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#but idk just like....all my friends are fucking excellent top class would never trade
cartoonsun · a year ago
had a five hour phone call with my closest americorp friends who are now living together and it was so lovely just to sit and read their tarot over the phone from a random generator or lamenting over our strange love lives (one of them astral projected into her ex’s dreams and both of us have been st*lking playlists) at one point my friend nina was just building her bed and inserting commentary at her leisure and it was just good to be in the company of friends even if I couldn’t physically be around them 
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atlafan · 10 months ago
Sugar - One Shot
a/n: HERE SHE IS!!! I’m really excited about this fic, idk why. This is my take on sugar daddy!Harry. This one’s a wild ride with some fun twists and turns, so I hope you like it! Feedback and reblogs are super helpful! (not proofread, sorry!) Please consider buying me a coffee.
Warnings: angst, fluff, and smut!
Words: 20K
Pairing: Harry x OC
Tumblr media
Chloe’s life was…complicated, although she didn’t talk about it much. She was estranged from her mother, her father was in prison, and her grandparents, who had raised her, were getting older and older. She was able to get herself through school, turns out colleges take pity on students like her and offer a ton of aid. Med schools, on the other hand, didn’t really give a fuck. Chloe wanted to be a surgeon. The human body always fascinated her, and she excelled in her biology and anatomy classes in high school. So, she was pre-med in college, and managed to get herself into a good medical school after graduating. Her grades were impeccable. She was entering her second year, but things were starting to get difficult.
Her grandparents needed to move to an assisted living facility since Chloe couldn’t live with them while she was in school. It was getting too expensive for them, though, so she needed to foot the bill. Paying for an apartment, the old folks home, and med school was starting to be too much. Because of the classes, labs, and homework she had, Chloe barely had time for a day job. So what did she do? She became a cliché. She had no choice but to become an exotic dancer. She had never been so thankful to have been a cheerleader in high school. She could at least dance well. Her roommate had suggested it since she was in a similar boat financially. Mia had told Chloe about the club she worked at, mostly as a bottle girl, but the tips were much better for dancers.
“Is it safe? I’d be nervous about creeps stalking me afterwards.” Chloe chewed on her bottom lip as she talked things over with Mia.
“Super safe! It’s an upscale place. A lot of, like, higher up business men, CEO’s, those types of people. Guys looking to look at younger women before they go home to their wives. There’s no private sex rooms, and unless they order a private dance or bottle service, they can’t touch. Even then, they’re not allowed to just grope you. There are bodyguards and bouncers all over the place to keep us all safe. The other girls are really nice too. I’ve made some great friends.”
“You think you could get me in?”
“Definitely! My boss actually asked if I knew of anyone looking for work.”
“I do have waitressing and bartending experience…” Chloe looks over at her stack of bills. “I don’t think I even really have a choice at this point. I owe it to my grandparents to do everything I can to keep them comfortable. I’d be on the streets if it weren’t for them.” She sighs.
“Come with me tonight then. Don’t worry, Chlo, Drew will take good care of you.”
Drew was welcoming of Chloe, and so were the other girls. Mia didn’t lie, it was a really upscale place with lots of safety precautions. She mostly stuck with serving drinks at the beginning, and she didn’t mind the little outfits she wore either. The nights were long and exhausting, but the money Chloe was making was actually starting to help. It still wasn’t quite enough, but at least she was able to make it by. She eventually had to ask Drew if she could start doing bottle services. This meant she might be subject to showing more skin, and letting some of the men touch her. Mia had told Chloe that the tips were about triple from bottle services so it was worth it.
Chloe was asked for often for bottle services after that. She was personable, laughed at jokes, and showed the gentlemen a good time. She was really starting to rake it in now. Her grandparents didn’t question things, all she told them was that she got a job at a classy bar where people tipped well. They were taken care of, and her other bills were mostly taken care of. She just wished she had time to sleep more. She’d usually get a few hours of sleep in when she got home, wake up, go to class, get her homework done, maybe eat, and then go back to the club. She worked as many shifts as possible.
There was one Friday night that a group of gentlemen came in and requested bottle service. Nothing out of the ordinary. Chloe was assigned to them, and Drew told her they were very important clients so she really needed to ham it up. She decided to put her hair up in a high pony, taking out a few pieces to frame her face. Next, she went with a black sequined bra, and a high waist pair of black spandex shorts. She topped it all off with some knee high black boots and smoky eyes. She was ready to make some fucking money.
Chloe watched as the men went to their area. She was given their drink order, and she heads behind the bar to get everything. Three bottles of vodka, two bottles of tequila, and all the fixings. She gets everything onto a cart and wheels it over to the group.
“Hello gentlemen.” She says with her brightest smile. “I’m Macey, I’ll be serving you tonight.” Macey was her club name for added security purposes.
“Amazing!” One of the older men says. “We’ll all start off with some tequila shots.”
“You got it.” She smiles and gets all of the shot glasses ready and onto a tray. She walks around the group and they each drop dollar bills onto the tray as they take a shot. She starts preparing the other drinks as they all clink their glasses, and passes those out as well. Then she makes her way to sit on one of their laps.
“Oh, I like this girl.” The man says.
“Are we celebrating anything special tonight?” Chloe asks.
“Our boy Harry here just landed us the deal of the century!” The man Chloe was sitting on says as he points over to one of the younger looking men. “And we thought, what better way to celebrate than with the company of some nice girls?”
“Macey, do you do private dances?” Another man asks.
“Sometimes.” She grins. “But only for really special people.”
“Harry’s very special.” The man smirks towards who Chloe assumes is Harry who just shakes his head. “Come on, man! You’ve earned it. Let’s get some more drinks into him.”
Chloe has a pretty good time with the guys. She lets them stick dollars into her boots and waistband of her shorts. She keeps their drinks full, thus keeping them happy like Drew wanted. Eventually, the older guys convince Harry to get a private dance, and Chloe leads him to the rooms used for those.
“Alright, baby, have a seat.”
“Don’t call me that, I’m not your baby.” Harry says as he sits down in the chair.
“S-sorry…to tell you the truth, they have us follow a loose script. Um, is there something you’d prefer to be called, sir?” Harry sighs and shakes his head no. “Okay…let me get the music going and then we can get started.”
“I’ll pay you, just don’t dance.”
“You don’t want me to dance?”
“Why not?”
“Because I feel bad.”
“About what?” He scrunches his face at her. “Look, I don’t have a gun to my head to be here. I work here because it’s good money, and it’s all I have time for right now. If I could work a day job, I would, but I can’t.”
“Your name’s not really Macey, is it?” Chloe shakes her head no and he sighs again.
“Why come here if you’re not into it?”
“I couldn’t say no to the others. I’m still fairly new at this company, and I just wanna fit it. I did land a really important deal, a million dollar deal. I thought we’d just go out for drinks, but they brought me here…” He looks down and then back up at her. “What’s your real name?”
“I can’t tell you that, sorry.” She chews her bottom lip. “I’ll tell you anything else you want to know, though.”
“Can we go sit on that couch? I feel weird sitting while you’re standing.”
“You really don’t want me to sit on you?”
“Okay, couch it is.” Harry gets up and sits with her on the soft couch.
“How old are you?”
“I’ll be twenty-four in a few months.”
“What do you do during the day that keeps you so busy?”
“I’m in med school, I’m studying to be a surgeon.”
“Wow, no wonder you need to work at a place like this.”
“Please, I pay for med school, an apartment in the city, and I’m financially responsible for my grandparents. I have to pay their mortgage for their condo.”
“Are you making enough here to pay for all of that?”
“Just barely.” She sighs. “I work six nights a week, sometimes seven.”
“You must be exhausted.” He frowns.
“I am, but…someday when I’m a successful doctor it’ll all be worth it. I’ll look back on it all and laugh.” She smiles at him. “What, um, what kind of work do you do exactly?”
“Stock trading and other sales shit. It’s terribly boring to be honest with you. I’m just good at it.” He shrugs. “I travel a lot, I schmooze a lot…lots of stupid parties and networking things to go to.” He furrows his brows at her. Harry led a lonely life, but maybe there was a way for things to become less lonely. “If you could take care of your bills without having to work like this, would you?”
“In a heartbeat. I mean, everyone here has been great, but I know I’m going to burn out soon. I don’t want my grades to suffer.”
“I need you to tell me your real name.”
“Because I’m going to offer you a deal, and I’d like to know who I’m really offering it to.”
“It’s Chloe, but I’m not telling you my last name.” She crosses her arms and he smirks.
“Fair enough.” He looks her up and down. “Chloe…that’s a nice name.”
“Thank you. So…what’s this deal?”
“I’d like to offer to take care of all your expenses. Every single one of your bills would be paid for. Hell, I could probably pay of your grandparents’ mortgage.” Her eyes widen at him.
“What…what would you want in exchange?”
“Companionship.” He states. “I hate coming home to an empty house. I don’t really have time to date, and to be honest I’m not a great boyfriend. I never have been, but I have the money to pay for things and keep you comfortable. I’d like someone to talk to…maybe watch a movie with when I actually have time to relax at home.”
“Are…are you saying you want to be, like, my sugar daddy? Isn’t that for old guys? How old are you anyways?”
“Don’t call it that.” He makes a disgusted face. “I don’t want to be your daddy, and I never want to hear you to refer to me as that again.” He can tell she’s a bit taken aback by his tone. “I’m thirty.” He says softly. “Is that too much of an age difference for you? I can understand if it is.”
“No.” She shakes her head. “It’s less than ten years, so it doesn’t bother me. Um…so…you’d want me to move in with you?”
“Not if you didn’t want to, but you’d be on call for when I’m home, and I know that can get inconvenient.”
“And…what exactly would I be on call for?” She raises an eyebrow at him. “You’re talking about companionship and that could lead to other things.”
“You’re not a prostitute, I’m not asking you to have sex with me.” He scoffs. “If it did become sexual, I’d want it to be completely consensual, not because you feel like you need to because I’d be paying your bills.”
“Have you ever done this before? You seem so confident about it.”
“No, but…some of the other guys have talked about their sugar babies before.”
“If you don’t want to be called a sugar daddy, I don’t want to be called a sugar baby.”
“I would demean you like that, I was just giving you an example.”
“I don’t think it’s demeaning, I mean, a person’s gotta do what they gotta do.” She smirks. “I’m just saying, if you’re not my daddy then I’m not your baby.”
“Seems reasonable enough to me.” He shrugs and looks at his watch. “I think we only have a few more minutes in here.” He reaches into his back pocket and takes out his wallet, pulling out a wad of cash. “I think this should cover what you would have made had you danced.”
“Th-thank you.” She swallows as she takes roughly two grand from him. Way more than what she would have gotten, but she wasn’t going to question it.
“And don’t worry, I’ll make sure to tell everyone how incredible you were.” He pulls out one of his cards from his wallet. “Take some time to think over my offer. We can meet to discuss things further if you wish. I’d want to draw up a formal contract and all that. If you decide to do this with me you’d need to quit here immediately. I…can be sort of possessive, and it would bother me knowing you’d be here.”
Chloe takes the card from him and reads it over, then she looks back up at him.
“Why me? There’s so many other girls here…”
“You caught my eye.”
“I was your bottle girl.” She smirks at him.
“True, but I was looking around…even if you hadn’t been, I would have tried to get to know you somehow. I…I think you’re very beautiful. You’ve got a modesty to you, and I like that.”
“I’ll think things over.” She says as she stands up. “Time’s up in here.”
“Alright.” He stands up and straightens out his suit. “I look forward to your call, Macey.” He smirks and extends his hand to shake hers. He leaves her in the room. She couldn’t believe it. She just got the offer of a life time.
“Let me get this straight. A thirty-year-old rich bachelor wants to pay for your livelihood in exchange for companionship, and maybe sex, but only if you feel like it?” Mia says to Chloe the next morning over coffee and homework.
“Yup. He name is Harry, is in stock trading or something like that. He was sort of cold, but polite. He didn’t want me to dance or anything. He said he could even pay off my grandparents’ mortgage. I bet I could even get him to pay our full rent, not just my half. That’d be less stress for you too.”
“That would be amazing!”
“So, you think I should do it?”
“Hm, let me see…keeping one guy happy during reasonable hours, or continuing to work at an upscale strip club. Seems like a no-brainer to me, Chlo.”
“He’s really cute too.” Chloe chews on her bottom lip. “I guess I could always go back to Drew if things go south with Harry.”
“Yeah! People come and go all the time. I think you should call this Harry guy and take a meeting with him. See what type of contract he wants you to sign.”
“Okay.” Chloe nods. “I’ll do it.” She grabs her backpack and fishes for Harry’s card. She dials the number on it and waits for him to answer.
“Paxton Enterprises, Mr. Styles’ line, this is Helen, how may I help you?”
“H-Hello Helen, my name is Chloe, um, Mr. Styles is expecting a call from me.”
