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#but i can't help myself
fantasynfiction · a month ago
Star News Korea’s Interview with Song Joong Ki at 2021 BIFF (RAW)
Jeon Yeo Bin is mentioned from 6:20
Here are the moments that caused my heart to explode highlights:
Song Joong Ki referring to Jeon Yeo Bin as Yeo Bin-ie and saying how happy he was seeing her again after all these months.
Him telling the staff that he wanted to talk to Jeon Yeo Bin, despite them saying that he needed to take his walk on the red carpet. - “I don’t want to. I’m talking to Yeo Bin-ie.”
Him explaining how he thought Jeon Yeo Bin was waiting to be interviewed so when he heard her name being called, he turned around. 
He mentioned how fans said it was like Vincenzo looking at Cha Young and that they made slow-mo clips so they must have enjoyed it, but really... - “It was just me looking at Jeon Yeo Bin.”
After referring to her as Yeo Bin-ie, he suddenly changes to Yeo Bin-ssi as if he remembered he was doing an interview. 
Him agreeing to Jeon Yeo Bin’s interview response about their chemistry being good and giving the reason behind why that was, sharing that they were practically stuck together during those 8 months and how they understood each other even without saying anything.
May my heart die of happiness now.
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esperanta-dragon · 28 days ago
Anduin, teaching Darion diplomacy: What are we gonna do if an army of a different kingdom crosses our borders before they get a permit to do so?
Darion, without a doubt: We attack before they can attack first
Anduin, sigh: No...
Darion: Then what
Anduin: We check if they are on a waiting list
Darion: But what if they came to attack you?
Anduin: They did not. You would know that if you would check the waiting list and confirmed it was a planned travel between territories
Darion: sigh
Anduin: What was that sigh
Darion: It’s boring
Anduin: Diplomacy is boring
Darion: I am so sorry for you, pause, shall we go kill some demons on Broken Shore?
Anduin: Oh no, thanks but have fun.
Darion: You can watch
Anduin: ... well, alright.
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sudegulers · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
remembering him comes in flashbacks and echoes, tell myself it's time now gotta let go but moving on from him is impossible when i still see it all in my head in burning red.
( to @aycaysin )
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charming-merlin · 5 months ago
If old enough to be my dad, why walking around looking like this?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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minnawalthereverlast posted this on Instagram
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solarsystemmoonandsun · 7 months ago
...und manchmal frage ich mich dann, ob die Macher ihre eigenen Figuren überhaupt richtig kennen und verstehen. Schon wieder das neue Büro in “Der Herr des Waldes”, aber sorry, das lässt mich offenbar echt nicht los, vor allem, wenn ich dann sowas lese:
Das neue Zuhause für das saarländische „Tatort“-Ermittlerteam [...] hat SR-„Tatort“-Redakteur Christian Bauer schon lange im Auge gehabt. „Mit dem neuen Motiv wollen wir ein modernes urbanes Kommissariat erzählen, das zu unserem jungen Ermittlerteam passt. Besonders die großen Fensterflächen mit ihren vielen Blickrichtungen lassen uns zahlreiche Möglichkeiten, zu zeigen, dass dieser 'Tatort' aus Saarbrücken kommt.“
Ähm, ja. Ist ja schön, dass man durch die großen Fenster was von Saarbrücken sehen kann, aber was hat das mit Adam und Leo zu tun? Nur, weil sie im Vergleich zu manch anderen “Tatort”-Kommissaren noch recht jung sind, passt ein modernes, urbanes Kommissariat zu ihnen? Jung = modern? 
Das ist mir viel zu einfach gedacht, denn keiner von beiden lebt doch wirklich in der Gegenwart. Keiner von beiden hat mit der gemeinsamen, schlimmen Vergangenheit abgeschlossen oder ist mit ihr im Reinen. Die sind doch beide völlig kaputt, ich könnte nicht mal genau sagen, welcher von beiden kaputter ist, manchmal scheint’s Adam zu sein, dann wieder Leo. Dieses neue, moderne Büro ist viel zu aufgeräumt für die beiden. Und ja, man könnte womöglich argumentieren, dass so eine aufgeräumte Umgebung ihrer völlig unaufgeräumten Psyche gut tut - aber nach dieser Aussage da oben bezweifle ich ganz stark, dass die Macher überhaupt soweit gedacht haben. Denen ging es nur um ein schickes Set, das nach möglichst großer Großstadt aussieht, damit auch bloß niemand auf die Idee kommt, Saarbrücken sei Provinz.
Sorry, ich weiß, das liest sich so, als fände ich alles an diesem Saarbrücken-Tatort ganz furchtbar. Aber das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Ich liebe diese beiden “Tatorte” und noch viel mehr liebe ich diese beiden Kommissare. Und genau deshalb hätte ich gerne, dass alles, was man da zu sehen bekommt, möglichst viel Sinn macht. Ein stückweit ist das sicherlich auch subjektiv, aber ich hatte beim Büro in “Das fleißige Lieschen” sofort das Gefühl, yep, das passt, da gehören die hin, da schlagen sie sich die Nächte um die Ohren und sitzen hinter ihren unaufgeräumten Schreibtischen und fühlen sich irgendwie wohl miteinander. Aber vermutlich ist das zu romantisch gedacht...    
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10shillingsand6pence · 8 months ago
Jervis: I don’t know if you noticed but I slipped a little note in your lunch today.
Jonathan: Thank you, that’s very sweet but--
Jonathan, holding up a 10-page letter: this is not a little note.
