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#but hopefully it's okay
supernova-hcs-art2 years ago
U know those before/after relationship hc u did with kid and bonney? Can you please do the sane thing with law and zoro please?
The sane thing coming right up, anon
Law keeps them at arm's-length, however close he comes with anyone in his crew he still have plenty of reservations when it comes to his personal space.
On especially demanding and stressful days he鈥檒l track down his crush and strike up casual conversation with them. It鈥檚 rarely anything personal, but he appreciates having intelligent discussions about anything going on in the world, hearing interesting trivia they鈥檝e read somewhere or them going on about their interests. Law will leave considerably more relaxed than he arrived.
Mixed in with his dry jokes and smug remarks there might slip out something that sounds an awful close to flirting now and then. But it鈥檚 definitely just witty banter and shouldn鈥檛 be read into.
He does fuzz about being shown affection but actually really likes it. He鈥檚 a big fan of giving side-hugs but will mostly leave initiating physical contact to his S/O.
Law gradually comes out of his comfort zone with them, having deeper conversations that are less one-sided and reveal rare details about his private life only a handful of his closest and oldest crew members know about. In a completely unhinged state he might even whip out his coin collection.
He tries to show how important they are to him regularly, and when he can鈥檛 show it through actions Law will tell them. 聽It doesn鈥檛 even come off as cheesy or anything, just honest appreciation.
He鈥檚 very hard to read and rarely ever share anything too personal, him catching anything more than platonic feelings for the person will be well-hidden for the longest time.
He鈥檒l casually tease them by giving them a nickname that they鈥檇 fight him on. Its what he does with a lot of people he鈥檚 comfortable around.
Zoro keeps an eye out for the person he likes. If they鈥檙e falling behind or getting in over their head while the crew is out on their adventures he鈥檒l be right nearby. And as their journey reaches more dangerous places, Zoro encourages their training and even invited them to join him. Zoro鈥檚 intense training regime will most likely knock them out right away and intimidate them. But once they鈥檝e recovered he鈥檒l be willing to work out a lighter exercise program that鈥檚 humanly possible for a normal person.
He鈥檒l adamantly deny giving them any special treatment, will even claim to use the nickname because he forgot their real one. It鈥檚 nothing special, alright? He鈥檚 just so casual 聽about this crew mate and trying to do them a favor and give them some basic pointers before they鈥檙e locked into the weak-gang.
He鈥檒l go from 鈥渨e鈥檙e just friends, leave us alone鈥 to 鈥渨e鈥檝e been together forever already, leave us alone鈥 and refuses to elaborate on the matter further.
Zoro and his S/O can be frequently seen leaned up against eachother and napping around the ship. It鈥檚 about as much pda they can agree on without him being embarrassed about it.
His S/O and Sanji has a non-verbal agreement to occasionally tease him together when Zoro is being too Zoro. Sanji will spot them clinging onto Zoro from across the ship and catch him trying to weasel out of it, calling him ungrateful for having such an adorable S/O thats kind enough to waste their affections on a mosshead like him. 聽After fighting eachother Zoro will spend extra time with his S/O just to spite him and he never catches on.
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sign-from-god-complexa year ago
your favourite playlist (made by yourself or someone else)? 鈥擆煂
ooooohhh, that鈥檚 hard!!! I don鈥檛 really use Spotify that much cause I accidentally downloaded something that fucked it up on my computer but it鈥檇 probably have to be the playlist my qpp made for me of songs that remind xem of me!!! cause that鈥檚 just so amazingly sweet.
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ginkamon2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#kdramawomensweek: day one, monster girls |聽Literal monsters鈥攇hosts and gumihos, witches and mermaids, aliens and women with super strength; or metaphorical monsters鈥攚omen bent on vengeance, women who wreak havoc, women who aren鈥檛 nice and amenable, women full of self-loathing.
choi mi yeon, mask
"For the last time, can you tell me one thing? That you love me...鈥
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cazzarts4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month!!!! Featuring another modern AU Kyoshi and Rangi bc I can
I added the line art just in case anyone else wanted to color it in with their own headcanons/flag preferences 鈽猴笍 Just make sure to tag me if you color it because I want to see!! (The line art is a .png with a transparent background, so hopefully it will work. If anyone has issues with it though, just message me) 馃挅
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goosedawna month ago
hmmm how about borrower Techno for a drawing prompt? I don't see borrower Techno often. maybe with Techno being discovered or being him being a badass even while being small
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why not kinda both!
general plot of this if it wasnt clear: techno goes hunting, manages to injure a crow, then tracks the crow down and well... they arent not so much a crow anymore.
a couple panels are missing here which establish that techno got startled by the crow turning to look directly at him, which is why he missed his shot (he was aiming to kill the crow) but thats because i already didnt intend for this to be anything more than. sketchy lineart so i had to stop before i got ahead of myself jkdsfjkhfsdf
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kibberswrites2 months ago
Hello there! So someone asked for a mini-syllabus of the horror that comes after witnessing something terrifying, and I wonder if you could do a continuation of that but closer to the emotion conveyed by this painting called 'Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan' by Ilya Repin. I love it precisely because of the stricken emotion in the father's face. Not to mention it is believed that he himself struck the fatal blow to his own son.
Tumblr media
Ivan the Terrible and His Son by Ilya Repin
Tumblr media
"Survivor's Guilt" by Patricia Kirkpatrick
Tumblr media
The Damnation Game by Clive Barker
Tumblr media
Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisco Goya
Tumblr media
鈥淭he Tent" by Naomi Shihab Nye
Tumblr media
"The Sentence" by Anna Akhmatova
Tumblr media
鈥渦ntitled鈥 by Urs Fischer
Tumblr media
"The Poet with His Face in His Hands" by Mary Oliver
Tumblr media
Jenny Holzer
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