“Let me just put you on hold for a moment to confirm that.” Before Chloe can say anything she hears the hold music. A minute or two later, the music stops. “Hello, Chloe, I’m transferring you over to Mr. Styles.”
“Thank you.”
“Hi, Harry…I didn’t realize this wasn’t a direct line. I wish you had given me your cell.”
“I wouldn’t have answered that anyways. This is a business transaction, so I gave you my business number.”
“So, I’m assuming you’ve thought my offer over?”
“Yes, and I’d like to meet soon to discuss things further. I have a lot of questions I’d like answered before I agree to anything.”
“I’d be concerned if you didn’t have questions. Let me just pull up my calendar. You’re the med student, when works best for you? Would you prefer something after hours? A business dinner, perhaps?”
“No, I have labs in the evenings sometimes. I could come by around four tomorrow, though. Would that work for you?”
“I can make it work. The address for the building and the suite number is on my card, you should be able to find me easily. Helen is my personal assistant, you can check in with her once you come to my floor. Try to dress up a bit if you can, it’ll be easier to explain if you look like a client.”
“Sure, I can do that.”
“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow at four.” He hangs up and Chloe takes a deep breath.
“Holy shit.” She says to Mia. “I can’t believe I might actually be doing this.”
“I kind of like how formal he’s being with you. He doesn’t seem like some sick fuck.”
“Yeah! He’s, like, a gentleman. This could be good, really, really good.”
Due to have various interviews for med school, Chloe had plenty of business casual clothes to choose from. She decides to go with her navy pant suit, and a blush pink blouse. She looked cute, and not at all like she was about to meet a man to discuss paying her bills. She got some paperwork together, bank statements, and other bills in case Harry wanted to see just how much help she’d actually need. She puts everything into her leather laptop bag, graciously donated to her a couple of years ago from one of her professors, and heads out.
The building was huge. Chloe had no idea how many stories it was, but it had to be a lot. She takes a deep breath as she enters, and looks at the signage to see what floor Paxton Enterprises was on. She goes into the elevator and smooths out her blazer. She gets off and walks into the office. There was a young man sitting at a large desk.
“Hello, may I help you?” He says to her.
“Yes, I have a meeting at four with Mr. Styles.”
“Ah, alright, you’ll want to go down that way, take a left, keep going, and he has the corner office on the right.”
“Thank you.” She smiles and goes the way he told her. She comes to where who she assumes Helen is. “Hello, I have a meeting with Mr. Styles at four.”
“Are you Chloe?”
“I am.”
“Wonderful, I’ll let him know you’re here. Please, have a seat.” Helen stands up and gestures to one of the leather couches. “Can I get you anything while you wait?”
“I’m all set, thank you.”
Helen nods and taps on Harry’s door before opening it. Chloe hears her tell him she’s here, and then she sits back down at her desk. About five minutes later, Harry opens his door. Chloe stands up immediately.
“Hi, follow me.” He says to her, already walking by her.
“Where are we going?”
“To a conference room. I wanted to level the playing field so you wouldn’t feel intimidated.” He stops in front of a door and opens it for her. She goes inside and he follows. He sits down across from her. “You look nice, professional.” He half smiles.
“You asked me to.” She looks down at herself. “I only wear those types of clothes at the club. I’m a normal person during the day.”
“I figured.” He smirks and takes some papers out of an accordion folder, along with a small notepad and a pen. “So, what questions do you have for me?”
“I have questions and conditions.” She sets her bag on the table. “How much are you really willing to spend on me? Is it just bills, or would I also have some sort of an allowance?”
“I have all the money in the world, don’t worry about that. Also, I’d give you your own credit card to spend as you like. I wouldn’t want you taking advantage or anything, but if you wanted to treat yourself to new clothes or a nice dinner that would be fine. You don’t have to ask before you buy anything either. I wouldn’t questions your purchases, I think you should just keep it under two grand a month.”
“No problem there.” She scoffs. “I don’t even know what I would spend that on.” She laughs. “I’d like to continue living in my apartment, if we do this. I live close by my school, and I like living with my roommate. We’re able to study together because she’s in the same program.”
“Alright.” He nods.
“I’d want the full cost of my rent covered, not just my half.”
“I’ll take care of all the utilities too. Your roommate, I’m assuming, knows why you’re here?” Chloe nods. “Right, that’s fine, but she’ll need to sign an NDA. I don’t want her blabbing about this to other people.”
“I’m sure she’d be fine with that. Would I need to sign one too?”
“Yes.” He nods.
“What if people ask me what I’m up to? I don’t like lying to my friends.”
“Just tell them you’re seeing someone.” He shrugs. “Just leave out the money part.”
“Okay.” She reaches into her bag and pulls out the various papers she brought. “These are all my bills and bank statements, and the mortgage information for my grandparent’s condo.” She slides it over to him and he scans it all over.
“This is all pocket change for me. I’d need all your financial information for your schooling as well.”
“Here.” She slides him a copy of her bill for that.
“How long would all of this last? I mean…you could get sick of me and then I’d be back to square one.”
“How many more years of school do you have left?”
“Alright, so I’ll pay upfront for two years of med school. Oh, send me any student loan stuff you may have as well. Let’s get whatever debts you have paid off, yeah?” Chloe has to blink a few times to not let any tears fall. She wanted to cry from the amount of relief she was about to feel. “Speaking of which, do your grandparents have any outstanding debts?”
“No.” She shakes her head. “All of their stuff is squared away, it’s literally just the mortgage. My grandfather still gets a pension check, and they’re both collecting social security.”
“Okay.” Harry nods and makes a few notes.
“Why…why do you want to take care of someone like this? If you have all of this money you could be donating to charities or-“
“Who said I don’t already do that?” He almost snaps. “Look, I…all of these things would keep you happy, right?” She nods yes at him. “And if you don’t have these things to worry about that would mean you’d be more available to me.”
“Remind me again what exactly you’d like me available for?”
“A few nights a week I’d like you at my place for dinners. Can you cook?”
“I can.” She nods.
“Great, I…I like a home cooked meal, and I never have time for it. I’m sick of take out. I’d also like to have someone to bring to different events and functions.”
“And this isn’t about sex?”
“Like I told you the other day, you’re not a prostitute. I’m not paying for all of these things so that you’ll have sex with me. If it’s something you’d like from me, though, I wouldn’t say no. Just know there’s no obligation.”
“Okay, but that could mean you could be out fucking other people.”
“I wouldn’t. I’m not like that.”
“I’d…I’d want a little romance on your end. I’d obviously not be seeing anyone else, so…I think that would be nice.”
“Flowers and chocolates, stuff like that?”
“Alright.” He scribbles some more notes. “Think I can handle that.”
“I get really busy with my schoolwork.”
“Well, I’d surely think so, you’re in med school, Chloe.”
“I’m just saying, what if I’m not available because I have to study?”
“You can bring your work to my place and do it there. I sort of just want someone around. I have a big place, it gets too quiet for me.” He clears his throat. “Do you have any other questions?”
“I don’t think so.”
“So, do we have a deal then?”
“Y-yeah, we do.” She nods.
“Excellent.” He smiles and takes some forms out of the folder. “Look these over and sign them for me, please. Here’s an NDA for your roommate as well.” He compiles all of the bills she handed him into a neat stack. “Consider all of this taken care of.”
“I…I can’t thank you enough, Harry. You’re, like, my knight in shining armor or some shit.”
“Do you want me to call the club to let them know you’re quitting, or would you like to do it yourself?” She furrows her brows at him. He completely disregarded her praise.
“No, I’ll give them a call. They should hear it from me.”
“Alright.” He nods and stands up. “Are you free now? I’d like to take you home and show you around.”
“Sure, but I can’t stay long. I have to study for an exam.” She stands up as well.
He doesn’t say anything else, so she just follows him out and back to his office. He goes in and closes the door in her face. She gives Helen a confused look, and Helen just shrugs. Harry comes out a moment later with his things, and Chloe follows him again back down the hall to the elevators.
“I have a driver that’s on call. He can pick you up and drop you off any time anywhere. So if there’s a late evening I want you over you don’t have to worry about taking the train or anything.”
“Okay.” She swallows.
She follows him down to the street where a car was waiting. Harry opens the door for her, and he slides in next to her. The car starts moving, and she’s not sure what to do with herself.
“Relax a little, yeah?” He says to her. “You’re as stiff as a board.”
“Sorry, I just…I can’t believe this is really happening.”
“Can I ask…why are you in charge of your grandparents’ mortgage? What happened to your parents?”
“My father’s in prison. He has been my whole life, I barely know him. My mother…well, she couldn’t hack it on her own, so my grandparents took me in.”
“On which side?”
“My mother’s.” She sighs. “Our family’s really small too. No aunts or uncles or cousins. I don’t know my grandparents on my father’s side.”
“What did your father go to prison for?”
“Murder.” Chloe looks at him. “I don’t know the full story, but he killed two people and was given a life sentence.”
“I’m so sorry, that sounds like a lot to process.” He puts his hand on her shoulder.
“When I was really little, and my mom was still around, she took me to visit him. He had this really nice smile, and I couldn’t understand why such a nice looking man would be locked up. My grandparents never took me to see him once I was with them, but when I turned eighteen I went to visit him, and he told me a few things. He cried and told me he was sorry. I didn’t say anything.” She looks out the window at the city lights and then back to Harry. “I wish I had, had the nerve to ask him why he did it.”
“You’re a really strong person.” He gives her a soft smile. “Do you have any idea where your mother is?”
“Nope, and I don’t really care. She may be my mother, but she’s not my mom. My nana’s my mom, you know?” Harry nods at that and sits back. “What’s your family like?”
“I was adopted as a baby by this nice family in London who couldn’t have kids of their own. They kept my biological name, and never shied away from telling me I was adopted. Although, they always made me feel like I was theirs. They were older, and they’ve both passed.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“It’s alright. I have a couple of adoptive siblings, and we chat from time to time. It was a nice life.”
“Did you ever find your biological parents?”
“You were never curious?”
“Not really. I figured they must have given me up for some reason, so why bother trying to find them?” He shrugs as the car comes to a stop. “We’re here.” Harry gets out of the car and Chloe follows him. It was a really nice building. “I own one of the penthouses on to the top floor. I think you’ll like it.” He leads her inside, and they make their way up. He gets the door unlocked, and shows her in. “It’s two stories. There’s a great view of the city from the balcony, and I have access to the roof. I have a garden up there during the warmer months. Oh, um, could you, like, text me a list of things you like to eat so I can keep food here for you? I have someone that does all of my grocery shopping and what not.”
“You have someone that shops for you, but doesn’t cook for you?” She raises an eyebrow at him.
“I pay my house keeper extra to go shopping for me. It’s not her job to cook for me, I’d rather her get home to her own family and eat with them.”
“I’ll text you a list.”
“Good.” He nods. “Let me show you around, come down the hall with me.” She follows him as told. “So, my home office is down here. I’d prefer it if you didn’t go in there. Not because I have anything to hide, I just…I’m a little particular about how I have things set up, and I don’t like it when people touch and move my things.”
“No worries, I’m not a curious little kid. I’ll respect your space.”
“Thank you. That being said, if you’d like to set up a little office for yourself here I do have a room you can use down here. I’d be happy to turn one of the guest rooms into a workspace for you.” She continues to follow him. “This is my home gym. Feel free to use it whenever you like.”
Chloe steps inside and her jaw drops. He had a punching bag, treadmill, a slew of weights and resistance bands, and an elliptical.
“Wow.” She says.
“I try to use it most mornings before I go to work.” She continues to follow him down another hallway. “Here’s the laundry room, again, use it whenever you want. I’m guessing you have to use quarters for laundry now?” She nods at him. “Right, no more of that. Bring all your laundry here.” He loosens his tie, and she follows him out and back to the main area. “Right, so, that’s the main living space. The fireplace is great to use when it’s really cold out. You can see I don’t have a TV in here. I have a home theater upstairs.” He starts going up the stairs and she follows him up. He opens up the door to the theater.
“This is so cool! Your friends must love coming here.”
“When they have the time, yeah.” He shrugs. “There’s a few more guest rooms up here. Um, I’d like to offer you one as your own room. You can decorate it any way you like. That way if there’s a night you want to stay you can.”
“You don’t want me with you?”
“I’d only want that if you did.” He opens the door to his room. “Here’s my room.”
Chloe steps inside and looks around. He walks over to his walk-in closet and takes his suit jacket off, hanging it up. She looks inside his closet.
“I’d give anything to have a closet like this.”
“Guest room down the hall has a similar one. It’s yours if you want it.”
“I barely have enough clothes to fill something like this.” She laughs.
“That’ll change. I told you, you could go on a shopping spree, remember?”
“I’ll probably just buy a fuck ton of new scrubs to be honest with you.”
“I’ll be able to get a credit card in the next couple of days.” They step out of his closet. “Are you hungry?”
“Yeah, I could eat.” She shrugs. “But then I need to get going.”