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arkon-z · 2 months ago
Girl help, don't leave me alone with my Purah and Robbie brainrot.
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inside-jokes-with-myself · 5 months ago
Why couldn't I stay off social media today to avoid Walker spoilers like I normally do?
And why do I care so much about the friendship between two people I don't even know?
And how did we get from my last post before I went to sleep to this?
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Tumblr media
I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for Xbox/gaming style achievements. Now this is how you activate my dopamine receptors, social media.
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moonamours · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 PSYCHO BUT IT’S OKAY EPISODE 3 | Moon Young thinking of Kang Tae and heal herself with the butterfly hug method.
Lying on her bed in the cursed old castle, Go Moon Young couldn’t be able to sleep. The terrible nightmare with haunting memories from the past came again, dragging her into sleep paralysis: unable to speak, unable to move, unable to breathe. She woke up in tears, and her entire body was trembling because of fear. She closed her eyes and think of what Moon Kang Tae said about the butterfly hug method: “Whenever you are scared or lose control, cross your two arms in front of your chest, then take turns tapping slowly on each shoulder like this. It will help you calm down.” At that time, she never knew she would need a self-healing technique used for trauma patients, but turned out, she needed it more than ever. She was about to get herself out of suffering when she suddenly felt a firm grip on one side of her shoulder, tightened as she turned around and saw him — Moon Kang Tae, her safety pin. In that moment, she was not alone anymore, because he was here. And before Moon Young could open her mouth to say anything, Kang Tae put a hand on her face, with a gaze full of tenderness in those sad eyes that she loved, he slowly wiped away her tears.
 “Don’t cry”, he said gently. All at once, those suffocating feelings and hurtful memories engraved inside disappeared, making her lungs finally be able to breathe as a complete living soul. She leaned her face a little closer into the warmth of his hand. A drop of tear fell from her eyes, reflected the genuine smile that he never gave her before. Kang Tae told her not to cry, so Moon Young knew for sure that this was the last drop of tear she shed; not because of nightmare or bad memories, but the relief and solace that Kang Tae brought together with his appearance. Although it was only in her hallucination, it didn’t mean that it was not real. It was real to her, as she stayed up until the first light of dawn, embracing and comforting herself, with the thoughts of Kang Tae never left her mind. In the end, everything was fine, and she was healed. Moon Young understands that no matter how fierce and strong she has always tried so hard to be, deep down inside she is just a vulnerable soul filled with wounds and insecurity. That truth has haunted her for so long, more than she can remember. But it’s okay know, she has founded the only one that matters more than anything. Now she has someone that can embrace her wounds, put all the broken pieces of her soul together and breathe life into it — Moon Kang Tae.
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the-sunshine-dragon · a month ago
I’m planning on compiling a list of all the ideas and WIPs I want to write out this week and see not only how many stinking little plot bunnies are running wild across the fields of my imagination, but maybe also bring some sort of semblance of order to them and then maybe see if I can be really ambitious and create a hypothetical schedule for them. 
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queeenpersephone · a year ago
Tumblr media
don’t we all feel like we’re a 54 year old man in a 13 year old body dealing with a bunch of bulls***, a young girl who’s on the verge of suicide but not so far gone to trust a creepy old dude, and the first lady who knows she’s too good for any old boyfriend? 
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starryeyedastronaut · a year ago
I can't stop thinking about the connection between Theon's character arc and the words of the Drowned God.
What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.
Theon's journey and the constant evolution of his identity works as reflection of that saying.
When he becomes Ramsay's prisoner his name, identity and personhood are stripped from him, Theon Greyjoy died in the Dreadfort and so Reek could be born. But what is dead may never die were words the Son of Pyke grew up with and just like those words Theon was never truly gone, his existence lingered ever so unconsciously in the back of his mind.
Theon and Reek are intertwined, more than just being an identity that supplanted the other. And I believe Ramsay underestimated that.
Theon lingers and when the reminder of his personhood comes in the form of a hurt Sansa Stark, Theon slowly breaks any possible barrier that divides him and Reek as two different beings. And Theon rises again, in a act of strength and selflessness that gains him his freedom.
What is dead may never die, and that rings true to Reek as well. Reek becomes the shadow of Theon's trauma and a shadow can't be outrun, you can see Reek in the way Theon's body flinches and how sometimes he can't look people directly in the eyes.
Reek may rise when Theon finds himself in a difficult situation that reminds him of the torture at Ramsay's hands, Reek may rise only so to protect Theon from the pain.
And in his new freedom Theon has to do emands with the fact that Reek is always going to be there. Reek is a part of him Theon has to understand and accept.
His past, the endurance of the horrors he had to go through and the acceptance of his mistakes become foundations for the identity Theon is trying to build for himself, someone who hurt and was hurt and in his pain understood that kindness and vulnerability isn't weakness but virtues that fire up strength.
Theon becomes the person he always wanted to be by reaching that understanding.
Theon rises again, harder and stronger.
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its-chelisey-stuff · a year ago
Tomorrow is More than Friends day and I can barely contain my excitement!!! I have some big hopes for this week’s eps:
More P.O and JiJoo scenes (I like them a LOT more than the other couple)
CEO being nasty and petty (come on, this needs to get spicy)
CEO & Wooyeon breakup/fight
Lee Soo bringing his A game to the conquest party make us swoon!
A kiss between my OTP (I’m betting it could happen on ep 10, at the end. Now that’s a cliffhanger I’d LOVE)
Tumblr media
Let’s see how much of this I get hahahaha in no particular order of course
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