#but it ended up looking more like tubbo
doodlebloo 3 months ago
Cryptocurrency is NOT a laughing matter. Misfits Gaming making possibly THE worst business move they could possibly make is funny though
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i-am-but-a-rusty-spoom 4 months ago
Tumblr media
the Worlds Biggest Man and his favorite littol kraeture :)
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minecraft-bed a year ago
Tumblr media
here鈥檚 my osmp!wilbur design!
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blown-to-kingdom-come a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ghostinnit au but instead of bad events, tommy loses his memory of those who wronged him in life.
turns out president tubbo isn't one of those people, despite his guilt.
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asfdhgsdkjhgb 10 months ago
Tumblr media
c!tubbo in a skirt propaganda
(started drawing some random fits ive worn but with characters i think would wear them earlier just for fun but i wanted to share this c!tubbo with you all bc i think it looks good lol)
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kjclfaller 3 months ago
Not trying to predict it would happen but. But. buuuut oli tommy martyn and tubbo would be a nice team
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wetchickenbreast 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Does this make any sense to literally anyone besides me
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ethotv 11 months ago
can i PLEASE stop having dreams about minecraft youtubers in hunger ganes style battle arenas that devolve into cosmic madness THIS IS THE THIRD TIME. THE THIRD.
#the first was.... 4 years ago?#4 or 5#then the night before i had a dream that it was like just a normal 100x100 challenge but the superpowers mod was installed and u had to kill#everyone else also tgere were teams? also jan misali was. tgere for some reason?? they had been hiding their power and the final team was#trackig them and they started flying to escape then FELL BACK DOEN mumbling ablut someone/thing called em#and LAST NIGHT. continuation of the last one. its a new tournament and theres no powers this time. tubbo is present#pov im captain sparklez for some reason. theres lots of chase scenes very cool ill skip those tho. and then people start going insane#so like. at this point its very messy and i dont fully know what was happening bc it switched from mc to real life to comics a lot#but now tgeres two Things in the sky. the blue one is called emma the yellow MIGHT be the egg??? or it didnt have a name and the egg was#just mentioned. so basically if you touch either of those you go mad not really sure what else. you might die? so when it was cs pov he got#caught by emma then boom im tubbo now#his team (himself ranboo jet star and maybe niki?) are backed up against a wall. just like chillin there#so i sneak over and look BEHIND tge wall and tgere it is. emma. theres also a weird creature that for some reason i think will help us#so i scream run and now i have no idea if i was saying run towards it or run away but ranboo just gets fucking mauled by it#more chase scenes yadda yadda people getting cornered by emma or the yellow thing and then theyre gone#and we switch BACK TO JAN MISALI. tgeres no flying this time but theyre doing it anyway and we fly past where emma and yellow are fighting#and keep going up and up and up until we reach the massive M in the sky (em). who tells jan that the fighting belowis ultimately useless as#eventually evrryone will serve her. then he falls back down and we realise oh shit this isnt new this is jans pov of the end of the last one#and then i woke up#.t2xt
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existentialintrovert a year ago
#can't believe im actually sitting here prepared to watch two teenagers and a collection of 20 odd year old who are way to in to dnd#fight over the state of a fictional country and i have fucking theories about how itll go down#like i dont think tubbo is the traitor otherwise its like reusing the sl against schlatt pre festival#but sam is looking pretty sus with what hes saying#but didnt he say he was teaming with whoever was loosing anyways so its irrelevant#niki traitor arc... while im not sure how much of an effect it would actually have on the server that would be cool as fuck#ALTHOUGH post traitor eret disappeared from the sl more after the reveal and is only just starting to get back to the main sl#and niki is already super underrated i dont want her to become even less involved with the main sl#cause i really like her streams shes so chill but everyone talks over her in the vcs#also i still kinda stand by the 'dream is actually a traitor to schlatt' theory#ik he wants chaos and said it was on pogtopia side BUT like it would make sense character wise given his role in the festival era#and what he said to tommy when he gave him all his old gear#idk i defo dont think its tubbo#tommy is on the table but unlikely. like he protests too much imo but it doesnt fully make sense for it to be him yknow#technically could be wilbur but back when the traitor thing was announced he was still just wanting to blow shit up#philza theory honestly is still peak. unless he ends his stream before the war#cause it would make sense for him to be streaming while it happens and then to switch over to the server once things kick off#cause then the pogtopia lot wouldnt see it coming cause they wont get notifs with his changed title and stream#but idk how realistic it is#i feel like theyre the only ones who are big enough players to have an effect though#other than fundy or quackity but considering they only just betrayed schlatt that would be a little underwhelming imo#certainly ot more suprising than erets betrayal#but i do doubt thats gonna be topped#i think dream was just psyching them out tbf#techno is the obvious choice#but i honestly聽 think that pogtopia doesnt stand a chance if they loose him#cause they dont s#stand a chance against dream alone let alone everyone else
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chekhxvsgun 2 months ago
Hey guys, I know I complain about Revolt as a merch company a LOT.聽
But there is a very very long twitter thread, as Wilbur鈥檚 merch starts shipping out, of designs coming in completely wrong. Like, the teal hoodie seems to be the biggest problem, as it鈥檚 coming in with the brown hoodie design. This means it doesn鈥檛 have the windows logo or the printed on back, and several are missing the drawstrings.聽
Other issues such as the navy crewneck coming in bright blue, and shipping issues, etc.聽
Here鈥檚 the Twitter Thread
There鈥檚 a lot of issues, and be careful as you receive your merch from Revolt (look the clothes over while they鈥檙e still in the plastic wrapping, I believe the site says if the wrapping is removed you can鈥檛 return it).聽
If something is wrong take pictures and send emails to [email protected]
This issue is seriously fucked up and I鈥檝e gone on and on before about how Revolt is a shit merch company, but now they鈥檙e not even getting the designs of the clothing right and the hoodies especially were very expensive. Please be cautious.聽
If you鈥檙e curious, Tubbo, Ranboo, Karl, Jack Manifold, Wilbur, Tommy, and a few others have done merch through this company, but it is not their fault. The company is vague to customers and the cc!s they do this deal with. Wilbur read what Revolt had told him and it was vague and the exact same copy/paste message that they send fans when they question shipping times.聽
Please please please stop buying from Revolt, and please keep an eye out on your merch as it comes in, the teal hoodie from Wilbur especially.聽
Tumblr media
EDIT: Some additional things are below!!
