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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#but it wont stop me
bisexual-dva-moved · a year ago
I'm getting tattooed tomorrow you guys!!
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hacker-elf · a year ago
I know I should use the Queue function more often for a more consistent blog schedule, yet I do not. Please forgive me, I am just a simple moron.
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thatdumbbltch · a year ago
discord server join if you want to! =))
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ren-amamiyaa · a year ago
ps it is my personal headcanon Akiren has had experience in gymnastics before becoming a phantom thief. how else would he do all those flips and shit
A top-quality headcanon; I believe in this so hard
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parano--vigilant · 2 years ago
Even if it it is edible, chugging an entire container can’t be good for you
that’s fair
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h-a-n-a-h-a-k-i · 3 years ago
it was warm
we just laughed and didnt have to say anything
that dream is so far away
but i think that im willing to wait for it
if i can see their smiles every day
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waela-lavellan · 4 years ago
My excersize yesturday fucked up my shins so now im hobbling around like an old person
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tvheadedgirlfriend · 5 years ago
i want to dance but everyone is sleeping in my house and i dont want them walking in on me dancing because i woke them up
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[[I actually have a butt-tonne of paranoia posting this BROTP of mine so im like “FUCK THAT VAGUEBLOGGING IS PROBABLY ABOUT ME” when it probably isnt
is ok shh
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anicelittleghost · 7 years ago
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1cutae · 8 years ago
omg Kim!
happy fucking birthday! you're legal woohoo. I'll be legal just in June sigh :c but anyways I wish you health and wealth. and ofc all your dreams to become true. and good friends. and wonderful life in general! I'm still waiting for you to invite me on your birthday party but ok. cause you know it will be pretty boring without me
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quietsubway · 30 minutes ago
Your art style is gorgeous and your LoM art makes my heart SING. 💛💛💛
lom and a2a made mine dance effin bittersweet cha cha
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saintslaughter · 4 hours ago
Amour — Today at 4:32 AM
im thinkin about tormenting les enough to make him mute again i just think that'd be neat
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wrathfulfawn · 6 hours ago
good morning girlies! let's get that lobotomy!
#pleas i wake up and there she is again <3 so so many symptams#for the lov of god just rid of my whole brain i mean it now i cant take it anymore#moss.exe#btw <3 i know lobotomies dont actualy Work but you know what i think if we just disconnect all the parts like a puzzle then everuthing will#work out honistly :)#for all my gamers out there every dau feels like facing a dark souls boss </3#pleas i had funy litle dreams to do w my ailments and ive been havig tis anxiety attack again sincr i woke up <3 i feel so sick girlies i#dont want to do this anymore i wont lie to u <3#anxiety attacks r so funy bc they wil just lasr like weeks at a time smtimes like wahoo#iv been havig one for at least tje last week tat like brieflt gets les bad when i manage my silly little escapisms#so so funny how 90% of whay makes my symptoms not b as bad is escapism btw like the second i do not distract myself so so intensely i#just *yoshi death noise* u know#edit: yuo have to be kiddig me rn... not japanese being a trigger ough tat is pne of my native languages i cant just avoid that pleas this#is so funy brains r ridiculos#what also is so funy btw is that looking for comfort is trigerig my dysphoria too like fr ? on god?#this is genuinely just... nothing works up there#pleas it has been an hour or whatever tat i have been awake... so many syndroms actig up... ough *colapses and dies*#-_- cant stop thikig abt the fucking hyperfixation too which is only making it worse i am so so ailment ridden just have me put down now i#mean it like tjis is frankly just ridiculous#edit2:#ramming my head into a wal why the fuck is wvery thing remindig and triggering me im so argh#edit3:#suddenly every distraction is a trigger or a reminder and i dont know how t cope anymore#i cant find a distraction that does help anymore and its the only way i can cope with any of this#im afraid of not knowing how long this will last#because i do not think i can do this much longer#edit4:#im abt to start screaming for 48 hours i mean it every fucking thing is reminding me#literally every thing#im so fucking dysphoric too in an unfixable way im going to run into a ravine argh this is infurtiating beat me to death now or smth
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shibuyacrossed · 9 hours ago
( www my apologies being extra slow with the starters n stuff i owe btw yall. its taking me longer to recover from the fatigue of last week than i thought And the pain from my impacted wisdom tooth that i cant get removed because my dental insurance is super ??? right now is back and im A )
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