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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#but if the dare is good enough
ourladylennona month ago
TRUTH because what could you possibly dare me
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sawam0chia day ago
#tw: anxiety#i literally get so anxious and worried for this big test#like i didn鈥檛 pass the first one which already made me feel super upset with myself#but now that the second one is literally next week#i feel like i鈥檝e done so many questions#yet it doesn鈥檛 feel like it鈥檚 enough#i鈥檓 also going to arizona for ncaa conference for tennis this week#and it鈥檚 so bad that i鈥檓 thinking it will be good if we lose because i get to study#like how dare i think that i want us to win#but i get such bad...#anxiety over my future#over this damn test that basically i have to pass to graduate#and it鈥檚 like#everyone around me is saying omg you鈥檙e graduating#but i鈥檓 like sitting here with so much thoughts about how i鈥檓 not because every time i do these practice questions#i feel like i don鈥檛 know anything#sata questions i always miss that one answer and boom it鈥檚 all wrong#not only that but i always second guess myself and i change my answer and boom wrong#i just want to pass i want to graduate i want to make my family proud#but at the same time how can i make my family proud if i can鈥檛 even pass this stupid predictor test#put me on the nursing floor and goddammit i鈥檒l do the best that i can#but tests? god forbid because now i鈥檓 about to cry cause i might not pass#i鈥檓 thinking so many positive thoughts but i look at the questions and i just say to myself#why tf am i not getting anything right? why am i getting everything wrong?#i know my peeps are going to see this#i鈥檓 like okay but ugh i鈥檓 just so nervous and i鈥檓 frightened
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wherepoetsdiea day ago
i know i鈥檓 awfully late and no one really cares bc it鈥檚 already old news and everybody knows, but fearless (taylor鈥檚 version) is so good wtf
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angel-yotsuba7 days ago
On Demisexuality and celebrity crushes
Me, back to November 5, 2020.
"oh, no. Please, not him again on my Dash. I mean, he may be nice, but he's definitely not my kind, not a bit. Why on earth do people even find him so attractive? He's a pretty normal guy"
The pretty normal guy:
Tumblr media
Late November 2020
鉁⊿tarts watching Supernatural 鉁
Tumblr media
Late December 2020
鉁―iscovers his talent in singing鉁
鉁‵inds how freaking talented he is at playing guitar 鉁
鉁˙ecomes addicted to Radio Company and starts playing their songs with the guitar鉁
Tumblr media
January 2021
鉁⊿tarts watching online panels鉁
Tumblr media
Summary : starting December 2020 to April 2021
Tumblr media
Bought a dreadnought guitar
Countless drawings of J + more coming
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"My child is fine "
"no, your child is ONLY drawing Jensen Ackles in his spare time wtf"
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dekuskacchan7 days ago
Tumblr media
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cantarella8 days ago
what if I was a fallen warrior who succumbed to an illness that turned me into a hideous horse monster and during the last fight of my life I regained conscience of my humanity and my fight theme turned into a waltzer to represent the last dance between me and my madness as I use the last shred of humanity I have to defeat you in a honorable duel between two hunters would that be fucked up or what
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will-it-be-en0ugh15 days ago
Fuck you.
I trusted you.
I loved you.
I tore myself apart for you.
But it was never enough.
You took and took and took and took.
I had nothing left to give, but you still took.
And once I had nothing,
once I WAS nothing,
You broke me
And left the pieces.
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nadineselfshipsa month ago
Goodmorning i'm 馃寛Yearning馃寛
#nadine is typing...#I just be like *puts on a playlist for hopeless romantics and thinks about the Seeds for 3 hours*#U know what slow dancing is good I think I should slow dance with all of them tbh#I already hc Jacob listens to a lot of oldies and a lot of the good slow dancey ones so 馃憖馃憖 Dance With Me Soldier Man#BUT ALSO *SOBS* Mr Soft Gentle Man Joseph just pulling me into dance with no music and he just hums and rests his head against mine#SHUT UP NO FUCK OFF NO THAT'S ILLEGAL ACTUALLY HOW DARE HE- *WHEEZES IN GAY*#Faith and I slow dancing would just turn into tickling each other and chasing each other around before kissing a lot so *lies down*#AND I'VE TALKED ABOUT SLOW DANCING WITH JOHN SO MUCH BUT FUCK YOU I WAS PULL HIM CLOSER WHILE SINGING ALONG TO THE MUSIC#And just spin him around and rest my forehead against his and intertwine my fingers with his as we sway together in the living room#*SIGHS VERY LOUD* JUST. SLOW DANCING BRO#i'm gay I can't deal with this shit#(I didn't give the Jacob thought enough love he absolutely doesn't want to dance but I start dancing and he has no choice)#(bc he's Gay for Me u see and he just wraps his arm around my waist and is actually surprisingly good at dancing OKAY ANYWAY I'M GAY)#(he and Jo are also more likely to sneak in gentle meaningful forehead kisses while dancing so i'll just perish I guess 馃様鉁岎煉曫煉曫煉)#(OH MY GOD NO JO WOULD KISS MY HAND- i'm done I gotta go i'm spiralling in the love kind I can't b Y E oaiajejfjfjfj)
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