He nods, and she follows him back downstairs. He rolls up his sleeve and her eyes widen at his tattoos. She doesn’t say anything, though. It was none of her business why he had so many. He opens the fridge and pulls out a box of pizza.
“Works for me.” She smiles and he flips it open. She grabs a slice and takes a bite. “Mm, I love cold pizza. Oh! I need to call Drew.”
“My boss at the club, or I guess now ex-boss.” She takes her phone out and called Drew.
“Sup, Chlo?”
“Hey, Drew, um…I sort of have some bad news. I’m quitting the club. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a two weeks’ notice, my new boss, uh, needs me to start right away.”
“Shit, I’m sorry to hear that. What’s your new job?”
“I…uh…I’m a personal assistant.”
“Alright, I’ll have Mia clean out your locker. Know that you can come back any time, sweetheart.”
“Thank you so much for understanding.” She hangs up and looks at Harry. “Alright, it’s done.”
“Perfect, thanks.”
They both eat some pizza, and Harry offers to drive Chloe home. He takes her in his personal car. He wanted to be the one to drive her this one time. He frowns when he pulls up to her building.
“This is where you live?” He asks her.
“This costs almost two grand a month?”
“Well, yeah, it’s a two bedroom. It’s actually pretty cheap compared to other spots. A lot of med school students live here, it’s almost like being in a dorm again. Um, thank you for the ride, and for everything else. I think this is going to work out really well.”
“Me too, and please don’t keep thanking me. You don’t need to do that. Good luck on your exam tomorrow. I…I’d like to know your grades and all that. Would you keep me up to date when you get things back?”
“Of course!” She smiles. “Does your fridge allow magnets? I like hanging up my good grades.”
“I can get some.” He smiles. “Have a good night.”
“You too. I’ll text you tomorrow.”
He nods and watches her get out of the car and go into her building. Chloe still couldn’t believe this was happening. Harry was like an angel sent from heaven above. She couldn’t wait to tell Mia everything.
With Chloe’s grandparents’ mortgage being paid off, her school bill being paid off, her old student loans being paid, and pretty much everything else being paid off, she was stress free for the first time in her life. All she had to worry about was getting good grades, which Harry always praised her for. He’d let her put her good grades on the fridge, but he’d also buy her little gifts here and there. He got her a brand new stethoscope, and she nearly leapt into his arms as she hugged him.
Things were working out really well. She had a key to his place, and she could go there whenever she wanted. She took him up on his offer to have her own office to work in. He got her a brand new Mac computer that had a docking station so she could work on a large monitor. The office had white boards so she could draw diagrams and everything. He even got her some video games to help her with her dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It was something she brought home to do with Mia, and it was a huge help when they needed some down time. She hadn’t slept over yet, but she’d usually stay late. She’d cook Harry the meals he liked best, and he’d help her go over her flashcards.
It was an amazing first month. She was incredibly attracted to Harry, but the most she had ever done was kiss him on the cheek. He never made a move on her so she wasn’t sure if he wanted her to do anything. She wouldn’t mind having sex with him, it would certainly be an added bonus.
One night, she had made him a meatloaf with roasted asparagus. He loved it, and told her how good of a cook she was. He was so kind to her, even if sometimes he could be a little short and cold. It was just his personality.
“Chloe, it’s been an entire month since we started this. Are you happy?” He asks out of nowhere, making her nearly choke on her food.
“Y-yeah, it’s been great! Are you happy? Am I…what you hoped I’d be?”
“I’m very satisfied.” He smiles. “I just wanted to check in and make sure you were. I know it’s an odd situation to be in, but this is really working for me.”
“Me too.” She smiles.
“Do you have a lot of studying to do tomorrow?” Tomorrow’s Saturday.
“No, actually, I’m caught up for a change. I was actually thinking of going to visit my grandparents, I just need to get a bus ticket.”
“Don’t be silly, I can take you.”
“Do you have time for something like that?”
“I’m…trying to be around more on weekends for you.” He mutters.
“Oh! Well…that’d be great then. I’m sure they’d love to meet you.”
“Do they know about me?”
“I just told them what you told me to tell others, that I’m seeing someone.” Harry nods at that. “They don’t know anything else. I didn’t tell them things were paid off. They’d ask too many questions.”
“That was smart of you. What time did you want to go?”
“I’d like to be there around eleven so I can have lunch with them and whatnot.”
“I was wondering, um, if you’d like to spend the night tonight…since you don’t have to study.”
“Oh, um, sure.” She swallows. “I have things here for overnights, might as well use them, right?”
“Great.” He smiles. “Would you like to watch a movie in the theater for a change? We haven’t gotten to do that yet.”
“That sounds nice, Harry.” She smiles. He was good about holding up the romance end of the deal.
“Perfect. I’m just going to go change out of my work clothes. Would you mind cleaning all this up?”
“Not at all.”
“Thank you.” He stands up. “Come up to the theater when you’re done.”
Even though she cooked, Chloe didn’t mind cleaning up. She cleaned as she cooked so she really only had to put the leftovers away and load up the dishwasher. She goes up to the theater once she’s done and she sees Harry in there furrowing his brows at the screen as he looks for something to put on. She plops down in the seat next to him. He glances at her.
“What would you like to watch?” He asks her.
“You pick.”
“No, I’d like you to pick.” He hands her the remote.
“Alright…” She looks over the choices on Netflix.
“I have Amazon Prime, Hulu, and pretty much every other streaming service if you can’t find anything on here.”
“Do you have Disney plus?” He nods his head yes and she smiles. “Okay.” She clicks around to find the right app. “How about The Little Mermaid?”
“Is that your favorite?”
“She’s my favorite princess out of the bunch.”
“Then put it on.” Chloe selects the movie and settles the remote down. Harry lifts the armrest between them and puts his arm around her. “Is this alright?”
“Mhm.” She inches closer to him to get comfier. She could go for a little cuddle, and she assumed Harry could too. Her face lights up once Ariel’s on screen.
“Why is she your favorite princess?”
“Gosh, I don’t know.” She puckers her lips in thought. “I think it’s because she’s just filled with this sense of wonder and curiosity. She wants to know what things are and how they work. I’m sort of the same way. It’s why I want to be a surgeon. I wanna get in there and tinker and make people better. Oh, and I just love that she already wanted to be a person before Prince Eric even came into her life. Notice, she sings ‘part of that world’, and then in the reprise it’s ‘part of your world’. He was just a perk.”
“Huh, I never noticed that. Thought it was just about a girl who wanted to be with a handsome guy.” He smirks.
“Nope, it’s way deeper than that. My grandparents made me homemade costumes for her almost every Halloween.”
“That’s cute.” He smiles down at her. He gives her shoulder a little squeeze, and they continue to watch the movie.
Harry likes the sound of Chloe’s giggle, and he likes the way she mouths the words to the songs quietly to herself. He likes the way she sighs dreamily at the cuter parts between Ariel and Eric, especially during Kiss the Girl.
“God, and then the rest goes to shit.” She huffs. “Fucking Ursula.”
“Don’t like her very much, do you?”
“She’s a fantastic villain, that’s what’s so annoying about her. I like this part, though, Ariel basically saves Eric. It’s all flipped, he’s like the damsel in distress. I think it’s important for girls to see they can be their own heroes.”
Harry doesn’t take what Chloe says lightly. He knew she had a tough upbringing, and she probably had to often be her own hero. He admired that about her. She beams at the screen as Ariel and Eric kiss at their wedding.
“Thanks for being so cool about watching that.” She says to Harry.
“It was relaxing.” He says as they both stand up. She follows him down the hall to his room.
“I’m just gonna wash up in the room you set up for me, and then I’ll come to bed.”
“You…you wanna spend the night in my bed?”
“I certainly don’t want to sleep by myself. Is that okay?”
“It’s more than okay.” He smiles. “Come in when you’re done.”
She nods and goes into the bathroom attached to the room that would be hers if she wanted it to be. He had it stocked with all the toiletries she could need. Exact replicas of all of the things she used for her face and whatnot. Harry was great with small details. She goes into the closet and grabs some pajamas, throwing on a pair of shorts and a short sleeve button up. It was soft and comfortable. She pads her way over to his room and sees his bathroom door is closed, so she stands there waiting for him to come out. He stops short when he just sees her standing there idly.
“I didn’t know which side you liked to sleep on, so I wanted to wait.” She explains.
“Oh.” He blushes. “That’s very considerate of you. You can sleep on the left side if you like.” She nods and goes to that side of the bed, pulling back the covers as she settles in. “Those seem to fit you well.”
“Yeah! You did a great job picking things out for me. I’m gonna go shopping soon, I just haven’t had time.”
“Good, definitely make time to treat yourself. Um, do you mind if I sleep in my boxers? I’m not usually comfortable in much else.”
“It’s your house, sleep how you want.”
“I just want you to be comfortable, so-“
“Harry, take your clothes off and get in the god damn bed, okay?” His eyes widen in surprise at her tone. She never really spoke sternly with him, it was usually the other way around. He takes his joggers and tee shirt off, and gets into bed. He had a king sixed bed, so there was a lot of space between them. “You’re really far away.”
“You, uh, wanted to cuddle some more?”
“Yeah, I like it a lot while we were watching the movie.”
“Okay, you can lay on my chest if you like.”
She nods and comes closer to him. Still shocked at all of his tattoos, but also still choosing not to comment on them. He rests his arm around her, rubbing her back slightly.
“I appreciate you being so…cautious, but you don’t need to be.” She looks up at him.
“I just don’t want you to feel like you need to do certain things with me because of our situation. I know guys that put that in their contracts, and it makes me feel uneasy.”
“I don’t feel that way, though. You’re an attractive guy, Harry. I wouldn’t mind adding something more physical to the mix.”
“Sure.” She shrugs. “I mean…neither of us are involved with anyone else, and I have needs…”
He sits up slightly to look at her better.
“Are you saying there’s something that I haven’t been satisfying for you?”
“Oh, I wouldn’t put it like that.” She sits up as well.
“Because I want you to be as happy and cared for as I can make you, Chloe.” He reaches to caress her cheek, running his thumb along her cheekbone.
“You’ve made me very happy, Harry.” She says softly.
“But you’d be happier if things got more physical.” She nods her head yes. “Use your words.”
“Yes, I’d be happier if things were more physical. I like touch, I’m a touch person.”
“Me too.”
He leans in and kisses her. She throws her arms around his neck, and scrambles to get on top of him, straddling his hips. She presses her chest to his and sucks on his bottom lip. She was a little friskier than he was expecting. She kisses along his jaw and to his neck. Just as she about to bite down on his skin, he grips her neck and brings her forward.
“Easy there. You can’t leave any marks.”
“You could have just said that.” She grabs his wrists and yanks his hand away from her throat. “Gotta warn a girl before you choke her.”
“I didn’t mean to, I just panicked, sorry.”
“S’okay.” She shrugs. “No marks on your neck, but what about on your chest. I like to bite.”
“You’re…full of surprises, Chloe.” He chuckles. “My chest is fine, just nothing on the neck.”
“Alright, same goes for me. I need to look professional when I go in for clinicals and whatnot.”
“I think we should got to sleep now.” He says, gripping her hips and lifting her off him.
“Because I think we need to talk more about all this. Sex can…complicate things. I can’t really do the whole feelings thing. This is business.”
“Mmk, so you can keep rubbing one out, and I guess I’ll just do the same.”
“Don’t talk to me like that, it’s not very nice. I’m not saying no, I just think we should talk more about dos and don’ts.”
“Fine.” She sighs as she settles back down.
“It was a good kiss, though.” He mutters.
“Yeah, it was.” She turns over, grabbing his arm in the process to turn with her. “I’m big on spooning, hope that’s okay.”
“It’s, um, it’s fine.” He says as he rests closely to her. This was oddly intimate for him, but her hair smelled like lemon from her shampoo, so it could be worse.
The next morning, Chloe wakes up snuggled in Harry’s very comfortable sheets and pillows. He was sitting up in bed with his laptop typing away. He was wearing glasses and looked very serious. He glances down at Chloe.
“Oh, good morning. I was going to wake you up soon. I hope my typing didn’t disturb you.”
“It didn’t.” She yawns. “I’m using to getting up early, no worries. Are you working?”
“Just answering some emails. Did you sleep alright?”
“Yeah, your bed is insanely comfortable.”
“Good, I’m glad.” He smiles and closes his laptop, setting it on his night table. “I’ve got that oatmeal you said you like downstairs.”
“Alright.” She sits up and stretches. “I’m gonna go take a shower, and then I’ll make it for us.”
“That’d be great, thank you.”
She gets out of bed and makes her way to the other room. She showers and gets dressed, and then goes downstairs to get the oatmeal started. She pulls some fresh fruit from the fridge as well just as Harry’s coming down the stairs.
“Here you go.” She smiles.
“Thank you.” He takes a spoonful and licks his lips. “So, about last night…”
“You wanna talk about this now?”
