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#but i'm into some halloween today
xcziel16 days ago
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Here's another great nature pic from @moonlovingvampire ! 馃尲馃尶馃尲 what can i say i'm a sucker for purples and greens!
this one is much simpler, and the color choices are very obviously the soothing lavender blooms and foliage greens. i did try to pull out some yellows but i didn't like the orange-y tones as much as the little bit of sunshine brightness i could pull
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godsought10 months ago
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鉂浡--聽enter the tent of rekindling flame, welcoming bugs one & all. tonight We crown a King anew, the ritual of Nightmare鈥檚 thrall.
nary be Us birthed of scarlet dream, but ones to aid & tend to it鈥檚 light. We鈥檙e here not to mock or berate,聽but to burn & feed on this hallowed night.
so set the stage, dress & prepare; once-forlorn raise the lantern high, embrace the flame that scorches the earth, for he who dances, his end is nigh.
We thrive in the ashes of the Father, the cycle begins again, hide thy smiles, take a breath - close thine eyes & count to ten.
the music begins - the crowd roars, We watch his form gradually dim. We withhold our sorrows & celebrate the life & death of Troupemaster Grimm. 鉂
聽 聽 -- prayers of the Grimmseekers.
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dykexion5 months ago
What are some of your favorite horror movies? I feel like the ones you reblog are super interesting ones I haven't heard of before!
oohohohoho okay thank u so much for this ask i am basicaly always willing to go a little off the rails abt my fav horror films :) this got a little long so i'm putting it under a read more!
i'll mention some of my probably less well known favs here because i think talking about movies like that is more interesting and it's always fun to find a good movie you'd never really considered before. i tend to mostly gravitate towards horror comedies and films with interesting practical effects, so that helps lead me to stuff that's not quite so mainstream
ok so first off, probably my fav horror film which i DEFINITELY recommend is behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon (2006). it's a meta horror comedy that's two parts mockumentary and one part actual slasher - the first 2/3 of the film is a student film crew following a guy (named leslie vernon) who wants to be the next big slasher a la freddy or jason (who are real people who existed in this universe) as he shows them the tricks of the trade and how he's setting up the place where he plans to make his killing debut, and the final part of the film switches to a more typical slasher type setting as the crew's conscience sets in and they get involved to try and stop leslie. i think it's a really fun film that you can tell had a lot of love and effort put into it. it's funny and the characters are enjoyable and it includes a character played by freddy krueger himself, robert englund which is always a bonus. my one friend who's really into horror films (including some really weird obscure shit) actually hadn't heard of the film before i convinced him to watch it with me and he loved it, so it's always something i try to recommend to people - especially since you can find the whole film on youtube. they also did a comic a couple years back which i haven't been able to read but it seems pretty interesting!
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another fav of mine which is kind of a guilty pleasure is slumber party massacre 2 (1987). this one isn't actually a particularly good movie per se (it had a budget of $500,000 and grossed $1.3 million) but i personally find it really enjoyable due to some good practical effects, decent characters, and just how batshit crazy it gets - the killer is literally a leather-clad rocker who kills people with a giant drill attached to the end of his guitar, and he gets a musical number. where else am i going to get that but in this film? despite the kinda sleazy sounding name it's really not that bad and i personally think it's the best out of the spm trilogy (which iirc was created as satire), all of which were written and directed by women! also just look at this dude. i am obsessed with him.
Tumblr media
probably my second favourite horror and also likely the most well known on this list as it's absolutely a cult classic is re-animator (1985) which i've been posting about a lot recently lmao. it's a (very loose) modernised adaptation of hp lovecraft's story herbert west - reanimator and i just think it is a delightfully fun movie to watch. it's just this gay little mad scientist and his well-meaning assistant/roommate (oh my god they were roommates) dan doing fucked up little experiments with this serum herbert made to try and bring the dead back to life, except it really doesn't work as he intended it to. it's funny and quite gory and has some pretty good practical effects which is always a bonus in my book. herbert west is a little fucking asshole and at one point he vibe checks a dude with an oversized shovel and then uses it to decapitate him with blood splatters galore. warning for a brief but very distasteful scene including aforementioned severed head (which has since been reanimated) and a naked lady, in case you haven't heard of that infamous scene which was really Not Necessary.
Tumblr media
there's also from beyond (1986) that i've been reblogging stuff from recently which is another lovecraft adaptation (from a story with the same name) made by the same people as re-animator and starring mutlitple of the same cast members as well, including the actor who played the titular herbert west playing a main character in this film too. this movie is fucking weird man, it's just strange. my fav horror youtuber (scaredy cats) called this film "a horny puppet nightmare" in the video he did on it and that's definitely an apt description. there's uhhhh a lot of things wrong with this movie and it is DEFINITELY not for everyone but i enjoy it mostly for the cast, how batshit crazy it is, and also the effects. every monster in this movie (and there's a few) is so wet and slimy looking and i am obsessed with it. one dude basically turns himself into a gooey almost penis shaped monster it's so ridiculous there is so much going on in this movie like what the actual fuck.
