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millenniummmbop 3 months ago
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@icouldbesleepingpowder I鈥檓 going to go ahead and use this ask as an excuse to bring up my ultimate favorite number one self-indulgent headcanon which is that both kaiba and yugi have almost basically the EXACT same taste in music and kaiba gets REALLY FUCKING PISSED every time he鈥檚 reminded of this lmfao
#asks#icouldbesleepingpowder#made this a separate post bc otherwise tumblr would force me to format the images vertically -q-#seto kaiba#yugi mutou#sketchbook#like i think kaiba was never allowed to enjoy anything modern or age appropriate for YEARS bc of gozaburo's iron hold on his life#but once he beefs it kaiba's finally free to be the ULTIMATE SELF-INDULGENT EDGELORD he was born to be#like he walks into a hot topic or a spencer's gifts for the first time at like 15 and he just ASCENDS#he hears numb by linkin park blaring from the store speakers and he's like 'oh my god he's literally me'#but also he strikes me as the type of pretentious asshole to believe he's cooler and more special than everyone bc of his#R E F I N E D TASTE IN MUSIC#but also he'd be EXTREMELY TERRITORIAL ABOUT IT LMFAO#like he'll be waxing poetic about some philosophy bullshit and end his argument with muse lyrics or something only for yugi to be like#'oh LOL yeah dude I love that song!!!'#and kaiba would be like#'NO U DON'T U DON'T KNO THIS SONG U DON'T KNO ANYTHING SHUT UP I HATE U YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO LIKE THIS'#kaiba voice: nobody understands pain except for me and the guy from three days grace#lisn u gotta write what u kno and unfortunately i know TOO DAMN MUCH about being an edgy edgelord teenager#who would just sit in their room listening to linkin park all day long LMFAO#this is an INCREDIBLY stupid headcanon like yes i'm aware#but it's also the nearest and dearest to my heart 馃槶馃槶馃槶#if my otp can't enjoy early 2000s angsty rock tracks together i can't legally call them my otp 馃槶馃槶馃槶#like cringe culture be damned it's just good fucking music#i have 'I hate everything about you' on my rival mix i don't care anymore slkjflsdjflsdfj#sorry for the long tags i could literally go on about this forever sldkfjslkfjslkf#blorbofest 2k22
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illiana-mystery a month ago
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I finally got a chance to watch Roar (Episode 8)! He鈥檚 so hot in this episode. The cowboy aesthetic, his accent, his facial hair, and the suspenders, yes yes give me more!聽
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animatedtext a year ago
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robotsandramblings 2 months ago
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Hunter鈥檚 butt & thighs聽聽 ft. Tech鈥檚 legs聽聽 in the new BB S2 trailer
馃憖聽 馃憖
i was just trying to get some shots of their new design聽 i swear....
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lalalaugenbrot 10 months ago
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鈥淸Clive] is found in chapter six sorting out 鈥榓 castle of pianola records鈥 of the march from Tchaikovsky鈥檚 Path茅ntique; then, when he goes to play them, a mutual friend tells Maurice, 'You should get away from the machine (Pianola)鈥 鈥 and therefore Clive himself 鈥 'as far as you can.鈥 The Pianola manufactures music in the same way that Clive 'manufactures鈥 heterosexual passion [鈥聽That the way one makes music 鈥 or connects to music 鈥 signifies one鈥檚 value in Forster鈥檚 work is illustrated beautifully when Maurice meets Alec Scudder at Penge: together they move a real piano from under a leak in Clive鈥檚 ancestral home. The instrument, like their relationship, is the genuine article, and worth protecting from the decay of that society. The instrument itself embodies virtue.鈥澛
鈥 Mark Mitchell on the imagery of pianos in Maurice by E. M. Forster in: Virtuisi: A Defense and a (Sometimes Erotic) Celebration of Great Pianists (2000); as quoted in the annotations of the Penguin Classics Edition of the novel
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headgehug 9 months ago
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why dont you hit your juul honey you鈥檒l feel better
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bethiewhimsy 4 months ago
absolutely not a single soul:
me: okay but what if i write a song from akutagawa鈥檚 perspective and it鈥檚 just an angry, emotional mess because he finally snapped at dazai like what if i did that what then
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oftagetes 15 days ago
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槌虫⿱銉偘瑭般倎鈶┞ 聽by聽 聽銇ㄣ亾
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a-tomb-with-a-view 11 months ago
IMO if any member of sunset curve smokes/smoked it鈥檚 Reggie, and not for any particular reason I just think with the whole flannel and leather get up that he just sees cool people doing cool things and decides fuck yeah that鈥檚 who and what I wanna be, and one time he probably saw some dude in a leather jacket *way* more expensive than his smoking against a wall outside a bar sunset curve had just played, chatting up a hot girl, and was like fuck man *i* wanna chat up hot girls, and decided that the cigarette was definitely what drew her in and now it鈥檚 been like a year and he鈥檚 got more attention from Emily over it than any girls at bars but it鈥檚 part of his image and Bobby once said he looked kinda hot like that so now he鈥檚 just gotta run with it
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allin1-accont101 2 months ago
Made this Funneh/Krew image meme, use it if you want:
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Also here's where I got it from:
Original screenshot when I took it:
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Timestamp if needed cause y'all are lazy assholes: (49:30)
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reactionimagesdaily 3 months ago
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limmastyles 6 months ago
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Harry Styles: Live On Tour [2018]
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caramelskinnedking 4 months ago
I just wanna be as successful and sexy as I can possibly be.
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fiona-fififi 5 months ago
Oh, jesus christ, I should not have refreshed my dash.
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heart-inked a year ago
Damn, I鈥檇 be so hot if I just wasn鈥檛 as insecure as I am.
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tethered-heartstrings 7 months ago
I understand why screencaps are organized by episode. But what if I want them organized by mood?
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jockvillagersonly a year ago
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I want what Wu Xie has (the confidence to intimidate 2 kidnapped people while sitting on a couch covered in stuffed animals)
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