can talk to me, you know? I told you about my brother because… because I trust you. I would like you to trust me, too.”
“Carina, I…” Maya starts to object, but stops when she sees the way Carina is looking at her, her face full of compassion. She takes a deep breath. “I’m screwing everything up. My team – my friends – are mad at me and I don’t know how to make things right.”
“Why would they be mad at you?” Carina questions. “Because of Rigo?”
“No. Because I got competitive and I went for the Captain’s job, and I did whatever it had to do to get it, no matter what.”
Carina doesn’t follow. “No matter – what?”
“No matter who I stepped over, no matter who I pushed past,” Maya says quietly. “No matter who I hurt. My friends. My best friend.”
Maya nods. The words suddenly spill out and she tells Carina everything – how she ended her relationship with Jack so that it didn’t interfere with the possibility of promotion; how she used Andy’s grief over Ryan as a reason to surpass her in the race for Captain; the truth about the camping trip and what was going on in her life the night they had met at the bar; the training drills and scoreboards; the grumbles and the talk back. She tells her about the looks and the silent treatment and isolation.
“They’re my family and I feel like I’m losing them,” Maya says.
She feels like an idiot, telling this story as Carina is fighting her own battles in her own family. She tips her head as she looks at Carina.
“You’re a good person. You came here to keep your family together and I… I’m tearing mine apart.”
“That’s not true, bella,” Carina says kindly. “Your competitiveness is part of who you are, it’s what won you the Olympic medal, it’s what makes you a good captain. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but…”
“But I think that you’ve forgotten what’s important.”
She doesn’t need to explain it further. For Carina, family is the most important thing.
“My dad taught me that winning was the most important thing,” Maya says. “He taught me that I should always focus on the prize. Eyes forward at all times.” A small, sad smile passes her lips. “I did that with the Captain’s job and I won.”
“And was it worth it?” Carina asks.
The question is confronting and Maya shrugs, as if she doesn’t know the answer but she does. She knows that she is proud of herself, she knows that her dad is proud of her, but she also knows that the price she has paid is too high.
“What do I do?” she asks, a little desperately.
“Well, what would make the team trust you again? What would make Andy feel like you were putting her friendship first?”
Maya looks away. She knows the one thing that is within her power to do, but she is conflicted. Maya Bishop is not a quitter. Her dad would never allow her to quit for the sake of her friendship with Andy, and she feels her body stiffen with the thought of the rage she will face from him when she tells him. Yet, it surprises her that she doesn’t care, not the way she used to place so much about her father’s opinion.
Carina sees her thinking. “You have an idea?”
“Maybe,” Maya says softly. “But I don’t know if I can do it. I don’t know if I can just quit what I worked so hard to get.”
“Is it quitting? Or is it just telling the truth?”
She lets the question hang in the air for a moment. “You’ll figure it out.”
“What makes you so sure?”
“Because if the prize is rebuilding your family, then I know you’ll do everything you have to do to make it happen,” Carina says.
Maya smiles. “You’re a good person,” she repeats. “Better than I deserve.”
Carina shakes her head. “That’s not true. I know that you feel like your mistakes make you a bad person, but they don’t.”
Carina finds that she likes the way this emotional intimacy feels. Her heart beats a little harder in her chest, her cheeks burn under Maya’s gaze, and her skin tingles under her touch. “I think you’re pretty great.”
Maya smiles. “I think you’re pretty great, too.”
She tugs at Carina’s hands until she takes the hint. Carina stands momentarily and takes a small step forwards, sliding onto Maya’s lap. Maya slips her arm around Carina’s waist and rests her hand on her hip, pulling her closer. Carina places one hand on Maya’s back, while the other becomes entangled in her hair as she dips her head and kisses her. Her emotions are spent and she craves Maya’s touch and her taste to forget it all for a moment.
“Feeling better?” Carina asks when they drift apart.
“Yeah,” Maya says softly. “You?”
Carina nods. It turns out her advice to Amelia was right. Just sharing her worries about her brother with Maya had lifted some of the weight from her shoulders. Carina kisses her again, only pulling back when she hears her stomach rumble in hunger.
Maya laughs against her mouth, but doesn’t let her go, holding her body close still. “I’d say we should eat, but I think the takeout’s gone cold.”
“Then we’ll order pizza,” Carina says. “But the good pizza, not your American kind.”
“You’re such a food snob!” Maya teases.
