#but i gotta finish these up in time for holiday prompts lol
shanastoryteller · a month ago
Happy Halloween 🎃🕷👻
Magical Dudley or more Leverage! Have a great Halloween 🍭
a continuation of 1 2 3 4 5
Eliot has no problem with Hardison using his wand. He can keep it for all he cares.
But Hardison's magic is used to be a wild thing, helpful in the way it fills a need rather with obedience.
Not unlike Hardison, actually.
"Why are we going all the way to London?” Hardison complains even as he buys the tickets. 
“Ollivander is the best,” Eliot says. 
Plus, he’s less likely to get recognized in London. 
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museinmind · a year ago
holding the world in your hands ✿ tom holland x reader
Tumblr media
tom holland x black female reader
prompt: accidental relationship reveal
word count: 3.1k
summary: vacation would be much easier if tom just listened to your advice, now wouldn’t it?
warnings: fluff, angst (nahhh it’s just a bit stressful lol.), slight sexual content, swearing
a/n: hi friends!!! this is for @hollandsrecs 1k fic bingo event!!!!!! so excited to be a part of it. also, i did write this with a black reader in mind but as always, everyone is more than welcome to read. just a little love to my girls out here :)
✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
“Wear the glasses.”
“I’m not wearing them.” He pushes away the lenses you were urging him to consider for the 3rd time, and you huff in frustration. “Tom, we agreed this wouldn’t be a meet and greet holiday. People are going to recognize you.” You say with exasperation. The two of you had decided upon a vacation away from the world for a few days to Lisbon, Portugal for your anniversary. You had never been and he hadn’t been in a while, making the whole endeavor even more exciting. He had recently been away for a while filming, and when he came back, you had been whisked away to New York to cover the Met Gala and other shows. You had plans to go downtown and to the beach, but at the same time both of you were adamant on maintaining privacy on this trip. Your relationship was completely private with the exception of Haz, his family, your best friend, and your family. 
“This is becoming too complicated for no damn reason, everyone’s being so dramatic.” He says. You know he doesn’t mean harm by it, but the word choice stings a little. He’s most likely referring to Harry, who had a tantrum a few hours earlier when you told him the trip was just going to me the two of you. “What, me in particular?” “Huh? No! No, that’s not what I meant, shit.” He shakes his head fervently and grabs a hold of your hands. “‘m lucky to have you sweet girl, I just wish I could flaunt you to the world without the world watching my every move,” He explains. You nod, understanding why he was so nervous. You were an up and coming journalist that often covered movies and the entertainment industry, and truthfully it was your own initial idea to keep your relationship private. Heaven knew what kind of smearing articles would come out about you when people found out what you did, and who you were. You hadn’t even covered anything in the MCU, not that Tom actually did anything to boost your career. But the truth wouldn’t matter to crazy fans, now would it? Not to mention the race thing, nothing would ruin your day, year, life, more than people sending you hate because of your physical differences.
“I’m not going to ask you again Tom. I’m telling you now. You’re wearing a hat and glasses, we’re going to act like the normal people we are, and if someone recognizes you, we downplay it as best as possible.” He looks at you with indignation before acquiescing, snatching the dark lenses from your grasp. “Fine. But I’m picking the restaurants.” “I really don’t care.”
 ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
The bungalow you two rented was even cuter than the promotional photos. It sat directly on the warm sands of the beach and looked out onto the water, the peaceful sound of waves crashing filling you with bliss. The kitchen and guest rooms felt gratuitous almost, since you knew there was little chance you’d be anywhere but the beach or the bed. Looking at the house, a part of you wished you could just escape the world, and come live here with Tom. No stressful jobs, no press conferences, just the two of you and the ocean. You sigh wistfully as you take in the surroundings of the master bedroom. The King bed dominated the bedroom, a green and white theme making the room feel like you two were in nature. A warm breeze billowed through the curtains, sending in the smell of salt and the sweet feeling of the sun. Tom hadn’t even set his bag down before you were attacking him with a kiss, your arms wrapping around his neck easily. “This is a fucking dream,” you beam, and he grins down at you. “Sure is,” His eyes don’t leave you, and the corniness of his complement sets in your brain. Your cheeks heat up, but you play it cool. “You haven’t even looked around yet.”
“Don’t need to,” He shrugs, holding you tighter. He angles the two of you so you’re both looking out the bay window. “‘m here with you, and we’ve got nothing to do for 4 days but each other.” He winks at you, and you slap his chest at his crudeness. “Easy there, I’ve got tourist attractions to see.” You push off of him, heading over to your bag to text your parents and friends that you were safe and in the bungalow. “Can’t they wait?” You turn to bite at him sassily, but your thoughts fly out the window at the sight of him resting comfortably on the bed, a blissful smile on his face and the plush sheets looking awfully inviting. “I could use a shower to be honest, mind joining me?” You bite your lip to hide the wide smile creeping up. 
It doesn’t take long for the shower to become...steamy. Part of you genuinely needed to wash the airplane out of your hair and off your skin, but Tom’s hands had ulterior motives. They begin soothing the conditioner into your scalp and detangle your curls, slowly creeping down your body adding to the sensations of the soaps and suds. “Tommy,” You warn. “Hm?” He hums in a faux innocent manner. 
“I thought we agreed to nix shower sex.” You say sternly, causing both of you to remember the time he tried to fuck you in your home shower and he slipped, knocking you head first into your shampoos.
“That was, unfortunate.” “Yeah, and we agreed.” You say with a giggle. He playfully growls into the top of your head, hands still moving around your body. You feel him come closely against your backside, his chest pressed against your shoulder blades. His hands rise from your hips up to your chest, and both sets of fingers find your breasts and begin to swirl around your nipples. The sensation makes you shudder, your knees falling a bit weak against him and his biceps flex when you melt into him. “That feels good, yeah?” “You’re pushing it,” You say through a sigh, the tips of his index fingers still rubbing those sinful circles onto your sensitive buds. “I-if you let me finish this shower, I promise we’ll stay in bed until tomorrow.” “Mid-day?” “Mid-day.” He immediately yanks the shower door open, bidding you a good rest of your bathing before taking a towel and beginning to rub his hair. You laugh at his excitement, though it would be a lie to say you weren’t feeling that fire in your own belly as well.
 ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
“So, how’s it going?” Your friend Brianna asks into the phone. You were walking up to the restaurant you and Tom had decided on, Tom hanging back at the house for a few moments after his agent called him out of the blue. Your reservation was subject to be given up if no one showed up, so Tom urged you to get to the restaurant and that he wouldn’t be too far behind you. To make yourself more comfortable on the short walk into town, you called Brianna to catch up. “Bri, we’ve gotta bring the girls here soon,” you gush. “It’s amazing! We’ve only been here for 2 days but I feel like it’s been weeks of just the best time ever.” “Is that because it’s Europe or because you’re with your boyfriend that you’re grossly obsessed with?” “A little bit of both, let’s be real.” “Any fan issues?” “Not one! I’m lucky,” You scoff, making your way through the crows to alert the maitre’d that you were here. She acknowledges you and gives you the buzzer to tell you when your table is ready, so you take a seat outside while you wait. “I’m happy for you, you know? All the fame shit was really getting you down.” You frown, remembering for the first time in two days that your boyfriend isn’t just yours, but a part of him belongs to the world too. And once you two left tomorrow, that part would be up for grabs. “Y/N? Did I lose you?” “Nah, I just spaced out for a while. Thinking about what you said.” “I didn’t mean to freak you out, I’m sorry,” She apologizes and you quickly assure her she didn’t do anything wrong. You remember when Brianna first met Tom, the hilariousness of the situation when he sat down at your dinner table and she didn’t get why it was such a big deal she was meeting him. Turns out, she’s never seen a marvel movie in her life, and he was just another scrawny white boy that was moderately pretty. “Bri, he plays Spiderman, you know that right?” “Do I look like I watch Spiderman?”
“I mean, it was on cereal boxes, right Tom?” “Probably? I actually don’t know-” “Oh my God, does this mean you know Chris Evans? Because he is finer than-” “Oh look! Sounds like the pasta’s done. Be right back,” You interrupt your best friend, sending her death glares to shut up. She simply smirks at you, setting her elbows on the table with drive in her eyes directed towards your nervous looking boyfriend. “Brianna, behave.” You say through gritted teeth. “Hardly. Get the pasta, would hate for it to burn,” She says with fake sweetness. You roll your eyes, rushing to the oven while you hear her voice in the background. “So you’ve decided to date my best friend…” The buzzer goes off, and you quickly apologize to Bri for cutting your conversation short before you head into the restaurant. It’s bustling with people, tourists of every shade and complexion speaking in different languages. Your host leads you a pretty blue tablecloth covered set up, with a vase of sunflowers bursting from the top. You thank him in the minimal Portuguese you tried to pick up, and he nods gracefully before heading to his next customers. You occupy your time waiting for Tom by studying the beautiful flowers, the vibrant shade of yellow bringing a smile to your face. That smile doesn’t last long. 
The air in the restaurant shifts slightly. At first you don’t think anything of it, but your eyebrows furrow in confusion when the two teenage boys at the table next to you start slapping each other in excitement and...shock? They both were fairly quiet this whole time, and now both of them are lighting up and quickly speaking to each other in a language you can’t understand. It’s not until you hear “Spiderman” that your eyes widen. Fuck. 
You watch the boys faces and head movements that guide you as to what Tom’s whereabouts are in the restaurant. You’re freaking out before you can even turn to look at him, and you hear his chair scrape the floor as he pulls it out to sit in. “Hello, Love.” You turn to look at him slowly, the anxiety wonderfully decorating your expression. He winces. “So,” he starts with guilt. “I forgot the glasses.”
You can barely enjoy your meal between the fear of someone coming up to him, and the reality of people coming up to him. Between the two boys next to you finally gaining the courage to say hello, the little girl with her family, or the gorgeous woman with a thick accent and thicker thighs, your psyche didn’t stand a chance. The last woman really threw you off, because she was the first person to acknowledge you sitting across from Tom. “You are with him?” “We’re eating dinner.” You answer vaguely. You realize it was rude, but your brain was in overdrive and Tom wasn’t bailing you out. Her beautiful eyes are swimming with confusion, but she nods anyway and sends Tom one final sensual look before sauntering away. The table is silent for the rest of your meal, and Tom only breaks it to ask the waiter for the check. He keeps looking at you, you know he’s looking at you, because you can feel his gaze burning into your skin. You refuse to match it, and only lift your eyes from the sunflowers when it’s time to go back to the bungalow. 
 ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
“I didn’t mean for that to happen, Y/N.” “I know.” You answer vaguely. You walk over to the nightstand to take your earrings out and pull the rings off your fingers, getting ready for bed much earlier than usual. The weight of this situation was taking its toll on you, and you wanted nothing but to sleep it off and hopefully fall back into obscurity. “Could you speak to me, please? I feel like proper shit,” “Okay? What do you want me to say? That I’m okay? Because I’m not, Tom. I’m really fucking not. I saw people taking photos of you. Of us! Who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow when we wake up. We’ve done so well in our little bubble, it’s been nearly a whole year! And now I’m going to be subjected to the world’s cruelty before I’m ready. So now I’ve spoken to you, need anything else?” You shout, chest heaving and eyes prickling with tears. Tom looks like a beat puppy, and if this was any other occasion, you’d be wrapping your arms around his head in comfort. Right now, all you want is to sleep. “How do I fix this?” He says so quietly you can barely hear it over the rustling of your bedsheets. “You can’t,” You sigh, rubbing your eyes. “Could come cuddle with me though.” You look back at him, and he realizes your anger isn’t really directed towards him, but rather the situation at hand. You had talked about his life before, how his fame was initially a dealbreaker for you but you were really into him, and he was even more into you. 
