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#but for the most part i think it's funny in lgbt spaces
steveyockey · 6 months ago
Regarding how Supernatural sees and literally portrays its own fans: there are the cringy loser man (who also turn out to be gay which is of course even worse), the straight fetishizing women and the delusional queer fangirls. What I don't understand: where are the fans that Supernatural actually wants? The 'real' fans, the actual target group, so I suppose cool straight dude bros? They're never shown as fans of the show! Because how Supernatural portrays is, it's actually cringe to like Supernatural at all which is funnily just the show shitting on itself (and also true). Or what do you think?
I mean I think you hit the nail on the head, it’s cringe to like supernatural! specifically it’s cringe to like supernatural with a passion, which is funny because like, kripke’s original pitch mentions buffy, the x-files, star wars, properties with active fan communities who rooted for pairings and continue to write fic. it feels like those fans come with the territory! it’s genre fiction! but of course supernatural also came up at the perfect time for its writers to have a better awareness of their fan communities than most of the stuff that came before them, and, what’s more is they chose to do that. becky, demian, and barnes are all names of forum mods from back in the day. they’re mean-spirited caricatures, but they are also currency! in-text acknowledgment! that’s a powerful drug. how mad can you be that you’re getting made fun of for having no life outside a silly tv show that thinks you’re a loser when you’re now a character in that tv show!
it’s difficult to source who supernatural was technically supposed to be for, there’s no actual quote of kripke naming teenage white boys as his target audience, but I did dig up this bad boy from 2009 that suggests dawn ostroff (the cw’s president at the time) was not happy the property pitched as being for males ages 13-25 was instead attracting women 14-45. I mean, we know the first two seasons of supernatural were “the DVDs most requested by armed forces personnel in iraq and afghanistan,” so clearly on some level the “intended audience” was being reached, but it seems at least the perception on the inside was those poor boys were getting massively outflanked by women. there’s a couple levels to this. first of all, the show premiered on the wb. it’s not to say the network couldn’t attempt to attract new viewers (and this was probably part of the intent of the show), but teen soaps were in its dna. they had no way to STOP the women already tuning in for gilmore girls from keeping the tv on another hour. second, though the show is purportedly “about” topics that read as exclusive to men (cars, rock, violence), there’s an obvious appeal to people attracted to men in its casting choices and the way its shot. like jensen didn’t do that fucking titantic necklace ad because he’s the epitome of masculinity, he did it because he was an androgynous dicaprio-type cutie! sure, his look may have been aspirational to teenage boys wanting that same type of attention, but again, there’s no way to prevent women from getting it directly from the source! and for all the show claims to tell us about the single man tear stoicism of it all, dean cries like a little bitch. because he’s not the action hero, not at first! he’s a scared kid who was forced to grow up. and sam’s fucking dean from gilmore girls! he’s got the bangs and the goofy smile! these aren’t the guys the women watching wanted protecting them, they were guys they wanted to provide comfort. and the camera plays into it! as our good friend sheila o’malley puts it, jensen and jared “are objectified in a way usually reserved for female stars.” you can discuss this in terms of a male objectification fantasy, there’s a wonderful post out there equating the compromising positions sam and dean find themselves in on hunts to a sort of bodice-ripper erotic thrill in being taken control of, but that only provides more space for the comfort fantasy. and this is nothing to say of just being interested in the genre! that the attention of female fans is devalued and assumed to have less complexity than the relationship men have to their beloved works. which is CRAZY because lgbt fans and women in fandom are the entire reason supernatural even made it this far! yes, there are swaths of “regular” people at home who watched supernatural in a non-obsessive way, but they weren’t the reason the show saw a 27 percent increase in its audience over the ninth season. that’s passionate fans, and fan communities encouraging passionate fans of other things to join them. supernatural might not have explicitly wanted these fans, but they are the reason for its success at almost any stage of the show’s airing and, while they may have been creating fanwork outside the bounds of the text, their reasons for coming to the show were not invented. what gets me riled up about “fan fiction” is I enjoy 99% of it, the one thing I can’t stand being the suggestion that what the fans are doing is based on a reading of the show the text itself doesn’t support. the text supports it because YOU put it there! just like you put everything else there that already made the show appeal to people outside the “target” audience! all of which is to say. I don’t know who the fuck supernatural was meant for. I don’t really care except in the moments it illuminates something within the text for me or when this idea is wielded effectively in the “ring ring! eric!” type jabs on here. because the show had the audience it had! it didn’t have any other! it took all that fucking con money and continues to do so, I don’t think there’s any better metric than cold hard cash.
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mortemia · a year ago
The level of performance you demand from bi people as a whole, but especially of bi women, is motherfucking insane. I really don't get why you all demand bi women virtue signal their sexuality by "rejecting" men in order to not deem them gross lesbophobes by virtue of existing. "Even" if they prefer men that's not necessarily out of some internalized homo/biphobia. They just like men. That’s kind of part of (most bi people’s) bisexuality. Shocker, I know.
A lot of the behaviors you all accuse bi women of (not taking other women seriously as partners, for example) are behaviors a lot of lesbians in denial exhibit too but in us you see victims of our own pain and misogyny who need help and understanding, while in bi women you see vile irredeemable perpetrators who must be ostracized and punished.
You blame them of their own abuse at the hands of cis straight men in ways that if you remove the "bi" from "bi women" you would recognize as disgusting victim-blaming, WHILE rejecting them & pushing them out of LGBT spaces, which, guess what you fucking geniuses; leaves them to have cis straight men as their only viable option. Funny how that works. You're all "women should stay away from dating bi women" or "bi women fetishize lesbianism by wanting to be with women" but shame bi women for being with men IN THE SAME BREATH. What the fuck do you want them to do? Be celibate for your own biphobic comfort?
I legit saw idiots on Twitter say "normalize lesbians only dating other lesbians" as if that's not what's normalized already. Bi women are already seen as gross sluts that kiss women at parties to turn men on and only seriously date men. What the fuck isn’t normalized about lesbians dating lesbians only?
You think that I, a literal fucking dyke, didn't see women at some point as hot for sex and men as the only viable partners for serious relationships? Would you see me as a disgusting dangerous misogynist for having been there, or as struggling with internalized homophobia? If it’s the later, why don't you extend that same compassion to bi women? Only difference there is that I'm a lesbian and they're bisexual.
Sure, they like men so being with men isn't INHERENTLY torture for them like it is for me, but you don't think that thinking/behaving that way is traumatizing for them too? They love women and are depriving themselves of that experience out of internalized biphobia, misogyny and homophobia. You think that doesn’t fuck them up too? They're hurting too, but you think that, unlike a lesbian who does the same, THEY deserve that suffering.
And no one is telling you to date them or to suffer for them through it just because they're suffering too. What you're being told is to see them as the non-straight women they are who're suffering too and understand the complexity of their situation the same way you would someone like me.
You think too that the “solution” to the horrendous rates of IPV they face with cis straight men is swearing off men. Would you tell straight women to do the same if they don’t want to be abused by male partners? You wouldn't. Because you see straight women as not having "an option" but think bi women do and thus they MUST be asking to be abused. Literal “asking for it” shit. It's all victim blaming + Boys Will Be Boys, but add a "bi" to it and it's progressive somehow.
This points to you seeing women's attraction to men as only ok when it's not "chosen", just a passive reception of misogynistic violence (which, way to take away the agency of women’s sexualities, you dumb bitches), but when they IN THEORY have a "choice" because they also like women, their attraction to men is active instead of passive, and thus they're cock-sucking sluts who’re choosing to endanger themselves. You see women whose desire for men is active, as deserving of whatever results from their involvement with men. You can't be a biphobe without being a misogynist.
You see bisexuality as a fractured amalgam of homosexuality + heterosexuality instead of its own standalone identity, and thus they can and MUST choose one or the other, because their “heterosexual” attraction and their gay attraction are in active competition within them like the fucking two wolves shit. You can’t be a biphobe without being a homophobe.
Bi women's attraction to men is NOT normalized and biphobes are living proof of it. It's not normalized; they're bisexual, not straight. Their attraction to men coexists with, interlinks with and isn't independent of their attraction to women. Bi women ARE shamed and punished for liking men because they don't like men alone, they simultaneously like women and those are inseparable for them.
If it was normalized, it wouldn't be widespread to blame them for the abuse they receive when involved with men, like they should pick a side for their abuse to count or matter. They wouldn't be pushed out of LGBT spaces for being with men, it wouldn't be seen by other LGBT people (even many bi women themselves) as a flaw in their sexuality that makes them a gay-straight chimera. They wouldn't feel ashamed of their attraction to men. They wouldn't be seen with suspicion for liking men if it was normalized.
Them simultaneously liking men is seen as not loving men "correctly" AND as not loving women “correctly”. No LGBT women (including cis bi women and straight trans women) are seen as doing love and sex "correctly".
You can only claim bi women's attraction to men is normalized if you see bisexuality as a Lego combo of straight + gay and thus their attraction to men is separable from their attraction to women. It's not. They're not cherry-picked bits and pieces of heterosexuality and homosexuality. They're 100% bisexual, always, no matter in what way their bisexuality expresses itself. Be it bisexual with no preference, bisexual with a preference for women, or bisexual with a preference for men.
It's not 50-50% straight-gay, 25-75% straight-gay, or 80-20% straight-gay respectively. ALL are 100% bisexual-bisexual. If you can't respect that, you're a homophobe and a misogynist.
And yes, it is HOMOphobic to see bi women with suspicion for liking men. You see "homosexual" attraction as inherently in jeopardy if there's a coexisting "heterosexual" attraction because the gay one will be lesser and you see the "straight" one as a threat that'll take precedent. That’s your gay insecurity from internalized homophobia speaking.
Then too, there's a reason biphobes think bi men are secretly gay, and bi women are secretly straight. You see men as the superior and inevitable choice for both. That's misogyny. If you're a biphobe, you ARE undoubtedly a misogynist and a homophobe, even if you're gay and/or a woman yourself.
Every time people make armchair judgements of bisexual women as man-worshipers all I can think of is my sister who cried rivers of tears to me about how painful and stressing it is to over-perform her attraction to men who're not even her type (she likes gnc men!) just to stay closeted, and when I think of that, I wish so badly I could slap each and every person doing that.
And yeah! You read right, GNC MEN. Bisexuality is "gay enough", "even" in their different-gender attraction, that plenty of bi women prefer gnc men, and plenty of bi men prefer gnc women. In fact, plenty of bi people, including the cis ones, are gnc themselves (with a specific tendency towards androgyny but there's many who're distinctly masculine/feminine at it) and thus much more visible as gay than someone like me; a fucking lesbian, but I'm fem-presenting.
"Bi people can stay closeted while in relationships." So can gay men and lesbians who have beards, who hide our partners, whose partners are trans and closeted, if we're trans and closeted ourselves, or if we’re single and not visibly gnc.
My relationship would be seen as straight by outsiders because my fiancé is a closeted trans lesbian. Unless you’re a transphobe you would NOT call that a fucking privilege. It’s not a fucking privilege that she’s forced to hide herself and hide that the nature of her exclusive love for women is gay. That shit fucking kills her inside. It’s not a privilege that to keep the love of my life safe and myself too I have to pretend that our love is straight when it was so fucking hard for me to just detect, let alone ACCEPT and take pride in that I don’t like men.
All of that keeps us safe, but at great emotional cost. Being closeted is safety for all LGBT people, but it’s not a privilege, it’s PAINFUL. You understand this when it comes to gay men and lesbians, and can feel compassion for us. Why not for bi people? Why are you so angry at bi people? Why do you hold so much contempt for bi people?
I'll tell you why: BECAUSE YOU'RE BIGOTS.
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nautiscarader · 8 months ago
2020 in animation - recap
Tumblr media
So, 2020. 
Yeah, I have to say I’m not entirely satisfied. Would not recommend, 1 star. 
But I would be willing to bump it to 1.5, if only because of one factor: the animation. 
Because I have to say, this was the best animated end of the world so far! And if there was something that kept our spirits up, it was the cartoon industry!
Just like last year, I should preface this by saying that this is highly subjective selection. Even when one is confined to their Hobbit holes for better part of the year because of *waves hands* everything around, 
Tumblr media
day still only has 24 hours, so I have missed a few shows. (I should also apologise for omitting a few major ones last year, like Milo Murphy’s Law S2, Ducktales, or She-Ra. This is why I started keeping a track this year). I’m sure I will catch up with those I missed this year some time in the future, but for now, let’s see what this year has gifted us with.
And right from the start, January opens the race with very interesting propositions. We were still riding on an incredibly high wave from last year, with Infinity Train season 2.
Tumblr media
This one focused on Tulip’s mirror, and pushed the season towards a much darker and complex story, diving deep into one’s personal journey and identity. There were tears, math, deer, and cops being murdered. Brutally. 
t was followed by two newcomers: The Owl House and first season of Kipo and The Age of the Wonderbeast. Both of them would dominate first half of the year, with The Owl House’s traditional, week-to-week airings, and Kipo's seasons appearing in  June and October.
The Owl House, a strong contender in "What will be the Next Gravity Falls?" contest, invited us to a world full of magic, mystery, elongated owl demons and some dark secrets. It has also created a milestone for Disney, introducing an LGBT couple with characters of bisexual Luz Noceda and lesbian Amity Blight. Their Grom dance has risen to the top of my animates scenes, polling very closely to the unforgettable Kataango.
Tumblr media
On the other hand, Kipo has taken us to the post-apocalyptic world filled with mutant animals, revealing that despite the end of the world, our old vices and animosities have survived in underground burrows, and we have infected the overworld of giant doggos and suit-wearing frogs with them. 
Kipo did not pull any punches regarding commentary about our society, at the same time giving us hope in the form of the main protagonist, who was able to spread friendship and understanding amongst the mutes, as well as the humans that had to survive. And in the world that we have found ourselves in, it was a pretty darn good lesson.
Tumblr media
February would bring end to two seasons of airing cartoons, Big Hero Six season 2 and Miraculous season 3, as well as another newcomer that won the hearts of fans: Glitch Techs, with its "second" season arriving in August. And while in my opinion he show wasn't as good as the other two new titles, I am clearly in minority, as the show about Ghostbuters-like team of game console technicians gained huge popularity... though not enough to keep the show afloat. As of writing this, it is currently in limbo, which is a shame, as the second set of 10 episodes finally added some much needed ongoing story.  
Tumblr media
in March, another show from last year ended - Steven Universe Future. As we have expected, it tackled slightly more mature themes, showing how much Steven needed that therapy we have wished him, telling an important tale of finding one's worth and one's self. its ending might not have been as explosive as those of the original show, or the movie, but it left Steven’s story as open as an open road, and deep in our hearts, we all knew it would look like this.   
Tumblr media
March was also the time when majority of western world caught the coronavirus, and that caused quite a turmoil with the movie and animation industry. One of the first victim of changed schedule was Disney's Onward, which was released on-line on Disney+ quickly after its theatrical release.