“Hmm,” Carina says, extracting herself from Maya’s arms enough to be able to lean across the table and grab her cell phone from her bag. She pulls up the number of the best pizza delivery place in town.
“Pick your toppings,” Carina says. “But no pepperoni. And no pineapple!”
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herrera-n-hayes · a year ago
Prompt: I need more of Jo interacting with the Station 19 squad. I loved the episode she was on and she seemed to have some great chemistry with all of them.
Gonna Like It
I’m so sorry that this took me so long and I’m so hopeful that you like it. It’s doesn't really follow canon events too closely but I agree that Jo had great chemistry with the station 19 squad! I Thank you for the prompt...enjoy...
“You know...” Jo began as she walked into the garage gazing up at the fire truck in awe “…I’m kind of annoyed that it took Avery getting shot for you to invite me to come do truck surgery”
“I’m surprised you even want to join the PRT after he got shot” Ben shook his head, still rocked by the events of his last shift “He text me to say that as soon as he’s healed up that he wants to get back out there and to remind you that you’re only here temporarily”
“Don’t burst my bubble” Jo warned. She’d been feeling as though she needed a new adventure as of late and when Ben texted her to ask if she’d be able to fill in on the PRT for a while, it seemed as though life was life-giving her the perfect opportunity to have one – or at least that’s what Link had said. “And before you ask, I’ve already read over all the rules and regulations that you sent me. You were very thorough”
“He always is” Vic laughed as she joined the “I’m just glad to know that it’s not just our team that he acts like a dad with, he’s a stickler for the rules”
“And he’s standing right here” Ben reminded, glaring at Vic and Jo as they laughed. Although fire stations had never necessarily been her favourite place, something about station 19 was already making her feel as though she belonged “You two have obviously met already?”
“We’ve ended up drinking together at the bar a few times, Jackson introduced us” Jo explained, hoping that the mention of her ex wouldn’t make Vic grow awkward. She was genuinely fond of the other woman and didn’t want to get on her bad side especially now that they would be working alongside one another for a while “Carina has also introduced me to Maya a few times, or Captain Bishop as I should probably call her while I’m here”
“Bishop does like formalities; you should probably go see her and Sullivan before we introduce you to the rest of the team actually” Vic admitted. She could remember how nervous she’d been on her first day of working at the station and knew that having someone to show her the ropes would probably ease Jo’s nerves sightly; the same Travis had done for her (eventually). “I’ll take you over now if you want?”
“Hey guys” Maya clapped her hands to get the attention of her team who were joking and laughing with one another as they prepared food, Jo stood awkwardly behind Maya feeling nervous with all sets of eyes on them. While Jo may be confident in the OR and comfortable taking charge with interns and residents, she wasn’t so fond of being the center of attention like this “I would just like to introduce you to Dr. Jo Wilson, she’s assisting Warren on the PRT for the week”
“I didn’t know you filled that position” Jack admitted to Ben as the others introduced themselves to Jo and Ben just sighed as though he could already see the cogs turning in Jack’s head “I thought you were going to ask Dr. Hunt?”
“He couldn’t do it but recommended I ask Wilson, you would know if you ever checked your emails” Ben told him and Jack only chuckled, he’d changed his settings so that all of Ben’s emails went into his spam folder. It was just easier that way. Ben was tempted to warn Jack not to hit on Jo but before he could, the other man was already approaching her, flashing the bright smile that had at one point in time charmed both Andy and Maya. The pair shared a knowing look with one another as they listened to Jack and Jo talk to one another but before they could begin teasing him, the alarm went off declaring that all of them were needed/
“Guess we’ll just have to eat when we come back” Andy groaned as they quickly made sure the heat under all the pots was turned off, a fire at a fire station would be a little too on the nose even for them “You ready to be thrown it at the deep end Wilson?”
“Definitely” Jo grinned at Andy before quickly following her out of the beanery and towards the trucks. Andy could hear the woman’s excitement in her tone and from the glint in her eyes, Andy couldn’t help but think the surgeon had almost been waiting for the alarm since she got there. Andy could tell that Jo had grit and felt as though they were surely going to get on well.