聽The teal hoodie should look like this 猬囷笍猬囷笍
Tumblr media
It is being shipped with no draw streams, very acid washed, and with the design that was exclusive to the brown hoodie 猬囷笍猬囷笍
Tumblr media
The brown hoodie is embroidered but features no back design, just Wilbur鈥檚 name.聽
There are other issues with one of the long sleeve shirts arriving a bright blue rather than a muted navy blue.聽
The merch in general is so far 2-3 weeks late in shipping, and responses from support are vague and bare.聽
Also! I just want to compile my personal experiences with Revolt and some other comments
I first ordered Tubbo merch when it was initially released in June 2021. It was initially delayed from shipping in Sepetember to October.聽
October rolled around, no further update. I sent a support email and it took about 2 weeks for a response. I was told they鈥檇 be shipping within a week. The week passed, it鈥檚 now early November and I contact them again. I鈥檓 told it鈥檒l ship out late November. No update, no merch. Early December I sent out another email and they responded a week later that it鈥檒l get there by the end of December. Once again, I waited, and I received Tubbo鈥檚 merch early January.
I first ordered Ranboo鈥檚 merch when it was initially released, it was supposed to ship out early November. Again the date rolls around and nothing. It took 3 weeks for me to get an email back, in which case I was told it would ship out in a week or two. Repeat of what happened with Tubbo, and I didn鈥檛 get my merch until January.聽
Every email was the same cut/paste response of聽鈥榳e鈥檝e been delayed, items haven鈥檛 come in, we expect to get them in a few days, we鈥檒l ship next week.鈥 but this happens each and every time.聽
Luckily, all my orders came in correct and of decent quality, but I鈥檝e seen quality control issues from other people鈥檚 orders.聽
I didn鈥檛 buy Ranboo鈥檚 holiday merch, but I鈥檝e seen the snowglobe issues. There were also issues of the hat not fitting. Some of Tubbo鈥檚 second release pin boxes would show up missing pins.聽
Whatever is going on is extremely disappointing and I urge you to look at the thread as more and more is added to it. I think somehow this should be brought to cc鈥檚 attention, but I have no idea how (Reddit maybe, since Wilbur checks that a lot).聽
I want to be clear that it seems that the cc鈥檚 are unaware of this issue. Revolt very obviously sends them quality pre-designs of the merch, things they can wear a few months ahead to hype up the merch. It seems they may also be of better quality.聽
Based on what Wilbur has said in the last two streams he鈥檚 done (April 14th & 15th), it seems he鈥檚 aware of the late shipping times and seemed mildly upset by them. He contacted the team but was told the exact same things they tell customers, which is unfortunate. It seems Revolt is as equally unclear to who they partner with as they are with fans buying merch.聽
I strongly advise you not purchase merch sold by Revolt in the future. This is pretty much anything under preorder with the fancy websites, Currently Phil and Wilbur do have merch shops unattached to Revolt, I鈥檝e bought merch from them, they鈥檙e safe.聽
Just be weary buying from Revolt.聽
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antimony-medusa 8 months ago
What I think is going on if any of the DSMP members win the Elytra.
Tubbo: Built those wings himself. Healing arc.聽
Tommy: Avian, his wings finally came in, they are little chicken wings.聽
Ranboo: Teleporting unlocked more end heritage, they are wings like the ender dragon.聽
Eryn Cyberonix: That accident that fucked up his arm also fucked up his wings, when he has elytra he simply had a good night鈥檚 rest and they came back.
Charlie Slimecicle: Slime wings.
Fundy: Shapeshifter.
Purpled: Alien tech he finally repaired.聽
Quackity: Avian, he just stopped binding down his duck wings.
Wilbur Soot: translucent avian wings that belong to a ghost, he insists he doesn鈥檛 have them and that he鈥檚 well and healthy and normal now.聽
FoolishGamers: Mans is a god. Of course he has wings. They are somehow smooth like shark skin.聽
Eret: They won wings back from a cult in the past, and forgot. Just re-discovered them. The wings are an eldritch summoned force that binds to your back, but like in a friendly way.
Awesamdude: Built those wings himself. The satisfaction of creation somehow does not overcome the guilt of what he has done and is doing and was prepared to do. His hands shake at night.
Captain Puffy: A divine boon from the time she saved a god. (It was a swindle but the god doesn鈥檛 know yet.)
Antfrost: They may or may not be demon wings and he may or may not be making an arrangement with a high cost to bring someone back and it may or may not be corrupting him. It鈥檚 fine. Look, cat!
Hannahxxrose: Plant-based wings, they were a gift from the forest as she healed.聽
Ponk: The Doctor has been doing Inadvisable Science.聽
Punz: High tech wings were his payment for a job well done. Don鈥檛 ask questions.聽
Skeppy: He stole them from Bad in an epic troll.聽
BadBoyHalo: He鈥檚 literally a demon, he鈥檚 always had demon wings, he just thought it was rude to use them before. Are we really sure it鈥檚 not rude? It鈥檚 okay now?
GeorgeNotFound: idk he woke up and they were there. maybe the god who鈥檚 been following him gave them. he doesn鈥檛 care. they look like dragonfly wings.
Sapnap: Fire phoenix wings.聽
Karl Jacobs: he doesn鈥檛 remember where he got them but they鈥檝e grown into his back and he can鈥檛 take them off. when pulled on something screams with his voice but it doesn鈥檛 come from his throat (but his throat bleeds anyway). they鈥檙e beautiful when they catch the light.聽
TinaKitten: Adorable wings that match her ears (they have ribbons) that she shanked a man for.聽
Dream: End dragon wings, but he stole them when he closed the End. They鈥檝e been spliced on, he has to take anti-rejection meds.聽
Connor: They are video game elytra that he won in a contest on the 30th of October 2021. He鈥檚 going to take them to hang out with his other friends.聽
Niki: Fire phoenix wings, but specifically with a healing property.聽
Jack Manifold: Went to Hell. Came back wrong. When you look at him out of the corner of your eye you see a monstrous misshapen creature of rage and spite, wings to pull it higher, and when you look at him straight on you see Jack.聽
Hbomb: You know the anime girl backpack that looks like little crossed wings? That.聽
Michael McChill: Paranoid Radio Host takes another step in the tradition of Cecil Baldwin and has wings of purple light.
Technoblade: Dragon wings, but specifically a dragon that鈥檚 also a wither. They sink into his back like cold fingers.聽
Philza: Avian, his wings finally healed.聽
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doodlebloo 8 months ago
Man im not even that invested in c!karlnapity as like a ship i just want c!Q to get a happy ending... like it isn't about the Shipping it's about c! Quackity having people that are around him because they WANT to be and because they love him, not because he threatened or manipulated them into caring or pretending to care... It's about him healing!!!
