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#but i won't for this one

i gave up on the name, i couldn’t think of anything better asdflknj
aaaaand here we go asdlfkjn-

finally! a sort of first chapter to Scintillam! of course, this one will be focusing on Leona and Artemis going about a little adventure, as they are our heroines :V
nothing tooooo crazy in this one? just smth to get y’all acquainted with them and their little world :V

it’s not too terribly long, but… i mean, nothing i write ever is
feel free to let me know if there’s any grammatical errors and such, i don’t rlly read over my stuff much, bc if i do, i might never post it h-
anyway, here u go-

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im sort of liveblogging my thoughts on vlr- I really liked the part you put in about hunk being apprehensive for having a gun. It totally fits with his character, also, a lot of people irl are apprehensive abt guns bc.. america is insane so i'm glad you put in that realism if that makes sense? also the "fuck tradition you are swag" from allura made me snort

I’m glad you liked it! I’ve always been wigged out by the fact Hunk’s Bayard is the most…. “violent” isn’t the right word because the Bayards are weapons, they’re inherently violent, but Hunk’s blaster cannon is the deadliest of the Bayards. Again, all Literal Weapons are deadly, but Hunk’s Bayard does the most amount of damage in the shortest amount of time. 

Shiro & Keith can only fight one person at a time; Pidge’s weapon tasers people; Lance also has a gun, and a rifle is plenty dangerous, but he can only shoot one person at a time. And then Hunk is over here with a CANNON which is capable of LARGE bursts of fire that can hit MULTIPLE targets at once. Hunk is pretty much a walking tank. And I thought that was interesting, as Large Destruction is the total opposite of Hunk’s personality. 

I forgot to add this to my draft, but the scene ends with Allura telling Hunk that he can leave the Bayard in the armory if he wants, and that no one will ever force him to use it. But she also warns/apologizes for the fact that Voltron itself is a weapon, and not an idle one. 

In the end, Hunk takes the Bayard back. He doesn’t want to. Doing so feels like tacit agreement to everything else. 

Hunk is a Paladin of Voltron. He doesn’t really know what that means yet. Right now, he’s just trying to make choices he can live with.

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Ay not really an ask just a small message. It’s refreshing seeing ur reblogs of more reasonable views of the current state of the world. Ty for not being afraid to post it

oh, not a problem and thank you as well. I try to keep a balanced mindset about things. ^^

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   ( sydney asked: )      “   i  wonder  how  much  of  the  ocean  is
still  undiscovered  ?   what  if  there’s  aliens  ?   ”

      it  would  appear  that  the  tarot  reader  can’t  help  but  let  out  a  small  chuckle   ,      all  the  while  tilting  his  head  as  he  takes  in  each  wild  thoughts  that  decides  to  flow  from  the  other’s  lips   .            ❝      you  know   …      i  don’t  know   …      but  i  kinda  like  not  knowing   ,      you  know   ??      ❞            he  chuckles  again   ,      raising  the  back  of  his  hand  to  his  lips  with  a  small  eye  smile   .      as  weird  as  it  sounds   ,      the  tarot  reader  liked  the  idea  of  a  mysterious  world  with  various  secrets  sprinkled  throughout   ;      secrets  that  would  take  an  entire  lifetime  to  decipher   ;      and  secrets  that  one  could  not  possibly  solve  within  the  span  of  their  relatively  short  life   .


      ❝      if  there’s  anything  in  the  ocean  that  we’ve  yet  to  discover   ——————   i  hope  that  it’s  mermaids   .      ❞            he  admits   ,            ❝      i  use  to  pretend  they  were  real  when  i  when  i  was  a  kid  …      and  my  mom  took  me  to  the  beach   .      ❞

      @fukasade.   |   𝐔𝐍𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐀𝐒𝐊.   |   always accepting.
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′  ✨ int bedroom  ⦙  @magicguilt


 “you know, there’s nothing stopping you from kissing me. i’m certainly not.” parker replied with a smile, before he was moving closer to the other, before he was pressing his lips against jacob’s in a soft, sweet kiss.


   𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐒 𝐆𝐋𝐀𝐃.   all  jacob  wanted  in  that  moment  was  for  parker  to  kiss  him  on  the  lips.   after  months  of  feeling  isolated  &&   HATING   himself  for  feeling  these  emotions––  these  feelings  for  the  other.    ❛   don’t  stop,  please,   ❜   he  whispered.

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Album: Upside Down Flowers

Artist: Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Favourite Track(s): Blue Vacation, Paper Rain

My Thoughts: So, I honestly had no idea who this was or what type of music it was going to be, but I ended up really enjoying it. It’s got a really relaxed Indie feel to it and reminds me of some of the music I listened to with my mum as a child.

Thank you to the anon who recommended it!

send me an album?

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✨ Ao3 ✨ did not give us the ability to use 🔥emojis🔥 and italics and bold text and even images in comments 💬 just for y'all to still write yours in all plain and boring text 😤 Put a goddamn heart at the end 💕 at least a smile ☺️ pour color into it 🌈 you cowards 😱 you clowns 🤡

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hey everyone, sorry for not being active as much. as you can probably tell, im super busy because of work and im also finishing up school. but the good news is that my job is officially permanent (and its in my field!! super thankful they hired me before graduating). the even better news is that i can fail every assignment and test i have left to do and still pass all my classes (and uuhh get a degree)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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