Tumblr media
I have mixed feelings towards “Onward”. For such interesting promise, I think it made a few questionable and down right boring turns, though the unorthodox message at the end of it was its strongest point, and it was one I haven’t seen in a while, so it was worth watching just for that.  
April was relatively quiet (aside from more end of the world stuff); brought us third season of Ducktales that spread throughout the year, while May gave us final, fifth season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. 
Tumblr media
To my eternal shame, I missed on this show when it premiered, and due to the lockdown, I binge-watched the previous four right in time for powerful and explosive season 5. And even though Catra and Adora finally gave us exactly what we needed, some fans felt slightly unsatisfied, calling for a movie, like the Steven Universe one to be made. And I’d be all for it, the rest of universe needs saving from the Horde! Also, cats in space - hilarious. 
Tumblr media
May also revealed a new player on the streaming field: HBO Max, who surprised us with new Looney Tunes Cartoons, much more in the spirit of the legendary originals than the often-criticised Looney Tunes Show from 2011-2014. And in my opinion, it did; one could feel the same fluidity in animation, dedication to slapstick, and synchronisation with music than in the very first cartoons with Bugs and Daffy.
HBO Max would, however, return in June with first of series of Adventure Time original movies called "Distant Lands". The first centred around BMO, with second one - Obsidian giving us a glimpse into Bonnibel and Marceline's lives.
Tumblr media
Distant Lands allowed people to revisit the odd, odd world of Ooo and learn about its colourful inhabitants, taking turns to seeing their past and the future, an, as usual, showing us that post-apocalyptic world can teach us valuable and meaningful lessons.   
Just in time for full lockdown in our burrows, aforementioned Kipo season 2 premiered in June, together with another cartoon movie, this time featuring We Bare Bears. While their movie wasn't anything to write songs about, it was exactly like the show, providing some wholesome content right when we needed it.
Tumblr media
And just in case you needed more wholesome adventures, Craig of the Creek's second season ended, and its third season began, reminding us of HOW COOL LIFE WAS WHEN OUTERNET WASN’T SCARY AND WE COULD STILL WALK OUTSIDE FOR FUN AND NOT TO HUNT TOILET PAPER.
Tumblr media
Just like last year, July was not dogs' days, but frogs'. Amphibia season 2 started raining on our heads, but unlike last year, its schedule wasn't a daily one, spreading the episodes throughout the Summer and early Autumn, with its second part arriving in February of 2021. There were more roadtrips, more mysteries and MORE MARCY.
Tumblr media
August was equally strong: aforementioned Glitch Techs "season 2" premiered, offering better and more plot-heavy episodes than the first ten episodes. Unfortunately, the show's future is unclear; the uneven divide of plot between the seasons probably contributed to the show not being renewed. 10 new episodes apparently are written, but await in sleep mode, until Nickelodeon remembers about it.
Tumblr media
HBO MAX picked up Infinity Train for its third season, after being derailed by Cartoon Network. And if you thought that killing a mirror cop was shocking... then this season has pushed the limit of what can be shown in modern children's cartoon to a frightening degree. The schedule was once again, weirder, with first five episodes airing on the day of the premiere, ending with a cliffhanger (literally) that only contributed to the shock factor and made us wait anxiously for its conclusion. It was bold, it was dark, it was memorable. 
Tumblr media
And just like Glitch Techs, Infinity Train waits on a side track, unsure if it will be picked up, or will it be abandoned and left as a canvas for graffiti artists.
However, to end the Summer, a truly amazing TV movie has arrived on Disney Plus, where we came back to good, old Danville and could witness Candace against the universe. The new Phineas and Ferb movie brought back the glorious memories of this fantastic show, with the same humour, writing, abundance of catchy songs and a surprisingly deep moral.
Tumblr media
In September we have seen the start of Big Hero 6 season 3 and a odd change of format. Instead of standalone 22-minute episodes, the show now consists of two 11-minute segments. In opinion of many, this weakened the stories, forcing them to be more comedy-oriented, and shortening the potential emotional drama. Still, it gave us funny, short stories, but they did clash with the two previous season, not to mention the movie.
Tumblr media
However, if that wasn't up to your taste, Ducktales season 3 also started airing, and continued its first part up until December with more action- and plot-driven episodes, including the Darkwing Duck crossover, serving as a pilot of the spin-off. 
Later in December fans have learned that Season 3 will be its last, which broke the hearts of many duck fans; however, it seems that the season has been written as the last one in mind, and the news of the ending was known to the creators, which gives us hope for a kick-ass finale somewhere in 2021.
Tumblr media
Miraculous New York, telling arguably one of the most mature storylines, opened the "Heroez" world to some new characters and new opportunities, with two more specials, taking place in Shanghai and Brazil, meant to air somewhere next year. AND I DO HOPE WE WILL SEE MORE LOCAL FOOD VENDOR SUPERHEROES LIKE HOT DOG DAN. 
Tumblr media
October was the month of two season 3's: Carmen Sandiego and Kipo. In case of Carmen, as it is usual with Netflix, the "season" was only a half-one, with just a handful standalone episodes, and just a dash of more ongoing plot. 
Tumblr media
For Kipo, however, season 3 was the end, and what a glorious one it was. Fans were saddened to learn of it, but Kipo was always imagined as a 3-part story, and it showed. The finale proved more than satisfying ending to the plot, elevating Kipo to one of the smartest cartoon characters we should all try to aspire to.
Tumblr media
In November, Distant Lands: Obsidian aired, focusing on everyone’s favourite candy/vampire couple, and the long and complicated love between Bonnibel and Marceline. And as usual, it showed us that relationships are not always as straightforward as we would like them to be, but with enough music and teamwork, no enemy is big enough. 
Tumblr media
For the next new show, I’ve waited with the most amount of excitement and anxiety. Because while I was completely fine with other reboots and re-imaginings to take creative takes, new Animaniacs, (airing on Hulu) had to be perfect and had to be the lightning that struck twice. 
And sadly... it wasn’t. It was still good, but some people criticised (incorrectly imho) the amount of political topics, while I mourned almost total cast-ration of additional characters, aside from Pinky and the Brain. This truly weakened the possibilities it could have had. It was still very good, but you can feel that some of the original charm was lost, due to these odd, odd limitations. 
Tumblr media
December brought us a new original Apple TV movie, Wolfwalkers. A beautifully animated folk tale of friendship and social divides, and how short-sight can cause the collapse of both arguing sides, reminding me very much of the intelligence and heart of original “How to Train Your Dragon”.  
Tumblr media
We’ve had to wait two years for the return of arguably one of the most wholesome shows out there: Hilda. Second season dived into deeper mysteries that permeate the rich and colourful troll-ridden land, we saw the return of some familiar characters, and introduced a whole new storyline, that ended with a surprising cliffhanger. Still as wholesome, but now with a tiny bit of Police incompetence. Also Twig, lots of Twig.   
Tumblr media
Just like Onward, Pixar’s highly anticipated Soul aired on Disney+, telling a very mature story about finding one’s purpose in life, what that purpose actually means, and whether it exists at all. Beautifully animated, with fantastic soundtrack, it was a stunning tribute to creativity, and it never dumbed down its profound, open message about following your dream.   
Tumblr media
And just if you thought that Soul was going to be 2020′s last note (pun very much intended), right before the year ended, DC Super Hero Girls concluded its first season on a rather anti-climactic two-parter. That being said, the season, running from March of last year, was packed with short, bite-sized, funny stories, taking interesting spins on existing comic book characters. For a comic book noob like me, it was perfectly fine, and I can’t wait for the second season next year. 
Tumblr media
And so, we have reached the series finale of humanity. 
2020 ends in just under a day. What will 2021 bring us? I do not know, and if the animated shows of this year have taught me anything, is that the future is an always open book, full of worries and challenges, but also opportunities and possibilities. 
And in reality I was too lazy to check any news sites about upcoming projects.
Tumblr media
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nightswithkookmin · 7 months ago
Goldy I never thought I would reach out to any Jikook blog but after your last post I have to. I am an east asian american and trans. I have never spoken on this issue, commented or posted about this. I am a Jikook supporter but sometimes Jikook supporting blogs don't feel like the friendliest place. I want to thank you for changing my opinion on that. It is an insult to BTS to say Jikook don't know they seem gay or that they don't know what gay looks like. It is an insult to fans like me to say it would be OK to do the things they do if they were cisgendered straight men. I personally saw a few people say or dance around this and they got intimidated by big blogs for it. I would never name names because I beleive in free speech and the right of people to express themselves, as long as it isn't hate speech. Supporting lgbt people and making sure they don't feel endangered is MORE IMPORTANT THAN STANNING A KPOP BAND and I say this as a 4 year long bts and Jikook stan. So many people don't want to touch this issue and I understand why.
But thank you for supporting ACTUAL lgbt people as well as bts and showing stubborn people that BTS mean gay rights when they say gay rights.
I don't know why but this Ask made me cry...
Tumblr media
I've been reading it over and over for the past two days and each time I feel humbled by it. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.
I think the era of the obsessed 'kids' and '13 year old shippers' in this space is coming to an end. I think it's time for a more nuanced mature conversation on what it means to ship and stan our faves in today's sociopolitical climate.
Let's intellectualize shipping and use it as a vehicle for social change not just pleasure. Sabotaging political hashtags is a start. Trending and donating to BLM is equally important. Fighting for gay rights and recognition is the next step and a natural progression from here- and about damn time!
Gone are the days where celebrities and idols were immune to accountability and personal responsibility. We live in a world where everyone is required to be converstant in and sensitive to social issues. Awareness is woven into our collective consciousness and for some of us we cannot divorce that from our pleasure receptors.
Hate to quote my pastor but, 'As a kid, I spoke, thought and reasoned like a kid. As I grew up, chilee darling, I put my ghetto ways aside. You feel me?' Lol. Yea, my pastor hood like that. Lol.
The fact of the matter is, BTS has a higher mature demographics now. Majority of us grew with them, if not past them. They are not seventeen anymore, Jin is almost thirty, the youngest in the group is past twenty three and majority of their fanbase are breaching Young Adult well into Adulthood and beyond.
We simply cannot view them with the same lens anymore. If we did, we would be infantilizing them if not enabling them.
We ought to be able to have certain conversations that reflect our age, hearts, backgrounds, experience, values and beliefs.
Tumblr media
We can't sit behind our television sets and smart phone screens in this day and age and assume BTS sat through a performance like this and did not for a second think about what it meant, why the crowd cheered at certain moments or even understand the impact, message and intent behind it- especially not when Halsey, an openly bisexual woman and advocate for LGBTG rights is an acquaintance of thiers.
Tumblr media
I don't know how a fraction of this fandom can assume BTS would have a collaboration of this nature and not know anything about the gay rights discourse or what queer baiting is or not consider how their actions may or may not be contributing to the marginalization of persons as these- to not have agency and personal responsibility or empathy.
Tumblr media
JK cannot stan a gay artist such as Troye Sivan and divorce his music from his sexuality because it flows from it. Not when Troye has openly spoken about the struggles he went through as a closeted gay man, coming out and how that affected his mental health.
JK knows what gay is, he is aware of the struggles queer people face on a daily. His decision to cover, license and recommend songs by this artist is a deliberate act coming from a place of being informed on the matter.
Jimin knows. RM knows. Suga knows.
Tumblr media
BTS cannot prepare a speech like this while oblivious to the plight of the LGBTQ plus community. I refuse to believe that simply because it's not true. Anyone who says otherwise is a scammer. Lol.
And I think they are intelligent enough to have cognisance of the fact majority of the world view certain aspects of their home culture as problematic and non-progressive and that this same world is watching them and what they do in this space matters.
Tumblr media
They are part of the conversation. And it's in their interest to present themselves as queer a queer friendly band and company by distinctifying themselves from these 'traditional' Kpop bands.
I believe they know that being woke gives them a competitive advantage as MCs and advocates for the youth in today's world.
I believe they are aware certain things in their 'fan service culture' doesn't fly in the space they compete in and want to compete in. They are competing and rubbing shoulders with top LGBTQ plus advocates, sharing seats with them at awards, standing next to them- they best to look sharp.
Tumblr media
It's obtuse for anyone to fall on the 'culture' rhetoric to excuse certain behaviors of their idols when actual queer people from and within that same culture fight against it.
Most S. koreans I know and have come across complain about their 'culture' and some even harbor strong resentments against this whole fanservice culture.
Holland, an openly gay Idol from South Korea, has equally spoken out against the 'fan service' culture prevalent within Kpop on several occasions and laments how it depoliticizes queerness and affects actual queer people within S.K.
Tumblr media
And isn't it funny that the same conservative Christian population who strongly oppose homosexuality in S.K often lead online campaigns against Jikook for 'promoting homosexuality' because of certain fanservice and skinship they do?
If skinship is normal and fanservice is culture, why does conservative S.K keep pushing back against it? It's their culture uno?! Lmho.
Queer south Koreans and conservative Christians hate fanservice culture and yet here we are using their culture to defend it as if it's all black and white. Lmho.
Tumblr media
Did they or did they not see South Korean's reactions to this performance by Jikook? The mixed feelings most had about it?
Men can nibble on men's ear but God forbid they toss them in the air and catch em💀
South Koreans are not a monolith. Their culture is nuanced like any culture. It's not static and not clear cut black and white either.
It's one thing to respect other's culture, it's another to perpetuate it in ignorance. Perpetuating their culture and being religious about it does not allow for the dynamism inherent in their culture.
Troye Sivan talked about how he'd stop in the middle of his concerts and performances upon seeing the hyper fangirls in the front row and then think to himself, 'I know they know I'm gay, so why are they still here...'
And this was before he came out.
Jikook know we know they are queer or that we think of them as queer. When Jimin talks about 'those that love me for me' he knows exactly what he is talking about or rather who he is talking to- it's not these hets I'm afraid.
Troye also talked about being privileged because he lived in a rather queer friendly neighborhood where everyone is gay and so he'd always felt safe coming out.
Isn't that what JK is doing?
Now this is a person who's without a doubt had a lot of influence on JK in his early formative years as an Idol right down to his decision to move into a much queer friendly neighborhood of Itaewon.
They know we know. Jikook is gay.
Thankfully, there are reports of a rising number of LGBTQ plus in South Korea, a lot of allies, a lot of queer folks coming out and a lot of companies opening up to working with gay idols and aspiring idols.
It's such a relief but a lot of work still needs to be done and I stand with them on behalf of Jikook and any queer folk in SK.
My sister is helping me reach out to an LGBTQ plus advocate from Seoul for an interview for my blog. If everything goes well, I'd love for her to share her thoughts on queer passing, queer baiting and fan service within Kpop and how that affects LGBTQ youth in South K.
It's a conversation I'm really passionate about and interested in.
I love me some ships, but I also love me some queer advocacy and human rights uno? Lol.
Thing is, I may quit BTS one day, but I can never quit being me. Being human. Always put the human first is my motto.
Oh and I hear people are plotting to cancel me? Chilee. Y'all do that but:
Tumblr media
Let it echo.