“And Miller and Montgomery? They’re both so nice!” Jo rambled to Ben who couldn’t help but smile, her excitement was infectious. Their shift had ended a few minutes ago, yet they were sitting in the back of the PRT truck waiting for others to finish getting changed. Even though the day had been long and busy, Jo had found time to acquaint herself better with each member of the team and while she’d expected to be exhausted after the day, she was surprised that she wasn’t too tired to decline the invitation for after work drinks “Thank you Ben, for inviting me to work here. Even if it only is temporary, I am really enjoying myself”
“I’m glad, I know you’ve not had an easy time as of late” Ben told her in a quite voice, in the hopes that none of the team would overhear them. When the letter for Bailey had arrived from Alex and she’d told Ben about it’s contents, his heart had broken for Jo, she’d had the rug pulled from other her and seeing the smile that she wore after just a day of working on the PRT made him confident that she was on the road to being okay. “You know you can come do a shift any time right? I’ll work you into the schedule”
“I would like that”
“I think Gibson would too,” Ben told her teasingly, not missing how Jo blushed. Throughout their breaks, Jack and Jo had seemingly become inseparable and although they weren’t flat out flirting,  it did seem as though something electric existed between them. Jo quickly told him to shut up as she saw Jack approach them with Travis, Maya, and Vic in tow”
“Andy is just trying to convince Sullivan to come out and Dean’s headed home to Prue” Maya explained when Ben asked about the whereabouts of the others “Carina is going to meet us at Joe’s too once she’s finished work so it might be a pretty good night”
“Which is exactly what we need to celebrate Wilson’s very successful first day” Jack declared, linking arms with Jo once she stood up. They shared a smile as they led the others out of the station and although she wouldn’t say it out loud, in that moment Jo felt nothing but joy. She knew she was going to like it there.
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englishstrawbie · a year ago
Serendipity (2/?)
Fandom: Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy
Characters: Maya Bishop & Carina DeLuca
Summary: A chance meeting at a bar leads to these two idiots falling in love. Follows canon and fills in the gaps of their relationship that we didn’t get to see on screen.
Also @ AO3.
Note: This chapter was created from the deleted scene from Grey's Anatomy, episode 16x14. Stefania recently said that it was an alternative scene to the bar scene, but I've had this scenario in my head for months and decided to keep it as an additional part of their story.
 * * * * * * * * * *
A Diagnosis
The way your lips produce the sound of my name makes me lose it every time. - Ky
Maya wakes late. It is unusual for her to sleep in these days, her mind always working overtime and keeping her from a proper night’s rest. It’s the first time in a long while that she wakes feeling refreshed and without the weight of her recent promotion resting heavy on her chest. There’s a smile on her face before she even opens her eyes.
Her eyelids flutter and she is immediately blinded by the bright light of her bedroom, so she quickly closes them again. The sun is creeping in through a small crack in the curtains and creates a lightning strike across her bed sheets. She rolls over so that her body lays in its warmth, her face buried deep in the soft pillow beneath her.
Her body starts to wake up slowly. She flexes her feet first before stretching her legs long, followed by the rest of her body. She lets out a contented sigh.
Her mind wanders to last night and her encounter with Carina. She thinks about how a simple curiosity about the bear attack led to a late indulgence of desserts and ended with one hell of a make out session.
Maya isn’t sure she has ever been so captivated by another person before. She is used to being the instigator, the confident one. Except after the weekend camping trip, every ounce of confidence had been beaten out of her with every thud of her feet on the cold, hard ground as she had chased after the ambulance.  Carina had a self-assurance that she envied and it had been easy to be in her company for the evening. She was charming and funny – and not to mention beautiful.
Maya runs her tongue over her lips, remembering how it felt to have Carina’s mouth on hers. There is a little bit of regret in the back of her mind about saying no to Carina’s invitation to go home with her and worry sets in that saying no might have upset her. Not that she showed it, Carina had acted so cool with the way she had stolen her cellphone and typed in her number.
A smile passes over Maya’s lips at the memory. She rolls over onto her back and reaches for her phone, running runs through her contact list until she reaches her name.
Carina DeLuca.
Maya remembers the way her name had rolled off her tongue as Carina introduced herself, the way she smiled, the way her eyes pierced through her. She rolls her own eyes at herself. When did she become this soft?
She opens up her messages and starts to type.
That’s it, that’s all she’s got. Everything that comes to mind sounds lame and Maya has more game than that.