“I’m sorry Tom, you’re incredible but I’m not into the limelight like you are. I write about celebrities, that’s it.” “We could be discreet, only do dates at each others’ places. I really want to try with you Y/N, you’re something special.” You have to look away from his fierce gaze, your resolve cracking at the hands of his gorgeous eyes. “How’d I let it get this far,” you laugh incredulously. “You were at the wrong bar at the wrong time and let the wrong person buy you a drink,” He says teasingly, lifting your chin up to look back at him. “This is scary for me you know.” You implore. “Do you trust me?” He asks. You nod lightly, words don’t seem worth it at the moment. He brings his lips to yours, and you can’t help the hand of yours that comes to rest on his bicep. “I’m going to be yours no matter what you choose, by the way. Just tell me when you’re ready.”
From that day forward, you were his as well. The dates went well, the two of you usually cooking together or watching Netflix. Perhaps you knew this moment would come, when your bubble would pop and his world would merge with yours. But you could never prepare yourself for this feeling. “I’m not mad at you, you know,” you say to him in a whisper. He nods, burrowing deeper into your arms. “I know, sweet girl.” “I love you a lot,” “I love you more.” “Your fans just are assholes sometimes,” “Some of them.” “Some?” “Okay, a lot.” “Thank you.” “But no matter what, you’ll still be my sweet girl, right?” His face is drenched in fear, and you feel your own sadness wash over you. He thought you’d leave him? “Tommy, I wouldn’t ever go,” you urge. “I-i know that,” he shakes his head quickly. “I know that.” “Good. You’re stuck with me, at least we get back into a country where I understand the written language.” He laughs against your chest, and the two of you lay there until you fall asleep, the saltwater breeze still billowing the curtains.
 ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
You wake up to 2 texts from Bri, 3 from your parents, and your group chat exploding. Tom’s side of the bed is made up, which is usual for him at home because he got up much earlier than you did. You check the group chat, and the summary you lead yourself to nearly makes you shit yourself. “He didn’t,” You mutter in shock, quickly checking Brianna’s messages. 
Ok, maybe I do like white boy. 
Your ass looks good in that by the way
You gulp. Next, your parents.
Mom: honey, next time you decide to go public with your famous boyfriend please tell me before I have to find out from Aunt Carole that I can tell everyone!!!!!
Mom: also, the view looks great! Love you!!!
Dad: love you honey.
You open instagram, to where you see the post causing commotion. It’s a picture of the two of you that Tom had someone take when the both of you were at the beach a few nights ago, you were standing on a bluff over the water and the lights around you illuminated your faces. Tom had picked you up in his arms with a big smile, and you were laughing in excitement and shock, arms instinctively grasping him. You both looked so happy. The comments were what you were expecting, some racist, sexist, and just mean. But the majority were loving, silly, and full of blue checks that made your head spin. The caption was such a dorky, fitting one, all he said was “idk what atlas meant...it’s pretty easy holding your world in your hands”. You rolled your eyes, thinking back to the many heated debates the two of you had about Greek mythology. Now did the world know you had that inside joke? Nope. What they did know is, is that you were dating Tom Holland. Well you had been for a while, but they didn’t need to know that part. 
 You walk out to the kitchen, where Tom was making pancakes, or at least attempting. “I like that picture you chose,” you say simply. He looks up at you with a grin. “Yeah? Thought you looked pretty good myself,” You walk over to the stove, giving him a long and meaningful kiss. As you pull away, you speak.
“But uh, you have some explaining to do.” His nervous eyes come back. You smirk. “Ready to meet Aunt Carole?”
✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿ ✽✿
feedback would just make my day tbh
love u so much!!!! 
(i don’t have a taglist but im open to making one sooooo inbox me to be added maybe?)
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livesincerely · 8 months ago
im not feeling the best right now emotionally so i am here presenting you with a free space to ramble about whatever you want because your writing genuinely cheers me up so much
Hello darling!! I’m sorry you’re in a rough mindset, sending all the good feelings and well wishes your way 😘💕✨💗⭐️💕😊✨💗
So, I’ve been thinking a lot about that most recent, how would a proposal/wedding happen in the domestic au? prompt.
It’s so funny, I’d never really thought about a domestic au wedding until I got the ask, but now that the question was put forward, I’m finding that I have a lot of thoughts about it (because of course I do lol.)
I’m not sure yet if this will end up being a whole thing like the holiday fic did, but I definitely have a solid idea for a single moment/one shot that I’m excited about—hoping to get that finished in the next few days!
Here’s a sneak peek at what I have so far! Most of it is stuff you’ve seen before in that original ask but more polished, but there’s some new stuff in there too.... ☺️😉
“So, when are you gonna get married?” Tony asks apropos of nothing, looking between him and Davey with keen interest.
Jack barely manages to keep from choking on his cereal. Davey, who’d been in the middle of spreading a bit of lox on a bagel, slowly sets down his knife.
Charlie aims a kick at Tony under the table.
“You’re asking them now?” he hisses. “I thought we were gonna ease them into the idea!”
“There is no easing them into the idea when it comes to Jack and Davey,” Tony says, his expression tight with the exasperation of the long suffering. “You gotta give it to ‘em straight, right from the get go, ‘cause they’ll never figure it out on their own.”
“Hey,” Jack says weakly, but he doesn’t have a leg to stand on and they all know it.
“So, I’m asking,” Tony determinedly continues as if Jack hadn’t said anything. “When are you gettin’ married?”
There’s a long pause where he and Davey just stare at each other, neither of them quite sure how to respond.
He gets this from you, Davey’s expression says, clear as day.
I know he does, Jack says with a commiserating look, holding back a sigh.
“Well?” Tony demands when the silence stretches on for too long.
“It’s probably a little soon to be thinking about marriage,” Davey eventually says, far more delicately than Jack would’ve managed. “We haven’t talked about it at all yet⁠—”
“Because we only just got together yesterday, Tony,” Jack dryly interjects. “In case you forgot about that little detail.”
“—And we should probably start with the question of if we want to get married before we jump to the when,” Davey concludes.
Tony’s nose scrunches up, obviously dissatisfied with this answer.
“Of course you’re gonna get married,” he says, as if this is plainly obvious. “You’re basically married already, I just wanna know when the wedding’s gonna be.”
“Um.” Davey’s gone faintly pink. “Well, like I said, Jack and I haven’t talked about anything like that yet. We’re comfortable the way we are now, no need to rush into anything⁠—”
“And since we literally only just got together yesterday,” Jack says again, a little more emphatically, just to make sure the point lands, “getting married right off the bat would be all kinds of crazy.”
Tony levels him with the flattest look in all of existence. “You’re crazy if you think you haven’t already been married to Davey for years.”
Jack’s voice catches in his throat, a little blindsided by the truth of that statement. Davey’s mouth opens and closes, the rosy flush of his cheeks shading a touch deeper.
“We’re not thinking about gettin’ married just yet,” Jack says once he’s steadied himself, in a tone that brooks no further arguments. “Dave and I will talk about it when the time comes, if⁠,” he stresses clearly, “we decide that’s what we want.”
“But what, exactly, is holding you back?” Tony asks, stubbornly brooking further arguments anyway. “Like, do you have any actual reasons?”
“I’m pretty sure that’s none of your business,” Jack snipes back. “Given that that’ll be a conversation between me and Davey.”
“I just don’t understand what the big deal is,” Tony says, crossing his arms across his chest. “Pretty much nothing would change, except that the next time someone assumes that you two are married, they’d actually be right instead of simply noticing what was so obvious that even complete strangers clue in to it⁠—”
“Tony,” Jack groans.
“—coming to the perfectly understandable conclusion that you’re together⁠—”
“Tony, that’s enough, we get it,” Jack says.
“—instead of the inexplicable reality of the situation which was that you were, in fact, not together, despite being in love with each other for eight entire years because you’re idiots⁠—”
Jack covers his face with his hands.
“—and given that, like, every aspect of your lives are already tangled together, it’s not really that big of a step for you to just go ahead and make it official.”
Jack sighs so hard he feels it in his bones. “If we promise to talk about this, will you please stop talking about it?”
“Eight years, Jack!” Tony cries, impassioned. “That’s half of my life! That’s more than half of Charlie’s life!”
“Do not bring me into this,” Charlie quickly interjects, “I am a passive witness and nothing more.”
“You’re such a fucking turncoat, Choo-choo,” Tony mutters with no real heat. “You’re supposed to have my back on this.”
“Maybe if you could ever actually stick to a plan,” Charlie grumbles back.
“We’ll talk about it,” Jack says loudly, interrupting their bickering before it can gain any ground. “Okay?”
There’s a moment of blessed silence.
Then Tony says, “So, like, right now? Or…?”
“Sure!” Jack says, throwing his hands up in defeat. “Why not? Clearly, I’m not gonna get any fucking peace until this is sorted—
“Finally!” Tony exclaims. “God, was that so hard?”
“—so go away,” Jack finishes.
Tony’s mouth falls open.
“What do you mean, go away?” he protests, looking genuinely shocked. “Why?”
“What do you mean, why? I’m not gonna let you sit here and fucking… moderate our conversation, dumbass,” Jack sputters. “Get out!”
“But I really feel like this is the kinda conversation that needs moderating,” Tony disagrees. “It’s not like either of you have a great track record for effective communication⁠—”
“Anthony Ethan Higgins,” Jack warns, nearly at the end of his rope.
Tony rolls his eyes so hard his whole body moves with the motion. “I am literally just trying to help, you don’t gotta get all defensive about it⁠—”
“Jesus Christ, Tony,” Jack says, completely and utterly done. “Will you please just⁠— Just go somewhere that isn’t here.”
“But are you gonna talk about it?” Tony insists, really digging in his heels. “Because if you’re just gonna not talk about it the second I leave then I think I should⁠—”
“Tonio, juro por Dios—”
“Tony, honey,” Davey finally steps back into the fray, far calmer than he has any right to be, and somehow, miraculously, Tony’s mullish expression softens into something a little chagrined. Jack gapes, wrong-footed by the sudden change. “I think you’ve made your point and given Jack more than enough heart attacks for one morning, yeah? So why don’t you go ahead and give us a few minutes, and I promise we’ll talk about it.”
Tony deflates. “Yeah, okay.”
“Thank you, baby.”
Tony shuffles away, mollified for now. Davey pauses, then says, “Charlie, that means you too.”
“But I didn’t do anything!” Charlie protests. “I’m just sittin’ here, tryin’ to eat.”
He takes an exaggerated bite of his bagel as if to prove his point, eyes extra wide and innocent.
“But my food!”
“Take it with you,” Davey suggests, very patiently.
Charlie looks as though that thought hadn’t occurred to him.
“Okay,” he says, scooping up his plate and scurrying after his brother. He hesitates in the doorway, then adds, “My vote is for an autumn wedding, if that counts for anything.”
Once he’s sure they’re both gone, Jack heaves another massive sigh.
“They’re such a pair of little shits,” he says, to Davey and the world at large. “Fucking hell.”
Davey takes a drink of his coffee, holding out his other hand to Jack in offering. Jack reaches over and laces their fingers together, most of his irritation slipping away in an instant at the simple contact.
“But he is right, you know,” Davey comments lightly.
“I know he’s right,” Jack grumbles, rubbing his thumb over Davey’s knuckles. “Don’t mean he ain’t a little shit.”
“Well, naturally,” Davey agrees. “He’s related to you.”
“Oh, please,” Jack says with a snort. “That little spiel of his was all you. ‘The inexplicable reality of the situation’,” he mimics, his voice landing in some strange imitation of Tony mixed with Davey, which ends up not really sounding like either of them. “It was like hearin’ your voice comin’ outta Tony’s mouth.”
“And it was a well thought-out argument,” Davey says pertly, the corner of his mouth quirking up into a wry grin. “His timing could use some work, though.”
“Ain’t that the fucking truth,” Jack says, taking a bite of his cereal⁠ and immediately making a face—it’s gone all gross and soggy during the craziness, because of course it has. He pushes the bowl away with a mournful look. “Didn’t even let us finish breakfast before pouncing.”
“Well, it has been eight years,” Davey says, and he’s definitely laughing a little now. “Guess he’s afraid of a repeat performance.”
