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#but it's so fun playing this

Decided to try video editing with a friend’s VOD and it took like 2 days just to get the rough cut lmaoo but that’s finally done so now i can refine it and add spicyness so hopefully ill be done in a day or 2 and im v excited cause even though it’s not great (I havent done any video editing before except a couple compilations) ive worked rly hard on it and ive had fun

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Of Words, Training, and Lingering Cages  


A Collar is Removed, the Dark is Explored, and a reminder that the Physical is not all that binds us is given.


           Maul was still not quite sure what was happening outside of the fact that he wanted it. Maul wanted for Plo to teach him, he wanted for…he wanted for all of them to teach him. That part of him that hungered found the idea of having so many around him satisfying in a way that he did not understand, he just knew it felt…it felt like the removal of a lack.

           It felt like another tool in a box.

          Maul wanted more tools, he wanted to understand, to know who he was and what was happening, he wanted so much, and they were offering… Maul wondered a bit how he was meant to earn this. He wondered what the catch would be, but Maul would find that out. He had already promised to read the book and to not hurt while he was doing so…

           Maul no longer wished to hurt, so that part was easy, the book was a bit more difficult, but Maul could ask questions, he thought. They were meant to teach him, were they not? They were meant to help him understand, and he had to assume that this book…

           There is good in this Galaxy…

          Maul was not sure what that meant, though he wondered…he wondered if it was something that Meltch had been trying to give him. He wondered…

          Maul did not even know where to begin with any of this, did not know how to ask the questions that were tickling at the back of his mind. Maul did not know how to ask about other forms of touch, about why it burned and yet did not hurt him.

           Maul took a breath and then slowly looked to Tiq then, taking in the Rodian that was smiling at him, the warmth in those large eyes. There had been so much…

           Maul did not know how to thank that.

          “You were there,” Maul said finally, watching him quietly, “the entire time. I remember your voice throughout all of it…”

           “I was,” Tiq agreed and that smile broadened, his eyes crinkling with it. “It’s my job, Maul. It’s something I wished to do, not something that you owe me for.”

           Maul found his brows knitting slightly, taking in the Jedi before him that was asking him for nothing and mumbling quietly, “Compassion. Weakness.”

           Tiq beamed, “Perhaps,” he agreed, “or maybe it’s a gift. Maybe it’s something that you needed and something I chose to provide. It’s something that I’ve trained for years to be able to do, and it is something that I wanted to give.”

           Maul took this in, thinking. Maul was not a stranger to training of course, he himself did it all the time, and he supposed that this then must be a skill, something learned and honed through constant work, but that still begged the question… “Why do you train for this? Why is it something you want?”

           “To help others,” Tiq answered, “because I cannot bear to see someone hurting when I know that I can help. There is the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped, of seeing someone come out of… Maul, I will not lie to you, you were one of my more difficult patients, and for you to be here… I am pleased for you. I am so happy that I could help you.”

           Maul took that in and found that this was…perhaps a bit harder to understand. Maul was no stranger to the satisfaction that came from hard work, and also the knowledge that he had accomplished something, but for it to be another person that mainly benefited, that… That was strange. But Maul thought it might be a Jedi sensibility. This then was easier to understand.

           Though perhaps, this was the kind of thing Anakin had meant by Good.

           “What do you do now?” Maul asked finally.

          Tiq smiled at him, “I am…a Mind Healer, Lord Maul,” Tiq answered, “I help people understand themselves, understand what has happened to them and begin to heal.”

           Maul found a brow slowly rising, taking this in for a moment, “I see.”

           “I am also the Mind Healer that was specifically assigned to you.”

           Maul blinked.

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    legit nothing makes me as happy as games caring about the little things and prey does it so well. Saving Rani, a pretty insignificant side character, means she’ll eventually join the survivors in cargo bay and nearly all of them have specific lines talking to her and thanking you for saving her, Danielle reacts differently to your presence if you do her quests ‘ out of order ’ and has different lines depending on what you did first, if you decide to get rid of your AI buddy january early on then December will take over that role and she has entirely different lines and will give you different advise than january would have. The list goes on

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(some description of gore, rough sex, geralt/fem!jaskier, explicit)

There are many things Jaskier loves about Geralt.

She loves it when he’s soft for her and she loves it when he’s hard for her. She loves his gruffness in the early morning, his secret, wry humor, the way he patiently listens to her play the same stanza again and again because she needs to get it right.

She especially loves Geralt when he’s black-eyed and dangerous, blood in his teeth and adrenaline in his veins making his prick hard enough to break rocks. Oh, how she enjoys him then.

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Actually, if FE13 brought Dragon degeneration throught whatever the fuck Nah and Nowi rampaging for Destruction fur the lolz - it completely forgave to give the same trait to Tiki who’s older than those two.

In every game from 13 to 16 there’s a way to avoid degeneration and it’s supposed to be the equivalent of having a dragonstone. Anankos gave his to his BFF Cadras, for some reason so without it he grew mad. Corrin has one thanks to Azura.

Ignoring Nah and Nowi, FE Archanea is consistent with its lore/BG, if you have a dragonstone, you can live retaining your sanity even if you are old as fuck (Bantu) but if you don’t, you will “degenerate”.

I don’t hold it against fans, if they didn’t play the older games, to ignore the differents dragons in the Franchise or something, or if some did play, they might have forgotten, I always forget stuff myself tbh.

Thing is, there is always a way in those games to prevent the dragonfolk from being mad/degenerating. In this franchise, but even if those games, the ending message is never “oh well dragons have to be killed else they’ll degenerate it’s sad for them really” - except, maybe, in FE15, but FE15 shares its lore with FE11/12 and while it was too bad Mila’n’Duma degenerated, the dragonstone solution had already been came up with in Archanea, iirc, Medeus became a manakete.

Why Duma’n’Mila didn’t do it? Idk, did they depart before the dragonstones were invented, did they refuse to seal their powers because they didn’t want to transform in a weakened state, idk.

Just saying, FE as a franchise has never been fond of the “let’s kill this sentient being before it inevitably becomes feral because it’s in their nature” trope, and I’m glad for it. 

The ending message for FE15 will forever be blurry, but I always read it as “thank you for everything you did for us, now we can walk on our own so you don’t need to look after us anymore” “yes but if humanity does shit i’ll be back” “don’t worry we won’t do shit” rather than “we don’t need gods anymore fuck you and die plz”.

Also, given how FE15 is a sort of prequel to FE13, funny to note how in Walmart’s land there is place with a shrine where Tiki sleeps and apparently people listen to her because she’s the voice of the “divine”, also, humanity was saved by a dragon who doesn’t want to be called God who manages to send a princess back in time to prevent the advent of a worm-like abomination and without this the worm-like abomination would have ruled over the world destroying everything in its wake because, uh, it was angry or something.

If you really want a game without gods and things still being shitty I suggest FE4′s first gen, the Loptyr goons are just goods, but the continent is a powder keg because people from Jugdral are shitty, and it’s 100% dragon free (until the second gen)!

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