An hour later and Maya is showered, dressed and on her way to the hospital. It’s a forty minute walk from her apartment and she takes the route via Jeremy Street. She remembers Carina mentioning a coffee shop, but doesn’t remember its name. There are three coffee shops and of course the one she is looking for is the third one she tries. She orders two cappuccinos, asking especially for the Italian coffee beans, because she figures she might as well see why Carina likes it so much. She pauses just outside the coffee shop and takes a sip from her cup. It’s smooth and bitter – and it’s really good.
Maya quickens her pace to get to the hospital, wanting to deliver the coffee while it’s still hot. As she approaches, she realises she has no idea where to find Carina inside. Most of her visits have been to the emergency room and there have been a few times she has found herself in a surgical waiting room. She doesn’t even know what kind of medicine Carina practices. She curses herself for not asking more questions last night.
She steps inside the pit and immediately into chaos. There are gurneys everywhere, victims of a multi-vehicle accident. She manoeuvres her way to the admissions desk.
“Excuse me,” she says politely to the nurse, “…could you tell me where to find Doctor DeLuca please?”
The nurse tips her head to a side room.  “He’s in with a patient, can I take a message?”
“Oh, I mean the other Doctor DeLuca,” Maya says. “Carina.”
“Are you here for an appointment or is it an emergency?”
“Oh, uh, neither.”
Before Maya can say anything else, the phone starts to ring. The nurse calls out to a nearby doctor – Schmitt? – and asks him to help before answering the call.
“Doctor DeLuca’s office is on the fourth floor,” the young doctor says, guiding her to the elevators and hitting the button for her. “Take a right once you get there, down the corridor, third door on the left. Do you know the sex?”
Maya’s eyes widen. “What?”
“The baby, boy or girl?” Dr Schmitt asks, oblivious to her surprise.
“I… I’m not…”
There is a ping and the elevator door opens. Maya steps inside.
“Well congratulations!” Dr Schmitt says cheerily.
“Thanks,” Maya says dumbly, grateful when the door closes.
She heads straight to the fourth floor, as instructed, and steps out into a much calmer atmosphere. Calm, that is, until she hears a woman screaming in labour in a nearby room.
‘That explains the baby question,’ Maya thinks to herself.
She pauses. Did he say right or left?
It doesn’t matter, she hears Carina before she sees her; the melodic lilt of her Italian accent travelling to her from around the corner. Maya takes a few steps forwards and pauses, looking around the wall. Carina is stood at the nurses’ station, her back to Maya. She is resting against the desk, her head lowered as she flips through a patient’s chart. Her dark hair hangs around her face and Maya watches as she runs her hand through it and lets it fall to one side. Maya can just see her face and she notices how serious Carina looks as she studies the medical records in front of her – so different from the care free woman who took her on a whim to her favourite Italian restaurant within hours of them meeting.
Maya straightens her shoulders and lifts her chest a little, walking over to the nurses’ station with a confident step.
“Hi,” she says, a little too loudly.
Carina looks over her shoulder and immediately smiles when she sees her, spinning around to face her.
There is something about the way she says her name that makes Maya’s stomach flip.
“What are you doing here?”
“I figured you might want a caffeine fix after staying out so late last night,” Maya says, holding out the coffee cup.
Carina’s face lights up when she sees the familiar name of her favourite coffee shop on the side of the cup.  “My favourite!  You remembered?”
Maya shrugs nonchalantly. “I was paying attention.”
Carina takes a sip of the cappuccino. “Mmm, so good.” She points at Maya’s coffee cup. “You like it?”
“Yeah, you were right, it’s good,” Maya says.
Carina grins cockily. “I’m right about a lot of things.”
Maya is still charmed by her, only without the alcohol running through her blood, she’s a little bit more in control of her reaction and this time she laughs.  
“So you deliver babies, huh” Maya says, gesturing around the labour ward.
“I’m an OBGYN,” Carina says. “Delivering babies is just part of my job. Like putting out fires is only part of your job as a firefighter.” She looks up and down at Maya’s casual appearance. “Speaking of your job, I thought you had work today, no?”
Carina spies her suspiciously and Maya blushes.
“I lied,” Maya admits, the words tumbling out of her mouth before she can stop them.
Carina raises her eyebrows curiously, but doesn’t look surprised. If she was offended by Maya’s admission, it wasn’t apparent.
“I figured I should take you out on a date first.” Maya tips her head to one side. “How about this Friday?”
Carina smiles. “I’m free on Friday. Back to Little Roma, si?”
