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hi so my Walkman recently broke and I’m so bummed because it’s so hard to find one. Could you write a fic about Steve x fem reader where her Walkman breaks and Steve surprises her with a new one and a bonus (cassettes)
You are the Music in Me - Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Steve comforts you after you break your Walkman and brings a suprise with him Pairing- Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader Word Count - 650 Warnings - None, just fluff Oh no! Hope you find a new one soon! I love this idea and hope this makes you feel better! It's short and sweet! Feel free to send in requests!
The week couldn't get any worse. You woke up on Monday to find your shower wasn't working so you had to have a makeshift wash with towels, your favourite outfit had stains on it because you'd forgotten to put the right liquids in the washing machine and to top it all off your Walkman broke yesterday. You'd had that thing for years and it was your comfort item. You never went anywhere without it. And now it was gone. You'd been so upset that you'd phoned Steve and cried to him about it. As soon as you hung up he immediately got to work on your suprise.
You were sat in your room doing your homework in silence when you heard a knock on the window. You looked up to see Steve with a bag in one hand, and the other signalling you to let him inYou get up and opened the window to allow him in from the rain, getting yourself covered in rainwater in the process. He placed the bag on the floor and walked over to you. He grabbed your waist from behind just as you'd closed the window. You were swept off your feet and thrown onto the bed, Steve on top of you. Your back hit the mattress with so much force that you bounced back, causing him to collapse on top of you. He laughed as he looked at you underneath him, pulling some of the hair out of your face
"Hey there cutie" he said, slowly lifting himself off you and laying on the bed at your side "How are you doing?"
"I miss my Walkman" you admit, feeling slightly stupid for being on the verge of tears over something so small. Steve saw you get glassy eyed and pulled you into a hug
"Hey, its okay. I know how much that thing means to you, so I brought a little suprise"
He sat up and grabbed the bag from the floor and passed it to you
"Open it" he said, a hint of excitement in his voice. You reached inside and found something. When you pulled it out you couldn't believe what it was.
"Your giving me your Walkman?" You asked in disbelief, staring down at the familiar item.
"Yeah. I don't really use it much anymore, but you really need it, so I thought I'd give it another chance at life." He explained, noticing that the tear gathered in your eyes had begun to fall.
"Oh baby! Come here"
You snuggled up close to him and cry into his shirt. You couldn't believe how lucky you were to end up with someone so perfect. You were about to thank him for the millionth time, when he spoke again.
"So now you've got your Walkman back, I suppose you'll be needing these" He went into his pocket and pulled out a bunch of cassettes. They were all you favourite bands and artists. You looked at him in shock
"You know your the best boyfriend ever, right?" You said snuggling into him
"It works well that your the best girlfriend ever"
"Yeah that's extremely cheesy. Save the romantic talk for me"
"Only stating the facts"
And you continued like that for the rest of the evening, sat in bed having random conversations in each others arms. At some point you lay down, so Steve settled down with you. Before he closed his eyes, he looked down at you and admired how beautiful you looked.
"You really are gorgeous right now. Goodnight, I love you more than anything" he whispered, before kissing you on the forehead and wrapping the pair of you in blankets
You smiled to yourself as he pulled you into his chest. "I love you too Harrington" were the last words that left your mouth before sleep finally consumed you both
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Entangled Lust, Part  4
Summary: you get your first lesson
Pairings: Bucky Barnes X Reader
Rating: explicit
Warnings:�� explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, D/s dynamics, safe word, fingering, squirting, a bit of humiliation, 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 2.9K
Entangled Lust Masterlist
*divider created by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Things with Bucky had been painfully simple. He was open and communicating exactly what he wanted, and expected you to do the same. It was daunting at first, but you found yourself more and more comfortable talking with Bucky.
Apart from his firm tone, he was open to listening to you, and once you finally just vocalized your needs and wants, his personality seemed relax as well. Even hearing the odd giggle come come off of his lips.
You found yourself even becoming more confident at school. Able to talk to your peers, instead of silently listening. Listening had done you no favors before, and you were liking the more open and honest you.
Choosing to keep your life at school, and the life you were barely tipping your toe in with Bucky separate and private was becoming more of a challenge. He was a stickler for needing to check in on you throughout the day. Sending you the usual text every morning of, ‘Morning Miss Honey. I hope you slept well, gorgeous. Make sure you drink plenty of water, and I’ll be hearing from you this afternoon.’
And then the afternoon text, ‘How is your day so far? Hope you’ve been able to sit for a few minutes. Drink your water, I’ll know if you haven’t.’
Unable to stop the smiles each time you get a sweet text. Not even trying to hide it anymore from anyone that enters the classroom. You had changed and they all knew it. You had heard a few odd whisperings of how you must have finally got laid, but it was a cruel question of wondering if it was Steve or Frank that finally loosened you up.
The teachers were not prepared to see you walk around the corner, with a big grin on your face. “Miss Honey, I didn’t mean…”
“It’s okay Miss Stevenson. Not that it’s any of your business of what happens outside of this classroom. Furthermore, talking with such crude and inappropriate speech shouldn’t be done at school.”
“You just…”
“Have a good day, Miss Stevenson,” you respond. Grabbing up a water just to make sure you stay hydrated, per Bucky’s orders.
Tumblr media
“Nope, now go on you, two. Go play,” Steve says refusing to get the girls another boba tea. Wanting them to just go out onto the playground so him and Frank can talk.
“Why? Do you and Frank ‘need to talk’?” Mary gives an innocent smile to Steve, while Frank lightly tickles her. “Is this a Miss Honey conversation? Frank said I’m not allowed to talk about her anymore.”
“That is not what I said. I said you talk about her too much,” Frank’s voice flat, while his eyes move away from Steve’s. “I didn’t say that.”
“It’s because,” Mary takes a drink of Frank’s tea, clearing her throat, “I said she’s been very pretty lately,” she gives her uncle a bit of a shrug, and it only causes Casey and Steve to giggle.
“She smiles a lot more. Someone even had flowers sent to her.”
“Flowers?” Frank asks looking between the two girls.
“Miss Honey has a boyfriend,” both girls throw their hand over their mouths beginning to laugh uncontrollably. Steve gives a forced smile to Frank.
“Alright, you two, off to the swings or something,” Steve shoos them away, and he watches his friend’s face completely drain of color.
“It’s that man,” Frank starts. “It’s like no matter what I do, she just ignores me now. If it does not include Mary. She doesn’t come to Ferg’s anymore.”
“Now how long did you expect someone like that to wait around and be single?” Frank looks up at Steve scowling. “I’m just saying, that woman put out a lot of signals to you. You can’t get all pissy when she’s craving attention, and finds her someone willing to give that to her.”
Frank looks over to watch Mary and Casey play. The two girls go from whispering to each other, to running around the park. “She doesn’t need my baggage.”
“What baggage? An uncle raising his niece because she has no one else? The same uncle who has lesser paying job to make sure he has plenty of time with his niece. Let’s disregard the fact that the girl clearly had a thing for you. Do you think she was laughing at your jokes because they were funny? No, let’s forget about her feelings and only worry about poor pitiful moping Frank’s because he’s a martyr.”
Frank’s eyes move back to Steve, and he glares at his friend. Steve can only laugh at how ridiculous and childlike he’s being. “You didn’t have much of these reservations until she pulled back, and it was because there was another man. Sounds fair Frank. She’s now much more desirable now that she’s not right in front of you.”
“What do you know about this Bucky?” Steve shakes his head no, looking back to check on the girls, before he’s back staring at Frank. “You said you know him. What does he do?”
“Ask Miss Honey,” Frank merely looks at Steve, the two of them in a staring contest. “I don’t like talking about people. It’s just an odd choice for her. Not him, but her.”
“I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. What does he do?”
Steve scratches the back of his head, looking at the girls. His eyes never leaving them when he answers Frank, “What are you going to do with this information?”
“Is she in trouble?”
“She’s in over her head. Have you heard of Anonymous?” out of his peripheral vision, Steve notices Frank shake his head no. “Maybe you should check it out.”
“What is it?”
“An exclusive…club, he owns it. Fancies himself the Dom of all Doms.”
“Wait, what did you say?” Steve finally looks back at Frank, grimacing. “So he’s…should I be…no, your right,” Frank agrees, almost starting to grumble to himself.
“But do I…we’re good together, right?” Steve finally smiles, nodding at his friend. “So do I let this run its course or do I tell her how I feel?”
Steve gives him a shrug contemplating his options. On the one hand he could just be honest with you; put it all out on the table and see where it gets him. On the other hand you had asked for some time, and from the sounds of it space.
“I mean maybe. But it also looks like you’re finding her a bit more desirable now that she’s got someone after her. Maybe give it some time. She knows you want to just talk, but do you know what you want out of that conversation?”
This time it’s Frank’s turn to think. He isn’t sure what he wants. He just knows that he misses your company. Misses the way you smelled, and even your melodic giggle. Hates how he doesn’t have your soft touches to his hand and even the easy flow of conversation. He just misses you. And he’s ashamed it took your absence to realize it.
“I screwed up, didn’t I?”
“Yep. It took you way too long to realize you’d screwed up too, huh?”
Tumblr media
“How does,” your eyes watch Bucky as he circles around your body, taking you in as if you were his prey. “How does this work?”
“Are you nervous Gorgeous?” you nod your head at him, but he’s quick to tsk your lack of verbal response.
“Yes, Mr. Barnes.”
“Good girl,” he responds, sliding over a glass of wine for you. “We’re just gonna have a conversation.”
“Eh-eh-eh, manners young lady. I am talking, you are listening. You are not to interrupt me. Have you thought of your safe word?”
You shake your head no, and almost as quickly answer, “No, sir,” Bucky narrows his eyes at you, tilting his head before you answer, “No, Mr. Barnes. I’m sorry,” you take a long drink from that wine, looking up at him owlishly.
“I think a quick spanking should suffice. Don’t you?” Bucky gives you a devilish smile and you already go weak responding a soft, yes, Mr. Barnes. “First, your word. I’ll wait as long as you need, young lady.”
“Um,” you look all over Bucky’s apartment, trying to find something that works. Racking your brain for anything, “Candy apple!”
“Very nice. Miss Honey, I believe it’s time for your punishment, though. And as soon as you’ve taken it like a big girl, you can be rewarded with all that your mind can handle. C’mere.”
Gulping you walk closer to Bucky. Standing at full height, you realize just how large and commanding he is. His hand softly runs down the side of your body, outlining every curve, before flipping you around, and quickly making your front lay flat on his table.
His large hands gently graze over your backside. Creeping lower, before lifting your dress up over you. “Oh, Miss Honey, you dressed up, didn’t you? Got all pretty in hopes to impress me?”
“Yes, Mr. Barnes.”
“Consider me impressed,” he hums. His oxford’s kick your feet further apart, while a hand presses into your back, holding you still. “I do believe that this soft lace lavender color is your shade,” he continues; his hand just softly moving across the swell of your ass.
Before you can comprehend what he’s doing, his hand pulls back before slapping against your cheek. You yelp, causing a bit of a wiggle before he’s crashing his hand down on then opposite side.
Moving back to smoothly caressing you. “I think that will be all this time. Are you comfortable with some pleasure?”
“Please, Mr. Barnes,” you hear the whine and torment in your voice. Needing so much more touch than that. Desiring for him to touch you all over, weak in the knees, and it’s manifesting in your voice.
Bucky sees it, can almost taste how completely pliant you are. Teasingly slow he slides those innocent little panties off of you. Moaning at the heat still evident on your skin from his hand.
His body follows the descent with the lace, squatting down to assist you to step out of the panties. His eyes staring at your weeping cunt as he moves his hands back up your thighs. At the first whimper, he gives a little chuckle. “What’s wrong young lady? Is that pretty pussy aching for my touch?” roaming his hand up higher he scoffs at your leaking arousal, causing embarrassment to flood your cheeks.
“There’s no need for that, you dirty little girl. What are you thinking about right now? What is it that you want me to do?” he watches as you clench around nothing. Smacking your leg when you try to squeeze your thighs together. A bit humiliated at the man still kneeling behind you and gazing at your neglected pussy.
“I want you touch me,” his hand grips your thigh, before giving your ass another smack.
“Is that not what I’m doing?”
“Mr. Barnes, I want you to,” your eyes squint closed when you try and think about exactly what you want him to do. Not wanting to ask for too much, not wanting to ask for too little. Just needing some relief. “To…Bucky I’m throbbing.”
Bucky clears his throat, and you quickly add, “Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes, I’m throbbing.”
“Oh, believe me. I can tell. I’m watching every time that she is needing something. So what do you want me to do about it? Your wish is my command right now.”
“Your,” your sure that sex is a bit too forward right now. Even though you want it. “Your fingers! Mr. Barnes, will you touch me with your fingers?”
“Touch your what?” Bucky chuckles, and you hear how condescending he sounds. Desiring for you to be completely explicit with him. “Do you want my fingers to slap your cunt? Do they need to stimulate your cute little clit, or does she need my fingers to stretch her out? I won’t bite, unless you want me to.”
“Mr. Barnes, please,” you whine, wiggling your legs. Trying to push your them further apart, and you very much want whatever he’s offering. “I want your fingers inside of me.”
“Was that so hard? Sweet Miss Honey, she’s already at loss for words. I’m going to have so much fun with you. Have you so fucked out you forget that sweet name of yours,” without warning his fingers begin sliding through your slit. Rooting around and gathering up your arousal before he enters two into your tight channel.
“Oh and what a tight little pussy this is. How long has it been Miss Honey?” your embarrassed to say it’s been long enough you don’t remember.
His fingers pump into your velvety walls. His ears and eyes wide open to hear any changing in your body and voice. Wanting to use the opportunity to learn your body. Find any secrets that may be hidden. Adding pressure to scissoring open your walls. Using a thumb to give some much needed stimulation to your neglected clit.
Moaning just as much as you, when he finds a rhythm that you can’t get enough of. Staying steady, while you feel tears leak out of your eyes.
Bucky really did pay attention, because when he found what drove you mad, he did not let up. Waiting until your body is writhing. Your cunt sucking his fingers deeper with every stab into you. And when those slick walls grip tight to Bucky, and your back moves up off the desk, he finally stands.