“Sure,” Jack says with a shrug, because that part had been hard to argue with. More than half of Charlie’s life, Jesus. “But he was talkin’ like he expected us to walk down the aisle this afternoon. I mean, we can’t just get married. You don’t just get married.”
“Most people don’t,” Davey says, tilting his head. “But then, we aren’t really most people, are we, darling?”
It takes a moment for this statement to fully land for Jack⁠, and when it finally does, it lands with a boom.
“Are you sayin’ you’d marry me?” Jack asks, utterly floored, his heart pounding an unsteady rhythm in his chest.
“Are you asking me?” Davey asks, calmly sipping his coffee like he isn’t rocking Jack’s world, right here over breakfast, for the second time in not even two days.
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snarkwriteswrasslin · a year ago
If you are taking holiday prompts... can I get going to pick out, cut down and decorate the tree with my tree, Wardlow? Lol however you wanna do it, HCs or a prompt. And of course yanno how I feel about it getting smutty. 💜
Listen, I have a LOT of ideas for Wardlow and christmas, ahhhhh! I’m so happy you sent this one in because I love doing these sm. I love you for this cos I can gush about the giant. And I really wanna toy with some holiday stuff, since Thanksgiving and then Christmas are... rapidly breathing down our necks and I need the cheer like I need the air that I breathe.
Sweet and maaaybe a little bit dirty in some parts. Given that it’s not gonna be anything too wild, kids can stay, I guess? Hinted/implied sexual situation,ftw.
Tag list is fucked rn. I gotta fix it with all the new urls of the people on it, I think. It’ll be done asap, I promise. If you want to be tagged in my writing, go to the tag doc linked below or ask me and I’ll add you as I’m fixing it.
Other Stuff:
Tumblr media
Okay, first of all, this big guy loves Christmas. I believe I’ve mentioned this on one of the other headcanon lists I’ve done for him. If I haven’t, it’s worth a mention now. Christmas for Wardlow is a time to spend with his family and you, the person he loves most. 
-- You guys are going to tree lots as early as the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, he makes a cute little date out of it, because this is going to be your first shared Christmas together, so... He stops for a big and filling breakfast at some place that you’ve never even heard of but they have the absolute best pancakes. And privacy. It’s more of an intimate setting than the typical hole in the wall diner? And it’s in this adorable little town. Picturesque. The kind of place you’d definitely consider settling down in. What he doesn’t tell you until you’re at the little diner enjoying your food is that this is not just a trip to secure the perfect Christmas tree for your place together... It’s also a weekend getaway. You’re blown away by it, because in the mess and hectic chaos of life, you’d completely forgotten that your birthday was also fast approaching.. And sadly, it would fall when he’d be back out on the road this year. You really hadn’t mentioned it to him because it had you down and you didn’t want to seem as if you were putting pressure on him over something as simple as ‘just another day’, either. 
-- He definitely hadn’t forgotten. And Wardlow strikes me as the kind of man who will make backup plans. And happens to be very observant, especially when it comes to those he loves and cares about most. So he’d actually planned this out the day after travel schedules got released for the quarter. 
-- You’re excited, to say the least. And the little b&b he’s booked is just oh so dreamy. Like it got ripped right out of the pages of a book you’ve read often and loved. The entire drive through the heavily forested roads leading up to this b&b were filled with you two talking and laughing, even playfully arguing over whether it was too early to put up a tree to begin with. He said it’s not, you say that it feels like it. But deep down, it’s because you know that he might still be gone around the holidays and if you were there alone and couldn’t go to him, you wouldn’t want the hassle and mess. He insists on going the next morning and getting this tree, however, so you finally allow him to win the ongoing debate about it.
You check into your room and as you’re walking up the stairs to it, he’s got his hands over your eyes. You’re swearing a little and laughing a lot and finally, you reach your room. When he opens the door and lets you step in, him stepping in right behind you, pressed right up against you from behind and towering over... You’re left stunned all over again because the room is all decked out. Scented candles waiting to be lit. Rose petals on the bed. He’s even somehow managed to get someone to grab you guys clothes for the next day. There’s a full on meal waiting, the delicious smell wafting through the room and out into the hall. You turn to him and he looks a litlte anxious like “Did I do too much?” because you hadn’t said anything... Rather than say anything, you choose to climb him like the tree he is compared to you and pull him into a very, very appreciative kiss. That quickly gets handsy. He’s chuckling against your mouth, “We have the whole afternoon, princess.. Is there something you wanna do?”
-- And of course there is. Clothes are slowly peeled off. He’s got you on your back in seconds. When his mouth breaks from your own to venture down your body, your legs fall open and by the time he’s finished with you at a little after 10 pm that night, the last thing you want to do is move. So you two lie there and cuddle, kissing in the glow of the candles that he finally got up and lit. he also gives a sheepish smile and raking a massive hand over the back of his head, he explains that he knew you had a thing for scented candles, so the candles are all yours and only a part of your birthday present.
-- Falling asleep with him is sheer heaven as always. Even when you’re fighting over the blanket or one or the other is snoring and keeping the other awake. You guys sleep in the next morning and finally, after shower and some more funtime there, you’re down in the dining area, eating another fantastic home cooked breakfast.
Now we’re getting to the actual tree shopping itself. Wardlow decides not to go to a tree lot like most would. Instead, with a laugh, he veers off onto a dirt road that leads right into the forest. You’re perplexed bc for the most part, Wardlow is Mr. By The Book... So, you really didn’t see why he’d suddenly choose to trespass and potentially consider cutting down an actual forest tree. You’re hella turned on by it, however and it maaaybe leads to a little light fooling around in his truck. With the snow surrounding the outside, covering the trees and making everything brighter, almost sparkling when the bleak sunshine breaks through the clouds gathered and reflects off of it. It’s fucking BEAUTIFUL, okay? BEAUTIFUL. When you two finally pry yourselves out of each other, you get out of the truck and Wardlow tells you, mostly to relax you bc he picks up on you worrying about the location that he knows the person who owns the land and this is where he always gets his trees. “Because a tree lot tree isn’t the same. It’s not, I don’t care who says otherwise.” and honestly? You’re not about to complain because the very image of him chopping down a tree... then lugging it back to his truck... has you hot and bothered all over again.
-- The imagery matches up to reality too. By the time the axe is a quarter of the way through the trunk of your chosen tree, he’s shirtless and a fine sheen of sweat is gathered against his skin. But you two are laughing and making jokes, a lot of stopping to make out and teasing one another. At one point, you fan yourself with napkins you found in his console as you’re sitting back in the truck watching and naturally, he decides to make a show of it, even pretending like he’s gonna take off his pants. Whew.
-- The tree is finally all cut down. You two are wrangling it back to the truck (to be honest, he totally could’ve gotten it himself, but you insist on helping, which he thinks is really, really cute and also lowkey hot, even though you’re swearing when it gets hung up in a snowbank or something) and as soon as it’s loaded, he pulls you against him for a kiss using the shirt he’d shed. “How about we go find something to eat, some cocoa and then we get headed back. We’ve still gotta get ornaments, princess.”
-- Something tells you that ornaments will NOT be gotten on that day. Because you can see that gleam in his eyes and you KNOW you’re in for it when you two finally reach your place again.
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onechicago-upsteadrhekker · 10 months ago
5, 12, 34! 🤗
5. What’s the fic you’re most proud of?
@thetwit asking the hard questions lol. I kind of want to say we’ll never be able to treasure life enough (yes, I know, the super sad one). But I also kinda want to say never far from home which is actually a Chicago Med story. I wrote it after we got the news that the actors playing Connor and Ava were leaving the show. I was definitely upset about it so I wrote a fix-it’s of sorts and that is where they are still happily living in my head. 
(And I will say this, there are a few stories that I have in the works that quite possibly might take first place of fic I’m most proud of!)
12. Tell us about a WIP you’re excited about.
So, I have one that I am currently writing write now that I am planning on posting here soon! It’s definitely the next thing you will see from me and I’m hoping to get it out before the show starts back up.
I started it a looooong time ago, back at the beginning of quarantine and PD left Hailey in New York. Naturally, I had to write something while we were waiting to find out what happened with that but for some reason I never finished it. BUT, I finally circled back to it and I can’t wait for you guys to read it. 
I don’t want to give too much away, but it involves Jay frantically rushing to NYC, a lot of takeout and possibly a homemade fort. 
34. Copy and paste an excerpt you’re particularly fond of.
Okay, so this is a long excerpt, but I just love it so much. It’s cute and fluffy and I LOVED writing it. It actually might be one of my favorite fluffy scenes that I think turned out well. I generally don’t do fluff well--it tends to turn out awkward lol.
This is from a prompt I wrote for @upsteadofficial called all around the christmas tree
“Hailey,” he started softly, still gazing into her eyes, “Why are you so worried about this?”
She worked her lower lip again. It made him want to kiss her because he found the action incredibly sexy, but he refrained himself from doing so and waited for her to speak.
“Because I didn’t get all of this,” Hailey gestured towards the trees before continuing, “I didn’t get the live Christmas tree; I didn’t even get the fake one half the time.”
She took a deep breath, tears pricking her eyes, “I didn’t get the Christmas cookies or the holiday family traditions. No sitting on Santa’s lap or hanging up stockings or watching Christmas movies as a family or reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ aloud.”
Hailey let out a humorless laugh, “When my brothers and I wished for everything we could think of we weren’t doing it because we wanted the presents, we were doing it in hopes that our dad would spend the money on gifts and not alcohol.”
Shaking her head, she looked down briefly before looking back at Jay with an earnest look, “Christmas at my house was a tense occasion, tiptoeing around our dad hoping that we wouldn’t say or do anything to set him off. Hoping that he wouldn’t start the drinking early. That maybe we could have somewhat of a normal Christmas.”
“So that’s why this Christmas needs to be perfect,” She squeezed his hands, “We’ve gotta get this right. For us, for our family. I want to give our kids everything that I didn’t get, Jay. Do all the corny, heart-warming things that families do around the holidays.”
He stayed silent for a few moments, taking in everything that had clearly been weighing on her heart and mind.
And he got it. He didn’t have perfect Christmas’s by any stretch of the imagination, but it was nothing compared to Hailey’s.
At least he had a mother who went to extra lengths to give him and Will a good Christmas whereas Hailey’s was probably too anxious and nervous of what her husband might do if she tried.
Not for the first time did Jay feel the need to go and deck her dad, anger bubbling up in him at the thought of how she’d been treated as a child. Of the things she had missed out on and worrying about things no child should have to worry about.
But he knew getting mad wasn’t the answer, so he thought about what Hailey said. About how she wanted to give their family the things she never got, and he found himself wanting their kids to have all the things he never got either.
Their family. Their children. The thought was almost too overwhelming.
He wanted their kids to believe in the magic of Christmas. To see him and Hailey kissing lovingly under the mistletoe. To bake cookies as a family.
To go buy the perfect live Christmas tree.
He suddenly didn’t care that they had been walking through this Christmas tree farm out in the middle of nowhere in frigid mid-west temperatures.
“I know I’ve been more than a little neurotic about finding the perfect tree,” Her slightly bashful admission drew him out of his reverie but before he could assure her that he would hike all over this field to find her the perfect tree she continued talking, “But this time next year, we’ll be married.”
Hailey took a breath, glancing down at her boots before giving him a slightly shy look, “And we might even have a baby on the way.”
Her tone was so soft. So reverent. Like it was everything she’d never dared to hope out loud.
A family. A baby. By next Christmas.
Jay felt his knees go weak.
“And that’s why this Christmas needs to be perfect,” She was back to her assertive, confident self, “To iron out the kinks before any other Halsteads join us”
Jay was ready to buy the whole damn Christmas tree farm.
He couldn’t help it anymore. He bent his head, capturing Hailey’s lips in a gentle yet passionate kiss before pulling back to look into her eyes, his arms encircling her waist. Jay reached up as hand to sweep back some loose hair from her face, “Then let’s go find that perfect tree.”
