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angels-heap · 16 days ago
Just saw a very serious tumblr post refer to adults age 25+ as “older adults.” I am begging you kids to go outside and interact with diverse groups of people. Please. It’s for your own good.
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lesbianshepard · 5 months ago
its funny when edgy dudes are like “humans are unnatural. we are the only species that will consume so many resources that the land can not sustain us and still continue to reproduce. name one other species that does that” because like, off the top of my head? deer. 
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secondbeatsongs · 4 months ago
I just watched The Room (2003) for the first time with some friends and I. I cannot. this broke me
the pizza? the one that Lisa orders? the half-hawaiian, half pesto-and-artichoke?
that’s my favorite pizza
that’s the pizza I order every. single. time.
what does this mean?
like, have all of the pizza places I’ve ordered from for the past decade thought I was referencing The Room? have I been getting silent judgement from the local Dominos without my knowledge?? is this why that guy at Mod Pizza laughed at me that one time??
how did I, a person who had never seen The Room, choose this as my favorite pizza? is this fate? happenstance? 
what does this say about me?
I’m having like. an existential breakdown over this
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galaxygaydreams · 10 months ago
among us is one of the funniest games i’ve ever played
someone came into my game with the name “sokka” and someone asked him how the moon was and he replied “on sight i will hunt you down” in the pre-game chat
well sokka got imposter and instantly killed that player, on sight
and then everyone in the chat decided to vote off brown instead, bc they seemed sus
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bluhawke · 8 months ago
N7 day: We’re making a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster ✨♥️ Aren’t you excited? Here’s a cool little trailer we ma
Dragon 4ge Day: Mark Darrah retires to go beat the shit out of Cullens VA on twitter while production staff spectate and jeer
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tomvorikandharry · 8 months ago
every time i see kate mulgrew and john de lancie in the same video or picture i remember that story that somebody told about how one time after they had seen him naked everyone was like going around being like “john de lancie has the biggest penis of any star trek actor” and they were all just losing their minds over that and they ran over to her and were like “kate, john de lancie has the biggist penis of any star trek actor” and she just deadpan went “i know.”
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sylkyrie · 7 months ago
currently thinking about how cute dean obviously thinks cas is. like he’s literally a billion year old angel who has done and seen things dean could never imagine and can be scary as fuck and deans like. aw look at cas sleeping isn’t he adorable. weird dorky lil guy. fixes his tie for him. puts a blanket round him. morning sunshine. huggy-bear. puts a crappy lil cowboy hat on him and takes a picture.
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