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#but instead like ''... golly i hope other people ever get to be this happy''
inkskinned · 2 months ago
tbh for a long time i really resented the advice "pick a partner that you would want to raise kids with" because i don't want kids and i hated that all relationships had to come from this place of procreation-first. what about toxic friendships, after all.
it took me a really long time to realize it's a bastardization of good advice.
many of us are recovering from being raised by parents/caregivers that were in toxic relationships or were toxic themselves. we learned behaviors, thoughts, and patterns from these people, and we spend our adult lives untangling and dismantling the harm done to us.
the advice should be - is this the person you'd want a child to emulate? is this a person you'd want a child even around? is this a person you can trust alone with a kid - any kid, mind you - and know that the child is safe, looked after, loved? is the relationship you're in one you'd want children to see and repeat in their adult lives? or is the relationship one you hope they won't follow, after all?
to be honest, i knew when i was in a bad relationship. i'd tell people - i know, i know, i should break up with him. i know, i know. she's not actually a good friend. but the reality was that it's incredibly difficult to escape the-devil-you-know. it was easy enough to train myself to be okay with it; i have very little regard for the-self and the process of cutting people out was simply too threatening for my mental state.
but i wouldn't put a younger version of myself through the same thing. i'd picture her in the same situation. i would tell her, broody as she is - leave, you're happier outside of it, never let anyone talk to you like that, you're worth more than this. i'd tell her when you let him cross your boundaries, the fault is his, but you need to understand you're rewarding bad behavior if you don't do something about it. i would wish, fervently, i could restart the relationship and do it all differently, be-young-again.
and then i realized: i am the younger version of myself. a future version of myself is begging me to leave. to take my happiness seriously. i am a kid to fifty-year-old-me. and i need to take my own advice. it's okay if that sets me up to grieve.
pick a partner that you would trust a younger version of yourself with. pick friends you'd want your younger self to grow up alongside. pick love that makes you feel like you want everyone to experience in their life and feel with others, something magical and shareable and full of mist. pick a love that feels like you can grow in it. pick a love like: i will be proud of this.
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sugamamacustard · 9 months ago
Feral Animal
Pairing:  Alpha! Kentarou Kyoutani x Omega! Reader
Genre: Fluff
Request:  Hi! I love your abo blog! I was wondering if you could write about Alpha!Kyotani with an Omega!Reader, where their first encounter catches everyone by surprise? Like, Reader has a traditionally alpha scent (like burning/smokey wood) and can usually get away with being mistaken as an alpha at first glance? It’s fine if you’re asks are full or you don’t want to do this but thanks for your time 😊 —Sno
Summary:  You just wanted to get the boys to practice on time. You weren’t prepared to deal with this.  Good thing you had a gaurdian angel- or should we say, dog. 
Author’s Note: I love Kyoutani so much. Like he’s in my top three people I simp for. 
Requests: Open!
Tumblr media
Kentarou Kyoutani
➵ No one gathered in your way when walked down the hall. You smelt strong enough to put them on edge. 
➵ Peoples hackles were constantly raised when you were around, and truthfully, you didn’t know why. 
➵ You were still you. You were still an omega. 
➵ You still ached to reach out for touch, to scent someone, to just have the smallest bit of attention from anyone that wasn’t Iwaizumi.
➵  You and he had met when you were young, and he took to being your personal guardian—since he was a year older than you.
➵  You were thankful for him and his friendship, but that was all it would ever be. You both tried dating in your first year of middle school (Dating being a loose term), but it was obvious you were better off as friends. 
➵ You both still hung out constantly though, and eventually he grew to be an older brother to you.
➵  When you got to high school though, you quickly realized that with Iwaizumi came Oikawa. You had known him just as you had known Iwaizumi, but the other male seemed to keep his distance from you.
➵ It didn’t take a genius to figure out why he was keeping his distance with you. When you and Iwaizumi explained to him there was nothing between the two of you, nor would there ever be, he calmed down. 
➵ The fellow omega (Oikawa is an omega ass bottom change my mind. Unless it comes to requests. Then he’s an alpha for you :D) grew to be close with you as well and if one or the other was being idiotic you stepped in as the shoulder to cry on. 
➵ You were happy for them, truly, but you knew sooner or later you were going to be out of the picture.
➵  They were third years, and you were a second year. They had a relationship that ran deeper than any thing you could offer them.
➵ And that was okay.
➵ Facing the obvious, it’s clear that, because your best friends are those two dorks, you’re into volleyball. Or in the very least, know of it and how to play. Because of this, you’re elected manager.
➵  No more choice. 
➵ You don’t fawn over Oikawa constantly, you can handle Iwaizumi’s outbursts, you were calm with the first years, and you don’t put up with any fan girl’s bullshit. 
➵ You didn’t get the chance to refuse honestly.
➵ “I’m sorry, but unfortunately, Oikawa-Senpai is busy at the moment- “
➵ “Please, just- Let me see him! I won’t be long!” The Alpha pleaded, trying to appease to your sense of empathy. Unfortunately for her, that was dried up before the second girl even looked at you to ask the very same thing. 
➵ You were tired of girls, obviously not getting the hint, trying to confess their undying love to Oikawa every other day. How did they not see he was an Omega? 
➵ Yeah, he had suppressants out the wahzoo but, good golly, his mannerisms were all Omega.  
➵ Apparently this alpha though her and Oikawa would be the ultimate power couple.
➵ “Like I said before, he is busy. Any time you take up is time wasted.” You snorted, turning tail and shutting the gym door, ignoring the screech of anger behind it. You were used to it.
➵  Most times you locked them out, they’d throw a bitch-fit, turn and bad-mouth you to their friends for a few days. 
➵ They’d tease you for your scent—which was a, frankly lovely, pinewood and amber scent—and poke fun at you, saying how ‘you’ll never get an alpha smelling stronger than them” with a sneer. You’ve learned to ignore those types of girls.
➵ What you didn’t expect however, was for her to scream some more, banging on the metal door.
➵  It was ripped open in your moment of shock, making you turn on your heel to face her. 
➵ Her hair, though still relatively upkept, was frizzy with fly-a way’s running out occasionally, but her eyes were what scared you. 
➵ They were constricted to ball point bulbs that were locked onto you, fangs poking out as she snarled at you.
➵ Of course. Because why wouldn’t a feral Alpha be part of your day today?
➵ You growled yourself, trying to reign in your scent but it was getting harder and harder as she stalked closer.
➵ No one else was in the gym, as they were changing in the club room, but you figured you could handle her.
➵ You hoped at least.
➵ She tried pouncing on you, your arms quickly crossing in front of your face to shield yourself, but instead of an angry alpha trying to claw your eyes out, you merely got a gust of wind.
➵   Peeking open an eye—you couldn’t recall closing them, but whatever—you frowned at the face staring back at you.
➵  You hadn’t talked to him, personally, but you knew who he was. Kentarou Kyoutani. 
➵ He was incredibly strong, a worthy advisory, and worst of all…
➵ A ticking time-bomb of an alpha.
➵ He had the resting bitch face to end all resting bitch faces, and the attitude to go with it. He had only said one word to you ever and it was ‘move’. His voice was gruff and angry when he said it, but his eyes softened when you looked up at him. 
➵ He waited patiently for you to gather your things before moving. That was the first, and what you thought, last time you’d ever see the alpha. He entranced you though, so you wouldn’t ever necessarily be opposed to seeing him again. 
➵ Just maybe not in this circumstance.
➵ Kyoutani held the alpha by the collar of her shirt, his lips poked up in a snarl with his canines gleaming dangerously in the sunlight
➵ . Contrary to popular belief, he’d only ever gone feral once in his life. His stepfather, an awful, awful, excuse for an alpha had raised a hand to his Mama.
➵  He refused to let anyone ever raise a hand to omega that day and stuck to his grits with it.
➵  Many people often feared him because of his careful eye and quick reflexes. 
➵ They claimed he was close to going feral because they never cared to admit they were planning on hurting someone. He didn’t care.
➵ At least he didn’t. When he saw you simply turn and close the gym door, he felt his heart skip a beat. 
➵ Maybe it was just the fact that you didn’t relent, or maybe it was the fact that you didn’t care or bend or submiss in the absolute slightest, or maybe it was the waft of the most calming scent he’s ever smelt before.
➵  He knew the other alpha’s scent, as she had practically reeked all over him while asking him for things Oikawa liked before he snapped on her, so this was all you. And he…liked it. 
➵ He hated scents that were too sweet or too ‘exciting’ in a way, but this? This was calming and euphoric all in one and he wanted to straight up bathe in it.  It smelt that good.
➵ He watched the alpha screech, stomping her foot—he could guess she was the very definition of daddy’s girl with her reaction to being told ‘no’—and before he could growl at her to leave, she was forcing open the door and snarling. 
➵ So, he dropped his bag and ran to make sure you were okay. His alpha pawing at him to hurry up. 
➵ He had felt the very same as they day he ran his stepfather out of his life, but this time…This time, he would be sure not to go feral. That would scare you and he couldn’t, wouldn’t risk that.
➵ When he got there, the alpha lunged and he had barely enough time to grab her. You looked shocked to see him, or maybe it was residue from when she broke into the gym, but you didn’t say anything.
➵  He took that as a good sign, turning tail and dragging her to where he dropped his bag. He grabbed it quickly, instead dropping her and rushing back to the gym.
➵  You closed the door behind him, Iwaizumi and Matsukawa quickly locking it. In the time, between Kyoutani dragging out the feral alpha you had the chance to text Iwaizumi, sending choppy and shaky, but succinct, messages to let him know what was going on.
➵  The rest of the team were on their way anyway, so they merely hurried their steps. When they turned to lock the door, you stopped them, crying for them to just wait for a minute.
➵ Kyoutani had run in seconds after your plea and the door was quickly shut. 
➵ Scents were going insane in the gym, but his was most discernible to you. He smelt scared.
➵  Before anyone had a chance to mention it though, he was turning to you and reaching for your face.
➵ you flinched but that didn’t stop him. His fingers were gentle, more so than you could expect from him, and he was so soft while turning your face to observe the damage. Iwaizumi tried to get close, but he was growled at as you were held to Kyoutani’s chest. 
➵  The team could only watch, flabbergasted, as you were hugged and scented by their mad dog. Even more so when you began laughing and purring, placing your hands around his neck.
➵  You whispered something (They were ‘Thank you’ and appreciation whispers) into his ear, making his shoulders visibly relax. No one could really understand what had happened, but they weren’t sure if they wanted to question it just yet.
➵ Well, most of team didn’t at least.
➵ “Aw, Mad dog-Chan! How do you know our little Chibi-chan?” Oikawa laughed, leaning off Iwaizumi as he spun a volleyball on his pointer finger.  
➵ Kyoutani grunted, abruptly pulling away, only to growl and pull you back when his alpha snarled. “Don’t.”
➵ “Wait- wait, wait. Hold on.” Hanamaki snorted, holding his hands up. “So you, Mad dog, most vicious alpha this side of the equator, just decided fuck it, and chose to not only save an omega you’ve never met, but then hog her? I don’t know, Mattsun, seems kind of sus to me.”
➵ “Very sus.” Matsukawa agreed, snickering. He yelped however, when Kyoutani turned to snarl at him, only for you to hold him back. Matsukawa had never felt more scared for his life in that very moment, and he owed you a whole ass chapel.
➵ It stayed like that for the rest of the practice, with you calming Kyoutani down ever time he needed a ‘time out’ and over time he got much better at controlling his anger.
➵ No one was surprised when you walked in two weeks later, a small, thin leather choker clipped on around your neck with a hand-made moon charm hanging from it.
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not-close-to-straight · a year ago
Piña Coladas (Seven)
It was raining when Steve decided he just couldn’t take a single minute more of arguing, when the petty disagreements overwhelmed the few good conversations and rang toxic in the air, when even with Tony being gone teaching constantly and Steve immersed in an art project the apartment was just too small and he needed some space to breathe. 
It was raining when he stood to his feet abruptly and announced, “I’ll be right back.” cutting Tony off mid rant about the campus cafeteria dress code and how he couldn’t help that he wasn’t wearing shoes, they’d been the perfect flammable exercise for the afternoon chemistry class and after setting both shoes and half the lab on fire, Tony had been hungry dammit. How dare the cafeteria not serve him food just because he was bare foot and honestly a little singed? How dare--
“Tony seriously?” Steve put up both hands in surrender, bit his tongue so he wouldn’t comment on how irresponsible it was for Tony to set shoes on fire or how gross the cafeteria floor was and how badly he hoped Tony had washed his feet before walking into the apartment. “Seriously, I’ll be right back. I need a minute. Give me a minute.” 
“Um.” Tony had been working at not knee jerk reacting to Steve, had been working at working out the whys of Steve’s behavior instead of just flying off the handle with some no doubt sarcastic remark about what he would usually do during a moment alone. He’d been working hard for the last two weeks to remember that Steve had to process things before speaking instead of just blurting everything out loud, so if Steve was blurting something out, it probably meant something was wrong. 
“Is everything okay?” Tony asked uncertainly. “You uh-- you feeling okay?” 
“I’m feeling fine, I just need a minute.” Steve left his glasses on the counter, slipped into some shoes and grabbed his keys out of the bowl near the door. “I’ll be back.” 
“Uh sure. And I’ll be… here.” Tony sat back on the couch with a frown, glanced out the window to see that yep it was still pouring outside, raining cats and dogs, raining men, whatever the saying was. It was a half step down from a damn hurricane and Steve was going to take a moment to wander around outside?
Nope, something was wrong. 
Sam had admonished them to respect each other’s boundaries though. To be vocal and firm about what they each needed and respectful of each others wishes and by golly if Steve needed a minute in the rain, Tony was going to give him a minute in the--
-- thunder, booming in the streets outside and shaking the windows of the apartment and Tony ignored all of Sam’s warnings about boundaries and respect and threw on his shoes to run outside after Steve and fully encroach on the big blonds moment alone. 
Tony was learning to be a lot of things in this relationship, but he had never been and never would be good when dealing with sickies and ughhhh Tony was absolutely positive that Steve would be the most insufferable sickie so he had to get the doofus back inside. 
Purely because he didn’t want to pick up snotty Kleenex’s while the Professor battled a cold. 
Not because he cared what was going on with Steve. 
Definitely not. 
“Steve.” Tony stepped from their apartment, glared up at the sodden sky and pulled his jacket over his head. “What the hell are you doing out here?” 
“Standing in the rain.” Steve had his hands in his pockets, shoulders relaxed despite the deluge. “Clearly.” 
“Clearly.” Tony repeated. “And for the record, I feel like Sam would be proud of me for this next question-- why are you standing in the rain?” 
“It’s hard to worry in the rain.” Steve tipped his head back and let the water run over his face, soaking his hair to his scalp and plastering his shirt to his chest. “It’s like a physical thing, Tony. Rain washes everything away. Dirt, worries, stress. Physical cleansing. It’s nice.” 
“I thought you painted when you were stressed.” Tony mentally awarded fifteen points to himself for remembering that little tid bit from their list of questions. “What’s with the thunderstorm bath?” 
“Painting covers up what makes me anxious.” Outside in the rain it was easier to be honest about what was bugging him, beneath the sound of rolling thunder Steve’s words seemed small without seeming… insignificant. “Didn’t you ever watch Bob Ross, Tony? Sometimes you mess up but that’s okay, you just paint a little tree, a happy little cloud and the picture isn’t ruined, sometimes it’s even better than before. It’s fine, mistakes are fine.” 
“But the rain.” Steve inhaled slowly, exhaled in tiny increments. “The rain just washes everything away. All the mistakes, all the stress... rain leaves a blank canvas and lets me start over.”
“Huh.” Tony looked down at the water swirling around his shoes and soaking through the leather. “I’m gonna take a wild swing here and assume since I was mid soliloquy when you bolted, I’m the thing that’s making you stressed?” 
“I didn’t say that, Tony.” 
“No it’s okay, you can say it.” Tony swallowed back the sting of disappointment in his throat. “I make you anxious, don’t I?” 
Steve huffed a quiet laugh and shook his head. “Gosh Tony, I don’t really know what you do to me. Can’t decide if I want to strangle you or laugh at you or--” kiss you-- “or anything. And I know you’ve been trying a lot the last few weeks and I appreciate it, but it’s still… a lot. I’m stressed out, Tony.” 
“That’s fair.” Tony kept looking down at his shoes. “Do you-- do you wanna talk about it? Sam says I should listen better anyway, so I’m good for a few minutes. Let’s talk about it.” 
“I don’t want to.” 
“Oh thank God.” 
“I changed my mind.” 
“Damn it.” Tony blinked the raindrops out of his eyes. “I mean, okay. That’s okay. I wasn’t expecting that but sure, let’s talk about it. What’s on your mind besides me stressing you out?” 
“This will come as a shock, but my entire mindset doesn’t revolve around you.” Steve smiled a little to take the sting out of the words. “Not that wondering if your feet have cafeteria goop on them is a necessarily relaxing exercise, but Tony, you aren’t what I’m stressed about.” 
“Alright.” Tony waited a beat, then prodded, “So tell me. What’s stressing you out?” 
“I’m supposed to give a lecture tomorrow and two representatives from Parsons School of Design are going to be in the hall.” Steve grimaced just thinking about it. “They are here scoping out one of my students and asked to sit in on one of my lectures. I’m excited for my student, but it’s nerve wracking to know I’ll be speaking to two people from one of the highest rated art schools in the country. What if I screw up my lecture? Lose my notes? Mispronounce a word and never live it down? What if I spell my name wrong on the board?” 
Tony’s eyes briefly widened and Steve sighed, “Yes Tony. The first day of class this last semester I spelled my name with two g’s because I was distracted by some students talking in the front row, and for the entire rest of the semester at least a dozen students called me Mr, Rog-gers.” 
“Just so we’re clear-- you realize you shouldn’t let college freshman bully you, right?” Tony nudged him teasingly. “Threaten them with a failing grade if you give you shit.” 
“Yes Tony, I’m aware that I am a grown man in my thirties with a doctorate and several years of teaching experience behind me, and no I shouldn’t be letting nineteen year old’s fluster--” 
“--oh I said bully.” 
“--me. I’m aware. Can’t help it though. What if I do it again this time around?” 
Tony shivered as a droplet of water ran down his back and decided not to comment on how the last time a representative from a high ranking school came to one of his lectures, Tony had schooled the visitor on two different theories regarding the latest advancements in military tech and then ended up… sleeping with him… yeah that wasn’t the right thing to tell a new husband.
“Yeah that seems…” be supportive and respectful. “...difficult. Nerve wracking.” 
“I haven’t slept all week since finding out about their visit.” Steve admitted. “My art is suffering, I’m scrambling to stay focused in my other classes and all you and I have done for the past month is fight about things like socks and whether or not tomatoes are a fruit.” 
“Botanically a fruit is something that ripens from a flower and contains seeds.” Tony said immediately. “Erego a tomato is a fruit and a bunch of dirt sifting nutritionists aren’t going to change that fact. They can call it a veggie all they want but science is on my--” 
Steve slanted him a look, and Tony finished lamely, “--side. Sorry. Not the point. You said I wasn’t stressing you out but I’m willing to wager I’m definitely not helping. Sorry. We will put a moratorium on the veggie debate.” 
Guilt over making Steve’s stress worse made Tony’s stomach clench and sort of twinge and nope, nope he didn’t like that. 
Damn it, Sam was really getting to him wasn’t he?
“So. The rain makes you feel better?” he ventured and Steve just nodded and closed his eyes, so Tony decided, “Yeah alright. I don’t mind getting caught in the rain.” 
They stood in silence for several minutes as thunder rumbled and the occasional crack of lightning lit the sky high above the city buildings. Tony usually made it a point to never be quiet for very long at all, but right now he stayed quiet so the rain could metaphorically wash away everything that was stressing the Professor out whether that was tomatoes or lecturing or-- or whatever else was probably vaguely Tony-shaped and problematic in Steve’s life. 
“If you like Pina Coladas.” Alright, well Tony tried to stay quiet, he really did. But he had practically quoted a line from ‘Escape’ and now the rest of the lyrics deserved to be sang. “And getting caught in the rain. If you’re not into yoga, and you have half a brain. If you like making love…” 
The words trailed off partly because Tony knew Steve would squawk about how unhygienic it was to get down and dirty on the beach, partly because at just that moment Steve shifted and took a deep breath, rolled his shoulders and popped his neck, pulled his shirt tight across his body and hello muscles Tony was suddenly very distracted. 
“Uh hey.” Tony clicked his tongue in interest. “No offense Steve, but what’s with the muscles?” 
“Why are you so surprised I’m fit, Tony?”
“Because there’s a difference between being fit--” Tony pointed to his own body, which despite his penchant for binge drinking and inhaling Valkyrie’s world famous cinnamon rolls, was still relatively trim. “--and having literal pecs of glory. Your boobs are insane and let’s not get started on your abs. How many crunches do you do a day? Is it a thousand? I bet it’s a thousand.” 
“Feel like you don’t have to call them boobs, Tony.” 
“I feel like I do.” Tony peered at Steve through the rain, surprising himself by being relieved when he saw the blond was trying to fight a smile. Smiles were good things. “What’s your secret? You’re too good ol’ boy to do steroids and I know for a fact that painting doesn’t give you cannons for biceps. What gives?” 
“I was sick as a kid.” Steve couldn’t figure out if he wanted to hunch his shoulders and hide from Tony’s ogling, or stand up a little straighter and maybe give the brunette a reason to be tongue tied like Steve was so often tongue tied when Tony walked around half clothed. “Don’t like to be sick now, so I try to keep myself healthy.” 
“Sick.” Tony repeated over a crack of thunder. “Sick like had a constant case of the sniffles? Or sick like spent a few rounds in the hospital? Give me some details.” 
"No one wants to hear the details of why I was sick.” 
“Look, I’m out here in the goddamn rain ruining my hair trying to be supportive and follow Sam’s rules about communicating and being supportive and all that yadda yadda stuff.” Tony cupped his hands and caught some of the rain, splashed it at Steve just to prove his point. “The least you could do is meet me halfway.” 
“Nobody asked you to--” Steve caught himself mid sentence and bit his tongue. He was working on it too, working on seeing things from Tony’s point of view, of realizing that the often times blunt words came from a point of good intentions, working to get past their arguments to find meaningful moments and this-- this could be a meaningful moment. 
“...I was very sick.” he admitted slowly. “Spent most of my childhood in the hospital, my immune system was too wrecked to be outside when I was home. I missed out on all of elementary and junior high and when I finally got healthy enough to go to high school--” 
“--you were bullied because homeschooled kids are almost always bullied.” Tony hazarded a guess. “Too small to defend yourself against the mean kids, too socially awkward to hope to find anything in common, and let’s face it, for some reasons art and theater kids are always considered odd. You didn’t stand a chance.” 
“Uh, yes. That’s right. Did Bucky tell--” 
“I’ve had my share of being picked on. I get it.” Tony pursed his lips and waved off the still surprisingly raw memories of his quick stint in high school and the first few years of college. “But that doesn’t explain why you drown Mr. Olympia level muscles under tweed and sweater vests and khakis.” 
“I don’t drown anything, Tony.” Steve sighed when Tony wiggled his eyebrows. “Why are you making fun of me? I thought you were out here to be supportive and follow Sam’s rules about communicating.”
“It turns out, I’m actually terrible at both of those things. The best I can offer is some leers and less than subtle come ons.” Tony spread his hands unashamedly. “So what’s with hiding the goods?” 
Steve was quiet another minute. “Tony, once you’ve been stared at and pitied, been measured and found wanting, looked in the mirror and knew that being sick meant you’d never measure up to half of what came so easily to everyone else… that sort of thing doesn’t just go away.” 
“That’s why you hide? Because you used to get stared at when you were the sick kid?” 
“I’d rather be invisible than be stared at.” 
“Huh.” Tony didn’t really know what to do with that, not with the reminder that he and Steve weren’t all that different, or that the always steady Professor was hiding what was starting to seem like a crippling case of personal anxiety, or the realization that the longer he stared at all those muscles the more he wanted to get caught in the rain with Steve often. 
“Please stop staring at me, Tony.” Even in the near dark it was obvious Steve was blushing. “I didn’t tell you all that so you’d ogle me. Stop it.” 
“No, I shan’t.” Tony answered mildly, but after another minute he granted Steve some mercy and quit gaping at his abs. “Alright fine, but I only stopped because I’m starting to resemble a drowned rat out here. If you’re done with your dramatic rainy man pain, maybe we go inside so I can make some cioccolata calda.” 
“Cioccolata calda.” Steve drew his brows together in confusion. “You’re going to make me hot chocolate?” 
“I’m going to make me some hot chocolate.” Tony corrected, and okay yes he was getting better at communicating but that didn’t mean he had to admit Steve was sort of breaking his heart right now and was clearly in need of Granny Carbonell’s super secret hot chocolate recipe that was guaranteed to cure everything. “And honestly, how dare you compare cioccolata calda to your American hot chocolate, it’s not even close to the same thing. This will ruin your life, I promise.” 
“I don’t know if I want my life ruined, Tony.” 
“You’re wearing a wedding ring, Steve. Pretty sure it’s too late for that.” Tony held up his left hand to show his ring as well. “But you know, same-- same. You can have some cioccolata calda so long as you don’t complain about the mess I make when I’m done. It’s not a quick process.”
“I feel like a mess isn’t actually necessary in any recipe.” Steve couldn’t help pointing out. “And I just cleaned the kitchen today.” 
“It’s absolutely necessary, and those who complain about clean kitchens get diddly squat.” Tony informed him. “Do you want some or not.” 
Steve shook some water from his hair and asked, “Is it dark chocolate?” 
“...whip cream?” 
“Homemade.” Tony confirmed, and when Steve tipped his head doubtfully, Tony defended, “My Granny Carbonell would rise from the grave to smack me with a spoon if I ever used store bought whip cream after she taught me how to make it from scratch.” 
“I’ve never even seen you cook ramen, Tony.” 
“Well whip cream is different than ramen.” he sniffed. “Do you want some or not?” 
“Yes please.” Steve held the door open so Tony could get back into the building, and when Tony shook his hair and flung water everywhere, Steve didn’t even comment. He was feeling like maybe he could breathe easy for the first time in days, and dark chocolate hot cocoa with homemade whip cream sounded so delicious and so needed he could almost cry. 
When was the last time anyone had tried to take care of him? 
Heck, when was the last time Steve had let anyone try to take care of him? 
“Thank you, Tony.” he said quietly as they climbed the stairs. “I um-- I appreciate what you’re doing.” 
“What I’m doing?” Tony made a show of wringing a puddle of water from his shirt. “Ruining the hallway carpet with eight gallons of rainwater?” 
“No I mean for not--” Steve’s shoulders rose and fell in a self conscious shrug. “--for not being weird about this. I don’t like talking about a lot of stuff and I appreciate you not making it more difficult by being all you about it.” 
“And here I thought you liked me being me.” Tony stripped out of his shirt and tossed it towards the laundry room, then sighed over loud, stomped over to get the wet clothing and put it neatly in the washing machine. “Get dried off and I’ll start the chocolate.” 
“Sure thing.” Steve’s feet squished uncomfortably down the hall to his room, but he turned at the last second and called, “Tony?” 
“I’m not making a mess yet Steve! God! I’ve been in the kitchen for point-three seconds! Cut me some slack!”
“No.” Steve laughed a little. “No I just-- just poke your head out here for a minute.” 
“What?” Tony already had some chocolate on his chin and it was suddenly the cutest thing Steve had ever seen in his life. “I swear to god if you complain right now, I’ll throw your cioccolata calda right out the window, don’t think I won’t.” 
“Thank you for not making fun of me.” 
“Why the heck would I make fun of you?” Tony asked incredulously, as if he didn’t make fun of everything about everything about Steve every chance he had. 
And Steve started to name all the reasons why Tony would make fun of him, all the reasons he’d been self conscious in the past-- having to run out into the rain to deal with stress, hiding beneath frumpy clothes, his anxiety, his being sick, his needing to feel invisible because he was tired of sticking out. 
He started to name all those reasons, but Tony was looking at him wide eyed and wondering, chocolate on his chin and whisk and bowl held tight ready to make something delicious and gosh Steve couldn’t help himself. 
“Just… thank you, sweetheart.” he said softly. 
Tony turned at least four shades of red and ducked back into the kitchen, mumbling about how the chocolate would burn if he wasn’t careful and then Granny Carbonell would haunt him forever and he’d have to revoke his cioccolata calda legacy card and how Steve needed to shut the hell up and let him work. 
“I’ll let you work.” Steve went to find dry clothes with a smile on his face and a certainty that things were finally going to start really changing for them. 
Fake marriage or not, there was no disguising the way Tony had blushed just now. 
Maybe there was hope for them yet. 
“Oh my god, there is no hope for you!” No less than two days later, Steve threw his hands up in sheer exasperation. “No, Tony! No you are not wearing that tonight!” 
“There’s nothing wrong with what I’m wearing.” Tony smoothed the silver velvet suit down and adjusted the glitterati bow tie. “If potential investors are visiting, they need to see me in all my glory so they know exactly where their money is going.” 
“Absolutely not. I won’t let you go like that.” Steve’s suit was carefully tailored and carefully pressed, dark blue and perfectly appropriate for a early summer gala to attended by wealthy alumni, grad students ready to take on their last year of doctoral studies, and patrons looking for tax right offs by way of massive donations. His hair was artfully combed, his tie was cut through with understated gold that matched his cuff links, and his shoes polished and shined. 
He was perfectly put together, perfectly event- appropriate, and had practiced talking points on index cards all week to be ready for the dinner. 
Tony on the other hand…
“I’m telling you, you can’t go like that.” Steve folded his arms and set his jaw. “I never say anything when you wear glitter scarves or neon shirts or whatever that snakeskin jumpsuit was you took from Maria last week--” 
“Right.” Tony interrupted. “Right, you didn’t say anything about any of that because you don’t actually have the right to say anything about my clothes at all.” 
“And usually I wouldn’t care but--” 
“You need to not care tonight.” Tony’s eyes sparked dangerously. “Let it go, Steve.” 
“I’m not letting this one go.” Steve caught the look from Tony but ignored it, too horrified by the bright orange shirt and coordinating orange socks to care that Tony was annoyed. “We are representing the university tonight and more than that, you are representing us. Our relationship. Don’t you care about that?” 
“No one’s going to judge our relationship by my bow tie.” Tony’s laugh was obviously forced, his shoulders tense as the argument stretched longer. “This is one of those things you let go, Professor. Let me wear what I want.” 
“I can’t walk next to you in that, no way.” Steve pointed towards Tony’s bedroom. “Go get changed now. I’m not going to let you embarrass me by walking around wearing that ridiculous costume. This is a very important night, we need to make a good showing.” 
“You’re not going to let me embarrass you?!” Tony practically spit the words. “Oh I’m sorry, since when is being married to someone with two doctorates and a billion dollar trust fund embarrassing?” 
“No one cares about your money or your brains when you’re dressed like an idiot!” Steve was shouting now, furious that Tony didn’t see his point of view, furious that after all these weeks together Tony thought it would be even slightly okay to look so darn stupid when he was out with Steve, furious that their first outing as a married couple was starting with a fight. “You’re not some mouthy kid who doesn’t belong at these things anymore, you are a grown man with a double doctorate and enough influence to sway a crowd and--” 
“--and because of those reasons, I shouldn’t have to wear a goddamn monkey suit to impress them.” Tony cut in. “Remember the conversation about me working hard for every good grade I got? Yeah, all that work means I can wear whatever the hell I want, whenever I want and if people have a problem with it, they can take a direct route right to--” 
“You never think about what other people think of you!” Steve burst out, and Tony shouted back, “Why should I give a flying fuck about what other people think of me?!” 
“Because caring what other people think ensures that things go smoothly!” Steve argued. “You can’t just walk around like you have no style, no sense, and no idea of what’s appropriate in a social situation! It might have been mildly amusing when you were a kid, but it’s not anymore!” 
“No?” Tony challenged, hands on his hips and head tipped back angrily. “Cos I think it's funny as hell!” 
“Well you’re wrong! It’s just embarrassing! I can’t believe you’d go out dressed like this when you know how careful I try to be with everything!” 
“Careful?” Tony snorted. “Oh I think you mean repressed and anal retentive and invisible.” 
“Well, I feel like that’s better than reckless and purposefully obnoxious.” Steve shot back. “Obvious grabs for attention aren’t a good look on anyone.” 
“Purposefully obnoxious-- just because I don’t force myself into a regime of ridiculously strict behavior and old men’s clothing doesn’t mean I’m trying to be purposefully obnoxious!”
There it was out in the open now, brutal and raw and something Tony had never admitted out loud and immediately wished he could take back. 
But it was too late. Steve faltered mid argument, fell back a step, closed his mouth and stared as Tony suddenly wrapped both arms around his midsection like he was exposed, set his jaw and looked away like being vulnerable was the worst thing he could possible imagine. 
Steve knew the feeling, but it hurt to see all of that written across Tony’s face. 
“Tony-- what--?” 
“God, just shut up.” Tony sniffed, and folded his arms tighter to his body. “Just-- just shut up. I’m not going to change, so either deal with it or go to this thing alone. In fact, go to it alone. I don’t want to go anyway and I-- shit. Steve just go.” 
If you like Piña Coladas! A text message coming in on Tony’s phone and the sound was harsh between them. 
If you like Piña Coladas! Another one and Tony made no move to answer it, to silence it, to even acknowledge it. 
If you like Piña Coladas! It was most likely Valkyrie wondering where he was, since she’d drawn the proverbial short straw between herself and Clint with which athletic director had to go play nice with the potential patrons, and she had made Tony promise to not let her go through the night alone. 
If you like Piña Coladas! It might have been Sam waiting to hear if they were coming, because this was their first official outing as a married couple and shit wouldn’t he be upset ot know they were fighting. 
“Just go.” Tony said again, and pushed past Steve to get to his bedroom. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” 
The bedroom door slammed shut, echoed around the apartment right alongside the incessant ringing of Tony’s phone. It was an actual, physical barrier between them, an abrupt end to a conversation that had spiraled out of control into their first real fight, as definitive as a slap, louder than their shouts, angry and silent and final, leaving Steve alone in what had slowly become their apartment and now suddenly felt empty. 
I’m tired of being called a disappointment Tony had said, as if his academic record would disappoint anyone, as if everything he’d accomplished before turning thirty was anything to sneer at. 
I’m tired of being called a disappointment, he’d yelled and Steve felt that right down to his core. Felt the inadequacy and restlessness and the feeling that he would just never be good enough even when he tried his best. 
I’m tired of being called a disappointment, and Tony had looked so tired of it, so worn out and it made Steve’s throat squeeze shut and his heart beat too fast. 
I messed this up. 
It was close to an hour later when Steve finally knocked on Tony’s door, an hour and three failed attempts at making cioccolata calda, an hour of kicking himself and trying to find the words to make it better. It took an hour but Steve finally managed a drink close to what Tony had made the other night and he cradled the cup in one hand as he knocked at the door again. 