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whitestarbucky · 2 years ago
Holiday Traditions
Steve Rogers x reader
Tumblr media
↬ Summary: There are 364 days of the year to feel every emotion you want. Celebrate what you want. Be what you want. Only one day a year demands joy. Happiness. Fun frolic through winter wonderlands. For the most part, Steve Rogers agrees. But can he compromise when it comes to the most wonderful time of the year?
↬ Warnings: Fluff. Sillyness. Sexual innuendo’s. Humor. Sam makes an appearance. Religious mentions. Poor sweet baby Jesus. 
↬ Word Count: 2297
↬ A/N: Aye! @bitchassbucky​ thank you for making this holiday challenge!! I freakin cannot wait until Christmas. This was incredibly fun to write and I’m honored you let me take the baby Grinch prompt on!!! He was handled with care LOL Hope you like it and enjoy! Go check out @bitchassbucky​ for more fun shenanigan’s, she’s an amazing one to follow <3 
↬ Prompt: "We ARE NOT putting baby Grinch on the mantel.”
Tumblr media
“Absolutely not.”
“Absolutely yes.”
“There’s no way.” 
“There’s every way.”
“Line. Drawn. Here.” 
“Oh, come on. The line is more of a cute squiggle with some blurry dots for eyes right now.”
It’s 3AM and sleep was nowhere in sight. Today should have been a joyous one. Christmas Eve. The magical day right before one of the biggest holidays of the year. It was cold. Christmas lights were hung in neighborhoods with some kind of Christmas decoration spread across their lawns. The snowfall yesterday made for the penultimate conditions for a picture perfect Christmas package. There was just one big thing missing. 
The compound didn’t have one single decoration. 
Granted, you had only joined the team about nine months ago but today shouldn’t be just any other day. It should be celebrated. Right? 
Maybe it was the day for some. The spirit of giving possessed your inner being and by some sort of luck, there was a store open. Crazy cheap, cheesy and plastic decor had your name written all over it. It wasn't much, but it was something. 
After getting back home, Steve had caught you trying to sneak everything in. At first, you wanted it to be a surprise. But on second thought, a little help wouldn’t hurt. Turns out, he was just as big on Christmas as you were. The big plan was explained with ease and before you knew it, the two of you had started your decorating. 
He seemed like an easy going guy so far but, truth be told, this was the most amount of time the two of you spent together. Aside from stolen glances and hidden smiled mixed in with a couple of friendly jokes, the decoration party was going well. 
But like all good things during a holiday, that was bound to be short lived too. 
“It’s not a holiday tradition.” The hands on hips read just how serious he was taking this. Then again, so were you. 
“Why can’t it be a new one? And for the record, if you say it’s weird, I have, at minimum, twenty different jokes lined up and ready to roast you with.” 
“Why would cooking a roast this late be funny?”
“Oh God.” This was going to take a hot minute. “Look, if this is some religious thing, it’s not our fault they didn’t have a complete nativity set the night before Christmas.” Your voice was weary. You didn’t want to offend but this was beyond ridiculous. 
“It’s not about that,” Steve began but fell short due to your interruptions. 
“Good! Then he can go here,” For the umpteeth time, you placed the adorable baby Grinch stuffie where usually a baby Jesus would go. It was a perfect fit. 
“It’s not about that because it’s about tradition.” Taking the baby Grinch back, he turned his stonewalled gaze to you. “If we let every tradition die out for something new, then it’s story dies. Memories fade. That’s not what Christmas is about.” 
“But you can make new stories to go with new traditions. Make new memories full of Christmas spirit.” You reached out for the stuffie and held it close in fear of Steve doing the unthinkable with it. “Can’t there be a little leeway? Just for one day and he can hide forever in his own Whoville after tomorrow?” 
“In his what?” 
“Okay, you really need to watch more Christmas stuff, Steve. I’m getting concerned your pop culture spectrum is decreasing by the second.” 
Sighing, there was almost a look of defeat as the hands dropped and he turned to walk around gathering some random packaging to clean up. “There can be leeway. I’m sorry, Y/N.” The weeks really had blurred incredibly for him. The weight of the world and the duties it came with, taking care of everyone showed with his shoulders slumping low. “I guess I’m just tired. Can we table this until morning?”
“I know. I’m sorry too. Let’s talk it out tomorrow.” You nodded with an innocent smile that was returned. There was a show of gathering up the rest of the empty packing to throw away with the baby Grinch safely on the couch. A wave to send Steve off was given as you made your way slowly back to the quiet living room. 
A face was made in thought after looking at the cute face of baby Grinch. You could always take matters into your own hands and explain later. Or you could just leave it be for the morning as agreed upon. 
Staring intently at baby Grinch, you couldn’t help yourself from thinking: What would the Grinch do in this situation? 
Its as if baby Grinch knew what you were going to do before you had decided yourself. 
Snapping your eyes away from it, you peeked down the hallway Steve had left down and you turned back to grab the adorable creature. Just a quick placement and he looked incredibly cozy in his little crib. This was the right decision and a congratulatory glass of wine should be had in your honor. 
“How did I know I couldn’t leave you alone here?” 
Steve’s voice made you jump as you spun around to face your accuser. 
“Steve! I… uh, this isn’t-“ Even your attempts at excuses fell short while watching him come closer. 
“-This isn’t you sneaking around my back to put this hideous thing up as decoration?” An eyebrow quirked the same time a corner of his mouth did as he leaned in close, extremely close, to pick up the stuffie. 
Captain America smelled amazing. 
You broke eye contact first, the guilt within becoming unbearable under his close gaze. Even as he straightened, your bodies almost touched with a closeness that felt brand new but not totally unwelcomed. Maybe it was the fireplace and it’s shadows playing tricks on you but was he getting closer?
It wasn’t a trick. He was actually getting closer. 
This wasn’t his first time noticing you. He had kept an eye on you during your trail runs before joining the team. You were a looker, that’s for sure. The hard work you put in was what impressed him the most. That had to take some dedication and perseverance to join a team that was already well established. How well you fit in with everyone was an added bonus for him. That and your right hook actually left a tingle where it hit. 
“You know what I’m going to do next?” Came his low voice rattling your insides wide awake. Why was the deep tenor of his tone reaching so far within you? 
“What?” All you could do was stand there. Frozen in time, waiting for whatever joys there were to be had. 
“I am going to make you watch,” A grin split his face and he rushed off in a flash. “As I throw away this thing in the trash.” 
Blinking, you snapped out of the trance to see him doing a little jog to the kitchen. “No!” It was instinct to follow after him at a run. Jumping on the couch and leaping off the back of it to land on his back to catch up with him. With anyone else, this would have been a perfect tackle. With Steve, he just laughed as he caught you. “Give it back Rogers!” 
“I learned that from a movie.” His laugh vibrated in his chest. You should know. You could feel it from hanging off his back. 
“Give it to me!” Reaching around, you attempted to make a grab but it seemed to entertain him to play keep away instead. 
“Gotta take it first.” He taunted waving it around just out of your reach. 
“Let me have it!” 
“Just grab it.”
“Stop moving and I can.”
“Come on. Really try for it this time.”
“Just hold it still-“
“Do you two have any idea what time it is?” Sam’s voice boomed through the room, stopping you mid- reach over Steve’s shoulder. Steve was bent over as if it helped keep the stuffie out of your reach. Looks of shock were shared before you quickly scrambled off him. Both parties looking innocently guilty for all the noise you must have been making. 
“We were just-“ Steve tried. 
“He was going to put-“ You attempted to help.
“Please don’t finish that sentence.” Sam had put a hand up to stop you from finishing as he closed his eyes. “All I wanted was water. That’s all. Not to walk in on some role play fetish scene. You know what? No. I’m going back to bed. Keep it down, will you? The rest of us aren’t trying to play out some weird fantasy in the kitchen.”
Watching him walk off brought a silence over the both of you. Your lips were pressed into a thin line from the embarrassment of what he thought that was. It was your eyes that darted to Steve first before your head turned to see his shoulder shaking quietly. He was laughing.
That brought a relieved smile to your lips as you joined him in what soon turned from silent laughter to full on belly-hurting laughs. It was a nice, shared moment between the two of you. Something you had missed when plunging yourself into work. A friendship being built with someone you not only admired but had a great ass. Yes, you noticed. How could you not? 
It was that moment in particular when you noticed it. 
“Hey Steve?” You started out as angelic as possible. “Traditions are important to you. Right?” 
“Yeah. Not going to change my mind about that thing going in a cradle.” Now that his laughter had subsided, his deep breath was occupied by the etch of a grin on his lips. 
“So every tradition has to be kept. No matter what?”
“No matter what.”
“No going back?” 
“No going back.” 
“Well then.” A smug smile flashed his way with one of your fingers pointing above your heads “I guess you better pucker up.”
There was a garland of festive bows and lights twined within the row and smack in the middle was a beautiful mistletoe. Sparkling and bright, ready to be shown off to the world for the occasion it was made for. Plus, it was comical to see Steve’s grin fall into an open mouth shocked expression. His light blue eyes going wide at realizing what this meant. For the wildest of moments, it looked like he was contemplating it. 
Maybe you were too. 
Then reality got the better of you. With a head shake, you took the baby Grinch stuffie to hold while trying to look disappointed but not succeeding in the slightest. “You’re a holiday hypocrite, Steve. Now this big guy is going to his cradle.” A green hand from the stuffie went up to wave at him. Mainly to rub in the victory but also because the decision was finally made. 
You didn’t get very far though. 
A step was taken. And that’s where it stopped. Your wrist was grabbed before the full turn could be made and you spun back around, bumping into Steve and his waiting lips. 
The impact stunned you into a wide-eyed stare. Of all the things to happen today, this wasn’t what you thought would occur. But his lips were soft. Oh, and his smell. It was heavenly. Being this close, the clean musk had a spicy hint to it that reminded you of a comforting cozy afternoon. Maybe it was why you easily fell into the moment, eyes closing to enjoy the sensual and slow movements of his lips working yours. He was shy, even in his kiss. A cautious, testing, motion of opening your lips showed just how gentle he wanted this to be. 
Your palm pressed flat against his chest in a subconscious effort to be closer. As much as you could get in this brief time frame of the world changing universes to allow such a thing to happen. With your head spinning, leaning in for more was a given. Except, as you did, Steve pulled away. Chasing after his lips for an eager split second, there a blink or two to bring the reality of the universe you were still in back into focus. 
“Couldn’t break a tradition.” His timid admission came with a lazy smile. With your brain short circuiting on a quirky comeback, there was only one response that came to mind. 
“...so, does this mean he can go on the mantle?” It was asked curiously and without shame. The adorable creature you were still holding onto by its arm was raised back up for him to view.
A heavy huff told you all you needed to know before he even spoke. “We ARE NOT putting baby Grinch on the mantle.” 
His exit was swift. Not before you caught that charming smile again as you followed after him just as quick. “But he was up there earlier!” Stopping right before the entrance to the hallway, you paused to debate going after him or to be quiet for the other’s sake. 
“Steve!” You tried for a loud whisper within the dark corridor to catch his attention. He turned back around as he made it to a door - his door - and pointed to his ear while mouthed ‘I can’t hear you.’ 
The world’s biggest lie coming from a super soldier with enhanced hearing.
All attempts at pointing to the ground where you were with an added foot stomp for emphasis were ignored when he disappeared into the room. “Steve…” His name came out as whine now. He was being impossible tonight. And it looks like you would have to follow him into that room to let him know exactly that. 
Just like he had planned.
Tumblr media
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kristallioness · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
2016 | 2017 | 2018
*quietly sneaks back in*... Happy New THIS Year, my dear followers! In Estonia, we have this saying that if you wish someone a 'happy new year' after Three Kings' Day (the 6th of January), you gotta have a bottle of alcohol with you and give them a drink. *lol*
Anyways, I would like to apologize for the sudden disappearance that happened prior to Christmas. I was just busy travelling back home for the holidays, unpacking and putting away my stuff, watching some great, traditional movies or shows on TV, and most importantly, working on those 2 latest masterpieces that I posted (which barely got 30 notes each.. *sigh*).