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cloudslet a month ago
CC!DSMP and being their little sibling
Tumblr media
pairing(s): nihachu, punz, sapnap, wilbur soot x gn!sibling!reader
genre: fluff
a/n: this ended up being longer than i intended lmao
Tumblr media
you can鈥檛 tell me that she wouldn鈥檛 be the most caring older sister out there
you jokingly call her mom sometimes because she frets over you a lot, but you鈥檙e really grateful for how much she looks out for you
sometimes you don鈥檛 even have to say anything for her to know how you鈥檙e feeling
whenever she guesses how you鈥檙e feeling, you鈥檙e just like 鈥渉ow tf-鈥 and she鈥檚 just like 鈥渟ister powers ;D鈥
if you ever need help with anything, from homework to general advice, niki鈥檚 there for you
she gives very good advice, and also very good hugs
it鈥檚 not just one-sided though, you always like to remind niki that you鈥檙e there for her too
she used to not want to come to you with her problems, not because she didn鈥檛 trust you or anything, but because she felt like she had to be the strong older sister and didn鈥檛 want to worry you
but after talking to her a lot and reassuring her that she could rely on you like how you rely on her, she鈥檚 opened up more
you鈥檙e very proud of everything that niki鈥檚 accomplished and will not stand for any hate against her
like you would 100% drop kick someone for her
she鈥檚 been there for everything- your extracurricular matches or concerts, your first s/o, she was always there for you, so of course you鈥檇 be the same
niki has a painting as decoration in her room that鈥檚 often seen when she streams and when asked about it, she put it up to the camera and was like聽
鈥渕y little sibling made it for me! they鈥檙e very talented, aren鈥檛 they?鈥
her followers know of your existence, but that鈥檚 really it
she鈥檚 adamant on protecting your privacy so all the internet knows about you is that you鈥檙e younger than her and your name
you guys have matching tattoos
niki held your hand when you were getting it done
whenever she streams you always message her with stuff like 鈥渉alf fun streaming and make sure to drink water :D鈥
during subathons she always gets a ton of texts from you being like 鈥測ou got this niki! only a few more hours to go! i believe in you! but also remember to take care of yourself and if you need to stop then pls stop :)鈥 and it gives her motivation to keep going
niki nihachu sister of the year me thinks
if you鈥檝e seen the clips of him and tubbo, then that鈥檚 exactly what your guys鈥 relationship is like
he鈥檇 always help you with homework or really anything if you needed it聽
in general he鈥檚 just a very caring older brother, even if he doesn鈥檛 want to admit it
when he still lived at home he would always try not to be too loud when he streamed if he knew you were doing homework or trying to sleep
the internet knew of your existence because you would sometimes bring punz food or water if he was streaming for a while, and it was pretty obvious how close you guys were
during that one stream when he was making food in an air fryer, he texted you in the middle of it and was just like 鈥渨ant a quesadilla?鈥
your response right after that was 鈥渙h that鈥檚 why i smelled something burning鈥澛
he shares your answer out loud to be like 鈥渋 tried doing something nice for my sibling and that鈥檚 the response i get
you definitely didn鈥檛 cry when punz moved away鈥
fr though those first few days after punz moved to florida you would always subconsciously walk over to his room to ask him something and would be hit with the realization that he wasn鈥檛 there :鈥)
you guys would still talk over the phone or through text, but it wasn鈥檛 the same
to say you missed him would be a bit of an understatement
punz was made aware of how down you were after he moved, so one night when you鈥檙e home alone, you get a ring at your doorbell聽
when you go down to see who it is, you just see a food delivery bag on the porch聽
punz texts you and is like 鈥渃heck the front door鈥澛
he ordered food from your favourite place for you and you guys spent the entire night just talking to each other about what鈥檚 been going on in your lives
it made you feel a lot better even if you still missed him
(reader is a cc in this hc)
sapnap was beyond supportive when you started streaming
when you were first starting out, you guys didn鈥檛 announce the fact that you were siblings because you wanted to build up your own brand first聽
sapnap knows how the internet can be sometimes so he completely understood聽
a little over a year after you started streaming was when you guys revealed that you were siblings
it was an irl baking stream on your account
he came on near the end to try some of the cupcakes you鈥檇 made, but you just swatted his hand away so you could finish all of them first
to say your viewers were shocked when sapnap suddenly showed up on screen was an understatement
funny thing was, sapnap could sometimes be faintly heard in the background of your streams because of how much he would yell
on screen, sapnap is the classic annoying older brother
teases a lot, bickers with you, all that jazz
but that鈥檚 just on camera, irl he鈥檚 a very loving (albeit slightly annoying) brother
he cares about you a lot, even if he won鈥檛 admit it
if anyone is ever mean to you, he will be fully ready to rock their shit and you have to stop him before he actually does anything
he once saw someone say something bad about you on twitter and qrted that person, calling it a 鈥渜rt of shame鈥
he would drop everything to make sure you鈥檙e ok
it鈥檚 quite funny because the internet sees you as bickering siblings, but you鈥檝e exposed what sapnap鈥檚 actually like multiple times
the internet hasn鈥檛 seen much of your irl relationship except that one incident
you didn鈥檛 know he was streaming and you鈥檇 been having a really bad day so you just knocked on his door and were like 鈥渁re you busy?鈥澛
he聽 was like 鈥渋鈥檓 streaming right now, but are you ok? is something up?鈥 because he saw that you looked a bit sad
you nodded so sapnap turned back to his pc, where he realized he wasn鈥檛 muted
鈥渙h shit you guys heard that-鈥 he looked back at you with a sheepish smile and mouthed sorry before turning back to the streaming 鈥渨ell, brotherly duty calls. i鈥檓 ending stream a bit early today.鈥澛
after moving to florida he would always send you pictures of patches because you made him promise to
he would complain that you seemed to like patches more than him and you straight up said 鈥測es. yes i do.鈥澛
you guys are just a very iconic sibling duo
i don鈥檛 know why, but he just seems like the kind of brother who would stand at your door frame and be like 鈥渋鈥橫 nOt In YoUr RoOm鈥 when you tell him to get out
he was a bit mean when you guys were younger and would tease you a lot
but then he grew up and really regrets how immature he was when he was younger
so now he tries making up for it as best he can
your opinion matters a lot to him
he would ask you to proofread his scripts for him just to see what you think of it
of course you were very supportive of everything
even the slightly questionable stuff
you鈥檙e his number one hype-person
anytime he鈥檇 have any doubt about what he鈥檚 doing, you鈥檇 be there to reassure him that he鈥檚 doing great
he鈥檚 really grateful to have you as a sibling聽
people sometimes wonder if wilbur鈥檚 actually the older sibling
he鈥檚 very protective of you and was hesitant to introduce you to the internet, but loosened up after you insisted you were ok
you鈥檙e a frequent guest on his streams, especially if you guys play geoguesser or ylyl
you and tommy compete for the spot as wilbur鈥檚 favourite younger sibling
(it鈥檚 not really a competition though because you鈥檙e obviously his favourite)
you play into the competition for tommy鈥檚 sake though
does tommy have an 鈥渋 spoke to wilbur soot鈥檚 sibling鈥 video that mainly consists of him arguing that wilbur likes him more? most likely
there are many 鈥渨holesome soot sibling interactions鈥 compilations
when you鈥檙e a guest on stream, he鈥檒l check up on you and be like 鈥測ou ok, y/n?鈥澛
you guys can probably communicate without talking
like you鈥檒l just have to give him a look and he鈥檒l raise his eyebrows and nod
it鈥檚 so confusing to see but also really funny聽
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mothra-mcyt a year ago
鈽 MCYT's reaction to a gen z reader 鈽
!Warnings: mentions of self deprecating jokes!