“Tony? Can I come in?” 
“If I say yes, will you keep this short?” Tony opened the door and backed away immediately, slumping back onto the bed and not quite meeting Steve’s eyes. “What do you want?” 
“I made you hot chocolate.” Steve offered the mug out, held it awkwardly in the air for a full minute while Tony just looked at him before finally taking it. “I tried, at least. I’m sure it’s not as good as yours.” 
“Probably not.” Tony was still in his suit, though the bow tie had been discarded and his hair was decidedly rumpled. “Shouldn’t you be gone by now? You were pretty adamant that the dinner was a big deal.” 
“It’s a big deal.” Steve agreed, and sat gingerly at the very edge of Tony’s bed. “But there are plenty of people there to schmooze with potential patrons and I didn’t want to leave after a fight.” 
“Whatever.” Tony wrapped both hands around the mug and wrinkled his nose at the taste. “You put cinnamon in this?” 
“...I thought you put cinnamon in it?” 
“The hell I did.” 
“Right. Sorry.” 
Silence, thick and uncomfortable. 
“Tony I um--” Sheesh it was hard to talk when Tony was so stiff, so different from how easy it had been just a few days ago. Every time they inched a step forward it seemed like the therapy and talking and general living together slid backwards a mile and a half, and it sucked. Tony had made it seem so easy when he came after Steve in the rain, but now that it was Steve’s turn to reach out and try to talk, it seemed impossible. 
“Alright, I uh--” Steve coughed to clear his throat. “Okay, here we go. I’m just going to be real honest with you right now, okay?” 
“I feel like you’re going to talk whether I want to hear it or not.” 
Tony was brittle and rightfully so, and Steve dug the heel of his hands into his eyes before trying to force the words out, “Tony, the reason I have to be dressed perfect for these events is because my anxiety is so bad, alright? Getting into a good enough mental place to even get dressed for a staff event is really hard on me, that’s why I never go to the get togethers or partiers. And if I do go, I get so nervous that I usually throw up before and afterwards, then worry for the next three days wondering if I did anything anyone is talking about.” 
“I know it’s stupid.” he continued. “God, I know it’s stupid for someone my age and in my profession to panic about whether or not people are talking about me after a party but remember the working out thing? The invisible clothes thing? It carries over into this sort of stuff too. . The suit and the hair and the attention to detail helps with it. At least if my clothes are good and I’ve practiced what I’m going to say, there’s less chance of something going wrong.” 
Tony frowned, and Steve inhaled shakily before taking off his glasses and holding them out. “I don’t actually need glasses. I mean, they help a little bit when I read, but I don’t need to wear them every day. I do because it gives me something to mess with when I get nervous, and if I’m wearing glasses then people tend not to look me in the eye, there’s a little bit of a barrier between me and them and too long of eye contact.” 
“ wear glasses as a shield against eye contact?” 
“I know that sounds dumb to someone like you.” Steve admitted haltingly. “I’ve seen you stare down Coulson when you really want something. But I don’t do that. I can’t do that. The glasses are part of the image I put together as Professor Rogers and now it’s been several years and it’s-- it’s weird. It’s like… sometimes I look in the mirror and don’t actually feel like the person I see and that disconnect is weird. But I don’t know how I’d handle being different so I’m trapped like this now. Can’t shake it.” 
Steve turned the glasses over in his hands. “I’m sorry that I took my own body image and social anxiety issues out on you. You’re right, you can wear whatever you want and I shouldn’t say anything. Plus, you always look great, Tony. You do. Your clothes fit well and no matter what you’re wearing, it looks perfect for you. I shouldn’t have said anything and I’m sorry I ruined our evening with my own insecurities.” 
Tony didn’t say anything for a long time, long enough that Steve thought maybe the entire conversation was a wasted endeavor, but finally the pretty brunette spoke up, “My Mama always told me that there are two ways to be invisible. To be quiet, blend in and disappear into the woodwork, or to make such a statement walking in the room that people only see what you wear and know nothing else about you. I guess it’s obvious which approach I took, huh?” 
“Your clothes are supposed to distract from who you really are?” 
“I got tired of people recognizing my genius, seeing my grades and assigning some huge amount of potential to me and then being disappointed when they realized I didn’t care all that much.” Tony took a tiny sip of the chocolate. “I mean, I cared. I care. But not enough to kill myself studying, not enough to devote every minute of my free time to furthering my education. I still want to party and have a good time and I was like that as a kid and it pissed my dad off. He’s been disappointed in me since I hit puberty and nothing much has changed. It’s exhausting. It’s bull shit. I got tired of it, so I figure if people are too distracted by flashy clothes and general shenanigans, they won’t look close enough to be disappointed in me too.” 
He lifted the cup in a faux cheers. “Tony Stark is basically invisible underneath the velvet suits and neon accessories and I’d like to keep it that way.” 
“Tony, you could wear a potato sack and still not be invisible.” Steve spoke before he thought. “You’re gorgeous.” 
“Well thanks.” A streak of pink highlighted Tony’s cheeks. “But I wasn’t talking about my looks.” 
“No, I know-- I mean, I didn’t know-- but I just meant--” 
“I make you feel awkward, that’s why you stutter around me.” Another tiny sip. “That sucks. Sorry.” 
“It’s...fine.” Steve finished lamely. “That’s not your fault.” 
“I could probably make things easier on you instead of going out of my way to deflect anything serious with some sort of bull shit, right?” 
“You could probably make things easier.” Steve acknowledged, and Tony sent him a small smile. “But I’m learning to adjust. I’m learning.” 
“I’m learning too.” Tony set the cup aside and rubbed at his eyes. “By the way, this cocoa is terrible. My Granny would be scandalized.” 
“Maybe you could teach me how to make it proper then.” Another thing Steve didn’t stop to think about, but now the invitation was there-- something for time spent together and learning from each other and a recipe that belonged to Tony’s family and would now belong to his...husband...which was a surprising level of intimate. “If uh-- if you want me to do it right next time around.” 
“I could teach you.” A real smile this time, crinkling up the corners at Tony’s eyes. “But you’ll have to ditch the glasses. They’ll fog up over the stove, I’m definitely planning on throwing some sugar at you, and I’d feel bad picking on a guy with glasses.” 
Steve rolled his eyes, and Tony added after another minute, “Besides, you should get rid of them anyway.. You don’t need those things as a shield when those baby blues are lethal all on their own.” 
“Baby blues?” 
“Give me a break, you know full well your eyes are ridiculous.” Tony pointed a finger at Steve in a teasing warning. “You should warn a guy before batting those lashes in my direction, by the way. It’s bad for my heart.” 
“Lethal, huh?” Steve raised his eyebrows curiously. “Are you flirting with me, Tony?” 
“With my husband?” Tony scoffed. “How dare you? Get out. Get to the kitchen. You’re about to get schooled on how to make proper cocoa. Ditch the glasses and I wouldn’t hate if you lost the shirt too.” 
“All I’m saying is I feel like this would be more fun if I could see your nipples.” 
Sam tapped his pen on the notepad a few times and took a moment to gauge Steve and Tony’s body language this week. They were sitting slightly closer together on the couch, Tony slouched down into the cushions instead of sitting ram rod straight, Steve’s arm spread out along the back of the couch looking for all the world like an invitation for Tony to scoot closer, but Sam would have been full on flabbergasted if the brunette had in fact scooted over. 
It was better body language, but it still wasn’t newlywed body language, so they still had a ways to go. 
“Alright.” he finally began. “Here’s to hoping you two managed at least one meaningful moment this week where you weren’t fighting, weren’t being irritating, and not only enjoyed each other’s company but also had an open and honest conversation. Steve?” 
“I think we made some progress.” Steve started slowly, risking a glance towards Tony. “Two different times we had really good talks and I think we’re realizing that we have a lot more in common than either of us expected.” 
“You’ll notice Steve isn’t wearing a thousand layers of clothing right now?” Tony chimed in. “I consider that an absolute win.” 
“Thank you for that wholly unhelpful contribution.” Sam tsked at Tony, but when Tony looked over at Steve, the blond was smiling knowingly.
He wasn’t wearing a thousand layers of clothing today, he wasn’t even wearing his glasses. Tony had passed in the kitchen this morning, made an off hand comment about how Steve should wear that particular t shirt the next time Tony needed a discount somewhere because boy howdy did those biceps and man boobs deserve a free meal or something…
….so Steve hadn’t put his glasses on or his jacket and now was feeling only a little bit self conscious without his usual shields up. 
Only a little bit self conscious, so that was okay. 
“Do you want to elaborate on the meaningful moment?” Sam prodded curiously, but both Tony and Steve shook their heads. “Okay that’s fine, so long as they are happening, I’ll let it go. Are you still working on those ‘get to know you’ questions? Tony, what’s one thing you learned about Steve this week?” 
“I learned that he considers painting to be actively dealing with stress, but that when it comes to erasing stress, he has to step away from his studio.” Tony unconsciously angled his body more towards Steve as he talked, and Sam made a note of it. “I also learned that he was homeschooled right up until high school, which would be a difficult transition on anybody.” 
“Good, good. Learning about each other’s past can help us appreciate who they have become in the present. Steve? Did you learn anything about Tony?” 
“I learned that he looks great in a velvet suit.” Tony absolutely lit up with a grin, and Steve had to work hard to concentrate on Sam instead of the sunshine suddenly flooding the room. “And I learned that the burden of genius makes him feel that sometimes he’s wasting his life just because he slows down long enough to have some fun.” 
“Uh huh.” Sam made another note. “And has that realization helped you understand Tony’s lifestyle better?” 
“Yes.” Steve’s fingers flexed on the back of the couch like he had to make an effort not to reach for Tony. “Yes, I’d say I understand his general lifestyle better now.” 
“And Tony? Do you feel like you’re on the way to better understanding Steve?” 
“I’ll never understand tweed, but I’m learning not to hate it.” Came Tony’s expectedly dismissive answer. “The jury is still out on the khakis.” 
“Yep, that’s fair.” Sam held up another piece of paper with another assignment on it. “Alright, new homework. Keep up the good work, yeah? This just might work after all.” 
“It might.” Steve agreed, and when Tony was looking down at the new assignment, he took a minute to study the fall of dark curls over the beguiling eyes and the way a pile of beaded necklaces looked against Tony’s porcelain skin. His fingers practically itched to draw his husband just then, to capture Tony relaxed and soft and with the barest smile curving his mouth. “Yeah it-- it might.” 
Sam stayed wisely silent about the goddamn yearning, just like he stayed wisely silent about the way Tony was less than subtle about checking Steve out in the next breath. 
The guys needed to either talk it out or dick it out and there was already a betting pool going for which one would happen first. 
Sam wasn’t the type of therapist to encourage physical intimacy before emotional intimacy had been established, but damn it, he had a hundred bucks riding on this. 
“How’s the bed sharing coming along?” He asked casually-- tried to ask casually, and two pairs of very wide, very shocked eyes jerked up to meet his. “Still not happening, huh? That’s fine, it’s fine, I was just curious. No rush.” 
Damn it, he was going to owe Natasha so much money. 
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monstrouslyobsessed · 7 months ago
golly, i’m so, so late on replying your asks, i’m sorry;; there’s a few im sure i missed but dw!! i’ll answer all i have in my inbox today/tomorrow!!! (if you don’t see your ask in this post/following posts, tumblr ate them)
Tumblr media
ToNiGhT iM gONnA GiVe U aLL mY lOVe- — that weird random citizen with love
P.s. idk is it legal and ok at all but can I ask for more info 'bout equestrians culture? If u have any more, ha-ha
❤️ ty!! i’m glad you enjoyed it!! and you sure can! i actually posted a bit about equestrians culture forever ago but my dumb butt forgot that reblogging the post to my archive blog and deleting the op broke the read more feature;;; same with my shark boi red and his anatomy/shark people’s natures. i weep..but thats ok, next ones will be in a much better and cleaner format!!!
so, yes, ask away on my ocs cultures!
Tumblr media
anonymous 2—Hey, I'm not sure if this is considered a headcanon, but I have a question about Cerelos (I'm in love with his character). How would Cerelos feel or do about a darling who doesn't ever want children at all (kids are just not for them in any way)? And, if SO is very cold, disgusted, and distant towards their child?
hmm, i’ll answer this as an ask instead of headcanon since im closed atm but long story short; he will not be happy about his darling being so distant from their children. a bit ironic given he or his children didn’t give a shit about cerelos’ forceful ways on his darling/their mother, yet they get upset at the darling’s lack of personal feelings toward them? 
cerelos needed heirs, so regardless of how the darling felt about having children, they didn’t have much choices. cerelos isn’t normally so callous toward his darling, but he just might actually force them to endure more than two pregnancies out of spite/punishment.
after all, it’s not like the darling will ever be in danger when you have magic to protect your health. 
regarding the darling’s behaviors...well, there’s always...corrective trainings.
Tumblr media
anonymous 3—Hey so I was the one that sent the Ghost Husband request you write Just now! First, Just wanted to thank you for writing it, I loved It! Second, I didn't know that there was another request so similar to Mine? When I sent my request, I thought I was the only one sending one for GH. And It IS creepy how similar that other request was to Mine tho. That scared me.
huh, so that wasn’t you then? sorry if i came off as mean earlier then!! It is indeed so odd that i got similar requests from separate individuals. still, i hope you enjoyed the piece?
Tumblr media
anonymous 4—do you know SCP? if so, have you considered writing for some of them?
if they don’t have a complicated backstory, then yes, of course i’m willing :D
Tumblr media
anonymous 5—have you seen the new resident evil villains? apparently they’re vampires and one of them is 11ft tall 😳
yessssss...👀 lady dimitrescu can crush my pelvis anytime....but alas, i need to know her story first! soon...
Tumblr media
Anonymous 6—I saw thirsts where open, maybe the yandere cloud monster au you have, would he be into somnophillia, what would he do while his obsession is asleep?
hmmm, if his...hallucinations led him to believe that his darling had share his feelings, then i’d say yes? he’s in a strange sort of limbo where a part of him knew what he was doing was wrong, yet another, monstrous part of him said, yes, his darling wanted this. canonically, (well my take anyway) he always knew that there was something not right with his perspective on things, especially with himself, that he was definitely in a limbo with his identity and morals. this unfortunately would still apply with this monster!cloud, but significantly worse because...he lost his humanity, that it was stolen by hojo. who is he supposed to be now? he wasn’t the same cloud anymore, but an ugly semblance of him. there would be no acceptance of his new...appearance, he changed too much. he behaved too differently. his nature morphed into something so unlike his old self.....his insecurities would’ve gotten the best of him.
you, his darling, were the only thing that still tied him to that feeling of being a human, where you and he didn’t share a past together like he had with tifa. you were his clean slate.
supposed if you tried to play along with his discordant perspective to the world, he’ll likely take your actions as agreement. so, what’s stopping him from taking you in the dark? where you wouldn’t have to flinch at seeing his appearance? to feel his talons slowly shred through your clothing...
it’s...probably better if his darling fought him to the end. maybe he’d be freed from his shrewd illusions...? who knows, monsters doesn’t follow humans morals, so i cant really tell you.
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BnHA Chapter 271: My Hero Tokodemia
Previously on BnHA: Mic was all “goodbye X-Less don’t do anything I wouldn’t do” and just LEFT him with Tomura, like. ???! X-Less was all “I’m gonna sit here and do nothing and wait to die.” Ujiko was all “this has nothing to do with ANYTHING but I just want you to know that I conspired to murder your husband 15 years ago and ended up killing his best friend instead!” Tomura was all “what up bitches I’m in this chapter too” and had trippy dreams about hands and buildings and his family was there and also All for One (the dude)! Because guess what, Tomura has All For One (the quirk) now! Because AFO gave it to him! So yeah! And now he’s waking up, and Deku can apparently feel it happening because he’s a horcrux probably, and so basically everything is FINALLY GOING TO SHIT AND IT’S ABOUT TIME BUT ALSO AHHHHH.
Today on BnHA: SHIGARAKI WHO TOMURA WHAT. Back to Gunga Mountain! So Dabi is all “you do know your beloved mentor just killed a guy right?” and Toko is all “!!” and Dabi is all “SO THAT MAKES HIM THE WORST CRIMINAL OF ALL!” and, WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST HINT OF IRONY, IMMEDIATELY follows up this bold statement by TRYING TO BURN A CHILD ALIVE. Anyway so this is why Dabi wasn’t the keynote speaker at the “murder is bad” convention though. So most of the chapter is like this, with Dabi (albeit somewhat halfheartedly) trying to set Toko on fire while Toko desperately tries to keep between him and Hawks. Eventually though, Dabi is confusingly thwarted by Otter Pops, making his triumphant return and spraying a bunch of ice just every which way because things weren’t chaotic enough I guess! And then the chapter ends with everyone’s favorite Guy They Hoped Wouldn’t Be Waking Up In This Arc, Gigantomachia, waking up!! :’) :’) :’) etc you get it.
okay so I am please to clarify that the spoilers I received were not actually all that big of a deal, and that pretty much all I know is that we’re cutting back to Dabi and Tokoyami probably, and there’s a good chance we might not even see Tomura at all this chapter in spite of last week’s cliffhanger. so even if I’d have preferred not to know that up front, it’s all good! though I will say Horikoshi has a real knack for cutting away from things right when you’re at your most invested though. reminds me of what it was like reading Lord of the Rings for the first time. “nooo I don’t want to cut back to Frodo -- WAIT WHAT’S GOING ON -- NO I DON’T WANT TO CUT BACK TO MERRY AND PIPPIN DAMMIT -- WAIT WHAT”
anyways! lol guys guess what
Tumblr media
so then! those spoilers did indeed have the ring of truth! well this should be interesting
lmao he’s forcibly clawing his way out of Fat’s belly via aggressive use of Dark Shadow oh damn
Tumblr media
oh man you guys. time to catalog some feels
Fatgum you do realize you were in the running for #2 hero but have now bled serious points by letting a child run back into danger and doing absolutely nothing to stop him! although to be fair you do have other children to protect, and this one child also should not have been able to do what he just did! and also Child Endangerment is U.A.’s unofficial motto and you didn’t even go to U.A. but you would fit right in though let me tell you. but anyway so the point is this isn’t really anything new, but still
I hope we get a followup panel of Kaminari freaking out and trying to go after his pal (but not actually succeeding though, because I swear to god Fatgum, if you fuck this up again all of my remaining goodwill is just gonna fly right out the window. and it’s a lot of goodwill too! but we don’t screw around when it comes to children’s safety!!). just would be a nice touch! ah well if they don’t show it I’ll just headcanon it
last but not least, it’s also worth noting that while I love how brave and selfless and concerned for his mentor’s wellbeing Tokoyami is here, this was still an incredibly stupid move on his part! least of all because he actually had no idea that Hawks truly was in danger. is it weird to say he lucked out? “you’re so fortunate your teacher actually was being burned alive you reckless little goose!” but like, you know what I mean though right
-- oh they are showing it!!
Tumblr media
Toko’s shouting over his shoulder that Hawks is “probably” in trouble. for fuck’s
I mean yeah, it’s probably just some gut instinct which funnily enough happens to be absolutely right. but I’m sorry you guys, there’s just this small part of me that just can’t get over the fact that he briefly saw Hawks flying for all of .2 seconds, and saw some flames, and just IMMEDIATELY leapt to the worst-case-scenario conclusion. you know what this is? it’s the decision-making process of a kid who is actually WAY more powerful than we’ve been giving him credit for. enough so that his self-preservation instincts don’t even kick in at all because it doesn’t even occur to him how dangerous of a move this is. goddammit Tokoyami. you kids think you’re all grown up now and ffff just please be safe
and okay, I’ll give Fatgum some benefit of the doubt for just letting that happen because apparently this is literally the first and only time
Tumblr media
seems he didn’t even think it was possible up until now. so that’s fair
Tumblr media
so he’s immediately following after him, but is smart enough not to put the other kids in danger! good split-second decision-making there. certain other people in this chapter could take notes! and of course my one fear now though is that the other three children will not listen to him at all, but you know what, let’s deal with one thing at a time
Tumblr media
dammit Horikoshi, what...?? you really like to toe the lines of what is and isn’t problematic huh? literally if you wanted to go for a cool barbarian look all you had to do was stick with the same kind of costume scheme you had going in the second and fourth popularity polls. but no, you had to go and give him a fucking war bonnet. was that one guy back in the Hero Killer arc not enough. at least this is only a cover page, sigh
also I see that Tokoyami was asked to name his own feature chapter. I’m just happy that he’s happy
would you fucking look at this
Tumblr media
first of all, why is Dabi suddenly twenty feet away from them. and second, would you just look at how ridiculously intact Hawks fucking is. Dabi really was microwaving him on the defrost setting only huh
so now everyone’s just looking at each other. sizin’ each other up and stuff
Tumblr media
yeah no shit it’s bad. you rushed in thinking you could somehow handle a situation which had even the second strongest guy on the ropes. and handle it alone, no less. lord help me why are the bravest ones also always the most stupid
Tumblr media
HIS WINGS??? also his fucking BACK jesus christ. meaning he’s completely immobile for now at best, and probably soon to be in critical condition and going into shock if he isn’t already. okay so maybe it wasn’t just the defrost setting, fuck. Hawkssss 8|
Tumblr media
holy shit. an opportunity to actually find out how much of a bastard Dabi actually is?? we of course know he had no problem whatsoever with kidnapping a kid back in the day. but would he go so far as to seriously fight and/or try to kill one? a kid who’s no older than your little brother?? oh gosh oh golly oh intrigue
I literally have not made up my mind on Dabi redemption one way or the other, just to be clear (he’s just been too mysterious up till now and I feel like I don’t know enough), so I am super curious to see how this plays out so I can finally form an opinion!
Tumblr media
SCORE ONE FOR “HE MAY BE AN A-HOLE, BUT HE’S NOT, AND I QUOTE, 100% A DICK”? MAYBE?? but on the other hand he’s definitely not just gonna let Hawks go either so ahhhh???
(ETA: so it seems we’ve arrived at a solid “mildly bastardish!” idk. it definitely seems to me like he’s trying not to murder this teenager for no good reason. ironically he’s in much the same position here that Hawks was less than a dozen chapters ago; facing against someone who’s just trying to protect his friend, and trying to talk him down at first, but then attacking once it’s clear that he’s not going to back off. ah well. still as morally gray as ever.)
ah I see, we’re gonna start by shattering his naive illusions!
Tumblr media
(ETA: fucking christ, the scan is so dark I didn’t even notice Twice’s charred corpse just LYING THERE IN THE BACKGROUND the first time I read this. and now that I have noticed it, I would just like to say, sincerely, what the fuck.)
welp, there it is. finally the kids are getting properly involved in this arc, and AS EXPECTED, they are promptly being traumatized. oh Toko ;_;
Dabi this speech you’re making would feel more original if literal scores of tumblrs hadn’t spent the last two months exhaustively analyzing every single last possible angle of this debate lol. everyone has already made up their minds on the “is Hawks worth saving” controversy one way or the other but okay sure, go ahead and throw your hat into the ring too
Tumblr media
lmao whaaaaaaat. “as a last resort, after his attempts to take him peacefully were thwarted, Hawks killed a man so as to prevent that man from killing countless others during our coup to take over the country because our boss wants to destroy everything. clearly, Hawks is the worst out of everyone else involved in this equation!” now that! is a take! lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sob, and unfortunately Dabi doesn’t look particularly moved himself by any of this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dabi I swear to god!! if you seriously try and burn my gothbird son I will...
Tumblr media
Tokoyami... sweetie...
Tumblr media
IF ONLY YOU COULD JUST. fly back out?? the exact same way you came??? if only that was a thing you could do??? or can he not fly while he’s carrying another person, maybe? dammit I forget
Tumblr media
wait what?? is he implying that Dabi isn’t seriously trying to kill them yet? is that what this is? I should just read on since this is clearly only the first part of something longer that he’s saying and I have to stop this bad habit of trying to analyze half a sentence before I go on and read the rest of the sentence
well whatever it is, he’s absolutely right; Dabi as it turns out is still standing there 25 feet away like a social distance champ, monologuing from afar
Tumblr media
this panel gets more hilarious to me the longer I stare at it you guys. someone please make a comic where Hawks is all “he’s still talking...” and Toko looks to see Dabi RAMBLING ON and slowly inches further and further away while Dabi completely fails to take any notice lmao
so Tokoyami is just staring back, and then suddenly he’s all “orders from Hawks!” which I think is just him asking Hawks what to do now??
and fucking look at this lol
Tumblr media
“just slowly inch away while he’s monologuing. I just found out he’s secretly a Todoroki so now I know his weakness: he will literally drop dead before he ever stops being dramatic”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he is running away in the background, right?? Dark Shadow is just a distraction? you better not be seriously trying to fight him oh god please be smart about this
okay yes good!!
Tumblr media
bringing back some unpleasant memories of the last guy who took a tumble off this balcony, but whatever! I’m sure he’s got some kind of plan in mind here
yep okay so he’s using Dark Shadow as a bungee cord
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hawks is so fucking short he somehow looks the same size as this little bird hobbit who’s carrying him. this is just a battle of tiny, tiny people
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
no doubt. no doubt whatsoever the blood that runs through those veins. the theatrics are more of a dna marker than the flame quirk could ever be
anyway so since Dabi is now saying “joke’s on you, I can still use my flames whenever the fuck I want,” I’m going to take this as confirmation that he really was keeping his distance just so he could utilize forced perspective. I’m going to make a post about this as soon as I’m done reading lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(ETA: ngl, I’m still not sure how I feel about this sequence of panels but I did laugh good and hard though.)
-- holy shit that was ice??! oh lord don’t tell me
yeppp, looks like it’s our old buddy Dairy Queen back at it again
Tumblr media
look... Geten?? is it?? nothing against you personally. but I have a deep-seeded and enduring dislike of everyone from the Meta Liberation Army still and that includes you pal
that being said, did you inadvertently save Tokoyami’s life, though? I originally thought those were just ~anime shockwaves~ from some off-screen attack, but if that was all actually ice, it looks like you might have cut Dabi off. which I approve of! but also that’s some serious friendly fire you tomfool
so he’s yelling that he’s disrupted the heroes’ siege, which it looks like he has! very sloppily, but still
and also, way to have both of your fire users currently 80km away, hero team! you knew Geten was here, no?? who even planned this
now this Bleach-looking dude is sneaking up on Gang Orca with what looks to be a hole-punching quirk which is freaking me out a bit ngl
Tumblr media
Gang please take him out with your famous yeet as soon as possible, I don’t know if I can handle a prolonged fight against this particular quirk
Tumblr media
there is no fucking way this kid is anywhere near his twenties incidentally I might add. none at all. we’ve been had
Tumblr media
oh for fuck’s sake this guy still??
Tumblr media
okay so I’ve already scrolled down enough to see the very top of the last page after this, and I’m pretty sure that’s Gigantomachia’s hair lol. please don’t tell me the radio is still on and he heard Tomura’s voice oh fiddlefucks
Tumblr media
welp. strap yourselves in, chums. 19 chapters in, and this arc is only just beginning
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charliesradiodemon · a year ago
Arranged Marriage (Part 13)
Also Charlastor Week Day 5: Date 
Part 1  Part 12
(Wow we’re already on day 5! And wow we’re already on part 13! Sorry it took so long! I’ve been busy organizing and writing for Charlastor week it’s been hectic to say the least haha! 
I’d also like to thank @alastorfluffer and @alastarlie for being my teammates and coorganizers for Charlastor Week! They’re amazing people and such hard workers <3 And I’m so glad people are enjoying this week as well!  We’ve had so many people contributing on both Tumblr and Twitter it’s incredible! Please continue to enjoy the remaining 2 days of Charlastor Week! 
And please enjoy this part/ contribution!)
Part 13
“Mimzy my dear! It certainly has been far too long!”
“‘Far too long’ my ass, Alastor!” A shrill voice greeted them at the door, halting the approaching pair. “Ya know you can call ya jerk! I haven’t heard from ya in ages and now I hear you’re gettin’ married? Why I’d never!” The short woman huffed and pouted as she stuck her hands to her hips, looking like a disapproving mother. Alastor didn’t seem to react to Mimzy’s outburst while Charlie tensed, unsure if she should speak up. She had no clue if she should interject or allow the two to duke it out themselves.
Luckily for Charlie, Alastor butt in with a chuckle. “Apologies Mimzy,” he bent down slightly before continuing, “If it makes you feel any better, you’re invited to come to the wedding.” He materialized an intricately decorated envelope with a gesture and waved it around like a bribe in front of her.
She immediately snatched the envelope from him and stuffed it into the front of her dress. “Well I damn well hope I am!” She huffed. The short woman then turned her attention to Charlie. Like a switch, her demeanor changed instantly. Instead of the frown she greeted them with, her smile shone bright for Charlie. “You must be princess Charlotte!” She squealed, taking Charlie’s hands in her’s. “It’s nice to finally meet ya!”
Charlie’s nerves melted away with Mimzy’s warm greeting. She smiled back at the shorter demoness with an equally bright smile and giggled, “Please call me Charlie! It’s so nice to meet you too Mimzy!”
Before his friend could reply, Alastor cleared his throat to garner their attention back to him. “Shall we continue this elsewhere?”
“Oh, right! I reserved the best seats in the house for ya!” Mimzy turned and pulled Charlie by the hand to the party’s table, rambling on about how thoughtless Alastor was as if Charlie were already a close friend. Although caught completely off guard, Charlie smiled, relieved that her first meeting with Mimzy was already going so well. Being one of Alastor’s friends, the demoness had no clue what to expect.
Remembering the man she’d come with, Charlie turned her head to smile excitedly at Alastor, who casually trailed behind the pair with his hands behind his back.
He winked back, making Charlie giggle and thus adding a little hop to his step. It still bewildered him with what little she had to do to make him feel something other than murderous bemusement. Just a simple little smile shot his way and he felt like his heart was melting. 
It was refreshing, terrifying and wonderful all at once.   
The trio made it to the table after a short trek through the club. Mimzy was right, they did  have the best seats in the house. Not only were they close to the dance floor, they also had the best view of the stage, where a band was already in the middle of their set. After being seated, their gracious host left for a moment to take care of house business.
“Mimzy’s seems to have taken a liking to you.” Alastor said, setting his menu aside. 
Charlie chuckled and nodded. “Yeah, I guess I was worried about nothing after all!” She placed her menu aside as well to fold her hands on the table in front of her. “And you guys seem pretty close. I’ve never seen anyone speak that way to you and live!”
Alastor laughed along with his laugh track. “Yes, well Mimzy and I are old friends,” he paused and thought about it for a moment, as if he were counting the time that’s passed. “My oldest friend actually! My, it’s been a century now hasn’t it?” he exclaimed, chucking once more.
Charlie hummed in response, attempting to do the math in her head herself. Though it was difficult considering the catchy jazz music and her incredibly handsome date before her. 
Mimzy joined them at their table shortly after and spoke for a while, relaying how she’d been doing to the pair. Alastor briefly explained how he and Charlie met and spoke even briefer on their relationship, passing it off as if they’d been together a lot longer than they’d actually been. Charlie had been so caught up in her budding relationship and the upcoming wedding that she nearly forgot that they had appearances to keep up. Not that it was too difficult to keep at this point considering how well they were doing already.    
Then Alastor suddenly stood. “Ah, give me a moment. I’ll be right back!” Alastor leaned over and kissed Charlie’s cheek.
Charlie didn’t know where he was going but before she could watch to see where we was heading, Mimzy spoke up.
“Well I’ll be damned. I’ve never seen him like this.” she chuckled before whistling.
Charlie turned her full attention back to the flapper before her. “Huh?”
“I knew him in life ya know. He’s never batted an eye for a broad ever,” she took a sip of her drink before taking a drag from her cigarette holder. She leaned in close to Charlie after letting a long puff of smoke out. “I think he’s serious about ya sweet cheeks.” Mimzy smirked as she watched a blush bloom past the red spots on the princess’ cheeks.
Charlie didn’t know how to respond other than a shaky, “R-really?” Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. She knew Alastor “loved” her- or at least liked her enough to give a real relationship a try. 
She should have been relieved or honored, even. But for some reason only her worst thoughts began circling her mind. She knew Alastor didn’t understand what love was and probably never had relationship experience in the past. But somehow having her suspicions confirmed concerned her a bit.
What she hadn’t considered was if their relationship  was a totally serious thing for him. For all she knew, this could just be a little stint.
‘What if he’s not actually feeling love? What if it's just infatuation? If he is, he’ll get bored of me and this whole thing could fall apart… Could he be lying about what he feels? No… I felt it…’ Her stomach dropped and her heart tensed. Suddenly every terrible scenario relentlessly ran through Charlie’s head. She couldn’t go through this song and dance again. Not after the last man that said he loved her tried to use and break her for his own gain.
“Really! Back in the day he’d show up for my shows whenever we were in the same place. Women would throw themselves at ‘im left n’ right and he’d brush ‘em off each time!” Mimzy scoot closer to Charlie, nudging her with her bony elbow. “Some real beauties too. Hell even I had the hots for him at one point!” She let out a nasally cackle before continuing, “Ah yeah, he never had an interest in any broad. ‘S why I’m so surprised to see how lovey dovey he is with ya. And when I saw the paper the otha’ day, good golly, I never thought I’d see the day Alastor would want to kiss a woman!” Charlie could have sworn Mimzy never took a breath as she spoke ecstatically about Alastor’s emotional deficit.
“I see…” Charlie trailed off, still trying to fully process Mimzy’s words. She remembered the picture on the tabloid and let it hit her like a ton of bricks. ‘Did I really take Alastor’s first kiss?!’ 
Noticing the shift in the air, Mimzy waved Charlie’s thoughts off. “Yeah… Well never mind him. Tell me about that hotel ya run.”
Charlie eventually relaxed as she spoke to the spunky club owner about the Happy Hotel. Being business runners, they related to each other fairly well considering how different their establishments were. And getting her mind off of Alastor helped calm her nerves to work up the courage to ask her newest friend about her mysterious fiancee.
“Hey Mimzy, can I ask you some questions about him?”
Mimzy shrugged and leaned in with her drink in hand, suddenly very interested.  “Sure babe, lay ‘em on me.”
“How did you meet him?”
“I was invited to sing live at his radio station once. We bumped into each otha’ and he told me that he loved my work. See, I was a traveling performer back then. So I’d see him every once and a while before I finally settled down in New Orleans and worked clubs. After a while we bumped into each otha’ again and we’ve been friends ever since.” she recited as she looked around for the man.  
Charlie lit up and propped her elbow on the table to rest her cheek in her palm. “Oh wow! Not that I’m surprised, but he never told me he actually worked in radio when he was alive!” She really should have guessed his living profession from his radio-centered persona. Then again, he wasn’t a traditional radio host in Hell. He’d only been using his radio broadcasting abilities to broadcast his carnage after all. 
