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redrobin-detective · 21 hours ago
Here’s a fun little scenario that would be part of a larger story I don’t have the time/energy to write.
Something something, the ghosts need to work together with the humans to stop a larger threat. They meet at Fentonworks to form a plan of attack with the humans’ most knowledgeable about ghosts. It is not Jack and Maddie Fenton. However, Danny Fenton and co do not feel like disclosing the fact that they are Amity’s foremost ghost experts. So the ghosts find themselves in an awkward position of having to pretend to be seeking council from the adult Fentons while watching Danny pretend to hide in his mother’s side in fear. But though his posture is scared and submissive, his eyes are glowing with promise of a violent second death if they don’t play along. Cue shenanigans. Fun points of interest include:
- Danny and the ghosts’ frustration and disbelief as the Fentons or even Valerie get ghost stuff so completely wrong and Danny is literally biting his hand to stop himself from correcting them because he’s not supposed to know anything about ghosts. They look at him with weary annoyance, asking why he is making them submit to this and he just stares back equally annoyed and exhausted. 
- The ghosts and Team Phantom need to do their planning in secret so they steal snatches of time here and there with hilarious results. Danny quickly phasing him and Technus into the bathroom for a quick huddle only to be interrupted by Jack trying to get in or quickly miming ideas and plans when people’s heads are turned then pretending to play on his phone when they look his way (his phone is upside down, no one comments. Fenton is just weird like that). They barely get any time to plan without interruption.
- It gets to the point where nothing is getting done and Danny is forced to kind of intercede but in a casual manner. Making pointed comments to have people piece things together themselves, tripping over important inventions to bring them to people’s attention just... pretending to accidentally acquire knowledge and delicately (and sometimes forcefully) leading them to the correct conclusions.
- I bet there would be some interesting conversations btw the ghosts and Danny about why he does hide. Why does he hide his strength and knowledge? They know by now that Danny is protective of hell of his secret identity but ghosts simply cannot understand why one of the strongest warriors hides behind the façade of weakness. Sometimes Danny himself wants to give up the charade bc the whole thing is too damn confusing and exhausting.
- Danny is not used to his worlds colliding in such an ongoing, intimate setting (lets say both ghosts and humans are essentially trapped together) so his personality is constantly flipping btw Fenton and Phantom’s trying to keep up. Dash is confused watching Fenton growl at ghosts while the ghosts are wondering why such a powerful halfa lets the other humans push him around. It makes both human and ghosts realize they don’t much at all about Danny Fenton.
- A lot of ghosts’ knowledge of humans comes from Danny, Sam and Tucker who are, obviously, outliers. In order to play nice with the ghost kid, they try to engage with some humans and are so far from the mark. (For example just kind of assuming all human kids engage in reckless, world changing activities).
- Also the ghosts know Danny and generally have a lot of respect for his power and sense of duty to his haunt. They treat other humans the same, as annoying interchangeable non-entities almost but for some reason, Danny Fenton is given a weird amount of respect being referred to by name and, when he speaks, all the other ghosts stop and listen. Normal people have no idea what to make of this.
- Again, I simply cannot get over the image of Danny doing his best to cower with his back to the humans but while facing the ghosts his face is a snarling, threatening mess. Both sides treat him as they normally do and find themselves coming up short. The humans wonder why the ghosts look at skinny, useless Fenton like he’s important. The ghosts wonder how the humans look at him and don’t see something dangerous. 
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aidensm8 · 20 hours ago
Hhhhh multiple comic WIPs and I have decided to play with the newly made Logan and Remus dolls lmao
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iamanartichoke · 14 hours ago
Not gonna lie, though, I kinda love how Loki with a crush is like - he's so obvious about it? He didn't even try to hide it (except when Mobius called him out, which doesn't count); from showing off his magic (fireworks in the palm of his hand, come on) to coming up with an excuse to cuddle under a blanket (he looks so enormously pleased with things asdhjdksa) to generally sticking to her like glue, he just ... he met Sylvie and decided I like that one and it is now everyone's problem.
It just strikes me so much because I never would have expected Loki to behave that way. Like, in my fic, he denied he had a thing for Valkyrie for quite awhile and then, once he did realize it, he tried to ignore it and make it go away, which he would have kept on doing forever if she hadn't let him know she returned his feelings, and like - idk, I just always felt like Loki, as a generally intensely private person, would keep those types of feelings hidden. (Not to mention the inherent self-loathing which would contribute to his desire to keep it hidden, bc there's no possible way they would ever feel the same way about me, I am worthless, better to not make a fool of myself with these inconvenient, unrequited feelings.)