“I’m not finished yet, young lady. Turn around,” you follow his directions. Standing up to spin looking at him. He grips to the bottom of your dress before pulling it off you body. One handed he removes your bra, and you just stand there a bit humiliated and completely naked.
“Lay back on the table,” doing as your told, you lay back, and his thick body is between your thighs so fast. Leaving your legs spread, while he stares at your glistening cunt.
“You gonna be a good girl, and let me really have some fun?”
“Yes, Mr. Barnes.”
“What’s your special word?”
“Candy apple.”
“There’s my good girl,” he moves closer, slowly sinking in two fingers again. His other hand pressing down on your pubic bone. Curling his fingers, he causes another yip out of your mouth.
Your body immediately heats up with pleasure, and you look down, to see exactly what Bucky is doing, “Is that new, Gorgeous? Did I just find something you didn’t know was there?”
“Yes, Mr. Barnes.”
He turns his neck to let out a deep popping sound before he’s relentless at shoving his fingers into you. His hand holding down firmly, and you feel everything. Overwhelmed by the amount of pleasure he’s giving to you, and your vision blurs.
It never stops, just a constant flow of ecstasy coursing through your blood. Even when you try to close your legs, Bucky’s thick body just pushes them further apart. Your core creating the most lewd squelching sounds that seem to echo in the small room. Followed with sounds of your desperate whimpers.
Your fingers grip to the edge of the desk, and your voice is a mixture of screaming and moaning. Another look down to see Bucky working into your body, and you see your juices leaking down his arm. Creating the most erotic patterns on his veiny forearm. Soaked in a way you weren’t sure was possible, and you slam your head back down.
You feel a funny feeling looming in your gut, but Bucky doesn’t stop. Relentless in the need to overstimulate you, until near passing out. The reason for keeping you hydrated becomes painfully obvious, when an animalistic noise raises off of your voice. A tight coil twisted deep within you, threatening to spring back.”
Your whole body quivers and Bucky gives out a knowing little chuckle. Your cunt clenching down on him, and with a few more struggled pumps, you feel the damn break. Almost crying when euphoria races through the rest of your limbs, and your body goes limp.
Bucky smirks down at your trembling body as he removes himself, each of his fingers slowly moving to his mouth where he sucks off all your essence. It isn’t until you come down from your high you notice that Bucky’s shirt is speckled in your juices. Unaware that the build up was for you to feel immense pleasure, and your body thanked him by squirting all over his chest. “I’m sorry.”
“Why,” he asks with a smirk. He maneuvers you to sit up, before he picks you up bridal style. Carrying you into his bathroom, fitted with a huge tub. Gently he places you in there before turning on the water.
When he goes to leave you, you give him a disgruntled whine, and it only causes him to smile, “You need water, Gorgeous.”
“What’s next?” you ask with a raspy voice. Laying your head back, you feel yourself sinking lower into the warm water. Letting it soak your overstimulated body.
“Sleep. It’s been awhile for you, sweet girl. Don’t worry. I’ll have you cumming over my cock soon enough. You did so good, little lady. Mr. Barnes is very proud of you. Was that the first time you squirted?”
“I didn’t know I could do that,” you answer. Your eyes feeling heavier.
“Oh, you are going to be fun. I might not last long with that tight little pussy gripping me like that. Shh,” he whispers. Dipping his hand down into the water, he brushes his fingers around the perimeter of your hairline. Washing off your sticky skin, “Sleep. I’ll do the rest.”
Tumblr media
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Stars as Our Witness
pairing: dick grayson x fem!reader
word count: 1,838
warnings: none
summary: dick grayson left the reader, his childhood best friend, behind when he moved to Bludhaven, but not his feelings for them
Tumblr media
The pale light of the moon sweeps across the ceiling, the rest of the room bathed in a deep purple. Music plays quietly like a low whisper that Y/n can’t quite make out, but she isn’t paying attention to it regardless. Her mind is elsewhere, swept up in thought like the leaves in the breeze outside. She’s sitting in the middle of the couch, her legs tucked under her and body turned toward the window. An empty champagne glass rests in her hand, her finger swirling around the top. Absentmindedly she hums along to the tune playing out through the stereo, oblivious to the patter of feet coming down the stairs.
For a moment, Dick stands away from her, drinking in the way moonlight dances across her skin. Feeling his presence behind her, she cranes her neck to face him. A smile lights up her entire face when she sees him, as he makes his way further into the room. She stands, placing her glass down on the coffee table in front of her before meeting him halfway.
“You’re a sight for sore eyes, Dick Grayson. You know that?” she asks, still gleaming as she looks up at him.
He smiles innocently enough at that. The same boyish smile he would always have when they were kids and she would say something like this. Something that would make his heart forget how to beat, only for it to start hammering between his ears seconds later. Beating to the tune of his love for her.
“I’m sorry I forgot to save you a dance earlier,” she says, speaking of the promise she made to him before the night had begun. The two had been upstairs in his old room, and Dick swore the only way he could get through another one of Bruce’s gala’s was if he could get one dance from her. If he could have her close again after all this time.
“May I have this one then?” he asks, offering a hand for her to take.
“You may,” she accepts, allowing him to take her hand in his and guide her to the center of the room.
Dick pulls her into him, their bodies naturally becoming one as his hands settle around her waist and hers around his neck. Y/n follows him as he takes the lead, the two of them gliding across the floor to the slow rhythm of the music. Dick can’t tell if it’s the beat of the music that’s thumping through his chest, or if it’s his own erratic heartbeat.
“How’s Bludhaven?” she asks, leaning her head against his chest as they sway back and forth.
“It’s been...different,” he answers, resting his chin on her head. The smell of her hair fills the air around him, and he takes a moment to savor it. The smell is lavender, but more importantly it’s her. And, God how he’s missed her.
“How’s Gotham?”
Y/n gives him a half hearted shrug. “The same. Different without you, though. You should come home, Dick. Bruce misses you. I miss you. We all miss you,” she says, doing her best to not sound so desperate. Like she hasn’t been missing her best friend terribly for so long and would do anything to have him come back. Like she isn’t begging to have her other half back. The one person who knows her like the stars know the night sky.
A hollow laugh slips from Dick before he can catch himself. “Did Bruce tell you that he misses me?”
“You know how he is,” she tells him, which is code for Bruce is a stubborn bastard. Everyone knows why Dick had to leave. It wasn’t easy for some, and hell, it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk for him either. At the end of the day everyone understood, and deep down they all supported him. Some were better at showing it, but Dick knew better than to expect any show of emotion from Bruce.
“Mhm,” he muses. “Look, I’m not ready to come back. I don’t know that I ever fully will, but I do know that I’m not Robin anymore. I can’t be him.”
Dick glances out the window like he’s hoping to find something out in the long expanse of Wayne Manor. Maybe answers. Maybe a reason to stay. He’s got one right here in his arms. She almost made him stay the first time. She was the hardest person for him to say goodbye to, but he needed to go. He needed the change, so he had to walk away. Only for him to wind up right back here; for him to realize that he can leave Robin behind—he can stop being Robin—but he can’t leave Dick Grayson behind. He can’t leave the way he feels about her behind.
Y/n pulls away from him slightly, just enough to show her curiosity for what he’s told her. “So who are you?”
“Something different. Something better. I’ve been calling myself Nightwing.”
“Nightwing?” She arches an intrigued brow, a smirk on her lips. “Like a bird that comes in the night and saves people?”
“Exactly,” he says, giving her a twirl before catching her by the hips.
“I like it,” she says, falling back into his embrace as his arms wind tighter around her waist.
Dick doesn’t look fully convinced. “Yeah? No comments about the continuing bird theme? Or the name?”
She shakes her head, rolling her eyes. “I really do like it. It suits you. Just know that, no matter who you are, Dick Grayson will always be my hero,” she says, and her eyes are like stars twinkling above the Earth. So beautiful. So bright. Dick is smiling at her, and his whole world is gazing back at him.
“You ever consider running around in tights and fighting crime?” he asks jokingly.
Y/n snorts. “God, no. Could you imagine? Chris would’ve had a heart attack if I did.”
“How are things going with you guys?”
The brightness about her falters, and Y/n doesn’t answer for a long minute. “We, uh…,” she trails off, eyes cast down on the floor like she’ll find the words to say there. Sorrow fills her voice as she replies, “We broke up, actually.”
“Oh,” is all Dick responds with because he doesn’t trust himself to say anything else. If he opens his mouth any more, something along the lines of “He was never good enough for you anyway” or “He was never the one you were meant to be with” will fall out. He might say “You belong with me instead” or “I loved you from the start”.
“He asked me to marry him, but I don’t...I don’t think I ever truly loved him,” she says as Dick dips her gracefully. When he  brings her back up slowly, their bodies are pressed together and faces mere inches away from one another as she continues, “He was...safe, I suppose. I could see what the next fifty years of my life looked like with him. Nice. Quiet. But ultimately, safe.”
“You deserve someone that makes you happy. Someone that makes you feel like your heart belongs with them. Like it’s home,” Dick says. Y/n nods at this.
“Yeah, mine, it...it belongs elsewhere,” she says, a distant look on her face like the thought has only now come to her. Like her heart has finally let her in on a little secret that it knew long before she did.
Y/n steals a glance at Dick, who’s staring shamelessly at her. “You’re staring, Grayson,” she states, taking his hand in hers as she stops dancing. “Come sit with me? We can watch the sun come up.”
“I’m sorry,” Dick apologizes, though, he isn’t really. He follows behind taking a seat next to her on the couch. “It’s just…you really do look beautiful.”
“That’s the third time tonight that you’ve told me that,” she says. Not that she’d ever tire of hearing it from him.
He grins sheepishly, nothing but adoration swirling around in those blue eyes of his as he looks upon her. “It’s because it’s the truth. You’re beautiful.”
“You can’t say things like that,” she whispers nervously.
Outside the moon begins its descent towards the horizon, making way for the sun to rise. It’s like a dance. One that they’ve shared since the beginning of time.
“Why not?”
“Because then I might fall in love with you,” she says, purposefully focused on the trees swaying in the breeze. She watches the way sunlight begins to creep over them, peeking through the limbs and swallowing the darkness like a tender embrace.
“Well I’m in love with you,” Dick says.
This tears her attention towards him. She isn’t sure she’s heard him correctly at first. “What?”
Dick leans forward, resting his forehead against her own. He hesitates for a moment, his hot breath fanning across her cheeks; her eyelashes brushing against his. When he finally grabs her face in his hands, pulling her in for a kiss, his lips are waves crashing against the shoreline as they collide with her own. It catches Y/n off guard, but she finds her fingers tangled in his hair as she kisses him back with the same urgency. The two fall back on the couch, everything inside them bursting like the pinks and oranges painting the morning sky. Dick’s hand moves down her chest, finding its way to her waist and pressing her body completely against his.
Y/n pulls away first, but they’re both out of breath when she does.
“Wow,” she breathes out in a dizzy laugh.
“That’s one word for it,” Dick says, unable to control the blood rushing to his face. “I’m sorry.”
“For what?” she asks, tucking a stray hair behind his ear.
Dick dips his head into the crook of her neck, softly whispering his answer into the skin above her collar bone. “That probably seemed like it came out of nowhere, but you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that. There’s been so much in my life that has changed. Losing my parents, being taken in by Bruce, but the way I feel about you is something that never has. I love you.”
She gently pushes his head out of her neck so they’re face to face when she confesses, “I love you too, Dick.”
Her thumb traces the outline of his lips that were on hers only seconds ago as he beams down at her, an obvious weight being lifted off his shoulder from knowing that she loves him too. It’s almost too good to be true. Like this has all been a dream, and any moment he’s going to wake up alone on the couch.
But he closes his eyes, and he kisses her again. And she kisses him. And they kiss again and again and again until the sun comes up.
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Summary: What problems could a problematic witch cause at the Avengers Tower? The answer is all of them. So, when you’re in dire need to do some witchy things, the Avengers ship you off to the Sanctum, in hopes that Strange can keep an eye on you. But what happens when everything still goes wrong?
Note: Sorry, kind of a long one for me :)
Tumblr media
“Alright guys, I’m going to head to my witchy room now. Gotta do some witchy things and make some more potions-”
“NO!” All members of the Avengers collectively screamed, causing you to jump. A poof of purple magic shooting from your fingertips and breaking a vase. “Oops.” You gave them your bashful smile. 
“This is why we don’t want you to do your witchy things in the tower anymore.” Tony murmurs, causing you to frown. Natasha elbows him, “ow.”
“What he means, is that sometimes your witchy stuff can cause destruction.” You were gobsmacked. 
“It is not destructive. Name three times that it was.” You crossed your arms defensively. 
“The twentieth floor exploded because you saw a spider and accidentally knocked sulphur into your cauldron.” You huffed. “I cannot control my jumpiness!”
“Instead of giving Clint a healing potion, you gave him a love potion, and he fell in love with Pietro.”
“How was that one destructive? If anything, the tower was just a tad more chaotic than usual.”
“Clint blew up the air vents trying to find him! The AC was down for weeks.” Sam deadpanned. “Poor Bucky couldn’t move his metal arm.”
You frowned. “That was after the fact!”
“You once sneezed in the common room and plants began sprouting out of the walls. It was like we were transported into the Amazon.” Your eyes widened at Peter. “Sorry Miss Y/n, but it’s true.”
“Maybe I’m a bit problematic! But you love me for it!” You were met with silence. “Well, you guys suck.” You stuck your tongue out at them.
“I do still need to do my witchy stuff, though. What am I meant to do?” Tony smiled.
“We can send you to Strange.” You grinned and clapped your hands together. 
“This is the only place that you are allowed to do whatever it is you do. It has protection wards placed around it, so your chaos cannot interfere with the rest of the Sanctum.” Stephen explained. 
“But I’ll be lonely.” You pouted; Stephen sighed. 
“Y/n, just get on with it. I’ll be in the library going over spells. Do not destroy anything.” And with that, he left you alone. 
Deciding to get straight into it, you pulled out your phone and connected it to your Bluetooth speaker. How were you meant to get anything done without music? Selecting Doctor You by DNCE you started to get into your witchy feels. 