‘Maybe he should try getting back into radio hosting.’ Charlie thought, feeling that getting back into his old profession would provide him an adequate distraction. 
“Yeah but as much as he likes ya I’m sure he’d rather keep some of his history to himself. He never liked talking about himself. But you should ask him about it sometime.”
“Ask me what?” Alastor asked, appearing between the two ladies and effectively startling the pair. 
Charlie breathed a sigh of relief once she realized it was her fiancee. She turned to him and shook her head, attempting to look as if they weren’t talking about him behind his back. “Oh! Nothing! Where did you go?”
He didn’t seem to pay what Mimzy said any mind as he chuckled. “Sorry to startle you dear, just getting things ready.”
With a quirked brow, Charlie sat up. “Getting what ready?”
The quiet jazzy music suddenly began picking up. The music quickly attracted patrons to the floor as quickly as the beat picked up. Alastor looked to Mimzy and winked before pulling Charlie up from her seat, leading her straight to the dance floor. Charlie yelped in surprise but began giggling as soon as Alastor got her to the center floor. He pulled her into his arms and spun her out, immediately jumping into what Charlie recognized as the Lindy Hop, a dance she hadn’t seen in ages.
Though it’s been decades since she’d last danced this particular dance, she managed to get back into the intensely energetic dance immediately. “It’s been decades since I’ve danced like this!” she shouted to him over the live band. 
Alastor heartily laughed and after a few spins and kicks, he brought her in and replied, “Well you dance beautifully darling!” before spinning her back out. Without even knowing it, they’d taken over the center of the room, forcing patrons to move away from their barrage of kicks and spins. 
From afar, Mimzy sat alone and sighed while sipping her cocktail. “‘Bout time ya smiled for real ya bozo.” she hicced, feeling the effects of her special cocktail kick in. She watched the pair dance with a bittersweet smile.
It was true that she loved Alastor. At first it was infatuation. After all he was charming, charismatic and exciting even in life. But over time and several rejections, Mimzy realized that maybe Alastor just wasn’t into love. Under that false unfaltering smile, he was a cold man. He never showed any interest in anybody ever. He never willingly walked around with a woman on his arm nor did he spend more than a few minutes talking to one. The stout demoness thought that maybe he was incapable of loving another.
That is, until tonight. Seeing how genuinely happy he seemed with the demon princess in his arms was a sight she’d never seen before. After nearly a century, she was finally proven wrong. And part of her hurt, but the other part was happy. Her lifelong friend finally found someone to melt his frozen heart. And he looked so genuinely happy about it too. 
Deciding that she’d moped for long enough, Mimzy stood from her seat. “Come on gal, get your shit together!” She slapped her cheeks and walked up toward the stage. There was something she needed to do. For both their sakes. 
She thought over her gameplan as she waited backstage for the band to finish their time slot. She already discussed her plan with the next band who were eager to comply with a little cash incentive. 
In the meantime, she peeked through the curtains to make sure her special guests were still enjoying themselves. She nearly guffawed seeing how they’d managed to create a boundary around them. Wherever they moved, the dancers around them moved away in fear of collision. Neither seemed to have noticed that they’d been doing it either. They were completely lost in their own little world and Mimzy couldn’t have been more elated to see it. 
Once the last song finished up and the band packed, Mimzy quickly made her way up to the mic with a different band quickly setting up behind her.
Mimzy thought of Charlie and how insecure she looked. Working in show business for so long, she’d seen it on plenty of broads before. The insecurity, the questioning, the painful thoughts, it was always because of some damn man. And unfortunately for the princess, her man wasn’t the most expressive or emotionally literate. ‘I’m gonna make sure she knows just how bad ya got it Al.’
Clearing her throat, Mimzy put on her most dazzling smile and tapped the mic. “Good evening everyone!” She called out from the stage. The room paused, the only sounds came from chatter and the band warming up with their instruments behind her. “I’d like to take a moment to congratulate my two very special guests! They’re getting hitched folks!” She snapped her fingers and nearly all of the lights in the club went out. A moment later, a single spotlight shone on said special guests.
Charlie and Alastor froze, both dismayed by Mimzy’s action. Though they couldn’t see those around them due to the intensity of the spotlight, they could hear the whispers of the other patrons around them.
“Holy shit is that the Radio Demon and that princess?”
“Yeah it’s really them!”
“What’re they doin’ here?”
“Oh yeah they’re gettin’ married or some shit right?”
“Yeah I saw it on 666! The hell are they doin’ here?”
“It’s gotta be fake, there’s no way in Hell anyone would want the baggage.”
“Heh, I bet he’s marrying in for the power. It’s the Radio Demon we’re talking about here.”
Charlie tensed at the gossip. She should have been used to the whispers she’d heard about her by now, after all they’ve always followed wherever she went. But it didn’t matter how long she lived with the gossip, the bitter words of her people never failed to make her feel small and remind her of her failures. 
But then a hand grabbed her own and held it firmly, directing her attention away from the crowd.  
She looked up at Alastor, who had relaxed by now. He even seemed amused by the situation, as if he somehow expected something like this to happen. He looked back down at Charlie and smiled reassuringly. “Mimzy’s a dramatic. Especially once you get a little alcohol in her,” He glanced out into the whispering crowd, causing an immediate silence around them. Charlie couldn’t see his face, but once he turned back to her his expression softened. “Don’t pay the rabble any mind my dear. Let’s just enjoy the night.” he said, taking Charlie’s other hand in his, reminding her once more that she wasn’t alone under the spotlight this time. 
Charlie’s heart stopped and suddenly it was as if they were the only two people in the room, if just for the moment.  
“Hey you two lovebirds!” Mimzy called from the stage, catching both of their attentions. “This one’s for you!” She giggled and snapped her fingers again. This time, the new band began playing.
Mimzy closed her eyes and swayed to the soft brass notes for a few seconds, hypnotizing the crowd. Within the short few seconds, Mimzy managed to calm the crowd before taking a deep breath. 
“Everybody loves somebody, sometime
Everybody falls in love somehow
Something in your kiss just told me
My sometime is now”
Mimzy’s voice echoed the club. Alastor seemed to perk up when he realized which song she was singing and suddenly started to feel strange. His heart began to race and he needed to actively keep his cool. He knew exactly what she was doing. 
‘Mimzy, you devil.’
Judging from Alastor’s odd reaction, Charlie felt as though this song probably meant something to him. What could stun the Radio Demon this way? The lyrics maybe? She listened carefully to the song all while watching Alastor’s unsettling expression. 
“Everybody finds somebody, someplace
There’s no telling where love may appear”
‘Oh!’ she thought, remembering back to what Mimzy said earlier. ‘I knew him in life ya know. He’s never bat an eye for a broad ever. I think he’s serious about ya.’ Her rosy cheeks were set alight once more at the memory. Mimzy was definitely putting him on the spot.  
“Alastor,” she said, instantly grabbing his attention. He looked like a deer in headlights, very obviously feeling something unpleasant within him. Charlie smiled up at him while squeezing his hands reassuringly. “Let’s enjoy the night like it’s just the two of us.” 
And there was the smile that melted his heart and all his worries away. He nodded, relaxing into her touch. 
“Something in my heart keeps saying
“My someplace is here””
Alastor brought Charlie’s hands up to wrap around his neck before bringing his own to wrap around her waist, keeping her just a hair short of being chest-to-chest.
“If I had it in my power
I’d arrange for every girl to have your charms
Then every minute, every hour
Every boy would find what I’ve found in your arms
Everybody loves somebody, sometime
And although my dream was overdue
Your love made it well worth waiting
For someone like you”
Had he really waited his whole life- and death to meet the woman in his arms? 
She made him feel warmth he’d never known before. She gave him belonging with each touch, warmth with each smile, affirmation with each kiss, it was all too much for him to bear, but he still somehow longed for an eternity of this overwhelming feeling. 
“Everybody loves somebody, sometime
And although my dream was overdue
Your love made it well worth waiting
For someone like you”
The rest of the night flew by and Charlie had so much fun that she’d nearly forgotten all about her pent up insecurities. It wasn’t until they bid their farewells to Mimzy and made it back to their awaiting limousine did the thoughts begin to creep back into Charlie’s head.
Whether it was the alcohol or adrenaline building her confidence, Charlie refused to let her insecurities eat at her this time. ‘We promised to be open with each other.’ She reassured herself. ‘Communication is key.’
The liquid courage that remained in her system tore down her inhibitions, leaving her thoughts burning a hole through her tongue, begging to be released. As soon as they were alone in the limousine and settled next to each other, Charlie took a deep breath and spoke up. “Hey Al, I know we talked about it before, but is it true that you’ve never fallen in love before? Not even in life?”
He looked down at her, taken aback and shot her a confused look. “I’ve never had an inkling of interest in anyone until now if that is what you’re asking. Why do you ask?”
The demoness brought her lips shut, wanting to let it all out, but failing to even form the words. Looking directly at him didn’t help either.
Maybe she really was overreacting. This was his first- and presumably last- romantic relationship.
“…Just wondering.” Charlie sighed as she slipped her hand into his, attempting to reassure herself. She let her head drop onto his shoulder and to her surprise, he didn’t flinch like he had when she’d touched him suddenly before. Instead, he squeezed their interlaced fingers and ran his thumb over her own.
Charlie looked out the window to distract herself with Hell’s passing scenery. Sure there wasn’t much good to look at, but if it helped pass the time then it could work for her. “If you have to wonder then I must not be very convincing,” he chuckled lowly, which Charlie felt reverberate through his body like a hum. “If you doubt my intentions in any way, tell me how I may rectify your unease.”
She thought for a moment. There really wasn’t anything he could do to immediately remedy her concerns, but Charlie certainly was touched by the lighthearted gesture.
Charlie’s head rose from his bony shoulder and gazed up at him with a firm look. “Kiss me.” Her cheeks reddened, but her look was unwavering and confident, keeping the same energy as when she made a ‘deal’ with him the other day.
Alastor chuckled with genuine amusement. He adored her reactions and how easily they changed. She was like an open book, but he found that to be her strength oddly enough. She was so open and honest with her feelings, Alastor secretly envied her for it. How could she make such bold requests one moment and show embarrassment the next? How could she be so open with each of her feelings yet look so bold and strong for it? How could she not hide behind a smile when this world was always against her?
And why was he so ready to give his everything to her? 
He turned his body toward his stiffened fiancee and cupped her cheek to get her focused on him. He wanted to look into her eyes and make sure she knew exactly what she meant to him.
“Anything for you, my love.”
Her pale yellow eyes widened at the words “my love”. But before she could stop to fully comprehend his choice of words, his lips softly pressed against her’s. Charlie felt sharp claws teasingly graze down her exposed arms. She shuddered once they stopped to make their way around her waist. 
The kiss broke for a breath’s moment. A sharp tug around Charlie’s waist and a gasp had her pulled onto Alastor’s lap. Immediately, Alastor crashed his lips back onto the demoness’ lips with the need to feel more of her and her warmth and excitement.
Charlie replied eagerly by holding him as close as possible with her arms wrapped around his neck. Though he didn’t say the exact words, Charlie knew exactly what he really meant. If that was the case, Charlie didn’t want to deny him. 
For the first time, their kiss truly deepened when Charlie opened her mouth to let him explore clumsily. She was shocked that he’d continue this way, but she wasn’t complaining as long as he was as eager as she was. She wanted to continue. She wanted more- more of him and his love.    
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sevendaysofaphrodite · 12 months ago
Is This What Stunning Means: a Puckabrina fanfic
If you follow me on Wattpad, then you’ve probably read this, so feel free to ignore haha. But it’s my favorite fic I’ve written about these two, and I feel like what’s felt of the The Sisters Grimm fandom on here needs to be fed so badly. This one’s for anyone who wants some Sab and Puck fluff. Enjoy! 
Morgan le Fay and Mr. Seven’s wedding from Puck’s perspective:
The air was filled with purple dust, and I had to refrain myself from wincing. If this stuff stuck to me, it would ruin my look! I couldn’t remember the last time I had gotten so dirty before I was told by the Old Lady to change and clean up. All this preparation for the war with the Scarlet Hand really was making everyone appear as if they slept in their own sweat and rolled around in dirt with pigs.
The dust settled, and I saw that everyone’s outfits had changed for the occasion. The women all had on pretty dresses; the men wore stuffy looking tuxedos. I should have immediately looked down at myself and whined about being clean against my own will, but no complaint came from my mouth. Because I was looking at her.
Any traces of grime were gone from her face. Her hair looked so soft and clean, I found myself wanting to touch it. Hanging right below her neck were a string of white pearls, proving wrong the idea that pearls were and should be worn only by old people. If I remembered clearly, and I have a remarkable mind, thanks, I’d never seen her in a dress before. Jeans and a t-shirt were her usual attire, but golly, it sure wouldn’t hurt to see her cleaned-up like this more often. The dress was a light pink, and for the most part, anything pink I tried to stay away from. I hated the light pink color of my wings, but this pink looked good on her. She looked… Fine, I’ll say it: she looked radiant. Beautiful, even, if I’m going to just throw words around without abandon.
I’d seen a lot of beautiful things in my lifetime, and I’m not talking about my definition of beautiful. (Though watching Nick Bottom get his head turned into that of a donkey or hearing the pleads for mercy from my enemies when I sicced my pixie minions on them was  beautiful indeed.) No, I’m talking about the kind of beautiful that described millions of sunsets I’d watched in Faerie from my castle bedroom window. The kind of beautiful that described two people’s laughter as they whispered to each other words that belonged only to the two of them. That’s the kind of beautiful she looked like.
The smile of happiness at her new appearance and the return of bright, shining eyes that had been dulled from the weight of the impending battle was all that it took to leave me with the realization that I needed to start breathing again.
It was hard at the moment to get any words out with my chest feeling so compressed, and it was probably good that all I ended up sputtering out was “Wow!”, because if I’d had the liberty to run my mouth, I probably would have embarrassed myself by tripping over my own words in the process of trying to complimenting her. Giving praise to people other than myself wasn’t something I practiced every day.
Sabrina turned to look at me, a hopeful expression on her face. “Wow” had been the understatement of the year. Facing me, she looked even prettier than any girl ever should. Butterflies flapped wildly around in my stomach, but for some reason, it wasn’t that bad of a feeling. This wasn’t a very appropriate time or setting to elaborate on how good she looked, so I quickly looked down at myself. Black suit, black tie for the Trickster King, huh?
“This suit is going to look great when I roll in those deer droppings I found by the gate,” I said instead. I heard a small sigh come from Sabrina, and I suddenly felt a little guilty. But hey, she shouldn’t expect much from me. As the lord of wayward hooligans, I liked to keep people’s expectations for me low.
When Morgan le Fay came down the aisle in her white gown, there was no doubt that she looked stunning. I really believed that I had gotten over how pretty Sabrina was in those few moments after the purple magic dust had taken effect. I hadn’t. When Veronica said, “She’s breathtaking”, it had taken me a second to realize that she was talking about Morgan and not Sabrina. The thought, Well, your daughter looks prettier was horrifying not because the bride was supposed to be the prettiest in the room, but because to me, it was true. Wasn’t I supposed to think that Sabrina was ugly and unbearable to look at? I certainly told her so at least twice a day. But the horrifying thought hadn’t come from circumstances given. I realized with a start that even if Sabrina had been covered in goop, or hair dyed neon red, blue, and yellow, or reeked of camel pee, she’d still be the prettiest girl in the room…
…because I have never, in all the time I have known her, thought she was ugly. No matter how many times I swore it to the Grimms, or even if I screamed it to the sky, would I be able to convince myself that her stubborn, protective, cautious, worrywart, quick-tempered self wasn’t attractive. I don’t know why, because she was just as hard-headed and argumentative as I was, and that made the two of us clash something terrible. Maybe, though, that was the very reason we always found ourselves never staying mad with each other for long: we could keep up with the other and volley insults and annoyed looks, all because we understood when too much had reached too far. And also because of the knowledge that our bantering made us stronger and brought us closer.
After Mr. Seven and Morgan exchanged teary vows, Morgan kissed her new husband with such vigor, I felt myself blushing at the sight. Is that what an expression of true love – and no, not the fairytale romanticized meaning of “true love” – was? And if it was, then how come I hadn’t felt anything that matched the expressions of the happy newlyweds when Moth had smothered me with her lips? Well… my mind drifted off again. Maybe because in your 4,000 years alive, you’ve only loved one girl, and that girl was not Moth.
Wait, love??? Grimm? Did I love Grimm? I wanted to gag at the very thought but couldn’t. Maybe after I rolled in those deer droppings I’d finally come to my senses and my head would clear. As Charming droned on and on about what love was, I zoned out, trying to ignore the part of my brain that kept relating everything he said to Sabrina.
And then suddenly, all the chairs were pushed aside and people were laughing as they started to dance. I perked up. Dancing was something I excelled at, and I’m proud to say that. When you have a talent, you gotta flaunt it when the opportunity arises! The only problem was, was that I found myself without a dance partner. Or, more like I was staring at Sabrina, thinking about how I would ask her dance without making a fool of myself. Back in Faerie, I was just traded off from one fairy girl to the next, so I never had to ask.  As Sabrina watched the scene in front of her while wearing one of her rare smiles of content, I walked up to her.
Ignoring the fact that Daphne was probably watching us with a hand clamped in her mouth, I walked up to Sabrina and said, “I guess we’re supposed to dance.” She insulted my royal background a little by asking me if I knew how to dance, and I guess the happiness of the night’s event clouded my ability to be irritated with her because the next moment, I had one hand on her waist and the other holding her free hand.
To be honest, Sabrina was a terrible dancer. I hadn’t picked the hardest dance I knew, but she still was tripping over her own feet, stepping all over my toes. But still, I bit back any teasing comments. My heart was beating a million miles an hour as I led her in the combination of a waltz and square dance, and it wasn’t because I was nervous to dance in front of dozens of people. Heck no! The Trickster King does not get embarrassed! It was because it had just occurred to me that I had never been this close to her without being in a yelling match with her or her trying to punch me. The only other time I’d held her this close was when we were flying, and then I had the excuse that I actually needed to have her clutch onto me because if she didn’t I’d probably drop her on purpose. Now I couldn’t deny that I wanted to pull her closer, see if her heart was beating as fast as my own. At the same time, though, I was glad that there were no slow dances, because then I would be faced with the decision of awkwardly telling Sabrina that I didn’t want to dance anymore, when in reality, all I really wanted to do was wrap her up in my arms and keep her there, safe from the next day’s battle.
Don’t look at me like that. Yes, I was a little worried about the battle, though I would never in a bazillion years admit it out loud, but even more… Ugh, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I was only worried about the battle because it was yet another chance (and a very big one at that) for Sabrina to die. Of course I knew she was tough, and of course I would be there to save her sorry self if anything even thought about harming her. But a small part of my mind reminded me that no matter how well she fought or how quick I was with my trusty wooden sword, there was always the chance that something irreversible could happen to her. It confused me as to why I cared so gosh darn much about her wellbeing, and as people filed out and headed to their respected sleeping accommodations, I willed myself to believe it was because I needed her alive so she could continue to be my personal, best source of entertainment.
Then it was just me, Sabrina, Pinocchio, and Geppetto. I was feeling a little tired, but seeing that Sabrina was making no move to head in just yet, I didn’t want to leave. Because some monster might come out of nowhere and attack helpless Grimm, of course! Before I knew was happening, Sabrina was proving to me that she’d be a great wife when she started picking up trash and stacking chairs. I wasn’t going to help, but when Geppetto started helping and made his son also help, I rolled my eyes, huffed, and joined the three of them. Yeah, physical labor is beneath me, but those monsters in the dark might have pounced if they saw their prey distracted.
The father-son duo left soon afterwards, and a gleam of light overcame me and Sabrina. When I looked down, I was back to my ratty self, and I could feel the grease back on my scalp. Ah, much better. When I glanced over, though, I couldn’t say the same for the blonde girl. Because yeah, while she was back to looking like crap, my past verdict that she was pretty under any condition stood true.
She interrupted my thoughts. “It must be midnight,” she said.
“Thank goodness,” I replied. Because you looked stunning, and I don’t know how long I could have gone without telling you just that. “I don’t enjoy the feeling of being clean.”
She rolled her eyes good-naturedly, but she didn’t say anything. When she looked up at the moon, my heart did that stupid flipping thing again, because in the moonlight, her hair took on a silver tint, facial features softened, making her look like some majestic ethereal creature. Why didn’t she ever look bad? Why wasn’t I thinking about how to sabotage her in fifty different ways? I hated the not-so-new realization that, in addition to my obligation of being her body guard, I had to start guarding myself against these sappy kind of thoughts. I didn’t have anything to say, but I needed her to stop looking at the moon and making my mind run wild with unwanted thoughts that I might just let slip out.
“So…” I said.
“So…” she said back.
“Nice party.” I launched into a description of how Sven the Soul Eater’s weddings involved beheadings, but then stopped when I saw her disturbed and annoyed expression. I was ruining the moment, wasn’t I? It should have been an easy choice for me to continue to make her irritated, but for some reason, I wasn’t really feelin’ it. If anything, I wanted more than ever to let her know that she looked pretty tonight. I gave into the pressing urge, glad that nobody else was around to hear my moment of weakness.
“By the way, when I said “wow”, I was looking at you.” I didn’t say “talking about you” for some reason, but it seemed like she connected the connotation to its meaning pretty easily, because a huge grin spread across her face. Wow, I could get used to seeing that. I thought that my power to make her fiercest scowl appear was my favorite look on her, but maybe I needed to rethink that.
And then…then I saw something in her eyes. She was thinking hard about something. It wasn’t about the war because there wasn’t any worry. It wasn’t about how great the impromptu wedding had been. No, she looked conflicted, as if she was trying to make a decision. Turned out that I didn’t have to think too hard (thank goodness!) on what that decision could be, because I figured it out pretty quick.
She wanted to kiss me. Kiss. Me. How I came to that conclusion remains a mystery, but my intuition, for someone who is very rash, is very good. I couldn’t help but wonder “Did I look like that right before I kissed you, almost a year ago, in my room?”
There was that dreadfully pleasant dropping feeling in my stomach again as I stared into her stunning blue eyes. My mouth went dry. Was she going to kiss me or what? I made peace with the discovery that if she didn’t kiss me in the next, like, three seconds, I would take matters into my own hands and kiss her myself. Did my breath reek of a mix of the festivity’s food? Probably. Would Sabrina taste some of the Old Lady’s weird cooking on my lips and realize that I hadn’t brushed my teeth in at least two months? Most definitely. Well, if she didn’t turn away very, very soon and acted on impulse, I wasn’t going to be able to ponder on these possibilities much longer, and I was okay with that.
Unfortunately, party-pooper Henry just had to come and interrupt us. I can’t believe he was mood-killer and not me!
“Um…kind of late, isn’t it?” he said, stepping out the shadows.
Sabrina jumped back, and the blush rising to her cheeks was all I needed to confirm my suspicions. “DAD!” she cried, upset that she’d been so close to kissing me, the very person she tried to convince she couldn’t stand and also the person she knew her dad actually couldn’t stand. Hey, I don’t consider myself a bad influence for nothing!
I smirked at her mortification, deciding to take off. No kissing would happen now, not if Henry was around. “All right, smell you later,” I said before flying into the air. My own face felt like it was burning as I ascended, the embarrassment of the possibility of a second kiss between me and Sabrina happening catching up to me. Had I really been that close to kissing her? As I hovered out of sight in order to make sure that Sabrina – well, both of them, but mostly Sabrina – got back to their cabin safely, I had to confront the truth that yes, I had thought about kissing her with barely a second thought, and it wasn’t due to my previously-stated rashness. It was because I, Robin “Puck” Goodfellow, had finally discovered something, someone, worth fighting for, worth caring about so much, that I’d throw caution into the wind when it came to feelings, say “screw you” to the face of death, and grow up for.
That terrified me. I decided that I needed more time to figure my thoughts out, and unfortunately, ironically for an Everafter, time was not on my side. I had the night to think about what the dancing and almost-kiss meant before I had to be up and fighting the next day. Well, not even that much time, since I needed a good night’s rest to be at maximum fighting capacity. Dang it. Love really was “all-maddening, all-consuming, time-killing, and terribly inconvenient”, as Charming had put it, huh?
And so that night I found myself praying and hoping that we’d emerge victorious the following day, not just for the glory of winning (though it was gonna feel sooo good bragging and constantly reminding everyone about how I’d practically single-handedly won the war), but also for…maybe closer to completely for…the possibility of seeing where me and Sabrina’s relationship went after the fight with the Scarlet Hand. I mean…as cool as I thought corpses were, I didn’t really want to be married to one. They were pretty useless and not half as fun. Or stunning…in more ways than one.
Yeah, was the last feeling I consciously thought as I curled up on a cozy nook made by the divergence of two thick tree breaches. Nothing’s gonna get Sabrina. Not if I have any say in it. That’s my Grimm to torture. And care about. And tease. And… I was rapidly dozing off. Maybe even love.
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random-mcrandom · 9 months ago
Feral, Baku-centric fic idea
So I already tried to write this once but then my computer decided to shut down on me and I didn’t save it so here is attempt two. Good golly, I hope you guys like it. So this is going to be me tell you the basic idea for the story in slight vague, but detailed detail. Got it? I hope so. Here we go. (And I swear I’m going to save after every paragraph.)
So the story starts off with Pro Hero Dynamight doing hero stuff, patrolling, begrudgingly assisting people with not really hero things, and stuff like that. Then he gets an alert of a villain attack a little while away involving Pro Hero Red Riot. Dynamight blasts off to assist in the fight, but when he gets here, all he sees is Red Riot rampaging through the streets, flipping cars, endangering the lives of several civilians and injuring several heroes in the process. Dynamight asks the other heroes on the scene what happened and they say that they don’t really know what happened. One moment, Red Riot had the villain pinned and was getting ready to handcuff him and the next he was attacking everyone around him.
Dynamight tries to restrain Red Riot but is severely injured in the process. Suddenly, Deku shows up, after also being alerted of the need of assistance, and he quickly subdues Red Riot and puts quirk-resistant cuff on him. Bakugou is taken to the hospital, meanwhile Red Riot wakes up and is immediately interrogated. Kirishima says that he has no idea what happened and that he doesn’t remember ever attacking anyone else other than the villain that he supposedly caught. The interrogators inform Red Riot that not only did he let the villain escape, he also caused extensive damaged to public property, endangered the lives of many citizens as well as injured several other Pro Heroes that were on the scene, including Dynamight. 
Deku believes that Kirishima wouldn’t attack without reason and that something had to have happened in the fight to make Kirishima act that way. Deku asks if they could do some tests on Kirishima to see if there was some sort of drug or quirk activity that caused Kirishima to act the way that he did. There were a few tests done, but all of them came back to show that there was no drug or quirk induced anything that made Kirishima act the way that he did. Deku and Kirishima couldn’t believe it, but without further evidence to prove Kirishima’s innocence, Red Riot was officially arrested and sent to a maximum security prison.
Bakugou wakes up in the hospital about a week after Red Riot is arrested and learns of Kirishima’s fate through the Bakusquad, who all have been denied when asked if they could see Kirishima. Bakugou is pissed. After leaving the hospital, he also tries to get in to see Kirishima but is denied entry. After refusing to leave until he see Kirishima, Bakugou is forcefully escorted off the premises and is met outside by Deku who was called to take him. Bakugou and Deku head back to the hotheaded one’s apartment where Deku tells him everything about the interrogation before Kirishima was arrested. Bakugou is convinced that there must be some way to prove Kirishima’s innocence and that the first thing that they should do is find the villain who attack Red Riot in the first place. 
After a day and a half in the agency office (ignoring requests for him to go on patrol), squinting at security feeds from the area surrounding the villain attack with Red Riot, Bakugou finally got a general ID for the villain, who seemed to be an average Joe that had no previous criminal record. Bakugou searched several more security feeds before he found a recent one of the guy in the next city over. Bakugou packed a small bag and went to hunt the guy down.
It was fairly simple to find the guy. He was wandering from alley to alley, avoiding major streets when he could. Bakugou stopped him and after a moment of Bakugou convincing the panicking man that he wouldn’t arrest him if he told him all he knew, the man immediately started to give him details of what he last remembered before the fight with Red Riot. 
The man claimed that he was just having a drink at his local hangout when a lady bumped into him when he was on his way out and she accidentally blew some of her make up powder at his face. He described the woman to Bakugou before he told him that shortly after the woman left his sight to go into the club, he tried to brush the powder off his jacket, but then blacked out and when he woke up, he was half naked in an alley in the next city over. Bakugou asked where the club he went to was located and the man immediately gave him the address. Bakugou told the man to stay low for right now and that he was going to get to the bottom of whatever was going on. 
Bakugou returns to his apartment where he finds Deku who doesn’t look happy. Bakugou tries to ignore the man, but Deku starts asking him what his problem is. Bakugou gets mad, telling Deku that his problem is that Kirishima is obviously the nicest guy on the face of the planet and that he wouldn’t hurt a fly and something had to have happened to make Kirishima act the way that he did. He tells Deku that he may have a lead to what caused the rampage. He says that the guy that first attacked was possibly drugged at a local club by a woman. Deku asks Bakugou if he arrested the man who attacked and got a little more mad when Bakugou told him that he didn’t. Bakugou explains that he doesn’t think the man is guilty because the man was probably drugged by this woman and if he found the woman he could figure out what the drug was. 
Deku tried to explain to Bakugou that Kirishima was tested to see if there were any drugs in his system, but everything came out negative. Bakugou countered that if the powder that the man was attacked with and that Kirishima may have accidentally inhaled were actually quirk based, that it may not appear on any test. They would need a specially made test to figure it out and in order to get the test made, they would need a sample of the powder first. Deku wasn’t convinced and told Bakugou that he needed to take some time off because he was obviously stressed and was just going to work himself to the bone. 
Bakugou told Deku to feck off and that he didn’t care. He needed to get Kirishima out because he knew that he didn’t belong in prison. Deku left Bakugou’s apartment. The next night, Bakugou left to go to the club that the man had told him about, undercover. Bakugou went up to a few people who worked at the establishment and asked them if they knew of the woman that Bakugou described to them. Most of them said that they didn’t know anything, but one man told Bakugou that he should keep his nose in his own business. Bakugou insisted that the man tell him where he could find the woman. The man grabbed a napkin and a pen and wrote down and address. Bakugou looked at the address and found it barely legible, but when he went to clarify the address with the man, Bakugou was met with a cloud of dust in his face instead. 
Coughing, Bakugou quickly left the club out the back door and nearly ran face first into none other than Deku. Concerned, Deku asks Bakugou if he is alright. Bakugou quickly tells Deku to feck off and not to breath in the dust on him. Deku takes a step back before he goes to take off Bakugou’s jacket, but before he could, Bakugou blacked out.
When Bakugou woke up, he found himself in Deku apartment in quirk-resistant handcuffs. Bakugou started shouting at Deku asking what happened. Deku explained to him that when he tried to carefully take the jacket off of Bakugou, the hotheaded one started attacking him. Deku had quickly lured him away from the busy street and into a large parking lot that held very few cars where they spent almost an hour “sparring”. Bakugou tells Deku that he doesn’t remember anything and Deku believes him. Bakugou asks what happened to the jacket and if it still had any of the powder on it. Deku goes into his office and grabs a large evidence bag that held Bakugou’s jacket with traces of a light powder on the collar and shoulders. Deku says that he is going to ask Hatsume to take a look at the powder and see if she would be able to make some sort of blood test that specifically looked for the chemicals in the powder in the blood stream. 
Bakugou asked Deku what should they do now. Deku suggested that Bakugou go to the agency to explain what he has found out and that he would take the jacket to Hatsume later that evening. Bakugou didn’t think it was a good idea to go since the last time they tried to prove the innocence of someone under the influence of this specific drug, Kirishima had gotten arrested. Deku understood, but told Bakugou that if he kept keeping things secret from the agency, people were going to start getting suspicious. Deku told Bakugou that people were already thinking the worst about Bakugou and that his current attitude as of late was just making things worse. 
Bakugou was very against the idea, but eventually Deku practically escorted Bakugou to the agency where they immediately took Bakugou in to question him about some social media recordings of a very recent fight between Dynamight and Deku. Bakugou said that he was at a club nearby, trying to relax and that when he decided to leave, he saw Deku and told him that he wanted to spar. So the two of them decided to go to a parking lot and they fought. 
Partly lying, but also partly the truth, Deku told a similar story that he went to go find Bakugou at a local club and when he stumbled out, he was covered in dust and was suddenly itching for a fight with him. The interrogator with Deku asked him if either him or Bakugou still had the jacket with the dust on it. Deku told him that he did have it in an evidence bag in his apartment and that he was planning on taking it to a lab to have tests done. The interrogator asks that Deku immediately give them the evidence and that they would take care of it. Deku was hesitant, but after a short conversation about how they were all on the same side and that no one at the agency wanted to think about what would happen if Deku started withholding evidence from them. 
Feeling slightly threatened, Deku agreed to give them the jacket and left to wait outside for Bakugou. The interrogator with Bakugou was convinced that Bakugou didn’t spar with Deku, but instead attacked Deku. However, Bakugou had evidence from years before from working with Deku that sometimes he and Deku would just fight and spar spontaneously and that it was normal behavior and it didn’t give them a good enough reason to try and arrest him. 
Agreeing, they let Bakugou leave and he quickly met up with Deku. The two of them left the agency to return to the apartment where Deku almost immediately grabbed the jacket and tried to leave. Bakugou asked him where he was going with the evidence and Deku quickly explained that it would be better off if they were to leave the evidence in the hands of the agency. Bakugou asked him what about Hatsume? Isn’t she supposed to make a test to look for the drug in victim’s systems? 
Deku sighed and looked tiredly at Bakugou. Deku explained that they were all on the same side and that they would have better luck hand it over to people who were better at investigating than they were. Bakugou was not convinced. Bakugou tried to get Deku to give him the jacket so that he could just take it to Hatsume himself, but Deku quickly refused. Deku said that if he were to withhold evidence from an investigation then it wouldn’t be good news and people would start to think ill of him. Bakugou quickly shouts that he doesn’t care and that the jacket could actually prove Kirishima’s innocence. Bakugou needed the jacket and he didn’t care what he had to do in order to get it. He needed to get Kirishima out of prison and he was going to do everything in his power in order to make it happen. 
Deku looked at Bakugou worriedly. You’re starting to sound like a villain, Kacchan. Bakugou stopped in his tracks. He was bewildered at the accusation. He shook his head at Deku. He doesn’t sound like a villain. He’s just a man who is afraid that his friend is going to spend the rest of his life in prison for something that he didn’t do. Bakugou wasn’t going to just let that happen. He wasn’t going to abandon his friend in his time of need. He had to help him. After everything that Kirishima has done for Bakugou, Bakugou needed to help prove his innocence. He needed Kirishima back. 