銆 Dream 銆
That guy loves your chaotic energy and always pranks other people with you
Would definitely laugh along with your depressing jokes but after a while would get concerned and ask if you're okay
Immediately puts you into the Dream SMP thinking you're gonna be a good character always on his side
Then you end up just end up annoying him (especially when he's in prison) so he threatens you
You can't keep yourself together and just end up having a laugh flash
You once definitely called him a chad for watching football and a boomer which lead to him getting very defensive
銆 George 銆
Would honestly just end up annoying and pranking Dream with you
You would definitely call him a bottom on multiple occasions. At one point he just accepts it
Gets very concerned at your jokes
You guys definitely make weird tiktoks together
Will just go along with it when you start ranting about how capitalism is the source of all evil
He will also be a victim of your pranks and he can't do anything about it
銆 Sapnap 銆
Would definitely make jokes about committing arson with you (sometimes he doesn't know if you're joking or being serious about committing arson)
You two are dnf biggest shippers and no i don't take any criticism
When he finds out how touch starved you are he will definitely ask if you two ca platonically cuddle together
You would also be his biggest enemy though always saying how you're going to fight him when you meet him
Will ask you if you have eaten and how much to make sure you eat enough
Definitely anime marathons on discord together when you both can't sleep
銆 Badboyhalo 銆
This man would be so concerned
Even if you don't swear he still wants to say language at all the self deprecating things you say
You tell him that you don't care that he has a gun and knows how to throw knifes to which he asks why because people should definitely be afraid of that in his opinion
When you tell him that you don't care if you die he gets so much more concerned
Would be the parent who always stops you from doing stupid and dangerous shit 24/7
You definitely called him a boomer once when he said "Language"
銆 Awesamdude 銆
That man is taking care of you and making sure you鈥檙e okay 24/7
After you told him that you haven鈥檛 slept in 2 days with you鈥檙e reasoning being 鈥淲hy not鈥 he always makes sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per day
Honestly just dad energy
We know that literally half of gen z have daddy issues and when he finds out you didn鈥檛 have a good father figure growing up he鈥檚 like聽鈥淚鈥檓 your dad now.鈥
鈥淗ave you drank water today?鈥澛犫淒oes energy drink/iced coffee count as-鈥澛犫淣o they don鈥檛 count as water. Go get a glass of water right now.鈥
At first he wanted to stop you from saying self deprecating jokes but after a while he just gave up.聽
銆 Tommyinnit 銆 (platonic)
Chaotic energy虏
When the two of you have a plan no one will be able to stop you even harder if Tubbo is with you guys
Honestly just laughs about your self deprecating jokes and says 鈥渟ame鈥
The two of you have never respected authorities in your entire life and you two will not start
As soon as someone talks shit about the other person hell breaks loose and their ego will get completely destroyed
When role playing on the Dream SMP you guys will definitely just laugh at Dream trying to be threatening 聽
銆 Tubbo 銆 (platonic)
Depressing jokes. 24/7.You know it鈥檚 true. (The people around you will be so concerned for the two of you oh god)
We know very well that Tubbo is not innocent and flirts (makes sex jokes) as a joke with other people his age so he would definitely do that with you if you鈥檙e comfortable
The two of you will definitely stay up til the middle of the night playing games (chess, csgo, minecraft etc.)
Whenever someone (probably an authority) is trying to get you guys to do something both of you are just like: No <3
銆 Fundy 銆
Honestly he completely relates to you
The being touch starved, the loneliness
Difference is he is not used to people joking about those topics to cope
So he's very concerned
"Y/N this is really relatable but are you okay?"
Streams with you two sometimes just end as therapy sessions and both of you desperately need it
He always drags you along to prank people and when the person gets mad he blames it on you and just leaves
銆 Wilbur 銆
Big brother energy
You are now his little sibling and you cannot stop him
Will definitely cause much chaos with you (poor Philza trying to keep you two under control)
When you two do dangerous stuff he's the one making sure you don't hurt yourself
Whenever someone is mean to you he will definitely destroy them
Will make sure you get enough sleep and will keep you company when you can't sleep
He absolutely loves that you don't give a shit if someone is an authority or not
銆 Schlatt 銆
He absolutely hates how you not give a shit about what he says to you and how you just roast him
His humor is already broken so he's probably laugh at your jokes and while trying to stop himself from laughing he'll ask if you're okay
Honestly he's just confused on how you're still alive with not taking care of yourself and always getting yourself into dangerous situations
You definitely called him a boomer once
You guys would probably make political jokes constantly
銆 Technoblade 銆
Anarchy. Lots of it.
Both of you have just random conversation where you start talking about the things you're obsessed with
Both of you are probably gonna have a short attention spam leading to a lot of funny situations
Absolutely loves how you don't give a shit about authorities
Being awkward together in social situations but standing up for eachother
I can just imagine you with the "He asked for no pickles" meme while he doesn't know what to say
銆 Philza 銆
He is your dad now and he doesn't care if you want him to be.
(He honestly already kinda expected your father figure to be shitty because he knows his audience)
Oh lord when he finds out how you're not able to take care of yourself
When meeting you irl will actually sit down with you and have a talk about you not taking care of yourself
You: "Sometimes i'll just sleep for 14 hours and then i won't sleep for 3 days."
Phil: "...I will punt you into the sun when i meet you irl you idiot."
I could honestly write so much more about Philza basically adopting a young reader
銆 Ranboo 銆 (platonic)
Constant sassyness
Gen Z x 2
You two would understand eachother so well
Constant zoomer slang and no one except Tubbo and Tommy will be able to understand it
Both of your humor is just so broken and it's so concerning to everyone
Someone is being like "You will do as i say" and you two are just like "No i don't think i will"
Tiktok references. Constantly.
Sending eachother tiktok's about the other's character
銆 Eret 銆
You two would be good friends honestly
Eret would probably bring out the wholesome part of your personality
Also sending eachother tiktok's and making tiktok references
Arson. Lots of arson. Fire pog.
You will bring out their chaotic side
She loves how you just not give a shit about authorities
Will also make sure that you drink enough water and take care of yourself
銆 Quackity 銆
He's more random chaos and you're more dangerous and destructive chaos and somehow that works together really well
Definitely invites you to Jack Box streams because you just bring such funny energy into it and chat absolutely loves you
Is very concerned tho when you make self deprecating jokes and when he hears you say one he just looks completely shocked
Completely freaks out whenever you roast someone who's being a bitch (you can just hear the "Where are the askers" playing in the background)
Very dramatic energy from the both of you
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livelle 4 months ago
Hello!!! Can you do a tommyinnit x reader where it's about the cricket crews Halloween stream and she didn't know anything about tommys "arg" thingy so she got really worried and stayed by his side the whole stream just petting his hair and kissing him in the temple (the reader is part of the crew btw)
o,a/n: HEY ANON- OMG. NO. THIS IS NOT A WEIRD REQUEST. THIS IS MY FAVORITE REQUEST EVER! LIKE NO JOKE, ITS MY FAV!! SORRY IF THIS TOOK A BIT TO MAKE, BUT I DID MY BEST!! hope you have a wonderful day and if you want me to change it, I will!!!