(Apologies if this isn’t the music you’re into...feel free to change it to anything you like 😊)
Vibing to your music, you began to create your potion. Summoning your cauldron, you stirred what was already in there while shaking your hips to the beat. Mumbling to the lyrics (in hopes that you wouldn’t disturb Stephen or Wong), you began adding your emerald saffron, feverfew, and venom lavender into the mix. 
As you began to carefully stir the mixture, the chorus of the song began...and you couldn’t help yourself.
(Once again, feel free to change the lyrics)
As you really got into it, you began dancing around the small room, narrowly missing your bubbly mixture and the items surrounding it.
As you were finishing your solo act, you accidentally knocked a container of wild rue into the mixture. Your face blanched. “Uh oh...”
Quickly, you bolted out of the room at a pace that could give Pietro a run for his money and closed the door behind you. Leaning you back against the door, you counted down.
Cue the sound of witchy goop exploding. That was not going to be easy to clean. Opening the door slightly, you peered at the disaster that was inside. Grey goop was stuck to pretty much every surface; your tomes were completely destroyed, meaning that pieces of paper were scattered everywhere; and let’s not forget about the stuff that was in the room to begin with. Stephen was not going to be pleased. 
As if thinking of him made him appear, the Sorcerer Supreme stood in front of you, with an annoyed expression clear on his face. 
“Oops..?” You smiled. 
“What did you do?”
“Well, I was in the middle of a solo act,” Stephen rolled his eyes, but you chose to ignore him, “and I accidentally knocked some wild rue into my cauldron.” He dragged his hand down his face and attempted to hold back a groan. 
“Why are you like this? You’ve got to be the clumsiest witch to grace the Multiverse.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment. So, thank you.”
He sighed.
After your fiasco in the room, Strange ended up bringing you back to the library with him. He no longer trusted you to be unsupervised. 
“Come on, Stephen. It was one little mishap.”
He shook his head, “One little mishap that destroyed an entire room. You’re lucky my wards were there. No more witchy things.”
You frowned, “What am I meant to do then?”
“I contacted Stark, but they were called on a last-minute mission, so he asked me to keep an eye on you for the time being.”
“That doesn’t answer my question, Doctor.”
He grinned, “Oh, but it does. You’re going to sit in that little corner over there and do some non-witchy things where I can see you.”
You huffed. You did not need a babysitter and you voiced your opinion on the matter, but still, you complied anyways, making Strange chuckle. 
Sitting in the chair with a scowl, you stared at the Sorcerer Supreme. What does he think you’re going to do in this corner? Wait patiently for the Avengers to come pick you up? If he thought that, he’s got another thing coming. 
Making sure that he wasn’t looking, you quickly stood up, and quietly ran down a random aisle of the library. As soon as you deemed yourself a safe distance away from Strange, you slowed down. Slowly making your way through the library, you ran your hands over the multitude of books that it held. 
Books on necromancy, spell casting, potion making, and countless others surrounded your view. You smiled; it was just your luck that you somehow ended up in the witch section. Gathering a few books, you made your way to a table. 
When opening a book on spell casting, a cloud of dust greeted you, causing you to sneeze. Purple strings of magic seeped from your fingertips and pushed against the dark oak shelves of the library, knocking them down like dominoes. 
Your mouth was agape. Now Stephen really wasn’t going to be pleased. Quickly getting up, you attempted to put everything back the way it was. That was until someone interrupted you. 
“Y/n! What did you do?” He yelled.
With widened eyes, you titled your head to the side and gave a cautious smile. “Oops...?”
He took a deep breath to control himself. “Yeah...oops.”
“Let’s get this cleaned up.” You nodded your head and hastily began fixing up the library. 
Eventually, much to Stephen’s pleasure, the Avengers came to collect you. 
“So, how’d you go? Do everything you needed?” Tony asked. 
You smiled awkwardly. “Sure...”
Wanda quirked her head to the side, “You did it again, didn’t you?” You nodded. 
“It’s fine. You wouldn’t be the Y/n we know and love if you weren’t a little problematic.” She kissed your temple. 
“She’s right, you know. The Tower wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for your little mishaps.” Stark gave you a side hug. 
“Thanks Doc for watching her.” He said with a nod, then left along with Wanda. 
You smiled and turned to Stephen. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night?”
Stephen smiled, pulled you closed and kissed your forehead. “I couldn’t forget about date night.”
“I love you, Stephen.” You said, nuzzling into him. 
He laughed, “I love you too, my little problematic witch.”
I thrive off of chaos. 
Find my Masterlist here!
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lookformyvoice · 2 days ago
Corporate Affair : 1
Tumblr media
Jungkook didn't think presentations could surprise him anymore. That is until he witnessed the presentation of his new team member. (nsfw) (ft. Park Jimin)
Tumblr media
━ jungkook x female!oc
━ 3.3k words.
━ 18+
━ smut, fluff, slow burn, corporate au, workplace romance au
━ warning/s: explicit sexual content
A/n: Hey, everyone! Here is the first chapter to Corporate Affair. It's been at least one and a half years since I have jotted down some fiction and not going to lie, my brain was so dead in the creative sense that from gathering words, ideas to even willpower, everything was an Achilles heel for me, haha. But anyways, I’m getting into writing again, though slowly. But better something than nothing. 
I genuinely hope readers find this story interesting ('cause I'm doubting this so much). It's going to be a slow burn so if you're looking for some immediate relief, this ain't it lol.
And, my rant ends here. Peace out!
Tumblr media
Masterlist I Next
Tumblr media
Jungkook can't resist it. He simply can't. It’s quite a momentary action, won’t even take that long honestly but he couldn’t risk it in case the feeling escalates and he has to take more than a second to recompose himself. After all, a moment or two change everything when one’s behind the wheel.
But alas, he gave in. Gave in to the sheer annoyance coursing through his veins as soon as he saw a familiar caller ID flashing on his car screen. And he, gasp, rolled his eyes so deep it’s a wonder they didn’t get stuck in there.
"It hasn't even been two weeks since you left," Jungkook's right hand swiftly handled the wheel as the other rested on his lap. "Why-” The interrogatory word came out too harsh and he really wouldn’t have allowed his tone to be like that any other time but this person had really crossed a line here. “-have you called me five times already?"
"Aww, you're keeping a count, huh?" Jimin's cooing proved to one of the million reasons why Jungkook can't stand his colleague/friend (Or so he says). “I just want to make sure you are not missing me.”
“Oh, rest assured, nobody’s missing you. Not even Tae-” Jungkook’s retort was interrupted when he heard laughter from the the other end. “Hyung? You there?”
It took one more ‘hyung’ from Jungkook for the said man to return, “Sorry, man. So, what was it? Yeah, I didn’t want you to miss m-” 
"If you don't have anything important to say, I'm hanging up."
"Yah, the four times I called-"
Jimin groaned, "Yeah, yeah. Well, was any of it for non-work purposes?"
"It’s never just work with you, hyung. It’s all meshed in, so yeah, there was both-" Jungkook halted to a pause when the loud noises interrupted him again.
He waited for it to die down and focused entirely on the road ahead him. In moments, Jimin returned. "And... Sorry, what were we talking about again?"
Jungkook didn't bother reminding him, it was the usual bantering anyways. "You seem to be having fun over there."
He felt Jimin smile from the other end, "Man, it's fucking amazing. Tokyo is wow. The whole team went out for drinking yesterday and there was this bar with the most amazing sushi. And then we went out for karaoke too. I got home at two, can you believe it? I didn't think I had it in me anymore but looks like I still got it."
The younger man sighed at Jimin's jolly tone, "Hyung, you're in a superior's capacity there. Shouldn't you be behaving a bit responsibly?" And he lightly tilted the steering to the right which had the Mercedes glide into the underground parking lot.
"Ugh, shut up. It was my welcoming party, well, a super-delayed one but they really insisted on throwing one so I couldn't just not go. And unlike some people, I happen to enjoy mingling with people." That felt like a dig at Jungkook and he was sure it was meant to be one. "And my colleagues don't seem to mind my company either."
"Why would they mind it? They’re currying favours by spending more time with you, if it wasn't that obvious already. Plus, if their boss himself is slacking around, it gives them more the excuse when they fuck up themselves later-"  
"Yah, dongsaeng-ah," Jimin emphasized the word to remind the sharp-tongued maknae of the age gap between them that the latter never gave two fucks about. "I didn't call to have you bite my ears off. Just reminding that the new member is joining today."
Silence followed, which was unusual since Jungkook always had a comeback to literally anything and everything Jimin said. "Jungkook-ah, you there?"
"Yeah, yeah. I was just parking the car."
Jimin rolled his eyes at the non-committal response. As if Jungkook needed to be so focused during something as mundane as parking a car considering how good he was at driving, "Yeah, well, the new member is coming-"
"I heard that. And I remember it too." Jungkook finally put the car at rest and leaned back on his seat.
Jungkook and Jimin worked at one of the top multinational consulting firms, Maverick & Park but in different teams. Today there was a new team member joining Jimin's Conflict Resolution and Negotiations team (Or CRN team, as was the lingo at the firm) but he was away in Japan for a three-months project. And hence, along with looking after Jimin's team, Jungkook was also to oversee the new consultant's onboarding and so forth.
"Just make sure to give a good welcome, okay. It's bad enough her actual team leader isn't there for that." .
A crease formed on Jungkook’s forehead when he heard this. Jimin had mentioned her in literally all five calls he had made since he had left and Jungkook really wondered why he is so insistent on it. Not only was Jungkook obviously going to make sure the new team member settles in well- it was his fucking job after all- but also that this continuous persistence for being a good host was baffling to Jungkook considering how commonplace the event of onboarding a new consultant was. 
So he voiced his thoughts, "There isn’t any need to feel bad, hyung, you aren't playing hooky over there or something. You’re there for work after all." Jimin felt slightly allayed with the maknae's words. It didn't last long. "Or at least I hope you are."
The older ignored the last comment, "Yeah but you know how important she is. Everyone wanted her on their team but damn, I guess the best one won."
"There are basically just three conflict resolution teams at our branch. Barely an everyone."
"Tsk! You're such a party-pooper. Whatever. Just make sure to-"
"I said I will." Jungkook checked himself in the car's mirror before glancing at his watch, "Is there anything else other than the obvious? 'Cause I gotta run and-"
Ugh, he’s such a brat, "Yeah, fine. That was it." Just as he was about to end the call he heard Jungkook's words,
"And get some sleep. Geez."
A smile formed on Jimin’s lips. "Alright. Bye then."
He’s a cute brat though.
Tumblr media
A week later, Jungkook was running a glance through his mailbox before one of his personal reminders on his other desktop screen reminded him of the meeting he had with the CRN team at 1:20pm. He checked the Rolex strapped on his wrist and got off the swivel chair before strutting out of his office. He languidly paced towards the conference room as he utilized this ten-minutes window not only to give his body a much-needed break from the 90-degreed posture he had sat in for the past hour but also to mentally revise the meeting’s agenda. And just then he spotted a certain figure entering the meeting room round the corner.
Lee Areum. Jungkook recognised the figure with ease, having grown used to it in the past few days. The consultant because of whom Jungkook had been subjected to Jimin’s torturous calls every morning. But after she joined, he realized Jimin wasn’t the only one obsessed with making her the subject of their conversation. Jungkook’s own Strategy and Intelligence team (SnI) and the rest of the divisions on the 23rd and 24th floor were all whispering about her so much that it came to even Jungkook’s notice, who mostly stayed aloof at work.
The attention Lee Areum was getting wasn’t exactly surprising though. Considering how close-knitted the Korean community is, a mere fresher joining work made news too. But apart from the obvious novelty, Lee Areum herself, as a person, wasn’t exactly that inconspicuous either. Her tied-up raven hair, where most Korean female employees chose to leave theirs open and her stylish attire, that impressively stood out from most of the already-fashionable crowd at Maverick & Park- all this definitely physically set her apart.
But there was more too. Lee Areum’s mannerisms- how she spoke, walked and even something as bare minimum as the way she stood, it all felt different. Charming even, as some had put it. And all this had led many to believe that she probably belonged to a wealthy family but there was no way to confirm it. Lee is a terribly ordinary last name to get any useful leads from and when asked directly, Lee Areum had denied the rumour outright, which confirmed the suspicions of many. Well, she obviously can’t admit it, you know. They are supposed to keep these kinds of things a secret. Is what the employees-turned-sherlock-holmes had reasoned.
Then why the fuck would you ask her anyways? Were Jungkook’s thoughts when this had reached his ears. Yeah, Jungkook wasn’t a big fan of the gossip flying around around Lee Areum. This was such a routine thing at the firm that he knew within a few weeks, people will find a new target and all this talk will have dust sitting over it. The only thing that Jungkook cared about was that as long as this Lee Areum's being different didn’t pose any issue, there was no need to be interested in anything other than her professional life.
What Jungkook didn’t know was that his nonchalant attitude, which surely wasn’t wrong, was going to come and bite his ass in precisely six minutes.
Tumblr media
Fuck!��Jungkook desperately and (hopefully) subtly squirmed in his chair as he mentally praised whoever that came up with the idea of dimming down the lights during a presentation. Though this didn't help his situation at all, it at least promised some privacy against his junior colleagues. Oh god. He winced as he ran the word through his mind since it held far great importance than one could imagine, especially at this moment. 
After all, how mortifying would it be if these hoobaes get to know that their interim team leader- Jeon Jungkook, one of the most impressive consultants at the Seoul branch, got a fucking boner in the middle of a presentation.
And if that wasn't enough, the cherry on top was that he got hard because of the presentation. 
Fucking shit! Jungkook kept chanting similar vulgar incantations in his mind and shifted in his chair from time to time but that was it. What else could he do anyways? Running out was impossible, his dick was too hard to do anything of that sort, plus the walk to the restroom would be terribly embarrassing. And the other alternative? Getting off. Yeah, so you get it, he really had no option but just to remain engulfed in this... this confusing state of reverie where he was panicking so hard at the situation he was in but also loved the ripples spreading through his body.
