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#but like. still
appsa · a month ago
I wonder what was going on in rothkos mind when he made all those paintings
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astriiformes · 28 days ago
Was digging through our collection of patterns to see if there were any I could use for Hunter’s shirt (the blue one, not his tunic) and pants, since they’re both pretty simple and I figured there was something I could probably rip off easy and the answer is yes, there’s a pattern I picked up a while ago with the intention of making myself some everyday clothes that should work without much modification at all, but the thing is, uh’s very clearly Simplicity’s knock-off Jyn Erso one, and the fact that I am now drawing at least a little inspiration from both the primary protagonist and antagonist from the same goddamn movie for this costume does feel like it portrays Hunter’s specific brand of moral turmoil..... well.
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ajdrawshq · 9 days ago
I wanna have colored refs for ocs on hand just because (read: i can and will forget what they look like otherwise) but i also do not have the energy to make any. Should i just grab a picrew and go ham
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sirsharp-a · 5 months ago
Listen listen listen
I  REALLY  wanna do some roleplaying, I miss everyone and I’m worried people are moving on from me because I’ve been a little out of sorts lately.  I feel like at some point, I need to kick this funk in the dick and really try harder to engage with people in the way I did before.  The trouble is, I don’t have any muse for my current drafts.  It’s not that they’re not interesting--  I actually have some very nice drafts depicting Edgar being an A+ father figure and shit--  but I just feel like I’ve fallen so far behind with them that I can’t get back on track, if that makes sense?
So, a little like my inbox, I might flush ‘em out and start fresh, and I guess I’m asking what folks’ opinions on that is?  There’ll be a few exceptions--  namely with things I responded to over on the sideblogs before I had my epiphany and nuked ‘em, so if you have a thread with Valor or Raku, congrats, I still wanna do those--  but for the most part, I’m thinking I need a new start?
Sorry for the lengthy post, all to say I’m probably gonna do what I want regardless.  I guess I just have a lot of feelings that I really need to let out, without clogging the dash with negativity?  I want to be transparent with my roleplay partners and the simple truth is that I feel a little left behind, and I want to try and fix it.
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bi-demon-ium · a month ago
me wanting to focus on the relationship between two characters: okay so i have to write a methodical from pre-canon when they met to post-canon including beat for beat the entire events of season one. what? i could focus on a smaller timespan? no. that’s ridiculous. i must do The Whole Time Line or i’ll die 
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insomnia-productions · a month ago
just saw a spoiler for what we do in the shadows s3 and im. disproportionately upset about it
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catgirltail · a month ago
You can get uhhh -200% on the assignments of this course. Is that legal?
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freytful · 2 years ago
trans history sucks because I just found out about a prince who 
a) dressed as a girl for most of their childhood and was referred to by their mother as “her little girl”, 
b) continued doing that for their entire life, and would wear womens clothing at balls and parties 
c) had to supposedly hide their genitals to have sex with their wife because they were uncomfortable,
and yet I have a hard time finding anyone whos looked at them and thought “hm maybe they were trans”
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husbandian · a year ago
anyone else feel like maybe s5 is uh... not that good?
#asdfgh i just#hate gus and hate sean and hate debbie being a rapist and annoying about boys all the time#i hate kev and v's story of fighting about their kids and separating and the rape walker storyline#frank's starting to have storylines not involving anyone else (up until s4 they were at least adjacent to the family)#which means we have to watch scenes of him and other random people all the time#carl's storyline is pretty weak compared to s4 and s6 too tbh#sammi's just feels like a more annoying repeat of s4#and like i just said fiona's feels kind of like a repeat of the themes of s4 too#and besides the two episodes where he's struggling with tuition money lip barely has anything to do#other than his professor and amanda which is just not that poignant compared to how strong he is in all other seasons#including like 6 and 8 lol#like for real s5 might be his worst season asdghj#obviously i really love ian and appreciate this story about his struggles just like a love all the tender moments with him and mickey#and i'm just happy when mickey's in scenes obviously#but other than that it's really like. kind of not that great asdfjghjk#and then it ends like that... the why of it all#i mean i don't want to be a downer i do appreciate some moments and i do generally actually like the show lol#but like. still#anyway i've finished 5x12 now and i think i'm actually gonna continue to s7 bc i cannot handle more sean or fucking caleb right now#excited to see sierra and franny and ian being an emt <3#okay that's all bye#m
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puppys-rhythm-heaven · 2 months ago
is the fact that i apparently know machine remix’s rhythm tweezers patterns by heart a good thing? probably not-
#puppy rambles#rhythm hell#machine remix#rhythm tweezers#you can tell what games i got stuck on by which ones i've memorized against my will#i mean granted i memorize every game i memorize against my will#i don't actually TRY to memorize them i just do#but like. still#that reminds me that like. fun fact: i thought remix 10 would be easy because i memorized it before playing it#i'm pretty sure it took me like two days to pass it-#but i mean look at me now. i superb it like basically everytime i play it#and when i don't it's just because i sweat a lot when playing rhythm heaven and the wiimote fucking hates me when that happens-#idk why i sweat so much#like. yeah it's summer. but jesus fucking christ i sweat a lot-#i've discovered that playing rhythm heaven during a heat wave is not a good idea#last week it was like 97 degrees and i took that as an opportunity to play all of ds' games#granted it was a good idea because i superbed drummer duel and shoot-'em-up 2 but like. still#can't wait for summer to end#i like not having school and all but i mean#i'll be doing online school for at least the first half of next school year so not much of a difference-#i mean online school's an opportunity to ~info-dump~#but granted i can do that anytime. i just don't#i could probably write an essay about all the lore i know but i don't#i'm pretty sure that one time i literally just looked through the whole wiki page for fever's reading material#idk why but i mean i think it was a good idea-#i mean that's the only logical explanation i can think of for how i know lore idk if it actually happened#i probably actually just learned it from looking at wiki pages in general slkfjsfkl-#the wiki's helpful sometimes#but most of the time it just gives stuff like ''this is the second remix 8 to be speedy''#best wiki trivia point 10/10 this is vital information
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peziket · a year ago
lmfao at how long fight scenes are in tv/movies... irl you get maybe a few mins before you’re exhausted lol
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patrickbatman · 11 months ago
we havent really had Many Problems involving our apartment but we heard the landlord like. is lazy about actually fixing stuff. and the like. metal thing that the lock on the front door goes Into had broken off Months ago and apparently they finally just now fixed it
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phierie · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“He’s the only man alive I trust completely.”
@stephenstrangebingo prompt ‘trust’. This prompt reminded me of that quote from the comics so I had to draw Stephen & Wong for it!! I love their banter as much as the next guy but I’d love to see them soft + genuinely caring about each other as well yknow
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