Tumblr media
鈥楯ust an ARG鈥
a Tommyinnit/ you!!!
summary: Tommy was planning something with Wilbur, a new opening to start Wilbur鈥檚 new ARG. Tommy saw the Halloween stream with the cricket crew as a good opportunity to, but he didn鈥檛 tell you he was going to act weird. So you were worried.
ROMANTIC kinda angsty? I don鈥檛 know, a good ending at least.聽
( Wilbur has announced that this wasn鈥檛 for his ARG, as many people questioned if it was. So consider this as if it was for his ARG )
Tumblr media
You were chatting with Tubbo and Aimsey, having a discussion on wheter squirrels were stupid or not. You laughed as Tubbo started aggresivly jumping around, obviously having a sugar rush. You looked at the camera, then to chat who were spamming laughs, and then to them all on the screen. The seat next to you had been empty for a while now, your boyfriend vanished. He had stood outside, in front of the window, looking scary. But that was a while ago, and now you were wondering if he had just left. 麓Where the hell is Tom?鈥 you asked, to noone in peticular. Freddie leaned back, looking out the window into the garden.聽鈥楴o sign of him.鈥 he said, like a police officer, which made you laugh. The group went on with their convorsations and kibbeling, and you joined them. You communicated with chat for a bit, until you heard the glass door open up. Your head shot to the source of the sound, seeing your boyfriend in the doorway. You were relieved to see him back, happy he will be next to you again, but your eyes widened at his appearance. 麓What have you done?!鈥 you asked as he walked in frame, reclaiming his seat next to you. His face has brushes of mud on it, his hair messy with leaves in them. a little branch from a tree was hanging in one of his curls. 麓Well?鈥 you asked, because he did not answer you. He stared in front of him聽鈥榠gnoring鈥 the stream, and the rest of you seated around the table. The group focused on him, Billzo punching him on the arm.聽鈥榃hat happened there? You got trauma鈥檚 now?!鈥 he said joking. But he did not answer, looking emotionlessly in front of him. Tubbo nudged him playfully once more, but they quickly moved on. You, however, did not.聽
You focussed on him only, first thinking it was some stupid bit, but getting worried. You cared a lot about him, and though you knew his acting skills were beyond good, you still felt weird about it. You absently threated your hand through his hair, Tommy not moving a muscle. He still did not say a word, looking around once or twice, but that鈥檚 it. You held his hand under the table, and he held yours too, but it was like he ignored you other than that.聽鈥榃hat鈥檚 going on鈥 you whispered, so the chat wouldn鈥檛 pick it up. He looked at you, finally, and shook his head. Not a word left his mouth. 麓Hey are you okay, baby?鈥 you asked, still worried. Colour made it鈥檚 way back onto his pale face at the nickname, like it always would, which relieved you a little bit. But still, he ignored you.聽
You kissed him on the temple, really not caring about stream right now, and he sighed softly.聽鈥榃hy won鈥檛 you talk to me?鈥 you whispered, again, and again. But no answer. The chat was freaking out still too, so Ranboo announced that they were moving to the camera outside, to do challenges with a big, colorful wheel. You refused with a smile, Ranboo nodding his head. Tommy was about to stand up, to be on stream and continue his silent demeanor, but you stopped him.聽鈥楴uh uh.鈥 and you pushed him back down. Once Tommy knew the stream had moved outside and you were alone, sat beside each other, he spoke quickly.聽鈥楢aahhhhh, GOSH Y/N I AM SO SO SO SORRY. I LOVE YOU, THANK YOU, IT WAS A STUPID THING FOR WILBUR鈥橲 ARG I HAD TO KEEP UP. We鈥檙e planning something and my stupid brain actually forgot to tell you! I am stupid, and so sorry that I worried you, my love.鈥 he said. Pure relief washed over you, a smile returning on your face. He brought his hands up to cup your face, going in for a kiss. It was nice, you melted completely. Your face was red, his eyes sparkling as they looked at you. You looked at the monitor, seeing they were ending outside, so you spoke:聽鈥楴ow take a shower, you filthy boy, and come to bed, I鈥檓 tired and want to cuddle鈥 with a grin on your face. He laughed at the name you gave him, and nodded quickly, excited to be close to you. And you yelled once more as he walked to the door:聽鈥楢nd if you ever scare me again like that, Tom Simons, I will punch u in the stomach!鈥 with a laugh, and you heard giggling from him in the hall.
Tumblr media
a/n: ANON!!!!! HOPE YOU LIKED THIS, THIS IS IT, MY PEOPLE!!! Sorry if theres any spelling mistakes, i didn鈥檛 proofread! I鈥檓 gonna do more requests now, getting a cup of tea now first. You should drink too, and eat, and treat yourself! I鈥檓 so proud of u for everything, you deserve it. MWUAAAHHHHH BIG KISS!
- oli聽
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ickarus-stuff a year ago
This MCC was so fucking scuffed, and as my first one, it was amazing. I watched Wilbur and Phil's POVs, going to Fundy's, Tommy's and Jack's every now and then. These were my favorite moments:
Fundy carrying them much more than I thought he would
Phil going the wrong way in Ace Race and 20+ people following him and having to frantically turn around so as to not end up in last
Wilbur being literally so late, they had to tell Ranboo to be on stand-by in case he didn't show up and him barely making it in time.
Jack doing much better than I expected, especially for his first MCC, and the fact that NO ONE bothered to tell him what to do and he had to learn mostly by trial and error
The bit they did when they joked about quitting the game to play Among Us, at the 'after-party', Tubbo opened up Among Us because they said they were going to play.
Ranboo cheering for Red Rabbits, it had three of his favorite people
Techno in Phil's Chat, cheering for him
The whole bit where Wilbur forced them to sing a sea shanty, except Phil refused to do it.
The bit where Jack and Wilbur were referencing the most fucking weird, obscure memes, and Phil and Fundy were concerned.
When Wilbur said he hadn't eaten anything except a Red Bull that day, and had to reassure Phil, who was immediately in Dad ModeTM, that no he wasn't skipping meals, he was just busy, and ate a lot yesterday, and yes he will eat immediately after this stream
That one Wilbur and Quackity interaction, they were just fucking cooing at each other, and they weren't even in the same fucking VC
When Wilbur knocked Ranboo off, and proceeded to boast about it for the whole stream, like it was the best fucking thing
Ranboo's after stream, the whole point of which was to be fake sad about not being in MCC.
Phil refusing to lose in the flying game, like YES Philza Minecraft sir, flying is your BRAND, you CAN鈥橳 lose.