Bakugou remembered the address written on the club napkin and stuck his hand in his pocket. It was still there. Bakugou shoved his way past Deku, ignoring the jacket now. Instead, he was going to go to the source and figure out what was going on, once and for all. Without letting Deku know where he was going, Bakugou started running, heading towards the general direction of the address. Though he was quickly stopped again by Deku who shouted at him to stop and to think about his actions. 
Bakugou stopped for just a moment to look back at Deku, but the moment was long enough for Deku to tell him that if Bakugou kept going down this path he had chosen, he would never be able to become the Number One Hero. That stopped Bakugou. 
Heart pounding, Bakugou thought about it. If he kept going, he wouldn’t be able to become Number One? If he stopped, he could still become Number One, but at what cost? Kirishima and the possibility of other innocent people rotting in jail because of an untraceable drug that made even the kindest people go feral, when he had the chance to prove their innocence. Bakugou steeled himself and look Deku in the eyes. All the hard work that the both of them had put into their work, each of them trying to surpass the other. All of it. It was going to come to an end that night. 
Bakugou let out a shaky exhale before sharply inhaling. FINE! He yelled out. He doesn’t care about that stupid title. Deku can have it. If being a hero means he has to leave an innocent man to rot in jail, then he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore. Immediately turning on his heels, Bakugou runs from Deku and uses his blasts to propel himself into the sky. 
With Deku out of sight and Bakugou’s destination nearby, Bakugou takes a moment to calm himself down. This is what he has chosen. There is no going back now. 
Bakugou quickly finds the address and finds it somewhat familiar in a way that he doesn’t quite remember. Marching right up to the front door of the rich house, Bakugou bangs his fist against the door. Shortly after, a butler opens the door. Bakugou immediately described the woman with the powder and asks the butler if she is in the house. The butler tells Bakugou that the lady of the house is indeed in and if Bakugou would like to wait inside, he would go get her. Bakugou says that he is alright waiting outside. 
The Butler closes the door and walks away to get the lady. Bakugou looks around him at the environment. He notices a small camera above the door bell. He lightly wonders where the feed goes and if it records all the time or only when the doorbell is rung. A moment later, the door opens again and Bakugou finds himself looking face to face with the woman that drugged him at the club. 
Bakugou glares at the woman. The woman smiles up at him and coyly asks if she can help him with something. Bakugou immediately asks if she is the one that has been using her quirk to make people go feral. The woman blinks, gently surprised at the bluntness of the man at her door, but she quickly grins widely. She says that she is indeed. She says that she is surprised that he isn’t in jail for attacking a fellow Pro Hero. Bakugou quickly explains that he already has a track record of attack that specific fellow Pro Hero. She giggled. 
She asks Bakugou again if she can help him with something. Bakugou asks why she is drugging people and making them act the way they do. She shrugs. She says that she only dusts people that don’t pay her. She explains that she protects people and expects them to pay her but when they stop paying, she gives them a little powder and then she looks forward to hearing about it the next day in the news. Bakugou glares at her and says that he is going to arrest her, but another voice chimes in, telling him to be careful.
Another man walks up to the door behind the woman and Bakugou suddenly remembers why the rich house looks familiar. Its owned by a higher up at the Hero Public Safety Commission. And the woman with the powder quirk appears to be his wife. Bakugou practically glares at the man, asking if he knew about his wife drugging innocent people and getting them arrested. The man admits that he knew. Bakugou asked why he let it happen when he was sworn to protect people under the same oath that all Heroes did. The man laughs, claiming he is protecting people and when people decide that their protection isn’t good enough, then he shows them a world without his protection. 
Bakugou tells them that they should both be arrested. The man puts his hand on Bakugou’s shoulder and leans in close to talk to him. He tells Bakugou that if he were to walk away now, there would be no harm that came to him or his Hero name. He told Bakugou that if he wanted to, he could pull some strings and make Bakugou the Number One Hero he wanted to be. He could have anything and everything he ever wanted, as long as he forgot about the feral powder incidents. 
Bakugou thought about it for just a moment before he looked back at the man. Bakugou had the guts to ask about what would happen if he refused the conditions. The man’s face morphed into a deep glare. The hand on Bakugou’s shoulder tightened. He said that if Bakugou refused to listen, then the man would make it so Bakugou could never become Number One Hero. He could make it so that practically over night, Bakugou would become the most wanted villain in all of Japan. Bakugou’s eyes widened and his breath hitched quietly. 
The woman chuckled from behind her husband. Pulling out a small make up kit, Bakugou quickly recognized it as the Feral Powder. Bakugou swallowed and looked back up to the man. The man smiled at Bakugou, but it was anything but friendly. Bakugou tried to take a step back but the man grabbed the front of Bakugou’s shirt and pulled him close, warning him that if he were to reject this proposal, he would regret it for the rest of his days. Bakugou took in a deep breath before he yelled fuck you at the pair. Bakugou rushed forward to grab the make up kit, but the woman quickly blew it in his face before he could grab it. 
Bakugou exhaled sharply before he quickly turned around to run away, but before he could get away, he felt the man grab him from behind. Acting on instinct, Bakugou reached up to gran the man’s arms and sent a few explosions down his arms, enough to leave small burns, but not enough to severely require a hospital bill. The man yelled in pain and immediately let go. 
Keeping in mind the powder, Bakugou tried his hardest not to inhale as he made his way away from the house. He propelled himself into the sky and only then did he take a short breath. Processing what happened, Bakugou made his way safely to the ground where he removed the powdered shirt and folded it up so that the dust stayed in place. 
In the dark of the night, Bakugou quickly and quietly made his way to Hatsume’s workshop. She was still working, burning the midnight oil as well as burning a few other things probably. Bakugou made his way inside and quickly grabbed Hatsume. She wasn’t all too surprised to see him. She had been expecting Deku, but was pleasantly surprised to see Bakugou anyway. Bakugou quickly explained what happened to her and asked her to make the test with the powder. She agreed, excited about the potential challenge.
Bakugou asked if he could shower since he still was at risk of inhaling the powder that was still lingering in his hair. She told him where it was and told him to lock the door. If he did end up inhaling the feral powder and started going wild, the handmade bathroom would definitely be able to hold him. Not questioning her and her decisions, Bakugou quickly showered, making sure to scrub himself raw to get any type of dust off of him. 
When Bakugou got out of the shower, Hatsume was almost finished. She just needed to test it on someone who already had the powder in their system. Bakugou offered himself as a test, knowing that he already had his feral attack earlier that week. The test went through and came back positive. Hatsume immediately tested it on herself, only for it to come back negative. She grinned wildly at Bakugou and asked now what?
He took a deep breath. They needed to test Kirishima to prove that the powder was what made people go feral to begin with. They also needed proof that the couple was actually doing this to people. Bakugou asked Hatsume if she would be able to hack into a specific camera that may have caught the whole confession, thinking back to the camera by the doorbell. Hatsume’s face folded into a thinking expression. If she was able to access the camera manually, she could but it would probably be near impossible to do it from far away. 
Bakugou sighed. He didn’t want to go back to the house without having some sort of back up plan. He looked at the test that Hatsume created and asked her if she could send it to Deku to just hold onto. She nodded and prepared it so that she could safely deliver it to the Pro Hero. Bakugou wrote a short note to Deku, telling him that he figured out who has be drugging the innocent people and that the stuff to do the blood test was going to be in the box that Hatsume gave to him. In the note, he asked Deku not to hand it over to the agency until he knew that they weren’t going to just do a whole cover up on the whole incident. 
He hoped that Deku would listen to his letter. Hatsume told Bakugou that she was going to go take the package and Bakugou’s letter to Deku immediately and that Bakugou should rest. She pointed him to a small room under her workshop that served as a kind of storage room/guest bedroom. It had a lot of shelves filled with junk and in the back was a couch. Bakugou laid down, but didn’t really get a lot of sleep. He was planning on how to get the camera footage so that they could get the confession of the pair that knew exactly what they were doing. Bakugou wondered if he could get a picture of the woman to ask witnesses of other feral attacks if that was the woman who dusted them before they blacked out. 
Bakugou fell asleep partway through planning. He was woken up by Hatsume who immediately was pulling up a news report on her phone. Bakugou’s breath was practically punched out of his lungs as he listened to the report. The man from the Public Hero Safety Commission was explaining to police and reporters that Pro Hero Dynamight had attacked him in his home last night, leaving his several burns on his arms. The man’s wife was nowhere in the report. Hatsume looked slightly concerned at Bakugou. Within a few hours, word was going around that Pro Hero Dynamight was now a wanted criminal and that if anyone hears from him or sees him, they need to call the police or a hero immediately and do not engage him. Reports claiming that Dynamight was now a villain and was deemed extremely dangerous. 
Hatsume suggested that Bakugou should get out of town and hide for a little while. Bakugou took in a deep breath before letting out a loud curse. He stood up and started pacing the small room. Hatsume suggested he lay low somewhere remote. She said that she could easily get the footage from the night before. Bakugou swallowed before he hesitantly agreed. He explained to her what the plan was on how to get the Feral pair arrested, telling her to get the confession video from the doorbell camera, to use the blood test to prove that the innocent people that were arrested were indeed drugged and under the influence of the woman’s quirk, and hopefully, after all was said and done all the people in prison would be released, including Kirishima. 
Donning a full body disguise created by Hatsume herself, Bakugou managed to leave the city, undetected by police and other forces that were intensely looking for him. By the time Bakugou had made it to a small town in the mountains, it had been almost two months since Kirishima had been arrested and this whole mess had started. Feral attacks were happening all over in the city and at this point, Bakugou couldn’t do anything to stop or help. He waited weeks for a news article to pop up saying that they caught the people responsible for causing the feral attacks, but day after day, he was disappointed. It was almost to the point where he almost believed that Hatsume and everyone that he once believed to be his friends may have actually accepted the bribe of “anything and everything they wanted”. 
Then one day, while walking around the small mountain village, still in the disguise, he saw a news report on a small diner tv. Bakugou immediately paid the closest amount of attention as the reporter detailed the cause of all the Feral attacks in the city and that it was all due to an ex-employee of the Public Hero Safety Commission and his wife. Bakugou grinned at the sight of the couple being handcuffed and driven away to a maximum security prison. The report continued to explain that the individuals who had gone Feral and were arrested had all been tested and it was confirmed that those individuals would immediately be released and reimbursed for time in prison. 
Bakugou’s breath caught in his throat as he saw Kirishima walk out of the prison gates and into the arms of the dear quote unquote Bakusquad. Bakugou swallowed a lump in his throat as he wished that he could have been there to greet Kirishima and to hold him with everyone else. But he knew that it was better this way. The report continued, explaining that the man-hunt for Dynamight the villain was called off after reports of the alleged attack were disproved and no longer valid. Bakugou laughed as he made his way out of the diner and made his way back to the city. 
By the time Bakugou had come back to the city, the first place he went to was back to Hatsume’s, to return the disguise and to also thank her for what she did. Hatsume was over joyed to put the man and his wife behind bars. She managed to find a lot more dirt on them than just a confession to the attacks at the door. Bakugou was slightly amazed and promised to make it up to her somehow. Hatsume nodded, saying I know and then she quickly ushered him out, telling him that he needed to get home. 
Bakugou made his way home, making a point to avoid heavily crowded areas, still hesitant about the possibility of getting arrested just for being Dynamight. Bakugou made it back to his apartment in one piece and was surprised to find everything exactly how he had left it almost a month ago. He grabbed a clean pair of clothes and immediately took a shower, delighting in the feeling of being clean after so long.
Once he got out of the shower, he walked into his living room, heading for the kitchen, but was surprised to find Kirishima and Deku standing in the room. Bakugou stopped in his tracks and gaped at the sight of the two of them. Kirishima was the first to react, tears welling up in his eyes as he quickly made his way over to wrap his arms around Bakugou. Bakugou let out a shaky breath before he brought his hand up to grip Kirishima’s shirt and pull him closer. Kirishima let out a wet laugh as he held Bakugou. Bakugou felt his own tears beginning to fill up his own eyes as he looked over Kirishima’s shoulder at Deku. 
Deku was standing sadly, tears freely running down his face. Bakugou took in a deep breath before he pried himself away from Kirishima. He walked slowly over to Deku and they just stood there looking at each other. Deku tears quickly turned into heavy sobs as he collapsed to his knees in front of Bakugou. He was trying hard to let out long strings of apologies, that Deku should have believe in Bakugou more, he shouldn’t have doubted him, he shouldn’t have said all those awful things to him. Bakugou grabbed Deku’s face and told him to shut up. 
Bakugou told him that he didn’t care about any of that anymore. He was just happy that Kirishima wasn’t in prison anymore and that he wasn’t being hunted down. Deku smiled half-heartedly at Kirishima. The redhead looked at Bakugou and told him because he had been in jail and because Bakugou had been considered a criminal, both of their Hero Licenses had be revoked. Bakugou swallowed and let some more tears tread quietly down his face. 
Deku quickly added to the conversation saying that if they wait the 6 month waiting period, without getting arrested or breaking any laws, then they could reapply for a Hero License and pick up right where they left off. Bakugou looked over at Kirishima, who looked at him smiling happily. He shrugged his shoulders and asked Bakugou what they should do for 6 months. Bakugou smiled at said that he spend some time in a cute village in the mountains and that there were a lot of good hiking trails that could keep them busy for a while. 
So Bakugou and Kirishima spent the next 6 months up in the mountains, hiking and living a casual life before they returned to the city to renew their Hero Licenses. Later that year, Bakugou was given the title of Number One Hero for sacrificing everything he had in order to do the right thing.
Yaaaaaay the end.... also could do a follow up of what Bakugou and Kirishima did during the 6 months up in the mountains but I don’t know. This was the idea. It was stuck in my head and now it is here. Lemme know what you think. Love this fandom. 
Good night, everybody!
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we-always-hit-our-ass · a year ago
Flyboy (Floyd Talbert x Female! Reader)
this is my first fanfic, like EVER.  and i really wanted to write for Band of Brothers for a really long time now. sooo here’s my best shot at it. an i know this trope has been done a lot buuuut i can’t help myself. i hope i did well on my first ever fanfic
Description- It’s been a while since you had the time to enjoy yourself, and you finally get to spend it with the boys at the Currahee Party. As the night goes on, the boys decide you had a little too much fun after making a bet with Joe Toye. On the journey back to the barracks, you drunkenly slip out a few words to a certain guy you have your eyes on. 
Words- about 3.7k (oh wow)
Warnings- intense drinking, and vulgar language(i mean… it’s the Easy boys) rest is just fluff an two idiots fallin for each other ig <3
Tumblr media
Adrenaline rushes through your veins, and you couldn’t help yourself from smiling the whole way down to the building where the party was gonna be held. You spent your time making sure you looked good. 
Hopefully good enough to catch that boy’s attention… Ever since you met him at Camp Toccoa, all of your thoughts were occupied by who other than Floyd Talbert. 
The way he looked in his PT uniform, his God-awful jokes, and that goofy smile of his. Any woman would have to be mad to turn Floyd Talbert down.
You two would joke like no tomorrow, and some of the Easy Company men would say that you two would make a good couple (to both of you guys’ embarrassment, but you two lowkey kind of like it).
 You don’t really hang out with him as much as yo, Liebgott, Bill, and Frank do, sadly. But you both made sure to make the moments you two spend together last.
He was like an angel, and he never fails to make your day just a tad bit brighter. No matter how many times Sobel punishes you, if you get to his cute face or hear his sweet voice, guess what? Everything else but him doesn’t seem to matter anymore.
It was understatement that thinking of him led you to getting into trouble by Sobel.  How many times did he make you run up that fucking hill just because you were distracted by some annoying, pissy, and undeniably cute bastard? 
You gave up on keeping track after the fifth time.
No matter how many times you try to push him out of your head, he somehow keeps crawling back.  You just wished that he would see you more than his best friend. And that was the one thing you hated about yourself… 
But this night wasn’t about him. Oh no, this is the night where you finally get off Camp Toccoa and escape Sobel’s never ending complaints.  You finally got the jump wings you and you’re boys deserved. 
After this, you’re gonna fight at Normandy and you're gonna show America the greatest soldier in existence. But it couldn’t hurt to catch his eye at this party tonight. Sooooo... 
You dressed to impress.
You made damn sure that everything about was absolutely perfect. Some light makeup to highlight your key features and to make your lips and (E/C) eyes pop. You decided to leave your (H/L) hair down and to slightly curl your (H/C) locks. 
The day you wouldn’t be soldiers’ eyes with the way you looked tonight was the day hell would freeze over. The way you looked tonight and you couldn’t help but be flattered when the boys whistled and complimented you on your look.
“Golly (Y/N), who are you tryna impress tonight? And oh Lord, please tell me it’s not Sobel.” Perconte jokes at you, wrapping an arm around your soldiers.
“Relax, relax, you sure as hell know it isn’t Sobel. I’m doing this for myself.” You throw your subtle lie at Perconte while nudging his arm off.
“You see boys, this is where I call bull. No matter how many times we go to bars, not one time, not ever have you ever put in this much effort.” 
“Shut up Perco, I never put effort because I know I already look good. Unlike a certain someone I know.” 
Your (E/C) eyes drift over to Perconte’s and you decide to lightly ruffle his hair before you jokingly punch his arm. Even though you were smiling, you were, in all honesty, a nervous wreck inside. The cogs and gears in your brain kept turning and, damn, was it giving you a headache. 
You were trying really hard to catch his eye tonight, and you weren’t going to let this opportunity slip by your fingers so easily. Fingers nervously patted down your uniform for any creases. Your arms reached to adjust the hell out of your hat. 
You twirled your strands of (H/C) hair on your fingers out of nervousness. Lastly, you decide to fix the tan skirt that hugged your legs ever so nicely. The pads of your fingers were turning ghostly white from how hard you were gripping the ends of your blazer. 
Huffing out in exasperation, you decide to run your hands to smooth down your uniform for what seemed like ages.Joe, like the older brother that he is to you, walks over like he somehow notices your nervousness.
Steady arms wrap against your shoulders as he pulls you to his side. His eyes glance over at your anxious face before starting to speak. 
“Hey c’mon, doll, what’cha nervous for? You look beautiful enough, I mean it. Now stop fussing over your clothes or else you won’t have hands before we even get to Normandy.” 
Joe’s words reassure you and you look up and stare ahead at the dirt road in front of you.
“God! When I’m done, my liver’s gonna shut down,” Guarnere states loudly, cigarette between his lips and arms reaching over to pull you and Perco close to him. 
“And both of you assholes better make sure the replacement that comes afterwards comes just as close as being as hot as me!”
A breathy laugh escapes your lips at Guarnere’s words, the beam in your eyes never leaving since Easy Company got the news that there would be a party just for them. With good food, no Sobel getting annoyed for no valid reason, and beer.
Lots, and lots, and lots of beer.
 And that was what caught all of Easy Company’s attention.
“Not on my watch Billy-boy. Wouldn’t want a freshman who could only aim his piss instead of his shot to replace Ol’ Gonorrhea! Don’t you think so (Y/N)?” 
Perconte’s eyes turn to you, lips pulling upward into a smirk.
“Well in that case, I wouldn’t mind if some newbie replaces Old Faithful over there.” 
You joke, making sure to raise your eyebrows and to look at Bill to look at his reaction.
“C’mon (Y/N), I bet you only want that because you don’t want competition!”
 He shows off his famous eat-shitting grin while he nudges your arm slightly.
 “I swear on my life that I could be dancing, spinning, and reciting three passages from the Bible, and I could still shoot a Kraut from 1000 feet better than you.”
“You talk a lot of shit for a sober man, Guarno.” 
Finally making it to the building. Bill opens the door and you, Perconte, and Liebgott walk inside.Your eyes were met by all of the Easy Company getting absolutely wasted. 
You even quickly lost count of how many men were downing glass after glass and how many men were already halfway to heaven. Shouts and cheers filled the air and your once anxious mood dissipated at an instant. 
You turn your head to look at your buddies before Bill cracked a smile.
“Try not to die before me, alright you pricks?”
Rolling his eyes, Joe flicks Bill’s forehead and you chuckled for a few good seconds. 
“No promises Bill.” 
Bill smacks your’s and Joe’s heads before walking over to sit at an empty seat with Bull. 
Frank leaves the doorway to saunter over to Johnny. Joe flashes a quick grin and gives you a pat on the back before quickly joining Bill and sitting at another empty seat at the table. 
A smile tugged at your lips as you spotted two of your best friends at the bar.  Walking briskly to the surprisingly not the occupied bar, you throw a smile at Toye and a wink at George, who gladly returns it.
“Now tell me (Y/N), how much money are ya willin’ to bet that I could drink more rounds of beers than you?” 
You scoff loudly as you smack Toye’s shoulder.
“Are you kidding? I could drink three times as much as you can Toye. So unless you’re planning to lose good money, then I suggest you drop this.”
“5 bucks, (L/N), take it or leave it.”
“I’m not stupid enough to pass up a bet that I know I’m winning. Count me in Toye, but you’re gonna regret this.”
The glare he gave you made you burst out laughing and after recovering you gave your attention to George. You lean over the counter to put your hand on George’s shoulder while beaming him a cheeky smile.
“Alright Georgie, you heard us. You’ll be the judge, okay? Now hurry up and pour us our drinks, I'm looking forward to a real nice hangover in the morning.” 
“Aye aye, private.”
Plopping back down to your seat, your eyes wandered across the room and, boom, there he was in all of his glory. Floyd Talbert, stealer and breaker of hearts. 
Your stare lingers for what seems like days and you can feel the blood rushing to your cheeks. My God, you could never get enough of him, no matter what you may push yourself to think. 
He was already a bit tipsy, you observed. Slowed down movements, slurred speech, and rosy cheeks. All of a sudden those beautiful chestnut eyes of his met your (e/c) ones. 
You could’ve sworn that his face was getting redder after you two made eye contact.
 You were sure that yours was. 
The world kind of started to slow down, and it felt that you and Floyd were the only people in that room. His goofy smile made you return one of your own while the world continued to dance around you.
 You were hypnotized by Floyd, there was no other explanation.
 Little did you know that he was feeling the same.
Not wanting your little encounter to be awkward, you decided to give him a demure smile while raising your hand to wave at him. You giggled like a schoolgirl when you saw him waving back at you, glass of beer still in his hand. 
Almost forgetting about your bet with Toye, you suddenly yelped when Joe came to tap on your shoulder.
“Yoo-hoo, earth to (L/N)? Don’t tell me that you’re drunk already, though i’m not complaining. I’ll be all too happy to get 5 bucks from you.”
Joe smirked as he watched you recollect yourself from your flustered state, failing to come up with sentences and only managing to stammer words that didn’t make sense.  Joe laughs before rubbing your shoulders to help you calm down a little. The clinking of glasses on the wooden surface causes you to look up at George.
“Two beers for the lovely couple, now just call me up if ya need more. Or throw your glass at me, either one works.”
After throwing a light glare at George you face Joe, who smirks at you, thinking that you’ll be done after two glasses. 
Well he’s wrong, cause you know you can handle more than two glasses. 
“Good luck.”
“I don’t need it Joey. No need for luck when I know I’m going to win.”
George then counted down from…
And as soon as George shouted those words from his lips, you and Toye rushed to get your drinks and down them as fast as you can. George couldn’t even see your arms move for your glasses. 
You quickly brought the cool glass to your mouth and downed the liquid like your life depended on it.  It burned as it went down your throat, but you could care less. You just needed fun and those five bucks tonight.
When you finished you slammed the glass hard on the table, so hard that you feared you could’ve left a dent on the wooden counter. You slammed back your empty glass about the same time Joe did. 
You both desperately called out for George and George hurried over to take your cups and refill them.
“Didn’t think you’d make it this far, Joey.” You directed at him a teasing grin and were met by a playful roll of his eyes.
George came as fast as he could and slammed the two glasses in a similar manner as he did before. Like before, you and Joe rushed for your glasses and heaved them up faster than light. 
Soon a crowd started to form around the two of you. The bar suddenly became louder than before and your adrenaline burst through the roof. However, now that Floyd was in the crowd, you couldn’t help but burn up again. (E/C) eyes flickered over the crowd, searching for him. 
When your eyes finally landed on him, you couldn’t be more surprised when he was already staring at you.  The slamming of the glasses caught your attention and you proceeded to gulp the amber liquid.
Round after round of beers, you started to feel lightheaded. The lights seemed to blind you and the pounding your head was only made worse by the cheers and shouts of the crowd around you.  You would be lying if you said you weren’t drunk. Images were blurry and sounds weren’t as clear as they were supposed to be.You could barely make out any sentences or words that anyone was saying. 
Mumbled words and incoherent sentences passed by your lips, and you could barely look straight ahead without seeing double. You swear you were on your 30th glass of beer…  You looked over at Joe and he didn’t seem to be better than you were.
“Alright kiddos, last round. You two don’t look so good.” George muttered, or at least that’s what you think he did.
The redundant sound of the glass slamming on to the wood barely registered in your mind before your whole head became too heavy for your neck to support. The last thing you felt was your forehead making hard contact with the wooden surface of the bar counter. 
The last thing you heard was the crowd yelling and your friends shouting for someone to help you.
The last thing you saw were those beautiful chestnut eyes and softly tousled dark brown hair.
Tumblr media
You groaned as you felt your body being shaken and as your eyes slowly opened, you could start to make out gentle words being said in your direction.  Slowly but surely, you start to gain back your consciousness. 
The quiet was the first thing that hit you. The loud yelling and shouting and the clinking of glasses of beer seem to have disappeared. Suddenly you come to your senses that you’re not in the bar anymore. 
You swiftly turned your head around to see exactly where you were, but that only seemed to give you a headache. Groaning out, you raised your to feel something for support. 
“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I got you now.”
A sudden burst of energy went through you when you heard the voice. 
You, slowly now, turned your head to see who was talking to you. Your vision was still blurry, and the pounding in your head still hasn’t stopped.
“Joey- That you- no, no, no… Are you Percy? Perseus…? Oh! Perco… No. It doesn’t sound like you. Ahhh. You’re Guadamalarkey, I don’t know. That doesn’t seem right…” 
You called out a few names, but none of the names seemed to fit with the voice you just heard. You continued to slur and ramble incoherently, but you were stopped when the voice started again.
“You’re that drunk? Thought you could recognize me by now.”
Huh? Who’s he-
“Flyboy? Is that you...?”
 “Jesus (Y/N), Flyboy? C’mon, we should get you to bed.”
“Yeeah.. Flyboy… Flyboy Tablets. Right?”
 You muttered quietly, still unknowingly clinging on to his crisp blazer. Floyd laughed, and there it is again. The blushing and the stammering.  Floyd didn’t really seem to notice though, as he was enraptured by your parted lips, glazed eyes, and the soft yet husky ramblings of your drunk self.
“Close enough, (Y/N). We really need to go get you to bed, okay?”
Soft, gentle circles were rubbed on your back, and it worked slightly enough to calm you down and to stop the dizziness and lightheadedness. Floyd picked you up gingerly from the dirt road you were sitting on for the past few couple of minutes.
He helped you get up, and you clumsily wiped off any dirt that was clinging on to your uniform.  Floyd had carefully put your arm over his shoulder and gingerly wrapped his other arm around your waist.
 A slight pink tinge appeared on his cheeks as he looked over at you. 
What he would do to kiss those lips of yours. He mentally scolded himself for thinking about you in that way while you were under the very, very heavy influence of alcohol at the moment. 
Floyd was taking his time when helping you walk. He kicked tiny rocks and pebbles out of the way to make sure you wouldn’t trip, and every time you would stumble he would put his arm in front of you, while his hand was tightly gripping on your blazer. 
After a few minutes of walking, you turned to him with your glazed (E/C) eyes and ever so slightly leaned in closer to him. You two stopped near the barracks, just outside of it really.
The sky was dark and stars were shining, it once again felt like they were the only people in the entire world.
“You know, Flyboy… I- I liked you ever since I saw you… Like.. l-like like, I suppose?”
Did he- Did he hear right?  Floyd knew he wasn’t as drunk as you, but he had to have been drunk enough to have had heard whatever you were saying.  There is no possible way that he had just heard you say those words correctly. 
His eyes widened and no amount of drinking could have made his cheeks burn red brighter than right now.  Floyd’s breathing slowly picked as he looked over at your disheveled, yet oddly cute and beautiful appearance. 
You were so, so, so close… 
Just one more inch and his lips would be touching yours.. But he controlled himself, and urged himself to listen to your slurred speech. 
“An- and- every time, every single goddamn time, I h-hung out with you... The feelings just got wor-worse… I really didn’t want to like yoooou.”
Oh yeah, he was definitely drunk.
“But I couldn’t stop… You know? I really like yo-you, Flyboy… I think I love you too.. Really love you… You just make me so happy and you could make me sm-sm…. Smile.”
You continued while smiling like an idiot, and Floyd was burning up by the second.
“No matter how many times that prick Sable curses at me, just o-one good look at you. My troubles are awaaaay..”
“You’re really drunk, (Y/N), you’re probab-”
“But I do! I really do, Flyboy…” 
You suddenly whined out, interrupting him. You knew what he was going to say, and you had to prove to him that you really did love him from the start. 
You were burning up so fast already. Whether from the alcohol or from your close proximity to Floyd, you really didn’t know. Floyd really didn’t know how to respond, but he thought that since you were drunk, whatever he’s going to say to you… You’ll forget it in the morning.
“(Y/N), I-I know you’re just drunk. And that you’ll forget this shitfest in the morning. But I actually lik-love you too. You’re so smart,” 
He says while caressing your (S/C) skin, leaving goosebumps where he touched.
“So beautiful and funny,” His fingers brushed over your parted lips and your breath hitched for the 100th time in this minute.
“And so fucking brave and kind.” Floyd quietly murmured, only intending for only him and you to hear.
 He looks up to your dazzling (E/C) eyes with his equally stunning chestnut ones. You stare at each other, and you could see nothing but warmth and pure, genuine love inside of his irises. 
He takes his time to examine your face again. You rest in comfortable silence, the only sounds you could hear were both Floyd’s and your heavy breathing.
“I don’t care if you’re gonna forget my words tomorrow… I just need to get it off my fucking chest… I love you. I love you so much (Y/N), and I literally don’t know what I’m going to do without you.. When I saw you looking like that, my heart burst…”
Now you knew you were really drunk, and you stood there in shock, stupefied reaction pasted over your face.
“Every time you’re talking with any of those guys. I just… I get so jealous, but I'm too much of a coward to let you know how I feel.”
How many times have you blushed or had your breath taken away because of this guy?  But he still continues, glancing up and down between your hands woven between his and your alluring (E/C) eyes. 
“You’re perfect to me, and fuck what anybody else says, ok? And I know you’ll just forget this in the morning bu-”
Without any thought crossing through your mind, you yanked on his tie and pulled him towards your face. 
Finally, finally! 
After months and months that turned into years of pining… You were finally kissing Floyd fucking Talbert. 
His wide eyes slowly closed as both of you melted in each other’s touch. His arm snaked around your waist so your chest was flush against his. He reached up, fingers following your jawline and slowly making its way to run its way through your disheveled (H/C) hair. 
The kiss was so tender, and you could’ve died right there on the spot. The lips you imagined kissing you all over were right there. You couldn’t help but want more.
You wrapped your arm around neck, and tilted your head slightly to deepen the kiss. (S/C) colored hands running through his short, soft hair, slightly pulling on the roots.
Truly, nothing else mattered, and you two were finally one.
As you two broke the kiss, your eyes slowly wandered up to meet his. You were entranced to see that he loved that kiss just as much as you did.
You two gasped for air and your chests were heaving up and down. 
Love was all you really felt right now. 
Drunk or not, you both really didn’t care. 
“I know I’m not going to forget this in the morning… Now will you shut up and kiss me again, Flyboy?”
And he did.
 Over, and over, and over again.
“Shut up, Percy!”
Tumblr media
whoooo what a doozy, gonna write speirs next ;)))))
 btw sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes or making any characters too OOC
5 bucks back then is like about 74-76 dollars today
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mamorutaiyo · a year ago
okay so. this is an evil powerade (darnold x benrey) fic i wrote like. three months ago and i’ve finally decided to stop being a COWARD and actually publish it somewhere. uhh enjoy, ig? i hope i got both characters right, but who really knows lmao.
fic under the cut!
well, this was certainly... a predicament.
it was after the science team had left darnold alone, and he went back to his lab in order to grab a few things he had forgotten. there he found... well, who else but the strange security guard who not only ruined his computer, but downloaded the pyro update on tf2 when darnold told them specifically not to. and here that guard was, sitting at the desk, randomly pressing the keys on the keyboard, as if that would start the device back up. however, they seemed distracted enough; darnold figured he could just walk over to his desk, and...
"oh, hey, what's up," the member of security swirled around when darnold took a step towards them. so much for grabbing what he needed and getting out of here undetected.
"i'm just here t' grab a few of my potions before i head home," darnold explained, making his way behind the desk so he could rummage through it mindlessly.
"neat," the guard nodded and turned back around to work on the computer some more, which darnold couldn't help but chuckle at.
"your friend said your name is... benrey, correct?"
"well, benrey-" darnold paused as he placed some cartons and buckets of his potions on the table, "-i'm not sure what you think you're going to do with that computer. you've completely destroyed it, you see."
"nah, it just needs some gamer fuel and it'll be- i'm gonna fix it riiiiiight up. don't worry about it. i got it aaaaallllll figured out."
"well, good luck with that."
darnold shook his head and smiled. despite how rude benrey was before, they made him... oddly happy, and that brought a familiar glow to his cheeks.
suddenly, darnold had a realization...
"oh! you're forzons ex, aren't you, benrey?"
benrey appeared slightly caught off guard by darnolds question, but remained in his seat.
"uh... yeah, how'd- how do you, uh- know that?"
"well," darnold removed the glove on his left hand, showing benrey the irate gamer themed wedding ring he was wearing, "he and i are married, and before we were even engaged he would talk about you a lot. not ever by name, but... i can certainly understand what he would find appealing in you."
oh, dear... did he really say that last part out loud?
"mhm, yeah," benrey scoffed before letting out a long exhale. they didn't seem phased by darnolds last comment, but he did keep his eyes locked on the ring with an evil intent.
from what darnold could remember, benrey was always a fan of the angry video game nerd, and apparently their claim that the irate gamer was a rip-off of avgn was what caused him and forzon to break up. a rather humorous end to a relationship, darnold felt, and when forzon was relaying this information to him, he had to force himself not to laugh; though a snort or two escaped him at times. he was happy that forzon didn't break up with him over something so seemingly miniscule, however. in fact, forzon was the one who proposed to him, which darnold was surprised by given forzons... nature.
"yoo, your computer's fixed, friend."
darnold was snapped out of his thoughts when benrey said that, and he walked over to the back of the lab with curiosity. benrey turned the screen to him, showing that tf2 was booting up, and darnold took notice to the fact that the pyro update was still downloaded onto it. oh, well, he'd deal with that later; right now he has other matters to address.
"woah, golly- how did you manage to do that? that- that computer was well beyond repair!"
