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#but no seriously thank you lol
anthemxix · 20 hours ago
What do you think the Links favourite flowers are?
what a lovely question! uwu <3 thinking about this led me to imagine which plants might exist in certain parts of hyrule. so with the exception of wild, most everything here is just me completely making stuff up, lol~
wild - silent princess. they symbolize his zelda, everything he went through, and, most importantly, triumph—once ganon is defeated, they flourish.
warriors - @fuwafuwallen has some seriously gorgeous hw art featuring nasturtiums (part 1 and part 2) and now i associate them with warriors. so i’m going to say they’re his favorite. ^^
sky - i bet he loves flowers! skyloft probably doesn’t have too many types, so the massive variety of flowers on the surface blows his mind. he’d have a hard time picking a favorite, but he’s partial to sunflowers, since they’re so vibrant and cheery. in that way, they remind him of his zelda.
time - bluebells. these flowers grow in ancient woodlands, and they’ve spread from the kokiri forest to nearby areas of hyrule field. he likes to pick bluebells and other wildflowers to make little bouquets for malon.
legend - hibiscus~ they're bittersweet for him.
twilight - cosmos. bright and simple meadow flower that's widespread in the open land of ordon, so it makes him think of home. sometimes he braids it into epona’s tail and mane.
hyrule - as a survivalist, he knows a lot about botany and the uses of plants. his favorite is the lotus because it’s a symbol of resilience with ethereal beauty, spiritual significance, and multiple uses.
wind - although he doesn’t know what it’s called, he likes mandevilla, a tropical flowering vine that is plentiful on outset island and even adorns his family home.
four - gladiolus, or sword lily. worn by gladiators for protection and symbolizes integrity and strength, so he, as a hero, finds it inspiring. the blacksmith in him likes the sword connection, too.
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bleaksqueak · 20 hours ago
Really blown away by the reaction that design sketch got... I wasn’t expecting that at all when just posting some designs for quick content!! So. Thank you!
I’d never heard of the character Aubrey before until I saw her being tagged a few times on the design, so I looked her up and wow!! lol Sometimes the universe lines up in funny psychic ways, huh? (I’m an easily distracted weenie and never got past the first episode of TAZ because I couldn’t pay attention to it while also working... ADHD usually lets me listen to stuff while I work but TAZ requested too much attention, so I missed out on a lot of fun stuff, I think.) The other hilarious part is the character’s name is Autumn lmao, so I’m left wondering if I should change her a little, or just say “ah well, that happens. Funny coincidence, ride with it.”
The flame marks in her hair and on her skin are an elemental manifestation (Like Lyra’s feathers, etc.) and it's sort of like an ethereal magma. The page i’m working on right now has her in it pretty prominently, tho, so I guess I’ll figure out if I want to change anything up or just laugh and go on. I’m proud of the design, so I kind of just want to do the latter and leave cool girls to be coincidental cool girls. (or long-lost siblings, lol)
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neocitys · 4 hours ago
wendy from red velvet did something wrong? i'm really new in this whole k-pop world and i would love to know. thank you already.
this is searchable on youtube/twt lol and if you’re willing to go thru pages of my asks i’ve linked it in a few asks. i (and countless others) don’t like wendy bcuz she’s mocked how black women speak as a “quirky talent” for korean variety appearances (at least twice in the past). her fans try to argue she doesn’t know better but she does…she went to school in canada for years…and if it obvious enuf …she’s mocking the black classmates she went to school with. her choices are just an obvious show of character more than anything, and absolutely degrading and disrespectful
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unbidden-yidden · 18 hours ago
Sometimes I think I was called to Judaism when I was specifically so that I didn't create my own religion lol.
I seriously considered it around the same time, and then immediately afterward had a couple experiences that led me to pursuing conversion to Judaism instead.
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ao3commentoftheday · 2 years ago
If your story has different points of view, is it annoying to switch between them in a single chapter? Thank you!
I do that all the time, so I hope not! lol
seriously, though - as long as the switches are clear and don’t cause confusion you should be fine. I find it helps to use the horizonal rule in between viewpoints to show the flip in perspective. 
