#but its been translated to english i think
thecryingastrologer · 13 hours ago
Disclaimer: this is my first time trying to interpret an asteroid and is based on my personal understanding ❤️🥲
Tumblr media
Background on hviezdoslav 🤍
Hviezdoslav aka Pavol országh was one of the most powerful and versatile of Slovak poets. and for a short time, member of the Czechoslovak parliament.
Hviezdoslav was a lawyer until he became able to devote himself to literature. He originally wrote in Hungarian and was a Hungarian patriot, but in the 1860s he switched both activities to Slovak. By the time of his death the Slovaks possessed an extensive poetic literature of a high order.
One of his Most memorable works are his moving Krvavé sonety (1919; “Blood-Red Sonnets”), which embody his attitude toward World War I. He also translated much Hungarian, Russian, German, and English literature into Slovak.
Pavel Országh was living in Vyšný Kubín (Felsőkubin), Árva County, Kingdom of Hungary, Austrian Empire. He was of noble origin.[2] Hviezdoslav studied at grammar schools in Miskolc and Kežmarok (Késmárk) in the Hungarian lutheran school. The young Országh became a Hungarian patriot.
During this time he got acquainted with the poetry of Arany János and Petőfi Sándor and under their influence he started to write poems first in Hungarian,[5] then from the mid-1870s in Slovak. After his graduation in 1870, he continued his studies at the Law Academy of Prešov (Eperjes), where in 1871 he participated in the preparation of the Almanach Napred ("Forward" Miscellany/Almanac), which marked the beginning of a new literary generation in Slovak literature. Due to his contribution to this Almanac with several radical poems, however, he was ignored in the literary life of the country for the rest of the 1870s and couldn't get his works published. During this period, he pursued his law career in Dolný Kubín, but he also carried on with his literary work in his free time. He practiced as a lawyer between 1875 and 1899 in Námestovo (Námesztó), and then in Dolný Kubín again. In 1918, he became a member of the newly created Revolutionary National Assembly (provisional governing body, later parliament) in Prague, and from 1919 to 1920, served as its representative. In 1919, he was chosen as the leader of the re-established Matica slovenská (Slovak matica), a Slovak cultural institute founded in 1863, and closed as a result of Hungarian policy in 1875
In 1954, the Literary Museum of P. O. Hviezdoslav was established in Dolný Kubín. A festival of amateur poetry reciters named Hviezdoslav's Kubín has been held there
Literary museum of PO HVIEZDOSLAV 👇
Tumblr media
Involvement with law
Ability to influence masses
Social activism/ involvement
Politics/ political involvement
Where you are ignored at first but then recognised
Where you are extremely dedicated/ idealistic to a point of naivety.
Your philosophical ideas
Switch in works.
(Aspects with personal planets and points)
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lemonadeandlanguages · a month ago
While everyone is here suggesting other epistolary novels to have emailed, I'd like to suggest Winter Letters by Agustin Fernández Paz. It would be much shorter than Dracula (i think it's just a few weeks maybe?) but it's really good and creepy and not enough ppl know about it imo
Edit: I just realized that since the book isn't out of copyright it wouldn't be possible but I still highly recommend reading it!!
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orchardknit · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Attempting some tablet weaving for the first time. I have essentially no idea what im doing--i did watch a few videos which mostly went in one ear and out the other, as well as look for some written guides which were completely indecipherable if for no other reason than Reading Hard.
The warping was fiddly but straightforward, and the first several inches are totally botched bc i wasnt really creating a clean warp shed bc i had no idea what belonged to what half, but after i figured that out it got way neater ! I'm not really concerned about how it looks though. This first attempt will serve its purpose either way, which is to be a bag handle so that i don't have to crochet or knit one. Yes i did finally try tablet weaving just to avoid knitting or crocheting more straps.
Also wow, these cards really arent going to last very long. I pulled them out of the 5 deck hand and foot set (hence why they're all 3s, since thats the worst card to get and i figured removing a few wouldnt be missed), but if id realized they deteriorate so fast i definitely would have just used something else. Oh well though.
Also, i had a feeling this would hurt my back, and indeed it does. I lasted about 10 minutes before it was too much. Might need to use a chair next time.