"gave it some gamer fuel, like i told you to do before," benrey smacked his lips in a teasing, yet somehow pleasant manner, "shoulda listened to benrey. maybe then wouldn't have problems."
darnold chuckled and shook his head for what felt like the hundredth time today. benrey seemed to have that kind of affect on people.
he leaned over benrey, placing his hands on the table so he could get a better look at the screen. with this placement, darnolds head was now resting on benreys shoulder, and their hands appeared dangerously close. benrey took very quick notice of this, as to be expected.
"bro, you're so close... we aboutta kiss right now?"
they gave a toothy grin and glanced at darnold out of the corner of their eye, waiting to see his reaction, though it wasn't the one he was used to, which were gordons. instead of an angry outburst, and/or a fit of laughter, darnold barely seemed phased by it at all. all benrey really did was make him blush a little, though it was difficult to tell that was the case. considering darnold was married to forzon, benrey really should've expected this, but they didn't; so they let out a loud, disappointed sigh.
"maaan... not even a little smooch or nothin'? what're you, home of phobic, BUDDY?" they snorted, and in response, darnold placed one of his hands atop of benreys and laced their fingers together.
"if you'd like a smooch, delete the pyro update, and do it right now."
"no!" benrey immediately protested, "i wanna... i play with the pyro poof! you really shouldn't be so- shouldn't be so mean to it. it's not bad."
"well, gee, i guess you won't get any kisses then!"
"ohh nooooooo!"
"delete it, then. please."
with a grumble, benrey reluctantly opened the steam file for tf2 and moved all the corresponding files into the recycle bin. when they were done with that, they pushed away from the desk, spinning around quickly so that they tripped darnold over and caused the mixologist to land in his lap.
"can i get that smooch now, please?" their smile was wide, with their eyes half-lidded, as if this wasn't even that big of a deal (which, to him, it wasn't).
"hmm... fine, i suppose you deserve what was promised to you. i can't have anyone going unsmooched now, can i?"
darnold adjusted himself so that he could be comfortable, and after a minute or two of both him and benrey giggling to themselves, he placed a hand on benreys cheek and made their lips meet.
the kiss lasted a lot longer than darnold expected; he thought it was going to be just a quick peck and it was over with, but that very obviously wasn't what benrey had in mind. in fact, it very quickly turned into a make out session; whenever their lips would part, benrey would quickly connect them again, which darnold wasn't against... it was just something he wasn't entirely used to. forzons kisses were always a mix of passionate and fast, since he was basically always on the move. tommys kisses were gentle, sweet, and often didn't last very long either. so benreys kisses were something darnold would have to get used to.
eventually, though, darnold had to pull away so he could take a breather, and benrey was fine with that. they wanted to get a good look at darnold anyway. their smile was just as wide as before, but had a bit more of a dorky vibe to it now, which darnold found absolutely adorable. he teasingly used his index finger to poke the tip of benreys nose, and they both laughed in response.
"man, that was really, fuckin, uh... epic, awesome sauce moment. wanna, uh- wanna go again? please? can we- can we please go again, bro?" benrey asked once the giggle fit was over with.
"hmm... maybe later, i really ought to get home," darnold responded, tapping his chin in thought, "forzon is probably getting worried. though, knowing him, he-"
"nah, don't, uh- don't worry about forzon, he'll be fiiiiinnnee," benrey interjected, nuzzling his nose in the crook of darnolds neck, "it's comfyyyy heeerrreee... stay with meee..."
after a moment of thinking, darnold wrapped his arms around benreys neck and nodded.
"all right, fine, but if forzon gets angry i'm going to blame it all on you, you little rascal."
"hahaha, ah... that's fair."
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calliecat93 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Well... this is late. Several weeks late at that. Stupid life getting in the way. Anyways, yeah due to sickness, dog sickness, the holidays, and everything in between I am three chapters behind on reviews. I am going to do what I can to catch back up before Saturday, starting now. Also since I am behind, this and the next review won’t include a Predictions section since... well, that’s pretty pointless now. On the upside, the wait has given me plenty to think over regarding the past few episodes and get my thoughts sorted out.
So last week we had the team splitting up, Ironwood shooting a man in cold-blood, and Salem sending her Grimm... thing to capture Oscar. A tense, but very well done setup for the volume. So with the tension and stakes already this high, what’s going to happen next? Well... we already know, but let’s talk about it anyways.
Tumblr media
We begin in the Atlas prison, where Qrow, Robyn, Watts, and Jacques are being held. Robyn is understandably pissed off at everything that happened, Jacques tries to shift his blame (even using the famous “I’m a victim!” quote) but is otherwise confident about Whitley bailing him out, and Watts clearly just doesn’t give a damn about anything and is chilling. Qrow however is quiet, merely sitting in the hard light cell and staring at Clover’s badge. Some guards come in and enter Watts’ cell, smacking him with their guns and dragging him out. Qrow also finally talks, having a suggestion on what they can do: kill the man who put them behind bars to begin with. Yeah... 
In Mantle, Atlas is reporting on the going-ons before Joanna takes the mic to inform the people of the plan to head for The Crater. Team JYRO make it to Pietro’s pharmacy and discover what he left for them: three hoverbikes. Yang is especially overjoyed while Oscar I think has developed a fear of flying things. The four work to get a section of people to The Crater, also facing some Grimm in the process. There is one elderly woman however who is uncooperative, wanting to go up to Atlas and not to the slums with a bunch of Faunus. But Yang properly shuts her up by pointing out how Atlas bailed, clearly deciding that they weren’t with while the Faunus are willing to help regardless of if the people deserve it. Yang Xiao Long, Destroyer of Racism.
Tumblr media
Even though the citizens agree to go, it’s still rough. Ren uses his semblance to mask everyone with Jaune amping him up. The old woman is still complaining about the conditions. Oscar, driving behind everyone, is frustrated at how people just can’t cooperate. Boy is THAT the most relatable scene in the current times. Ozpin takes this moment to try talking to him, even apologizing for abandoning him. But Oscar isn’t mad about that, he’s mad that Oz came back, especially since after so long he finally felt like his own person. But Oz reminds him that the merger is still on track, to the dismay of both. Ren is also struggling to keep his Semblance powered up and when Jaune tries to give him a pep talk, he snaps that he just needs to focus, clearly upsetting Jaune.
Meanwhile,, RWBNP have been joined by May in their efforts to break into Atlas. Weiss had an idea on how to do so: via the SDC’s shipping department that sends Dust up to Atlas via tubes. This includes the military facility. As they look for the correct one, Ruby goes to Penny who is understandably upset by what’s happening. Ruby tries to console her regarding the argument with Yang, but Penny is actually hurt by Winter, Ironwood, and the others fighting against them as they were their friends. She also feels guilty as she is now even more than just the Protector of Mantle and is still clearly hurt by ironwood’s words last chapter. Ruby assures her that Ironwood was only trying to hurt her and that they are doing good. It helps some, but not to the extent that we’d normally see. The good news is that they found the tube... and Nora promptly shoots Weiss up it. Whoops.
Tumblr media
Back in Mantle, Fiona has taken over coordinating the evacuations with May gone. JYRO returns with their group, with Fiona and Joanna impressed. Fiona comments that she was concerned due to half their team being gone, which clearly upsets the four. SO much so that Ren walks off in a huff and Yang gets defensive about how they clearly were able to handle it. The Faunus welcome the refugees and the Happy Huntresses and others are doing their best to get everyone settled. We earn see Fiona’s uncle, who was the man who gave Oscar soup last chapter. A call comes in about a Grimm attack, so Team JYRO go to deal with it. It goes well at first, but more Grimm begin to come in... at least, that is, until they suddenly retreat. Much to the confusion of the others.
Before anyone can contemplate on it, the Grimm from last time that we now know is called The Hound attacks Oscar. It very quickly grabs him, beats him up to the point of breaking his Aura, and knocks him out. Yang tries to help, but to her shock The Hound uses Oscar as a human shield. It easily faces Jaune and Ren as well, with all of them confused as the Grimm are usually not this smart. Ren demands The Hound release Oscar... but to the group’s utter horror the Hound says “N”. yeah, you read that right. The Hound talked. It gets worse as it sprouts wings, the black ooze landing on Oscar as the Hound’s whole body contorts in a gruesome matter. It grabs Oscar and flies off. JYR are all understandably shocked, but give chase as the episode ends.
Tumblr media
Two chapters in, and already things have gone to Hell. At least Volume 6 gave them one triumphant moment in Chapter 1 before piling on the ‘Oh Crap’. This volume is holding back zero punches people... and I love it!
This is a natural follow-up to the premiere and was paced very well. It covers both the things we didn’t see last time, and shows us the progress of the events set in motion. We see what has happened to Robyn and Qrow. We see how the evacuations are being handled. We have both sets of heroes well underway of their objectives. And of course we have The Hound succeeding in capturing Oscar. It’s a lot of things, but nothing felt rushed or crammed in just for the sake of getting it over with. It all felt natural and exactly what we needed to see. Like I said, holding back zero punches.
Tumblr media
One thing I really enjoyed about this is seeing more of the Happy Huntresses. Probably one criticism I have about Volume 7 is how only Robyn, and to a lesser degree Fiona, got any real characterization of the group. We saw they were effective, but otherwise Robyn’s companions just kind of... existed. But now with her in jail, it allows the three to really shine. Joanna is a no-nonsense woman more or less now taking charge, but also friendly to her companions as we saw with her complimenting Fiona. May is sassy and confident as well as quite useful with her Invisibility Semblance, and it’s real cool to see her teaming up with RWBNP. We already know that Fiona is a cutie, but we see how she’s organizing the masses and more or less coordinating settling people in, which as we learn she’s from the slums makes sense. I’ve really enjoyed seeing more of these three, and it really helps make them feel like actual characters and not just there to fill out Robyn’s team.
Speaking of Robyn, we have the prison scene, and it’s as glorious as I was hoping. Her telling off Jacques for his part in all of this was perfection. Of course Jacques tries to shift blame, but still. Watts not giving a single damn about anything was also freakin’ great. But then there’s Qrow... oh golly Qrow. As expected, e\he’s not doing okay due to Clover dying but... him wanting t kill Ironwood makes me... worried. Oh don’t get me wrong, with the path he’s heading Ironwood dying is probably going to be necessary. IDK if I necessarily want it, but I can’t say he hasn’t brought it upon himself. I just don’t think that would do Qrow any good at all, especially because it would be out of revenge and not for the good of Mantle or Remnant. It’s him slipping into that Branwen bandit mentality, and that is NOT a path that will lead him anywhere good. I’m worried, but hopefully whatever happens will do good for Qrow and his mental state.
Tumblr media
Then we have Team JYRO and Team RWBNP. First, it was really nice to have some humor in this one. While everything is super tense, we really need some levity so it doesn’t become overly depressing, RWBY loves feels, but it’s never been one to go grimdark and serious every waking moment either. I mean gosh, Weiss getting sucked up the tube in and of itself is one of the funniest scenes they’ve had in a while, especially with Kara Eberle’s perfect high-pitched scream and Nora’s reaction. Moments like Blake teasing Weiss about her family owning everything, Yang’s reaction to he bikes, Oscar likely never wanting to fly again after riding with Yang al made me giggle and was a nice break from the tension, especially when the end brought it roaring back.
But at the same time, it’s clear that the tension is very much there. We see how defensive Yang gets with Fiona’s comment, and how bitter Nora is about her disagreement with Ren. Speaking of Ren, we see how he’s more snappy and closed off he’s becoming, the seeds planted last volume now coming into bloom. Despite how evacuations are going smoothly so far, the sense of looming doom and desperation is very much present. The Grimm horde is unrelenting and the people are scared, upset, and uncooperative. Yeah, despite the situation, we see an old woman unable to but her biases aside and just complains about the slums instead of being in the more cushiony Atlas, who as Yang points out, left them for dead. And the woman STILL complains during the trek to the slums. Needless to say especially after this year, Oscar’s annoyance is VERY understandable. 
Tumblr media
But speaking of Oscar, we see a lot of parallels with him and Penny here. Both are struggling with their sense of identity and self-worth. Both are now something greater than they ever imagined, but struggling with the sense of responsibility and what it means for them. Oscar finally began to feel like his own person again. He felt like he was crating his own identity and like he was finally being seen as well... him. And I agree, especially since I had complained before how it felt like Oscar didn’t have an identify up to last volume. Penny of course is struggling with her feelings and wanting to be seen as a real girl. How the people she trusted like Ironwood and Winter have turned on them and personally hurt her. How she’s now the Winter Maiden and not just the Protector of Mantle and worried that she’s hurting more people than helping, especially since she now has the responsibility of protecting everyone. 
Sadly. things aren’t going their way. Oscar is still on the track of merging with Ozpin, and has no idea who he’ll be at the end of it. Penny is a Maiden, burden with tremendous responsibility that will not only prevent her form doing what she wants. but continue to restrict her identity. It’s just... sad when you think about it. These are two kids who just want to have their lives, but they can’t and it’s all due to circumstances beyond their control. Oscar got zero say in bonding with Ozpin and had to abandon his life for the greater good. Penny had to take the Maiden powers to keep it away from Cinder. Seeing them both lament on this is just... heartbreaking. But at least Penny has Ruby to comfort her. Sure it doesn’t help too much, but Ruby is still there as support. Oscar has no one but Ozpin, and he can’t really do much to help the kid at this point. Oscar has to burden it alone, and that’s especially true when we get to the end.
Tumblr media
That brings us to The Hound. So... I freakin’ love this monster, even though it terrifies me. It is legit creepy. The way it contorts and shifts it’s body, that gross lack goo oozing all over like blood. It hasn’t topped The Apathy for ‘Scariest Grimm’, but it’s certainly up there. But what’s even scarier is that it is intelligent. Now we know that Grimm CAN be smart, Oobleck gave us a whole lesson on it in Volume 2. But we’ve never, EVE R seen a Grimm this intelligent before. Not only did it throw JYR off by using Oscar deliberately as a shield, but if you look closely you can see it in other shots clearly watching Oscar. It was on the hunt, watching and observing until the moment to strike came. And, of course, it was able to talk. While IDT Jason Liebrecht doing the voice is as significant as others say (likely they wanted to distinguish from William Orendorff’s voice and Jason was available, it has nothing to do with Qrow), the fact that a Grimm who isn’t Salem can talk, even if briefly, is horrifying.
There have been a lot of theories going around since the episode aired. Many believe that the Grimm used to be human, which I agree with. The most popular candidate for who is Summer... which I’m more mixed about. On the one hand, it just feels unnecessarily cruel especially to Ruby and I personally am not 10% sure if I’d like that happening. On the other hand it would be a horrifying tragic twist that would greatly affect Ruby (not to mention Yang and the remains of Team STRQ) and raise a LOT of questions about what happened in between Summer’s ‘death’ and now. Still I’m not fully convinced it’s her. nut I’m not fully against it depending on how it’s played out. But I do agree that it is most likely a former human, and considering Cinder is a human well on her way on becoming a Grimm... yeah...
Chapter Stats
Tumblr media
Favorite Character: Happy Huntresses Favorite Scene: The Hound vs. Team JYRO Least Favorite Scene: Umm... IDK, the Atlas reporter maybe? Favorite Voice Actor: Kdin Jenzen (May Marigold) Favorite Animation: The Hound’s contorting body Rating: 9.9/10
Final Thoughts
Tumblr media
It was a tough job following up the premiere, but this chapter succeeded in keeping everything on track. It as funny, it was insightful, it was scary, it was... everything! The stakes continue to feel high, yet nothing feels forced or rushed. We have good glimpses at certain characters mindsets, the plot is continuing to push forward, the dead is strong yet still has room of some fun stuff, and the end fight is both awesome and sets up a LOT of tension as we continue forward. Like i said, the volume is not holding back. I’m still terrified about everything upcoming, but if the volume continues with this kind of quality (which having seen 3 and 4 I know they are), then we are in for one Hell of a fantastic volume~
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hockeytrashgoblin · a year ago
Just One Date? ~Part 1
A/N: Anon you spoke and I listened. Here is part one of this really cute Alex Tuch series. I hope you guys enjoy and especially you anon, I hope I can do this justice for you! 
it’s also almost 4000 words so it’s pretty long oops
It was a Monday afternoon and like always I was putting away the camera equipment from the post-practice interviews. I only got to do help and really participate on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. The rest of the time I spent editing or shadowing people elsewhere. The days I got to be around everyone and be around the boys, the knights, were always my favourite. I had ended up becoming pretty good friends with a few of them like William, Shea, Ryan and Fleury. I guess I was sort of friends with Alex too if you could call it a friendship. It was weird. Well not so much weird as he flirted with me and asked me out every week and I didn’t think he was serious about it at all, just teasing me for my very obvious crush on him.
I was almost done deconstructing and putting away the camera when I saw someone walk up out of the corner of my eye. I knew who it was without looking up and the blush on my face appeared as soon as he did. I hated that I blushed so easily around him. It always made him smirk and God I’d like to just kiss that dumb smirk off his face but alas.
“Hi Tuch.”
“Hi gorgeous.” he said making me blush even redder.
“How are you today?”
“I was doing pretty good. But I’m doing really good now that I’m here talking to you.”
“Oh.” I said dumbly rolling my eyes. If it was for what he said or I said who knows. Maybe it was a bit of both.
“How are you?”
“Oh um..I’m okay?”
“You don’t sound so sure.” he said with a small chuckle making me glare up at him making him actually laugh.
“I’m sure.”
“Are you? You’re awfully red. Maybe you’ve got a fever or something.” he put emphasis on the ‘or something’ and winked at me making me blush more. “God you’re so cute.”
“Alex come on shut up you don’t mean that.”
“Of course I mean it. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t.” he said with a serious tone. I looked into his eyes trying to find any hint that he was joking around but couldn’t find one so I just shrugged.
“If you say so.”
“I do. Now onto the real reason I came over here. Go on a date with me?”
“There it is.” I said rolling my eyes. “Tuch how many times are you gonna ask?”
“As many times as it takes for you to say yes.” he said with a confident smile.
“You’re insufferable.” I said rolling my eyes as I latched the camera case closed and started bringing it to the closet where it lived. Alex stopped me though.
“Let me.” he said, taking it.
“Alex you’re not supposed to touch that! Stop.”
“Calm down (y/n/n) it’s fine. I just want to help.”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Okay fine. I like calling you gorgeous way better anyway.” he said with his dumb smirk making me blush and groan as he put the camera away. “So what do you say? Date?”
“Alex I’ve said no a million times why are you still doing this?” I tried walking out of the room but he boxed me in with his arms.
“(y/n) have you ever considered that I might just maybe want to date you?” he said sarcastically.
“Noooo come on, you’re putting me on. Gee golly gosh, I never thought of that even one time.” I said just as sarcastically putting one hand on my hip and the other on my forehead. He ducked his head down and laughed which made me laugh.
“The real question is why do you say no every time? You always get all blushy and cute whenever we’re in a room together. Especially when I talk to you. And I catch those beautiful eyes looking at me all the time.”
“Alex this is all just a game to you. As soon as you get what you want you’ll be gone again.”
“How do you know that?” he asked looking a little offended.
“I’m sorry Alex, that came out worse than I meant for it to..” I said looking down blushing worse and scratching my arms anxiously.
“Hey stop that.” he said bringing one of his arms down and laying his hand on mine to stop it. “I don’t want you to be nervous around me.”
“A little late for that if you couldn’t tell already from like, every encounter we’ve ever had.”
“Why do you keep turning me down (y/n)?”
“I don’t want to look stupid okay? I don’t want to be the sad dumb end of a joke or a bet or just be used. I just can’t get it out of my head that this is one of those things.” I answered quietly looking at the ground.
“My god no. That’s not what this is at all. Beautiful, look at me.” I shook my head but he gently grabbed the sides and tilted my face to look up at his. “I want to date you because I like you. Is that so hard to believe?”
“Yes.” I said even more quietly.
“Just give me a chance? One date?” he asked quietly matching my volume.
“What about work?”
“There’s nothing against it. We work for two different companies.”
“Okay one date.”
“Really?” he asked, letting go of my face with a big smile.
“Only one. Make it good Tuch.” I said jabbing my finger into his chest making him laugh.
“I will. It’ll be the best date you’ve ever been on.”
“Well that really won’t be hard to do but okay I guess I’ll try to look forward to it.” I said sarcastically making him laugh.
“Okay I gotta go but I’ll text you later with details.”
“Alex you’ve got a game later!” I said laughing.
“Yeah well priorities.” He said winking.
“Your priorities are fucked.” I laughed making him laugh too.
“Okay well I would love to stay here and chat but I’ve got a midday nap I need to take so I’ll see you later.”
“Oh one more thing Alex.” I said when he was in the doorway.
“What is it, gorgeous?”
“If this is all a joke and you stand me up for this date I will absolutely destroy you. I’ll literally tear you a new asshole.”
“Kinky.” he said with a smirk.
“I’m not kidding Tuch, I refuse to be treated that shitty.”
“Good thing I’m never going to treat you that shitty then huh?” he gave me another smile before waving bye and exiting the room.
It didn’t really click that I had agreed to go on a date with him until I was curled up in my bed with pajamas on getting texts from him. I was panicking, not gonna lie. All sorts of thoughts were running through my head. What if he didn’t actually want to date me? What if he wasn’t going to show up and I would have to move back to Canada just to get away from the embarrassment that being stood up by him would cause? What if this is all just a sick joke like before? 
I let the what ifs work me up until I was crying. It wasn’t the first time I cried over a date and it probably wouldn’t be the last. I just got so nervous about myself as a person that I just turned into a mess. I didn’t know what kind of person I needed to be or that they were expecting me to be. I really didn’t want Alex to go out on this date with me and then realize I was different than he thought and he didn’t want to have me around anymore at all.
The reasonable side of my brain countered that completely. I had hung out with the boys so much. Going out to bars, hanging out at their houses, even sometimes hanging around the rink on my days off. Tuch had been around me enough that he should know at least a little bit of what my personality was. But my anxious brain overpowered that and I stayed awake half the night worrying. Tossing and turning until I was just too exhausted to keep my eyes open.
I woke up to my alarm and groaned loudly at the sound. I set another alarm for a few hours later and went back to sleep for a bit. I set it so I’d still have enough time to shower and let my hair air dry as well as get dressed. Alex had decided our date would be today because apparently he just couldn’t wait. He offered to come pick me up so I wouldn’t be as worried that he wouldn’t show up and I honestly really appreciated that he compromised with me instead of just canceling. 
Once the alarm went off again I still felt like I hadn’t slept at all but that’s what anxious sleeps will do to a person. I got up anyway and was even more nervous than before. I showered and towel dried my hair a little bit before trying to figure out what to wear. I looked over his text again.
Tuch: wear something light that you won’t be too hot in but bring something warmer for later just in case.
What the fuck did that mean? What were we even doing? I sent him a text asking me if he could tell me what we were doing and he said no again. I rolled my eyes but I wasn’t really expecting anything different from him. He sent me another text not too long after.
Tuch: how would you feel about an overnight adventure?
Me: I don’t know, what are we doing?
Tuch: Beautiful, if I tell you it won’t be a surprise. I promise it’ll be lots of fun.
Me: I dunno Alex..
Tuch: Will and Shea think that you’ll love it if that helps convince you more lol
Me: wow gee yes. I am convinced now.
Tuch: I promise it’ll be a lot of fun.
Me: okay fine. If I end up dead though I’m so haunting your ass.
Tuch: so aggressive. I like it.
I left it at that and went back to trying to figure out what to wear. I decided on shorts with a comfy crewneck. No point in really dressing up, I didn’t want his expectations for how I look to be too high from normal. I also didn’t want him to think I was trying too hard by wearing a dress or something. I put on some flip flops to go with it and looked in the mirror. I didn’t look drop dead gorgeous or anything but I looked pretty good, cute I thought. No model by any means but I was happy with how it looked. I moved on to packing an overnight bag. Packing up extra clothes, pajamas, medications, a brush, and anything else I could think of that I might need. Once I was done it was almost time for Alex to pick me up so I just waited around downstairs. I got a snapchat from him a little while before he was supposed to be there. It was a video of traffic and then it switched to his pouting face as he said, “It’s like they don’t know I’m trying to get to the cutest girl in the world right now. It’s rude. I’ll be there soon gorgeous. I promise.”
I blushed like mad and smiled really big. I tried to get myself under control before answering but I was still blushing so I knew he’d know he got to me. I couldn’t really bring myself to care though. He only ended up being like 5 minutes late and when I let him in be just apologized a million times.
“Alex stop you’re okay.” I exclaimed laughing as he apologized again for being late. “You told me what was happening. I wasn’t worried about you being a little late.”
“I just feel bad. I should’ve left earlier.”
“Tuch cut it out, it’s fine I promise. As long as you communicate with me we’re good.” 
“You’re sure?”
“Yes Alex.” I said touching his arm lightly. “Calm down a little yeah?”
“Okay. Do you have everything you need?”
“Yeah I think so. Do I need to bring food or anything?”
“No I’ve got it covered. Snacks too. Will helped me.” he said with a small smile.
“That was nice of him. Well that’s it then I’m ready to go if you are.”
“Cool let’s go.” he said with a smile taking my beg from me.
“Oh my goood Aleex I can carry my own shit.” I groaned with a smile.
“Yeah well maybe I’m a gentleman and don’t want you to.”
“Beautiful, you could just say thank you, ya know?” he said with a smirk that made me blush and him laugh. “There’s that blush.” he poked my cheek and I glared at him.
“Now I’m really not saying thank you.”
“Wow grumpy.” he said still with a smile on his face.
“I’m just kidding. Thank you for carrying my bag, you didn’t have to.”
“You’re welcome (y/n). Buckle up, we’ve got a bit of a drive ahead of us.”
“Oh? How long?”
“About 20 minutes? Maybe 30?”
“Man you really are planning on killing me.” I teased as I got situated in the car. 
“I would never.” he said giving me a smile. He handed me his phone and I just kinda stared at it like an idiot making him laugh. “Put some music on you dork.”
“Oh fuck yeah okay.” I slid it open and was surprised to find no passcode on it. I went to his spotify app and saw a playlist that was called ‘stuff (y/n) will like hopefully’. “Quite the playlist you got here Tuch.”
“The guys helped me make it. Some of it is songs you like but some of it is stuff you might not have heard before..I dunno I just wanted to make something that you’d hopefully like.” he said a slight red colour coming to his cheeks.
“That’s really sweet. Thank you Alex.” I said, giving him a smile back. I put on the playlist and it was pretty quiet in the car besides the music. I was really just listening to what he thought I’d like. I was interested to know if it would be stuff I liked. Turns out most of it was really good. I lot of it I didn’t know but he got it pretty spot on with my all over the place music taste. We weren’t very far into the playlist though when we got to where we were going so I didn’t hear the whole playlist but from what I did hear it was good.
“Okay you’re actually going to have to grab your stuff this time.”
“But my arms will fall off. Alex how will I ever go on?”
“You’re a little shit.” he said laughing.
“Your little shit.” I said before immediately turning red as he raised an eyebrow. “Hey where even are we anyway?”
“Nice try cutie but I’m not forgetting about what you just said. We’re at lake Mead though.”
“Really? I’ve always wanted to come here!”
“I know you have. Now get out and grab your stuff so we can get this date started and I can sweep you off your feet.” he said giving me a wink before jumping out of the car. I followed soon after to the trunk to get my bag.
“I dunno man, you’re gonna have to try awfully hard to sweep me off my feet.”
“I’m up for the challenge.” 
“You always do like a challenge.” I said as we walked down a dock. “Where are we going?”
“Right about here.” he said walking in front of me and stopping making me bump into him. He grabbed my arms to steady me making me laugh.
“You did that on purpose.”
“Maybe.” he said smirking. “Anyways here is where we will be staying tonight. Well I mean not right here but on the boat.”
“What really?”
“Yes really! Now come aboard and I’ll give you the tour.” he reached his hand out and I grabbed it getting onto the boat. He climbed up after me and put his stuff down on the deck. “So here is upstairs, I drive here and you get to sit and do whatever you want.”
“I like that.”
“And if we go downstairs,” he said, opening the door for me to go down. I climbed in and he came in after. “We’ve got a little kitchen here, a bathroom right beside us with no shower unfortunately and through here we have the bedroom.”
“Comfy.” I said throwing myself onto the bed. “But where will you sleep?”
“Wherever. I don’t really care. I can sleep on one of the benches upstairs or on the little couch for the kitchen table or something.”
“Tuchy I was kidding. You can sleep here, I don’t care.”
“I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything.” he said with a serious look on his face.
“You won’t. And if you do I’ll let you know. Communicating remember?” I asked kicking his leg.
“Yeah okay.” he gave me a sweet smile before it turned mischievous and he pulled me by the leg off the bed a bit. “But come on now we’re gonna go boating for a bit if that’s cool with you?”
“Yeah for sure.” we went back up on the deck and he started untying things. A man from the dock helped us get going and with that we were off. Alex was a good driver so I wasn’t too worried about the boat. He followed all the rules and it was really nice to let go for a bit and feel the wind in my hair and have the water splash my face. Once it was almost dinner time we were just slowing down when Alex decided to ask me, “Do you want to drive the boat?”
“Alex I’m not qualified to drive a boat and you know it.” I said crossing my arms. “So much for you following the rules today huh?”
“Come here, I’ll help you.” he offered with a smile. It looked pretty fun so I just rolled my eyes and walked over to him sitting on his lap. He explained a few things to me but then just gave up when I didn’t understand. “I’ll control the speed and you can steer with a little bit of help, deal?”
“Sounds good to me.” I said as he started up the boat again. It took a little while but we finally got to a point where he was barely steering anymore. He just had his hands balancing on the steering wheel and his chin was resting on my shoulder as he watched me laugh and have fun ‘driving’ the boat. After a little while we stopped and anchored the boat, which he let me help with. We went down to the underside of the boat and he started taking out some cold cuts and pasta salads and stuff for dinner. We sat close together so our legs were touching and shoulders were bumping just joking around and eating. Once we were done we went back up to the deck and were watching the sunset listening to music again. 
We spent the time talking about childhood memories, embarrassing stories, our favourite things. Really we just talked about everything. I was really comfortable with him and the stories just kept pouring out of me. Even traumas and private stuff I was talking about. I don’t know at what point he held my hand or at what point I laid my head on his shoulder. What I did know though was that I was having an amazing time and I didn’t want to move anytime soon. We talked well past when the stars came out. Eventually though we had to call it a night. Alex let me go in first to change then he got changed in the other room before coming in and joining me on the bed.
“Are you sure you’re okay with me sleeping in here with you?” he asked quietly draping a warm blanket over the two of us.
“I’m positive Alex. As long as you know that this is absolutely not leading to sex. If you were hoping it was, I’m going to disappoint you.”
“Hey, hey no.” he said turning me over to face him. “That’s not what I wanted here at all. That wasn’t the intention.”
“Okay. I just wanted you to know so you didn’t get the wrong idea.”
“You deserve so much better than that beautiful.” he said brushing my hair out of my eyes.
“Yeah well..” I said shrugging.
“I’m gonna show you better than that.”
“Hmm pretty cocky that this first date went well huh?” I said sticking my tongue out at him.
“Alright fine then, tell me you don’t want to see me again.” he challenged with a grin making me laugh.
“I can’t tell you that.”
“So does that mean I move on to date 2?” he asked, leaning over me.
“I guess.” I sighed out sarcastically. He was smiling at me and biting his lip which made my insides really just turn into jello.
“Can I kiss you?” he asked suddenly breaking the short bit of silence. I didn’t answer verbally, instead I just pulled him down to me and kissed him. It felt incredible. I could kiss him for hours, days even, without getting bored at all. He broke away too soon for my liking. “I wanted to do that since you were driving the boat.”
“Alex that was so long ago.” I said laughing, hitting his arm.
“I know. You were just so cute I couldn’t help it but then I didn’t want to over step but I just never stopped thinking about it.”
“You fucking sap.” I said with a smile bringing his lips to mine again. We broke apart and he just laid down beside me on the bed with a smile on his face. I traced his cheek with my finger. “Cute.”
“Now who’s a sap?”
“Fuck off Tuch, we were having a sweet moment!”
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altrxisme · a year ago
So I have something that’s been in my drafts for a very long while, it was suppose to celebrate the 320+ followers I got I believe around 4 years ago according to the timestamp on the post preview. 
I just want to post it up instead of letting it lay in my drafts, I’ll write up a recent note at the end of each one most definitely just so it won’t cause any confusion lol the italicized text is what I had written up 4 years ago. 
There’ll also be a few ones that I didn’t get to write for before c: I’ll start with the active ones and
But, here y’all go. Thank you all.
@maskedmuses​ - Unfortunately, Snowy hasn’t been on here for a long while due to her job at the lab so I don’t know how long it’ll be until she sees this… BUT! Let me tell you all how beautiful and amazing she is because she’s one of the most hard-working people I know of who’s got brilliant writing skills that I absolutely love. If I remember correctly from the blog before this (I moved blogs because the original wasn’t too organized), Snowy was one of the very first people to follow and welcome me into the RoTG fandom that Jackson first started in. She helped me develop his character and his relationships with others as well and by golly do I miss those days so much. 
Her OC, Lucille, and Jackson were a surprising match made in heaven and we’ve cried over their interactions and their AUs and so much more. Snowy also happens to be one of my best friends that has influenced my life (i.e. the university I was in for the past year and a half is the one she graduated in) and she’s just the absolute best. Can I tell you what she did or me as a birthday present last year? She drove all the way from where she lived to my dorm (a 6 hour drive) to take me to a Welcome to Night Vale book signing (bought me the book too), took me to a live showing of the show the next day, and drove me back to my dorm the day after. I’m trying to figure out what to do for her birthday, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to top that at all. I’m absolutely thankful to have someone like her in my life and I do miss her a lot since we’re both busy with our own things. I hope to be able to drop by her and her boyfriend’s apartment to say hello in person myself someday. Love you Snowy. 
She’s actually been married for a while! And has been more active over the past year or so I think owo but yes I appreciate your face and your friendship very much after all these years ^^ I love you and I hope you’re doing well at work today. 
@anedendarkly​ - Have I told you all that Aya is brilliant? No? Okay, then let me tell you how awesome she is because you absolutely have to know how brilliant she is. Her portrayal of Lirim is excellent; the sweetest man you’ll ever meet on the face of this planet and an absolute angel (haaaaa). Despite us not having our muses interacted for a long while now, I can still see and feel Lirim’s influence on Jackson as a person and that itself is just mind-blowing. I can definitely feel the impact he’s made on my violinist of a muse and you know someone’s really knows their stuff when you, as the writer/mun, feel the same thing. 
Speaking of writers, Aya is a marvelous one and writing with her is a joy. Her replies make me sit down and think through how I want to convey what Jackson’s doing and thinking in the best way possible that also feels real and human. Both their main verses (Lirim is single verse, but Aya has a few blogs that are him but in different worlds) deal with the supernatural and anything else otherworldly; writing out Jackson’s interactions with Lirim are so much in the moment and have so much of a slice-of-life feel to it that I believe the both of them need from the other aspects of their life. I don’t know how else to describe writing with Aya, but I do know this: it feels just right. 