Tumblr media
leaving off this post here because i think if i say anything more it'll be completely unbearable and i think i've already said too much lmao so uh
tl;dr i largely love weird and funny movies which are often low budget and of....questionable quality that aren't as well known as more mainstream movies and i def recommend behind the mask: the rise of leslie vernon, slumber party massacre 2, and re-animator in particular if you're into this kinda thing!
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mynameisanakin11 months ago
Alright, so. I鈥檝e no desire to be dramatic or really discuss this in detail on the dash, as I feel that is...inappropriate and against the truly odd set of strange decencies I have. However, something happened today is likely going to set me back in my return to normal posting and so on.
As we all know, very little stops me from writing if I am remotely physically able to, and it has always been my best method of dealing with tragedy. Regardless, the extremely unexpected loss of my grandmother in a car wreck today, and still possible loss of my great aunt who was a passenger, has not only really fucked me about when I was just beginning to kind of deal with the unexpected loss a couple months ago.
Since most of my grandmother鈥檚 family is very far away, several are on the way here now both for the impending services and to be with my aunt during what will be an incredibly hard recovery. At current count, all of my grandmother鈥檚 siblings, a couple of nieces and nephews, and her children that live in other states are about...8 people arriving sometime tonight and tomorrow.
That is going to be a lot of people and a lot of upset, and I鈥檝e no idea for how long. I already was having a difficult time managing unpacking the house, arranging things, helping my equally crippled mother do the same, and wrangling the dysfunctional petting zoo we have, but had worked out some time. I just...I don鈥檛 know how with I will be or how much time I will have/how exhausted emotionally I will be from reliving this, while refraining from giving her other loved ones the details I know and saw.
Anyway, I know the last three months have been very odd around here, and I was so happy to be having things returning to a semblance of normalcy! I just don鈥檛 want any of you to think that I am ignoring you, being weird because I am angry with you or have further lost my damn mind, or that I鈥檝e any intention of dropping threads and RP in general. I know that too many times when folks begin new jobs, move to new places, have new living situations etc., they suddenly decide that they need to weirdly reinvent themselves by dropping their hobbies. I wish no one to feel that it is immenent that I am going to vanish, never reply to a thread, meme, or message, or that they鈥檝e done something I鈥檓 angry about {look, I know we鈥檙e all very sensitive people here lol me too}
I cannot possibly express how much your muses, the memes you send, the threads we have, and your presence in my life as friends matters to me...or how important it has been during the last two major losses this year and the last. You guys are total live savers, as well as being the most creative, kind, and interesting people I鈥檝e had the honor to know. I promise that your time spent with me in any way at all is always valued heavily, even if I am sometimes bad at expressing these things properly!
So, I鈥檒l end this by saying that, again, I鈥檓 not going anywhere! I just may need to return to the weird slowness, may make some more mistakes I do not catch here and there, intend to reply to messages and then get pulled away...or sometimes need to abruptly stop talking and interacting while I have a moment. I promise I am alright, as alright as I can be, and I deeply thank you all for the concern and compassion shown today...and tbh, every day. <3
ps not to be that bitch, but please, please for the love of any gods you believe in, I know it鈥檚 tempting, but don鈥檛 be fucking around with your phone while driving, don鈥檛 be doing 40 over the damn speed limit. Not only has that been a major factor in crippling me with no less than three accidents where the responsible party was doing both of those things when they plowed into me, it鈥檚 now looking like this is what happened today. It may be worth it to you to risk your own safety, but it isn鈥檛 worth someone else鈥檚 life. I know we all know we鈥檙e going to lose the older people in our lives, but my nan wasn鈥檛 all that old, was a very healthy, vibrant, active person who had many more years to share with us. It鈥檚 extra devastating that her six children, seven siblings, multiple nieces and nephews, eleven grand children, and three great grand children, as well as this truly extraordinary amount of friends and people she has served in this community since 1965 are now without her a decade or more sooner than necessary because someone was distracted and in a hurry. Okay, my lecture is over, sorry!
#death cw#death tw#car wreck cw#again#I don't wish to be dramatic or depressing here#but I feel like since I have been so on and off and busy and distracted since August that I may give the false impression of#disinterest and giving up and I want no one to think this or to feel devalued. Sometimes an explanation is necessary. And I'm sorry#but I just don't have it in me right now to message all of you personally and relieve the things seen and felt today again yet.#Please be careful out there y'all be it covid or mundane risks of simply living and please if you have family that isn't a shit show...#remember to text and call and check that facebook message even ifyou hate being there it'll be important to you when they're gone.#thank you guys again and I will be trying to do some memes or something to distract myself#my apologies if I sound drunk or something#I had to be medicated earlier so I could be An Adult and let my mother and aunts fully grieve without responsibility for a hot min.#But I'll try!!#Also it hasn't escaped my attention it's the first day of Halloween and I guess it probably NEVER will again now but#on a lighter note I have enjoyed your posts about it throughout this awful day thank you!#your excitement for something normal in a time of shittery for us all is so great to see <3#mun life#robe drop {ooc}#I had planned to go back to my yearly fic but I just...I dunno if I can now. They tend to deal with some pretty upsetting subject matters#and eeehhh right But if I am able to change my mind I'll be sure to let y'all know as I know the previous two#were well liked!
