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#but in a cool way
vapolis · 20 days ago
anyone wanna see an actual convo between orla and mc
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halfacoin · 23 days ago
We joke, but with the amount of power merwaincelot has, Camelot would cease existing immediately after they became boyfriends.
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sapphowasanangel · 3 months ago
my favorite thing about tumblr is that I’ve set all my liked posts to public so at anytime someone can go look at my latest hyperfixation.
like just stalk me guys I won’t mind
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experimentalwrites · 3 months ago
Hit me 🥘
Omgggg yuuuu 🙈💜
you remind me of art supplies carefully packed away and organized in an art studio. Sitting beside the window of a cafe and people watching. Dark clothes and Gothic architecture. Cloudy skies too, the ones that look like they'll rain for days.
Send me an emoji and I'll tell you what you remind me of.
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what do international swifties want? a signed folklore cd
when do we want it? now
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intoxicatedfandom · 6 months ago
Do I was talking to this colleague of mine and he told me ," hey have you listened to the new song Zayn Malik put out ? " And I was yes " I love it ? Did you ? " And then he went on about how the last time he's heard anything by Zayn was probably was what makes you beautiful. But he heard better and he liked it so much he was talking about wanting to check out more songs. You don't know how much it took me not to scare him away with all the fan girl inside of me going "fuck yes !! It's Zayn , go listen why haven't you yet " lol.
Heh, I do know that feeling well! Like, keep my cool, act casual. I hope your colleague is one of many who’ll give Z a chance because of Better and then discover his deep back catalogue. Way to show self restraint, Nonnie!
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heavenshipped · 7 months ago
I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this but what house are you in?? I’m a slytherin ✌🏻
💛 i’m a hufflepuff !!!!! a badger baby!!! 💛
i have so much respect for slytherins !!! i know people can sometimes give slytherins a bad rep but you guys are so smart and powerful!!! so important!!! i think they’re absolutely awe inspiring!!! 
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intoxicatedfandom · 7 months ago
We've had more Z-fan interaction in this one month than the whole of last year. What's happening??
You know what I think. He’s coming back. The CAA signing is making sense now. Dude, if this is on purpose, it’s pretty brilliant. He’s probably just Zayning, but yeah, Z, you have our attention.
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rhxegals · 7 months ago
Hi Em, all your Ivar fics are my favourite. You are an amazing writer! Keep up the great work. Much love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
Tumblr media
Thank you, anon!! This was very nice to see, it made my night. I'm so glad you like them! 😁💕
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malevolentcheesecake · 9 months ago
my friend keeps just about everything she owns/every website she visits on light mode and I think about it a lot
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gucciboner · 10 months ago
*sends extra soft forehead kiss*
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aphenglandstan · a year ago
Omgggg twins tbh!!!!!!! I totally feel myself getting back into Scott Pilgrim too!!!
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isyoursummer · 2 years ago
man i miss new york
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