#was talking to my fiance about dyslexia earlier and have been thinking abt it a lot recently#was diagnosed as a teenager at the same time as the adhd#mostly dont think abt it and generally considered it not to affect me that badly#but i have a theory abt why i csnt read anymore and why written patterns are SO hard to follow#which is that i think reading for me takes a LOT of mental energy and focus#and if im low on that for whatever reason anything more than a few sentences is just utterly insurmountable and i can't read it#its even worse in any language other than english which baffled me for years#but ! my fiance was telling me how he has an easier time reading english than anything else bc he practiced SO MUCH trying to read normally#in english but didn't do the same in hindi or anything else#which like. oh. yeah. i also tried way harder with english bc that's what school was in and i was desperate to not be seen as stupid#which also explains why reading aloud in any language other than english is so so hard#reading hamlet aloud for english lit: god this sucks but i do love hamlet#reading dante's inferno (french translation) aloud in french lit: oh my god i hate every second of this and i think i will die from nerves#reading childrens poetry aloud in russian for my intro to russian class: if i dropped dead right now that would be preferable#and like my russian pronunciation was not the problem here#i could have a conversation with my teacher in russian okay#and i know cyrillic ! no problems there#but having to read it aloud ?? exhausting and miserable#anyway. all of this to say that i am not using patterns bc trying to mix reading with learning a new thing is just. not happening#backstrap weaving#tablet weaving
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girlwiththegreenhat · 6 months ago
thinking about queen “i just want everyone to be happy and if i have to play the part of and be perceived as a villain to do so, So Be It” deltarune tonight lads
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d-dormant · 7 months ago
maleficent: you claimed that i was callous!
diaval: why, you're gentle!
maleficent: and inhuman!
diaval: very humane!
maleficent: heartless!
diaval: hearty, very hearty!
maleficent: dry!
diaval: wet!- w- wet.
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rohan-defender · 3 months ago
Actually I think its sad that nobody ever talks abt Joseph canonically trying to Read Rohan's manga.
#Am I the only person who remembers this#ok. ik the answer is no but ik thats how we find out that pink dark boy hasnt been translated into English#i also think its nice he respects him so much#(rohan to joseph this is)#GSMDGZNZJ its absolutely funny to me that even joseph is like ''oh look. 🙄 rohan''.#ITS SO FUNNY WHEN HIM AND JOSUKE SAW HIM AND DECIDED TO IGNORE HIM HXMZHZMZHNSN#but yeah its funnier to me than rohan highly respects that old man.#okokok. also biased bc joseph is. also one of my favorite characters. but thats not important right now.#HDJZJZJSJN hes canonically told josuke that his dad is the only reason he respects and puts up w/him#a lotta ppl assume incorrectly he means jotaro. no he does not.#why would refer to jotaro as mr joestar 😭🤚 his last name is KUJO#SORRY lol. as a rohan expert its a pet peeve of mine#but he does seem to be friends w/jotaro! they do get along and are shown working together#but anyways joseph probably finds rohan annoying bc. well. LMAO. rohan is rohan#i bet he begs to hear stories from him and joseph has some really funny stories he knows everything LMAO.#so im sure he sees rohan and is like. great im gonna be stuck here for an hour at the least.#i dont think hes as close with jotaro bc jotaro isnt the kinda person who enjoys telling stories.#i interpret their friendship more as jotaro probably likes watching rohan work and rohans ok with it bc jotaro just watches quietly#he will let ppl watch him work. if theyre quiet. LMAO.#but yeah#hes hungry for knowledge. hes hungry for stories. and i think thats why he has such a strong respect for joseph.#thank u for coming to my ted talk.#arra speaks#id add tags but this is more of a pet peeve ramble <3
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mysillycomics · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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klept0-857 · 5 months ago
Would love some real art again, but coupled with a good story. I've gotten this about 5 times in stuff that's not fanfiction and since then any and all officially published content is just boring, honestly. I've stopped really reading for the story because the story is always the same. That's how it feels anyway. Anyway if you have any book recs please do let me know
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wingedbeings · 11 months ago
now why would things require effort -_-
