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#but i really like this shirt so..

its 2:33 am baby you know what that means!!

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Things are coming together

They got me the gel because it’s way cheaper, and it was even in stock!

Even if the pharmacy fucked up and only filled it for one month and just…didn’t give me the med booklet it’s supposed to come with???? But whatever Google and my doctor’s wonderful nurse Paula (she’s a SAINT I am telling y'all, I’m gonna send her flowers or something as a thank you in the spring) came to my rescue

….now why I am scared to put it on

EDIT: also something I would include in a stand up version of this moment, and v important to know because I am a Ditz

But I was priming the pump (I KNOW BUT THAT’S REALLY WHAT IT’S CALLED BEFORE YOU USE IT) and did it the once, the twice…final and third shot fucking hit the head of the faucet dead on

And my only thought was: well, I’d better get better at dealing with unexpected slightly violent ejaculations before I start dating again, for my sake and that of whomstever dates my dumb ass

And now the faucet is sparkling because I cleaned it in a terror that somehow my mum would touch it and get the gel on her, and I think maybe that is the most that faucet has ever been cleaned, which is *terrifying* as we have lived here ten mcfuckin years and both cleaned the bathroom so we gotta up our fuckin game on that ASAP

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I just need to ramble and feel better doing that in the tags so….

#there’s this tiktok trend going around where you stitch the original and talk about something your mom said to you that’s never left you#and I don’t make videos and anyway even if I did she follows me on there so I wouldn’t do this one#but mine is ‘who are you trying to impress?’#there’s no specific context because she said it multiple times#every time I spent more than 10 minutes trying to figure out what to wear#or when I asked to use my birthday money to get some makeup to try#she would ask ‘who are you trying to impress?’#and it would make me feel so stupid#and I still hear those words in my head any time I attempt to put any real effort into my appearance#any time I try to practice makeup I hear those words and end up wiping it off because I suddenly feel like a clown#any time I go to try something on in a dressing room#or when I put on a dress#or do anything other than wear a T-shirt and jeans and a sweatshirt#I cover myself up because then I don’t feel ridiculous for ‘trying to impress’ anyone#because I’m really not very pretty in the first place and makeup and clothes don’t help#no one would be impressed anyway so it’s stupid to try#having those words in my head have taken a huge toll on my self confidence over the years and I genuinely don’t know how to change that#oh and there’s another thing that comes to mind every time I see one of those videos#it’s not a specific phrase but when I was little I used to journal a lot#and my mom on a few occasions told me that she read what was in there and made fun of me for what i wrote#I was only like 6 or 7 so it wasn’t anything super important#but I can’t journal anymore because I get really embarrassed by what I write#I love owning journals and I have several pretty ones that I can’t bring myself to write in#because if someone were to read it I’d feel really stupid#I love my mom and we have a great relationship now#but things she said will stick with me forever#just.... be careful what you say to kids
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I wanna get and wear a joy division shirt just to piss off music bros when I tell them I hate joy division

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beat my face just to watch six year old five nights at freddys lps and eat gross vegan food

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like i was excited to check it out, i assumed i’d get something but like.. it was so goddamn ugly. and the prices were a little much for something that bland and unappealing. then again if we’re being honest i think just about all of parx merch is hideous.

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I would love to say something smart about fatou or kieu my but honestly I’m just here staring at Ava like hellooooo *twirls hair*

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i’m considering buying a couple more of my favorite shirt.

but I got it from a concert, and I don’t want to mix up which one is the concert tee and which one(s) don’t.

i’m also worried that the texture will be different or they won’t wear the same, so it would be a waste of money.

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