Jack saying he'll be staying in Brighton for a few days in June, (when the U.K. meetup is happening), and Fundy going "Can I be invited too?" The three of them saying sure, then proceeding to make fun of him for the next five minutes
Phil telling Jack to 'look after' Wilbur after he kept getting killed in a game, like Wilbur was a child and not older than Jack by a large margin.
Phil just fucking bullying Fundy about his ugly-ass skin right before they even started
Tommy just fucking. refusing to wear the team skin
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k3rm1e a year ago
cuddling headcanons! 鈽厏(鈼★箯鈼曗溈)
this is more of a test thing to see if i like writing this way and if this blog does well
other imagines and headcanons won't include everyone i write unless it is specifically requested and is a prompt i really like
includes: wilbur nihachu karljacobs quackity dream georgenotfound sapnap p!tommyinnnit p!badboyhalo p!skeppy p!eret p!philza p!tubbo p!ranboo
cw: cursing
wilbur is a very cuddle-y guy
to me he seems very soft
i always see people saying he would like spooning, but i disagree
i feel like he would do more of a half-spooning thing with his head on your chest or the other way around
mans would DEFINITELY make you run your fingers through his hair
i feel like he would lay on your chest and just *nuzzle* into the space between your shoulder and neck
anytime you tried to leave him, whether it was because he had to do something or you had to, he would whine. so. fucking. much.
It would probably always go something like:
you - i need to piss
wilbur - no <3
but the moment he decides its time to stop cuddling its fine
and if you complain that you鈥檙e gonna miss him he鈥檒l just call you clingy and tease you
like??? sir???
all in good fun though, no bad intentions :)
i feel like you and niki would face each other
with your head like under her chin and in her chest (this is a bad description but look at the 鈥渉oneymoon hug鈥 on the list for better explanation ;-;)
she would always want to protect you
so she does that by like almost guarding you and keeping you close
niki would definitely do the arm thing where she just lightly moves her hand up and down you arm
i鈥檓 so sorry if you don't understand that, it just feels like something she would do
if you haven't experienced that it kinda sorta feels like spiders??? but in a good way???
but generally she is very protective
she just holds you so close the whole time
even if she doesn鈥檛 want to let you go, she鈥檚 more understanding about it
she would be upset but wouldn鈥檛 show it because she doesn鈥檛 want to make you feel guilty
niki is generally just an amazing cuddle-r (is that a word?) and has a super comforting presence
karl would definitely keep your head on his chest
the whole time he would just absolutely squeeze the life out of you
he would constantly bend his neck down to kiss your head
and instead of just like leaving his head down so he could kiss you it would just be:
*inner monologue karl* hmmm i wanna kiss them on their head
and he would lean down to do so which, cute
but then five seconds later he would do it again
and again another five seconds later
and again
very cute karl but please sir, your neck is gonna be so messed up after this
when you had to leave he would be upset, but like niki, would try not to show it
except karl is very bad at that and his pouting would be so obvious
so you would feel guilty and layback down with him
immediately he just becomes (鈼徛聪夛絸鈼)
like a happy little puppy
karl is just too adorable for you to deny
now we all know this, quackity is a huge dork
which is why i believe he would DEFINITELY use your butt as a pillow
not even in a weird way
i just feel like quackity isn鈥檛 too comfortable with touch so this is sorta his way of being close to you without it being a whole serious thing
like he still is able to be goofy and comfortable without it being a whole big thing
him doing this would almost always come with a flatty patty joke from you
which always causes him to threaten divorce, even though you aren鈥檛 married
while it isn鈥檛 a very good position for things like physical touch, it is good for talking and having conversations
for some reason i feel like he鈥檚 the type of person to text someone when they鈥檙e right next to each other
so while he鈥檚 laying down he鈥檒l just send you random photos of himself
very annoying when your phone is spammed, but also good blackmail material >:)
i don鈥檛 think he鈥檇 be too clingy
obviously, he enjoys spending time with you
but if you told him you need to go do work or something he wouldn鈥檛 throw a fit or pout
big q just seems like he鈥檇 be more rational about stuff like that
overall a 420/69 cuddle partner
one word: spooning
mans just envelops you and has no shame
very big: 鈥渘o you are mine! >:(鈥 energy
while he鈥檚 sleeping he鈥檒l unconsciously nuzzle his head into your hair/the back of your neck
when you guys got to bed patches usually climbs in and you hold her
i love patches so much i could write headcanons just about her
dream always wants to be cuddling you
if you try to leave he won鈥檛 pout, there simply isn't a discussion on whether you鈥檙e moving or not
incase you haven鈥檛 caught on yet, the answer is no
you need to do work? just bring the laptop to bed
he needs to edit? just sit in his lap at his desk, duh
obviously, he knows at some point you guys need to stop cuddling
he just isn鈥檛 too stoked about it
when it comes time where he absolutely can鈥檛 cuddle with you, i feel like he鈥檇 be more chill
mainly just annoyed
i feel like george, like quackity, also wouldn鈥檛 be too touchy
i鈥檓 pretty sure he has a hard time expressing emotions (please correct me if i鈥檓 wrong!!) and i think that would crossover to his sleeping habits
i think he would prefer a sort of back-to-back cuddling position
it seems cold, i know
but also he would most definitely kick at you
so every night while trying to go to sleep suddenly you would just feel *kick*
and then instead of sleep you鈥檙e suddenly playing footsie
lots of laughter and warm feelings involved
george would probably pretend that you kicked his leg hard or something and act like you hurt him
the first few times you were actually worried
but then after a few months your only response was a sarcastic 鈥渃ry about it鈥
which just led to more laughter
sapnap and you would do a sort of leg hug thing
you both you try to go to sleep in a cute spooning-type position
but the moment one of you fell asleep it all unraveled
you would wake up apart but you鈥檙e legs would still be touching
sapnap would joking blame it on you
鈥渨ow can鈥檛 believe you don't wanna be close with me even when we鈥檙e asleep鈥
鈥渋t鈥檚 not my fault! i can鈥檛 control where i end up when i sleep!鈥
鈥渘o, no. you don鈥檛 have to lie. i see how it is.鈥
but it's okay!
your legs are the first thing to react in a flight-or-fight situation, so they usually react in an honest way
which is like your legs are both reaching to hold each other!
