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Tbqh i love all the m/f pairings in hxh. Squala and his fiance are the most tragic to me, mostly because it wasn’t as Out Of The Blue as Pokkle/Ponzu and the build up was killer. Also Squala and his fiance were like. Literally hours away from leaving so they could be safe 😔

I do think it was really strange though to like. Bring Pokkle back in, give him one of the sickest nen abilities and only give us a taste of it, and then kill him in one of the most prolongued and gruesome ways. Like what did he do … He was a pretty decent guy lol.

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my brother and i have almost always shared taste in music which meant we made the jump from christian worship music to rock and roll at about the same time and then to punk pop and from there to metal all together while our sister went country -> pop -> indie 

basically this means my brother was the first person this year that i played kpop for and he told me he liked the beat of it and didn’t mind listening to it so we’ve been listening to that for a couple months now every time i go anywhere with him 

two weeks ago he told me he needed me to make him a playlist so he could listen to it while he worked on homework because he likes that he can vibe to it without getting lost in the lyrics and has actually been listening to it since i made him a playlist 

not only that but he apparently listens when i actually rant about it more than just the songs because he asked about a specific member by name the other day and then had me point out which one he was on the photocard and it shocked me because i had thought he was just indulging my need to rant and i was like ‘bro….you listen to me???’ and he laughed and told me he’d watched some video on youtube that was about the group we’d been listening to together and he wanted to put a face to the name from my rant and i just felt so loved 

i’m so used to friends and family just tuning me out, especially when i talk about things i really like or would love to do sometime. because more often than not it ends up with them being like…you didn’t ever say anything about such and such thing and i’m just like. i have been telling you nonstop for months. so it just really stunned me that he remembered exactly what i had been ranting about and who i had been ranting about and even which of the two groups he was in that i had been talking about that day from weeks back, almost cried tbh 

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