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couriers-mile · 3 months ago
I'm still thinking about the trans Dixie thing and how shocked i was yesterday by people saying "i already thought he was trans".
Listen, it's a combination of a few things: I'm old and i didn't have tumblr or lgbt spaces for a long-ass time while creating characters, so i lived under that pressure of like... "You have to be able to justify why a character is trans, you can't just make all of your characters trans, and they'll be assumed cis unless you say otherwise" (to a similar extent i felt embarrassed by making a lot of my characters gay or bi and remember apologizing to my cis straight friends like "i swear not all of my OCs are gay i just talk about these ones the most")
I also grew up under the weight of "trans people are born in the wrong body and the ultimate goal of every trans person is to have surgery" and hating my body for it being "wrong" which is a situation i may never get to "fix" with surgery. So i wasn't comfortable making trans characters, the majority of the characters i created were cis guys because I didn't aspire to be a trans guy and live comfortably in my body, i aspired to be an indistinguishable-from-cis-men guy. It took until very recently for me to be able to celebrate transness and not feel uncomfortable when the differences between my body and a cis male body were drawn attention to. I didn't want to explore transness.
When i created Dixie i made the decision early on that he'd be a cis guy because I didn't want to explore transness in the Legion. But i had this thought a long time "what if he was trans" that i kept to myself out of... Shame? Some self-defeating shame that i had this fantasy of a trans Dixie that i wasn't allowed to have, because I couldn't write him that way within the text comfortably and I assumed that everyone else would read him as cis and know I created him to be cis and would be baffled or annoyed if i changed my mind.
So i sit here alone with thoughts like "what if Dixie is trans and never has bottom surgery and that's okay because he's still a guy and his body is still a guy's body regardless of what parts he has" that bring me comfort and help me feel better about my own body.
And I'm... shocked to realize that other people thought he was trans when i was writing him as a cis guy, because it either means that the story I've created about him has reached far enough beyond me that people i don't know are forming these deeply personal connections with the character, or i unwittingly projected some essence of my experiences as a trans guy onto him, or both. Which are incredible concepts to me if true.
I love Dixie as a cis guy because that's My Son that I've developed so much story and had so many feelings about when writing him pragmatically as cis. But now I'm finding out he can also be a trans guy with a trans body that doesn't need surgery and no one's going to look at me funny for having this alternative headcanon of my own character that brings me comfort, which is a weird feeling like coming out again, when I've lived so long under the assumption that everyone was reading him as cis and would be annoyed for some reason if i openly explored the idea that he's not.
It's hard to explain but I've been thinking about it a lot
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lmao hate the sudden surge of people who weirdly hate/ignore/misinterpret ronan (and oddly enough these people seem to be adam/adansey stans??? i love adam btw, these people just have a bad read of adam) like sorry you have bad taste i guess! anyway feels nice to win when it comes to actual canon content lol
anon ur gonna get me in trouble, haven't you heard that i'm Nice Now, lmaoo
nobody reblog pls bc i rly shouldnt have written this much in the first place
anyway there have always been some people who don't like ronan which is objectively fine i guess (although they are going to hell, and not the cool gay kind with castiel and lil nas x, just the regular one with reagan) bc everyone can have their own opinions. but i do think ppl have had a weird attitude of like, him being ~maggie's favorite~ being some sort of social privilege in the world of trc and also privilege in the narrative. which like, arguable lol.
this got WAY too long bc of adderall and took forever to write because of my cold hands lmao why this. sorry
he only has a POV in 2/4 books and throughout the series he TRULY goes though the ringer and has a lot of awful stuff happen to him. also... he's gay. that DOES matter, and though 2013 (when the dream thieves came out and confirmed ronan as gay) wasn't a lifetime ago, it was a somewhat different time in YA publishing and there were just fewer YA books with lgbt+ characters, especially main characters, out there. i think it gets lost sometimes bc in fandom we like to hc gansey and/or declan as bi, and blue as brown, and so on, but like. there is not a great deal of diversity of any type in trc. ronan being canonically gay matters. his arc of dealing with his sexuality, his suicide ideation, his grief, his religion, etc was really meaningful for some of us and i think it makes him kind of an atypical gay character, too (especially for the time of publication).
trc fandom versus canon is actually a pretty interesting intersection of like, non-canon shipping and canon shipping imo, because of the time period, bc of the way ronan's sexuality was revealed/how p*nch evolved, etc. but yeah i do think there are a handful of fans who wish it wasn't canon/ronan wasn't canon gay bc if bluesey was the only canon ship ad*nsey might be the juggernaut. sucks to suck i guess!
i feel kind of weird and voyeuristic when i discuss the literal Brain Worms stief had when she wrote trk but i do think it's fair to say the health problems she was having at the time impacted the final product-- though to be fair, we have no guarantee that she would've come through in the way people wanted, even without the brain worms. i love blue and gansey a lot and i wish they had had better and more complete arcs, but especially blue. people have pointed this out before but it's sort of funny how blue and gansey are set up as the leads but adam and ronan sort of end up taking over. i think part of that is probably just that stief found herself becoming more interested in their storylines and the themes surrounding them, and the capacity for magic-- my reasoning is that we're seeing more of that (both the magic and personal journeys associated with magic as metaphor, etc.) in the dreamer trilogy. also if she was going to make p*nch endgame she had more work to do/more progress to make than she did for bluesey so she had to give them that page time.
but like... I don't think it's fair to say "if ronan (or adam, though ppl only blame ronan) hadnt been made so important, blue and gansey would've had better arcs." ultimately i think stief bit off more than she could chew while having brain worms (re: gansey and noah and glendower), but also i think stief sort of failed her female characters in general in trc. i think she's been trying to fix this a bit in the dreamer trilogy (I have not read MI yet so idk if like, all the women die. hopefully not bc fun fact i am hennessy's inexplicably white clone and if she dies i will also die). but like, earlier i mentioned adam getting more space to mourn persephone than blue (or her family in general) did. persephone is blue's aunt!! she helped raise her!! and yet adam's pain over losing her is more central and important bc stief was more interested in exploring that, and it was more relevant to his character arc. i don't see anyone critique this, and i don't see anyone complain about adam getting too much time and how it's his fault that blue and gansey got shafted-- it's only ronan. is this because they like adam better? because they don't see him as having writer's pet privilege? because they think stief owed him (this one's fair, imo)? idk, but it's not consistent, lol. and this is in BLLB, which i feel like is pretty popular among fans.
also ngl declan stans are drawing my ire more than adam fans these days (possbly bc a lot of the worst adam stans ragequit after trc). i love declan, always have, but unlike adam he's straight and rich and being the unfavorite isnt an axis of oppression but in fandom you would think it is. also i feel like stans willfully misread stuff in his favor-- he was not a perfect guardian to ronan!! ronan wasn't just difficult to spite him!! they were both in a bad spot and declan shouldn't have had to be his guardian in the first place and they both have trauma and couldn't see eye to eye. i rly do not think this is difficult to understand and yet i've seen a lot of declan stans talk about how awful and selfish ronan was for like, being a suicidal 16 year old. also adam stans are actually a tiny bit oppressed these days bc he's not a big part of tdt. but truthfully there is like, a huge overlap in adam and declan stans now and ppl like to pretend that they would be besties/soulmates if ronan weren't in the way, and most of them (except for my friends) get on my nerves. so yeah. anyway ronan rights
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vampish-glamour · a month ago
i try to avoid anyone who had she/they or he/they or other gender or lgbtqwerty shit on their bios. at first, i thought i was being petty and silly but i thought better about it and really? these people are probably the same who love to talk about how "men have boobs too!!!" and things of the sort and as a trans guy i don't really want to talk to someone who for sure won't see me as a man lol. with how much they try to act as if trans people are different and/or better than cis people i don't want to talk to someone who i'm sure will treat my gender as a cute little accessory. at least when i talk to a full blown transphobe i can just ignore them. but i find it hilarious that a huge part of the LGBT community thinks like this, so even if i'm tired of transphobia and seek a more accepting place i come to the LGBT community and find people saying that pronouns =/= gender, how pan people are attracted to "men, women AND trans people!", people ground enbies with trans people and i still find transphobia, but 🌟woke🌟
sorry, this was a pretty long rant, but ive been seeing so many posts on how gatekeeping is evil and exclus are such meanies, but seeing the shit that comes from inside of the LGBT community, really, we need MORE gatekeeping. i wish people would stop seeing gatekeeping as being inherently mean or disrespectful but i guess some people care more about how "valid" they are then actually making a safe space for lgbt folk
It’s all good!! 💖
I completely agree, I think you worded this well.
It’s funny that I feel the same way about bigots, like it feels like regular homophobes are almost better than woke homophobes. Because at least I know what to expect with the regular homophobe and can just ignore them, and most of western society ignores them as well. But the woke homophobes sort of just weave homophobia into their wokeness, and claim to be my “ally” while saying the most anti-gay shit they can think of.
Same goes with the mainstream trans activists… they don’t seem to realize that the shit they say is often both sexist and transphobic. And idk why any trans person would want to team up with them, because at the end of the day they do not have the interests of trans people at heart.
I’m just so done with the lgbt “community” at this point… it’s run by the Q+ and it’s not a good place for LGBT people anymore unless you’re completely on board with the wokeness.
Gatekeeping is really all we can do, and it should’ve been done long before now. If it had, we wouldn’t have to deal with the Q+ making a mess for us to clean up. And IMO, that’s exactly why so many of them are against gatekeeping, because they know that they’re the ones who we want to keep out. They know they aren’t supposed to be here, and that the only way they can stay in the club is if they demonize those who they trample on.
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buckyrhodey · 11 months ago
The unsolicited AlexReggie ship manifesto
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: This is obviously meant as a rant post about a ship I can enjoy in fandom spaces and not an actual request from me to make AlexReggie canon in the show or any of the sorts. I am quite happy and excited about the actual canon LGBT+ ship of this show, which is Willie x Alex. Do not get that twisted.
That being said, let me talk to you about the amazing, entertaining dynamic Alex and Reggie have that makes them super easy and fun to ship them:
I wanna start off by saying that I’m mostly writing this because I feel like they are either unfairly underlooked or just grossly misread; and I’m more upset about the latter. (Someone on this hellsite actually had the nerve to say Alex doesn’t take Reggie seriously so. I just had to get this off my chest)
So what’s this amazing, entertaining dynamic you speak of?
Alex and Reggie are best friends. That much is clear from the very first minutes of the show. It’s not Alex is Luke’s friend who’s friends with Reggie or the other way around. They’re all best friends. 
In fact, Alex and Reggie’s very first interaction is just about the sweatest we get to see them. Their first interaction:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reggie goes over to Alex to compliment him specifically on how he played at the rehearsal which leads us to a lot of grey areas of headcanoning (was Alex the last to join and so he was shy or nervous around the others? Maybe Reggie just likes to compliment him for some reason, or my personal favorite: Reggie knew Alex was anxious about playing the Orpheum so he thought Alex needed reassurance of his awesomeness? ), but the matter is: Reggie thinks Alex is awesome. 
However, them being sweet best friends is not their entire dynamic (and thank God), no. Alex and Reggie are the quippy best friends, they’re the Vitriolic Best Buds (type one– with Reggie being more on the ‘unaware of the vitriol’ side): 
“A very good measure of how good your friends are is how much you can insult them without them taking offense.”— Heliomance
When two people who are the very best of friends behave like the very worst of enemies.
Alex pokes fun at Reggie saying “he can see you” when Carlos asks if the ghost is “hiddeous”. Reggie makes fun of Alex for crying and being “a very emotional person” (even when Alex isn’t even there). 
But at the end of the day, and this is where I wanna emphasize: they’re the ones to show care first and immidiately for each other. 
It’s stated that their friendship runs deep between all three of them (Luke, Alex and Reggie), but I’m not gonna write the manifesto for the OT3 yet so bear with me: 
In episode 1x02: when Alex complains about them not giving him a hug when he was crying in the “void”, Reggie goes to hug him without hesitation – for Alex to turn him down because, again, that’s their primary dynamic. 
Same episode, a few minutes later: Reggie gets overwhelmed about Ray crying and asks to see his parents and Alex turns to him and sotfly goes “Yeah”
In episode 1x07: when Alex is upset about Willie and Reggie gives him a reassuring comment about how there’ll be others which Alex takes greatfully and openly. 
Episode 1x09: after Alex has said goodbye to Willie and Reggie goes over his shoulder to ask him if he’s alright
Same episode, a few minutes later: when Reggie voices his concerns about what will happen to them if they cross over and Alex turns to him, again, his voice softer than it usually is when he speaks to Reggie, and tells him that “It’s not like we have a choice”, to ease him up a bit. 
What I mean to say with this is: Luke is, as I can read in the context of what we’ve seen in the first season, the least emotionally intelligent out of the three of them and so since Luke lacks in that department–> it means Alex and Reggie have each other. 
Again, they’re like – really best friends when you truly look. Mostly because Luke suffers from his trope of the front-man and main male protagonist, so he’s capable of going on his own or with Julie to explore other bonds while Alex and Reggie have less and lesser and a lot of that is spent with each other. 
Alex tells Reggie about Willie, Reggie pays attention and actually cares about the stuff he’s learning both from Alex as an extension of Willie and then about what he can get from the rest of the world. Alex and Reggie – most of the time during the season – are on the same page about stuff and together, while Luke is off doing his own things, mostly with Julie as she is the protagonist. 
Granted, Alex main focused relationship is with Willie (and I’m super greatful for that), but after Willie, and this is where I take no criticsm, it’s Reggie who comes on the list. Not Luke, not Julie or Carrie– Alex immidiate secondary focused-dynamic as of Season 1 is Reggie (if only slightly tied with the boys as a trio itself, obviously). 
Then there’s the aspect of them individually and how they contrast each other. Alex is obviously the smarter of the three and Reggie falls further on the scale, all the way to the side. That makes them a little the Smart Jerk, Nice Moron trope except Alex isn’t that much of a jerk all the time. However, it works, because not only it makes up for great comedic bits (literally all of their scenes together omg) but also because you can’t have one without the other or it’d be awfully unbalanced.
The “rhythm section” duo
Yes, I even wanna talk about the symbolism of their instruments too and how they’re linked through that. Drums and bass are not only essential to any band but they’re also very important and rely on each other. I’m no music expert at all, but even I know one usually follows after the other to keep the pace of the rhythm. 
This article has some many interesting takes on the relationship between the drummer and the bassist: 
“A drummer’s comprehension of the role of bass guitar is often far greater than most guitarists.”
“Everyone in the band is of course on the team, but the bond between the bassist and drummer is something so deep that it usually takes a long time to develop.”
“Bassists and drummers are the rhythm section together, meaning one instrument consisting of two parts.”