Oh god. This wave was stronger, so much that Jungkook had to bring his fingers near his mouth to seal it in the most inconspicuous way possible in order to avoid any lewd noises escaping his lips. Shit, shit. Shit! 
This wasn’t on the agenda. Oh, this so wasn’t. You know what was? Choi Heejin giving updates about her soon-to-be-finished report on a deal she had recently closed. Do Jinhyeok and Son Seokmin informing of the recent developments in their respective cases. Jungkook asking them the necessary questions about their progress and them asking him doubts that he would be glad to resolve. Both the parties contributing amicably to maintain the quality of the projects. This was on the agenda. Not getting hard at the most inappropriate time like some horny teenager. And who the fuck gets hard during a godforsaken presentation!? A presentation!?
Don't blame Jungkook for this entirely though because this wasn’t something that happened involuntarily. Not as if Jungkook’s dick just went ‘Top of the morning to ya!’ and sprang up. No. There was an instigation, and it was when Nam Doyun and the latest addition to the CRN team, Lee Areum started off their presentation on the case they had been jointly assigned to work on. Doyun’s part was nothing out of unexpected plus Jungkook was working with him for the past few weeks already, so he was familiar with the guy.
Lee Areum though. Daaaaamn. This literally went off in his mind in under fifteen seconds of her speaking. She was explaining how she and Doyun were planning on undertaking the case and it was clear (quite expected too) that their research and planning was fantastic. The project seemed like it would sail through in the smoothest way possible. And the pair seemed to make an exceptionally compatible team in spite of having met each other just a few days ago. 
But the number of studied observations Jungkook made decreased with time as he listened to Lee Areum and then went down to none as his focus began centering around the alluring person in front of him. His eyes felt a pull, a freaking pull, towards her and the already dimmed down surroundings somehow dulled further as if next to her, everything else was so worthless that it could and should only fade away because really, staying in her shadows was the only way anything could ever coexist with her.
What is it? Is it her intricately woven speech that makes the statistics she is mentioning sound like a ballad? Or is it the utter lack of filler words while she speaks? Is it her eyes? How they make you feel as if she could convince you to jump off a cliff the moment you stared into them? Or was it her confidence? Oh god, why does she look at me like she’s staring at my freaking soul? Okay, got it. The eyes and the confidence for sure. But was that all? Oh no.
What had really intrigued Jungkook was actually a very commonplace detail. Everybody has it more or less. But as someone who appreciates the magic of sounds, Jungkook found Lee Areum’s voice to be the most beautiful sound he had ever heard in an office setting. It’s not as if he hadn’t heard her talk before, she did participate by giving inputs during meetings but consultants usually had considerable autonomy while on projects so unless it was for those meetings, he didn’t have as many opportunities to take notice of it. 
Turns out, not listening to her enough beforehand had turned out to be the lethal mistake that led to his demise. He hadn't heard her speak at length before especially not with her being the only object of his attention and fuck, how had he missed her beautiful, deep voice? She wasn't a full-blown contralto, no, the lightness lacing her tone made sure she wasn't, but she wasn't a mezzo either. Her voice lied somewhere in between and oh god, what he wouldn’t give to just hear her serenade him for his entire life as she writhed beneath him.
He drew a sharp breath as he painted that scenario in his head. She would never be quiet, she’ll never hold back her moans. She seemed too confident for that. Huh. Would she even concede me the control then? Damn! Oh god, will she ride me? She will, won’t she? Of course she will, what was I thinking? Someone like her will never stay under, hell no. Jungkook’s brows furrowed and with a clenched jaw he imagined her rising and then slapping hard on his lap. Fuck, she'll keep bouncing, huh, always meeting my eyes and never shy away. And she’ll moan lusty nothings into the air and- Oh wait. Team leader. Fuck, I want her to say team leader while she fucks me and uses me to make herself feel good. Say it again and again, in that deep voice of hers-
"Team Leader?"
Yes, say it. Exactly like that-
"Team Leader Jeon?"
Jungkook broke out of his trance and his head snapped to the voice that had called out to him, "Huh? Oh, yes, Miss Choi?"
Heejin smiled awkwardly at the wide-eyed, whiplashed Jungkook, "Uh, Miss Lee asked if there are any questions since the presentation's over."
It took him some seconds to understand what was going on and everything that had faded away earlier firmly reclaimed their position. Everything came back to him accompanied with the horrifying realization of the shit he had just pulled Or hadn't... yet. And as if that self-realization wasn’t enough, the awkward glances of his team members just left a sinking feeling in his heart. 
And to top it all, Lee Areum just stood there in the front as she stared at him with sheer disbelief and his heart dropped. Nobody knew he was hard, including her, but there was a good reason why Lee Areum seemed so distressed. Everyone knew how important the first presentation at a new place was in terms of setting a precedence and so he knew exactly what ran through her head. That she sucked so bad her team leader zoned out during her bare five-minutes long talk. If she couldn’t keep him engaged for such little time, who's to say the clients will be at all convinced by the ideas she is pitching them.  If, at all, they give her enough attention to even be convinced.
Oh, no, no, no. Goddammit! Jungkook knew the word will spread out fast about his reaction to her and everyone will consider it to be the ultimate judgement because bosses are apparently always fucking right and since this seemed much more gossip-worthy than just thinking that Jungkook was actually spacing out.
But fuck all that, he would come out clear and clarify the incident himself in case the hell unleashes but the last thing he wanted was for someone as capable as her to think low of herself,
"Yes, of course.” He replied while composing himself. “That was- Miss Lee, it was a great presentation." She nodded but he saw her gulp hard and realized she probably thought he said it just for the sake of it. "It was. The research was on-point but your reasoning on how to handle the conflict between the clients was excellent. I noticed the inputs from your previous experience with mergers and I’m sure they’d help you immensely on this case."
Jungkook watched her lips part in awe, probably surprised that he had indeed paid attention but he wasn't going to stop just there. He felt extremely guilty for letting her feel, even for a second, that she wasn't good. If she felt so but just in case she did, "But most importantly, your presentation style is commendable. It keeps one intrigued till they very end and I am sure your clients won't be able to resist your power either. I can see why team leader Park spoke so highly of you. Keep it up."
Everything went silent for a while, it wasn’t just Areum who was in shock, the rest of the team was too as they didn't expect the esteemed Jeon Jungkook, who mostly kept to himself, to be so vocal about Areum's performance. But they were glad their teammate did well and they voiced it to her, chirping loud compliments as Areum bowed politely to all of them.
And now, for the most important thing. “All right, then. That wraps up the meeting. Mr. Nam and Miss Lee, all the best on your case, we hope you have a safe flight on Monday. Others too, great work. Hoping to see the paperwork completed as per the deadlines.” They (again) loudly thanked him for his words and Jungkook was convinced Jimin’s influence was the reason why the entire CRN team was so loud. “Now scram. I have to go over some stuff here.”
In between bowing and wishing goodbyes, Jungkook felt an attractive dark gaze focused on him and when he faced it, its owner smiled softly before bowing lightly again and then finally departing which is when Jungkook realized something.
Lee Areum had done a lot of things to him today- had his dick riled up under a minute or so, made him out to be an almost-laughingstock in front of his colleagues, instigated panic and guilt, and had him break out of his ‘man-of-a-few-words’ persona to profoundly compliment her.
All of this was so unexpected but even when combined, it came nowhere near to what he felt when she smiled at him just now.
Ahem, alright. Jungkook dismissed his elevated heartbeat quickly. No time for this. He sighed loudly and began typing on his phone to push his schedule by fifteen minutes before going quiet in his chair as he waited for the still raging storm to die down.
Damn, He somehow had an instinct, these three months are not gonna be easy.
Tumblr media
Masterlist l Next
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welcometololaland · 12 hours ago
Wrote a 1 x 10 missing scene and then just decided to follow through with one of my favourite moments from season 1 ❤️
“What are you thinking?” Carlos asks, breaking the silence. 
“I’m thinking,” TK sighs, wondering how he’s supposed to pour out the breadth of emotions he feels in his chest, “we make a pretty good team.” 
There’s no way he can explain to Carlos what this really means to him; how his heart feels less empty, how his chest feels warm in a way it hasn’t in a very long time, how New York feels like it might as well be on another planet. Then again, he has so much more time to find the right words.
He feels Carlos’ head turn towards him, his gaze searching TK’s expression. “We really do, don’t we?”
When TK turns his head in response, he sees nothing but adoration staring back at him, one of Carlos’ hands propped behind his head as he lays spread across the hood. He allows himself a second to drink in Carlos’ expression; the warm, relaxed half-smile on his perfect lips. He can do that now, because Carlos is his, and he doesn’t need a single excuse anymore. “Afraid so,” he replies, softly.
He extracts one of his hands from the pocket of his hoodie and reaches down, grasping one of Carlos’ in his own. It comes easily as he draws it into his body; Carlos’ gaze following it as it goes. There’s a beat of silence as warm brown irises find TK’s green ones and it’s cliche as hell, but everything TK knows seems to stand still in that moment, as Carlos’ world quietly takes him apart.
Big swings, his dad once said. Then again, Owen Strand had been divorced twice.
Looking across the hood of the camaro, Carlos' palm clutched to his chest, solid and warm against his heart, TK swears off the big swings. They've never felt authentic, anyway. What he's got now, the beautiful smile etched into the face staring back at him, didn't need some grand gesture. It needed honesty, openness and just a tiny bit of calculated risk.
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tsunderedoctor · 2 days ago
A/N: Inspired by the beautiful art @politenuclearbomb​ did of plague doctor!Law 💖 (I hope it’s okay to tag you-)
Warning: treatments described are actual treatments from the Black Plague and are extremely disturbing, reader also has the pneumonic plague, second common type of Black Plague that haunted the European and Asian lands. Viewer discretion is advised. This is not a cutesy fic and should be taken with caution.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
He found you on the street, coughing your lungs out as you stared up at him in fear. The mask alone telling you, you had reached death’s doors. Grabbing you by the arm with a gloved hand, the mysterious figure drags you away to God knows where, eventually your mind blacked out from the stress and lack of energy you presented. 
It’s dark where he placed you, a small window showing the street above. Doing your best to cry out for help only hurt your chest more as the masked figure stares down at you, tilting his to the side as if you are some strange animal. Maybe you are at this point. Your body didn’t feel human anymore, nor did it look it. Caged up in a small cell, you really are just an experimental rat tied up for a human’s pleasure.
It didn’t take long for him to enter the cell room. Forcing your hands apart as he checked your chest for a temperature, letting out a sigh through the mask. “Just as I thought, your fever hasn’t died down yet.” His voice was gruff, even through the mask you could hear it perfectly, sending shivers down your spine. 
Coughing once more, you tried to look intimidating, well the best that you could for a dying person. “What do you want?” 
Humming, the figure knelt down in front of you, moving your greasy hair from your face. “It’s rare to find someone alive in such a state. You must understand the predicament you are in, how it affects the living. You can’t be up there with them, not like this anyway.” Standing back up, he dusted the dirt from his black robe. 
Looking you over once more, he grabbed the chain connected to your neck, something you must have missed when you first woke up. Grabbing it, you tried to pull away, but your strength already dwindled to nothing compared to the doctor. Leading you to a tub, the mask turned to face you, almost as if you could feel him staring expectingly. “Well? Undress or I will make you.” 
Not wanting the man to touch you any more than needed, you did as you were told, letting the rags that kept your dignity alive fall apart onto the floor like the rest of you. Getting inside the bathtub, the cold porcelain touched your skin, making you shiver once more as the man got to work, pouring hot water on your dirty skin. Letting out a cry of shock, the mask only made a tsk sound above you as he continued to bathe you. “This is mixed with rosewater and vinegar; it should help clean the nastiness off your body. Sit in here for a bit, I need to get something else.” 
Leaving you be for a moment, in sat in the hot water, enjoying the feel of it. When was the last time you bathed? You couldn’t remember. Grabbing a washcloth, you got to work scrubbing the dirt that caked your body from years of living on the street, your skin color finally showing its original shade. Doing your best, you tried to ignore the stings from the vinegar as it touched any new scratches you had received that week. As the man came back with another bucket, you expected it to be full of more water, not hesitating when he dunked it on your head.
Letting out a high-pitched scream, you stared down at the water below as it turned yellow from the substance stinging your cuts even more. Grabbing your hair and pulling your face upward, the masked man stared you down with a glare you didn’t need to see to feel. “You should be honored I’m trying to save your disgusting life, and you have the nerve to scream?” 
Staring at him in fear, you only gulped as he let you go, allowing some of the liquid to enter your mouth as you licked your lips nervously. “Finish cleaning yourself up, this should help your fever die down, the healthy cells from my urine will fix any tainted ones you have.” 
Nodding at his words, you grabbed the washcloth once more, cleaning yourself up with the added ingredient, the smell of urine covered your body, making your nose crinkle in disgust. Heading off again, he handed you some clean clothes, what you assumed was his dress shirt and a pair of old trousers. Stepping out of the tub, you dried yourself off the best could and got dressed, trying to cover any part of yourself that you could, though something told you the man had no interest in what you had.
Once dressed, you sat back down on the cell floor, coughing as he brought you some food. ‘Why are you doing this? I’m just going to die anyway. You might as well just kill me.”
Crossing his arms, the masked man watched you eat quietly, only speaking when he grabbed your empty plate. “My caretaker died from the disease that is now killing you. People say that God has struck down his vengeance on us humans, but I disagree. God doesn’t exist, and if he did, he left us long ago. I’ll cure you though, don’t worry about that, I’ll cure every single damn one of you.” Surprised by the man’s words, you could only find yourself nodding. Maybe you had a chance to live, if he seemed so determined to cure you?
The rest of the week consisted of his treatments and you getting worse. By now the masked man frowned as he watched you sitting in the cell with hens surrounding you. Coming inside, he handed you a glass of wine, it’s usual red color now black. “What’s this?” Even though your voice hurt to talk, you did your best to try and understand what the man was forcing down your throat this time, yesterday it was urine, the day before he made you sit in cow feces, you just wanted this to stop.