I will always be grateful for the occasional conversations we have here, and the support and acknowledgement I receive from her whether it’s within the rpc or the life posts I put up here. Whenever I checked the blog during the few years I took a break, I would always spot a message from Aya wishing me well and I knew that even if there was only a few people here that remembered me, I would always be welcomed by her. <3 
@xheartpages​ - Sooo I found out her name even though we’ve rped during the early days the blog before this had started haha someone please smack me upside the head I deserve it But anyways! Jonae has been awesome and I absolutely love Isabelle and her kid, Chase. Seeing them on my dash never fails to make me smile because they just give me such good feelings and memories of the RoTG fandom that makes me miss it so much. I’m really honored to have been able to see Isabelle’s development over the years and it just makes me so happy to see how far she’s gone. 
Our conversations come and go at times, but we manage to always get the ball going and get into it as if the last time we spoke was only a day ago when it’s actually been weeks. She’s an absolute sweetie pie and you guys should absolutely hit her up with because she’s a fantastic writer as well. 
Oh my god it’s definitely has been so long since we started up on here, yeah? XD She’s had more muses pop up since we first started threading and I can’t wait to see how Jackson and Kyouka develop honestly. One of the few OG OC RoTG rpers out her that first started interacting with me and I value our friendship very much, no matter how far apart we are and the time between our conversations. Love you, babs, and I hope you’re doing well. 
@givstizia / @gundaddio -  This is Jay. Jay is hella cool and an absolute cupcake with angst filling like??? I love love LOVE his muses do death, no matter what fandom he’s in or if the muses are canon or not- Jay always has great writing to add to the character or delve into it even further. He’s been one of the best people I’ve kept in touch with, even though it’s come and go from time to time. 
@onlywarmer​ - Caro is an absolute delight that I my ‘I can’t even’ levels have far exceeded this dimension. Just watching her baby Jess’ interactions with others is great and writing with her is even better! Her OCs have such depth to them and it’s just a joy to read their bios and the threads she has with others because hot damn is Jess just a precious babbu that I’d punch someone in the face for should anyone mess with her. Jackson would do the same as well. So long as Jess isn’t there to watch. Don’t want to get her clothes dirty with scum. …. Point is, we really love Jesslyn. A lot.
The two of us have been mutuals for a real long time and just watched each other from afar for a while before we started interacting. Can’t remember who made the first step, but I do remember that one of our first threads had Jackson eating an over-strawberry syruped sundae and Jess just giving him the ‘are you serious’ look. Looking back at that and their recent interactions, I just adore these two and how they bumble about with their involvement with Stark and SHIELD while trying to just be normal people. This is the kind of relationship that I absolute looooove to pieces and I’m so thankful to be able to share that with Caro here with our nerdy muses.
I still feel this way and miss talking to you too. ;A; I hope life is treating you well, sundae.
@duxresistentia​ - Kaddie’s hella cool, bruvs. Honestly, she really is, no joke. The fact that she can portray all these characters she has as well as hold her own with an amazing OC that you all should definitely check out and follow (roseforce) because not only is Haru adorable and can floor you with her make-up skills, her FC is as well, is just banging fantastic. The love she has for all her beef and chicken noodle (with a decorative fashionista leaf) muses is unbelievable and that’s something I truly admire. The ships we’ve got and the material they have gives me life. Hux and Jo? Slap on a heartfelt reunion with them after years of not seeing each other. ANNNNGST. Llewyn and Jo, you know the ship name she friggin’ came up for them? It’s A LIFELONG DUET and that feeds my angst-hungry heart like kriff’s sake, weren’t you suppose to provide the fluff? Ah, and developing Caleb’s stuff for his bio was interesting to talk about and I love it! Character development and the like always makes me giddy with joy! 
I think we first started talking around… early February, can you believe that? It’s seriously felt much longer than that. Kaddie’s just… she’s just an all around great person, man. We’ve talked about a lot of things and it’s just a lot of honesty and stuff that I haven’t talked to anybody about that much because some of the things we’ve talked about are topics that I feel many people out of social media tip-toe about like cultural appropriation. I would also like to blame her for getting me into folk music and looking up Ted Cruz memes for kicks by the way. She’s the reason why I started learning more and more folk songs on my uke and I am eternally thankful for that as well as her gracing my dash and our skype chats.
I haven’t spoken to her in ages and fell out of contact with her unfortunately. I can try to go thru skype again but I’m not sure if she checks that often. I do miss talking to her a lot and I hope she’s been doing well. If you ever see this Kaddie, pls hit me up for discord or however you’d like to keep in touch, if you want to. 
xanabiosis (changed their url to @goth-kid101​) -  Actual queen Queen like, she’s the best bruvs. Her portrayal of the ever so precious Bucky Barnes and the Winter Soldier always leaves me in awe and it’s always a joy to see her stuff on my dash. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love the research she’s put into the effects of Bucky’s constant cryostasis and the care she puts into him in general. The interactions between Bucky and Jackson never fail to put a smile on my face because of how they first started to where they are now. I can’t wait to see more of them just hanging out and have those small moments of normalcy that I’m sure Bucky appreciates. 
@onyourxleft-archive​ - This my papa Jason here. Or Haner, but they made an exception for me since I’ve known them as Jason first owo ANYWAYS! They’re lovely and amazing and their Steve adopted Jackson and I’m always up for bonding feels which they give me a lot to be honest like??? Man, I don’t know how you manage all these muses but A++ to you because you’re working it real well! I always look forward to threading with them. 
More to both of the above, but I miss you both as well. I hope things are going y’all’s way and I’ll always be here for y’all. 
@ncctifer​ -  Heather is an absolute darling that you all should follow back. She’s done an ace job bringing her OC, Bloo, to life and I couldn’t be more proud of her with how she’s doing in life right now! She’s one of the few people that has been with me since Jackson’s first couple of years here on Tumblr and recently came back into the rp community starting a couple months ago I believe? Time here is really wonky and needs to be fixed, but I’m just really happy to see this wonderful person back here again! 
Another person I haven’t spoken to in ages. I know we had a few conversations where we were both were working on something when it came to communicating, but I want you to know I still consider you a friend and if you’d like to open a conversation again I’m more than happy to reciprocate. 
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literallyusuk · 2 years ago
Song of the Sea (USUK) Chapter 1
Summary: An unmarked Clubs Queen with a secret. A Spades King that can't help falling in love. A Clubs King desperate to hold onto what is his. A Spades Prince blinded by jealousy.
Oh, and that secret? Big enough to send the two Kingdoms plunging into war if it were to come out.
Notes: Alternate title: Smells Fishy.
Hello hello! Yet another new story that I don't have fully written out yet, but by golly I love this one so much. The beginning chapters are fleshed out and edited from an rp I did with my friend @aziraho. ^0^ I hope you'll enjoy this one! Please let me know what you think!
Warnings: There’s one curse word in it for now. Will get steamy later tho.
The Clubs castle had, for a day, become something more vibrant and beautiful than ever before. The cold King of the North had never held celebrations before – no birthdays, no weddings, no holidays or anniversaries – so it was a shock to every royal to receive an invitation, and even more so when they saw the event; the birthday of the Queen of Clubs.
People only knew the Queen’s name, Arthur Kirkland, and that he was a fair man with green eyes. Arthur never travelled outside of Clubs- or even outside of the castle, really. The Queen of Clubs was not even the true Queen, bearing no mark on his body, but since there hadn’t been a Chosen Queen for over a century, no one questioned the arrangement.
It seemed King Ivan had been lucky enough to marry for love…though the other royals couldn’t even remember receiving a wedding announcement.
Clubs Keep glittered in the evening, for once a warm gold instead of the cold blue of ice under the moonlight. The very air seemed warmer as well, though many of the guests still had cloaks and capelets draped over their shoulders. The party was in full swing in the Grand Ballroom, with tables of food and drink lining the walls and a band in the corner and a dance floor taking up the centre of the space. Laughter drifted to the ceiling, perhaps a bit muted for a celebration, but still there.
The Queen of Clubs inclined his head in thanks at yet another murmured congratulations and moved further along the room. He was dressed from head to toe in Clubs green and gold. His trousers and jacket were a deep, hunger green, while his gold-trimmed cloak was a more vibrant hue. Messy blond hair stuck out from underneath a heavy crown, and his gait was as smooth as the rolling waves.
He ignored the false King of Spades’ attempts to get his attention, his eyes rather trained on the similarly dressed figure exiting the room into the hallway. Curiosity piqued, he followed. He made no sound as he left, and couldn’t help rolling his eyes at what he eventually found.
The Spadian had stopped next to a mirror and was, for lack of a better word, peacocking in front of it. Smiling and smirking to himself, running a hand down the side of his long dark blue and silver coat to smooth it down and momentarily allowing the rapier at his hip to be visible.
“The food had better be good,” he muttered, “for why else would I entertain myself with this miserable place? Even the inside seems frozen over.”
Arthur had to resist the urge to roll his eyes. “That’s not a very kingly thing to say, is it?” he asked quietly, stepping closer. Of course he knew this man was the true King of Spades, and it wasn’t hard to see exactly what kind of person this King was; pompous, full of himself, a spoilt brat of a royal. “Especially out in the open, where anyone could hear.”
Those blue eyes locked onto Arthur’s figure through the mirror. The King of Spades ran his fingers through his low ponytail nonchalantly and didn’t bother turning around. “Perhaps it isn’t,” he replied, voice playful and recognizing no guilt. “A good King spins pleasant lies, but a great King speaks the truth. At least, that’s what my father always told me.”
“Hmm.” Arthur neither sounded nor looked impressed.
The other man finally turned to face him, offering a polite smile. “He also told me not many royals would agree with that.” The modest grin spread, revealing white teeth that contrasted with his tanned skin. “The Kingdom of Spades wishes you a happy birthday, even though it seems that you’re not enjoying too much of it. It’s a pleasure, Queen Arthur. Ivan has weaved many tales about you, and you are even lovelier than he gave you credit for.” He reached his hand out to the Queen, palm upward, was the custom.
For a moment, it seemed as though Arthur would refuse the King’s gesture and leave the hand hanging there, but eventually he reached out and delicately placed his hand atop the other man’s. This was definitely a child of a ruler, but Arthur knew he had to be at least polite, or he’d get it from Ivan later. That’s the last thing I need, to top this whole farce off, he thought bitterly, but forced a smile onto his face. “Thank you for your wishes,” he replied, coolly if not a little coldly.
The Spadian King’s touch was surprisingly gentle on the Queen’s hand as he brought it up to his lips and pressed a kiss to the gloved back. He spoke a formality in Old Spadian before releasing the hand, pocketing his own deep into his coat. The bow had released a few strands of hair from his ponytail that now fell into his face- which would have made him look aloof if not for the smile.
Holding himself perfectly still, Arthur didn’t even look like he was breathing until he had been released.
The King kept on grinning. “Has dear King Ivan stepped on your feet one too many times to deserve to be left alone on the dance floor? He did have that habit, at least back when we were young.”
“I thank you for your concern, but I merely wished to step outside for a moment for some air. You need not worry yourself with Ivan’s dancing.” Despite himself, Arthur’s smile twisted into a smirk. “Though knowing your kind, I suppose if I’d given you the opportunity, you would have started waxing on about how great of a dancer you are?”
“I learned my dances from the best,” the King replied, leaning his shoulder against the ice. “It seems I’ve been caught before my escape plan could come to fruition, so I could prove my prowess to you on the dance floor if you’d like, my Queen.”
He was talking, of course, about the false King of Spades that was weaving through the crowd back in the ballroom.
Arthur resisted the urge to snort. Yeah, this King was exactly what he’d expected. “Escape plan, hmm? And are you sure it’s wise to be telling me about that?” he asked, one of his eyebrows arching. “I could very well be offended that you find a party in my honour so dull. It would be the simplest thing to tell my…loving King about the slight you’ve given us.” He completely ignored the offer to dance.
“Oh, that old boy would just laugh it off, don’t I know him,” the other man said, shrugging away the notion that anything bad might have come from his unorthodox behaviour. He glanced to Arthur. “If you want, I could take you with me.”
Arthur did let out a laugh at that. “Stealing away the Queen? You are bold, my dear King of Spades. I can almost appreciate that.” He half-turned, smirking at the other royal and staring at him from half-lidded eyes. He definitely didn’t miss how the Spades King appeared dumbstruck for a moment. “Unfortunately, I will have to decline. I actually have duties to attend to, so if you’ll excuse me…” He started walking back towards the ballroom, though paused after just a few steps. “Pity you won’t be sticking around. Perhaps I would have taken you up on that dance later on. Though, this might be for the best. I’m sure you wouldn’t have been able to keep up with me anyway,” he murmured, his smirk widening as he left the bait hanging there in front of the King’s open mouth and continued forward.
Confident that he’d be seeing more of the actual Spades King later on, Arthur weaved easily through the crowd. He ignored both servants and nobility, and took extra care to avoid the King of Diamonds. King Francis was an aggressive flirt with an abrasive personality that reminded Arthur too much of him- the cause of all of Arthur’s troubles. And Arthur really didn’t want to cause a huge scene by punching another royal. Out of the corner of his eye he once again saw the false Spades King trying to get his attention, and was happy to ignore that man too. Though the thought of going up to the imposter did cross his mind briefly, he was just as quick to brush it away. There was no point, really. He’d met the real one already, for all that was worth.
He made a beeline for the refreshment tables instead, and especially the lone platter of salty mackerel and tuna. There were only a few pieces left, to his annoyance, and he was quick to snap them all up. Politeness be damned, saltwater fish were a delicacy. Ivan didn’t often allow them into the castle. Munching away on the last of the tuna, he allowed a neutral, almost content expression to settle over his face.
“Arthur,” a low voice murmured to him a few minutes later.
Arthur turned to meet Ivan’s violet eyes. His back stiffened. “Ivan.”
“Where were you? You vanished.” The Clubs King’s mouth stretched down into a soft pout.
“I didn’t go outside,” Arthur immediately snapped, though he kept his voice low enough that no one else would notice. “The air in here grew stifling.”
“It always gets stifling when you’re pressed into the corners. The dance floor looks like it has more room.” Ivan gave him a small, hopeful smile. “Dance with me, my Queen?”
The request was a simple one. Such a simple one, phrased so innocently, but Arthur knew better, and he couldn’t dare refuse. Instead, he returned a bland smile to the taller man. “Of course, my King. It would be my absolute pleasure.”
Ivan’s smile faded somewhat, though he still took hold of Arthur’s elbow and led him to the dance floor. Some of the murmuring voices hushed as royalty and nobility alike turned to watch the host King and Queen dance. The pair moved well together, if a bit rigidly. Arthur made no excess movements, no effort to dance with grace. He moved mechanically, like an automaton, and a few times it almost seemed like Ivan had to pull and tug him along. The King of Clubs watched him carefully as they spun and twirled.
“Arthur, please,” he whispered when the music shifted to a second song and nothing changed. He leaned in for a kiss.
At the last second, Arthur turned his face so Ivan’s lips pressed against his cheek. “You asked me to dance. I’m dancing.”
His mouth opened, but then Ivan just sighed and pouted again.
Arthur ignored him. His green eyes swept the crowd to where everyone not dancing was looking at them and seemed to be talking amongst themselves. He spotted the two Kings of Spades next to each other, the crown back on the rightful man’s head. Briefly, he wondered what a dance with the other King might look like. Would it be more or less of a farce than this? He waved the thoughts away and focused his gaze on the clasp of Ivan’s cloak as he waited for it to be over.
It seemed as if the man had heard his thoughts, because at the next quick break the musicians used to tune their instruments, there was a touch on his arm. Arthur flinched, then turned to meet the eyes of the King of Spades.
“I believe you owe me a challenge, fair Queen,” the blond man said, ignoring Ivan and the murmuring crowd around them.
Arthur’s expression didn’t betray any emotion. “My, how eager you are to lose,” he murmured. “It hasn’t even been an hour.” Then, seeming to remember himself, he glanced to Ivan. “May I?”
Glancing between the two of them, Ivan eventually nodded. His grip tightened on Arthur’s body. “We will dance more later?”
“…Of course.” Arthur smiled at him and then disentangled himself, stepping closer to the other King. “Very well, King Alfred. Let us see where those dances from the best left you.” He didn’t spare Ivan a glance as the Clubs King retreated to the side of the ballroom.
Alfred accepted Arthur’s hand and confidently led him to the centre of the dance floor. “Say,” he said, before the music started. “I couldn’t help but to notice the tension between you and your King. You are…alright, are you not?”
Arthur couldn’t help the small amount of warmth that coiled in his stomach at Alfred’s question. It was…sweet, even though it was sad that he had to ask it in the first place. “I’m fine,” he replied. “There is nothing you need to concern yourself with. I am unhurt, and this is my home.” He gave Alfred a polite, distant smile.
“That’s all I needed to hear,” Alfred told him.
The music swelled and the Spadian King immediately took a strong lead in their dance. He moulded his steps to the music rather than a rigid pattern, and Arthur was so surprised that for a moment it was all he could do was follow. His body, lax with shock, was whirled and moved by Alfred’s will alone. Alfred wasn’t too forceful, though, and once Arthur had recovered he was able to push back against him. He spun faster and stepped out further, forcing Alfred to chase after him a little bit.
He didn’t stop there, stepping into Alfred’s personal space to force him in the direction that he wanted to go- almost as if he was trying to take the lead occasionally. To his surprise Alfred was game for it, following for a little while before tugging the lead back. A spin, followed by a dip, and Alfred was leaning over Arthur, smiling down at him warmly.
Arthur very pointedly tried to ignore the way his heart leapt, both at the dip and the sight of Alfred’s bright smile above him. His eyes slid to the side, and he allowed Alfred a few beats of control again while he composed himself. Snap out of it, Arthur. Don’t you dare get any foolish ideas. He rebalanced himself and seized the lead, spinning Alfred out even further than before, then reeling him back in until they all but crashed into each other. He barely gave Alfred time to breathe before they were moving again, whirling around the perimeter of the dance floor.
“You’re not doing as badly as I feared you would, I’ll admit,” he said, smirking up at the King. “But this dancing is still nothing special.” The dancing he really loved, really poured his heart and soul into, he hadn’t been able to do in what felt like eons. It was slowly fading from his memory. Arthur roughly dipped the taller man to distract himself, his green eyes gleaming in the light of the chandeliers.
“Oh, well thank you, Your Majesty,” Alfred replied, his voice teasing, before a ‘whoa’ escaped his lips at the dip. He laughed loudly as he came back up, and smiled even louder. They moved away from one another, hands still linked, and when they came back together Alfred used the opportunity to take back the dance, pulling the Queen a little bit closer than when they had started and adjusting his pace to the slower melody that now played. “My offer to steal you away still stands, Queen Arthur. There are many dances out there to be danced, for fun, not for a good show for a bunch of stuck-up nobles who see us as walking bags of gold.”
At this, however, Arthur’s energy diminished somewhat, and the line of his shoulders grew rigid. Alfred was foolish, true, and childish, and bright and warm, but he was also dangerous. Unquestionably dangerous. The Clubs Queen had forgotten himself, his place. Arthur’s relief was palpable as the music faded, and he stopped his dancing when they were off to the side.
“And how do you know,” he asked quietly, removing himself from Alfred’s hold, “that I haven’t been stolen already?” For the first time in his life, he was glad to see Ivan waving him over. “It seems I’m being summoned. Thank you for the dance, now please excuse me.”
Inclining his head to Alfred, he then spun around on his heel and strode to his King’s side. This time when Ivan’s arm snaked around Arthur’s shoulders, his face didn’t betray any expression at all.
“I wish you’d dance like that with me,” Ivan mused.
Arthur didn’t respond, and luckily Ivan didn’t press him to. Instead, they did another round of the room, Ivan chatting with various nobility and Arthur trying not to look too bored. The Jack of Hearts gave him a sympathetic glance when they passed, though Arthur’s returning look was quite chilly. He didn’t need sympathy. He didn’t need pity. Anger and hatred fuelled him, would keep him going until the time was right.
“Alfred!” Ivan called, jolting Arthur out of his thoughts. “Matthew! I haven’t properly introduced my Queen to you- well, at least to one of you.” He glanced curiously to Alfred, and his grip on Arthur was almost possessive.
Turning his attention to Matthew, Arthur gave a stiff bow. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“The pleasure is all mine, Your Majesty,” Matthew replied, offering a bow in return.
Alfred stuck his hands into the pockets of his cloak and gave Ivan a questioning look. “King Ivan, I’m perplexed that you didn’t invite us to the wedding! Surely a loving couple like yourselves must have had a grand celebration!”
Sighing softly, Matthew elbowed his brother in the ribs. “What he meant to say,” he said with an apologetic smile, “was that we regret missing such an occasion and wish we could have given our congratulations to the couple at the proper time.”
Ivan shifted on his feet. “Yes, well-”
“There was no wedding,” Arthur said shortly. “We aren’t married.”
“Arthur…” Ivan peered mournfully down at his Queen, and his brows furrowed even more when he was ignored.
“There are also no plans for marriage in the future.” Arthur’s voice was low and firm. “I am Queen in name, and Ivan is my King, but marriage between us is inconceivable.”
The two Spadians glanced between each other for a long while. “Well, I hope your rule is fruitful despite this,” Matthew finally said after a moment.
“Thank you. Ivan isn’t as much of an idiot as his predecessors, so I’m sure that under his rule Clubs will begin to return more to its former glory,” Arthur said sweetly, glancing up at Ivan. “Isn’t that right, love?” His smile was razor sharp.
Ivan looked uncomfortable for a moment, before his eyes hardened. “Where is your coat, Arthur?”
Arthur’s expression darkened. The power play between them was multi-layered and nuanced, but the Queen knew when he he’d stepped out of bounds. “I’m afraid I misplaced it, my King,” he gritted out. “I apologize.” Shifting his attention to Matthew and Alfred, he bowed to them again. His eyes lingered on the Spades King’s features for a touch longer than necessary. “Some of the nobles are looking quite ignored. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go…entertain them.”
He all but wrenched his arm from Ivan’s grip and stalked away, back towards the food tables. There was nothing left that interested him, but if he was at least nibbling on something, most of the nobility would leave him alone. Most.
“Queen Arthur,” someone said.
Arthur’s mood further darkened when he turned around and spotted one of the older Clubs Lords behind him. “Can I help you?”
The man smiled thinly. “I was hoping I would be able to snag a dance with the False Queen before the night was over.”
“Don’t call me that, and you just might,” Arthur replied stiffly.
“Of course, of course, Your Majesty.” The Lord reached out and snatched up Arthur’s hands, dragging him to the dance floor. “You’ll forgive me, I hope, if I’m a bit rusty. It’s been so long since I’ve last danced, and even longer since my last one with you.”
“Not long enough,” Arthur muttered.
“I said, it’s been long enough, since Clubs had something to celebrate.”
“Indeed.” The Lord yanked Arthur more tightly against himself. “Don’t you get bored here?”
Arthur eyed the man sharply. “What’s your point?”
“You seem…agitated. Frustrated.”
“I wonder why.” The Queen bit back a growl as he was pulled even closer to the older man’s body.
“The Blizzard Council still isn’t sure what involvement you might have had in King Petr’s death.”
One of Arthur’s eyebrows arched. “Are you accusing your Queen without proof?”
“You bear no mark. You are not Clubs’ true Queen.”
“And yet I’ve been crowned. I suggest you don’t overstep your boundaries, Lord Morozov.”
The Lord gave a cruel smile. “And I suggest you don’t forget what you are, pet.”
Arthur wrenched himself free. “Don’t you dare call me that,” he spat, no longer able to keep his expression neutral.
Nearly everyone in the room turned to look at them. Disgusted but also embarrassed at the scene, he whirled away and stalked towards the doors.
“Arthur!” Ivan called, hurrying to intercept him and leaving a confused Alfred and Matthew in his wake.
Arthur shot him a glare cold enough to stop the King in his tracks before continuing out of the room. Though part of him was curious as to Alfred’s exact expression, he didn’t allow himself to look. He didn’t allow himself to hope.
His hands clenched tightly at his sides when he finally managed to escape the ballroom. ‘This will be a good opportunity,’ the Blizzard Council had promised. Arthur snorted. Good opportunity for what? Parading him around? Pushing him until he snapped and did something to embarrass Clubs? There was little love lost between the Council and the Queen. They’d always disliked the fact Arthur had been crowned, and he’d always hated them by virtue of their humanity. Ivan’s fondness of him protected Arthur from them, but also kept him trapped in Clubs.
He growled and slammed the door to the royal baths shut behind him. One of the pools was soon filled with lukewarm water and Arthur fell back into it, clothes and all. Only beneath the water was he able to relax a little bit, and time slipped away from him as he soaked. The water was freezing by the time he finally rose out of it. He stripped from the damp clothes, leaving them in a sopping pile by the poolside, and put on a thin white nightgown after rubbing a towel through his hair.
It wasn’t long after that he stalked through the gardens, his sandy hair gleaming almost silver under the light of the full moon. His feet were bare as he stole along the snow-dusted path. The weather had been a touch milder than usual so there was only about an inch of snow on the ground, but it was still enough for him to leave a trail of footprints. The thin fabric of the nightgown shivered and bowed against the wind, but Arthur still walked confidently towards the far corner of the castle grounds.
The old Astronomer’s Tower speared the sky near the joining of the northern and eastern walls. It was also known as the Old Tower and the North Tower; lately, ‘Queen’s Tower’ and ‘Monster’s Tower’ had been added to the list of names. No one stopped Arthur along the way, and there was no one inside the tower to meet him. He’d claimed it as his own, and everyone within the castle walls knew it. The Queen climbed the one hundred and fifty steps alone, lit a few candles in the empty room at the top, and then stepped out onto the balcony to commence his nightly vigil.
“You’ll freeze to your death here yet,” a voice murmured sometime later, warm hands draping a heavy cloak over his shoulders.
Stiffening at the touch, Arthur’s eyes jerked from the far horizon to focus on Alfred’s face. When he recognized the Spadian King he relaxed a little bit, though his expression was still wary as he assessed the situation. His arms moved up, fingers trailing through the fur trimmings. Goosebumps rippled across his skin from the shift in temperature.
“Alfred. What are you doing here? This is yours, you should wear it. You’re not as used to the cold as I am.” He started shrugging the cloak off.
“Hey, don’t you worry about me,” Alfred said, the corners of his lips quirking up. “I basically grew up on the seas and docks. These little inland breezes have nothing on a good ol’ storm out on the open sea.” He reached out, only to pull the cloak tighter around Arthur’s shoulders.
Despite himself, Arthur managed a small smirk. “Oh trust me, I know how rough the seas can get.” Even if he hadn’t felt it in ages, and most certainly had a different perspective. He turned his head to the side, eyes seeking out the horizon once more, though he didn’t step away from Alfred’s body.
“I wanted to check on you, too,” Alfred continued. “I uh- Ivan seemed pretty upset, heh, at me too when I told him he should maybe lay off the awkward attempts at husband emulation. I know he can be a bit rash, so I dunno. I guess I got a bit worried when I saw you marching through snow barefoot.”
Arthur’s hands fisted in the fabric of the cloak. “Ivan seemed upset, did he?” he spat, anger simmering within his expression. “Did Ivan send you here as well? Are you his spy now? If so, then kindly fuck off. I neither need nor want your forced concern.”
“I am nobody’s spy, Queen Arthur. I did not have to leave my nice and warm chambers to trudge through snow and walk up stairs to check on you, and I certainly wouldn’t do all of this if Ivan had asked me to. I am half-blind, my feet are soaked from the snow, and my hair has never seen a worse day- yet I’m still here, offering you my concern.” Alfred ran a hand through his tangled hair. “By the Mage, you are difficult. If you don’t want me here, just say so and I’ll go back between my silken sheets and forget I scaled half the castle and most of the courtyard by hearing because – imagine – I was worried about you.”
Arthur couldn’t help it; he burst into laughter. The merriment shook his frame and echoed in the still air. After a moment, he lifted part of the cloak to cover his mouth and try to stifle it. Really, how much more spoilt could someone get? Immediately moaning about silken sheets and damp shoes and a bad hair day. Oh, that had certainly made Arthur’s night. Slowly, his laughs faded away and he took a few deep breaths. His eyes slid over to meet Alfred’s annoyed gaze, then focused on the banister of the balcony.
The Queen released the cloak and placed his hands instead into the inch or so of snow gathered there. “Why were you worried?” he asked softly. “I am not your Queen, so why do you care? This has nothing to do with you.”
“Should I not care for my brother because he is not my Queen? Should I not care for my people because they aren’t royalty? Should I turn a deaf ear to the calls of the occupied Kingdoms because they are not on my land? You are not my Queen, but neither are you Ivan’s, and if not him, then there must be someone else to worry about you. Being forgotten is a fate worse than many other.”
Arthur’s fingertips scraped against the stone of the banister. He ignored the burning pain that shot up his forearms. “I am Ivan’s Queen. For better or worse, I am the current Queen of Clubs, so don’t you dare say otherwise. As to being forgotten, well. I think I would prefer that path to the one I’ve been forced to follow.”
“For worse, considering your King is courting a Prince of Spades,” Alfred said, his voice seeping with bitterness. He reached out a moment later, laying his hand softly on Arthur’s. “What’s going on in this castle? It feels like everyone is miserable here.”
The touch startled Arthur out of his thoughts. He shook away questions like It was a good thing, right? and Would he be replaced if Ivan and Matthew took things further? and Would he lose the only bargaining chip he had? and had to avert his gaze. If he looked into those bright blue eyes for too long he might spill everything, and then it really would be the end.
“Everyone is miserable here,” he managed to say with a somewhat steady voice. “After all, we live in eternal winter.” By that point his feet and hands had gone numb from the cold, and his lips were taking on a blue tint.
“Your people make the best of it. Those who remain, anyway,” Arthur said, before gently taking Arthur’s hand off the cold stone and into his own, warm fingers trying to rub some heat back into the frozen skin. “We should get you inside,” he murmured. “The guests are all gone by now and the King is busy in his study. You should be able to relax in the warmth.”
But Arthur shook his head. “No, I’d like to stay here a bit longer.” He shivered at the contact between them, watching how Alfred’s fingers moved against his skin. “I can never relax in there. This is the only place I feel…” Free. “You don’t have to stay with me. If you wish to go back to your comforts, then go ahead.”
“Very well. I’ll stay too, in that case.” The young King took the Queen’s other hand as well and moved closer to him, offering body heat that seemed to outlast any cold weather that Clubs could throw at him. He remained silent after that, watching the stars as his fingers kneaded Arthur’s delicate skin, trying to keep it from completely freezing.
Arthur lifted his eyes to Alfred’s face then, taking in the planes and shadows of his features under the light of the night sky. “We can at least share the cloak, can we not?” He slipped his hands from Alfred’s and slung the heavy cloth around the taller man’s shoulders as well, then slowly stepped even closer to him until they were nearly flush together. Afterward, he ducked back under the edge of it, and his hands automatically reached for Alfred’s again. “Ah.” He froze before he could touch him, though. “Is this alright?”
Though Alfred had tensed at the closeness, and momentary shock and surprised flitted across his face, he was soon smiling. He positioned Arthur so they could both hide in the cover of the warm fabric. His smile widened and became more encouraging when he saw Arthur’s hesitation, and he closed the distance between their hands himself.
“Quite. Let’s try to keep you warm, hm?” he murmured, thumbs now trailing more meandering patterns into that pale skin, careful and appreciative as if bent on learning all there was to Arthur’s hands.
Warmth coiled in Arthur’s belly the moment his hands were cradled within Alfred’s again. It felt foreign, but not unwelcome. For a while, he watched their joined hands, but before long his gaze was pulled towards the mountains. “If I look long and hard enough,” he confessed, his voice barely audible, “it sometimes feels as though I’m able to see the ocean again from here.”
Alfred followed Arthur’s eyes to the mountains, beyond which the Devil’s Sea lay, frozen over and desolate of life. “Did you live by the sea before?” he asked.
“Yes, you could say I did.”
“It’s gorgeous this time of year, isn’t it?”
“I…think I remember it being so. I haven’t seen it in so long I confess it’s fading from my memory.”
Alfred hummed. “The fish swim so close to the surface that the water looks as if it were made of pure silver, and the spring storms clean away any filth. It smells fresh, like a new beginning. Like home.” He then chuckled, squeezing Arthur’s freezing hands more tightly. “A bit like you.”
Arthur’s fingers twitched, and one of his eyebrows arched high as he tilted his head up to glance at Alfred’s face again. “I smell like home? Well that’s highly unlikely. Are you sure the cold isn’t getting to you?”
Alfred laughed. “You smell like the sea, Art,” he said, grinning. “Y’know, a little fishy.”
“How rude of you,” Arthur said, though his tone was still light. He smiled a bit more as he eased one of his hands free and used it to scoop up some snow. In a flash he had deposited it onto Alfred’s face, practically cupping the Spades King’s cheek as he pressed the snow to his skin. “Also, my name is not ‘Art’.”
Alfred, master of all combat, failed to see the attack coming. He gasped, quickly scraping the freezing snow off his skin and pressing what he could salvage against Arthur instead. He grinned at Arthur’s gasp. “Your nickname is,” he said, chuckling and, a little sheepishly, took to brushing the rest of the snow off Arthur’s cheek. “King Alfred the Rude? Sounds as good as anything.”
Arthur couldn’t help laughing at their antics. What were they, children? The whole situation was foolish, but…he found he didn’t really mind. “It certainly fits you,” he teased, leaning the tiniest bit into Alfred’s fingers while they were still against his skin.
They seemed to curl a little more, caressing him, before Alfred took his hand away. “but really, why not visit it then, if you’re forgetting what the sea is like? Surely you could take a diplomatic trip to the Spades shores? It’s beautiful there, and the people are nice.”
As warm as his insides had gotten from the nickname and the gentle brush of Alfred’s fingers against his cheek, Arthur’s core flared hotter still at the offer. He didn’t quite know what to do with himself; it had been a long, long while since spending time, alone, in such close quarters with a man had left him so relaxed. So…longing for more. He adjusted the edge of the cloak so it rose higher around his shoulders, covering his cheeks reddened from the snow and the warmth he felt inside.
“As tempting as your offer of a visit sounds, it would be impossible. I’m not- I’m unable to leave here.” The Queen bit down on his lip. Well that sounds suspicious- shit. “I made…a promise to Ivan, and I intend to keep it. But thank you.” He offered Alfred a small, slightly sad smile.
Alfred’s own smile dulled as he averted his gaze, as if realizing the intimate atmosphere between them. He cleared his throat. “Well, I don’t have the magic to gift you a likeness of the sea,” he said, slipping back into a more formal manner, “but I will remember to bring you something back from it when I return to Clubs.”