“Simply put, the bassist and drummer really are the rhythm section. It’s not the guitarist and certainly not the damn keyboard player. That can be an unclear distinction at times, but I feel strongly about it. Bass and drums should be an inseparable pair, sonically speaking,” he continues. “That’s not to say that all kick patterns should be followed to the tee, but there should be an obvious and palpable awareness of what each other is doing. There are too many nuances to list that can go with or against that grain. In short, bass and drums should always be intertwined like hot, sweaty lovers having the rawest, musical sex.”  —  Miles McPherson
I find the whole ✨semiotic✨ of this very poetic on its own, but it’s also an OT3 thing I’ll get on later, I think. 
Ultimately, Owen and Jeremy make it work, too. Duh. Their chemestry on screen really gives you the vibe that despite all the times Alex looks at Reggie like he’s fed up and wants to die all over again ("I wish I couldn’t see you”), Alex still finds him endearing and just…he loves the guy. And obviously Reggie – the heart of the boys trio– just loves him right back: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just think they’re cute and funny and even when I’m not shipping them, I’m still appreciating them from a mlm solidarity pov (bc Reggie is definitely bi) and whoever said that Alex doesn’t take Reggie seriously or ever tries to even imply Alex wouldn’t set the whole world on fire to keep Reggie warm is just not watching the same goddamn show.
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bottlecaprabbitgames · 4 months ago
Yes, yes. I think as a whole, the LGBTQ+ community -- while it can be incredibly welcoming -- can also be invalidating for people with certain identities.
Non-androgynous enby folk are typically written off as fakes (and effectively put into boxes that they are trying to escape), bisexuals and pansexuals are sometimes seen as "not real" by the community and often less likely to be accepted by it, anyone out side of the three main pronouns is called attention seeking (and people who go by they/them still are, sadly), asexuals are labelled "late-bloomers". The list goes on and on.
I think the toxicity in the LGBTQ+ community is just as damning as the general queerphobia in other spaces -- while it may not be as directly dangerous (though still harmful) it still plays a big role in why a lot of queer folk don't think they fit into the community or are uncomfortable expressing themselves to other queer folk. Namely white gay men who have become comfortable with the sort of standardization (I won't say acceptance because we're still not there yet) they have gone through because of media influence are the ones to bring about this uneasiness.
I hate to say it but being a white gay man or a white lesbian woman tends to put you at the top of this sort involuntary queer social hierarchy we've got going on.
That aside, you're not being presumptuous at all! I do quite enjoy being on this blog, even if I am mostly just a person who sits in the background. I think you're (both of you) are great creators that strive and do a really great job at being inclusive in your works. It also never fails to make my day when you effectively shut down the insert choice of word-phobic people that have the audacity to think their opinions matters. [|:7
Incredibly welcoming,,, I think the real life presence is more so welcoming than the online, given most of the flack I catch about the parts of my identity comes from online queer folks, not really IRL ones (aside from the previous mentions). I think the community as a whole has become too interested in policing what identities are "real" and which ones "aren't real enough" that it's just largely a negative thing, but that's mostly based on my experiences and those of other people I know.
I have so much to say about all the things you listed but I realize that it's a long list and people are tired of my queer rants on how other queers and stuff treat people LMAO so I will Withhold but just know I had a HUGE paragraph typed before i deleted it erogjerojg
I think a lot of the problems in the LGBT+ community at this point has everything to do with complacency from white cis lesbian and gay persons; while they do face discrimination, it is far less than other people in the community, given the two groups get the MOST standardization in media and always have. You very rarely see poc gays/lesbians, trans persons, non-binary folks of any flavor, but what do you always see... white gay men or lesbian women. In next to EVERY movie or tv show, in many YA novels, like they're everywhere while the rest of us? Really aren't. So, they become more complacent about LGBT+ matters because... in reality... it won't hurt them as badly as it does everyone else, because... they're the standard. Also, they're white and at the very least are cisgendered, which makes them More Tolerable for the white cishets.
Gods, one of our favorite things is shutting down the phobes.. Like I know I shouldn't engage. I shouldn't. But it's also incredibly funny to imagine them raging behind their little screens, going and screeching to the rest of their phobe buddies how much of a [insert slur or common insult for people seen as female by such groups], and, really? i think it gives a lot of people a good laugh, too
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kirbyspits · 9 months ago
A lot of Makorra shippers only moved on because they’re afraid of being called homophobic for not shipping korrasami. I LITERALLY saw someone on Instagram yesterday call a makorra shipper homophobic just for saying korrasami came out of nowhere. Also, Korrasami shippers LOVE to bring up the "popping bottles" backlash to make fun of makorra shippers. I left the tlok fandom in 2014 bc it was so toxic as a teenager, but now i’m 23. I’m no longer afraid of shipping something i always loved.
Ah, yes, I realized I didn’t address the fandom's toxicity in the last ask, but I’ve spoken about it before. I don't talk too much about the past because I was at the edge of the fandom back in 2014/2015. I was aware of fights, but the discussions I saw were moreso on bi-erasure. I saw one post saying it was wrong to ship Makorra. I remember being really confused about why Makorra was actually problematic, but I didn’t appreciate being told who I can ship the only dark-skinned woman protagonist on a major television network with. Why are you forcing me to ignore Mako and Korra’s relationship? Book 1 is practically about Mako and Korra, all other characters be damned. Me preferring the story of one pairing and a popular romance trope, second chances, is not wrong, and no one would know how I view the LGBT+ community based on who I ship in one show.
I ended up leaving the community because I was disappointed with season 4 in general. When Korra was released on Netflix, I figured it was time to rewatch the series again (plus, I’ve been binging all my favorite romance anime). So imagine my shock when I created a new Tumblr and Twitter account to rant and rave about TLOK, and I saw nothing but hate and name-calling in the Makorra tags. I saw people casually throwing around the word “homophobic,” and one person said people who don’t like Korrasami are just misogynistic. 
Tumblr media
I just wanted pretty pictures, and people are out here psychoanalyzing shippers! So, I dug through some blogs and to feel more grounded with this fandom I didn’t recognize. After reading through their commentaries and experiences, I actually became more upset at Bryke than the teenagers/children who comment on Makorra posts saying how much better Korrasami is or accuse Makorra shippers of being homophobic. 
Yes, I truly believe these comments are mostly coming from people in their late teens and younger, at least in 2020. I can’t speak on 2014/2015, but since we were younger, the early 20s/late teens, I wonder if our age group was also the loudest. Don’t get me wrong, adults can be horrible people and can get really nasty. However, every time I look up the rudest commenters' profiles, they were teens. When one Korrasami shipper wrote “screw Makorra” on my AMV, I figured I’d have some fun trolling them until I clicked on their profile and saw a child. Needless to say, I ignored them and reflected on how parents are allowing their babies on TikTok while my parents freaked out at the idea of showing my picture on FB growing up. 
Tumblr media
*I’m not still mad about that*
Also, while it doesn’t give anyone an excuse to make such a strong accusation, part of me, as a straight person, feels like I can’t get too upset because I also become very aware of my privilege. The space I’m in is a majority of young LGBT+ fans (at least on Twitter where I’ve seen the most toxicity). Some people see TLOK as their safe space and imply why should there be Makorra shippers when they have all these other cis/het shows they can engage with. It doesn’t work like that, of course. TLOK doesn’t only feature Bi characters. They’re POC/Indigenous, women, and Korra has dark skin. That’s a lot of marginalized communities. Makorra/TLOK is my comfort show, not because she’s with a man, but because of the reasons I just listed. Also shipping Korra with Mako doesn’t mean she’s no longer bi. She’d still be attracted to women.
Here’s who I am upset with tho, Bryke. Mostly Bryan. While Makorra shippers called out Korrasami shippers for cyberbullying, the focus seemed to be on Bryan for making it seem like there was something wrong with them for not finding Korrasami’s narrative satisfying. It was especially sad to read bloggers who identified as being part of the LGTB+ community saying Bryan’s hetero-lens dismissed their experience and then having to defend/proving themselves to anonymous messengers. 
Fans saw it as a betrayal. They saw it as the go-head for the rude Korrasami shippers to harass Makorra artists because they “didn’t watch the show correctly.” When the creator, the person you admire, also puts the blame on you, that kind of pain is on another level.
Korrasami shippers played a huge role in kicking Makorra shippers out of the fandom, but we can’t underestimate how much Bryan’s statement is a slap in the face. He used his characters and social justice as a shield for reasonable criticism. Just because we say a story is bad and Asami is grossly underwritten doesn’t mean that we’re against the idea of Korra and Asami being a couple. 
Of course, I’ve seen some very problematic statements from Makorra shippers. After all, homophobia is real. However, aside from the actual bigots, people have no issue with Korrasami. They just wanted a stronger connection between the girls. Many people seem to think Makorra shippers were looking for more romance, but we know we couldn't expect that. We can expect more screentime, musical cues, and more emotional support, which most people can see as platonic, but be romantic if you really want to. Mako’s interactions in book 4 can be seen as platonic, but all of us Makorra shippers saw it to be romantic.
Tumblr media
Popping bottles! I completely missed that joke in 2014 and I discovered it this year. I agree it’s pretty annoying, but I become a troll and say I’m popping bottles for my Makorra moments. I don’t get any engagement, but I don’t seem to lose followers for it. Maybe popping bottles represents “straight-baiting?” I don’t get it why it’s so funny after all this time, but we’re Makorra shippers. We’re the joke 🙄
Anyways, to wrap up, lately, there seems to be a bit of a shift on Twitter. When I first created an account. I stayed in my little corner live-tweeting about TLOK and Makorra. I had to stop looking at the Makorra tag because it was so negative. Now, I’m seeing people admit they’re cute, and then saying they’re platonic soulmates. I’ll take it, although, as one commenter said, “that’s boring!” 
Someone led a Makorra Week back in October, and it was really nice! I have feeling people speaking up on the name-calling and reminding people that we’re talking about 2D characters helped. We just want to be left alone and enjoy the scenes we have in the show, art, and fanfiction. 
Keep shipping who you want! Don’t let any stranger shame you for your shipping preferences, especially in fiction! I’m so happy you feel more comfortable shipping these two dorks! You’re not alone! I’ve been a Makorra shipper since 2012, and while I find Korrasami cute (I love Korra, and I love Asami), Makorra is my OTP. I really like them, and I think they were meant for each other.
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I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Fic Summary:  When (y/n) is invited home for Christmas, Bucky volunteers to play the role of “dutiful boyfriend” and to fend off questions from annoying relatives, especially her parents. All the while both of them harbor secret feelings for one another.
Chapter Summary: Snowed in, then shopping! (SMUT IN THIS CHAPTER!! Consider it a preview of....what’s to come ;) )
Chapter Word Count: 2700
Previous Chapters: 1 2 3 4
It snowed for the next 2 days. Which was good and bad. Good because since your parents had groceries delivered to the house already, your mom was able to cook up a storm for the family Christmas party. Bad because, well you were snowed in with your parents. Thankfully, you DID have a little work left to do (some favors owned from obtaining Bucky’s present) and that kept you occupied for a while. But there’s only so much clerical work one person can do. Especially when the world seems on pause for the holidays. Bucky had brought a few books with him, but you were surprised to find out how fast he read. By the end of day one, he’d already read through his books and was halfway through re-reading them.
              “Back in the day, there wasn’t a lot to do on base while waiting for orders. Radio, some guys liked to play cards, but me, I preferred a good novel.” He explained. Eventually, the two of you turned to the massive stack of Board games stashed away in the closet. Some of which Bucky’s eyes lit up at familiarity.
              “Wow, where’d you get all these games?” he asked.
              “When I still lived at home, my parents and I LOVED going to yard sales, flea markets, anything like that and scooping up old board games.” No surprise, the first game Bucky reached for was Monopoly.
              “This was mine and Steve’s favorite game to play.” He said. The two of you invited your dad to play, after seeing if your mom needed any help, but she was cooking up a storm in the kitchen while playing Christmas movies on her iPad.
              The rest of the afternoon was filled with games (with Bucky winning Monopoly more times than you could count) and Christmas movies on tv.  But through the gameplay, you noticed something about Bucky. He was smiling and seemed to be having fun, but you could tell something was bothering him. He spaced out twice, miscounted the money, and seemed in general to be a million miles away. You kept your hand on his for the most part, but it seemed like every time you touched him, something in his eyes turned sad.
That evening, once your mom had finished cooking and you all were playing the game of life, Bucky got up and headed to the kitchen, citing something about needing a drink
              You followed Bucky into the kitchen. He stood by the counter, his eyes seeming, haunted and angry in a way. You could hear the metal platelets in his arm move as he fidgeted.
              “Bucky?” He turned to you, as if only really knowing you were in the same house for the first time, let alone the same room. “Are you alright?”
              He was quiet, and for a second you could almost see the shadow of the Winter Soldier.
              “We never really had this kind of thing in the 40s. Family Christmas, games, all that. Especially not with the depression. Steve’s ma worked, so he spent the day at our place, and it was nice. My ma worked hard to be able to make Christmas the best day of the year. And somehow, she always pulled it off. Then, when Steve and I got older, we would go to the movies to see a film. The REAL classics. Not ‘Robbie the Reindeer.’” he mocks.
              “Hey,” you protested “Robbie IS a classic. At least to me. What do you consider a ‘classic’? And I swear to Christ, if you say ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ I will “break up” with you right now in front of my parents.” You joked, playfully shoving him.
              “Nah, doll. That was a little before my time. I’m talking about real classics. You know, Christmas Carol with Reginald Owen, Holiday Inn and oh, I remember seeing It’s a Wonderful Life on premiere day.” Bucky smiled with nostalgia. But that smile didn’t last long as his eyes darkened again.
              “Maybe I never had this because I didn’t deserve it…not after everything I did. Maybe it would’ve been better if I’d never been born.” He said. Btu you took his face in your hands
              “Bucky no! You listen to me and you listen well.  In the last 3 years, you’ve done better and sacrificed more than enough to wipe out the things you’ve done.” You looked into Bucky’s eyes, like the sea after the storm. A calm seemed to wash over him but you could still see…something. Something hidden.
              You let go of his face then took his hands in yours. “I think you needed this.” You started. “I know if you sat around the compound, even if Steve and Sam and Nat were there, I worry you’d sit and just…” you didn’t want to say it
              “Think about Tony.” He finished. Then you both were quiet.
              “Tony…he’s not mad at you anymore.” You said. “He’s still…it’s…a bad time for him, yes. But ever since Morgan was born and he took Peter under his wing, he’s been healing. He took all his anger and hurt and put into loving his family. And that includes you. You, Steve, The Avengers, you’re all one big family.”
              “Hey, you’re part of that family too.” Bucky said. You pursed your lips.
              “Bucky, I know what you’re trying to do. But…it’s okay. I promise. I’m okay.” You squeezed his hands. Bucky was away to say something but at that moment your mother walked in.
              “Can you guys do me a favor, not tonight cause the roads are still a mess, but tomorrow morning, can you run some errands for me? I need a few more things to finish my baking.”
              “No problem! In fact, a little Christmas shopping and time out of the house sounds just like what Bucky and I need.” You said. “Plus, I just realized I forgot to get a Yankee Swap gift.”