“Wine, I mixed some emerald inside. Pure metals should help clean out your lungs.” Believing his words, you did as you were told, drinking the bitter substance with no complaint. Once done, you couldn’t help but cough, the stone cutting away at the inside of your throat as it went down your windpipe. 
“You will get better; I won’t let you die. My pride won’t allow it.” stepping closer to you, he moved the hair from your face, now greasy again from not being able to bathe. Nodding your head, you looked up at him as if he was your new God, and maybe in such circumstances he was. Feeling his smile, he patted your head softly, reminding you of how good you had been for allowing all this to happen. 
It had been officially ten days and you were still alive, breaking the norm that crowded the rest of the dying people above you. By now you were completely entrapped with the man, not even needing to see his face to know how he felt or thought. Drinking the emerald wine, your cough had managed to get better, though your skin and fever will still inhumanely. 
Sighing the man removed his mask, his brown hair having a slight wet look to it from the sweat due to wearing such a mask. Feeling the need to be closer to the stressed doctor, you laid your head on his knee, a hand combing through your tangled locks. You were going to live, you just had to for both of your sakes.
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asecretvoice · 9 months ago
It doesn’t matter that you broke my heart multiple times, I still saw all that good in you. I still cared for you despite of it, loved you when you didn’t love me back. I still believed, but I deserve someone who will see all I have and not walk away.
-one day you will miss me like I missed you
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girlrose · a year ago
i love the way school makes me feel like an actual lazy loser idiot
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holydramon · 6 months ago
kinda appalled that the current state of gaming is if a new game comes out a buggy mess you aren’t allowed to criticize it because it “just released” and “they’re gonna patch it”
#the fact that games can come out almost inoperable and it’s just seen as ok is just. man.#the fact that games are able to be patched easily after release is such a double edged sword. on one hand it’s great because it does allow#them to make things better or fix things they missed after release! on the other hand it let’s games that are literally not finished or#properly game tested to get released because they can just update it later#on that note too it’s so weird when people encounter so many bad glitches that it really sours their experience and they say they don’t like#the game because of that and people just respond like ‘well I didn’t encounter those glitches and I thought the game was fine 🙄’#like what is the point of responding with that…. like congrats you lucked out…. the person isn’t obligated to like the game just because you#had a fine experience with it….#anyway sorry I’m just kinda mad because I heard the stuff about security breach and like. I’m not even a fn.at fan anymore cause of the#stuff with Scott but the fact that people are acting like anyone criticizing the game for bugs are just being haters is just mind boggling#to me like how did we get to this point… same also goes for the new po.kemon games which also were released unfinished and with a bunch of#bugs and even as someone who does actually like the more recent po.kemon games and isn’t one of those people who has too high of#expectations I think we do need to draw the line somewhere#dramon thoughts#edit: gonna note something I initially was gonna include in the tags here but decided not to for some reason since I think it’s important:#i am not at all blaming the developers/programmers/etc on this. i know they’re crunched as hell and have to make the deadline and did the#best they could. the people I’m mad at are any higher ups who decided to crunch the team to hell and that they couldn’t push back the#release date to give the people working on it more time. I’m mad at how common place it is to not give workers enough time and how that both#hurts the workers and makes the end product worse. I care more about the former with actual people getting hurt ofc but the latter is just#on my mind due to seeing so many games come out riddled with bugs recently.#and to be clear I also think bugs are fun! but I don’t think glitches should be able to be easily encountered in normal gameplay or at least#not be potentially game breaking/otherwise more a detriment than a plus. like glitches that are fun or helpful for speedruns? love them.#glitches that softlock you or are incredibly inconvenient? not good.
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formulanaughty · 5 months ago
You are not here a lot anymore, I hope you are doing ok and is coming back soon 💙💙
hi babe! thanks for checking in on me 💜 i’m doing well!
taking some time away wasn’t intentional - it just happened. it seems like i’ve been going through phases recently where i’m excited to be here and i want to create content and other times where tumblr just feels like a chore. after the end of the season, i honestly lost a lot of love for f1 and lost the inspo to write for it and tbh i haven’t really found either yet.
anyone got any ideas to pull me out of this funk? I’m thinking of rewatching the 2020 season - maybe that will help 🙈
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georgeousrussell · a year ago
France and Red Bull Ring :)
Funny of you to say france and RBRing when all we’ve talked about this morning is the Frenchmen and RBR
France: are you a pessimist or an optimist?
100% an optimist, it’s hard for me to face reality sometimes
Red Bull Ring: what’s your favorite drink?
I answered this with alcoholic drinks before I remembered YALL ARE BABIES
Proper chai, made on the stove and filled with fresh ginger and cardamom and cloves and oh look here’s me going to make chai now
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queenofmoondoor0720 · a year ago
fun times
#ignore this i need to rant#i’m so fucking pissed and tired rn#so i tested positive for covid on monday but started getting symptoms last sunday (jan 3rd) and basically haven’t left my house since#have barely left my room in over a week only to go to the bathroom and get something to eat#i mean this was bound to happen sooner or later since my sister works with covid patients#and really i’m super lucky and *shouldn’t complain* since me and my family are all fine considering the circumstances#and i feel super grateful for that really i’m just so tired of being stuck in my room which is my least favourite place on earth#and here when you test positive a doctor will call you to tell you how long you have to be quarantined but it’s been almost 3 days and they#still haven’t called me and now it’s been 12 days since my symptoms started and like they are pretty much gone completely#so according to the government/ national institution that handles these things website i technically am free from covid#and allowed to leave quarantine but because they still haven’t called me i can’t to that#and i know it’s not the doctors fault but i’m just so tired of this and i can’t call the national health guidance number cus then i have to#stand in queue for forever and might miss my call from the doctor#i just want to buy groceries for my family and go for a walk with my friends but no i can’t to that even though i’m not sick anymore#and i know i sound like an ungrateful whiny brat but i’m just so sick of this#thank god i have bts music though i’ve gone through all of their like 15 korean albums multiple times these past 3 days while waiting for#the call
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girlypuppy · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
to a tumblr apocalypse.
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a-promise-is-a-lie · 2 months ago
Missing people is dumb and I would like to not do this
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dirtbugz · 5 months ago
haha im so lonely
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bbyatsumu · a month ago
if I could do it all again, I know I'd go back to you ─ eren jaeger
summary: eren jaeger is your annoyingly obnoxious best friend - the one who’s been with you for eighteen years. but, as both of your feelings come to light, how long will either of you be able to hold out before it all comes crashing down?
ft. eren jaeger x fem!reader
warnings: smut (mdni), college au!eren jaeger, friends to lovers, roommates to lovers, slight angst, jealousy, unprotected sex, cursing, mentions of drinking and partying, mentions of creampie, oblivious reader, slight possessive eren
w/c: 6.6k
a/n: OMG! this is the first thing I have ever written for eren and I am absolutely in love with it! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do :)) thanks sm to @yujishima​ for helping me decide on eren for this fic! I hope you don’t mind me tagging you, I'm just super grateful for your help :))
minors and ageless blogs dni.
Tumblr media
Having Eren Jaeger as your best friend is, as he eloquently puts it, “the shit” – followed by an equally cocky “ – excuse my French.”
And, really, who are you to deny him? So you teased him, replying with a sigh heavy on your words as you rolled your eyes: you’re just lucky I’m one of the only ones who puts up with you anymore, Jaeger.
And god – how right you were.
Eren Jaeger considers it one of his greatest privileges in life to be called your best friend. The second, following closely behind, is the pleasure of being your first ever kiss. Anytime he brings this up to mess with you, that arrogant, overly cocky grin graces his face. At the same time, his eyes light up with mischievousness, and you just so happen to lose your basic motor functions. He finds your reactions adorable – the warm feeling that fills your cheeks, the stuttering marring your words as you shove his arm, embarrassed, has Eren reeling.
Of course, don’t remind him that this “First Kiss Incident,” as you so cleverly coined it one warm summer afternoon, occurred when the two of you were mere second graders.
And you do remind him.
Every time.
Seeming to take pleasure in your timid responses, your reactions that are oh-so-sweet for him, Eren continues pushing your buttons all the more.
He calls your name endearingly, not missing how you huff to turn away from him, allowing your hair to hide part of your – surely flustered – face from him.
“Come on, babe. You know that was like, one of the best moments of my life, right?” he pokes fun at you, nudging his shoulder against your frame as you lean against his bed, sitting cross-legged on the floor while the movie played in front of you. Ever since that one unfortunate circumstance – in which Eren’s mom walked in on the two of you lounging on Eren’s bed, looking a bit too cozy to be just friends – you had refused to sit on his bed again. Despite being best friends since you were toddlers, never finding one without the other, your newfound shyness had Eren cooing at how cute you were, easily giving in to whatever you desired.
“I happen to find your floor very comfy,” you had murmured to him, quickly shuffling to the floor and heart racing at the implications of Mrs. Jaeger’s gentle awwing.
Finally annoyed at his antics, you furiously mash your finger on the spacebar of your MacBook, effectively pausing the nameless movie as you whip your head to meet your annoying best friend’s teasing gaze.
“Can I help you?” you hiss sassily, cheeks glaring with a burning embarrassment as you seethe at him. You don’t miss how Eren’s body starts to shake with poorly unbridled laughter, covering up his stupid grin as he beams at you. It only makes you even more frustrated, but you can’t help it as you start to laugh alongside this idiot, his easy and laidback charm not lost on you despite your years of practice. Eren’s eyes twinkle with mirth, his obnoxious chuckles only fueling your own laughter as you lean against each other happily.
“Well, I mean, you know – “ Eren begins, prodding your shoulder with his as humor dances in his tone.
Immediately not liking where Eren is headed with that sentence, panic wells inside of you as you think of that one thing that will shut him up –
“Oh yeah? That’s one of your greatest pleasures? What about that one time you had tipsy sex with that sorority girl – what was her name? – and Connie told us you started crying when – “
Your words are suddenly cut off as Eren wraps his strong arms around your waist, pulling you towards him as he easily stands up and throws you over his shoulder. A squeal leaves your lips, eyes wide in shock and a slight inhibition at being manhandled like this.
“Eren! Put me down!” you squeal, fisting ineffectual punches to his back as he simply spins you around his room with ease. Having no other option than to clutch onto him, your hands scramble against his body as he twirls you around with abandon.
“Nope!” is all he replies with leisurely, popping the ‘p’ in the most troublesome manner as his hands grip onto your waist protectively.
“E-Eren! P-please stop!” you shriek out, laughter bubbling past your lips as you become dizzy with his continued motions. He swings you around and around like a doll, merriment and cheerfulness compelling his actions. Even though Eren knows he acts annoyed with you right now, there’s not much you could do to truly irk him. The sound of your saccharine, honeyed laughter flows through his ears so sweetly, causing Eren to feel drunk off your words. He’s sure a goofy, lovestruck smile graces his face, grinning ear-to-ear at your playful actions and how close you are to him right now.
When Eren finally puts you down, both of you are completely out of breath, faces flushed as you pant heavily – you more so than Eren, you notice for some infuriating reason. His eyes draw you in, as they always do and always have, gleaming with affection and a roguish charm. The spring breeze is refreshing as the light warmth travels into Eren’s room, his slightly cracked open window allowing the heat to permeate the coolness of the AC vent from his ceiling. You really do wish spring break could last forever, wanting to be by Eren’s side like this for the rest of your life.
A bit alarmed by that sudden thought, you furrow your brows, confusion filling you as your heart pounds just a bit faster at Eren’s body sitting so close to yours.
But, thoughts like that weren’t anything new, you try to convince yourself.
“We don’t talk about that,” Eren warns, wagging a finger at you in a playful manner at your previous statement. All you can do is snort, thinking to yourself: geez, a bit late on the warning there, aren’t you, Jaeger?
Finally turning away from him, you offer your best friend his respective headphone again, grimacing a bit at the grossness of it. He notices, of course – Eren always notices everything about you – as he snatches it from your fingers.
“Don’t be mean,” is all you retort, shooting him a grin as you smush your own earphone back in your ear and un-pause the already forgotten movie.
Eren watches as your attention is so easily sucked back into the movie’s plot, even though you had just admitted about thirty minutes ago how boring this movie was. He allows himself to admire you – the way your cheeks puff up adorably when you get annoyed at a scene, how your lips pucker and you bite your lower lip in shock at the predictable love interest’s confession. How you jump against him slightly when the action scene becomes too loud, your eyes wide with a certain sparkle that drew Eren in when he was three years old and he was sure would continue to draw him in even when he was three-hundred years old –
So, yeah. Having Eren Jaeger as your best friend is “the shit”.
Having Eren Jaeger as your roommate is a different kind of monster.
Now, to be fair to him, at least he’s clean. That was a compliment that failed most college-aged boys, all of them grumbling at the unfairness of the accusation and insisting it was “… just because you caught me at a bad moment – “
Yeah, right.
But Eren is surprisingly clean for a college junior, always keeping his room – right across from yours, he might add cheekily with a teasing grin shot in your direction – nice and tidy. Used to his obnoxious antics, you merely cross your arms and glare at him, unamused by his words as he attempts to charm you with pretty words.
“What? Come on, babe don’t give me that look. Gotta keep it nice and clean for the ladies – “
And his words are abruptly interrupted by a mysterious flying towel smacking him hard in the face. Rubbing his cheek playfully, Eren leans forward on the counter, crossing his arms in a way that has his shirt tight across his chest. He can’t miss the teasing smile gracing your features as you continue typing away on your computer, becoming frustrated at your lack of attention.
“What ladies, Eren?” you taunt, paying him no heed as he begins to sputter in indignation. Why should you? You have an assignment to complete.
But you know his words hold some truth. Being his best friend for about eighteen years had made you immune to a majority of his charms, but you knew other girls didn’t have that same superpower. You see how they cling to him at parties, drawn in by Eren’s effortlessly cool nature as they coo over the star basketball player. When you first entered college together, and even before then, when you first started attending parties in the late stages of your high school career, it used to irk you to no end. The endless gaggle of girls throwing themselves at him caused a burning pit to form inside of you, eating away at your gut as a painful feeling took clutch of your heart.