But as you can (and probably will) see, the year of the yellow earth pig (i.e. my dad's year) was a rollercoaster of emotions and accomplishments, or lacking thereof.
My creative side seems to have suffered the most due to lack of leisure time. I only managed to finish 3 full digital drawings and left behind several sketches or unfinished WIPs (2 of which are revealed here under the months of June and November for the first time, I intend to finish the Korrasami one btw). At least I got to start 2020 with a completed drawing on the very 1st day, ha-ha! Perhaps that's a good omen for this year?
If so, then I hope I'll find the time to finish the rest of the 2019 Inktober prompts, since I only did 4/31 this past October (even though I'd thought of ideas for all of them). I brought all the necessary drawing utensils and sheets of paper with me, so whenever I'm in the mood, I'll try to sketch another one.
*calculates for the nth time*.. I wrote 18,110 words worth of fanfiction, plus 820 words for the UYLD prompts (making the total 18,930). Technically, you can count another 8k+ in there, since it comes from that unfinished story (of Aang taking care of a flu-ridden Katara, as illustrated by the September sketch), which I haven't finished within the last 4 months or so. Plus, I barely wrote 1/5 of the amount compared to 2018.. *hides in shame*
Then again, I was an excellent pupil for picking up an actual book and reading through 150+ pages (which means I have ~300 pages to go). I'm talking about the new Kyoshi novel that came out. As I once said, I haven't voluntarily read a book in years make that 2 years ago (most of the reading I've done in my life is either Tom & Jerry comics, now the Avatar comic trilogies and art books as well as fanfiction online, or compulsory reading during school). But this novel is freaking fantastic superb!
Not only that, I bought all the new comic trilogies and managed to read them through. Damn, did they give me feels.. especially "Ruins of the Empire" (ngl I squeed so hard when I saw the Korrasami farewell kiss on the 1st page of the 2nd part). I can't wait to read the 3rd part this year!
However, I failed to rewatch Avatar last year, and I haven't seen Korra since.. 2016, I believe? Wow, that's 4 whole years.. But I intend to fix that mistake starting from 2020. Hopefully I'm in the mood to start my rewatch this weekend tonight. *fingers crossed*
But as I said, I had much less time to focus on my hobbies since 2019 was the year for finally moving on with my life (sort of, I'm still working on it). I still remember how down I'd been feeling for a while and how valid those emotions really were. The first quarter of the year (+ like a month or two) was a continuous descent into desperation and feelings of utter failure, which already started around the 2nd half of 2018 and only continued to deepen around that time.
Everything began to change when I was first chosen to be part of a 2-month summer internship in an IT company, and I had to start building a new nest in a new location in Tallinn this May. And now, I feel like I've hit the jackpot by getting a permanent job in another IT company this October.
I got the opportunity to work in two different fields, in two different teams within a year. I met some awesome colleagues (a lot of whom are foreigners) and got the chance to really put my English skills to the test.
Thanks to the new job, I also had to go to a free health check, which went really-really well. Despite my nervousness in the beginning, I feel much more relaxed about my physical (and mental) health, cause the results showed that everything's okay (something I'd been worried about since March 2017).
Speaking of health or staying healthy, there were a few sports events that I went to, too. Our team held the first winter team event (it was the first one for me, at least) by going to do archery in a range on the outskirts of the capital.
I watched the football match between 2 teams of our local league at my hometown together with my dad on his birthday. Our home team won the match and came in 4th place overall in the league this year, which is their best result so far (I'm really proud!). And merely days before I started work, I visited the Tallinn International Horse Show for the first time (also with my dad). I last got to watch horses jump over fences or dance to their musical programs ~ 10 years ago, and I loved it!
Event-wise 2019 was pretty full of them. As has become tradition, I went to the Defence Forces parade on our 101st Independence Day (which seemed rather bleak compared to the centennial, even more so since we didn't have ANY snow at the time).
What will hopefully become new traditions, I visited the television tower on the Restoration of Independence Day (where Uku Suviste gave a free concert in the evening), and went to the Veteran's Rock concert (to honour our war veterans) on our Freedom Square on the 23rd of April (since I'm residing in the capital now, I should be able to go again this year).
To continue with the centennial celebrations (yes, some things are STILL turning 100), I saw and explored inside the armoured train no. 7 called "Wabadus" ("Freedom") in the Baltic Station. This armoured train was one of the keys that led our country to victory during the War of Independence from 1918-1920.
There was an even bigger (150th) anniversary to celebrate in the beginning of July, when I attended our Song and Dance Festival. This was a really important, if not the biggest event of the year. I intend to make a longer post about my experience, cause it's something that you foreigners need to see for yourself. I can't simply describe or put it into words, I have to show you some videos and photos.
But while we're on the topic of concerts, I should mention that I went to 2 more at the beginning of June - Bon Jovi and Sting - as well as 2 that were part of Christmas tours in December - Elina Nechayeva and Rolf Roosalu.
Besides that, I went to 6 different festivals, half of which I'd been to several times before, such as the Türi Flower Fair, Jäneda Farm Days (where I went on my first helicopter ride for my 25th birthday present) and the Christmas market in the Old Town of Tallinn.
The other half is comprised of festivals that I'd been considering going to for a while, or which took place for the first time. The latter applies to the Black Food Festival, whereas the "Valgus Kõnnib" ("Wandering Lights") and the duck rally, both of which took place in Kadriorg, fall under the first category.
The duck rally is a charity event held in the beginning of June. Regular people can buy at least one (or several) rubber bath duckies for different prices, which will then be dumped into a tiny stream that'll carry them towards the finish line. This event has grown more popular each year, and the money the Estonian Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (sorry, long name in English!) collects is donated to the Cancer Treatment Fund.
*wipes forehead*.. Phew! I'm surprised, that's a whole lotta positivity for 2019. I think there's one more important, but seriously negative topic I haven't covered yet, but I feel should be mentioned and explained.
When it comes to politics, 2019 was a complete disaster for us. EKRE (Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond in Estonian, or Estonia's Conservative People's Party in English) i.e. our populist/nazi/pro-Trump party is in the government as of April 2019, thanks to 100,000+ idiots (out of our population of 1.3 million) who voted for them and gave them 19/101 seats in the Parliament.
No, I am NOT going to apologize for calling them a nazi party, because their main leaders have repeatedly supported ideology that's common to nazis (they use aggressive rhetoric, blame the media for making them look bad, downgrade women, minorities, are racist, anti-semitic etc...). And I will not apologize in front of the people who voted for them, because "thanks" to this, EKRE has dragged our country's reputation straight through a mud puddle (not to mention the scandals that have accompanied 5 of their ministers, 3 of who have THANKFULLY stepped down from their positions) and.. *swears like the British*.. it's BLOODY EMBARRASSING.
I am done being nice, I have at least some kind of prejudice about anyone who supports them or their ideals. And I will certainly not let Estonia end up like America. So that is why I participated in two protest events against EKRE and our current government (because the 2 other parties, who were willing to form the coalition with them, are spineless jellyfish that simply seek to hold onto their current positions of power). I'm willing to take bets as to when our government falls (the sooner the better).
*shakes off the frustration*.. Brrr! So besides that, I guess the only downside to 2019 was my spare time falling back in the list of priorities (which shows in the empty square of July).
2020 is gonna be the year of the white metal rat. I can only hope (and take action so) that it'll be just as eventful, and much more creative than 2019. Thank you all for following me (or lurking anonymously) for so long, especially to the bloggers who've offered me support through better or worse! *raises a glass* Here's to 2020!.. *sip*
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tempestshakes01 · a year ago
i’m not quite sure why i started this. 
I’m actually writing (almost) daily journal blurbs using this app called Day One. I quite like it. It provides daily prompts. I set a timer for 5 mins and I just write. Not having a routine or schedule is hell for me because I’m either hyperfocused or I can’t focus worth a damn. At that point of the day--when my head hurts and I can’t even focus on a single thought--I go for Joe and I’s daily run/walk. I’m NOT a runner, but my 0 to 5k app is really helping stay on the path toward becoming a runner. I’ve had to restart it multiple times (bad weather, high ankle sprain, illness), but I don’t mind. Every time I have to restart, I note that the process is much easier. I’m currently working my way through week 4 runs which is like 3-5 min “on” and 2 min off for ~30 mins. When I finish the app session, I usually walk for another 30-60mins and then run about 5-10 mins back to the start of our route (we go on the bike paths in the greenway...I’ve always done this because I don’t want to run into people and now it’s great because...well, I don’t have to run into people, lol). In total, we’re usually out there anywhere between an hour to two hours avg. Unfortunately, I’m getting shin pain so I’m going to start saving for some real trail runners, ice my legs, and probably stay on Wk 4 for a few weeks--especially as it gets hotter and Joe gets overheated. I carry water for him mostly, lol. I drink a bit, but most of it goes to the pup. In the hottest parts of summer, I bring my big bottle and his collapsable dish, leave it in the dry creek, and do circuits so I don’t have to haul it around. For Christmas, Nick got me a hiking pack that will carry a few liters in a bladder, so I gotta figure out which ones to buy for when I want to do some damage out in the hills. 
This is literally so boring probably, but it’s basically the thing I love most right now. I LOVE going and running through the woods listening to a podcast and blissfully alone from most everybody (I pass on avg...maybe 5 people? 3 on bikes and then 2 other trail walkers/runners). I feel so clear-headed afterward. I think I should start going in the morning again to give me a push for the day, but I really enjoy going and racing dusk. The fireflies come out and it’s utterly magical. Plus, it gets Joe straight into bed after he eats while I shower. 
Miss my parents. They’re 20 minutes away, but I have yet to see them since before spring break. That’s a lie, they dropped off homemade burgers and cake for easter since we couldn’t do the holiday together. No one got close or anything, but we were able to talk for a while. My sister and I meet up sporadically since we were together when this all started. They just got foster puppies (but a potential adopter is meeting them now!). Nick switched to working from home for the week and that’s been great. I mean it! I’m happy when Nick’s home. We actually have very similar personalities (hahaha, well, duh, we’re related), but we like our space but we keep the doors open to occasionally yell at each other and so Joe can run between us. Plus, Alyssa comes over on her days off so it’s a full house with Luna as well. Other than that, Nick and I don’t see anyone else or go anywhere except the grocery store (rarely). Oh, and Grace Alex. I’m supposed to see her today! Maybe Zoom w/ Lilz. 
I’ll write more later, but that’s all for now. 
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jemannesimms · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
The Night We Met (and other things that worked out much better than they should’ve): A FitzSimmons Meet Ugly AU for @adazzledim
When Fitz and Simmons reminisce about the night they first met, they find that they don't quite remember it the same. A Meet-Ugly Costume Party AU. Tentatively rated PG, ~4k. 
Read Part 1 on AO3
Hello!!!! It’s me, your Santa! I had such a fun time working on your prompt and I really hope you like your gift! I kind of took your prompt and ran with it a bit so I hope you don’t mind lol. Gotta finish up on part 2 but look out for it in the next week or so! I’m also putting together an accompanying playlist that will come out when I’m done with the whole fic!
Happy Holidays! 
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darveyfics · 4 years ago
Christmas prompt- Donna and Harvey are a couple but they’re fighting. Every time they see mistletoe, they kiss. Eventually they make up. Idk just lots of angst and then fluff lol
Darvey & Mistletoe; aka the only Christmas tradition Harvey finds interesting. Bonus points if it drives Donna crazy :)
Mistletoe kiss fic please (it's up to you if they're already in a relationship or not)
Harvey and Donna fight right before Christmas
Harvey and Donna first Christmas as a couple
AN: I’m not sure if this is anything like what you wanted, but this one got away from me a lot. It’s a full blown fluff/cheese fest. Hope you still enjoy.
“Of Gingers and Kisses”
“Donna, come on,” Harvey heaves out a breath as he chases his relentless girlfriend out of the elevator. 
He stops short when she halts her steps, both of them standing in the middle of the annual- now Specter Litt- holiday party.
