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sliceofmaggpie · 2 days ago
Let me just say that taking away Dot’s whole “cute” brand and changing her part in the theme song and everything was not the big brain feminist power move that the Animaniacs reboot thinks it was cuz Dot’s cuteness was never her only personality trait and it was never something that the writers used to portray her as weak/lesser than Yakko and Wakko. My girl shamelessly abused the power of her cuteness to get everyone to do her bidding and it was iconic and I demand justice
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badprophetvx · 15 hours ago
Not to be a party pooper and an overthinker... which I actually am. But isn't nobody else bothered by this scene:
Tumblr media
That phonecase is extremely deliberately put in the middle with the sad face. Yet Pran looks happy and content.
My guess would be that there will be one more song (+mv) for the final arc of the show and this is hinting at the bad shit that will be the third arc of the show.
Idk tho, we are starting the second arc with episode 7, which would mean that there will be a change for episodes 9 to 12 or something like that.
This is pure speculation, but I can bet you that this is foreshadowing. It kind of reminds me of the idea that even when the world is crumbling there are things to keep you going. Or somewhere along the lines.
Nonetheless, this is giving me extreme anxiety, because it for sure predicts a storm.
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jaeyleo · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
happy holidays from sir glitch bitch. also new art style!
this anti belongs to @florenceisfalling ( @from-mister-madness )
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queens-saviour · a day ago
Please, stop saying everything queer is queerbaiting if the people involved don't kiss.
It wouldn't be queerbaiting even if that last scene between the doctor and yaz haven't had happened because it was always obvious how yaz feels for 13th, we've had multiple confirmations since series 12 and the biggest of them is yaz's conversation with jack
yes, it would be one sided but it'd be canon anyways and it's canon now. you literally cannot look at the doctor saying 'I want to tell you everything' instead of 'I'm going to tell you everything' to yaz and say they're not in love with each other
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lindalofbroome · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
05 - Justified
He met the fox-woman’s suspicious eyes.
She, at least, thinks Bess is wrong to trust us, he thought. She thinks we are lying. And she is right, of course. We will have to be very careful.
Shadowgate // Ch 4 A Surprising offer
rust literally is just trying to protect own. she has no interest other than the wellbeing of the masked ones troupe. she was very bad tempered and rude and unforgiving towards the trio but they were strangers to her family during uncertain times. who knew who they were and what they really intended? she couldn’t take the chance that they would seek to harm all those in her care, and with bess spiralling with thoughts of bede,,, she really had to take over 
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skullsandwhiteroses · 2 days ago
Some days it feels like the entire MCU fandom is losing its mind over how many Spiders-man and his enemies there are in No Way Home and I'm over here like, just tell me if Feige knows about Kastle.
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imondeckimupnext · a day ago
Tumblr media
Nothing to say just thought I looked cute 🙃
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kandulce · a day ago
ur good at what u do it’s only a matter of time before u get many monies and famous 😩 manifesting
Tumblr media
asdsahagsdgyas cool cool cool yeah yeah okay cool alright yep I’m so chill I am s. O chill rn yes.
I am going to get so famous and cool I’m going to be able to afford a small cozy apartment for me and my three weed-smoking girlfriends and we’re gonna go on picnics and take turns cooking dinner and— ah fuck I don’t think yearning counts as manifestation does it
fr tho thank you. I appreciate you going out of your way to compliment my work; your approval means,,,,,, Quite A Bit to me
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the-real-dannix · 11 hours ago
So Eddie's 'leaving' the 118 but the next episode (4months from now *deranged sobbing*) is called Outside looking in (or something like that). Like, can I get some talking about that? Pining Eddie hours???? Maybe?????
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angels-heap · 4 months ago
Just saw a very serious tumblr post refer to adults age 25+ as “older adults.” I am begging you kids to go outside and interact with diverse groups of people. Please. It’s for your own good.
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silvercrane14 · 2 months ago
Let’s play a fun game called ‘is this person I don’t recognize on my dash someone I accidentally followed, or a mutual who changed their url and now I can’t recognize them’
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lesbianshepard · 9 months ago
its funny when edgy dudes are like “humans are unnatural. we are the only species that will consume so many resources that the land can not sustain us and still continue to reproduce. name one other species that does that” because like, off the top of my head? deer. 
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secondbeatsongs · 9 months ago
I just watched The Room (2003) for the first time with some friends and I. I cannot. this broke me
the pizza? the one that Lisa orders? the half-hawaiian, half pesto-and-artichoke?
that’s my favorite pizza
that’s the pizza I order every. single. time.
what does this mean?
like, have all of the pizza places I’ve ordered from for the past decade thought I was referencing The Room? have I been getting silent judgement from the local Dominos without my knowledge?? is this why that guy at Mod Pizza laughed at me that one time??
how did I, a person who had never seen The Room, choose this as my favorite pizza? is this fate? happenstance? 
what does this say about me?
I’m having like. an existential breakdown over this
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