What annoyed you even more was how Eren rarely shrugged them off, instead basking in their attention and reveling in the lust that always filled their eyes. The worst it got was at a party quite recently, the basketball team celebrating a playoff win that guaranteed Paradis College a spot in the finals. Most of the celebration swarmed around a certain best friend of yours, the cheering crowd and devoted girls gathering around him in a flock all night.
‘Why can’t they just leave him alone?’ you think, gnawing on your lower lip at the sight of a girl running her hands along Eren’s chest. All he did was playfully smirk at her, shooting her a look that he never gave you, his hands anchored to her hips as her dress dangerously rode up her thighs. You don’t miss how he leans forward to whisper something into her ear – something that causes her to throw her head back in an obviously fake laugh, hair swinging around her shoulders as she places lusty kisses along Eren’s defined jaw.
“Hey there, you okay?” a voice interrupts your stone-cold glare, slightly scaring you a bit as you snap out of your jealous haze.
‘Jealous?’ you can’t help but think, bewilderment dancing across your features as you turn your attention to him.
“Geez, Armin! A bit of a warning next time, yeah?” you chuckle, shaking off your strange thoughts as you clutch your chest through your dress. Armin laughs, his smile drawing you in and making your breath catch in your throat.
“Sorry. You just looked like you were about to murder your drink there,” Armin states simply, talking loudly enough for you to hear over the pounding music. He gestures to your red cup, and how your fingers had seemingly wrapped so tightly around the plastic to cause indents in the cheap material. A kind of embarrassment fills you, biting your lip again as you bring the remnants of the alcohol to your lips. The burn soothes your throat, and you close your eyes to savor the slightly sweet and bitter flavor as flashing lights dance across your skin.
‘Cute,’ is all Armin thinks, his eyes latched onto the embarrassment spreading across your face as he lets your body inch closer to his.
Finishing off your drink, you let Armin’s heavy gaze pull you in to his undertow. He really did look good tonight, short hair styled nicely, his usual studious sweater and button-up abandoned for something a bit more college. His shirt was tight across his chest, accentuating features in a way that has you swallowing and wishing you had more alcohol in your system.
Instead, all you do is giggle at him, letting your lashes flutter against your cheekbones as you lean into him a bit more. “If you wanted to get me out of my clothes, you didn’t have to make me jump out of them,” you explain, referring to when he unknowingly scared you.
And fuck, if Armin’s already half-hard cock didn’t twitch at your seductive words, your gaze heavy with want as he lets his arm travel across the expanse of your waist, pulling you closer to his body.
And fuck, if Eren doesn’t miss the way Armin leans over you, his taller stature looming over you as you gaze up at him flirtatiously. Eren wishes that was him with you – he wishes it was him making you feel like that, your hands curling around his wrist and not Armin’s as you drag him off somewhere.
Probably somewhere to make out with the blonde boy, with the bit of alcohol in your system.
But then Eren’s thoughts turn even darker, nostrils flaring in rage at the thought of something else occurring – something that he had been anticipating happening with the nameless girl hanging off of him. Eren knows he sounds like a hypocrite – he knows, and he hates it. But the deep pit of jealousy fills him, his heart lurching painfully in his chest as his vision clouds over with a kind of hazy bleakness. Eren can’t help it when he moves the girl off of him, shoving away from the wall to follow you and Armin deeper into the party. His strides are long, the pain prickling at his heart like a million thorns as he searches for you, humbly accepting the words of praise and congratulatory slaps on the back from partygoers.
Eren doesn’t find you again that night, and the deep pang in his chest doesn’t dissipate even when he makes his way into your shared apartment. It’s something he would like to throw in Armin’s face – your shared apartment. Not yours and Armin’s apartment. Yours and Eren’s.
So, Eren stays up late, into the wee hours of the morning as he lounges lazily on the couch, one long leg thrown up while he nurses a cup of water. He tries to pretend that the deep prickling inside of him doesn’t burn his insides, the flames of jealousy licking at his insides as his head swims in nothing but thoughts of you and Armin. And fuck, it hurts. It hurts knowing what you were probably doing right now. It hurts that you chose not to do something like that with Eren. It hurts because, after all these years of pining after you, wanting more than friendship, you still didn’t notice him.
Years of explaining to people, a hurried rush to your words as you try to soothe over their misconception with: “He’s my best friend; we’re not a couple.”
To put it simply, it tears Eren apart. It feels as if someone has reached their hand in his chest, cooing sweet nothings in his ear as their fingers tighten around the organ, twisting it inside of him before cruelly ripping it out and laughing at his pain with a sharp glee.
Eventually, Eren gives up waiting for you, leaving the front door unlocked with a glass of water and a few painkillers on the kitchen counter. He makes his way back to his bedroom, heart cracking open just a bit with a promise to himself that he’ll be back to normal in the morning.
So, yeah. Having Eren Jaeger as a roommate is pretty nice.
But having Eren Jaeger in love with you is a different kind of problem.
A problem that rears its ugly head in the most inopportune of moments, such as that one time you were all out with your friends at one of those stupid end-of-year parties in the college’s main courtyard. Unsurprisingly, the day is unbearably hot, the sun beating down on your group of friends and causing you to have to wear some of your shorter clothes. Everyone notices how Eren can’t tear his eyes from you, his gaze tender and protective at your tight tank top and shorts as you happily suck on your blue popsicle. Years of friendship allowed Eren the knowledge of your slight naivety – the street smarts you so obviously seem to lack at times rivaling your top-of-the-class grades. This slight innocence about you has always had Eren reeling, feeling very protective over you and the leering gazes you sometimes caught.
Eren distractedly plays with a frisbee with Connie and Jean, not missing how you lean back against the green grass with Sasha, Ymir, and Mikasa. Your laughter dances in the breeze, making its way to Eren as the frisbee freezes in his hands. Connie and Jean share knowing looks, shouting at Eren as he is suddenly and absolutely entranced by you.
The friends you made in college were very quick to pick up on Eren’s pining of you; longing looks and tight embraces lingering a bit too long, even with your choked out, “… he’s my best friend. We’re not a couple.”
The new additions to your friend group always share shocked looks at your revelation, eyeing how Eren unabashedly clings to you with heat spreading across your body. He never responds to this statement, only tightening his grip on you as he hugs you from behind, grinning obnoxiously into your neck as you bring one hand up to rest on his wrapped around your chest.
All of your friends were certain you were lying – there had to be something between you and Eren. Of course, many of them choked on their drinks when he revealed the “First Kiss Incident”, yourself included as you sputtered on you Coca-Cola. Your hand had gripped at your chest, Eren patting your back good-naturedly with a teasing look on his face. He glanced at the rest of your friends, sharing a look that said, see? look at her, getting all shy over a little kiss.
“Eren!” you exclaim when you finally catch your breath, smacking his hand away as Ymir triumphantly holds a hand open to Connie. You miss Connie’s grumblings as he starts to pull a five dollar bill out of his bag, before you explain the situation to your friends.
“Don’t listen to him! Eren, we were seven!”
And that realization has Ymir dropping her jaw, shock filling her features as Connie swings back laughing in his chair as he points at the defeated girl.
“Y-Ymir! I freaking told you so!” Connie guffaws, loud laughs drawing the attention of other college students in the main cafeteria. Mikasa quickly shushes him, closing Ymir’s hand that still hangs open on the table in expectance of some new cash.
“Y-you were kids?” Ymir asks, disbelief coloring her words as she turns her sharp – and slightly scary – gaze to Eren. You don’t miss how he gulps, eyes widening a bit as he turns back to his fries.
“W-well, yeah. But that doesn’t really matter all that much, right – “ he begins, voice quieting down cutely as Ymir smacks her hand on the table, causing the two of you to jump.
“Doesn’t matter? That’s kinda a major oversight, dontcha’ think, Jaeger?” Jean teases, leaning back in his chair as he crosses his arms, voice light with teasing words as he watches Eren struggle.
And you swear, if the floor could swallow you up and let you disappear right now, you would let it.
You know your friends mean well, but Eren’s increased frustration continues to build and build inside of him every day that passes. However, it frustrates him even more because he really doesn’t know what he wants – you’re his best friend. Eren doesn’t know what would happen if he were to suddenly confess to you. How would that change your dynamic, your relationship? Do you even feel the same kind of adoration for him that he so obviously does for you? It scares Eren to no end, and he often wonders in anxiety if he’s willing to throw away eighteen years of friendship on a ‘what-if’.
But oh, what a beautiful ‘what-if’ it could be.
In the dark of night, Eren often lets these thoughts overcome his mind, letting his imagination run wild to different scenarios that invade his head.
Oftentimes, these thoughts lead to his cock achingly hard against his thigh, a pearl of precum building up on his angry, red tip. Eren throws his head back against his pillows, the darkness of his room allowing a soft glow of moonlight to filter past his curtains as he throws his arm over his red face. His chest is slicked with sweat as his hand works itself over his hard cock, eyes squeezed shut with heavy pants falling past his plump lips. Pants that sound suspiciously like your name, not that Eren lets himself think too hard about that.
Instead, Eren swipes his thumb across his slit, allowing his slick to coat his fingers as he works his hand torturously slow back down his shaft. Thoughts of you invade his mind, especially with him holding onto his hoodie that you had so innocently borrowed that morning. A shy smile graced your face, not entirely immune to his teasing as you offered it back to him.
‘Fuck, it still smells like her,’ Eren thinks, the knowledge causing his mind to go hazy with lust as his hips arch off his bed. He was so sensitive like this – anytime he thought about you, which was embarrassingly every time now, causes his orgasm to rush into him faster than it had in the past.
Eren groans heavily, hair still thrown up in a half bun as messy strands fall onto his face. He grits his teeth in pleasure, inhaling your scent as he curses again. The smell of you shoots straight down to his cock, throbbing almost painfully as the coil deep in his groin tightens.
Allowing his thoughts to drift to you – so sweet for him, beautiful smile lilting your lips as you offer him his morning coffee. How gorgeous you looked in the summer sundress you wore yesterday, showing off your thighs deliciously when you sat down. How you seemed so carefree in the passenger seat of his firetruck-red car leaning back against the black leather with the windows down, allowing the breeze to brush your hair as you belted out the totally wrong words to the song – not that Eren would ever tell you that. He thinks about your bright and bubbly nature that still didn’t put up with Eren’s shit, always talking him back down to earth when he went off on one of his antics. How, sometimes, Eren can hear you whimpering and moaning from across the hall when you touch yourself, leaving Eren to wonder if you were aching for him.
It's that thought that has him cumming hard, hand fisting the base of his cock as his red tip flushes in arousal.
And when you join him the following night – still stubbornly insisting on sitting on the ground instead of his bed – it’s all Eren can think about. His shame coats the slick of his cock, already half-hard for you even though you aren’t doing anything but sitting on his floor, watching some scary movie.
Eren knows he is utterly screwed.
Really, he can’t even hear you right now, babbling some kind of nonsense about anything and everything as you talk his ear off. It’s endearing, really, as Eren admires your features. You look so beautiful bathed in the dark of his room, face flushed by the bright screen of his computer in a way that has Eren’s gaze dropping to your lips. And fuck if he doesn’t just die there, breath hitching in the back of his throat and heart pounding furiously as the sudden thought of those lips around his hard cock invade his thoughts.
But then his eyes drift downwards once again, eyes catching on a small red bruise littered on the base of your throat.
You feel how Eren freezes next to you, his larger body tensing so noticeably that you think he’s about to snap his cup in half. It catches you off guard, gazing up at him with a cute furrow in your brows as you question him, confused.
“Eren?” you simply ask, looking so concerned for him that it causes that painful feeling to corrupt his mind and heart again. It jumps almost painfully in his chest, throat closing up as some kind of adrenaline starts rushing through his veins.
The fuck.
Did that to you.
Eren’s mind is blank, a gross feeling filling his chest as he feels his eyes start to prickle. Cursing himself internally at how tense he is, muscles poised as if he’s ready to fight, he can’t help but glare darkly at that stupid mark on your neck. His mind is overcome with a burning jealousy, the haze filling his thoughts guide him to a one-track scenario of you with someone else.
The knowledge fills him like a ton of bricks, crushing his heart as a suffocating feeling overtakes his features. Eren’s head begins to spin, and he really doesn’t know why now, not when he’s been able to hold himself back for years now –
It’s really as if something takes over Eren as he leans towards you, effectively shutting you up as his lips crash against yours.
And finally, Eren can feel you. He feels how your hands immediately wind to his chest, clutching onto his shirt as you pathetically whimper into his mouth. The sound goes straight to his cock, already hard and aching for you as his hands latch onto your hips. He hurriedly pushes the computer to the side, drinking in all of your sweet sounds as his tongue invades your awaiting mouth. Sitting up on his knees to properly pull you onto his bed, Eren’s makes sure that his lips never leave yours. His kisses are panicked, a bruising fierceness overtakes his actions as his hands drag along your body. Eren kisses your already swollen lips in a way that has you keening underneath him, reaching for your best friend as he hovers over you darkly.
When he pulls away, you curl your fingers through his dark hair, mussed messily from your heated actions. You moan as you feel Eren’s wet lips drag along your jaw, lightly biting against your neck in a way that has your squeezing your thighs together.
Eren feels possessive over you, eyes blown wide with lust as his grip bruises against your thigh, pushing your legs open to settle against you. His breath is warm as it fans across your face, your cheeks burning with want as arousal pools in your panties. You don’t miss how Eren growls, low in his throat, when your legs wind around his waist, pulling his body flush against yours as he glares at the base of your neck.
You’re about to say something, about to question his actions, when Eren’s lips latch onto the hickey on your neck left by Armin. He relishes in the soft gasps that leave your lips, how your fingers card through his hair and pull slightly when he nibbles over that spot a bit harshly. Eren almost coos against you, grinding his clothed cock against the wet spot between your legs as he laves his tongue over the new red mark on your neck – his red mark.
When Eren finally pulls away slightly, you see just how dark and needy his gaze has become, looking at you with some kind of unplaced emotion as he threads his fingers through yours, pinning your arms above your head.
You can’t help but whimper, allowing him to use you however he wants. Your nipples are hard against your shirt, aching to brush against his hard chest instead of the scratchy fabric.