(This dynamic doesn't necessarily play out with Thor, in my many Thorki headcanons that often conflict with one another, but yknow, that's different.)
So, to me, Loki being about as subtle as something that is the opposite of subtle felt very unexpected and surprising but at the same time I think that's why I liked it? Because it's so endearing to me. Like, it's kinda cringe but who isn't cringe when it comes to a crush? And just, the way he looks at her, and hangs onto her words, and really just puts himself out there? Fucking adorable. Soft. It reveals a kind of innocence that he likely doesn't possess in literally any other way; there's still this hopeful innocence inherent in his pleased little smiles and his "she needs me" proclamations and just.
It makes me, honestly, want to write some crack-taken-seriously fic that's literally just about the cringey things I now imagine Loki-with-a-crush might do, given the opportunity:
- writing her 50 poems and agonizing over them until he selects one (1) that isn't too embarrassing and that's the one he gives to her
- laying around plucking fucking petals off of a flower (she loves me, she loves me not);
- blushing a lot
- wondering if their children will look more like him or her or some evenly balanced combination
That last one may be a bit much but I don't actually know what people typically do when they have a crush lmfao. I just imagine it all culminating in a scene where Sylvie is like, "Aw, you had a crush on me when we met? That's so embarrassing" and Loki being like "Sylvie we are married" lmao.
This has been a quality post.
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ariesisms · 19 hours ago
i think my only issue with most figure skater!bitty fics is that a bitty who is a professional athlete and specifically in a solitary sport like figure skating is a fundamentally different bitty and no one writes him insane enough. the appeal of figure skater bitty and hockey player jack is they meet each other and are both immediately like "you are insane" and then have self realization through the other that they are the same brand of intense, emotionally stunted, "im married to the ice" type of crazy person and bond over not knowing what to do with their feelings for each other
this is them but about being nuts
Tumblr media
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thehuskingbee · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this bright star, having traced its parabola with inexpressible speed, through immeasurable space, seems suddenly to have stopped like an arrow piercing the Earth. Stopped for me.
greatcometnatural→ castiel + the great comet of 1812
[ID: Three screenshots from Supernatural, edited with lyrics from The Great Comet of 1812. 1. A screenshot from The Rapture of the moment Castiel possesses Jimmy Novak. The caption reads “the comet said to portent untold horrors” 2. A screenshot from Sacrifice of Castiel watching the angels fall from heaven. The caption reads “and the end of the world” 3. A closeup shot of Cas' face during the confession in Despair. The caption reads "But for me the comet brings no fear"/END ID] 
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theviolencedistrict · 7 hours ago
since this is a thing that happened in the community lately: white people, stop treating poc like we're a problem for you.
i'm tired of the microaggressions and internalized racism that goes uncheck in self ship. enough with the "ohh i'm scared of getting a callout," "ohh i'm scared of doing something wrong," "ohh i'm scared people will tell me i'm culturally appropriating." why is your fear of being ignorant on us?
if you're worried some part of your self insert or self ship could be seen as culturally or racially problematic, why don't you reach out to one of your poc friends and ask them, assuming your friends aren't all entirely white (eyeroll)? why don't you use the free and easy google search bar and see what you can learn? not everything from another culture or created by a poc is cultural appropriation and i know yall know that.
why post about how you're scared of being ignorant, instead of stepping up and educating yourself? why put that fear on us being "haters" or "calling you out"? why not do a little bit of labor yourself? you have a chance to grow as a person all the time if you choose to do something positive for yourself and the marginalized groups around you.
white people are encouraged to reblog without being clowns.
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pineapple-frenzy · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2k followers woooooo!!!
Wahwahwah thank you so much!! I honestly wasn't sure what to do so I'm just doing art requests this time :'> I know art requests are pretty much open all the time anyways but it's been a while since I've focused on getting a bunch done so I thought it would be nice to do that this time. I wanna focus on the requests I still have but feel free to send one if you have any. I'll take requests for atla, trese, and tdp :>>
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forgottenpnffacts · 8 hours ago
Hey,just wanted to let you know that this blog is awesome & thanks so much for all the facts. Phineas & Ferb is one of my favorite shows & I know a lot about it,but not usually off the top of my head,so it's always great to see these facts again,& also things that I've sometimes forgotten about. Like,there will be times I've forgotten something & was like, "Wait,that was in there? Really?" And then see one of your posts with a fact & remember, "Oh yeah,it was."
Aw, thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog, haha!
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