“I’d like to.” He nods. “To be blunt, I want to have sex with you. I have since I saw you, but I don’t want the lines getting blurred. You said you have needs, I have them too. I like knowing that you’re taken care of, but that’s where the feelings stop with me.”
“Works for me.”
“Sure, I don’t need this getting complicated. It’s like you said, this is business. We can think of having sex as cashing in on some rewards points.”
“That’s not a terrible way of looking at it…” He mulls it over.
“But I still need the romance. I like being wooed beforehand, like, almost as a form of foreplay.”
“Okay.” He nods. “It’s okay to tell me no if I’m ever in the mood and you’re not. I really don’t want you feeling like-“
“I know, I know.” She groans. “I get it, you’re a good guy, I’m not a piece of meat, and I feel totally respected, alright?”
“You know, you can get pretty crabby. Think you should work on your bedside manner.” He smirks.
“I have a great bedside manner.” She scoffs.
“Are you, um, on birth control?”
“Yeah, I have an IUD, and I’m clean.”
“Great, me too. So…do we need to use condoms? They’re a real pain in the ass.”
“Aw, yeah, it must be so tough not having to use any form of hormones or invasive procedure to not get someone pregnant.” She pouts at him sarcastically.
“Sassy too, I see.”
“Tell me I’m wrong.”
“You’ve made a point, and I’ve noted it. Now, I’d like you to answer my question.” He says as he picks up both of their bowls to put in the dishwasher.
“No, we don’t need to use condoms.”
“Fantastic. Are you ready to go?”
“Mhm. Are you driving?”
“I am.” He nods. “I haven’t driven the Range Rover in a while, thought it would be nice to take it out.”
Harry liked to listen to talk radio, which always made Chloe sleepy. She never understood how people actually found NPR to be interesting, especially while driving. She couldn’t stop her eyes from drooping, and he let her fall asleep. He had the GPS going for the old folks community, it’s not like he needed her to be awake. He didn’t like talking a lot anyways, he was just happy to have her there in his car.
“Chloe, I think we’re here.” He nudges her as he pulls in. There was a gate and a security guard.
“Hi, I’m Chloe Anderson, I’m on Paul and Harriet Jones’ visitor list.” Chloe says to the security guard. “I’m their granddaughter.”
“Roll through.” The guard says and lifts the gate.
“Sorry for falling asleep.” She yawns.
“No worries.”
They get out of the car and he follows her inside the building. They make their way to her grandparents’ condo, and she knocks on their door.
“Chloe!” Harriet throws her arms around her. “It’s so good to see you, honey, come on in.” She steps aside and looks at Harry. “And you must be Harry, it’s so nice to meet you.”
“You as well.” Harry says as he walks in side. “Papa’s just finishing up shaving, and then we can go for lunch.”
“There’s no rush.” Chloe says. “How is he?”
“Good.” Harriet says. “Some days are better than others, but that’s why we live here.”
“Is that my Chloe-bee?” Paul comes out to the living room.
“Hi, Papa.” She wraps her arms around him.
“It’s so good to see you.” He narrows his eyes at Harry. “Who’s this?”
“Oh, Paul, this is Harry, Chloe’s new…friend. She’s told us about him.” Harriet says to her husband.
“Right, sorry.” He shakes his head. “How’s school, honey, you a doctor yet?”
“Not yet, got about two more years.” She smiles.
“Let’s head down to the dining room so we can eat.” Harriet says.
“That’s nice this place has a restaurant on site.” Harry says.
“Chloe found us the best place to live. It’s wonderful.” Harriet says.
The four make their way to the dining room and are seated for lunch. Chloe tells them how school is going, how Mia is, and then they ask Harry questions about what he does for work. Luckily they don’t ask how they met. Chloe clearly told them some story beforehand.
“So, Harry, there’s a bit of an age difference between you and are little honey bee.” Paul says to him.
“It’s barely seven years, Papa.”
“He’s thirty, what does a thirty-year-old man want with a twenty-three year old girl?”
“I’m almost twenty-four.” She mutters.
“If I could interject.” Harry says. “Chloe and I just get along really well, and I made sure to ask her if the age difference bothered her before anything happened between us.”
“He’s a real gentleman.” Chloe says. “Besides, you have, like, eight years on Nana.”
“Things were different back then, and we met a little later on.” Paul says.
“Paul.” Harriet says. “Chloe can see whoever she wants. They like each other, leave the boy alone. I’m sorry, Harry, Paul’s a little over protective.”
“It’s quite alright, I understand.”
“You do?” Paul scoffs. “How could you possibly understand what it’s like to-“
“Paul.” Harriet snaps. “That’s enough, eat your food.”
“Papa, Harry takes really good care of me. I promise, I’m in good hands.” Chloe puts her hand over her grandfather’s. “It’s all good.”
“Alright, pumpkin.” He smiles at her and continues on with his lunch.
After lunch they go back to the condo for a bit. Harriet shows Harry some pictures of Chloe from when she was little. She had won a science fair, was given an award for cleanest squid dissection, and he was shown her SAT scores. On the drive back to Harry’s, he couldn’t help but bring it up.
“You’re, like, really smart.” He says to her.
“Right, because it takes zero brains to get into medical school.” She rolls her eyes.
“Chloe.” He sighs.
“Sorry. I don’t know why or how I ended up with the brains that I have, or why I love science so much. Every day I’m grateful I didn’t end up on the streets. If it weren’t for my grandparents…I don’t know where I’d be, or who I’d be.” She twiddles her thumbs in her lap. “It’s scary sometimes to even think about it.” Tears rim at her eyes and she sniffles.
“Hey, come on.” He puts his hand over hers. “Don’t cry. I’m really glad I got to meet them. They seem pretty able bodied, why did they have to move there?”
“My papa has cancer, and Nana couldn’t keep taking him back and forth to the hospital. Now the nurses come to them, and they’re able to keep him comfortable when he’s not feeling well, and she doesn’t feel guilty when she needs to run errands because someone’s there with him.”
“I’m sorry you have to deal with all of that.” He takes his hand away and runs it through his hair. “How often do you visit?”
“I try to go once a month, but I call and text often.”
“It’s clear they really love you.”
“Yeah, they’re the best.” She chews on her bottom lip. “Can I come back with you? Or…did you need to get some work done?”
“I have a conference call at five, but you can definitely come back with me. I want you there, you know that. We can hang out for a bit before I need to hope onto Zoom.”
“What’s the call for? It’s Saturday.”
“Business never sleeps. It’s with our partners in California. The time just worked best.”
Chloe nods, and they’re both quiet for the rest of the ride. She spends some time working on her stitches. She would often sew on random patches of various materials. She did this in the living room while Harry types away at his computer. Once in a while he would glance over at watch as she meticulously worked on her stitches.
“Do you ever practice on other things?”
“Sure, I sewed grape skin back together once. I’ve also practiced on cantaloupe.”
“Are you any good with buttons?”
“Great, why?”
“One of my favorite suit jackets has a few loose buttons on it, so I’ve been avoiding wearing it.”
“Why not bring it to a tailor?”
“Haven’t had time.”
“Well, bring it down here and I’ll fix it.”
Harry smiles and goes upstairs to get the jacket. He comes back momentarily, and Chloe works on it.
“I have to go get ready for the call. It’s going to take a while, so don’t worry about making me dinner tonight.”
“But you’ll be hungry. I’ll just make you a plate of something and leave it outside the door.”
“Alright.” He smiles.
Chloe did exactly what she said. She made Harry a sandwich and left it outside his office door. She did some studying in her own office for a bit, using the whiteboards to help draw some diagrams. After a while she decided to go upstairs. She wasn’t sure when Harry would be done, but he was so wonderful today and she wanted to surprise him. She decides to put his newly tailored suit jacket on over her underwear. It wasn’t her sexiest pair, but it matched so that was good enough for her. Harry had a nice leather chair in the corner of his room. It was where he’d sit to put his shoes on, so she decides to sit there as she waits for him.
When Harry finally does finish up his call, he wonders where Chloe went off to. He goes upstairs and stops short when he sees her sitting in his jacket.
“What, uh, what are you doing?”
“I wanted you to see the work I did on your jacket. These buttons aren’t going anywhere now.” She stands up and saunters over to him. “Unbutton it and see for yourself.”
“Are you naked under this?”
“I guess you’ll find out when you unbutton it.”
Harry smirks as he reaches for the first button on the jacket.
“You know, there are rules for buttoning suit jackets. Sometimes button the top one, always button the middle one, and never button the bottom one. You’ve done up all three.” He was barely an inch away from her now.
“You’ll have to teach to me the tricks of the trade.” Her lips were brushing his.
He cups her jaw and pulls her into him, his lips pressing hard against hers. His hands work swiftly to undo the buttons on the jacket, and he pushes it off her shoulders.
“Harry, it’ll get wrinkled.” She whimpers as he sucks a bruise into her shoulder.
“I’ll get it dry-cleaned.” He mumbles against her. He takes a step back from her, breathing heavily. “You really want this?”
“Yes…you want me?”
“You have no idea.”
He cups her jaw again, kissing her and moving her back towards the bed. She falls backwards on top of the plushy duvet and he hovers over her. He kisses on the tops of her breasts and she runs her hands through his hair. One of his hands slides down to cup her over her underwear, causing her to gasp and buck her hips up.
“You’re a reactive thing.” He smirks as he caresses her cheek with his other hand.
“I just really want you.” She bites her bottom lip. “I can’t even remember the last time I actually had sex with someone. I’ve been so busy.”
“Poor thing.” He pecks her lips, and slides his hand inside her underwear, his fingers brushing over her folds. “You spend so much time taking care of other people, huh? No one to take care of you.” He pouts at her as he drags the wetness from her slit up to her clit and she whimpers. “Tell me, who’s taking care of you now, Chloe?”
“You are, Harry.” She says, a slight moan leaving her lips as his fingers circle around her clit. “You’re so good to me.”
“That’s right.”
He uses his thumb on her clit while two fingers slip inside her wet center. She groans from the stretch and the way he slowly pumps in and out of her. She clutches at the blankets and moves her hips along with his motions, trying to get as much of him as possible. He pulls out of her and hooks his fingers into her underwear, dragging them down her legs. She sits up to unhook her bra, tossing it to the floor and laying back down. Harry immediately attaches his lips around one of her nipples and sucks. She was a little shocked that a guy like him hadn’t just told to her get on her knees to suck his dick.
Harry kisses his way down Chloe’s stomach and opens her legs up. He licks his lips and licks into her. She gasps, not expecting him to do that at all. Guys had gone down on her before, but they never used their tongue the way Harry was using his. Poking and prodding up inside her at first, and then swirling his tongue around. His fingers work her clit and she tugs at his hair again. His tongue was so wet and warm, it was making her pant already.
“God, that feels so fucking good.” She grunts as she watches him. He looks up at her as he continues to tongue her cunt. Her mouth falls open, unable to look away from him. He moans into her, and that was the beginning of the end for her. “Oh-oh my god.” She felt like she could barely breathe. “Shit, ugh, I’m gonna come, don’t stop!” As soon as she feels it, her eyes roll back and her hips buck up towards him.
He gives her a moment to catch her breath before kissing her. She could taste herself, but she ignores it, wrapping her legs around his waist so he’ll grind into her.
“Let me get all of this off.” He breathes and sits up. He tugs his shirt off, and works quickly to get his jeans and boxers off. “Get on all fours, facing me.” He says as he knees back onto the bed. She does what he says. “Suck on it.”
She grins up at him and lick up his shaft. She puts her hands on his hips and sinks down on him. Her tongue massages his tip before she bobs up and down on him. His hands rake through her hair as he creates a makeshift ponytail for her. He starts to move her faster on him, and she groans around his hard cock. One of her hands slides down to his balls to massage them.
“Fuck, that’s it.” He groans. After a few more moments of pure bliss, Harry pulls her off. Chloe sucks in as much as she can before Harry pushes her back onto the bed. “I know we talked about this, but I’ll wear a condom if you want me to.”
“I don’t want you to. I wanna be able to really feel you.”
He kisses her and slides his throbbing prick through her folds before pushing inside her. Chloe lets out a long moan, not having been filled up like this in quite some time. He kisses on the crook of her neck as he continues to work his way in.
“I’m gonna move now.” He says to her and she nods. He pulls out almost all the way and pushes back in. “God, you feel so fucking good. You’re so tight and wet.” He grunts as he rocks in and out of her.
“You’re so big.” She gasps as he really starts to thrust in and out. He grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders. “Yeah, just like that.” She grabs at her breasts and it makes him moan, fucking her harder and faster. The bed was starting to shake, which was impressive since it was so big.
He drops her legs, keeping one hooked under one of his arms, and he licks into her mouth. His other hand gropes one of her breasts and she moans into his mouth. She tugs at his hair with one hand and scratches down his back with the other. He was getting in so deep, it felt incredible.
“Fuck, Harry.” She pants.
