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petalsbloomed · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
( one of the things that ryan will never forget is that moment of seeing his little half brother for the first time. the tiny boy was the only thing that connected him to the mother that he never met, the one he lost so early in his life. when he first heard that he had a sibling from his grandmother, he cried. he was so ecstatic that there was still a piece of his mom left on earth, someone besides him that he could see the tiny fractures of her in, regardless if he could see similarities since he didn’t know her personally.
he had to get a hold of himself when diavolo and his grandmother offered to take him down to the human world to see him for the first time. all the emotions that he had been feeling about his mother: regret, sadness, anger, and fear, all completely dissipated once he saw how his younger brother was being treated; he truly was at home, surrounded by not only his father but his larger circle of family and acquaintances. knowing that the last person in the human world that was connected to his mother was at peace gave him newfound confidence that the human world didn’t need him. as long as something was in the human world to keep his mother’s legacy alive, he didn’t need to be there; he would be perfectly content in the devildom with his kin and the demons.
but it did come at a cost. diavolo promised to keep the boy healthy and safe for the rest of his life if it meant ryan didn’t risk going back to the human world to see him again. this meant that ryan may never be able to see his brother again; only through visions, but not as close as they were. it wasn’t as if they could interact with each other anyway; the three of them were merely spirits floating around the house of ryan’s stepfather. but he couldn’t let his family down. ryan accepted the offer, heavily saddened by the cost of his offer, but as long as it was a way for him to pledge his loyalty to the demon prince in a way that would make it so he would protect his kin, all while a fraction of his mother’s being was still in the human world, he knew he could be at peace. )
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forgottotalk · 10 minutes ago
Randomly walked in on my grandmother, my father and my gay brother complaining that there are too many letters in LGTBQIA+. My brother said A stands only for ally to which I responded that it stands for asexual too. My grandmother and my father then preceded to rant about how asexuality is a medical problem and shouldn’t be included in the LGBTQIA+ community. I have thereby made the executive decision to wait until my family is in the fucking ground to tell them I’m aroace. Like maybe I’ll tell my father’s grave after I vandalize it with asexual pride flags but until then I’m pretending to be a picky bitch who can’t choose a man.
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oreanagalena · 13 minutes ago
Adopted guardian gets excited about the fact masks are no longer required for folks who got the vaccine.
I tell her she will still have to abide by rules placed at stores, or she’ll get kicked out as they are private property with their own rules you must adhere to.
She comments ‘you’re insane because you’re not looking to get vaccinated’, to which I correct her:
No, everywhere nearby is only open in the AM when I’m working and on the days I’m working. I’ve yet to find an available slot. Also, I’m not retired like her, so I cannot go whenever I so wish to. My shitty job is my only means for income as I live paycheck to paycheck.
To which she shrugs and says ‘well, wear the mask forever then’.
Yeah, sorry you have the forever open availability to get vaccinated where I have to struggle to try and get the vaccine and not inconvenience my place of work by getting it, you dumb bitch. =__=;
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ggukbabyy · 20 minutes ago
I wanna write some stuff since I’ve finished my assignments but I have 0 ideas, if you have any pls send me some, I need inspirationnnnnn
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telemarcs · 27 minutes ago
I've rowed in a viking ship, I've visited a reconstruction of the biggest viking ship ever found, and now you tell me the boats weren't necessarily brown but could be painted in all different colors so they could slip right into a pride parade according to this podcast? 😂
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chellenaessens · 30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I played a lot of Hades lately and decided to draw my two comfort characters in the Hades art style... I miss these two together. 
 Anyways, forehead kisses y'all<3
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igarbagecannoteven · 57 minutes ago
i was tagged by @clumsyclifford in a writer’s tag game (me!! tagged as a writer!! that’s crazy man) literal months ago but better late than never?
rules: post a line from your latest wip & tag as many people as there are words
uh this is def not the last thing i wrote in this fic but this is the last wip i worked one & this is in one of the few scenes i'm probably not going to rewrite 50 times in this fic so here ya go
Luke was leaning against the hood of his truck, staring out into the woods with a pensive look on his face. The expression was so familiar to Ashton that it locked his lungs in place momentarily. Despite everything that had changed between them and all the years spent apart, Ashton still felt as though he didn’t know anything as well as he knew Luke’s face.
there is no way i am going to tag 61 people bc i do not know that many people and also i am not going to bd that perso but i’ll tag @cringeycal @staticsounds @allsassnoclass @michaelsarmbandtattoo @escapesos & @pixiegrl which makes 6 and the other 55 will be whoever sees this and wants to do it! (also if i tagged you do not feel obligated to do it, it's only if you want to!)
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trustsbuilt · an hour ago
i’m hoping “europe hq” means we’ll get to see my man josh or keith or even parker in the next game???? mmmmm please capcom..dont let them just be a memory.............
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fromlia-withlove · an hour ago
wtf, is this dirty macking and messy week? first ben affleck, then porsha, now olivia munn?? im trying to not engage or invest but that last one had THROUGH ME
Tumblr media
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