i don鈥檛 get a very touchy vibe from tommy
i feel like the most he would do is put his arm over your shoulder
not in a flirty way, just in a 鈥渉ey, there isn鈥檛 a lot of space, this will make sitting down more comfortable鈥 way
he will let you sorta fidget with his hand/arm
i don't know if that makes sense but what i mean is that he鈥檒l pretty much let his arm go *flop* so you can control it (by like moving it around or playing with his fingers)
in the beginning he would get annoyed
but eventually he would get used to it and wouldn鈥檛 really care
it sounds a bit strange but i personally find it very comforting to just have something to fidget with while watching youtube or netflix in bed with my friends
and it鈥檚 entertaining (sometimes i do this to me sister to annoy her :>)
he would act like he didn鈥檛 mind if you left him
but holy shit he is so clingy
If you try to leave it鈥檒l just be 鈥渘o, why??? stay here dumbass鈥
you would be slightly annoyed when he had to leave聽 but knew he had to film and stream and all that so you would be okay
you would kinda sit within bad鈥檚 lap
like not on his lap, but more of in between his legs
he would have his arms around you
and his phone would be in front of you so you two could scroll through twt or instagram together
or you guys could watch skeppy鈥檚 youtube ( 汀掳 蜏蕱 汀掳)
rat would sit in your lap
she鈥檚 just;;;;;;;; so adorable
rat is just so soft and fuzzy in your lap and everytime you move to pet her she just melts
rat is the the superior cuddle buddy to any of these block people
skeppy, similar to quackity, is a total dork
he would make sure you guys were in a position where he could effectively troll you
so if your head was near his lap he would just flick you or some
鈥渄ude can you please stop hitting me in the head鈥
鈥渋t turns out i am not actually hitting you in your head because based on the perpendicularity of the bisector multiplied by the photosynthesis of the dividend, it is impossible for me to do so鈥
lya is so goddamn sick of you guys
she's trying to get him to actually do something but instead he鈥檚 just sitting there throwing paper airplanes at you while you sleep
he鈥檚 an annoying asshole but it's okay because he gives you money for absurd reasons
eret has such a comfortable presence
i feel like she wouldn鈥檛 be up for cuddling too much
more of like putting your head on a friends shoulder so you can see the tweet their showing you
but they do like to hold hands
holding hands isn鈥檛 very intimate but it's also just such a sweet comforting thing
she even holds your hand when you guys are out walking around
like if you guys were getting food somewhere (post-covid of course)
you most likely would get addressed as a couple
and he would just be like鈥...wut?鈥
it鈥檚 happened so many times at this point you just go along with it
鈥測ou guys look like such a cute couple!鈥
鈥渙h we aren't-鈥 鈥渢hank you!鈥
can you tell that i love eret?
phil always has such dad vibes
i feel like the closest he would get to cuddling is hugs and hand holding
even though cuddling isn鈥檛 inherently romantic, he is married to kristen
so i fell he would get most of his touch in with her
but with you he鈥檚 just so fatherly
hello dadza
whether you have a good or bad relationship with your father, everyone can admit that philza minecraft is dadza
this is such a dad thing, but tries to hold you hand when you cross the street
no matter the age, he just feels the need to protect you
hugs are similar
uses hugs as a way to comfort you and protect you
just so amazing all around
tubbo would love cuddling in any way, shape, or form
if you guys are hanging out at like the park or something and lying down
get ready to become this mans pillow
this is really fun to do with your friends but imagine you guys are hanging out in a field type area (with my friends we hand out in the field next to the cemetery but it can be any open grass area)
tubbo would just use your lap as a pillow the whole time
and when you guys were walking back to his house he would sorta drape his arms over your shoulders (assuming he鈥檚 taller than you)
he would do the same thing when you guys were sitting in chairs or at a desk
just drapes his arms over your shoulder with his chin on your head
if it's really late and he's tired he鈥檒l just hug you
if you thought tubbo is bad, ranboo is even worse
not even really cuddling, he just likes having a sort of skin-to-skin contact
so handholding and laying on top of eachother
if he鈥檚 streaming he will legitimately message ou to just sit next to him
so sometimes if he鈥檚 just chilling by himself on the smp you鈥檒l end up on his streams
he鈥檒l have you next to him just because he likes be near someone
and so randomly it鈥檒l just be like 鈥渃hat, a real human is here, behave鈥
chat does not behave
(they heavily bully him)
he鈥檚 pretty clingy but when you HAVE to leave he鈥檒l understand and just be a bit bummed out
holy shit this took me so long-
if you read this whole thing thank you!
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the-emptied-brain-contents 10 months ago
饾悋饾惃饾惏 饾悵饾惉饾惁饾惄 饾惁饾悶饾惁饾悰饾悶饾惈饾惉 饾惏饾惃饾惍饾惀饾悵 饾惈饾悶饾悮饾悳饾惌 饾惌饾惃 饾悷饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀饾惀饾惒 饾惁饾悶饾悶饾惌饾悽饾惂饾悹 饾惒饾惃饾惍 饾悽饾惂 饾惄饾悶饾惈饾惉饾惃饾惂
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: This has been in the drafts for so long, finally got the motivation to finish it peepoHappy
Tumblr media
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 芦 鈰咅潗婐潗氿潗潗モ媴 禄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
Okay so this man is touchy
Maybe you meet up at an airport and your legs are shaking, partly cause you were sitting for a few hours, and partly cause you're just so nervous.
Yeah you've had your face cam on a time or two when you're in a discord call, but irl meetups are a little different.
You've been texting each other since you landed, and have been trying to find a spot to meet
And he's standing there, maybe with his brother or Chandler, and you stop and steel yourself before working up the courage to walk over
You come over to his side, and it takes him a second to notice you
But when he does,, oh my god
The gasp that comes from this boy
He would do that thing where you hug and pick the person up a little (you know the thing)
I can imagine him giggling and smiling so hard as your nervousness melts away
I feel like he would be one of those people who instantly put you at ease. I don't know exactly what it is, but some people have the ability to make you feel comfortable, Karl's definitely one of them.
Tumblr media
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 芦 鈰咅潗擆潗潗︷潗︷潗测媴 禄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
He would probably be vlogging
Maybe with Niki, Tubbo, Jack and George
He would be acting all tough and "grrr im so manly, women love me" (you know, normal child gremlin stuff)
But when he sees you, geez, the way his face lights up
You know how he ran up to George when he first saw him? It would be one of those
He would 100% act like you were annoying him by your presence but he would really enjoy being able to see you in person.
I will protect this child with my life idc
Tumblr media
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 芦 鈰咅潗栶潗潗ヰ潗涴潗潗媴 禄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
idk how tall you are but even if you're a Goliath he is gonna loom over you
"Yooooooo y/n"
Does the tall man lean when talking to you
man becomes the tower of Pisa in every picture istg
Does the shit thing tall people do and uses your head as an arm rest
Okay but seriously? He would be so kind.
If you're walking around and end up getting lunch, he's just so attentive and would listen to you talk about whatever happens to come out your mouth
10/10 would meet up with again, as along as you don't mind the neck cramps you get at the end of the day from looking up at him.
Tumblr media
芦鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 芦 鈰咅潗戰潗氿潗ю潗涴潗潗ㄢ媴 禄 鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹禄
His sense of humor is elite, saying that right off the bat
He would more than likely be the person that takes a bit to come out of their shell, idk he just gives off that vibe
If you're a pretty out going person, he warms up a little faster
If you're the same way however, you got two shy kids just vibing
Once you're both all cool again though, chaos will ensue.
