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ok, one question

do ppl really think it’s this hard to know christina’s true intentions????

i mean, it’s kind of hard to guess exactly what she’s plotting, but, her overall motivations are not that hard to figure out

she wants what she says she wants, which is power

she might be white and rich, but, at the end of the day, she’s still a woman in the 1950’s

and one that seems to have sexual attraction for women, even though she doesn’t exactly label herself, or even knows how to besides the short amount of labels of the time period

who also happens to have been raised into a very sexist, patriarchal environment with a deeply self-centered father who neglected her emotionally

she wants power, and she wants it bc she needs it to be able to feel truly safe and free

while it’s true she comes from a place of privilege bc of her race and class, she’s still in a position in which, for example, she could be locked in an asylum by a husband or father or brother in a snap of their fingers, a situation that was aluded in the begining of episode 1x05 when the cops took ruby, in her hillary form, as a “hysterical woman” under the tutelage of her husband

the show doesn’t give much room for explanations about her past, probably to keep her status as this trickster archetype that keeps the audience on their toes all the time, and to focus more on the black characters that are, y'know, the protagonists of the show

but, considering the way she talks about her father since episode one, it seems like not only she resents being left out for being a woman, but also feel that kind of resentment that comes from being opressed and feeling like you live in a world in which you are an object and not a subject, which is understandable considering the time the show is set. also, given the emotional neglect that she probably endured by living with a father more concearned about the order and exploitations, as she aluded in this week’s episode/1x09, she seems to have had no childhood whatsoever, as we can see by that scene in which an adult christina plays with the kids in the street

actually, if we consider things like the whole “free britney” situation, women are not completely safe even in 2020

so, it’s understandable she likes to shapeshift as william, bc she gets to feel safe and feel a type of freedom she doesn’t get to have on a daily basis

she feels about her gender the same way ruby feels about her gender and her race

it’s kind of hard to know whether christina identifies as non-binary or not, a recurring issue when it comes to shapeshifter characters and the shapeshifting tropes in pop culture as a whole

but it seems like this feeling of security and freedom extends to her sexuality as well, given that, well, she could still be non-binary, or gender non-conforming if she’s cis, and sapphic even using her own body and skin

but being openly non-binary, or gender non-conforming, and sapphic in the 50’s would put her in such a position of marginalization that no one would ask for, as we can see by the way sammy and montrose have to keep a secret about their affair and how the entirety of the gay culture back then was clandestine

she wants power so she can feel free and safe, and she wants immortality bc she can feel this way for all the eternity; it’s how, in her head, she can feel truly uninterrupted

it’s a combination of real-world social issues, being raised by a very self-centered and emotionally neglective father – another paralel with ruby and her hustler of a mom

being raised in a world in which there is magic and, therefore, ppl can bend reality to their will, everything she feels and does is like a very hightened extreme version of real-world issues and behaviors

and that’s why many ppl have pointed out christina is a representation of white feminism, or, at least, shows some of the same flaws that white feminists usually do

because she has a lot of rage and resentment towards that world and says she doesn’t agree with their racist views, but, at the end of the day, she still rather try to climb to the top of that organization instead of just trying to destroy the whole thing down, all because she still feels that need to prove her father that she can be as good as a cis men heir

that is a clever way for the show to do a commentary on white feminism and all that “girl boss” talk that took over the mainstream, with cis women, particularly cis white women, preferring to try and get to the same positions that cis white men occupy instead of just trying to dismantle the system entirely

also, she is an accurate portrayal of white feminism because, while she says she doesn’t agree with racism, she doesn’t seem to actively do anything to prevent the issues and focuses on her own individual interests

that moment with her re-enacting the brutal murder of emmett till gets a new light under this perspective, because it becomes a very extreme version of when white ppl try to “understand” our pain consuming black culture, when, to have true empathy, white ppl don’t actually have to go through the same experiences and feel what we feel in order to emphatize, just break free from their natural human narcisistic impulses and see black ppl’s pain as valid even though it has nothing to do with their own

that’s why christina is such a fascinating character, i mean, besides abby lee’s very charismatic acting

because while she still benefits of the opression of black ppl being a rich white woman, and her privilege grants her the freedom to be indifferent to black ppl’s pain beyond her feelings for ruby (more on that on another post, because there’s too much to unpack about these two, whew), she is still a woman and queer in a time and place in which it was very dangerous to do so (it still is right now in 2020, really, even in western countries like US or Brazil)

and that is why it was an brilliant move from misha green and the writers to gender-swap samuel braithwhite’s son in the books, caleb, for christina, because a morally ambiguous villain like her prevents the show from getting into a dualistic good vs evil dynamic, and her presence helps to adress the theme of how even opressed and marginalized groups can opress other groups (tic being a war criminal and an agent of american imperialism is another brilliant example of this)

and that is one of the reasons why she is a charismatic villain, and one many ppl – including me – seem to be getting attached to, and it would be a huge loss for the show if her character dies in the season 1 finale (i mean, besides losing an amazing actress, something no showrunner wants, tbh)

like, she obviously has to get through a huge defeat and disappointment in order to have a sense of actual consequences for her actions – actually, it would be really entertaining to see her lose all her power and having to hustle her way back to the top

but her presence – and her relationship with ruby, of course – help the show to keep morally complex

and chaotic characters like her, interested only in their own gain, are very fun to watch 🤷🏾‍♀️

so, the show could really use more of her, and i hope that, if lovecraft country isn’t just another limited series and gets renewed to plenty of seasons like game of thrones or the sopranos, they can keep her for very long