#want 2 set up a business paypal for commissions etc + maybe donations if u like my work bc im. receiving not even 25% of minimum wage and im#struggling to be frank but it is like now there is. so many words on here and i need to read them? i need to pay attention and put effort#into this? *withers away*#they need to put me on stimulants i mean it#not able to see anyone for med adjustments even + schizophrenia so no one wants to give us stimulants so :)#kio.txt#i receive that little bc the system cheated me out of the benefits im entitled to bc of a loophole they created :) v epic bc its like woah#im never going to get out of poverty! epic <3#v funny bc even if i would be capable of working no one is hiring me since i dont have any secondary school like grade passing papers bc the#education system pulled smth very funny and bc i wasnt able to do my exams i simply didnt get snyrhing for all the work i put in to not drop#out fully so thats epic too#only thing i could think of was freelance translations bc japanese -> english and vice versa is requested some but#since im not on proper meds n dont receive treatment we havent been managing that either + we're not reliable enough w deadlines bc of#our symptoms unpredictably becoming too bad etc so its all v funny#i cant even apply to entry level jobs bc most require still being in secondary bc then u have the age = low wage or at least having some#passing records from it but since im 18+ my minimum wage is too high for anyone to want to consider me for thise lol#also cannot be reliable in appearing at jobs bc of symptoms being like that + we have no methods of transportation so wemre entirely#dependent on the government to keep us alive and theyre not doing too great a job and frankly its exhausting to not have ur absolute basic#needs met like ever in ur life and whatnot#since obviously our family doesnt want to help either lol#got very very lucky in terms of not being homeless bc of living somewhere illegally lol but its not. exactly awesomesauce and we just need#to try and do smth but even making smth to receive any money thru is fucking. so hard and we cannot give out our birthname so it has to be a#business paypal (reason being that it would put our life in more danger lol)#its so funny like epic the entire system is failing me and wishes i just died moment#no we dont live in america btw we live in white europe and yes weve tried everything for Many years and no there is no other options left i#prommy so pls dont give suggestions like oh well why havent u tried x conventional method relying on the system#we are || this close to being pushed into illegal activities as an only option to survive and frankly . help#for legal reasons thats a joke a jest smth we wouldnt do but anyone who understands severe poverty + being marginalised hi#realised we're stupid its actually less than 20% lmao#we were taking the wrong number for minimum wage which is the 75% of it u get in another benefits rhing basically as 100% -_-
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rigelmejo · a year ago
I’ve read parts of this article on Pride and Prejudice translation three times now and so I suppose I should share it.
Misinterpreting Jane Austen? A Feminist Perspective on the Chinese Versions of Pride and Prejudice
It really makes me think about how easy it is to have huge themes in a work just lost or muddled intensely if they aren’t paid particular nuanced focus to during translation. How each line could have more nuance to it then a surface level “any synonym will get the point across” and how just lacking cultural context can cause big points in a sentence to be abandoned in translation (the use of “rational creatures” in Pride and Prejudice is a huge reference to bringing up feminist thoughts, but read literally could be translated as ‘i think’ or ‘i’m reasonable’ or ‘i’m regular’ and could miss a big chunk of meaning being conveyed). Meaning is usually lost somewhat in translation because its hard to maintain the nuance of the original words, even if you know all the context and are prioritizing themes in each sentence! So of course its a struggle.
I just think its something to be mindful when engaging with translations in general. And certainly webnovel ones where so often the translators are fan translators with various skill levels in language and/or translation and/or in meaning of the deeper themes of a text, and paid translators on big webnovel sites, often translating under time constraints to do a job Fast rather than ‘as close to accurate as possible’ which could take a lot more time. That’s not even getting into the machine translations (and cleaned up mtls) of webnovels, that some actual webnovel sites use (which can have very little if any editing done), and some fans do when its the best/fastest chance to ever read the novel (in which case even if its edited by people for improvements over time it will be constrained by the original mtl translator program’s failures in word choice and unawareness of story nuances). It’s already a mess to judge a work of art made in another culture, without being aware of that culture’s artistic goals and norms and expectations etc. Those values must be acknowledged, because to judge it as something outside its context removes so much. That applies to translations too - which can maybe be interpreted on their merit as localizations. When there is one - like maybe Drakengard 3 and if its localization changes were a good or bad thing for its story in the context of an english speaking market? or if Final Fantasy XV localization changes were? which i imagine the localization teams themselves had to judge its work on. On the case of like “how does this work as a localization” but still the questions of its original context in its original lanuage, intent, comes up. Do you get rid of ramen in favor of a different food? Do you get rid of San and say “Mr” - what is kept, why is it kept, does it require outside understanding of context, is that worth keeping even if it does? 
