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Psst pssst, people who are just started watching Community. I’ll let you in on a little (spoiler free) secret.

When you inevitably run into an episode where it flies past quirky and a little off and into “what the heck is going on here? Is this a completely different show or am I somehow still watching canon??” aka what have lovingly been called alternate universes (trust me, you’ll know them when you see them), when those episodes happen-

It means that things are about to very real very quickly.

Consider yourselves warned *disappears back into the shadows from which I came*.

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After all of the k-drama disappointments this season, I’m so glad Tale of the Nine Tailed is still exciting! Like, this is the episode where many k-dramas go to die, but not TOTNT!

I won’t give spoilers. 

There are some heavy-handed scenes between the mains, and a bit of predictability in the plot but who cares ? It’s the fantasy genre so we are here for that. There were still a bunch of surprising moments, and my heart really felt the pain and despair in key scenes. I am super invested in the happy ending - especially for Lee Rang, Yu Ri, and Shin Joo! (Why is it that I always care about the side characters more than the mains?)

Anyways, I needed a drama to be this good! (* ゚∀゚)ノシ


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