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#but no i dont wanna fuck you

psychosis just like. Everyone Knows. but they don’t know that you know. they think you have no idea. and they definitely don’t know that you know that they know. unless they do. maybe they do know you know. what if they know you know but they don’t think you know that they know you know. do they know you know they know? do they? are you all just constantly playing each other. how many layers are there. who the fuck started this

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Sokka’s favourite sweater isn’t actually ugly, but it is really warm and cozy, but still the biggest reason he wears it is that Bato knitted it for him, gifting both him and Katara one for the first [insert atla winter holiday celebrated by the southern water tribe i am shamelessly using as a christmas stand-in, because while i personally cannot stand christmas, it does lend itself for some great interactions when your family isnt a hot mess] they celebrated after the war was over and he had been officially added to the family and Sokka swears that the first time he wore it he could see tears in his Bato’s eyes

(his favourite pair of gloves however is absolutely atrocious, ugly and with so many uneven stiches and theres a whole finger missing on one hand but Hakoda tried and Sokka is a good son goddammit!)

(also the sweater Katara got is a very close second place for her, only because nothing compares to the fluffyness of flying bison wool, especially not if its gathered, spun and knitted by your very own boyfriend)

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