“Actually, I thought I’d take you to my favourite restaurant in Seattle,” Maya says, stepping forwards and closing the gap between them. “It’s small… dark… never too busy.” She drops her eyes to Carina’s lips, not-so-subtly.  “Perfect for getting to know each other better.”
She looks up again and sees Carina smiling at her, clearly enjoying Maya’s directness.  
“Are you going to tell me the name of this place?” Carina asks.
Maya shakes her head playfully. “It’ll be a surprise.”
A smile teases her lips. Carina isn’t the only one who can be charming.
Carina steps closer so that there is only an inch of space between them and Maya feels her stomach flip again.
“I like surprises,” Carina says softly.
Maya’s eyes drop to her lips again and she thinks about kissing her, except this is Carina’s work and Maya isn’t into public displays of affection. She lets out a frustrated sigh instead.
“Doctor DeLuca, Ms Collins’ chart,” a nurse interrupts from behind the desk.
Carina shoots her an apologetic look and Maya steps backwards reluctantly.
“I should go. You have work to do,” Maya says. “So, Friday?”
“Friday,” Carina says with a resolute nod of her head.
She smiles brightly and, God, Maya wants to kiss her.
“I’ll text you where and when,” Maya says.
“Si, because I don’t actually have your number!”  
Carina crinkles her nose in annoyance, causing Maya to laugh.
“You will soon,” she says, turning on her heel and walking away.
“When?” Carina calls out after her.
“Soon,” Maya says without turning around, disappearing around the corner.
The elevator doors have barely closed before she caves and sends Carina a message.
My number… just in case you want some company on your next break. Maya xx
She taps her phone impatiently, hoping for a quick reply.
So much for playing it cool.  
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englishstrawbie · a year ago
Serendipity (1/?)
Fandom: Station 19, Grey’s Anatomy
Characters: Maya Bishop & Carina DeLuca
Summary: A chance meeting at a bar leads to these two idiots falling in love. Follows canon and fills in the gaps of their relationship that we didn't get to see on screen.
Also at AO3.
* * * * * * * * * *
Into The Woods
You don’t find love, it finds you. It’s got a little bit to do with destiny, fate and what’s written in the stars.
- Anaïs Nin
Maya swirls the whiskey around her glass, the ice cubes rattling against each other. She lifts it to her lips and takes a sip. She doesn’t really like the taste, but she enjoys the sensation of the cool liquid burning her throat. Her shoulders are sore from the tension they carry and all she wants is for her body to relax, but she can’t because the camping trip was a disaster, everyone is pissed at her, and she feels like she’s failing. She fought so hard for the captain’s job. She’s proud of herself, her dad is proud of her; she wants so hard to make it a success but she doesn’t know how.
She takes another swig of her drink. She thought the hustle and bustle of Joe’s Bar would lift her, but all it does is make her feel more lonely. Coming here was a mistake and she figures she’ll finish her drink and go home.
She is lost in her thoughts when she becomes aware of a woman sitting down next to her. Her ears pick up a thick European accent as she orders a white wine, although the bar is too noisy for Maya to work out where she’s from. She can’t help but glance across at the stranger and she is immediately struck by her beauty. Maya sees the woman start to turn towards her and she looks back down at her glass to avoid eye contact, not in the mood for social interaction.
Carina notices her straight away, her thick blonde hair and soft features, and she is sure that she has seen this woman somewhere before. Her brow is crinkled with a frown and she looks a little sad, and Carina wonders what could have happened to turn such a pretty face so serious.
“You look familiar,” Carina says, hoping to draw her into a conversation.
Maya looks up at her. “Oh, I drink here a lot,” she says with a polite smile.
Carina studies her as she tries to place her. “Uh no,” she muses, drumming her fingers against the edge of the bar. “Were you at the hospital earlier?”
“Yeah, I was,” Maya says, wondering how she was going to explain that story. “I’m a firefighter. I was, um… bringing something.”
It only takes a moment before Carina realises who she is. “Oh my god!” she cries. “Yes! You were the one who ran in with the nose!”
Her enthusiasm is infectious and Maya laughs.  “Yeah.” She holds out her hand. “Captain Maya Bishop.”
She doesn’t know why she introduces herself with such formality and feels her cheeks flush a little.
“Doctor Carina DeLuca.”
She speaks fast and Maya finds herself staring.
“Well okay, if I buy you a drink, would you tell me the story of how you ended up carrying a nose in a plastic bag?” Carina asks.