“Taking it so well.” He snakes a hand between them to rub her clit. He lets her leg go, and she sinks her nails into his ass as she grinds along with him. “Where can I come?”
“I-Inside me, obviously.” She nearly snaps. “I wanna feel all of it.”
He grunts and groans as he continues to fuck in and out of her, rubbing relentlessly on her clit. She scratches her nails down his back as she comes, and he shoots his load inside her. She brings his face back down to hers, desperate for his lips. She sucks on his bottom lip as he thrusts a few more times into her. He pulls out slowly and she winces.
“Okay, you’re okay, yeah?” He caresses her cheek.
“Mhm.” She smiles up at him.
“Alright, let’s getcha cleaned up. Made a proper mess of you.”
She giggles as he gets off the bed. He goes into the bathroom and comes back out shortly with a warm rag. He cleans up between her legs, something no one had ever done for her before, and then she sits up.
“I’m just gonna go brush my teeth and then I’ll come to bed.” She says, voice hoarse from the ordeal.
Harry nods and goes to put some fresh boxers on. Chloe comes back shortly with a large tee shirt on. It was one of Harry’s that he had stuffed into her dresser drawer. He smiles at her as she pads over to the bed. She gets in and sighs.
“What time do you need to go home tomorrow?” He asks her as she rests her head on his chest.
“I’d say by noon. Mia and I need to study. This week is going to be really crazy.”
He hums his response and kisses the top of her head. Now that they’d broken this barrier, Chloe felt like she could just melt right into him. She had exactly what she needed all provided by a really decent guy who was just looking for someone to spend their time with. What could be better?
Harry was having a stressful week at work, but there was nothing new about that. His company loved him, he could seal just about every deal. Everyone constantly wanted him on their team. He’d never admit it, but it was a lot of pressure. Sometimes it felt like he had no control over anything, and then he’d think of Chloe. He had control over being financially responsible for her. She depended on him for other things, and he liked that. He liked making her happy and seeing her smile. He liked that no matter what he did, it was good.
He didn’t like bothering her during the day. She was just as busy. She was studying to become a fucking surgeon, after all. She wasn’t an idiot, she was just born into a life where she had to work a little harder. He admired her ambition and drive. He needed to see her, he needed to get out of the office, now.
Harry: hey, sorry this is abrupt, but I’m coming over, need to see you
Chloe’s jaw dropped when she saw her phone buzz. She was currently shoveling leftover Chinese food into her mouth while she was on the floor of her bedroom making fake incisions into a stuffed bear. She was in a stained tee shirt and a raggedy pair of sweatpants. Harry had only been over a couple of times, mostly he would stand in the doorway while she collected her things to bring back to his place. Lately, more and more of her things were ending up at his place. He had a key to her place, so he’d be able to let himself in. She gets up and starts running around to clean herself up. She brushes her teeth and strips down to nothing, grabbing her robe to throw over her body.
“Chloe!” Harry shouts as he enters the apartment, walking towards her room. She opens her bedroom door and he stops short. “Hi.”
“Hi, is everything okay?”
“I’m stressed.” He says, loosening his tie and going into her room. “Where’s Mia?”
“In class.”
“For how long?”
“She has clinical today, she won’t be home for a few hours.”
“Good.” He starts unbuttoning his shirt, but he stops when he sees the tools and the bear on the floor. “What were you doing?”
“Practicing.” She mutters. “It’s a build-a-bear, so I was trying to extract its heart to do a mock transplant.”
“Holy shit.” He shakes his head. “I interrupted you, I’m sorry.”
“No! No, it’s okay. I’m supposed to be on call for you, remember?” She smiles.
“I don’t want to be the reason you fail and-“
“Harry.” She walks towards him, putting her hands on his shoulders. “Can I tell you something?” He nods. “My grades have actually gotten better since we started all of this.”
“Yeah! I’ve been able to focus way more on my work because I’m not constantly stressing about money. I’m back into a normal sleeping schedule and everything. I’m doing really well, my mentor even said so.”
“Oh, that’s…that’s so good to hear.” He sighs happily and then sits down on her bed. “Listen, I did something the other day…I’ve been thinking a lot about your grandparents since we saw them a few weeks ago.”
“Oh?” She sits down next to him.
“I’ve sent in some better doctors to see your grandfather. The nurses at the home are good, but they’re not top of the line. I wanted to make sure he’s getting the best care possible.”
“That explains the conversation I had with my nana.” She says. “You didn’t have to do that.”
“Yes, I did.” He puts his hand on her thigh. “I’m taking care of you, and that extends to them.”
“You’re a really good person, thank you.” She throws her arms around him. “I know you don’t like it when I say thank you, but…really, thank you.”
“You’re welcome.” He smiles.
“Did you, um, want to have sex with me?” She chews on her bottom lip.
“God, yes. I need a distraction.”
“What’s going on at work?”
“Things are just sort of stressful right now.” He runs a hand through his hair.
“How do your colleagues deal with stress?”
“They do cocaine.” Chloe bursts out laughing, but Harry stays stoic.
“Oh…you weren’t kidding. Well, I’m glad you don’t do stuff like that.” She pushes him down onto the bed and straddles him. She licks into his mouth as he grips her hips. He unties her robe and gropes her breasts. “Let’s take your mind off things for a little while, hm?”
“I like it when we cash in our rewards points.” He smirks up at her.
“Me too.”
Taking pathology and pharmacology at the same time was not easy. On top of that, Chloe was learning how to properly examine patients. Even though she was going to be a surgeon, she still had to practice interviewing and examining a patient. Luckily, Harry was willing to let Chloe practice on him, especially since she promised some sexy time afterwards.
He was sitting patiently in one of his guest rooms, pretending it was a hospital room, and waiting for her to knock on the door to begin the mock exam. Chloe was dressed in her scrubs, had her stethoscope ready to go, and her hair up in a bun. She takes a deep breath and knocks before entering.
“Hello, Mr. Styles.” She gives him a warm smile. “I’m Dr. Anderson, and I’ll be handling your surgery today. How are you feeling?”
“M’alright.” He says as she approaches the side of the bed. “A little nervous.”
“Perfectly understandable. You’ll feel much better once we get that new kidney in you, though.”
“Well, I certainly feel better knowing such a beautiful woman will be the one cutting me open.” He grins at her and she sighs. “You better get used to patients flirting with you. It’s gonna happen a lot.”
“That’s so sexist.”
“That’s the way the world works, darling.” He shrugs.
“Can we get back to it please?” He nods at her. “Thank you.” She clears her throat. “Now, Mr. Styles, I need to roll you over so I can mark up where we’ll be making the incisions.”
Chloe rolls Harry over, and lifts the back of his tee shirt up. She gets her body marker out and marks him up. She lowers his shirt and rolls him back over.
“Perfect, a nurse will be in shortly to prep you for surgery. Do you have any questions?”
“What’s the recovery period like?” Chloe explains everything perfectly to him. “Right, thanks.”
“Next time I see you, you’ll be floating away on an anesthesia cloud.” She smiles. “Okay, how’d I do?”
“You were amazing. Extremely confident, I felt like you really knew what you were talking about, rather than just reciting memorized information. Very professional, Chloe.”
“Thanks.” She sighs and gets onto the bed, straddling his hips.
“So, uh, where else do you wanna mark me up?” He smirks at her.
“Hmm…I’m sure I could think of a few places.” She giggles as she leans down to kiss him.
Chloe made it through the semester with straight A’s. She was so excited, and couldn’t wait to tell Harry. When she told him he said they needed to celebrate, so he had her by herself a cocktail dress, and told her he was going to take her out for a nice dinner.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a place this fancy before.” She whispers to him as they enter the restaurant.
“You deserve to be taken to a place like this. You worked hard, and I’m proud of you.” She beams at him as they’re seated at their table. A bottle of champagne is brought over immediately, and put on ice. “I took the liberty of pre-ordering everything. I know what you like to eat by now. I hate waiting for the waiters to come back and forth.”
“That’s fine.” She smiles and picks up her glass of champagne. They clink their glasses and each take a sip. Before she knows it, two lobster bisques are brought to the table, along with some breadsticks. “Is this lobster bisque?”
“Yes.” He smiles.
“Holy shit.” She says under her breath, and takes her soup spoon to have some. “This is delicious.”
“I’m glad you like it.” He takes a spoonful as well. “I have something for you.” He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a black velvet box. Harry stands up and walks behind Chloe’s chair. Her heart was racing. He opens the box and she gasps when she feels the cool of a necklace on her skin. It was a pearl necklace. Harry sits back down and smiles. “It’s perfect.”
“Are…are these real pearls?”
“Of course they’re real.” He scoffs. “You wear them well.”
“Why did you get me this?”
“Because I wanted to.”
“But you’re already taking me to this dinner, and-“
“Chloe, I’m allowed to treat you in whatever ways I see fit. Now, eat your soup before it gets cold.” She looks down at the small bowl before her, and he sighs. “I’m sorry, um, I just meant…and like I said, I’m proud of you, and I just wanted to show you how proud I was.”
“That’s so sweet, but you don’t need to buy me things like this. You’re already doing so much for me.”
“Because I want to and because I can. That’s how this works. The dinner is the romance that you asked for, and the pearls are a way of me increasing that romance.”
“Fair enough.” She says. “It really is lovely, I’ll wear them all the time.”
“I was hoping you’d say that.” He smiles.
“Harry!” An older man with a woman on his arm walks up to the table.
“Richard! Hello.” Harry stands up briefly to shake his hand.
“Fancy seeing you here. Since when do you go out on date night?”
“Oh, well…uh…we’re celebrating.” Harry says, a flush creeping his face. “This is my, um-“
“I’m Chloe.” She smiles and shakes Richard’s hand.
“Nice to meet you.” Richard smiles. “This is my wife, Lauren. Lauren, this is Harry, the man who’s putting our company on top. Harry, I didn’t realize you were seeing someone.”
“He’s a little shy about us.” Chloe says, which makes Richard laugh.
“What are you celebrating?”
“Chloe’s in medical school, and she’s just finished another semester with flying colors. Thought she deserved a nice night out.”
“Good man.” Richard claps his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “Can’t believe you’ve been hiding such a beautiful, and apparently intelligent young lady from us! You’ll have to bring her to the holiday gala so she can meet everyone else.”
“You’d love it.” Lauren says. “Open bar, the most delicious food, there’s always an incredible band. It’s a wonderful night.”
“I was actually going to discuss it with her tonight, but you’ve beaten me to it.” Harry says. “Thanks so much for that.”
“Well, I suppose we should leave you to it.” Richard says. “It was nice to meet you Chloe.” Richard and his wife walk away from the table.
“I was going to send you a calendar invite for the gala. It’s this big party that happens every year. I’ve…never brought a date before.”
“I’d love to go, Harry.” She smiles. “I never get to go to fancy parties. It sounds like fun.”
“It’ll involve you seeing me do a lot of schmoozing.”
“I’m actually pretty curious to see how you are at all that.” She smirks.
“You’ll need to have your hair and nails done. I’ll have someone come to my place so you don’t have to run around. I’ll have my tailor bring by some dresses for you to try out. Personally, I’d like you to wear red, but-“
“Why red?”
“I like you in red.”
“Right.” She swallows and takes another sip of her drink. “Red it is, then. When is it?”
“On the twentieth. Does that work for you?”
“Yup.” She smiles.
“I usually fly down to fly out to California for Christmas and New Year’s. You’ll want to pack a bag of light clothes.”
“Oh…I…might have to fly out a couple of days later…”
“Why? You’re on winter break now.”
“I know, but I spend Christmas with my grandparents, Harry. I can’t not go see them.”
“Alright, then we’ll fly out on the twenty-sixth.” He shrugs.
“You…you’d postpone your trip for me?”
“I don’t think there’s much I wouldn’t do to make you happy, Chloe.”
Chloe wasn’t sure how to bring it up, even though Harry had offered a million times. She wasn’t sure then, but she was sure of it now. She wanted to move in with him. She was over at his place all the time anyways, and most of her things were at his place and she just slept better with him. He didn’t like it when she’d disturb him while he was working in his office, but she couldn’t help but walk by his door a few times to see if he was close to finishing up what he needed to do.
“Chloe.” He sighs and turns around in his chair. “What is it, princess?”
“I’m sorry, I just…there’s something I wanted to talk to you about, but I know you’re busy, and I know you don’t really want me in here.” She chews on her bottom lip.
“Come here.” He sigh, waving her in. She pads over to him and sits in his lap. They had become quite touchy over the last few months. “What would you like to discuss with me?”
“I…I was wondering if I could take you up on your offer of living here.”
“Are you serious?” He smiles.
“Yeah, I mean, I’m here all the time anyways. Mia and I have talked about it, and she’d have no problem finding a new roommate. And think of how much more convenient it’d be. I could start packing your lunches. I know you’ve been wanting me to do that.”
“Only because you make all my favorites. You know I think you can do more than just cook, right?”