Like perhaps the pride and prejudice translator changed “rational creature” to “ordinary person” because they wanted to abandon explaining the feminist idea of “rational creature” altogether, considering that context too far removed from a translation, and instead decided on making the line mean more broadly “like a normal person my rejection is serious - i’m not playing a silly game with you.” which is roughly fair in meaning, but has lost the concept of “i’m rational like Any Person, even though you consider women irrational that is incorrect.” I see why the translation could have made sense to do - and its what i’m sure localization translators deal with deciding every day - “what do we keep for overall story’s meaning understood by this new target audience?” versus “what details do we abandon at the cost of nuance, because it might make it harder for this target audience to connect to the overall story?” etc.
My point i suppose is just, sometimes I see arguments about webnovels and their meanings as understood BY the translation. And many people much better with words than me have made good points that one can’t judge a work based on english speaking culture standards when it wasn’t made in that context, was not aimed at that target audience, and has context surrounding it that in general an english audience will not be aware of. Just to add to that - the translations themselves.
The translations also are going to have context missing, or have changed some context and nuance to translators tastes. Like localizing to try and make it more comprehensible to the audience, or because the cultural reference needs some ‘equivalent’ the translator thinks the english audience will be more likely to know - i immediately think of Word of Honor choosing “chevalier” for “daxia” and “river of lethe” and greek myth metaphors, instead of the actual concept the dialogue refers to (and Word of Honor was professionally translated). Even among professional differences - just look at The Untamed that has different versions translating “zhiji” as bossom friend, good friend, soulmate, and gongzi as Childe, and names as just a whole range of weirdly varying ones different from what’s actually said. A lot of webnovels are not professionally translated (and of the ones that are, if they have speed deadlines they also might not get an ideal amount of time to decide how to ‘most accurately’ maintain the nuance, if that’s even a goal of a specific translator because different translators have different goals). 
Not only is it not something created in the english audience culture (so why compare it on those specific cultural expectations it wasn’t made for), but also each translation is not going to be a fully accurate depiction of the original. Every translation will vary. Some translations will leave out cultural nuance, or even change it, or just not notice it was there to begin with. Word choice alone will change the meaning of some sentences and dialogue - and it can be as simple as one seemingly straightforward word change (like “rational creature” in Pride and Prejudice). Translation changes can affect the meaning you get from a story when its done professionally, when its been done and tried different ways multiple times for decades! Surely translations done for webnovels are going to have points where its like... to judge it is to at most interpret this translator’s work. Because there isn’t a full picture of the original work, a translation can’t give you that. Like others have said, its not great trying to expect works from different cultures to match up to a different culture’s expectations/aspects, but then also translations themselves will fail to retain aspects - or will all highlight such aspects in different ways and also in different ways for the reader to interpret (leaving more original context with footnotes, simplifying details and removing authors nuance, changing context to try and come up with an equivalent the reader might understand easier, etc). And that doesn’t even cover how any machine translator usage is going to also be destroying so much nuance, context, meaning, and even changing it in random ways - if its used for any of the steps, before the translator’s personal goals even start affecting the translation’s shape and meaning etc.
I have a huge newfound respect for the people translating Haruki Murakami... if Pride and Prejudice is this easy to change themes on/interpret differently even though its overall a very straightforward novel structure, I can only imagine how hard Haruki Murakami’s meanings and themes are to preserve...