Maya feels her defence mechanisms go up. “I’m sorry, I’m drinking alone tonight,” she says, the polite smile returning to her face before she goes back to her drink.
“Okay,” Carina says, although she’s not ready to give up just yet. She leans forward against the bar and turns. “Are you sure?” she asks slowly.
Maya turns to look at her again. She’s hot and has a smile that lights up her face. Her intentions are clear and Maya figures it’s been a while since she indulged in some self-care. Carina is watching her and Maya feels her skin turn pink under her gaze. Maya looks her up and down, and smiles genuinely this time.
“Maybe not.”
Carina smiles. “Same again?” She points at Maya’s glass.
Maya shakes her head and pushes her drink away. “You know, a glass of wine would be great.”
Carina orders her a glass of wine, then spins to face her, waiting expectantly. “So…?”
Maya launches into the story about the camping trip, the early morning disruption, the encounter with the bear and her cub, and the race to catch up with the ambulance. Carina listens intently, reacting to every twist in the tale with a smile or a laugh or a gasp.
“You ran all that way?” she says, her eyes wide.
“It wasn’t that far,” Maya says with a nonchalant shrug.
“You must be very fit.”
There’s a flirtation to everything Carina says and Maya finds her eyes drifting to her lips every now and again. She’s pretty sure Carina has noticed, too.
“I used to run competitively,” Maya says.
“At school?”
Maya nods.  “And afterwards for a while.”
She is purposefully vague and Carina looks at her curiously.  “What are you, an Olympic athlete or something?” she jokes. She has heard that there is an Olympian-turned-firefighter at one of the firehouses in Seattle.
Maya turns red. She is never usually shy with telling people about her gold medal and she’s not sure what it is about this woman that makes her feel coy.
Carina’s face lights up. “Oh my god!” she cries. “You are kidding, no?”
“I won the 10,000 metres at the 2012 Olympics,” Maya says.
“Wow, that’s amazing,” Carina says, clearly impressed. “I only run when I’m being chased.”
Carina winks playfully and revels in the sound of Maya’s laugh. She had come to Joe’s for a quick drink after work, hoping for some light conversation with a colleague, before heading home. She had not planned on spending her evening engrossed in conversation with a hot firefighter but she was glad for it. Maya is interesting, a little hard to read at times but Carina is drawn to her and wants to get to know her better.
“So what made you give up running and become a firefighter?” Carina asks.
“Injury,” Maya answers. “My ankle. I was a distance runner but I wasn’t going to be able to run that far again. Not competitively, at least.”
“And you chose to become a firefighter?”
“It’s physical, and hard work, and important,” Maya says. “I like it.”
“You must be very good at it to be captain,” Carina says.
Maya drops her eyes. She can’t bear to tell her how badly it’s going.
“Are you going to ask me questions all evening or are you going to tell me about you?” she says, changing the subject.
If it’s obvious, Carina doesn’t say anything, she only laughs.
“What do you want to know?” Carina asks, smiling as she tips her head to one side.
“Well, you’re clearly not from around here,” Maya says. She narrows her eyes as she tries to place the accent. “Italian?”
“Si!” Carina says happily.  
“When did you come to America?”
“Three years ago,” Carina answers. “To visit my brother.”
“He lives in Seattle?”
Carina nods. “He is a doctor also, at Grey-Sloan.”
A memory pops up in Maya’s mind. “DeLuca! Of course,” she says. She had thought she had heard that name before.  
“You know him?”
“He was on the scene with us last year when we were looking for a kid in the sewers.” They hadn’t really spoken, but she remembers him. They had been introduced as they stood waiting for the davit to be set up to send the ring down to Max. She frowns. “But wait, why do you sound so Italian and he doesn’t?”
“Our parents split up when we were children. Our Mama left Italy and came to America. She took Andrea with her, but I stayed in Italy with Papa,” Carina explains.  Her tone is matter-of-fact and not unfriendly, but even Maya can tell that it is not a story that Carina wants to dwell on.
“Andrea?” she questions with raised eyebrows.
Carina smiles. “Andrew,” she corrects herself.
“Do you miss Italy?”
“Oh yes, very much,” Carina says. “The landscape, the beaches, the food, the wine – all of it.” She becomes misty-eyed, smiling fondly as she thinks about her home country. “There is a coffee shop on Jeremy Street that makes its espresso with my favourite Italian beans. It is the only place in Seattle.”
She looks at Maya. “Have you been?”