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nrth-wind10 months ago
Among Us Halloween Event: Crew 2 // Ending
(tw: angst, horror, death)
Jim looks at Claire and Blinky through the red haze of the light above his head, and then at Skrael. He is begging for one of them, any of them to save him, or to stop this.
He tries his girlfriend first, the only person here who could vouch for him, but even she is looking at him like she doesn鈥檛 even recognize him. 鈥淐laire鈥 Claire, come on, please. We鈥檝e been together the whole game!鈥
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 mean you didn鈥檛 just kill Argh, and, and I don鈥檛 know if these parasites-鈥 Jim, what if you鈥檝e been killing people behind my back? Just because we鈥檙e always together doesn鈥檛 mean that my eyes were on you the whole time!鈥
Jim is shocked quiet for a moment, as he gapes, before finally whispering, ever so quietly, 鈥淐laire鈥 I didn鈥檛 do this.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know that, Jim. If you even are Jim.鈥 Claire glares at the person in front of her, though seeing Jim鈥檚 hurt expression, the wild fear in his eyes鈥 even if he was a fake, it still kills her inside to see him like that.
But she has to ensure that the few of them who are left survive.
She does guide Jim to the airlock, though. And as she reaches to seal it behind him, she whispers, 鈥淛im鈥 Jim if I鈥檓 wrong鈥 please forgive me.鈥
Jim looks at her as the doors seal themselves shut, and he smiles comfortingly, though his eyes are sad. 鈥淚 already have. Protect the others, Claire. I know you can.鈥
And then the airlock empties, and Claire feels dread, cold and sickening overcome her body. It is worse than entering the Shadow Realm鈥 this is pure emotion, swirling in her stomach, and she begins to suspect that she already knows what the hologram is going to say.
She can barely read it through blurry eyes.
Jim was Not the Imposter. 1 Imposter Remains.
Claire shatters. She falls to her knees, but as her knees hit the floor, she hits the cafeteria tiles. Round four has already begun. She does not move as the round begins, and she does not move as the task counter blinks at her, showing her how close they are to a desperate win鈥
Skrael puts her out of her misery. He does not see a point to leaving her as the last one alive.
He has won, though the win was tighter than he鈥檇 have liked. He鈥檇 lost his fellow back in round one, the stupid fool overestimating his own host鈥檚 abilities. He鈥檚 won, but now he is the only one of his own kind left in the nearest few thousand lightyears. It stings a little, but NotSkrael perks up a touch, when he remembers that there is still one more toy to play with.
He chuckles softly, glancing at the countdown on his kill ability. It still has a bit, so he decides to truly play with that last little friend, as he waits.
鈥淥h, Blinkous Galadrigal鈥!鈥 He calls through the ship, voice slipping throughout it, echoing off the now mostly empty space. 鈥淚 would like to report a body! Why don鈥檛 you come over here and we can argue about who the imposter is again, hm? I bet you might even get it right!鈥
When he receives no response, he laughs, 鈥淗iding, are we? No matter. I鈥檓 familiar with that human game, hide and seek鈥 well you just stay where you are, and I鈥檒l come to you! Doesn鈥檛 that sound fun? Here, I鈥檒l even count and everything! Ten, nine, eight鈥 or, is that a three?鈥 He teases.
鈥淚 seem to have miscounted. Ah well. The saying is ready or not, yes? Well, here I come鈥 I hope you chose your hiding spot well! I don鈥檛 want this to be too easy鈥 It鈥檚 more fun when you resist鈥︹
Still no response. He is a smart one, NotSkrael will give him that.
鈥淥h, how impressively quiet you are! Well, that鈥檚 alright. Just, ah, don鈥檛 forget! We imposters can see in the dark, you know鈥︹
Blinkous Galadrigal, the last crewmate on a doomed mission to new worlds, forces himself further underneath the Security desk, just as the lights extinguish, leaving him alone, in the dark, with the only being in lightyears who can see him just fine.
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i3utterflyeffect10 months ago
by the way....... if any of y鈥檃ll are still interested in atlas au after my hands broke, it鈥檚 not dead!
in fact, i鈥檝e got some ideas again for some stuff...
no promises but... you know :)
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the-last-page11 months ago
Tumblr media
Arttober day 5! A tiny spooky pinball machine for Halloween 馃巸
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