“You’re seriously going to continue giving me the cold shoulder?” Harvey huffs beside her, and if she wasn’t so pissed at him she would’ve laughed at the adorable pout he gives her.
“I think you’re forgetting why I’m so upset with you,” Donna retorts, crossing her arms over the black Prada dress she donned- flowing down her body instead of her usual skin tight dress look, complete with a pair of red hot pumps. 
Harvey sighs beside her, “Trust me, I’m not,” he mumbles, absentmindedly giving a few fake smiles to some of the firm’s employees that pass by. The party was in full swing now, taking place just off to the side of the library. Holiday music was playing in the background, a tall Christmas tree sat in the center of the room, honing in most of the attention to the surrounding area, strategically placed next to the open bar. 
He takes her arm then, gently guiding her until they’re in a semi-secluded corner of the room. 
“You know I didn’t mean to-”
“It wasn’t just that, and you know it,” she hisses, her eyes sending daggers his way.
His lips turn thin at her words, trying his best to reign in some self control and not smile at how cute she looked. He was still feeling the backlash from when he had called her that earlier. 
“Donna,” Harvey starts in that low tone of voice he only reserved for her, “I’m sorry, and for the way I acted afterward,” he repeats her earlier words right back.
“Are you?” She raises an eyebrow at him, firmly standing her ground and he tilts his head at her, trying his best to not let his irritation come to fruition.
“You know I am,” he tells her softly.
“Oh, so now you’re telling me what I know?” She shoots back with raised eyebrows. He gapes at her then, trying to formulate a sentence that won’t keep sending him to the dog house. 
“Hey guys!” Mike’s all-too cheery voice interrupts their moment, appearing with a half filled champagne flute and his signature 100-watt smile. “Uh, why do I have a feeling I just walked into a couple’s quarrel?” He questions, blue eyes glancing from one friend to another.
“Oh, look, your puppy showed up,” Donna rolls her eyes.
“Whoa- she’s pissed,” Mike’s eyes widen comically before looking back to Harvey, “Dude, what the hell did you do?”
Harvey’s mouth opens at the same time Donna lets out a half-amused laugh, “Why the hell do you automatically assume it was something I did?”
“Because it’s you,” his former associate retorts without hesitation. 
“He’s not wrong,” Donna mumbles beside him.
“It’s- nothing, Mike.” Harvey shoots him a look in warning, trying his best to ward off his friend so he could continue talking to his girlfriend. 
“Oh, boy,” Mike mutters, fearfully looking between the couple now.
“Donna, I didn’t mean-”
“The hell it was nothing,” she swivels around to face him, standing a mere inch away from him now, hazel eyes glaring at him.
“And… that’s my cue to leave, see you guys,” Neither notice Mike scurrying off to the side of the room, automatically finding Rachel in the sea of Specter Litt employees. 
“Donna, I just meant it was nothing concerning him,” Harvey sighs, willing his girlfriend to understand. His eyes subconsciously survey the area around them, trying to find the answers to his current predicament elsewhere. 
“You know, you’re being a real pain in the ass- mmph!” His lips land on hers in the next second, catching her off guard. She stays still for a moment, letting their kiss linger in half surprise and half reflex before she’s pulling back, “What the hell are you doing?” She seethes in a whisper.
Harvey gives her a sheepish smile and points up with his index finger. Donna’s eyes follow him and she purses her lips when she sees the small twig hanging above them. 
“It’s tradition,” he shrugs, giving her his signature charm smile, hoping it would set her at ease then.
Donna shakes her head instead, annoyance seeping into her, “I need a drink,” she mumbles under her breath before turning around.
“Donna,” her name is a warning and a question all in one.
Her loose copper waves bounce when she turns around to face him again, rolling her eyes at him, “It’s a saying, Harvey, you can calm down.”
Before he could stop her again, she’s walking off to meet Rachel, standing by one of the array of decorative tables. Harvey sees his girlfriend’s best friend handing her what appeared to be apple cider as the two shared a laugh. He shakes his head then, turning around to grab a drink from the open bar. He didn’t notice when his own best friend left his wife’s side to come meet him.
“So,” Rachel starts tentatively after a couple of minutes of laughter, “How long are you going to make him squirm?” She tilts her head in the direction of the bar, Donna turning around to see Mike clasping a hand on Harvey’s shoulder as the two began a conversation. 
Donna chuckles, “I don’t know, I am still pretty pissed at him, but, it’s been fun watching him squirm and grovel for the past couple of hours.”
Her friend shakes her head, “You’re pretty evil, you know that?”
Donna shrugs, taking a sip of her apple cider, “Yeah, well, I’ll forgive him before Christmas. And hey, you’re one to talk,” she quirks an eyebrow in return.
Rachel lets out a laugh, “I don’t think I ever tortured Mike that long, though.”
“Hmm, true, poor guy’s gotta deal with double the trouble soon,” she places her hands on Rachel’s growing stomach, “how are thing one and thing two, anyway?”
Rachel smirks, still amused by her friend’s nicknames, “They’re fine. Pretty sure they’ll both make the soccer team, but I hear that’s normal.”
“Have you picked any names yet?” Donna smiles, feeling the babies kicking under her touch.
“We’re waiting to find out the sexes first, but if one of them is a boy, Mike really wants to name him after Harvey, at least for a middle name.” 
Donna’s features soften, her eyes filling with tears and she curses herself for her current uncontrollable emotions, “He would love that.”
Rachel nods with a smile in return.
“And well, if it’s a girl, you really can’t go wrong with ‘Donna’,” the redhead flips her hair in a dramatic gesture, giving her friend her signature overconfident look. 
Rachel lets out a bubbly laugh, “No, you really can’t.”
“So… you going to stay here all night drowning yourself in self pity for wherever it was that you did to piss off Donna so much?”
Harvey swirls the amber liquid in his hand before placing it down, turning to glare at his friend, “Is that why you came here? To lecture me?”
Mike puts his hands up in defense, “Hey, I just want to know why mom and dad are fighting, is all.”
Harvey’s lips quirk up at his words, taking a sip of his scotch before turning to face his friend again, “I may have… done something I shouldn’t have.”
“Well, no shit, Sherlock. Question is, how bad was it and what the hell are you going to do to make up for it?”
Harvey sighs, playing with the glass holding Macallan as he glances up at an awaiting Mike.
“Okay, before I tell you, you have to understand… this is… a big deal, for her, I don’t- really understand myself, but…”
Mike gives him an expectant look, “I’m literally so lost already so can you just spit it out already or…?”
“I may have…” Harvey looks away from his friend for a moment, eyes finding his favorite redhead before landing back on Mike, “eaten the last of the gingerbread cookies we had,” he finishes in a low mumble, turning away from Mike’s gaze.
Harvey puts his hand up before he could continue, “Don’t try to analyze it, it is what it is.”
Mike stays quiet for a moment before nodding, “First trimester cravings.”
Harvey swivels his head around to his friend, “You know?”
Mike scoffs, “Of course I know.”
“How the hell do you-”
“Because,” Mike points to the corner, smiling when he sees his pregnant wife talking to Donna, “My wife and your girlfriend are best friends, they talk.”
“Why the hell didn’t you say anything?” Harvey prods, not knowing whether or not to be annoyed or amused. 
Mike shrugs, “Rachel told me and I figured you two would tell me when you wanted to. Though, I am a little offended that your girlfriend told my wife and you didn’t say anything,” he playfully pokes him. 
“Hey, we,” he points toward Donna, “had agreed not to tell anyone. I didn’t even know Rachel knew,” he mumbles before taking another sip.
Mike claps his hand over his back in assurance, “Rachel told me Donna had accidentally let the news slip, she’d been ‘adorably excited’ apparently.”
Harvey’s lips curl at his friend’s words, an all-too familiar fluttering settling in his stomach then- one he had been getting ever since Donna had dropped the news that she was pregnant weeks before, “She said that?”
Mike nods, mirroring his friend’s smile, “Yeah, and speaking of, congratulations, dad.”
Harvey’s lips stretch into a full grin at the word, still not used to the notion that he was going to become a father- the father of his best friend’s child, to be exact. He breathes out a quiet “thanks” to his friend, clinking his own glass against his when Mike extends his champagne glass to him.
“By the way,” Mike begins after taking a sip of his drink, “you should know I won the pool.”
Harvey’s brow furrows, “The pool?”
Mike nods, “Yeah, there was a pool going around to see when you two would finally settle down, have a family. I bet you would get her knocked up within the first year of you two dating,” he smirked.
Harvey gapes at him, trying to render in all of his annoyance. He watches Mike taking another sip of champagne, and he reaches out a hand, pursing his lips as he tilts the flute upward, causing the younger lawyer to choke on his champagne, the liquid spilling out in front of him.
Harvey lets his lips twitch, automatically feeling better. He stands up in the next second, downing the last of his drink before clasping his hand on Mike’s shoulder, “And on that note, I’m gonna go. I have some making up to do.”
“Hey,” his voice is a low whisper behind her ear, and she supresses the urge to turn around and kiss him, mentally cursing the way her hormones were playing with her. 
Rachel gives her a knowing smile, waving hello to Harvey at the same time. She watches in amusement as her friend puts on her best acting skills and hides her smile before turning to face Harvey.
“Can I help you?”
Harvey sighs at his girlfriend’s stand-offish attitude, turning to face her friend, “Rachel, can I steal her away for a second?”
“Uh yeah, sure, I’m just gonna go see what Mike’s up to,” she leaves with a smile that turns into a confused frown when she notices her husband dabbing a napkin on his tie.
Donna lets out a dramatic sigh once they’re left alone again, or as close to it as possible with a mired of people surrounding them, “You wanted to talk?”
“Donna, you really have to help me out here, how long are you going to freeze me out?” She feels a twinge of guilt then, noticing the way his brown eyes bore into her own, a mask of of his own guilt written all over his face.
She had partly been annoyed with him- knowing that her hormones were in no way normal at the moment, but the other part of her had been having fun with him, enjoying the way he squirmed every time she had an outburst. 
“I haven’t decided yet,” she frowns instead, folding her hands over herself. Okay, so maybe Rachel was right and she was being a little evil with him. 
“I told you I’d buy you more cookies,” Harvey gently reminds her, taking hold of her hands in his. He was trying his best not to laugh at the matter- at how ridiculous this whole situation was because he had eaten the last of her gingerbread cookies.
“And I told you it wasn’t just about the cookies, Harvey,” real annoyance settles in her again and she moves away from him to walk to the corner of the room, with her boyfriend in tow.
“I told you I was sorry about what I said too,” he sighs again, trying his best not to lose his cool with his very emotional and pregnant girlfriend.
“Okay, A- you never actually said you were sorry about what you told me, and B-”
Her words are cut off again when his lips land on hers for the second time that night. She closes her eyes on reflex, internally groaning when he pulls back too soon, yet tries her best not to show her disappointment. When she sends him a confused glare he just points up again, and she rolls her eyes at the familiar twig.
“You’re shitting me, right? Who the hell decorated this place with mistletoes?” She berates then, glancing around the room to finally take note in the dozen or so mistletoes that decorated the area.
“I thought you were in charge,” Harvey remarks, a slight amused tilt to his voice.
Donna rolls her eyes, “I’ve also been dealing with morning sickness at all odd hours of the day, so no, I gave the job to- Louis,” she sighs when she notices the other name partner in the room, a shit eating grin on his face as he kissed Sheila under one of the mistletoes in the room. “Well, that explains it,” she mutters. 
Harvey turns his attention back to his girlfriend, “Donna,”
“What?” She crosses her arms over her chest again.
“You’re right, I didn’t apologize for what I said, but only because I meant it.”
She gapes at him, “You can’t be serious.”
“What’s so wrong about what I said?” Harvey throws his hands up, confusion taking over him.
“You called me cute, Harvey,” Donna reminds him.
“While we were in the middle of an argument, because you-“ she pokes his chest, “just had to eat the last batch of gingerbread cookies.”
She gives him a pout and he nearly loses it when her bottom lip begins to quiver and she turns to walk away again, this time to the far side of the room where there were less people present. 