“Do you even see me as a man?” Eren asks, voice heavy with a dangerous lust as he leans over you. His hair is still half up in your favorite style of his, slightly messy due to your hands. His voice makes your pussy throb, and you’re certain your panties are already embarrassingly soaked –
‘Soaked for my best friend,’ you suddenly think, eyes going wide in realization that this was Eren. You were kissing Eren, and if this was anything like your previous experiences, with how this was headed, there was only one way for this kind of passionate lust to end. The idea of cumming on your best friend’s cock has your cheeks warming even more intensely than before, arousal mixed with embarrassment swirling in your chest as you arch your back towards Eren. He only chuckles at your desperate actions, punching himself for not doing this sooner.
Leaning forward, you shiver as Eren’s lips brush against the soft curve of your ear. You feel your breath grow shorter at his whispered words, the sweet lilt to his whisper is completely unlike his usual act and has you growing dizzy with lust.
“Exercise some caution, would you babe? I’m still a man.”
And his teasing words, full of a deep-sated need for you, are what finally have you diving off the deep end.
The both of you give in to the temptation, the love you have for each other almost bursting at the seams as Eren grinds his clothed cock against your aching center. His kisses are frantic, still holding your hands above your head as he relishes in the drag of his sensitive cock against your clothed core. He can feel your warmth even now, and can only imagine how much your sweet pussy must be gushing for him right now.
Hurries, whispered needs are exchanged, and in no time at all, you find yourselves both completely naked, cradled in Eren’s arms as his hot pants mingle with yours. Eren is shaking as he pulls back slightly, completely overwhelmed in everything that is you. You look absolutely stunning underneath him, chest heaving with pants of pleasure, eyes wide with a need for him, breasts firm under his palms as his mouth latches around your pebbled nipples. His arms tremble around you, caging you underneath his body as he offers you one last chance to back away from this decision.
“Are you sure this is what you want?” Eren asks sweetly, returning to the loving, adoring, absolutely goofy and sweet best friend that you’ve grown up with for the past eighteen years. The sight has your heart lurching in your chest, overwhelming you in the best possible way as you finally come to the realization of what this feeling is. It causes the heat to encapsulate your body in a heavy wave once again, for your voice to get stuck in your throat as Eren gazes at you so lovingly. It’s all you can do to bring a hand up to Eren’s cheek, thumb brushing over his cheekbone and almost whimpering at how he instinctively nuzzles his cheek into your touch.
You’re in love with your best friend.
“Yes, please Eren,” you beg, whispering against him as he hovers over you. Eren feels nothing but love flood his chest, constricting so tightly that he’s afraid his heart will burst. He lets out a shaky breath, leaning down to capture your lips in a searing kiss as he simply holds you against him for a moment. He can’t believe this is finally happening, his body pressed flush against your naked one as the fat head of his cock brushes against your soaked folds.
“F-fuck, baby,” Eren curses, calling out your name as he breaches your walls for the first time. The both of you moan simultaneously at the feeling of his thick cock filling you up, pushing past the resistance of your walls that clamp down on him so deliciously.
Eren allows his head to fall to the crook of your neck, overwhelmed with the feeling of you. He loves the way your tight walls squeeze around his thick cock, loves how wet you are, gushing around his cock as your cunt attempts to suck him in even deeper. He loves how your arms wind around his broad back, pulling his body to rest flush against yours as he stills inside of you. Eren loves the little whines and moans that fall past your lips, chasing after them as he kisses you deeply. The way you moan into his mouth has his cock twitching inside of you, his fat cockhead nudging against that bundle of nerves inside of you that has you tightening around him already.
“So-so tight – “ Eren manages to get out, relishing in the feeling of your pussy accepting all of him. He feels your hands clutching onto him as he begins to grind his cock inside of you, not pushing in or out, but simply taking in the way your cunt clenches down on him any time he moves.
“Eren,” you call out for him, voice breathy and high-pitched in a way that has Eren’s chest filling with heat. This is all he’s ever wanted – the chance to love you like this, to make love to you so sweetly as you reach for him. The chance to kiss you and swallow your saccharine moans, holding you so gently against him as he starts to slowly fuck inside of you.
Your head swims as Eren kisses you so intimately, the both of you moaning at the sweet drag of his bare cock against your cushy walls. He presses a kiss to your hair as he starts to fuck into you slowly, taking in all of your sounds that you offer him as he bites his lip. You feel so perfect around him, cunt taking all of his cock so sweetly as his head nudges against that spot inside of you over and over again.
The gentle lovemaking has Eren’s mind swimming in a kind of drunken haze, obsessed with the feeling of your walls clamping down harder around him every time he pulls out. Your little gasps increase against his lips as he gazes down at you, hips grinding against you to let his cock grind inside of you.
You gasp at the pleasure, crying out for him as Eren fucks into you slowly.
“Yeah, that’s it baby. Cry out for your best friend just like that, please,” Eren moans against your lips, his cheeks red with a sweet blush as he works his cock inside of you. Eren brings his hand to trail down your leg, picking up underneath your knee to set it up a bit for him. You both groan at the new position, allowing Eren to reach deeper inside of you. The new angle has his shaft rubbing against every sweet spot inside of you, the fat tip of his cock abusing that spot inside of you with every gentle thrust.
You had never had sex like this – and neither had Eren. It was sweet, slow. Making love in every sense of the word as his hips grind against yours deliciously. Eren stretches you out in a way you had never been before, tensed lower abs brushing against your aching clit as his fingers rub wide circles against it. Emotions overwhelm the both of you, intense pangs of love and adoration spilling from every touch that you two share. Your heart swells, the feelings you’d harbored for a long time threatening to spill over as Eren rocks up against the softness of your body until –
“I love you,” Eren gasps out as he cradles you gently, delicately, kissing you so intimately as he pumps his cock inside of you. You hear the fear that laces his words, the anxiety of you possibly rejecting him even after all of this. But, even more than that fear and anxiety, you feel the tender love and affection Eren holds for you. It is present in his every action and word, not just now, but for the past eighteen years. From the “First Kiss Incident”, to when you both promised that you would always be together, get married when you were old enough – a childish thing, shared when you were kids. You remember it with every protective hold over you, how he always buys your favorite ice cream and make sure you remember your notebook for classes. For how he always puts up with everything you are and everything you do, and with his cock buried so deep inside of you, lips tracing down your jaw and neck, thumb swiping against your clit in a teasing manner –
There’s only one answer you have for him.
“I love you, too!”
And your confession has Eren tipping over the edge, slightly scared at how easily he melts into your body, your touch. His thighs quiver with pleasure, pressing down hard against your clit as he continues fucking his cock inside of you, the dragging of his cock against your walls create a sweet buzz inside of him, especially when you begin to cum around his cock. You clamp down so good for him, and he makes sure to pull away to watch your expression unravel. You moan as the electricity spreads down your thighs, moan as Eren’s hot cum fills you so thickly, his voice like silk against your neck as he whispers I love you, I love you over and over against your heated skin.
Eren continues fucking you both through your highs, pelvis pressing against your abused clit over and over as he pushes his thick cum deep inside of you. Your hold on Eren is comforting, drawing out lingering touches that make him feel so secure in your arms as he finally collapses against your body.
The both of you are spent, heavy pants brushing past your lips as Eren leans down to kiss you again. It’s different than the previous kisses – absent of the intense passion that fueled your lovemaking session, instead replaced with nothing but love. It flows through the both of you, buzzing through your veins like electricity as you hold onto each other.
And Eren swears he’s never been happier than in this moment. In this moment, he swears to himself and to you as he presses wet kisses against you, whispers of I love you falling past his lips.
He swears to himself and to you that he will marry you. That he will be your last kiss, just as he was your first kiss. That he won’t let the changing of your relationship ruin what you have, but instead make it better and brighter.
Eren swears that he will love you as he has since he was three years old, as he’s sure he will still love you even when he’s three-hundred years old.
“So… does this mean you’re my girlfriend now?” Eren asks cheekily as he finally pulls away. But he can’t stay away for long, obsessed with how your swollen lips are slightly bruised with his kisses. He chases you again, not missing how you cling even tighter to him.
When you break apart, he laughs at the exasperated look that fills your gaze.
“Idiot. You have to ask?” is all you retort, a teasing smile gracing your features as you confirm his question.
Warmth floods Eren’s chest once again at this next step in your relationship as he leans forward to capture your lips in a burning kiss once again.
So, yeah. You agree that having Eren Jaeger as your best friend is “the shit”. But having Eren Jaeger as the love of your life is even better.
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asecretvoice · 11 months ago
It’s my own damn fault for breaking my heart, for thinking you had actually changed. That I ignored the gaslighting when she didn’t really want you that time in November. When you begged me to go Christmas shopping for your mom and sister, and I went anyways. For thinking you actually cared about me, on all those car ride trips we went on. Tacos and Providence seaside views in January, for me dragging you used book shopping in Niantic when my friend cancelled in February, when you told me “jokingly” you wanted to get back to together. I didn’t say it then, but I wanted to believe you I just couldn’t risk my heart. And yet there was ramen and a bookstore in March, there was helping me buy hiking shoes, wearing them in and Mediterranean food in April . There was breakfast hole-in-the-walls, there was taking hidden trails in the woods, singing along to my bad car karaoke, getting lost on winding Connecticut roads, countless nights staying up late despite my early 4 am weekday alarms. You begging to meet my friends, wanting to go hiking with us, and I thought you actually meant it. There was me cautious but wanting to believe. I missed you and it felt like old times. So many things on the tip of my tongue, how I wanted to tell you it all. But I had been burned before by you when I last bared my soul. I didn’t want to be so attached, to seem so eager, I just wanted someone who would stay. So when I stepped away, just once I wanted you to fight back in June. But instead you wanted her, and I went alone on that mountain hike in those shoes you helped me buy. I’m sorry to my heart, for believing in those butterflies that I thought meant you felt like home. I should have listened to them when they warned me of the greatest heartache I would have to endure.
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cardigan-ns · a month ago
can you do steve’s anxious younger twin sister reader + eddie pls 😟
also could you maybe add in protective big brother steve somewhere pls maybe haha pls
Holy cow! I love this sm!
My Love, My Life
(Yes like the Abba song)
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Harrington!Reader (fem)
Summary: After a fight with your dad, you leave the house to find your boyfriend Eddie at the playground. Your brother Steve finding you both together.
Note: Mentions of shitty parents, stick n poke, alcohol misuse, anxiety, and kinda angst if you squint? But mostly fluff.
Tumblr media
“You’re scaring her!” Steve yelled at your father who was pouring himself another drink, god, he loved to drink. It worried you deeply because he’s never himself anymore, your father is just bitter and grumpy and never spends any time with you and your brother like he used to. He liked to call you stupid and said you’d never act like a normal child.
“You know what? Fuck it, I’m leaving.” You grabbed your coat and car keys and stormed out the door, “Y/N, don’t it’s okay.” You heard Steve call to you but it was too late because you were already exiting your driveway, most definitely going over the speed limit. As you were driving, too many thoughts were running through your head. Your dad, he never listened to you when you tried to tell him how you felt, he made you nervous and you’ve felt like that since you were only a little kid. And your mother, she was a workaholic and was rarely ever home, you thought that was due to the fact the your dad treated her like shit. And Steve, he only wanted what was best for you, all throughout your childhood he always stood up for you and tried to shield all the bad things from you, to make your home life at least somewhat bare-able. Although Steve was only older by 6 minutes he still tried to keep up the big brother act, especially if any boys were in your life.
That’s where Eddie comes in, oh, how you thought he was perfect, everyone around you saw him as a scary, opinionated, “freak”, you wanted to beat the shit out of every person who said those things about him, but you could barely even put your hand up to answer a question in class. Steve thought you only dated Eddie as a way to make your father mad, the scary metalhead band member was surely a way to get his attention, but you never even registered that’s what it looked like. He charmed you. You both met while in English class, Mr.Harper boring the life out of each of you, having to listen to him read was torture within itself. You and Eddie both sat in the back of the class. He usually distracted himself by drawing on his hand, he was actually quite the artist, you distracted yourself by braiding a small strand of your hair or chewing bubble gum.
Your first conversation was when he noticed you blowing a bubble of gum, he leaned over to you and smiled, “I didn’t think that Miss. Harrington was such a rebel, Mr.Harper doesn’t allow gum in his classroom.” Eddie smirked over to you and you returned it, “He doesn’t?” Your sarcasm was enough to charm him, as a few more minutes of the class passed, he asked if he could draw on your hand, he drew a small music note, it was quite cute. “I wouldn’t want to ruin your hand with a skull and cross bones so I think this’ll do.” His smile was wide as he whispered to you, his hand also didn’t leave yours, your skin grazing over his. Also within those few minutes you hadn’t even noticed that your tables were smushed together and he was sitting very close to you. It was stupid, but Eddie Munson made you feel like you could be yourself around him, completely. “Look at the freaks, they must be casting a dumb spell on us all.” You heard one of the basketball players whisper to one of their friends, then said friend turned around and asked you, “Is your brother not embarrassed to have a sister like you, what happened?” You swear that you could break every bone in his body right then and there, “Yeah, fuck off, dickwad!” Eddie yelled back at them then looked at your face to see your expression of annoyance. These guys really got to you. They always did and nobody ever did anything about it. Except Eddie.
From that day forward you guys stuck out together like a sore thumb. He just understood you, and you got him all the same. You guys would hang out almost everyday after school and skip English together and hide in the music room. That’s where he taught you how to play guitar and you taught him some piano. Who would’ve thought that you’d share most of the same interests. “Hey the music note faded again, can I re-draw it?” He asked as you sat beside him with your head on his shoulder, on the floor of the gym. “Why not make it permanent?” You asked him, then his face lit up as he reached for his back pack, he pulled out some ink and a needle, “Are you sure about this?” He asked you once more and you only smiled at him, “Do it!” You handed your arm to him and he gently rested it on his thigh as he made the lovely music note permanent.