“To the coffee shop?”
Carina laughs. “No, to Italy.”
“Oh,” Maya says, flushed with embarrassment. “No, I haven’t.”
“One day you must go,” Carina says. “It is beautiful.”
An idea comes to her mind. “Are you hungry?”
“What?” Maya asks, confused.
“Are you hungry?” Carina repeats.
“I… it’s almost ten o’clock,” Maya says.
“So? Come on, let’s go!” Carina says. She grabs her jacket from where it hangs on the next stool and gestures at Maya to follow her.
Maya gapes at her. “Where are you going?”
“We’re going,” Carina corrects her. “You’ll see, come on!”
Maya thinks she’s crazy, yet for some reason she feels compelled to follow her. She throws some money down on the bar as a tip and nods her thanks to the barman, before following Carina outside.
“Where are we going?” she calls out.
“So many questions,” Carina teases her. She stops, reaches out and grabs Maya’s hand, and tugs her along. “Come, bella.”
They don’t walk far, just a couple of blocks, before they reach a small Italian restaurant called Little Roma. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much and not the kind of place that Maya would choose to walk in to. She looks through the window to see that there are only a few patrons left, nursing coffee or a digestivo.
“Here?” Maya says, taking in the shabby linens and peeling paint.
Carina smiles knowingly. “Trust me.”
They step inside where they are greeted by a waiter. Carina converses with him in Italian and Maya quickly realises that Carina is known to them.
“Maya, this is Luca. Luca, this is Maya,” Carina introduces them.
“Buonasera, signora,” Luca says, with a small bow.
Maya smiles. “Good evening,” she says.
He directs them to a small table in the corner. Carina orders for them, speaking in her native tongue. She talks even faster in Italian than she does in English, and Maya has no idea what to expect when their food comes.
“Why here?” Maya asks curiously when they are left alone.
“It serves the best Italian food in Seattle,” Carina answers.
Maya looks unconvinced.
“Trust me,” Carina says again. She slides her hand across the table and places it over Maya’s, wrapping her fingers around her palm. It’s the smallest of gestures, but Maya feels her skin tingle. She is usually the one in control in these situations, but she is well and truly captured under Carina’s spell.
“You keep saying that,” she says softly.
Carina grins. This is her favourite spot in Seattle and the only place (other than in the company of her brother) that feels like home in this foreign city. She has never shared it with anyone else, least of all a woman she has only known for a couple of hours. She can’t explain why she decided to bring Maya here or why she wants to share a piece of herself with this stranger.
Luca is back quickly, carrying a tray of food and drink. He places two glasses of wine on the table, a Sangiovese, one of Carina’s favourite grapes. Four plates follow.
“Tiramisu, cannoli, panna cotta and bomboloni,” he explains as he places each dish on the table. “Buon appetite!”
Carina takes a sip of her wine, a satisfied smile passing her lips. “Hmm.” She raises her glass. “Cheers!”
Maya reciprocates. “Cheers.” She looks down at the food between them. “So, which one do you recommend?”
“All of them!” Carina says. “But you should save the tiramisu for last, otherwise the taste of coffee will overpower the others.” She pushes the panna cotta forwards. “Start with this one.”
They tuck into the desserts, an easy conversation flowing between them.
“When I was younger, my Nonna would make cannoli every Sunday after Church,” Carina says, as she sinks her teeth into the crispy shell.
“Nonna is your grandma, right?”
“Si,” Carina says, with a nod of her head. “We would all squeeze into her home – my parents, my brother, our aunts and uncles, our cousins.”
“Do you have a big family?” Maya asked.
“Three aunts, four uncles, nine cousins.”
“Wow!” Maya exclaims.
“Your family is small?”
“I have a brother, Mason, but… we’re not close. My father is an only child, my mom has a sister, my Aunt Bess. She has one child, my cousin, Tom,” Maya says. “I think it sounds great, having such a big family.”
Carina picks up on the wistful tone in her voice and a hint of jealousy.
“Hmm, not when you lose every weekend to babysitting duties,” she laments. She pushes another plate towards her. “Try the bomboloni, they are Andrea’s favourite.”
It doesn’t take them long to polish off the desserts and the wine.
“That was amazing!” Maya declares, sinking back into her chair.
Carina smiles at her smugly. “I told you, best Italian food in the city.”
“And you were right,” Maya admits.
“Then we should come back here for dinner one day,” Carina says.