#rant#april#translations#i just think about this a lot.#1 its a big reason i'm considering reading the mdzstranslations group's version of mdzs - i suspect#a number of complaints about mdzs come from translation choices. because that's been true with much of mxtx's writing#i saw the 'simple' svsss translation (which is fine and i like it) and a newer one ppl did and the newer one is WAY MORE NUANCED#and its like reading a trashy pulp novel to reading an Actual Novel with Depth and that could actually make me cry. All cause of translation#choices. Priest's writing too... i can thankfully read it in chinese (tho i still miss a ton of cultural nuance obviously)#and in english its translation is SO simplified it misses so much atmospherically and in mood. it makes priest feel like a 'less great write#' but then i read Mo Du/Silent Reading? And edanglarstranslations is one of my FAVORITE translators#i have the chinese novel and when i read? or listen to the chinese audiobook? it matches up wording wise and feeling wise so WELL with#EDanglar's translation of the novel. so translating work affects so MUCH how the story is interpreted. and nuance lost is like seeing a#masterpiece through blurry glasses and fog. u can make out the main impression and if its good then it will touch ppl even in translation.#but the style of translation/choices will effect how BLURRY the audience sees it - whether its black and white or blurry colors. whether its#50 ft away or a mile. it will always be blurry unless read in its original language AND by someone who gets its context/culture. but some#parts can be clearer depending on what translators choose to do. and Which parts are clearer depends on them.#its part of why i usually want to learn to read the languages i Do read? because i hate the blurry picture lol. i want to make it clearer to#myself what they originally intended. even tho its still blurry to me In the language. i at least get more of the original Feel even if#details still get lost on me.#just... whenever i think of this article it reminds me how MUCH translation is an art form with choice#and also how much a translator works - none will likely capture and retain everything in their goal even IF they want to cause#they're all bound to miss some things or have to sacrifice some things#perhaps i should say. we see a blurry image of the original IN a translation. but the translation itself is like an artist REDRAWING a#masterpiece FROM a blurry reference. the translators work IS crisp but details are off/changed/less nuanced/differently nuanced#to see a translators work as identical to the original is wrong because like. no its like an artistic rendition with creative liberties of#a reference image they cannot replicate (because they're using paint and paper and the original is clay with paint missing the translator#cant guess the exact colors of and the translator only has 3 photos of the sculpture. and the translator cant sculpt so they must draw#and a 2D painting just isnt the same u know.
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ryssbelle · 8 months ago
PSA if you ever find spelling errors or anything in any of my work that includes something that has been translated over to hylian and back please DM me!
Itll be easier and faster for me to sort out the issue because unlike the notes and asks the DMs cant get buried!
Just wanted to clear it up since I have been making posts that need translation and I already suck at english so-
Thanks in advance!
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bnerdler · a year ago
Its unfortunate that allens shift from polite speech to more casual speech doesn't translate well to English.
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queer-chnospinci · 9 months ago
Someone from my sword fighting group used a word and said it was "old german" and that is not a thing so I tried to figure out whether its old high german or middle high german and I did not find it in any dictionary (I did find the source tho) and it fucked me up to the point that I lay awake thinking about it twice and it made me email my professor (who told me the version of the word that was listed in the dictionary) BUT STILL why are we using that version of the word??