              “Yankee Swap?” Bucky asked.
              “Yeah. Basically, everyone gets a gift and wraps it up and we put it under the tree. Then, we all pick a number out of a hat and everyone takes their turn choosing a gift from under the tree. After you unwrap it, you can either trade your gift or steal someone else’s. It’s so much fun!” You explained.
              “Sounds like it. Yeah, we can handle the shopping Mrs. (y/l/n).”
              “Thank you both. I’m heading to bed. Goodnight.”
              “Oh mom! Were there any marshmallows left over from your baking?”
              “In the cabinet.” Your mom called back as she headed to her room. You let out a little “yay!” and grabbed the marshmallows and some skewers before dragging Bucky to the fireplace in the living room.
              “C’mon, nothing like roasting marshmallows by the fire.” You said.
              “I can attest to that.” Bucky said, sitting next to you. While the marshmallows toasted, you leaned your head on Bucky’s shoulder; while he reached over to the nearby couch and grabbed a blanket, wrapping around the both of you. With both your parents gone to their room for the night, the house was quiet and dark. It was perfect.
              “To be honest, I’m really kinda glad you agreed to this. I know if I hadn’t asked, I’m sure you and Steve would have gotten up to something stupid and dangerous.” Bucky chuckled in response.
“You’re probably right, doll.”
“But instead, you’re here, roasting marshmallows, going to carnivals, doing cute things. And not burning down the compound.”
“Yeah, thank you. For giving me a shot at a normal Christmas.” Bucky said, putting his arm around you. The two of you were quiet, before you spoke up.
“You know, you said you and Steve used to go to the movies, right?” you asked, pulling your now on fire marshmallow away from the fireplace. You gently blew on it to put the flames out
“Yeah, why?”  Bucky asked.
“Well, if I remember my LGBT+ history, wasn’t ‘going to the movies’ code for two gay people going on a date?” You joked. Bucky looked at you funny, but instead of saying anything back, he leaned over and took a bite out of your marshmallow.
 The two of you planned to get up early so you had time to go shopping before the party. Bucky was always an early riser, that much definitely hadn’t changed during the 40s. So, it was no surprise you awoke to the shower already running. What did surprise you was the groans you heard coming from the bathroom.            
              “Fuck…Fuuuuck…. yes…” you groggily sat up in bed.
              “Bucky?” you said, slightly worried he was hurt.  You moved as quickly as you could for first thing in the morning and headed over to the door that was open just a crack. You didn’t want to invade his privacy, you just wanted to make sure he was okay. You quietly peaked through and there you saw something you never would’ve imagined seeing all your life. Bucky, standing fully nude in the shower, his back to you. His metal arm leaning against the wall, while his flesh one…oh my… You covered your mouth to keep any noise from escaping. Bucky was masturbating in your shower. Holy crap.
              You weren’t sure how to react. IT was a mix of excitement, but underneath, a small pang of jealousy. Even though he wasn’t yours, he was pretending to be, right? But instead, he was jerking off while probably thinking of some other girl. But you did your best to push that aside and just feel the excitement. Bucky’s back was as muscular as you’d always imagined, and you could faintly make out some scars, which only tugged at your heart strings more. And just when you thought it couldn’t get more exciting, he turned just enough that you could just the end of his cock, his hand gripping it tightly while stroking. You were sure your lip was bleeding from how hard you were biting, trying so hard not make a noise.
              Not wanting to get caught, you quietly shuffled over back to your dresser and pulled out a warm fuzzy sweater and some jeans, quickly dressing while Bucky finished…his shower.
              “Okay, text me a list mom. We shouldn’t be too long.” You said, once Bucky had…finished…and gotten dressed. And the two of you were off.
              “You know, we’re going to Walmart just a few days before Christmas, we might be declared insane.”
              “Eh, I’m sure a super-soldier slash former assassin and the best paralegal I’ve met can fend off a few angry shoppers.”
              “And what does being a paralegal have to do with fending off shoppers?”
              “Simple, just use your legal knowledge to intimidate people.”
              “Uh huh, suuuuure.” You said, rolling your eyes. However, your early morning planning had worked out somewhat. The parking lot was slowly filling up, but you were still able to find a space close to the door.
              “Okay, I figure we’ve got roughly 30 minutes before this place becomes a madhouse. My mom needed eggs, milk, butter, and cinnamon. And then we need a yankee swap gift. Any ideas?” you asked, starting to make your way through the small crowds forming to get to the grocery section
              “Well, I had an idea, but I don’t want you to think I’m a narcissist or anything.”
              “What is it?”
              “How about…a Bucky Barnes action figure SIGNED by Bucky Barnes himself.” Bucky flashed that perfect smile of his and how could you refuse?”
              “I think that’s great! Just don’t be surprised if you see it on eBay tomorrow.” You joked, making Bucky laugh.
              Quickly grabbing the few groceries, you needed, the two of you made your way to the toy aisle where the insanity seemed at its peak. The two of you were stood by the entire Avengers toy section.
              “I know Cap was against you guys licensing your likeness to toys, but I think it’s been one of the best decisions you guys made.” You commented.
              “Yeah, he said it reminded him too much of his days in the 40s, being a show monkey. But the first time he saw a kid with a toy shield, his heart melted.”
              “Plus, it was the licensing deal that got me hired.” You said
              “Really? I didn’t know that!”
              “Yeah, I got my start at an IP firm, so originally I was just brought on to consult, but Tony was so impressed with me that he hired me full time.”
              “Wow, I actually didn’t know that. Tell you what, why don’t you pick the action figure?” Your eyes raked over the selection, but then you saw on a top shelf: a Bucky Barnes Funko pop, modelling his hairstyle from when he was in Wakanda, the same one you had at home.
              “That one!”  you exclaimed happily. Bucky reached up and grabbed it, smiling.
              “You know, maybe I should wear my hair like that more.” Bucky joked but inside you were praying for that to happen. “Now what about a yankee swap gift for you, doll?” You thought for a moment
              “Tell you what, how about I grab that Captain America Funko, and we submit them together as a couple’s gift.” You suggested.
              “You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were implying something.”  Bucky winked.
              “ME? Implying? Nah. Making gay jokes at the expense of my friends, absolutely!” You laughed as you headed for the checkout.
When the two of you arrived home, you decided to help your mom with the finishing touches for dinner while Bucky wrapped yours and his secret Santa presents. Unfortunately, it turned out that Bucky had the worst wrapping skills on earth.
              “Hey, give me a break. Back in the day, we wrapped the pages in newspaper.”
              “Yeah, yeah. And you walked uphill both ways in 5 feet of snow butt naked to get to school.” You teased and a quick pinch with a smirk was his only response.
              “I’ve got to go shower.” You said, heading upstairs
              “Need any help?” Bucky replied. You turned around and Bucky seemed just as shocked with what he just said as you were.
              “Uhm…sorry! Just a joke.” He quickly rambled and you felt your face heat up.
              “Right, uhm…no I… I think I’m good.” You said before rushing up the rest of the stairs to your room. Holy Crap. What had just happened? Bucky said…but he was joking right? But what if… a tiny voice whispered. But you refused you to listen to that tiny part of you. You couldn’t. Or maybe…you could. Just long enough... You stripped off your clothes and headed for the shower. If Bucky could jerk off in your bathroom while thinking about some girl, you could think about him.
              You turned on your shower, then your shower playlist and laughed. The first song that came on was “WAP.” You bit your lip and stepped into the steaming hot water.  You took the handheld shower device off the hook and leaned back against the wall. You used one hand to rub at your clit before moving the shower head over it. You closed your eyes and imagined Bucky’s eyes, staring down at you. You could imagine him kissing you, running his hand over your body. You moaned softly as you grinded against the shower head, imagining Bucky’s metal fingers rubbing at your clit, pushing slowly into you.
              You weren’t sure how much Bucky talked during sex, but you could certainly imagine him saying all manner of filthy things. Such a dirty girl he’d say. MY dirty girl he’d growl in your ear as he thrust his cock into you. You grinded harder against the showerhead and with the pressure from the water and your pent-up feelings, you knew it wouldn’t take you long to cum. Bucky’s steely gaze on you as his hand wrapped around your thought.
“Oh Fuck! Bucky!” you groaned out as you came. And prayed to whoever was listening that nobody had heard you. You stood there, breathing heavy. Fuck. You cleaned off, then finished your shower. As you did your hair and just a little makeup, you were happy that you’d gotten a little alone time. Especially as you felt your nerves jump, when the doorbell rang. Party time.
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anotherdayforchaosfay · 9 months ago
Witchy Wishlist 2020
This is my first year participating in @witchywishlists and I’m excited!
With so many in need of money (such as myself), I’m keeping most of this really inexpensive to free.
For physical items, I live in the US.
Coffee/Tea Mugs: my hope is to replace all the mugs lost in a fire in 2017. I had over a dozen, but many of them were destroyed. Funny, unique, weird, touristy, I welcome them all. Old, new, doesn’t matter so long as they can survive the dishwasher. I drink tea all day when the weather is chilly.
Quilting Fabric: I’m a quilter, and like 99.9% of other quilters, I collect and hoard fabric. My goal is to have a fat quarter (FQ) from every state (a signature fabric. Nebraska has a lot of corn and football, Florida has pink flamingos, Hawaii has big flowers I need more of) and every country. More is better! I eventually wanna create a quilt using all of these. I may never be able to travel, but I can have a piece of every place.
Hilarious Memes: I love dumb jokes. Dad jokes, puns, the works. I wanna stupid laugh and roll my eyes at the same time. Tag me when you see a funny meme you think I ought to see. I may not reblog it, but I may queue it to share the glory.
Comments: If you have an AO3 account, enjoy fanfiction, and/or love Dragon Age, I have an AO3 account that would love some comments. Keyboard smash is valid! A lot of my work is, really smutty, but I do have fluff, angst, and humor. My work is 90% canon; I fill in the space left for the player.
Fanfiction: I need some new Dragon Age fanfiction. I like sticking with canon or close enough, and love in-character smut. Avvar-Cullen is fun (if I had the energy to write my version, he would be more of the Lead Hunter than the Thane), as is modern AU, and a few non-canon that feel very plausible. Stuff I don’t like is constant-angst (we deserve happy endings), most rare pairs (ask if curious. it has a lot to do with power dynamics.), r*pe/non-con/sexu*l assault, crossovers (think Sailor Moon meets DBZ), and changing the sexual orientation/identification LGBT+ characters (like making Dorian straight).
Fanfiction/fanart for me: I haven’t done much writing due to low motivation and not being able to sit at my PC for more than maybe 30 minutes at a time. I want to see more stories of my characters, but I just don’t have that drive to write. Call a love and need for validation. Receiving fics and art of my characters ALWAYS results in me writing. Every single time. I normally commission 2-3 artists this time of year, but this year it’s just not something I can afford. Make sure to tag me, and if you post it on AO3 mark it as a gift for me and AO3 will alert me. I will reblog the stuff you make and write if you post them here and tag me! Smut is absolutely welcome! If you want prompts, let me know. Just thinking about this is making me excited! My canon Grey Warden is Jasmine Amell. My first Dragon Age Inquisitor is Delylah Trevelyan. My favorite Inquisitor and who I went through Trespasser first with is Ghanima Lavellan. Smut bombs/Nonny-Fics are welcome!
Join Swap-Bot/Sendsomething/Postcrossing: A lot of us feel lonely and disconnected, desperate for human contact. We can’t get that right now, but we can get pretty damn close and for free. Swap-Bot is my favorite; there you can join groups of people with similar interests...and send things to each other. Think trade, but with damn near anything. Postcards, art projects, stories, scrapbooking, drawing, there’s something for everyone. SendSomething is more one-on-one and no trades are needed. You can find a random profile and send a postcard, letter, small gift, whatever you think they’ll like. Postcrossing is strictly postcards, but you can contact people and see about trades and being penpals. It’s worldwide (I’ve gotten postcards from Russia, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, South Africa, and many other countries) and you also have the option of just sending and receiving from within you country. This helps the USPS, break from the loneliness, and improve a stranger’s day.
Amazon: It’s evil, I know, but some things simply aren’t affordable nor available elsewhere. I have a wishlist set up, and it’s both interesting and predictable. I can’t afford to spend money on myself for more than the necessities right now, and the most frivolous thing I can afford to buy is thread, but I’m waiting for a big sale at Joann Fabrics so I can order curbside pickup. Making quilts uses a lot of thread!
Buy my work: I’m a quilter and have a habit of making things because I can. The results in losing closet space. Please consider purchasing my work. You’ll be supporting a Disabled queer artist and crafter, and a small business. All items are one-of-a-kind (OOAK), handmade, and with proper care they’ll survive generations. You can buy my work here, and I ship worldwide. Until January 1st, it’s Pay-What-You-Want for nearly all listings (a minimum amount is listed, so it’s gotta be at least that much).
Make things for me: I love seeing the work others do, and having it for myself makes me soooooo happy. If you need my measurements, don’t be shy about asking. Ask me if uncertain what I want/need/like. You don’t need to send things that can be provided digitally! I do have food and skin allergies, so nothing that needs to be applied or ingested before talking to me about it first.
Recipes: My husband is a professional cook, but sometimes cooking food safe for me to eat can be tricky. I have Celiac Disease, GERD, cannot eat soft cheeses (cream cheese and cottage cheese are examples), and am unable to eat pork of any kind (turkey everything!) because I get really sick afterwards. Simple to extravagant, easy to WTF is this, snacks to dessert, all of it.
Seeds: I plan on having a veggie, fruit, and herbal garden someday, and am currently working on collecting seeds. I live in east Oregon, but I currently don’t own a house, just rent. Which means moving as soon as rent goes up or someplace better opens up. Our dream is to own a house (within an hour of the Oregon coast) with a good sized yard so I can destroy the grass and turn the front and backyard into a proper garden. I need seeds for that. If you send any, mark what they are, conditions to grow them in, and how long it takes to reach harvest. I prefer heirloom over standard grocery story quality, they have more body to the flavor and look much more interesting.
Tarot of the Origins: it’s a rare tarot deck, by Sergio Toppi. I once had a set (my first tarot cards!), but it was destroyed by someone who didn’t like the results of their reading. The deck is incredibly hard to find now, and unbelievably expensive. If you happen to have a copy you’re willing to part with, please tell me. Thank you for helping me find the new reprinted and renamed Primordial tarot! Less than $30? YES!!!
If you have questions, just ask.