You and Eddie liked to occasionally meet up at the playground near your house, because it was half way to his trailer park, easy location for you both to see each other. That’s where you were driving now, in the midst of the argument with your father you called your boyfriend, he always calmed you when things went to complete shit. He offered to meet you and said he brought a surprise with him. It was either drugs or some stuff like that. Yes, you occasionally took it, but it was only to get your mind of things, only for that! Eddie was trying to convince you not to take it because they are bad, and things could get bad if you got addicted. But he soon caved once you persuaded him long enough, it took a whole month before he caved. But you didn’t want drugs or alcohol in this moment, you just wanted him. He’s all that mattered to you right now.
You pulled up to the stretch of grass covering the playground, and turned off the engine of your car. Eddies van was already there, surprise surprise! You got out of the car and went to the swing set you saw him sitting at, you sat on the one beside him and gave him a fake smile. Yes, you were still trying to recover from the fight at home. “Hey you! What’s going on? You seem upset?” He asked as his hand neared to your cheek, tracing his thumb over your face slightly. You leaned into his touch and this time showed him a genuine smile, which made his stomach flutter. “My dad was being a dick again.” You blatantly told him, zoning out at the roundabout across from you. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry. Did he say anything to you? Because I’ll kill him.” His hand left your face as he jokingly did a karate chop which made you laugh, shockingly shaking your head. “He didn’t say much, it’s more him pouring another drink that pissed me off.” Eddie held onto the chain of his swing, resting his head on it as he gave you a sad look, “Fuck.” That’s the only word that escaped his mouth, “well, sweetheart, maybe this can make you feel better. Follow me.” Eddie stood up and reached out for your hand, “M’lady.” He spoke putting on a posh accent as your hand connected with his, you giggled at his playfulness.
As you neared his van, he let go of your hand as he slid the door open to reveal fairy lights and blankets inside it. You only smiled and looked up at him, he but his bottom lip, worried with how you’d take the sight in front of you. He then left his post at the door and walked behind you, hugging you from behind, and kissing your shoulder, “Thought maybe we could listen to music or something in there. Maybe sleep over, who knows?” His voice was teasing as he neared the end of the sentence and you looked behind you to see his beautiful brown eyes looking into yours, “You always know how to make me feel better, you know that?” You laughed and you took his hands pulling him into the newly decorated van.
An hour went by and you and Eddie had already listened to a full mixtape; you later found out he made for you. The duration of those songs resulted in you and Eddie making out, small smiles and laughs also filled the van as you each shared jokes to make the other smile. Eddie was now hovering over you, kissing every inch of your face, he knew that you adored it, “You’re so beautiful.” He charmed you once more, well, that was until, the door of the van opened and Eddie looked up too see nobody other than, “Steve! Hey man.” Eddie spoke, not as if he was on top of Steve’s sister, Eddie silently backed up and smirked at your flustered expression. He reached out a hand to lift you up so you were sitting cross legged beside him. “Hi Munson!” Steve deadpanned, hopping in the van, making himself comfortable. Steve’s brows furrowed as he tried to find out where the music was coming from, he then reached over to the radio, turning it down slightly.
You shot your brother a confused look which made him give you a weary smile. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing here exactly?” Eddie butted in after seeing Steve staring into space for about 5 minutes. “I could ask you the same thing.” Steve spoke, still zoned out on the grey blanket beside him. “In my own van?” Your boyfriend tilted his head in confusion at your brother. “With y/n” Steve shakily pointed to you, and then looked back over to Eddie who just smiled. “Well you know Steve, she’s my girlfriend, she called me earlier.” Eddie was now speaking in a whisper because he wasn’t sure if Steve was even listening. “Yeah, I know that! You don’t think I know that?” Steve continued, leaving you staring at the two guys in front of you. “Then what’s this about Steve?” You asked him which made him roll his eyes, “You missed Full House!” Steve sighed pointing to his watch, your face quirked as your chucked lowly, “Is that what this is all about? I thought you were going to lecture us or something.”
“No! I don’t care about that right now! You never miss full house, we watch it every Saturday!” Steve looked betrayed and Eddie looked even more worried for Steve’s sanity then her looked over to you, “Damn! Sweetheart, who misses full house?” He just nudged your arm and you rested your head on his shoulder and sighed, this would be a long night.
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rintarophobic · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
▾ FEAT. Kakucho, Ran, Rindou x f!reader
RQ by @renxnana : Okay, if it’s ok, can i request Kakucho, Ran & Rindou when they said something really hurtful and now you give the silent treatment?
🐈‍⬛ lezz do it. thank u so much for 0.5k < u guys 3
Tumblr media
“i told you to be careful did i not?” your boyfriend was standing there, chest resolute and puffed. he was pissed. you could tell but he was convinced you were trying to piss him off even more by not taking care of yourself properly while he was gone.
“i was being careful, why do you care? you didn’t earlier,” rolling your eyes as you huffed and tossed your bag somewhere on the couch of the party held by one of your girl friends. one the friends he did not trust. you’re always up to troubles when you’re with them but what can he really say? he’s in a gang for fucks sake.
drowning yourself in the arms of one of your male friends as you took the last sip of your drink. he should’ve known better than to let you go alone and this was the exact reason why. you didn’t miss the way his eyes narrowed, eyebrows furrowed in possession.
you were feisty and sloppy when you’re drunk. not that you’re any different when you’re sober, you were definitely ornery but he can’t seem to ignore the feeling of guilt and anger filling his chest. he was reminded by the argument you both had earlier, it was making him insane.
you were annoyed at him for ignoring you. it was his fault for nattering with his gang mates the whole entire interval when he’s supposed to keep you accompanied. empty talks turns into their usual joking banter back and forth, you just wanted to go home.
“yo Kaku, gonna let me and Haitani steal your girl some time?” a man with pink hair uttered loudly, allowing the other guys to shift their gaze at him then at your boyfriend.
you knew his name, Sanzu Haruchiyo you believe. Kakucho never really talk about his friends to you, he gets immensely protective when his friends even shift their eyes on you for long enough but you’ve grown to learn their names yourself.
you never questioned your boyfriend’s protective side. you knew his friends do things he doesn’t want you to be associated with and knowing Sanzu and the Haitani brothers, they’d probably try and convince you to try out different illicit substances he never wants you to try.
as if the hesitation never reached to him, he muttered out something you or sanzu would’ve never guessed.
“trust me, you wouldn’t want her.”
his gaze stay fixed on the rings in between his fingers as he played with it. his posture relaxed unlike yours and the rest of his friends.
“i didnt mean what i said, angel. i know you know that,” he sighed, grabbing the glass of alcohol away from your hand and pulling you closer to him by your arm.
of course you knew your boyfriend wouldn’t say such thing even if he was dared to by one of his hellion friends but you can’t help but accept the lack of self assurance you feel at the present time.
narrowing your eyes at him, you scoffed loudly. “what the hell? you’re not even going to apologise? fuck you,” ripping his strong grip away from you as you managed to free yourself but not long after that he managed to pull you back and this time, his grip was stronger. strong enough to not hurt you but strong enough to not let you get away.
“princess, i’m so fucking sorry. i didn’t mean it, i was pissed off by Haru. please forgive me, don’t talk to him anymore i can’t take it,” he gripped your jaw lightly, lifting your delicate chin to look up at him. allowing yourself to be pulled away from your guy friend that was heading off somewhere.
you could see the regret and tenderness pouring out of his kaleidoscopic eyes, reminding you of every stages in your relationship you’ve experienced with him. intimacy, passion, romance, comfort, everything was secluded in his charming eyes.
“you’re fucking mean,” you hit his chest once, twice. anger threatening to spill out once again but he didn’t have any intention on stopping you.
“i know princess, i know and i’m so fucking sorry. i love you,” he pulled you to his chest as your balled up fist continues to throw punches at him. kissing the crown of your head as he repeats his apologies and alludes of never making you feel this way ever again. not in this lifetime and never.
Tumblr media
clicking his watch in place, grabbing his coffee on the table as he stands in front of the full length mirror you both have in your living room mainly for you to check yourself out in your pretty black dress he had gotten for you before going to a party.
he analyses himself, wondering whether his tie is tied correctly or his pants look noticeably dustier and more wrinkly than usual. despite all that, he still managed to get things to look at least presentable.
after what had happened at Sanzu’s condo, let’s just say you got mad and ignored him. the whole entire ride back home was a defeating silence.
of course he felt like shit afterwards but Ran Haitani is a man of ego and self conceit. apologising is something he’d do secretly without making himself being presented as the loser in this situation.
you walked into the living room, not giving him any sort of attention and on his end, he’s trying so hard to break you. “you need to stop doing that,” a deep voice fell on your ears. the sound of his monotonous tone felt just right. “do what?” shooting him your side eye again. “that hot eye thing you do when you’re mad,” his voice all gruff and scratchy as he says this. “no. i cant,” dismissing him by rolling your eyes. it was his fault for pissing you off. why was he telling you to do shit?
he followed you to the kitchen like a puppy, “c’mon princess, talk to me,” he groaned out loud, throwing banters like a child. he grabbed a hold of your wrist and pulled you towards him as a sneer left your plumped lips.
“don’t look so disgusted with me, princess,” chuckling as he grabs your jaw with his calloused hand, he looks down at you with his mauve coloured eyes. a scoff left you for what felt like the hundredth time this past minutes.
you looked back at him with your amber like eyes that he love so much. it was his weakness, he’d be damned if you leave him right now. who’s eyes is he going to look down to? he’d do anything to keep this pretty girl he have in front of him forever.
a sigh left his pretty lips, “i know im a fucking sleaze but please? talk to me?” holding your face in his bigger hand, rubbing small circles on your puffed up cheek. “i’m so fucking sorry for what i did back there and i promise with my whole life, princess, you listening to me? i promise with my whole life that i’d never ever do that again,” he took a moment to collect his words before humming softly, “can’t have you lookin’ at me like how they always look at me. i can’t,” he muttered softly, looking down at his feet in guilt of the realisation that this may be an end it or fix it moment for the both of you, but mainly for him.
you turned away from him, taking a step out and walking away. his eyes blurred, heart beating as fast as it probably could be. he loves you so much and he’d be fucking damned if he doesn’t fix this right now. “i wanna fucking marry you one day please,”
“i’d do anything, and i mean everything to keep you with me,” grabbing your waist and pulling your much smaller figure into his massive one as he buries his face into your neck, taking in your vanilla scent.
by this point, he took notice of the tears streaming down your pretty face. you were crying, cheeks tinted red and you look fucking adorable but all he wants right now is to comfort you and beg you to let him stay in your life.
Tumblr media
you and your group of friends were invited to a party Ran pulled. your boyfriend solely going because you are, even if that means his brother was the one hosting the party.
he’s no party person. he’d rather stay home and listen to his playlist comprising of Chase Atlantic and his favourites bands or hang out with Ran and Sanzu.
once you arrived, you took notice of the surrounding you’re in. your boyfriend being on his phone per usual, you scoffed, still mad at him from last night. he had apologised countless of times of course, but you were still feeling petty. without any further thought, you left him to find some of your friends knowing he’d probably end up with Sanzu or Ran anyway.
after 10 long minutes for what felt like eternity, you couldn’t find a single face in the crowd that you recognised. finally sighing in defeat, you head back to where you hoped your boyfriend was at.
he was sat there with the rest of Bonten, Kokonoi took in your presence and greeted you with a simple hi in which you returned. heading over to your boyfriend, you grabbed your bag to pull out your phone. “back so soon, angel?” your boyfriend murmur lowly as he mansplain, taking up the space on the couch. you only hummed as an answer.
Rindou gives you a head tilt, cocking his eyebrow up before continuing, “you ‘kay?” noticing your lack of energy and zeal. he grabs your arm pulling you closer to him as he watches you fumble with your rings in return.
you ushered your necklace to him, giving him the hint that you needed help putting it on. helping you put on your necklace that he had gotten, he smiled up at you. tucking in any bangs that had fallen on your pretty face. he wasn’t fully convinced that you were okay but you didn’t care.
“c’mere” your boyfriend patted his lap, allowing you to take a seat. sighing, you decided you’ll just stay with Rindou and give up on finding your friends. he grabs your waist and pulls you on his lap as you try to pry away his large muscular arms.
raising his eyebrows at your attempt, not allowing you to pry his arms away and even if he did, you’d still find them placed back on your waist. “stop that, don’t pry my arms away. they want to hold you,” watching as you sneer at him in disgust, he chuckles. “don’t be mean to me, princess,” he hums into your neck.
“used my cologne?” rubbing small circles into your waist and light kisses on the back of your ear. “you smell like me,” he took a whiffed at your hair. “no,” you replied straight forwardly. it was his of course, you love his scent but you decided to mess with him for making you mad. “who’s the fuck are they then? i’m not letting you smell like other men,” he furrowed his eyebrows in return. he took another whiff at your hair, “that’s mine, princess, what do you mean?” he tilts his head in confusion. he was using the same cologne, he knows it’s his. “no it’s not,” you shook your head, “then who’s are they?” he gushed, putting on his serious face.
“they’re mine” he heard Ran said with a faint chuckle. oh fucking hell he did not just hear that. “shut the fuck up,” he muttered aggressively to his brother, rolling his eyes as he pulls you closer into his chest. “nah, for real. she’s using my cologne. right y/n?” Ran chuckles, biting his lower lip as he raises an eyebrow proudly.
“get that shitty smug look off your face,” your boyfriend grumbles, “tell him. tell him it’s my cologne. now,” he demanded you, his voice all gruff and scratchy. it took you a while to give in. you only did when you felt him slapping your thigh. you knew if you agreed with Ran he’d probably make you miserable later at home. “fine, it’s yours,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes in defeat. “yours who? me?” Ran’s voice falls on your ears as you slowly look up at him.
you heard your boyfriend click his tongue behind you. he was getting impatient, you could feel his fingers digging into your thigh. “say it,” he growls lowly.
“it’s Rindou’s,” you murmur softly as Ran felt his defeat in the situation. “atta girl,” Rindou groans in your ear as you felt your cheeks tinting a slight shade of vermillion.
“aw man. next time, you’ll use mine tho alright?” Ran wiggled his eyebrows, teasing. “fuck off, Ran,” your boyfriend groans as he rolls his eyes.
Tumblr media
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