A date?
Maya feels her walls building up again. She was looking for a bit of self-care, nothing more. Except the thought of a date causes a little flutter in her belly, enough to knock that wall back down a little, and she can’t help but smile. She is just about to accept the invitation when Luca interrupts them.
“Signoras, I am sorry, we are closing. The check,” he says, placing it on the table between them.
They both automatically reach for their own purse.
“Please, bella, my gift,” Carina says.
Maya opens her mouth to object, but Carina waves her hand dismissively.
“You can pay for dinner,” she says with a mischievous smile.
She’s not giving up on that date.
“Deal,” Maya says.
Carina pays and they grab their jackets, making their way to the door. Carina calls out her thanks to the chef, falling back into Italian. Luca gives them another small bow as they step outside.
The night is cooler now and Maya feels a shiver down her spine, except she’s not sure if it’s because of the chill in the air or because Carina has her hand on the small of her back, guiding her out onto the sidewalk.  She stops and turns. The whiskey, wine and fresh air makes her head a little woozy, and okay maybe she’s a little bit dizzy from the fact that Carina is so close to her and she is overwhelmed by the scent of her perfume.
“You okay?” Carina asks.
Maya nods. “This was… great,” she says, silently cursing herself for being so inarticulate. “Thank you for bringing me here.”
Carina smiles. “Well, the evening isn’t over yet,” she purrs, closing the gap between their bodies.
She dips her head so that it is only inches away. Maya can smell the coffee and red wine on her breath. Carina murmurs something that she doesn’t quite catch.
She doesn’t give Maya the chance to ask what it means. She presses her lips against Maya’s, gently at first and quickly becoming more urgent. She runs her tongue over Maya’s lips. Maya is quick to respond, opening her mouth and snaking her tongue around Carina’s. Maya smiles into their kiss as she hears a soft moan. She runs her hands around Carina’s hips and pushes her backwards until her back connects with a nearby lamppost. Carina’s hands are in her hair, her fists curled, giving a gentle tug.
Maya is pretty sure she’s never been kissed like this on a first date before.
Carina is the first to pull away. She’s breathless, her eyes dark with lust.
“My house is only a few blocks away,” she says.
Maya looks at her, her eyes dropping to her lips, still dizzy. She knows how this goes, she’s done it so many times before. She’ll go back to Carina’s house and she’s pretty sure the sex will be amazing. She’ll wake up early the next morning and sneak out before Carina is awake, telling herself that it’s better that way. She hates the awkward conversation the morning after.
It’s tempting, she can’t deny it. Carina is hot and Maya already feels the tension leaving her body under her touch.
Except there’s something in her head telling her that this isn’t the way she wants this to play out. She doesn’t want Carina to be just another night of self-care.  
“I… I have an early shift tomorrow,” she lies.
Carina doesn’t try to hide her disappointment. “Oh.”
She runs her thumb over Maya’s lips and leans in, sinking her teeth into her top lip.
“Are you sure?”
Maya wants to say no, she’s not sure at all, but her head outweighs her heart, and she nods her head dumbly.
Carina looks at her curiously. She’s had all the signs that this evening was going to end differently, and she wonders what it is that is making Maya pull away.
Maya can feel Carina studying her and she doesn’t like it; she doesn’t like it when people try to get inside of her head. She grabs the lapels of Carina’s jacket and pulls her close to distract her with another kiss. It works. She feels Carina’s hands slide around her waist and tug on her hips, pulling her in closer.  They move down over her ass and she feels Carina giggle against her lips.
Before Maya realises what she is doing, Carina swipes her cellphone from her back pocket and slides out of her embrace.
“Hey!” Maya grumbles.
Carina holds the phone out between them. “Open it.”
Maya frowns, confusion on her face. Carina rolls her eyes. “Open it,” she says again.
Maya complies, holding her thumb over the home button. Carina goes straight to her contacts list and types in her name and number.
“Call me, let me know when you’re free for dinner,” she says.
She walks forwards until they are standing shoulder to shoulder. She hands Maya her cellphone before leaving a soft kiss on her cheek.
“Until next time.”
Maya watches her as she walks towards the road, hailing a cab quickly. Her body shivers, missing the warmth that Carina gave her when she was pressed against her. She looks down at her phone and smiles knowing that she has Carina’s number. She thinks about texting her straight away but it feels too desperate, too needy.
It is going to take all her willpower to play this one cool.
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