Arthur’s back stiffened. After so long of being so observant of the men around him, he caught the shift within the King instantly. The realization was like a handful of snow shoved against his back, and his own smile fell away. “Don’t trouble yourself,” he told him, stepping out from underneath the cloak. “I tend to stay up here for hours. Really, you should return to your chambers now. You’ll have a long journey home tomorrow.”
Alfred sighed when he found himself alone against the cold once more. “Arthur,” he began, then hesitated, then stepped after the Queen, catching him by the waist and pulling him close. “I wish our circumstances were different, my Queen, but I will come back for you, even if just to lay my eyes on you again,” he vowed, releasing Arthur once he’d finished speaking. He threw his cloak over Arthur’s shoulders and gave him a dashing Spadian smile as he moved towards the stairs. “Just give it back to me next time, kay?”
This time it was Arthur who moved after Alfred, reaching out to catch him by the wrist. His eyes were wider than usual, and his heartbeat hammered in his ears. What was he doing, what was he doing? “My King, I-”
In a moment of selfishness, he adjusted the cloak more snugly around his shoulders instead of giving it back. He wanted Alfred to return for him. He wanted what Alfred was promising, despite the fear humming in his veins. In his heart. As Alfred turned to look at him, Arthur leaned up and pressed the tiniest of kisses to the King’s cheek. His cold lips brushed more against beard than skin, and were gone after not even a second had passed.
“Thank you, for both your concern and your company. It wasn’t awful spending time with you, I suppose,” he said, his lips quirking upward.
“I guess I didn’t have too awful of a time, either,” he replied, resting his hand on Arthur’s for a moment. Then, as if the King had been left behind so easily, he grinned and in a thick accent more suited for the fields than a castle said, “I’ll see ya ‘round, Art.” With a wave over his shoulder he was then gone, trudging back towards the main castle.
Oh heavens above, Alfred would actually be the end of him. Arthur buried his face into the warm cloak and let out a groan. That accent, and that goddamn nickname. It was infuriating and somewhat frightening how quickly Alfred was slipping past all of his carefully erected and maintained barriers. The Queen watched the King’s small figure on the ground until he was gone from sight, and then let out a sigh as he once more turned towards the mountains. The sea was there, just beyond them. Arthur could almost feel it singing to him, but he could neither hear it nor leave his gilded cage to answer.
He only left the tower when the moon started sinking low in the sky and slipped back into the castle with only a few guards for witnesses. The heavy cloak was stowed in the very back of his wardrobe, and when he finally slid into bed, he fell asleep to the burn in his limbs as warmth returned to them.
In the morning he watched from his bedroom balcony as the Spadian procession left. Matthew led the small column, the King’s prize war steed tied to the Prince’s young Arabian. The King himself was draped over the neck of his mount, as if an exotic pelt that snored very, very loudly. Arthur could even hear a few from his balcony before the group left the castle grounds, and he smiled.
If he allowed himself to think that Alfred’s tired state was due to him, well, there was no one there to bear witness or argue.
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panicfob · 2 years ago
Captain Soldier
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Prompt: Costume Party
Type: One-shot
Warnings: language, fluff
You fiddled with the felt hat perched atop your stiff curled hair. The stockings you were wearing were already driving you mad. The gloves you wore kept trying to slide off your fingers, forcing you to pull them back on tightly every five minutes. You cursed your best friends, Marni and Laurielle, for sealing you to this fate.
Somehow, through Marni’s connections as a publicist, the three of you had ended up at a fancy costume party on Halloween night. There were rumored to be multiple high profile celebrities in attendance. Of course, there wasn’t much of a way to tell who was famous when everyone was dressed as someone else. Most of the people around you were dressed quite sexily, wearing the ‘slutty’ interpretation of whomever they were portraying. You, on the other hand, looked like somebody’s grandmother.
You’d only found out about the party earlier that day, and had absolutely no luck finding anything good at the three different costume shops you had rushed to. By six o’clock, you had called Marni to tell her that you regretfully would not be attending for lack of costume. “Don’t worry, between Laurielle’s and my wardrobes, we can put together something for you,” she had said. “Just make sure to bring those light pink, chunky heels you wear all the time.”
You’d made the dreaded mistake of not asking her what sort of costume they had in mind. When you arrived at her apartment at 7:30, you looked on in horror at the getup they had arranged for you.
“What is it?” you said with a tone of disgust.
“A forties housewife,” Laurielle answered cheerily, as if you should be proud of them for coming up with this monstrosity.
“Let me get this straight. You two are going to this party as a sexy angel and a sexy devil, very original by the way,” you said sarcastically, “and I get to go as a frumpy dame from the war-time era.”
“Oh don’t be so grumpy. It’ll look darling once you put it on.”
But you hadn’t felt any happier about your costume once you looked in the mirror, hand tracing over the dark blue, large beaded necklace draped under the collar of your white button-down blouse. The ghastly blouse was tucked into a pleated skirt that hung just past your knees and was the same color as the necklace. Marni was attacking your hair with a large curling iron.
“Golly, I sure hope I get to meet Brad Pitt looking like this,” you quipped while giving her the stink eye.
“It’s a fun costume party, not a beauty pageant. Just chill, Y/N. I doubt we’ll even get to meet any celebrities anyway.”
“That was your whole selling point for getting me to come in the first place. I might as well just go home now.”
“Don’t even think about it. You’re going to this party, dressed like that, and you’re gonna be happy about it.”
           You obeyed her first two commands, but you’d be damned if you were going to obey the third. As it were, you sat next to a large fireplace in whoever’s house the party was being thrown at. Your two friends had supposedly wandered off to get drinks, but that had been fifteen minutes ago. You finally stood from your cozy chair, readjusted your skirt, and headed for where you thought the bar might be. You made an effort to avoid bumping into the drunken hordes of people crowding the hallways, but as you rounded a corner into what ended up being the kitchen, you hadn’t been paying attention and ran right into what felt like a brick wall.
           You looked up at the chiseled man standing before you. You were surprised to see him dress up as the Winter Soldier. He wore a long dark wig, had dark makeup smeared around his eyes, and his left arm was coated in silver paint with a red star over his bicep.
           “I’m so sorry about that, miss. Are you all right?”
           You nodded your head in answer before looking over at the man standing next to him, his friend you assumed. You let out a chuckle as you examined his costume. He wore a pretty realistic version of the suite Captain America had adorned in the Battle of New York. He even had some of those ridiculous red gloves and a helmet, complete with the chin strap. The authenticity was slightly ruined, however, when you noticed long dark hair peeking out underneath.
           “I hate to rain on your parade, but there are at least fifteen other Captain America’s here tonight,” you said to him, before turning to the man you had ran into and giving him a flirty smile, “haven’t seen any other Winter Soldiers though.”
           He returned the smile and held out his hand, “I’m Steven.”
           “Y/N,” you said as you shook it.
           The other man offered his hand as well. “I’m James.”
           “Well, it’s very nice to meet you both. I was just searching for my two friends who have apparently gotten lost in the crowd.” James was already looking away from you, eyeing up some woman across the room, but Steven’s gaze was glued to yours.
           “Uh, I’ll just be over there,” James said to his friend before bailing.
           “Would you like to get a drink with me until you find your friends?” Steven asked you.
           “Yeah, that’d be nice,” you said to him softly. He led you to the bar, which was in the next room over, and you noted that Marni and Laurielle were nowhere to be found.
           Once you had both gotten your hands on some cocktails, you found two seats in a quiet area of the room. Steven had a bashful look in his eyes as you sat across from each other.
           “I just have to say it, your costume is incredible.” His cheeks were turning pink as the words slipped from his lips.
           “You’re joking.”
           “No. I love it. It’s very accurate, well if the forties is what you were going for. And it makes you look absolutely gorgeous.”
           Now you were blushing like crazy. “Wow, uh, thanks. I can’t take the credit for it, my friends put it together for me.”
           “Well, it’s very unique for a costume party like this.”
           “So is yours,” you assured him. “You should have told your friend to go with something other than Captain America, though.”
           “Not a fan of the Star-Spangled Man?”
           “I just think he’s a little over-hyped is all. Like I said, I’ve seen at least fifteen other buffed-up guys dressed as him tonight. And it’s been that way every Halloween since 2012.”
           “You don’t think Captain Rogers should get as much credit as he does?”
           “I mean, the Avengers is a whole team, all saving the world together, yet he’s the only one they drone on about on the news.”
           “They talk about Ironman quite a bit, too.”
           “Yeah, but only because he’s rich. They don’t idolize Tony Stark the way they do Steve Rogers.”
           “What about Thor? He’s quite idolized by the public.”
           “Yeah, but he’s not even on earth half the time, so he doesn’t give the news much to talk about.”
           “So really, Captain America should get more credit because at least he’s always here on earth when earth needs saving,” he declared with a smirk.
           “What are you, his publicist? Or just a prominent member of his fan club?”
           “Definitely neither.”
           Before you could make some jest back at him, you felt a hand on your shoulder. “There you are! We’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Marni shouted behind you. She looked as if she was already quite sloshed.
           “Hey, yeah, just hanging out here with Steven.” He nodded his head in greeting at your friend. “Steven this is my best friend Marni. Please excuse her drunken state.”
           “We’re heading out to the terrace to play flip cup. You coming with?”
           You were terrible at that blasted game. “No, I think I’ll just stay here and chat some more.”
           Steven seemed delighted that you were enjoying your conversation with him. Marni disappeared, and the two of you talked for what felt like hours, your cocktails having been emptied long ago, yet you never felt the need to get a refill. Steven’s interesting and flirty banter kept you buzzed enough.
           When the two of you finally noticed that the number of party guests had drastically diminished, he held his hand out for you and queried, “Want to get out of here?”
           You raised your eyebrows at him, assuming he meant to go back to his place.
           His cheeks flushed once again. “No! I didn’t mean it like that,” he rushed to assure you. “I’m really hungry, so I thought maybe we could go to an all-night diner for a bite?”
           You didn’t usually do things like this, spend nights on the town with men you’d just met, but maybe this costume was forcing you to embrace your inner forties lady, swooning over a hunky soldier who wants to take you out for a burger and milkshake. “Okay,” you gave him as an answer. And then he was gently holding your hand and sweeping you through each room, on your way out of the party. Once you reached the chilly autumn air, your body involuntarily shivered. Steven sincerely apologized for not having a jacket on him that he could offer you. In an effort to make him feel better, you suggested he walk with his arm around you to warm you up instead.
           “Have a specific diner in mind?” you asked him, feeling extra aware of the large palm that rested on your waist and the warm forearm against your back.
           “Yeah, I know a good place.” So you followed him through the quiet streets, and at this rate you felt like you might just follow this man anywhere he wanted to go, despite not even knowing his last name or the color of his real hair under that wig.
           You briefly wondered if the two of you would ever meet again after this Halloween night, or if the connection would remain perfectly encapsulated in these pleasant hours, never to be bothered again.  You honestly weren’t sure which path you preferred. Steven seemed almost too perfect to be real, and you worried that getting his number and finding him out to be a dick later on would put a damper on this entire wistful experience.
           The man in question was rattling on about different things he knew concerning the forties; you assumed he was a history nerd. You raised your head in order to meet his eyes and give him a smile, but you noticed something horrible happening in an alleyway behind him.
           “Steven, that man has a gun. I think he’s trying to rob that woman.”
           For a second, you had to remind yourself that Steven was not actually the Winter Soldier. He had reacted before you’d even finished your sentence, turning around, marching toward the alley, and demanding the mugger drop his gun. When the thief didn’t listen, Steven grabbed the gun from his hand and kicked his ass in record time. During the five seconds of commotion, Steven’s costume wig had fallen off. As he stood there, asking the poor woman if she was all right, you studied his profile and found surprising familiarity in it. You narrowed your eyes at that recognizable head of blond hair. “Oh my god,” you whispered to yourself.
           The woman had gone on her way, the mugger remained knocked out in the alley, and Steven returned to your side.
           “You complete and utter asshole, Steve Rogers,” you exclaimed while whacking him multiple times with your dark blue handbag.
           He held his hands up in surrender. “You recognized me, huh?”
           “Kind of hard not to without that wig on. I should have known it was you when you admitted to having a kink for forties housewives.”
           You felt incredibly satisfied as embarrassment crossed his face. “I never used the word kink.”
           “Right. I think I’ll be leaving now.”
           He grabbed your hand to stop you from going. “What? Why?”
           “You let me go on for ages about how much I disliked Captain America! To fucking Captain America! What is wrong with you?!”
           “Come on. It was cute. And also very refreshing. I’m just as sick as you are of the hero worship, you know. I certainly wouldn’t want to date someone who’s a super fan.”
           You froze at his words. “But you want to date me?”
           “I thought I made that pretty clear at multiple points throughout the night.”
           He was holding both your hands in his now. “Why don’t we go to that diner, and if you still hate me after a burger and milkshake, then you’ll never have to see my stupid over-hyped face again.”
           “Well, I’ll still have to see it on the news,” you pouted playfully.
           He smiled for a moment then became more serious. “What do ya say? I really like you, Y/N, and I’ll drag this enchanting night with you out for as long as you’ll let me.” He pulled your right hand up to his face, kissing the back of it softly.
           “Fine. There better be fries with that burger though.”
           He slipped his arm around you once again. “Of course.”
           “So, the friend you were with that was dressed as you?”
           He grinned. “Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier.”
           You shook your head in disbelief. “Wow, you two are fucking dorks.”
           And so your handsome soldier from the war whisked you off to that all-night diner, and the two of you made dopey eyes at each other as you shared a chocolate milkshake.
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flavoracle · 2 years ago
Why do you think the website stories Formant is not really being used? I have no idea personally.
I don't have any inside information that allows me to say FOR SURE what is behind the format change, but I can make some educated guesses.
I think the main thing that it comes down to is corporate politics. Specifically, Hasbro executives don't really "get" Magic: the Gathering on the whole, and that's a problem for the people at @wizardsmagic who make the game.
Like, I think Hasbro execs recognize that MtG makes them money. They like that. They certainly want to see more of that. But they don't really understand what it is and why people like it. So for years, they've been content to just quietly ignore it and let it do its own thing, and that's worked out pretty well for everybody involved.
So what changed this? I'm guessing two things, mainly. One is a change in leadership when Wizards of the Coast got a new CEO. (But honestly, changes like that aren't that uncommon, and I haven't heard any stories that Chris Cox has brought all that many changes to the company.) I think the bigger factor is most people's least likely suspect: The Magic: the Gathering Movie.
OK, let me explain. In January 2014, it was announced that Hasbro and Fox Studios had reached a deal for Fox to produce a Magic: the Gathering major motion picture. This got a LOT of hype, and then it got NO hype, because it seemed like nothing was really happening for a long time.
No big deal, movies take a long time to go from concept to screen, right? Sure. So everybody is just kind of quietly waiting for any updates, and REALLY hoping it doesn't end up as crappy as the Dungeons & Dragons movie.
But as the years roll on, there are ZERO updates. And for a movie deal that got so much hype early on, this is... odd. Like something is stuck in the pipes behind a wall that we can't see.
On the bright side, Magic's story team is absolutely NAILING IT for fans during this time. They've switched from kind of cluncky novels that only a handful of people ever read, and switched to short stories published online called "Unchated Realms." These short stories keep getting better and better, and get more and more interconnected so they become more episodic than standalone.
They become so popular that they drop the name "Uncharted Realms," and just call it "Magic Story."
Now let's take a moment and turn our attention back to that theoretical clogged pipe behind the wall. Maybe it's not so much "clogged" as much as it lacks any water pressure.
You know what movies require a lot of to make? Money. You know what the annual operating costs for Magic: the Gathering are? I certainly don't, but I'm betting it's nowhere near cinematic financing levels. You know who does probably have that kind of budget? Big Papa Hasbro.
So now we come back to that old "We ignore you, you ignore us" arrangement that seems to have worked between Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro for so long. If this movie is going to happen, WotC probably needs Hasbro to use its money (or at least its corporate clout) to move things along. But Papa Hasbro isn't just going to hand over the keys to the NICE car to Quirky Teenager WotC without supervision. (Most of the time they don't understand half the things the kid is saying!)
And thus begins the process of proving to Papa Hasbro that they CAN be trusted with this, and they CAN speak the same language, and gosh golly look at THIS dad are you proud of me yet?
Because here's the thing. Transformers movies are crappy, but Hasbro keeps greenlighting them. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is NOT crappy, and Hasbro is happy to keep greenlighting new content for them too. Know why? Because they're considered "mainstream" and "popular culture" intellectual properties.
In contrast Magic: the Gathering is considered "counterculture." And that's not too bad. Hasbro owns LOTS of counterculture IPs. And they love them too, in their own special way. They just don't get the keys to the nice car and other privileges like the mainstream kids get.
So now Wizards of the Coast REALLY needs to shift it's gears to make Magic: the Gathering "mainstream" if it ever wants to get this movie made.
So now let's pump the brakes for just a minute and ask WHY people at WotC really want this movie to be made so badly. Why? Well first off, I don't think all of them do. I think plenty of people at WotC would be perfectly content to just keep designing the game and writing stories and making other MtG products to sell.
But who do they sell them to? Well, existing Magic players for starters. That's their most stable customer base. But it's also a very finite pool of consumers. And people get out of that pool all the time. So how do they get more people IN that pool?
Traditionally, new players have been introduced to the game either through friends who already play, or through events at local game stores and other venues. But that kind of growth is gradual. WotC has certainly tried various marketing campaigns in the past to accelerate that growth, but few of them have seemed to be all that effective in the long-run.
But a MOVIE on the other hand... Even a movie that doesn't do great at the box office can still do a great job of increasing marketing exposure and media attention. THAT could be the marketing bomb that finally causes a sudden BOOM in customers and sales!
(Not to mention the fact that if the movie IS a hit at the box office, that further solidifies Magic's status as "mainstream.")
OK, let's un-pump the breaks now and see if we can start wrapping this up.
So in order for WotC to get Papa Hasbro's respect (and money) they need to show how "legitimate" they are as a mainstream pop-culture product. So they need to show them evidence Hasbro execs can actually recognize.
They need NAME RECOGNITION. But how? Invite famous game designers to design a few cards in a core set? (No, Papa Hasbro thinks "famous game designers" is an oxymoron, and looked at us funny because they think we said "corset.") They can't use famous actors, because THAT would require a MOVIE which is what they're trying to make happen already!
So WHO will Hasbro execs recognize as legitimately famous, who has some reason to work with us? Famous authors? "I mean, we DO have stories that need to be written, right? Of course we already have a story team who writes those, but we could just fire them or move them to different teams. Yeah, that could work..."
But again, there's a problem. "Famous authors" may not be interested in writing web fiction instead of books. Also, it's not really cost-effective. Also, Papa Hasbro still doesn't understand what "web fiction" even is, and asks us if it's anything like those forums with Optimus Prime and Rainbow Dash getting pregnant all the time.
OK then, books it is!
Now how much of this is accurate? In all honesty, I have no idea. Like I said, it's all just a series of educated guesses.
Having said that... I think they are at least PLAUSIBLE educated guesses.
P.S. Oh, and apparently Disney recently announced that they're cancelling a ton of Fox movie projects, including the Magic: the Gathering movie. So if my speculation above was correct then all of that ended up being for nothing anyway, except maybe convincing the Russo Brothers to direct the MtG Nexflix series. (And also Netflix is probably dying soon and the rainforests are being burned by a nationalist government and America's president is seriously unhinged and the ice caps are melting and OH LOOK I NEED TO GO READ THE WILDERED QUEST AGAIN BYE!!!!)
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jay-cult · 2 years ago
Static and Stars : Prologue
Before a great story is told, one must often understand why.
Two dark figures stopped suddenly in the dimly lit night. The sand at their feet stood still, marking the hour windless. They looked up at the neon sign.
Ed and Edna’s Scrap N Junk
“I can’t believe he didn’t come,” a young, scared-looking girl commented to the other person.
“He couldn’t,” the other woman replied, full red lips moving in a whisper. “He didn’t even want to think about it.”
The smaller girl nodded, and pulled a hood on. The woman followed suit. They kept on guard from any possible security cameras.
“Are you sure this is gonna work?” The girl asked. “I mean….. What if they don’t want him?”
“Don’t worry about it,” the woman answered, taking a step through the gateway. “They were, a long time ago, very good friends of mine… we… are very sure. They wanted to raise a kid, but they were unable to have any. A-anyway. We’ve been over this.”
The girl nodded again, but her light blue eyes looked down in some doubt.
The two walked around the mountains of rubble in the darkness. The woman clung tight to a bundle in her arms. It stayed still.
They finally arrived at the door to a humble-looking trailer. Its light only dimly filled a small space around it. The woman stooped down, placing the bundle at the very foot of the door. It continued to lie still, almost too peaceful.
She slid a note out of her pocket, and placed it right on top. If ever you find the need to reveal the origins of this child, this address is enough for him to find his way, it read. An address was listed. We respectfully ask one thing. There is no need for him to be famous or important. He just needs to be loved, and free. Please do that for us.
The woman reached into a pocket again, and took out a light blue charm that shone with easily reflected light. It was in the shape of a lightning bolt. She placed it by the note, as if to say, he’ll always be a Staticholder.
The two gazed at the thing on the ground. The woman couldn’t draw herself away, until she forced herself to look to the side. Tears found their way to her eyes, then down her cheeks, but she knew she could not even let her own sister see how torn she was. “I’m going to go,” she mumbled. She stumbled away.
“Where are you going?” The girl asked, voice toned with fear, the woman a few steps away already.
The woman lowered her head. She wiped her face with her hands. “Away.”
She bolted up a tower of junk, almost invisible in the cold night. Her hood flew off and her golden hair wove as she ran. Her sorrowful, tear-ridden face was now a little visible in the dark. She reached the top, and leaped off the mound. The air beneath her lit and blue energy began to take shape, the shape of a dragon. It flew away, a sparking light, until it was dark again and the speck was gone.
The girl turned and looked back at the bundle, making her way towards it.
“Oh, you,” she whispered. “Little Staticholder…… a….. little guy.” She didn’t really understand. She didn’t understand why this had to happen.
The bundle stirred now, awakening, but no voice came yet. Little eyes were still shut tight. The young girl crouched down to look at it again. This time she was alone. Confused thoughts raged through her head. She wondered if, for a few moments, she could take it, and she thought maybe she could run away and be free of the future her parents promised her and instead try to make a life with a child- no, that would never work. The idea was insane. She knew it had to be left here. He had to be left here.
Still, she felt an odd connection that was there, even if she had never seen him until these past few hours. Perhaps it was sympathy, or perhaps it was a weirdly quick bond from staring at a sleeping baby, or maybe… it was just an automatic family tie, like as if blood was a path to loving.
“You’re not exactly my blood, are you though,” she said silently. “We still both have something from my parents though, I guess. I-”
The bundle stirred again and eyes screwed as if they were trying so so hard to do something. And then miraculously the eyes opened for the first time she had ever seen.
“....They. They’re like mine,” she breathed in awe. Light blue as if reflecting the lightning that ran always through the Staticholder family’s veins. Man to man to man to the two sisters, and their name would end on their branch.
Her heart twisted and she looked down at the little charm that had been given to the baby. Self-control let go and she knew she had to make herself some connection to him. She reached down to take it in her hands, and then a separate little hand reached out and touched her own. She smiled more sadly than she had ever frowned.
It was over quickly, and she dragged her hand back, and slipped the metallic charm in a pocket.
“Agh, typical. Now I have to figure out how to make sure you get in as soon as possible and I get out of here so I don’t get caught. She just bolted it outta here, and now I have no way home either, huh.” Yeah, sure her sister had quite a lot on her mind with all…. This. But was it really an excuse to just dumbly leave her in this desert? She hadn’t even reached her true potential let alone been able to conjure an energy dragon, how the hell was she going to get out- right. The kid first.
No need to think up a storm of a plan. The girl stood up and banged loudly on the door, immediately scampering away to hide behind a pile of trash.
She poked her head out for a second, until suddenly the latch of the door opened. “Hello?” She heard a very tired voice of a woman say. The girl peeked out, and saw someone about 40, which she supposed was surprisingly old to raise a child. “Oh! Oh dear, what’s this? Ed?”
A similar-aged looking man stepped out. “By golly,” he exclaimed. “It seems we have ourselves a dilemma, honey.”
The girl narrowed an eyebrow, slightly confused about the odd way the couple spoke.
“Dilemma? Well, I’d hardly say that’s the word. It doesn’t have to be,” the woman replied. “I mean look at it. What a cute little….” a pause, “guy!”
“There’s a note,” Ed said.
The girl took one last look at the situation and sighed. She supposed she should probably go back to her house before her parents found her out of bed. She quickly snuck away, back through the illuminated sign, and to the road in the desert.
“Yugh. I’m gonna have to walk all on my own now, huh.” She said disappointedly. She began the path down the road in the sharp, cold night.
She pulled back her hood, and began to ponder as people who walk often do. She reached into her pocket and pulled out the charm, moving it about to observe the starlight’s effect on its shiny surface.
A familiar car pulled past, a rare sight in this area especially at this time, and stopped suddenly. The window rolled down and a face poked out. “Rhon? Is that you?” it asked.
“Ah FSM, Irene? What are you doing here?”
“I could ask the same, and even more relevantly, about you! Get in! Where’re your fancy whozits and whatnot? Can’t you pull yourself around in those?”
“They’re just small remote-control prototypes,” the girl named Rhon mumbled, dragging herself into the surprisingly nice passenger seat. “I’m not making mobiles at twelve-”
“Alright, alright,” Irene said defensively. She rolled up her window and quickly drove on. “Hey, I am taking you to your house ASAP right now. For real what are you doing-”
“I MAY or MAY NOT have went with Lib to take care of the problem, you know the problem where she didn’t have enough to take care of more than herself-”
“NO you DIMWIT!” Rhon yelled, and sighed to herself after, rubbing her forehead. “We brought him to the Walkers.”
“Ah, good choice,” Irene said. She seemed to recover easily. “FSM… a twelve year old shouldn’t have to go through this.”
“Yeah, well, I’m not a child, unlike her,” she said almost in a growl.
The car stayed in silence for a while.
“Sorry,” Rhon said suddenly.
“It’s alright, you’re starting to be a teenager after all, most of them say things like this,” Irene replied coolly.
But it was never this intense or weird between us, Rhon thought.
As if reading her thoughts, Irene piped up and said, “It’s just that this whole situation seems a little… shocking, eh?” She smiled like she knew what she did.
Rhon gave her the most disappointed look. It was an odd situation there in that car with a young girl being more serious and having gone through more than a well-established adult. “Ah, well… how have things been going, I haven’t really talked to you much since this all… happened. How’re you and that noodle boy getting along?”
“Hardly a boy,” Irene smiled. “Ah, he did used to be so young. He was only somewhat older than his apprentice when he was teaching him.”
“Ah, the infamous… did you hear about him?”
“Rumors have been going around,” Irene answered, frowning. “But… he left Chen a long, long time ago. Chen would know nothing now.”
“Wonder why,” Rhon commented.
“Yeah,” Irene said. “The man is crazy. But secretive, and well, he’s just wonderful, and it really is going pretty great with him. I-in fact, I should probably use this chance to tell you.”
Irene just stuttered. Irene never stuttered.
“You may have just had your baby situation. But now you can have real hope with me, I guess-”
“Holy. Shi-”
“YES, okay, I am, I do have a. Situation that I love that I have and I guess that’s just news for you and WOO yes there!” Irene shouted.
Rhon clapped. “Aa, nice! Cool! Wow, that’s new, huh.”
“Yeah,” Irene said.
More happy silence.
“We’re an odd couple, you know that?” the older woman said suddenly. “I mean, how did we even get to be like this, a young kid like you and… a person like me?”
“I dunno,” Rhon shrugged. “I s’pose friendships are just wild like that.”
The care came to a stop by Rhon’s home, but not right in front of it lest her parents wake up. “Ah, thanks for grabbing me outta that desert, the timing was perfect.”
“Yeah, I’m great, I know,” Irene joked. “Now do go get in your house. It’s so damn late ya crazy kid.”
She bolted off and snuck around the front of the house until she reached a window. She took a step onto it and climbed to the top of it, then onto the roof, and then she quickly dove into the window up there. Her room was just as how she had left it that night, thankfully. She dove into her covers, too tired to stare at the “Cyrus Borg: Kid Genius”-and-like posters on her walls for a few minutes before falling back asleep. She grabbed a blue dragon plushie and hugged it to her heart.
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fan-writer02 · 2 years ago
Have a blind Astrid AU. I don’t think I’ve posted this one yet, truth be told, I can’t remember. XD But if I did just lemme know and I’ll delete it. This isn’t much anyhow, just a pointless drabble I wrote up for no good reason. I just figured, what if Astrid was somehow wounded in the battled against Grimmel, and loses her sight? Here’s a little insight on the subject. (haha, I’m so funny :PP)
People would ask: How much do you remember? She would always laugh, because it seemed like they expected her to forget. How could she forget when it was all she had?
He had a round nose. Big emerald eyes (Not green, they were more then that. They shone and sparkled.) and big ears. He had a gap-toothed smile- auburn hair. With her little braids behind those comical ears of his. And... he'd had hair constantly flapping over his eyes. She'd brush it aside. He'd grin. 
Oh. He had freckles. So many freckles. All across his nose and cheeks, the back of his neck. On his shoulders. His hands, even. 
And scars. His left leg was only half there. He had a scar on his chin, a long smooth white scar on his right hand. And an entire chip out of his left index finger was gone. From the forge work. He had a splattered burn scar below his elbow. 
He was tall. Taller then Fishlegs. But he'd never been as tall as Stoick. She was okay with that, for if he'd been any taller, she wouldn't be able to plant a kiss on his cheek. 
Once, after they'd married, he'd begun to let his peach fuzz grow. She'd betted he wouldn't be able to grow a beard at all "with those chin whiskers", but turned out he could. At first, she wasn't sure she liked it. Now, she loved it. And not just for the appeal, but also the sensible part of it as well. She could easily kiss him now without missing his lips. (And Hiccup had gloated it up, that cheeky blither. Telling her he'd finally beat her at something: growing whiskers. She'd threatened to shave it off while he slept, though she never ever would even if she wanted to.)
She remembered, a few months after the "incident", Hiccup had been extra quiet one evening as they sat in front of the fire. She prompted him to tell her what was wrong, and finally he did. 
"My braids." He said lowly. He paused, and she waited. "I- they've fallen out now. Both of them." 
Her heart danced. So he did like them. Of course he did, she knew he did, no matter how many times he said they bugged him. A smile tickled the corner of her lips.
"Yes?" She prompted. 
He shifted uncomfortably. "Um... W-well... to tell the truth, I was sort of wondering- well you see..." 
She laughed quietly and turned in his arms. She lifted her hands, gently searching for his ears. They weren't hard to find, and she tugged on them teasingly before grabbing a hunk of hair behind them, twisting them into tight little plaques. 
It took a few tries to tie the ends, but she'd got them eventually. After the first one, she'd done a second, then a third. Then a fourth. It wasn't until she started a fifth that Hiccup protested.
"Geez, Astrid!" 
She bit her lip to keep from giggling. She finished it off, then with a little ruffle of his hair, she patted his head playfully.
"There, beautiful! I can't even see and I can tell you look like a spring daisy." This time, she did laugh. 
Hiccup grumbled about it some more, saying he'd only wanted two braids at the most, but she noticed how he didn't take them out. She made it a habit to check, and if a few were missing, she added another. 
It was one of the things they could still do together. 
But Hiccup was amazing. She'd never loved him more for it, because no matter the mistakes she made, he never gave up on her. He helped her practice throwing a weighted axe. He led her by her arm about the new Berk, helping her to get used to the roads to and from different places, and describing the progress of huts being built. The Great Hall was newly finished, so she often times found herself taking her well memorized path to it, where she'd find Valka dealing with small chiefly matter that Hiccup assigned her to.
He would always make sure she had what she needed without making it feel like she was being babysat. At first, he was clingy, staying with her wherever she went. After telling him he needed to attend his duties as chief (with assistance from Valka, Gobber, and the gang, who all urged him to do the same) he finally left her side. She appreciated his concern of course, but... she wasn't used to being so dependent. Now, she'd just have to let one of the neighbors know when she was going out, which had taken some time for her to actually give in and do. But when she realized how worried Hiccup was when she didn't, she'd swallowed her pride and done it. Plus... the "neighbors" were only Fishlegs and the twins, so it wasn't so hard.
It took getting used to, that's for sure. Especially without Stormfly...
She quickly shoved that thought out of her mind. She mustn't think about that, lest she wanted to cry.
And now, here she was, exploring one of the newest streets of Berk, lined by huts and a brand spanken new bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread tempted her to the shop door. She carefully lifted her booted foot and searched for the step. Upon finding it, she entered the room.
"Lady Astrid! What a pleasure to have you m'dear! Cookies? Straight oughta the oven!" The lovely smell wafted about her, and she readily agreed.
As she munched the cookie, she let the robust woman lead her to a table. Said woman rambled on, proudly explaining what had been done to make the building as fine as it was. (Or so she said. For all Astrid knew the walls could be a wild assortment of blue's, greens, yellows, and polka dots with stripes.)
After being trapped into talking with the proud woman for about an hour, Astrid finally managed to leave. She nearly tripped over the forgotten step, but quickly caught herself before she fell flat on her face. She scolded herself under her breath for neglecting to remember it was there. She had to get better at that. She back tracked down the street the way she came. The air was cool, the sun must've set. And as full as her belly was with three cookies and a slice of bread, she longed for something warm and sustaining. So, she turned left and headed up the familiar path for the Great Hall. She hoped Hiccup could be found there. But she didn't even have a chance to reach it before someone stepped up beside her from the few mingling people in the street. She stiffened only for a moment, relaxing when she realized it was Hiccup himself. She was surprised she hadn't noticed him approaching, usually she could hear the pattern of his feet. He shuffled more then others, with his leg.
A kiss pecked her cheek, and she smiled. "Hello, my beautiful wife." Hiccup sniffed. "Ohh, you smell good. Better then usual." 
"I stopped at Mrs. Angus's bakery. She preened like a bird."
Hiccup laughed, tucking an arm around her waist and pulling her close. "I'm sure! She was a tyrant to work for, though. Picky as picky could be. The first building on that block to be completed, all the fellows were fed up working for her." 
They walked in silence for a few seconds. Hiccup moved his arm from around her waist to pick up her hand, instead. Astrid's heart burst with happiness. She knew people might look at her and feel pity, but by golly, she couldn't remember a happier time in her life.
Who needed to see when she had everything she had? A loving and supportive husband, great friends, and a lovely home. Even without the sense of sight, she could tell New Berk was beautiful. And no matter what happened, she couldn't be more grateful for what she had. She just couldn't think about what she was living without, and all would be well.