Chaos in the Wine Mom鈩 way though
a/n: welp here you go my babies muah muah
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dreamcatcherrs a year ago
when you wear their hoodie; mcyt x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the widest smile spreads onto his face
the possessive side of him comes out to show when he hugs you - to him, this shows that you're his
鈥渉ow can you possibly聽be this cute?鈥
Tumblr media
george halts and just stares before giggling lightly with that big smile on his face;聽鈥渋s that my聽hoodie?鈥
likes seeing you in his hoodies more than he thought. plus, he sees it as a great opportunity to show off his merch馃槑
Tumblr media
oh, he totally teases you about it
鈥測ou鈥檙e an actual thief, y/n.鈥 and then he proceeds to tackle you in a bear hug
he do be giving mixed signals
Tumblr media
鈥測/n! warn me next time when showing up looking this adorable ^-^.鈥
keeps poking at your sides and just looking at you with big eyes 鈥榗ause he thinks you're super cute in his clothes
Tumblr media
plays it off cool, but as always, he is DYING on the inside
鈥測ou could've just told me if you were cold鈥︹
he will聽end up cuddling with you later because聽鈥測ou might end up getting cold again, and he can't let that happen.鈥
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
鈥渓il baby! lil鈥 baby boo!鈥
he literally goes on with this for HOURS
keeps poking your cheeks and randomly smiling at you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
鈥渋f you don't get over here right now, I鈥檓 gonna have to drag you over here.鈥
sounds serious and looks it, but when you come over to him, he鈥檚 all cuddles and kisses, inhaling the scent you鈥檝e spread onto his hoodie
Tumblr media
corpse husband:
his insides flip upside down
just the way the hoodie sleeves go over your hands- shfsjhfjh it has him shaking from cuteness
鈥測ou're so cute,鈥 he鈥檇 say and leave you with a forehead kiss.
Tumblr media
karl jacobs:
he literally freaks out and can't even react properly with words
鈥渃ute鈥 is all he says, and then聽he鈥檚 wrapping his arms around you, swinging you from side to side
he鈥檒l be聽clinging onto you for the rest of the day
Tumblr media
鈥渂aby, literally stop, you're the cutest.鈥
drops everything to go over and ruffle your hair up, and then pull the hood over your head
seeing you in his hoodie warms his heart
Tumblr media
鈥渁re you trying to take my brand from me?鈥
mainly he just jokes around with you, but he definitely thinks it looks good on you
Tumblr media
his eyes widen, and if he鈥檚 holding something, you best believe he鈥檚 gonna drop it
鈥渨hat鈥檚 this then?鈥
grabs you by the waist and kisses your nose
Tumblr media
rubs his chin slowly, looking you up and down
鈥渄amn, babe. you can have my whole closet if you want it.鈥
makes you sit on his lap for the entire time he鈥檚 streaming
Tumblr media
simp hours; open
鈥渃鈥檓ere baby. I want a closer look.鈥
he only says that so he can get you close enough to pull you into his embrace and keep you there
Tumblr media
he literally runs up to wrap his arms tightly around your body, lifting you up in the air and swinging you around
鈥渘ever. take. it off.鈥
holds your hand under the sleeve a lot
Tumblr media
moves closer to inspect you
鈥測ou're鈥 wearing my hoodie?鈥
feels so proud of himself and will remember this moment forever
Tumblr media
鈥渁hhhh, that's mine!鈥
gets super excited, and grabs a matching one so he can match with you!
hugs you a lot
Tumblr media
jack manifold:
he is so fucking proud of himself and will never stop speaking of this moment
takes so many pictures and videos of you when you're cuddling together
just to have them saved for later
Tumblr media
time stands still for him for a moment, trying to recall if you had a hoodie exactly the same as his, or if it is okay for him to freak out about this
and so he does
but he is lowkey clingy for the rest of the day, so it鈥檚 definitely had an effect on him
Tumblr media
鈥渁wh, y/n. you looks so cute :(鈥
swings his arm around your shoulders to pull you into him with a sweet smile on his face
fiddles a lot with the sleeves and your fingers
Tumblr media
鈥渨ow, can't believe I'm dating a criminal.鈥 (because you stole his hoodie)
jokes with you about it, but really, he finds it super cute that you would just naturally wear his hoodie
pulls at the hood strings to make your face disappear behind the hood
Tumblr media
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transbian-technoblade a year ago
I鈥檝e seen a few people post about this already but I just wanna rant some more about the characterization and the way different people are framed during 鈥淗og Hunt鈥 as opposed to the other 3 animatics. So, in no particular order, here are some things I love:
- How when Technoblade strains against the shackles around his wrists it鈥檚 like... He鈥檚 this super powerful, menacing character displaying a moment of vulnerability by openly showing care for another, yet he鈥檚 still the one with all the physical power in this situation.
Tumblr media
Fundy and Quackity clearly struggle against him, but Technoblade doesn鈥檛 even notice. If he really wanted to, Techno could easily overpower both of them, but there鈥檇 be no point since they still have Carl. The shackles are purely there for the butcher army鈥檚 reassurance, but in this moment Techno forgets that he鈥檚 supposed to pretend like they have any power over him. All he can see is Phil.
- The way Tommy shows up at the end of the animatic with his dorky smile and that tiny braid in his hair and he doesn鈥檛 really have any lines and is incredibly passive. It鈥檚 so interesting how the character who鈥檚 ostensibly been the main focus of the past 3-4 animatics has here not only taken a backseat but seems almost insignificant when posed against these impossibly powerful figures vying for control. We go from watching Techno and Quackity鈥檚 legendary battle to this and it鈥檚 just...
Tumblr media
The way he鈥檚 framed in contrast to Techno, he just looks so small and soft. And idk it鈥檚 just nice to see Tommy when he isn鈥檛 being thrusted into the forefront of the conflict. He deserves the break. It also allows Tubbo鈥檚 character to begin developing independent of his which definitely shows through in this animatic...
- Just...everything about Tubbo. The subtle implication that he鈥檚 following in Schlatt鈥檚 footsteps while Wilbur鈥檚 original dream is fading. How sober he鈥檚 become in this position of authority that he never even asked for. How he ruminates on a desire for revenge yet sees it as justice. How this desire has turned him cold and even malicious towards Phil. How he鈥檚 still so afraid of being victimized again that he continues deferring to Quackity despite his position as president. Not to mention that it鈥檚 just so cool to get to see Tubbo being a badass.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Jesus fuck Quackity. Look at this shot of the butcher army:
Tumblr media
Tubbo might be the one speaking but it鈥檚 pretty damn obvious from the framing who holds the power here. Quackity is seated at the head of the table beneath the most prominent portrait. There鈥檚 a giant X hanging above his head for gods sake. He鈥檚 in the center of the frame and cast in dark shadows- you know when he opens his mouth, everybody鈥檚 gonna listen.
And I could go on and on about the subtle ways Philza or Ghostbur or Ranboo are characterized but it鈥檚 currently 2 in the morning so bottom line is: SAD-ist supremacy watch Hog Hunt
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