Note: don’t use stylistic breaks between viewpoints (or scenes) like a series of asterisks or tildes etc. If someone is using a screen reader, it will read out each symbol that you use. Also using indicators like “Character A’s POV” tend to break up the story and take people out the narrative. Or at least they do for me.
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sunsetkm · 2 years ago
th: hyung happy birthday!
yg: yeah, alright, thank you
th: hyung
yg: why?
th: i love you
yg: okay, thank you
th: why aren’t you saying it back? x2
yg: ahhh thank youu~
th: seriously just say it back even once
yg: ahh forget it~
th: *whining about how yoongi won’t say it back and cutely threatening him that he wont leave if yg doesn’t say ily*
yg, softly: fine.. i love you
th: i’ll go now!!
yg: *something about the door lol*
th: hyung but what did you say again? i didn’t hear it properly~
yg, softly again: i said i love you~
th: *satisfied giggle*
yoongles can’t say no to tae 🥺🐱
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thylaa · 8 months ago
You are the only person on my dash who is earnestly, truly enjoying the implications of a canon Destiel in its like...purest and best possible form. The way it COULD be. And honestly. Mad respect. I'm so happy for you.
It’s because I was actually watching the show (again, after many years)!!!! I am invested in these characters and this relationship and I totally get how seeing this happen out of nowhere with a three minute clip with - let’s be real - bad editing, cinematography and production values - makes people absolutely crazy with laughter. I get how people didn’t think about this show and then saw this out of nowhere and it seems like the dumbest most random thing ever. I get why it’s awful to think Cas has been killed off straight after confessing his love, I get all of the memes and find the ones that aren’t outright derisive very funny. But the thing is that for people watching this show who have been invested for years and aren’t ashamed of liking Supernatural because it’s ‘cringe’ (an arbitrary decision! I promise if you rewatch the show you’ll be swept along by your old emotions!) - this was a lot. It meant a lot. It would have taken a HELL of a lot to get even this much pushed through on notoriously conservative-leaning show Supernatural. And we still don’t know where the final pieces will fall because there are two episodes left, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH is dead in the next episode except for Sam, Dean and Jack. So thinking that Castiel’s death is narratively permanent is not necessarily true, particularly because there is a character we know is coming back who is also currently in the Empty and we think the Empty will be defeated before the end of the show. People don’t have these context cues for the plot, or production, or the emotional context of what it meant after YEARS AND YEARS and a damn long COVID hiatus - to see this go canon against absolutely every expectation.  And the other thing, I see most of the shots taken at Dean/Jensen’s reaction - we don’t know IF he reciprocates, because the whole arc of the series and the episode is about Dean being angry, Dean having nothing left (he believes) but anger, and the WHOLE POINT of this was to start to change how he perceives himself and find love instead of anger. Cas telling him he’s a lover, not a fighter, to wit. Having Dean react literally any other way to Cas suddenly confessing than how he did would be out of character because he IS repressed as hell, and doesn’t do well talking through something like this when he has seconds to process it. (And there have been hints Dean does feel romantically for Cas and is bi over the years. Let’s not forget among other things, Dean gave Cas a mixtape of the same songs that was key to his parents’ romance.) And yeah, maybe there’s no bisexual Dean revelations, and there’s no more Castiel. Maybe they could brush this off and Dean could never mention it and Cas could go full Bury Your Gays. I am fully aware of that possibility, trust me - we all know that Misha has been notably absent from 19/20 filming pics. But considering Robert Berens, a gay man, wrote this ep, and is fully aware of the trope... Considering they went THIS FAR to make a main character confess their love to another character at the end of the series... I’m not sure. Frankly I think both Dean and Cas will be dead by the end of the show and together in some form of an afterlife, but we’ll see. I mean, they hid this absolute bombshell from us... maybe they hid more surprises too.  Even if SPN goes the way everyone on the internet seems to think it goes though, I’m so happy that they made Cas canonically queer, in love with Dean, and retroactively wrote a love story into Supernatural. It means a lot, and no amount of people laughing at the memes about this can take away what it means to know Cas fell in love with Dean in season 4 (!!!!) and every SINGLE interaction can now canonically be seen in that way.  I guess at the end of the day, it felt pretty damn good for years of subtext to be brought into text and to not be a ‘delusional shipper’ anymore. Supernatural has been famously bad to its queer fans over the years, so this... this is far more than I ever expected. And yeah, I want Cas to come back, and for Dean to reciprocate. But I will celebrate this victory too.