“Of course I do. You’re always telling me how smart I am.”
“Because you are, you’re brilliant.” He kisses her cheek. “I’ll have Helen set up a moving service for you, you won’t have to lift a finger.”
“She doesn’t have to do that, I can pack my own things.”
“Don’t be silly. Consider it all taken care of.” He lifts her off of him and pats her bum. “I have to get back to work, but I’m glad we had this chat.”
“Could we watch a movie when you’re done?”
“Sure.” He smiles and puckers his lips. Chloe smiles and kisses Harry. She closes the door on her way out.
Harry was so happy. He never wanted to force Chloe to do anything, so he was elated that she came to this decision on her own. Even though he was taking care of Chloe, she was taking care of him too. She made sure he was well fed, she’d send him cute texts during the day, sometimes even some sexy pics. They never had any disagreements, and he made his home feel lived in and warm. It’s all he’s ever wanted…she’s all he’s ever wanted.
Chloe had spent the day being pampered by the people Harry hired to doll her up for his company’s holiday gala. Once all of the people left, it was time to get her dress on. It was gorgeous. A strapless red dress with a tasteful slit going up her right thigh. The back had some cool cut outs on it, and the zipper was on the side.
“Chloe? Are you dressed?” Harry asks from his walk in closet.
“Yes!” She steps out of their now shared bathroom.
“Oh, you look stunning.” He says.
“So do you.” She smiles.
“I have some finishing touches for you, follow me.” She follows him into his closet and he opens his jewelry drawers.
“Another necklace?”
“Mhm, and some earrings and bracelets to match. Turn around I’ll put the necklace on you.”
“It’s all gorgeous.”
“I thought you’d like them.” He clasps the necklace for her. She turns back around and puts the earrings in.
“Harry, um, what exactly are we telling people tonight, like, how are you introducing me?”
“If it’s alright, I’m just going to say you’re my girlfriend to make things easier.”
“Sure, that’s fine.” She reaches to straight out his tie.
“The car should be downstairs, are you ready?”
“Yup, let’s go.”
The ballroom that the gala was being held in was beyond gorgeous. Chloe was being introduced to a ton of people, and she couldn’t help but notice how easy it was for Harry to brag about her.
“She’s studying to be a surgeon.”
“She’s just about top of her class.”
“Her stitches are better than anyone else’s.”
Those were just a few of the statements he made about her. His hand stayed on her lower back during most of the conversations. Whenever someone asked how they met he just said at a mutual friend’s party. It was a decent enough lie. Chloe could see a lot of other young women there, probably for the same reason she was, but she had a feeling they weren’t treated the same exact way she was. Harry genuinely respected her, he had from the get-go. She knew she was beyond lucky. Her and Harry kissed and cuddled and did a lot of things that couples do, but she knew they weren’t technically a real couple. They were a business transaction, she had the contract to prove it. And she knew that if they were to ever be in a real relationship the bubble they were in would burst. She wouldn’t want him paying for every little thing, they’d probably fight, and then who knows what? She knew better than to rock the boat.
“Chloe, it’s so good to see you.”
“Hi, Lauren.” Chloe says as she enters the ladies room.
“You and Harry are just the cutest couple! He’s never brought a date to anything before. I’m so happy to see he’s with someone.”
“Yeah, he’s great.”
“How exactly did you two meet?”
“Oh, just at a party.” Chloe shrugs. “A mutual friend.”
“How cute! I love stories like that. You bring out such a sweet side of him, or at least that’s what Richard tells me. Harry can be so closed off sometimes, but apparently he’s had way more of a personality. Course I don’t blame him, he was a mess when his parents passed away.”
“Did that happen recently? He made it seem like it was a long time ago.”
“It was about two years ago if I remember correctly. He was really close with them. He’d fly them out to California with him every year for the holidays. I feel terrible because he closed himself off from his brother and sister after they passed. They had come out here a couple of times to visit, lovely people. His sister has the cutest kids too.”
“He’s…he’s an uncle?” There weren’t many family photos around his home.
“Yeah! Rumor has it he had a big fight with them about his parents’ assets. They’re not as wealthy as him, and they thought they deserved all the money, but Harry said they to go by the will. It was this whole thing. You two seem like you’re so in love, I’m surprised you haven’t spoken about all this.”
“It’s only been a few months.” She swallows. “Um, he’s told me a little, not a lot. Excuse me, I came in her to use the toilet, not to gossip.” It was a little harsh, but Chloe couldn’t believe that Lauren would just spill someone’s personal secrets like that. If Harry wanted her to know those things then he would have told her.
“Are you alright? You were gone for a while.” Harry says to her after she leaves the ladies room.
“Y-yeah, I ran into Lauren and we started talking.”
“About what?” Harry asks firmly.
“I…I didn’t ask her to tell me anything, she just word vomited all over me, Harry.”
“Jesus fucking Christ, I detest that woman. She’s got the biggest fucking mouth.” Harry grits his teeth and takes a deep breath. “What exactly did she tell you?”
“We don’t have to talk about it now…or ever, really. It’s none of my business.”
“Tomorrow, we’ll talk about it tomorrow. You should hear those things from me.”
“Okay.” Chloe smiles. “Do you want to dance a little?”
“Sure.” He nods and leads her over to the dancefloor.
One of her hands goes on his shoulder and the other goes in his hand. He leads her around to the slow music, but she can tell he’s tense. His eyes are scanning the room, so Chloe strokes his cheek with her thumb to get his attention. He looks at her and smiles softly.
“I’m glad you’re here.” He says to her.
“Me too.”
Chloe got to see Harry do some schmoozing. He really turned on the charm as he networked. A few people asked her how old she was, and she said she just turned twenty four. Harry was cracking jokes and making people laugh. It was cool to see. He’d let his guard down with her, and she thought he was fun, but he would still be reserved.
He was quiet during the car ride home, and Chloe didn’t want to speak up. She knew he was probably sensitive due to what Lauren had told her. Although, it couldn’t be all bad because he was rubbing circles into her thigh with his thumb. Even though he was looking out the window with his chin in his palm, he was still giving her a little bit of attention. Nothing was her fault, and he knew that. His grip on her thigh tightens and he looks at her. She smiles at him and he leans in to kiss her. The partition was up in the car, so it’s not like the driver could see or hear anything. He licks into her mouth as he cups her jaw. She moans into him and tugs at his suit jacket. He slides his hand up under her dress and cups her center. She bites down on his bottom lip as she grinds into his palm.
Once the car pulls up to his building, he quickly gets her out of the car and up to his condo. He pushes her up against the hall in the front hallway and she jumps up to wrap her legs his waist. He carries her over to the couch and sits down with her straddling him. He gets his suit jacket off and she starts to unbutton his shirt. He undoes his pants and lifts her up slightly. He pulls her panties to the side, and slips his fingers inside her. She groans as he pumps them in and out of her. She pumps his hard dick in her hand and then she lines it up with her once he retracts his fingers. She sinks down on him, and they both moan out. He grips her hips and rocks her back and forth on him.
“God, you feel so fucking good.” He grunts. “Love it when you ride my cock.”
He thrusts up into her and it makes her cry out as she bounces up and down on him. He tugs her breasts out of the top of her dress and he wraps his lips around her nipple. She shoves his head further into her chest as her clit rubs against him just right.
“Fuck, Harry.” She groans. “F-faster, please.”
He grips her hips harshly and thrusts up into her faster. She grips his shoulders, and her head falls back as she comes. He shoots ribbons up inside her from the way she was squeezing around him. He pulls her to him by the back of her neck to kiss her.
“Been wanting to do that all night. Didn’t even want to leave for the party.” He says to her as he catches his breath. “You’re so beautiful.”
“Will you take me to bed?” She whimpers as she lifts off of him.
Harry chuckles and carries her upstairs. He helps her change into some pajamas and then they both get into bed. He plays with her hair, lulling her to sleep.
The next morning Chloe rolls over and snuggles into Harry’s chest. He rubs at her side, and she looks up at him. He kisses her forehead and then she settles, resting her head on his chest.
“Do you wanna talk about it now?” She says.
“Might as well…”
“Why does Lauren even know so much?”
“Because Richard’s actually gay, and she’s more of his best friend and tells her everything. She’s just a beard, but that’s how things are sometimes. Anyways, Richard was there when I got the phone call about my parents, and I just unloaded on him.”
“That must have been so hard.”
“My siblings are older than me. They’re both adopted too, but they’re actually related, so they’ve just always had a stronger bond. They live back in the U.K., but they’d come visit once in a while, especially so I could see my sister’s kids. I used to help them out a lot, financially…but I stopped when I realized that was the only reason they even bothered with me. After my parents died, the three of us got into this big argument. My parents left me everything, and only left them a couple of small things.”
“Oh, wow.”
“Yeah, and my siblings were pissed because they thought I had something to do with it, but I was as shocked as they were. I already had everything I could have possibly needed, but I wanted to honor their wishes, so I did. They were mad that I didn’t sign these forms that would allow the money to be split up, but I figured my parents must’ve had a reason for wanting to give everything to me. I basically haven’t spoken to them since the funeral.” He sighs. “I send my nieces and nephews gifts on their birthdays and for holidays, and they always send me thank you cards, so at least I know they’re getting what’s theirs.”
“Your siblings really won’t reconcile with you?”
“No.” Harry shakes his head. “I’ve tried, but we always end up fighting. I’ve worked hard to get what I have…they just don’t have the same work ethic that I do. Although, they did put getting into a relationship and starting families first, so I can’t fault them for that.”
“You’re only thirty…you’re not exactly old. There’s plenty of time for that.”
“Right.” Harry runs a hand through his hair. “I don’t particularly care, it’s not like I’m busting at the seams to be a dad.” He scoffs.
“Lauren mentioned that you used to bring your parents with you to California for the holidays…”
“Yeah.” Harry smiles. “Everyone would come, actually. I’d rent this big house, it was always so much fun. It was my gift to everyone, I’d fly them all out. I’ve made friends out there, so that’s why I still go.” He looks down at her. “I’m excited to bring you this year.”
“I’m excited to go with you. Sorry we’re deviating a bit by going to see my grandparents.”
“Don’t worry about that.” He shakes his head. “It’s only a couple of days, I’m sure we’ll have a great time.” He strokes her hair. “Do you think we could have waffles for breakfast? I’m feeling more puckish than usual.”
“Sure! We even have strawberries and whipped cream, it’ll taste so good.” She pecks his lips. “But after a shower, okay?”
“Good idea.” He yanks her out of the bed and puts her over the shoulder, causing her to squeal. “I want you to use those nails of yours to wash my hair.”
“You got it.” She giggles as he sets her down and gets the water started. “Harry, I…I’m really happy, I hope you know that.”
“I’m glad.” He smiles. “I’m happy too.”
Chloe was beyond embarrassed. Her grandparents didn’t know her and Harry were living together, so they made him sleep on the pullout couch while she had the guest room to herself. Harry had contemplated just sneaking into her room once they were asleep, but he didn’t want to be disrespectful. He assured Chloe it was fine and that they’d have plenty of time to sleep together once they were in California. To make sure he was on their good side, Harry made a homemade breakfast on Christmas Eve. Chloe was impressed.
“This is incredible, Harry.” Harriet says as they all sit down.
“It was nothing.” He shrugs. “Chloe’s actually taught me a thing or two.” He winks at her and it makes her giggle.
“What time are you headed to the prison?” Paul asks.
“Oh…I was thinking of not going.” Chloe mutters.
“He’ll just keep sending you letters if you don’t. I can’t stand that bastard either, but one day a year is better than him calling you.” Paul says.
“Chloe, if you want I can drive you, it’s okay.” Harry puts his hand on hers, giving it a squeeze.
“O-okay, um, yeah. We should get ready to go soon, then.” She swallows. Chloe had explained before that she usually visits her father every Christmas Eve, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go.
The drive there was quiet. She was anxious about seeing him, but her grandfather was right. Her father would call if she didn’t visit. Chloe had put Harry on the visitation list a month or so ago because she figured he’d want to go with her. She club to him as she entered, and they sat down behind the plexi-glass wall, waiting. A moment later a tall, muscular man approaches on the other side. His smile was gentle and warm.
“Chloe.” He sighs happily. “You came.”
“Hi, Dad.” She swallows. “Happy holidays.”
“Thank you, sweet pea.” He looks at Harry. “I see you’ve brought a friend.”
“Yeah, this is Harry.” Harry waves to her father. “We’re, um, together.”
“That’s nice. How’s school?”
“Good, I’m doing really well.”
“Are you still working like a dog?”
“Um, not exactly. I…found a much better job.” Her and Harry share a glance, and he has to fight to not smirk. “Anyways, it’s all good.”
“Could I speak with your friend?”
“Um, okay?” She looks at Harry and hands him the phone.
“Hi.” Her father says.
“How did you and my daughter meet?”
“At a party.”