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flying-elliska · 9 months ago
Okay, I'm reading Chap18, and I really hope this comment won't hurt your feelings because I love your fic and I really just want to understand why you wrote it this way, but I have to tell you that for the first time I've been disapointed with Diamants AU. I already felt it was going this way with Daphné, Arthur, Vallès, Emma and Alexia being LGBT, but I kind of felt betrayed with the Yann/Alex thing, and now I'm sensing Manon and Daphné will be together at some point too and ...(1)
...I don't understand why you made all your characters LGBT. I get that they are under-represented in most of the books and shows, but with Diamants I'm kind of feeling like being staight is a bad thing, like it's either boring or you're juste an asshole. I've always loved Skam because it shows that very different people can be friends and help each other no matter their religion, sexuality... and this kind of felt like the only reason they stand together is they're all LGBT (2) and I guess this comes from personal experience but that would have been so much more powerful to have straight people being as much invested in this war as the others. Honestly I don't see the point of Yann, Alex, Emma, Manon or Arthur not being straight, for me it doesn't bring more to who they are. This really feels like they would be nothing if they were straight. So I juste wanted to ask you why you decided this? Again, really hope this won't hurt you... (3/3)
hey anon. So, I’m going to assume this comes from a place of good faith and a sincere desire to understand, and explain my choices. That said, I do have to say that even though it didn’t really hurt me (it mostly made me laugh), it did make me a little angry too, because there are a lot of harmful implications in your messages.
1) First of all, about you “not seeing the point” of making certain characters LGBT. This functions under the assumption that there needs to be a reason for people to be gay, bi, trans, etc - and that straight people are the default. That is...really not great. People are gay in real life, for no reason whatsoever. If you don’t go to writers asking why they made their characters straight if there is no reason in the story, you shouldn’t do this either. Characters can be queer without it being a big part of the story - it’s just a part of them, and the idea that they have to ‘deserve a place’ in the narrative through their gayness (often through a deeply tragic arc full of suffering to Educate Straight people) is deeply heteronormative, and fucked up. LGBT people are not in a story to make a point, they’re there because they exist. Yes, some of my characters have arcs that are deeply entangled with their sexuality and struggles with it. Some are not. When it comes to Yann and Alex, I didn’t think too much about it, I thought it would be funny and unexpected and give some good shenanigans. Sometimes that’s all you need.
2) As for turning a majority of the canon straight characters LGBT : listen, in the end, this is my fic, and I do it because I want to. I’m bi and my life is full of queer people. This is my normal, this is what comes naturally to me, and what I find interesting to write about. I set out to write a James Bond parody with some deep character exploration, it’s meant to be a very transformative fic. I have no obligation to stick to any Skam ‘guidelines’. I am also not aiming to write a particularly realistic story, if the secret mobster conspiracy didn’t tick you off already. The ethos of fic is to make canon your playground and to let your imagination go wild. That said, this trope you’re probably used to, of having one or maybe two queer characters and not more in any given story, I would say is the less realistic one. In real life, LGBT people often tend to cluster together, often before they even realize their sexuality, especially as they get older. But a lot of mainstream media is afraid of that because they don’t want to alienate their straight audience, so they don’t show it. I have no such compunctions. Your message seems to imply that there is a limit to how many gay people there should be in a story and I find that deeply offensive. There is incredible relief, peace and power to be found in community, especially after being struggling so much with your sexuality, like Lucas did for instance. I wanted to show that joy in this chapter, and how it plays a part in him slowly letting his walls down.
3) I notice you don’t mention Imane. She’s straight, she’s super invested in this war, she’s neither boring or an asshole, in fact she’s probably the most important character in the fic after Lucas and Eliott. She’s badass and amazing and complex and if you don’t feel she counts as ‘good straight representation’ I find that slightly odd. Is she too ‘other’ for you that you would dismiss her like that ? Also, Basile is straight lmao. There’s plenty of straight people in this fic. And plenty of people who have incredibly different life experiences ; sexuality not being the main one doesn’t change that.
4) I do find it sort of silly that you reduce the characters’ reasons for fighting to being LGBT after I spent like 400k words proving otherwise. Like - Lucas wants to avenge his mother, Eliott wants to take down his father, Imane wants to avenge her father, Daphné wants to steal jewels, Alex and Emma are bored, Alexia’s a good friend (and also bored lol), they’re trying to stop horrible people from doing horrible things, their trajectories are layered and complex and if you tell me that can all be boiled down to ‘they’re gay’ I kind of wonder if you’ve paid attention to what you’ve read at all.
5) All that said, a majority of my characters being LGBT does have a symbolic point. It’s an opposition to the world of the Shadow, which is deeply sexist, heteronormative, homophobic, and macho. It represents how questioning your sexuality can be deeply liberating and often put you at odds with the general structures of power and oppression in society and lead you to question a lot more and find people who want to fight with you. Being LGBT can (but not always) make you more politically conscious and that’s a beautiful thing that deserves to be celebrated. And in general, being a minority makes you more aware of inequality because it’s simply your daily life. So it makes perfect sense that most of these characters who fight against symbols of horrible systemic oppression would be marginalized in some way or other. Straight/cis/white/rich/abled/etc people simply have less reasons to question the status quo. I have sat through so many action movies where all-straight heroes save the day ; I’m sure you can sit through the opposite for once. If you can’t, maybe it’s a failure of empathy or imagination on your part.
6) Imagine growing up and never seeing, around you or on TV or in books or movies, someone who shares your sexuality. Or if you ever see somebody like you, they will be a joke, a punchline, deluded, instable, doomed, or worse, a predator. Imagine the sort of damage that does. Imagine that when you finally find some correct representation, you have to make do with crumbs for years. Imagine it gets slowly better, but it’s still overwhelmingly tragic, or incorrect, or stereotypes, or only told after the story is over, or you’re always the best friend, always the minority, the point of interest there to educate, always there to struggle, never the epic breathtaking romance, never centered, never allowed community and to see yourself as the norm. In the best of cases, your identity is more or less ignored. In the rare cases where you find good representation, shows get cancelled prematurely, or your faves never get as much screen time as the straight ones, or storylines get botched because somehow writers think showing queer characters happy has no value. Imagine then you decide to take matters in your own hands and write the sort of queer utopia that makes you truly happy - the one where you’re surrounded with people like you and you don’t have to constantly feel isolated and otherized and you’re badass and don’t have to take any shit and your love story is the epic one that gets centered and you have friends who understand and share your experience. And then imagine someone, instead of taking a deep breath and going back to like, 99% of all media ever made, randomly comes to you and tells you they feel ‘betrayed’ because in this one paltry little fic you wrote, their mainstream experience is not centered like usual. Tell me, how would that feel ?
Again, I don’t bear you any ill will, but your message comes across as ignorant and very entitled. I am open to feedback and criticism but writing a story full of LGBT people is one thing I will never feel sorry for. There are a shit ton of fics out of there where those characters are straight, not to mention canon. If you feel ‘betrayed’ by the amount of queer characters in my fic, then I’d say you have some biases you need to examine. It reminds me of all the times I’ve heard people say that they ‘like gay people but only if they’re not too in your face’ (lol that was my sister, so fun) - this implication that queer people should know their place, never show their difference too openly, accept being a minority in all spaces, need to ‘deserve’ their spot, center straight people’s needs, etc deeply harmful and toxic.
If you can’t understand all this, then my writing is probably not for you.
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ryuichirou · 11 months ago
Sorry if this is personal but is it tough to be LGBT in Russia/ produce LGBT content in Russia (I mean it’s the internet but still)
Oh, this is an interesting topic… I’ll answer both of these questions and start with the content.
While being LGBT isn’t illegal per-se, there are a lot of limitations that LGBT people meet here. When it comes to creating content, for example, there is the Gay propaganda law. You might’ve heard about this one, it basically means “you can’t produce any content that portrays LGBT in any way, because it’ll make our children turn gay and we don’t want that”. But the thing is, the wording in this law is so… convenient for the State, they can basically call anything an illegal propaganda if they want to. Technically what we’re doing over here is illegal too. If they’d want to call it illegal, that is.
This is the reason people who publish works that have LGBT-related content in them may have issues in the process. There are ways to avoid them, but it is still very hard to officially publish something that has any “iffy” content. Sometimes putting a “18+” label on the book/movie/tv-series/etc helps, sometimes selling said piece of media only on the internet helps, but still: there is always a possibility that a publisher might not be able to produce the product they want. Censorship is a thing, bans are a thing, all of this exists, but you never know whether you’ll be hit by it or not. Please keep in mind that Russia is also an extremely corrupted country.
If you’re just a content creator and post your stuff on the internet only, it’s usually ok. Homophobes exist, but they tend to exist somewhere else, not near fandom places. There are tons of artists from Russia who draw explicit stuff (and a lot of these people are LGBT), a lot of them print their merch and sell it on the geek art markets, and even though there were cases where a printing house refused to print someone’s slash illustration, it’s usually ok. But.
But but but. You still can be targeted and sued for the most ridiculous stuff. For example, you can read about Yulia Tsvetkova’s case, who was arrested for her body positive series of drawings + a drawing in support of LGBT-families under the “distribution of pornography” and “gay-propaganda” laws respectively. There are tons of drawings like these on the internet, but Yulia was specifically targeted because she is an activist who wasn’t quiet about her support of women and LGBT. As you can see, the “gay propaganda” law is a very convenient way to shut people up.
Another example that comes to mind is two gay guys who got married in a country that allows you to get married when you’re not a citizen (I think they did it in Denmark), and they tried making their marriage legal in Russia too because it doesn’t really contradict any law. They fled the country  because they started getting threats and their passports (along with their marriage) were deemed  invalid. They were also charged with a fee for “damaging their passports”.
Now our wonderful government, which loves cheating during its elections to the point where you get 146% total when the max is 100%, made this wonderful terrible election for changing the constitution. Their changes are a joke (not really funny tho) and its own topic, but one of the changes was that marriage is “a union between a man and a woman”. Now it says that in the constitution.
TL;DR: If they want to get you, they’ll find a way to get you. But if you’re just a rando who posts slashy smut on your twitter, they don’t care, at least not yet. They will use it against you if you start annoying the police. There are a lot of homophobes but the fandom spaces are usually relatively peaceful.
Personally, we’re lucky enough not to face any severe problems yet. We’re careful irl (people usually think we’re related lol) and only some of our friends know about us. We don’t show any affection to each other publicly. On the internet we’re surrounded by people who are friendly, and once again, people from the fandom spaces are usually more progressive than a regular Russian Pyotr or Oleg.
I, being an idiot that I am, used to draw tons of slash (nsfw too!) at classes right in front of my teachers while I was at the uni. And even though it definitely wasn’t very wise of me, no one ever approached me with “umm are those gays, are you gay too” question. The only ones that were interested by my drawings were two straight girls who read slash fanfiction. Maybe the rest of those who noticed were too shy :(
Katsu: I was always an idiot who likes to flex things as a teenager, so when Ryu and I started dating, I mentioned it in my school to some of my classmates. I’m pretty sure it started some nasty rumors, one guy was openly disgusted, but other than that, I haven’t heard anything from them and they never told teachers or parents, which could be consequences that I never considered. The only thing he said was “Are you a lesbian?” which wasn’t really offensive even though I’m not really a lesbian, but I was like... was that supposed to be an offensive word? Because it wasn’t. Right now I realise that I was lucky not to get beaten up lol I’m from a small city (not a town) and not the best district, but I guess nobody cared that much about this info even if they heard about it, plus people were/are usually afraid of me, so not even the worst boys who were obviously stronger (like that disgusted guy) touched me. I only mention it because I know for a fact that some of the people (like 2-3) were usually openly aggressive, it’s not like the worst class you can get in Russia where the only solution is to fucking suffer.
At the uni, I heard our group discussing lesbians, since students there were mostly girls by another disgusted individual, and I actually wanted to say to her something with a “Come at me bro” attitude (I tend to do that when I’m pissed off), but I just decided not to intervene, probably because these were the first couple of days in my first year. I still told one guy like a month later, he was rather cool with it. Anyway, as Ryu mentioned, there are places and people where you can mention it and get away with it, and where you better keep your mouth shut. Most of the country is the second option, but there’re for a fact a lot of nice and accepting people even out of the fandom. We don’t talk about our relationship for the most part because we don’t really need to, so here’s that. Sorry for being so talkative lol
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sammysdewysensitiveeyes · 7 months ago
Things Duggan could do/could have done with Pyro in Marauders:
This list is partially me being bitter, but it’s also just kind of a creative exercise, thinking about the development potential that Pyro has.
1. Redemption arc - This seems obvious.  Pyro is already hanging with the good guys, but is he actually undergoing a redemption arc?  Is he actually changing his views or becoming a better person?  We don’t really know because we barely see anything from his perspective, and it’s usually shallow comic relief when we do.  The groundwork is there to give Pyro a redemption arc.  He was already regretting his actions and questioning the Brotherhood’s methods when he had the Legacy Virus, leading up to him saving Senator Kelly.  Why not follow up on that?  Does he still feel the same way, or is he disillusioned because Kelly was killed right after he saved him?  Are the Marauders (all of whom are better people than Pyro) rubbing off on him a bit?  Maybe he’s starting to enjoy helping others or learning to trust humans?  (Or not?)  In today’s issue, Iceman was confronted by a Reaver that he had previously maimed, which was interesting, but that’s another storyline that I think would also fit Pyro.  Pyro has surely been maiming some people - maybe being confronted with the results of that would help him reconsider his actions.
2. Legacy Virus stuff - Pyro hasn’t said a damn thing about the way he died, and I understand him not wanting to talk about it.  But again, that sparked a semi-redemption arc for Pyro back before he died.  And now he’s on a ship that is taking medicine to humans that need it, and just built a hospital in Madripoor.  Maybe his experience being sick has given him a greater sense of empathy, and a desire to help sick people.  If Masque can find meaning using his powers to help humans, you’d think there would be space for Pyro to say something serious about his Legacy experiences while they are dedicating a new hospital.  Even just a throwaway line.  Hell, Storm was dying of some kind of nano-virus for part of Marauders (although it was never mentioned in the book at all), maybe he could have sympathized with her over that?  Maybe having Yellowjacket inside him - another case in which his body has been invaded by something microscopic that can kill him - triggered some Legacy feelings?  We could have explored that, instead we got a “funny” scene of Magneto pulling Yellowjacket out of Pyro, and Pyro wanting to kill him. 
3. Team bonding - Pyro has been accepted on the team surprisingly quickly.  Faster than I would expect, really.  And of course, he’s small-potatoes evil compared to even some people on the Council, but I’d still expect a little bit of friction between him and his team-mates, given that he used to try to kill them.  Even without that history, he’s still the odd man out on a team that already knows each other, and are friends, or at least former team-mates.  We had that kind of friction with Emma and Storm, why would we not get that friction between Pyro (the former terrorist criminal) and the others?  I would have expected at least a little bit of distrust, followed eventually by some kind of bonding issue where Pyro is more accepted by the team, and in turn accepts his place with them.  Who does he even consider a friend when he refers to them as “his friends”?  He seems to like hanging out with Bishop and Iceman, but we’ve mostly gotten that through wordless background panels and a couple of “funny” scenes.  Do any of them even like him or consider him a “friend,” or do they just tolerate his presence?   