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sunsetagain · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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Hero of Two Worlds
Happy 33rd birthday to Lieutenant Anderson 💙
Concept of quantum hyper-crystal was adapted from photonic hyper-crystal, an artificial optical material demonstrated by Vera N. Smolyaninova, Bradley Yost, David Lahneman, Evgenii E. Narimanov & Igor I. Smolyaninov.
I was talking shit about the blue blood so thank you in advance for not taking it too seriously :D The truth is I was playing with Thirium crystal during last week *lol 
(NH4H2PO4 ADP crystal)
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silkanide · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
@all the 20k people that are following me: um do yall know im a loser lol (but seriously thank you so much for following me haha)
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It’s my blog’s birthday!
Tumblr media
Today marks 5 years since I started my studyblr! I can’t believe that. 5 years ago I was waiting for my GCSE results, wondering if I had the grades I needed to go to sixth form. I had no idea where I was going in life or what direction I would take. A lot has happened since then, a lot of exams, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of struggling with my mental health and a lot of doubting myself. But now, 5 years on, I can proudly say I achieved a first class honours in a degree in creative and professional writing. 
The studyblr community has helped me through and I really mean that. I don’t know how I would’ve got to where I am if it wasn’t for the kindness and support from this community. Whether you’ve been here from the beginning or you’ve only just found my blog, I want to say thank you. 
Thank you for being there, thank you for supporting me. Thank you for being my friends, thank you for reminding me of why I started. You have kept me going, kept me focused and have always been there when I needed someone to tell me that everything would be okay. You are all so amazing and I am so so proud of all of you for everything you’re doing. 
I thought I would tag a few people to just say a big thank you for supporting me, some people I follow, who inspire me, people who have supported me and just people I see in my notifications, even if we’ve never spoken. I know I’m probably forgetting people in this list, but just know that I love all of you and wish you all the best. 
@fluencylevelfrench @alittlestudycorner @caffeinatedpies @athenastudying @museeofmoon @gabrilearnelle @amystudying @detective-basil @purenonsense @peachblossomstudy @chaotacademia @procrastilate @sensiteave @make-granger-proud @indecs @basilesstudy @productivityrocks @blissfuloblivion08 @kindastudyingstuff @katistudies @onlysilvy @fandomobsessed313 @cals-desk @ittybittystudyblr @readitwriteit @squeak-and-pip @three-sugars-pls @larupe @rylie-studies @lattesandlearning @philosophyblr @gatsby-holmes @lillycoco @myhoneststudyblr @memoirs-of-a-future-lawyer @aspiringravenclawbabe @jungcinema @sweaterstudyblr @ox-blr @love-hope-faith-feels-like-a-lie @appreciating-apricity @einstetic @serendistudy @cafedetude @alittle-studyblr @bright-goals @jarofsharpies @saltwaterinks-blog @rebelintherain @atinycupofpositivitea @coralcottage @study-van​ @notes-by-saher​​
Thank you everyone for sticking around. I hope my blog has been and continues to be somewhat helpful. Take care of yourselves and I wish you all the best xxx
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jiminslight · 3 years ago
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It’s Always You (Crystal Snow) ↳ Winter Olympics - Jikook AU
Jungkook Jeon and Hani Ahn are a dynamic duo in the world of pair skating, and in this Winter Olympics, they’re representing team USA.
Park Jimin, on the other hand, is a relatively unknown rookie in the Olympic scene. This year he makes his debut in snowboarding as South Korea’s youngest on the slopes.
None of them have room for distractions, but love on the ice always ends in someone falling.
Together, they all vie for gold.
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