“Listen, I’m sure she’s told you why I’m in here, but I did it all for her. If I could be out there taking care of her I would be, but I’m doing it from in here instead. I’ve kept her safe her whole life. I know exactly who you are already, and I know you didn’t meet at a party. Well, you did, but not at the type of party you’d want me to think you met at.” He looks at Chloe and then back to Harry. “I appreciate what you’re doing for her, I do. She looks well rested and happy, and for that I’m grateful. But if you do anything, anything at all to hurt my little girl, you won’t be able to use your money to save yourself.” Harry blinks at him. “Now, pretend I said something funny, like I told you a dumb joke.” Harry smiles and chuckles. “Good, hand her back the phone.”
“What did you say to him?” Chloe says as she takes the phone back.
“Nothing, just told him one of my famous dad jokes. You look really good, Chlo.”
“Thanks, I feel good…for the first time in a while.”
“I’m so happy to hear that.” He puts his hand up on the glass. “I’m so glad you came. You’re gonna make such a good surgeon someday.”
“Thanks, Dad.”
“I love you, honey.”
“I…I love you too.” She rushes it out. She wasn’t sure if she really loved her father or not, but she felt this obligation to say it back. The worst part is, he’s a better parent than her mother. It was truly fucked up. “I’ll write to you soon.”
“Please do. Tell your friend it was nice to meet him.”
“I will…bye.”
Harry and Chloe stand up. She has to fight back tears and when she gets into the car she lets them fall. Harry hands her a tissue and rubs her back.
“I don’t want to upset you further, but he didn’t tell me a joke. He sort of threatened me.”
“Of course he did.” She sniffles. “He’s my father, he’s going to threaten the man in my life.”
“No, Chloe, he said he knew how we met and that he’s been protecting you your whole life. Do you have any idea what he might be talking about?”
“No.” She shakes her head. “He’s never explained it to me. There was this business he used to run, maybe…maybe he still has employees or something. This was a mistake, we shouldn’t have-“
“It’s okay.” He kisses the top of her head and starts the car. “I’m glad I could be here for you. Let’s get back to your grandparents, I believe your nan said there would be sugar cookies waiting for us.” He reaches for her hand and intertwines his fingers with hers.
“Harry…” She looks at him, wanting to say more. He gives her the same look and nods. Nothing really needed to be said.
California was a dream come true. Chloe had never been outside the east coast, she had never seen the Pacific Ocean before, so Harry took her to the beach first. Even though it was cold for the locals, she immediately dove into the crashing waves and let herself float there. As she looked back to where Harry was standing on the shore, she felt like Princess Ariel. There was already a certain life that she wanted before she even met him. She had her own ambitions and dreams. Adding Harry to the mix just made things better!
He was spoiling her rotten while they were there. He wanted to take her to do all of the touristy things, just so she could say she did. They went to the Hollywood walk of fame and found the few stars she wanted to take pictures with. They drove all the way out to San Francisco to go to some of the best night clubs she had ever been to. For New Year’s, he took her to this party on a rooftop bar where she got to meet some of his west coast friends. They were delighted to see him with someone. He was just happy to not be kissing a stranger at midnight.
On their last couple of days on vacation, he wanted to take her shopping on Rodeo Drive. He wanted to take her to all of the high end stores and just let her run wild. Although she protested saying he didn’t need to spend so much money on her, he scoffed, rolled his eyes, and told her to get her ass into Gucci before he carried her in there himself. Their last stop was a makeup store, she needed some new brushes. Every time she looked over Harry she couldn’t help but smile. He looked sweet as he carried her bags, not looking bored at all while he followed her around the shop. It was dark out by the time they headed back to the rental car. Harry had parked down a side street. Just as he was getting the bags into the trunk, they both heard an unusual sound.
“Hands up, and no one gets hurt.” A woman says. They both turn around and see a woman holding a loaded gun pointed at them.
“Chloe, get behind me.” Harry tells her. She was shaking, but does as he says.
“I’ll give you anything you want, just please-“
“Shut up.” The woman spits. “I knew it was you, your father should have told you not to leave the state.” The woman smirks.
“Oh my god.” Chloe breathes. “H-Harry, that’s my mother.”
“What?!” Harry looks at her, stunned.
“And to think, I thought getting rid of you was the best thing I ever did, but now I see I was wrong. You’ve got someone to pay for every little thing for you, huh? Well, guess what? You’re not going to be the only one on the payroll anymore, little girl.”
“How do you even know about-“
“I have my own people, same as your father.” She cuts Chloe off.
“Well, apparently you’re people aren’t as smart as you think they are.” Harry smirks, and pulls a gun out from the back of his pants, pointing it at Chloe’s mother.
“Harry, what the fuck?!”
“Stay back, Chloe.” He says without looking at her. He shoots at her mother’s foot, and she falls to the ground. Harry runs over to her and kicks her gun away from her. He takes out his phone and calls someone. Chloe was about ready to pass out. Harry looks back at her, and that’s exactly what she does.
When she comes to, she’s laying on the bed in the home Harry had rented for them. He was sitting next to her typing on his laptop as if everything was normal. Did she just have an extremely odd and vivid dream? She sits up and knuckles at her eyes.
“Oh, good, you’re awake.” He smiles. “You scared me when you fainted. Luckily you didn’t hit your head.”
“Wait…so…all of that wasn’t a dream?” She blinks a few times.
“I’m afraid not, love.” He caresses her cheek. “I’ve got a lot of explaining to do, but I don’t want to overwhelm you.”
“Are you, like, an FBI agent or something?!” She swats his hand away. “Is that why you’re so rich? I mean, what the actually fuck, Harry?!”
“Okay, okay, just…breathe, yeah?” He runs a hand through his hair. “I’m not an FBI agent. I…don’t actually trade stocks, though. Where I work…it’s like an upscale bounty hunter company. Don’t ask me how I fell into it, I just did. Anyways, the people that we catch…they’re top tier bounties. I’m technically a rookie. That night we met…we were genuinely celebrating. I had just caught this real shit head.”
“I don’t understand, everyone at the gala was talking about business.”
“We have a code word for everything. A lot of the spouses don’t know what their husbands and wives do.”
“So…you’re like Mr. Smith?”
“Mr. Smith?”
“You know, Mr. and Mrs. Smith? The movie with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They’re both spies for these agencies, and they catch criminals that are worth a lot of money, but neither of them know that the other is a spy, and their agencies are enemies, it’s a whole thing. It’s a really good movie.”
“I can’t say I’ve seen it, but we can add it to the list when we get back.” Chloe raises her eyebrows at him. “Right…you wanna know more?”
“A lot more.”
“I had been working your case for a while. Well, not technically yours, your mother’s. She’s…a really bad person, I won’t get into it. Your dad? He killed the people he did to protect you. Believe it or not, you’re safer with him in prison. The deal was that your mum had to move out here and not bother you. Your father had a decent enough relationship with your grandparents, so he made sure you’d be taken care of by them. Obviously he wouldn’t know about your hardships. He had been sending you money for years, but your mother was somehow stealing it. He only found out about it after you started visiting him. Talk about something being a whole thing. Anyways, I had no idea you worked at that club, but I recognized you the second you came over.”
“Found your Instagram.” He shrugs. “We get access to a lot of things. I had never been so thankful to be dragged to one of those stupid clubs. I had been trying to find you, but like the smart girl you are, you never check in anywhere or add your location on social media. They were going to get me the private dance either way, so I knew I needed to do something.”
“So, at that gala…they all already knew who I was?!”
“Not everyone.” He shakes his head. “We work on small teams most of the time.”
“Is that why you didn’t immediately want to have sex with me? This whole taking care of me thing was just a rouse to get to my mother?!”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I genuinely wanted someone.”
“You can’t expect me to believe that. Is anything you told me about your family real?”
“Of course! And I didn’t expect your mother to run into us while we were here. This is my fucking vacation. I also thought she was living in Oregon, not California. The information I had was either wrong or outdated. She clearly had been tracking you herself, and found out about us. I guess it all worked out well because she had no idea who I was, just that I have a lot of money.”
“Is she alive?”
“Yes, I only shot her in the foot. I wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to you. She is in jail, though, and she’ll most likely being away for a very long time.”
“What about my father? If she’s going to prison, does that mean he’ll be let out?”
“No, unfortunately he murdered people so he’s in there. The good news is you’re now safer than ever. Your mother gave up all her accomplices, and my team back home is taking care of all that.”
“Great, so when we go home I’ll have to move back in with Mia, somehow, and-“
“Why would you do that? We live together.”
“Harry, this whole fucking thing has been a lie! You can’t expect me to stay with you.”
“It hasn’t been a lie! Sure, I’ve kept a few things from you, but our contract was never breached. I did everything I said I was going to, and you did the same. Nothing has to change.” He reaches for her hand, but she pulls it away.
“No, everything’s going to be different now. I thought you were just this rich business guy who wanted a sugar baby…now you’re this upscale bounty hunter?! Every time you step out the door I’m going to be worried sick about you.” She pinches the bridge of her nose and tries to breathe. She mutters something under her breath.
“I said, I just had to go and catch feelings for you.”
“You have real feeling for me?”
“Newsflash, asshole, I’ve been in love with you for weeks!” She gets off the bed and starts pacing around. He gets off the bed as well and walks over to her, grabbing her shoulders.
“You’re in love with me?!”
“Obviously, you fucking moron! I just haven’t said anything because I didn’t want you to get scared off. I’ve never been happier in my entire goddamn life!”
“Neither have I!”
“What the fuck are we gonna do then?!”
“Keep everything the same!”
“We can’t!”
“But I love you too, so we can!”
“You love me too?!”
“Yes! I just…” He sighs and steps back from her. “I’m not good with feelings. I never have been. My therapist thinks I’m harboring resentment towards my biological parents, even though my adoptive parents showered me with affection, but-“
“Harry!” She snaps him out of his rambling. “Do you not see how fucked up all of this is? I mean…you used me.”
“I didn’t.”
“That’s not how I see it.” She shakes her head. “You used me to get more information on my family.”
“I consider it…rewards points.”
“Don’t you dare throw that back at me.”
“Chloe, your grandfather’s on the verge of going into remission with the care I’ve been able to provide, you’re debt free, and you’re doing better in school. You’re going to be the best bloody surgeon out there in just a couple of years. Please, don’t…don’t end all of this. I couldn’t tell you everything, it would have put you more at risk.”
“I want to end the contract.” She crosses her arms. His eyes widen and his shoulders drop in defeat.
“I still want to-“
“I wasn’t finished talking.” She says firmly. “I want to end the contract because it doesn’t make sense anymore. People who are in relationships don’t have contracts.”
“Relationship?” He raises his eyebrows.
“Is that not what we’re doing? That’s what two people who love each other do, they get into a relationship, a real one.”
“But what about all of the things you, uh, do for me?” He rubs the back of his neck.
“Harry, I’ll still do all of that, but not because I’m obligated to. I like cooking for you, I like it when we cook together. I like it when you help me study, and when you tell me about your day.” She starts tearing up. “I’m just really fucking upset with you right now.”
“I know.” He goes back to her, wrapping his arms around her. “I know, and I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you everything. And I’m so sorry for making you feel used, darling, really I am. Just don’t leave me, please, I don’t know what I’d do without you. I need your smile, your laugh…I love seeing how hard you work. You’re so fucking smart and ambitious.”
“I’m not going anywhere.” She nuzzles into his chest, and he strokes the back of her head. She looks up at him. “But that doesn’t mean I’m not mad at you.”
“I know.” He gives her a soft smile. “Be as mad at me as you want for as long as you want.”
“Harry, um…is there any way for me to go speak with my mother?”
“You really want to do that?”
“Yes…I…I need some closure. My whole life I’ve heard all of these different things, I never got any straight answers. I remember being with her when I was little. She’d take me to visit him and everything. I wanna know what happened.”
“I can tell you that. They were still married, he killed the people he did to protect you and her, and he found out she had arranged a fake hit. So, he divorced her and told her to get lost.”
“She wanted me gone?”
“Yeah.” He sighs.
“I don’t know.”
“Okay, then…I want to see her. Can I?”
“Let me make some calls. I’ll see what I can do.”
They only had an hour. They’re flight was in a few, but that was okay. It gave her a deadline, and Chloe always did better with a deadline. She was nervous, but she needed this. She told Harry she wanted to do this alone, so he granted her that. She was sitting in a room that a detective might use to interrogate someone. She had an entire twenty-four hours to calm down. Now it was time for closure. Her mother’s brought into the room with cuffs around her wrists and ankles, orange shirt and pants as well.
“We’ll just be in the other room, Chloe.” The guard that brought her in says. She sits down across from Chloe.
“Hi.” Chloe says with a swallow.
“Why’d you want to see me?” Her mother asks. “I’m nothing to you and you’re nothing to me.”
Chloe rolls her eyes.
“You know, you didn’t have to have a kid. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you had to pop me out. I mean, what the fuck did I ever do to you? I don’t understand how you ended up like this. Nana and Papa raised me the same as you and I turned out fine!”