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[tag game]

I was tagged by @alwayskissmeatnight ❣️ thank you 💞


i’m over 5’5” (actually 5’10😩)// i wear glasses // contacts // i have blonde hair // i prefer loose clothing to tight clothing // i have one or more piercings // i have at least one tattoo // i have blue eyes // i have dyed or highlighted my hair // i have gotten plastic surgery // i have or had braces // i sunburn easily // i have freckles (only in summer☺️) // i paint my nails // i typically wear makeup ( i actually don’t leave the house with at least some mascara and my eyebrows done😬) // i don’t often smile // i am pleased with how i look (atm not so much because i gained some weight because of a stupid thyroid disease but usually yeah) // i prefer Nike to Adidas // i wear baseball hats backward

hobbies n talents:

i play a sport // i can play an instrument (violin, used to play some piano and guitar)// i am artistic // i know more than one language // i have won a thropy in some sort of competition // i know how to swim // i enjoy writing (I am actually writing two elu fics atm lol) // i can do origami // i prefer movie to tv series // i can execute a perfect somersault // i enjoy singing(even though my voice sucks haha) // i could survive in the wild on my own // i have read a new book series this year// i enjoy spending time with friends // i travel during school or breaks (traveling for the first time again next week, just within Germany..) // i can do a handstand


i am in a relationship (2 years and going strong💪🏼) // i have been single for over a year // i have a crush (does Maxence count? hahaha) // i have a best friend i have know for ten years (since I was born actually) // my parents are together // i have dated my best friend // i am adopted // my crush has confessed to me // i have a long-distance relationship // i am an only child // i have made online friends (the best!!) // i met with someone i have met online (I can’t believe the things I got to experience with them! memories I will cherish forever❣️ )


i have heard the ocean in a conch shell // i have watched the sunrise // i enjoy rainy days (sometimes, depends on my mood) // i meditate outside // the sound of chirping calms me // i enjoy the smell of the beach (so thankful to live by the beach) // i know what snow tastes like // i listen to music to fall asleep // i enjoy thunderstorms // i enjoy cloud watching // i have attended a bonfire // i pay close attention to colors // i find mistery in the ocean // i enjoy hiking on nature paths // autmun is my favorite season


i can fall asleep in a moving vehicle // i am the mom friend // i live by a certain quote(s) // i like the smell of sharpies (also paint, gasoline…) // i am involved in extracurricular activities // i enjoy mexican food // i can drive a stick-shift // i believe in true love // i make up scenarios to fall asleep (quiet often actually, helps me fall asleep faster)// i sing in the shower // i wish i lived in a video game // i have a canopy above my bed // i am multiracial // i am redhead // i own at least three dogs // i used to have a cat

i’ll tag : whoever would like to do this 🤗

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@passivenovember thanks for asking ❤️

2. Tell us about what you’re most looking forward to writing – in your current project, or a future project

I’m trying to spend my time working on my original LGBTQ+ romance sci-fi series. I’m excited for book two because I get to write from the most chaotic POV I have ever done and it’s a lot of fun. Theo, the MC, is an absolute disaster and I love him.

For harringrove, which I mostly write to relieve stress or Work Through Some Stuff, I’m excited for some AUs I’ve been contemplating, like a construction class difference AU and a 1930s mob AU. I’m currently working on making my ridiculous pirate AU into a series with an exceptionally smutty one shot I’m finishing up now, so that’s fun.

11. What do you envy in other writers?

Ooh good question. Discipline, for sure. Those writers who have a solid routine and always hit their daily word count. That is not me. I’ll go days without writing and then knock out 8k in one random night, no structure to it.

Also, plotters. I’m envious of the ability to sit down and write out an outline and then just, stick with it. I’m a plantser (plotter plantser hybrid) by necessity but a pantser by nature. I don’t write linearly, I usually write out a long series of scenes from all over the work, then place them in order and fill out the inbetweens. I go where the characters take me, mostly.

19. Is there something you always find yourself repeating in your writing? (favourite verb, something you describe ‘too often’, trope you can’t get enough of?)

Now that I’ve worked closely with an editor I am all too aware of the many things I repeat far too often. I describe and use eyes FAR too much, but I let it slide in fanfic because I can be more loose and comfortable in my writing there. I overuse body part descriptions in action tags. I also can’t get enough praise in sex scenes or mutual pining like help it’s a problem.

21. What other medium do you think your story would work well as? (film, webcomic, animated series?)

I think take me home tonight might work as a webcomic? Idk. It’s probably too angsty?

I think my original work definitely would, and I would love to see my characters illustrated so that would be cool. They’re very pretty boys. 😍

I never really think of my work in any medium other than writing so this was a hard question to answer.

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playing party games with me is no fun because, instead of trying to uncover your deepest darkest secrets, I will do my best to utterly destroy you and win

why play never have I ever and say things like ‘been in a threeway’ or 'kissed the same sex’ when the other people can easily lie or admit and feel weird

when you can play it and sit there waiting, grinning like the devil themself, patiently waiting until it’s your turn, and then saying with the smug satisfaction of someone who has no intent of losing-

never have I ever driven a motorcycle

while staring each of your friends down in turn and watching as the light fades from their eyes and they each slowly put down a finger

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