Harvey internally groans when she walks away from him for what felt like the dozenth time that night. He catches up to her in seconds, reminding himself not to tell her how ridiculous this whole thing was, knowing that that would only get him sent to sleep on the balcony that night.
“Donna,” he begins softly, “I’m sorry.”
“For?” She sniffles, hugging her arms over herself.
“For being an ass,” he begins gently, taking a tentative step toward her, “for- making light of a situation I know must have- is- frustrating for you,” when she doesn’t back away, he grabs hold of her hands again, “I know this must be a really difficult time for you,” he rubs circles on her hand, and she sighs in response.
“It hasn’t been all bad,” she mumbles, staring up at his eyes.
His lip quirk slightly before sobering up again, “I’m kind of learning this as I go too, you know? And you did look cute. I mean, you always do, but, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty infatuated with my pregnant girlfriend, I can’t help it if everything you do now is…cute.” He risks sending her a sheepish smile, and he fights back sighing in relief when she finally lets herself crack under his gaze. 
She rolls her eyes at his words, but her annoyance is diluted by the smile she sends him, “You’re pretty relentless, you know that?”
Harvey lets a full grin grace his features when she steps into his arms, “Does that mean I’m forgiven?”
“For eating my cookies when that’s what your unborn kid wanted to eat?” She raises an eyebrow at him.
He swallows back, “Seriously?”
“You and I both know I’m very serious when it comes to my cravings lately, mister,” she mumbles against him, winding her arms around him.
Harvey sighs, “I promise to buy you a whole pack. And then some.”
She hums against him, her lips hovering over his now, “I guess I can…” she toys with his tie, sending him a coy look, “forgive you.”
He lets out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, “I promise to make it up to you, to both of you,” his hand rubs her stomach above the fabric of her dress, watching her face softening further beneath his caresses.
“We thank you,” she sends him a grin before closing the gap between them and slanting her lips over his, letting their kiss linger for a minute before pulling back. Harvey’s eyes glance above them, and his smile turns into a frown.
“We’re not under a mistletoe,” he observes, glancing back down to Donna.
She purses her lips at his words, “You want me to stand under a little Christmas twig just so you could kiss me? 
Harvey shrugs, “It’s the only tradition I actually like.”
Donna rolls her eyes at him, ”Fine, you want me to go and stand over there instead?”
When she moves to step away from him, he reels her back in, her chest flush against his now, “Don’t you dare,” he growls, pulling her in for another kiss. He lets his tongue boldly snake into her mouth, tasting the remnants of apple cider and something else he couldn’t quite get a read on at first. 
He pulls away from their kiss then, and she sends him a confused look when she finds him frowning, “What?”
“You had gingerbread cookies tonight, didn’t you?”
She bites her lip at his inquiry, giving him a shrug after a beat, “I may have… a secret stash in my office and went to eat some when you weren’t looking.”
He shakes his head at her, disbelief and amusement in his features, “So I didn’t eat your last stash. You had some here the entire time.”
“You ate the last ones we had at home,” she tries to defend.
“You know, I’d be more annoyed with you, but I can’t help but find all of this… cute.”
She gawks at him then, narrowing her eyes at his smirk, “Shut up.”
And with her mouth slanting over his smile, she makes sure he does just that. 
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misomilk · 4 years ago
AAAAAAAAAAA SENPAI. YOU ARE SO CUTE, MY HEART EXPLODES WITH DOKIS. I KNOW IT’S YOU 😘 Thank youuuuuuuuuuu for sending -GASPS- sebron 😭 I haven’t thought about this pair in soooo lo--no, that’s a lie. I’ve been thinking about them lately. ;D Just that, the thoughts haven’t turned into written words. Hahaha
ILUSFM2, SWEET SENPAI SINPAI. I hope you enjoy reading these!
Christmas OTP Questions: sebron
Who wakes the other up excitedly on Christmas morning? Which one begs for five more minutes of sleep? For both AUs, it’s Ronald that wakes up all excited, but for different reasons. Titanic!Ron is excited because it’s Christmas!! and it’s wonderful. He loves it. Remember he once woke Sebastian up and gave himself to Seabass as his present. After that year, it’s always Sebastian that wakes up before Ronald, to make sure Ronald wakes up THE BEST way on his favorite day of the year.Star!Ron is awake from 5am, refreshing (ctrl+r or alt+f5) the SOFC (Sebas-chan Official Fan Club--access limited to Members only, password-protected) website to see Sebastian’s special Christmas message, which can only be viewed on Christmas day. Note that while he’s refreshing like crazy, the very star he’ll be watching on the screen is sleeping soundly in his bed. Sebastian wakes up to Ronald squealing (even though Ronald tries so hard not to squeal loudly), groans, gets out of bed to pull Ronald away from his pc desk and drags him back to bed.“Sleep. Spaz later.”“Wait, I gotta message Grell--”“Spaz later.”“Your wink at the end of the video is to DIE for, Sebas-chan.”“Wink later. Sleep. Sleep. Two eyes closed, Ronald.”“Yes, but--”“Sleep. Please.”
Which one hangs the mistletoe? In Titanic AU, it’s Sebastian. He hangs it at the door connecting the kitchen and the living room, and normally waits there before lunch/dinner so that Ronald will have to kiss him before eating. (Sebastian likes to think it’s his appetizer.) In Star AU, it’s Ronald. He hangs it in a way that replicates a certain scene in one of Sebastian’s movies, where he kabedons a girl beneath a mistletoe before kissing her. Sebastian plays along, reciting his DOKIFUL lines to the girl, but replacing the girl’s name with “Ronald”. When Sebastian leans in to kiss Ronald, he pulls away for a tiny bit, just to get Ron to whimper and whine (which Ron does). Sebastian has a wicked smile on his face as he kisses Ronald, deeper than stated in the script.
Which one cooks? Do they cook together? Do they go out to eat? In Titanic AU, they go out to eat. Sebastian treats Ronald to the most expensive of restaurants, which makes Ronald feel uneasy. He doesn’t like it when he gets too pampered by Sebastian, because he likes proving he earns enough on his own, too. He doesn’t like feeling like he’s just a pet to keep happy with such luxury. He tells Sebastian about this, and he corrects himself in their future dates.In Star AU, Sebastian super duper wishes he could go out to eat with Ronald, but because of his star status and keeping up a good, never-in-a-relationship image for all his fans, he can’t. Ronald understands, of course, and even puts out more effort than Sebastian that they shouldn’t ever have a date outside his house. WHICH IS WHY Grell, glorious and awesome as she is, sets up a plan with William. After Sebastian’s performance at Music Station (a music show that always has a 3 hr special of musicians performing live on Christmas), William takes Sebastian to Grell’s bar, which is closed to the public for the evening. All the bar’s tables are set to the side, except for one table for two, candle lit. Ronald sits on one chair, with a blindfold over his eyes. (Grell kidnapped him and brought him here after they watched Music Station together.) It’s Sebastian that takes off Ronald’s blindfold, and they’re both just so overwhelmed that they can finally have a date outside. Grell and her staff serve them D E L I C IO U S food that evening, and even let Sebron go on a pretend drive date using a cardboard car and a projector. It’s a little silly but IT’S SUPER DOKIFUL.(Wow. That was such a long answer. OOPS)
Which one can’t sleep the night before? In Titanic AU, they sleep in their normal hours. After a few rounds of good shit good shit sex. ;DIn Star AU, Ronald stays up and waits for Sebastian to arrive. There are years Sebas arrives early on the evening of the 24th, but there are times he arrives late into the night, still busy with shooting despite him having to perform live the following day. Ronald spends time marathoning his most favorite drama by Sebastian, and sometimes that movie with the kabedon mistletoe scene, too.
Which one dresses like they’re straight out of a Christmas movie? Both of them??? In any of the AUs???? XD Well Star AU Sebas definitely dresses up on Christmas bec of that Music show. Ronald watches him from the tv in a concert t-shirt, house shorts, penlight and Sebas-chan uchiwa in hand.
Which one sings Christmas carols loudly and off-key at random times? In Titanic AU, it’s Sebastian. BEC I WANT HIM TO. I cant have him ever sing off-key in Star AU so he definitely has to (have one imperfection LOL) here in Titanic AU. He can’t even sing Jingle Bells right. Poor man. Ronald laughs at him, not in a ‘HAHA U SUCK” way but in a “GOSH IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS LOSER” way. He sings along with Sebastian, purposely ruining his own melody/pitch to match Sebastian.In both AUs, Ronald gets pretty passionate about (specifically) "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, that his voice breaks while singing. On a related note to that favorite song, in Star AU, Sebastian catches Ronald listening to this version and starts to sing along. Ronald gets so. fucking. aroused (/o\) by Sebastian’s P E  R F  EC T voice, that by the time the trombone solo goes, Ronald is already making out with Sebas and tearing his clothes off. Sebastian keeps singing him the song while Ronald kisses his neck, feeling like he’s kissing Sebastian’s sweet voice.
Which one tears open their packages? Which one slowly, methodically unwraps every single one? In Titanic AU, they both unwrap methodically. Ronald gets a lot more presents than Sebastian, because he’s got a whole lot of family and is so loved by both grandparents on both sides of the family. He’s the Family Favorite. XDIn Star AU, Sebastian gets a whole FUCKTON of gifts from fans. Ronald helps him open them. Ron starts opening methodically, until he runs out of patience and just tears them up. Sebastian unwraps each present methodically, from start to finish.
Who opens their biggest gift first? Who opens their smallest gift first? In Titanic AU, Ronald goes from smallest to biggest. Sebastian goes from biggest to smallest. They both reserve each other’s gifts for last.In Star AU, they go by it as the gifts are sorted. William has a list of presents, so they go through that list one by one.
Which one makes the sappy Christmas speech? In both AUs, Sebastian. Because no matter what AU, he just has that way with words. In Titanic AU, he makes Titanic references to make Ronald s w o o n. In Star AU, he sings and Ronald just--he faints, man. No matter the AU, Sebastian aims to make Ronald lose himself and is successful in both.
Which one’s family do they spend Christmas Day with? Does the whole family get together, or is it just your OTP, and any kids they have? In Titanic AU, the first Christmas they’re an official couple, Ronald  persuades Sebastian to go to his family home with him, and Sebastian reluctantly agrees. Sebas had a bad feeling about it, based on what he overhears from Ronald when he’s on the phone with a relative. They only last a two hours at Ronald’s old home, because apparently Ronald’s family wasn’t as open-minded as he thought they were, Sebastian suffering the brunt of it. Despite the family not liking who his boyfriend is, Ronald still remains to be the Family Favorite, though his relatives are vocal about ‘breaking up this fling and finding a girl to settle down with soon’. It really pains him. Ever since then, they spend all holidays alone together.In Star AU, they spend Christmas together by themselves in Ron’s apartment, except for that one year Grell held that surprise for them. The year after that, they plan a surprise for Grelliam, too, which was a little hard to accomplish because of William being such a workaholic.
Which one buys a gift for their pet? No pets~ But if they had one, Ronald in Titanic AU and Sebas in Star AU.Titanic: Bec Ron gets so easily attached to animals, like hamsters or dogs. Although they don’t necessarily like him back. LOL When they’re out on a walk, and Ronald tries to pet a dog, the dog tends to approach Sebastian instead.Star: Sebastian. Because he’s never had a pet, so having one must be so wonderful for him.
Who dreams of a white Christmas? For both, Sebastian. Because I think he finds peace in seeing the world be covered in a white blanket. He thinks it’s calming how the world’s noises seem muted by the snow. To have the world be muted like that on one of the noisiest days of the year is nice. He’d like to just snuggle up with Ronald on such a day.
Which one munches on candy until lunch time? Hmmmm neither of them, probs. XD I’ll turn the question into “Which one spoils themselves by watching something they love?” It’s Ronald for both.Titanic: “Ronald, Titanic isn’t even a Christmas movie.”“It’s a great movie. We’re watching it.”Star AU: “Ronald, that’s the twelfth time you’ve watched last year’s performance.”“It doesn’t reduce your radiance, Sebas-chan. You’re so amazing.”