“Oh, really? Because being taken care of by a sugar daddy just scream fine.” She smirks.
“I…I was doing what I had to do.”
“Okay, so was I.” She shrugs.
“Mom, I-“
“Don’t call me that.”
“Fine, Gertrude.” Chloe rolls her eyes. “What do you mean you were doing what you had to do? Seems like the word on the street was you were trying to have me killed like I was Harry fucking Potter.”
“I fell in love with someone else.” She says bluntly. “While I was still married to your father. I was going to leave him. You were his pride and joy, it was actually really sweet. The man I wanted to be with…he…he didn’t want me if you were in the picture. Something about not wanting to raise another man’s child or some shit. I was drugged up at the time, and I wanted to stay that way, so I thought if I organized a fake hit, it would all look like an accident. Only…your father found out about it and killed the two idiots that were supposed to get the job done. Your father just thought it was these other people, he had no idea I organized it. I’d take you to visit him…out of the goodness of my heart.” She smirks. “But once he found out about everything he divorced me and had my parents fight for full custody of you. You probably don’t remember all of that. I had no problem with it because I wanted to be free from everything. I moved to Oregon, with the man I loved, and we continued on out there.”
“So…so do I have other siblings?”
“Fuck no.” She scoffs. “Got my tubes tied the second I could. Look, I get the whole not everyone’s born bad, monsters are made blah, blah, blah…but I was never a good person. No matter what my parents did. I did whatever the fuck I wanted.”
“And you don’t regret anything?”
“Nope.” She smirks. “Zero remorse.” She leans back in her chair. “I had a good run. Figured I’d get caught at some point.” She shrugs. Chloe sighs and stands up, walking towards the door. “Tell Mom and Dad I say hi.”
“You’re a piece of shit.” Chloe says to her.
“Tell me something I don’t know, sweetheart.” Chloe grabs the door handle, but before she opens it to leave she turns back to her mother. She smirks at her. “What’s so funny?”
“A lot, but mostly the fact that I have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ll be sitting in prison rotting, and I’ll be out there becoming a doctor and doing something worthwhile with my life. I truly have you and Dad to thank for it. I don’t think I would have been so driven if I wasn’t trying to make two people I barely knew proud. So, thanks, Gert, you did great.”
With that, Chloe leaves her mother sitting there in that room. She didn’t look back as she made her way to where Harry was waiting. He holds her close to him.
“Are you alright?” He asks her.
“Yeah…I’m better than I thought I’d be.”
It took Chloe a long time to be able to fully trust Harry again. A lot of long talks were had, many tears were shed, but in the end they loved each other and they were both willing to work on things. It wasn’t the most conventional way to start a relationship, but nothing about them was conventional. Harry continued to support Chloe financially, but she gave him back the credit card he had given her. She didn’t want to use him for spending money. She also made him promise that once she was a working doctor that he’d stop paying for everything altogether, and he begrudgingly agreed.
Getting through her last two years of medical school was tough. Going to the hospital for rotations during her fourth year drew Harry up the wall. Her schedule was all over the place, and she was constantly exhausted, but it was all worth it. The day of her graduation was one of the happiest of her life. She cried as she hugged her grandparents, even Harry was in tears. He was so proud of her. Chloe had gotten hired by a great hospital to start her residency. She had explained to Harry that her schedule would still be crazy. She’d be getting called in, working long hours, and opting to pass out on the couch instead of bringing herself all the way upstairs. Harry understood, and he helped her out. He started cooking more, packing her lunches, and on her really busy weeks he’d draw her a nice relaxing bath.
He never thought he’d get to a point in his life where he wanted to be with someone forever, but he wanted to be with Chloe. He was thirty-four now, she was in her second year of residency and feeling much more confident about things. He loved when she’d come home and talk about these amazing procedures she was doing. Of course, not all days were good. She’d come home in a bad mood and just let go and cry because she lost a patient. Harry was right there to console her.
“Here you are, Mr. Styles.” The woman at the jewelry store says to him as she hands him the ring.
“It’s perfect. She’s gonna love it.” He smiles as he looks it over. “Thank you.”
“Have a nice day.” The woman says brightly.
Harry pockets the ring and heads back to his car. He was meeting Chloe for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants and he was going to pop the question. She had three more years of residency, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t hire a wedding planner and give her every little thing she’s ever wanted. He was supposed to meet her there after work.
He sat at the table waiting for her for fifteen minutes. His phone went off, it was her.
“Baby, where are you?”
“I got held up in surgery, I’m so sorry. I had to take out this kid’s appendix…are you at the restaurant already?”
“Of course I am…”
“Shit.” She sighs. “I still have to go home and shower and change and-“
“I’ll bring dinner home. I’ll just get everything to go.”
“I feel so bad, I’m sorry. I know you said tonight was a special occasion, and I tried so hard to get out of here, but-“
“Chloe, it’s okay, I understand. Just get yourself home and into the bath, yeah?”
“O-Okay, I love you. See you soon.”
“Love you too, angel.” He sighs and waves the waiter over so he can order their food to go. Harry gets home, and smiles when he sees Chloe’s car in the garage. Oh yeah, he had bought them a house in the suburbs the year prior. He told her his queen deserved a castle, and that was that. “Baby!” He shouts after putting the food in the fridge, heading up to their bedroom.
“Hey.” She says, already submerged in the soothing bubbles. “I’m so sorry.”
“You can’t help that someone’s appendix was about to rupture, darling.” He sits down on the side of the tub. “How was work other than that?”
“Good.” She sighs. “My attending doctor said I’m doing a great job, and that I show a lot of promise compared to the other residents. No one died on my table today, so that’s good.” She chuckles.
“That’s very good.” He smiles.
“Are you going to sit there, or are you going to get in here with me? I need those hands to work their magic on my neck.” She pouts at him.
“Sure, I’ll get I with you. Just gotta get undressed, starting with my shoes.” He gets down on one knee and takes the ring out of his pocket, opening it up and raising it to eye level. She had closed her eyes. “Ahem.” She opens them and looks at him, her jaw dropping.
“H-Harry…is…is that…” She could barely breathe.
“I never thought I’d love someone as much as I love you. You’ve changed my life in so many ways, and you make me so fucking happy. I’ve loved seeing you become this incredible doctor. I’m so proud of you, and I want us to continue growing together. I’d also like to put a baby in you at some point, but we can wait until your residency is done for that. Just maybe before I’m forty, that’s all I ask. Well, I’m also asking if you’ll marry me…so those two things.” He beams at her.
“Oh my god, Harry, of course I’ll marry you!” She was in tears. He slides the ring on her fingers and she tugs him to her so they can kiss. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too, with all my heart.” He kisses her tenderly and works to get all of his clothes off to get into the bath with her. He sits back as she straddles him. “Thought you wanted me to rub your neck.” He chuckles.
“Plenty of time for that after.” She kisses on his neck. “In fact…pretty sure we have the rest of our lives now.”
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lunchador · a year ago
Don't mind me but I'm rambling. I'm gonna yell about this here cuz it is my fandom blog and that's what it's for.
Man, The Boys is the perfect example of seeing a comic, seeing the potential, and gutting it for something better. I used to be a fan of Garth Ennis, I used to say he was the kind of writer that could balance edgy in a fun way that wasn't too much, but after revisiting his work I'm like....very unimpressed. And I feel as he keeps releasing series they keep getting worse 😬 I can't say this on FB because some of my male friends hold it in high regards(lots of them read it as angry edgy teens) but Preacher? Kinda a super shit comic. I genuinely think the show was attempting something better by polishing up the core concept (also the casting? Chefs kiss). I liked The Boys. I own The Boys. But the show is a fantastic example of how a comic adaptation does not need to be faithful. I think they made the characters a lot more engaging, they kept the graphic violence but I'm not rolling my eyes at it, and made the overall plot more of an arc versus the previous baddie hero of the week style that made it feel disjointed. And it's nice not to be able to expect what is going to happen next, not like how some shows throw it in a new direction solely to fuck with you versus genuinely interesting. They still sprinkle tons of comic stuff nicely in the show (my friend and I screamed at love sausage). I think the timing of the show is excellent in both that there is a corporate superhero burnout with so many movies and shows being churned out (often playing it too safe where money > interesting) and also reflecting irl events in an eerie but clever way. The whole comic and show is assholes, and I'm thrilled to love to hate them. I couldn't even do much of a reread because it's just not that good to me anymore. Absolutely crazy that Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg read those two comics by Ennis and were like yeah, let's do this.
I feel the same way about Mark Millar though. I cannot stand his comics, I feel like he's pretty good with coming up with a concept but someone always executes it better on his behalf. Kingsman? Kick ass? Wanted? All superior to the comics. I think red son and jupiter's legacy are ones I did like, but I am very interested to see how netflix (?) Does jupiter's legacy in the wake of the boys. Not quite the same, but an edgy superhero series I highly expect people to make a comparison. It's about children of superheros that are struggling to live in their shadows. Drugs, sex, violence, drama.
On the other hand, I am screaming about the Invincible adaptation. IM SO FUCKING EXCITED. Invincible is in my top favorite comics, it got me INTO comics, and I always thought it was vastly superior to Kirkmans famous work Walking Dead. This I do hope sticks close to the comics (though maybe slightly better writing for women characters haha). I already know exactly what they're doing for the first arc and I really really hope we can get further than that because the series gets so fucking WILD. Insane all of the merch and now a show we are getting after the series ends. It's also super long for a western comic series at like 26 trades I think. I hope the show is a success for multiple reasons.
With the old guards success, I hope amazon finally does something with the rights they bought to Lazarus a few years ago. Greg Rucka is truly one of the best comic writers out there and that series is perfect for tv. Which reminds me I need to watch stumptown cuz I just bought the comic to reread and it's so good!!!!
And y the last man finally has its feet on the ground after being in development hell for like 10 years. Brian k vaughn writes the most human characters out there. And also paper girls is gonna be a series!!!! Fucking hell yeah!!! Hopefully it catches people attention as stranger things did. It's gonna be fun. And I hope saga never gets adapted. I truly think nothing will be able to capture it. Leave it as is.
And I'm still sad Chew ended up falling into development hell. Originally showtime wanted to use to to replace Dexter as that ended as their new bloody crime show, then it fell to an animated series which is better imo to pair with how weird it is and showcase the art style but I think the last I heard of it it was pretty much not happening. Especially since iZombie got surprising amount of traction and I guess they expected it to be too similar.
I'm also still bitter about Deadly Class's cancellation. I had a lot of potential. Great cast, good cinematography. It's such a fun tragic comic.
Locke&key was alright, it's such a good horror comic but I wouldn't be able to tell you what would have made the show better. Something didn't quite click for me.
I'm kinda really burnt out on marvel/dc. I don't think either is impressing me lately besides scattered things. I don't think I'm excited for any of the disney+ shows besides falcon+winter soldier and even then expectations are tentatively low. Maybe wandavision? I didn't give a shit about them in the movies but it's heavily based on a run of comics I did enjoy so I'm wary. I know only care about Hawkeye for Kate and she-hulk for the actress. Though I've been having a surprising amount of fun watching Doom Patrol and I enjoyed swamp thing. It's weird. It embraces that weird. There's something I feel like Umbrella Academy is missing it could learn from doom Patrol. Like ua still feels like it played it a bit safe. Idk. Haven't finished it because I'm not as motivated to.
And Faith?? Is gonna get a movie??? A plus size hero??? AHHHH. I have my first issue signed by the author I met at comic con a few years ago.
And watchmen of course.
And outcast, and happy, and powers! And I kill giants was turned into such a good movie!!! So many image comics!!
I just read nailbiter is gonna be a series so that's gonna be bloody and violent and full of serial killers lmao. The ending of that comic got a little ??? For me but I own the whole series so i guess that says something.
What a time to be a comics fan!!! We are so fucking spoiled lmao and there's still sooo many untapped series. I think Criminal would make a fantastic live action drama show. Who does like Intricate crimes and heists and overlapping stories And wic+div would make a stellar show especially if they really had fun with the music. And so many comics I like would make amazing animated series like pretty deadly, or chew, rocket girl. Haunt is another Kirkmans series that has potential to be a fun gritty superhero violent adaptation. Except the ectoplasma attacks haunt has looks like violent jizz sometimes. Idk. Like, URGHHHHHHH. Gimme gimme gimme more comic stuff.
And there's so many good things I'm not even aware it was a comic initially.
And there's so many things I hear good things I have yet to touch like black lightning, runaways ( I love the comics!!, Cloak and dagger (also great comics )
Old comic shit is good too. I've been rewatching the Spawn series. Adult animated superhero stuff is seriously underrated. The tank girl movie is FUN. ROCKETEEEEER!!!!! Disney was supposed to do a remake with a black girl. What happened to that?
I dislike all the cw shows though lmao too cheesy. Also why I can't get into agents of shield though I tried for Robbie.
So many THINGS
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