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hydigen · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
redrew literally the one and only drawing i could find of clara in my old sketchbooks (2016). guess who used references of actual victorian clothing this time! bonus:
Tumblr media
get u a man who looks at you the way herbert looks at clara
#my art#Great Expectations#Clara Barley#pip pirrip#herbert pocket#the original was from i think early 2015?#6 years of improvement babey!! also learning what the fuck a reference is!#though in my defense the original doodles were undoubtedly drawn in class bored out of my mind so no chance to find ref then#i love making art that is targeted to me and me alone. anyway#the code in the second original doodle doesnt translate one to one w what i wrote but its the spirit of it#also yes its english not a diff language. i was really bored in 7th grade history and ive been using the same code on everything ever since#*early 2016 not 2015#so 5 years not 6 lol#also dont you love that when i say bonus i mean another entire illustration bc same#digital art#these tags werent enough of a mess so im adding more lmfao#sent a preview of pip shaded to my friend (hi haven) w the caption 'pip my beloved i think i gave you tits'#they galaxy brained... transmasc pip transfem estella. estella tells ms havisham shes a girl and ms h Ascends#shes trans accepting in literally the worst possible way#theres a line in the bbc show (not the books) to pip thts like 'you are no more a gentleman than she is a lady'#from drummle#and he follows it w accusing pip of faking his voice (he meant his london accent but he SAID! voice)#so.#drummle transphobe confirmed?#if u looked at the bonus/read my exceedingly lengthy tags once again i thank u for ur service. i should really just make these text posts#but im nervous lmao
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starswallowingsea · 9 months ago
i should have been a history major
#i dont feel like staying at college for another two years to just cram all the history classes in after i already qualify#for graduation and like. the rest of my degrees#ugh#its bc my parents made me think i couldnt do anything with history#i need 34 credits for a history major and i'm in my third year already so i cant just. change majors anymore without#adding more years#idk i'd have to talk to someone financially abt this bc if i wait to get a history degree after i graduate#from this school or any school i have to redo my gen eds and i really dont want to do that either#like dont get me wrong i really love anthropology but i think#my ideal set up would have been anthro/history double major museum science minor and maybe also#spanish minor but idk. i am just. full of regrets#i am hoping i can still get a job in a history museum as an anthropology major though somehow#or with a geology minor idk idk idk#i took two classes on archaeology and i will probably have one more on it which may be useful for#collections management jobs or working with the collections in general#and ofc i could always do spanish-english translation somewhere for spare money bc i do plan on getting certified#as a spanish english translator. if i'm gonna go through with being a spanish major i may as well#but history has been like my biggest passion for the longest time#as a kid i would just read and re-read my american girl and dear america books#i hyperfixated on the titanic for like a year and watched all five documentaries that played at least three times each#like!!!!! i love history a lot. and my parents said no! something that will make money!#but w a background in anthropology i should be okay for trying to apply to collections jobs esp w a museum science degree#really glad i decided to take a history class to fulfill a requirement this semester though <3#shay speaks#college posting
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2ndform · 12 days ago
i think listening 2 these guys so much as a kid probably altered my brain in some way not that im complaining but its kinda funny. that and reading the 9 volumes of gunnm we had when i was like 11 an insane amount of times
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ilikethecourtierok · 9 months ago
Did I start translating Last Legacy into portuguese? Yes. Do I have any clue on how I could possibily put that in the game? No clue.
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jorgenotfound · 4 months ago
just found out you're majoring in translation :0 how's it going may i ask cause i'm thinking of taking up translation as well and would love for some tips and secrets ^_^
TBH I'm enjoying jt ^__^ more kn the tags bc
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munkudyke · 6 months ago
was thinking last night about the concept of a multilingual production of cats and its really just an absolute vibe
like. moment of happiness sung in German, skimbleshanks in Spanish, and gumbie cat in English are my unshakeable choices, but I was also considering mistoffelees in japanese and memory in french. and also the idea of jellicle songs being split so every line is a different language is just soooo good
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9w1ft · 5 months ago
imagine if they all had to contend with honorifics on too hot to handle 😆
#watching singles inferno & thinking about how its just different when the whole way you communicate changes based on age/business rank etc#like does the drama of the show translate to different cultures or is it like watching P&P and not#getting why it’s so nuts that mr darcy holds kiera knightlys hand when getting her on the buggy#idk#like when they go to paradise island it’s actually a wild game mechanic in that…#they have to keep age and occupation a secret on inferno island but they can tell one another on paradise island#when you live/communicate in a country that uses honorifics it’s just a matter of code switching and it’s pretty easy but like#if you take a step back it’s kinda wild to imagine what it would be like if it was of a differently oriented country#like if youre not accustomed to honorifics..#like imagine going to an island and suddenly having to change the way you speak to a person!#idk idk i just love the complexities of it all#and this has always been a thing for similar dating shows… like i think about Ainori or even Terrace House#but with singles inferno the fact that it’s like a part of the mechanics of the show—that the place where you reveal age and occupation is#at a separate locale is just interesting#but idk is this the same with like joe millionaire or the bachelorette home visit…?#like i guess with english dating shows the way you perceive a person changes when you learn about money#but#it’s not as if the conjugations of every verb you use changes when you realize your partner is older/younger#idk idk lol sorry this got long
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