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KILLING EVE - S2 Ep 5 & 6
If anyone, perhaps a critic, is out there telling you this show no longer makes an inch of sense for reasons such as Villanelle somehow morphing into the gang’s unarrested assassin-spy on retainer, they are right, but they are wrong to suggest this might be bad. This is a time-honored trope that has finally illustrated to me that this show is operating under STAR TREK RULES, like: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Also Close, Close Enough To Casually Drop By For Flirtings. She’s Garak now, and I (a cool critic) am personally very happy with this, because it is way fun, and because I don’t think these situations actually lessen the dangerous character’s danger at all, as now they have even more opportunities and even more goodwill to abruptly upend when they suddenly flash all their teeth at you and murder someone in front of your face. Oh, she’s also Magneto isn’t she. Hah I love this type!
Season 2, Episode 5 - ‘Smell Ya Later’
Jodie Comer has…..really nice lips it’s just gotta be said
I knew this drink would be pink
pfffffttt Jess and Eve lip-dubbing the yelling man!! 😂🙌
in fact!!! I’ve *just* learned that pregnancies wreck your teeth!! when I started my new job they were giving us a rundown of our health & dental benefits and they mentioned pre-natal care and me and my fellow uterus-having pal were like ..huh? and yeah apparently they just don’t tell people who can bear babies this as part of like, any of our schooling or basic medical care. presumably once you get pregnant they’ll reveal that one to you?? but yeah babies steal the calcium right out of your teeth. just what the fuck.
“I think Charles might have lost his touch in Afghanistan. As well as his leg.” Jess I choked.
Tumblr media
listen the Ghost is also a babe. everyone on this show: babe.
wow WHO says that! is there an assassins online community where Villanelle’s like, the local cryptid? someone: did I ever tell you about the time I think I almost crossed paths with Villanelle? everyone: oOOOOOoohh my god!!!1!!tell tell tell!!
Eve massaging pregnant Jess’s feet for her as they spitball the case, wonderful. Ladies Be Workin’
Tumblr media
this is the face of a woman who is a) not joking, b) about to live out her fantasy for work
(the fantasy being putting a hit out for Villanelle to kill her, obviously)
oh shit. now who’s the ghost. no paper trail on Eve, Carolyyyyn! you’re smart and you’re ruthless
“This is a little hurtful, you were pretty happy to shoot me.” lol Konstantin
Konstantin with the Bedelia approach: you need to kill your crush because they’re fucking you up. bae makes you weak and stupid knock it off!
this man and his PowerPoint are A+
wait, do any of them actually think Villanelle is a psychopath? like, in these broad of strokes?
I liked this “think about it as taking away instead of adding” thing, but then he lost me hugely with the “not a human being” thing. psychopaths make up a non-negligible portion of the human population my dude!
this smash cut from the bellboy asking “Can I do anything else?” to him petting Vill’s head awkwardly in his lap in a facsimile of comfort is so choice
Niko & Eve’s relationship really is cute when it’s going well
hey looooooove that Bad Presentation Guy was all a SUBTERFUGE, he was just there to get a professional fitness eval on Eve!
this antique shop owner was introduced holding a dachshund
Horny Hugo is the only one who actually has his head on straight here though, really, vis à vis the ~nature~ of this relationship. Hugo, Villanelle obviously, somewhat Konstantin. not Eve or the rest of her team.
oh EXCEPT for Kenny, who may have the best notion of any of them! poor Kenny. also Eve how can you threaten him, he can just counter by threatening to tell Carolyn what he knows that she doesn’t and you don’t want him to do that. this should be a stalemate.
I mean, who among us has not fantasized about pushing a rude man in front of a train. don’t usually do the murder-hover though.
um Eve’s wedding ring is gr9
oh you’re just gonna take off the vest, c’mon
there ya go
Sandra Oh in just this soft loose tank top with her hair down is of course actually a super sexy look
also love SO much that Villanelle is, by contrast, in full fascinator and lace. get you a couple who can do both.
the champagne, in MUGS, dropping the phone in, god all of this is real good
Vill look! she cares so much!
oh shit Eve! you have her shooketh!
damn damn damn, she’s taking the pills!!! they both have tears in their eyes! the D R A M A !
Villanelle is having THE TIME OF HER FUCKING LIFE. because the emotions are real! Eve really did that and it was incredible! and Villanelle got to experience all that while also knowing she was going to get to shriek at her that it was poison and then laugh because she got her, it was a joke. THE TIME OF HER LIFE.
lol of course Carolyn and Konstantin are just chillin in a cool vintage-looking Mercedes together outside her house. these two have been playing everyone and have been working together this whole time, right?
ooooh gosh what’s she whispering to herself. also what is her real name, I still just know her as the Ghost
overhead straight-down forest shots yeah yeah
these poor security guards just do not know what to do with this glamorous woman in a floor length black evening dress standing casually by a tree in the middle of the woods, boredly waiting
Eve! yes you do want to watch why aren’t you going in! what if Villanelle just kills her in a fit of pique or something?
yeah Eve I’m with Villanelle, why are you so distracted when you’ve got Villanelle right there
Tumblr media
…..oh my god this is her ~Oxford~ look. Villanelle I’m gonna scream.
Vill: “I’ve forgiven Eve. We’re friends. Well, *more than friends actua—*” Niko: “What are you talking about??” Vill: “Nikooo. We’re colleagues.” I’m just laughing. ‘oh my god they were colleagues’
“It’s so nice to finally meet you! Well, smell ya later.” this show.
Season 2, Episode 6 - ‘I Hope You Like Missionary!’
um. Sandra Oh almost threateningly sliding to her knees holding eye contact is A Lot of Sexy
hOLY SHIT, are they power role-playing now??? DAMN THIS SHOW GETTING REAL SEXUAL
Eve is now seductively crawling away to go up the stairs I would not make this up!!
while Villanelle watches from outside in the rain, oh my golly god
oh Kenny. poor Kenny. just comes into the kitchen in the morning and his mom’s various lovers are whisking eggs at each other while she sips juice.
Tumblr media
necessary screencap of Fiona Shaw with juice btw, for the Carolyn Crew
Vill’s method for fucking with someone’s home is really top notch. just plucking off one leaf of a plant, swapping CDs, popping your toothbrush in her mouth and wandering around
Carolyn is hating on breakfast/eggs while wearing AirPods, and frankly has never tested my affections more than in this moment
Hugo: “Getting someone close to Peel is about as easy as getting a sex offender into a convent.” Jess: “So quite easy then.” Nina Sosanya’s line deliveries have just been SO funny lately
I am fascinated by the development that MI6 no longer cares that this assassin walks free, that they just know where Villanelle and Konstantin are and like, hang out
ah y’know what, I think I’ve figured out what I’m enjoying about this: they have no shame about just openly orchestrating plot situations because it would be fun, à la: Star Trek! I love Star Trek! create a situation where Villanelle just runs through a bunch of accents she can do, go for it, I’ll make popcorn!
aw, her New York accent is only so-so. for some reason this is very endearing to me.
“Moscow Rules” Moscow Rules!!! “Cold War-Analog” Cold War-Analog
oh so hold ON, yeah Carolyn has never met Villanelle face to face before! and GAME RECOGNIZES GAME. mostly from Vill’s end, she’s being flattering but it feels rooted in a genuine clocking of how much Carolyn is “boss”
okay there’s a number of sounds that are off but there are other parts of this NY American accent Jodie is NAILING and when she does I’m astounded
heh, I like that the addict group can smell her bullshit. been there, sweetheart
it’s suddenly occurring to me that Villanelle’s particular ~psychopath spectrum~ brain makeup could in fact be likely to lead her into substance addiction for these exact boredom reasons, so we are maybe lucky (“lucky”) she’s just addicted to Eve
but also I don’t exactly trust her “truth” here because she literally has a single tear course down her cheek and overall her face looks VERY DIFFERENT when she really properly actually for reals cries in Amsterdam (IT WAS AMAZING, I STILL THINK ABOUT THAT PERFORMANCE)
one problem with this show is that it does make shit like what Villanelle just did very narratively satisfying, and then you’re like oh god oh no, did I just find murder satisfying?? which is similar but different to Hannibal, in which it was aw shit did I just find murder #aesthetic
I swear to god, half the times Carolyn is in a scene we learn some new odd specific thing about her interests and pastimes. this is REMARKABLE. anyway she’s now she’s a fencer
Carolyn knows what really happened with the bus and just doesn’t want Eve to say it out loud, right? not out of secrecy because she did just say a bunch of names and part of the plan, but because We Are Ignoring This
Villanelle likes Konstantin as her handler but she would probably find Eve telling her to kill someone suuuuuper hot
“What? Why do rich people talk like children?”
okay a lot of questions. 1. is Niko staying with the other teacher? really?? 2. the school knows this??? how??
from the first glance I thought oh of course her place is going to be Instagram Twee, but then a poster of those babies in pots… no girl no, that’s just sad.
okay the woman has twinkle lights and pom-pom strings eeeverywhere. you get like, two strands. this is coming from someone who absolutely has a strand of twinkle lights draped around a big old mirror
okay gal, I don’t know your name, but you do not get to ask to be left out of a couple’s situation when you are DATING A MARRIED MAN MERE DAYS AFTER HE MOVED OUT. you are not some sort of bystander!!!! you’re IN this!!!
“You’re right. There’s *nothing* happening here.” savage.
oh wow good lord the Peel siblings are bonkers
haha aw, Konstantin loves when Villanelle comes up with covers on the spot. he loves that girl, much as she pains him.
whaaaat language is that!
Greek! Greek? “some kind of Greek” there are kinds, Konstantin?
looooolllll he has a secret passage bookcase, of course he does. adore that she thinks she triggered it by pulling out a book---the classic method.
it amuses me that Konstantin is so chill and unworried and just snacking away while Eve frets
yeah he’s a HUGE bully. I hate him and his smug superior face.
a resounding smack
Villanelle what are you going to do to these girls!! do not turn them into gyros!!! we are not going full Hannibal here okay!!
Killing Eve Watch-Notes
Season One: Ep 1 & 2 - Nice Face, I’ll Deal With Him Later | Ep 3 & 4 - Don’t I Know You?, Sorry Baby | Ep 5 & 6 - I Have a Thing About Bathrooms, Take Me To the Hole! | Ep 7 & 8 - I Don’t Want To Be Free, God, I’m Tired
Season Two: Ep 1 - Do You Know How To Dispose of a Body? | Ep 2 - Nice and Neat | Ep 3 & 4 - The Hungry Caterpillar, Desperate Times
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nicolewoo · 2 years ago
The Party
Jensen Ackles X Reader
Genre: smut, BDSM
Warning: blatant spanking and fucking.
He'd been wound so tight lately. Work had been especially stressful. He would come home on edge and exhausted every single night for a month, usually with a pile of paperwork to do.
I was getting edgy from being horny, but I didn't dare press him. Instead, I did everything I could to make him happy, to relieve his stress, but the worse he got, the farther he pulled away from me.
It was time to re-up our contract, and I felt like he was done with me. That's why I did it. I needed him back. I needed my Jensen back.
He had gone to so much trouble to pick out the perfect dress for me, but I couldn't let him know how much I appreciated it.
“Open it.” Jensen said while setting the large box down on the bed. He had such a short fuse lately, I dreaded what I was about to do, but it was necessary.
I intentionally  fumbled  around while opening the big box; trying to let him think it was just my innate clumsiness. Jensen started fidgeting; which was never a good sign. Usually, he was in complete control of his body... and mine. “C'mon!” he barked.
I opened the box and nearly gasped in pleasure. Stifling that impulse, I looked at the big box. In front of me was the most beautiful Jade green gown I'd ever seen. I could imagine how it would feel brushing against my body as I moved. There were 2 stunning silver shoes in the box, and a classy green clutch. He knew me so well, and he had chosen everything with great care. Especially given his recent mood, this warmed my heart. It was so kind of him. I hadn't seen any kindness for weeks. What I was about to do was going to break both of our hearts.
“I.....” I started, but had to take a breath before I continued. I steeled myself. “This is really nice, Sir, but I wanted to wear my silver dress tonight.”
The glare he sent my way was painful to look at. “Excuse me?” he almost roared. “I go through all this trouble, and you don't appreciate it?”
And there it was. The anger was so immense it became a presence in the room. I resisted the urge to recoil away from him. “I need to do this. He needs me to do this. Be strong Y/N.”
“Sir, I don't mean to be ungrateful. I just love the silver dress.”
I saw his hand twitch at his side as waves of anger rolled through the room. I was defiantly going to pay for this. “Sorry body.” I said to myself.
Jensen was no longer able to control the anger in his voice. “I don't give a flying fuck what you want to wear.” He roared. “I went to a ton of trouble to get you this, and you would prefer to wear that slutty silver dress instead? You WILL wear this tonight.” He stared right into my eyes. “Do you understand me?”
That was as far as I wanted to push this, but I needed him to lose his control. I turned my eyes downward. “Yes, sir” I said far too quietly for his liking.
“Excuse me! I can't hear you!” He yelled.
“Yes, sir.” I said firmly.
Jensen opened his mouth to say something, but stopped himself. He walked out of the room as he said, “I don't have time for this shit. You've got 30 minutes to get ready, and not ONE minute more.”
I had failed. After 6 months together, I thought I knew how to push his buttons, but everything I'd done fell short of getting him to snap. “and now you'll lose him.” Tears began to fall. I sat on the edge of my bed looking at the beautiful gown, the shoes, the purse. As I started to remove the contents of the box, I found a stunning lingerie set under the dress. He had really gone all out for tonight. “I couldn't get him to lose control, but I can try to make him happy now.” I removed the dress and hung it up. I grabbed hanger and dress and put them in the bathroom. Turning on the shower with hot water, I prayed that there was enough time to steam any wrinkles out of the dress.
I slid on the gorgeous green silk camisole and the green lace underwear. They were truly stunning. I looked in the mirror. Yes. Yes he'd like this. As I sat at my makeup table, there was a light knocking on the door. “It's Julie,” a reassuring voice called. Julie was the housekeeper here, and had quickly become a friend of mine. We had both been worried about Jensen.
“Come in.” I called, half relieved it wasn't him and half dreading that it wasn't him.
Julie didn't say a word. She came to the makeup table and hugged me from behind. “Did it work?” she questioned. My tears started falling again. I tried to answer, but I couldn't. “No. No. No.” she soothed as she grabbed a tissue to wipe my face. “Don't start crying.... You can't have puffy eyes and a runny nose tonight.” She was right, of course. She always was. “I'm not giving up on this yet.” she assured me. “We still have time. Now you just have to be perfect tonight, and I know you can do it.” She grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair. It was a kind motherly gesture that really did calm me.
“I'm out of ideas.” I whimpered. “This is going to be the end. I just know it.”
Julie stopped brushing and knelt beside me. She gently took my hands. “No. I don't believe it.”  She used the tissue to wipe away some tears. “He loves you. I know he does.” she said gently. “Let's get you ready, and think of how we are going to handle this. I brought the steamer for the dress.” That calmed me a bit. I may not be able to fix this, but at least I'll look great for our last big outing together.
Julie and I talked while I did my hair and makeup and she steamed my dress and helped me get ready. Before I left the room, Julie gently hugged me again and quietly whispered “He won't be able to keep his hands off you in this dress.” As she handed me my clutch, I prayed that she was right.
I came down the stairs 4 minutes early, and found Jensen in the foyer reading an email on his phone.
He turned to me, and I had to stifle a gasp. Jensen, in a tuxedo. I knew I'd never get tired of seeing it, but my awe was squashed when I realized, this may be the last time I saw him in a tux. He had a pleased smile on his face that didn't reach his eyes. “You look beautiful,” He said as he met me at the bottom of the stairs. “I need you to be on your best behavior.” He crooked a finger under my chin and made me look into his eyes. “Will you be good?” His eyes.... His stunning green eyes... Normally they calmed my soul... Tonight, there was no kindness in them... He was strictly business tonight.
“I will, sir.” I stated.
“You better,” he said as he released my chin.
Jensen had hired a car to take us to the party. The driver's kind manner was met with nothing but silence and a glare from Jensen. I offered a couple of smiles in apology for Jensen's behavior.
After we climbed in and got situated, I decided to try one more time. “May I ask what this party is for?”
Jensen turned his head toward me with spite in his eyes. “No.” He turned away. We spent the rest of the ride in silence.
The house we drove up to was impressive. Not only was it giant, it was beautiful. It reminded me of a Baroque cathedral. Being Jensen's sub had introduced me to many of life's finer things, but this house stunned me. It was a house? Wasn't it? As the driver came around to open my door, I thought that I might be walking into a museum.
Jensen thanked the driver and took my arm. “Let's go!” Jensen spat out quietly, but not without anger.
I didn't even bother to answer. I simply matched his stride.
The mansion we entered was even more amazing inside. Fine works of art hung on the walls, chandeliers twinkled. Marble floors tapped as my heals touched them. Wood practically shined from polishing. A string quartet played from another room. It was palatial. I was in complete awe. My eyes tried to drink in every work of art, but there wasn't time. Jensen let out a soft chuckle. “I thought you'd like the art.” he said.
Was he softening? I could only hope. “Yes, sir.” I replied.
It was then that I saw our hostess, Alanna, headed our way. “Jensen, Y/N. Thank you for coming.
“We wouldn't have missed it for the world.” Jensen sounded downright happy, and I turned to see a huge, warm smile on his face. “Fucking actor.” I thought to myself. “Thank you for inviting us.” I smiled as Alanna and I leaned in to kiss each other's cheeks.
Alanna was a tall, beautiful blonde in her 50's. She was rumored to be the harshest Dom in the country, and this reputation, as well as her age, meant she was a mother figure to many subs, myself included. If a dom was unhappy with a sub, it was ofte Alanna who contacted the sub to discuss our behavior. In return, she kept the doms in line, although I suspected part of that was to uphold her title as the harshest.
“You look beautiful.” She smiled warmly at me. “Go get some drinks and appetizers,” She led us to a large living room off the foyer.
I looked through the rooms. Beautiful people everywhere. Beautiful gowns and Tuxedos. I was still amazed that Jensen thought I belonged in this posh life, and I was grateful for the beautiful dress he'd give me to wear. As Jensen was greeting people, I thought to myself how funny it would have been to show up in that slutty silver dress. I can't believe he thought I was actually going to wear it. The jovial thought died when I remembered that this would probably be my last party with him. I tried desperately to sear the memory of this moment into my head. Jensen looking so happy as he greeted others.
As we walked through the foyer greeting people, I started realizing that everyone I knew in the room was part of the BDSM lifestyle. What the heck was this? Some sort of kinky sex party? My stomach turned at the thought. Oh good golly. Another realization started blooming in my head. MANY of the guests were TV and Movie stars. The more I looked around, the more stars I saw.
For a fleeting second, I thought that this party may be to end contracts and re-sign with other doms. Could Jensen have brought me here to get rid of me and find a new sub? I started to feel dizzy.
“You ok?” Jensen asked. I must have gone pale, because there was genuine concern on his face.
“Yes, sir” I answered. Surely, a party this fancy wasn't some sick sex party. “Get a hold of yourself” I thought. A couple of deep breaths later I had re-gained my composure.
Jensen led me into a huge living room. Guests were everywhere; sitting on couches, standing in groups scattered about and even ordering drinks at a makeshift bar. A server approached us with flutes filled with champagne. Jensen grabbed 2 flutes and handed one to me. I don't know how he could keep that fake smile on his face as he practically pushed the drink into my hand and told me to drink.
Not only was I done trying to argue with him, the idea of taking the edge off my tension had me sipping too quickly. As guests came and greeted us, and Jensen started to relax seeing so many of his friends, I downed half of the glass of champagne quickly. It started working; soothing my tense muscles and calming my nerves.
Eventually, I heard the ting of a butter knife on a glass. Everyone quickly quieted, Alanna, standing with a stunningly handsome man was announcing dinner. We filed into a grand hall filled with round tables. There were flowers and candles everywhere. Salads were already on the table, and servers gathered our drink orders as we sat.
Dinner was lovely. Jensen was relaxing with every minute, and started acting like himself again. We had the honor of sitting with Alanna and her gentleman. I complimented her on the success of the party, and she warmly thanked me. Jensen even looked over and gave me a slight nod to praise my compliment. Ok. Maybe the dress and the party were working. Maybe I could get MY Jensen back. “Don't get your hopes up.” I warned myself. The past few months with him had been wonderful, but I was certain it was over. I needed to just be happy to have the great memories.
As dinner wrapped up, the guests went back to mingling. Everyone was having a great time, and as I adjusted the way I thought about our time together, I started enjoying myself too.
About a half an hour after dinner, I noticed a few of the gentlemen excusing themselves. Liam came to tell Jensen it was time. “Time? Time for what?” My mind flashed back to the thought that this was some sort of sub swap party. If Jensen thought I was ready to get a new Dom, he was wrong. If he wasn't willing to up my contract, I'd take some time off. I didn't want anyone else. Jensen left with the other men, leaving me alone.
It was then that the other subs approached me. Karen, Anna, Jen, Kelly, Stephanie and Stacey had all lost their dates to whatever the meeting was down the hall. “What the hell is going on?” I asked quietly to the ladies assembled around me.
“You don't know?” Anna asked me. “We don't know either.”
I hesitated as I asked, “Do... Do you think this could be.... some sort of.... swap party?” I asked.
That warranted a round of laughter from the women.
Despite my attempt to be quiet, Alanna was walking by and heard my question. “That's not our style.” she placed a reassuring hand on my arm. “Tonight is all about having a good time, but our group doesn't swap. Not in my house anyway.” That calmed me, but it didn't answer the larger question. Why were we here? Before I could ask, Alanna left, going to join the men who'd left the party.
I resigned myself to waiting. I listened as the others talked about their jobs, their doms, their families. Stacey was proud to show off the bracelet she'd gotten when Brad had re-signed their contract last month. It was quite stunning, but then she'd been with Brad for years.
“Why doesn't he just marry you already?” Kelly asked Stacey.
“It's not like we don't know you two will stay together forever.” Jen said.
Stacey blushed a bit, “Well, we have started talking about it” she admitted earning her a round of congratulations.
I listened and answered when appropriate, but I couldn't get my mind off the meeting where our men and Alana were. Each minute that passed made me more tense.
“Are you ok,” Stacey asked me.
I said yes, but Kelly was quick to say “Bull! What's going on?”
“I just....” I stopped taking a breath to keep myself from crying. “It's time to re-sign our contract, and I don't think Jensen wants to.” That warranted a round of sad looks from the women around me. “He's been so stressed out from work lately. He's terse and angry all the time.” I admitted. All of the women tried to comfort me, but we all knew what it was like when a contract ended before we were ready. I would be discarded like yesterday's mail, and left to deal with a broken heart.
“Ok,” Stephanie said, “Enough of the sad talk. He's going to do what he's going to do, and we shouldn't ruin our night because of something that MIGHT.....” Stephanie was cut off by Alanna joining our group.
“Come with me,” she said to me, giving no clue of her mood or what was about to happen. As we walked away, a couple of the women patted me on the shoulder to show their support.
“Oh no! Tell me he's not going to dump me the party.... in front of his friends.” Every step toward the room crushed my hope even more.
The room I entered was a monument to masculinity with its dark wood walls, oversized brown leather furniture and even a deer head on the wall. I found Jensen and a handful of other men lounging on huge leather chairs and couches smoking cigars and drinking what I guessed was brandy.
“Come here!” Jensen barked at me. I came to stand by his side like a good sub. I may not like how tonight was going, but I certainly wasn't going to embarrass him by not behaving as asked... unless....
I didn't have time to even finish my thought before he placed his hand on my hip close to my ass very gently and started brushing his thumb over my silk gown. “Gentlemen, can we have the room?”
None of the men were even slightly surprised. “Fuck! This is it.” I thought. Alanna shot me a gentle look as she ushered the other men from the room.
Jensen stood, not looking at me. He was moving and behaving as if he was ready to dominate me. My first instinct was to kneel, but I didn't want to wrinkle the beautiful dress. I bowed my head and looked at the floor. He walked over to a closet and took off his suit coat and tie and hung them up. The wait was torturing me, and he knew it. He enjoyed it. “Bastard” I thought.
He walked up behind me, close enough that I could feel the heat of his body. “Do you know why I called you in here?”
“I'm... I'm not sure, sir” I replied. Shit! I had stuttered. He hated stuttering.
I heard him sigh disappointed. I expected him to explode, but instead, his voice was low and calm. In some ways it was worse. “I'll ignore the stutter given the situation.” He leaned even closer so I could feel his breath on my ear. “Do you know why I'm upset with you?” His hot breath in my ear and his dominating tone of voice sent a shiver down my spine and right to my core. I was turned on and scared at the same time. Was he planning on disciplining me HERE? I was partially excited. A discipline meat we could relieve some of his stress and show him why we were so good together.... as well as relieving my frustrations, but what if he didn't? What if he was about to tell me he's done with me?
“Yes, sir.” I said steadily.
Jensen walked around me until he was in front of me. “Look up!” he barked as he lifted my chin with his finger. “Why am I mad at you?”
Looking in his eyes when he was being dominate was difficult, but I had to do everything right if I was going to salvage this relationship. I steeled myself and answered. “I was ungrateful, sir.” I said. “You went to a lot of trouble to buy me this beautiful dress, these shoes and the amazing lingerie, and I didn't appreciate it, sir.”
Jensen paused, looking deep into my eyes. It felt like he could see all the way into my core. “You! Were! Ungrateful!” He spit out the words. I saw him take a breath to calm himself, but out of the corner of my eye, I also saw his hands shake a bit. “Look down!” he comaded, and I obeyed. “Now, that we are here, at this party, would you like to say anything about the situation?”
“Sir!” I said firmly. “I now see that you were right. The other dress would have been inappropriate here. I should have known that you knew better, and even if I didn't, I should have been grateful for your gifts.”
I waited a few seconds. “Yes.” he said curtly, but then he reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt. Was this it? Had I FINALLY gotten him to snap? “Please, please, please let me be right.” He untucked his shirt and finished unbuttoning then slowly walked over to the closet and hung the shirt up. He walked up behind me and began to unzip the back of my dress. I was over the moon. He intended to play. He intended to punish me! Although this wasn't confirmation of his intention to re-sign me, it was a great start, and I really was dying to fuck him. I could feel my core begin to grow wet and warm as he hung my dress up.
He returned to stand in front of me and surveyed the lingerie. “I chose well,” he admitted. You look lovely in this.” He reached for a strap on my shoulder and ran his finger between the strap and my shoulder. “But you are still in trouble.” He walked away, leaving me wet and horny and scared. He took a seat in a chair. “Stand in front of me.” He said sternly. I did. “Turn around” he indicated that I should have my ass in his face. His hand brushed over one of my cheeks softly, then he reached with both hands and yanked my underwear off. “Kneel on the coffee table.” He gently pushed me forward. I did as asked and expected a spank.... instead he leaned back in the chair and sat. My ass, my pussy was all right there in front of him. “Are you wet?” he asked. Fuck yes!
“Yes, sir.” I agreed.
“Of course you are. You're my little slut.” He said. “My bad little slut.” He stood and took no time to warn me. His hand came down on my ass harder than it ever had before. Normally, he would follow with a slight massage, but not tonight. Tonight, he continued spanking. One cheek, the next cheek, each hit harder and harder. I was well past it feeling good and into intense pain. He kept going. Grunting as he spanked. He moved slightly to the side to get better aim. He hit even harder after. I was reaching my limit.
I knew he needed this release. I knew he needed to get his stress out, but I wasn't sure how much more I could take of this. I held out as long as I could while he pounded my ass with the hardest hits he could manage. “Yellow” I squeaked. He stopped instantly. I could hear him breathing heavy as if he'd just finished running. The break was almost worse, because the pain in my ass turned to a sharp sting. One tear rolled out of my eye and onto the table.
“I'm sorry,” He gasped as he saw the tear. I expected him to massage my ass, but instead he came behind me and began to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could. He was like a wild dog rutting into me. I reveled in the feel of him filling me up... one hand pulling my hair as he fucked all of his frustration away. It didn't take him long to finish, and I had yet to cum, but he didn't seem to care, and honestly, I was just grateful that he had finally gotten his frustrations out.
He dug his fingernails into my hips and yanked my hair as hard as he could when he came with a loud grunt. It was then that I began to get a glimmer of hope. He released my hip and my hair and began to rub my back and my ass for a minute before pulling out of me. I had not been given permission to move, so I stayed in place. He sat back down in the chair and watched as his seed dripped out of me. My ass hurt so bad it took all of my willpower to stay still. I just wanted to cry. The pain was blinding and for a minute, I couldn't even think about the contract. All I could think about was the pain.
“There's a bathroom through the door on the right. Go get cleaned up.” He was still curt, but he did sound more relaxed. I did as he asked.
When I returned to the room, I saw he had put his shirt back on and was holding my underwear and my dress. I took the underwear and slid them back on. He held the dress as I stepped in. As he stood up, he held one of my hips and began peppering my torso with soft kisses. He stopped at my neck where he placed one kiss and took a quick bite. “Are you ok?” He lifted my chin so I faced him again. “I was very rough.” he hung his head a tiny bit as he asked.
How the fuck was I supposed to answer that? I was so NOT ok. My ass burned, my pussy had been pounded, I was still incredibly horny and I didn't know what his plans were for me. He seemed to have gotten his answer from the look on my face.
He started to walk away from me toward a huge dark wooden desk. He slid a drawer open as he said, “I've been a royal prick this month.” He admitted and I cocked an eyebrow out of habit before I contained my emotions. “You don't have to answer. I know I've been hard to live with. Not to mention, I haven't given you any outlet to release your frustrations.”Damn right.” I thought. He came up in front of me, hiding whatever was behind his back. “You've been incredibly patient and understanding, more than I've deserved.” I couldn't disagree, and when I remained silent he lifted a sealed manila envelope. “I hope this will start to make up for it.” He said as he opened the flap.
He took a deep breath, “You have pleased me tonight.” My heart breathed a sigh of relief. “You have always pleased me. I've never found another woman who can read me the way you do. Who gives me exactly what I need like you.”
I felt tears begin to well in my eyes. The relief of hearing what he said was just too much to handle. One tear ran down my cheek, and he quickly reached to brush it away, then reached into the envelope and pulled out a thin black box. Jewelry? Jewelry? Jewelry usually was reserved for long-term subs who were going to spend the rest of their lives with their dom.
I gasped as he opened the box. Jewels sparkled from inside. There, in front of me was a necklace, a bracelet and earrings... all with a beautiful emerald circled with diamonds. I.... Was.... Astounded.
“This gift is for you.” He handed me the box. “No matter how you answer my next question, I want you to keep the outfit and the jewelry. Do you understand?” I nodded in agreement. I was still not able to compose myself enough to speak. He handed me the earrings, and I put them on. He handed me the bracelet, and I put it on. Then he helped put the necklace around my neck and gently brushed my hair away as he closed the clasp. My hand automatically reached up to the necklace feeling it's cold metal against my skin. I was not a fan of jewelry, but knowing he had gone to so much trouble touched me deeply.
He stood back and looked at the completed look. The dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the lingerie had all been carefully chosen to match each other, and I was overcome by the idea that he had gone to so much trouble. “Perfect.” he said with a little smile.
“Would you like to sit with me?” he gestured toward the couch.
Panic ran through me. Sitting was going to hurt! He saw the look on my face. “I'm sorry.” he said. He wrapped his arms around me and gently rubbed my ass through the silk. “We'll stand.” He said, and I giggled a bit at the whole situation.
“So, now the question.” he began. He reached in the envelope again and pulled out a small stack of papers. “I took the liberty of drawing up a new contract.” I couldn't hide my smile at his words, and he smiled when he saw it. Ohhhhh his smile... a smirk that stretched across his whole face. There was something else in his eyes too. What was it? Relief. I realized he was relieved that I was happy to see the contract. “I'm going to ask you to re-sign with me, but this time, I'd like to extend our contract to 2 years.” He brushed my cheek with his thumb again. “Will you please say yes?” He asked.
I couldn't even talk. I just began nodding yes like a child. The tears spilled out of my eyes as the relief flooded me. I continued nodding until I could find a bit of my voice.
“Yes,” I cried. “Yes.”
He pulled my face closer to his and began to kiss me, hard, passionate as if I was water in front of a dehydrated man. “Thank you!” He said sincerely with his lips still against mine. “Thank you for your patience and understanding and love.” He hugged me tight and kissed me again. “Thank you!” We stayed looking at each other for a moment, smiling like silly schoolchildren. “I don't deserve you.” he said.
“Yes. Yes you do,” I answered softly and leaned in to kiss him again. “You've just had a tough month.”
“You're too good to me.” He answered. “Aaannnd I'm sorry you haven't cum yet. I promise to fix that when we get home.” I beamed at him with glee.
“Will you sign, then?” He asked, and we went to the desk to sign the papers.
We left the office and went to re-joined the party. Alanna was hanging at the edge of the party close to the hallway we were in. It only took her a second to notice the jewelry and see the smiles on our faces.
“Welcome back,” her smile lit up the room. “I'm glad everything went ok.”
Jensen leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. “Thank you for the use of your home.” He was fully himself again, and he squeezed my hand as he looked around the room. “I need to talk to someone before we go home. Will you excuse me?” he asked me. I nodded.
“I'm so glad you said yes” she whispered in my ear as we hugged.
“How did you.....” I asked.
She looked quite satisfied. “Darling, I've seen how he's been, and I told him to get his head out of his ass before he lost you.” I was so stunned, my jaw dropped.... not the most lady-like thing to do, and I quickly closed my mouth when Alanna stared at it. “I sat down with him last week. He told me that you had been strong and kind this past month. He told me how proud he was of you, and he told me he wanted to ask you to do a long term contract. We discussed how to make the evening special for you.” She gestured around to the party, “and here we are.”
“This whole party is for us?” I asked in awe.
“What better reason could there be?” she smirked. “I'm guessing throwing the party was the easy part....” she had a glint in her eye. “I think what happened in that room was more needed than anything. You really took a bullet for him, didn't you?” She hinted.
I didn't know how to answer. “I......uh....”
“You're a truly wise woman to go through that for him.”
“What do you mean?” I tried to look confused.
She just grinned, “You knew he needed to release stress, and how to get him to. The silver dress? Really?” All I could do was smile and chuckle. “You did very well.” she said and placed a hand on my shoulder.
By then, the other doms and subs were all staring at the new jewelry. They started to work their way over to us, congratulating me on becoming a long term. Jensen watched me from across the room with a huge smile on his face. “Does everyone here know?” I asked Alanna.
“No. No dear. Not every guest is part of the life, but they all love free food and drinks.” she chuckled. Alanna urged everyone to get back to mingling, but before she left my side, she leaned in and whispered in my ear. “There are some Ibuprofen and a CBD cream that will ease pain in my personal restroom. Would you like to go in there for a few minutes?” I heartily agreed.
When I emerged a couple of minutes later, I found Jensen standing gallantly at the door. “Can I ask for one dance before we go home?” He held out his arm to lead me to the dance floor.
“Yes, yes you can.” I took his arm. He held me softly as he led a slow dance. When the song ended, he leaned in to whisper in my ear. “Are you ready to go home?”
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