Which one goes to bed first that day? Which one stays up, being nostalgic? In Titanic AU, Ronald heads to bed first, with Sebastian watching him, feeling giddy that this person chooses to stay with him.In Star AU, Sebastian falls asleep first. He’s just so dead tired by then, what with his live performance and all. Ronald watches him sleep, not in a fanboy-y way. Just-- he lets himself bask in Sebastian’s presence. He wishes them another wonderful year to come.
Which one is ready to start de-decorating on the 26th? Which one wants to keep stuff up until after January? In Titanic AU, Sebastian wants anything Christmas gone by the 26th. Ronald, though sad, helps Sebastian put things away. When Sebastian realizes how sad Ronald gets while putting away decors, he lets him keep one garland across their living room to keep the Christmas vibe alive.In Star AU, both of them don’t care for Christmas much to put up decors. So they don’t have any de-decorating to do. XD Ronald attempts the mistletoe thing all throughout December though. Hehehhe.
AAAAAAAAAAAAND THATS IT. Thank you soooo sososoosososo much for sending these asks, bb. I had so much fun answering them. I hope you had fun reading them, too. ;*
I LOVE U SO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!!! You are the best. 😍
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kagepro-secret-santa · 4 years ago
Hello, @thatonespamanoshipper​! After your original Secret Santa stopped replying, I (Mod) decided I’d fill your prompt myself! I really apologize for taking so long, but exam season snuck up on me. In any case, I hope you enjoy this HaruTaka nonetheless!
Although admittedly not being quite a holiday prompt, I figured it’s a bit too late for that when it’s nearly February, so here’s some early Valentine’s-themed fluff! It’s still a winter event, so, that’s my excuse! Again, enjoy!
EDIT: Haha, guess who forgot that Tumblr doesn’t paste from Google Docs like AO3 does. Italics are now in the fic! lol
A puff of vapor rolled into the dry winter air, Haruka standing transfixed as he watched his breath dissipate. For a long while he huffed and repeated the process, every time taking an awkward glance to ensure the street was still empty, but eventually he realized his throat was starting to burn from the cold. To remedy this, Haruka tightened the scarf around his neck with a little “Brr!”, shaking off the snow that had accumulated in his hair.
Standing at the intersection and watching the occasional car go by had lost its novelty after a few minutes, but he couldn’t just leave… Takane being this late didn’t happen often, but he figured he’d get an earful if he wasn’t there for the walk to school by the time she showed up.
When, finally, she appeared from around the corner, stomping through what was admittedly not enough snow to warrant that drastic of a reaction, Haruka felt like he could kiss the next person he saw.
“...Hey.” She seemed mad when she finally made it to him, so out of breath that Haruka waited a few moments before he started towards the school.
“Um. Are you okay, Takane? Did something happen…?” His fingers fidgeted with his bag strap.
“Yes. I’m absolutely fantastic.” The heavy, anger-laden sarcasm was usual, if not a little exhausting.
Their trek towards the school was silent for a long while, but eventually she sighed.
“...Sorry for making you wait. I slept in, and then I forgot something I had to bring to school, and… I dunno, I wish my grandma still drove.” To further prove her frustration, she kicked at a small mound of snow as they passed.
Oh, so she wasn’t mad at him. Thank goodness, but he wasn’t particularly shocked to hear she’d slept too late. Then again, it wasn’t as if he hadn’t done the same in the past. “No, no, it’s fine. What’s the, um, ‘thing’, though?”
When she didn’t answer, he wondered if maybe he’d ventured somewhere too personal. He’d figured it was fine if she’d brought it up so casually, but…
“It’s, um, s-something for Ayano. Uh. Yeah. She needed something, and I had one at my house. It’s no big deal.” She shrugged, staring stiffly ahead.
“Oh.” That was vague, but he didn’t feel like pressuring her. It was probably a girl thing, or at least that was as far as he was going to guess.
As they walked, Haruka watched the snow tangle itself in her coal-black hair.
“Um,” she started, “y’know what day tomorrow, uh, is?”
He wondered where this had come from. Was it about her birthday? On second thought, he couldn’t remember when it was, but it probably wasn’t in February… at least, he hoped not. He’d have to remember to get that from her again, without letting her know he’d forgotten. For now, however, he ventured a guess and hoped he didn’t regret it.
“No, what?”
“Uh, Valentine’s, duh.”
“Oh… right. I forgot because, um, I usually don’t really… get anything?”
She seemed almost appalled by this. “What?! You, really?”
Something about her tone made it seem like a horrible thing, to rarely get a Valentine's gift, and he bit back the comment that he’d spent most of his school (and thus, social) life in solitary classrooms and hospitals. “Um, yeah… Sorry. How about you…?”
This made her laugh, which reassured Haruka a twinge and was altogether expected. “No, fuck that noise. It’s all dumb couple stuff, or whatever. ‘Sides, those girls who go around baking chocolates and handing them out to everyone else ‘as friends’ when they’re really just being snobby and better…”
Ah, Haruka had wandered into dangerous territory. Time to backpedal.
“Um, I guess… I guess it’s sorta sweet to give things to your friends, though… But… I sorta get what you mean?” He tried to keep his answer vaguely neutral, and this seemed to content her enough that she dropped the topic through the rest of their walk.
The day passed like nothing unusual, but she did lag behind after the last bell. Finishing putting his homework and sketchbook safely into his bag, he turned to her quizzically as he buttoned his coat. “Is something wrong, Takane? Usually you talk about wanting to leave school as soon as you can…”
She snapped out of what seemed to have been a daze as she watched the light flurry outside the window, shifting to look at him. “I. Um, no, e-everything’s fine! Yep! I’m just uh… I’m doing something after school today, actually, so…”
Ah. “Oh, right! You said something about Ayano, this morning.”
She nodded, “Y-yep! Sure did! That’s right, I gotta uh, talk to Ayano…”
He noticed she was acting like something was up, but quite frankly, he didn’t want to delve into a potentially risky conversation. “Alright! Have fun… and tell her I said hi! See you tomorrow, Takane, and don’t forget the homework!”
After a cheery wave at her, and a very half-hearted wave back, he left. Halfway through walking home, he noticed she’d texted him-- it was along the lines of “If I sleep in tomorrow, you can just walk to school by yourself”, admittedly with less eloquence.
He was starting to wonder if something was up, but when he asked, she assured him that she was fine.
The next morning, he found that the intersection where they usually met was empty. Despite what she’d told him last night, he lingered a few minutes, but eventually tightened his scarf against the lonely chill and set off to the school by himself. It was starting to feel more and more like an odd morning, but he figured he was just making things up.
The classroom door was open, thank goodness, and he announced himself as he entered.
“Good morning--”
No one was in the class, he realized. He felt himself grow flushed after embarrassing himself so badly, but reassured himself that at least no one had been around to hear it. He sighed quietly, and hurried to his desk to just take a seat and relax--
It was at this point that he noticed the box on his desk, a strong red ribbon sloppily tied onto what seemed to be a box made out of repurposed, painted cardboard. Putting his bag down beside his chair, he moved closer to investigate what it was. Obviously, it seemed to be a Valentine’s gift, but he had no idea who it could be from-- sure, he’d had the odd run-in with the other girls in the school, but he kept to himself and that only left two others. Even then, Takane didn’t seem to be anywhere this morning, and the only way Ayano could’ve gotten the chocolate into a school she didn’t even attend would be through her father, which seemed a bit peculiar in general.
Pushing his thoughts aside, he untangled the bow and placed it gently on the table beside the box. In the middle of reaching for the lid, he paused, a quick look around confirming that he was still alone in the classroom. At this rate, Takane was going to be late for class, but he figured she must’ve just slept in again - besides, it was a bit more concerning that their teacher still hadn’t shown up, other than to unlock the class, apparently. Haruka hoped he wasn’t being chewed out by the principal again, but he wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be the case.
Returning to the box, he finally shimmied the lid off. His first observation: there was no note inside, which continued to answer absolutely none of his questions. The second thing he noticed was the chocolate itself - only one, which wasn’t a surprise considering the small size of the box, but it was a rather large hunk of it. It was molded into what seemed to be a heart shape, but the clumsiness of the form gave away that it was homemade. Haruka felt his face get a bit hotter, but reassured himself that it meant nothing. But if there was one person who he wouldn’t mind getting chocolate from...
No, he shook his head before he could get too embarrassed. He’d always heard that home-made chocolate was only for special gifts, but he was sure there must be plenty of girls who did it for friends, too. No, no, he was already jumping to conclusions. It didn’t seem like a prank, Ayano certainly didn’t seem the type to have her father leave him a mystery gift, and… well, he was pretty sure Takane couldn’t bake, or at least she claimed she wasn’t good at it. Who did that even leave?
“G’morning, Haruka.”
Haruka whipped around at the sound of Takane’s voice, and she paused mid-step to stare at him like he was an alien. He was still holding the box, and he slowly loosened his clenched hands after being scared half to death by her appearance.
“U-um… good morning!” He gulped, struggling against the rasp in his throat.
“Uhh, yeah… You alright? You look fucking terrified. Did something happen?”
He nodded too vigorously, having to fidget with his hair to get it out of his eyes afterwards. “Yeah, um, don’t worry about it! Just, y’know, the way you showed up so suddenly… made me feel like my heart stopped, haha.” He instantly regretted the joke, the obvious fear on her face making him feel worse about his own health. But, no, this wasn’t the time, he reminded himself. It was a tasteless gag, and it didn’t merit moping over.
“Oh, uh, fuck, sorry. Didn’t mean to, um… yeah.” She paused, for perhaps a bit too long. “A-anyways, what’re you holding? Looks, um, looks like a box.”
Haruka gulped, glad to switch topics, but not quite so glad that it was this topic. “Y-yeah, I found it on my desk this morning… It’s got a chocolate in it, but no note. When did you get to school? Did you see anyone put it here…?” He instantly realized his question was idiotic, considering she hadn’t even been around to walk to school with him, but it was too late to take it back.
She looked a little overwhelmed by all the questions, or at least that was what Haruka assumed. “N-nah, just got here. But hey, chocolate? What are you, Haruka, a player? Next week I’m gonna walk in here and find half the school fawning over you, huh?”
“N-no! Takane, it’s not like that! Don’t say stuff like that…” Her teasing grin didn’t make him feel any better, and he sighed as he returned the box to his desk and neatly placed the lid back on top. “W-whatever. I just hope whoever it was tells me so I can thank them…”
She stared, but he missed it. “Yeah, well, good luck. More importantly, where the fuck is Kenjirou? He’s, like, twenty minutes late…”
The morning passed as usually as “usual” was in their tiny, stuffy classroom, which consisted mainly of their teacher whining about all the rules he had to follow (this time, it was over how he’d broken fire safety regulations), followed by a lazy two hours of class, and then lunch.
“Should I…?” Haruka gestured to the chocolate in the middle of break.
Takane directed her horrified gaze at his empty bento, mouthing “It’s only been ten fucking minutes…” before bothering to actually reply. “Well… like… isn’t it rude to the girl if you don’t? I-I mean, even if she doesn’t know.”
“Well…” He looked down at the chocolate heart, slightly deformed as it was. “I guess you’re right? Besides… it looks good.”
As he nibbled at the pointed tip of the heart, Takane found herself watching him with a bit too much glee in her heart.
“Jesus… this crush is gonna fucking kill me…” Takane said it under her breath, too low for Haruka to hear over his preoccupation with the chocolate, but she still turned to face the other way beforehand.
Haruka paused, in the middle of taking his second bite. “Mm? Did you say something, Takane?”
With the speed that her head whipped around, it was a miracle that she didn’t hurt her neck. “N-no! I was just saying that that chocolate looks good… Wait! No! I don’t want any of yours. It’s probably too, uh, sugary and gross.”
“Um… well… alright! But it tastes really nice, actually… Eheh.”
He smiled goofily, and the corner of her mouth quirked in response.
“It’s too bad she didn’t leave a note, huh.”
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