4. Writer - One of the things I find most interesting about Pyro is that he had a whole-ass career before joining the Brotherhood.  He traveled around Southeast Asia, he was a journalist in Indonesia and Vietnam, he wrote romance novels.  And most writers don’t explore that at all, but you’d think it would come up when the Marauder is traveling around the ocean.  Maybe he speaks another language that would be helpful.  Maybe his investigative skills as a journalist come in handy.  Maybe he takes them to an old haunt or meets up with an old contact he knew in Vietnam.  Maybe he spends his spare time writing smutty historical pirate-themed romance.  I would have enjoyed that much more than the goofy “dream sequence” that Emma planted in his head, at least that would have felt like authentic character development rather than something being pushed upon him from the outside.  Most comics writers don’t really get into Pyro’s civilian career, but as a regular on a book, I’d expect it to come up at least once, even as a thowaway line.
5. Brotherhood and past history - Pyro has had absolutely no contact (that we know of) with his old Brotherhood pals.  He doesn’t even mention them.  Why is that?  Why isn’t he hanging around the bar with Blob when the Marauder’s at Krakoa?  Why isn’t he texting Avalanche?  Has he become estranged from them after saving Kelly (which would be an interesting plot point if Duggan developed it), or is he just hanging out with them off panel?  You’d think there would be some mention of his past history at some point.  Even in today’s issue, when he, Iceman and Bishop got attacked by Reavers.  Pyro has a history with Reavers!  He fought them on Muir Island as part of Freedom Force, and the team lost both Stonewall (which happened right in front of Pyro, and he seemed broken up about it) and Destiny (which completely destroyed Mystique).  The Reavers in this issue were not the same ones, they were a new breed, but you’d think Pyro might have something to say about encountering Reavers again. 
6. The gay thing - This is more my own personal preference, but Pyro WAS deliberately queer-coded in his earliest appearances, and John Byrne intended for him to be gay.  They couldn’t openly write him that way back in the day, but nowadays I think no one would bat an eye if Pyro, a fairly minor villain, was somewhere on the LGBT scale.  He wasn’t always queer-coded, but he had an ambiguous relationship with Avalanche, his sexuality was never firmly established (he was never in an open romantic relationship anyone), and he died a lingering, painful death from the virus that was intended to be an AIDS metaphor.  It would be quite interesting to see Pyro as a closeted gay (or bisexual) man resurrected in a world where different sexual orientations are far more accepted, and slowly opening up about it to Bobby and Christian (or even Shinobi).  Not to mention, it would give Bobby and Christian more to do, and Christian could talk about his own traumatic experiences without it being all swept under the rug.
7. Doubts about Krakoa - When the team first met Pyro, he was trying to steal a boat and run off, because he’d realized that his resurrection was mostly just a lab experiment to test the process.  Now he seems to be all-in, and dedicated to the Marauders’ mission.  What changed?  Does he harbor any doubts about the Quiet Council, or is he a true believer now?  Does he EVER talk to Mystique, to whom he used to be extremely loyal?  Pyro can be written as dumb at times, but more frequently he comes across as one of the more intelligent and thoughtful Brotherhood members.  Maybe he’s decided that everything on Krakoa is so new and confusing, he’s just gonna turn his brain off and enjoy his new life?  That would also be fine, if it was actually treated as character development.  
8. Divided loyalties - If I’d expect anyone to betray the team, it would be Pyro.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean I want him to do that, but I’m surprised it hasn’t come up.  You’d think Shinobi or Sebastian Shaw would approach him to act as a mole in exchange for lots and lots of money.  Hell, I half-expected him to be spying for Mystique when he first showed up.  And again, it could still happen, but there’s been no lead up or suggestion of that at all.  I would honestly find it disappointing if Pyro suddenly turned on the team or was revealed to be a spy, because he hasn’t bonded with them well enough for it to be meaningful at all. 
The thing is, any of these ideas could be explored, and still keep Pyro as the comic-relief party animal that Duggan is currently writing.  He wouldn’t even have to have significantly more focus (although some focus would be nice).  This could be accomplished through small scenes, little asides, throwaway lines.  Duggan wastes so much page time setting up “moments” and atmosphere (Kitty and Emma riding horses up to Sebastian’s castle comes to mind).  He spent a whole issue beating up Sebastian Shaw without any other significant plot advancement (then crams all his plot into the issues that feature other characters).  He spent a few pages on a goofy fantasy dream sequence that told us nothing new about Pyro, and again, turned out to a falsely manufactured dream that Emma planted in his mind.  We could have used those pages to show Pyro writing something, or show a different side of him through Yellowjacket’s spying, and it STILL could have been comic-relief.  If Duggan actually wanted to explore Pyro in a more serious way, there’s both the space and potential for it.  He just.....doesn’t. 
Anyway, this is all wishful thinking of what could be.  I’ll just have to write fanfic or something. 
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nerdygaymormon · 12 months ago
I know this is probably presumptuous, as you probably have a bunch of resources already at your fingertips, but last year I wrote a 2-part set of posts at By Common Consent that outlines issues non-hetero Saints face at church and then offers suggestions on how to address them -- without running afoul of any Church regulations. They're entitled "LGB Saints at Church: Some Challenges" and "...: Some Suggestions," if you're curious.
Oh yes, I remember reading this and the follow up. Thank you for bringing it back to my attention. 
It’s useful to revisit these as my stake president is thinking about how we can make church a better space for our LGBTQ members.
And I’m going to riff on a few of the themes you wrote about in your BCC posts.
You brilliantly lay out the problems of Church for single people, especially for those who are not straight in their sexual orientation. 
What is my purpose in life if I’m excluded from the big goals that my religion lays out? 
I’m asked to live a sort of life that’s very difficult without any guidance on how to healthily do so. 
Even scripture heroes who are single, when their stories are told, the fact that they were single is skipped over or otherwise assumed they will marry at some other point in their life. 
Even including the few women in church leadership who’ve never married, there are few examples of single people being leaders and making important contributions.
At the local level, we’re not in a position to change church policies or doctrines. But there are things done that make church a much less welcoming space to people who are single or to those who are LGBT. 
In my stake, the majority of adults on the rolls are single, however most of them do not come to church and so our pews look just the opposite of what the membership list suggests would be found. 
There’s such a laser-beam focus on getting married & having children that those who fit that mold often forget that many of us do not. 
Those who “fit the mold” are often the leaders and speak in church and teach the lessons, and mostly they continue to center their experience and that can make it difficult to see how the gospel benefits my life that doesn’t fit the mold. 
Single people often aren’t given leadership-type roles. 
My last stake president broke that mold. Before becoming stake president he had been bishop of the young single adult ward and he had a testimony that single people could lead. 
He put single members in the stake young women, stake relief society and stake primary presidencies. He made me, a gay single man, the stake young men president. We had a member of the High Council who was single and even a counselor or two in bishoprics were single. 
Single people are capable of serving, and it turns out we have time and attention to put into serving that often is taken by the family life of married people. 
One thing I noticed during the COVID-19 pandemic is the Church put thought into helping people who are suddenly cut off from their friends. They had some good suggestions about how to feel connected to others even though you’re cut off.
This sort of advice would have been useful to LGBTQ members who are often asked to live alone. To me it highlighted that our concerns and issues don’t get the same level of concern and compassion.  
One thing about meeting higher up church leaders is sometimes I get called out by them in much the same way as happened at the local level. Told to get me a wife. Had a joke made at my expense about being single and not being serious about life. The assumptions underlying the joke aren’t funny or inclusive, it feels very othering. 
The thing about being gay at church is people think of it as very different from being straight. Straightness leads to family, connection, companionship, etc. Being gay is often thought of as lust for a particular type of sex. 
My orientation has been a great spiritual gift that helps me empathize with others, to see others who don’t “fit in” and see the beauty of who they are. It’s helped me be a kinder and gentler person. Yet at church my orientation is never spoken of in a positive way, it’s villified, it’s to be suppressed, it’s to be ignored. I wish everyone could see this as just another normal way of existing. 
Single people and LGBTQ people are able to have their own connection with God and get inspiration for their journey in life. In fact, we have to fight hard for this in a way straight people don’t. The things that they are naturally drawn towards are what the Church supports and helps guide them along. They are floating down the lazy river of life, while I’m paddling my way upstream. 
I had to fight hard to understand my choices in life are good with God and God partners with me. Straight members generally just assume that about their life, and consequently I think many miss out on the work to develop a strong relationship with the Savior. 
Not everyone is going to live their life the same way. We need to accept and welcome that, to love people for who they are. Single people shouldn’t be thought of as not whole. 
Far too often, Church works to push away LGBTQ members rather than pulling them in. Doctrine is part of it, but so is the way local members talk about homosexuality, the stereotypes they employ, the way queer members aren’t embraced by the congregation in the way other members are but instead are looked at sideways with quiet comments spoken behind our backs.
Queer members have a lot to contribute, look at the impact we’ve had in the world, we’ve made the world beautiful. Whether or not we spend our whole life in church, appreciate us and fellowship with us while we’re here. Help us feel like we belong. We are children of God worshiping and friendshipping with you, you’re no better than we are, just on a different path. 
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questionthebox · 2 months ago
Poets Diary “Cancel Culture”
its odd to me, to treat something, that i feel has no bearing on the actual day to day of life, 
and i’m keen on understanding if its supposed intent of politeness impacts or better yet trickles down, making life less brutal and more inclusive, 
1. we need to be honest in why a backlash against what’s frankly the brutality everyone grew up in, is finally present, i believe cancel culture is a reaction, derived from all these people who have long been abused or bullied, by a culture of brutality, and i’ll explain it as this, i am 29 years old, born march 25th 1992, growing up, we all threw around homophopic slurs, we all bullied, made fun of, those kids who were effiminate physically weak and considered poor, or not able to certain things, the group itself was capable of, i remember being in summer camp, and we us collection of boys, all threw around gay slurs, we all fought, we bullied those of us who couldn’t keep up the ultra macho demeanor, and so on, we all growing up internalized what’s essentially a brutal culture, in almost every degree, we utilized the language handed to us, and now cancel culture utilizes the same language to point out the brutality people have lived under. 
2. is it bad that, “bad things” are being presented as not acceptable in a public forum, do we really want the various brutalities of sexism racism homophobia, back into the fold, is it wrong for the people who are promoting various cancels, to want whartever words in place to make things less brutal, personally when i hear these cosmopoiltans call hookers and prostittutes “sex workers” i do find it funny, what the fuck is a sex worker, and is that what were haggling over, terms ?  the people who seek to cancel apparently just want to use words that are devoid of negative connotations on those who live those experiences, 
3. understanding cancel culture, its place in american culture, devoid of a socialist left, i’ll put it like this, if the great socialists of the late 19th and early 20th century, would’ve been able to exist without impediment and were able for the past 100 to 130 years to have crafted a legitmate working class culture, a true radical bohemian culture, instead of the late 20th century popular culture, of which cancel culture derives from, none of what cancel culture is would exist, cancel culture is the end point of television popular cultural liberalism, which has manifested itself in the space of a true “left populism” its why cancel culture and celebrities, act as avatars of what normal people are going through, cancel culture is a response to the material reality within late stage capitalism, that has shipped of jobs and made life unbearable and unattainable, 
4. which leads me to this, cancel culture is ultimately a false reality, one in which its clear, its for the most part, a virtual reality game, for those who in late stage capitalism, have no literal space in actual life, it has most likely no benefit as with all capitalist cosmopoilitan liberalisms, it just funnels people into the pockets of those who are utilizing the faux politeness to make themselves into the new stars of a new form of entertainment, its why “Queer Baiting” has become a thing, Cancel Culture is just the gateway towards the new entertainment, whatever that may be, i think of the candor of the actor Will Smith who talked about what he called the “Friendship Model” the new form of entertainment, is about being “friends” its about this hyper imaginary realm, where everyone is LGBT,  and nice, and uses acceptable slang slogans like “yass queen” and i find it no different then the other false realities out there, from NBA2K Culture, to all sorts of things, like a friend of mine from college, choosing to identify as an Elf, 
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la5t-res0rt · a year ago
this was written several weeks ago in response to asks i was receiving i am posting it now it is very long the longest i have ever made and it is not very well edited but here it is in this final essay i talk about how shitty rae is about black people in her writing as well as just me talking about how her writing sucks in general lets begin
hello everyone 
as you may know i have received a lot of anons in the last week or so about issues of racism in the beetlejuice community both just generally speaking and also within specific spaces 
i was very frustrated to not be getting the answers i wanted because i typically do not talk about what i do not see but in an effort to be better about discourse i went looking through discourse from before my time in the fandom and i also received some receipts and information from my followers and from some friends
keep in mind that the voices and thoughts of bipoc are not only incredibly important at all times but in this circumstance it is important that if a bipoc has something to add you listen and learn and be better
i admit that when this happened i wasnt aware of the extent of what occurred and im angry at myself for not doing more at that time and i want to work harder to make sure something like this doesnt go unnoticed again
im a hesitant to talk about months old discourse because i have been criticized for bringing up quote old new unquote but this is very important and i am willing to face whatever comes from to me
lets talk about this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
content from our local racist idiot that may be months old but its important
putting my thoughts under a cut to spare the dash but before i begin obviously this is awful
lets fucking unpack this folks
right out the gate op states that she supports artistic freedom but then within a couple words she goes against that statement
being entirely canon compliant isnt artistic freedom and even so if this person has so much respect for canon they wouldnt be out here erasing lydias obvious disgust for beetlejuice in the movie or ignoring lydias age for the sake of shipping that shit isnt canon either 
also we love the quick jab at the musical there hilarious we love it dont we because god forbid a licensed and successful branch on a media have any standing in this conversation but whatever
now lets scroll down and talk about the term racebending
the term racebending was coined around 2009 in response to the avatar the last airbender movie a film in which the east asian races of the characters were erased by casting white actors in the three leading roles of aang sokka and katara 
whenever the term racebending is used in a negative light it is almost always a case of whitewashing like casting scarlett johansen in ghost in the shell or the casting of white actors of the prince of persia sands of time instead of iranian ones
this kind of racebending erases minorities from beeing seen in media and is wrong
all that being said however racebending has also been noted to have very positive after effects like the 1997 adaptation of cinderella or casting samuel jackson as nick fury in the marvel movies nick fury was originally a white guy can you even imagine
i read this piece from an academic that said quote writers can change the race and cultural specificity of central characters or pull a secondary character of color from the margins transforming them into the central protagonist unquote
racebending like the kind that rae is so heated about is the kind of creative freedom that leads to more representation of bipoc in media which will never be a bad thing ever no matter how pissy you get about it
designing a version of a character as a poc isnt serving to make them necessarily better it serves to give new perspective and perhaps the opportunity to connect even more deeply with a character it doesnt marginalize or erase white people it can uplift poc and if you think uplifting poc is wrong because it tears down white people or whatever youre a fucking moron and you need to get out of your podunk white folk town and see the real world
the numbers of times a bipoc particularly a bipoc that is also lgbt+ has been represented in media are dwarfed by what i as a white dude have seen myself represented in media is and that isnt okay that isnt equality and its something that should change not only in mainstream media but in fandom spaces as well
lets move down a bit further to the part about bullying straight people which is hilarious and lets also talk about the term fetishistic as well lets start with that
this person literally writes explicit pornography of a minor and an adult are we really going to let someone like that dictate what is and what isnt fetishistic
similarly to doing a positive racebend situation people may project lgbt+ headcanons on a character because its part of who they are and it helps them feel closer to the character and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that
depicting lgbt+ subject matter on existing characters isnt an inherently fetishistic action generally things only really become fetishistic when the media is being crafted and hyped by people who are outside of lgbt+ community for example how young teens used to flip a tit about yaoi or how chasers fetishize trans people
but drawing a character with top surgery scars or headcanoning them as trans is harmless and its just another way to interpret a character literally anone could be trans unless if their character bio says theyre cis and most of them dont go that deep so it really is open to interpretation and on the whole most creators encourage this sort of exploration because it is a good thing to get healthy representation out in the world
as for it being used to bully straights thats just funny i dont have anything else on that like if youre straight and you feel threatened and bullied because of someone headcanoning someone as anything that isnt cishet youre a fucking idiot and a weak baby idiot at that like the real world must fucking suck for you because lgbt+ people are everywhere and statistically a big chunk of your favorite characters arent cishet sorry be mad about it
lets roll down a bit further about the big meat of the issue which was when several artists were drawing interpretations of lydia as a black girl which i loved but clearly this person didnt love it because they have a very narrow and very racist and problematic view of what it means to be a black person
and before i move forward i must reiderate that i am a white person and you should listen to the thoughts of poc people like @fright-of-their-lives​ or @gender-chaotic it is not my place to explain what the black experience is like and it certainly isnt this persons either
implying that the story of a black person isnt worth telling unless if the character faces struggles like racism and prejudice is downright moronic 
why use the word kissable to describe a black persons lips now thats what i call fetishistic and its to another extreme if youre talking about a black version of lydia on top of that
the author of this post says herself that shes white so clearly shes the person whos an authority on the black experience and what it means to be a black person right am i reading that right or am i having a fucking conniption
how about allowing black characters to exist without having to struggle why cant a black version of lydia just be a goth teenager with a ghost problem who likes photography and is also black like she doesnt have to move to a hick town and get abused by racist folks she doesnt have to go through any more shit than she already goes through and if you honestly think thats the only way to tell a black persons story you need to get your brain cleaned
you know nothing about the complexities about being a black person and i dont either but you know wh odo black people who are doing black versions of canon characters they fucking know 
lets squiggle down just a bit further 
so the writer has issues with giving characters traits like a broad nose or larger lips if theyre a woman but if theyre a man suddenly its totally okay to go all ryan murphy ahs coven papa legba appropriation when approaching character design like are you fucking stupid do you hear yourself is that really how you see black men like what the fuck is wrong with you
none of the shit youre spewing takes bravery it takes ignorance and supreme levels of stupidity
do you really think you with your fic where a black lgbt+ woman is tortured and abused where you use the n word with a hard r to refer to her like that shits not okay its fucking depraved and yeah we know you love being shitty but like christ on a bike thats so much 
can we also talk about this
Tumblr media
what the fuck is this fetishistic bull roar garbage calling this black character beyonce dressing her up in quote fuck me heels unquote are you are you seriously gonna write this and say its a shining example of how to write a black character youre basically saying ope here she is shes a sex icon haha im so progressive and i clealry understand the black experience hahahaha fuck you oh my god
on top of that theres a point where this character is only referred to as curly hair or the fact that the n word is used in the fic with the hard r like thats hands down not okay for you to use especially not in a manner like this jesus christ
oop heres a little more a sampling for you of the hell i am enduring in reading this drivel
Tumblr media
oh boy lets put a leash on the angry black woman character lets put her in a leash and have the man imply hes a master like are you kidding me are you for real and what the fuck is with calling her shit like j lo and beyonce do you actually think thats clever at all are you just thinking of any poc that comes into your head for this 
also lydia fucking tells this girl that she shouldnt have lost her temper like she got fucking leashed im so tired why is this writing so problematic and also so bad
hold up before i lose my head lets look at some of her own comments on the matter of this character and what happens to her
Tumblr media
hi hello youre just casually tossing the word lynch out there in the wide open world as if thats not a problem that is still real like are you fucking unhinged there have been multiple cases of this exact thing happening in our firepit of a country in the last five months alone like how can you still have shit like this up for people to read how can you be proud of work like this in this climate
and also what the fuck is that last bit 
what the actual fuck
i dont speak for black people as a white person but you do!? im sorry i had to get my punctuation out for that because wow thats fucking asinine just because one black person read your fic and didnt find the torture and abuse of your one black character abhorrant doesnt mean that the vast majority of people not only in the fandom but in the human population with decency are going to think its okay because its not 
i started this post hoping to be level headed and professional but jesus fucking christ this woman is something else white nationalism is alive and well folks and its name is rae
if you defend this woman you defend some truly abhorrant raecism
editors notes 
in order to get some perspective on these issues more fully some of the writing by the author was examined and on the whole it was pretty unreadable but i want to just call back to the very beginning of this essay where the person in question talked about holding canon in high regard but then in their writing they just go around giving people magic and shit and ignoring the end of the movie entirely like are you canon compliant or nah 
the writing doesnt even read like beetlejuice fanfic it reads as self indulgent fiction you could easily change the names and its just a bad fanfic from 2007
also can we talk about writing the lesbian character as an angry man hater like its 2020 dude and als olets touch on that girl on girl pandering while beetlejuice is just there like here we go fetishizing again wee
i cant find a way to work this into this already massive post but
Tumblr media
im going to throw up
okay so thats a lot we have covered a lot today and im sure my ask box will regret it but this definitely should have been more picked apart when it happened
please feel free to add more to this i would love more perspectives than just my own.
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thatpinkbetch · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm going to answer it this way, because I'm actually not a fan of some of those, and I've heard this is the way to do it if you don't want it ending up in the tag or the search I think? If i censor any of the ship names it's not out of malice! I simply don't want any of this to end up in front of eyes that just want to enjoy their ships 💖💖💖 if there is anyone who doesn't want to see opinions against t*d*d*ku, k*r*b*ku, or even iz**ch*ka, please don't read any further! Oh my goodness i hope this is all legible...
Anyways, hello!! Thank you so much for the ask!! I love talking about my opinion avkvmsocnaocjsoxks it also makes me really happy you like my blog 🥺🥺🥺 (I hope this answer doesn't ruin that avskvneognsocjs)
I'll start out by confirming that I'm not a multishipper. It makes me excited to see how the act of shipping itself can make others happy, but it's just not that way for me. I actually never read fanfic until I got into bnha (bkdk is just that powerful 😁😁) I'm actually...a little serious when i ship, or when i enjoy media, i analyze pretty heavily, so also, if that doesn't sound like anyone's cup of tea, i would once again recommend to stop reading and enjoy your day please!
I love analyzing characters and storylines and dynamics, but i will admit, I'm not a fan of most of the ships - not romantically. I think all the characters have interesting relationships to each other, all of the kids are great friends, and I love bonds and friendships so much 🥺🥺🥺
Those first two are perhaps the biggest, at least they definitely were the biggest when I first entered. Once i caught up, I didn't really understand the enthusiasm, but people have fun shipping, so that's nice! I think of those two as easy ships, if that makes sense? They're pretty simple, and easy to digest.
I personally am not a fan of romantic t*d*d*ku for a very specific reason; it feels weird to me for Todo to immediately fall in love with the first person who's ever shown him kindness (since his mother of course). Todo had never had any friends, nor any want for friends, obviously because of the abuse he faced as a child. Mido was his first exploration at a life outside of his father, a life he got to make for himself, it just doesn't feel right to me that he should immediately think "oh, is this romantic love? Is this the one and only for me?" Well, perhaps a teenager might think that way, but i don't think that's actually how he feels deep down, and I'm sure that's something a lot of us have to learn as we grow (I've definitely struggled with my own understanding of romance for the past 8 years). I think he still is trying to learn how to socialize and to make friends and to be a friend (and he's doing SUCH a good job!) But to immediately plunge into romance, which can be complicated, i don't think that would be right for him. I hope that makes sense! I know they're a very cute ship, which makes for fun! But again, I can be a little serious when i ship...
K*r*b*ku kind of falls into similar territory for me? Baku definitely had friends growing up, but he's seemed to always have trouble understanding his feelings and where he stands with others, causing trust issues. Kiri is really the first person he knew where he stood with, a person for him to be comfortable with and feel on equal ground, which i think is such a huge and positive role in his life, and i don't necessarily think that it needs to be romantic - for both of these, i think these relationships are incredibly important, to everyone involved, and making them romantic doesn't make them any more important!! In fact, i feel like them as friends actually can offer a more complex, interesting, and human dynamic between these characters, as sometimes people simply default to romance and then end up pushing for the same old tropes and ignore all the intricacies Horikoshi includes in his writing.
Again, I love Mido's friendship with Todo, and I love Baku's friendship with Kiri. I think these relationships are incredibly important, and friends are incredibly important. People who ship them are having fun, which is so lovely, and i hope they continue to have fun! I hope you personally find more fics about them that make you smile and brighten your day 💖💖💖
Iz**ch*ka is a little difficult, because they certainly are cute, separately and together. I thought they were cutest before Ura was told about her potential crush on Mido, when she was simply a source of bubbly energy and positivity that helped Mido open up and feel comfortable around other people. I feel though that, romantically, it's extraordinarily one-sided, and at this point, i have to wonder if they really are "end goal." End goal for shounen, of course, is hardly ever explicit ahzovndlfjsoxo but i feel like a better storyline for Horikoshi to take would be for Ura to realize that she's been confused, and these feelings haven't really been a positive experience for her. I've definitely gone through things like that as a teenager. Now, the ship can be very cute! They're basically the same person, and they're cute and bubbly! But again, it simply isn't for me.
I think Momjirou is very cute!! Of course, as a lesbian, i sense strong lesbian vibes from Momo, and strong bi vibes from Jirou, and I also saw the ship potential ever since the USJ attack - which i think, so did everyone else ahaovndofjsojfsk they're best friends without a doubt, though i have to say, i really like Kamijirou. She just makes him so soft, and he's so in awe of her, and she thinks he's so funny, I love how supportive he is of her, especially since she can be really insecure 🥺🥺🥺
I also think Ura and Tsu are very cute but another easy ship, and i kind of really like Ochamina 🥺 they're both pink and space themed, they're bubbly and energetic and kick ass, and i think they'd be super cute...
I saved todobaku for last, because, you know what they say, best for last! 😇😇😇
I've said it before, but if there was no Mido (impossible obviously, and i would never want that) then todobaku is where my heart would lie. Baku has never really been shown chasing after anyone except for Mido...and Todo, which really gets at my heart. There's a grudging respect there - very, very grudging ahakckdkfjskdk which i find very appealing! Todo is very important to Baku and he has also been able to show Baku some things about himself that he needed to question and reevaluate. Meanwhile, Todo puts up with exactly 0% of Baku's shit, which i find absolutely hilarious. It's funny to me how Baku wishes to intimidate Todo as he does everyone else, and Todo simply does not care. And Baku wants to be mad, and ends up mad that he can't be mad since Todo is a strong and worthy opponent. They just have such an interesting chemistry, there's so much friction, so much tension, and I enjoy it, particularly since they clearly should be friends, would be great friends, want to be friends, but Baku simply won't get over it 😂😂 I do prefer them as friends, but friends that are incredibly close, two people that understand each other on almost a telepathic level, two people that give each other shit while also refusing to take the other's shit.
I do agree that many people in this fandom seem to think their ship stands on some moral high ground? It could be a disconnect from the previous generations of fandom, or it could also be the growing mentality on this site that everything needs to be a battle of moral superiority, and also that what you like is part of your personality, and if someone doesn't like what you like, then they don't like you or that they think you're factually incorrect. I personally have stopped going into the bn/ha tag simply because I don't enjoy, well, many things i find there, and I'm happy with those that i follow. I've definitely seen hatred and invalidation for both LGBT ships and m|w ships, neither of which I'm comfortable with. I definitely don't go off tumblr for fandom stuff because there's practically no acceptance for any same gender ships, or any queer headcanoning, which, I'll be honest, makes me scared, as i am a very anxious person avdkvndkfje i do think it should be noted that we should be as accepting of cishet ships as we are of queer ships - no debate on this one - but again, you are right when you say that many cishet headcanons have been used to invalidate LGBT voices, and any and all allies must always be aware of this! It is much more often that queer voices are silenced, that queer ships are ridiculed, that queer shippers aren't allowed to enjoy or see themselves. And to anybody that doesn't want to be an ally... Whelp ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what are you doing here ajxkvmdogjdicjsicjsodj I'm gay
I haven't really read much of anything recently, let alone other ships, platonic or otherwise, because energy has been low for me for a long time. I wish i could participate more and support all my friends and other fans, but it's been a bit of a struggle 😣😣😣 I'm so sorry! Something that I can do is make posts and analyses and metas, as those are quick and make me excited, so I'm always happy to respond to asks like these! (I say as i take two hours to write this response...)
I hope people have been taking care of themselves and remember that tumblr is really good at letting you cater to your own interests! I hope if you've made it to the end of this response that you enjoyed it, and you're not mad at me ahsovjekgjsocjwodkso if you are, that's fine, I'm sorry, I probably am really bad at social/internet etiquette and such that help you filter 😣😣
To any who are curious, you cannot change my mind ahdogmdocjdidk thank you to whoever sent this ask!!! A lot of this is a bunch of rambling I've always wanted to talk about but was frankly too scared to post! I hope I made sense and answered everything you were asking!! Please have a good day/night/life!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
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pumpumdemsugah · 7 months ago
Getting older is crazy because I literally never saw anyone claim the A was for anything but allies for yearssss. There were odd incidents of people asking if the A is for asexuals but largely everyone said no it's for allies and why would it for for people not even attracted to people ?? And I saw it with my eyes. Even saw one person being like we could say LGBTAQ AQ being ally and questioning but asexual...rarely saw that with my actual eyes
Even back then I'd see people on the AVEN forums dispute if you can claim being asexual if you said you were straight or gay etc. There were lots of people that also described it as not even being straight or gay or bi etc and a smaller number who disagreed because they still weren't sexually attracted
The perks of being an overly nosey teen during the 00s means I was exposed to AVEN for the asexuals lost their damn minds. What a shame
The amount of pride that 00s straight people that ID as allies would take in being allies and standing up for LGBT people during a period where you could say wild shit about LGBT people is so funny because I still remember the forum posts of usually straight women saying they don't care if people think they're gay for standing up for LGBT people and they know when the A is there, they aren't part of the community like that but there to support
Most of my first exposure to LGBT talk was from straight people that ID as allies pushing back on the homophobic in online spaces because trying to speak up back then if you were gay could mean you'd get dog piled for not all but saying yes I'm a freak
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